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2018-03-08 | 🔗

Duke is going to win the National Title so forget even watching March Madness this year (2:10-6:16). In honor of National Women's Day we explain all the great things we've done for women (you're welcome, also sup). Brain Dump Friday and NFL Trades (6:17-16:35). Super Bowl 50 Champion Von Miller joins the show to talk about Kirk Cousins recruiting, what the offseason looks like for a veteran, why he doesn't go by the name Vonnie, and whether or not he mouth kisses his Dad (18:56-26:29). Segments include Locker Room Talk for the KC Royals (59:30-1:02:51), Sabermetrics for D-Rose (1:02:52-1:04:52), Olympic Update Holland Fucks, and Roasts read by Bubba because Uncle Chaps has diarrhea (1:04:53-1:15:20). 

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On today's pardon my take. We have recurring guest and super bowl, fifty champion VON Miller in studio, really fun conversation, maybe the harvest we ever laughed at the end of the interview, so you're going to want to listen to that, We also have our Friday brain Dump and Aeros the return of roast with Uncle chaps before we get to? All of that? I want to talk to you guys about our devour offers premium frozen meals in a variety of craveable flavors that most freezer aisles have only dreamed of you're, probably saying frozen meal. I don't want that. Same old. Same old know, know, know, know, know with devour you get everything you want and more devours the first to put mouthwatering flavor inconvenience in the same box. Try meals like Buffalo, Chicken, MAC and Cheese, crispy, breaded, chicken and pasta shells swimming in a creamy, Buffalo cheddar sauce with the perfect amount of heat all topped off with crumbled, blue cheese or tender Angus
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does some delicious meals and guess what you can have many freezer boom right in your mouth, so put down that boring, frozen Popeye and tried devour today of our the taste of your dreams. Let's go welcome to party might take presented by Seatgeek. Today is Friday March, ninth at nine six, nine by the jewish calendar right because they're new years and September,
Octomom Happy Sixty nine. This is a tough question. No, I don't know yeah, I'm so kind of loopy right now that I thought it was sixty nine when you said March, ninth, so sixty nine, I want to start the show by saying something that is going to be set in stone and we can not come back from it. Are you ready? Well, I guess I have no choice. Yes, okay. Here it is. The Duke Blue Devils and when the national Chain Mission all right- and this is in a reverse jinx, I know you're thinking, big cat, you hate. Do you hate everything about coach k? You think you fix injuries, you hate, grace and Allen. You're still bitter about two thousand fifteen number out there after going to win the national championship. You heard it here. First there's it's now: it's done. They shouldn't even play it but write it down. Yeah, I'm going to disagree with. You know we're doing we're trying to jinx it
but I'm I'm gonna disagree with the okay. I think that they're, that Villanova is going to lose in the national championship to Duke in overtime, okay, so, but it could be over time. Okay now, so it's not a straight up win! Okay, but but that's I mean it's set right, like I said, no reverse jinx here is wearing national general, even route. Sorry, the tournament coach K. Do you know what I'll do is figure out how to win this? The straight way he's probably not going to get involved in any of this FBI into the blaze stuff. You know. Definitely, no, I think it's all above board of cable is initiated all clean, as can be yeah so congrats to Duke, don't even need to play it. You boys deserve this. One finally gets a break. His hair is natural. Who could check? who sings that is natural, hair, natural color? Oh, doesn't totally natural, he and Steven Seagal, my guy
so we are deep into conference championship. Turney week we went to Madison Square Garden. The mecca solve little weird major. We respected the hell, outta Matic, our favorite mid major played great and the Blue Jays had a tough loss against the friars, I'm just going to say the friars mascot, probably the creepiest thing. I've ever seen my life. Yes, so actually it looks like a nun with AIDS, fun fact fun fact. We were sitting next to some stool ease, who are big providence fans and they said to Maine. They actually have an alternate mascot, a Dalmatian
because the fryer was scaring, so many children. Yes, I believe it's got like it's got that weird renaissance hair cut yeah, that's like flat across the top and long on the sides. I'm always the mindset that if you have an animal mascot- and you don't actually have that animal on the side of a specially if it's a dog yeah like do me, a favor just just bored dogs about ring a real dalmatian to again. Yes, I don't want to see a big like Chucky Cheese animatronic. So as sad as it was, is your favorite mid major lose. I am very much Ed Cooley Guy, I can't say, follow Providence basketball very closely, but he is an awesome coach. He coached he coaches, like every possession that is, has heart out. That seems got a lot of grit. They they do. They don't have a lot of touch. They don't have a lot of shooters that a downloadable off the backboard like the time, but they got a lot of great. Definitely. This was the game that I've been at that had the most are like deep rebounds that bounced off the back of the room and then went over the basket. Yes, there was a lot of that going on, so that sound that you hear is about three hundred thousand people tuning out because we're talking about the province fryer well now at the top. No no province is a hot hot school right now. Okay, guess what it guess, what is hot the bubble, and one of my favorite things to do right now- is just throw out who's in and out without even actually like, knowing anything and people get really mad Oklahoma out out there. I was just I don't know yeah and my personal tournament Oklahoma's out. You know what my personal German there in, because you always want to see the team that has that one player that could be really good like the Oj Mayo back in the day. You will understand in okay, yeah,
old, Missouri, Michael Porters, back you got put 'em Arizona state out, so good, no there's so much in Diego state out. yeah I'm pulling your mind right now. Trust me some more! It's just a lot as tax getting bounced. I was probably wrong on every single one of my right. Ok, I would like to take a second though, to acknowledge something very important. Part of my take yeah today is international women's day. Correct. Don't know why there's not an international women's day for men, but that's where we're at right now do it. Yesterday yesterday was international women's day for men, so yeah, so we gotta celebrate. Yes, we have to celebrate and in part of my take fashion, what we're going to do here for all the ladies out. There don't say we never do anything for you, so you just smile more,
we are going to list our biggest accomplishments in honoring women. Yes, so what so? We should call this. The Red Auerbach Award the Red Back award for for helping helping with men, helping you out yes, so what have we done for women that they should? Actually, we should be knowledge right instead of appreciating themselves that you appreciate awesome appreciating them. Yes, the first step towards building a better future. So what do you guys got anything? I got a few. Let's go number one I retweeted Allison Williams on ESPN, when she did that coach impression. Remember that yep on the sidelines yep, I don't know we really do want for a while. I thought well, I thought that was really funny. Yes, and so I retrieved okay. Well, I called my mom. That's awesome. Yep so not very often, but I do you check it yeah sure every now and then will she actually more is like like he. She
more like my dad puts on speakerphone and my mom like chimes in, but we talk so hey Bosco. Is that around talk sports yeah right? No, but no, I call my mom yeah yeah. I used to use my sister shampoo and I once replaced it and got our new bottle. No less bleak. Conditioner, though I don't use conditions, love them conditioners. How did you replace it with the same kind that she had, or do you just grab what was over there? I've tried to well, that's all that counts. So same color bottle, I rescued Stella. Oh man, I want to my list. Was I work with a guy who has a female dog yeah there we go an. I think, the dog that bit me is actually a man. Oh, so there we go yeah. So I know that a female dog wouldn't bite me. You know what it feels like to be oppressed by mail. Yes, exactly exactly yeah, it comes and goes it rains were heavy rain. I can feel like dogs bite on my pinky. I have never used the c word in church. Oh nice,
at church, not to brag, but saying church in Church Nod Dlc with the bad seaward. Oh, ok, community, Christ, ok, yeah same thing. I, like girls, pictures on I like women's pictures. They go hang on Instagram every single day. Me too. That's all you as well yep. That's really actually follow more women than I do men on Instagram. So I pretty pretty nice of Maine yeah. That's pretty bigamy! No big deal. We had Dave's mom on the show one time yeah, so people forget about that. But let's see oh, I let's political here guys, but I actually don't care if Hillary goes to jail or not, Ok, yeah! I like I don't either way. I don't really have an opinion on it. It might like this information, so it really doesn't matter to make a very pretty nice very good about you. Bubba Bubba doesn't have a mic baba baba.
If I have the ox gored, I play riana a lot yep, I'm we I mean we every Wednesday. We explain women to women, so we gave Rachel Nichols an award for being in a cool check. Yeah. You want to watch a game with this guy. I often complain about how cold I am when I'm inside just destroy the stereo type that only only women get cold. That's true! You hack! That is very true. You cross the picket line yeah. Well, we are the first office sports podcast by men, someone take our main card or will know right yeah. You know what I have in spades. You know what I don't even care. If you take on that card, yeah, because I have a back. I would actually prefer that you take my man card that way. I'm a feminist, yeah Tom I get. I get mistaken for women, sometimes at a bar from behind true, and I stifle my life Yes, I don't laugh in your face. Thank you. I do it under my breath. If you have anything else, I think that's it. I mean that's a lot: hey women!
say welcome. Yeah. Thank you for thanking us for thank you for helping you. I watch more movies with women as the stars then mail. Oh yeah, can you play Ghostbusters Guy, yeah, ok, I'll! Do you one better? I really enjoy lesbian porn, so double the women that were nice, nor Jones, one, my favorite artists, so just going through, there. She is a woman, very cool, yes, very proud of you guys. We feel good all right. So what else? Nine yeah happy sixty nine to everyone. We have a little Friday brain dumb. I don't. I have one idea, but I want to hear your guys if you guys have drunk ideas or anything. You want to get off your chest here. Yeah I've got an idea, I'm not sure if I set it on the last brain dump, though ok, it sounds familiar to me, We try now requiring yourself. We travel, we travel a lot in this business, so we experienced a lot of planes a lot of waiting for planes, a lot of sitting next to people that you'd rather not be rubbing elbows with on plans my idea for a plane was a steam plane, a plane. That's a steam room. While you fly so you detox. Coming
after a rough weekend, while you're flying I feel like that, get really smelly. You deaf, well. It would smell like the steam. Oh here we go just just recycle the Chem trails, instead of spraying them out back onto it. Yeah you chemtrail yourself, Kylie Jenner would be happier yeah, she's she's work on that I was thinking. Why isn't there like a pill that can just knock you out for like fifteen minutes at a time yeah you're right. We've got ambient, which does the trick for like eight hours, but at fifteen minute nap is great. I think what you're talking about just getting punched in the face you have that works or maybe taking too many shots of whiskey. They should just well that's a little bit longer than it should have. Just excuse me a box that stands by the gate, and so if anybody wants to pass out for fifteen minutes on a plane just like nap before takeoff, boo Okay, so my idea exists, but I think we should we could revitalize. It will I've been like really tired. This week have been watching basketball till like two in the morning like an idiot and, and so I've been kinda grumpy. Why aren't we doing mood rings? I think
Are you thinking that a mood ring will change your mood? No, it it tells everyone. You do your mood. Also. That way, people can steer clear when you're in a bad mood. I can tell fellow mood ringers what your mood is right as well. I just saw you walking down the hallway wearing a green ring right. I just feel like that's a weird ring, but that's because there's a stigma around mood rings, and maybe people don't think they work. I think we should bring them back because they do work and it will be happier I like that. What about a t shirt that works in like a stoplight party idea right? Ok, I'm down with that as well, and then we could a restaurant called mood, food? and whatever your ring says, we just give it's a pre term of meal. This guy wants not yours again, strip off farm to table, move those one hundred and three dollars great idea, because then anytime anyone post a picture of their food. They would say note
yeah people love to say that was just a picture. Something see this is. It starts with an idea that already exists that we're going to rip off and then boom next thing. You know you got a Michelin star, restaurant mood, food. You got him for anything, I had. I had an idea that I've come back on it and, let's, let's just say at the time, I thought I was a good idea. Okay, the next day, I I part time not pretty dumb hi. I was wondering where that dumber than mood rings yes, ok, yes, oh yeah, the bar is pretty low here. My question that I was wondering philosophy philosophising was who decided that the goat was the goat? Oh
rock like. How is that? Well, it's a great of all time where I actually right, since also the wary so wait hold on before you give us your answer. Do you see what just happened? What Hank got so high one night that he got trapped his own brain that he didn't understand why it go wake up signified the best he had. Basically, a ghost sucking its own de. He was like chicken or a yeah who came up with the gold. I enjoy your the go. What made to go to go like I don't want! Who was the goat before they go? Was there another animal that got who decided that the goat was killed on the go? So I wrote that in my notes and then the next day, I look at my notes- and I was like that before I was actually say this, so they came up with the idea. If that's fantastic, I mean member member after Peavey, do you got canceled and I maybe a guy will to iron? I got trapped in the call of duty. Commercial should happen. Well, I actually think the real answer is Muhammad. Ali's book was called the greatest of all time and that's what started so yeah just abbreviated. Okay, you're saying there was an animal that we previously your greatest animal. All time you don't think it go existed before Muhammad Ali. Well, that's a good point. Oats are like only since, like nineteen seventy five guys are sheeple hopeful.
In there you go Rick all right before we get to VON Miller. We should probably quickly on NFL News, keep Talib to the ransom ransom building a little bit of a defense? Well, we're defense yeah, very strange, a lot of people in that I lot of lot of people that have like they're going they're definitely going to be a lot of personalities and that I like that, because I actually think defenses like you need that it shouldn't right now. Do they have too much judge? Now I don't know, but I, like I, like a defense that plays with that like chip on their shoulder to keep to leave is definitely someone plays that you're, partial yeah. I want to give our thoughts and prayers Michael Crabtree, because the rams are playing the raiders next year, To leave is going to snatch his chain again for a third time. I hope this rivalry keeps going on. I hope that they just can't escape each other. I hope that there, in like a nursing home together when they're, both eighty and it keeps leaves snatches his life alert bracelet. That's I mean it's going to be
better put that on primetime Thursday night football. Give it to us. I have a hot ready yeah. The Seahawks are going to miss the playoffs for the first time in like seven years, because they have It's a scorcher, no backfield anymore, yeah, we'll be missing last year, so it actually is I'm sure. It's of what I said was right to out of the seven yeah. Nobody a mean. The rams on paper seem. they got a lot better while the Seahawks are losing their entire defense and everyone's favorite dark course. That's not really dark horse anymore. The San Francisco forty Niners in Tennessee was can be, can be real tough. It is gonna, be really good. Next, really really I went, I was gonna be track. I think my heart, o okay, wow well, I think you're right about the window to see this here yeah. I think Windows close yet the window a glory hole. No, I disagree. When you have Russell Wilson, the window stays open a little bit, it's just very low to the ground. They just need to re open it with with the need to re load. You can just see out the window just from the top of your nose up, so I yeah I mean they'll get rest. Wilson is still I don't want to get in order to.
in the offseason elite question, but I would say, he's top seven quarterback. I think that puts him in The Temple mount right if you're on the double Mount Rushmore than your elite, ok, you're! On the back of my right, yeah. All right should we do VON Miller, it's Yvonne Miller, let's hop into Venmo before we do that. talk to guys real quick about Robin Hood. Everybody knows where big time football guys, but most people don't know we're also big time investment guys. You've heard big cat talk about Bitcoin. to jen- and you know me whenever I buy something I by little stock in that company get a little rebate on it. Right away for years, I was a sucker an I page, huge commission fees will not anymore, because now I use Robin Hood Robin Hood, investing app that, let's you buy and sell stocks et FS options, an crypto currencies for free, that's right for free, while other brokerages in crypto exchanges steal from you on every trade. Robin Hood charge any commissions, so you can be alphas like us and keep all the profits
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No, it's funny. I remember yeah, we sure, as a Skype. It was got me. Okay, yeah. It's me about, like my ex girlfriend in like type stuff on yeah, okay, well dug a little deeper yeah. We yeah. We did. We talk about the chicken as we talked about. If you laugh every time you see the word bukas on your bucket trophy you just yeah. It's a funny word: yeah, yeah! That's the answer! Alright! So we have had you on before so we're going to get a little more in depth this time I mean we're, gonna, ask other trophies it might make you laugh. Let's start, let's start with this, the topic that everyone wants to know about what Kirk cousins coming never know I would look at is that's not what I was gonna say as a Johnny Manziel, only okay yeah this this. This is good, so we had Johnny means on the show a few weeks ago. Do you think but his comeback is for real. You think he's. This is going to be the one that he actually gets back to playing football, the yeah I mean I. I truly believe that I mean I mean what it wants
Well I mean you keep. Do you talk to him at all? Do you talk to Johnny once a week? And I truly believe, like you know this is it you know. I say the whole come back season. Movement is a great movement is not only just for guys that are trying to come back to the National Football League, but in all walks of life, is about the guy. That's coming back to you know, be a dead in his in his in his kids life is. This come back is, is is just the general term for everybody to us in the comeback season right now and I Now, I'm learning you know, nothing will be, nothing would be dope are to see Johnny come back to National Football League and just tear stuff up. We are you talking to him even when he was going through some darker times, yeah I wanted to so this seems a little bit different. This time. Yeah I mean one percent! I mean I'm one of those guys like I. Just if you tell me do it I believe you yeah, that's just the type of friend that I am right. So you said you want to do it. I believe in one hundred percent
alright, I actually that that was a joke, because it is Kirk cousins. Let's talk about, you want, we want to. I want to get it going hello to all right. Okay, so what's your favorite part about Kirk cousins? All I may just he's a he's. A natural born leader he's a natural born leader. Plus you can throw the ball all over the field. He can make all. chances. Are you a little concerned that in the elevation with a thin air, he can overthrow she was by an even more than he could in the past and would be even better because we got water seems they can go and get it okay, so you know yeah. I don't think I I mean. I really don't see. I just of course some by some other thing, but it does it. It just seems to Yes anywhere else is it just doesn't fit in my pain and I'm not in on the curb. But if you look at it, you know if you go, say what are the other teams. If you go to vikings, if you go to the Vikings, you know, that's that's is K. Is they have a great team to got a great defense
who's early as in division you get the vikings you got, bears Packers bears packers in the line so you going to get Matthew Stretch for Aaron Rodgers, mature risky I do you do that one yeah Michigan, which is a risky, is gonna, be great guys come here, so you're going to three you going against. You know this is gonna, be tough to get out of his reach, you sure all famers. Yet to win the Heisman, I mean to win vs time with John, yet to win the Superbowl? You have to win the division. You know you have to you have to go to that. You have to win the division to go to the playoffs. He has a better chance in Denver. You know to do that. You were going again. raiders we're going is the raiders Works the charges and we're going to the chiefs going, gets Philip Rivers, Derek Carr, Patrick Mahones, so if you go to. If you go to the a but the NFC West, you going you going against the Seattle Seahawks the Rams and who is it
and now he's going to be in the cards 49ers in the 49ers. Are you going to get Jimmy Garoppolo? you're going against Russell Wilson and you're going to sure Golf J, golf yeah. Only only only you have a great so Yeah I just feel like Denver is just perfect. You don't fit for Kurt, not only just from my point of view, but if you just now, you look at it, it really doesn't get any better than that. What about the fact that when he grills steaks he uses tin foil on top of his grill, so he puts the steaks in the tin, foil boat and then put it on the grill. That's not a leader yeah! I know you know quarterbacks, they just do not from Texas, so you know I just you look
Yeah you throw it on there right. Just click on the green or fire is going to kill. You know, but I mean you know: Kurt can cookies things. However, he wants to kick his day. Ok, but that doesn't give you a little bit pause because I think it's kind of like a leader is kind of like you know a guy without a mustache. You can't really trust them yet. So it's at least as well counterpoint Hitler had a mustache. She had a half like a little bit yeah, so full mustache. You could trust against it. Yet, let's write down in Ironton, oh wondering why he was going out their mustaches. Why don't you go by Bonnie, uh, I do like girls, funny is like a cook is like my name is bond so just like, naturally, for like the end of the save one but that's really like my real name. What about your middle name The b is silent, Bouchon. put, the p is silent. I would go by that. I, like that Sean Miller, yeah, but to be silent, I don't know maybe the whole name on your back.
It really don't feel like it has like the ring like. Okay, you know just think about it. Maybe I would think about him. So yeah maybe like, if you know all the do the DOM Grady like if you, if Maybe you start quarterback, Sean Miller starts quarterback for the Broncos and VON Miller plays defense. I would love that I I mean I've always been open to playing quarterback in the National Football League. Are you a little concerned about the fact that you know you're being so vocal about Kerr causes? You worried how your boy, Swag Kelly, is going to feel not that let's check because of my guys, those are my God now you don't have to say that I mean. Are we talking? I was a member, so I mean it is upset. It is like a weird situation is, like you know, it's like you know
got a you're in a relationship now, but you say like I would love to be yeah yeah. You know what you're married, but you know it was a restaurant if this riana yeah, like wow, Kirk Cousins, riana, I'm just saying I just the biggest Kirk Cousins world, if it's like, if you're in a relationship, you know your your girlfriend would understand. Okay right he's got to wondering I mean what he's on his list right understand. Yes, did you sit down with like Travis? I mean he's like okay, I've on not at three quarterbacks. If you run into all the while you're allowed, your lousy recruit, yeah yeah. Yes, Well, I mean no, he didn't say that, but I would hope he would like. Take it as that, you know it's nothing against those guys out. like I love those guys. I love, I love packs a little. I love. I love I mean, I know that, but you know. I have this opportunity rock yeah Brock idea. I mean Brock. Everybody knows I love windows. Jesus rocks too tall. No, I think The size that you want is a butte are like that. If you told me that you have long arms in his delivery, he could
if you can master, it is like nobody have on like that. I, like I, like I like tall quarterbacks from abroad, Osweiler Ryan, Mallett, John Allen. I really like a run mellowed a lot too, just as it you're the only one we found the one, the one guy who like crime out, I like room Harbaugh like it too yeah did you ever misses alarm and show up late but I will never own a team win, but he was my roommate you just like them he's a rookie. He was my roommate at the ridge, so you like him as a person yeah, it is a shocker okay. So you will. Kirk cousins you like right now it I think we have to start question your judgment. I think you just like a tall order back issues in general yeah, whoever rocky arms yeah comes above the six for three involves like in Ellis. Maybe back to I got you know it. It is it is. It is a real like if we don't get hurt, because you again. I gotta still go back in the locker room, but I will tell him you know like hey, you know, I love you guys and we took a shot. It didn't work out. It didn't work. So speaking of Josh Allen, he is tall as big cat mentioned he's in the draft this year. He he five,
Actually, I know really good website you can go to if you want to learn more will pass that off the air, but at the combine and he met Dan Marino and he met John Elway and he thought that John Elway was Dan Marino. So what do you have any tips on how to tell the difference between John Elway and Marino Geez? I guess like time is just the ruler like we the old man. If you mix of John Elway Nemorino yeah yeah, two legends you look at the rings is that one through it is illegal basketball players in the league. These days, I don't ever remember Michael Jordan, so yeah they then there is this. You guys yeah, they look at Lebron and Katie, and you know and Kobe as guys this as for her on the go. Elway is the horse Kobe's! That's it that's an easy way that you can tell the difference. Dan Marino was in ACE Ventura, and John Elway was Seabiscuit. He wasn't Seabiscuit group Oh I got it. This is intimidating at all.
No, I mean he's actually he's actually really cool. It seems like he's intimidating dude. No, he is, I mean he's not it's like it's like when you got that grand father that everybody is afraid of when you like, give him a hug and like talk to him, you realize, like he's, really sweet yeah yes is anyway, do you he drop quarterback so that no one can be better than him in Denver. No I mean, I don't think I don't think he does it just loaded quest I don't think he does. He John. He puts us in championship position, your each and every year. I feel like this year we had a great shot to the first two games of the year. I mean everybody's talking about us winning Super Bowl and then the wheels just came out from underneath. This is the bills game it works. 'cause I bet on and it was me yeah. I did that kill our season issue, because I just like this- fate, has set a new him joking around yeah, that's actually fit in your family, and I created all these bad juju is. This is just a
As for the rest, is your problem. You're did to doing the too slow one time which I am addicted to joking around. I appreciate the team player to to put put the onus on you for bad handshake and not say is because your quarterbacks terrible this I saw good, because I mean I can fix that yeah yeah, just don't do it anymore! Yeah. I can fix that. The combine is going on right now in the draft is coming up this. I blow your mind at all. These guys are talking about VON Miller and how they look up to you, because you know now that you've been in the league for awhile. The Izod Shope said something it has. A few guys said lead a. We want to be like the next VON Miller. Again, though, is that a Your moment told me like this. Like is like I'm still here right. I was when I was comparing myself to people. I was comparing myself to Derrick Thomas he he he had played twenty years. for he came. Esos like you was just I'll was just on whose to use what you have played a long time for a rainy. So I'm I'm compare myself to like you know somebody just already
he's already done it. I don't really compare myself to anybody this. Now, but I see it now. It is in his dope. Man is, is though it's like, oh you know getting voted for the pro bowl. I didn't ask for a vote, Just gave me. I I didn't ask for a young guys. Look up to me is just just happens. How many more years do you think you have like or what? What years this? This is your rite aid, twenty nine! Well after I got like ten more ten more. If I got like I try to go like this. If I go six or like SAM and like real years it made in the last three. I just steal he just get in on third downs. You have to start you're going to see more white free style just center in the middle there. That's where I go to that's when you go to get on, I just go to like yeah. If you have a show that I go to like just pass rush on third down, so so what you know have you I had to change your game at all. You know getting their late twenties early that maybe the athleticism the burst isn't exactly. There is still the same same. You have felt at all.
So did I mean I'm only there might be twenty nine right, but if you change your game at All- and I haven't- I mean like if I'm changing my game- I like I know like I- don't have to run- I don't it's like I know I don't have to. I don't have to do this to accomplish what I'm trying to Not just you know. I went to the Barcelona Fc Madrid Match and like like dang, you know I was just watching Messi. Everybody is watching message like they do a lot of good can you really don't you run as much and then like he turns it on like whenever he goes like. He knows the perfect time to like and I like, I feel like that's the same way. You know I'm about to run fifty yards down the field, a single play, but when it's time to go, I'm going and that's what I've learned like over the town, Savior Energee work, work smarter, not harder. If you want to plug in my energy for about thirty three years, so I'm ready to go right on red in turn it up. Yeah I got in my pants battery, don't you don't waste it? Here's a dumb question big! I was talking about the Kambin,
Shaquem Griffin, the linebacker out of University of Central Florida National Champions University, Central Florida he wild abide with one hand he put up that place, forty time he put up what twenty nine reps in the bench press playing packer. If he, if you were to transition, he plays linebacker by transition into the NFL. With one hand, some things about the game that I as a fan might not understand that might make it possible. for him to play at a high level with just one hand. Well, you know he's going defense, so he's in a different, so the office alignment area trying to grab him there's less of him grab. It's not really like you know, I family your hands the hand fighting a common decency. You come great me, I'm just posting with two hands to keep you off. For me. It's not like you know. It he's already proven that he can play as we play football. This whole entire life like it's not about to just change like that he's been playing, football he's been great at his whole entire life. He already has
Measurables he's already shown he's gonna play that is going to translate over into the in football. I don't I mean. I don't know what peak you take him, but you you definitely, La W Tina that your team? Just by having him on your team, he's he's a every. But he just has that buy me watching just through the internet, like I feel like man, I could be doing more I could be doing more. I got you know I have. I have you know both of my hands. I have your know everything I could be doing more so he's a he's. Definitely motivational just having a on your team would be great well spends on defensive players play defense because they can't catch a football, so I can catch it. I give you You catch it, but I don't know if you know it is just my whole entire life they just it just happened like that. I just always been fast and can tackle, but you couldn't catch so you could definitely,
so I could. I could catch like Odell through ok, alright, oh really, yeah, not like not like the one hand, we don't have one hand too so that I can keep doing ok who's the who's the hardest quarterback to play against, probably probably Russell with. Ok yeah just because he just breaks up the plays, and you never hear I'm tired man, he don't get tired man. He run left right left right thought about two: your completion linebacker do it again. Left right left right run around the ball away. All altered running back. They run it's just it's just a lot when you know when you play quarterbacks, you want them to go through the reeds or it's not there thought About- I'll go to the reeds. Are there day I'm about to get second fall? You know, like that's how you want the game. But we're Russell Wilson he's trying to he. Should I take it, the distance every single time what team went offense goes on a drive at what point is it to really wear on the defense, like nine ten plays what what's the what's the part where the
tell like your guys are. No, you can say what yeah they should be when it hit me when they get ready to go for, like that's no but like yeah. If it's like a ten play, drive this and you notice that the defense is really starting to lag, I mean not because you do so much you do a great job of like substituting and doing other stuff. But you know if Can't stop me like you could just feel it like. I I'm sure is like fans. We watch the game, you know if they go three arts, this seven yards and then you know they do in the fall. if you could just feel it you. It's not really is worn down a defense just office just high right now, right as it as it a good defense knows how to break that up right right. So you, whenever the office is doing everything they want to do this, what it doesn't matter if it's ten yards twenty yards five, your
it's three it whatever office is doing whatever they want to do that. Where is that a defense? Do you want to see what your thoughts on the new pastor fear? It's rule that has been proposed: fifteen yard penalty, no matter what no no spot file like all yeah? They did me a lot more passionate yeah. If you allow it so I don't like that. I like how it is you know like I like how it is I like, if win is only passing in France. We go on a one year alone. Did you really just break news to you yeah? You did oh wow, look at that. And some new, every I mean I've been out of the loop for, like I've, been told okay, so that yeah I'm totally way from in a fair enough and they work in the field I come in. A fellow instagram right were like for a two and a half. What is the off season? Look like for you men, judicial with Facebook, show I miss Night's VON Miller studio. Fifty eight show on a face
Watch is a song every Wednesday night make sure you check it out, make sure you check it out. It really gives me a really gives me. Form to interact with my fans in a way that I really couldn't before they really nobody else is doing so. It's a it's a opportunity in this is a huge blessing to be able to do that. But. What I've been doing every single day I just been you know: shooting netting a plus, all the other, all the other obligations that I've had, that every athlete an offseason you gotta, go here. Take these hands visit these people. You know That's what I've been doing really hasn't been. You know any football until have you taken. I'm off from from working out like after the season over to give your body yeah yeah. I have. I don't work out to like a week ago you like to see: how much can you bench now? I don't know hi, I
I'm sure the rookies. I'm sure I know exactly how much I can I'm sure the guys at the combine. You know they got me right now, but I mean it. You know I'm, like you said before morning. Your eight, you know I recovery is a huge part of you know the game. Now last year right when the season ended, we we won against the raiders, and that was a sunday that Tuesday always was in San Francisco training for the oxygen. So you know I approach totally different last year, and you know this year, I'm just trying to recover Ok, then, I'm hit hard in the second half of you spend some time with the chickens. Yes, this some time with the chickens make sure you know you know paid into markets, those guys are doing good. I got I got chickens name after
Oh really, to name one after Kirk Cousins is the Peyton. Once we get, we get cousins on the name, one after him, his son, his wife, everybody will get. This is the Peyton one get extra growth hormones? I don't know, I mean other hand. My chickens are hatching yeah, they send it to the head and then accidentally just gives it to Peyton Chicken right now. My you know my chickens are organic and humanely raised. Ok, you know who is easier to tackle CAM Newton or Chicken cam Nude he's bigger, you know and he's not. You know, he's bigger as this more to grab, which again is like you know, yeah, but you guys like Russell Wilson. Yeah check is ever made a business decision. Yeah, do you do you fall came on Instagram, no Do you have your scene? I should I should though, but I don't hieroglyphics he TT r C icing is an for that. Well I mean I just is: is creative, that's one way. To put it is, is creative, I mean when you can, you can write, you can create your own,
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okay. Is that changed as you've gotten like you? You know what it would it would it yeah yeah. I just feel like I just feel like it's. I mean it's only so much you can do to get ready for a season. yeah. I understand the importance of off season and you know, t a z. I abroad really understand it, but you know for me. I don't think I don't. I don't I feel like, I don't have to do that, but I do I haven't: missed offseason training which like ten college to we just knew that you know you guys a call just this is what you have to do. You know it's like this is what you will get. This is what you have to do is go to the pros and then, when you get to the pros light right, we'll have to do the right arm. What is the hardest part about playing in the NFL. That fans don't understand the hardest part planet in I feel, is the thing that pisses you off the fans like I will judge you on something and they don't really understand the truth behind it. What this me off about the fans I mean it's just we're really pisses me off is like in my comments or
somebody else's comments or like any like football players comments, and when you see like uh. big buff guy, six thousand six hundred and nineteen commenting on you know Jarvis Landry's, page yeah. You should just take the money you should just. You should just take the money. You being greedy like this, and I I like I, I I hate- I really hate that right right play free. If, if big well. Sixty nine was a real person said he was a teacher in another school offered. Him. More money to come over here and writing and teach? He would do that. It's not like he would be like arms, I'm staying with my students taking less money. No everybody, everybody! You have It's a it's a it's a. It's a growing process, as humans? You always want the best for you and your family you're not just going to take lessons because everybody says what
well, sports are weird in that way, because it's the one part of our society, where people side with like the owners is even though, is the craziest thing right when your everyone has a boss, they don't like or their you know, like the feel like they're underpaid, for something and in sports, it's it's everyone says well yeah the the owners. You know that the players to play with a discount- I think people feel, I think, is fancy feel so of the thank yeah so attached to organization, because organization been been there forever right? So if it's the, if it's the Cleveland Indians, you know you like man. We don't say that when I worked out the eye words who the Cleveland, I words well, we can say like basically it's fine. We don't say that fucking name. Okay. When I say it is like a baseball team yeah, they don't do that. They can be there for a little bit of that Braves yet but yeah. Yet if the residents yeah. They've been there forever, you don't like they've, been there forever, so you feel attached to them and then, when
Every player is leaving them, you feel kind of betrayed. Right right is is, is is we're. You know. This is definitely weird. That's what I hate the most. You know: okay, that's it for your teammates. When you were going through your contract dispute, I mean it was in the press, it was everywhere. You know there were taken, sides left and right on it save on. Why? Don't you just? Don't you just shut up and take the money yeah yeah. I like listen to like listen like listen to yourself right like right. It's the it's two thousand and eighteen you telling me to just shut up and take whatever they give me. Did you ever get into it at all with teammates at the time? Were they a little bit better about it? I mean it's a team. I said it was on the same. Like you know, path two I mean, but it's just you know. Football is because you have fifty three personalities you know in in you have twenty two and basketball you got twelve, so it's kind of you're free to get everybody on the same. Your thought process right at that point, but in the locker room, Missus no matter how long you play with these guys, you just never going to be able to get on the same thought process. So it was definitely
you know some guys. It's like, I think whenever you see like numbers, that's another thing too: in basketball and soccer NASCAR in any other sport people, don't really leak contracts right in football. Big leap, the whole contract in your fancy him, like oh man, he turned down with one hundred and fifty million dollar. No, this guy is crazy right, and so it's like in basketball if they will eat you know just you know if they really got all stuff stuff people be be feeling the same way. So I feel, like you know it's just a weird. We just is the weird way that we go about it in the National Football League in football. I feel like when we talked to a lot of football players, there's not like a significant divide between the offense and defense, but offensive guys tend to hang out with offensive guys and defensive guys tend to hang out defense, guys that held the Broncos locker room works. I hang out with the kickers I mean I hang out with the kids going to punish. I mean well you're a nerd. Glasses, Brandon, yeah, yeah, definitely random, Madison and Casey and Riley.
Dixon, those guys I spend more time with those guys. You know those guys for one. I mean they have a lot of free time. Even so I can always kick it with those guys. And you know for two: they they like to kick it with me, so we spent a lot of time together. I was reading up on some of your history here. It says that when you were a kid you put a snake in your brother's bed. Is that true website It's a really! It's a very website. Old um's beat dot com. I don't know, no, you can't just take notice of yes, here's. I think it says that you put a I make in my pants. Now it says you put a turtle in a teammates home. It yeah that is true. History was alive, turtle was established through turtle, turtle has a helmet it was my buddy Jake Williams him as a high school. So I was, we had a scrimmage on Saturday. I was driving to a job and to discourage it was just the start of across in a and I thought about, like you know You know how you see seven year old, like you just I'm hitting everything. Let me know I stop the car and I picked it up
guilty because you almost killed. Okay. I guess you know how, like you know, like I'm sixteen seventeen years, you know you see stuff in a row. Just a drop me one like you know I so I started to read it over and I was like no, I let me pick it up and you know take it to the side in a row. So I did that and then like a single. This is a turtle like I can do a lot of stuff with this turbulent and I'm only way to work, so I was just like ok, I picked it up, put it in the box and I'm driving to work. again a LA corona. Just some just told me to like put it in gear killed because he kind of like a turtle too so he's asking for it. I was doing like this whole thing, like you know, like magic and then boom try to yell at turtle. He beat me to it. He came back, I put the chart on his helmet and he came back. He stuck with him. I don't realize it's hard to
Is it started and it was just hilarious. Oh yeah, that's one of the most text stories. I've ever heard, yeah an armadillo or turtle armadillo was crossing the road and thought I would help it exactly right will do the c key question. Promo code. Take you get ten dollars off. Your first seek purchas. Have you ever you seek? Oh, no That was the question the plan. That was yet you should use it. You get ten dollars off yeah I I should use it whenever I was late. Yes, what does it take? Take T a k e all the idea take tests, and why is that? The promo code, because part of my take podcast pardon my take yeah good. What are the third time to come on? You remember us, wants you to do it pm to it was some companies do that some do yeah alright. So the c key question you saw Roger Goodell ran a forty yard dash in the NFL League office on Monday. Do you think you look fast? You know I was. Let me tell you. I was impressed by there not because the forty time
but I was interested he had run into any cubicles or like he slowed down. He didn't like injury. Anybody like when I run like I'm always I'm like left right. right. You know like. I can't run in a straight line like that. If you look at that, I owe it was like narrow. He ran it wasn't even a lady right there. No, he ran right beside her without even hitting herself. I was impressed Well. If he had hit the woman, he knows what is it won't happen. Taters ahead to game had to suspend itself. You have been to games, there was on his own. I just think my was he like he has to be like sixty years old, he's running down the hallway like he hit anybody or anything. You know he ran this. That's the MIKE Wallace Special just running forty yards in one direction and then turning around walking back without catching a ball. Mike was a boy yeah. I mean it yeah it was. It was impressive, but it would have been the holy areas if he's white right to Cuba in.
the film now. Is there somebody the internet would have blown or somebody working out into the hallway and would like holding a birthday cake. It is a brand new life yeah that would that would have been more impressive but yeah. I don't know where that tape would have got now. I members were Roger do you you're on a soccer. Kick right now you love soccer, the beautiful yoga Bonita! That's why they call it beautiful game. Yeah yeah. Do you think who would play you you'd, be in the world cup? If you played soccer, you know, I think I would have been the VON Miller. I am now in anything that I would do so. If I would have been, you know, in the show which you guys I feel like I would have been. The VON Miller of talk shows so the guy who arts and then bashes, teammates, entertained and then goes gets in b, peas and all this stuff yeah. That was not to yeah. I mean I feel like I would have been the same vole and anything that I want. ok, so let's jump back real, quick, 'cause you're trying to court Kurt cousins right now. How instrumental were you in bringing Peyton Manning town? I didn't have anything to do with it, but
I did. What did I say I did say hey. If we get many M, Mario wins 'cause. Mario Williams- was a free agent to I. Yeah. I pay Manning a Mario Williams. I will take a pay cut, but I was obviously lying and No, I'm not going to do to help. You have now my recruiting process. Now I just tell the truth: what do you live? What would you would you tell Eli I'll, take you learn heartbeat yeah, okay, yeah flacco I'll, take listen. I would take any, anyone not named Paxton Lynch, but you know. Just you know Trevor I mean is he's just perfect fit. not only for the Denver Broncos but for the city of Denver has it. He has a young son Cooper. You know, if you can, I have the of the public schools of the write ups of how it is, and I have all of this stuff form. What am I some dinner is Denver the place, the roll out the red carpet not is Kirk A is Kirk a pot guy he's. I don't. I think that
I think the legalized marijuana might scare Kirk Awful, but it does scare all of us. You know it is a scary time, but I mean every state is going to be legal. True, it's just a matter. You don't want to Kirk cousins on edibles yeah he's a guy. He would just lock himself in the locker room and called nine one, probably put steak directly on the grill and then be like what did I do. I got the munchies so hard like that actually made. It should be just put it on your honor, all grill, like broad doggy dog grill like the rest of us alright. So you we talked about this last time he ran. You have as Maya we had Richard Jefferson on who is also hi elite level athletes who had asthma, who had as well yeah that's what I did to breath holding competition within.
You want to do that with me. I can I'm going to barely breathe right now. You hear me breathing right now, I'll, try I'll go. I mean we do my nose hotel right. She does say something you have to do that all the time we do. We did a blanket, we didn't know. Blinking contests eyelashes are guided us yeah. People think that the podcast like had an error. So if you want, I would have been bad radio, that's okay! We we embrace bad radio here news just broke earlier today at hockey lease retire. He is so he takes me tell me, is going to harm and I'm just like once we sat on the news, Nama, okay, but now it was it was. I just found out that it hardly was retiring too. So it was a yeah, I mean it's crazy. No bees he's been such a a familiar
arms yeah for everything. For you know NASA but I mean that's just how brutal time is they get time gets everybody you know so father is a good thing about it to get the good thing about it, though, is this son? This is yeah his son's very sure, so this that'd be cool. When I whenever sounds like Jack, like that to me, is not as Jack done needs to yeah he's a he's, a liar on the job, yeah yeah, you just need the cherry on the proteins like you just do same still, art. I had one final question: you you have a lot of money, they point to Jen. If you heard about it Okay, so you know the crazy thing is that I had the opportunity to get in the the Bitcoin
ok, heavy in like twenty twelve, two thousand and thirteen I was like, but you know like that, and I was like I'm going to do it and I'm going to do it now. It's like two thousand and eighteen, and that never did, and you got a second chance right Now- Steven Segal's new cryptocurrency, if you just give me some of your money, I'll hold onto it and give it to him. How much do you need to find a couple of year player? You got to find a couple of your teammates to underneath you. We need a million gas and we need a million dollars. Amiga yeah! Yes, yes, You can do it in my venmo's open, so you can memorize not allowed that if I get twelve thousand short, if you, if you get curtain town, that's gonna, be dropping buckets for him who you should pay him in Bitcoin to Jenn yeah. I should I should. Of the bicycle like ninety one million dollars worth of Bitcoin and say correct Come on. I got ninety one million dollars be Bitcoin. Listen! If you come to Denver this Bitcoin Corey one million in ten years, it's going to be eight hundred and seven
be worthless, but yeah yeah. Exactly the whole thing is a scam. Ok! So, let's last question for Maine: what is the sound that cam Newton makes when you hit him, call MC that, let me see, if I nice logically right. It's not a buffalo river right now feel about I don't think I was, I mean yeah, I really don't listen like is sold out like is there and you really? Don't you really? Don't you really don't hear, though? Okay, But I I come out my aunt. That's your rivers! I really do I'd like to I like taking a quarterback, so it is like what I can remember of a plane. Can easy so hard to talk to you so hard to get down. He's is like I had him at least three more times in a super bowl. I had two one slash two stacks. I had him at least three more times he broke those tacos, so any other quarterback I would've had now so cam he's deaf
He's definitely special court, but he didn't. He didn't win super bowl fifty, but that no, that doesn't take away from the type of talent he is he's he's a very good court about one of my favorite quarterback killed in face me after I don't know. If you remember that yeah he did, but I mean like nobody wants to talk about losing in the beau, and then you got Chris Harris in the process on like the the the camera's doing his interview, and here Christopher yeah. We just shut him down, but he couldn't do it like. I wanna get outta here man, I'm feeling with you one. Last final last question: give me a guarantee for your record next year. My record same thing. I think the Facebook show is going to go undefeated I feel, like you know, we're not going to have Mercury Morris is going to have to stop by, and I feel like curtains would be. My second guess on season two of VON Miller studio. Fifty eight and we will talk about how funny it was to get recruited and all the stuff that I do, you think, will win the division on your Facebook show yeah,
I mean you don't wanna get still shows like you know. The ball family show here in the Marchand. They show Right Tom Brady's, you know show on Facebook Watch, but you guys could be making out with the sun for a S sex yeah. You have to make some of the kiss your dad on the show yeah yeah. I do that because it I can't your dad, I Q, CMOS with tongue and you'll, get readings I kiss my debt like. Is it like when I like? This is not a it's, not a big deal like right, yeah, everyone Well, let me see. Let me facetime idea right here: yeah, it's going on here, little smoky smell to get Kirk cousins come out. He likes bands a lot you should you like. If you give a conversion van and called Van Miller Van there in the put like mustache, yes, loves conversion S, I'm absolutely hey. Did I did I don't like using the map you know we kiss in the mouth in my day, stop.
yeah yeah, we did yeah. We. I was telling me that Tom Brady, not the only one that has not been about two but It gives him out. But I did. I want to know that I love you. Spare tire? Well, that's set up nice, and so you can do it on your facebook show ever and watch it eat wednesdays. Wednesday's VON Miller's, New Facebook show with an awesome watch. come on. I know you're gonna ask that yeah. I was here like how much you guys charge yeah a lot. Three big points them it's like what is or if it's still worth yet still working three pick Quinton turtle, I appreciate you guys are having is always fun as usual. Thanks man, thank you, God, all right. That interview was brought to you by our new favorite favorite, app chi.
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my bookie today play win and get paid all right. Let's get to some segments. First, we have locker room talk for the Kansas City Royals, who had a porn intervention for higher team at spring training a preemptive porn intervention yeah. So sometimes the the pre intervention can be even more potent than correct his invention. So they had someone come in and give a speech about how people should not watch porn. I don't it's for. The new drug is what it's called. I guess porn is running rampant yeah, so I'm I don't know what's going on this point stuff, it's the new craze and all the kids are watching. Well, I just recounted invented this. He did it's. It's a very strange technique to like, tell people over and over again don't watch porn, hear it tell you what listeners just close your eyes, real, quick, I'm going to try to do something here for you, ok, don't think about porn, don't think about porn, stuck, don't think about
Here, thinking about porn right now just say: I'm thinking about porn right now in my head: here's where I understand so they Dayton. Moore said that last August, after Danny Duffy was cited for DUI more discuss a leadership activities that club provided to players and then, and we talk about pornography in the effects of what that does to the minds of players in the distractions and how that leads to the abuse so wait.
Jump from a do you I too yeah. I don't feel like. I feel like the message should be: don't drink and drive, not don't sit in your home, don't jerk off stop jerking off yeah, but this is going to be interesting because of the world. Take this seriously will how do how does their season co? What's it? Well, I'm safe the royals do well. This year right, every single major league team will have an anti porn zero tolerance for porn. I'm still off the world's after that member that out praying mantis they had or what was it? The grasshopper, the rally Manta yeah the rally Mantis and they were on fire and then they got rid of it yeah those stupid. So you can't trust. You can't trust like won't. Try to win me back by not watching porn counterpoint. Everyone who's ever watch porn is died, so they might be on to something here always an interesting. I would love to have been a fly on the wall like in the clubhouse after this, and just how many guys are like. Are you? Are we really don't watch born this year? Yeah you're going to your to do it. I would just pulled a porn on my phone in the middle of the meeting, but if I would be small team. I would, I would probably think about going the other way.
Because, when you're having sex right, fellahs yeah it is you have a sector trying not to not to nut right. Would What do they tell you think about think about based so actually the more porn you watch it's like putting in. I'm in the film thing about baseball. True, so I would actually say that some some team out there- have a mandatory porn policy I also feels like you could just give this speech to a bunch of professional athletes and be like guys, don't watch porn because you're, a rich professional athlete and you can have sex instead, like that's really the end of the speech like hey guys next time, you're thinking about doing porn just have sex right like to porn is for the depraved. When we don't have options for you know actual sex yeah. No, I agree, I think, if you're pressed. Lastly, you can just do the real thing I get like I like playing Madden
if I could play in the NFL, I probably prefer that rates are going to the in house or push for being like hey guys, whatever you do, don't drink tequila right, stop, stop choking to keep right like it's beer right, so that yeah. That is a very, very weird thing that the oil's our door. I had a quick symmetric story by the way Derrick rose former Mvp signed with the Timberwolves, the timber bulls. I don't know if you saw that joke on twitter yeah, I don't know like most people did that few dozen yeah- and this is now the fifth- v p to play for four more team, so Derrick rose keep making records no big deal well. That really record well tying records for that. Yes, so we just need more one or two more yeah. I think you can do it. I believe in I don't know you I mean in basketball. You need an m v p to get to the playoffs. Well, he just got another kid, so he needs to play for a couple more years before watching that could graduate. I like there is going to run the around it's like he's like wait. This is like it is almost like a chow
like I've broken almost everything in Derek roses body. Well, it's not like it's like we get all the way. It's like a reverse challenge like this is the worst possible scenario. We had an olympic update the HOLLAND House, so this came out after the fact, but I guess the HOLLAND House was the happening happening house in the click village, because they had a sex room, a boom boom room which everyone's like my god. Holland, like they had a does sex room. Isn't this just like the bedroom? it will also like every real World Jersey Shore, like there's the room with the camera, and we watch them, have sex right. You watch and get on the covers and then slurping sound and then there's the yeah, the the yeah titles for sex right and that's a great gig to have by the way is like is coming up with those subtitles. I remember I mean it. This is gonna, be a risk, a really deep me, but real World Miami. Was when they had sex in the in the in the shower. That was like a Seminole moment in my youth. I remember real world Hawaii
wherever the whole time, Ruthie Lucy had a problem really did have a problem. The blonde girl that was looking up with a nerd the whole time. Remember that yeah it was. The guy was the guys name that had all the Tak Tak Tak Thank you. Thank you. All right wasn't I was. I was going to have it those who have pickup day, yes, cause your olympic update right next up, we have a so the news broke a day ago that Peyton Manning sold thirty all thirty one of his Papa John Franchises in the Denver area, two days before Papa John was no longer the official pizza of the NFL, so two days, I'll tell you what Peyton Manning
your savvy investor, my friend, very smart, use, all use. You read: the tea leaves very, very smart, but paid the share of the housing industry of so we can't commit a crime. We know that, but if you were to have committed a crime, it's the exact same thing: the Martha Stewart did and she went to prison over Hong, so Peyton Manning the sheriff could become the inmate. I actually want to know like from his perspective, if this is why he sold his pizza restaurants, which out why we're not saying that's? Why we're not using any of this, and I will be clear to coincidence, correct, really weird quick kind of out there being like you know what I'm not going to order Papa John's, because it's no longer the fish. Actually, it me yeah. I know we are the hot guy. The exact address answered my own question, so savvy move, let Manning the only thing that I'm interested in here is. How can we pin this on pavement ex wife?
so she probably went when it when all the news broke. She probably got home was like like: what's what's up guys like anything, you want to tell me and Peyton's just sitting there with all these lawyers like Norrell Honey. No, no, we're fine, fine, your yeah! I hate honey. Where were you last week? I need, and I need an exact location to pin you somewhere, is just start photoshopping pictures of Papa John Weather with his arm around his wife, yeah yeah. I'm not this is it's not a good look for Payton now, but I think that he can. We goes way out of it. I was just thinking that if he did not end up in prison, he couldn't actually pulling in Hernandez and hang himself because that neck is just that would tear up any sort of thread count long long, long yeah. So he can get this ten million dollar job. For my football, the script is
the question, I mean sold the franchise, so I think he's in the clear the NFL now, maybe that's why he sold on race that he wouldn't have any like any investments. One way the other writing him. He could be a non bias reporter. I love like some day. I know we joke about yeah. This would be great thirty for thirty, but the thirty for thirty on Papa, John and Jerry Jones, thinking that they had enough clout to take over the NFL like those two days that they were like this is our we're. Finally doing it would do is is basically like drug Dwight, true when he tried to when you try to take over the office like when you met. We stand yeah in that right. He, like those two idiots sitting there trying to scheme together. How they're going to overthrow Roger Goodell ART take over the entire league is our pop. I want you want only real, quick, okay, what you're gonna say on a cow. You know tell me, don't sound of pizzas and more because all the all those folks out there all these quarterbacks and said you're taking me
we're going to come right at your dale. This I mean I need it, I need it, someone do it will just do it fuck it will just do it. Yeah just invent the entire story. Yeah! Alright! Last up, we have roast with uncle chaps, so uncle chaps great to see you you're, going to just the rose first up. Let me just ask how is zero blog thirty doing and who do you have on this week? It's great captain cons on okay, that's cool some little weather is that there's not the co host yeah on yeah he's out of show that on again them Oh something sound! Weird just want to say you look good clean cut yeah. This is nice. I like this side of chapstick ginger anymore, not a ginger yeah. You phased out like a butterfly coming over Chris List, so if you haven't picked up, uncle chaps has diarrhea again so he had to amscray. So we have. We have our fill in Bubba Bubba Uncle Bubba go ahead, then nickname that
doesn't fit at all and I keep trying to make it fit. I don't really need it. You know it's a stock is out. It is not good. I actually like Uncle Bubba, better yeah. I feel like every bubble out. There should be an uncle yeah. Did you see someone? Someone did a Mount Rushmore of US wake with Bubba, hey Pft myself, and I just didn't know what you look like industry like a basic. It was like a cartoon like pick player, three like a bat multi yeah only and I was like that's not at all what Liam looks like yeah I've never actually seen Bubba, EROS the tax evading guys talk about not watching the bachelor, while not funny bears Chris Farley look alike, talks about being on a diet and his smelly face ball. I'm partner, consult their millennial illiterate producer. What an offset is, first of all, I may be faced bald blonde and uh
but I'm not smelly end and I'll millennials amoral, millennials well, actually, Hank we got we got that cleared up. Someone to you me we'll have tea and are actually will any else, because we grew up. Will Smith yeah, so we're we'll enables and you're a millennial hi, I'm on a diet. So I don't know what I'm hardly ever talk about it. You know you watch. I've been good on it. No, I'm just saying you don't really talk about. I haven't talked about it because I'm having to the finished product yourself once I once I do, the like, I unveiled their leaked, you guys gonna be blown as your body. Just give me a better not only for his at different. You guys are going it alone. We have no. so I'm going to give you a blow blow you I'm going to employ you guys, one way or another someones blowing that we're going to blow each other. I hope that in your after picture is just your body's red, like Alex Jones in his after picture, I never took him for picture well now, there's a lot of before pictures. High school t line coach in elementary school art teacher and a guy who tells everybody smokes pot label themselves as sports podcast, when all they do is
About Chris Berman and nipples and spent irresponsible amounts of money on jumpsuits and goldfish in view hold on erroneous, we didn't, spend any money on jumpsuit. Well, no, we did spend four hundred dollars on that one I had to stop. I thought I bought a couple jobs. Ok, I bought decoding one. I'm disavowing are erroneous claim, but I will say that there's nothing wrong with talking about Chris Berman nipples. I think that qualifies as sports. I would also say that Larry, the goldfish was not an expense, it was investment and anybody else that invested along with us will tell you the same thing. Ok. So while we're here, what do you think? What do you think lips are like puppy, meaty puffy, yeah, I I feel like they're like really like mine. I think they're even bigger than yours are like they discovered a fourth dimension, yeah they're, probably yeah they're they're nice. There there there like moldy salami in Washington DC, where they have the big slice. Those like
pepperoni's on that yeah. I bet that Chris Berman strikes me as a guy. That's got a hair growing directly out of the center of both nipples. Oh God, all right- fatter, Mario and uglier peach name, their favorite things in groups of four and then get lost in a snake draft for some unknown reason. While there are literate producer who looks like MAR from home alone stumbles over his words, okay, I was pretty good well and we did get lost in it because LAS Vegas made marijuana legalized. So that's not our facts on the government yeah! That's that's! That's bad leadership! Yet at the Dallas we gotten trapped trapping ourselves yeah exactly that's the one! Yes yeah, that guy Foxy, when at its international women's day we are an Anti Steve Wynn podcasts on the year is two thousand and sixteen seven eight uncle buck now has a podcast and as parlayed his degenerate lifestyle into diabetes and some clout he's taken.
And curly Sue? Who has gotten a sex change and now thinks he's a football guys? Guy also seems the producer Ferris Bueller ditched English class every day of his life up until now, I mean that was nice about Maine I'll, be on the block. Is a hero of mine? I don't know who curly sue is yeah. I think it's one of those up, I'm going to take a shot in the dark. The garbage patch kids, Wanna cook, cabbage patch kid ok shot in the dark. It's a woman with curly hair yeah knows the garbage. The cabbage patch also cited dance explain that to me: Hank the cabbage patch. It's a dance, it's really hot in the streets with the kids, why, put the cabbage patch. I know I'm honestly, just rattled that one could come to my literacy. Can someone explain that to me? I've really always wanted that. I have no idea I read on every single show, proving that I can read your reading right now:
I'm, not. You literally had a sentence that I read on every show proving that I can read. I watched you read that to tell everyone that you can read one guy is the worst out Pacino accent in the world, another guy thinks it's still funny to bring up Hitler. Every episode and the third guy has a very misleading nickname. okay, that one hit a little too close to home. I'd say that was a little mean on all on our let's listen you You debug, I maybe this person like they get a little triggered when I bring up Hitler because they like Hitler and I'm so anti. When I think handsome, I think Hank is very handsome, so does my mom as long as you don't shave his face, just keep that beard going it just. Don't show your face hand Marv, remember when didn't have a beard yeah, here and when I did have a mustache. Also weird, I don't yeah you guys remember when I had short three who is millennials working to boost the sales of avocados, one podcast at a time once
those with weight, one struggles with facial, hair and last one with simple reading comprehension to have cash with occasional visit. By their very slim, ginger uncle, who is definitely very slim and very handsome? That's you Bubba yeah, Gratz Bank. Take you know what we're gonna do we're gonna get we're gonna, do an episode where Hank reads like a book. What does a book on tape? He used to prove that he can do. I was to say what you should do. Hank, I'm sensitive. team, with these roasts? You should search struggling with your weight and then we don't know if they're talking about me or you want to come so read skip your ride, which one You or me your me, both the bowl the two of us hire you to choose of us all right. That's our show we're headed to Austin, our south by Southwest Hashtag Sxsw, but We will see you guys on Monday for the bracket tourney madness, the people you should hate in
Spanish gonna do some story lines before the story. Lines too, and unfortunately, we already we already kind of did the spoiler there because do cool do because Gonna win it all like we said at the top of the show but works I've March madness will see on Monday love you guys happy Womans Day,