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Ryan Whitney, Author Jeff Pearlman + Week 3 NFL Picks

2018-09-20 | 🔗

The Browns have finally won a Football game (this is just a guess because we had to tape early if the Jets won forget we said anything)(2:24-6:05) Jimmy Butler started major drama and now Stephen Jackson may kill the Wiggins brothers (6:05-11:15). NFL Week 3 Preview + Picks (11:16-21:49). Fantasy Fuckboiis(21:50-25:25). Author Jeff Pearlman joins the show to talk about his new book about the USFL "Football For A Buck" and has some wild stories about the creation and demise of the USFL including a player that once went on the IR because he slammed his dick in a car trunk(27:45-51:55). Ryan Whitney checks in to talk about what he's been up to, does anyone try in preseason hockey, and how he's been doing gambling on the NFL this year + a bonus lock (57:14-1:16:04). Segments include the debut of "Just Stop Talking Jon Gruden”(1:18:20-1:20:25), Respect the Biz for the Browns sideline reporter who yelled at a ref (1:20:26-1:25:25), Trouble in Paradise for the 10,000th time Belichick and Brady(1:25:26-1:29:22) and a special guest, Dana B from Mickstape with Dana's Thoughts.(1:29:23-1:39:40) 

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