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Rob Corddry, 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas + Mt Rushmore Of Cartoon Shows

2018-08-08 | 🔗

Rovell has broken the internet and we're sweating out the dog days of summer (2:58-8:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne with Urban Meyer and Heterosexual frog talk (8:16-17:21). Mt Rushmore of Cartoon shows with a late breaking moos about Rick Pitino's upcoming podcast (17:22-30:10). Actor Rob Corddry joins the show to talk about Ballers Season 4, the Daily Show, and being an Eagle Scout (31:53-56:19). 10X Pro Bowler Joe Thomas joins the show to predict upcoming Cleveland Brown story lines and what he's been up to in his first summer off (58:25-1:14:24). Segments include bachelor talk for guys that dont watch the bachelor (1:16:12-1:21:15), Kings stay Kings for the Sixers (1:21:16-1:21:40), Take Quake from Fred Smoot (1:21:41-1:23:45) and Guys on Chicks (1:23:46-1:29:09). 

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