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Rob Lowe, The Mt Rushmore Of Stadium Jams And Monday Reading

2020-06-22 | 🔗
Soccer is our new king. (2:35-5:20) They tried to cancel Joe Rogan and it didn't work. (5:21-12:05) Who's back of the week including KPop and Leroy. (13:40-22:05) Rob Lowe joins the show to catch up about his new podcast, acting career, hanging with the showtime Lakers, and how sweet the 80's were.(25:01-1:13:12) Segments include stay woke,(1:15:44-1:19:02) Mt Rushmore of stadium jams, (1:19:03-1:29:04) and Monday Reading about using the F word (1:29:05-1:37:36)
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On today's part of my take. We have recurring guest rob low on the show, haven't talked amicably years, got a new podcast out and even go download. It is come out this week. Chris Pratt is his first first gassed he's. Gonna have magic Johnson on we get into that he's. Gonna get some answers for us. We have whose back in a week we have the Mount Rushmore of Stadium, pump up songs which were going to Oregon, allow billion without my Rushmore yeah, ok, yeah I'll. Tell you what we'll let him into it and then would decide retroactively. If, if you leave, okay, alright, okay, so that's fair, and then we have a Monday reading. So a pact show for everyone bill he's already looking like he doesn't know. What do I will get
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exerted by the cash out. Go downloader right now, use code bars till you get ten hours for free, ten dollars. The s peace here today is Monday June twenty second, and if your listening to the preview, we have settled it, we figure it out in them in this ACE would. Electric Avenue was playing. Billy will not be involved, not Rushmore. Today he will instead to aside Mount Rushmore of lips, so livered again not likes. They put in your shoes, not cars. You get in seven over we're Talkin lifts in muscle development for gains exercises. We are here. It is Monday, it is hell Scapes its world. I swear to God, I'm starting to get to work that this has all been rigged so that we all have to watch soccer, which I dont even hate, but I watched summer soccer this weekend. I watch enough sought to the point where I feel like. I totally understand the drama going on the appeal right now: it's I didn't realize it, but Liverpool Shoutout, deliver puddens and listen to pardon. My take you guys are getting your first english premier league.
No, I won't. I almost got taken away from yes, like the Montreal Expos lost in the strike you so congratulations. You gotta run in your Darby against ever had. They wanted away there. They did want to win, but they got a result. But yes, oh poor such scored, but yet we were here. We are life is now just soccer with a little side, a horse racing, that's pretty much it. The globalist will never make all oh yeah, you're a large area of progress in years. Ties not only right now, but I don't think he's going to win because Tyrrell whatever's last name is, is tied with him and he's got like twelve more holes left him courses. The course is a joke this week. I want to give my fuck you of the week to the course, down the Hilton had South Carolina gives you scan dominated yeah. This didn't take away this courses tore card, we have travellers, oh come up, which way
if he's been wanted. This shows of doing how excited we then wigwam the fitness centres. I did a hollow sought, amazing, but his big ass. Yet it's basically bigger than the British. I mean the field that they have every year for the travel minor major, it's a who's who, I would say, two major minor. Yes, I like that, but either or just get excited for it, so that sports were here. Dec a Scot contract back in the news again, that's great, I feel a nine updates on the deck is between deck Prescott and Jamal items, to figure out whose contract is going to be in the house by the way. Talk a little bit about Jamal on Friday, show he is the new and
NEO Brown. We all just think that Jamal items is idle. He is now a variation in Antonio Brown. Oh I'm not only around a lot crazy, not on the mental side. Yea, I'm talking about the fact that he has all convinced that he's free eight right is over two years is not making controls country more actually if they just start franchise time. Your other big news I saw was twitter, decided to go like they went full send and I'm going to tip my cap to the cancel brigade because they went for the final boss, Joe Rogan, and failed, and that was funny to watch. That was that He checked moment by twitter. It were like holy shit, we ve been hidden shots from half court within cancel and everything. Let's see if we can t down Joe Rogan, who, as the biggest podcast in the world and can basically just snap, is there's an take his audience anywhere and they failed, but they tried- and I had to my cap, like hey, shoot your shot, you you, you attempted to take down the biggest guy. You could take down for cancer,
shoot for the moon. Even our you'll end up amongst the star. It was worried, alas, who knew nothing about astronomy used to tell me was trending all day Saturday. I kept on looking Indian like what is going on here. While I couldn't fully understand what what he was being cancelled for and then realising Joe Rogan. What what George and just go in and just talking to a fuckin tomato can in ten million people would listen. Yes, he would sell ten million tomato candy mattering Saddam hampering we'll just listen to through their windows. If you wanted to think by Jo Rogan is yet he is on castle, because he would actually let's say that Twitter was able to get his contract with Spotify cancelled right. He would just take that right that wave of publicity go back towards you assume before and still make a shitload of money. If not more, he owns is own podcast and is only by Dana White yeah. That is, that is the
those bulletproof person that Ella yet Dana. Why would give you a raise a few to almost got cancer? I just that was that's our new sport, as we have no sport so shut out too, to whoever try to cancel Joe Rogan. That was, You try and draw- and this is not an endorsement of everything Joe Rogan has ever said or done, but he has a huge fuckin audience and tried. You tried he's right, it was trending all day and could also confuse what was going on. Oh, how etc you got for the espies, night huh, that's going to be electric Caesar on Cancel but yeah. So this is this. What you decide to do? I didn't even realize you were tonight until Adam Schefter tweeted out earlier today. The Espys are tonight and now it's basically the breaking news that he had they're doing. I don't know like a virtual Espys, I'm sure it's going to be wonderful. They did not. They did not reach out to me to write any two jokes for the monologue. So I'm you know what I'm canceling the Espys,
This action will be electric yeah, whose hosting or no not me. Who would how do you know? How did you find out? They were happy. I'm chapters We say that said. I think the Adam just found out earlier today that the aspects which can they just like us, one hundred breaking the news, a malicious shit house, Russell Wilson, Megan repay no Schubert. From a zoom job. This is even when there is usually are no. No, it's the out with these changes when it was the s bees are reserved for the most sacred day and sports the day after the Ostler game. When there is nothing going on, I did I loved the espionage trying to like boosts whatever their having people watch now when they did a big hosted by my green burger. Big sports are coming back like round table. They talked about sports coming back and what it would look like as a weight put it
sports are actually coming back like I'll see it when I believe it, but all I see on sports news these days are every fucking person every every single fuckin person who's ever played soccer can play soccer right now and then if you're in a and suitable a football wait room you mediately have grown a virus if she has pretty much want to see without Joker did what joke of it all yeah. What are you doing? Clayton front of people you hosted a tournaments hands as why crowd no social dozens, they already know last ball boys, I'm a guy that was playing in the tournament, got corona, I kind of macaroni and it was like it doesn't have any kind of got it was. It was determined. It was like a volunteer again had to play. We have ten, it was like visually like second coughing, and any matter should apply reduced level issue juncture which were saying is, I know. Well, you know. I know a lot of places haven't tat with krona virus well but like in Serbia. We have done a good job here and do this just my go mad didn't he get beat by like
on rank guy last week to while his price yeah that's right yet having pretty we'll that no vaccine joke lavishes Genesis, should person left and right back at our backs joke of its Billy got it late there it's funny or when you repeat it sincerely going to explain the joke. Okay, so Novak. Is like no vaccine backs goddess. And it s been very that want anything against other inside the Richter scale of Kate up in boobs, just have Billy explained shouldn't just some low. How many guys Tangley go get your can save us anything. We got anything else. It's buzzing around news. I argued, whereas we we'll be we pink, MBA is gonna happen. We think he's gonna happen, clumsily propose going for heard, immunity her,
which establish like the finest move? Pretty much every football programme is having is gonna to go for her to and its get it. We're gonna have a football season that just ever team that already got it out the way it was out of the woods yet prize additives, betting, like betting, should it be crazy, like star players and should get like announced to not play like a day before the grass? What I'll say they're going to do the tests like it's gonna, be fought. The way they haven't set up right now in the Unifil is that on on Saturday night they're gonna be testing declares if all goes according to plan and then they'll get the results back. Ugly within the hour and then at the back? The last minute they'll have to which players warrior Perry. Members also David Johnson, might get a career record and rushing attempts this year. That's gonna, that's good Ani with him out watching people get mad when people are sick and be like fuck you, you fuck my fancy, so you need you
have to take that into account when you're doing your draft this year, like which what which player is less likely to hang out with all his teammates who are they The losers in the NFL and you're gonna want to to pick them up, so they have less of a chance of contracting in Iraq. Our whom their good good oil Billy AIR Rod, was he's my on he's my one day. I must do our whose back the weak and then we have robbed low coming up and we have some Monday readings Mouth Rushmore on the other side of rob low before we do, whose back its back people cause just like those that do the dew knighted states collection always comes back for more,
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Eighty reels being the most adventurous doers of all, so you can go swap and Billy you gotTa Billy's gonna have to find this. Your summer adventure starts with a sip, be bored beyond look out for the United States collection. I fucking love that What an idea escrow, I'm gonna, make my own Dc. One! That's gonna, be my project. Have sort of shops can open back up over her dude Billy, better get all fifty united Oblong can think that there is a lot at there's one that they make it super hard to get land monopolize of were some FBI. Agent is overdue and interview about in twenty years. Yes, there has to be Rhode, Island, North Dakota. It's definitely not Florida, because they live Floridians would know immediately if they didn't have around Dubai. Yes, six six cents for them are whose back we can quite start my whose back of the week is dumping babies into water better.
Is this video I mean? If so, can Jack actually coworker found this video working, Tik Tok, I guess and put it on Twitter- went viral in its this lady notes. Podcast, it is a lie Then I like floats back up in its like its part debate on like this is the proper way to teach kids at us. Into the ocean and then I like floats back up and it's like its part debate on like this is the proper way to teach a swim, it's funny guy. Seventy, the video Mercedes here right now is a baby into the ocean. She'd cheer wrong spikes it into a until a pool, ok, ok, but like eyes backs and whose policies and Duncan back what we owe the food wondering what was back interesting. So is it is it similar to those videos ago viral every couple years, where there's a priest that gets super aggressive, the usual like an orthodox priest who is like very into doing the baptisms, though the corona virus baptisms were very funny with the priests with super smokers. Yes, I was Klaus great all. This is a very funny video. Yet to call Hag Watson,
But to do that to me that looks like the looks awesome. I love dumping. Dumping is great dunk, someone here how he Corti beat adjusts Carnegie smash me into the ocean. I pick who's your who's back my who's back of the week, I'm going to I'm going to get a little personal here because I didn't tweet about it. I put it on Instagram. Last week, little bit Leroy had a very bad end of the week. On Thursday he got extremely sick was very, very worried about him. All weekend long ended up sleeping on the floor with him a couple nice cuz. He actually couldn't move for a while, and he just he the fucking. I just made the best recovery that I've ever seen how he had any animal ever I wish it was. It was getting pretty emotional for me on Thursday and Friday, but Leroy seems to be back to normal. He is an older dog, his twelve, which mastiff years is like a hundred twenty Susan, old guy and he's he's been through some shit, but he keeps coming out the other side. The Leroy is officially back this week back to his old self and envy.
A very happy about the very excited tellurides have Leroy feeling better. I was no worse feeling in the world than how having a sick dog is. You can ask the dog what's wrong? How do I fix it? You just have to? U have to snap into parenting mode, and so I know it's not the same. It's not really real fathers day, but I felt like I felt likely When I get closer to us, a great secular Khazar, whose back the weak for me is my co workers not wish me a happy fathers day, but that's fine happy fathers did. Finally, I wish you wouldn t like it. I, like your tweet about being a dad. It's fucking awesome yeah, it's cool thou, my support, yet the heart button. There I loved it. No, I actually used the whose very weird like Nazis Are there hearts in the right place, but I didn't get some texts from my co workers being like Happy Father's day. I'm like don't you just supposed to say to your dad. A guy. Not we there's nothing here for me so
nice gesture and less on my real, whose back my real, whose back is guy fury, guy various back because a city Columbus is has a petition now Columbus, obviously not a great dude and history, so clean up history and were replacing it with real american history and gonna name Columbus flavour tat thou be sick. If, if Columbus's ship her name diners, driving in dives aspect. We should rename his ships, yes, was rename everything. I kind of like this, though, like to work on a clean up. History, get rid of the bad deeds and get like our real, true culture. I mean if you hate guy fury than I hate you right I'd, I will. I will die on that hill just impossible, not to light guy fury. Yes, what you really care, whose back yet you haven't. We
second who's not hold on. I wanted, I fear he needs to come on board my take yes, he said that he will come on par. My tat, if I go, if any of his wings and his restaurant in Languedoc city gefilte we're going to have minded super week what he was like in Fort Lauderdale. That was a long way away, which also several weeks feels like a long way away. Go down a long time ago, other whose back is is teenagers in general to tick. Tock teens, basically led altering for Capon Tiktok teens register caring for over a million seats at trumps rally in Oklahoma, and then having everyone say like I'll, be able to have a million people there, and then it was like six thousand people there. Just listen. If you want to go at someone, just don't go out the fucking teenager
Tiktok and error scary grew by introducing paupers ago hoppers. Are they wheeled them all respect the cape? Yes, they wield the most power of any single group on the internet. On my far down a strong open and I dont know shoddy I'm clean up on the show, I'm including the infirm, I'm including the inner ray I'm, including seal team. Why? I don't know all all those roles yields in play. You do on the internet, they pale and compare send to the Cape up army so whose who's the big one, who is the big came up and I don't get your ass other than ever. The ban was Cape Majorian part, Jackie, low booked among good morning America. One point shit, we gotta get them on board. My take, though we gotta get on their good side were, were pro K pop Hugh, I'm actually huge capability.
Yes, you know you're such BT. How that idea do not behind Sandler Vittie ass is my favorite ban and the whole world. Let's get always yes, we're pretty name when her head savvy amazing the biggest hit. I like more catches y know so big love favoured. Rivers, child waving, allowing them style no sign. No, that's cape up. It is capable of the cape up some Ghana, but we're gonna beat yes we're the beach yes Vance Billy. What is your whose back the weaker lacrosse Oh, oh lacrosse is actually came back in now. Yes, we're gonna be forced to watch it and I know, hangs a big lacrosse guideline urge the crosses sickly area there looking across wrong. They love lacrosse just like legitimately tribal warfare in the more like the closest thing to like primal tribal warfare, how's it back it. Will it it's back because there can be playing when
other sports are playing pretty soon, and this week's way it's gonna. When is a come back, I think the parallels going back in like MID July, so when all the other sports very rack, no, but it's more bay. I will be backing arrows. We like what we watch lists. The port was Billy, said: how's trouble, warfare, God, that's why it's bad! It's back! Travel warfare got trouble. Workers back tribal warfare is back in form of lacrosse. It's actually secured- the transfer he'd know we're taking back the naval back. Then the Koran our pulling down the Chad and Brad's of lacrosse and going back to the original tribal native American, like spirit of the game of credit, our girl. Again, nice grow the gay Roget lovely across the knock out like the chance and brats Julie head. You actually want- are a China Brad. I dont consumers have a right, that's weird! I to be like,
the fuck up of chad- the record your way everywhere. You look away where even upside down the final boss of chair, yet you like in let's get the address his Billy. Whoop is our add red, Billy Texas. Over the weekend he said he dudes. I lost my whoop yet skin is certainly the most Chad move. Midas hanging, my daddy was detained, vanished the Trump Box and he thought I lost my whoop on a jet ski. What do I do yeah and then and then, when we're like to do to you kidding, you then just sent us Video of you, like revving, the jet skis engine being like I'm, not kidding, look how bad ass the we're gonna get to the bottom. Exactly how Billy losses will cause a guarantee was not just like. I fell off a jetty and my bracelet fell into the ocean. Do it was it was a lake ok yeah
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I don't know, that's your little as the final arbiter did you log jets being in as an activity before you start doing, shut up, I'm sure to sort out our divided there's, nothing Bradshaw about blasting, Ac Deasey on a jet ski going, not about six gel, nothing, nothing about that screams on that saves a bad! It's irradiating! Ere you just your eight against your old right denial. Yeah right, like I think, that's a sweet move, but
you're hitting it was so I had to use com dont be stool to join in the app Billy. Football will be going up against all the aid of yours. You can win first place to underfunded, alors impunity March and take fifteen percent of your whoop right now. With code bill Earth Code, take code, take whoop dot com code. Take use code, take a fifteen percent off. You really really will of your whoop. We lovers I so go download whoop right now. Now we have our good friend recurring guest rob low. He has not interview marriage jotting, yet he's Goin Interview MAGIC Johnson make tree subscribers POD cast Chris Pratt is his first guest. We talk That's just it will get a follow up on some things after interviews, MAGIC, Johnson, but Chris Pratt. What a great first guess go subscribe to rob blows. Podcast right now they are, has gone
what's happening, guys how I haven't seen you since some since the big party. Oh yeah, I had always disaster there. I'm sorry wait. Let's say that after the show I am nay I did get. I thought we were gone right away. I look we're we're going right away. It's our good friend, recurrent guest rob low on the show. He's got a new podcast, which is called literally with rob low. I think I said that correctly we're gonna gets a pod. Casting word gets everything us, but holy shit. I realize realize you're at our party Superbowl. I apologize turns out doing an open air party when there is a tornado. Sash hurricane in Miami doesn't really work out. Did you survive like a little bit dry or were you just soaked? Oh my god. It was.
Absolutely and say I mean it was. I thought people are gonna, be swept away. Not me, I'm a jet thought people are gonna, be swept away and in the end everything was like just the fights work, normally man, there are good yeah yeah. You is often rowdy use, always always a good time. It was a trip. I was, I manage a widow, my way into the front row and it was so crowded that it was tough to move anywhere in that crowd. I was in there watching the fight. I turn around and rob low, is standing right next to me and I'm wearing the NFL logo. Hat young rob I was just on television wearing Jaap matters weeks before it. Can you walk me through the story of how you acquired that hat and why you decided to wear the NFL hat yeah so.
I have a show on Fox called nine one, one loan star- and I we were about to premier it's this spin off to two nine on one and fox- has been a ton of money on it and it is their big hope and in Vienna. So they want me to come to the game and and sit there. We're gonna be on after the game and they're gonna cut to me in its basically and add to the shop, and you know I love sports, I'm a football fans on down the clown, so I I get in the car to go to the stadium and Fox has a gift bag of sweat for the game, and I'm thinking I'm gonna get a championship gets what you get right. You get like. No there's no team had no championship had nothing other than that NFL hat, which, by the way I thought this is the dope is tat of ever seemed us. I'd, never really seen one other than on a rough yeah, and so I will I loved it. In fact, I was I'm texting people the picture on the way and going how cool is this half and then the next thing you know in the black the second quarter, my phone
dark six load at yes, explode at night. Oh, they probably just cut to me, but I had no idea that ETA become such a thing so funny so unexpected you got roasted. You got rose to put in a fund like there's every now and then one where you write the internet has these moments zeiner as very cynical, it's pretty pessimistic, but every now and then they'll be like a good old fashioned. Roasting did no one gets her anxious a good time and that it also kind of plays in to your character oxen rack warriors positive. It's like I'm rooting for everyone to have a good time here, and it was so fucking perfect and guess what it was. What came of it chapter forty nine. I had a great great great time watching packers get the shit out of a put that was I you're gonna fell fan. That's thank you for all the teams to have a great time you ve won. It was fifty four super bowls and rob that's
I'm under I'm undefeated, MRS, if either legs and general harassment. Super bowl that I, my team has one you're amazing. I like somebody said my favorite player was Roger good Dal. I mean they were really funny Like I love, I love roasting myself. It's like when I did my arm comedy central rose with Peyton Manning in those guys like I love a good joke at my own expense, and there were some really really really funny once come an offer that we are more attention than we ever dreamed. Tat. Yes, so so now, flashed to current day you're with us right now and you are wearing a houston- is at a asterisks hat or an Astro. Sat it's a Houston asteroid! Ok, good! Ok! At that I had. May I made seven thousand
of them. Along with my son, Matthew, love, whose it we're both huge dodger. You guys seamless, name ass. We learn some people, you know they get married, they don't have to say who knows I can keep up without the last name. Brigade is currently yes, so Matthew, and I made these for our friends and end the it became a thing. People wanted to buy him and he's selling him said Matthew, Llosa, Instagram account in get you get one, but their holidays and their subtle. I get stuck in the street. We asked Rosa, look a little closer, yeah, yeah, yeah and then, and then in the back, it says, used it asterisks established two thousand seventy alone. So I also other you get a double take from somebody who thinks it they're your best friend and then you know I hate your team and then they have to Canada's
without face to face. Do you think that we should retroactively award the LOS Angeles Dodgers World Series now at all? I don't think we should do that. I literally thank hence the asterisk. It's like you know. I love buried bonds or am I dont want drag him right now because he's a really good dude, it's by various users, been great to me, but like that there are sort of then proceed asterisk around some that stuff Maguire. I went in her ears, the Andrew in the locker yeah right on it always did the juicy era. It's like you're, not gonna, take away the guys. You know thank you kind of oh yeah. It just has that kind of a team to it, which I think people already know that that is that the dog he's got bound for one hundred percent bout yank. The juicy era, though, that is the juicy errors pry the most hypocritical that like sports media has ever been.
In the entire world in the fact that they all made so much money covering Maguire and so Sir, and bury bonds quest and, and they all knew and in there, all new and baseball had this big boom when they needed it after the strike and then when it became the other. The congressional here, things and everything- and everyone said- oh, my god. I can't believe what I can tell kids fuck, that let listen you probably shouldn't have steroids, be legal, but if you can't look back at juicing and be like every single player was probably juicing, so I don't care all those numbers. Barry bonds is the best baseball player of all time. I have no problems with I don't care if you want to throw on steroids whatever you want to say that you can't erase that you can't take that away that he was. If you watched him in his prime, he was the best baseball player of all time. One hundred percent and- and you know there
baseball off the record new up, we'll tell you, everybody was doing a version of what the asked rose were doing. I'll give you really if people get really really honest but but but but in the sense that you know a guy at second base is always try to steal. Signs like sign stealing in that kind of low level stuff is, is baked into the dna of the game, but the start of institutionalized, yeah Stein stealing can and want to electricity becomes involved. In this situation. I ran into private totally different thing. Yes and I love the notion of its electricity, high tech, algorithms and then a trash
It adds yet, as does the ending of of the patterns just like take this back in and smash trash can lead for and then I'll use my ears, so perfect is the best way to get get. The message across just are being on a punch allowed pipes. However, credit balls common walks be incur balls at Ike, Clayton, Kirsch, aw he's the one who really got roast yeah mean that guy you look, you go and look at those Astro Home Games and he got lit up like it was bad in practice and turns out. It was the added run you darbyshire. Well, he got you know that it was pretty unfair if you're, one of those guys specifically, I always thought it was just ass. It was weird how, on time wholesale to they always was like when he's getting up to a fastball. It was weird man Brigman too, for the last three years. Those does two guys provokes so out. So I waved the Dodger flag over the dugout for a couple- a games. It was really fun and I'd like do it should like that an end. So I was over the Astro, Dugout Dodger flag. Think was game too, and I decided to turn the flag upside down and way that sort of into the asterisk dug out and says being a little bit of a bitch. You not purposes, and the next thing I know water bottle comes at my head and I look in its altitude throat through
a bottle, and but it was all, but it was, it was Greg's again it was like use kind of being a dick, but I was kind of being a deck. I knows all goods all good fun and competitive a, but he you know, do you think he was wearing a wire over a third of. I would have you guys think so, just because it's so far to imagine that he was like he's running down the third baselines. Don't people don't read my shirt off cause? It's just strapped up, like he's, Donnie Brass go like from his nipple to his belly button, just like microphones everywhere. I want to believe that it's true, but I'd, say it would take a pretty big set a boss. Actually where a wired it means it would really be oil, but why would it take a big set of balls? Ok, you're already doing what they're doing and your word about crowd like it in a thicket. Just walk through logically consist mainly of a walks like adopt an quacks like a duck. It's probably a duck, so your bank and I a trash cans.
Maybe there's a couple games, you can't hear you miss you. I'd ever heard it until we banned three times was occur by ETA and annexing of someone's going to come up with an idea. I now, let's check the noise thing out of it and it's a buzzer and then you go. Ok, you gotta go come round through best greatest moment of his life grids, moment of his career. Any tells he doesn't want to take a shock, as is wife, a shy thought its eyes. Why didn't I use factor she's. Very modest ads, then the bad tattoos one was great too, has a bad undiminished tattoos yeah, I remember watching it. I remember like it was yesterday and going something's or- and this is before any other- there was even a whiff of cheating scandal and eyes. I thought I was really bizarre about his behaviour. After that. Walk off is the biggest hormone. Arguably in baseball,
history, one of em down, and I thought he was acting really shady. Yes, I mean it is the logical next step if you are saying I cook at which a better way to signal the somebody than yet something wireless. I actually also think that at some point, when you're going up to bat, if you're, Houston Astro, you know that you ve got the system worked. You're thinking a lot more about like weight. Is this trash can sound gonna come then you are actually about the game situation. I do you're right. Mind is just like you know. It's focused on that, so I wouldn't be surprised if they try to get a little bit more fancy where they put men. I just wish that there have been. We had some sort of camera angle that you could see an actual wire across to these challenges that we so hast would have been fantastic. So let somebody pot cast you. So what, in your brain said, you know what the world needs: another podcast, what how that go down, here's an app and frankly do
as I have done. Podcast myself, yeah I've had such a great time having these unfettered long form, meandering say what the hell is on your mind, conversation because its podcasting, as you know, is the only place where you can do that. Now, when eyes came up, you can do that on torture. Yes, you could do it and you you have these great rock contours, come up and talk about random shit, and now it's like you talk for three seconds and then they want you to do a pie, fight right or get on escape board track. Recycling right
and so I and then you have the part of it, was on. I started doing the one man show ensuring the country and just sort of enjoyed telling my stories to people and then the other end of it was like look. I've been doing this for so many years. I have so many interesting friends like no one's gonna talk to one of how true, like I'm a nurse, and she was sixteen years old. Like you, I know that all the bodies or buried and it's gonna be fine and like no one's gonna talk to Chris Pratt, the way I'm going to and so on that that was the impetus for it and unloving loving doing at it we're it comes out on the twenty fifth tat. I said, then just because I actually do think like someone whose job is to podcast its autonomy, fun and there's a push back. It's happening right now and I understand it. The people, like my own, needs a podcast in celebrities or car. Taking from small progress put to me, it's
or the merrier, because one I want to hear those conversations. I wanna hear the conversations where people can really strip it down a bit like hey we're. Friends here is our friendship out and the public in two. There is an element where were showing it right now. If you start a podcast, you have to go on a podcast and it becomes an ecosystem where you come on our show, and so whenever someone starts new pockets like I'm, not mad cows, guess what the progress come on our show to plug it, and we get to talk to them and have a good time with that yeah. I did it with a covenant. Brien's might my partner on on the shown we ve done each other shows it then really fun and on its like its it look. If you would be curious to pull up a chair at a dinner I'm having with MIKE Myers, then this is the Pike S for you. Ok, now I can get on board with ICE Little Tipp as you're getting into the game. You always need to get your host
Are you you're on your guest? Excuse me say something provocative say something. That's gonna get some headlines so now I'm an open up the floor for you to say something provocative that we can take out of context he's row. I already already have done. If you don't think by public perception, mind hasn't been cranking through this all interview going on that your request by me baseball and the Houston ass rose ownership and it is not a heavy blow accused. Cheating and whatever our designs hat. What about what about? What about big awry? What's untouchable, too true Petersen in jail, we announced every out. Let's go, I am I would play. I would play that character forever. I mean you know when I get to get into a fat suit and were pre
statics, it's like a get out of jail. Free card is kind of do whatever I want to do. You have you ever considered, taking on like two christian bill route where you, you accept a role, but you have to gain like seventy pounds for it or there is a great story going around about the Oscars work. What a christian bail was up for lead actor and I I was come on now very open, Furioso, Gary Old Man and christian bail are up for this for the same award area. Alban wins And backstage bills like so how did you handle the weight homage to how much is you have to eat? What regiment were you on these? We mean a rough, but in fact it phrasing unchristian bailout did not when the Oscar and tortured his body and had a miserable experiences like oh and watch the guy walk off economy shop. Hence that suit. Yes,
on its quickly bring up a issue these near and dear to my heart and that we share we have in common, and I think we need to use our platforms for good and you don't know what I'm actually say here: you're nodding as you, you think, I'm should say say something serious, but you and I both are admitted hair diapers and I want to get out there and let people know it's ok to die your hair as long as you're honest about it, I have gray eyes I get the grace around the Temple. I look like I Polly walnuts. You been dying you here since your twenty four years old. Let's end the stigma now. Well, I look look if you and ending the stigma. But let me be, let me be perfectly Clare, I haven't got em, my hair is not gray other than the temples and others say right out and find with it, but I play different characters all the time and is not appropriate for them
some things: you're ruining the stigma, you're saying that you don't die your hair for pleasure. You do it for for fur for work. Only. I dont want to ruin the stigma, but if I weren't playing characters drink during covered. I learned a lot at all. Hang out, are you gravely Elsie was now show me the temporary. Now not now knock them, because I love you. Parents or maybe not project? You look great jobs. You look great yeah good for everyone now one year, do you have someone else diet, or do you do it yourself? I have highly trained professionals, I mean lesson is like, working with my hair. Might my whole look as I've worked with radio isotopes you gotta, do you really really care. I it's just. I I'm. Ok, the people who I get upset about our like coach K, for example, who will not admit that he dies his hair.
And the stigma just say for sure I die my hair. I tell people. I tweet, like hey, died my here today, because this solving the hide issues it sucks when you're on thirty five- and I look like I'm fifty when I don't die my hair Itzhak, so yeah call me vain call me self absorbed. I die my hair. Now now shaded you're, never you're, never going to get an argument from me up about dunes doing stuff to look better. I think more of a ship
that's a ground that goes into last year. Do it fell as we should be looking our best years? Nothing wrong with no problem with this. Nothing there's nothing! You know, that's why we love our girls because they do it right. The ever rigorously raised in a culture where they wanna already looks good wants to do this, that in the other, but the guys you now looked Lutz, what's phased out, which was started men, skin Caroline clearly goes, I I. I believe that every guy should try to be the best version of self, not just without it look, but whatever that manicure pedicure, you know I've had em. I feel like it's it's it's. There are other things I could be doing with my time. Ok, Zeit! That's my!
ex hurdle is like. I haven't been able to do it, but I know, like my eye, I bite my nails. I got crap cubicles or bleeding all the time. I've heard of the massaging of the foot is very nice. I haven't had it all. I haven't had it, but I've heard that's the way that that's why you want is reviewed. Just talking about this. What we which are skinned care thing I need to buy, that gets its you'll love at its core profile. Co, alt and you get you can get it. You that's hard to get duty to like what we gotta talk about a metal or something like. I got this new skin care product. It's called a murder yeah, it's called Hemi, nine thousand Exactly I wanted you act, talk. I didn't want to say this, but I guess you steer hymns and things like that. No, no! No guy wants that went up your cobalt, the shit duty, I've! I am
everything that I've learned over the years of going into it, I shot for working people search Latherum, my face up with stuff. I'd, never would have done it on my own and it's been happened. Emissions on fifteen and I think you gotta see the results over all the years of people doing. I would never do it on my that's the issue, guys don't do it. They need to do it going to take her. The skin, who do you think, looks better for their age. You or Paul rod. I love. I love route. We worked together on an parks and wreck was so funny and so hilarious. Frankly, I didn't realize how ancient he was. I did not. I did not real. I just thought he was. A young man turns out he's
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terms apply no backed rub low, given in twenty twenty. Do you think the politics of parts recreation holds up while the one that I am more worried about is? Is the westward yeah? Do you? What do you do
you actually like that in a real, honest answer like I've seen that where people like- oh, my god, I can't believe they glorified declines or anything harbour may go down due to a particular. Listen. It's a fucking tv show what he wants to do it well. Ten years ago, when I was making the West wing I mean this. Obviously I knew we worked portraying a liberal, democratic administration. I mean I obviously do that, but I didn't really realise how much of the success of the show it turns out was because that audience loved it so much I assumed. Everybody loved. Now, with hindsight of a few meal. Ten years you realize that there are people, like our liberal, show, Poppycock, which I never
I was never aware of it when we were making it really wasn't yeah one of my favorite things is when people go back and they try to ruin, shows for themselves by thinking of what presidential candidate each we voted for so I saw that with the office while back I'm sure some people did it with parks wreck. I actually think that I think you would have voted for Jill Stein. I think you're Stein, voter, I think Chris Trigger- would have written in Leslie no right in he would have been a right in guy. He be like my vote counts as much as anybody's, and you know any would have you know he would have written and let Leslie up or or like or maybe been like a mayor. Pete word, salad were mere piazza rose, a bunch of words that you and your like. I don't know what you're saying, but I I gotta dropped off my love, your positive. If we must try and we must make the effort mare, PETE gave
very heavy Chris trigger energy he's in indiana- has yes he's in there. You go he's. Probably from pony. I saw that you are doing to show called the mental samurai. Somehow that's the cracks. I didn't. I didn't know that that show exit, hence, hence the touch of the grey gentlemen on the temples mental samurai get it's it's it's for the people who created what's it what's? The obstacle course showed its dog tags, its wearer wound argue hires, thank you and it's so amazing game show where people have to compete with their knowledge of every aspect of trivia?
and knowledge. While in this NASA inspired space arm, that's put subjecting them to G's. It's like the craziest most wanted by the way, it's so fun to do. We we did it last year and we're starting our second season, I'm going to start shooting it Three weeks it sounds cool the mental samurai together when the winner is the mental samurai. You went a hundred thousand dollars or more and you're here the mental samurai and you better know you're. You better know everything from what you would amends member would now to what the third car gash Ok, so I always wondered like with Alex for back, because he's hosted jeopardy for what, like thirty five forty years, something like that! Is he really smart? By now? Does he retain all that? when you're asking people trivia questions, do retain the answers it you're asking now, unfortunately, because there's so much common idea at. I think what you do. Is you go? That's a question like you know, you remember the question:
so you would you consider yourself to be a mental samurai, I'm really good and in certain areas in certain areas I am a full fledged mental samurai and in other areas I am a mental something else we can't stake is politically incorrect, but your dummy cock you're, a dumb, I'm dumb. What's it was, are you actually do a tiger? King thing the pictures of tease, so we also Ryan Murphy- and I are talking about doing a tighter K Tiger King show together and dumb that picture was server makeup test and dumb. I I just made that whole thing made me laugh, I loved everything about it. I loved the notion of meat playing Tiger king it it's like drew Petersen. Frankly, yes, aim is, in the same via an you know,
a lot of times? I dont get called on to do those kinds of things, but whenever I do like behind the candle opera or whatever I just love it, it's so like freeing so Ryan and I are working on it. But I work having some rights issues is of so many different competing projects. Paralysed. Can I dont the sooner you now? Don't you think, there's an element where you can't top something that is so so ridiculous. Like tat the documentary,
ridiculous, that how are you going to get even bigger than that? How are you gonna get even like it is you're, so unbelievable that even I would imagine if you brought that script to a Hollywood exactly, but I know this is the time it down a little bit yeah for sure. I think that the only way to do it is is to do like what was happening behind the scenes of what you saw happenings. You could never regurgitate the big amazing story beats on you. You would have to do. You have a different take on it, which is why I was talking to Rhine Murphy, because Ryan is got such an interesting way of of coming about stories, but I don't I my guess is where we are right now. It's not looking is
very good because of the rights situation there are God dammit. You will grant yeah you behind a very good Joe exotic. Yes, we when you're playing quite would either. Could I have a question for you guys yet on? What did you think about the Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Behold go. I mean you ve untruth talk about a million times I promised MR, but I was so excited for it is I'm very much into golfing now, and I thought it was. A train wreck You didn't like it well, I kind of like the train wreck aspect of it, though his thing, I'm not a hate watcher. I don't like to hate. Watch things I just don't. I don't. I know that's the whole thing and people love it it just not. For me. I don't know, I'm probably not as of all of this as others, but I gave itself Lord. You know it's could rain. How does Tom Brady's MIKE go out on the first hole
Haven't happened so you didn't like okay, but in their defense they had to have kind of a skeleton crew of technology. Like you saw it wasn't a ton of camera guys are to reset a bunch, but that's fair, that's a fair assessment to start. Then I bet I was like then another one and I'd look. I know I'm gonna sound like the NIT picking S, Nicky Nicky Picker Man like okay, so they're tearing off in all of the ball, us land. You know wherever they land in a fair way. You kind of. No, therefore, is that landing or a you know: they're gonna and there's a golf cart parked there would like, the thing you do between golfers normally, but I liked all the weird stuff that was happening over the course of show, and it was just good to watch something at the same time as everybody else in America's watching something on tv. I that thou part I'm totally down. I couldn't I couldn't agree with you more by the other thing. Is I
when they missed that high five, when, when Brady hit that hot and they went up for the high five in that it was so awkward, but in their defence is probably a more well executed high five than anything you see between golfers, normally, but I have liked all the weird stuff that was happening over the course of a show, and it was just good to watch something at the same time as everybody else in America's watching something on tv that thou part I'm totally down. I couldn't I couldn't agree with you more by the other thing. Is I wanted as much as I love seeing Tom Flounder just because it was you said it humanizes them, and all I do is flounder on a golf course. I think I'll yeah. I have that shot that that shank that hook, I would have liked to seen it under bed. I just love the way was produced and- and- and I am but I wanted to other more-
I guess my expectations were really really high, really high. I think maybe, if it had been sent in California, Thou had been perfect because in South Florida it's gonna reign the entire time in the spring and early summer. You should take- and I want to hear- and I want to hear I mean you know Peyton, who is a friend and whose just the best, and he get no one gets like paint needed. He knows who knows what people want Peyton Manning to be, and is he was genius on funny. You could feel taking control of the broadcast actually cause he's. His is instincts are so good. I think he was like this is kind of a train wreck, so he be in the cart talk. Into the camera and sort of near rating and that that part was was great. I was surprised but the other guys were were Slith seated. There should have entertainment value to everyone that the play of guns, a shitty you'd- think that at least
Your wallet at least entertained me. So you are the pain, Manning whisper. You broke news about paid Manning. The pass your good friends with them. Is he gonna go into television is going to get the money they football. Both I'm didn't, I think, didn't they offer em all Stephanie turned it down? Yeah yeah, you know better than I would While I know it, I don't know anything person. I just know what I read. I read that they offered him and use the money for baboon here's. The thing is like I would exactly how much money they offer. They offered any array monitor. You read the red Eyed that I dont remember, but it was. It was like veto on par with what they signed, reassigned Roma to do the opposite. Highest paid interested did I am what did it? What what did the newspaper in the media say why he didn't do it? Do you read not that you know, but they? U right, here's the eye! Here's my have an opinion on it. Ok we'll do
at root? Okay, so or eight years appears Knife Agatha patent told you ok, guide the embargo tat, we ve, never we actually never ever ever discussed or Sandridge Run, I mean Tiger did not trying to see. This is what I need to learn as a whole are going to back me and to collect yes, and then we get you to say something about Pate Manning and then we get paid Manning on the show how to refute what you then rob, then you have us on your part casually. We can tell the story behind it and we can clear your goes in and we ve been doing this wild. How sign our ecosystem? You guys you guys, now, what's going on as it is paid noises I believe my career insider stuff is being broken by soda pop Curtis
what we need on it here is my pen. I grew up as we all did with Monday night football. It was an event. I everything stopped had people over everything with everything rotated around it granted to the world was different. There's more outlets! There's all of that, but the reason that this that's football night in America, which is genius is so great, is because, for whatever reason they ve let Monday night football go to the dogs and it's been that way framework at least five six, seven seasons they there, they they don't have a cameras that are the coverage than theirs
sense of theirs. The real issue, there's no sense of occasion. There are living telling you this is Monday, and this is a football, but you feel like you're, watching a game that could be on any day anywhere of any consequence and its disaster. I think so. The real question is: are they gonna make Monday night football into something more than an afterthought yeah? Think dead. What you're saying goes back to the ineffective relationship with and see as opposed the relationship with the European for like the last ten years, so they ve yes piano in the NFL, kind of and budding head silently Lubeck behind the scenes. There's more There's, a new I'd streaming rights that are going to come up soon. The new tv package deal: it's gonna come up soon, so I think that the Unifil has been intent. Finally not giving ESPN the other very best games and leaving that flex option open for Sunday night. So, even if it looks like it might be a bad game, they can fix it. You know so, yes said I football
has seemed like a bigger deal for sure I grew the on that and its it look. It's not just the games, although it is the games its it again. It's my its by same issue with the title Tiger, Woods Gulf that it's the production. It's the quality of the announcer sets the it's the ransom, a task which the opened its the do. They have enough slum, o cameras, you know all that stuff and they do. It just feels like it's a little like an he s, paean to get so yeah like yeah I'd. So who do you have your tape, some your podcast, we're gonna air. This wrathful, so who is going to be on our first two guests are MAGIC Johnson, who I known for ever and- and I was actually and from travelling on the road with the Lakers by Pat Riley, woe, yeah wind, I worked well,
Don't you think you have to get the podcasting when one is a commoner June Schwab yeah in twenty fifth, I want a Monday. Yes, that's a Monday S you got, MAGIC, Johnson and Chris Pratt will be were debating. Who we don't know which one we're gonna air first yards of ours. They judge what, if it's, ok we're not going up again, tell us a little bit about cards. You gambled too much with him tat we re doing. Would you like a modern early day, Alice Guerrero and you were trying to feed magic Johnson with all kinds of junk science on how inquiry on gave his career magic? Rub this cobalt all over your fair, exactly eyes, it was caught cobalt on now I'll look. I do I just. I think I was a distraction I mean yet understand. I was, I was twenty two three years old and
a teen idle and you have got followed wherever I went guy, you know crazy checks and lobbies were packed with all that stuff and and in a really didn't really did not want the distraction from it. I think a question would be: why was robbed low riding the Lakers team bus all the time to begin with Rob low, because I was, I was a massive massive massive massive Lakers fan and always wanted to go on the road when they were playing your Detroit or Boston Yucas, as are such helmholz and so tough for the Lakers, And you know that was what that was my. That was my thing. I was either making movies.
Or I was you know following my favorite sports teams. Do you ever close your eyes or like dream about like or just even think, daydream about the brat pack days and be like man that was fuckingawesome? For sure I mean who? Is it? Well because my kids now are the same age I watched their markets are older now than I was during the bread pack era, and I do look back on it and go wait a minute. That's how the hell did. I even survive. It rightly As you know, it was. I look at my own kids and their development and they're look they're, smart, kids and they're accomplish that graduated from big fancy, schools and they're smart as shit, but I wouldn't place them with that kind of temptation and insanity that you live through in and you know it's not.
Doesn't happen, everybody but like when you're that guy. For that moment it it is very, very crazy, but it's also really fun here was that were there any clubs in LOS Angeles that you were not allowed to get into in those days? No, they liked me. Claude other white man, clubs, you kidding, I was it was I was I was. I was good for business yeah, so so the Lakers boss was only it's a raw blow. Was I persona non grata it? What is now the hotel? It was the hotel. Ok, I have one question about magic. Did I need an answer to do you have any idea how he crashed his tweets. I have a feeling that he doesn't actually physically tweeted. He just Texas thoughts to someone who then tweets it, but you know him well. Do you have any idea how the sausage, mate. Well, I'm going to ask him. The good news is on you. Are climbed climbed gonna, ask him you're what I will call me now if they saw that might be.
My my phone got taken a wasted wouldn't offering this part, causing it My report goes off, which is called the other guy I'm. Getting right now. Magic, tweet smell, I'm giving you ideas regarding I get asked and I would love it I'd. Rather, you can. You do yeah come off its, but can I want you guys? Did you might my briefing crap your clearly better than I am. I would never have asked that so you haven't interviewed him yet now magic is. I mean. Are being made in three days are you're not allowed to use
question that will not open eyes of surveys should reconfirm that you're gonna. He set for three days from now and then also be like. How do you tweet how about this? I will text you tweet at you, ok good and give you the answer. That's why works that works? That works? I think a lot of people dont physically tweet. I really do. I think a lot of people just have people who does say hey twenty tweet, this out right I'll, find out. Yes, ok, perverts, and then that will be a great CMOS plug that we have the actual. Hey rob low, talked MAGIC Johnson for more with Rob LAW a magic Johnson tuning on Thursday it's gonna be great, which Lakers superstar went parting with raw below and then went over thirty two in the finals tune in on June. Twenty fifth to find out
Was or you can just run the Sudan or or was James Worthy Run, the staff as you like you, I'm nuts mustache mustache man, I'm not at the comment, no matter what you say how he saw. Gotta be around thirty to overturn. I know you're done. So the problem is this: how you gonna get me you're, smart, four! Thirty, because you know how to finals it probably was the final against the bolts because they got for enough loss for once Han. Oh, I know, but that was a little past your time, maybe in terms of when you were partying with I'm not lying in Google right now sure God
tune in to find out James Worthy James Worthy, not James worthy who was it tell us? I know I can tell you that I think you know my name Do the job making this up Romola now and credible thing to make up, because I know is it by the way is absolutely true story. I have a question for you. I heard Eric Roth on the pod gassed? Yes, it is he going right, the boner dog movie or not like? What's how are you in it? No, I don't We asked you, You ve never asked me, but I'm so down, I'm fuckin they're. All you know westward. We did. We actually have an accosted, the cubes yet some guy, your hair, it's always beautiful, whereas you be profit for the pier yes, he is gonna, write my way way way like boys, its enemy, happy. I need I needed
this like I run the rest of my career. I need to know who else whatever creative elements? Ok are involved, ok like who Who is the voice whose attached Guess I hadn't really add Adam Sandler rivulets, you actually tat. Shall we have attached a couple, people that have actually been attacked. Adams attack Adams attach yeah Zack Africa's attached right, tougher grace, told races attach Jimmy Jimmy Tito's attach David Spade David spades attached era, growth is attached, Kevin Garnett is attached. Well, really, is now dead, Patrick, isn't it Dan Patrick is attached were attached. I think that's it. Then I really. Woe is ever heard one. I know upcoming actor hacked designer. Designer he had the diner Yelp he's attached. I just know that This is the only way I'm gonna get Eric Roth to write dialogue for me, yeah jostled,
but an ass, its actual a bit more complicated because he's gonna write the script and he's gonna, hide it somewhere and then leave us clues where we have to find the script that he wrote. But I feel like we're clever enough to find it it's gonna be an animated. Film is gonna, shoot we're gonna, we're gonna tape, all the voice offers on the same island that they did fire fast on. Let's go. This sounds like the greatest movie ever made yeah. Oh, I have one last question. I just despite my head tune in raw blow with MAGIC Johnson, you gotta run him first now realize at because reflected up enough, but that's supplant Bolivia to plan is absolutely to run magic magic. First. Is there a low a map to break the news to Chris Pratt yeah? You won't be happy, he'll, be ok, but is there any part of like interviewing magic? You get a little nervous that he might just like black out per second. It think Europe Lincoln be like fuck this guy.
That's true! I too! Thank you see, I'm so glad I did. This asked that will really say around, like a quote like do Rob blinkers press conference where he blamed magic for everything and see like the visceral reaction. The magic gives you well, you know so of before this using guy. And so the Lakers on, they do a thing for their long time season, ticket holders at the practice facility and Genie Bus who again I've known of this- that the like her family forever asked me to do this bit. So we did this before she came out and she said listen. This is. What we're thinking for this year and robs got a lot of plans for the for the team and wants to talk to you about some of the players and robs really get a vision in other words an I came out as as Polenka Anne and talked about the team and people. People did not understand what the fuck we were trying to do, but it has bought not not good enough sports fans cause. I get it. I love it. I love it. I won't I'm excited for this.
Outcast. Are they gonna be graded? It have arms stamp of approval, blessing now it needed have it you have it now want it. Yeah put it in like the description will actually leave a five star review for you, we, as I assume you- can get it everywhere, like that, echoing nothing apple, podcast Spotify. We'll podcast anywhere? You get your part gas love. It so check it out. It is coming out June, twenty fifth rob low. His first interview is going to be with MAGIC Johnson and it is called literally with rob low, literally with robber love. It literally Truly. Thank you. Thank you rose a guy who's, the guy, just literally, while we're talking, I want a scroll through every mba files are confined it. I dont know if You good saying it because he D went over thirty June. I'm saying I have to work
wine is a final people going to find out who is the day lost a finals that year, I believe they you know, honestly. I don't because cause the fucking, because I was awesome. The eighties were also I dont rather other. Put that thing I watch where plagues guys, you're the best that interview with bra blow was brought to buy C b D Md. What's on your mouse flush of daily Daily is, is pain, stress, zoom, meetings, people even after the chat. Well, no matter what you're doing with we can all agree is always good to have some support. That's where are good friends at CD. M D come in. They ve got you covered with an amazing dual of topical products. They give you the support that you need to conquer the day they ve got the stuff called see beady freeze with menthol, so
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And they ve got cd recover. It combines c b d with inflammation fighting compounds like arnica environment, be six to give you the support you need where it matters most of our pronounced arnica correctly. Whatever it is, it helps you out it produces, are swelling, makes you feel great. The next day see beady recover check that out too and to make it even easier to try all that c b D, MD they're, giving Oliver listeners twenty five percent off your next order that twenty five percent off your next order when used the promo code take Look out once again that c b D, md dot com, promo code take for twenty five percent off your purchase of superior cd oil products from C b d m D. There are actually using that that roller stuff, with the phrase it just maybe think back to him
is to use. I see hot. You just feel like more of an athlete when you smell a little bit like menthol. I think that that also had some gatty with it just gets you in his own. I was just thinking this is part of my head would be the funniest statue that gets thrown into a river the Jaguar. Naturally, kid got his head stuck in. That would be a very funny one, the TED William Statue, whereas I taking a kids, he stealing a child's ball cap Disney Walt Disney. I was saying that I This is a joke last week, but I thought the Dan Snyder was gonna, build a statute of George Marshall just so he could take that down and have that be like a big when form turns out. There was actually statue of George Marshall that got taken down over the weekend yacht it. So I'm I'm trying to think we gotta find
We find the statue that, like oh, the Cristiano Ronaldo statue, Yan, where he looked Rinaldo, should have his people, take it down and be like yachts because of were cancelling yeah, but because of the thinks he's been accused, put the one where he looks like a mediated Siegel. Let's take down that statue. Cashier pulled down Paul Bunyan, Paul brilliant, you yeah. Why blogging lobbies draw their voyage good point. I we gotta stay woke in them, reduce Mount Rushmore p of two. You have to stay with the robber Griffin Statue yeah yeah he advertises for subway soda did yup pull that thing down and Waco so yeah mouthful, ridden unflushed we're right now, we'll stay will know. Do you stay well? Ok, stay woke! This comes to us from cow Kuchma, so we talked last week on the show about how the NBA was gonna, give their pay
rings to monitor whether or not there were becoming symptomatic for the covert virus. Cow Kuchma thinks it. The rings are actually just tracking device to keep tabs on their location. Aren't all our day legacy that they admitting that I They are. I think I think that brings do have some sort of gps own you're, so work that you just you're just maybe reading the manual to the ring yeah like they. Of course it's a tracking ring. They take off your vital signs yeah. I love the thought of it. Maybe brine when horse. Just having like some he's an event like it's. A heist he's got his Jain monitor, pulled up Regis, keeping track of all the dots from the players and whose hang a disguise too close to the broad it is. Is it titanium rings began? Someone was treating me saying that if they do like get hurt, you can't cut that off. You can't get their finger cut, titanium, shit. So if they like break their failure, bringing up the rear yeah, it's swell you can with diamond diamond timing, cuts every time.
Cuts titanium, it's like rock. These rock purposes shoot diamond cuts today. So who is the big diamond knife sales? that stands to gain. I think we just then I really just raw wrote. Uncut gems too, is not actually debt till sorrowfully. I seen it shit, you got it. You guess smash the ring with Kevin Garnets, medallion alike, to our bid. It did make me stay little bit. Woke you, member that picture of Le Braun James staying at the end of the bench, far away from his teammates yeah you're how of last year he tried to trade away all the players that were next home, no What we know now about Lebron James is financial ties to the chinese government. Do you think he got tipped off ahead of time and was ok? I gotta stay. I guess the way I have to stay away from people so much that I'm gonna try to send them all to New Orleans. That's why he sat out the entire like ended the season. Yeah, that's two years too much money raised just think.
I was. Do our Mouth Rushmore Mount Rushmore a stadium pump up, songs is good, not Rushmore. Hank to stadium saw stadium songs, but do they gave up the different different situations? Ok, I don't know if that were so my pump, the audio unknown eager to hear would Hank has to say ok, so pink once you start in the more go Pfc than me and Billy would do his four Not Rushmore list at the end, so do sit back like him in my life, I I just think of songs when you're into stadium are watching a game. Others like baseball, how careful when it comes on you get the most, I guess, pumped up alike, excited have air like ok, not rule. Ninety! Nine! Not now hey, hey goodbye. When that song comes on and meet our team that offers a blow out the August. I don't know what one is great when the other team, Timothy Hedgerows, because it the air it that's on, comes on. You know your winning and you d celebrating having a great time, taunting the opposite team. Together, it's two thousand
Well, I got one problem: would it be my first one, but they were not necessarily pump Zaza? Yes, at my first one, embryo sandstorm, ok sandstorm always gets the crowd bout TAT man was. There was a major college football programme that you say that you are South Carolina technology sectors, not they do understand Adrian SAM I don't know who does you should know what virgin tat uses beget? Why does it gives a plate of may get really pumped? I have their platinum at Virginia. Tell you never gone in their line of their play. Them average it? U S South Carolina, yet is there it is I my first one I'll go with who let the dogs out always get pumped up? Ok, always get pumped up sing along always get pumped up.
And then my second one I'll go with the examination. The seven measurement seven army, that White Stripes is that what it is that the one Tarzan asian in silence, commonly known as zombie. Nothing, I think it's phenomena on zero. What's zombies, Armitage's, like the can graphic zombie due to two I want the one you get seven nation arm hooker downwards. I'm going away no way way way way. I know I don't I want the one that we hold. I gotta find in my head stop doing subduing then stop successor son. I know it
That's a song. I think it is a natural. That's what I want that somebody nation dominate the agonizing early recovery that wanted an ok. I do find it a little Billy. Thank you. I'm gonna, take it seven nation army downwards becoming available. That was my second pick anyways. So we did you two yeah I did. I ever guidelines do and I'll know some nation army that I mean we should give some respect dissemination army because you do not need even the song gone, just the crowd, consort chanting and everyone joins in our it has been only one of his is lifts now at the end, I'll go with thunderstruck good choice and go with victory like puff daddy, Biggie, the one hundred to twelve okay, that's a ok!
I'm gonna go inner salmon interceptions great the end Oh starts Alec NICE in quite the perfect, build it get by end of it everyone's just coming in the stadium, at the same time with the full sidekicks and so others Virginia tech playing it on a Thursday night night game in blacks, Burg, that's pretty intense and then obviously Marianna I'll go with the welcome to the jungle guns and roses, and yet I push up pawn shop and then I'll go with the old classic. Either tiger always catch pumped up always get gone. I have some personal ones I'll do on the honourable mention my last one, I'm gonna go. We are the champions after you, and a significant title here and we are the champions. Plainly arenas always great. What I love about we are. The champions is that even opposing arenas will play it at the end of those seven game series: Stanley CUP final hypothetically-
LAS Vegas Nevada get only waited on the road. I saw it Lasher in Boston when the blues one stop Stop it stay ass for the home crowd, but it's such a transcendent transcendental song that they like. We have to show respect a queen and Freddy Mercury and blasted by the way how much money has queen and framework restate hold in over the years. Just from every time that gets lay a lot and we get him ever want. We gonna write a championship song Hague. Your last pick stop Billy job around I'm shocked admitted that far guy I didn't want to do. I mean I mean that's on comes on. You have no choice but to get there, I thought it was to personal. So I don't want to go with them. They don't just play it. I was crying over that's what do you think of
what are they jump round? Eyed? I agree we do. You think I think I think a lot of people. Think of that. I think of boss, not ass, the House, a pain I think like when you think of interception. You think of Marianna revert Virginia attack, there's differently. Teams that have likes severe, what synonymous with a view to should appear in your top for ok? Sorry, while ok, sorry, where you guys do hang on sleepy sleepy, hang on right, though House data, the au TED Nugent Stranglehold, the Blackhawks by that is fucking great public song? I like to move it. I didn't know if the balls intro could be counted just because that specific, but that one obviously is more all time pump up what else I joe the dancer
ex of it. Yeah cow shore worries come in to punish rubbish bone and that's a great walk up saw now. One gets pumped up fire starter by prodigy blur song to yap anything else. The algae old, your love, ok. I gotta get up lunch. That's I know what you're doing with iron man you do unless you doing lives. Health bells you doing lifts, go ahead, you doing less, ok, deep, heavy squats ass long ass. I asked the grass like super anabolic. Just get your metabolism go in get your like. It's the best way to start a work out and then they do something. Oh, your warm up. No no just like who is my first work set ah ceiling, almost one leg to amass Florida like that all gummy sewer pump up, but yet it is still not arrived de kill my eye so
Do you guys and then, of course, Billy Frat bottom hammer, curls dude, I'm an affront factors are ass we go out, will slow down. Everything was big enough to do it. I went to school with France and, as with my body, and we got jumped you're all they sure you do not like raw hang on where to you asshole sure you did nothing. Data frowsed ethical beta. Call them mountain, let not to stay where they are, but beta framework get your boys we budget Alpha's come through, definitely try to like steel, their keg and all their girl due to fog of then Bicep cross. Course? I guess I got. Finally, your lifting like having fun it's Friday, like on farm, so like just hit bicep curls, just being absent, douche bag. I Billy I dont like the fact that you put by girls in here I know blades like off, I don't I don't dance. I got somethin, I usually make fun or we don't have a live today like like. Let's go, do
Rosalie Norbert you. What's the matter you care to pull ups, you pull me at home. You can't do rose really are about anabolic yeah and you do not mind more readily rather than John had got dimensional there. Ya got their bench in that. When we think I mean I was I pull, it would be a good one, but now I just took books. Let me think I mean how do you feel I have I. I thought skull crushers someone put my last once called programmes whose those like hit the tracing the, but it's insane when you get a sick pomp like do it's like there's! No! I, like, I don't even like to work out. You hit your buys when you use to get the good part. I just like I'm addicted to the pump Arnold source vaguer wires, coming on common coming coming every high all day of you, you bicep curls, until he passed out yea the blood Russia's cheer like so much you gave that's what happens its awesome. I it's like there's no better high, then just having a sick people
like this is with greater, don't work. I'll put, I lay just like that. Poland is like nothing better to do my just our pension. What about Ed lifts the hour. I live of my core, my my torsos too long, so we slip this sucks the out. I can't that Lugosi kind of fat now yeah what that prove employer. I work out. Ok, you know why allowed people have a worse problematic. I'm gonna work but like when you take a college football players June work out every week, at times a week and then you just say: ok, no more, and then he s like deal with a diet use eating. This is what happens to them. Sounds I recollect for you. I know a lot of you. I wanted more problems, but, like I got fat cats corona, the worst part about this virus, its killer
in ten thousand people is using my gains of have somewhat lacked. My strength is gone up and run. I just lift economic cooperation, which both know this good everything else I just eat too much. We are eating, that's why they pull me out Wilhelm alone. Talk adjusting the only chirp me on twitter from that working. The only thing I have prom with with squats is that if you post a video of your squat online, your form is never know. Good enough for the common side, I could do on right now. That's perfect form in normal chirp me. I guess you're right that will, after early Squat PS, I we do actually of one last thing. We have off bill. Mush necks article from the New York Post the other day, where is out against vulgarity song, I'm so excited that we have this because you have,
wonder: we're just talk about Billy getting fat like the side effects of the pandemic, one of them being old. Why? Baseball writers have no outlets, get mad. Well, here's where thereat. So this feels good that we can get the you know the anger up on something so trivial and stupid, like using the F word. I'm gonna glad that film arsenic, ass to growth this period with no sports, because I'm getting his mind applied to the real ills of our society. Tat we ve been waiting for so here's the deal is a title: Metz PETE, Alonzo, part of sports growing vulgarity problem, I know, is a problem and in those growing, but here we are, some rocks- are not difficult to write. As my friend mark morally says, it's not rocket surgery, ok, yard. Morley sounds hilarious yet and for no good reasons. We we sink lower every day by pathetic design me
while the modern marketing and tv content rationale has become it's no worse than this or No worse than that, but ok we're going very confused. But this is this man. The modern help? What is the modern tv market getting worse? worse than that. If, but what is it even better than yes were wondering, for example, This is what it sounds like. It sounds like somebody texted Phil and was like a Phil just start a sentence off with the modern profanity Christ. Sports and then let auto complete finish the rest of your column, just by clicking the thing that is being suggested to you on your phone. He is he's writing something like this would be. What would happen if we told Billy he needs have a column within twenty minutes. They just throw this out. There is asking weird questions. You know ask yourself quite
since I saw, but what is it even better than, for example, the Mets Nemo be seen to have no problem with the team traditional marketing slogan? Let's go mats having added of vulgarity gasp now, queued by young people, also its l f g m. Let's o freakin. We can go met and this was really start by Tom Brady with his constant lsd. I can't believe professional athletes swear so Vinos F. Word is so vulgar and inappropriate that it must hide behind its initial. Why use it? Why not instead lose it? I thought tat like either kind of agree with that either fucking say it or don't so haven't heard that That's your saying
following a girl that yeah I was Billy, would so Waymore thereof you gotta either owned it or not. Don't give me that f go all the way down to emphasise anything. It now seems as if you have to add or throw in the F word, those spray paint. Armed quota quote protein Mr Stubbins film doesn't really thinks they wrote TAT. Lord George Soros ticket holders who sang desecrated, the outside a saint Patrick Cathedral. After all, couldn't stop with b l em. They stopped it with a large, f and then eat here, dot, dot, dot, K, Frick so in it said, the church like B L, F M, noted, video, I'm and then somewhere else. It also said fuck. I love
love their fill is rightfully focusing on the most important part of our lack livelier movement. We listen. I was with black lives matter and then they use the until they dropped clarity. Now I don't know if I understand their mess. I guess that word is to prove you really really mean it or really really care, or just one to say. Phil FUCK, you dude stout response. Also Phil, he's writing El F G M in this article right is he ever seeing fuck and there are used by writing this article Phil Mustard has made probably hundreds of thousands of Americans think about
The word fuckin sesame, like fills part of the problem, he's absolutely parted from here we got here. We go, we get. We get some drama with the Mets pick. First pick PETE Crow Armstrong, the Mets first pick his already joined the movement. He tweeted, L, F, G M, L, F, G m T, shirts, hoodies, coffee, mugs, bumper stickers and even virus mass are now for sale. Reminds me of wind NFL sold frame photos of Martian Lynch grabbing his crotch a day down that that is filled just got over the hills God he is like a filing cabinet of grievances he's had in the past that he needs to bring into the modern day like wolves, martian glimpsing, he probably still mad about the Randy MOSS fake mooning incident. Ah, if you ask me after it one for letter word that needs to be got rid of in order to cleanse people's eyes and ears in the world of sport. It would be met. Yes, not fucking, hats again it.
Thought rocket surgery, the Mets M L B in Alonzo and Crow Armstrongs agents can't ask them to cut it out, question mark or is it protected under the collective bargaining? we met now. You know it's not. You know it's not fail. What would a reasonable response be to please for the sake of common public decency? Stop water boarding, we'll know he answer, he saw go. Ask yourself. Yes, absolutely would be over spots. Alonzo, can't you better by the time he retired cc's about the proud family man. Oh no, this gonna take a turn, seemed unable to speak it sends without including a string of vulgarity. Thy love that he added, proud firmament, Rob grown. Cowskin must have negotiated a patriot contracts include bonuses for cursing in speaking, sex. Oh crudities during tv interviews field is not like the sixty nine
well dear work eyes off. Wasn't grants like brother, his agent at some point, as I can see that being written into his car? I love this filled needs to exist. We need these people to continue to exist, weekday boomers ice in apparently what AEGIS Mr Wordier weekday, Boomer citizen is that is like saying a Monday morning, quarterback video, we d boomer size and is a second rate morning showed dieter weeks boomer size in apparently thinks they crudity is the key to radio rating success Showtime paired too of the Andes all time worst, acts, Map, Barnes and Stephen Jackson. I'm shocked feels not a fan of those guys for no other apparent reason. Then they got a great. I hit her they're fucking. All the small doesn't like putting us at all than for no appeal.
Then they had learned very bad reputations and they often said mother Effer and the n word on air. What's the upside? For now and later we grow coarser, that's a good thing. Freedom of expression is supposed to leave us all lower with Alonzo teach. The kids in his life to speak Will Gerrity's. He can't do any better dad. What does the F stand for? Go out? uncle Rob Manfred, he said, kids are Emma lobbies top priority, yeah yeah, there ya think the children, what a fucking call yeah? How will somebody explain to what might to my child what the f stands for? That's cunning, your job as a person and I'll be as a problem trying to grow the game to younger kids and that problems starts with L, F g m yeah, I every player should talk like Philip Rivers,
and then the world would be a much better place like this. Guy Phil is a fucking idiot and I really like a really mean fuckin part would be ashamed. People said factual, fuckin, Idiot, Phil, bus Muslim, motioning Martinek, yeah yeah he's a ledge every time I see his column pop up online. It's always for the same reason, which is this Combs socks ass. But I, what is out there doing it. I got it into the world, needs this guy. Otherwise we get. We have waited many people to just make sense. You right. I agree with that. A hundred percent like we need shitty colonists, titty columnist, make sports more fun while they're trying to make it less right exactly so. I thank you bill. That is our show. We will see everyone Wednesday, anything else, anything else anything else.
Six back in December, Nay didn't I did no chance. I will show me a picture. I will show right now: you're gonna swore right out to sea everyone's. The levy guess Google
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