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Richie Incognito And Marlins Man

2017-04-24 | 🔗
Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Capitals advance (1:11 - 7:02). NBA feuds, Rondo vs Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart vs Jimmy Butler, Russ vs the media, and Lebron vs Paul George (7:02 - 17:28). Who's back of the week (17:28 - 23:28). Buffalo Bills lineman Richie Incognito joins the show to talk about draft memories, the Ryan brothers, his new Head Coach, and Mean tweets (23:28 - 38:17). Segments include Bad Visual, Respect the Biz, the debut of "Marlins Man is on national TV so we called him", hurt or injured, Perspective, Guys on Chicks, Hank Explains, and Thats enough internet for today.
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on today's part of my take we have richie incognito talking about his draft experience and catching up with him mba act in an age shall it's the cap's year we have a new segment where recall marlins man while he's on national television don cherry suit some person active for everyone whose back of the weak and
a that's too much internet or today that will probably shot let's go let's not very important i wasn't my monday april twenty fourth and it is officially the penguins year that's bullshit and you know it this is our year the capitals it's a different team everyone knows it so
the capitals have advanced i know you're a little nervous four minute there now and i shall never pressa panic but i i was supremely confident and you know what i'm more confident than i've ever been going into this not let's roll the tape because you definitely did precipice but i can't do anything i was your fate new that's ok never press it i'll hovered i haven't i present halfway so it was that the series just ended the capitals have a date with destiny in pittsburgh penguins the mountaineering i get over just beat a bunch a yahoo is that dumb gravy and cheese all over their fries we can beat a city that puts it in their sandwich yes the other and each all news the bruins are out the sharks are out are we really are out we
of canadian team still in not a war and edmonton know as we have to have to take your hat off to the innate child they had i think we're there any games seven's this is yours you don't ever so that she's tremendous hustled those are hockey gas can do that first ran a lot fascinating nba lazy either taken wait too long watch don't worry me by lazy i'm just saying they its tremendous hustle to not have any game seventh ok so it is true i we so i said this before the show started the nba first round this year has been far superior to the innate shall first round i know there's been a lot overtime games but like you so there's no game seven's in the nba feels like
last year was really bad this year there have been some really compelling stories and we have a lot of fights going out of feuds randal verses body yet like griffin versus his body yes it's a lot of echo and yet do the actually rondeau feud is j crowd or when you try to triple on friday night aspirin didn't even deny it understood that he's got an ace yell injury or he had an easy l so sometimes is negus little creaky rights yet ambien rather more front of home you're never undress yellow yet it is extended sometimes hear people around you get nervous ha ages extended i do it all the time we also have in the celtics bolsters which has turned on on the rhonda injury and the bulls now officially look lost
jimmy butler verse mark a smart so jimmy butler has said that markets more aid about that life which is maybe the most disrespectful thing i can say to someone and it's very very untrue smart is low he ain't about that light aren't you write that fan one tire yeah here's an article about it in school days said he would get in phase three times per week oh how will charity weaponry guidelines he would throw knives and branches of people around great our colleagues so that's not he jimmy's right jimmy i'm talking about a fight with your hands he remained about that later calls nearly breaking kids neck he says he felt he could have killed some rising he ain't about telling runner explain about their life isn't he had to use like rate tables he's not about fighting someone hand to hand on the court hearing about that life he's gonna find it a stick or something to throw it samples weapons got yeah i gotcha so popular right i'll just say this is the most first round nba play a feud of all time jimmy butler and marcus mess yes again there had during their headlines and right now we also it will work while we're on feuds the
paul george lebron james feud what another another great chapter in the george lebron james rivalry and what will some day about my kids on my knee and be like you'd miss that lobby then paul george they played for games in the bronze swept them yet again so lebron james has lost a first round play off game in like ten years is erin i actually think i thought if i am not a stat checker guy but i'm pretty sure jeff teague has been swept by leubronn three years in a row without amazing i haven't lost supply of game and thirty two years big deal true true celebration i mean the calves that was that was the weirdest sweep ever because if every single game they almost lost and were in danger and had like stretches like this team is really bad a basketball but they swam they just in the eu could you want it's classic nba you just see only tuned into the fourth quarter right and that's all they get that's all you get we also have the big question now are the
the oklahoma city thunder better without russ westport yes while the answer's no but is westward ruining the thunder yeah the answer to both questions is yes r us needs to respect the biz he had a reporter asked him a pretty a pretty good question like hey how come your sucky players aren't as good as you
and then russell just completely disrespect in and said hey you want i can answer that sought his all glad because that's that's more like the oklahoma city thing that happens where durrant is due to they just gonna bully the press because what else they can talk about in oklahoma city that's so they know them they haven't monopolized like you either either you ask me questions i want to answer or don't ask me questions because there's no one else in this tat how dare they'd not give us any thing to talk about that series by giving us the biggest storyline that syria right like gets that's like when russia marcia lynch refused to answer questions before the superbowl men all the reporters realise how we're like i don't know what to write about as their writing two thousand word columns about marshall let's not giving them anything to write a bright is called giving you a viral moment dude be happy about that by the way speaking russell westbrook animal feed i saw him walking into the game he had quite you look like you commissioner from capella you think he had quite the outfit i think he needs go to no china
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dot com putting that promo code p m t in any premium suit for just three hundred eighty nine dollars and free shipping do right now indo dot com and the code p empty what's wrong with steve kerr lots wrongly
yeah so i think he had the surgery where they cut his back open any he led despite oh yeah that's always bad when the spinal flewed gets a shilling your brain so spend zone if he ever did ecstasy back in the day that's out of the system now because it finally leaked out little ass it may be tat like eating away maybe who knows i am always work on these issues it started chris bosh last year unbound pointing finger again at lebron james for steve curs issues lebron james gets up before every game and throws some unknown substance into the air guess who's as kisses closer than anybody else to that that does steady so leave her thing or say the guy's honour now of course will steve courier ouch visa yes so obviously has an affected the walden he's no all there s but yet so i'm just do the math they played seven games last year right right so steve kerr i i i he feels better cause it sucks pot
part of me is rooting for mike brown first the cleveland cavaliers entirely final sum if there's any about a lump sum again if there is anyone that knows how to make lebron james lose and big game yes it sam it's might probably knows wisely by secret weapon and forwards yeah player coach deauville maggie lou ass i was thou be relevant or maybe because governor at such a baby back bitch and always gets injured maybe he should be the key to suit him up here you can't trust the gallagher on your indochina or just have steve kurd do like larry bird and coach on his back just on the sidelines lay down these territories yes oh that other steve nash larry burgess hanging out on the sidelines you know all hasty viewed olga like two short now you know what i really hope that was albert now smote labour lack for her work on that my neck crawled bird would i would love to see happen is
phil jackson just slide and ultimate film over dissevered i'm just gonna guide you guys who to chip i'm a buddhist here we also have to at least mentioned quite whose probably been the best player in the playoffs and that's us measuring quite ass thou wilt thou is talking littered he you know it's crazy like the spurs built entire dynasty on my way grace debate dynasty talk you are assuming so let me let me just first get my quite point of this first built this entire dynasty on the least charismatic superstar of all time and tim duncan and then tim duncan had a baby and bit sickly told the baby don't ever speak or show any emotion show less emotional me in a coil underwrite tim duncan fucked a librarian the eye and then quite leonard came a me a mute looked library innocuous last is quite he went off in the game three against grizzlies
i m a game i really think a wide generated out of sex i think he just kind of evolved heart like a ball of lukewarm tapioca pudding as a single cell just eventually became quiet i mean the way lou quite like his arms and in how we place he i could see him just catching out of a shell uses a combined a stone was absolutely sport book why he hit like a huge shot and do like a half of a fifth pomp and then free does he thought he wasn't lying back fast enough i would have loved if you're gonna technical on his i half little fish was ever express motown again i saw embraced the bait this actually came up i wish casually talking about this dynasty dine at the keepers of the dynasty what exactly is a dinosaur the guardians of the diary guardians dynasty so the rule i said i threw out there was you have to have at least three championships in your dynasty era to that's a really good team three you can
how claimed dynasty the exception this rule is if you plainer in a conference that you dominate for a long time but then keep getting your ass kicked the final so i'll give an example i would say the atlanta braves nineteen nineties team is a dynasty with aspects on it yeah ok that's fair very there were the kings of shit mountain for about nine years yeah the problem is you can't when you think nineties i mean you think yankees right so that that's really were comes down to a dinosaur you say an era and then your your mind immediately go somewhere buffalo bills deluge dynasty about the cowboys where the dynasty right better there's also a different kind of you i got a team can like so i guess this came up because people were talking about the black box and i say they are because its three and eight i think that's dynasty
our three points was a three and six did we ever got back to back they never would pass that i only about last night i give a big thumbs down to the black on values such as from two thousand and two thousand fifteen one three cop you know at ninety percent of it is just warning piss you off the i know so that yeah i only the thumbs ionia question how many family dynasties are the patriots from two thousand and out one or two of you can make your argument that they're not one because if you have to dynasties you don't have one o o actually this now came up because a patriot spain was telling me they ve defined it honesty and it just so happens dynasty was defined exactly as the parameters of what patriots have duncan madame vintage areas dynasty yeah oh yes that's a good point he is now the pages have had one dynasty tom brady has a longer one i would say speaking which tom brady her
yeah well i don't know it already so he so he's gonna not stealing money from his own charities melodies and donating too much money apparently for the boss and globe in their getting upset about it is that what really happened ok he's only forty five million luckily for loudly at sea and i only see tweets and we don't actually click on item because i feel like there is more to it by the click any sounds like too much like reading from idea so heavy explain its us what's on the streets tabriz charities basically he is raised like forty five million dollars for the best buddies organization pots sounds legit last buddies organization sizes his friends donated like three million dollars to talk it is either charities of tom brady's choices and the global because those charities are directly benefit his like kid like
if i get kids school own that is higher in high school i shared imprisonment hands tax returns things like tat like can cover her again of her lie buildings are very lucky would include any tweets lucky on this arrest and we're gonna forget about it by tuesday illegal isla yourself a bullet dodge their hang eli manning would never commit fraud name of hello charity so never he would do if ur zone can ever the manning legacy w i t paint was at the grizzlies game looking all goofy paden his face disappear you just you just put the mannings on tv i could look at if they just made em nfl network should do like nfl network to
which i am sure they will eventually and just have a b a manning face a train all harm should have a b the truman judges manning faces i would absolutely louder percent i also want to point out to fund facts about alexander of asking that i realized earlier that always refund they are fun so instead of drinking gator aid on the sidelines elite districts coca cola really yeah i didn't so he goes like that's fake so when you get his leg snapped and half he goes to the training room and is watching tv by the way that was those appall pearson recognizes real lives dying on the ice and then all the sunny can skate again that's that's his willis red moment that's how i know the capture gonna win so he's in the training room and their head you want painkillers do likewise it give me cook gimme coca cola and so a drink calchas louder out he does it has drugs he drugs and then what second front for the second one fact is so on the they don't carry stuff in number eight bags anymore because people used to steal it all the time so it goes
airports his stuffs and baghdad says sixty nine on i feel like made up both of these is are true facts where do from where twitter that camera in their someone tweeting always my account no no no it's real facts check it out ok i we have whose back the weak and that is presented by sea geek shall play us an mba play offs are in action you want to use seek and get in there get in the stadium m l b baseball there were we got everything back get things back right now we're gonna talk to marlins men and little bit and he is behind home play if you wanna get seats like that then gotta go seek as guess what seek always gets you d best tickets best value seek saved you time and money by searching multiple ticket sites to compete
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it's not a last longer is our last longer than this week twenty dollars and you get right i'm giving you free twenty dollars promo code take with seeking gap whose back the week who wants will first pitying offers ok i'll go a smokescreen screens back anguish staring eyes turned me that's their use like about accounts on you on our smoke screens are bad for the nfl dram any time any team does something weird guess what it's a smokescreen
you can't pay attention jazz win the patriot say we're not trading demographic low for three first round pics to the browns and that's a smokescreen yeah somebody's vacant something out and you stay it basically this is the most woke you have to be as an interval found this week when mock draft five porno and six point over coming out those are actually all smokescreen to because all the nfl personnel people to talk to the guys don't mock drafts their tone of lies the whole rime and though i were telling example roger said number four x for the brown serve your answer smoke screens are just what they're gonna do they do say baxter gathered the browser just really really high and their smokescreen themselves we are we also have our character questions this week yes seek time character question weak la reno we all we'll watch draft day so we know how the interval draft works if a player didn't have any of his teammates at a birthday party probably don't take em or if a player comes from a single parent household yup that a lot of times gets put into the character question right bucket yeah and is as will talk with reaching card me no
if the parent has a single family household chances are the mother was a prostitute absolutely these got ass jeff ireland got ask i'll do you due diligence their hague earlier he's green oh yeah that's twelve twelve hours after getting drafted by a cell dixon start as first play off game ever tonight his hairs annoying roger said that problem had he played and i just can't say well had eighteen points started let the theme everyone's eaten on the balls right now now they ve lost all their powers as that seven nba teams dealing and china g league julie cigarette lena sedately dealey ideally that always met me out because where her delay goes like well what happened to the b and c like i actually thought he has our easily so now you have more letters even worse gotten worse he had claudia plays its very ready to get started going to badness dear little free up your went to one if your power it out there you start your own the p league who every girl well it truck
casting everyday up i have two m will be related whose back first is its not maybe it's only personal sprawling are very reliable people who forgot to cancel their email be auto renewal thats whose back so i did the double whammy online and then all my tv too so finally i watch on a smart tv on old school like that like little legal encounter my fingers in the morning at global level static honours yes by the package on my tv and i forgot to to cancel it so i'm i'm in a men for life now is there any way that you can talk to the people i m l b to like change with the billing looks like your credit card seven i had i referred in high school they used to order software all the time but he did it all so much that he had not later than he could call up and billikin you change like musty nurses for
to like the dodgers giants game that i ordered on paper view like that sort of thing if you if you get in good then maybe you can change it up on you're on your credit card statement it doesn't look like it get in your parents never cairo nay was we also have a very closely and we also have because the early in the season people i accused of stare i'd use when they get off too hot start so eric teams from the brewers who had eight home runs who has eight home run so far and was basically not even in the leg he he in play last season he played with two thousand twelve fish popped up and down seventeen has eight home runs interest in fifty nine bats saw haha cubs actually the cubs pitching it was actually kind of mean what he said he said the pigeon coats of you you start there
about kangaroo for junior meteor mere as when he went to the dodgers bury bonds or talk about some of the greatest players to ever play the game really get like roderick silence type guy s was probably head scratch because nobody knows who the guy is interesting we talk about medicine bulgaria oh no so he got hurt here i bet it what would i was like the most madison polygon ordered liking he like i ran over by his own tractor ray i write pretty much as somebody does like a motorbike or some eight it was basically the least it was an oh you think moment there was a massive baumgartner to miss start because he ran over himself when he was writing motorbikes with his wife it's their favorite activity act area does she run him over four intentionally up our name also madison baumgartner mill what what's this he's too data check your majesty bonds are at their right cocktail because weird i before we get to richie incognito let's
big news big news for part my taken for you i'm really excited about this we ve been campaigning for this for a long time buffalo on wings is no sponsor of part of my take so well i'd like to welcome aboard the entire buffalo wild wings family you already know i'm a big fan how many for rings we get i don't know it has to be endless rate to step on then we have we got our large yet will right now my alarm right now i'm in amman losing weight season and then soon and would be in gains season to get that six pack really pop and best way to do that is by makin down like twelve spicy garlic chicken no cartel parmesan garlic and then like maybe six sullen vinegar dry rubbed just like a good dry rub every now and again they regard our legs isn't i'm talkin let's get to our interview and word from buffle while blanks guess what friday thursday is coming for you you ve been the best day of the week for far too long but now every third buffalo while wing cells boneless wings at a discounted prize hence ride friday thursdays
real confidence and it's not afraid use partial prized wings to be the big man on the calendar boneless thursdays we do it view above all my wing wings sports press and participation of their support is being locations where details would repeat it now welcome on a recurring guest of hours three time three times three time time guessed he is in the studio random pop in town for some business richie incognito top one hundred nfl player in two thousand sixteen barely there were a number of ninety seven to allow an early on them i don't even count that really mattered that's that you gonna like you know it is better to be ninety seven barely analysts at a hundred and three and barely awful trill through having played along time it's conical yeah
i'm so you so last time we had you on it was actually around this time last year so it was before the bill season i know we want to talk to you about the draft cuz it is draft week but before we get to draft week are you over rex getting fired and losing rob in the building still a large part of me eggs for rex man that was my guy i want to make it work no that he gave me an opportunity coming in play and he just he just such an awesome duty i wish it worked out but it didn't we can win us games what what's rob like behind the scenes javert i put it this way did you ever follow rob after guy the bathroom now you want to go out for thy geigy visa big boiler yeah does not see how we had a theory that rob could smell the firing coming so he just started stealing like office supplies can you confirm or deny
i can confirm or deny i can actually confirm though we had a coach in miami that used to do that really you stay i can't say names from one but he use do you use that used to tell us that the next day he stay like super lately crazy late and he'd be their electorate for clock in the morning so used to grab cart you just go around i'm in pissed off i mean a football helmet airbags and he said he was a grab some doors car you know i would i would crude out criticise out but i do the same thing in our office when i come in like late laid on sunday night i just eat out of everyone's desk sir i that's not that would be a real me yes i still aid we are as long as you're still working there rare rise out that although i could see filled and being like an after after he gets fired i could see him starting up like a small office supply company just based on ballpoint pens in reality for why don't you say was filled with nothing to do with their as access to a lot of pens hassles yes vote so are the ryan's or out new regime in buffalo charlotte
germany is in the yet another bald coached looks exactly like every other ball coastline gus bradley dan where conscious that that football i would order our our initial impressions especially the fact they took away you're pool table you know not a big poor guy he left it palm tables that was my first impression ping pong table there lot of the veteran leaders like a ping pong table i think he knew that rejected it in about now mcdermott's a good guy he's he's a illustrate shooter he's he's he's really great guy you know the guy has energy you he wants compete knees everything he says and does he brings energy to and you can really feel out on the team right now i think guys we just got off fuel for a mini camp i think guys are feeling it you know what we came back and we kind of finish on a negative note last year rex got fire we didn't finish hello drawn we wanted to know incomes coach mcdermott in his new staff and the whole staff is hungry the teams hungry and you i gotta get back to work and they brought back
boy tehran yeah yeah yeah i got all that they brought him back no not at all is poor from the come back i kept texan tyrol throughout the all season as a man just sit and positive vibe your way nor i want you to come back and it's one of those things were you really out of your control its it was up to the team the tyrol figure situation where he come back oberon glad he did man i think i can let us see still you still text with team it of course develop atavism edison edit adverse now the whole blue light let's talk about the draft because this always interests me especially a guy like you has been weak for so long that you're drunk story in the day of the draft has been kind of units one a decade ago so we don't really know about it you came who third round saint louis rams draft day what was your agent
when you was he telling you that you were like a second round guy was he telling you there was a range what would take walk us through like what it felt like on that day we had no idea what i was going to get drafted i was kicked out of two universities i was injured i can enjoy his combine so that's right so pretty much every team knew i wasn't able tomorrow here so i had a ton of talent i have you i had i had all the stuff on the field it was all the off the field baggage my boy would like a joke first round talent on the field on draft able on drafted baggage off the field i had no idea i thought i thought i would sneak up into the second round but i had the injury and i wasn't really sure so draft it went like this i had to i had a couple people over the house we were kind of hanging out i still got to come off the board in front of me that i knew i was better then and i got upset and i was best and i was just guy bellyaching around and sound like you they are repaid get upset thrown chairs and been now another no chance
throwing but i actually i dig it got the third round a kind of come around in our so pissed i went to take a nap and my phone started born of about twenty minutes into it is okay this might march the rams we should draft you were happy to have you and i was like shit let's go what questions you get from general managers during your pre draft interviews because i imagine with all the author feel stuff they probably doug do they ask you like any questions about your parents being prostitutes because that's it that's a hot one that they like that's a hard but an issue that now you know what i think they really just wanted to get a sense of me they want to get me in the room and talk to me because you know some stories grown legends and some stuff not true some stuff is true and they want to get a feel for me was a legend was where these legends that wasn't true wasn't true i hear him all the time i learn your stories about myself all the time only desultory do you know someone actually sent me a dm not too long ago their father your landlord in nebraska any had a check that euro and he has never cashed it awesome yeah so that's kind of
weird know that you are a legend that's like a legend movie like i'm holding out of this check into the cashing it right so it's weird stuff like that like that like one for one instance we draft the guy from nebraska game on the team he's like i heard about the time you bench press five hundred pounds you got up and punched a wall broke your hand i was like never happened so you're william wallace what better a brave our ear he saw right or your online programme yeah yeah i think so there is also european scouts do you remember this quote is on your wikipedia reading it right now is enabled did it controls emotions both on and off the field is such a significant concern that a likely up to the late around the draft when you heard that did you get mad because i feel it the test glue i'm having it may i lost my laptop resurrected are owed their target area is like while you prove it no do you remember that called on an item that court you there's i guess there's so much stuff going on around me during the draft and i really had no idea i do know that i had spent
the most time was saint louis or when they d call made sense you gotta thirty two on the wonderland oh yeah well a bad as well with joy which the test like sir do taken in a big group are you taking a big so basically attached as hell yeah there's somebody smyrna oh no no it must ever every every test different they they hand out differ version that believe me that's why some guys do slight produce comically bad as their cheater she they not the guy the advent tests so basically there's that there's a method to taking the wonder lutece if you're out there we have to wonder lutece as you do it there's fifty questions you don't get marked down for getting a question wrong just every question you can get right to the maximum scores fifty so you just go through and the questions get harder and harder and harder if you come across one that you do understand or you don't know the interests while you guess on it and move on there
no point there's no you are using so i actually funny story i thought i was going into the do my bench press next to combine a complete mess there's no organization i thought i was going to do my bench press i drank this crazy energy drink and i thought you were going to bench press there like can go take the wonder like first they showed me in there so i'm in there and this drink kicks in unlike thirty zero how marriage guess on i don't know i mean i'm ok smart guy but probably feel as at the combine do they have some way that actually watches you piss off drugs last year we had no doubt so just like looking at your dick they have they have professional packer checkers they they employ people to look at packers watch you p into cops and thank you to all my colleagues who have pull some crap over the years trying to get away with drug tested the drug tesco stricter ensure
during stricter the wizard nato right those on tat s wounds are forever the always nato out now you have a gal they shake for you right now of a guy i bawling your one eyed willie under the cop that's wild is it i would i would problem not a shy picture but i probably be at least a little shy in them all hundred percent its it tastes guys awhile and you can't you can't like chug water before either right now you can show water kittv come up dilute that it's a fail there is i should combine kid that just had that god s right reuben foster urban foster tourism issues go on reuben mosey like unto a fight at the hospital delicate on how yeah how'd you manage to do thou see that the combine they get you in any nablus and they just mess with you the entire time you get in here like expecting me were coaches and wrong you try to perform and then they make you go sit at the hospital for eight hours and there like oh you fractured your finger in the sixth grade weed in an extra aid just sit there and you're literally sitting on a coal hospital forth like eight hours and you like i don't know what's going on
it's it's a met its tortures outline its having navy seal trade and frank it you wash out any point possible an reuben fosters a first gun history to try to find a doctor khazars pistol right yeah willing guys run fast at the combine that's because they ve been through for five days of all this crap and then they run fascistic ok this guy's really fast because he's been through all this shit right and then they go back and were at their protein they run they always run faster because it's under you know it's not hostile condition you're right i also want to be a big big j journalists here because that's not fair for me to throw the will of the quota was bad and not put in the quota good you also were said to be the strongest and most explosive player in attendance combine no doubt whoop did you getting questions very tattoos
i know many tattoos back and i shall have to strive oh you walter tribal i hang kommeni knots laying their leisure thousand for whenever year was mean that's gone when you have to have an early were tryin bad ass i saw it it's funny that we mention that because we just had made silver you you and him and probably long pretty well he's a big stats guy me he was in the studio about a week ago and we were trying to come up with new stats too i guess determined whether other players gritty and we we landed on office of lyman that don't wear sleeves when it's cold outside their tougher but we now how to quantify that hussars s needs gonna sit down he's gonna he's gonna look into were name it after you yeah so naturally incognito stop do that was a big one back in a brass go because we had so many guys in the tea and then it was cold ye we had guys who are just me teheran on the programme walker out walk on guys you never played were like listen coal game no sleaze have some pride being offensive lyman and now it's just a sense of pride you pete you guys it does anyone on the bills worse leaves no
don't worry no intentions wyman do thou dealing can get away with these guys are kind of other later on always boys like starting my held and right if you have sleeves at just one other thing for the option of yours weak as you you get held and i hold no date i mean they try have been looking like a nerd recently happened now an honest couple big eyes table across honour i saw so we were actually talking about doing this this draft were in vain he would had or new conversion and we asked richie if he had any businesses that want to plug on the side yes and he just said no just put incognito rules pervert the exact bonus archery wrap it up with mean tweet else's meantime so we do this game with everyone we read mean tweets the people have tweeted at you have some i'll start this one is from at will richie incognito you're pretty big dude and the guy said well richie
i was gonna say something really mean to you but then i remembered the year three hundred and twenty pounds and could probably squash me even though i'm six two to forty wearing a white shirt looking like a bad ass so i'm just not gonna say anything to annex ii really you're you're really cool seventy six thousand hours me was that it means what it means when we re from twitter ok mean as apparent ok here's here's another one i hear your sisters in town the plastic sheets ready she's a quarter o the actually talons hours from reaching out that's an original that that's our lives our that's an original another hey richie this one is from a fuck the bills pats fan for life i love hank lockwood this one says hey how did you get nickel back do all your tattoos o seeing this one is from this one is from jets
fan sixty nine sixty nine sixty nine sixty nine sixteen i also recognise sixty i'm nice round eyes sixty eight about ilo for twenty and it says richie when that dildo was thrown on the field in buffalo bet you wanted to pick it up and take it home with you i do have it at the house ok i had really not to say to the house in those were mean tweets so we had cleared offers no what you wanted you i get some amazing for yes i guess i mean if you guys i still have people come to me you are so awesome on p m t so great this on the other that you need to go back on so awesome i am more people come up to me and recognize me on as a guest there now before bob i regard in its it's it's it's because if you guys you guys have made me sad angry branding we re brand p they get you gonna wetter beacon that contract yeah i'll get you guys will mean we're going gonna when was it was lost contract would you sign up for you you're just with your money manager i was out would the bank statement also concur
looking good at maybe maybe just a boy close they sing keep spending in earlier years are waves vending yeah about all the beers you can drink my worry is that money manager to pat mcafee is i think you need somebody looking after passing on special like a sailor drove true we actually need you when you retired to joint bar store so that we can get the hierarchy back nordic has pat is punter from the nfl any like ominous fell player but he's so it's like we need richie becoming like hey i'm also now far stool european inter shut it nerd back in the lock upon his or people too but their novel by everybody at all you have to do is walk and nine i know i know mcafee throbbing in a swiss cheese me on that one years he's gonna crushing yoyo convey is good and so colleagues do every morning just put him into will have will build locker that you get to shove em into her and then you just do that every more raw perfect thirty minutes thirty minutes time out in there are richie thank you
always best luck this year will make it your game finally yet we are going to bring his mom a bill it's been a long time coming i have to do we have to do a conversion van is going to buffalo owner would table that's that's almost nautilus blow it up let's let's go bring the conversion van and images blood to convert them now leading to leave parking lot i think i'll be fine with that don't just around the world will pick out a for a couple of eleven richie will put riches name on the title and will switch the plates and god just like i can do no wrong of me i thought that's fine very alright let's do some segments make sure you check out that rich incognito mean tweets we trees it from a part my take always always good sir little mean tweets richie is is big boy is very big boys and bees about any know what he's a jolly guy when he sang out
and you can tell like when you say something caterpillars mafia gives you that side smart is a guy really does want to beat the shit out of me i going right he he didn't what he doesn't like your long hair you gonna tell no this is one those actually polluting bob linear richie both like did should i this guy's ass for heavenly sky draft dodger what's going on i let's do some segments first up we have bad visual for for don cherry if you miss they dont cherry wore a suit that looked like he had blood all over it it was a white suit with red i only know anyway was blood spattered i've ever washing episode of dexter looked like something dextra would wear during like an in autopsy sooner some yes it was bad it was patrick bateman it was like to suit their cruel deville wishes that she could wear yes it was it was awful but
in a way it was very much don cherry and i kind of love it was absolutely don sure he said after that he didn't he had no idea what it looked like when he put it on and he didn't rises gonna look so much like blood it reminded me a lot of those anti circumcision protesters in early ass the guys are where the white pants and they just have a spot of blood dick those real treats those those has font fun combo of you ever see one outside of a game just strike up a convoy bill i came i have of circumcised dick what's what what's a but that's exactly what i did at the superbowl like a year and a half ago like you say i got a bad dick broke i think my dick sort out so you must see it you see my deck in your sentence bed his triggered we have a respect the best for the rockets bench our kids bench was their clouded legislate little were in robeson whose bad a free throws basically what was happening was every time you have to do a free throw
they were reacting like they would have been happy a theme hit it so when he misses it they're like all our shit he missed it again even though he missed like every free trial and they got a little bit a respectable from this writer adam joseph he said this is a pretty damn disrespectful from the rockets bench ok how bad robeson is a free throws your professionals not kits i gotta dumb question if if you're robeson and you're gonna get fowl why don't you just like run away why don't you just run all over the court and dodging the person yeah just run out the clock for like amazon i think it's hard that's pretty hard at his aunts he's coronado carnivores run cover your jersey in that poison arrow frog liquid so if they touch you they go into like caesar's yeah that at what point out as you just have to fight the rockets bunch the time is nigh yeah it's ready to just get you got to go maybe we know sam dekker has got a bad hand so you can probably find him you don't hit him but if you have
just so the bottom am i saying if you go to a friend if you're going to miss a foul shot why not give a guy concussion by thrown about their head with it wouldn't be the worst thing if you fought sam decker and then it was like a big video and then sam came on the podcast too to defend yourself yes discussing so not saying you should punch same becker but he had to pick one guy he won't be the war is over sam decker and make sure that it's not during a tv time out yet make sure it's while the gamut aunt up here make sure that you don't hit him to our canoe he needs to be able to talk to a site and then when there's somebody wearing a part my take shirt come enough in the stance defend sam decker you push that guy the fazio you suck his dick sarcastic up we have a new secular a brand new sang with it i think i can have some legs it's cool old marlins man was on national television so we called him and here it is back on your part history
students hey what's our minds what's goin on cigars report might take i should also baseball game which i been now provide third year than that could you wave you wave was yeah we know the sandra i can see you i can see you do the shocker do shaka why left glad wait do the schools symbol useful symbol a year ago our knowledge easier you did ladys with you tonight i just offer your eyes how yeah well
that's what everybody in the country to go around yes figured out bar stole naval we're basically on tv we're busy i want to be with you what the anti because you're talking to say can you say hi to my mom for me just say happy if these mom are you gonna be the most important first install never had his ball yeah yeah yeah here on her in and god yes what what's goin what's good what where's next i am here earlier davos merger to earlier this year the year is out of the back i'm here this way i got a boston so red sox cardinal sharing although this must patriotic thing on a sailor are you standing police there take your head off ok
do you really want to bring any troops one two three four sixty people tonight but their mostly hospitals and moaning earlier hospital workers second was really was the second we talk this is crazy you can't really fast this is some really good bad radio for listen is at home man is playing that's perfect why how look ass if you had no did he die scream while i wouldn't let you go
why are you guys doing something might be for the ostler yeah yeah we are hell yeah we aren't you can you hear me i'll be there can i suddenly i mccrone like all the girls route across getting so i'll get where were they are where we are actually they all causing around the treachery i tell them sources like our colleague our gonna be the powers we have seen in our bottom line it's got up whether the measures i believer staunch forward as always yes i was it will see soon this is crazy i've got one
that that same it's gonna work i think every time marlins men's on national television risky because then we're on national television ireland's man is the tip and spear i think if we are to break it down between like which people out there are recruiting the most new listeners for work for farm i take i would say it's him and my mom oh my god and anyone who wears a tight i sure yeah speaking of which go to the parcel sports store and you can get part my take gear do it right now we have all the stuff for the summer we have take tops were released and some new merge the new march come out so actually do us a favour cause you're trying to measure this instead of going to the partial sport stork yes good a parcel sports dot com slashed p m t thank you yes and will to see how much direct traffic that thing get yeah then we can walk round a bit like a look how many people bought
so they can walk round and have people say hey suck my dick and so be great winwin for every little tree where it around your parents went around public you get a lot of people saying suck my dick yes so i go to the parcel sport stock com slash p m t that's parcel sports dot com slash p m t unlike hank just said hank has been egg is the genius behind a lot of things we drop he ain't you got some hot stuff got some hot got them all summer so is it is looming startle nominate their secondary loom o me wait i dropped the i just got luna loom is like possessive its loom large i'm illuminate loom what level of self leumi what's the loom now how levies was a peg lecher still mean bigger logistic to leumi were not enough on whom i i can't conjugate new slighter just nine the carts looms we was looms she's loomed out here we have now
stop a herd or injured little mba a shell clash boy griffin hurt or injured he's out with a big toe injury that's on severe if it's too big tele out assess turf toe is worse injury you can ever have a new life i don't know thinking turf toe by playing on hardwood floor does at work does it yet it is its former turf ok so yet it turf so is worse injury i'll give a pessimist ok yeah i agree i mean that we know blake an mba players in general are pretty tough and this seems like something you should set out for yet does my horse team if if you weigh more than two hundred and how much you have begun to walking around waiter morning when i walk along two forty ok it if you are more than two hundred fifty one pounds
any injury that you have blow your waste is a severe severest transference put someone would have certain yes it's like threatening and then on the other side of the spectrum we have our karlsson being a big i'll say it pussy he's play and with a broken foot yeah come on man why who does an unbroken foot to mind your teammates are out there plan why not give that ice time somebody has to healthy about that and also really is not broken foot is it's like hairline frazier yeah so it means classic cocky we joke but hockey guys are pretty fuckin tough lebron james has been playing with a headline fracture who for a long time yet true his actual hill is actual airline he also said eric curls and said i m playing on shots and by thursday should be back to normal that's how bones no understand he's been getting painkilling shot jaso the bones not broken anymore ok how's business i dont think i think he thinks it like oh just gimme that shot
and my bones will grow back that's how it works you have a coke very varies very hockey of em boa not i actually have to do two things right now one is after my seeing read i get my five seconds but before i do that i should say the black box very disappointed in the in the amount of injuries that they had their like one injury you may the postal address those are my they lag oxen you get swept you need every single person in a cast the next i liked i don't care if their hurt i don't care crutches asked for everyone seeing right here know that there are those in the other red huge walking boot news you how is your lesser to the show you know that were huge fan of players is showing up with walking boot unlike especially big bent air nanda when he was at the university of florida huh
failed so many drug tests and urban myerst i keep it out the media that if errand was plain that weak because we feel drugged ass he given walking boot to shop to practice and that's good that's it that's a good good on urban being a positive influence on air her manners like holding an accountable for all is mistakes and really make an m face is a really major ease me modem into that's what they do in college i take boys and movement met its about accountability accountability are my seeing red this i mean the balls are gonna lose and it's so fucking perfect because they won the first two games are now garren pass consent for the media and be like we were there s just the injury bug put the band back together next year they'll be fine will content and hey you know what they were up to nothing
they were around here as they were they were there we're gonna beat the number one c est so i say stay the course maybe contract extension oh yeah give everybody in extent on jimmy butler is the peace to build around he's gonna be superstar honestly the next fifteen years you're jimmy you hazardous result irrational it's ridiculous such a likeable this is a country music he loves taylor swift what oh no or does it mean that may arise we're alive i love it has already found out market smart only fights when he has like none shocks now tat we have a perspective for everyone out there this is how this came hockey handshake line we everyone knows we love we are the number one podcast for hockey etchings was effort aside absolute cat turn tat said there's nothing better than the handshake line when a sears concludes it is class respect and teamwork at its core sky replied
my four year old after being told about the handshake after bruins law said the handshake makes the bruins loss hashtag respect that kid is two years where from being the good job good effort kit to remember that fuckin kid i love it i was taught what a black from the past year good job they ever that i cannot because one quick explained hank what europe is yeah species a blast from the past it's not even that far easier gas five years nets that's it actually like half of hanks lifetimes like dog years rats or how i'm living now hegel that's a long time couldn't buy cigarettes when the good job effort gained through good our van was only eighteen so when the could job could have you had to shoulder tat our van to buy youporn good job good ever kitty was the easter converts finals the heat verse celtics
before le braun had a title so still the height of ozone iran can't win why fix this one in the celtics war they ngos game five celtics one god three two and then there is a kid who just yet good job good effort who want to have it was it in the best poor was
the whole internet thought that he was being facetious but he wasn't he was a heap that's pig internet because it was six years old i put that kid is a troll that was the best leubronn hate time because it was before we want to title servile just like you know this is great he's never gonna win wanted answer me like good job i'm good at five in the definition of what is and what is not a troll has expanded so much basically any thing that an earnest child says could be considered in a huge role in that kid definitely is now a troll he's probably a twitter egg just going around like fashion the brok that kid's a moment in almost all the time he currently one we have those perspective so just remember handshake one could change kids perspective on life i'd like a fuckin puke like it's gonna be huge winter does he just gonna route for people to shake hands a handshake lines rose things that i didn't want to hate but people talk about it so much that i have to hate i still owe it
need i still haven't aidan next up we have are hit hit new segment guys checks is also not to brag but we call it is on friday show we talked about serena williams how she got pregnant and how being pregnant is technically a performance enhancing drugs because she has more blood inner system cautious i haven't she's not on the dot anymore anymore and since she has more blood skype more red blood cells which means she circulating oxygen at a higher rate and turns out we're a hundred percent right about now we know women's bodies better than women do yeah i've been saying that for years and finally vindicate yes so this this episodes guys on chicks we're going to explain to women how to properly get divorced
through our shoulders trial if you haven't been paying attention to alex joneses custody trial it is the best thing going on right now the new yes so here's the first one for women when out show just talking about trump and grab a rather pussy outshone said that's not sexual assault that's what mammals do maybe you ve ever seen a lemur in the wild and airy so women out there just realized like amend that's we are we are all animals were genetically programmed to grab puss just grab pussy s everywhere it out his ass letty in fact we should get metals for every every six hours a guy doesn't grab a pussy right they should get some sort of commendation from the local sheriffs policed we need that we need the warehouse sign you how many days has been since you grabbed the pussy good on you we should and then you get like a big cake at the end of the month and grab any pussy small yet may game affect heavy ass her the term game suffocation yeah says like when you make everything into game give us badges give us pushes occasions on my phone when i haven't grab the girls for john incentivize us yes were simple with simple creatures xilai carrots and sticks he has some policies and cake yet that's basely i'll need he also are if if you grab it if you are unable to make it like a week without gravity pussy they should for she grabbed dick you that's how you learn oh ok here he all the old switch error we also found out that they might have been open
breaking up are having problems because our jones ex wife was a member peta an hour jones likes to eat zebra stakes your honor about fed she was alive tarred so listen women we
he'd army sometime exotic zebra stakes as i think now mean to say zebra cakes no exemptions that is the girl and his novels like i'd the shit out of some seeber cat years why i don't think he screwed up there he also brag that he can eat seminary breakfast tacos in the morning s work every breakfast dockers yeah i can you can eat seminary so this is kind of just like a tip for all women out there when you're when first while you're gonna want a merry now familiar out shouts and cause that's just you're gonna obviously get better yielding around about you don't need to explain that to me you're gonna be naturally attract tracked me man to his hands grab your pussy riah but second of all when that alpha mail does alpha male shit like eating a breakfast tacos eating so much chile he forgets your children's name eating zebra zebra of meat you can't go and crime hunger mail or i m a hunger mammal man check it out principally that come in they wore saga
major bed sleep it if you want a snowflake also out jones is a big shortlist sky two hats like you you knew what you're getting into windows showed up at your wedding shirt shirley s ear when he s have you been heartening cover myself in mud when he met your parents shortlist that was probably a good sign maybe we'll do alpha for you i'm sorry jazygae so bad when a thing about bush knocking down those towers gotta taken assure off man this trousers given run wild i got so much content we have to chew final segments first i have a hank explains hank how the hell compel us to go on i i i i thought so yeah is has catana just become a sovereign nation i told not just a year where the just jam out all the time i'm starting to think it might be like a place that celebrities is go okay so your first explain it might have been a screw up
because it's like a spar our cities some of those like i was on twitter like von miller's capella outfit might be crazier than cam newtons like what why are they just releasing von miller's cajole outfits seven days letters i wait no we still going on i think it shows like a visa does it ever on its an mind oh good point egg i have addressed to leumi you're like unarmed and could shallow right now just one i thought i had a grushenka cello cup capella we'll just what i thought i had a grass on concho they go engine make it like seven weeks outrage guys wanna go yeah yeah yeah i'm free in mid may yet austria down and bolster from the draft however it's gotta be close writer well actually women we could be there right now state of mind you wait let's go to catch up well could genes while
those are cool sunglasses eight never wherever again eight we'll get leumi telephone charges i've energies for three days i got so much juice my mind out even needful charger all right that was checked you accept she's trying to be ugly which is really hot its oh wow i liked moses however unwares genes on repeated their body is so and i was talking to chill that was the guy's gonna catch while what it what now is my favorite part of pure product jar with my fair border control is probably when i left yeah meter while actually my fair burka was how quick to commute homeless is really nice would be the traffic x rated girl never gonna fuckin sucked let's finish the show i teach it at the beginning by the way if you don't notice we are now kind of putney adds somewhere in the show sorry
have to try to make money for our bosses college eyes is called grill advertising i'll never know let's go papa so the show now is gonna be the way we're gonna set it up is the beginning in the show before the music place is going to be just an explanation of what's gonna be on the show kitchen pumped up until you everything that we got gone on gonna want us to do that then the ads you never know papa com ideas improvised advertise sync devices don't step on an idea will guess what it'll hitches let's end with that's enough internet for today i of tease this it's bad i apologise in advance but you have one is well i got one year this is it's actually an article that was titled how much internet is too much internet so naturally i thought i bring it up harvard business review published a study and they said that everyone who uses one hour or more of facebook per day has
markedly worse mental health in their life who is while he's facebook anywhere near as actually smart yeah so just stop as facebook that's literally when you ve used to much better follow it you know what it takes to five seconds to fall apart my take on facebook so just do that yes and then log out and makes you subscribe on itunes telephone subscribed command but have you been on facebook facebook now i have like a graveyard i've never all my friends they fall into one of three categories one is either do really really well with their life and i know that because he always tommy how much fun there having now everything the other what are you guys who tells you about how much money he's making everyone knows i got the other one is important probably on drugs the periodical surmise that they're doing some hard drugs and i'm concerned about them but i won't do anything about it the number three is the pursues definitely involved in a pyramid scheme those are the three people you mean about as you also forgot guy who's way to into photography anxious
pictures of random shit law assign lot of filters amount is actually emerge seamount russian and know tat asians of people that you don't care about doing things that you definitely don't care oh yeah oh and i'm a bachelor party group chat gap that you haven't logged into to see that the chat and liked three weeks who that's that's always fun when are you guys ready for mine transgender woman who suffered broken penis when her lover died during sex soon the man's wife for damages and then the picture of her and she sang my penis was in sight of him i can you either back intranet i'm connecting the dots i'm trying to be sensitive and woke and progressive about this but i'm here i'm imagined a different part surgery transgender woman who suffered a broken penis when her lover died during sex sues the man's wife for damages
broker penis inside of the of the man and then the wife is getting the worst out of us by the way broken penises one thing beginning sued for your dead husbands breaking up i know someone i'm just can have to jump in and say the only thing you can say here i'm sorry for your loss and hope that since finds its right home sick is i don't know even whom apologizing a cap that is way too much every day i d we'll see you live from philadelphia on wednesday philadelphia year while the conversion vans gonna get their way yeah maybe we'll see our friend angel opponent tonia so we'll see life from the draft we have some big stuff planned if you see the van if you see us don't tell sector dec i will say hello were actually sand we're trying to steer people away from that yet were to come up and re rehab say sup yes this up lovey guess
its part mighty presented by bar stool sports
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