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Robert Klemko From Sports Illustrated And EDP 09/19/16

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Week 2 Round up is here. The guys discuss Andrew Luck, who wins the "Tiger Woods is Back memorial of the week"(2:21- 12:08) and Football Guy of the weekend (12:08 - 19:11). Robert Klemko from Sports Illustrated joins the show to discuss Colts/Broncos, surprise teams and what it's like working for Peter King(19:11- 38:20). Eagles Superfan EDP hops on to preview Bears/Eagles MNF and thoughts from Week 2 (38:20 - 43:22). Segments include "He said what now?", "PR 101", "Hurt or Injured" for Danny Woodhead and PFT's life. "Hmmm" and a "Spinzone" for everyone who owes their bookie.
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We too is here Andy Road house down didn't like the road this week, the Bengals Paul stealer, forty four sixty Marcus J, Mary ADI Road, another chapter in his book twitter blocking the lions victory sixty catching orgy. Owing to we can be proud. Twenty five, twenty, Jack lives matter at Washington as the cowboys, pretty our words. Twenty seven, forty three, the giant start to season on a high note, is killed not to do be leads them to their second victory, rolling up the saints. Sixteen thirteen they're, not gonna, get you absolutely right. Boom,
Kelvin. Benjamin Netanyahu was building settlements all over the enough see West Bank as the Panthers Peter Party Niners, forty six, forty seven to copy brisket cooked low slow is the patriots barbecued, the top and thirty one twenty bore Houston permission to launch the profit sharing as one when the Texans, where ninety twelve leader, Poland early Carol had no magic, dragging out now lay rims puff Seahawks nine, three. What you said about well risen. Arizona such a desire to see codes, flatbed, poor, slowing down and take a look at me, come on we'll see don't say, Z
I gotta know: zone courts became about forty seven savage Benjamin Netanyahu, was pulling settlements all over the AIR Sea, West Bank charges bitter Jaguars, thirty, eight, forty lost thirty five. Twenty eight vaudeville. taxes say it M wake up. Baggy. I've got something to say to you. It's late September, the Indianapolis culture owing to progress be difficult. Thirty, four, twenty rice, a poker become a quartet report available. I dont know if we are to be able to keep doing a lot of people to get sick of it, but we certainly are not weak too, and it fell. Work on the part of my take. We are here that was your quick recap.
all the games. Let's take a breath, I need to talk to you about something. Ok, I hate Andrew luck. He'd ever either The head, Angela, is a time to ask, is Andrew Luck. A bust Andrew work has caused he's. So many gambling was, and the latest one this week, where he just throwing the game away, he threw a pic six. Then he now six. Now the formal six. I understand vomit bears out of this world best best defence, a player in the league. It's not either close there's, no one. Even who can touch him. Nine, the same stratosphere, not any Houston, Texans, no one, it's VON Miller and then a bunch of random. gotcha losers, Sancho losers, but still interlocutors hole on the goddamned ball. There wasn't. the blind side that Miller Gun it was. It was his eyes his eyesight write. His eyesight on Miller was coming directly adamant just held onto by the way. I think that the term funds
six criminally under used I'd like to see it brought to the fore fry under that formal, sixes and honour of wrecks Grossman Young. He made it cool, oh yeah. Andrew luck is making the fumble six cool again yap. Here we go. I listen. I don't even know the the blur that happens on football weekends. In the fall, I mean I I I watch every single game, college and NFL. I can't really carefully tell you anything. from it, except that I hate Andrew locked, like us, my biggest takeaway yeah, my biggest take away is that correct cousins is still, really good. Oh, he is not afraid to sling it that guy he is you'll stay down a receiver slant route and not even look at the middle. The field- that's the kind, that's a type of confidence that you need your quarterback to have Kirk by the way in the washing Redskins. They really like run in the fate. I'm afraid so much data old man willed
I got off his. You know I hate J Cutler, I'm robust the bears at every single chance. I get to take on the fate. Oh yeah. For some reason. Just popped in my head, didn't you say last week to James Winston Whizzer and Bp Carrie S had absolute pretty get me up. I told you, I told a room on Friday, my dumb Dumb Tom Tom Brain. Always goes with recently by us. So I took Jamieson the desert and we said no crab legs and shouted the eagles for those lyrics that you heard all time and probably my number one favor band of all time. It's it's one, a Eagles one to rod Stuart, but yeah. The buccaneers looked awful another big takeaway, Jeff Fisher, five
and not to brag, but we called it last week. Yes, you did. This was a Jeff Fisher special. You knew he was gonna win this game hey by the way. Not a lot of people are talking about this. It's still. It's been twenty. Two years since the rams have scored a touchstone yes, so little save metrics early early, save measure, not even the segments, and it's been twenty seconds since somebody's made a joke about the Ella Rams, not scoring touchdown twenty years Ellie Rams. Also it was cool, seeing the stadium is costing the calcium. Also, of course, really not a fights was really that yeah, I'm a big stadium guy, those Ghak stadiums, I'm a big aerial shock. I were gimme. More blimp shots. Are you the guy that says the Unifil is a better league when the cowboys and the raiders are excellent? No, I don't give up about that. I'm just saying I like to look at stake. Your whole stadium speech can reminds me one of those go. I like to look at stadiums and often that's bridges in stadiums loved. Look at em I'll, give you bridges, bridges are called there
What else do we have without what other take ways that you have come from the week it will at Sea Matt Ryan? Is he back o o so, let's operate into it are Monday morning Tiger Woods, whose back memorial over Tiger was being backed. I was his barrier, so are you go about right now? I'm gonna go with Jesus because it looks like Danny what heads a seal might not be torn. Maybe and by the time you hearing this tomorrow, you'll probably know the up, so I'm just go said: Jesus he'll, Danny's knee. Thank you. Jesus soda, mine is a tie between Jesus and steroids. Ok, so storage back Genji, what had to huge sacks, not implying anything Saint Hooker, yet, like really serious surgery. A couple weeks ago, we use it to start to start to soar, walk anywhere, walk on, ok, yeah, nobody wants them. Content now he's
but she had to sex, ok, so Jesus and stir it shut up, ok, my tiger and whose back memorial, whose back I am going Matt Ryan he's back right. That's what we're on the road one game Mary ICE, bring it back out and also gone with Album Albion football. We finally got them he after back big win, slay the dragon all miss rare. That Alabama gets a wind like that so Alabama they were. They were back when they won the peace, yes loud, but they went to not being backward the week that they played all miss again, Ria cause. He had lost tuner Odo. That's what people don't talk about that, but they did win and they won. impressive, but did not cover the spread. I didn't want the guy Gucci curse myself. I was I did I really gucci. She myself was bad and I'd like say: congratulations to the twenty. Sixteen worlds,
his champion Chicago Gobs ISA. Let's do it is Friday when we were Tipp shelters and the cubs knuckling shit, we, the Cubs, clenched decision rats everyone out there whose, like, oh so lame you should celebrate when you click on a lost, the Cubs have the best record in baseball they one by one, the most games through the best team in baseball, their first team to clench, oh wow, like randomly. They they clinched on the same day they lost Pooh. Also there. You know they haven't one anything in forever. Yet let you take your celebrations where you can go? Actually s not true one, the Uno, central, ok, cool there that counts for something right. You get a trophy for that. Don't you so little shirt, yet assured. Acacia, Mason like a great heather. Gray, are well congrats to the future world. To use champions you guys are gucci so very proud of you over her big. Ok. What hey you knows, Gucci daddy would, at any rate Hank who you got back the breast of football, a hall. You have huge weak, three, wouldn't against twenty. Second ranked organ,
the programmes back. Yes, you pronounce Oregon like an absolute maniac org or in Oregon, Oregon Organ organ weather gone because Nebraska booted him out of the country in the process. It is actually a very frequent member of the who's back. You tell us and in the brass they love to declare back. They love bringing Nebraska back. They love bring in Michigan back to the up like his Michigan May. Odoured aim is one other one: they love bringing those teams back. They just used to be good and have a good in years. Yet so I think it was a pretty good whose back yeah recovered Oliver basis. I agree, I would say Jeff Fishers back, but I mean he's he's. An israeli needs is exactly where it needs to be embraced. The baby that won't tell us whose back, who won your, whose back at the weekend and then speaking of debate, we have football guy, the weak, a Monday tradition, unlike any other here's, what we're working with this week, ready as always, Nick saving finds its way in which we swear were not doing this on purpose next save said,
to the game. It was hot and I'll mess. He said we got coaches, getting ivs players getting ivs, but the old fellow doesn't need an iv cuz. They don't make them like they used to that's such an guy! I think we re talking about a genuine himself here, referring to yourself as the old guy here. That is football guy movie up, Then we also have so that's in the running. We have Melvin. Britain's mom. So about gown of the week Melvin Cordon Muslim, she she didn't wear Melvin Gordon's Jersey did this week was the first time she ever wore his chargers, Jersey cause. She said he I did. It hurt his her respect, yeah. I love that and that is a football guy move and I like that were including girls in the football gauss she's out with small gaol for men, and I, like I like what she's gone with this, because you know parents Today's days are too quick to just they'll put on their sons, Jersey, just because you know that gave birth to raise them the animals
Mom needs a little bit more that. But I dont like on the other side of the coin, is that it's almost seems like she's asking for participation trophy for raising her son, the right way, she's gone out their dismay a big deal about its and hey everybody. Look at me, I'm not! putting my son because I'm a tough parent, sir, Oh, it's almost like she's raise your hand for, but I will say this: she does have my vote this week. I'm casting my lot with MRS Gordon. I like Melvin, Gordon's mom, because if you remember it also went viral last year, she doesn't where Melvin Corns Jersey she needs. He needs to earn her respect, but she does accept new Bmw's from other states from avant garde. Ok, so shall take that yes, take that, loosened letters. Vaccinating we got learn that and then we have a car
you guys Jeff Fisher, who he just mentioned, he's not back so we're taking him out. He's not he's not football guy of the week because he's just right where he needs to be like we shouldn't give him a words for being five hundred. That's what we expect of him. We should start calling giving a football guy awards when he gets like to two one that's big time, but our bridles art brows showed up to the paler race, on Friday night. I think today show up with Sean Open Dynamic, got up, I'm not sure. If you there have been or not, but I know he was in the crowd. Ok, he just loves his guys. He just loves is got serious needs to be around his guys needs be around footballs. Arms guys do so shut out to our bridles. So I think that would brows was doing was he was actually doing scout even though does have a job. He was scouting because football guys they they stop producing scouting reports. I knew her out of coaching. I guarantee you that Greg she had like an entire
luminous house filled up and scattered reports for the two years. He was out of football never stop! It's like a habit yeah like that. Everyone cheer form that was really classy, moved way to keep by your priorities straight because everyone knows our brows big time like ipods, fusion, ya think was rice who was at rice. Is that right, but the biller fans, no one's arrangement, so the bailiff ends that go to rise and the people that were in Houston right. That happened to be there at the time right and like found. The free tickets on Craigslist rain showed up right is over outstanding away yet, which is nice right, because we know that our prowls he really gotta. He got a bum wrap in our midst. So what he looked, the other way for a couple of dozen yak really heinous crime, let he who has not turn a blind eye to sexual assault, cast the first stone right, exactly mangoes MEL, Gordon Melvin, gherkins mom for gal football gal, the weak. The stick to my guns are now. Ok, Under those seven, I think I'm going to go for saving every week,
yeah, I think he's like he's like getting, I think now I don't patterns ourselves on the back, your guys, but, do you think, save and listen to the shell, because wouldn't be the ultimate save and move to try to win football guy the week every week and do these things because he doesn't want to go to harbour yeah. Yes I'll say this: if it doesn't show he's got like it one of his first year, quality control, people listening to the show, India hey if they're giving out awards. I wanna when I'm so tell me what to do to went right. Ok, so I ethnic saving this week. If you want to win Boyd Chair, be a shame. If you were to get into a fistfight with the opposing coach, hey saving on off, you saw but harbour a burger, maybe a little dingle bury maybe self. angle- bearing on the sidelines- is reach down back a gag easier, come up with a little trick in Germany, yeah it so and there are always at the front.
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I let saw now kick it to two out of we have rather clunker from and am cubey sports illustrated, and then we have eat pussy from Twitter, so nice Little Union Yang for everyone out. Therefore, interviews that are we now Oh, come on Robert Clump go! Who is a football writer at the M m q? Be sports illustrated Robert. You were actually at the Colts Broncos game today, so I want to start their. When can
officially start talking about Andrew Lock, not being a good quarterback. Well, you know it's it's hard to say that, because I think that he had a pretty good just a good on the field when that game. If not, Fora is right, tackle just pretty much opening at the gate for VON Miller, but that's what every rectangles seems to do now is but yeah I mean if you're gonna, compare him Trevor Simeon in this game. Haven't you throws a nicer ball, but simians decision making was on par with Andrew LUX, which saying alot, yeah ended
it just jump in here? You have to take what big cats says a curve, because he is strictly talking about his gambling so like he had money on Andrew Luck and was disappointed. Some now enter locked him now. Is I got worse quarterback. Nobody, though, encapsulate protest to Morocco. Then I guess there's a gambling aspect to this. He threw that pick six and the only thing I couldn't have there when I had six ride the court's plus six and a half was that fumble return for touch on. But let's just pretend I didn't put on that game. Andrew look to me gets the biggest pass in the NFL when it comes to criticism. The guy have a hundred yards and I know the Broncos Defence Assembly, but they didn't have a hundred yards until the fourth quarter. He throws intercept he's very careless with the ball and for some reason no one says anything. I think it's just cause. He looks like a great quarterback. I think that's what
look. It looks like a great one and I think what it does that entitles people so much that is able to create, plays with his feet and also take punishment. You know, despite the fact that he got our last year, but the commonplace in this game should have been sacks, because the Brok of defense was just dominating them, but he turned it into a first out yeah Andrew Luck is faster than orgy. Three as the crow flies orgy. Three arts round. He get sides, side, look, gets down hill and he's technically a faster quarterback by my measurable, so Robert you used to live in Chicago you Denver. You do know how to weed out there like why. Why would you ever moved Colorado that doesn't make? We protest is kind of a complicated thing. My my girlfriend cell slum can greatly knows and she was living in Oklahoma, and so she was able to keep her job and move the Denver, and I figured Denver is a pretty good football team. It was. It was December when we made this decision, so I can't go wrong. Move therein doing the progress lava more marijuana had at no there. It was not factor louse
a slot sell. You know Pfc. Actually, the slots guy, you lost a place like six Alaska, huge returns on slavishly India or big advices do not place almost although I can't win, if you don't play teller that what it, what Europe via should be that don't put on Andrew Luck anymore, I wear two games in. We always have fun because people seem to overreact, but now that we're two games in- and you always look like this Aren't you teams that can't make the playoffs or most of its own to achieve don't make passed? What team so far has come surprise you with stumbling out of the gates. I honest. They thought they also be a lot better, but that comes to mind just because I'm sitting here, it's hardly surprising to me that a team knows that there are some great at rush chairs on their schedule and they tried out guys like you, re Eats and MIKE rumours took to block eyes I gone Miller and then in critical situations. They dont have any tied in a running back help
its most baffling thing, if a but ultimately but reminding you of the other own two teams, Jacksonville Jaguars, consul pricing yeah. I think people thought there would be better but that they didn't really improve much on defence. So I mean, if you'd look at them. The wind shootouts, like I didn't, expect them to be a player thing. They can escort more than like one officer touched that could help to have. You noticed that every quarter back, that's in some sort of reading club is when was this year. Yeah think that's big! I mean the audits than mortal.
in the play ball growth, but, but you know about Blake's Wikipedia Club right now announced. I don't understand why nobody else in the Unifil media covers this, except for us, he's into Wikipedia reading Club with us would mean beget becomes on once a month and we read a Wikipedia page and all your time up, you're talking about blackboard. Yes, do you guys say that among all NFL players, he is the one that you guys most identify where there's a brand? Absolutely yeah. Well, do guys Danny what an until he towards Asia to retire or talk about their inner discipline portals read too much look. They lay like a whole set of its touchdown negative reaction to say that there cannot be an absolute god, awful team, but that doesn't like you had a butter,
There's no, but I've got a course we find on the road of speaking. What had it kind of brings me back to your guys, camped or that you did during the precision. It would have been able to saved anyone additional if the ambulance had been able to take the biplane it. I was sitting next to Peter when he tweeted the picture was right afterwards and, as our key should delete that his people, people cannot be upset like people who drive bikes, ride you psycho. Now it's fine, it doesn't matter housing. I started but demands further pouring in, but you know I was also with them in Milwaukee when he did the young well, who was it that I got millions rumblings? Robin Williams died in an he tweeted there
and that one I didn't have as good a foresight. I didn't think I didn't think anything of it. Well, I have a we have little foresight on the show saw me. We will have one we're fans of Peter King, but every now, and then he gets his nose into the trash smell. Some. You know that he wants to take a bite open then tweet, like TAT happens in happens almost right. I just I just as an otter sense of humour than most people and it's a little bit like morbid. It's a little weird like he discovered the poop emerging in two thousand forty in and that's all
tax. It with four like six month fickle motion. Is it? Is it true that he runs and even a mile? He does run fast, like e tax me as mild times like with screenshots from and the poorer is running up. Isn't it I mean he's moving around like central Park, unsolicited unsolicited mile times are like? Are you guys? Are you running yourself ass? I run a little bit myself and then he'll tat exit to me and be like a semi, something you know no leg and I'm not gonna like camp out and try to find worrying, but no like the ratification to depart and like the times that he likes to run, and I have no likes to elect to mix it up and we talked about it like seeing new things is kind of an inspiration in terms of running out of you guys run, but I hate to say Mister Peterkin pogroms, yeah. I don't you get for import. Let me ask you a question here: how much money do you think that the judge you're gonna pay current cousins over the next three years? If you look at Kirk he's the men, those a line of quarterbacks that anti doping used to be before he got Eugene
this. This guy plays good against bad teams and poorly against good teams. I think was absolute, perfect move to to franchise Simchas. Can you imagine them being stuck with him if he's plan the waste plan now for two three four year? I can't I can't imagine because that's what the last twenty years of the of look like so yeah yeah
so. Are you so action as the other, owing to team that you know? Obviously, they made the plan of action, which is probably not indicative of of their talent level, but do you think that there are known to team that can come to write the ship and get back into the race having an? I think the council has got a lot better, which is saying a lie with that press gotta quarterback with watching that game. It made me think why isn't tony role more had success in clutch games with that often mean Deck Prescott, a sitting or standing around for six or seven seconds before he s a row. Of course, already quarterback he's gonna thrive in that situation. I think they don't have a chance just because I think that the division and now they're much better Romo does have the clutching that's what it is. There is, I think it's a thing. Only oh yeah wait urine and authority,
Yeah you have a collection is a thing, much we're writer. I guess nobody. I well. I mean Romo when he had that you hear that seem over the one you want to do. You know they lost. I came in Green Bay, but that a lot of people said that was the best team that year. So I think that's a little unfair, but a year, you're, probably right Jack Prescott. Look so good because that offers of wine is so is so damn good and eight that he has great waves. Even though Roma was taking even a rumour was taking, it seems deep into the playoffs. Nobody talked about em like oh yeah. I want to start a franchise with Tony Romo. Nobody has ever had a conversation. He's always the guy who throws the lake game interception to blow some lead that felt insurmountable an hour ago right, yes, Tony, I miss out on Twitter thats Tony Roma. Fourth quarter meltdown is like the best twitter of all time. It absolutely is here when it turns out
times what I like to do just for fun. Is I tweet out, while nice fourth quarter, interception by Tony Roma, please retweet this later when actually goes and then I looked like a genius speed. Governments know somebody two years ago, put together one of those twitter threats with every one of them, and it was the most depressing thing: I've ever why speaking quarterbacks? What do you see going on in New England and I just gonna role with prison? Just eight percent per cent brisket likely sort first risky, but he burns end right. You get that who, sadly, all Heather precisely what you think you're gonna do this airplane. What thirty nine percent against the Texans yeah attacks in southern have some trouble protecting the pass? You no matter what their strike me as a kind of team that would like the unsatisfied with Arthur String iron and bring in some thirty three year old, veteran like Sean Ailer or whatever, to start over em. In two weeks I mean Tom comes back weak, for I think they grow, but dice with procedures like they. After so
they're, just gonna row with Julian element, is the backup them well I'd like to get a sign a guy, but I don't think it would be a guy that they would even consider start at Cuba. Did I hear like labour by omission? I heard deeper. Did every every ESPN production assignment guys is hoping so that they can spend two weeks in New England, Urban be ok, so possibly Tiber, as first heard on paper metal, ok, maybe team work days after two weeks in handling assent, we were gonna, wanna, put a disclaimer on it, because it's when only two weeks, but if you had to pick the two teams that you see, insuperable after two weeks given to me man we're ok, let me rephrase it differently. Ok, I saw my theory is the NFL socks and, if its,
in an age, sell us parity and they say well. Your team can make a run but really issues a lot of really shitty teams and then there's like for good ones, Gimme, the good ones that you believe in our right. So ass, I think doing what's. Gonna go fourteen to fifteen and one other companies, so angry right now and he's gonna be the best best players ever been. So that's why I that's my liver. Relaxing visa legitimate concern angry like ITALY, the Broncos going for are, if Trevor Simeon, can most macher balls passed between twenty, but that's a teen. That's all patients and city understand suitor Anderson. looks like he's. Gonna stand up and carried a load here, so those are my two FC teams, as have the guys wanna Japan and say, as a north, western guy aren't you obligated to mention were turbulent college. I didn't go North West Maryland. Your journalists, everybody would do nothing less or circuit. You have to say that these northward,
the gradual he as a guide for your fiametta right. You intimated. I favour the topmost. I tell you the top foremost arrogant journalism. Schools are its northwestern, Colombia up in New York. What's it called the zoo stance, Danforth and Mozilla younger and circus? Oh and searches scratch scant Stanford, Semicircular yeah yeah. I agree we will. We have a good, we that's a Mount Rushmore of annoying journalist schools, so up a candid back in the Superbowl just because I am boring like that. Ok, I think maybe Arizona would be my fourteen. I think Beilin Gimme that Annex II championship right there yeah. Ok, absolutely do you state. Did you stand for the national anthem today? Yes, I did. I always stand for or it just because one time
in third grade. I sang it at a towel show, and so I just kind of felt a connection to it. Since then, what is your song gas like you're, like a concern with the USA, have by our sense of honor ship for it, but I don't get it could ever get so bad that I would that I would sit for, but I get why I get my people do. Ok right, so you ve got the Panthers and cartels is too very brave, picks coming out of the innovation
so, what with which your next day, though Senor these assignments that I'm pissed off that I didn't get to write about before you did what your neck stories that I cannot agree. I was you know what I was thinking about watching Joe reads the Panthers tackle today and this like club that one Miller has created of what sad humongous right tackles in the available keg of its job done. I mean he looks. He looked very sad today in the locker room, and it is now these guys stand up and they're nice guys they do their media obligation, but they just want to go through its VON Miller. Leave me alone.
Sugar start, like I'm, a support club for people that we have just completely owned by vanilla, Lara Shaw, sweaty, sad men, yet talk to talk to each of them and ask if they, if they communicate, you know what they what they think when they're watching in other brethren on film. Ok, that's where I'm gonna write about that tomorrow. You can't anymore striking the man I we rent. We finish every interview with the final three questions are always the same for everyone. The first one is: do you wash your apples? No, unless they're from like seven eleven, I like that. I like that, because a gas station apple to me as a whole different species of apple from year to year, a gas station apple. I feel like some trackers of come many, maybe handled it. I feel like there's a little bit more class and the apple handling department at a grocery store weeds. Maybe I'm wrong how many apples do by seven eleven in a given year so like I used to drive everyone, our one thousand Chicago, because a good driver to envy your Minnesota Ngos or whatever, so I would die like probably two or three it trip a long time, Europe a gap leader, huh yeah.
But here you know, I I don't buy em on the road, because you can't drive anywhere from Denver right cause. It's so high. Yak is the checkpoint at border guard. I second the last question whose most famous person your cell phone- I used to have kin. Staplers number I mean he's little: oh yeah yeah. Do you think, there's little instanter. There was a senator that I had, but I'm Blake and on his name I talked to him for like daily fantasies story. Always more impressed with marker Rubia to say was market than sport, be it wasn't part of, incidentally, market Zephyr, Schumacher, ok, so.
I want to call center Rubio we're gonna covered cement. Yeah was to know it was like that guy who said that fact that you have see was never glass and he was like the most prominent. You have seen Conan enough in New York Legislature, oh yeah, the human caught fighting guy. She, yes, I got a guy named but yeah. Ok, that's cool the school. I remember who talk about its equal name: yeah. Ok, we haven't had a centre on this programme. Yet I finally question question I want to ask you: don't have to answer brown and ask anyway we had to go here. What is your room ranking? Looking like these days? You know, I don't know if enough of your, your fans are going to get that reference, but I dont know how to check that are also I've never check it. Ok, we'll our producer actually all
also. So this is why it works. Is our producer has a really bad Ober ranking cause he's gotten in more than one. I think tests with Buber drivers- and I should just kicked unjust- kicked off if they he's just kick up, move any Kenya's everywhere it out into a fight with a driver that escalate. into a police situation
so you guys have one common salary. I won't talk about. You know I. I would like to know what it is. I find that, because the directions are in its there's, not a lot a margin for error for the older drivers, the conflict with the taxi drivers is always over. The rout yeah yeah he's here is how it happened. So it happened. I don't know, do your learnt argument will that's where Robert thank you so much. We appreciate it. You deserve at least a couple dummies tonight from from. Do you think you guys, you know it's it's I dont really enjoy. I really just don't do that suffer not just pay lip service
I don't like it you, moreover, moreover, Coca apples, apples, apples, you earn like an avid apple either is so great because we asked a question. Everyone and one people dont have a stance on it, but you are. You are direct to the point in a lot of up here and you walk up when I think about it. A lot, the other reason and not to get you D. where the hell am I going to wash it from a gas station? That's a good point! Cuz! You don't want to use that sink yeah. I don't even want to touch the key to get into the bathroom to use the think. It's just I'm content, I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul, he added so you're only option b to buy it like a bottle of water from the gas station than just dump it all over the apple like an idiot in the parking lot unjust, wasteful of later, rather broader, so you don't want do that. I'm with you. We don't wash your apples on the show this. I was glad to hear that we get a kindred spirits, yeah
Are you guys, like a gram thanks so much? I really appreciate it another something completed We now welcome on Eagles is filled all the Eagles ban, eater see for four five you can find em on twitter fat pussy is yummy each. Four or five. What's up man, you re to get yourself, bitch slap them one, and I football naw man, I'm not ready to give. Dude, I mean respond to be a fucking rough house game that shouldn't be rugged as fuck, but hopefully we can pull that shit out. It's going to be tough, MR debt pussy. I had actually one request. We talk about doing this a month ago, remember back and in an area where radio station there was, but they had a guy. Those pretending to be a black guy calling into the show we were wondering if you could pretend to be in a town.
the guy calling in Dar Show like what would you say as an italian eagles. When I have no fucking, no man can you do too tight oppression like something from the godfather or casino whose army, by guy. Lastly, I can do you want, and twenty Montana Shavers yet oh, I love that. That's a big that I'm a big scarface. impression guy would you got give it to me? I saw you ought to pay my bearing. Are you married Ok I'll do mine Roca gesture switching to bear hoo hoo, whose close the bad guy you up. Who point to point to the bad guy who's, the bad guy say Goodnight to the bad as progress
Let's get serious for second Carson went through you believer not yet I mean you know the motherfucker man. He beat shouted round my fingers. I still lying motherfuckers talker shit, all my guys around give a fund managers, his ass. He went out and he saw that he's a muffled monster, but you know it is the rounds. You feel me a slight. I want him to go out. There may give you fuck with pit. That's your leg. Let's go eat flawed on rum, celebrate knowing what about what about the bears where they on that level like give Carson whence comes out and takes my bears the woodshed huh? What are even worse, You eat nuts tears. But what do you mean? What am I
yeah I mean some forty, I mean some fucking sickness drives negative, like a fucking DAS, actually being sauce, Nigger, wasn't she's, ok, we'll spice, ok, also which a prediction for the game harm and do what in his home in the street saying it filled out right now they say, and I think in the bears they think the eagles. I don't know I don't even bigger through California backlog, another tool, research, one for one time, we're really bad it in research? No, I did my research you're really bad, not put us in that book. Sigh about that. I had to give you my score prediction I would say, bears when twenty four and twenty? Oh that's what the streets and Bakersfield Assent. Nor do I understand negative for the financing and what else you got on oh shit to cheer up on your twitter right now, some of them
There was a very erect penis under your photos. Who did you set? That's Oh god, it's what I do not have one for seven, so they don't trust me make us whenever it hot cinema picture of a big ass, they can be life in a minute after enduring shit, we're about, I would say, ten second biggest type it in search of save it I wonder how many times you, why don't you just someone like ready to go home like you? Don't that issues of a dick file on your computer for for all the trolls, oh good, good! Ok, we got you. Station for Monday night? Football We got some thoughts on week too.
Well sure got you got anything else force or have you back on every now and then throughout the season gets get an update on eagles nation, get an update on Carson ones, but we got nothing else. You can leave us with before the big game tonight. Yeah bash, barbaric and any progress made. I want. I want to talk shit grinning asked a beggar spoke out of turn. That would mean being that's. The acres field is new to make your slash you'll Cinema DEC. You think so much everyone you can go for European at fat. Pussies yummy he's got like twenty ether. and followers. So let's get that thing problem area does go. I thanks. Man appreciate its unanimous position.
I let those interviews were brought to you by seek seek is the best place to find tickets online Fore paws back its kick his the smartest easiest way to find tickets for the games you want to see. up close it in person. This season, there's nothing like being in the stadium for the biggest plays the year and we seek it's never been easier. Seek its super super easy. You gotta I'm gettin there's things going on in the studio right now, but I want to get through the seeking gap because I love my friends at seek. They take care of us and its supervision. They have an app it's free. You download the Seatgeek app go to settings tab. You cook at a promo code, enter the promo code, take and seek equal sing it twenty dollars. That's you made your first take a purchase. It is awesome. I use it anytime. I want to go to a game. I go pop open my seiki gap and you can find the best tickets in the stadium that you're looking at they great it. They give you
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a screen watching like really I let it people around you walk into a room in it. Just us, I was just kind of like poring over seats. Genetic far been lazy, live in right, you just sort of heart. I stayed up all the way to watch the Texas Cow game. It was. It was a late night by the way, guys who college kids, who drop the ball before the end I love it what's going on there. I love it because everyone freaks out it's easier to. Why would you do that? Hey, it's called showmanship egg. Did you read on that as a youth as a youth? Why do kids do this adhd? eighty three more after needs. That's right! Dawson was redolent. No one had this problem. Ok, seahawks have never dropped a ball before they got to the true feta. Just little Sabre metrics, I, let's start with a new segment called. He said why
that was good. It is like a little little ethnic yeah like say it's a little bit of appropriations. He said what s work. This goes out to boomer size and Hank hit us with what he said. I can't we're here that there is not a guy in the guy's. Not even onless he's busy dont even play for is busy. Don't allotted commercials is David Manning. Maybe just maybe what are you talking about a backup quarterback now? Why do you say? That's it? That's all hot hot take, I kind of like it, though I mean when you guys presented this to me out in the green room pressure fistfight. I just looked stunted said: while there are some who were actually think that Bilbil check would sign, Pate Manning, but More, I think, about a billboard check is the type a guy who would sign pavement and if their anybody out there, that's really good at completing passes to New England Patriots, its paid manic, good point, so
oh, it actually starts to make little sense now. Good point quicker, quick rundown who cause operators have to sign someone off the off the street right you can't go, join airmen is their emergency, but I hope that they do but they're not going ok. So let's talk really quickly. Who should they sign? Well, there's a man named Joe Web Joe web is actually on the Panthers, ok, but I'm sure that they could be convincing to drop him. I was gonna go with your webs Joab before Joab divorce, Jackson, oh to viruses. After is he his wife still born and guns out of order. He pointed a gun in his wife and You won't even hit me because you never not accurate and up to shoot me so maybe not cross, and another winter will not make MIKE fix actor. I want them to open up the year to Hell all Yankees action creates a howl is just Tita Yeats, and you can you say that
you. You also are friends of teaching it's nice bragging. Realistically, yes, I think think I'm joke about this Jeff Garcia. Like I don't think a belgic, would actually signed just Russia you're an idiot because you would he's here. He has been looking at Garcia number and his phone and staring at almost pressing call last two hour. Not only that, but if you don't think Jeff Garcia could put on some pads on Sunday and go eleven for twenty four four hundred and fifteen yards to interceptions. and a russian touchdown you're crazy? What about clipboards? Oh yeah right? It's all here! He will get in the way you do yeah, but he's a little too loose cut wood to loose cut for yeah. That area bill likes a guy like the Yankees like a guy is already got that guy Chris, along with all those tattoos, that's where he can have one right. Everybody gets one of those ass
to Belgium. Doesn't care about dear no clean shaven? This really in your tattoos likely look, look at Patricia yeah an air. Her name is that worked well for him, so he's probably gonna go and do that again. I thank you, new segment. He said We have a new segment, we live debut, it's called what time is it in a way. It's with our friend, Michael rather poor. We're gonna give him a call. He was explaining timezone to us last time years on so time is knowing what the fuck are you doing? What are you are you? Are you Hey up it's it's eleven thirteen here in the east. What time is it out there and elect check? What time is it out there?
eleven fourteen now admit it has passed since you ve been stolen night going on here. Is that a european? Ok, thanks, thanks you're welcome I just me up. I'm here all ok cool things. Man talk to it and that was only What I was really ever media travel complained of the weak from France for sure yeah. This is great is here, is that I respect out how just like blue, in this area, so good that you actually wrote down, because you knew he was going to lead yeah. I was gonna be deleted within about five minutes, rather worrying, rather put whenever or whatever I am an old school. So he says: hey American AIR, obviously at American, here
as courtesy to your legion of exact platinum members. Please let them board after first class. Instead of with the herd thanks, so I agree with him, I mean like there should be an executive, platinum boarding group that goes like after her. Class, before the troops and then before everybody and for the women who has like six kids in a stroller yeah. In the end, the old lady who who who's got the wheelchair, unlike the young kids in a works, were for the airport for those people go on forever shown to be able board absolutely the journalist yeah it ok. So if a troop gets to board and their own special group rent where it what's a trip, gonna differ in their uniform for those extra fifteen answers. Just sit there being polite if its journalists fire off a few tweets start that new column for tomorrow morning.
Send complaints about your motive transportation that used to get to the airport, while you're that see you can make use of that time. So I'm I'm totally on team for sure. Not only that, but would we know to respect the troops if we didn't have journalists that could write about them? That's a great point. I wouldn't so just remember: people journalist make the world round. I pr wanna one Brian Kelly, tough, tough, start to the season for we re, fighting Irish, it was neighbours strategy to go into the season with quarterbacks. It dont know how to tackle that's what they did in its work. You know that their now one into the loss of Michigan State Ass. She came back in the game, but they were getting embarrassed at home on Saturday night from the country brine Kelly them after the game. His twitter account at coach Brian Kelly liked a tweet from user Kevin Kaufman telling Kelly to fire
defensive coordinator, so that was it's time to shake. Ups changed shake up the staff coach coup, it's not working fire Van Border and Brown Kelly's account liked it He then said Pierre Werner one. He has multiple interns running his account. One of them, probably like that. Also one of multiple entrance probably asked the defence according to what the fuck he was during the last minute. The game right that was it doesn't internet did that gets also. An intern was the one that made that kid get up in the scissor lift during a thunderstorm okay, so smart move spies a brand. We send a million times if you are trying to get out of your twitter problems either have the foundation Branco. its foundation industry from that, like all you want foundations have never done anything wrong or punch interns, lotta interns or you call Ryan. This is yeah all right that also Marlins men miles. Man claims he has five different people, their run his account,
which is why he accidently block me one time. Yes, I'm so they gotta get back there up- and he said I think you said he fired somebody now for accidently blocking they said the same people they bought every single orange shoe size, twelve on the internet. Yes, ok, condemnation, every orange visor, yes, ok, I want to make sure hurt or injured God. So hurt or injured. Danny Woodhead has a torn acl and is out for the season and probably going to have to retire, hurt or injured. First of all, we don't know any of that. Okay, it's still early It might just be honest when those things, What many, what it's called but, like all this theory, might just figure in your new rights is one of those things that you shake off so I was take. I was taking a shower. I was taking a shower first mistake here, get out new shouldn't bathe and then, if Sunday, I guess the day, we're guys can be stink right right. So I ve
I waited man law and I paid, I would say, are paid to dearly for yes, some that's my price. I get out a shower and I've got just my phone is filled notifications and it's all people saying like. Oh, my god, are you ok are things like I'm so sorry. and I didn't even none of mentioned would had, but I knew I knew it was about. There's no reason for that. Many people to care about my well being as its related to Danny would had so in my heart of hearts. I knew it was so hopefully he'll be ok, I've got to intact Asia eels. Ok, I don't know I'm John Tomlinson positive. I don't know from a match for Danny, but if I am I will give, I will swear to God give my ACL Danny. What had I don't need, anymore, who's, gonna, replace Danny. That's the court. Nobody replace, ok, but, but we just did the whole. You know who's gonna, be the backup.
but for the New England Patriots when Tom Brady is our geographical was, let me you have to have a replaced or give me the name of who we can rally behind in this time, and let me just say this: two years ago and Danny was out for the year. I item on all fantasy teams. I kept that spot open for them. It would had all your long. I saved a spot for Danny Hashtags Avis birthday and I'm gonna do same, this you're ok cause there. You don't even have a fancy to him. There is I've won faced him. There is no replacing Danny. Would it I so maybe melody. Aren't you got another Goines mom? Oh ok! I get. Actually that's good call start. Mrs Gordon, yes, starve is growing when he got back there. there's a water see run Auburn. He was brought in as a walk on on sidekick. Specialist has become one of their top waters. and what they were not to be racists, but he'll, be ok.
Well, Hastings will happen. I love it. I love it really. His first name just means determination, he's got the same meeting raise cat and his name is fast. Determination, love it. Let's get this, so here's, ok, dad he's doing hockey. His graciously taking himself out of the equation, because without any would had the charges aren't gonna win more than five games this year. No ok, so charges gonna be able to pick up we'll Hastings or Christian Mc Catherine from in the first round, get those guys on the team and then just then we just reload. Ok, I will have you mad. Can imagine, will Hastings coming down hill at you? I we will judge you watch cooler, brother, his name is just great wheel. Hastings look it up. Oh man he's got easy, ginger man he's, a cooler adult arrive, at least
First of all, I am totally on board. The Hastings Express ok you had for me. Yes, so can help but notice that area foster kneeled for the national anthem yeah and he entered his groin severely today to San sky. Interesting little got em and got his American under God to Jape wrote in the declaration. Ok, so fine, before the show's over, I have a spin zone for everyone for everyone, you ready for this and it's from the standard digital. I don't know if this is a real place that I'm going to take place. Well, guess what I don't care expert says: meteor could wipe out earth next week, marking the end of humanity. Okay, you are.
Spends on comes in Hank United, lively about exactly without a tough tough run of it with all cookie. I'm sure there's allow you out. There probably have a lot of money this year, because we all suck a gambling guess what end of humanity. In a week s dodge that call say you're away in big, say Mexico until the meteor comes. Do not pay your book, you just get when at the clock, exactly how well we're at one another second dessert pool extra already there. Also Chicken party did not need to get back in the gym. Now. I was actually going back in the gym tomorrow until I saw this news now you be real sucker real. We should be spending all of your time, eating bad for your food and having sex. Yes, that's it ok and watching with myself, but I just I didn't specify light for the part in yes, just orgasm,
It is so easy, orgasms educated in the next year. In other words, a word is hard. Don't do that all work like that, but yeah serves the guys just appear book, because we're literally all gonna die someday, probably next week it if he gives any shit, be like a pig cattle yet pick at home. You know I give my number. Take care of us. We should do that. We should have liquor He passed around service where, like I give my number to someone to I'm out and back oh yeah, hey this is this, is a new number? Will I dont, have you ever negotiated contract with somebody, and they say yet that sounds great. Let me just put you through, so our legal yeah so well run. I was so you'll be somebody's legal, but I like yeah, you know I'm gonna, I'm working on getting that checks stamped and send out to you later on this. We should all do that. We should all scratch each other's backs will have like a telephone tree a bookie tree. I hear you talk to my bookie I'll talk to yours and we all just help each other out. We never have to pay Hank. You know it.
I'll phone trees. Now we ve, we don't do this or that you know it. That's the Danny. What had Jack Daniels talking right? That's! Ok! I'm ok with you having a few drinks. This episode, thanks I will see when Wednesday quickly we are starting to a lot of videos. So you don't want to miss those videos. If you don't see it they're all on Birstall sports are com. You can also followers on twitter at part. My take an instagram at part. My take an snapchat app are still sport follow us we're doing. A bunch of videos were doing you, Larry gambling videos. We have a few fund ideas, one call that guy's on a bench which are gonna be debuting soon that one's great with Guy Caleb, we have all kinds of fun stuff so do that also remember script, tell everyone to subscribe. We want to be number one. We are number one, but we want to be number one number one or yeah. By the way. We we just like claim that we're number one, even though we're like four, but I can like that
but we're on our way back to normal right, and we were once number one. So when someone says you guys are the number one podcast I just say well, yeah depends on what we right on in people's hearts. Yes, but I'm ok get good good point, plus it's kind of rude of you to correct them after this, and also fancy football, it's all those nerds do in favour of abolishing the Matthew Bury so come on guys subscribe to.
I'll, just tell everyone else's subscribe and leave review. Was you Wednesday, its part? My take cassettes it by far stool sports