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Rickie Fowler And Smylie Kaufman

2017-01-10 | 🔗
National Championship recap, what's next for Nick Saban (2:59 - 12:20). Bachelor Recap by guys that don't watch the Bachelor (12:20 - 15:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (15:53 - 22:14). PGA Tour Golfers Smylie Kaufman and Rickie Fowler join the show to talk about golf ettiequte, spring break, is Tiger back, and who they hate the most on tour (22:14 - 49:17). Segments include PR 101 for Derrick Rose, Stay Classy, Connect the Dots David Ortiz, As A White Guy, Put on in his earhole, and that's enough internet for today.
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i welcome the part of my take it is wednesday january eleventh and nick sabin didn't orgasm the sheer it said he is he is putting the man is packet didn't he keeps enough major by the fire to always keep it like a nice consistency he has its own off he saw the pre game and national championship he's got a guy with a whistle who just follow me around until you were to be i think that's that's our vaseline man he's like that in view of that carries the bag around four riley lui drivers excel all he has is just a packet of excellent idea so yeah or ip thoughts and prayers and save his blue balls aims to ground for another year and he's guided he is so disciplined but he won't allow himself to have a wet dream he wakes up here and he's got a whistle in his head when things get too too hot idea he wakes up any just stairs as erections has not now let's stop it right there trust the price i don't wanna go go this dream so yeah the national title which obviously was on monday night instant classic
overviews though an had the rough with the huge arms you're couple highlights for all you non football fans out there for the football fans sean watson was a man i mean that was however performance and somewhere lincoln when is very very happy with himself probably kuchen someone in bugger tongue you think he's man are you think he's happy eyes have because i've i've heard that some people are saying that is definitely happy some people are saying that he is i know he cared deeply about those i had such porsche here let me tell you a little bit of something about just like humans and general ok whenever it doesn't matter if it's like your work if its relationship if its anything this second you move on from it you like old there's a small part of you that will always love to see bad things happen i rushed like brad angel usually broke up live like annually they got a cold the next day brought over fuck yeah that's right good right i'm glad it doesn't matter how close you were that's just how it works and length
is by all accounts a much bigger dick the normal people so you i have to believe that he was pop and bottles and add in the fact that the guy who replaced them steve sarkisian all time drinker and so he's like a bad boy off link givens gonna win that rosales or to alley cats that meet in the middle of the night thank heavens gonna win that so he won that yeah he one also hunter info i'm a huge on a little surprise you to learn from it they contravene fro guy canoes moose he hit the he hit the white guy bingo last night he had at what they kept saying like he's gritty they kept saying as our report about under their pencilling there and as a sixth round pick obviously insert your own new england patriots joker debts but he was gritty professional and he had so play last night saved if a deal you have touched on with a hustle play he got away with cheating so that's the
entire runs a gamut of a white guy wide receiving the whole entire state of alabama should you feel bad form i it's weird that i album is such a dynasty and they went so much but the combination of that's all they have and nick saving just being angry for an entire off season that's a scary proposition i was listening i r r during guest and friend paul bomb he had a collar call in and said that the collar said that his dog named sabin wasn't eating all day after the loss dogs always know they always now they do how many how many tweets you guys think lane kevin had wrote last night and then just didn't put amount or below jeez area he created a whole line of bit movies last night it's him like humping next april is really just sent him to attacks it to himself laugh do think tat dick savings can allow the pic ass i say that about yeah that's like me so that less i write well people forget that next even once tried to outlaw the no huddle few years ago
chip kelly was young areas like it's not safe for football but i don't think he cares deeply about safety mixed even wants to display volleyball so i i think he problem in the now the pic is already outlawed but i mean you can't when you do that the rubbing lay the third they're doing right yeah right right it leaves it up to interpretation by the raft so they're gonna crackdown on you think that savings gonna lobbies i disagree i think dead saving is going to only run pick place at the go live just as a big fuck you guys you run yeah yeah but i think he's he's gonna w nor score thirteen pick touchdowns in week two against jacksonville state x ray i don't even know who the clump software was that actually did the pack but he problem get a voodoo doll that guy in and just start going gonna town yeah so later jerking off another big loser merrill streep guess hey i guess football is after hey football can stay streep her time was correct
she went after football after four of the worst nfl play games of ever watch that young people are talking about that maybe middle street is actually a much bigger football fan than any of us are right and she's chooses to discuss issues so pissed off from the blow out over the weekend in watching matt stafford play with a broken middle finger that she'd that's what she was trying to get across its golden lobes merrill streep is actually upset what she was trying to say was she's upset the you can't hit a quarterback anymore yeah right that's exam also big winner from last night sweeney deborah zwyny reached my opinion assassinations assassination status yes at least in a state of south carolina right so if it were an image be confusing if you haven't heard a stock rather therefore but there some point in life if you get killed another human being you go from being murdered to being assassinate us and as national champions i think that's when he can take pride in the fact that if you were murdered say bye now
save for a complete hypothetical example that would be considered an assassination well it brings up a good point because you know you know on one hand you on the national title good job dabble on the other hand an entire state of fanatical lou the turks who all have guns hate your guts and probably want to assassinate yeah and just they work on this one in advance they have sweeney and save and do this thing where every year the last two years the loser of the national championship game has take the other out dinner and buy it so just stay next year because we did this as like i'm never lose one of the us in that by the way i don't really think the devil's twenty is a dinner guy he seems like us
not dialogue examines all almonds all day but i think you just what are what are the jesus crackers all the body of crises is loaded up on me you see no right here that's their catch waiting when reading all those crackers its technically not carbs because its protein its jesus his body dab dab sure has he has he as one of those in is in his office he paused i wanted the drawers union draw some jesus yet is important and then sarkisian like i'm not drunk this just jesus why yes blood unjust pounding dabble takes all jesus every day so i won't be surprised if sabin slipped a little if honoured on their dinner to guess of total poison ways in the stake who i like that i like that arches have sort b the driver
ok can you go pick up the arrow i know you haven't been drinkin rosaria way wink weighing much it is bringing back over i guess he's getting my credit card get yourselves some on the way it does say there's it there's a senior frogs on the way going just check it out and then and then go pick up dabble we find yang get you really fast we're already running late right and to wrap up the i would for policies and we had our good friend stingray steve call in and he gave us the final call of the national championship little nail in the coffin for alabama if you listen to the show urbana fan i'm sorry might want too fast for this do you have the call last night of the game winning touchdown absolutely doing do let's do it all right here we go to show watson and clemson here one go first and o k and bay sway the dragon
is the alabama crimson tad destroy wants it back to past one we have got it by one their first national try all since nineteen eighty one the dream is complaining for jeffco the revenge is therefore quite soon mood simons horde is denied the thai riot for national champions and guess what quiet when's the re match well it is great shall say so i i don't know we asked you to do this earlier but is it shows that you can do governor wollaston on the courthouse steps of alabama now i'd rather not i think
stingray really appreciate it be well and we will talk to suit our guys want one final thing i do have to say to all of the award winning listeners out there i since i had been all this here i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and i hope everybody has a wonderful and prosperous new year let on it nothing waiting taxing right now i thank you i took my human but we have a new kind of game that we're gonna start playing sol introduce it here it actually aim to be because of the audio becum poor thing on sunday with the boat and everything joe bach kept on over and over fair not people are gonna judge him for the boat which is basically or always saying it's not fair but he's gonna say fair not they affair not so we're gonna play fair not real quick fair not nick savings should
oh and apologize to every single person in a state of alabama unfair or not many people are speculating than nick sabin he may fired link because link if and got his daughter pregnant fair or not nick say been it stop giving everyone all recruits dodge chargers who may be upgraded to them ladys the new mercedes bomb fur not nick saving hasn't one a national title since trump card elected oh and as we learned could be some funny business your team doesn't do so well in alabama therefore look alabama amateur vote democrat next luck i can see that that's gonna happen here hilary to twenty twenty hours i will she's gonna carry birmingham let's do because it is wednesday we have two things we have to get the first it's bachelor season if you miss last week's episode we don't watch a bachelor so we're not bachelor guys but also
or chose to be reliable they have to talk about the bats the original bachelor was jesse palmer jesus ok i'm i'm on that one was noted was generally palmer also the low she just warmer was one user number yes let us enough anyway we have birstall trent sent us he's a big bachelor fannys gotta a podcast called come up roses check it out he sent us three bullet points of things we need to talk about so legacy that none of us have watched it we're gonna get you up to speed real quick ice cream is the villain of the season weight at address borne him scared so you are i am any agricultural karen ok so what's cairn up to ah she got drunk and took her top off in the pool during a photos oh ok i think we ve all how to care and like that before yeah i like that raises stakes let everyone know all you prove girls burger packing nick also
kick liz who had previously slept without a wedding which is i mean that's it compares they ran through the back door where's the love he kicked off because he didn't think she was therefore the right reasons oh well as opposed to all the other day right forget when thou out on the other all the other aspiring accuracy senator into functional a third and final headline which is huge the girls are suspicious of next behaviour in our word that he's only there to fine girls have sex with ah ha saw while wow spicy spicy season it sounds to me like the do just once you have sex in the girls are therefore of love and not fame and they are fair lacks is looking for the big break their therefrom of but he doesn't want love exactly so it's out he's real bad guy while also i know i heard word on the street it he d for the bachelor twice before does and failed however this plenary on the bottom of the barrel be little more democratic hey nick
once you smell rounded up here that's our bachelor talk think you got everything it needs not very or you'll be set to grow at the hearthstone tomorrow morning at the orange ago daylight but whatever it was too hot see cool thrown hank once you start my hearty is yahoo yahoo yahoo who who the changing their name because their such should accompany the debate we are admitting failure and not prove that judging it too i have it on another tata yahoo is basically delete in themselves from the internet okay so this is actually does awkward this actually the first sums ever happen hot see cool thrown embraced debate i have yahoo all my cool thrown because best way to like secretly get out of public eye is just have a vaguely foreign sounding com when he by you and change your name and just claimed your entire company with set our right to good way to write it well out
however those jerks from the middle east where where from my point even though they came and bought us damn jerks there taken jobs out of america again let oh yeah whose on micro embrace debate will put a bullet area is yahoo on the hot seat a quarter who thrown a soldier boy these current gas on this but he's gonna be fighting chris brown so people be talking about it for at least another month have you seen soldier boys work every oh is fuckin huge his jacked up like this is getting to like doktor duration stir jesus i don't senator actually gonna fight them i'll its no like my hastened the game promo videos but i this is like when mitt romney said that he would fight event or wholly fitly did yeah ok we're going to get into running their own dance around saw with my own two eyes yeah chris brown's a good guy he's just doing this for charity what do you have hot tea cool my i got two hearts it's real now number one at hockley
on have seen at beat own game by other buff rough and number do the south the acid college football as the south real time show just for policies in general but college football especially now we ve got sprang late winter early summer bay screw the south has florida basketball oh and bubble watts oh we all my friend you forget it sal alabama gets yo when alabama loses all those fancy just shift to kentucky basle fence they go being darlin i don't know i let you see baby i don't want any the academics they got a consider kentucky the south ok i think we this discussion when we're in kentucky ia in my cool throne is noted aim so notre dame spends on for you you technically tied alabama for last place because even where championship true so everyone's last place and also get a better traffic than all so congrats exactly
my hot seat is college kids character so soon ass college football ends its draft season no that means we have to pick apart these twenty twenty one year olds really dig into it stuff like have you smoked wheat do your teammates like you is your ma they're a prostitute the basic quest jerry jones has that one that's his favorite without was jeff ireland ok yeah i think that they should her team in order to limit liability in the inner draft at the combine they should higher jeff ireland as now outside consultants not as a fait accompli joe to come in and asked israel tough question is another one bobby bowed and said you don't have a dad that's why you wear earrings is that true silken look like your mama yeah is at what are at hearing is yeah oh you too i answered when you were a sophomore and you're coach because you're coach laugh yeah but no no not because her coach left you trance when you're sophomore and your coach a grown man is calling
pussy behind your back and saying you're afraid of competition is that true that's a good one two and also just reporting on whether or not their parents are divorced you got that my favorite opening line so time to break down some characters did you did you parents get divorced because of years of you because you are a little shit when you were a three year old do you blame yourself your parents to vote yes i'd like see that's a few i mean if you can't keep a marriage together how can you keep a locker room together scrape point by point just on the matter ok let's do are interview we have ricky valor and smiley kaufman great interview we're not golf guys but now we are kind of we become golf guys it is the divisional week of the football play off season your team may be facing a must win game either way seek is it he has placed a fine tickets for the law few games of the two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen inefficiencies and there's nothing
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dot com slush p m t we now welcome on two pga tore golfers friends of the programme once a listener ones kind of a listener you guys will let our listeners decide who knows us better smiley kaufman ricky fowler boys thank you for coming on are you guys on spring break right now are you a permanent spring i call on you all in there i now i didn't write with yourself but spring break the right around the corner we're just add one hour meeting suit smiley i was doing some research on wikipedia you know what we do in the show and i notice that you are not a member of the gulf boys is early jealousy their plan but we got our own thing on the correct it up pretty are the golf with preparing ricky question for you are you still rock in them
stash others currently knows that should this morning sir we're coming clean shaven breaking news ricky follow no longer has the stash review now here's our ammo mustache guy saw knock him in a market tell you how to do it but you probably need to whether your face a little bit more you're too young looking for the stash it's kind of like will the skies like fifteen he's got a mustache yeah you know that's the thing is with j t and i won't we did that mustache if it wasn't about it looking proper is about looking as bad as possible ok that's right tell myself when i wrote to say i grow like a fifteen year old stash it's an affliction i haven't facebook but do you know that there are some products out their little help with that look like you do they make the mark hollering in hand
darkening fakes dashes breaking news over the bay and fake or or there's just four men just four men there you're gonna go on the record in saying that cheating idiot shooting cats i am not sure all staff would about rubbing rogaine on my face does our just don't even argue on a low price burn ok i'll i'll give it a shot at a question for a smiley you were you play at the master he played really well what was your louis round this year this year masters sought out get mastered actually shot on saturday i think it will apply they got the by appointing clyde thirty that better data shot sixty nine nice which it was actually the lowest round the day i got a gun
two days ago the double barbara waiter borg analyze drooped and have a great day but it s really nice round is you're like a tradition and golf where if you shoot sixty nine you have to like pressure teeth in the club out afterwards something something like that again call which you are so the last round like you said didn't go so great not to bring a bad memories but whenever i am golfing in his growing so great i usually just stop soldering alot of beer maybe smokes in sweden the course did you ever think about doing that i think it appears that the night on the back logistical you either tensions all that but right now turned into a casual around loose and it up and then you can you can you miss when you're drunk you like ours too drunk not only that drink your play baseball
i also guy i now ask you to use a couple of years out there but it was day the pre while withdrawn from poland i got the kind of watch that in our having such a weird day that day in actually buried need medically charismatic hammer what it was waiting in my mind i don't wanna go occur and images do what i can give it a little i promptly i would like thank goodness that violate made up in and he like made it seven like we talk about it after you they are keeping pablo having a melt down on the on the like a national data there with popular to give back like the regrettable pre greatly that i've always wondered that turn around the gulf especially if it is a pressure pakistan iran how much converse
vision is go on back and forth between you and gather your play with or without sunday me i'll bet you're probably talked a whole lot more planned we're just gonna casual talk but now thursday friday where people were very kind of you know walking to the group little bit have some fun and not just can you stop going into the weekend who is your favorite this might be a better question for ricky bynum tore for a while now who's your favorite person to play with who maybe wouldn't expect not wanting like you're close friends not part of the gulf brows cosette millennia of boys boys boys sorry well we're we're getting older so so boys may not be the certain farm boy i'm getting older these these are three guys hurrah there so young wonder there ah one of my favorite jerry walkers one i really good bye
he's outside of that outside the brows so he went out later we went by the world amateur together outside that nice having tiger back knocking alike and live with him at albany on saturday and we'll get down here we see now it is it's the whose back special here yeah i was gonna say did you just say tigers back eight yet guys here that that fires back buying off we act we actually know that news we really broke out like three months ago we always back but is he back i want you back ok houses also houses back actually being right
i practice for them and play with them before and before radical enough the bahamas a cab looking better and better so it is good to see him swinging the way was down there as healthy as he was it says the best i seen him in a long time so i'm excited down back i know everyone else's is great for the game has tiger ever accidently taxes do something meant for some and ass you know i have not i've not receive that market never know maybe was meant for somebody else yet allowed tigers feeling really frisky this morning tat your ebay tiger i'm surprised you didn't mention rarer as one of the guys like to play with have em smoke out there you know is another good one miguel another matter
it is about what watching the like warm up if you haven't seen any videos on beauty will it's fantastic yeah he's got swag four days you guys are you guys ever fortunes in someone's back swing that's an old dazzled move i use on the course we want to keep that one i'll give it our back pocket you know i mean that every coming out like that ricky whereas the those orange pants on cases sure it's already covered up oh yeah as away do it on board come in handy for many written do have you ever gone shit for being a little little peacock coming to say the key word
little bit of a peacock out their wrecking the hearty therefore up its aren t you ever get shit that's at a thick and taken away from some of the boys from time to time right you know what i'm gonna give you credit because it's a ballsy move to go out and some of those colours and like potentially lose because no one wants to lose like a tournament or have a bad round in like a bright orange said it's like the guys in their view towards a greater gave the guy like like paid
we should like this guy showing up to the game and ended they always show that guy like wheeling touchdown in like manner guy war that in there now they are right now going to walk over to your car and that stupid outfit not there used to be a ballroom a moving i'm in at the window but you know the heart that created with this gulf thing she come in the sunday is earned tournaments we don't we don't get that when a whole lot we have to deal with true not only throw me on sunday much true true good point how can we ever go to you ever go to god vermin all you see kiddo our job is to learn lads true there's always a little wrongly foller went viral right there is enough
someone when you hit a shot and guys just you'll get the whole cuckoo that it depends on the situation can be called work at all be really annoying but i'm situation gave it actually gone at the hall at the whole yeah yeah i've got all died with your light in the words of fanatical i like when it's a lay up on a par five and people you again the whole that's my favorite movie what would be on earth bertha would only that we're gonna go out there you cited this wednesday yeah i did i did researcher the repeated and i laid out on your beta what would you rather have people you burn power all of whom tower without without harry mama book towers actually i have my boys have their own tamales army in it tat the word
boom tower and it can mean uv el it after a long drive or let's say they're watching me and they like that i had a long drive any help empower job there beer many the remaining then now what were gonna go bio eventually i like it i think adjusted written form ricky you viral speaking a viral were by the way work on experts in the vague game ah you went viral with the picture wherever it was like kissing their wifi girlfriend and you're just gonna whatever was that like the greatest picture ever for maybe finding new lady friends cause you're like hey i'm single amount there while it definitely was a very vulnerable so that's for sure everyone asked if it was staged it was not that was just the reaction and i've received plenty of wonderful comments off of it
look i wouldn't lose a relic letters people lived people millions of synods downward what is most let you gotta yesterday renewed yoga there are some who has the worst forehead ten on tour oh oh we'll big forehead outside europe join as pre beforehand and both your nanda report back the added
there are three with the preceding airline we're with jordan takes his hat off i'm like there's something wrong with that guy because it's it's a straight line across his forehead they goes from like brown to white tell me you sunshine and we do that for me here i mean you saw me bring break like here and now he applied countryman it work he paid why then are we all like these massive white bird tat body in the week and you invite still pale light at the end of the week some out to stone to rub the road going on on the forehead leaving on there for a long time
if it doesn't get the harry'll just get burned and it will be like scalding white we all get we'll get him a dark grounded in the library arrogantly i ask what is the plan for jordan's here is this your hair plugs if you guys had a talk with them and we re not at that point i would we want to bring it up canada he's gonna do a thing of actually works yours the knife imaging keeper thinking about they both of their own and then yeah yeah you know that as friends you can't like go compliment his hair you have to be honest we cannot good you're good friend you're good france this again we play with every one of our guess it's called if there were one person on the pda tour to wear a bra who
big ah ha where everyone here desolate everything over gas agreed and clutched bag i may go without bees how happy ok most pleasing norma that's ok we're gonna take your answer as definitely filmmakers him but i want to say you are you put more
there are about no i don't we haven't got the headline grabbing i'm just read the tea leaves that's all the public authority i threw him under the boss want them he gave me some heat for but it is white died when she heard it but i call them you know she's been great mean are really got to help me a lot like you like it that me out there and tat was now really hit the mark have you guys ever play the john daily i would highlight the third you often sets a good i mean he's so down to earth and just a guy to dislike to go up like all and maybe maybe super up you meant of course help on complementarity hasn't
like halfway through around been ok on call john bruton come caddy forming the magna they jogged written he did at an event there is like a rain delay anyone sort of rigour in the years in the hooters tent and then for the back nine he came out and jungle was god that's amazing have you guys benda hooters which on daily i just assume he has like some kind of special like gold card we're lucky gets a room and like on the left wing is why you are could that's tattooed on his for a common just scan it yet like ok giants here have you been up his head like a big black light on numbers shall i be they are yet your nurse a black like on tigers for harmony eager to see a lot worse than that i'd smiley i do we do want to talk about alice you coach already we are the biggest cocoa guys probably in the world and you are right there with you
but before i cited by color photo gaucho loved whether we we so have you met him yet i haven't madam i know is one of his son went to school with another our theories actually on stamp it out with you in
we always talk about it now in the usa or at school and then i was i may i would like an hour when each data we are encouraging and what's evaluates taboo is displayed what's that finally heard him talk and like right up to the u s video they had this guide need alice you deserve this guy is unbelievable that you know that a pepper gumbo would have disease since unlike mental health is completely notwithstanding what we re seeing the coastal zones are normal legal full boiled with globally the airport pushing aid will want to throw away the arrow to play that coat you haven't had an act that ok ok gotcha ricky gonna quick question for you oklahoma state you weren't there how psycho you for brain win more for my boy be weighed
obviously didn't get into a spot in a great position to start out his professional career but i'll tell you what you want to one of the bad guys i know they love gossip here he will accept that part of the team there after i had left and hopefully within a moving people around them go a little bit but we can work out copying bit so so that is the internal spin from the brain widened camp he's got the wrong place now that's ok i guess it is the task of the way you have noted down his eyes rule nor the presence ruin everyone it's true they rode out i'm not gonna get services it builds up like the piper person kubi so ignore it and if you go out there and started you're the first time the universe
we should be we see we ve got it right or wrong i don't need any here that's pretty nice profit to him and evoke and bad bad day while i'm that i was just outside to help my router sandbagged your poison gas has he ever late for you to drive after tea in and i tell her shows up catches in then runs about the other what it was i who blackened ogata i probably wouldn't happen to that
he's alive oh maybe embryo using google news guided our case we know and i can only welcome the wrecking have you ever thought swinging of almost eight ever thought about growing more little show pride for school you know i did actually thought about that item all hot dog for little bad news just get little sneaky long at the back and i thought about but about technical gandhi it had to compare self ricky too nfl running back to place on the san diego charger suitably oh that's a good question looks a lot like you
scrapping i got five nine that we have learnt a great deal shaggy here you really pinocchio spot as we heard anyone against anyone at nice good answer good answer what about i've always wondered what professional golfers what your thoughts are unlike golf hard owes i'm talking about guys who aren't obviously prose but they're like when they go out there they really the rule sticklers they talk a lot about you know their grip they always got new clubs new paul's got you guys laughter those geyser were like what what are your thoughts on those guys our were prowling i could be clean up with guys were not or at home plan at the time that's probably not the type of people we're probably play unless we put dixon today's like work well
not we or not big we'll get a couple gender dropped nights i do i always do i i just throw the ball right in a fair way like i want my role as i look for it for twenty five seconds i can't find it or if it's in a bad spot just throw new ball right on our fuel feel like looking for it yeah that to ensure better very true at the ryder cup this summer what was it like heaven all those dirty europeans is complaining about the cool american fence it was i guess in a way it was night for us to finally be on top and winning within bartels moving came so we ve
we ve been up there in her their fans which i mean yeah we happen loud and content for us it is not easy to play are unaware game it seems like a free than it loud over there to judge whether things were seems like every two years whoever isn't hosting is complaining about the unruly fans of the other team dislike ruining disported off but it's the radical that's what i thought i'd like that three you gotta workers who are wrapped up in the last three the north where a smiley how'd you get your name famine and my grandmother cousin all american attack he football in there regarding what is my granddad might took my dad always from buryin limerick batteries for football games and stop meridian and my dad inspired by violent one named sought after
great in its great name you can't be pit i got a guy named have ever been like in a bar fight and then before the guy ponchas you like my name smiley kaufmann and then you guys are lifeline reference i reject any doctrine the bar there ago yeah me listen if i was gonna give pr to any new you know golfers out there it's either where ridiculous close everytime you go out or have an aim like smiley may appear to be carried out in the fate sorry that my name is the two i we're going to wrap up thank you guys want your time we have three final questions the first one is called headline grab so this is new to this year and basically most times you know though beyond yes piano fox though plant someone to kind of stirrups and controversy so weird work and do the same and we're an ash is simple question whose a big stick had on tour and
name names if you're really patterson kind of albion like still he young fig jammer and people don't like bubba bubbles bobby's get all the natural town but doesn't practice round hats gabby or to get that button on me i will his tall he like put around the southern acts in a lot less unrolled it pisses you gotta let rounded right now you put me on the party ok ricky who do you hate you papa right you mean you ve had a falling out after that whole golf boys do you guys do video yeah you know how to use falling out idly band of another saw at b to kay
what every year it is published in a bubble is too big of it either right ok i'll yet but so is carrying his kid around i'll get i'll give it to me what about brand but also give it up just for fun just for fun on bubble watson's biggest dick onto her he had also supply earlier job because i could tell like you're like should i i like the show i listen the show should i like basically sabotage my own career for the show and you pass you didn't thou smarter view about caves ok well i just looked up the names of bubble watson's kids caleb in dakota did their good looking kids but that is the most predictable pair of names for his kids i like that if you just ask me i would have liked her name dakota and k i like dakota that's that's a they kept the name they adopted
oh so now you're the asshole p i know it gives us a very good line that i do not have this kid's ok second last question most famous person in your guy cellphone ricky ghak already come on you you got a phone call someone rate i'm sure rikiu gotten compromise and i mean what i got look at you
could you we i might add to your tiger you we ve gotta you believe we get yet come again oh yeah call tigers yes governed part we call them that's how we brought the news that he's coming back he said he said we asked him if he be back any said some time in the future i was four months ago somebody's back yet we broke that news we check out these payment jaska behind copies is he the british one nine o clock their weapons while want to bring the more it will be up to the otter so big i will ring in her right here you does dissuaded peace answers all radio peace double time
come on come on what a missed opportunity for the space is israel like why gounod zone goodly our i don't know pick up what we tried that's a resolution and twenty seventeen we're gonna try with everybody
and you guys just ran up you long distance bill for us we appreciate that the so you really can you just listen tiger text and be like just send em you up question more questionable maybe like the usa are you you up you are you are you are you up i last question question ass you guys off the answer by mask anyway most well in doubt on the tour needs a bubble and then get back and graces spend i read now i wouldn't know there is not public definitely not rubber that's what i heard
why would you want operator their bread ok i think you guys so much become our appreciate you now recurrent guess you have to come back on that's like legally part of the deal her and so whenever we call you yeah you're coming back on the seas and the people dorothy that actually started today so i guess you have to say that even for us then brigitte drawn up by think i love out boom tower but no boob tat thank you it is a blank tower boom tower boom tower go tube tokyo bhutto i take you boys appreciate it also are we invited spring break
i was a little two eyes is now of all times now we'll just about along on instagram elinor van binding right exactly i takes boys have a good one can t i wanna talk to you about something very cool h in our block is doing this year you can walk pretty much any other ten thousand offices and get an unbelievable deal the first you need to know about this tax season is there bad news for taxpayers the governor is delaying some tax refunds this year but here's the good news i always give goodness instead awaiting weeks to get your refund you could get advance on that reform after you file at each end our block that's right he found advance loan up to one third some two hundred fifty dollars and here's the best part no interests after file in a block office you heard me right a no interest advance on your refund up to one thousand two hundred fifty dollars do it right now check it get that cash in hand in his john ham says don't just get
taxes dunn h in our block it your taxes one optional tat we ve unrelated related loan from met a bank not your tax reform five hundred one hundred and fifty dollar twelve hundred and fifty dollar loans off approval and modem are based on estimated refund and other conditions bonds loaded on prepaid card tax returns maybe even without applying for this beast or other optional products or products features may apply limited time at participating location c h are blocked outcomes lush loan for details alright let's do some segments we first up have ye are one or one for derek rose who went missing yeah so he just went missing actually as of the taking of the show he hasn't technically perfect so still am i what he said stuff happens rest the exact so he can it cleared everything up so he's a he is alive we know that so therefore its oak aid to give some pr advice is not that although
sought to turn my head if you leave word that maybe you were dead then there is some sympathy for you and then you coming back see unless you i told you i'm alive yeah i like all we're so glad to see you right as opposed to hey man we're so mad to see where we re learning you call at as aside now before we given pr went to one basically every day grows news story has bombed me out for like five years like everything that happens it just he's ever been the same since as every pcs in it depressing is all how but let's gives appear one one one and i'll start he's missing but he's not injured so he can simply just say hey guys you know like here i i'm not injured you thought worst case scenario all my knees blew out again but guess what not i just left the team didn't tell anyone in iraq really weird story has everyone confused and the locker room like fracturing right but at least maisie elsewhere
it's ok it's like a joke to gag the doktor he says the doctor says hey two things wrong what bad news or the worse news great oh i want the worse news well you get aids ok what's the ban is we ve alzheimer's disease of aids right right there there you go here's a quick piano one tip for derek rose higher some boston fans to say that they cannot do so like that movie salted criteria and that everyone has a good laugh i remember was at regional level yet very later both ass things like or you can get a sponsorship with milk company and just have you appear on the side of milk box me like missing person now pierre want to one in this is actually right up dirk rosalie because he's done this before talk about being free agent no it's really not a good time to talk about being region he's done that it took a lot of money when the balls when he was injured and he talked about always looking for it becoming free so maybe just get out there and be like hey i'm really looking forward to my feet
the agency this summer get over mad at you for that and not for disappearing unity or i saw somebody say this on twitter i dont have the twin firmly but someone speculating maybe his son was graduate from high school and had to take a quick leave to go psychosis yes three eyes for yes graduated from high school fees or you can just say got hacked there is always a great the act i don't really know this actually is way to use it because none of this stories on the internet like he just left eden tweet anything in do anything wrong on the internet so then just say got her lifetime hack right it's a lifehack rescue work exactly like every don't go to work you dont have to work if you go to work you can't get in trouble for sucking job right exactly if you don't go to work your boss can't fire you to your face so could i also say that you don't go to work because phil jackson said something questionably racist iii yeah so are you mister you know what
is there a gross he missed his posse another what he calls the sun and feel jackson is offensive is is derogatory towards that towards his sons yo yo taught my sunlight we have a stay classes this one kind of out of left field don cherry little provocateur up north not really real hockey life that lifer wouldn't consider maria basketball expert now but our football oriental bomb but he weighed in on the camp newton saga my god i thought this is but don t i brought it back you only really send me at first while just to describe dont we basically has like a creed thoughts situation go on he s like a little word document that he treated this on which is always a scary thing when old people get like some kind of comprehension of the internet and how to put their thoughts out there so someone needs to figure out how to take that away from dawn cherry guess so he said calmly
quarterback the carolina panthers and his agent should get the video of aaron rodgers quarterback green bay and learn how to act as a quarter back in the inner confidence with class asked that he'll mary past randal cobb he just celebrated as if you said that's not a bad pass i did before and i'll do it again noon after his course touchdown or is sponsible fort achilles making it seemed like a touch as illegitimate child is responsible for i gotta pay that data child support for that touch until the touchdowns eighty asked dances it puts on a show and gives the boy to children but i wanted and i know reporters who really don't know say it's just a young man expressing his joy find but if you want but dont wine when the players take that extra shot at you for being such a hot dog so good point dungeon i've never seen aaron rodgers do anything in terms of celebrating discount double check made glad about it faces shelter her face
he's never done then i'll never know so good point i i just love to see our law to have had alive came on cam newton in the off season mining his own business and i got a nowhere the hot takes comes comes his way so out of the public i right yeah i take like this somebody needs to physically knock on cam noons door like nine o clock in the morning and detain herb sir my capacity i observe him at tat sir you got you have been serving yes just stand there in his bathrobe and i dont cherries take about and would like to cameroon only know an eight year there is anybody that can celebrate and act with class in confidence and not make a big show out of themselves physically it's done is always very understated yes the dress like a pauper right they did the great thing throughout this is how party is just getting around us like a hockey player get their news on a delayed timeline it's like remember i think the first broadcast at the planet earth ever sent outer space was hitler at the night
team thirty six olympia sir but right now mars is just finding out about who had a piece of shit ok you do in the sky and so mars is gonna like right put on their flashiest blazer and they're gonna bang a thing onto their creed thoughts blog and accuracy hey you guys should really learn how to you could he tell you what hit her could learn a lot about being a great leader from napoleon right about how to learn that the martian take and that is where canada and hockey community is now getting there now getting around to camp right but i mean at least aaron rodgers he just he from what's an insurance company which is an evil i honestly cameroon probably left his weak seventeen game did his final press conferences like right at least i get a month where people will just not like bash me four things is obvious it might happen in the superbowl there might be a time article by a one month where i can be left loan from heartaches dont cherry from the top ropes out of nowhere came near so he probably is thinking i don't want to
play anymore cuz it's one last month after the old takes the other similar kobe bryant essentially played an extra four seasons in the in the nba because he was wasn't play often go when somebody finals i came newton is thinking i could extend my career and not have to say for as many takes yeah if i just don't make the playoffs ever again right i also like this both from a sore i guess algeria sources in the nfl who would have thought so as well of the players set about newton there's not enough mustard in the world to cover this guy hotdog reference that's what that is you're not a mustard to cover hotdog this big i guarantee that's noted the nfl's not all white does he think it just the same same racial mix up as is hockey that i do not enough money i hate to be frank in
muster to cover this hot dogs or real target kosher hot dog over their vacuum new and sooner or later it's gonna catch up to one of those one of those football players told me that does break i told me came newton he's a real hot dog with some solemn crowd on it but who i let you let's just pretending like dangerous source isn't marked trestman pretty odd kinect boards on cherries sources just dont cherry i think he talks to himself we have a connect the dots for david or cheese so henkle pick her up on this one differ these tweeted at the boss and globe just just single tweet asset and just said it is the entire tweet was at boston globally and that's it so an invisible i get set on back a lot of people are connecting the doubts on this what thinking i think people looking too far into it
so my question a little connect the dots as somebody with someone had my question for will connect the dots is he is he officially retire susie sign their retirement paperwork i don't know he's gonna come back ok book but here's my questions of he signed the retirement paperwork he's probably not being drug tested right now and then he still pretty good maybe feel battle sound of you o best off caesar my career yes memories i feel so young ha ha ha interesting interesting very very he was was it was you that report that also mention four year using their right there was okay it s pretty much every other bigley killer playing it but he was he was your idea of yours is forty one he has best you're ever ok in and he also get like a bunch of going way presents last year to right now
those back by the way no no this is a sea i think david ortiz has little gold digger ok may come back just to do another retirement or to give the teams that didn't give him a present ray a chance to honour the great puppy i like that this is also why retirement tours in any sport are the dumbest things in the world like to get real for a minute they are so so fucking stupid because exactly what happened ever tv had an unbelievable year and if he hadn't said you know the middle of the spring or when did he announced at last year but the peculiar like he's like tat is my last year whoops i had a great year economic come back now saw he's probably agree with egg will you think like midseason it easier comfort horses summer ok you know what you'll take the cold often come back do rather than not i think top erasing yeah so i must say david ortiz can't you say because he's dominican can't be in the cold and i'm just saying it's cold in boston i'm a big cat and i think the retire
towards a kind of crack a ship which is why we are very much looking forward to judge a watch on retirement worry us next year or not retirement in return i meant to its decisions in africa has announced that he is not retiring this year what he went to his old high school and he saw a bunch of kids he happened to randomly see a bunch of kids playing in his jersey one who said it chee chee please don't we talk we also break my heart it i have cancer my whole no real break it and those like perspective on my way i count on me so yeah this next upcoming season he should go to to have all the stadiums and they should give him lunch pails saying like a courtesy of the jackson jaguars here's your lunch pale filled with shit it would be great dorothy did if david or tease you know what data please come back and he can get all all the ridicule the people heap on him doesn't count if gives ever give back i think that's fair movie
those two every it makes a whole chauvinist like here's my gift party can auction off for the david ortiz foundation about that ok and then just use that to forget what the big we have a let's see oh as a white guy this one so the here's an announcement we're gonna plug this remit to talk about it a little bit in the next few weeks we're gonna be out calmly central the bar stool run down i mean that will be on the like portion we were talking about the daily topics like we ve been doing for the last four years pm and hank and i are working on a bunch of stuff some really funny videos that are beyond comedy central pretext off some stuff down in houston the week of the canadian would tat and gordon gordo appearance so make sure you tuna commie central monday tuesday wednesday thursday midnight eastern eleven central will beyond their museum i'm not coming central so anyway
our boss had announcement about girul coming to our party on friday in houston and the question turn off their if there's a lyric with the inward and it can you use it and as by guy we're the perfect people to have this discussion about the only if you're in black face old enemy proper yeah then nobody will get myself in jeopardy i think you do if you're flow is nice if you're flows whoopee flows whack you can't use it what was the funniest part about the announcement was he went out there to do it and he was wrapping along to the song and then he came back can said superbowl ngos oh i can't say the problem is that we take it again i was like yeah yeah super bowl that's the word that you're not allowed to say that's the one you got to be really careful with bright as a white guy it's actually racist that black people have words that we can use so we're going to call it the s word for now on so we're going to be down at a squared fifty one in houston to the thing for comedy central
unless it's in a rap then you can use super yeah we they put one in his ear hole i have when you have one of the first real quick tony sir he put one in streets euro so he treated out ministry beer joke it must be greater all your friends give you an award for being someone else did you ever get an award for being you by the way athletes are real people we don't have to pretend to be someone else we are real allow the us or shots fired at there's just the professions meddling in general right so don't bring tony random all senna yes what i'm here also think tony's forgetting his it is on the twenty four hour and the sopranos where he played shockingly they hired tony to play mobsters and these movies right only out of character stretches legs yup he to me like he's got some pent up like layton actor tendency
yeah its leg coma are usually yo secretly they have sexual tendencies right so it sounds like tony's just closeted actor who thespian yeah closet thespian tony though i love the take he's here the real peep he's a real people out there now streep come on you play great to go watch a movie with tony be like you know what though this guy yeah he doesn't really die hey meryl hey marilyn you play a children's game i play dress up when i was getting you play a children's game four you piece of shit come try being a football player overwhelming retired for fifteen years and has been relevant well i hope that you take that back because his sidelined work has been incredibly i miss him do amiss in putting into everyone's conversion and just like kenny albert and that the best thing that the goose ever did we have kinney albert have somebody to big time kenny albert globally
hey we're going to cut it down to the goose what's up you fat piece of shit and tell me what just like take kenny albert shit which is if you ve ever seen kenny gotta be pretty bad and he had been a bad station life to just take that from a bright he's a that bigger and you have a put one it is your duty were you big cat but when in your whole life i was i was informed that yes they are on the shore are two days ago on the show you took alabama and then on the run down that same day he took clemson all right what kids you picked ok yeah i'm surprised you didn't invite another show that to go on to say i think is going to die i actually did it one more right i then said to i said some one else on another show alabama and then i tweeted clemson here is here's my explanation i think i think i'll have support from the general gamblers i dont know what i want to pick until two seconds before the kick off i go back and forth a meal we ain't trillion times so
when you ask me who i was picking at like sunday afternoon i was picking burma i ended up betting clumsily so points to me i don't know i think that i i'm i'm a mess my brain is a mess when it comes to pre kick off football i i think worried about your mental health dairy schizophrenia as i give got either do personality riots remember those my all my degenerate gambling friends out there will know what i'm talking about you didn't do just switch off fourth over and over until you're like okay finally let's go with this and then and then what you do is you get scared after one drive and you live bet the other way and you get fucked in the middle you lose all your money okay well i'd like an apology i think i'll just our partners hank hank i'm sorry pod accepted see how easy it was fifty finally we but that's enough internet for today what he got worse so i clicked on an article today and the article was titled
to animals from totally different species found having sex by scientists and it was a video a snow monkey fucking a dear what yeah so that's that was nothing is way too much that's much science for my life way that yet i like how its being framed like scientists found it yeah so it's ok we can study it yeah scientists working freaks scientists find seventy old man giving golden showers to five russian prostitutes here's vince for science if you click on scientists find forty year old golfer texting women saying hey baby you up on blazon i want a piss idea for science i think we just they figured out how to make any article ok on the internet for scientists say yeah sides this podcast brought you by science scientists determine whether or not white people are allowed to say the inward and wraps ox yeah that was a discussion on our science podcast
that is part of my take the podcast for scientists by scientists we will see you on friday we had some good stuff for friday edifice the wild out division around sorry preview betting picks all that hank by where you did not go for an hour so also welcome peter king says that the term divisional is really terrible word and we should get to fixing that we should come up with a different name cause divisional sound i m so maybe a downward situation that the dealer ground so we want so the key word we have the nfl de word come up follow what's on part my take subscribe on itunes redo rose so leave review on itunes five star
our view and we will read it on friday roast us will see them sag evil needs pasta
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