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Ryan Whitney and Trill Withers (@TylerIAm)

2017-02-14 | 🔗
Welcome to the only podcast officially banned by the Westminster Kennel Club. The boys attempted to go to the Best In Show competition at Madison Square Garden with fake credentials and were promptly detained by the NYPD ( 2:54 -16:10) - . Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:10 - 19:22). Trill Withers joins the show to talk NBA, the official debut of the Mickstape podcast and who's mans is it for all of the contending teams (21:22 - 35:38). Ryan Whitney from spittin chiclets joins the show to talk NHL, is this the Caps year, and whether or not peaking too early is a real thing in hockey (35:38 - 47:41). Segments include respect the biz, the debut of "is ____ a bad sports town?", Lebron Blames, hmmmm, and not to brag but we called it.
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when he five dollars off let's go violence nothing how do have any idea
i welcome the party might read it is wednesday february fifteenth and parcel sports will never be able to cover any of the dog shows ever again we are permanently band start to the shop counter sad boys of dog show cover just so ominous set the scene and then we're gonna kick it over to hank and who are officially band we decide if we want to go the dog show at mass and square garden best and show westminster prestigious number one dog shall go yet by are by far so we think the credentials we ve done this before were kind of old hat at this turns out we fakes credentials and they looked awful compared to the real natural shadowed intern ria for doing such a great job on this credentials we got all the way and we actually got all the way into
rina all the way to wear this aunt bony comes out and also where the dogs come out we were standing right next to a bunch of the westminster dogs we breeze right through walked right through the front door great job by mass and square garden right there and fell in masses were garden same security at this point in right walked right and walked right up to where the dogs come in get real close and then pfc took his camera out some kind of got you got you couldn't it like i got excited you i like dogs there are a lot of dogs around his eyes like i gotta get some of these sorted snapping pictures with your iphone and among the journalist anna was there to do to document almost immediately a old white dude who obviously took his job way too seriously came up and said let me see a credentials can't take pictures took one look at our credentials are your could actually said this is a fake credential it was pretty
obviously is pretty are also i kind of stick out let's be wearing sweat pants and you're taking pictures of dogs your iphone like ten feet away i was not blending in so at this point the guy has you in custody and hank and i are standing up to the side actually had me grant he grabbed me by my lanyard which rigid that's how you know this guy's old habits security is gone by my lanyard in one hand and i'm like i asked i said my i just go you said that you try to kill it can i just go near like no let me see my right now and so he's like on his honest little earpiece with his with the rest of security team and then henk is without thinking is about five yards to my left and hank starts us away like durham revolted off to stare that's move that he was paul languages like tiptoeing wait right and the guy you used up few stock i also have come like a bomb and you had a big jacket on late an hour you actually looks fine you didn't have swept the guide knew that here
was associated with me like guilt by so soon and then i was standing about five feet away from hank an eye to sports koran and was the whole time furiously taking notes like a real journalists i was actually at one point like so if you could have been like oh this other guy is writing these two hood could looms up because i was staying there right ok crippling on my no less pain and accurate picture because yes you have a sport code on but you also have a sweatshirt hoodie yap under his widow that was a good journalist out as like works councils are you a journalist town sixteen people know that looks like you're from vice right exactly so i started looking away and then you're the guy say give me your id you got these are fake credentials you guys about to spend the night in jail and i said okay well that's probably myq to get out of here because someone had to finish the podcast and i went and looked for help i went and found a stoolie cop who i basically tried to bribe i was just like a man is there anything you
do we were we were in way too much about that point b so what's walkest walker serves when we separated what happy so they took so did this care to guard that arrest us he's like i think he's had a security is a big king dick of investors he was on his horn he had all these guys surrounding us we had escorted down hallway probably by what like six people walked astound poultry forty show by the yes we're out dodge shell and meaning sit down in a room and take our ideas and they start questioning us and they like where'd you get these critical squirt we'd me the more selves related sea weed and literally made them across from massa square garden to miss yes and the question they kept repeating to us was why are you guys doing and i didn't really have a good eye of my answer was i like dogs and which is the truth and then personally i would like to know what we do upon cast hank pointed out we're football focused five gaston as you know football seasons over
so we had to try to make some content right and so they confiscator ideas so you take football away from joppa he dies you take football away from this podcast i ain't arrest i ended on each year we do not respect the garden that's a fact so we're in their there there ask us all these questions about like where we're from why we're doing this where we got the court shows from reality found pictures and social media was pretty easy honestly wasn are to get in there i would entrance and you come in the front or when he learned the frontier and i have a mass idea he has a texas idea to like these are fake ideas i would you be in new york with these ideas right we do live here we just don't have sole york these we were in this room with probably it fluctuated those anywhere between four and nine her ten cops security isler just like staring at us was the heart was the hardest there the whole time using yeah he was our most that i'm here i tell you what when i saw him when he liked detained you at first he deftly leak little pre come you so excited to have like some go to
it was a good job on his part i even asked him later like from time to time while we were sitting in this room laugh and there was one horta cop that was in there that did not like me laughing music why he laughed and homesick because i just got arrested dog show is pretty funny and the other sectors not funny you could spend the night jail this is a felony what you ve done tonight is fairly and so we run a few times a felonies and at the end i become kind of an asshole if i'm innocent like this to the authority people hank was doing a good job of shutting up hank just want to get out export arrest before very bad stuff and so i just kept taking my phone unlike road tax somebody is pitiful away before why therefore we must end the nightingale as to why did you not gonna make me spend the nigel i snuck into adoption and he was i know you are you guys been i put your phone why why do you like this i can make your life very miserable as i have already said that i want to end the best part about these security guards they think they're doing such a great job was this entire time i'll just walk in the back
yeah i was just walking in and out of the press room talking to people trying to fight like trying to find cops trying to get people to notice me to be like hey can we go get these guys in and save them we were not going to get they cannot do that room there were dealt with there were too far involved in detaining us at that point really are the other thing was so they had are our credentials are fake credentials which sought really i really cannot stress enough we saw someone that that we knew with a real credential we took one look at the real credential and we all knew right away like we had the fake his credentials deposit real credentials reprinted on plastic we just had a little piece of paper that we grew glue stick together laminated and if you know anything about the dog show crowd the three of us don't really fit in not allowing the pale blue coat amongst the blue blood at the dark so so so here in this room and we're just getting grilled grilled grilled and hank and i are just like you let us out please and so eventually they bring in
hu we thought gonna be like the king security person and it was it's a guy from westminster and he was wearing a pro both i and like a tuxedo rubik nerd and he comes then he's holding the credentials of the sad and he puts them in her face he goes where did you get these we made him again you see we made them you can literally rip them apart it's pretty but also its at some point in this whole thing the guys we're gonna run your names through database if you come back connect did to any organization you're gonna jail what organization we will be talking to realise after that they were clearly worried about peter and protests about like the old dog breeding and when i'm yes and hank and i were we were so close to the dogs in the entrance we could have very
we run out onto the mainsail like tackled a dog or thrown blood onto a die we loved all we also exist however there i saw this nerd comes in and he puts the passes interface unease as you know this not ok to forties right yeah we get it here is this a felony we're not gonna press charges against you because where the club where dogma the pigment westminster can also allocated yes and you are not permitted to attend in westminster or american kindle club show or event for turkey oh that's all i think as a longer than lie i think is it forever ok life also launched a lifetime ban we live to be forever longer so if you give you become a ghost you still can't come and then he says and like this is where it gets real heavy and boot you gonna be escort i'm sorry i really he should have started with you're gonna be a score of the premises cosette such a pussy weight in all my guy or punishment somewhat what a night why
but this really is it is when you take football away from us i feel pretty kinda like i feel like i did back in eighth grade ninth grade when i again from the security guards it like that i'm all movie cedars or something like that right i feel like i'm young also just quit shot out to westminster good job you're better than roger go down the nfl so that's cool we just prove that even more also shut out to the stool cop that i tried to i was like can you do anything form like a wink wagon he stayed strong he basically i can't do anything so that guy that's that's good that's good police officer right so there there were two officers came through the room that mean hank or any one point goes you as possible i get the ngos
which one you guys reside kitchen that football snap generally to know we had a couple stories day they knew but now they discuss mountain kept work i just kept on the gaza look we're mean hank we're just obviously couple shit heads rate so just let us go we're not here do any but anybody harm and they had a runner ideas with our like record so that i could be part of any organization of work being part of generous ever tom brady like an organization he read it out it was late ass it was a one year though my probation was one year ass that came out of it now that could have been real you're just the doing with that keeps getting arrested for stupid shit in new york so yeah sneaking into a dog show and getting arrested and kicked out off my bucket last year there were go and this pod gas is now while i actually i'm not anywhere on the record so maybe next year i'll try get oppressed grandchildren and you guys can fake it in a black no there with me or will do some very will figure out some so amount we weren t mostly now ok fuck the garden there we go james dawn ugo we jim
so what about cobbled james don't being the biggest dog of the week our biggest picture the week like a female dog not the other way round exactly what else we have before we get a hot seat cool throne oh you can't women yell shot out we gotta gino hundred wins they said it couldn't be done they said he couldn't dominate the game a women's by born here is a lot of people said that each tonne it fake money by the way thrown out from the rough did you see that yeah dollar bill counterfeit date the immense she security out there that's that's a felony by where i love i was watching before the game gino he is the king of creating he's even better the knicks saving in creating fake obstacles he's like listen this isn't like lashers team these girls are all you sophomores nerve their freshmen like gino you ve been winning college basketball championships since like you know nineteen seventy
five years he doesn t know how to help us that like you somehow our overcoming some you're gonna beat the number sixteen in the country by a hundred points and when a hundred games and earlier speaker persecution complex i actually think that if this game were being played through a hundred years ago they would be accused of being which is all they want a hundred games or that's actually trade will be put on trial for witchcraft the connecticut those new england people like to puritan sly off the handle right i actually had a high take about this ok and i yes it's kind of oppressive that women's teamwork a hundred games euro no men's team has ever done that i think the record is like seven john morton eighty somethin like that one big ears that's right so so nobody has ever one hundred games until these women but i think it's because men's teams don't have periods that they can sing up that's why women are linked that's why women are able to become better teammates right than men because
the entire team gets under its like if you're back in middle school and you did those retreats that you go unlike our field trip regos applying or like walking through me i didn't know just exactly they get to basically do trust falls six or seven times a season yeah when they're all their periods it's a binding expert right so there whether able to develop so much more of a connection than men's basketball teams are not not for lack of trying from abroad i bet you he's kind of explored this yes he absolutely as well it'll get cramps assent we also know very well that it is i let's do potsey cools rome and they get your interviews my heart seeds my face oh yeah it's been back we'll were hale anchor you say like valentine's day like girls are again hudson under face le to not well it would have been if i did show my beard yank shaved is beer
we went from like a thirty year olds producer of the number one sports podcast to a nineteen year old than i don't even know if this thing is recording right now is there not a shied hashish can face right now is a moral this raises the skin had less its it was look i don't you realize how much i like the beard so you know that if it and my cool throne is kenny down as they can connect eighty percent are starting to them ass man after big cats are yes my hot seat lebron james who not await the gm mirage aims to know our pleasure at the battle of the brons leubronn james it's not in the dung contest again who would be nice if we brought jason carter s kind of a coward move in georgia's and don't contests back in the day you had your best athletes and events carter evinces your j smith you had everybody would jail rider the duncan
writer flash lord saturday night the don contest stinks would be awesome if someone paid like a million dollar cash prize and have brought it open lebron james like a few years ago say i promise you will be in the donkey s and you was pretty that you're running many prophecy where weird clothes in the sidelines and you know take video of the contest the ok so they dont contest and victory parades after winning a championship those are the two biggest handheld cam quarter days of the year yes you never see thou anymore like everyone's yet there found that they can use as a camcorder that is that is prime time forget your hand came on yes my cool thrown joe rogan joergen came out and apologized for saying that run rossi could
beat up a bunch of men in her division was that during the interview with alex challenge will you see and drank but whisky yes which is also why your organs on the cool thrown cause he spending for hours is alex jones european is one of the weakest people on the planet no big time cool throne for joe rogan thousand it was a great great interview by the way i'm so work after listening to do that what else is article throne is the moon guys joe doesn't think that we landed on wild it was it was bizarre we get into the situation in the podcast were alex jones was trying to convince them that yes we did on the moon also demand and prevents rogan and his weirdo coerce right now i didn't you ever take the empty if you take the empty you'll find out quickly we did not landed at moon
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we now welcome on a very special guessed he is now a part of our schools sports and you can hear him every week on the mix tape podcast which can now download on itunes and podcast one they talk about mba with our french colleagues who has been on this show before check it out this is tailor troll withers tyler i am on twitter you can find in their he's one of the best follows out there give us the quick like thirty second how you got here how you're sitting on us right now and then we'll get into what we're gonna do kali it might even be thirty seconds ok just all just go it yes if you're happy to be here in my voice you can thank me for that if you dont like hearing my voice you send those complaints to coca cola like the chaotic of birstall sport smuggles people in here and they d show up saw her i'm a big and you sir i like twitter feed your high volume twitter have i'm trying to get us out i don't know how you do it you write more work
then one day that i think i write a week out do you just stay on twitter elder pretty much also aren't focus on good tweets focus on making to hear him say nice allied to cut the middle men up i would like to focus on light quality ok see regime our psmith yeah that's just keep the night keeping ever said about so yeah i'm some of confusion which ass mary s overturning the pipe followers on twitter i am saying give it so tyler and coolly have mix tape which is an mba podcast so because for proceedings over we're back into mba season that's where we have you on and we are going to do a quick run down come unlike catch everyone upon the nba season who may be has been watching a little whose man's ah for thee contenders in each division earth conference sorry top for teams in each conference room go through team by team whose the alpha who's the guy who's team is it who's the guy at the end of the game onus will just throw in there that the bulls it's obviously run
you're not top i'm innocent get the unnaturally butler it's not always watching me ok let's start with the calves pfc once you start ok kevin love he's gonna be nice and rested coming down the stretch we know you was a guy that they turn to two lockdown stuff curried last year yes it's his team also carries him off its tyler's is still around like deepens the stopper i went i mean how do you go get together when three rings extra gorgeous oh jesus oh very large eyes was also richer jefferson and his old ass faces starter he gonna view he runs a second team so whose man's for the for the bench team for the bench squad i'll go jefferson also yeah ok he play on those nets way way back in the day would give you that same wonders at his dad had to say
what same rich he also did the old fake retire where like they want a title and within the first two mats of winning the like i'm done and then he rise wait i can and keep cashing in check and playing with iran and like playing tennis night this day that's a good move like you retired come back come back here okay alright okay i don't have to do anything and if we lose it's not my fault will guess what i just said richard jefferson he's the man so it is his can we get back on the team we just swap him back and forth like the every all star break he should be traded for they are like the celtics national excel please so the interesting with thing with the self ex's some may say was it's our orford steam i may say that so that we get debate that i get to bank teller riga whose whose man whose man's it's gotta be thomas mann can't even though so short a big guy had a year sixty to write his heart sixty eight zero who do you have resulted yourself extra i do ok
january the rat stevens system these guys are all system players he's got a very old man had always kosovars with gordon heyward future major whose man's the hawks let's with you tyler hooty whose man's on the hawks gucci me ok only may and i feel like anybody knows on the hawks lay out on there's no reason we have to recognise one two three ox i went gucci tat means it is the other way fifties googling who's on the hawks now sake but where was there i was hoping that i was hoping that kiev to using as a cow corver ocampo resign the hearts of course i knowed kaliko is now the husband of too clever josh children is the curtains the hours i say tomorrow junior i was so full no votes imo hours were based more wouldn't the hawks are the hawks the most forgettable franchise of all time yes
strategies with the ugliest news i kind of like those the neon shit they do that's all you have to do in your forgettable you have this sort thrown on wild yours what's so bears like their throwback to soak out their current jersey trade i know backs are amazing i was going to say maybe the box might be the most regrettable until recent history and i asked her for ver fur off any french us yeah yeah i see him before before matthew dublin ii and you live in atlanta right correct okay so do humming hoskins you go to the last hawks game i went to was to see gucci man but have to ok and are having to be a pelicans getting to know what it was like a cool too for one year allow a yellow today while their lot nor the sesar he hit me before you like i think i could do it and i think you should go relations yet what do people think about two hours later they just like it's a perfect joint how replace several good just like
because nobody cared ladysmith exact white how it was plain on the hook for god he was alive it was like offered he's in the perfect place everyone could just forget dwight outward exists and i think that's why they did it like he's you found it was like a big homecoming story and then the hawks like jump to five hundred reckoning alike we hear any more here's how you know the hawks and white howard or so relevant dwight howard went home to atlantic and they didn't even make the puff daddy i'm coming home videophone that's it right there no one gives if i don't know yet he had hometown measure seems like a guy that shows a wanderer he's like like cut clark kent judges in parts unknown have been sticking like a direct hanging from the little girls belong at last in the east the wizards or as relaxed the wizards fun fun way to do it this one's actually interesting because of it report or sage i'm all right isn't monseigneur i won't go tat but yeah ok you're losing your totten ask as a whoever keeps marquis more from getting arrested that's pretty good so desperately needs
marcus morse no yeah exactly a year yet more long i wanna get together i feel like they get more trouble yet initiatives are beating up their moms boyfriend or what they look like the whole kansas but it is actually gently now he'll everyone together we're also overdue for john wall bradley be also tat yes like these to know why it is about to be governed we have guns situation lachrymose things are getting along too well there the reality of the wizards are is that whose man's its bradley beals injury or like he has died as stay healthy she had actually has broadly bills doktor is doktor james andrews genes is this man running the show i have renewed our anderson isn't one that they use and for like ankle surgery i feel i feel might be he might be haven't malignant both these pretty for which the quickly back to the more so as you think that they just look each other like woe there's two of us we can do anything
could beat up everyone they also make our right yeah are worried you'll tell me tell me what you think about this unless it's my theory we do think that all twins identical twins especially have kissed on the lips at least once at least one at least once i could see you yourself of yours and other you write the exactly it is tragic enough for me to disturb him off loud simply come nato to my blog i think we need the east let's go to the west's you are a front runner running tyler so your warriors fan so all that you start out we just talk about my calves ethically i am aware gang is only right to betray my oh it's gotta be drama
ok go ahead take eyes real hope like us about it no i probably greta unfortunately i agree even though dream on he's just gonna he pissed me off disease i think dream on got to appoint we're like he's he's got angry at everyone out there in the world he used to be like fun energy and foreign like this in our chaos on the court and then some flip where he just like started being angry at the world and is now islam is that ship on the shoulder thing right let it out we're didn't wake like right chip on you like your two short your second round all that right you just got pay like seventy million thousand one array array the chips off your shoulder like it's obviously he's going through the motions with the chip on re designing this nobody believed that we really do we all think you're the beer the most important part of this team in order to be a player on their best player on the sea but you're the most important part any keeps walking around being like no one believes in dream on greens bro we we got it began your fuckin awesome
i would actually say lukewarm him people forget he was their coach of the first half last year there were lot better than who serious question though thousand years answer why are you just disrespected my take me i did is desert but serious question time after the game whose signal shop warriors i gotta go stuff really i will go stuff you don't think kevin durant's going to go one on one at the top of the key i feel like we saw him defer in this situation for like eight or nine years to call him a bitch the other russia's russia's the alpha i think step is ok i'm i see that you never want to rent went there is not one i see is given to read taking a top of a key and cause he hears you think he's got a proof that he wasn't just a front runner joke join the warriors of he's got a score that last shot he's got a chip on a shouted off way the slouch shoulders a huge
such a big chip is actually carried out i actually it depends on who their black if they're playing against the thunder then is can be doran send eyes man's is this our governments against anybody else he's gonna let staff to it that's fair as for what about the calves ya think he might do i'm agreement wanting that i gotta get them back aren't you ve given loves during stuff you have to go dreamt next up disperse we get a mention the spurs proof i don't even know i mean this is like a team forbade us that win right is no one to my region is pop their papas the man it's actually is probably when you break it down because quite is quiet largs aldrich is not like a boring right pow is power
is going to go to the opera and they was good to lake powell so funny and then he's going to bitching at every file that he ever gets who else we got tony parker is he still alive barely debatable manu barely spot programme with the owner is actually it's actually the reporters that pop for former troop yet it's it's pop is like fuelled by his hate for reporter sorts reporters the man you know what to go one step further craigs eggers says i'm so perhaps going to win this one for correction that actually likes it alone comes out like a funky blazer in the final just just wait on a number be right next i brackets are you guys got here we got out i would do i'd our like he just left got three hundred times better addition by drag up what he's got my people do that looks like the wire the gap in the why
well ok cyclist racing show positive hatching beverly railway powerlessness tyler is black just look right in his face and said that was brief peg if you can't tell he's from boston he's a passionate about yesterday again i did erases math pretty easy one up no definitive also your heading this is another do boston at all this just unspent lastly for massachusetts thunder knockers be if you wish when we talk about which i was there for you you like black out where you go into that i've got will either sam decker furniture yes he's duncan the ball this year he had learned how to dock that's incredible rico i saw either go with him or i'll go with i'll just be boring injure go james hard with the house's aging
hardener endeavour together for talking officer difference yeah it's we're whoever james harden passes to his like second man's interns number one night when he decides to pass yeah renown that like four times again although we allow research aiming envisaged issue that that day antonia offence can can get hot last up the clips as such it might be the hardest one of all right it was easy for me whose whose vance asked his dad is the coach energy of a new car i who else is and i was sitting in his paw pierce because paul pierce definitely is like and chris paul is injured too much yeah and play griffin is injured too much de andrey can't shoot free trial often rivers no unlike sokoto son ass pompiers so would yonder i don't know if you listen to show but we we told blake at the start of the year that generation starching grannis how big change named rebranded and called the pimp grip right lazy people in college starting
do it in the shooting really small game i mean you tell me that you wouldn't you wouldn't applaud the guy for shooting if he called it a pimp grip it could be like his little thing he could sell shoes off at holsters i got gone grannie style shows your lawyer you should actually true but this actual j marked a pimp grip hank it seems like you found something defend yourself to defend your casual racism your show trials my colleague risen oh forget about that is bad so bad radio segment we like to look at pictures no shorter show tyler it particularly like every other boys lacking affirmed tyler thank you for joining us regenerated everyone check out mix tape download it is an awesome podcasting here tyler and coolly time while the nba what else you anything else
no good having gliding my lord he appreciates are frank target he's young words though turn educated he's too young to be well this is a learning moment younger kids they like to sleep and another something completely different we now welcome on a great occurring guess it's hockey season hulu we know and that's where we have arrived whitney from the hit podcast tool checklists this is plug the podcast day at the barcelona are called britain jack us bitten check let my job i can also say something about yes i will go with that it is up absolutely i saw turkey ryan as all recurring listeners will know is the pride of situate massachusetts everybody knows that he is the alpha thanks omega no offense sank and we're happy to have more
exclusively talk watch in capitals so how great the caps and how impossible is gonna be to beat them in the class member my crack you remember my pack right we're thinking what was out there they are on track to the washed in capital that is there you ve seen the church you got you buy a t shirt i yet did i made the t shirts barely it's there why is there you're too what would you get the most points again and then an imbalance in the second round i mean you know you ve gotta be honest people controlling prepared irregular caesium they gotta eat until they went off but i think i think this as the year they find it when the term adopted this year i love it a fuckin loved that other people live on the peace is ok bilbil breaking news did you see the breaking music claude julian was named head coach of the montreal canadians i just saw that he just carry at heart what are you so explain what the hell is going on because from i mean
i obviously like hockey and i watch hockey but i'm not at hockey die hard soap to me it's like this guy got fired a week ago and now the rival is picking him up and make him head coach how the hell did this happen it's kind of like w s in a way i was shocked to hear people saying imagine if it happened disconnect we're out and actually get out of it goes into this always i dont even know it call the canadians will only higher coat you have to speak french to coach the canadian through too so dumb like if you're gonna get him when i stand i know why you have business you speak but i mean eight they obviously reference guy julian the gray coach every kind of power from the outer boston for both sides and now he seized with all the talking so it's gonna be a shame to see if we can actually change marciano similar barium but they are to get a french in there what now is there a play book in hockey did he just take the burned
playbook with i'm not much of a play lucky canna gotta work with what do you got on the ice suppliers you can run at night and i don't like your father that's ok for real though i do actually wants i got the capitals roquat gibbon bulldozing teams that's our state borders and they all knows a new contains is their working kid over is there a fear on the workbench is their fear their picking too early because i know all about the black osman they once daily cups i've always had like alone might at large that's a fair point the black box are good at edging so they re they almost peak in and they are almost take it in an early and those explode and they stop touching themselves so seriously though is there is that a real thing like should capitals vans be saying themselves this team is playing a too i have a level too early when you gotta obviously with with stanley cup
hard it is to win stanley cup you got a peak for two months straight come sprang however said i think that like is a fan i mean you you're you're thinking that we always say like knock you don't want to stop winning kind of harming you loved i may i tweeted out there they have fought five or more at home in the last eleven game they played on just crazy like they're so you're not like that i'm away like it's right chicago every years goes through that would lose its roots in a row and you just fine building at the right time so might i mean what was i can't keep this up but i mean i don't think it from the very lonely namely they may have a little guy coming down the street from they now everything's wrapped up but they did that they got a team that deep with great defence and a great always are there definitely fair referred are adequate therefore as a player if you were on the capitals right now would you be thinking anything like tat would you be like this is gonna come back to earth at some point i would just be riding canada
haven indiana i want to see when you're when you're playing and lightning out here just ride it after you got to ride it as long as you can there i think part part of every guy knows i will end up losing a couple but as long as you just keep what are you going to try to think about that bad that two questions one for the is one for the west the east for the eighth seventh a spot in the playoffs for teams only two spots who's gonna be the final two make it the bruins we ve flyers or the islanders two out of my life i like the leaf in the eye under that at least a really exciting they got i think at least triple the amount of points by the rockies than any other terminally maybe who quadruple crazy how good that rookies are snap on to watch i think they'll get in they got a great coach not a great guy herbert a great coach and then the islanders have just gonna turn things around with a greater powers in gotta they gotta clean
with great last year they want around in the fire so i like those two teams i know i'm not a fairly fat i can't stand being team the city so i remember that when we don't like that she's got about the fans they're just girl of coming here the batteries radio zone a clause to a bunch of present and then in the west are the oilers for real your former team i gotta say i mean i think they're they're gonna struggling right now about like like we talked about long year everyone's gonna go through that they had been one of the best where i mean if not the best the second best finally behind caused the union karma david it's time for them to come and get it
i think the city deserves it has spent about eleven years be in her ended so i'm running for them i think they will get entering a greek owing talbot over under five and a half years until canada winter stanley cup good question under our older over over and over ok ok i saw it and then i had a question about my blackhawks they ve been you know it's one of those things now worthy you you just obviously no they're gonna be in the playoffs and you know even when their either down to o in the first round of the second round they're not dead until their dead but there has been a little bit and nerves about keys entails a sheer eyes i think i should be concerned about anything i should be like you know this is different than the black box of old where they're going to be you know an easier out and they happen now i actually i i'd like they're gonna win the west i love there came this year i think that there really deep
i like only i actually read an interview with gm who said that one aid on a thief and decide their deepest they ban i'm kidding caves we'll be there when it matters that are almost a team that its poverty like some order my patriot right what a bank that yours i gotta get through the regular season just a guy to play off and so they'll be ready to pay i love their team i think about a young guy replaying very well i'll be right i would we were not write them back to that window to win a couple more i think you get one in the next three years it's like brad richard sent a couple years ago and this time of the regular season with black boxes i we just got drink our green drew simply a few games them wait till the spring yeah you d be if you ve seen it all along angered now i got preparing like every year many people say in authority about like the back of the play out every year a great i dont peter blacker than ever the play outside
one cannot be out give me two teams that i should be shooting my pants about in the east like if their two teams that are not take the capitals down who should they be most afraid of pocket barred good though there cannot and i'm gonna put ok you're ok yearly report on one i have the honour to help you put the pittsburgh to help you to say a few words on this from a help epa fifty people forget you see this these ngos long when you understand the cup their legs and retired to us in that they probably wish they had why be guessed right you i'd i probably would wish to give it back if that more energy now and then if they wanna take a give out one back for the next you re tabled you evidently it's like yeah exotic
the other team in the pay of teacher at washington gets it get hot just because it is a price had the best will in the league like you don't love me more oppressive prices playing greatly haiti and you can go to lose a biosphere two a great guy but you know i wouldn't worry man i wouldn't worry who who do you have come up on spitting checklists anyone big coming up we don't have anyone for tomorrow because there's so much stop at breaking in autumn and each outbreak and news today with along those lines all talk about that i love you i saw that i got my square you're the guy and a guy i wouldn't know what to think about that you get five to seven years in prison for thy name drowsiness take i fancy i can't i can't make i can have of i can't talk right now i can have an opinion on that because duncan keys gonna do something like that within them
there are a couple months usually comes around its side right exactly so i just whatever another team does it on my car it's all who knows maybe don't don't suspend of knowing the duncan keith will do that someone the blues and i'll have to be like it wasn't that bad you're worth it similar that although i what i said was that bad rake exactly so that that's kind of my theory on that and in which you have house we're doing where is he can we were coming up in new york next week in the office what am i gonna happen a far higher than ordinary neck ok and then rear you get rerun kept on camera on five sweat ran in a t shirt on you know we will be having make people after years or he's the best might soon that's breaking news breaking news
apartment i took spitten checklists will be in the new york offices next week let's leave you with this have you checked any knox recently no truck and not note i actually laughed almost signs not shocking may come from harm meanwhile the other night you know that being part of those languages heartless those nice guys from harvard finally caught a break in life but also those kids finally caught a break you know what the harvard ban does with when there's three minutes and fourteen second in the period that all definite have sex there's some with pride those for green cards oh god oh god you're so i did i fuck him not through some nurse rosemary almost should not give so that you know what in in
court allow you would have been and everywhere i draw here because you act that hey we're glad and earlier drafts in for dinner on your honor in there in my defence there were much appoint x ray you scream pie you're looking for a couple knox your face you should see what this guy is my leg is re emphasised and i don't remember you deserve a continent of yes you get some knox powering math onto my onto my rig ryan thank you so much as always we appreciate it everyone check it out download it on itunes or podcast wanted spittin chiclets it's ryan whitney and rear admiral it's a great hockey podcast of both a couple characters and we'll see you next week man keep up the great work love this stuff thanks for pigeon
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zero zero get that bonus right before march man starts get in the game it's one of the best weekends of the year forbidding go to betty aside dot com right now to an upset bonus take two hundred let's do some segments first up we have a respect the biz ah and actually it's a direct respect for the business because peterkin said that quote have some respect for the business bleacher report just a little it all came out because peterkin do the interview with tom brady by way tom brady like for some reason he's in some bunker that we can't disclose with his little montana his family's how he's ok yeah he's living with remorse and i think that on the record and eyes when one core we went to germany for some stem cell yeah anything's legal in the border at borders and boundaries of montana right
we all know that right so peter king had dinner a really good interview with tom brady and bleacher porthos hijack summers quotes didn't put out the maiden did a little pleasure port snazzy picture with cool graphics and colors and all that bullshit someone please report knows how to do photoshop congrats for that and they didn't put anything on it sang peter king was one who got quite right if you if you're bleach report and you're still in this cord from peter king at least do the right thing at a couple emerges into the tax at where everybody knows it's gone from you bleacher or ties it but if you want to get into the second level this and i do like peter king but he's our guy but peter king we want showed him a picture of beer north caught a trait certainly trust good sport peter king is disrespecting the biz by plagiarize in our quote it should respect the bill yes he literally store quote and did not credit us church and he was telling bleach report to respect a bid for not attributing the quota him so
i just want to put out there working on notice and pure and by bush where you can take any of the things were to set now noticed attorney client privilege everyone this listen to us right now you're our attorney i just said it so it's true but yet so it's the brush back peter king that i'm right now we still got your back peter yap understand therefore bright air anyone get this you know it also peter these are bloggers and polluter porter i right don't punch down right you're columnist their fatty project cheated us on its rank don't push woods it's tough to punch down you always panchen a blogger kissed her and amongst basement exactly right on middle lights on we also had another respective is which i actually just might be my favorite respect the best of all time this one came from johnny hoover her yukon had their hundredth when in a row i guess steve levy asked for an autograph on air hang you watched you witnessed nasa
of course i'm ok so this is what johnny hoover said and i won't i will stay up low i want haste i want to see how discuss it hank was cause you witnessed it john hoover said congrats on the autographs espionage stevie now read the fine print a notice such foolishness is against the rules and insults our profession hank did you feel someway yeah many their real serious nice interview and then it seemed almost like the camera was off and he took one another's elements had can you please scientists for me turn around and had him sign of like ten seconds i wanted you wasted effort on appeal it does a disservice he noted does
it denigrate the seriousness of the court side interview with the coach and basque by everyone eyes like gregg papa which you take this seriously show up we gotta get aldrich wants to know what kind of adjustments programmed pavlovitch can make after the first quarter of a new point game let's hear it yet doors burke i'd get to make our drake for thirty seconds right let's give it respect that it needs we have a job to do you ve got a job to do but more importantly we can we i've got a job to do her you don't let another here's if there's a big part you dont let another my man sign your credential your credential it's basically your badge right it air cop you get a badge if europe if your journal you get it central so it's kind of stolen valor kind of like your spitting on the ground of every journalist its passed away yes put your own name on it exactly and not only that but i we is our fine print in notice because it is that like a journals
book that we didn't read it says on the back than design it don't write on its below the line on a check you know it well bond says that's those fanboys old fanboys made owner say well might well bonn who went on sport centre with a cubs josiana cubs hat damn damn fanboys ceta yet and also talks what north western every single ban pity i even a no one cares about northwest russia fanboys one way that this was not a respectable situation would be if maybe it was a subpoena he was tricking geologist you been serbia you just get served i just admitted that europe teams bedrooms couch basketball boom don just admitted that you couldn't beat the browns next up we have a new segment bad sports town so we're gonna start
diving into this is so and so bad sports town like say lana we all know that spend sports down but this one we did not think lords kansas so the kansas j hawks had it unbelievable come by against west virginia monday night bargains always had a heart attack thoughts and prayers and that there is and that we're leaving our field house before the game was over to give you took him to task we want a kansas what did he say about use like this is disgusting there in the parking lot i can't believe it he just kind of on a more some baby check out my periscope later i'm interview the perkins waitress this sitting can the commission she loves jules kentucky almoner oscar why so is lord skins about sports out yet so here's a thank you see this alliance lotta cosmopolitan places like you're soft beaches you're barcelona they do their work
you're los angeles ilona yeah you're law kansas cosmopolitan place like this there are the places to go allow things to do in a town graphically i beat the traffic it either get to the club little bitterly right now maybe go see some sites so i'm going to give them a pass on this i don't think that destroy their bad sport sound i just think it there are great everything else town and you know they have they keeping the right perspective and college sports is on the back burner i like that the one other thing i notice from that game bob huggins whereas fit which i love to get my hands that data see what what hoagie bears how many steps he's gettin in a do you think he does well we know there's an again twelve stepson we he can do you think he does that thing where you you're here of people on parole or house or us and they put the ankle bracer on their dog do you think he puts it on or the players during practice hours goes he walks arms like gray honey look i'm irene fifteen miles
today and i know my heart rate went up to eighty five gallery could just he could put it on the bartender and then just put it back on himself when he leaves yet put on the bartender and move the amount of time she has to go from bob huggins to the cash a disturbed back and forth there need to be about the woman segment called explaining the joke thanks bulgaria ok i gotta go we didn't really it was an accurate of which the eu we may the twelve step joke i need like when i jumped out ideas you know what i'm a big drink or too so i think bob you know he's working on game our spending as i don't even think drinks anymore so is actually even more like it that you did that
also above huggins lifetime member of jumps agenda we're gonna go and also we hope to get on the show sometimes so bomb huggins this is a joke yet we have open bar here yeah come next have we have leubronn blames leubronn kevin loves out six weeks so the braun had this quote someone asked him if he's got step up because kevin loves out he said i've never step down who lets get possible of run by a strong back in our face it interfered out like a year is a long way from your heart governd right he's never step down just probably ask for help for the championship tee from himself could seize the day right exactly never slept ah you have a may whether macgregor up yes oh this is of course everyone is on pins and needles constant developments into whether not floyd may whether conor macgregor gonna fight breaking news from floyd he said were very very close
closer so yeah it's getting close now what does that even mean amidst did it means it's getting very very close did not hear floyd what would your purpose preserves energy so dana white i think he offered them both twenty five million and then i think floyd said that's a good joke hats ashtray money it's ashtray money out like i'm i lose that a weakened in vegas right so will now finally once he's the only person he's actually like lenny dextra he's like seven one hundred and two no on sports betting that's right he only closes when i think have you ever heard of zeno's paradox you know that it's no so it's like if i shoot an arrow at you cuz that's what to do with hitler could i could make a hitler related if if you wanted it'll get shooting there are there i do it would never actually hit you because in order for the arrow to get to you it would have to travel half the distance to you and then they would have to travel half that distance what's not someone indicated that have reported compared ironic as if i had an arrow i would kill you re going to shoot me i'd me but that's what that's what's happening with
macgregor may whether they're just getting closer and closer and closer and closer until they just get old die until there we're gonna maybe get the old many pack yo i'm afraid a needle sucked into a drug testing in the last second that's always my favorite or macgregor might break his foot is due on those fake a fake afoot injury and and and get a surgery that he doesn't need not telling anyone else's done i've gotta shoulder injury in this i'm gonna blame everything on that the exactly where we talk about me with nothing no you need that surgery totally right thank you told me that surgery didn't need to complain about it for two months street we haven't talked to brag to finish the show this one's good that's what might be our best not to brag but we called it merrill streep she said i do like football let me just make that clear i gave seven years several of my youngest prettiest years as debatable she came a fox vernal lydia to being a cheerleader football basketball and rest
i've watch more pee wee league football pop wonderful jamie and varsity highschool football jamie and varsity college level and professional football for over sixty years more than anybody here where was she standing was she just standing with a bunch of nerves from hollywood knows room of i think i'll do bt people like to make one of them oh yeah ok well began warrants in little more than a shoot the more people than blue she isn't much more football than any one yes everybody that crap in that room got it oak allow a room of non football watchers debts again with stereotypes that around the algae bt that was it you just doesn't material scrooge operator we just did you do yourself and these are what we called it we are with middle street is a football fan interesting which comes out says is after this
the boy was so exciting man the national championship and walk she might be gas letting us is what she's doing is explained football we figured out what gas lighting was four weeks ago some pomp bombs on calling on you to an invention and welfare policies an actor basically all thing is is gas letting right i see your game here merrill you're trying to make me think that you didn't say all that stuff but she did i remember she said all that stuff i remember because where meat heads you know what and we never forget anything there should be more reason to give roderick adela race he got ministry to be a football fan true while we to sell us out let's not
nor the fact that ratings are down by like me out six there was an election six alien and will again season he got the one important one and that's my austria it is funding the male sheep thinks it we will forget this i'm not forget my keys i forget people's names on never forget the time the male streep said that football was not not this actually it makes me think of a new marketing technique where you just target one specific person is a fuck everyone else like next year roderick adele you should just go after let's call it gave a random slept at such ito they call that like all out the chinese paradox oh really i just made up if you sell one can a coke to every person in china for one dollar your billinger that's pretty get so there you gotta say attics s off rather godot converts one person every year for the next four hundred million years everyone in america watch football or if he gets a fake
when and kills himself then boom ratings bonanza sowed tune it roderick adele's failure would be let lit so let that's our show we'll see you on friday we do on friday is a quick is it as paul dangle boot dead over her they called agri abou tangley not dare yes he's not dead he's trying again hall faint yes here he came out and said i fucked up with concussions here because godot was acta will pop paul taboo basically said i've known about concussions forever but a canada want to be asked about this anymore so here roger tell you look stupid enough to take this job and have ever come out you and hate you and that's exactly happen so is actually the smartest person world i will go the story paul taboo and how he got radically i'll be a scapegoat for life i that's our show will see a friend who we do product we everyone we're not gonna ask you know we're going
hu i keep we're doin it wouldn't ice cube friday get ready at it
i do just ass man down me
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