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Ryen Russillo + Mount Rushmore Of Guys You See At The Gym

2018-08-09 | 🔗

Football is back (yes we keep saying this). We watched all the preseason games and we're hyped beyond belief (3:30 - 7:05). Hard Knocks episode 1 review (7:05 - 16:04). Our good friend Ryen Russillo joins us in studio for over an hour of talk about the media world, SVP's fake birthday, whether the clutch gene is real, work life balance and the Mt Rushmore of guys you see at the gym (16:04 - 78:38). Segments include is Tiger back, Sabermetrics for Jayson Werth being mad at nerds, Kings stay Kings for Bill Snyder getting a contract extension and Grab Bag of Jimbos/Roasts/Tips for your younger self.

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On today's part of my take. We have our good friend, Ryan Rosillo about an hour with him. We got super cash supercash It's just some guys talking it was. We were leaning back. He came in with his tank top. Obviously, in turn my chair around route with him for a while yep. It was a good time. So we did about forty minutes with him in that a twenty minute Mount Rushmore with him. That was awesome. It was a Mount Rushmore. He was born to play v Mount Rushmore of guys, you see at the gym and he is a gym guy before we do that, though, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yasu Yahoo, fantasy football, keep that football feeling all week long when you play Yahoo fantasy
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and to change. Takes you back to the days of chat rooms and dial a porn? It takes you back to the days I had with Danny Thomas and won the league baby, so go check it out: Yahoo, dot, com, slash, P, M, fantasy football, Yahoo, DOT, com m, T, C football; okay, let's go Friday August tenth and the c key question put in promo code. Take Siki question: Pft: here's your secret question: how happy the footballs back I'm! So
happy. I it's it's such a treat every every August because everyone's like they will do a full preseason sucks, guess what it doesn't sell it's football. It feels like. I woke up from a coma that started the day after the Superbowl and I really eyes: we brand we'd still NFL and it's awesome yeah and I just realized something how many did you think we're going to say football in Spanish This is it open. I don't care yeah, hey, I'm going to do it today, I'm going to do ok, so on Monday, I'm going to do it when college football starts and do a week. One football is back, update the law Hank, hates dogs in the dogs and feel sorry, I should have said: hey kids back yeah. What's up, how is the location? This is great as we missed you out that yeah I heard I did miss you. I always miss on leave. I miss you guys too. So football is back. We had CAM Newton versed. Kelvin Benjamin that actually looks serious. No was serious, so petty, petty wars, hey big CAT, the NFL's,
got petty wars. There we go winter existed back in, like the sixties, they'd be like Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK, getting petty with it yeah. Oh man, Damn mat mat burn on the internet. It was pretty funny, though so cam goes up to Kelvin Benjamin and what it was like right after JFK got. Shot is like who did this fan school Moji schools? Is that too soon what ' after it happened, no yeah right after yeah, but like now there were sixty years past, yeah yeah
Okay is Easy Kennedy. What I also didn't do it? I said someone else that I did the bleacher. What TED Cruz's eyes quotes. We did the the spam okay yeah gotcha yeah, yes of the jokes, not yours! Yet, oddly yeah it was, it was awesome. So CAM Newton was pissed off at Kelvin. Benjamin for for running his mouth up in Buffalo saying he wished he played with a more accurate quarterbacking and that he wished you played with a more accurate quarterback, so bad he put on all that weight and got so fat that he became a bigger target. Yes, so I he was mad. A cam Newton CAM comes up to before the game. Very clearly is like hey, you want to say about it. We push someone away he's. I know this is between us and then he did the thing we're put both his hands behind his back to the okay. I'm not gonna punch you, but I'm still going out for you. I want to point. I want to punch you in you think I'm gonna punch, you yeah, but I'm not going to it can get a flag for hands, are behind yeah it's the old, like not touching you not touching. You just go chest to chest about, but I'm not touching user and Benjamin just walked away yeah. He was like I don't want. I have not prepared to deal with this. Don't come to camp yeah. We had Baker Electric Sick, one Barkley had a run,
word overreact, everything. Yes, a call is six one Berkeley, Future Hall of Famer yeah his legs look even bigger and pads Mitch to risky fifty percent completion put presented that's pretty good too! For for for yards good, that's gonna start it's great we're good! But anyway, just not we're good. No pics good were awesome, yep with any don't throw a pick. Six yup that was that was that was was back. We we we had Josh Allen take is for all that first, throw hold on that. Was it felt like an orgasm? It does so. I would assume most people. Listen. This don't watch every single preseason game like we did, but we were watching Josh Alan. He gets back first play the game. I think it was a play. Action pass and it's well. It's tough. To tell if you hand the ball 'cause his hand is so big right that you can't see the football is, eat pause, so he throws it. Sixty five yard pass
Clearly out of bounds, the receiver caught it out of bounds, doesn't matter, got a standing ovation and the announcer said. Look at these guys! Look at these fans. They love it. They don't care that it wasn't a completion. They love that arm and were like now you get it. Yes, it was sick, never get there going to need to devise new cameras like they all twenty two isn't going to be able to cover Josh Allen's past no they're going to have a drone they're going to get like Carrie, Mathison or Obama to fly a drone above the stadium, double tap yeah, just just taking photos yeah, so footballs back play portal. Six hundred and forty nine, with a touchdown very nice day, beautiful Jews got TAN is great. It's like the first day of school. When everyone comes in with Tanya like man, Joe Flacco yeah nice table Joe looked hot, we got so tan that he was scrambling for a touchdown. He had like a fifteen yard. Touchdown run. That's going to be my new thing every time, Lamar Jackson does some good, I'm going to just say it was Joe Flacco and hopefully enough people as possible. I spot July, Jose great leader. We should quickly before we get to render, so we should quickly talk about hard knocks so
We had Joe Thomas on on Wednesday and he we take two before hard knocks he predicted everything perfectly mom Wiley. He left out a pretty big part which is broken row back. Yes, he will prepare for Brad Rowe back due to shock Eastern Michigan Larry Field, yeah yeah. This is Brogan ROW back was the star Bob. Why Lee was a big time STAR Todd, Haley and Greg Williams are as big a dick heads as we expected. They hate Hugh Jackson. Every can tell they're about to just go nuts on yeah, because there's this like theme, that's going around you. So the Jarvis Landry Speech that went viral, which was hilarious by the way, because I'm pretty sure Jarvis Landry was not really known as a leader in Miami. So but then the cameras are there and he's doing a speech, two minutes into training or maybe it's just because she's with the brown sound yeah like what it what's going on. This is not a football right. I gotta get out here, but v v theme
is that Hue Jackson wants to sit everyone so that no one gets injured ever, but they don't also play any football yep I have a kind of a good strategy play football in the past yeah, so they already know how to play right. So why would you play it right? It doesn't make any sense. We also had Hue Jackson with the ultimate football guy moment where his mother tragically passed away. Two weeks, I think after his brother and he was in a room with four of his coaches going over film and the GM What's the name, his name is scaping. Make John Dorsey John Dorsey walked in with his great sweatshirt and said: are you ok and you said yeah, I'm good and uh coaches looked around like? What are they talking about and Hue Jackson? Just you know kind of slightly like just just basically like Hey rain today he's like yeah, my mother, passed away this morning and all the coaches looked like. Damn that sucks
so we're talking about inside, don't run this and they just went on right back yeah right, that's not active yeah. It was like instant. I need a little bit more Bob Wiley, I need to say they gave me a taste. They gave me a not to want to come back to the I I think he said there was. They were doing some for pass protection, and one of the office alignment Blue is block and Wiley goes. I could see that from here. Helen Keller could see that which is a very football guy thing. Yes, like Helen Keller, very topical reference yeah make fun of a blind deaf mute, yeah girl, that's the beautiful football. I probably would have been a better quarterback for the browns and most the people at the FED. It could be worse all right for the all out on the Jersey. I had one quick whoa with hard knocks okay, this happens every year, hard knocks you watch hard knocks annual. man. I wonder how this is going to end, but they haven't even taped yet yeah, it's crazy. Nobody knows like crazy or like watching yeah like the the Browns play the giants and your way bring it live right now, but then
I was to watch on hard knocks you're like well. Yeah track time. Traveling a little bit. I like watching what happens during the games and then anticipating how it's gonna be covered writer and harden all right, like Baker, Mayfield quarterback controversy, you're right. What all the tie rod did? Look pretty good. Do you think we Schreiber watches the game, so we can get a feel for it. No I'd like to think he just goes in the studio and just does it on the mic, like Jay Z, leave Schreiber would be great if leave Schreiber was like a not a sports fan, but he now has just the most random sports knowledge, because he's done a few twenty four slash, seven for the winter classic and some random boxing matches and then hard knocks and he's got one of those voices she's like big, big, big time, knowledge on, like the bucks, the Bengals in the
since yeah, that's it what okay, I do like how in the preseason, also you get like interest silly on wearing like rams shirts, he does the the broadcast for the teams you got. These like us got Hanson does every team. He does. If you also yep, we've got like major announcers that are just like keeping for teams now Santa Rosa does the bears he's the he's the Rangers announcer. It's always like. That's the first moment of football's back yeah. Yes, because football is back. I also like it's preseason for the refs to I also like its every season for the camera man to you. How like, when the care man gets picked up. I play action. Yep yeah, you can just say it's preseason forever. It's a great built, an ex. You called that too, because we were watching it and there is fumble call in and you just yelled out just remember it's pre season for the rest too, and then they reversed it because they were so wrong. Like yep, you call that one uhhuh I can hear you. Can we talk about the browser, so I'm assuming? Are they winning tonight? Sure? Let's see the browns are currently winning. So I'm going to assume I'm going to extrapolate from the squared one thousand three hundred and ten at the end of
Third, so it's going to be over it's going to be fifteen and a half two hundred and eleven the browser going to win brings their preseason winning streak to five. Oh yeah Brown, open browser, preseason dynasty, born talking about it yeah they still haven't, went on a Sunday, though that's very true, I think whose last quarterback, I think is Robert Griffin yeah, who was the last quarterback to win a game for the browns on a Sunday yeah. It's something it's some ridiculous that I love it yeah. Ok, can you guys tell that like? work. You know know wher Heights, where height is a little slow unruly in here, quite unruly Hank get excited you're wearing on football hat on pumped. I don't speaking, which, before we do Ryan Rosillo, we are going on our training camp tour, so we're going to San Francisco on Saturday, the locals, call it Frisco Frisco or San Fran Frisco, so we're going to San Francisco we're going to talk to the Niners I'm going to be. What do you call it when you get back
reconciled reconcile my father Bob and then we're going down to LA and we're going to see the rams so we're going to do some some camp stuff. We actually can also there's a special surprise in there somewhere that, yes, a true true you guys will like you need a lot of in and out and having diarrhea. That's a surprise Bubba. Can you do me a favor, remember this after we do trip. Can you make a little graphic, showing us going from an airplane from the forty Niners to LA and just be like? Look at our training camp tore his you know, hot, like they love to Ian Rapoport. Did that look? Look at all the places. I've been cool man when he gets cover football for living. It's awesome, shot, okay, let's to our Ryan Rosillo Interview and our Mount Rushmore with him before we, cash app cash app the number one finance app in the world rated by us these days,
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and type in the code, part in it check out to receive fifteen percent off your first order that state in liberty, dot, com and type in the code part in for fifteen percent off your first order? Ok, here is. Reiner saw alright. It is August, eighth that we're taping this and we have Ryan Rosillo in studio and I think we're going to start with breaking down game by game. The NBA Christmas schedule so, We have good looks first Knicks and you start there yeah. What do you think? Ok,
ever get the schedule thing I just I never get it and, like I love the NBA as much as anybody and get me worked up like I got an oatmeal, can you do sports center thing and rank the five games in a row like, and we had a sixth and they're like people are actually mad? The nice thing about the schedule reveal, is you look at the Christmas Games and you just imagine yourself being sick of your family and ok, I'm going to get escape from them with this game and then that's the position you put yourself in yes, they're trying to copy the NFL is what they're trying to do. The NFL is the king of schedule releases where they have an announcement two weeks before the scheduled release to announce the schedule, release yeah that one stupid too. Now it's back in the band yeah come on the only one that matters of college football but that one they do like like, like Wisconsin's playing Notre Dame in two thousand and twenty five there.
Ready, as I am now others right, the other is going to affect the BCS formula. That's going to be interesting, yeah! Well, and then everyone gets mad at you when, like Wisconsin plea, be we be why you this last year it was like to have a cup cake schedules like well. We schedule them when they were good seven years ago. My rule is this: if your program like place somebody what, if your other three or cupcake Expressi play like one one. There's teams that I don't understand that granted the time to start doing. B two signs at the urban Meyer Rally and then point out Alabama strength of schedule? May your, like you were using me here, you little upset that you didn't make the final four for ESPN fake news on that bracket. That guy had. Did you see it? I I don't know why Sage Steele, mark yeah, but he's not fake news. He's done this yeah, but he got a mark. May it was a made like. I remember one time walking around the Shea no big deal, and we were, I don't remember it like t c
you fort worth or something and there's, a bunch of students screaming to make shake on bring us mark. May it was like you know. Just to deleted footage from Braveheart some clans screaming. I did see on get up today, just thank you for your balls. Yeah just tell me about all about being on get up in that set in green Ian was green heat. Before the show heats, egg White Omelet, nice stomach's been bugging a little bit less yeah. Well, it was great you want to know. What's great is, is his birthday was Monday? So I don't look at your family yeah Saturday, Scott's isn't Saturday no yeah. I know it is he's he's a he's. A we actually need to see is long form birth certificate. Yeah! That's one of those like you would you would be better press like the bomb truthers on the birth certificate, the Van Pelt truth there's really like focus, focus, 'cause? We never knew his birthday? Was he ever You don't don't know it. I think I know
month, but I'm not sure is like a tomato base. Hold. Are you like always perk? You never celebrated his brother's old and then, when they were was my birthday he would be off or I'd be off on. Okay August is like a big to, cough. I thought it was just like his birthday was two days before the Wikipedia page you're saying his birthday could be in fucking February yeah a lot of people, don't know. Remember producers we had in the show, like I think, Scott's birthday is today and I'll, be like hey. Is your birthday now and then picked a different date like an extra year later we go home and ask her his birthday. Is he won't tell you, I actually think he won't tell you you got a better chance of getting you a nude. We get it just tap it Just will you survive how much time I feel like we're? Technically, not taping a podcast right now with risotto, but please tell us your birthday, I don't I got I it's going to get Spence killing me.
hey Scott, I'm at the hospital right now and I'm trying to fill out emergency contact form, and I need your birthday. What we're taping right now with Brazil, and he doesn't know your birthday either. Just tell it to us uh it's in July. Ok, that thirty minutes down is it the fourth hello, there see. I I think it's the fourth all right, So we knew he said you would never ever tell us. So now this, It's way more fun that way it's now kind of like a running joke. It was his birthday recently. I think it was. Did you text them? I know he texted me today before and let me know that he correct incorrect,
like like what? Yes, okay, yeah, that's where ' Alright, well just text it to me text me your birthday, just just real quick after this right, we won't share it. We won't share, it will say, record off the record superduper. Alright, ok, bye,. So I think that his birthday is, but as far as I'm concerned the whole month of July yeah, here's a quick- it's wild to breach, think tank racier right alongside twenty thirty days to emerge. Do you think, with the climate today politically he's which I would be, let's unpack, that state right a little bit? You think he does want to be associated with July. Fourth, because of all controversial, o okay is easy, simply taking in me by not telling us Monday. I actually that leads me to a question I wrote to. I think right, yeah yeah, so on your podcast. I think it was. May you said it's absolute bullshit that the eagles don't go to the White House and respect our president. What do you mean by that? You know Chris
I'm working on right now right what is hall of Fame Induction speech going to introduce him? Yes, that's confirmed, ok, We're like we waited were timed out there. A Louis thing were like ok, that's the mark. Three thousand and fifteen yeah he's going to go thirty. Four, given that modular walk behind him the whole time and do the towel for so he can have both hands heights out yeah. I was trying to get long to tweet out after all the speeches that Saturday night to say this really inspires me. Lock down what I'm going to do when I'm inducted. You know what he should do it. He should just wear like a flavor Flave clock around his neck and justice
at the time are. We delivers a speech, but if you just lip sync the song and had no like way more, what are we doing here? Yeah? Oh, I thought this was like a variety show. We could do whatever we wanted him to come by ya. What if he just memorized Ray Lewis Speech and did it and like see how long till people will actually erase it Baltimore like seventeen times to start this week, but Ray in sixty seconds talked about kissing people on the mouth and these kids, these kids, Tom Brady fears of his daughter being wrapped up in the sex trade, sex trafficking and then, like thirty seconds later, we were on the physics. Yes, an I mean, I think, is great, is the Ray thing was, I think, they're a lot of writers out there, and I I mentioned like if you just take it up with an outline right whenever you get a thought put in an order right right. All right, sir, is a question for what is your least favorite thing about the sports media business.
follow up question. He wanted another question. No, I want to. I want to answer this right 'cause. I. I definitely know that I'm one of the guys that watches other people- I guess type I put so much, I put too much work anyway. I'm serious like I don't you know you were you were your flaws interview, I'm a perfectionist like you're too much, but no, I I put a bought lot into it, and I found myself a lot of times being like. Why would you ever feel comfortable going out and talking about a game that you didn't watch rather than ever always blew my mind that I'd be like you are like so determined in just pass. in the table, and I can tell you didn't watch and then I just Amazed me how many people had jobs in sports that don't seem to really like sports yeah. That's what I don't understand right. Did you ever reach a point, though, because I think this is something that's happened with you. That maybe you don't see it because you're living your own life and you don't see like the outside your best life, the reaction to let someone else, but I think that what you have like the approach
taking people definitely appreciate it and people recognize it like. I don't ever see, someone being like, Priscilla doesn't know what he's talking about yeah. I did here. If you didn't like me or not, I just wanted you to know that. I knew what I was talking about, because I first start going to some of these camps and stuff for the draft 'cause. I just love the draft, I mean they started one thousand five hundred and sixteen years ago and I've been able to like there's nothing. Makes me feel better than when a front office text me after I do something like some people saw me on get up today and they're, like, I can't believe, like you, you nailed that look there's of times where guys like your by the way to like Three reasons you're wrong about what you just said, but we could never confirm, or this this and this So that's what I always wanted to do like I thought if you were listening to somebody and it was- out sports like that, I'm going to pick games right all the time I get tons of shit wrong. Everybody does but hey here thought process into this, or maybe this is what the team is thinking here and I could. I could have some some thought behind it like when Melo was going to be traded for Kevin Love and I'm in
be on the phone, so we like here's why this is so stupid and then I can be like hey. You know you can trust me or not on this one, but like they're, not trading, Kevin love for mellow, and this is like a year and a half ago, a lot of that stuff. happen, and I go what a great way to incorporate that into show like your this opinion person, but you also have access to attend information. There was this nfl thing that we didn't get up yesterday and I just said I can't believe how bad everybody still is with contracts like NFL contracts, the first headlines ally and then it's the guaranteed money and then it's what's a paid out the first three years. So so, if asking for like a certain number, what he's really doing is manipulating the media media? The media doesn't seem to want to put in the time to figure out, what's really being asked for the contract right and then an NFL team text me after it goes you're the only guy that said that right other than NFL reporter, so that I thought the job was that's what I always wanted to be. So I guess I read the goal that I had to our because, as the general manager told us was a lead, okay right can grab a real. He says that whatever screwed you yeah yeah couple times come
yeah I'd like someone us scouter someone front office, basically trying to over more than from offices. Do trying to get their message out there through you yeah yeah, and what I'm, what how that, like, where doubted you then just say like fuck, you man, I I didn't. I didn't talk to the agent ever again interesting 'cause. I Two I just felt stupid. I was younger but you GM's usually a really good about it because, like they may get stuff wrong with like. The there there are a lot of guys really. So I talked to they're like hey. Let's just use were so low because all say it on the show today right and whenever anybody Ask me, as I finish this kind of long form thought on it like yours, better off being entertaining you just. Are you better off being entertaining and and losing your mind on stuff, and it doesn't matter if you're you're inconsistent, you contradict yourself all the time like just get out there and don't take it as seriously have more can say ridiculous, shed get stuff wrong on purpose distressing treasure, you're, going to be what if we started do something almost like. I would never get something wrong.
Well. We just had like focus more on just having fun yeah and just fucking around. No. I had somebody pulled me aside, like you take it too seriously when I was younger and he and he said, get something wrong on per This just be so wrong once every few months, that kind of like registers with people get it wrong on purpose. Yeah until it's like just like move the need a little bit yeah, I will say your name and I just I remember walking in the hallway. You know this is like a long time ago at ESPN. I just thought to myself like: why would you ' want to do that, like that seems like what but- I couldn't do it that way- and I I you know, look it's nice- that people like what I've done it, it's cool. Whenever I run into a coach or something or I'm at the Vegas Summer, league in you know feels great when I hope I don't know as a GM pulls me aside and goes. I've always wanted to talk to you about this or whatever, like I always love it. We did it, but
I would advise younger people listening. They want even the business, don't bother, because it's way too much work and it's not gonna. It's not gonna make you the star that you will like. I wanted to be on main number one guide, ESPN and arm. There's only one ball. Now, there's there's there's enough! There's there's multiple big time, ours there, and I think I mean I don't don't feel. Like I'm saying anything, anybody ever have on the radio show like I just felt like there was kind of a a salary cap want not decided salary like I feel like there was a ceiling that would to be on me, and I was like well, if I'm putting this much work into it and I've like dedicated my 30s to just kick ass then I like I, don't have any life balance and I'm I'm feeling like okay. Well, this is all you're ever gonna be a huh. So what is the wrong guest you've ever been not on purpose. The six first thing, yeah recent memory- yeah- I mean you know normally a really dumb about that yeah I just grew in the thing. Is I really I was out on sports center. This is kind of how it happens to
as I go, you know everybody's talking at the Sixers. That's new, it's exciting as like. These guys have never played and beads always hurt, Simmons hasn't played. Yet I think we're going to be good. it seems like that always stink. So I really gave it the old. What, for I gave you a little sauce, yeah, that's kind of a cheating answer, because everyone every time I see your name, it's always people being like Godzilla, so dumb, because he said this dumb thing about the Sixers he's so dumb. Like this thing, so dumb, like besides that one because that's like so I'm just bring everyone's going to expect you to be talking about that, because you're so dumb. What else have you been wrong about? What a for brains are still known for other than the Sixers? I remember like just being really over the MAVS and I used to like stick up for Derek all the time. I wasn't one of those go because Derek as a foreigner he soft but
like they had had all these stretches where they just kept coming up short all the time. I know I don't like when a guy loses and you go. Ok, you've lost and it's disappointing, but then it turns into your incapable of ever winning, and I love that it, like you don't have to like Chris Paul to me- is a guy that just it hasn't happened, it doesn't mean he's incapable of winning. So you see there, you know clutching you don't believe in the clutch gene mandolin. Stop This is why you need to get out of the business. Are you serious no way to really do not believe in analytics? He does not believe the clutch sheet he just said. Instead clutching is different from analytics, so I do think they're, obviously players that are more comfortable in certain situations like whenever anybody like, I believe in clutch, an analytics guys just think it's the dumbest thing ever, but I always think this like, Why is it that we all accept that a certain golfer standing over a major putt four feet out to win.
To win the masters like everyone would agree that you're tighten up there a little bit right like you're thinking about it way more than you should like four footer. So we all accept, did that exist? Why couldn't there be players that are more comfortable there for clutch in those moments? Hyundai just blow your mind, yeah yeah it would you consider yourself to be a clutch broadcaster day after the soup. Well, you're on there, everyone is listening to you is that when you bring your age it yeah, I was always the best after a bad show, About is a big bounce buster. What was your slump buster? Would you do? Probably? I probably had a two week, anthem stretch where I came. That Monday was like. I would have turned myself off. Yeah You know like. I turned myself off all the time. It's tough when your solo and you go. This is a very interesting. I have four minutes to go our stock,
I want to jump back a little bit. You said some interesting about you know the guy that said be more loose, be focused. More on being entertaining yeah and maybe being like just straight up, informative all the time. How do you actually attacked about? So this is a serious question phone it. I was way. No there's! No there's not! I don't know we're doing serious yeah. I should have more fun early on. I could you know Scott Night, the that was my problem. Is that you know I was kind of up my own thing more than I should have been, and then we became a much better show once you know after a couple of years who just said you know what tell more stories about each other give each other a hard time. Let's go off script I got something I think is: is just awesome, about Lebatard Show is that you don't really know, what's going to happen and they have they have so much fun with it. And I don't love it all the time you know like he would call me sports serious, loser guy, and I would think ok there, certain days that I think you have to be sports loser guy, but his shows just different. It's different with the expectations for different, but when they have fun they had
more fun in in on it, and it's terrific and they've created something and they've created a long time before it ever became national. So I do love the show. Never like all those guys. I. I mean look. I was I was a loser about it. You know MIKE my purse relationships were all shot. Watch twenty some hours, a game or twenty hours, a games on on football? You know like Saturday Sunday and then I'd watch. Another forty hours are not at all yeah, but when you when all your doing like when all your doing is waking up thinking about. I want to be the best and I'm going to kick out. I'm gonna read everything in the call. Everybody them to do a three hour show and then I'm going to go to the gym and eat obviously a lot of protein, but then go right back and watch games from seven until one one am and then you do it for ten plus years. I know everybody's, like boo hoo, you had to watch a lot of games will like this literally. All I did was think about. I'm gonna be best talk, show host host on the kick and then once I'm like forty in a huge star that it's all gonna take care of itself. It won't matter and then once I became like
guy that supposedly knew everything- and I mean that in the sense of like I watched more than everybody else, and then I'm like wow. This really wasn't like that. Smart, because no one cares like no one cares that you watched little markers like like oh cool. You can actually do the Bc S formula on your own chairs. No one cares. You know here the guy who like reads to twenty feeling. You should just branded yourself a little bit differently. You should've come up with your own BCS formula. Yes, yes, yes yeah, I that's ultra bc original message, yeah one! Yes, it's interesting though 'cause I. Maybe I'm just jealous of like what you've been able to accomplish in the fact that I think you always look at things in such a smart way and we're kind of just dumb that, like to joke around yeah but see here's. What I got was a kiss, hey, buddy yeah, maybe give us a minute but see
whenever any? Like another thing, when you know people ask of like find something to do with the you create that's different: okay, hi Brad it, which is a great example, meet me in the BCS. He was like when the BCS first came out. He figured out how to do the formula and they became really valuable. A guy like Joe Tessitore test came up. The Heisman all children are Heisman, Ology came up. He came out with the thing and called people instead of what your husband yeah and they told them, and then it was something new. It was something different Todd Mcshay with the scouts think thing they found something you're literally describing dear involved in tire life Revell, his my friend. Yes, all right, our friend too, he literally created a job out of thin air. He create is okay, so you have to find what you guys created, something because you're mocking the whole thing and I think in Way, everybody like takes themselves too seriously now, but you guys are really smart like if you guys were just jokes. You know with awesome cuts, and thank you it wouldn't it wouldn't. Last as long you know like. I remember trying to help you guys out with an interview and at
'cause like those guys kind of clowns? Oh yeah, I do remember that yeah. We still get that from that, but I said: look if I'm reaching out to you guys have known me as long as you've known me, like have to know that I wouldn't just let like two more on show up in interview somebody really serious at what they want to be with the team and they're like okay, we'll you know we'll take your word for it so, like you guys created, something I don't know if it's the vacuum of other people or other media he's going in the wrong direction or whatever it is. But, like you didn't say, how to be anything but yourselves and because your front end you're really great at this. Like you blow up and that's I think that with so many people like it's easier than ever to get on the air, but because it's easier than ever, it takes even more to stand out like it took me six or seven years, even to get a fill in shift at ESPN, and when I did, I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to get that filling shift that rd a lot shorter now, but there's a
in people all lined up right as Harris frontally, that's a trick day out. They always Jakob giant human centipede. They, the trick, is like to get on the air. You sound, like the person that's been on the air before you and that's how it that's the easiest way to get in the door, but like really succeed at something it's almost like you have to do something, that's totally different and then nobody to give you a job. You have to kind of do it on your own, see, I think there on the book. There's one part that you missed about. What we do is that we actually kind of believe some of the bullshit. We say it very deep down. Like the I mock a lot of times the thing that I am like the meatball fan? There is a meatball fan inside me, but you're not sheen's real thing. In my mind, you're not like. I walked with you enough about sports yeah. There's your not impersonating anybody! No! I like when the Cubs get blown out by. Like you know, the cardinals by fifteen runs like why the fuck can we throw out, but you know, what's great, is that like. I realize too, that a lot of play you suck and what you've done. We've created something where an I actually give Dan Patrick a lot of time. For this, like I used to think Dan Patrick uh,
when he would have somebody on like Dan was such huge star because he was like the face of ESPN for such a long time that he could get away with pressing pressing different buttons and almost being arrogant to the superstar athlete and the superstar athlete would like interact with him in a completely different way. I'd, listen! I go well. You can't just do that, like I can't just decide to be Irrigant to Justin Vernon Lander, be like hey, welcome to game night Ryan, Rosillo, Keystone, light, alright, Verlander! What's your deal bro, you know like it. Would he be like hang up on this guy like? Why am I doing this and when you guys have athletes on like they look forward to this now, because you're going to screw around with them, but they're going to show a personality that they haven't shown in all these folders that we've done on mainstream radio that usually suck all the time yeah except Dac Prescott. He's he's still he won't tell us if you watch porn or not yeah. I looked at his brother's. A good dude yeah, that's a nice thing that you can say about that press services brother when he got beat up at spring break. I don't know
brother good question sweetie Hasbro's back yeah, it's broken bit, alright. Last real question, serious question. Then we maybe do the Mount Rushmore I don't know this is going to be serious, go yeah. We we tricked you the beginning stuff we're going to cut that, so it's going to be like wow. Why was Priscilla so fucking serious today, I honestly help people you know like. I want to help people, in the business, and I know I sound like I'm salty everything, but I'm not. I don't see I needed to do something different and we every time I'm stressed out about, like you know, is this gonna. Be worth it all have days were in who knows like I couldn't stand, the you don't don't I well. I kinda hope I do, but it's almost like the way that you're talking about ESPN it. It almost makes you more desirable to them. You've got like that. I I don't give a yeah yeah. I mean that they know they know I care. They know I care and I'm I'm nest. I don't want you to be bombed out
like. I can't believe you know, went out, but I mean when I walked away from the radio show eight plus months ago. I think a lot of people figured like it's just over and then I've talked with a couple of people that I like a lot and they said you want to keep doing stuff and come up with plans. Look absolutely absolutely I do, but I like, when I I'm stuck all day in the rat race LA and trying to sell a show or meet with somebody, and I get to come back and I get to look at the butter and that's what I think. That's really what I did and right just hope I can pay for it. If you wanted to stick around or if you were going to end up sticking around at ESPN, would you just continue doing the podcast or would you have come back? I mean I would come back and do stuff, you know, but Look, we got a huge studio out in La A2, so there's a lot of different stuff that we could do, but I I I needed. I needed different. I couldn't sit in my basement in Connecticut for another five years Do you all of a sudden? You know you're, forty five and you're, like cool, no. In five years you be four thousand seven hundred and forty eight four thousand eight hundred and forty eight hours about it now
So you write five, you celebrate your birthday for you, like Ryan Lochte. His dog you be forty. Eight in five years correct you think that dog is no other dogs. Like wait a minute, you guys don't the dogs. Probably like. Please train me. Yes, please teach me something right. I know I don't think you complaining at all. I think it's just you found like event. Got to like hey. I need work, life balance which is yes then I just I don't like. I probably should be. less honest about things, but I have a I have a heart like I don't wanna be able she got. You know what I mean like I'll, never get like how many people have run into this business and then some doesn't work out from work wise and they go well. What I've got a million options. Everything I mean you're like no. You don't write you. Don't don't say I never want really sound like one of those guys, but I also didn't want people to be confused, keep it does mommy out every now and then, when somebody will say like? Oh, you buster show or an it's not like just a random like somebody in the business will say like. Oh whatever you're like my show, did great and lose anything, but I didn't
I didn't want to stay under the right. Whatever I've done all this before so, oh, so you like, if you decide to ESPN, doesn't workout yeah. Are you going to be? Is there a party? That's like I just got. I worked all these years to get to the like. You know your son, at the top of the sports. You never felt like. I was, though, so that's probably never close enough yeah but see that's the thing, that's another like it's kind of that way. You're wired like if I wasn't wired this way. I would have never done this point, but if I maybe it just enjoy, a little bit more and stop thinking about everybody thought was doing better than me then maybe I would have ended up doing better, but I could never accept that 'cause. I'm, like I don't know like the only you got to this- is your wired and you're constantly thinking about it? What's all these different things like that's, that's the trick of the whole business. That's like you can never feel like you can relax because you're going to well, if I relax and I'm going to suck and I'm not going to be good in the air and the thing about talk radio like when you start to lose it you can hide it right, like everybody starts, be like. Oh, my god, this guys lost his fastball and I actually used to get a little
sad sometimes when we would do these radio events. It would be guys that were on like a market for forty years, which is something you would you should hope. You could do in any job. Have that kind of longevity, but then sometimes I'd like listen to him and go you don't like your you, you stop caring. Ten years ago I was like. I don't want to be one of those guys see. I do eventually I'll be looking forward to that. I'm looking forward that chapter in my life and I'm like I say fifty in just being like the best thing yeah, the fucking yeah. We should throw at the cardinals what the fox the Blackhawks need to fight more, never like Melina all of 'em. I look forward to those days. That's going to be exciting, see but you're from the middle you're wired different are going to Mount Rushmore Rapid Fire, real quick. I want to pull answers on a few things. Lebron over under Nba championships were thrust career, one and a half ago under murky, so zero. Now,
You said: half I go over. I think he has one one one more. Usually these guys. This means they're done yeah. I remember the Kobe stuff we like nobody wants more than Kobe know you want all you want. This is over from Kevin Durant over under two and half. Oh man. It's even with the wars with two I'll say under yeah. I'd say it's got two now he's going to maybe one or somewhere else, yeah right, I can never quite figure. What's real about the Durant rumors, because they're constant, all the burners since to keep track yeah, but at least he owned little bit and now uses real account. He does yes, they you. Did he dm you? Maybe we're not talking about that were slow playing it, so he can come on the show some time. There's the headline, crap from this show I may or may,
out of been damning with Kevin Durant on Instagram and he may live not just said that that's okay, he may or may not have called me a for operating up Instagram story from my basketball game yeah, but see that if it was awesome, I love everything is true about that. It's not just because he called if it's all True, I really like him, yet he did it. Yes, it actually shows you a little to say much: gene yeah, but the humor gene. Yes, no, let's just say my alleged instagram back and forth. The M with Kevin Durant was very funny. And hopefully someday we can talk about it, but I would like to have him on the show to discuss in person, so I'm not trying to burn I'm not trying to be the guy who Kevin Durant. Response to on Twitter or Instagram and then screen grabs it and puts it on twitter? And it's like? Oh, I got Kevin Durant to respond and then Cameron says fuck. These guys would ever do their broadcast. Uh I think you are. I think you are very good path based on the information that I may or may not have seen correct. Alright Kwai Leonard percent.
he stays in Toronto. I do think life that we always have opinions about things. We've never experienced food women No, oh, oh! But the point is even cities. Remember I hated New York City. Is it from Boston, La loser town yeah! Well, looking at it right and then what happens you get on a plane, start, trying prosciutto for the first time you know yeah. So so could be sitting here, going I'm not staying in Toronto and in your their drawings, awesome currency. Exactly percent chance, you and Scott have a show together at some point in the rest of your life. something's going to go really bad for him. If that happens Ah, I Scott. We talked about doing a podcast, but the birthday She has you sex, naked butt.
good branding, yeah! We got a lot of these birthdays. This very Are they close on the calendar they just noodle? Yes, this is. This is a beautiful because when you walk out of the studio today, it's about like hey Ryan, will like what you can do that yes yeah you like. I got a thousand ideas. Okay, okay from here yeah, I got a thousand offers whatever that, whatever we do, this again will do just massive brainstorm. Brain dump- yeah, I don't get me started. I log it's the Van pelt used to I used to always be really jealous of Intel, not that the tall, but he, He would always be like you know when I'm it's funny how, when you're younger you start going out when I'm fifty I'm just going to be on the senior tour, let me call Cedar Hill Irwin in the second. I think he's got about a seven iron here. All that is sweet. That is sweet he's going to like that. A lot he's going to have a birdie chance here. So it's great job yet so, like vampire
going to do that, and I was like man what a great exit strategy 'cause then I don't have to like. Nobody wants to be sounds like you guys do but I don't want to be really old. Being like hey, it's Scott T huh. Is he sick or what yeah? You know. Why do I hear immediately exposed like it's just like? Oh, what a clown he's like 'cause. You want trump to power. Yes, it really don't know how to rocket power. Electric power yeah cartoons yeah. We had that moment today, it happened more now. I know that's why we have that's. Why I have Liam and Hank who are younger. You know Scott, and I actually did have this happen, he's going. He might get past about this, but it's too good. It's too good content when these hoes ain't these hold the hoes ain't, loyal song came out. I hadn't heard yet shocking. I know and when the dudes made up the who said these hoes ain't loyal and then the or Let's get mad about him and I was like: why are they so? add the shirt as stupid as even mean anything and, like I said it on the air and then you,
check Twitter, the commercial break. Just a hundred. You loser if he's Jose loyal like it's a plan, the song and I'm kind of like a one. Well, it's actually kind of funny. Yes shares creation, I still get one and then we come back. Breaking van pelt was like oh yeah. You didn't know that I'm like dude! No, no way, there's no way you do! It is. If you did you would've corrected me on the other, including all of our mentions, an we look like losers and you're, trying to claim that you knew, but you just held back because that's how radio works you see the nice guy, you're screwing it up roasting you, I'm not going to say anything and I'm just going to hate. Coming back from break, are coming up. Next, going to John Clayton on the Seahawks cap situation, he's like oh, by the way, we're still yeah it's it's yeah, yeah yeah have you had and I was like. Oh, I was Pist, so that was a screw up. and that's a sounding really old and it's really hard to not sound old as you get older yeah. But if you own it, I feel like people kind of they're, okay with it
yeah staying power anyway. Staying when you right when you I it a second you're saying Jose Lloyd, yeah. Me too, I was a sign on a small plane that to you we're like yeah we're like oh yeah. We know that song yeah yeah. I know him yeah, who is he saying, third and short, with fluoride yeah with Florida, all that rap? Have you have you had a conversation with Scott, where you guys are just like shooting the about sports or whatever, and then you can lock eyes and you're like we're doing this. We're doing. Remember that we have like when I would have those basement stretches We used to count how many days I went without interacting with other people other than work like I get in the 40s and I'd be like alright, I gotta go to a restaurant bar and just have a Coors light feel like a normal person or something would go. I would go like a month month and a half where I didn't do anything I didn't do anything. I was awesome yeah, but I'm just telling you like
Life is not set up to wander the earth alone. It really isn't like. I thought it was. It was going to be cool, but like society is not set up for you to not like they want to have kids in mellow the fuck out. You know they want you to get married. They don't want you to the watched. A guide showing up. Have your fifty being like did. I lose today sweet yeah, I don't know I used to make fun of him when I bartended now you are coming here, yeah, I'm more years so I I would what we would call. I would call he would always do me. The favor, like you know, he's got the families get everything going on, but we have these these stretches where, if we can talk for awhile about sports, we would but he would call me in the middle of night or I would call him during college football and we would just rant and rave.
to each other about stuff that we would talk about if we were doing the show on Monday and that's the thing is because I do think that he and I had a thing chemistry wise. That was was perfect, but I think it took me too long to to be as good as I needed to be for everybody to be psyched about that show, and I that's that's a regret that I'll probably always have about the show steep yeah. I think if I just relaxed and said, hey everything is going to workout your good and instead in the beginning I didn't I was like this. You know everybody thinks I suck and everybody's mad that I'm with ample and they wanted to be one million. Different people and Van Pelt had to go to like Vim, Pat, my back on that show more than people now like without him. You know I own a lot and I got so caught up in all that bs of like. Is it going to work out it's going to workout and all this different stuff in there, to it, but I didn't just sit back and be like holy shit. I have a show every day with my friend a guy in becoming great friends with, and we get to just bullshit.
We have. The chemistry is not two friends that want to work together, and then it sucks right. It's two guys becoming friends and becoming great co host together, and I really wish like from day one I treated. That way but I couldn't get out of my own head. I was only like you know, thirty, two years old, when I got the gig yeah yeah. You took yourself too seriously way too serious. I would treat you talking about lifting weight and you never respond. Yeah. You guys forgot he's such a hard task, but see you were so annoying that I eventually was like right now, I'm going to go out of my way to never and then other people like he's, never gonna respond, he's never gonna respond, he's never going to respond and then Stanford. Steve hung out with you you're like dude. You would love him as much as anybody who, like just follow him and talk to him, and and I've always admitted this to you guys, 'cause, like Scott liked. You dudes way earlier that I accepted you and then I come
on a guys like, oh you, know, big cat. He used to ignore all the time, and I was like I admit to you like I was sleeping. I was not cool early on about it and then I started. Actually. My thing was always hit rate. I'm like wow, he's actually funny more often, not until like those due to send out a thousand tweets, and let's one good one. Yeah. You also have you also were still struggling with, like the loss of your hair. So I understood you were in a bad spot yeah once you once, we all help rooting for me to lose my hold yeah. I mean yeah, it actually was good for the brain. It's like okay, two bald guys that yeah it's like MIKE and MIKE Bald. One reason they were so successful. They have the same name. So it's like the bald guys. I feel like a my lottery right now. I feel like you still have it all right. Do you wash your hair now, I'm totally cool with, but I definitely hated it. I was, but I was like okay. So let me get this straight like out of my group of friends, I'm gonna be the one and I'm on tv. I was like I'll work construction I went up like I'm gonna be on tv, lose my hair and kind of happened a little early, and then I, I thought I could salvage it and then there was a second stage to it and I went and I got annoyed that everybody that was bald like just like Hasselbeck
deal for giving me shit. Like a view, in the pictures that you guys were still hanging on yeah. I never look that bad though you were well I'll. Give you criticizing think you are a good, bald guy, like you have a good ball. Look, I don't even more shaken register you as being bald right. Now we talking about. Are you going to pick it? You can start picking. I don't think I have yeah. I know it's late. There he's got the island isn't on its own. You still got the estimates. You just look like a guy who's going to shitload of steroids. Speaking there's just standing up, that's a very good segue into our Mount Rushmore. We're gonna get right Back to this interview with Ryan were so low, but first I want to talk to guys about burst e liquids. There's a high fog advisory today, partial sports, and it's brought to you by burst E liquids work side. to announce our partnership with burst. Everyone knows where big vape, guys and thanks to our friends at Bursae liquid their products are the perfect solution for our nicotine crave established in two. Fifteen burst is quickly become the most sought,
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contest ends August twelfth will be announced August 18th so enter today, no purchase necessary to win for it. Us residents only must be of legal smoking, age dinner for details and terms and conditions visit, vapors dot com now back to Ryan Russillo. at this stage, right or so in the next month will have a big decision, one way or the other. However, everything works you want to stay at S, p, any might not stadia spin. We don't know this not rush. More is Most important thing you've ever done in your life, even knowing that's coming up, yes, this is the most important thing. Yeah ESPN knows this is mark, because if you do not win this Mount Rushmore you an entire brand Gravelle will have to tweet out that the root writer brand has has plummeted, and everyone should sell stock in him, because it's a fire sale deployed on the streets. Yeah.
I'm taking this one seriously, okay, so much so I so I so it is the Mount Rushmore of should we say or people people he all in at people you see at the gym, I took I'm taking so seriously. I almost went to the gym today to do research. Well, I did more research than you've ever done for it. I almost did ok right. You decide the order because it's this is so important to you. So you decide the order. You know how we do it. Snake draft yeah I'll go last so you have to before. I start second down and we're. So that's third yeah. Okay! This is all right. First guy. First person person on Mount Rushmore of people. You see at the gym the blow dryer Assehole balls guy in the locker room, usually above the age of seventy naked, got very, very comfortable being nude. These guys leg up usually on the counter and he's just he's air drying his but yeah
That's what he does! That's a normal thing for him. I do it. You know it's like. I does too, as he takes a whole bench and gets in front of seventeen lockers all the same time yep, but if you're in front of your locker- and you got like a tile- maybe little back up to your side, he stands around. You like you, you just died in a street in his car kit, like he, there is a very selfish Union Yang in the gym about space, where it's like- hey, I put my stuff down, but then, if you're, the guy they didn't put stuff down in your locker, you look at the guy put stuff down going, keep if you put your book and stuff on this event right. What's your go to line if you're at your locker, our our your look to get your lock in someone's using the one directly next to it, and you excuse me it's my locker. Do you have just like a little funny line? I waited out ok open up when it happened to me today, just hours ago, like a total coward, a guy walked by kick my shoes out of the way, and then I gave him a good Was I in your way or there we go with that way, nice nice! He just and it was Matthew Twelve year old, my line is small world
world turn and then we both have a fake laugh. I have a question about Navy Guy figures. Yeah exactly exactly great way to break the 17th. I have a question about naked guy. Is it nature nature center? or do you? Are you always naked guy, or is it just make a guy happens when you get to a certain age, I feel like naked guys become, aren't like an endangered species, yeah yeah I'll need younger nudes. Don't have a usually it's generational put up, but so I guess the better way to phrase it is we'll we some day become naked guys. Just because that's what you do eventually yeah. Okay, my pick, I'm gonna go. We the out of shape dude. That is, being dragged around by the trainer that he just hired so we really good one patient station. He probably has had the membership for about three weeks. He You know, got a belly and he's just miserable and the trainer
like just trying to get him through a forty five minute, workout that he clearly doesn't want to be there for anything. ever coming back one step, then re training is over bonus, yeah this when he and his wife got it together. That's really one of the store together they looked around yeah, they look to the last poll found thing and they nodded to each other. They have little man on a go to the box from for the first time his eyes get real wide. Yet now, yes, not animal where they're like we're going to get in shape together and then last four to them being dragged around by the traitor in there like. This is the worst thing in the world: let's just go home and eat some fettuccine Alfredo, be fat, very good, okay, good choice or a good one and they're, always wedding differently. Yes, like it's, not just a normal, workout, sweat, it's like a holy shit, you're going to die. You think it's a big ring just underneath their chin and it just it was red and blotchy like. Why? Don't you armpit sweating, why do you only have sweat under now much easier, usually wearing like some colored shorts yeah? It's never like a gray or a black short champion, yeah gear,
Russell athletic Life, lyric him gym in fifty Quitman Hoodies yeah. Alright, at two hundred. I can go in a bunch of different directions, I'll just to break it up here, I'm going to help guide. Oh ok! Ok! We want your fucking help, man Nobody wants your help. Me lose spot in less you're at three hundred and fifteen in the squat rack and a guy below across the gym, be lined it as I was getting ready to get into it, and it's like hands out double like hey bro me you, you me a like a like you, good, yeah, good yeah, it's a lot of weight and I'm like does it look like this is my first buck in time here like? Why would I Why would I stop to check
with you yeah, if I'm good over here, said guys, got just an alarm and he said he sees three plates go on he's like guys, I'm not even signal, not exaggerating he was. He was far away in the free weights. Should events we had watched Mergency like a lifeguard. It's not like. I just started at three hundred and fifteen work. My way up, so, if you really were paying attention, you'd be like alright, this is going to be fine, and so it wasn't in that he sucks is much as I was like personally offended that he freaked out the sob like alarms, had to go off because I was gonna squat, three fifteen yeah and these are you- got a bike yeah cause. I definitely want a strange man spotting me. Yes, because the squat spot is the worst one I intimate I had after all ask me. Yes, you basically broker back because I felt uncomfortable really spotting yeah. It was like yeah she's, like that. Wasn't a great spot was like yeah, but you know I was just afraid, and I can assure you I right right because that's what you really have to do, you have it all in there yeah. I got to get it all the way in there, so I did the guy at least have the common decency to complement your form,
AJ? I just wanna, make you know, that's a lot of weight. Brother like I just want to meet. You know I was like you know what either of their friends would you want to do here is probably just saw. It was like that's right for so long. I know the way that we can bond is spotting each other or he's like that's right or so he probably hasn't spoken, another human being and forty days he looks like you could use a friend yeah. I know what maybe was trying to do me a favor, and you know that guy in general, like you know, you're doing the pact decker something at the end of a chest thing or maybe warm up with a depending on the more backwards routine, and I got the lights and I'll say like hey Rick, you you're doing really, but that squeeze you know and you're like cool. I miss something like uses wandering trainer and, like I I go out of my way to make sure I'm never that guy the only time I'll ever do it is, if I see like a high school kid military, pressing, a million pounds and he's about to just wait, don't steal another guy. No no I've said I'll admit to
every now and then with a high school kid who be like everybody feeling another pic. No, no! This is oh yeah. Ok, I'm giving you the out if your help guy in your listing on it. If I see I was so skinny so skinny like, and you would always when you're skinny you're trying to compensate and you're like. Oh, my god, I did one hundred and thirty five today, I'm a monster an I will tell a guy, be like hey dude, if you just you know, if you're going to do over your head stuff Just lean back a notch right, you'll see so little, not ten easy off on this. On the you know the shoulder blades and you can be healthy. You can rock star so that help help help help warm. You know it's great for for front squats No, I haven't really tried to get down your combos up super set with just some leg. Little guy- I don't know. Actually I say this because it might come up every second pick I'm going to. Jim Pervert, because
what happens to some guys like there's serious chemical thing that happens as you get older. Is that any girl that young just automatically becomes attractive? Yeah, like I find myself sometimes looking girls in their younger and then I'm like what I've dated that girl. If I were twenty five and I'd be like probably not like, why am I now attracted to her? It's like? Oh, it's because you're just old right! fertile they'll be like as soon as there's a new girl at the gym. Yep they are Jim. Her would like gather. The guys would do just see struggled three yeah. Well, you knew we were taking pictures. Yes, the group, when you see somebody else taking a creep shot in the gym, there's also. No. I have that happen to me like from dudes yeah, why you're doing squats yeah six? Even on that? Take there's nothing worse. Then. How did learn about the do that you don't really know being like? You know, check out that, like yeah like what would you like? I mean, I suppose you yeah. Why do you think this was a appropriate conversation occur over there blue, which contribute to
whether if I wasn't married yeah, if you weren't married, should see note yeah here I'll write. If I wasn't there to actually be too scared to go up right right right in that it's, if he's not mere, then it's kind of like ask out everybody. Guy and then it's like, so your total, like yeah, she was, I was asked her if she was done yeah. Would you do you see putting what? What? What? What do you trust the guy? So you what all did Spiro actually get, because I was sweating all over. I was being nice and your like, or dude. I mean you know. I've been working that for like a month right. That's a good one: that's a good one. My second pick, I'm going with. outrageously, oversized water bottle guy the guy, who has the jug so like the jugs, get bigger and bigger and he's drinking all the time
us after every set drinking so much water. The your like is this guy going to drown he's not you could drown. Yourself is water, it's not just the jug, but he's got the koozie that goes around the house like I make it our body yeah. The hardest part about his work out is carrying the water from station to station consular. See right now. Yeah! Is that all you three water yeah? I was almost done, it was a prop was forged in moderation. Sort of this is part of our interrogation tactics showing our two of a seventeen hour podcaster during its run, or so we are on pick two for Pft, okay, my, Second ticket I'm going to go with the guy who's, always just hanging around the front desk talking to the employees. I cannot wait too long of a conversation best waking up. There has no friend, you know, friends at his apartment socks, his workouts probably don't have any long yeah and he spends like twenty minutes at the start. Talking to in the twenty minutes at the end, yeah, absolutely absolutely very good. My third one, I'm going
to go with the girl? That's doing strictly butt exercises you only but exercise just doing the the lunges at this bad. There were just a doing bad one, no just more people, just people out there, it's not all bad. It's just people that you see at the jets. It's yeah like every girl. There's a strange. Addition. Now, where it's like? Oh wait, I don't like I you talk about just things that were different yeah. It is The pressure to have a but yeah yes, say: lunch is the the lakes in ST the leg lifts like they've. There's an entire work out. You can do probably a fifty minute. Workout yeah does do it every day. Art got. How should be your girlfriend? I watch your did live videos and it's him for years, the slit in the DF demo. If that's some hardcore yeah like you most guys, just want to say one does, but it takes. It takes a real life to pick out a yeah. Do you did look get to it? I have
it in like eat six or seven year. Every time I do it, I'm I'm always afraid. Like hey, that's gonna be the day today, but what I have a bad back excessively, do it yeah, there's nothing better. I know, but I have a bad back and now I just I'll have days really really gonna. Do this today, yeah all right. So my pick, I'm gonna go with guy in Hey headed to new athletic gear like pimped out like the shoes the shirt like he's got the the latest and greatest under armour anti wicking shirt and stuff and he doesn't even work out that hard and you know like he's just there he's there for the look and he's like I work out to buy the show the gram yeah exactly that guy. Ok, I'm going to play transitions perfectly to my guy and you kind of brought it up here to as we started talking deadlift, but deadlift non high school athlete personal best guy.
Not only does he have the outfit tights recorder, tights, maybe rogue, but you can't do raps on real that lists, but maybe some wrist guards probably takes his shoes off. Goes barefoot takes up a ton of fuckin' space yep. He the journal got your eyes. You have to have your own, I'm not anti german. Has you have your mind, can have a diary. Why can't your body and we look at the Deadlift guy, like he, never played any sports so now he's experiencing something in his late twenties, early thirties yeah that he's like this is awesome. I can keep track of deadlifts. I can tell people I did live like a bike gear for dead, lift they had it. If I can, then you know I can do all that. I can bring chuck with me. If I want to have a chalk bag, I saw a guy the other day.
Had like a sixty or whatever serving protein jug massive serving, he turned to his chalk container and brought it with him. That's all that guy that was actually jealous. That's amazing! I'm sorry just wasn't using! This is just pure way. Our period at Kayson Protein just going to imagine they would be great as a substitute if you're out of shock, yeah and the guys, usually always pretty skinny too, because it's cool 'cause, you can definitely go. If you can deadlift three hundred and fifteen you don't have to like. You, can weigh not much. You can not be jacked, but it still looks cool, especially if you're using the Crossfit plates yeah. It looks like you're putting up lights and you got the chalk, the chalk on your on your shorts, in your hands after like, even though it's really cool, but here's the forget about that sucks, the most it takes like seven fucka minutes between one red. You know they got cross grip, sumo style,
bangs it out and then put like a tuna half on the negative weights. Ten minutes gotta. Let your muscles reset and you go oh cool and if you hit the Santa Monica Equinox or the Manhattan Beach Equinox the wrong time during Deadlift dude hour, forget it you're not going to get anything done. All the bars are taken. All the squat racks are done and you're like honestly you're going to do seven reps in an hour and a fucking half and none of it fuckin' Matt, ok cool! You went up two one slash two pounds today like mentioned: use the two one slash two plates ever now that the Crisco right Frisco does I like that rant I like them built. That's how I could tell you said it to a trainer at an equinox, so the deadlift I could hear me saying I don't even want to tell the trainer. I just was like these fucking deadlift, guys man. So so, where do you draw it too much when you draw the line like you have to do three reps? Is it three five reps
what point? Does it become? A just, a quick search, Jackie quicker it'll. Take ten minutes. That's a problem! It's not I'm not a gym shemer! If you're in it in doing it good for you, because there's a lot of people that Wall but be a little courteous yeah. You can't just decide I'm going to take up this whole school track thing here. 'cause, I'm going to do seven deadlift single reps try to set a personal best on Thursday and then tell people about it. Ok, ok, good pic for pic I'm going to come back to where we started and it's not just naked guy in an age thing. It's old people in general. This is an ageism. I've been tracking is old people for decades now, but like animals, I don't know what happens like. I have a theory right, so agony. On the year I've been my Father geriatrics in this particular gym for several years, my father for grace in there presentations in their strength exercises. Ok, so
my father, has lived on Martha's vineyard now for awhile. So he comes visits me. We call it the mainland. He gets really irritated by ship like really until we go to grocery store. I can't find parking space. We like just park here, the gun. Up like we try to run a society here. We can't we can't all be on our own. You know plan and then you know the shopping cart lines too long. He just freaks and 'cause the vineyard things are slower and sometimes, but you know what I'm saying like it's slower the ideal as much stuff, and I just kind of look at me like you, lived on the verge of so long now that you kind of become this guy that we're, I understand over here with highways and stop lights and stuff like we're all in enroll agreement inside like there's certain things you you can't be just the guy. That's on your own path, old old people at the gym, there's a being we don't know about? We can't know about until we turn that age where they just decide a funk? Everybody, okay,
so feel like. I could leave a towel, a notebook, a drink on a machine old guy sees it and I'm not sitting there. There could be a dead body, the on on a bench and they'll, flick it off to the side and set up their own thing. It's true and you come over and they all know what they're doing they all know what they're doing, but they just hit a certain age where they're like I just don't care right, I just don't care and I'm gonna. Do it too we're all going to do it, but I just I worked out of the old place for a while, and it was the it was the worst, but you had you had to like, I need some of that spray stuff in soccer tournaments. You just outlined the machine to be like you can't step over this and you to come back. Who were you? Were you on this yeah and I get a public yeah? You know I was on and yeah. You know we should see or you don't care, you're right, you're doing your own thing. You post sixty five, you like the life. You know I'm not worried about anybody else so that that thing always always annoyed me, but I'll, be that guy yeah, yeah
All right, my last pic is going. to be forty three year old guy? That cares a little too much and it's getting kinda awkward and It's really mad at deadlift, guys and everyone's like dude, maybe should get a girlfriend instead of caring about your squats, so much and just chill out and mellow out, and he rejects peoples offers for help and just trying to make sure that we're under wears a tank top frail frame fourteen year old kid, even though he's again forty three and he I'd midlife crisis and moved out to California that guy I think we all need somebody like guys. Worst sounds awful thrown his water bottles around yeah. I bet probably deny steroid use. What do you bench these days? I don't know off the top of my head. That's such a lie, yeah! you tell us, I actually don't
come on you only you guys really think I'd still max on a flat bench. I think that you know, I think you definitely approach maximum one thousand and eighteen, but I think I think you do like a set of five reps or sets of three reps and then you go and you calculate what your one rep MAX would be, that we don't push yourself like what would I get you mentioned three hundred and sixty no, but I did two hundred and twenty five, this many times, yeah yeah. I know I'm a loser so by ok, we are loser. Ok, huge arms. I mean the reverse. You could have just been like the thirty three year old dude. I think that can't be bothered to go to the gym ever. I think you probably do like two hundred and seventy five an you do like three to five reps of it feel better. no better than that you're better than ok you're, disgusted by that absolutely disgusted
You know what else you know. We left are we done now. I got my last 'cause. I have one honorable mention. Ok, let's be quick 'cause. I know this is turning into it right. My last one is going to be: ok, I'm going to go with Captain steam room, the guy that is really love in the steam room, walking around really exploring the space. Also we can we can use Jennifer. This is well yeah, yeah yeah, either sauna steam rooms are known about the room. Guy yeah me too yeah yeah. Once they go so once you once you transfer over, like yeah yeah, now, usually pretty hairy yep, I walk around sometimes slapping himself speaking talking to people. You know what he says to be hey mind if I hit this again, he's always porn water on the thing, but you might be like really for my summer with no steam in it, yeah wrapped towels around some of the or visibly going to throw a menthol tile. Yes, really clear: yeah did quarter in eucalyptus. So it really say also opens up more easy, loudly like in that dark steam room when you're like. Is there someone in here or not, and you just yeah
that's cuz, he's jacking off and that's really was coming. Is real, quick, let's speed through it, we didn't do the grunt. Are the grunter now obviously think yeah I had the guy that has like seven kinds of dumbbells just lying around him on the bench that has a jumbled mess, yeah yeah Circuit guy yeah, the guy on guy on the on this. Yes, ma'am, all the guy on the bike. That's like a seat in a bike. Just reading the newspaper and barely pedaling and he's like 'cause, you know he's going home to be like honey to the gym for an hour like It's not like you didn't do anything yet also have one the macro counter. Guy came up because you can't tell you balance that out you fat and like just try not to eat pizza too often right right macro, can that guys, usually not in shape right like the guy? That really is doing it. He just knows he's ripped and he looks awesome and girls checking out dude check him out too, and he doesn't like, usually the the
as in shape as you'd think he would be like if you have a journal in the jug and the dead lift stuff in the row gear and you're still a fat body like. Why are you asking me about my macro right, yeah right, because you don't. You know that you shouldn't. I also young kids, like learning left first time and off of that, the help the help the help guy there always? Is that one guy who needs help? Who doesn't ask for help? Doesn't it will drop? You know he'll, like almost kill himself on the bench or he won't. You know. He'll drop the weights and you're like dude. Now we had a guy ask for help. We had we had a couple Connecticut high school kids worked out of the gym. That was out there on the West Hartford and I hope to hear this and I hope difference here it and they make fun of them, but the kids actually were decent size, kids for high school kids, but still, probably like six to maybe one hundred and eighty five and one of the kids would put on two hundred and ninety five and he would take it off of the rest with a spa.
And that was yeah. It's he couldn't do five and you know he and he would like it wasn't like hey I'm just stress testing, like some people, will tell you if you ever go, really really heavy in advance like sometimes it's worth just taking it off your body can just sort of feel what its wrist exercise. I mean in this case. That's what I would do in of course it took forty five minutes, so I have a buddy from the gym. We column steroid Rick and he was like. Are our local. He was our big guy. Every Jim has there yeah I got. I got in this guy wasn't on the dress, because he's awesome right. I love steroid wreck and he would just you would come in and he does Bell any work. Tight switch is amazing in that he had cut up sweatshirts. I mean he was right out of like an eighty spring break movie and he would talk about guys. He beat up when he's younger stuff, and he be like those high school kids are at it again, one other one I have in its quick. Is I'm hurt guy yeah, so we put
on two hundred and seventy five, not even close to clean Rep, gives up halfway through then kind of rack city. And but he asked you for the spot. But now we super bears because he wasn't even close and he's like managed a deal to shoulder catch. My breath, yeah yeah I've been in a while yeah I'm pension while in flat bench, so I get started with every day, get some some tickles. What about? What about the urban legend of the guy that does curls in the squat rack, because I don't think I've ever seen that guy I had a do not apply yeah well that yeah yeah yeah, let's trolling the guy, I go ahead. I'm gonna put that something like somebody who maybe doesn't go to the gym. A lot always complains about curls in the squat rack guy and those people don't really exist, yeah. If it doesn't happen, I just do it. I love guys alright rider still. This is fun. I hope so. I was a great time it's good to see. Yes,
It's great to see you Mount Rushmore of Jim guys. That was awesome. Hopefully you know what play it straight award: winning listeners, no hijinks vote for the best Fuck with Brazil's head he's got enough. Mental shape. He's working on he's got a therapist bills. Up the ass just vote. old through you, think one. Ok, let's do it that way. That interview was brought to you by my bookie. You can check him out at my book. Dot ag? You think you know who's going to win the ball game right well laid out, money get in on the action at the safest online sports book in the world. And it's the only one we recommend to our listeners, mybookie dot ag offers all kinds of different wagers on major baseball as well as every other type of sport in league in the world, and when you win you get lightning fast payouts. You can even create your own player prop wagers using the problem.
You heard that right? You can create your own match, ups and wagers between any ballplayers that are in action that day so go check. Out now and use promo code, PMT M T for fifty percent bonus when you to as it would only recommend a website that it's been good to us and if you want to experience LAS Vegas style, sports became look from the comfort of your living room. Mybookie bookie ag is only place you want to check out. You can play on the games on your phone Ipad or tablet or computer. It's up to you. You can literally play from anywhere so go check them out. At my bookie that AG use promo code, p m T get a fifty percent by one. When you deposit my bookie, you play you win, you get paid. great! Let's get you some segments! First, Top we have is Tiger back, probably not uh. Well, no,
see big cat. Here's where you and I kind of different, because you don't know as much about golf as I do yep he grinded this one out. Okay, your shirts yeah. He did he did he. How was big and he also grind it out yeah. If you grind out a bad score, it's actually better than shooting a good score, no effort! True, it shows more grades, really win. Yes! Well, no! No! It's a full loss. It's an ugly statement, loss yeah, but he's still in the tournament- and you know what it's give it's one of these times as probably the most well known Tiger fan myself, it's one of
because he's got to have a little perspective and be like you know what he's out there in his back is fused together. Listen if you swing it. If you had said three years ago, the Tiger woods would be playing around a golf without his body literally breaking our aspin is for so falling off and then his feet, continuing to walk in step on his torso and walk over and then fall off a cliff. You would have been a liar medically. It would have been impossible for that not to happen three years ago, but now he's out there grinding out. Was it s which you parse? One of our part, yeah, he's out there grinding out a part yeah exactly course by the way course update, not looking so good, not five under first day skip course, bettered
get their shit together. Courses problems got spray paint all over it. People are putting up low numbers on it. It's in Saint Louis in Seattle. That's a big part of this kind of problems. I don't like it. I don't like it, but yeah Tiger he's somewhat back. Yes, ish jinx, alright, we're like giddy with football love. It's! Actually it's actually funny how how we have our life back yeah, we're like we're old people who just got a heart transplant. We like we can walk on the stairs again without killing over yeah. I'm like a dog that just got like his fate that found his favorite toy underneath like a stack of pillows, you, you know actually the couch for the last six months, better analogies, like an old dog. You know those commercials, our dog. arthritis, then we change its food and it was a puppy again. That's us! We just got our food stamps. To my lip, my red lipstick is out yeah there's a lot of football. Are food just got changed, we have sabermetrics for Jayson Werth, who had an all time quote today. He said baseballs being ruined by
I would say the said: Super Nerd are killing baseball because I, as some nerd came up with a formula that said batting one hundred and sixty one hitting twenty home runs and getting good thirty rbis in a years bad yeah, so a computer is the reason Jayson Werth. Sadly, he also said were let closer and closer to the day, where they're just going to put computers out there on the field. Yeah, probably right, I think we're going to if history has taught us anything it's that sex is always on the bleeding edge of technology. So after we perfect sexbots then will get around to making things like doctors robot, robots and robot baseball players. Yeah I player just the sex, but I do like it that Jayson Werth, like man if this was just twenty years ago, I'd probably get like one hundred and fifty million dollars 'cause. I hit all those dinners
I can't hide anymore. These super nerds are finding out that striking out every single at bat is not good. I mean Jayson. Werth does look like a guy that is off the grid. Yes, I really yeah he's the Unabomber Shia little unit, well, Unabomber mixed with the guy from that went off into Alaska and that Pearl JAM movie Christianus sort of Christmas, we into the wild. Yes, I'm talking about that program. He died. He died. He died. He ate some bad potatoes, He died. Yes, a potato seeds. I thought he'd like getting by a no, that would be yeah. That would take my hat off. That was Grizzly man, yeah yeah, that was Johnny Soup I think was his name. That's great name yeah. Well, he made that one up, Jayson Werth, not a fan of computers. King stay kings, Bill Snyder, Kansas State Head Football coach who is somewhere ninety years old just signed an extension. I can't even get out of my mouth.
The five year extension yeah he's got. The what about that extension? Is he's going to retire and come back within those five years? Oh absolutely yeah! So it got me things like. How long do you think Kansas state could survive as a program with dead bill? golf just sitting in the chair in his office if you left the light on at least two years, I'd, say: yeah, probably three or four until the next realignment. This is bad word at the big twelve would like absorb the pack and then they'd be like hey. You have and coach Wade in Serbia loss now he's. Finally, they had a hit of surprise ever is fine yeah. This is bad for our friend Bret Bielema, so I feel like he, you can state was the perfect place for him to just go and play his you know, I'm going to run the ball down your throat, every single play style of football and go seven and five and go to like the whatever, not the cotton balls, cotton balls decent before Brady Bowl, yeah Nevada, yeah, one of those bowls and Bret Bielema, just
kind of sales, often too, you know the seven hundred and five hundred land that all college football coaches hope to attain the biggest get the big wheat field in the sky. You Kansas yeah exactly what it would a weird name for a time by the way Manhattan, KS yeah, not in Kansas anymore. No, but you are fun fact about Kansas state. They have a ninety nine percent acceptance rate for anyone. That applies really so yeah. If you need to see anyone need a safety school well, it's kind of like you know Manhattan will take your tire and poor and hungry mass exactly come come to come to a little apple in Kansas, Hank, you ready, I'm ready return of Hank the grab bag just take it later. I just it is great to have you back. I did get a lot of tweets from people being like Liam's cow for breaking news was incredible. It was excellent. It's actually pretty good his the first. The first one was bad. It was great because listen to the episodes like First Cal, two point, four, which I agree with that ranking cuz. You didn't have your heart in it Bubba the second cow he picked it up. Then I'll bet it all. Speaking of Bubba
the first guy get some life advice to younger self said: look both ways before crossing the street, cough cough Liam cough cough, but in all seriousness, in all seriousness, be careful. You send your dick pics too few girls enjoy others, don't the rest forward it to the rest of school, oh yeah, the high school, if you're, looking for a flow chart by see younger self yeah, oh yeah yeah, if you're looking for a flow chart for whether or not I should send this Dick PIC, it's just a stop sign! Yeah! Just don't send it yet don't send a Dick pic even under the best circumstances. It's still going to end up being a dick or it looks on the black ooh yeah. If you really want to send a Dick pic, just find someone else is Dick online, because then you can just make it wasn't my dick, the father of Yankee Family has ruined my football club. The mother looks like a snack inner shades in Swansea KIT and they're dumb Son is all right. Although the roast tag big cat out- okay, okay, I don't know we're that
Is it? Does it change those like throwing to change a problem for president? Will you never know what's gonna grab? Can you run that one back I was even listening. The father of this Yankee family has ruined my football club. The mother looks like a snack in her shades and Swansea kit. Thank you and their dumb son is alright. Big yeah, that's really only mean to big cat yeah. I look like a hot chick hot chicks. Have it so easy? What I look like you're a Yankee fat, I thought that Yankee so you're a southerner, so bless your heart cross props to you! Yeah bless them! That's our new Patel! Please we'll play it will pray for you yeah great good job having the internet. I thought the United it was just England, but my friend told that it's England, Scotland and Ireland, and now I want to call me uncultured. I even thought Britain was, name for England, yeah using? This is from Donald Trump. Actually I was going to say he's pretty sure he pointed that out last week, yeah yeah everything Britain includes like a lot more stuff than that right: does it great Britain, Wales, yeah, uh
more okay got. You know the I was shot. I didn't know what part of history I was talking about. It's true you. Let me finish: resents India in nineteen fifteen, who did this spam to Mahatma Gandhi or to send united in the United Kingdom I'll explain it tire rotations. What em paying money to put more miles on your car via a giant treadmill. This has to be the biggest scam of all time. Okay, I could this in a joking way or in a serious way. It sounds like there might be a lot of people out there that don't know about rotating tires they're like old school driving, not the case. They actually rotate the tire on the wheel, yeah, so you're, driving on a different part of your time. The two things that I have no problem, just paying extra for and will be in, like this guy's, probably scamming me and I don't care my car anything do with
a tv, your cable package out yep, it's just like go ahead. Take my money. I don't care as long as I can drive my car and watch the the the sports in the shows. I want to watch I'll pay, whatever exact. For me, It's cars and then it's computers, yeah. Let somebody else let someone who's smarter than I am deal with that right when it comes to like going to a hospital to see a doc or whatever it's like. No, I know my body better than anyone Webmd exist without reason. Exactly like this is american. Can do like ingenuity. I can. If I can repair my own body, ask Jeeves is better than any seven your college that you want to yep. I'm please call credits because a crowd sourcing, my body, it's just smarter to five hundred brains on the internet or better than one doctor that went to Harvard just drink eight beers and fall asleep. that's the cure for what ails us up and Gato Grande Sus, it's say the noise, not the letters.
I've been dating my girlfriend's house of a sophomore in high school and now I'm a senior in college. We both only been with each other. Do I a cheat on her you break up with her for a bit to experience other things or see just marry her. I try to do a combo being see there. Just like I don't it's hard to to break up just for a little bit. Do kids still do the thing where, like you say, hey, if we're married by the time we turn thirty. Let's get married, that's what you can do, that's what they like hot girl, the hot crazy party girl does to the Nerd Friend Zone guy. Yeah. That happened to me great yeah, great got like I've got like three girls that I'm supposed to marry in fifteen years. maybe just say, hey, let's break up for a little bit and if we don't, if we can't do any better than each other, then in a year will get back together. Yeah, that's good! That will definitely work yeah. You guys will definitely get back together.
Just tell that you join the military and then just leave town yeah for three years right. A couple postcards and come back she'd on you, she's come back yep yeah! That's it. That's actually very good way to tell how serious she is about this relation right make up a deployment. Yes jimbo I was sing. The coach o interview, while back at work and coach, was talking about Sean Cody at USC. I went to Google some of the stuff It's in my boss, who was standing right behind my computer at the time and I found out Sean Cody is also a gay porn site. Oh pretty hard to explain that one that's a great name for a gay porn site like that's, fair enough, Sean Codyseancody, DOT, com, very gay point yeah, it is yeah. Brilliant interesting did some research. I want to go I I just feel like I'm curious. Now, all right I'll do it Sean Cody dot com. Is it? Is this with a you? I see a an no s. H, a? U N S, H, Sean Oh I'm, just going to Google Sean Cody, I'm going straight.
Shop yup that yeah that definitely images. Well. The images are oral acceptable that also for work, except for this guy yeah. These two fellows just hanging out at the beach just enjoying being at the beach are and all this while leave it rhymes with read but read, also rise with. Let that's what a up that's for words, but just they're all that only two spellings, what to them, or they both rhyme with each other, that's like to set identical twins getting married to a set of identical twins: yeah yeah remember that show with the siamese twins or one of 'em flocked in the other didn't yeah. That was wild. your machine. How can your own twin cut? It was wild like there was a siamese twin show their heads were attached. I don't think you can say siamese twins
their asian twins and oriental twins, or it's actually conjoined twins, conjoined twins and one of them was like yeah I'd like to flock, and this quite a bit of Matt Damon. The action a little thinking yeah now yeah. That is that is that is a matter. Definitely no show okay, never mind. It was a show yeah. Whatever alright, we'll see you guys in services, go on Sunday love, you guys, and I love football.
I'll be coming for. You love, ok!