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2017-06-29 | 🔗
4th of July weekend is here and Knicks fans are officially free. Chris Paul traded and is it time for Cubs fans to hit the panic button (8:44-11:13). Former NFL lineman Ross Tucker joins the show to talk football, media, and Mt Rushmore of Patriots (New England and American)(14:44-41:30):. Segments include PR 101 for Jim Irsay(43:08-46:15). Respect the Biz for Lou Williams(48:10-50:55). NASA Update. Stay Woke are we Russian Spies?(53:02-54:48) And our newest segment "Higher Education"(56:45-1:04:08)
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on today's part of my take we have ross tucker joining us he is seven year nfl vet he also has a great podcast an he's in the biz now please also in the sixty nine fan club he ward number sixty nine for many years we did mount rushmore of patriots both the new england and american kind we have some phil jackson talk whether or not i'm going to hit the panic button for the cub p one on one for jim irsay
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welcome to part of my take it is friday june thirtieth and i hope you're already drunk it is friday june 30th and the chicago go cubs are imploding is it time to panic we're going to we're going to get to the panic button we're going to get to it we're going to get to the panic button 'cause i have some thoughts about the panic button that i may or may not have pressed like we said we hope you're drunk because it is a holiday weekend hopefully you're not drunk at work but if you whatever yeah if you're listening to this past four hundred pm the nfl has just suspended five players we don't know who they are yes because we can't look in the future but the news dump is coming and it's my favorite time of
i'm really bummed out that we're not going to be able to do podcast but i'm going to be drunk in the great state of texas for the first time in year over year there is yeah i've been back there so just to remind everyone because we like to we like to over remind the award winning lesser so there's no freaking out next week july fourth week we're taking a mini vacation but that doesn't mean you won't have podcast on monday we're releasing a two hour podcast with five awesome july fourth interviews and we will be doing that so you can go check that out and if you have to work on monday and wednesday make sure you stop halfway through and make sure that you space it out so you don't kill yourself when you're trying to you know be at work on one just don't kill yourself in general but but that's that's the deal so you're going to have a new two hour podcast on monday no new show on wednesday and then uh and new show will be back in the office on thursday you have a brand new show on friday and then we were off to miami for the all star
beyond me beyond the need iommi so here's the thing so we only take like two weeks off a year and her it when i press the panic but we're pressing the refresh button yes we've got a big summer coming for you guys what's a good stuff in july and aug so i'm just i'm putting on sunglasses right now deal with it yeah so or we get going before we get to our holiday the knicks have won the nba title well no not actually but their fans reacted like that because finally fired phil jackson spends on this is the first good move the knicks have made in like three years yeah so they got rid of phil phil is although as we've hypothesized on this podcast phil has been trying to fuck the next up for the last couple years and he finally succeeded finally got wind of it but his master plan was to get paid for screwing up a franchise he's getting paid he phil is he's like a yoga guide now right yeah he's like a buddhist he is dick down in that super volcano in yosemite
however it is in montana that he lives he's just like fucking the ground having a good time getting paid for it he's going downward dog into a pile of cash while he's smoking some peyote e or whatever the fuck i can't be mad at him he he played james dolan like a fiddle here is the bad news for the next james dolan still owns the team so this is one of those hey phil jackson got fired that's awesome am and also phil jackson he drafted a guy for the triangle offense like a week before he got fired he got paid you ready for this six hundred and sixty six thousand and six hundred and sixty six dollars for every single win the next sat under his tenure that is great sabermetrics that is you there's only option there's only one solution bringing tivo well reversal of this year you want to hear the names that are on the list there's only one i say it's tom eyes that tom yes the cat the new york knicks are operating as like the cat in the hat when they kept moving staying all over the house until it was covering the entire like backyard there's just like a nice
thomas underneath fills hat and then there's a film anything is heather just gonna grow recycling each other out so i is it thomas i guess that answers the question how long do you need to let how much time you need to have a lapse since your last sexual harassment lawsuit against your team because of your owners a creep well it's about a decade so i say thomas might be back to sexual hugs are coming back to new york is that what they were like over sexual hugging the thing is though it's just basically holding with a that's is that a crime yeah the job requirement for the next president or gm is basically just give james dolan are your complicit loyalty and never say anything bad about him and he will give job forever i want to see james dolan so he's got that band going right jd and the straight shots first of all we're going to be groupies form going to go meet some of his machine gun show james oh might it's yeah there you go throw some panties at yeah just throw some me undies adam later i want to see him an gym
team up to form like a superstar league of guitar playing team owner perverts yes that be a beautiful beautiful see the other nba news chris paul is been shipped off to the rockets and it turns out having a coach and a gm coach slash gm who brings on his son in plays him a lot of minutes is bad for team morale who knew so doc rivers in austin rivers it's reported that chris paul hated doc rivers ever since he brought some rivers on and basically didn't yell at austin rivers and died was not exactly like his child talk can't really yell at anybody anymore because i is always yelling at everyone is in a hoarse voice yeah one of the yeah i'm so in houston they got there are more you right these are gm is big saber matters big sabermetrics guy yep here's good daryl morey is at sabermetrics apparently because you made this trade he invented a way to play basketball with two balls
yes 'cause that is coming folks we are getting the only one ball talk because guess what people forget chris paul and james harden their big ball guys i would love to have the ball in their hands at all times in love to balls they love having they'd love touching balls they love shooting balls they don't love passing balls i want to see carmelo work his way down to houston to get that big three down there they would they would actually instead of playing defense they would just shoot on their own baskets that they could score the region called out the ricky davis is make more baskets yeah it's going to be wild i give that about two months before we get james harden doing something weird and being like hey i need the ball and chris balls like well i'm the point guard and i need the ball and basically i lost the heartbeat of their team patrick beverley site sam dekker slash yes exactly yeah however is there like an earthworm yeah three office alright let's talk about it the panic button oh you're pressing your hovering it have you pressed it yet chris brown
he sprained his ankle greek his ankle but you almost wish that had been a break because a lot of people forget that a sprain can be worse than a break i do not wish it was break i for the cubs and then it was pretty much the worst day possible for the cubs they basically had miguel montero trash jake arieta miguel montero can't throw anyone out and he's like well actually it was the pitchers fault miguel montero also is someone who wants by no hitters on catcher record so he's a he's a he's a team guy i agree with that cell i think that actually the fan should get credit too so i'm not talking about it so miguel montero bass jake arrieta then he got cut the next morning on rizzo went one on the radio said miguel montero is like a me first guy go ontario went on the radio and batch rizzo and then chris bryant got hurt and oh yeah the cubs are playing really bad baseball so the panic button i have not pressed it because i've decided i'm going to keep telling myself the cubs are fine until they finish eight thousand one hundred and eighty
and probably when central water finds its level right so we're just waiting for that drought to kick in yeah yeah it the cubs their classic example not being able to success right this is like the start of the second act for a vh one behind the music right now when david lee roth quits the band that's what the make montero df a is so here's a story line is going to start popping up and i actually don't think it's like so wildly on true has joe maddon loss the team so obviously the cubs won the world series i don't know if you heard but there were some questionable manage the real decisions last october and there was is that he has lost some of the clubhouse then you have david ross leave and dexter fowler go to the cardinals and now we have to ask has joe maddon lasa clubhouse i hope he hasn't
shin on on dial right now speed dial we should you should back in there you should bring that offense of line coach for the browns and yeah i do a couple card tricks i don't know i i'm a little nervous but i have a i have a silver lining you ready for it yeah this is where i'm putting the panic button away bryce harper instagrammed a picture with crisp his friend that's right so chris brian is going to be joining the national now bryce harper said hashtag back to back one day and we no bryce harper wants to play in pinstripes is going to look good in pinstripes as far as part of my to end his dog's name is regularly so just connect a few dots what we are you so sure that he wasn't just inviting chris to go play in dc no because chris will still be under contract when bryce harper's free agent nine there's always try
so that's kind of like a little tell israeli that seven a look does not have a pretty stack bull pen that i think the the cubs would enjoy inheriting i am it basically the cubs i'll put away the panic button the panic button sitting in front of me right now i'll put it away as soon as they also gfa john lackey cow hundreds comes back and is somehow come hundreds of last year and jake area starts doing yoga again or do you think that maybe chris and are both planning to go into the yankees though that's nice christian in new york in the big city i don't there's already a connected dots there's a huge billboard of kris bryant about like five blocks away from her office so he's basically already set up shop here now all right you ready for ross tucker i'm not ready for ross tucker until you take us into the interview with a suite at i gotta couple for you this
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take care of those puppies don't end up looking like shaq go to bomb a stock com right now slash p m t and get twenty percent off your socks alright here is our great interview and mount rushmore with ross tucker hey we now welcome on ross tucker former nfl linemen he also hosts a podcast called ross tucker football podcasts he also our guest hosts the dan patrick show would you are doing if you're listening to this right now ross tucker can be on your tv so turn it on and watch him on nbc right nbc sports network or direct tv and there's a lot of people that listen to that on podcast to all get yeah i'll get tweets like at midnight or like the next day like and people think it's like they think they're reacting to live it
it's a really interesting that like no that was nine am to noon yesterday yeah i'm sure you guys connect yeah we did this one thing with the vikings last year where we taped like a quiz show with them and then and then air for like six months yeah we tape and then we got which people like at the gym being like wow holy ship what are you guys doing in minnesota that was august time travel before we get to all of our questions i wanted to ask you quickly about dan patrick show rank your danettes 'cause we know them personally and we're friends with some of them were not going to once yeah but just choose why choose yeah right yeah yeah yeah all that that's really hard yeah means me and get me you know what i'm going i'm going for to see one while not tell you why i'll tell you why i'll tell you why is the guest booker is lady lakes and this was a little younger brother using bread fritz he puts a paycheck into so that i've been on the air and we've been debating rick meyer how you say his last name yeah pretty gets rick meyer on and i won i was we did with the program ten minutes
later i'm talking a latimer from the program because it goes with my idol andrew bring our support whatever job number one one gosh this sucks i'm going i'm going to seton too ok ok i just wow you're just kinda your only offer our guys always a good thing i love all of them okay i'll make love the last because he's the nice to like cost jobs so can we he can go to a real live you the schools up make love in last yeah i'll put poli three three and seton to seem just like the cool use a guy but they're all on your mount rushmore of dennis yeah that's for all four of them would be on my they're good leaving off i'm leaving off two days yeah yes so all these out on friday so two days will be filling in for him ok ok so
they invite you on the show do you have to wear flannel too or is that just have an optional thing that is an optional thing i always wonder like what you know i'm always a little bit self conscious about what i should wear cuz i'm not used to doing radio on tell so like where you're looking what i should wear like i i thought my wife yes say i'm like you think i'm good with flip flops she said now loafers like flip flops my wife said was to cash in summertime people are really i thought yeah i thought but she's to go with the loafers i'm not a low for guy there's too much but really moisture gets and the princeton guy i know i know i know it's really boat shoes in vineyard or he went to wisconsin yes holy cow dude i was there one time i cannot believe the student union is on the search i didn't sell beer and iraq yeah i would never have gone and then they have the street where you can't drive car yes is so far i was drinking spotted cow i want to place for ice cream and it said like nutrition instead
don't even ask yeah your red wisconsin milk yeah i think that's what all the fat a buddy of mine we my talk page you to some point a buddy my to play for the patriots for seven years yoruichi his son is a sophomore in high school just got off a full ride by wiscconsin out there and he was like dude that places and i said yeah take it that's great it's actually like the best school for offense of linemen can't you can get yeah so big there yeah that's why they run the ball eighty times again yeah so so springer colleges you did go to princeton you are an ivy league snob my question is you see your own drafted yeah do you think that the pro going to princeton actually helped you when it when it came to being undrafted in trying to get on with the team because you got that right fits patrick well he must be a smart guy no i don't i think it hurts in fact with another guy my year prince i got drafted so ryan grigson good friend of pat mcafee spin on it for that he he can compensate for running great since
i was talking to one time yeah his job was to recruit to to scout the northeast when i came out and he said i'll never make that mistake again you know i just didn't believe the principal to do just the same year the other guy was like a total freak show had no this being the ivy league and so they don't even look at me because of not help i zero signing bonus but once you get on because i do think that there's that element of like if you're not a start obviously the starters are the best players going to be a star in the nfl and and a drafted guy if you don't have that freak athletic stuff but when you're talking about filling out a roster i would say is you know gm's and culture like hey we want guys who have a good head on their shoulders and know what to do and and that princeton tag that i really tag probably it right that's blocked i'm convinced if you went to if you went to virginia tech there's no chance he would still be in the end where you go to school too little place called school up in boston
exactly well that's where you go when you place where you go when you get it can't get into princeton works both ways though because they think ok obviously this guys gotta be smart is going to have some between zero but then there are also like this guys ivy league softap right so when you got in your playing with schottenheimer right yes so did schottenheimer he's known for doing oklahoma drills all the time and his camps did he like put you in those the most just make sure that you weren't ivy league soft they there's no question not only the coaches but every team i played for i got in a fight within like the first two days peppy zone are in dallas a lavar arrington washed in because like they just think silver spooned prince think i like i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm reading pennsylvania right but i i didn't get big scholarship offers cuz i was a late bloomer my scholarship offers like delaware wayne and mary's i thought i going to princeton harbor to the football my mom you know it's my family didn't like that so i went and actually you'll appreciate this i'm glad i went now i was going to go to penn state but they didn't want me
this is for the best i know retrospect yes and if i go in there red shirted redshirted and so that's unless year i got paid for right 'cause everybody like i had a back surgery buffalo then my career ended with i heard he my c six and bruce my spinal cord so instead of playing seven years to bruce does it hurt or injured jesus christ this guys for stealing all joe team he's got a bruise so you basically have turf toe in your back just a blue turf toes no joke you don't go here we go pick up at my dog like months ago i don't know if you know that i didn't know that but i did see you have an incident with the table though was that you dove i mean like he ate too much by the way years you always talk like you're good you're pretty good shape and not ten pounds on this key ptosis diet so you say you're full of now i see all this stuff all big
don't like in good shape last like yeah i went from like two hundred and forty to two hundred and twenty five in the last like two one slash two weeks were basically on the wisconsin diet were eating nothing but meat and cheese so it's great no beer though we gotta step up i mention the all team do you see that usa today all joe team do you see that as a compliment or do you see it as for what it's worth just a white guy kind of sucks by far best compliment rely careers so you spawn that in your head dude yes you're the quarterback was that year brady oh wow they put brady's the aljo quarterbacks i was like that's when i was in buffalo yeah dude i mean when you're undrafted free agent that was after my third year like i already been cut twice to have any recognition anywhere adding the only reason why i like the liner they put are nice it was like princeton guy in a blue collar town that's the one negative like the ivy league is like that's all anybody who talks about then yeah no because all you talk about
i've really guys talking chicken or egg out finally and over and over rated guy gets gets over paid or something it's patrick he's an inspiration to every harvard grad that maybe if you to suck when you get to your chosen profess yeah get over today yes it's it's good to have that so you also played for the patriots for awhile yes so you experience a schottenheimer and the bell check camp which was harder shaner real well yeah we're belichick's two days like they weren't that bad it will you know that was six though as opposed to two thousand one things changed even in those five years but schottenheimer do the the first two weeks we went full pads two one slash two hours twice a day everyday and the fourth day i tore my mcl i was out eight days i came back first nfl action ever i'm the hammy backing up at left tackle chris animals gets hurt on the third place so i'm
the first preseason game okay chris amos gets hurt on the third play and i'm thinking they're gonna put you know one of the other veterans in she and i'm chuck i'm looks me go getting there i go in the huddle and it's like stephen davis are running back steve alexander's are tight end michael westbrook's our of jeff george is the quarterback like jesus looked 1990s like all stars and i'm like hey guys i had never played in front of like twenty five thousand people before orgasm right now i'm in the hotel yeah hi guys i'm ross' anne then i said to jeff georgia like jeff like i won't get beat inside i won't get run over but like they are coming around by the way jeff george gets a very bad rap how set from us we loved gesture we focus people think he's such a jerk i'll never forget the message he jay cutler is the same way i mean that's that kind of being the same situation except everybody says that but i've talked to multiple guys that played with cutler and i've seen cutler cutler
is not a good human being i don't know if you wanna go that breaking breaking glass yeah ok he i know i've known him and he's not a bad human beings it might be a little surly but he's a dick i mean yeah i pretty friends with them no i i've heard of friends with to them it's better solo like take some people don't like yeah dracula beings are strong thing to say all right he's he he can be grumpy so anyway i tore my m c l i'm stand them under the free agent prince and jeff george were like bread for meeting he's going is and he looks at me goes tucker even knowing my name tuck you want a smoothie and i was like yes jeff george i'll take a smooth click awesome thanks man do you think that the camps do you think there's any truth in the fact that like everyone is saying that the fact that they can't do two days in these camps are not like they used to be like you said two thousand and one even to two thousand and six do you think that that has anything to do with the slow starts that we see
like september and october with the nfl 'cause it is bad football to start the season yeah i think it has a lot of impact on the offensive line like if i was fire i would want no hitting as little practice as possible because all i care about is the money and saving my body but objectively now as an analyst yeah because you just like like anything else you guys are better at this then when you first started right you have a better report whatever same thing with offensive line play and if you're not working with the guy next to you that often you're going to mess up like like the best example i can give is if i don't know you big cat and have a double team i'll say deuce so you know we're blocking this guy to the backside linebacker when you've been working with but defensive lineman they're not that dumb like they figure out what deuce means right so when i've been working with you for awhile i don't even need to say we just know it's deuce and then i've been working for you for a long time i'll say scoop so that the idiot d tackle thinks it's a backside block
and he'll like go down to a knee or hill meanwhile it seduce and what time you can actually you dummy calls right so like the best o lines are the teams that they're around long enough that there dummy calls and just totally messing with the d lineman's minds so you also you played with you played brady for a little bit with a one season end of five and then six till they traded to cleveland i heard through the grapevine that used to drink beers of brady and that brady can be pretty much anyone in a truck in battle cetera yeah i mean i only hang out with them socially two or three times maybe so disappointed this also is also really bothers me talk about all the time on the show if you're attractive a good athlete you have to look at something like yeah me something to make fun of it here's where he does suck right now he probably does he probably had a beer in ten years correct he probably drinks him i know all i know is that okay this is only waters recede he tried to pay cash and so i would always refer turning college right and i never said i was right data delayed apart yeah
i know saw you they're good at articulating pioneer journal sorority so so dude there's a guy name hoagie havener right by far the best o lineman i mean best chugger i've ever seen by far were at new england belichick gives us the weekend off during training camp 'cause harry carson got in the hall famous something we go to this local place and somebody brings up a chugging contest and there's a couple of rookie o lineman that including rhino callahan the guy that just came out as being almost like he's in the chugging contest and brady's in it and we're placing bets and i placed bets on this meatball from notre dame dan stevenson and the and the older patrie guys looking in that they like the second had like do he you could not have poured the beer out faster if you just poured it out and he crushed it and slammed the cup down like gronk scoring a touchdown his intensity it was unbelievable i remember thinking like this dude has every positive male
all the known to man right although although he would blow dries hair like after after practice like give you exactly blow dries hair so i kind of knock him for that a little bit did you see that in other i mean you obviously hung out with them socially only a couple times but like in like little practice games did you see that kind of competitive st 'cause that's really to maine fascinating when you see like the guys who are that next level great like stories of michael jordan like can't lose a game of ping pong you know what i mean like that same that same night i had come from buffalo and i had said like the previous season i talked about how much i like bledsoe as a quarterback is blood so his christmas gifts to us were awesome he paid for every bar tab like bledsoe was crazy generous that night i go over to pay for my barbecue whatever with the patriots brady comes like running over the cross i got i got like tom is twelve dollars i can pay for it no i got it i'm convinced
that he remembered the year before me like talking about how generous bledsoe was and was like screw that i am paying for this and we used to do in the offseason that's good though heading west to computer generated sources we would do like quick feet drills and he was really really unathletic to the point where they already won three super bowls but the guys would like make fun of him and he would do it again like he be like do it again and like dude you're tom brady world like nobody cares right but because we would laugh 'cause he didn't look athletic in like the ladder drills do it again what about everyone obviously talks about the culture in new england and how that that kind of you know the parable culture oh really terrible so terrible culture in what way
when i was there five and six six most of the guys were like pretty miserable and they were in five five when they signed me going for for their third straight bowl i felt like a lot of guys felt like they were underpaid because they were probably yet you always feel like you're kind of being watched like there's a camera microphone everywhere and it's it's a hundred percent negative reinforcement i don't think that the patriots have ever been associated with like inappropriate camera work i think that seems a bit paranoid but then that's funny because he only went to kansas city right and kansas city they had that same like paranoia where they thought that every room was actually bug would like secret tapes and stuff being made definitely think that when you're there and they sort of a practice big cat everywhere every meeting with the five worst place in the day before okay your whole motivation yeah is to not be on the low like tape and have bell check cussing you out the next day what does it i mean it's still works because its results right
i mean everyone how you win right you can argue with the results but also brady is a big big factor because even if it's negative reinforcement like when you have him as your quarterback you just expect to win i play with so many other quarterbacks to its fourth quarter like matt hope this guy can do something right brady it's like every other team just expects to win it's such a weird feeling to just totally expect when every game because you have the best right yeah and then you went to cleveland yeah that's great culture watching you because they probably want to work camera hey look charles bentley with charles bentley tours me up so they traded for me right and
starting center right away i'd like eight cameras around me right after the first practice and they're like you're ross what's it like you know what's it like to be here and and this is what you have to do when you're in a full player unless you're on you know pardon my take pike as you say i'm i'm thrilled to be here i've heard great things from them during the people about romeo cornell we got exciting young quarterback in charlie frye and i've heard great things end kellen winslow and soldier killing winslow and braylon edwards are to the most talented young players like if i could have been honest i would've been like romeo criminals way too nice he'll never last charlie friday is terrible kellen winslow braylon edwards are both punks we'll be lucky to win four games this year but they're gonna pay me to play football in cleveland the writer so i'm thrilled i'm happy to be here it's it's funny because if you you see this a lot of times like good players going to cleveland and the cleveland media and the browns to they treat them like in a movie where a time traveler comes back from the future and
it knows the secrets about like how to design a functional government or something like that you get like one patriots but like please show that's how it's done and they look at that one person is as being the savior i actually have a theory about bill check and i don't think that he coaches to win super bowls i think that he doesn't want to be on hard thanks so much so badly that he just wants to make the playoffs here just so he doesn't have to deal with camera crews in schitt coming in is it raining yet he still always has some for those memoir superbowl things afterwards he has those you know he's happy to after the fact give you all the footage an interview the coaches he that stuff to last into bus there he doesn't want hbo in the nfl telling him what to put on his like season recaps right you want some control on that correct right should we do our mount rushmore real you are i think our second recurring guest that war sixty nine oh yeah i'm
recurring guest user then that you come on this trip you come back so sixty nine did you get the joke when you were the number or did someone have to explain no it's an ivy league school so popular joke i got the joke what's the joke can you explain to maine you know what's funny though you know it's funny after my second year in the league of buddy of mine he booked a bunch of speeches for me like in my hometown and reading pa right i'll get like five hundred bucks one hundred dollars so i go to these high schools or whatever and i would wear my sixty nine cowboys jersey which by the way we think of anyway i brought you a bunch of sixty nine year i purchased a lot you know that i was ahead of the curve like yesterday i know that that's good
under your thing but i have like tangible evidence and i have been around for awhile yeah but your big sixteen i'm a big big sixteen i guess so dude i'm at this catholic school and we opened up the questions after i give like my motivational speech and the second question is from this girl and she says yeah i just want to know why you pick number sixty nine and it's like i'm looking at her and how do you that's a tough one to answer yeah other than being right are you are you are you eighteen by the way yeah yeah right exactly that's a real tough question at a high school i would say like a big bryan adams fan yeah and i love that song summer six nine yes nine guys yes summer love i think i might add i think i might as well for there it is i think i might add i don't i might like told to grow up for some reminder the greatest reverse it on him all right let's do it not rush where we have mount rushmore of patriots in his american patriots and patriots it could be new england patriots american
patriots anyone who in preparation for our july fourth holiday inn celebration of america we think of america we think a patriots these are mount rushmore we ready to go do you want to go first you need to you need to warm up you want to know about for your autograph go first are go ahead snake draft where we know we're going to go regular for then i'll go to the bank at number one pick i'm taking brady ok ok that also buys me time think about my other device because hank's not here so first time hanks not taken tom brady in a mount rushmore someone did it for him so we appreciate that we all do our own mount rush yeah so you got three more all had him all right now yeah you want to stay will give you some time i'll go next i'm going to start with paul revere
that was one if by land two if by sea just ride around on that horse that's been cool you know it's also getting confused about green every down the headless horseman what it what it is problematic about paul revere those anytime you bring him up there's also so a female version of paul revere it actually road for a longer distance and folded but nobody talks about us she's been history eraser yes that's true yeah now i forget her name because because i'm powers white washed by misogynistic history it's the patriarchal society exactly so my still riding actually she is my first round pick is going to be gibson who also had him but do you want to clarify because it's mel gibson before you got race yes mel gibson yes you know he was a patriot in the patriot and also in braveheart yeah is it just a scottish patriot yes so my second pick i'm to go with reche caldwell let him
big big bug eyes just for that one sequence of plays where he fuckedup like twice in a row and it looked like he had that injury that was a tyson gay yeah tyson gay had no no no what the fox damn it got from villanova done this before his eyes fell out of his head layout know alan rallen right there we go there we go all right call well not a very good drug dealer yeah i read those stories drug sam hurd caldwell nate newton to think before yeah that's all i guess erin hernandes kind of dealt in a little bit of that i guess yeah or ontario smith internal possession yes there we go alright my next up is oof i got a good list but i'm going to i'm going to go with jesse owens
great picture yes yeah okay that's what i write in hitler's hidden yasser high in titan hitler's mustache he brushed back hit pretty bad egg time big time in the nineteen thirty six olympics do that to go on i'm going g w george washington okay look this is the guy before george washington the game plan was to just stand in a line okay in red coats and shoot he's like how 'bout we maybe yeah make it over a little bit yeah we stayed in the woods yeah let's hide behind this tree over here i would like george washington was the belichick of revolutionary war yeah and so that would make king george john harbaugh who just complains the whole time yes yeah ok my next noises in the rulebook you supposed to be at the lineup yes will bright colors you have to volunteer thirty percent of guys to get shot in the first five seconds of a war or write my next up is you know what i'm going to do it because you didn't
mount rushmore over current gas i'm going chris long okay so i feel like that's that i'm a throw him a little bone here chris long he also was part of our july fourth episode last year he took the citizenship test against tanks so he is is it true patriot he named his son after an outlaw country musician to just pretty patriotic when you have about it my so i got two more yep and we'll go back all right i'm going to i'm gonna go actually halfway around the world for a couple of these the nineteen eighties and 90s mujahadeen army when they were fighting against the russians ok back when they were the good guys so they were they were patriots and we gave him weapons ok so they beat russia nude usa then my very last one is going to be patriot missiles pager missiles people forget about the pager missiles one us the first gulf
yeah because they're like they're the small really accurate missouri doug flutie of missiles and we're like a big missile comes in there in this tiny little one comes up and shoot it down yeah and they'll end of coverage i just remember vividly just watching like just a map of iraq and that was it that was like the full coverage on the news of the first gulf war and it's like we had a muscle here and and that was like it was that was just a we're looking about on tv for like three weeks straight yep all right my last one the number one american patriot i can't believe you guys and say this arnold schwarzenegger no yeah now he is he he's america is gonna be present one day i hope so they were talking about writing the law to make it sound like this and they got really said too i think i forgot to snake i'm going you just gave me one i'm going with one thousand nine hundred and eighty best hockey team call back my last one i'm going rocky four
ok then we can re sign new when i was six years old when i saw rocky beat drogo i knew that everything was going to be ok i knew that that was war i was no longer read about gorbachev or communism i was like we got this training montage of all oh my baby without a doubt by far i could beat up right now anybody you ask if rocky for is playing in the back so everybody is so true run through a brick wall although eddie eddie murphy's bit about the dangers of running into a white guy right after they watched rocky is one of the funniest things ever did ross tucker thank you so much we're going to have you back in the fall yes please your occuring when i should your twitter handle it's ross tucker nfl right yeah has the nfl ever asked you to take in a fell out of that like you know our trademark by not yet and character let's get the glitz gone that it's really slacking over here ross thank you so much yeah thank you
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with denny's on demand new online ordering your diner favorites are at your fingertips visit denny's and click to order online or download the denny's uh alright thanks to ross tucker i think we'll have him back on in the fall he is a great interview he knows his football he is a football guy through and through and he's a grinder he's the definition of a grinder undrafted princeton guy nfl you don't hear that story off he's a joe right the all joe team out i don't know what that what that meant what is the alt joe just means you're really shity and white ok good for the most part i believe i don't know but now i'm a big believer in yeah all right let's get to some segments first up we have a p r one on one for our good friend jim say the owner of the colts jimbo their little late night tweeting he just happened to tweet out a picture of a naked woman with her version
in showing full version well it's national heterosexual pride day right i saw that trending on twitter today for straight men exactly so sorry that jim irsay can't show his his pride and what he hey love is love it doesn't matter if it's a guy in a guy a guy in a girl or like a sixty five year old guy who's stoned out of his mind cranking it to porn on twitter late 'cause it was a porn picture right it wasn't a picture he took you didn't see man car i saw it i saw it i just didn't know if they looked like he was in in action picture an looked like jim irsay was about to go some heterosexual pride day activity think jim would just firing off his own personal nude he was taking you in that case isn't that just art yeah i mean there are statues out there michelangelo's david who's to say that that's just not porn i mean it's art no matter where
it's still him taking it or someone else is we as everyone knows we are sex positive podcasting so naked woman why can't we appreciate that well i don't think andrew luck do you think andrew luck has ever looked at porn on no he's more like a sears catalog guy i was gonna say yeah either sears catalog or he might just read his porn so like that he reads it he reads a play play penthouse stories i was gonna say like about mr like you've checked out the handmaid's tale twelve times this year yes or something you what you just cranks it while reading yeah he gets those like novellas he is a big book guy either way jim irsay he went with the hacked he went with the hacked account at one am when jim irsay i've been known to be up at one hundred am tweeting weird shit not really going to fly again we have to tell everyone like if you're going to go with the hacked follow it up with some really fuckedup schitt some russian some
maybe some swastikas just go go ham on the hack and then say your hack not just it's very rare that someone gets hacked and tweets a single pick or jim really likes to do this twitter giveaways right yeah so maybe like he was he was just saying the word of the night is the china yeah so if you just he should take in somebody who tweeted back at him the china exclamation mark and be like abby that's the hat pick winner give him free preseason tickets i like i like yeah muncie in you got it yeah i like everyone was shocked by it when it's like what did you expect jim irsay to be doing at one hundred am on well we've been monitoring gyms twitter activity for the last couple months here i regret to inform the jim irsay is back on whatever he was on gone is bullshit he's he is back as bush said he's going to jay mariotti school of tweeting out some nonsense at about one am and then deleting it yes before we all wake up in the morning so yeah i thought some person jim but you could also take the
this is locker room talk yeah so we haven't done this in a long time we've sworn that were off of it and we're not going to antagonize here but we would like to have our friend lenny weigh in on this if you because lenny not so long ago tweet it out a similar picture of like a dancer will say will call dance ballerina there's a dancer in his basement it was yes yes all right so let's see let's see if he's around when we have more hey let me it's the guys from part might take now before you hang up hey hey we don't say it anymore so we're not going to say what you think we're going to say we just wondering if if you saw the jimmer save regina picture and what you thought about that what chart jimmer say to you to pick
of a of a woman woman's with a with a woman with a did you like it are you in your real life should let me how are you celebrating heterosexual pride day a large house house house how i was out it's good everything's going well men and we hope we hope you're well we we yeah yeah yeah yeah i know we appreciate you to stop by we actually do sincerely hope you're doing well and we'll we'll hopefully maybe have yon sometime what s zero one right okay yes all right we'll
talk about all the policy we can see alright alright alright later you don't want i just wanted to let you know what i just was ok i want at some point to love anything in my life as much as lenny dykstra loves push that was that was great that was the old jay feely member when jay feely was asked if he plays video games like no i play real life yeah hey lenny you like that pussy picture on twitter now man i thought that pussy real life i don't like looking at pussies i like being like cesium there we go good to have money back to look at him when you're when your eyes are above the pubis all right we have a respect the biz this goes out to lou williams got two of them actually lou williams had a tweet today he said so crazy to me that all these nerds cover all sports not one athletic bone in their body with all the opinions and analysis i kind of i kind of agree with him well i do but on the other hand that's our job call out nerds right as kind of like
as colonists it's our duty to call out nerd bloggers people from their basements by the way to leave that to us people forget that lou williams is very much she's like the farthest away from a nerd on the scale of nerdy ness because remember a couple years ago when he had two girlfriends that's true game time yeah yeah he well so many girl how many of them live in canada because that's a pretty big nerd thank you true you wouldn't know or he she lives north of the border yeah so i have two girlfriends scale of nate silver to richie incognito where would you put lou i would say he's like one of richie's larger schitz ok that's right raised right around there so hey lou hey if you listen you never been behind
keyboard in your life bro yeah try walking a mile in in my shoes we did the bar still combine was coming out i think july fourteenth thirteenth anyone something like no no thirteenth no more thank you thirteen july thirteenth the barstow comments coming out for a bunch of bloggers hey we can still we can still run around in shorts and not embarrass ourselves totally there were no soft tissue injuries yes well that we are my hamstring yeah it's okay actually i did it are you doing okay today i'm okay i'm okay he made by doctor just yeah one more thing for lou you bounce a ball for low okay it takes a man to make people who bounce balls for living interesting so really the nerds are the real jock without us you'd be playing in some random court with no one watching just remember that we pay your bills both journal side and fansite we're actually the king of the jungle
in that respect we are both we also have a respect the biz for red sox general manager dave dombrowski who i guess said in an interview that when asked if he read barstool sports he said there's not a lot of credibility with it in the ferrell slash coaches report is false so huh ok i guess incredible well hung so he doesn't read it yeah but he somehow knows what the report was how does that happen interesting huh yeah sounds like you reach some like you read it yeah david brodsky he actually open here's the rest of the quote usually i i've never actually been on barstool sports and i don't like that guess that ask they do every day but in the run down is kind boring me right now but i also don't ever read it and when a spider monkey nate go to final
it's been hard smith the day the rescue does not number official sports never i never once read it all right we have thoughts and prayers this one goes out to big sexy bar toll cologne it might be the end he got d f fade and actually i mean the cubs could use part oakland soldiers throw strikes but if this is the end what a ride it was away df a it is it that sounds way worse than getting cut that sounds like a government acronyms are like that yeah if you're in the army and you just like you just got shot yeah you dry they just dropped a bomb on your head yeah we have a large of al qaeda in amount into his jaw yeah i could lose missile went up his bottle he's the d fh thoughts and prayers support solo i love him i loved every time you pitch every time you swing a bat was great if i'm the braves though i kind of take a page out of the tivo book and i keep him around to sell tickets
but not as a pitcher i would have embraced the freezing every day it just start like ten feet away from the finish line yes it will it like half way even roll yeah i can start halfway there but just watching the freeze blow past birds alone every single game that would be worth the price of admission part told cologne i'll tell you that guy he is he is a walking talking life because i'm pretty sure now this is all alleged he might have dabbled in some second family this second family and also some possible steroids but when you're that fat no one ever thinks you steroids so he was he just made of can twenty year career in major league tickets may be in love to console pm to nutritional this maybe he was just drink a lot i pa's that's where the man boobs true so may it r i p is now a masking agent for any sort of for me steroids steroid billy thoughts he could have been drinking ipas but taking steroids but not taking the stuff that doesn't make your boobs grow when you're on steroids
that was some great insight thanks bill my favorite know what the fuckability just my favorite billy nutrition tip from the last couple of days was when he told somebody twitter that when you're in ketosis you're just pissing out fat fat picking up this fats coming out of your butt hole and then people start asking him questions about kurtosis he just responds no idea because i don't know he's really learning as he goes last stop before we get to higher education with billy we have nasa update and this on what are they doing now so i don't know what we need to call this segment but we are on soles yeah nasalis is good so the like nerds at nasa are just doing anything they can to stay in front of donald trump like distracting him like a little like donald trump zacaton it like a laser pointer on the wall that nasa said they can keep getting funding so the back on their bullshit as we said they're making fake colored clouds
so they're just shooting rockets walking off up into space and then in the atmosphere there just shooting out neon colored clouds and just be like nasa made some clouds which works so well hey it worked kim trails it worked 'cause i want to i want to see a neon cloud would if they are turning the frogs gay with those clouds though good question no no but did nasa is is doing a great job so we're like a step away from nasa just creating like the largest stop bubble maker and just blowing bubbles yeah into the class and then like just putting puppies inside of them right away look the float we made puppies float donald trump i know global warming is a big issue why isn't nasa just figured out how to like make another ozone layer that's a great point maybe they're going to make a neon ozone just things around
and it turned the entire planet into like a black light poster i just i just hacked the whole earth just like there's got to be like some kind of sport like you know like axe deodorant spray just everyone sprays it exactly the same time boom new ozone layer the earth would smell so bad earth will get a good head on at the bar taxes in a spot i don't know the earth which makes well it's not so good it smells so bad until i sponsor no one else from that but you know what the problem would be since chicks love the smell of a guy just drenching acts so much huh checks with tricks be all the time yeah so there be a global overpopulation too so they might want to try again we just get into a little rabbit hole here just a a turn the earth into a tree a human of acts in a sex we get to hire and i do have one last thing i'm a stay work yeah so we discovered this last week when we were on the road in vanny woodhead we're rewatching larris funeral just so we could closure on that it was broadcast
instagram live and not to brag but i think it was the top instagram live at the moment which means it pops up on everyone's feet even if they don't follow us the comment section on this larry video was filled with people typing in the russian alphabet at each other that's problem i think we we took we talk about this couple weeks ago with like britney spears instagram comments being like a meeting place for russian spies and hackers i think that part of my takes live instagrams it's it's basically like a park bench in st petersburg with two guys in trench coats dropping off priest briefed aces to each other i am uncomfortable with that if we're helping russia but if you want to kick us some money we could do it well we don't want to place we don't say that yeah i mean don't do that hey russia deli started then mo that's in russian and
see what happened definitely let's just see what happens russian spies definitely please stop doing that just leaves event no open yeah but i mean yeah if the if you see of info that's opened we can't stop you from donating money also if the fbi wants to look into it i feel like that would be pretty cool for a for st street cred yeah like in the bad boys of like espionage yes i do do it under the name pat trough molotov smirnoff trip trees in ski there you go pmt which are all right let's go higher to get bill is actually doing it right now so billy we need to refocus and read you hired location we didn't actually mean to create a venmo in russia we didn't want you to actually like commit espionage and get executed one of those ones you gotta be very literal with billy it's like hey billy now was a joke alright let's do higher education billy try not to beat this up just to recap of what this is billy is going off to college for the first time in the
all so we asked all the award winning listeners who are of that age were going off to college to shoot us some questions and we will give the best advice we can as two guys who haven't been in college in over a decade i'm going to college with my twin sister who were not an twins were not identical but you can tell we're related in the fall and i we just got assigned dorms were in the same building or what she's a couple holes down from how i understand the map they gave us although we're close i don't want to run into my sister sleeping with other guys in the dorm or anything else weird and uncomfortable i figured pretty separated since florida state so big how should i go about dealing okay just drop in the florida state made the situation ten times yes each aren't you you could it be fine to like if you ran across a guy will a normal guy walking over sister storm but this is where a seminole shirt that's an issue assuming
this you home we first of all props to this guy because he has a little bit of common sense he knows that his sister is going to be having a lot more sex in him so that's good at least you're going into freshman year knowing but you're probably not that was being realistic you're being realistic is me alot of drinking till you're blacked out and then being like you know i've suck so much good tell everyone i did but as for this transfer ok yeah that's that's not a bad idea i was going to say let her catch you having sex first and then creep her out so then she moves in the which is your problem the real
answer though is i just hope she gets friends that like you as more than a friend yeah that's a great life packing you are instantly in that circle yeah all right next one sub billy i'm going to be a freshman in the fall i am playing d three football just like billy i got an email the other day from one of the team captain saying that i need to send in a book recommendation for mandatory team book claw andrew luck's plantae three football this fall i'm not a book guys so what should i do the bible the hatchet through hatchet on hatch in the bible hatch in the bible tell him tell him my dealers choice what are things that are only considered a little weird in college that you can do but are considered too much in the real world and cannot do once leaving okay art never changing your sheets yeah that's never check i don't think i ever change my sheets for for having a
doc scenes poster yeah yeah i have like four of them and you don't have to make it real cool maybe maybe due to kids still do the liam do kids still do the college the the john belushi college poster yeah okay so that's a confirmation another one bob marley bob marley the kiss the two girls yeah guys like a little yeah yeah yeah yeah that's a good one let's see what else what else is normal and call i was going to say playing video games all day but i feel like that's actually become a career path so if you want to be a blogger that's actually good training gaining fifteen pounds in like two months yeah that's not in real life but it's totally normal first freshman year of college let's see what else is i don't know like i mean just the fact that you have a restaurant in your dorm probably cafeteria take advantage of that whenever you want yeah that's not really normal all the chick fil a that you can you talking with people in the showers is usually that's a freshman year thing so
that's i i as adults i don't think you can with people in the shower yeah like steal their clothes while they're in the shower and then they have to walk down the hall yeah we try to cover themselves up that's it that's really good view king just everywhere that's actually a but you know what freshman year that's literally the like the last time because even when you get older it's sophomore junior senior you got at least try to get to the toilet freshman year i remember you just wake up like in the middle of the hallway there just be puke tuesday morning puking actually is kind of cool if fresh
so you will if you could really you'll never guess where i puke last year and it's like a whole that's that's all right so much a few students are rally and then i puked again yep so yeah there's a lot of stuff time to make mistakes but do it carefully next one bmc guys i'm heading off to small liberal arts college in california next year the first week of separate on no flake the first week of school your signed a trip experience where you go into the wilderness with any other guys and bond over what i stuff to win majors this guy's been dudes how do i establish my dominance is not injured but in fact a a w l tough guy with a man card thanks dave k drink your piss me the first guy in the group to drink appris it kind of let him know that you can handle it you take anything bring like a dead squirrel in your backpack and then just pretend to kill squirrel and be like look i got i got dinner with your bare hands yes yeah this just had rear naked choke
yes all over him when it proved itself trying to escape yeah i just probably true not don't try too hard because it sounds like you're already down that path just just going just be do yeah here here's what you do don't don't be the guy who is really good at setting the tent up like make a couple mistakes like thing on inside out at first no one likes guy that's the the wilderness captain wilderness we spoke about this actually we spoke about it in our july fourth episode which is coming up so i'm not gonna ruin it but let's just say if you can maybe provide warmth for the campsite if you are good at building certain things a fire do you would show your dominance pretty quickly and also maybe like rig even if there's no bears around just rig something
like we gotta get their sent out and like throw the in the tree for all your supplies in the tree and just let everyone know you know that there's bears right when you get there take everything before even your tent on the trip to care if it can't be too careful yeah it's just us out here all right is that it alright give us one more hey be empty next year i'll be a freshman in college and playing baseball my coach assigned me a roommate on the team who i reached out to and just found out requested to be housed on the substance free floors no alcohol should i drop out now thanks man why doesn't he meet you yeah it seems like a one way street where that you guys just have a kind of a culture clash there your side of the dorm room should be substance it should be substance friendly yeah just create a line right down the middle you know what eventually he'll kill hop that line you member
in like old sitcoms when they would actually put like a duck tape line down the middle of things bring it and bring that back like this is the blue zone yeah i also don't i feel like substance free dorms or meth i don't know i've never actually heard of one yeah right i think it's like one of those things that they just i think the school has to provide something like that so that the parents that are overbearing parents can be like oh hey johnny you can't handle yourself you gotta go in this storm but then they like the like as soon as the pair it's it's like a it's like a psicom as soon as the parents pull off in their station wagon the cake comes out this is party city that's a good call because i don't think that this guy request to be put in substance free living i think his parents request this should be put in substrates revealed that you're probably he's probably waiting for you to make the first move and be like hey you want to get shocking drunk and then puke over the place yeah sounds leri are yeah here's we do first day while the sleeping just pour beer down his throat i was gonna say puke on a well yeah that too dude same simultaneous all right that's a
so we will see you guys on monday for two hours july fourth extravaganza stravaganza everyone have a great holiday weekend be safe don't drink and drive and also don't jpp your fingers love you guys to find you
all a
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