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SB Champ Chris Jones, Josh Allen, XFL And The Oscars

2020-02-10 | 🔗
Football is back, sort of. We liked week 1 of the XFL and some of the funky new rules (2:14 - 13:17). PFT had to put Rovell in line and Duke/UNC was an instant classic (13:17 - 18:29). Who's back of the week including Oscars and Bobby Knight returns to Indiana (18:29 - 28:56). Super Bowl Champ Chris Jones joins the show to talk about Super Bowl 54, the post party, the time his dick flopped out of his underwear at the combine and more (28:56 - 51:45). Our friend Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen joins the show to talk about his second season in Buffalo, the famous playoff game lateral and more (51:45 - 70:16). Segments include way to stay relevant baseball, Russ Wilson photoshoot roast with a tangent on NYC wildlife, and ass eating season with Phil Fulmer and we say nice things about Tennessee.
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Today's party, my take, we have Superbowl champion Chris Jones on the pod cat. In studio, telling us what it was like in Kansas City. After the big win. This house is life is changed. Also me we party little to harbour that's no fault of his own. We also have our good friend Josh Alan. The rocket arm on the show and which have little access fell. Little Duke you ever see a little. Where to stay relevant baseball, some tangents in the segments a great show come in your way. It is brought to you by the cash app Parma. It is always brought you by the cash at model. Is it the easiest place to send money to your friends, but is all the place where you can buy fractional shares of stock as little as one dollar and guess what Now by pen national stock on the cash app yup. You can not saying you should, but you can so go, do it. You can be an owner of us
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pardon. My take pardon my tv sets. Welcome to pardon my take by the cash app go download it right now in use. Hashtag bad beats Monday. Three at the cash happen at part might take a wheel hook up some ADA, because you had bad beats over the weekend. Today is Monday February tenth well, we One.
and work to date by nine seconds after the second quarter, Daisy Printer, our Tyler roused from thirty five yards, their catches up? No god no got from thirty five yards. Thirty five yonder, no good dollar us, and that is Europe's most important highlight of the weekend. So wasn't part of my take. We had the x, I felt this weekend. We're gonna talk everything else, but we re was pro. The biggest story of the weekend. I think any time one of these four bald leagues debut use is the biggest story for at least one weekend I enjoyed it. The Xfl was, I thought, was really fun now I I watch obviously all of the first game. I was in D c for the The crowd was electric. The crowd was ready for some football. Who knows how the exit polls gonna go. If it's be like a season long fascination. I was gonna, be like the air. Last year was the first two weeks would like yell at school football we up and then had died out, but it seemed like
The rules were just drunk enough in the x fell where it could work out and, I would say, like they're dead, sphere in DC at out a field, better is more fun. There. Any Redskins game that I've been too in the last twenty years. Well, so that the quarterback play actually weirdly was better for that, see defenders and it had been for the Redskins for last twenty years to Royal Jones is good. He was really get, and I thought that that was a surprise to me. Well, if he was gonna be good and he was definitely, though, the guide to watch, because all the other quarterbacks weren't so good, I so I into it I've set it on Friday, show I'm nervous. Because I went into a half thinking. Oh my god, it's gonna be great and then got my heart. Broken I've done this day before I went into a cautious, but I did enjoy it. I thought it was watchful. Better than the F there's devil some things that are weird that they have to fix, but there is also some things it
we'll be in the NFL suit. Like us, the kick off rule is cool. I liked the kick off rule. The extra points words. Two and three I love that you can go for three now, because it extends games, and it also gives situations where remarked. Pressmen can kick a goal when that actually is only down to scores, so we can he'll go, go down to scores to go out who scores not realising that you can go for three and get nine points, but also like it how, on those extra points you ve got any time you have three. From colored lines, superimposed on the field, yuck is awesome, yes, executors. There's too, there are three. There are wrong. What The two yard line is one point from five. It's two points from the ten of three. Which is that our yeah, I don't know why anybody would ever go for what the matters on, if you for one. You should tell where Scarlet letter everyone went for one because it was like perfectly was basely, giving these football coaches and that's actually a great like thing to watches. All these football coach is that
you know have been cast aside for while I haven't Gilbert was, was coaching the guardians he hasn't coach two thousand thirty thirteen thrown out to pasture. So now, back, trying to get I can't do it any still doing- conservative thanks to try to save his job. It's just not it's like AIDS, rainwater walk, you don't get fired. If you go for watery, Glenville got two headsets on ultimate football guy. He was sixty nine, a headset, yet as they one has the tea mouse put on. One guy got to listen in on some other players that we're going on in DC game like during the actual play right, because the coaches, considering other talking to each Edwards playing on the on the broadcasting during the actual play he likes, they would sometimes play like what they were. What they were saying. Yes during the place was awesome. Hearing pep Hamilton like yelling at cardio fur. Like me, can the rugs he's a motorway throwaway goddamn it? It was. Actually. It was very interesting to hear the the crowd, was having a great time. It seemed like everybody was like it was almost like a company Christmas Party in the stands.
Where everybody was just a little bit tipsy going into it and now taking superciliously, but the just there to have fun. I also credits the excess fell. They did a good job with the jerseys. I like the Jersey, colors they're, just like good enough, where you can see it is not a complete clown league can mean, like I've been like that Perceval their helmets were cool. If I like their colours, it was just enough. No here's, my problem with a viper summit. It had like notes of the Seattle Seahawks yeah, like lime green but it was almost like a little bit of barf p soup nor scenario they got tamper down. I was cool it, so the helmets, the Jersey, look cool. Some things. I didn't like Mark Terrestrians, just just triggering me the whole time. I told you I didn't I I thought, there are too many interviews on the sidelines. That's that's underground to figure out, because it was a little too much like. I really to hear from a guy who a granite slant and caught a pass for ten years back how that got
so that that was a little too much. I like that, they're getting in the game they also to figure out a way. So they went up to the replay booth, a bunch it sounded like I had do you know what happened two flights of stairs just everyone's leaving super heavy into the media, so I liked the transparency, but that's a little thing, the programme to fix, but overall I give it its far better than they have. I dont know Let's get to succeed because, as I have always said, tell me how it does when we get to March badness when we get to the man stirs an mba and it shall play ass. As of right now I thought it was good Actually I had more fun it that game on Saturday than I've had a very long time regardless. I know he compares aesthetics field which is like, pairing? You know a diamond piece of shit, because Fedex Field is by far the worst stating my Think in all of the National Bali, but just being at game it was, it was fun exciting, and that's all that we want of extra football you're right, but
this football I do is find even though the over how itself wasn't gradients. Ok, I mean to do somebody oversee up yeah, I know ii. People got very mad at me, cuz I said in jest it was a bad beat. It was beautiful that we started league with the bad beat on the old The decent inventors gave us a cancel league, not fun, and I forget that, like there are some people who will take everything very seriously and also take football, that certainly were like fuck you would you back my leg than I've loved for one day when I was very much and just because the next game went over and I was like you know what leagues back listen, I'm I'm a lifelong excess elfin, I'm a day, one DC defenders guy. So I guess the lit the big test is: will you go out of your way to watch games? Cassettes? Really? What comes on me? I think I will watch games If I'm sitting there and it's like kids, like I found myself even today, I watched them
concept, basketball, game, and then I was like oh there's game on them. You flip over and I watched for a little bit, but will you build your weekend around it? I dont that doesn't pass that tests will pass this one test. Earlier today I was I was at a bar. I was eating lunch. They had the Umass came game on the best blogging, I think was Umass George Mason. I law, which is like aspects. Is that really now it is here and the bartender heard, the requests from somebody at the end of the room oh yeah. Ok, she goes up the tv changed into the excess
This is less. That's that's the beginning this as they are those movements like political twitter. When people make up like my five year old, just ass me, it was the way Medicare. For all me. I wasn't a hip here. You know I was in a ball politician, making up store ass, I was I was in a hit overhurried shop, viper fan. No aid actually actually did happen that that they change it to the other person gave it I'd. I'd, buy the vital legitimate. I love. Those stores on Twitter was like oh yeah, I'm innocent, hips, her coffee shop and in all the former liberals, or talk about how much they loved Donald Trump, better. That's assistant, destroy that children who it was true in at the start of a wave I dont- know how well organised yet this league in two months time, but what I do know is that this weekend there was for on tv. I liked it. Maybe there being for blind. I liked it in. I feel like we're taking the the mature approach, versus last year when we lost our mind about the F right forgot about a week later. So this is the even heard before I like it. I will
watch it. If I'm around and sitting there I'd, I dont again come man is Wolsey. Tat will be the big tat is the x I felt better than the NFL already. Why so maybe it also we're just if they just have one or two more guy. I know that they can't like waste all their money. On you. Names maims t bow or really that's what I've been sermons now that year did these because, like I actually watched the four game because it was on- and I was watching anyway, but cartel Jones is one of those guys even trees, cod, Jones we'll make plays with? Why didn't he turn out? Why any better than he then he is. I think Cardio Jones is only played like only started twelve games. Nor is he has not lost the start since high school yeah. That's it any, but he's only started like rank or Third Reich, came in release football no longer when Mitchell had four biscuits, yeah, so I watch Eminem always baffling that guy's got an arm. He me plays and then I'll do
some stupid, like ok, that makes sense, but he soon you truly and wash for. I dont, They need like one or two more of those guys to really compel me to be like ok, I gotta be influence you right in the sky. Two thirds of the golden triangle: if you had Capper Nick T Bo men. So if you had two thirds of those people and watch tower and three maybe J Cutler come back, Congo is worked out here now. Allow maybe Joe Borough go next to me, draft by the Ex ever ever Lawrence skip your last year, Clemson Nuclear either vipers, who knows always thinks you have one Just so you are talking about up in the replay booth, how it's a lot of just old man be like his breathings wrangling guy holding Next box control, which is sweet. You have carried out as a game of life. You look like explosively. One think use plain halo between courts originally like offline connected the internet. So what they should do is they should just put like a filter arms. They sound like pilots and then have
gun going in the background of the music to Antarctica bite? Add space Roger s legs but born for it to your line, is a brig rig back to you. Don't feel like could have yes, fellow like dynamic going on up there. I agree so the other story we have out of the excess fell. By way you can watch us parcel would not come. Such p m T react Chris Jones Josh I'll come up You ve lost your yeah right, listen don't matter me sometimes have to send a message that you not to be fought with an Maybe I went over to far say your worries during daring play dress up this morning for the for the exit fell, guardians the hated guardians ear and made fun of the fact that you got cut from the acts of yeah he'd play, dress up is not funny and they let him put on a low, a uniform and act like use for popular and then one and get cut and yet there is because you are athletic enough to actually try out.
And so I had to come at him and basically make fun of the fact that he's never given a woman, an orgasm there we go what you did not dispute. That was the time. You know how, before you tried out you're like hey, I actually want to make this team not like. Ironically, I want to make this to you. Really hammered home when you went at Durham Revival and you are actually matters like you know. What well pay have his back guess what repel it's not funny dude he came and made for our song and funny man. You get us in a message, sometimes people. Are you still got it in a nice to see they? Let you have a jersey number honouring the amount of original ideas you ever had multiplied by the number of times you successfully located a clearer Scott, yeah got facts, only fair pay and abbot, and then his response was Actually I've had several original ideas. Dressing, table close my eyes, zero. Then nice job, Brazil looks like I got em. Also they missed.
Five yards redressed in the fast yes, two minutes, so that was a very funny moment at any rate hoffered moment, but then he made a fifty five yards psych. Ok, that makes sense why? But it is not my job here when he I'm not I'm not a distance guy, I'm not sure when he missed the thirty five hour. I actually was at a moment s compasses. They put the fact wise beauty, not in this league and many bomb to fifty five yards shit. That's probably why it was great eagerness yeah the he can kick more than thirty five but who nobody miss. Thirty five also got to hobnob with some of the sum of the brass, the excess of brass on the sidelines. There the dream might not be over oh yeah. The dream may not be over okay, so there's keeping you around. Put you on. I was really open. The gems or was gonna run a swinging gate play just be like just stick to the city wash also low level pass was no doubt past us that goes along the same lines as the coach is being afraid to go for two or three yep, it's like there's a new rule that you can take advantage of as propaganda
Look awesome on the guy came just please somebody try it. Yes, yes, I'd, so that was excess fell. We have whose back before do that? Should we talk a little bit duke you and see which was awesome the rivalries back on, even though you and sees terrible this year, the jerseys work, the tea, manageable, the tea manageable. I turn on the game, actually thought I had turned on tee manager, because there's also at six o clock when it should. Eight o clock yet and did you ve should be on the call interviewee beyond the call you and see they blew them came so so bad and now I think, Hank I'm ready to set this year. I think it is do they got was such an improper. What for Jones did with that with that. But you can't you do that a hundred times Duke doing You got a hundred times it doesnt worked, waited thousand times. It doesn't worked waded. It was perfectly plain so many times people try to miss on purpose and they Completely miss the rim or goes you know a deer, a different direction. It bounds perfectly
to whom he scores not perfectly but to where he could get it and you, she blue that game. A million different wears an art form to missing free throws is Roy Williams on his death bed. Now yeah, probably he's probably gonna die on the sidelines. I mean they miss. So many free throws they weren't even boxing our fundamental bass, while fifty four, your guy, if I'm really Williams, I would road rather gun blown out by twenty points in a loose like that yeah yeah and I mean I might argue and cease to know we're. This might be an unpopular take, but don't mind the jerseys. Ah the jerseys were bad when they debuted on Twitter. In that all their war in person or the words like big Superman low. Now they look, it was so bad the fact that they were like full color like it was. It was kind of a collar rush in their yelled blue. This was all about it now, but whose confusing cause a boat blues, and then It did it really look like game managers. It look like, though, the practice jerseys that they were.
I I didn't mind and as much in person as I did, when I first some I got used to my half time. It was great the day, so in classic dude you and see fashion, that step that we saw all week that they the last hundred games. There were fifty and fifty and scored the exact same model. Points, and then they went overtime yet so so perfect, but it was great, it was created, I love one rivalries. Even Wanna team is down and it can still get up to the hype, unlike be such a chaotic, crazy game, kudos to that end, its duty here it is officially do here. It is and may begins at his keeps consecutive their class, a game where they place every year. They play Saint marries everyone's like this is one spot they could. Lose Isn, T just fucking kick shit out of him, skins AG on Saturday. What about bail or empathy balance by mailers IRA very desirable, maybe pile
what teams in your may burma- maybe power like because every so well once they get another one people like well, can you believe sailors number one yet frauds nor their related, their very good, the steward, whose back Hank? Once you start? Ah my back the week is Chaz Batch. Lastly, they have you Charlie batch. So yeah, you, u acts a prize because you're like Y Y, you talk much as bad yoga. He posted a video this weekend and he said it was. I came in his driveway bunch. Now. It is likewise so excited for the snow snow snow ploughing time got five million views. What's her, watch Chaz bad so excited for the snow. No way is he is Chaz Batch buying wizard was something holy shit. Five point three. I believe I am. I happy place right now, snowboarding is- and I know what it is he Conall looks like John Legend. So John
might have to treat these speeding passes in my mentions and definite thought. It was me. Very Galvin, weren't legend thought this John Ledge yeah, I'm happy. I got that Jeffrey, it definitely looked at this was gathered Stephanie. He really has little John Legit, but you see ass much ass, batshit back millions of people across the world going out forgot about Charlie back would be a real shame if Chrissy taken saw this and was like whom I did. I have always want to live in Michigan and in the middle of February. Dial something else about upgrade as brats will go well. Ulysses Alex like about seventy eight inches streets, see hit a niece ploughed right, they're Makin legend TB could help out without Chrissy Chaz batch wow, look a little bit like Arthur the artwork a little bit, is also I'm lookin. Twitter now he's doing some weird organic organic make up man, asks he's the financial scope to focus to warrant a verbal meme.
John Legend, when he finds out that Charlie batches ploughing Chrissy taken as you Arthur fist No nice bring them back and he looks good, looks and game shape he's ready. I'll, get him in the act of Hell. Yeah, fifty Huda version, whose back my whose back by the way Hank I like said you set up like million views and how he had very, like a treasure hunt to find out why electric his back, the weakest beers yeah, so beers are back in a huge wave, did some people ass, like our beers, only to be dragged on one day of the week and in fact know that beers can be drank any data we. How? Many though infinity a zillion who maybe Odylic Azalea Indra Gazillion, bears any day the weak, very versatile and born the Koreans, rector of Parasite just had a clean sweep sweep the Oscars, nay what best picture best sure, let other good stuff and I he kept off every except in speech with
now, I'm going to drink until tomorrow morning. Yes, when it is big power Do a parasite if you hadn't seen it awesome movie big time like well deserving Oscar's ice off people are upset because one thousand nine hundred and seventeen when actually saw all the Oscar moves issue first time in forever, and I like nineteen, seventeen morbid parasite was just like it was one of the record show one and one in too easily what what let the wreckage or what does not. Ninety temptin was better but I did gay. I saw nineteen seventeen theater and I saw a parasite at home as others always which unites yeah but yeah good Oscar show Garotters Phoenix, walking, fainting cancelled milk when he got on stage. I Amelia said this is about to be an unusual three minutes. I only just starts talking and first, two minutes of his speech were bad. Things are bad and collectively as humanity. We should renounce them right and then I can attend a mouthful of it and when I start listening,
talk about like stealing milk from a calf yup, because a blow to his mind, letting all milk is n, o milk, I dont know call turn. I dont have a problem with milk, except for the fact that once every week or so somebody tweets me a picture of the specific type of milk which a person who looks exactly like me, a cartoon dressed in a bird outfit. Who- and I have no idea what brand vote milk it is, but that's my own links. We find that also feels negative broke. It up, we're all in on the open up. We are good Oscar show, I'm sure people were were upset with the length or with all, rich people. I don't know, there's a million anything to be mad about the Oscars. I just watch because I actually saw the movies this year. So I should know. What's going on going on, Eminem was back that that was cool months garage fell asleep during emblems set There is also the head nodding to the imminent performers was all time so awkward, just love watching all these people dressed up an awkward o stephen
he's doing after Shall, of course, look at that, of course, is Horny Stephen man, I was by a big knife, for him. He's got nothing to say about the dresses yeah, but that one was a woman who came up in places like last year, this time was my husband's best night of his life legislate, I suck my husband dry socked. That guide, I don't know who was without an awesome speech to I might by whose back is Bobby night Bobby his back. I can't believe it happened. He turn to Indiana. Ever thought he would He is said he why everyone who took part in him little getting, hired from Indiana to die. He said he's idea projects. He also said, bury me, upside Dasso. Those losers can kiss my job out again stands. How I would somebody If they went to the troubled to dig up your body, they could turn you over true. Why, probably just nothing, their bones right,
whole upside down thing. Feels like you just want to fuck the earth. Yeah put he he did actually wish death on everyone. He. I hang was prior few years ago when he was on day and Patrick and he he said something like timber. I guess of all those people they're all long gone like you should go back, It's been a long time thing like he said that he hated Indiana didn't want to go back there times, you'd, rumour that he would be back, but he would never go back and he's a guy hope everyone there like is, is long gone and dead independently I mean not dead, again dad dad, I'm Bob Bob night. I, I am a surly motherfucker. I go. I kind of respect that about about a guide You always know where you stand with em. If lawyers got a guy that will wish somebody to just be net on earth, and we did. Also Bob night speaking, a beer zillion beers. Please drinkers. Possibly cause Bob Nights knows holy shit. Do you see that is getting Jim blossom? Is a purple most
he's got it upon. Purple knows his, so his no, it was turned wants of the clowns stripe pants. Did you see it I'll? Show you a picture This is live Phd reaction to Bob Nights knows because it was hard to miss, how look at that, it looks punch. Oh yeah, he got run Pontiac punched over and over years, nears nears near so good to see Bob right back just in it was great was sober, his old team. He and I it's on his hand in hand is too good guys refer. I love it! A bad night courts the next year had to it I'm sure you couldn't now be fuckin Ossawippi yeah great. Let's make it happen, just yell at everyone in piss off everyone, maybe chokes and player you nearly shitty thing, throw some chairs around at officials, Campi Orson, deterrent, necks, dandy. Father coach that he should go the balls Gretchen Boil is nicer. Bob night they should get there
doc it to be the general manager of the neck. The president of the now extend dockets head coach Bobby now speak yesterday. Didn't have to that's how the next front off has been working philosophy and users. So big time, beef, this league be really yeah, I advocate, has has not talked about making them in few years, something pretty bad yet. No, he said that he talks about em, like Bob nice touch it about dockets. Everyone everywhere. Dodge got is a time to ask like conducted take hard coaching and, as you see so lazy millennium millennials, then the Argo Feed, Doc, nieces coaches, to view having my mother had all that's out. Listen. I think I was going to show them, but it is also vital matter of years and others was listen partner. There isn't in today's day and age. I know you want everything: how entity on a silver platter up a lot of times, coaches, you weren't a most from there The coach you the hardest on right, so you want you want to get out there and learn. You learned some, but the world now being a real life, human being now
You are a listener gallic night, even when he says bad things batch its good points, good points, so I above those back now we can put that to bed. I he He strikes me as guy you might. That might be a problem that might be a Joe passageway? This came back. He did his thing. That might be it. Or maybe we need to ask like what's his angle for coming back right now, the sea? Is he tried take the place down from the inside out? Put it this way, look under conference tables for EAST case that Bob night may have left by interesting. Interesting goes deeper. Ok, for we get to Superbowl champion Chris Jones, a quick word from ours. Boxer, simply safe every night, local. Police departments across Amerika receive hundreds of calls from burglar alarm, the vast majority, the time they have no idea were the alarm. Israel is a really crime going on or not all the alarm company can tell them. Is the motion centre sensor went off
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so they know our show sent you that simply safe dot com, Slash p M, see. Ok, here's Superbowl Champ Christian me, K. We now welcome on Superbowl champion Christians from cancer chiefs. Soon to be a very rich man. Are you ready for that You gotta, be that's common right. It's coming soon. A work yourself, man. You know. Money is always a good thing to have a say. You know, but it'll work is so far to another thing about it. I assume these guys here with you right now: you're agents right ok so worthy mad at you, after the sorority said, I won't be achieved for life, in their opinions on mockery. Decision really, don't matter cause radiance work for you true, so
of completing to my decision. If I want to be achieved for life and eyes, I made record no matter what happens. It will be very happy man Yeah, most definitely man, especially when you you have more capital, do you can count on your fingers? Yeah, that's nice, The problem I saw you I was you say I actually I thought tat you could have been the Superbowl in VP. The way that you play. Our defence. It was like you and Honey Badger were all over the place Those are deflection that you had some other russia. You had you'd, like some forklift I've got Jimmy Jimmy geez. Madame step up in the pocket reasoning, maybe for a second like I might be Superbowl VP No, you know we are those goals going to the game. You know what are you? What do you want to achieve out of the game now, so I can pee pee or You know I'm not. I was gonna be pretty hard to be when you have a quarterback
Agitate pass. You know when you come on. Do those things which arm you know because of gases are to be too offers a guy wanting in its like a receiver at the very least will give to receive her lawyer had only means leave as Guy Miller or yeah Miller had it suitable fifty, but you did have that that I would say the two biggest plays in the cereal were patch from homes, thirteen fifteen Terry kill and then you're deflection. In five way It looked like foreigners had exactly what they wanted to pass. Their dead. Kiddo what else, dogs in the middle the field wide open that changes the commission, of the rest of the game, you get in there and you ve, no Tipp that ball Were you saying yourself like in that moment like this is my time to make some place, because it is felt like the whole day friends of line as you get to the fourth quarter. You guys all steps your game ups. In time. Yeah, you know did, of course, at a game football especial
Again was a momentum game moment we're getting up and now you know especially in that situation. That was two thousand two hundred and ten. I think so, and I offer This gave him a ball back and of their the score that would put them. I was seventeen points, so We was taken an hour here, somebody gonna make playing. You know those the perfect situation for me, although fuddles situations as for them Jordan gain five thirty seconds on a cloud the go, let's make sound to have lotta, there's gotta, be a great. I realise it is. I have an ongoing orgasm rise, ITALY, it yeah attach, if you like, dialect stings thing at the other run the play the wasp play on office. You run the sting play on defence, which just is nothing the entire out how I do a full weight out of wood of saw it without you really like it. If it,
score, they would have gone up something points that would have been in the fourth quarter by ironic. You guys have played almost better throughout the playoffs, with a double digit points. Deficit earlier in the game. Is that part of your defence of game plan to be like hey, let's let them score twenty points in the first fifteen minutes and then we'll come back absolutely not no well, I'm whose all our good place. Yet why do those have to do with If you know the first fifteen plays of football game on offers us out our AUS gained in there are we before that the ball even snap. First, you for fifteen or spread this so once you get over the first fifteen The panel. Will you at any game, fourteen zero, twenty one zero? You can make it assessments because out of her fifteen not at all he's gotta go back to their originally do and that's what you said: before I sometimes we
the getting looks that we have seen all year may come not sure balance, but long as you can withstand firepower. They going to out to you and I This is a cruise settle. This debate force Damien Williams. What is his nickname in law, of the will that's what I call the evil. No wholesome play off Damien play off Damien. There may be a new day. You know yet eleven terse now for Joe Box set it during the broadcast use like as they as they call him play off. Damien unwilling, there's no way any one calls him play off. It seemed a little weird, badinage yeah I haven't, heard good, so we right, what we are saying could then became Dame or play?
the big knows a flow of how the name abundantly our neighbouring, though I were spot on that. I appreciate that. Have you recovered from Philip Rivers, Can I haven't I still see a bruise on their own way. Necessary steps is dizzily is going take to make sure that you know easy: hee he seek their real persons punches online, but now I have a recent at it and I would like to get you to punch ever a worthy, as fellow man was very sorry, to hear what so what was being said back and forth when that happened, you gonna Then I'll talk about a sheer unofficial rang. Thus for some I was seen to embody a man at a defensive lamb. Earlier in the year. Yeah. Ok, when I talked to him no there's part of the game and I feel like especially quarterbacks, Could they just saw now hide hiatus
Cora Bengalee line. Those are two different type of class somewhere. Able to clash up? You talk your shit, you say how you feel too, if you no ground. You know you call him out ass mother, Fucker each are old. Ass up, you need the fog retire are you not hurt yourself in a time I am able to say anything to quarterback, after I hit him utterly they had the have you just come to you and talk talk shit, but after the game is not them beloved respect, but between those lines where war and whatever rocking due to get on your scan, what Iraq and due to affect you, but just don't know this understand as not just talk ass. She had Almah hate, you write, Eagle, fill me. I I was actually reading about. You call the crap talking, which I actually like that crap your crap talking brain in your again. In his head, decent, you actually gotten. Is it I say something back to me what you say:
It ever noticed undisclosed. You know where guy because me out, but I loved it by this Some are listening. Brady custody Alarmin out the right yeah is actually I was no sometime or if he loses focus a little bit you're insane design. We might easily robbery in order that we might like accidently, touching avocado breakdown hives right now. All I am assuming that you said Tom Brady, like you all s, mother fucker, retire, along along those words, Brady got up so fucking face. That's a quick as The who fill probably punch you just as it was mad at you cussed. He doesn't like that fellow tat, the most shit in the most and the most careful way generated you freaky sucker you! the FUCK up fellow raise his mother, would raker yeah, yeah mother freaky gracious to peat Irish as I, where yes,
easy easy, isn't it I don't got. It is a great guy deftly respect him over four years. At the Palais DE guy. Absolute is definitely a warrior, but any they will we between those lindsays, oh mother, Fucker, so someday. You obviously pride on no inaccurate, polio. People who lives in a show, because we ve been doing this for four years now- number one sports podcast, but you actually have something to do with the history. They show because the first show we, Where did was when you dick for that. I really that's how the top story that we talk about the first time ever. Did this show of thank you. Your penis might be responsible for the success of this right. I guess my penis is worth while through your head. When that happened, I'm in yours, you didn't do any other drills right after that. Then the beautiful day I actually said economy been anyone else. Ellsberg
I happen to me if you type like mine, where every time I dig broke through my compression shorts, when I was running yeah I'll, be all right- and that is all about- has actually safe to say that you're, probably the only person in the history, the combine that will ever happen to oh man. It is Someone asked me there is good because it took a lot of hard work. Undoubtedly nice understanding, myself stretching that's true. It's it's actually like. If that happened to me would be the moment. There's a moment of my life because of my penises, like a tick too but before use like whatever it happens, yeah I wasn't a first I may have been because I used issued basketball shores. And you stay out of oppression. Age is bliss out how others began. There is the compression choice of you. You're, like line saucerful about face. You asked, except your dick
just destroying under on how we can address the that they have been twice was amply basketball, so they sat down my arm. My must short months with anger now facing us and has now been in four years: you're you're you're fine now actually did any GM like approach, I have to say: hey we're moving you up or Big Board because of that I was thinking of since I'm going balls out that you know I can get a little moved up, but they would it to the second day on me That's it I mean, do you feel disrespected concerning good. You ve been league that you weren't drafted hires at you on his shoulder. Your most definitely man. I feel like nothing to those girls went ahead of me. Obviously they does something that was attractive to the team, but you Norway's adage, a Mamma showed that I was better, not China dish. Pretty any one of their work. It just confidence. I have myself, do you
that you are the best interior lineman in the NFL right now. One thousand percent one thousand percent. At this moment. Right now, I do feel as I'm the best. I was looking some stats into. I saw that you not only produced at a high rate, but you get double team almost as much as any Lyman in the game is a you Donald they get all these I will text you like going up against tutors do feel like it's. A sound back? It makes you can like razor game up a little bit. You know around game for this year. I was getting upset because they wasn't The team me enough and I feel, like a doubling, creates open gap. For other players on the line, and I feel like a baby. What do you mean? We are good enough gas. They're gone whenever one on one. So that's actually been is me because when gas, Darwin and no one wants the Dublin gotta leave me and then Maybe you don't want online and a heart must Therefore, when one or laws interest
So you say- and I like, when you are double team from the job sometimes easier, because you know you'll, never get surprise double teams in the middle, the play. Send out identity, but I've Embrace Doubleday found ways to be double teams. I study beating double teens Morton beating while was interesting. What did any red say? The team before you guys took the floor You know what a gibbet same, he led terror matter, Pat moms do the thing, and you know it is, Your personality show. Oh I like that. A Gordon Bombay go out and have fun like this one. Percent would he preaches? Let your personality shall have on. Did data moms? We ve got him on the shouted he pump. Everyone opted. He gave one real pumped. I M a homely. Does this thing, but you know there's nothing like a defensive guy. Kragan of the defence
nothing gets off as a but also some gas lead in a different way because they are scoring Whereabout attacking. I so scorn is attacking. It is come in the same thing, but it's a different. My me russian coming out why we ve, through all the people we talk to guys the NFL a day, always said, like even offer that d line players of the craziest players on the field want that at present we are some fucking characters. They always say that Rome is like that's that's wrong. We don't want to go in with my brother, Frank Clark, who is animal, but he's definitely different. We gotta might of my who is here I don't even know where to get his girlfriend, but he is amazing, You know we gotta death row, Jeff row, daddy you think, he's a lonely, fair weather should night, the wreckage
yeah. We have some care that, on a team, I hated for my position goes with it here. I can't figure out how to combine everyone in make us all better do do a patch. It behoves oppression, the I'll do the mega. That's my key! Being Uk Uk fuck up dead connection between you and arguably directed it. I didn't think it was accurate, but I'm just saying you see only target. The ball was twice that's it. I listen. We want a quarter. Big story, you to borrow you Turkish, Yvonne, you think you're gonna be ok. Yeah will then see how many times you get the boy, that's why we don't do that on this show, because I want to make sure that that relationship is still ghetto. Pat has some gave me a pair of those fucking awesome god Yes, so I'm not trying to fight with the relationship between me and Pat yeah. You know what I mean. Did you do a beer luge? You know The dog,
Let's do something about the parade, evil, increasing anxiety, I mean they're still going crazy. It was like thirty degrees, a star. To early I gotta on a bus I had either. Ace of with me ass, a spade. Just a thought of champagne everywhere, not like three bottle. The gaining about also so on, and I had the petroleum for those who love tequila, You know I had the brow gentlemen, Jackson, the crown apple limit area stream, rare, and then you would do song called everything you know they had the bud light on the bus, so I don't even have to move so I get on the bus. My girl girlfriend looks like just calm down. You know, let's just take it easy. My teammates like Chris, that's not start early. I know you aside its or am I given the fog? he's gone. So our grab Beaufort about Us- and one particular fair hair, two bottles
are the she. She clapped them the and they allow my now. You not doing me so grabbed two bottles clock them together, boom boom boom does light before birth, even move get on the bus, later, I feel a little woozy like eight or nine, so My share, let me set out, but that's it, you don't like him. How often do you win out anyone suitable nationals, another evil list and we had the owner there? The corporate, the president- and I told him- listen man if you are looking at me from a business standpoint, Please don't right now, but you know what I mean cuz today is not the day. You know you going to see some shit that you never probably ever see again out of Chris unless we get right here again next year. Today the bathroom on the bus, Now, let me tell you what the crazed day we had to do. We have of the birds runs a Porter party Female run back to the buzz,
you know, and I was just say fuck it. I got me a corner in the back of the bus used to use the bottle, and just did my thing and I'm like madam- that was crazy. Above all about passed out. My girlfriend woke me up when we had our destination they put me in a corner. I fell asleep for forty five minutes. He wouldn't be here. We want all stage like crazy. Drives girls. He said the most amazing I ever heard. There was amazing try to one up, his brother causes rather set the bar pretty high in Philadelphia. Oh yeah, his brother. Did it but Travis Outfit without his hey. There was a man sounds like the best time ever although it was several I gotta get when it again, I feel like ongoing orgasm is dead city have again it maybe don't drink, much right away. That's my being thus meting out. When I tell him myself, you know soon as we want so walls like emphasise how many days I can just go hard. All in
Instead, I am valley. Firstly, last night watch and film out in a game fell asleep on, like fun, saying it so tonight, I'm I got me two shots of his bristle. Among already know, because I saw on February six that was yesterday. You said winners, don't sleep, we tat, has no sleep but then sleep right after you said that some would say that that's a fraud move on your part. No, this listening me meaning winners closely. We don't get eight hours asleep Therefore, a normal day when I have a final party and that the most a sleepless night, five, five and a half, this is Do you always do hashtag rising ground His grand video from the nardoo. Putting in the clock the boss and gloves budget. Like everybody. Now that you're working out the massive when you roll over back to sleep that'll, be cudgel. Dig the heads a way to do it. Do it?
Marty at one last question its Suki question, promo code, take you get ten dollars offer seek purchase so every time you guys went down down in every single game, double digits. I would tweet thanks for coming out. She This would be my u hazard, toast Holmes, then, would go and like that tweet right after the guy, sometimes a thing in the locker room. Do you think? I deserve like maybe a little bit of yours. You, roll bonus for doubting you guys and being the worst gambler slash. Jinx serve all time. There are no use doin you why I e, through you probably for a moment you are like it feels like there's likes a higher power help last year. I was me I did. I was only Are you gonna, parabola gambling? I felt their energy man when I walked in on, like oh Sarah, the valves? Yes, who is this- have higher motherfuckers, easy
but you know what you know. We need people doubted asthma me. Yes, Shannon Sharp again Oh yeah, I'm my boy, my homey. We get to the silver well he's dogma, I'm going we grab willow like this fake love right there in honouring our respect that they respect Shannon, but, as is vague, love Are you a row as well to will follow and then that's right? It big had changed, sharp we're gonna be number one, but totally totally. I wasn't a nasty driving around them. Every I'd lie whomever lie, I do think is right, red eye and also future on them. The ones were more words to Brazil. Yes, while I have long been Ivan, so your journal and rewarded not so yet this then, has re lets. You do not make an announcement that was never doubted schedule. By new evidence. Sherman that's our lesson: ass, a pirate, never radio!
I would never be valued heirloom man, he went crazy to everybody went crazy. What am I didn't say? I was down as I did what my question yeah y'all think we was going to win the championship after we broadcast where we had last year. Finally, got better, I never doubted I said in November this when any regos our run. I sat at a member. If I said so not now like a fish all run, and I was like no nodded his run, the no. I thought you guys Rosa good team. I mean there is other good team so because of the bus limiting is we was good with juries, Yamaha missed a couple games who still want absolutely I missed a couple gaze who still prevail so yacht into when everyone guy Healthy there will not be better, I mean, if I had to see you guys were simple chaps. We haven't lost again what everyone's healthy, that's true, we yeah that's true
Serbia allows again what I was last Aimee s loss lines. You tie ass thousand, we're game knows very well again Claude was hurt. Yet the only place you seemed lay. So you can just us only sixteen wasn't her. He was old enough to hurt now with our man you it wasn't a hydra. Question how long after the Superbowl did take for to put on shorts. I don't know he probably walks edibles ensure Andy ain't, no suitable guy. Only on certain occasions he's more or so casual casual mail You know where he loved the but not stir shortly yeah. But no, you know let us cherished a volcano. Then I sometimes they stay. Miami on Monday night We love Monday. Are you on Monday, I maybe you'd party Monday night May without having fun
no man I had to take this team play bags. I can go back to his parade, yet I mean it seemed like a pretty damn good time I or Chris Jones. Thank you so much to stop and by good luck with the contract, I mean you re a paid so that for Awesome! Congratulations on the contracts. Let's say that way: you're one of the best players Anna Felsi, deserve and you're suitable champ man ratio I still haven't said in nearby absurd. John. I embrace it fog with silver. Well, it's heavy! Maybe I sleep for more than like eight hours. You still owe Yasmine right. When you say I haven't coming and posts that clarity? that interview with Christians proxy by roman swipes, most kind I have tried different ways last longer. We can all be like Christians and Jews have one continue orgasm for the second half of entire football game. But you care If used roman swipes, because the
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completely different. Ok, we now welcome on one of our best friends occurring guest Josh on one of one of our best friends, not exhaust New York's up a way it is Jerry Ed, I make the top principle. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah you're in our t, mobile within. Five- would have not even call for free. I was in Myspace, ok you and Tom, the guy in the white shirt. That's writing on the. Yet. Why do you have your target five? So it's great to have yon. We have to discuss, and I think the most important thing we discuss that lateral. What were you doing? It was, I actually stood up out of my culture like go what's in was screaming Was carbon awesome moment kind, fuck it like fog, it wishes. Do it moment But yet I was crazier yeah gentlemen, Reggie Bush there,
as I said, the positives Reggie Bush. Amans. No, isn't wasn't my final moment, but I can't I just saw him and if I were given good little kids, I have been able to go here, actually thought it. I thought it was a good idea. I think that more team should do down field lateral, have rugby all the time and I think, if you can somebody in stride, it's usually touchdown yeah. So a guy admired you from your side and also I dont- want big cats to talk you out of trying another. Well, I dont care Ramos, I'm not going to do it, but I don't plan on it. I was running lady happened, seldom have in their game, we're like it just chaos everywhere and the lateral was part of that, and it was just like. What's going on right now I appreciate the like whenever an athlete like fuck it wishes, do it my glasses, try the stomach play right, joazar, coach, problematic you after now. Really, all after the game. Arcy world pre disappointed right, wasn't like that. Was your phone right.
Put a pretty awesome season overall, like that was I don't know it's always you get passing those employers who gets its is a success but it was a success for Buffalo. You got. Building something walking away from that. We were able to like a week or two later, but I tell you what, like Pretty awesome sees you know too you can sit back reflection to realise how younger team is where I get to ten winds and how we did it There is a lot of a lot of room to improve in that's that's a good par for us that we did have this type of season. We still have a lot of improvement to make what a lot of places we can grow and I say with our offices and coming up and with our foreign office, and they ve been faint. Ass, taken and bringing the right guys airlock rooms, pretty good renown. I got a lot of guys in there that I'd kill for them. You dont, you'd murder. For them. Bigger carefully, but I've got to one what situation, what type of murder like with words and bare hands well that's swell fell out of the Barents Sea hundred murder. For that
you're a goodly there there on the change Devon Secretary has been tied up on a train track. You'd. The trade debts doctrine, stop the Jane before it had a correct. Like Frank Gore is locked in a room and the It is being slowly sucked out of the room and the only way you can get into that room The only key is embedded inside Tom Brady's heart and he asked stab em and cut the cut the key out and get it do you kill. I love rank, or would you murdered? Radio Mengele often take Frank words: why the coolest human beings, I yeah. They may sign for designers Jersey for Christmas, because I grew up a huge ordinance than I group having his journey wherein I'm gonna games and having twenty one on my mama chair. So let's go. Are you got room for the miners?
on eight April party, run this avenue rule, but it's kind of weird just now you're in the obviously in the inefficacy, I'm going to sit there and we like Canada than others. When I mean was it FC pride walk out like a northern, don't you would want basin Two in the eight ILO just pretend I called for Bob Zoellick. There rose early rival Niners would be great. Plus for always like oh Patrick HOMES and Josh I'll, have the biggest arms in the league. So you don't want to be your wanna taken. That crown relax rise by died of guts, indifferent, different ideas with the game. It happened and wicked. Let's go, If you go in, there were right again go nuts. That's the season? I noticed something like a little bit different about play. You ve always been a good runner. But you started to run a little bit more physically. Where looked you were enjoying the contact. Sometimes you go. I think, is a Patriots game that Nike.
You're, like running into people and popping up and John and little. Would you like getting hit? What so I didn't start off their game where things started over three or something like that, and I need one need one You may go on so yeah, I need a little bit a contact her to get myself. Human body, craves contact Qatar Bator taught us that sort. True, you feel better, I'm a big ARBA yeah your area. Joseph, less about or the forty nine diners yet air and Robin opponents seem lucky guy the placement of play for yes, absolutely years good question your coach famously took the ping pong table out of it, room when pool table the pool table starting on table still only thank God. I thought I thought he took both out because I think monopolies is Longs. I've been there, it's been, it's been rubber right from my locker, ok, sir. He would see the current scheme for one year before you correct are so think what he did. If I remember my profile talk correctly, I think he took
both of those out? and then it sounds like he reintroduced the ping pong table yoga foster camaraderie with that something that you think like actually helps your team being able to play pink bonkers I'm a big believer whenever a coach comes in these like on the clean up Cochrane Real, quick, we're taking the pool table up. There was a question and I don't think so. Three o clock on Friday was requested one, and I say that we are working on. My question is how much you wish the ping pong table. And the poor tat both back you a. I wish the penalty was in there. I'll, give you a ping pong about very good, but I'm not I'm not your dog and are in a lock ruminates, Matt, Barkley, ok or Stephen Hausa. All these guys, but the kitchen she her request in man. You take lessons mandates. Let's be honest, you take lessons.
Let us now you're the man they have their own one, their own ping, pong paddles Richard two hundred three. Dollars. Ok, I have they have just covers the other simple that is in and have foam that goes on their paddle sale, There are indifferent government. I get the crappy ping pong panels and lock ruin rounding up. They will we, we got a ping pong table in the office, I'm also kicker, and I also bought a two hundred fifty dollars. Your gate. Ok, you argue congrats on them. I If you lose that so embarrassing, I know, but it's just crazy how he just absolutely nailed kicker for fucking nerds you actually bought. The old battle yeah just either give you an annual me in Jeff when have these. I am now international stats wave tat his cot. No, but then they sent him one because they saw that we bought one. I've got my own That's worse! You in a share. A pink wanting in retrospect like you, you censure another man's paddle right. What happens when you play each other
what he's got his own now, but Yet what are you up and we had a handshake agreement? Will played each other? We would use the regular paddles Sunday, and one of us would use a good one. What's believe any more, he didn't verified by invoking the payment along a kind like what's gonna change man, what is what is going to change of corporate tax, pray I have you lose. That's embarrassing for the whole brain like up. I'm part of My bread is lose weight. Don't think it actually help us when you try and you lose that's really one. It's bad or we saloon interview year. We are you ve, glow up, pretty good, yeah. What have you got to? what you mean purchases, anything car house, clothes, but this other days are portion called the IRS is coming for you not merely it ignores from rack, occurs: nice! That's a nice Miami, Jackie Gazeta, little understated, but a nod to the call not now so much much like that too much
right. You assured the tat ass was the shirt disseminated sure ok, not bad supplying. Why makes you that's thing. Is that you can you obviously are good shape. Tall guy, handsome you can wear anything look good. Any horny right now, I'm in the world's as little I'm a little tired. So so have you bought like housework irony got out and Buffalo I love that but bills. Mafia loves the car I bought about bought a over I've got my dream car grown up and thence. I now have a Ford raptor, Baja Hell, yeah shall be addition has doing the snow fantastic ever his great year up on the highway. No, Now is not the thing now that thinking move it moves really were deleted. My all these arrangements about the blocking of the sport dynamic, all of you to go to war?
yeah. They want one. Thirty now not less than was yes sports. You get there. The drive about our interview, you mosaics five, it's a compact suv, very fordable, leaving Dr New York. That's a big now see car ember lock and I don't have cried, bought a pair of auditors. I symmetric shoes that you put on, so that's how you get around mostly works will have our course alot, as important meta can keep on keeping only toes entire time to examine other the mossy expiry notes its. They say it's an ass, you ve, but really can only fit like a baby. In a small dog in it. Do I call you it's for family if you have any babies, I have a baby now and it's alright, it's cool. So it's the perfect car we ever looks at me now I did you couldn't get a real suv earthly now, to form a job. China just save the planet of good good gas mileage, ugly, highway yen, exactly powers,
have you not at any California people happy with you. I am not a fan of wearing any papers. Shaw's with plastic cups rice is like does majority reality of the every picked a wing spot barter, one bar we'll tavern I could play would have you tried to run like there's what? What? What kind of wasted years we had a nice spread out whatever hot art supra I think, maybe I think Eric I need butter, Barbara, you, yes, caging, yes, says we admire that one and Gabriel Gate those are took an I'm. Not I gave us because you live in is the eleven years are rare. I do have a mug at parboil. I do You know the whole. No, as a clear line we haven't. Even though there are you get recognizer Jimmy go there obviously do people hassle, you're, they call bought out buffer, be recouped, though the bat silk em up, built last rotation and beyond their Wayne I sat down went time.
They brought my mug over to mean there's like twenty bucks in their from some fan. Because you're my voice, I guess I'll get the bills. Mafia Buffalo people are like the best people on their earlier, the nice people So that doesn't surprise you know, what's bothering you what was favorite win this year the cowboy game was pretty fun it being thanksgiving in blood, grown up watching that game up. I had thirty plus people from back home there. Down pretty sweet its bird game. Yes, that was a very clam sphere to go and their Sunday night footballs first on the bills have been on it since two thousand seven the other two therein and win and clincher player spot that night and to get home and bills. If he was there at two o clock in the morning there, knowing whether like real at the airport yeah, is awesome that
who german and get out of the plane, Maria Rationales, a glass went out and looked out later, not as beer, nay, whereas a chance as John Lennon Fan was suddenly bad to put in the game. I think the Steelers tried to play double renegade on right. Who played renegade twice to get their fans jumped up. Did they really yeah? I heard some store that maybe like your coat, played renegade related. Also our practice here. That's all when it came on day, will tell me, after, games, I got it, tell anybody Suzette play, or they turn that song on. I wanna go deep, so those I'm called and John Brown went up and one so Pittsburgh called that play for you by train to beat you. They beat themselves correct big. Crazy brain. Yes, are you worried a little bit about the height train in the office which option one there were about the narrative. Tat are going to be created a new website connecting Superbowl, I'm, not
What about the ok? I guess what we understand: we're gonna, do a good answer my last question seeking question promo code take ten dollars off go to bed, game next year? How often do people come up and mention the website? not so much in Buffalo. Ok anywhere else is they drafted you yet so they don't have to talk about it and they have the draft we drafted Josh and rain. That's right, I don't mean some asshole. Therefore, Why do you think of the hills? Oh yeah, the bill we drafted, Josh Alyosha, soothe bills and from sources, but we also about the domain we drafted Josh out again, just in case we took him it now that is very great that's a good bye and the scene scooped out is a huge school. Don't kill me get ready over that
some people still bring it up, though, when you re out, especially so I went to a Scottsdale play and waste management. In a day in like when you get a bunch college, kids out there like that's, then they know more. So right now, listen, there's podcast net. George big hands. I guess, you're who, at that tournament you tried to throw guy through a table. Then it can really work and you violate the legs of the table. Do what does I've? My plan wasn't my idea. If it was up to me out of really throne There are tried you like as a little gag open and his wooden tabling own. It wasn't the greatest performance but your heart wasn't in it. I didn't want to hurt the guy you got a big arm, but that's sure yeah. It is, Rocco, I'm well parties and you get your real We are in this area, eighty, did you make out a stadium
because I know that I saw you come back in a few score touch answered. You tried to throughout this alarm or sounds like four or five rose. Although it was up there lies in my mind, I was supposed to go probably ten yards further and throw it from the edge of the right, but also pumped up. I jai through like right in the end zone, the Adjutant zone and it got up there, but a nice little from it, that's all you throw it out of earth, though you out of the field, Gonna be a legendary moment. Yeah You should do that! Every single touch on the yes will pay your fine. Ninety, nine, no said it was added with a firm negatives exhibited psych, you heard it agri near heard not paid. I M doing it every time that line I saw Basle, our next year? If you guys get to a home play off came we will be in attendance, probably
to state your house looker, yet atmosphere and rapporteur for the afternoon the bills ever has got off came next year. We monarchy down in the basement of brandy. Little word easy. You give us some sleeping bags the base review. We wanted to be there, you ignore their no than that. When there's a story, the nice rumours in the basement, dark room comfort no windows, so it's dark right and it's called Its walls was all share that ban and you don't even know where their permanent right it will stay. For as long as we want for as long as oil was uneasy. I pay my fines. Scratch. My back Yeah I was lying is the thing the crowd of digging honour. You just don't take anything. I say to be the truth, so I've Irey said site, so I don't know I'm leaving so definitive ass. I think I was clearly needs money. First, ping, pong, nice new era, hat mother, it's cool newer! Thank you share your preserve fewer Josh out. Thank you, as always good friend.
Best friend, let's go Buffalo. Let's go, mother, nobody circles and wagons like the Buffalo bill. Factories are actually say that waiting in camera the style yea it nobody circles. Well, nobody circles, the wagons puffed. I put it back my neck. That interview Josh out, was brought to you by shady raise their high quality shades for far less expensive brands. They have the asked warranty, sunglasses industry and they offer replacements if their law are broken. They ve got lifetime craftsmanship, plus every time. You buy a pair of shady raise glasses. They put ten meals to fight hunger. In the United States that are going to contribute their can make a donation and by ten meal, for the hungry for every single parents, sunglasses that you purchase you may have heard of that, you may have Let us talk about shoetrees before, but now there exclusive sunglasses. Apart my take that's right. Shady
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Let's get some segments first up, we have we to stay relevant baseball, you basically creed a trade hygiene act, everyone everyone's attention with Muky bats trade to the Dodgers and then spent last week saying it's not official until now its official yeah, it's actually ray what they ve done today, so they took what five days of of media coverage on this. Yes, they dropped it. They broke Hanks brothers, heart and expose dogs, heart and then there was maybe code. It maybe some hope. And then boom it closes. Gotta been like is a true fingers. Arrow eat the era that never arrives and destination. That's with its trade felt like if it If I know if I have followed this correctly, though it's actually not the fault of any the teams right, like the reporters, reported it too early the teams, never even told the players like hey. This is what's going on so If anything, this is a per one: zero to journalism,
why don't you wait until we're ready for the trade actually happened, restart announcing it because it think about it. Like David Price, probably had to, look at private schools in L, a for his kids out, even if he ass kids, I enough to that was a girl, prowess. Stressful is hell, and these people that are meanwhile have hundreds of millions of dollars and might have move to away which would be awesome. The private, through stress last, I would use it was tough for them for sure, but is also been a great weaken furred. The people in can rose and falls mentions. And John Hume has mentioned. These are mine. Favour reply guys the ones they just reply with announced so im Soviets, like announced whatever trade, that they want to see happen. Yes, like I, like John Hammond, is waiting like behind the curtain, getting ready for it so just open, so we can. Finally, people know that your favorite players come into your favorite team right now. It would be great if they actually held back and waited for like just one random person, like seem head. Sixty nine is tweets, Jeff passing like this.
Seven hundred time on a Saturday announced the trade in families, and you know what I want to give it to him. Announced this trade to hear you get here to go, seem at six. Nine you asked for you got, it is delivered. Bats is gonna, be a dodger again so Hank now that you ve had five days or, however, many days has been to let this all process any any change in heart now, I was very hopeful that, like when I saw there was reports that the physical world- he might be coming back. I was thinking that they were going to like the tray was fail in the Red Sox are gonna have had buyers are like sellers remorse and then actually, given the contract that he wanted a year. I had that in my head for a few days and now she's like back to square one. It also didn't help that our friend jeered Kravis, who has great podcast starting nine, also red Sox, Pard, cast section ten ten. I knew that I was get surrounded by love second section, eight lignite, section, eight housing, so section ten. I got it so section ten, but he kept on. Doing, though, like would be a real shame,
Jerry one of those guys who is in the nobody doesn't break news. So we just let You know that he knows better tell you that he knows he likes. You knows something. Something is happening that you should want to know it. That he knows that he will not share and it was the products it was a pervert store that I didn't really care about. This put I saw peripherally like I would see Jared Every few hours outta here, audio visual is artificially I M like, but I'm not actually following closely. I don't care so that I'm just in my head of my weight is it straight. Just never happening here is something that we can all get excited about, though, is one of the players that they quit. One of the youngsters involved in this trade is named Jeter. Yeah. Oh the red Sox Caterpillar enters a gathering, needs them outright. Please Vertigo, yet we disavowed Isabel heard ago, I'm just make a liberal environed Saknussemm. Where leaders were this. I think he's got another thing that I have not been followed up in very peripheral on this. College vast, while season in it fell, started swords
on the last of my worries, but I think there is something with Snapchat video, maybe revenge poor wrong place wrong time, but it might not. He might like we're going to go ahead. Dissonant, I'm just gonna get ahead of this. You do a blanket disavowal as a big red Sox fan, and big New England sports. Do your pod guy, I'm all dieter. Let's go Judah, that's my guy, so we ve disavowed were or clean on that one. We had the whole thing I mean only baseball. Only pays owed have a block, push your trade that didn't happen for five days and Oliver sit like what the hell going on oh yeah. I forgot the notifying actually even think I will really notice it until Muky bets puts on the dodgers uniform. But oh, oh yeah, that data. Right. I felt like that old, the pelicans trade out to the Lakers when I was gonna, be what like Chris Paul an example. Publishers even stern, when David Runners, what they hide out, a car bomb shouted healthier. It felt like that's our in Asia and how guess all right? He had already put his finger on the scale that way, I don't think it baseball's. Commissioners are
competent enough to actually be able to accurately manage a trade that would be, disadvantaged or their premier franchises raw think they would find out a way to screw that up if they tried to meddle with absolutely absolutely okay, so that that's that trade, hopefully that's the end of that, although I'm sure it's not, I am sure, will get more news. Next up, we have shoe roast Russell Wilson's, Photoshop yeah, let's rose to motivate now. Russia, Wilson, I love him as a player. He is Goober but he's a good guy he's dead, mustn't. Goo Russell Wilson is a dirty dad that he was a dad. That worry was of course. Yes, he was born a dad. He came out eking out of his mobs vagina, wearing new balances and like acid, wash genes with cuffs on exactly in this area two months or three months, however, picture that comes out where he just try to do a glow up for the afternoon. I think Sometimes yours, like by the very surname Sierra the guy or Nevada zero missed. This year will be ok. Won't you put on a pair pants,
it doesn't have an elastic waistband unless do a photo shoot and was an all time. Photos yeah. He I'm look here right now. It has some bar it ass. A may rod kissing the mirror, vibes go on yeah, any any photos. You really is kind of awkward it just like You know I mean, have you? Do you're shoot no matter what its little we guise of curly hair that straightening out like when p of teased on a couple times. Super rearrange, Ebay, deftly but yea all they put a will right here right now. That's a good point. Hank, like my here, is very similar to us Wilson's and when you use he looked like he was stay woke. Coming to America to come out this be a viral advertisement for sole glow. He No you pretty almost look like you could be. You could be, unlike boy meets world, it had a Sean wasn't get guys last named Sean whatever Slater. No, our young Sean you're, not a gene Matthews, our normality, Matthew Sean
just a little boy, maids world vibe. It's got a little hunter shot I didn't look it up. It looks like like a baby caterpillar, those fuzzy baby caterpillars dipped in vaseline, honeyed baby caterpillars. You come across You seen those fuzzy caterpillars right, the ones that have like all the fluff autumn. I know you're talking about- and I just don't know the last time I encountered one where I live in New York, so I'm trying to think I give rounds off any wild life. Why So that would be like a day at the zoo lessons on her hours, yeah, No, there certainly is like. Actually, when you break down, that's way more off putting the nozzle Wilson's hair cut. The fact that I was just when you just mentioned baby caterpillar. Obviously I know what you're talking about and I've seen em and you Spain. Ireland will know. I just miss seeing anything besides rats and pigeons right and occasionally, like cockroaches, woe, yards or big day saw cockroaches put on your cocky pants. Investing your crocky look at this one. Bugger. What's the coolest animal you see in New York City, probably diseased fish? Prime.
A diseased fish that gap plucked out of the water by a bird and then dropped or people, a luxury dogs like super rich people, have those crazy. I was yeah our sovereignty, as a french boy would like affinity vest on. I will they looked like it looks like a broom Beata mop. I was walking along the EAST River on Saturday in there's little kid was walking with his mom and he was like. Do you think, like slowtide. Do you think we're going to get to see, and I couldn't really hear what he said and I was like. Oh my God is there, like some kind of animal am missing on the EAST River turn around, and he asked again, as I do think we're gonna get to see the tires Jesus Christ. That's really what word this New York City tied, hey, let's go down MOM East River, we see the tires low tide, that's New York, the other how we got here, but it needed before discussing a New York wildlife, though I think that motion
do a show about New York. What I mean we're just ricotta did when we went you eat the Larry's picks with a rather is right. We need to figure out what part of town has the biggest rats, because I'm sure that there are different types of indifferent neighborhoods, because our colonies right at assuming you're all inbred insert colonies than they probably bigger the more outside of the downtown area outside closer to the electric plants Yes, they probably get bigger ones where their eyes, glowed yeah right, either rise. Huge stowaways Russell Wilson looked like he was in a prince music. Video for monster. Mass Russell wasn't look like an animal. We haven't seen it for years because we live in this whole New York City S last up we have ass agencies and fulfil former he's about to eat, eat all Opponents asses cause tendencies back Why did you say those who was back we're here to get a crew? Here's the quote: devolves or back and before long will be taking a bite out of everybody? We place ass.
So there's like ninety eight as a very it's very southern way to say: I'm gonna look someone's bottle Putting so many different words in between the subject and the noun of a sudden Yes, you were the team, who loses said division? Why asked one double ass squads and probably will lose two Vanderbilt again next year? and our ass is clean. It's I don't. I we just need to know. Tennessee is one of those programmes that every day three or four years, though just declare that they're back no you're, not even close to back. I guess it's even less back than Texas is back taxes we we joke about, but ever now a text to put together a team, weren't timber. You could at least give yourself idea that they might be back right. The Tennessee like now, it's not where I was joking China Bracket can be like a kind of back. At some points. We tendency is kind of Kyoto. Do I gotta whereby ninety eight thematic ninety and it's really sweet now,
yeah, you're, right Tennessee will never evaporate we're not like threatened by Tennessee saying no. I love burn orange there's one guy in my twitter mentions all time whose of you gonna see airlines and fan, be careful when how do you money when you get to the pan tone life like you're dead, on the edge of that yeah yeah yeah, that's what I'm getting at rightfully roasted at the Hague. Like Orange, volunteer orange. I can now say that it does imply the color owns the Tennessee has for some. Implies a clean asked me. Yet when I see someone wearing that color, unlike they probably wipe, really well yeah, it's it's a nice coloured pops, rocky top, catch you song, rocky up is very catch. You I want. I did. The end zones are awesome really occurring smokey. Ah,
years, Nicky have like a sale gate situation. There too, they had Assail gate situation. You're Knoxville has that wonderful sundown from the world's fair you geyser of claims, sometimes your basketball school. Now, even though you have RIP Barnes, your head coach mean you'll, never one, I think big. So there's some good things going on you almost higher John Bruton. You had man and had John Bruton on campus, and then he said you know what I'd rather moved opened hears. You are this. You are actually the best team run by Jimmy Hassle, that's good, browser. Worse, that's a very low. That's actually really nice yeah! You probably get the majority of Jimmy Hazards, time, that's good thing or bad thanks, but you pray do when John Bruton was under cape. Instead, you know what I'd rather not work for, an organisation that has such a weird. Legacy of familial interference, I'm gonna go for marked Avis yeah. That's perfect odd! I actually thought just Dobbs for a minute. There was good just jobs or carry out. He was gonna moments. You know it
Tennessee Nautilus. He has been very good early in the season. Primetime game, colors yeah. So when you see and play like week, one week to in there beating little sisters, the poor by like fifty points you like this team, this could be the year that they finally dont lose two floor and overtime. You also, I remember when you had to close it actually what kind of still decent then thou school. Casey, I think, was crazy. He's a clause on the walls or back. There's more long will be taking a bite out of everybody. We place S. Ears are, Tennessee. It was a morose. We actually just compliment you guys a shitload of job are you guys are back feels like ninety. Eight extra cool thing to say bless your heart, so fucking funny that Peyton Manning is like the best quarterback of all time for them, and then they won the title. The next year, peerless price, all time, name all time
I will see it wont. Let me guess: it's pardon my take presented by bar stool sports.
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