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SB Champion Willie Colon + Drunk Ideas

2018-01-21 | 🔗

Championship Sunday and Chris Berman is back doing Primetime (2:17 - 6:23). We break down both games including Patriots mental toughness, what was Doug Marrone thinking, Nick Foles coming out party, and Case Keenum's demise (6:23 - 18:34). Who's Back of the Week talking Duke's recruiting class and Super Bowl storylines you'll absolutely hate (18:34 - 26:56). Former Steeler and Super Bowl Champion Willie Colon joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, fighting players in game, Rex Ryan the motivator, and Bruce Arians being on the funniest guys he played for (26:56 - 58:41). Segments include Peter King ate the trash again, a dramatic reading of Darren Rovell's Gronk tweet, Lebron Blames, Drunk Ideas, and Hank explains Tide Pods plus bonus drunk ideas. 

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