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SB 53 Recap, Dan Patrick, Chad Ochocinco, Mr Portnoy and More

2019-02-04 | 🔗

The Patriots are Champions again and we recap the lowest scoring SB of all time. What happened to the Rams offense, Belichick coached a gem of a defensive game and Brady did just enough to win. Best commercials and halftime show recap. Who is to blame for Rams loss, Saints fans must be extra mad, and we sent NFL Security on a wild goose chase. (3:10-24:53) Who's back of the week. (24:54-29:30) Our lawyer Mr Portnoy joins the show to talk about the win and his son being arrested, can barstool counter sue, and what happens next? (30:57-44:14) We had some great interviews over Super Bowl Week on radio so we bring you the best of including an awesome 20 minutes with Dan Patrick, a great story with Mark Schlereth, Ian Rapoport rating next head coach hires, and Chad Johnson talking about the time he had an orgy in college. (44:14-1:24:21) Segments include Sabermetrics Gronk's rings, (1:25:29-1:27:10) put one in his earhole Rovell (1:27:12-1:30:49), Mahomes vs Allen update,(1:30:50-1:34:14) Perspective,(1:34:15-1:36:17) and explain it to us, 21 Savage (1:36:18-1:40:10). 

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on today's pardon my take football is over the super bowl happened recap everything that happened it was some may say the worst super bowl that we've ever watched because we weren't alive for the first ten super bowls but it was compelling in its own right we the longest punt of all time that was cool we also have some some interviews from our super bowl week on radio so we thought it was we did like maybe our best interview i've ever done with dan patrick we had ochocinco schlereth in rapport we thought we want to give it to you guys so you could hear it if you missed it on radio and we also have a new interview with mister porter esquire the people's lawyer 'cause his son got arrested tonight and we want to get the legal side of it so packed show for our last football monday before we get all of that devour
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is monday september fourth and the new england patriots have won their sixth super bowl tom brady has worn two for where would you put where is he going to put this the six one goes here take yeah it's six for keep it nice and hard there was actually a weird photo shop where they made him have six hands its fingers chill out six figures actually six hands would be even better just and just one ring on every ring figure yeah so football's over and that was the worst super bowl i think we can all agree that were superbowl we've ever watched well no no no no i'm you disagree i i would say the word to people that i've ever watch is probably the denver seahawks super bowl yes okay but that was just because it was a blow out from the very start okay so you're right i i i immediately as it came out of my mouth like that's actually wrong because we've watched worse and even in the nineties we watch worse because the cowboys would just kick the out of you know the bills and it would be over before it even started it was like it just wasn't a good it wasn't
well played like he was compelling because it was close late and there were moments where you're like man this could go either way but it just was gross offensively the rams drives punt punt punt how many points i just said three pont pont pont pont pont he'll go upon interceptor vehicle mess nine five so nine points for the rams yeah it was but it was bad but i mean new england defense was very very unbelievable and i actually thought the los angeles office was just like it they didn't look like themselves todd gurley i was it was i hope he's hurt he denies that he but i'm pretty sure that the was there something wrong with getting i don't know what are the benefits but but they
even cj anderson didn't play any better at all so it was like yeah the offense for los angeles sucked the offense for new england mine is julian edelman was pretty bad until the fourth quarter to both of you be shut out tools nice job today how many and now i'll tell you what the hall of fame debate about julie adam is getting really he yeah right now robert ory yeah i saw juno minute up with ten catches a hundred forty one yard so you're right the patriots did everything that like the need the big place tom brady was not i think anyone would say tom brady did not look at his best but he had to one good drive to win that game and he did it late and that's why he is the best and julian edelman was fantastic gilmore on defense was unbelievable me i thought he was probably the best player on the field and the rams offense
just hit the bed like i don't know what sean mcvay sean mcvay should actually probably would've had a better game if he let us call the place probably promised us and then he just totally just didn't give us the sweet or the ring or the playcalling well we did call the last play but just for the patriots which was the kneel down but yeah it was i'm not not a great showing now you have to ask a question do the teams are hired all shun the physics assistance get to return them after the showing and be like a metal floor i don't know and we never actually what contract i don't know i don't see your country well it is funny because we do we've joked about it the whole hiring spree that went on where everyone wanted the next offense of guiding and basically what you're saying when you hire eight seven out of eight i guess the dolphins are going to hire brian floors in the in the broncos hired vic fangio so six
eight offense of guys mostly young the fifth or six guy that gets hired as the fifth or six best offense of guy so he's probably not that good exactly yeah there should be you know how there's the rooney rule yeah there should be an andy rooney rule where one ever every team has to hire one coach that's not a whipper snapper yeah like an old curmudgeon fangio victory is that exactly the indian rooney rule it is actually i think but we will get back to the inn but i really think the fans years ago higher for the pro yeah i've never really talked about that much not yeah it was it was an ugly game the commercial socked except bud light because i didn't know that miller lite and coors light or brewed with corn syrup which i get i guess is bad
but actually makes you want to drink miller layden and course let more yeah i put more stuff in there we're gonna give me all yes and that it should get to the commercials and we have some thoughts on some of these commercials but mcveigh was bad and look jerk offs a very good friend and he's still very young so i think he'll be back in this game he didn't play great when you'll be the first to admit it look he he there were moments where it just didn't work out and could the patriots because what spell does and how he just basically reconfigures his team on the fly to make them a power running team and their defense somehow comes together and then the only time these zero blitz all game long is the golf interception yeah but they they held that right all game long and waited and waited and waited call that the perfect time and then they get the it basically decides the game because of the ram score there who knows who's going to win that
and go off fast take that shot it was it was yeah right it was right through to make he just didn't get yeah because i see the blitz convinced step into it was well you saw the blitz come he just didn't step into it and off i mean if you've been thrown five yards further maybe would be caught or at least incomplete probably not intercept but yeah bad game overall the post game was interesting to see tom brady kissing rubber craft on the lips kissing have robert half yeah just like lip to lip on on robert kraft he was just going all the way in well yeah he's a planning the most elaborate game of suck and blow of all time with like rubber and then his son sitting next to him his so so what happened was they what they went like head to head and then kind of get a little sideways craft went in for the kiss kiss we both went in for the kiss kiss it makes me think they probably done before which is ok i actually think that guys kissing guys on the lips just as bros is probably coming back in two thousand and nineteen who ok that was
very weird it was also weird how they just basically i think was tracy wolfson walked in and you get a brady interview before anything even like they didn't even sell it they haven't even celebrated yet and she was like hey tom well i sympathy with her 'cause her job is she gets the exclusive first interview right so if she doesn't force herself in there she's going to get pushed out of the way by a lot of people so other notes that i took down from the game i don't understand what the fucking timeouts were on both sides sean mcvay you like you don't roll over the time out it's because it's hold back i wasn't there today no i i need someone else were to to time out to go to the first half in the superbowl two time outs and you had chance thirty two i think it was about thirty five seconds left we like call timeout but you're right play and maybe you have a great kicker try to get fifteen more yards and kick a field goal and it was just baffling it just felt like the rams besides their defense which was very
good the rams it was just like the moment was a little too big at times for what what they were doing and wade phillips called the great game guys been there and it's kind of what we expected wear a patriots team everyone you know all those guys who the super bowl brady and belichick have been there so many times versus team that just doesn't know how to react to situations like this and big moment i do want to give credit to one double and had a hell of a game today to have the big block so touched yeah he had a couple big blocks that the power running and there was one play where they just let sue run free and i evelyn came in with almost like a wham block on him that sue never saw coming devil had an awesome game and coincidence that a team with a fullback is the reigning world champion because they zag when everybody else digs i don't know i'm serious pretty good game though yeah liam liam is here thank you is he's down atlanta didn't go to the game liam congratulations thoughts thank you liam also decided to wear a full boston red sox uniform tonight yeah super bowl yeah pretty
which is just in case the patriots lost he still want to be representing a championship competition catchers guys already on to the next by the way people tweeting about baseball like we still got basketball goal right and everyone was just jumping the gun there next people jump on baseball to faster like super knowingly gray hairs if you're watching a video of pitchers and catchers right no no i love the spring break videos taken through like three chain link fences april is a little too early to be all in on baseball so let's just like the were knacks here we come like come on we got march madness we have nba with masters yeah a lot of stuff that we have to get to genet season hasn't even happened yet right you have to let jim dance get all swag out the inside of the advance trim dances new main bay yes but yeah so yeah layoff baseball for a little bit let us mourn first and get over the grief suffer from the nfl season you know who else was a big winner today though like nine different football leagues that
going to start playing in like a year because the last taste in our mouth of the season was like a shitty game has tried you know what i watch any football because it's probably gonna be better than that he didn't have a red zone play until the fourth quarter it was all defense so what were your thoughts i just think defense showed up i mean the day doubt they just hadn't game plan so much better yeah and everybody hoping out mcveigh like they didn't really throw anything at on that no they couldn't handle it was very strange mcveigh is a great young coach and he will probably be back in this game will probably win this game a couple times before his career is over but for first showing it was it's called and yes remember to yeah i have memories assyrian there but let me ask you a question do you think that the outcome of this game is any different if cooper cups playing an teletext well out of respect for music i can't
i can't have a defense tackle this way was got his eyes on the internet on yeah he's a he's like let this let this beautiful pony run free i actually just remember it right now i'm pulled up my favorite food in the air from september twenty third two thousand eighteen of bill simmons an coverage the patriots linebackers look like they're running in balenciaga's your i just remember there right now and i don't even know it blends iago soon let's not try to let's not try to pretend the i know it balenciaga's are for all the old guys out there i also want to say that i'm pist off yeah i am pist off yeah at my bookie oh because the gladys knight no national anthem the out was set my over under that i got i was a minute fifty three we could say i did too i took the owner's well did you get a minute fifty three we have this okay okay you got a minute to three two we both took the over and
the song lasted like two minutes in two seconds by everybody's clock to break but she said brave and then she paused for like a nano second and then said brave and held out for much much longer and so losing after that we we thought that we want to be a hot tip come in and then i guarantee you i don't i don't know this for a fact but i guarantee you one of these sports books is gonna be like we give everyone free we're giving both sides free money and then revell tweeted out and you've ever get to him we tales though i want yeah we did we nail details and we'll get her tales was hills the easiest forever yeah what about the what about the halftime show we're about imagine or not imagine dragons i was gonna say like maroon five or five which is like a watered down there like if you say maroon five three times in a mere imagine dragons shows up all right we let's get to that in the commercials moved before right before that because we're talking about gambling i want to just say i actually i was getting laughed at i bet the over and i said i bet the over but imagine being
cat tomorrow that'd be big cat tomorrow but here's a nice ring here for everyone bet the over you were part of history okay you bet the over on the low scoring super bowl game of all time that's cool man it's a story if you're gonna lose you buzz will lose and such an insane amount of like like we were how many points for school sixteen yeah we're forty points off forty points off from the over the the far previous lowest scoring super bowls all open so long ago it was super bowl seven was fourteen seven super bowl i can't read my fucking nine with scene six then three then super bowls six i don't even believe that those games occurred when you say superbowl tent when you say super bowl six i don't that's that might as well have been played in like the ottoman empire what we what's i acts that's nine i x is nine i golden crust at super bowl
nine hundred and ninety nine three hundred and thirty three sixty five thousand and two lowest scoring super bowls until tonight yeah and you if you're sitting there and you're like me i lost and i'll listen this is not going to pay the money and i can bookie with this fact that i'm giving you you can try but it does feel good to know that you are part of history and forty and one slash two points off of an over under yeah if they played for ten more quarters we would still be points away from the home renter yeah i saw somebody say that the patriots defense played zone the entire game except for gilmore well the i go more running man yeah for the entire game right is that where you're not sick and the patriots this is what we're talking so we know what check this it's so random it's weird so right is it weird there's white bell check is i actually think this probably is best coaching job the because they're probably not the most talented tubal teams had but they ran may
and basically all year and then they ran zone in the super bowl and just fuckedup shawn mccrea i would also like to say that belichick's getting softap if you saw him at the post game he was like holding his grandson or some some child granddaughter well i didn't want to assume but like he was filing so much she was laughing he was having a great time not the same bella yeah is loosen up a little bit also happens when you get a grandson granddaughter what did you eat the funny part was when they asked like jimmy's like this is a special one like pointing to the granddaughters like yeah it is and then went right into like breaking down the game he's like don't talk to me about my family so let's breakdown the other stuff halftime show i actually enjoyed it you enjoyed it people love to hate the halftime show just out of reflex now i was just thinking about imagine dragons little time i'll be honest with you i was like this could be imagine dragons and it's
adam levine was ok until actually i was happy when he took his shirt off at the end he had all those jailhouse tats on him come on man i know you get it you fucking workout your high he's kept alleys keto is shut your office i was cool with it because he proved himself there was a beta with those like he just had two nipples every effort at recrossed owns the cow california cali bro that's why you don't no i mean i've i'm very and then i wish i had eighty eight were intimidated oh yeah but i'm also wish i could be a full sleeve tat guy like those guys are fucking bad i think i'm going to get a half sleeve okay you've been talking about this here's yeah years i've been talking about for years applied applied half asleep or i should shut up and do it or i can do i'm like todd gurley with cats with my sleeve
a girly yeah member who wishes sir doing that yeah he everyone everyone every week we have members on a milk carton got cursed by went down in los aside from the week nine i believe i said you have never won a super yep todd gurley do you think i could pull off the the k before nya stomach tattoo only one way to find out i think that looked good i yeah i can do it all right so we had the halftime show was decent it was big boy was great except he wasn't wearing a seatbelt when when he drove that car out onto the field so that was kind of quest will setting a bad example for the kids but he was good spongebob we understood that yeah now god is like i know that yeah like all of us that's how i got there can squidward i i just looked it up in that episode came out in two thousand one so that was also a seventeen year track seven years out another also media trend at cvs startin i was i've got a job that you can make me believe out probably this out
you know who started the original seventeen year challenge who ok yeah that out for sure but that up that whole joke out it was just a punchline no yeah okay join your punch line here if you're not home punch on it actually is not even right well no don't we don't believe this now is a great is exactly anything out yeah explain the joke these more like yeah okay bleep that out yet please thank you thank you the commercials so commercial suck now because you get to watch him online and it's just not the novelty of a super bowl commercial ten one thousand five hundred and twenty years ago was it was like forgot to see these ads you never got to see you know the best of the best stuff they want to throw it just 'cause you get there wasn't as much tv and there wasn't you like the yard just inundated with twitter and instagram ads all time but that said there were three commercials i thought stood out to me one was washington post
because journalism is back let's save journalism is actually a real sentiment from us i think probably wrote that commercial after they saw me get arrested and they're like we need to protect yes they definitely to protect the first one i got detained and then to was the nfl one hundred commercial was awesome there's so much so many like little nuggets in there if you're it was basically like we should just do like a watch the thrones podcast just based on that go my god did you notice it delta just catch again yeah you could you could break that one with the food the hurdle i mean franco harris came in the best the best part of that was that little one liner that paid man gave you so funny yeah he's so funny and the heard was my boss a ride in the pleasures commercial yeah that was great yeah it was good seeing a ride in that commercial which fun fact we were actually supposed to be in that commercial that was supposed to be us and not a iraq what does yeah we didn't know we didn't tell anybody because yeah we
we're waiting to actually fly out to eleta film it yeah we're supposed to be in that commercial but you were offered to be in that commercial and was powers above us said no yeah so that was cool so but i'm having my yeah at least at least a ride with family yes i got at least i got my boss they give you four hundred million dollars to get his beak wet spin zone i don't think i would have been good in that commercial because he had to reach for kale chips like he was really excited to eat kale chips yeah i'm such an alpha that i don't think i would have been kind of thing i would have been like well i saw these are good script did you see the screen audiences how is going to be the reaching your goal stop i was nice yeah that would work yeah because you it's your your the court on the off i was like a pro can be you we don't need you i was going for the kill shot yeah the middle okay good because i would've been terrible thing but there was one well i had one line and that was it that we there was no dialogue except that one line and i was gonna say something and then
i'm going to change it to these pretzels are making me thirsty like damn great callback florio would love that all right do you do we will talk about leading the nfl on a wild goose chase yes from the office so that we'll talk with mr portnoy our lawyer and dave's dad later about dave getting rest in the legal ramifications from all that so dave got arrested they've got they've got arrested game and when that was going down i was like you know what i'm just going to start acting like i'm at the game to and see if i can get in fl security to get all hot and bothered chasing down so mean pick out were sitting there like crafting tweet stealing photos from other journalists who were at the game
i sir get these dm for people that were either at the game or in the press box other journalists saying that the nfl security was looking all over the stadium for me it was like one of those one of those are senior prank type things we have the three pigs and you write like one two and four on their side so the school administration spends the whole time looking for pick number three there were there were looking all over the stadium for me and i was at i would just videos where i was in the bathroom and then we did one last one word the camera panned over so big cat and then it all came out to the show so yeah the nfl was it was using lots of man our apparently trying to track me down in the mercedes benz superdome no one plays into our hands better than they are so dumb arresting dave at the game was such an all time moment and it worked so perfectly 'cause it was also one of the most boring super bowls ever had so it became like if that was a shootout
it would have been arrested and everyone had forgotten that happen but it basically he got arrested and then there were seventeen more punts and everyone talked about him getting arrested and it's the whole areas visual of his skinny jeans like a dead fish an the whole thing so funny we definitely wouldn't have done anything if it was a good game we were been watching it we would write i try to piggy back on that all right so restored thank you roger goodell for continually helping us and i i i told you but like in the moment i whenever he gets whenever dave gets in legal trouble i think people think i have like the inside word which really i don't like i like gazzard frankie borelli will text me and be like hey this is what's going on but not like details but i always get i got like six hundred twitter followers in maybe ten minutes 'cause people thought that i was going to break some news about dave getting rest it's like no i know as much as you guys he's in jail and his fake mustache didn't really help him he should have gone full full face paint like poo
yeah get mexican luchador mask like a wrestling one would sick okay so let's do we got more super bowl with segments and miss report on it and it mister will have you sure we'll get the basketball and stuff the baseball the nice thing about the nfl is like there is no offseason for it's the petty league yep so you're going to see lots of action going on instagram who they're following who they are not following on twitter so yeah it's a three hundred and sixty five days a year league so we have who's back the week go liam bye who's back in the week is bowling ok this is often electric start out my boy mookie betts is known for being a beast at bowling and so this week was the tenth annual cp3 ep ba celebrity invitational
and he want he beats and webber wow wow okay so if i was gonna do spongebob obviously okay what you talked about it lucy hanks vacations you don't want to put that's like a per mister coat yeah will say that will say well i actually i can't the only person in the room and say it is you ok who's back in the week is hanks vacation so i told him i wouldn't say it so hank is on vacation at the super bowl right now and he didn't get in i feel bad that you didn't get in because he kept on all week saying he was like all just take it then he it on tuesday then it turned out had paid to pay way too much for it and so now i feel exit is kind of rooting for him to have to wait till like an hour before to figure out a ticket i mean hank's defense how is he going to know that it was going to be expensive i take it to the superbowl also bendo punch and he just got his six ring yeah so i don't feel bad for him he'll be back on tuesday your who's back my who's back of the week is usa rugby
so the usa rugby sevens team check this out check this out so it was this sidney sevens tournament we can write guess what we did get so we finish second we finish second place for the fourth week in a row jazz to start the season so it it we are the buffalo bills now of world rugby sevens but we're also still in first place hell yeah so we're second them to so we're in first if we just second them to death a little bit of playing possum it's going to burn yourself out in the finals every single week so we're on to las vegas and maybe will finish second or two unbelievable shut out usa rugby sevens team also who back of the week is the o raiders playing in baseball stadiums yeah so in a classic news dump the raiders once that they were going to be playing their two thousand and nineteen games at oakland a's day or excuse me at the san francisco
giants yes stadium so they you will get to see the raiders play on dirt and grass for another year cool stadium though i love that stadium it is of course a state yes also would be great if a punt or field goal went into the bay i don't know how they can copy code i don't think it's happen yeah let's just figure out a way to have an apple whose are pointed out they don't have market king no a bit more kicking would put the ball into the into the comfy cove is a jolt here's something to look out for wind it's gonna be windy the it's very windy there no that's true you're right very very windy right it says it's a launching pad lookout for wind right pick who's your who's back my who's back salty saints fans because as you watched the rams offense put up three points in super bowl and guess what i have started the day that i forgot to mention i actually think that george would have done better than this is true atlanta united scored three or more goals ten times this year in that stadium yes so
could the rams beat at laney unite off and also more exciting than the than football but if you're saying this is not meant to to you know stick it in and and twisted around twisted knife around but if you're saying and that is the worst possible outcome to get over the loss the rams going in there and beating the patriots is way better than having a shoot out way better basically anything but what happened because you have to sit there and say drew brees would not score three points to the superbowl yeah that's absolutely that's what taysom hill would score more than three years so i'm sorry saints fans i didn't mean to do it but that is who's back you have permission for me to continue all your salty behavior for another three months yeah i mean you could look at it the other way too if you're a saints fan and this is like justification like we
better no i don't think that's what they'll do i do not think that's how that works that's what i like to think you sit there and those got run what's your role fox we we were all is treated if the rams and one to potential tete a tete with a cab to lieb and flat if they had done the thing meeting the russian president yep and then no person would have walked out of that room with any jewelry on what so ever that's true snatch that chain don't wear chain around don't worry don't wear it alright let's do our interviews so we'll start off with mister portnoy which is a new one obviously we're talking about his son getting arrested in all the details behind that that one is brought to you by cash app so if you probably heard pft was detained last week arrested heard from a couple sponsors falling pft's recent detention
an injection from a super bowl fifty three opening day event in atlanta and this is a statement from our best friends cash app who always has his back it has come our attention that mister commenter barstool sports podcasting personality in cash app partner was involved in altercation with nfl and law enforcement officials for allegedly fake press passes on the night of january 28th while it's against cash ops company policy to comment in our ongoing investigation is are pending sir commenter was targeted by a it forces due to his status as a podcaster genius and style icon at cash app is it sports commentaries in a label as life liberty and pretend to be interested in hockey when it's the only thing on so while we respect the nfl's authority we stand by our belief that like the rams versus saints this was yet another bad call thank you for your time and thank you for supporting pft commenter respectfully cash they took out the shop yeah there you go so
download the cash app they have his back they have are back we have there's download cash app right now ok here's mister portnoy then on the other side will do another break we're going to break up each one so we'll do a little intro but we're going to go dan patrick mark schlereth stop being rap port and then ochocinco after mister portnoy but here's mister portnoy okay we had of our lawyer and so father of a felon maybe not a valid and also a patriots fan who congrats on another super bowl it is mister porter we have to have you on the show what a wild night let's start with the game real quick is it true you stood for the entire game i did it and i had a p the last twenty five minutes and i didn't well when it was not easy yeah sweet house why did you stand for the entire game next question just to relieve the tension i don't know you didn't you ever get involved
i like that i mean if i if if you're at the game and something like this you would be standing right after a few minutes right you know i just since it was a tense okay i i'll tell you something as rose again i didn't hear what you i said before but my expert analysis of this game was i wasn't i knew that the real weakness was that i thought the rams offense before the game started i thought the quarterback there was such a disparity in the quarterback position and in the culture i thought that was really the difference i thought it was going to be the difference in my wife who is still upward confirmed that at the end of the game i said i have a feeling when it got close that golf was going to make a mistake and sure enough he did yeah i i just nice though be nice be nice user and he's hurting but we're not wrong but he's not my friend no you're not yeah you're not wrong bolt
i just played great and at the end of the day tom brady made the plays he had to make injera golf wasn't able to do it real quick before we get into the legalese stuff i wanted to ask a while ago one of your complaints was that mister johnson sometimes got lossed in your underwear and sometimes you would dribble a little bit inside given the fact that you held onto your bladder for the last twenty five minutes of the game what is the status of your underwear right now is it's wilder is a clean no no no comment i don't get the personal all right so let's get into the other news because you are the best person to talk to both as the father and a lawyer i'm going to explain the backstory for anyone who's not aware which i'm sure everyone is but that's just a old radio podcast host trick dave and he went to super bowl media night on monday they went with fake credentials were detained and held and
maybe sooner i say arrested by the police they were then let go but on being let go they were told do not come in to the super bowl to the so where the hawks play and the nfl or else you will be arrested for criminal trespass dave as he is who is very headstrong and you said yourself in the bars to gold documentary even as a kid he just did what he wanted and put you in a mental pretzel he i'm going with a fake mustache and then at halftime was arrested dragged out limp leg is backward skinny jeans maybe the forties visual ever seen is two dead legs just dragging up the the the help of a hook up the concourse so as a lawyer bill foster for as a dad what were you well as a dad i mean his whole life since he's gotten involved with this whole by stolen and you people
doing for a bad influence on him no no that's not what i was going to say i mean in a million years if you think things i ever thought that my son would if somebody would have told me five eight hundred and ten years ago that he would be arrested at up at a football game when he had a legitimate ticket and win so i think it would just hunt it down like a like a drawing village to get him out of there i mean it was you know it's just he can't even he can't believe it i mean you know the whole thing is surreal had the word i'm looking for now i gotta ask you a question i want to i want to be clear on this 'cause i don't know in the fact that they just take him and say here open the door and say get out yeah so what i've kind of figured out from his from his videos is that they we put him in the holding cell in the stadium you know most stadiums now have a holding cell
because he said in his video he was with a couple drunk people and then is the game was ending they just kick them out they just like go ahead get out of here and he walked and he had one hundred thousand dollars in the patriots won their six super superbowl and he was a free
an and the publicity is unbelievable for us but we have to ask like what's going to happen legally because he's now he now just as anytime anyone tells him not do anything even when it's on a real police officer he just says fuckit yeah i'm not happy about this particular situation that wasn't sure i mean it's absurd it's one thing to try something with criminal trespass but then when they go in when they have a ticket is sitting in his feats i mean it's just you know it's it's absurd i'm starting to think that goodell and this whole cool he's the stupidest guy in the world i mean i think other people on the public stage is stupid this guy is incredibly how could how could they not realize what this was all about the fact of the matter is it's one thing if they were to stop them and they saw him when he got in there but apparently they were hunting them down during the yeah yeah yeah what kind of nonsense is this as to
i don't know i guess what it is you know assuming that this went any further than they were trying to charge him with this i think it's difficult did you say we warned you under what basis he wasn't creating any kind of a disturbance in other words and i guess i realized that it's a private place you know what i mean it's not a government building or anything they can tell someone don't come but but once once you let him have a ticket i think that changes things that someone is to some extent i suppose they would say well you know we give million the ticket to whatever we do we don't keep track of everybody actually gets ticket and they would say the minute he was worn he has to pay attention to that that's what they would say i was soon i mean i think as a as a matter of i guess what they certainly as if there if that bit premises they
they can tell anybody we don't want you any of for any reason at all i i would assume it's a very unusual situation i think you know obviously this is this is such a favor they transfer him into battle it's in comp i think it really is it really is do you think that there's any possibility that they are in cahoots because it's almost too good for dave like it's perfect for him well i think i suck a michael said he was starting to think that maybe goodell is working full time school yeah yeah that's something like this might be a well kept secret now when i got arrested on the last monday night i was given the same warning that dave was that so this is a criminal issuing me a criminal trespass is what they said and they said if you oh your face in any of those locations you will be arrested on site
with it but i was never handed any documentation or ask you that yeah you never got anything in writing saying that was all they just old age they told me that they brought in the the ceo or the operator of the mercedes benz superdome and the operator of the the convention center and they were they were very clear saying that i had been issued a criminal trespass i don't know what that is but i did not get any paperwork i don't think dave got any paperwork therefore is this case entirely without merit and follow up with dave have an opportunity to sue the nfl for kicking him out of in which he paid a ticket for well if he
if you get injured in any way obviously that would be interested in skinny jeans ripped one thousand dollars a month for rent yes very the other thing too he wasn't exactly hiding there doing a press conference it's just it's just beyond beyond comprehension how stupid i did that to me i just don't understand and now they showed the d'elite in maybe you folks didn't see it they showed him up in the box there with his minions they have been because people are saying well the all is doing right now is a strategizing what they're going to do about david portnoy i know what i was gonna say can you imagine glad fitbit can you imagine if there was ever any kind of serious incident that took place we were talking about that yet make an all these security people were busy they weren't around what were they doing throwing a block around yes yes we're talking about it because they thought pft
who's in the building and we started tweeting about it like he was and pft received information they were actually actively looking for him in the stadium so they were using at least some resources to try to find a man who was sitting next to me the entire time in new york city really i mean god forbid if anything monstrous happened which in today's world we all know that it can write if it turned out that that that situation became a drastic situation and all the security people which which isn't a blog right it's beyond it really is but i'm i'm kind of in that question like would dave have the opportunity to sue since he was never like booked or processed and they just they took out of the stadium like since it was just a verbal warning that was issued like could this actually
could this larry on what you are saying what you're saying is that the initial thing of telling him that you know if you can't come here that to just tell it to have that all be all and not give him a written document saying you live up out in that that means panama the year really hasn't even been worn properly so therefore he was a civilian sitting in a seat i think that's a good i can they had no record they had no right to touch you yeah good point all right so thank you mister portnoy congratulations again on both a patriots win and also birthing like the baddest dude in the world i guess to some well he didn't produce he shot him out yeah you helped you helped create a guy who
such a bad he won't listen you don't tell about you you'll be arrested for criminal trespassing electing nothing happened it tonight i can tell you that i'm talking about something serious and that came out that that the whole crew was chasing a guy in skinny jeans yes exactly a guy who paid way too much for skinny jeans all right mister portnoy thank you as always sleep well it's late get to bed please yeah right so the bathroom tools yeah i can gratz again okay mister portnoy was brought to you by our friends at movement watches is mvmt watches now it's time to move on to her all time favorite underdog success story movement watches you've heard us talk about those broke college kids who knew the dressing well leads to success find a nice looking watch was way too expensive so they change things up by bring you quality products are breaking your bank and valentines is coming up so you got to make sure you get your m v m t watch i where will
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and that's rare for you guys okay my produce make love in of seton for it see so we appreciate the partnership and so when they said would you come over i said yeah and i said well they have beer they said yes so he said okay i'll do it with the bud light i like this we have a good symbiotic relationship by your guys help me do illegal activities and i do not set you on fire when you're in a van i didn't that my guys helped you get into well well you just this on a piano i was up there yeah i yeah i was with them and i blended in with them they did not provide you don't if you feel so india i don't know anywhere you do not blood yeah maybe like a mighty mighty bosstones music video on my field it you killed it you look great like you do i lost a bet you did
yeah so i i bet hank that the charges would beat the patriots and the patriots will push it out of him so this year i am so broncos field too yeah metal rock oh all the great team yeah yes yes i don't know where to start with that earth day for birthday it's his birthday so a good day i i'm saying that like i'm wearing this for my birthday just as ridiculous i hope it's all month long so good yeah i mean i don't know i i look kind of like it's a great look though you wanted you want to smoke hookah with me on this if i don't abide by yeah i think we need to take it's a little strong yeah yeah this is a different vibe it's about how suitable we going for you guys you know what you just kind of put your head down and go and then you kind of come up for air and you go ok now it's time for the game yeah because it feels like everybody is exchanging guests yeah so it's what you do with a guest
we do with the gaston and then that's where you're trying to differentiate yourself we were saying before hand that you had dan marino on this morning we had him on right after and whatever you did you really put him in a bad mood because he was jerked us and nothing to do with the fact we stuff dan marino into the back of a van in a random parking lot an almost blew out his knee trying to get into it this was clearly yep it was clearly your fault marino it can be interview yellow yeah because like he's sort of interviews the way quarterback like he's no nonsense yes i get serious and so i could understand that but i've known marino for twenty five years and he still a tough interview for maine yeah so we e i mean that you're the best interviewer in the game what do you do prep twice for maybe guess you don't know so it's
hot damn areno but you know that they might be a little difficult like what are the tricks to get them to open up a little bit i think well i had not interviewed steak one barkley before so when he was coming in i'm just looking for something that gets a smile on his like something where he knows all right this is they know about me i think a lot of guys want to know that you did your homework on it yep because if you don't why you say so tell me about your rookie season that's not a good question to ask them but give me the moment when you realize i'm no longer a rookie then you can say you know after the fourth game i was considered a but you're not a rookie i didn't know that so then he started to open up little bit more any looks great sounds great wants to do this as a living so then i just started asking him i want you to be an analyst here how did the rams win the game he goes wait you want me to do it now i go yeah you're on the spot were on tv go and then he gave me
the second i said now that's what this is all about right you do this i said you gotta get reps it's no different than running the football so then i was at i was in his world not making him come into my world right and and so he relaxed and he was very a very nice guy well yes on what's in the same way yep once you get in the biz make love and that was a terrible the by i elementary my dear watson yeah that i can we actually cringed yeah i'm looking right at you but i'm i read pearl off we play basketball together back in new york put down what we bought we all looked at each other in the van were like oh come on please don't do well we were too much deshaun watson to another nickname yeah yeah while he doesn't know no i don't think you need if you need the shot show time we'll get it had a whole to sean is all the shots a great name i think element mobile war back in texas you need a nickname yeah like i said you know i'm i'm d w
for now and then i said that's too close to d ford yeah who screwed up with the kansas city chiefs like i say you don't want that like remember when paul george wanted to be pg13 was like yeah he's playoffs noun phrases deductible i would anyway yeah play appeared ever shows up in the playoffs but yeah dames are so he the winner will get you what you can't give himself a nickname correct right right so that that's part of the problem somebody in texas got to come up with a better it could be like john mcclain is the guy that hands out nicknames to people in houston right he's the man the judge i just sent to sean is such a cool name that you don't really need something extra not everyone has a nickname you need but if you have a mobile quarterback in texas plane with jj watt that whole defense you gotta stand out like you are i'd show to that how about never going to superbowl about taxing the big pet franchise big cat pinky kill it yeah i bet my pinky this year when the texans were own three i said i'd cut off the tip my pinky of the texans won the super bowl and then they went on
when like nine hundred and ninety but never was really worried i said something franchise just like mine overseas world you know i wasn't i said i'd be worried but by and they didn't get the but nobody nobody talked about that nine game winning streak no no no they just they were like oh yeah by the way texans want again they wanna know if that would have been somebody else then we would go oh my god hate comments going yeah they were starting to have that cincinnati bangles mystique well you know they're good enough they get in but you really don't believe it this saturday afternoon espn games yeah that's what they're just pencil him in for it every year as i said they played it for if they could have played him at one they would have played him at one yet on that wild card weekend yeah it's just like this game isn't going to be any good let's just get it over and then we're gonna move on to the night cap yes do you so this year you was this the first year that you didn't you football in america yes do you miss it no really no no there's no
you no i appreciate it yeah that's interviewing trick you pick up you just compliment the yes and i almost believe insane amount yeah i didn't even notice you were gone notice i said just to push through it last i have people who think i work at espn right now they're like i love you unfortunately i've been there eleven years but thank you i didn't miss it because i was able to just watch as a fan and it's been such a long sometimes you forget about it you know when you do it for a living you forget to be a fan and i don't root for any team people always go rooting for give me a great game i couldn't care less yes that's the most journalists you ever be but that's alright 'cause i grew up a bengal fan and if you say hey
get on the bagel fan if i say something about the steelers then you go well he's a bengal fan right so i just disavow any knowledge of any teams i just root for story line i like that now when you were working on football night america were you aware of the columns were to slide in but they used to do no because i didn't think it was a slight in i just thought they open the camera up yeah what is the glow of the appearance of a slide there is a little bit of a slide to he moves a little it's the lead that it i'll do impression okay okay you're all done now michaels is welcome to night nice foot there it is no it's not like that i didn't even get the led light to mark face yeah that's right now teenage girls out he is he is a tall guy so there there is this elasticity city he can sort of lean in like that i just think they opened up they opened up the camera and gay your parents of slide it always looks like shaq get in the yellow cab
what about the carrie underwood song are you more of a fan of the one from last year when it was waiting all day for sunday night or this year whereas i forgot what was the one this year came on yeah it's sunday nice things you really think about it yeah i don't know the okay i've been way in no yeah say for sunday our guys you haven't been out of the game of working on sundays long enough these are the things like two or three years you'll notice the song what the hell the change a song okay i didn't realize that the member the nba on n b c s s ramban rambo right round about if i don't finish yeah fox uses at the for their college
you know like i do then yeah you can the song is so good it needs to be out there in the world when only made so yeah no no no but it was like beethoven it it's on fox basketball i listen i agree that when when that song hits you're thinking it's going to be michael jordan first viewing yeah funny after i cannot i wonder butler verses xavier and all that i just get used bad enough no thank you know i don't skip sports i used to i a i a i use you have romeo used to gamble with pete rose i used his bookie
yes that's a story i knew i'd get you there so when the whole pete rose things out i i knew is bookie yeah so was it one of those do you think pete best no no i know it yeah hi hi i know you know we we both lost but but my book you would tell me that you know keep it on everything and then get old so when this happened when this story broke i call my bookie who who my former both because i stopped betting and i you know what can you tell me said no name in his name never came out never came out in all of this and so i said what do you you know what he got on p you said dr well i can i can tell you some of the stuff that he bet on and he started telling me i said did he bad on the red sauce and he said he bet on games with the reds i'm and i said did he bet against the reds
and he said i don't want it's i don't want to say that yeah while i was so hard yes yes so then yes years later i have him on the show and pete said i bet on the reds every night to win it never come out before and he said i bet on the reds every night to win so even if you bet on your team that you're managing can still manipulate a line of course i can bring in john franco john i know your arms tired but i'd rather you came in then this guy or starting there was one starting pitcher that he didn't bet on i was told ok like he wouldn't bet on his own pit right right now or you could just say we're going to gas out the bullpen in tomorrow i won't bet yes yeah right yeah so yeah i did bet through the same guys that pete did it will be interesting to see how major league baseball responds to embracing gambling and embracing the legalization of gambling while still pushing pete rose away well it's like marijuana laws
right now all of a sudden you got to vacate a lot of these sentences because what are you in for marijuana right like we will now yes not a supplement food trucks right right and in states where guys are playing in them in marijuana is legal i mean why although the nfl's drug testing that it's really just a stupidity it's really if you miss practice about a test right so you just once a year and you know it's coming and if you screw it up you deserve to if you get caught that means you really let jails off the wheel right i mean like a lot of guys i know who hit hit it if you will they they were very calculated they knew like right this is joe theismann cleaned up and then once they got pissed they'll offer voted to rebuild lives raise on that you got to be a domestic but yeah but if i live if i play for the broncos why can't i smoked pot right in colorado
right his pd them but it's especially all we know about the okay if you're an often sulaimon used you get high you either load of food get heavier well i tell you this listen i know a lot of guys yeah this is when he answers besides the months i know for me i could sleep so if it was baltimore week and listen i got lewis and i got hello he not a and and read i got the whole i'm one of the baddest the princes of all the land and we're trying to win division title i got anxiety a little bit i'm anxious i'm not picking up the phone up i'm worried about my assignment you know what's going to help me sleep so i can get did you smoke before again yeah yeah patrick
i seen playmaker sex videos cat i want to get credit for this task force tool that you can get that ready for me i didn't like i didn't like taking ambient i didn't like opioids i didn't like none of that stuff the only thing that got me to level out and get some sleep because my knees are shot was enjoy what about you and do you ever have like interview anxiety and maybe the night before a big guess is coming on can't sleep you got a man brownie maybe get burned alive yeah i don't smoke that hot lead to burnham i hate it i really like i don't like being sounds like a pot head with no i i just like you hated bad pot work at all maybe what you to back yeah because it was ragweed and i was called rag weed yeah but i know i never i wouldn't the big potted yeah you know every fighting and you know i i had to be i went on my a
a vacation with my wife and the next week i was starting at espn so we're in negril and we go and we go to a place called mary special cakes okay i've been there so it's a it's a little shack now ricks cafe is down the block where you jump off the cliff and you know so my wife and i we go in there and we were told gotta get one of mary special cakes so we walk in an i said a two special cakes well it's special cakes are really large brown is yes so we have a little vespers little motor scooters i'm drink it yeah i mean the brownie next thing i no i'm in trouble on the brown you know with this on the best yeah i pull over and i get up on the cliff there i jump off like my wife go open off the cliff i go back it just dawns on me so i'm coming back two days i could take my drug test to start
in so i have to go to a local hospital and i i'm mega pixel by but no head bob lee i got bob bob leach pits get cleaned this yeah he did not like a prosthetic black penises it wasn't prosthetic and so i said ok i may fail this drug test and not even not getting married again i never the guy i was with danny and other name dan he wanted to be a custodian and he said he had smoked pot a couple days earlier he didn't get hired oh can i somehow got hired i know i yeah you must statement but like you know what he's talented off i mean the mary special cake was like a brick yeah your fault application yes
yeah it'll vary's fault not mine if that was the case like bill walton would never have work today at espn and yeah sure if you know where they tested people no no way they tested bill won't have breaking news by now i mean i'm testing for a lot of things yeah i have breaking news we have a ryan brother back in our life rob ryan has been hired as the linebackers coach for the washington redskins so that is huge right so we got we got robbed and jim tomsula passing the defense yes i'm portant thing and cider tries huge new insider tries so hard every year to make me never root for the redskins again and somehow find a way of bringing back right now you know it's going to be so rich man restaurant in a couple of weeks ago he was telling me about rob possibly joining the bears see yes yes yes but they're not head coaches
like record is not a right now technically you're right it's hard no he's not knowing he should call mom no let's just get well college what i lived the rob is not i don't think no no no no no knowledge no no you can't no and like jim tomsula i'm sure he's a nice guy he not had you know you forgive it jim thompson would like a twenty percent chance of getting a head coaching job again no i could someone get fired and he would be somebody there are certain guys who were just assistant coach yeah that's true and there's nothing wrong with staying in assisting coach like leo mazzone was a great pitching coach anyone going to be a a great man sure yeah there's just certain guys that that's that's as good as you get three anyone under bocek wade phillips yeah we will fill it is better cgfns coordinator every every disciple yeah i've seen it
that's the problem you go why you make a great head coach no no you're you're good at this doesn't mean matt patricia just because you're good it's been a defensive coordinator doesn't mean you can be a head coach right right even though bella check it belichick was bella check now is a defensive coordinator he wouldn't get hired as a head coach because you look at him go how's he going to win you know that he goes into a press conference yeah because so far in tokyo was kind of the old mold and he gets hired at denver i was surprised i was too but i think that's more just the his defense speaks for itself and he you know the bears were obviously had the best defense in the league this year but what he did did two years prior without kaleel mack where and no one knew and they were playing way above their level i think that's what people saw in the harbaugh
if you talk to anyone who's on the fort was on the forty niners during that run the vic fangio was the biggest reason for that success but you don't have to make them a head coach yeah that that's a that's a you put him in a position where you all of a sudden you go oh my god like i gotta go to fundraisers or yeah i got to go over here i got you know instead of just saying hey i get to be in my own little room guilt device a game plan going out on on the radio yeah because you're right there is that feeling that if the just the natural ladder of life and sometimes you just stop where you're at yeah it is like you know what i'm just gonna stay here do you know it's kind of what the clemson has gone right now if you talk to any of those guys dabbles got all those brent venables should be a head coach and he's like no i love it here it paid
and all these years that probably helps so you could be a great be a great producer in tv that doesn't mean you get to be an anchor right you're just a great producer but it doesn't say mortalis get the nod to be one 'cause i feel like if you're great dc or a great oc and you've never been able to at least get an interview doesn't that speak against you i i think that we would view that in today's you know in today's sports world you go oh man not good enough to get that yeah but i i there's part of me that will go no i know what i do well now our ego says i would be a head coach but charlie weis was not a head coach right romeo cornell not a head coach brave all my be you know i like his style but i you know i just think there are times when you go certain guys are men be a head coach certain guys or not yeah what about condoleezza rice head coach
coach at big time yeah she could have been have you ever had have you ever had that moment in your career where it was the next step and you said nope you know what i'm not going to do this i knew like when i hosted the olympics i realized i was going into territory that i wasn't as good as kostis was doing it but i still to do it i did i will i wasn't able to headline in bc i think as an olympic coast in my mind i had doubts about my talents to do that but i watched bob do it and i realized he there's certain things that he does better than me get pinkeye and
very good yeah but it was only one nine yeah yeah yeah you've got pick off rows but i knew that i could aspire to pick on right but he was he was so they they're certain things why when i i don't think i'd be good at that yeah and and that was one of them even when i started working at sports center when berman my first show was with berman and i wondered if i could keep up the energy of doing an hour live show and berman was the master at that and you know i eventually grew into it but i had my when i first started you ever wish you tried play by play i tried play by play thanks for listening and i wanted you to plug your play by play until there's no reason to plug it yeah i realized i couldn't be what i wanted to hear if that makes yeah i mean i grew up with in a shower you know i was listening to great guys and i
realizing not everybody can be al michaels or you know i grew up with marty brennaman the hall of fame baseball no rent or you know jack bakir throw out all the great names i was comparing myself to those guys after doing for games and you know it was stupid to do that but i couldn't capture a game that i thought would be interesting for me to buy listen but you do have the big game voice you know the guys yeah and it you know i i think there i don't want to knock anyone but there are certain guys who do play by play and you turn it on and it just feels like it should be you know one o'clock a little yeah little non yeah not saturday night at eight hundred pm you have that voice though you have the big game voice so you got to capture there's a certain quality of in the moment capturing the moment compartmentalising it and that the guys who do it well
and they make it look and sound easy and i i knew what my limitations were are up it took awhile because everybody gets full themselves as as i could do that i i got home bold i think a couple of times and then it makes you take a couple steps back and say you know what on second thought i'm not that and you gotta be not a bad gig that you got going no no you hang out with your friends in your pajamas and get to interview everyone in what five minutes from your house yeah it's pretty good that's a mile from my house that's pretty good above the bar i go that's the dream right now i mean it would be like barstool yeah like if we put on we are put on pants yeah i well i'm slippin stand now how to wear pajamas yeah i have worn pajamas yeah i well i think we saw you in that okay yeah like it the beauty is but you're showing a radio show on tv it's not
tv show that's on radio so when you see us we don't wear wear make up you know we don't have a stylist weed i just say do show up i don't care what you wear it's the content that you give the audience is what key i want you to see and go got those guys that they look messier they don't have there yeah well i just saw but crack it is well you know that's why i mean that's the appeal i don't work from home anymore so i don't i'm not able to watch him i used to buy used to have it on every single day because it feels like you're hanging out with your friends and you guys all get along and even when you get mad at fritzie i remember that one time got really awkward that was weird well thirty three years ago he stood up to me yeah you got there was there was real tension in the room i know it was real time but we used to do the show out of my attic so when we first tried it out we didn't have any money and so the danettes would come to my house go up the back stairs we converted two bedrooms and we built
studio so my wife would be there in her bathrobe cooking breakfast i have four kids you know get him out of the house yelling three animals all over the place and they would go when we do a national radio show and then you know where i live you said you can't run a business out of your house so we had to move and then pauline my producer we went to the local bar and the guy on the bar said i got space upstairs and we went up there and look like a stephen king
setting for stephen king movie and including a mannequin that we never knew and a guy named jeff who died there but we don't think about yeah i'm done the six member of the show g e o f l all exactly yeah yeah yeah yeah okay sitting with his balls that way no no no offense there should be a yeah yeah he off yeah got off and so we went up there we had three months to create that man k e are going to have to was going to i've always wondered watching the show how much flannel do you think paulie goes through in a year yeah or does he buy new ones he oh
but he loves flan he really does he does he's like an american eagle cattle he he he loves flannel really kind of scary that he and he'll take pictures of flannel you might take picture of your kids or vacation sites or cars or paulie will show you if he and flannel yeah when i went to jail gates no you like pictures of the flooding you but the flannel with the tail all now one half of it that shower and have an intel so as to be the shittiest football game yeah yeah but it's like the vision for which doesn't exist its policies that i own a yeah in the i okay holly is there boehner jams when he when he's a dog or dogs then the and with adam sandler movie we created that we pitched are dogs
you forget it forget the whole van all one thing you have to remember the older dogs i thought it was jim no dogs is the movie you have to take to adam sandler when you see him that rob schneider oddness rock k farley have engine games to help kevin farley farley chris farley younger brother that you give them a break hi everyone i never i never proposed that december okay can you do it built owner dog we've got a bunch of people who actually interested at camp kevin hart he's attached yes we haven't heart we we he was he want to hear more research the owner okay all lawrence taylor what do you see up owner dog hello well the story is a mix of rudolph the red nosed reindeer and vettel you've got a sled dog team and the lead dog has a they'll make fun of me because got this red rocket lipstick hanging out and they go off into the woods to get lost in a rescue mission and the only way that they can get back is by following the trail that was left by the bone or an owner yeah yeah the voters the voice of the voters will ferrell
and david spade i think plays the nut sack yeah and then rob there's the dog who owns the boner yes ok who plays the boner will ferrell plays the boner yeah please dog so where's sandler are you saying he's still just even the guy yeah he's the owner is much is what most guys yeah and then i but i don't exactly have a cameo in all december right so what am i doing you can yeah what for no yeah i was was it lasted of the number two dogs don't it would have to be in a movie that yeah that interview dan patrick was brought to you guys by stitch fix stitch fix is an online personal styling service that finds and delivers clothes use an accessories to fit your body your budget and your lifestyle they've sent me a bunch of
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calling fees only twenty bucks which is applied toward anything you keep from your shipment get started now at stitchfix dot com slash pmt in extra five percent off when you keep all the items in your box that stitch fix dot com slash pmt to get started a stitch dot com pmt the next interview that you're going to hear is with mark schlereth recurring guest i surprise during this interview i had my mom text me a photo of my little league baseball team that he was my coach of so this is back in like shoot probably like nine ninety six years my 'cause i think i was about eleven years old he didn't because it wasn't very good but yeah kind of surprising with that it was a cool interview great catching up with steak so here is marks right i've do you know if you don't mind so i think i may have told you this at one point but you are my little league baseball
which really i literally that's impressive of an athlete i was yeah at the age of eleven is you don't remember me on the marlins see there you are right here we'll put this on the on line there's you and there's me looking like a clean cut so the is israel you really really use coach yeah on how about that huh i'm real your the kid that we use it makes it in right field right now easy to convey the i won the bad i would the bands on that your member the battle yeah i do the whole room this is unbelievable so you played there's my boy yeah yours daniel you play when he saw daniel and i were about the same town level of pitching when i was eleven there we go and he grew a lot and became a major league pitcher yeah it's still time for that is on real pretty crazy he was on the march later died of right yeah lifting i bring this up for for another reason and that's it you're not a big participation trophy guy right no
ok okay so we came in second place in the league that year and the first place team got a nice oh it was actually gained that last for two days because rain delayed it through the team that beat us they got a nice trophy you were like you know what you guys played so well then i'm going to get you a trophy and you gave it you guys bought us trophies bigger yeah yours place strove yeah yeah regarding in second that's right that's right i do you think you participate in the pacific is from america by doing that no i you know what i did i was trying to i was trying to lift you up because you were so bad yeah i was like this is the last time this you will ever placed on order i want to have some nice yeah to give you confidence vehicle to carry about your the rest your life none of all planes ports but yeah right right i also don't think its participation drove it because it was pre participation from wasn't yeah i think participation trophy cultured and come into play into like a lot
ten year that could have been the first one no right i could raise our it's not a pioneer asian tropea who's bigger than the first place real sure so we guys we wanted a little is team up your yeah your work better than you yeah we were better than yeah right much deeper starting rotation like i was number four danny was number five we're pretty good right yes yeah exactly yeah that interview marks with was brought you guys buy into chino i love their suit you love their suits into measure they fit so much better compared to a generic off the rack one that you just pull from your local store it's super easy to get it set up to use it in all your measurements you pick out the styles the design that you want the custom accessories in the details and then they deliver a great suit to your house one that will fit better than anything that you'll find at any department store and it's very very affordable every guy looks better and feels more confident when you put on a suit especially if it's one that is made for your body exam
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put a percentage so that there's at least a chance got zero to him it's all right rex ryan probably not zero because he really was a pretty good more than decent coach at and i'm sorry that we can try to get in this year's events coordinator and couldn't okay jim tomsula i would say percent okay my hope okay cuz you know he's on the staff that person gets fired he takes over as interim cuz he's done it leads them on a dramatic something up and and he is a charismatic man you'd see it yeah so maybe i would say seven percent i got one more greg schiano yeah good question is a good question yeah i would say like twenty
oh i'm probably an idiot for a lot of reasons but i think he was i think he would be a good coach he got screwed by the josh freeman situation like five years ago or when it's six years ago never that was i still think he would do a good job so maybe if he's patriots defensive coordinator this year kinda last one hue jackson no three percent okay i yeah i was it's really mean things about it but yeah we could i don't know anything about players and stuff yeah that's true that's good morning that's a good point all right in thank you so much we appreciate it okay last one up ocho cinco he came in and let's just say it was insane because he told a story about a three some and there's a plot twist not to ruin it here
a really under right under reported facet of the stories roger stone like ten years ago they found a profile form online and him and his wife let's just say he likes to invite other gentleman yes to be with his wife a lot of well he wanted his hat and then yeah i just do that in college
yeah with rodgers wise no not justin just in general like from from you have girls are you would have got all over head of corvallis is a real real hot spot for this is a reminder billionaires billionaire man that could set a five but has by their wives yep you know they would just use me talk yeah your for hard you just come in and the only billionaires made in nineteen ninety seven tell us how much did you make and i think a lot of honey a lot of money so do you think of you he can still play right now like you're one of those guys he's like yeah at any second right call me up probably i mean the fact i pride that i think play maybe third downs
i retired evan plans to my pro soccer the entire time so i have to stop running yet so physically i can probably do it i probably can't take the punishment of an every down receiver right third down did you get her down to get a good leg on you right like i i remember you can can you do to kick off and you made an extra meal yeah i i how far can you go to the sixty rising still notion that appears near the kicker they yes they do come back yeah yeah i mean it's not going to have you it to a single outlet everything that's the eighty five like chicago loves eighty five yeah there you go think of errors you know what i have a friend of mine here i don't know if he wears will there's with everybody say hello to will what's up wells my guy will his birthday or something huh this is bertha no he just a cool girl and i are will and i in college we had three we had
oh ok can we get a mic to well yeah who's the layer where listen this is like i gotta ask your question i don't know how many years ago this was in in core vallas there's the oh alright so we gotta mike to well hold on we're getting it into the crowd
you always real with because it you know actually i came alone it just so happened he's here i'm i have to see to me years later well and i remember that night first will that's between chad not old all right so as you can good talking to you will yeah barring don't saw it when i walk leveling we together with the land yeah well you know you switch yeah yeah no the whole way my bad it welcome to the i just like it happens in the movies wild things like you're in a pool with a girl and will and you kiss her and then you kiss well known like never the market we started out like marco polo you would on like me now it was dark okay
i can't this is hannah how do how do you get it to you i mean your workplace cocaine orgies okay let's get to some segments wild moved to have the guy who had a threesome with be in the crowd yeah that was a story to single told if you skipped it bad on shame on you i feel like if you have a threesome buddy you have to roll with them almost everywhere you go because you're not sure if that guy is going to talk about the three other people when you're not around you don't always gotta keep eyes on him you don't want him telling people that you that you came first when he's not around so you can't like back yourself isn't even though you probably did come for this is almost better to come first though will soon come again well so you can get your two and yeah or so you don't have to worry about like you know the mass i see i have a feeling it's three so my would just it would be like six
okay yeah i'm like really enjoy rest of the game yet once you make i because i think the other guy hey there's two there's two now so you more than enough to finish that without me yeah i get it once you're done with with your not yeah you get the nice spot on the bed yeah so you get was here to spread out a little bit until the two of them are done and right to fight for the corner it's like playing it's like war three way catch when a woman up you don't need me here anymore yeah my arms list guys are fine all right so say let's first up let's just say
chips with gronk was putting this audio so my friends and i were chilling and i only played half the season the year we got two so we were hanging out and we all decide i have one and a half rings 'cause i only played half that caesar and they said that rounds down for some reason for one and they said if i get two rings that means i get another another ring out at two one slash two and that rounds up to three babies so we go i got three rings now baby so if grog had offsets are bullied still have won super bowl ring but winning that super mean cs three so robin kowski is the first player ever to win two super holes in one single mike it's pretty impressive and i i agree with this math yeah so here's why if you weigh a fifty pounds you can't be like i basically way
two hundred right that's a huge difference right but if you weigh two hundred and fifty pounds if you weigh two hundred and fifty pounds you can say i'm pretty much three hundred pounds and everybody like yeah you definitely look like you weigh three hundred pounds ok so for instance if you are a no i i i actually agree with what you're saying now it's like if you're five six yeah you go around telling people they your five eight but no one really believes you right but if you're five eleven you can you are basically six feet yeah are six one even yeah right i got it i got my degree because that's how we got it we got it we got it we have next up pulling his whole this what i'm past about pft so maybe you know if i get a little too personal here to take it slow interval tweeted harder to breathe caches at nine to one for first song
went to the rehearsal and kept it quiet for my degenerate colleagues thanks darren appreciate that erin okay well so the worst part about this in my opinion is that he tweeted it out after the fact to just let everybody know that he then give them karate he wanted everyone to know that he knew but it wasn't going to tell them yes if you had that information and kept it to yourself that's simple that may be something that a lot of us might do but then rub it in everybody's face is world class do staggered and here's my biggest problem i like ravel ish do you at some things about rebel i actually like i actually find some of his ridiculous like tweets funny or informative fascinating i ii am needing i'm fascinated with their revell like a scientist is fascinated with the mouse that he's experiment when he got the perfect jack picking the car
from like one thousand nine hundred and eighty two yeah that was actually entertaining some things are darren ravel provides this world i'm in for the problem is he works for a gambling company now and you in he's like kind of being like oh yeah i'm part of the degenerate crew now anyone who's ever gambled in their life who it's a gambling addiction who enjoys gambling whatever it maybe if you have a hot tip and you don't tell your friends you're the big fucking asshole in the world because guess what darren we also who that was going to be the first song and guess what we told friends yes in our friends told us and that's how we knew we knew not because we knew we knew because someone else told us yeah and of course we're going to tweet it because then it actually knows the whole bet with that and also it actually says if it becomes public information the bed is known for its right i can't we can't can't and also also since someone i told my friends also since we heard it from somebody that had a source
we were going to tell people to bet on it because we weren't one hundred percent sure right but we felt good about it right and we didn't even get to nine to one week at just the feel of the like this exact scenario happened and we told our friends and you sat there and told no one and then told the world that you knew and didn't tell your and that's a fucking dick head move man this is the classic of reminding your teacher that they didn't assign homework but also reminding your teacher that everybody owes money for the field trip that's in two weeks and they haven't paid yet i'm mad i'm mad i'm two i'm at if i were one of his colleagues at you real mad if yeah well look you know what it does there and really have gambling buddies well i think his he calls like anyone he knows like even for a brief second is but a key and kobe are buddies yeah here's another we feel so here's another perfect example i knew from it ip which was inside my brain that it was going to be tails
and then i told the whole world did we screamed told the whole world that was going to be tails tonight and what was it was tails by the way that was such an electric coin flip it was great it was so high the height awesome hot seat donald trump's coin flip from the army navy game this one talk to sean so if you want to count the rotations in that flip there are probably twenty rotations it looked like a nice like a spinning disco ball in there yep so okay i'm off that we're done pc i have a question for you hit me see question put in promo code take take just take for ten dollars off key question during super will week we had a couple interviews one with our friend josh out you throughout an idea josh all respect home strong competition is that i do you can handle i asked him i said who do you think could throw the ball further and he didn't know he said that would be fun to do i
up to him later and i was like hey do you really want to do this 'cause i think that we could raise a shitload of money for charity if we had like an event where was just josh allen like a rocket off right just throwing a fit on the padma homes just throwing a football and that's it and so i talked to josh he said that he's in yep slit in those dm's on i did two on pat homes yep and he has committed interest he said yeah let's do it will have to wait till further in the offseason though did you did he talk to josh allen though i don't know talk to joe i know i confirm that you from you i'd also sleep in the dmz and was like yo well did you i mean you probably didn't do the the move that i did comments what was yours i said hey man congrats on the mvp i did okay and he said i appreciate your emojis he said he would had been too he had talked to josh allen the night prior and that they talked about it so we've actually got it set let's do it and i think we need to do would you like
my dear that would you like a bunch of different random objects like a toaster cool yeah like obviously leads up to a football but addition of throwing things paper airplane will begin a cat yeah a dead cat two cats a dead cat so we don't hurt any cash yeah exactly that i'm not trying to be cruel here before yeah it's it'll be put out of its misery efficiently and then well the goldfish into the ocean that would be nice too yeah back to its native environment selfish love thee oh yeah saltwater oceans yeah by the way we have the longest living layering full time right now you know we should do it also coincidently you just check you just more struggled face while using right exactly it's also the only layer we've never been response that sir how about this it leads up the final boss in the throne competition czas vortex for oh yes done like one hundred and fifty yards yeah watch that ship vortex if you're still making footballs let's do it is nerve still around yeah nervous around
yeah yours are us going out of business pry her nurse you know we should do we should just strap turn revell to a chair and put him on the goal line and you you have to throw the ball from your own goal line will blindfold him it'll put glasses on so it looks like a nerd and then if you hit revell you an extra ten yards yeah we'll we'll you know what we'll do we'll we'll put in their blind full i like everything you said but instead will will throw bolts out of a gun does it it's a hand grenade the last one is just a it's our of all we don't hate you not going to kill you monitor fell just chill out we might kill cat
it would definitely come look at this god sideways on us by the way this whole point of this was to stop all the fucking assholes they're trying to cook our competition and somehow we have killed their envel and killed the cat and also kill the goldfish do you think that do you think that dead cats always land on their feet too yeah oh yeah sure dude for sure i will have a dog eat a cat and then we'll throw the dog it has a cat inside its body goddamnit ok so we're going to that competition everyone back off back off alright well second last we have a perspective what we
this from the rams tackle into it worse so he was dealing with his emotions after the game mammoth romance yes in a very good player ellis you yeah go tigers he was also runner up for block of the year stephen chase block of the year the coveted award yes chasing kelsey one that yeah so they're asking him if you credit to him he was professional unlike some other people that don't respect to press and we'll talk to them after super bowl losses came in but he said at the end of the day we're all gonna die so well look perspective your tampa i hope you didn't mean this day was he saying that like just everyone is he in a cult is he like a apocalypse cult leader good but it is good it's a good spin zone just saying you know what nothing matters because we're all going to die damn damn socks now this is pretty fucking sweet yeah it is do whatever you want lebowski you kill cat that sucked
oh yeah it's going to be the new allow ski i thought it was going to be an ad for kalua for a white russian recipe back it wasn't even that is for stella artois you know what happened they also had the dose ackies guy in their advertise for stella is it our choice art why i prefer to americanize in saying say stella artois sits actually just called the beer that you have to rip that fucking paper off and it's really annoying yeah are the beer that served in the weird glass yeah the beer that is the beer that you want to drink when don't have good enough taste to drink wine but you want to look like you're classy enough to drink beer still are are twice should just label themselves as the beer that everyone orders at a restaurant that's too fancy to serve bud light yeah pretty much pretty much when you yeah when you're like with someone who's a little richer than you will flock what i really want is some like a seagram's and seven yeah i'll do a stella it's belgian
it's it's from a native land yeah i don't know which one they have appear paper on laws and nothing's ever gone wrong and europe with its great purity laws great all right last stop explained to us liam twenty one savage who is he okay so start with that let's start from the beginning twenty one he's what song is he do we did one in a in a library ok you're going to have to spend now start talking in outlook for his most famous song so he's like new age atlanta rapper kind of blue a few years ago he's one of one i like the first like soundcloud rappers to really like break the mold and be like mainstream so he's like super representative of atlanta like along with like like migos and other people like that now i don't know who else got arrested power power did but that's problematic
no you got know some another rapper got arrested yeah oh yeah yeah or something really bad oh i know what he got arrested yet but so it came out today i guess he has been attained by ice yeah this is no good okay it is the dj from the team to play the flute now it's you would know more than they are actually talking about what it stands for immigration and customs enforcement okay so apparently he's from the uk moved his british even moved here in july two thousand five and yourself yeah it was like legal how they move you know so and also the princes meghan markle was british megan michael prince michael harry william probably so his visit ran up okay his visa ran out and
so i guess it just came out today and he's like that's it then there's going to be rain card situation visa he said he was like yes i'm i'm more mass might i don't really know he doesn't even know how this was a way more than i am coming to the united states to be a rapper i'm going to let them have a bridge or a lot no not at all no he's feeling his lan action yesterday which is like the craziest thing because he's like he's like the most like it lana guy out there like i love he has like his voice is like unbelievable when he talks a super low voice like like super deep heavy and he's from heat from the uk we do every twenty one savage yeah yeah ok alright so wrong in so i'm just like kill people too but i mean i mean well we still know itself three times we know that
jenna ledges use like this so well i look upon got arrested for tax fraud yeah but i i know that like you usually don't dive into legal stuff really with us but if you want to say that somebody's killed so we gotta say alleged and they're just in case or just or just show in the four inflection your voice you're using a question mark yeah he killed someone yeah i also have yet i think someone if you say he killed someone you're technically snitching so i wouldn't do that true so i've got some is lyrics right here so i'm gonna in his real voice since he was too much of a coward to do that all these in words got six figures they won't miss no i'm going to see very baby mama if i get the pole at a party just through customs customs both of them boys got handguns cosmo your friends can't trust 'em cloud chasing cloud chasing miss savagery come from the like this guy too if you apple it for money you silly might
this this you know shit you sound like the shadowhunter skip that is as rg wifi is like a london rapper yeah you don't know who's been on the creek sausage all yeah i know that that was kept descriptor yeah those voice you're doing but like a socks obviously like i'm a huge fan of twenty one but it was like the most incredible timing because it was like what you're just bored watch like hours of pregame and then it just came out that he's like from the uk my timeline on like the funniest thing i've ever seen just the memes were like unbelievable for few hours before the game alright i give enough free palmetto my life and here cup like robo i'ma pass it to the gang like romo brand new raw i'm solo let me finish with this because it is super bowl monday we have a report rob gronkowski's retirement alleged retirement gronk says he'll party first
then i'll figure out if he wants to retire not that's a good aspects one or two weeks so some people do like a pros and cons list some people counted ten he is going to slam jager bombs and dance to lmfao for two weeks and then he'll have a moment of clarity he just wanted his nirvana he's going to be sitting on a couch with his bros just hammered out of his mind at four hundred am julie to retire and that will be out he decides in there so fitting you know what it's probably gonna be whole get a call and be like hey rob o t a's next week and if his reactions like this song this thing is going to retire right if his reactions like whatever then we'll do it put the trick there is going to be a call from bella check and he's going to do that call in a week so ots won't actually coming up right it'll like what super short walk super short congrats on your third ring crock congrats to patriot when's football season is over we will figure everything out what will put back
pieces of our lives on wednesdays show and trying to figure out where to go from here who move forward yes no other direction to go yep i love you guys
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