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Scott Boras, Mt Rushmore Of "That Guy" And The Rockets Hate Each Other

2019-06-18 | 🔗

This League is in full swing with the Rockets hating each other, Carmelo back, Kyrie ghosting Danny Ainge, the Raptors parade, and the Warriors taking out newspaper ads (2:27 - 21:51). Mt Rushmore of "That Guy" including well actually guy and guy who tries too hard at intramural sports (21:51 - 40:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Brett Favre and Lebron's Hair (40:30 - 53:33). Super Agent Scott Boras joins the show to talk about his career, the Bryce Harper negotiations, arbitrations that have gotten nasty, and negotiating Kris Bryant's next contract (53:33 - 97:39). Segments include bachelorette talk for guys that don't watch the bachelorette, respect the biz umps, PMT sports biz minute, locker room talk, uhhh ya think, and guys on chicks.

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On today's pardon my take. We have Scott Boris little bit of a different interview, little more serious but very informative Scott force you into his lair. In Southern California, probably most intimidating door. I've ever seen in my life when he enters yet about is rarely to four thousand baseball. Just laying around his office she's in various glass cases, door was massive massive. I felt like I needed to like it answer riddles, to get it to open, you're so into me and take there. I didn't exactly right. We have that. We have a big time this league, because it is right in between the NBA Finals and NBA draft. So this league is heating up Mount Rushmore of that guy hot cool. Stone guys on chicks, bachelor, talk tons more. It is a pact Wednesday show for you and it is all brought to you by the cash at the number one finance app in the
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July June 19th. I got it right and Pft we have a Raptors parade. Chris Harden and James Paul apparently haven't spoken to each other, whose Chris Chris Chris Chris Paul and James Harden apparently haven't spoken to each other. In two months we have Kyw ghosting, Danny Ainge. We have the warrior cocking themselves with a newspaper ad and and I was already at the Lakers, so this leak, this league is in full effect.
You left out, maybe the most important part. Our league, the NBA, are the a b l, John in Australia. New Zealand just got lamella ball yeah down there. Now many people are coming at us saying: hey, pft, hey big cat. Why didn't you get lamella, Bollinger team and well? The answer is two fold one. That's not a call. We recruit for the league correct as a whole, and then the league decide credits on where the player go. So we got a sore too for two mission accommodate him good job. We got man, we we got him, we got it and number two. Is it's good for us to have a rivalry with the ball family correct? So now we don't have to team up with. We love our ball, because if he was actually or if we had lomello ball on our team, there's no chance that we would be able to outshine Levar Correct in his mouth. So now we get to go up against him. So it's actually good for
four times a year, maybe four to it? Yeah probably a whole knows a home and home and home and home who knows but yeah, but yeah the NBA is going crazy. I mean this is ever it's everything that we thought was happening in Houston, going on well, yeah same thing: that's been going on for the last three years is now just going on in public. Well, they they. So this is the ultimate this league week leading up to free agency, because NFL is completely there's a five weeks of the year were, and I felt really has nothing going on and you have I will be in action. You know hockey just ended, put this league because of the draft, the finals and free agency and the Houston Rockets blowing up where two months, two months James Harden and Chris Paul have not spoken to each other. Apparently Chris Paul keeps trying to reach out to James Harden and won't like he won't respond to all just go to the Strip Club guy gene. That's where he is he's a same room everyday Chris Paul. So it comes down to James Harden, thinks that Chris Paul hasn't put in the war
and is always injured? That's kind of what you get with him and Chris Paul doesn't respect where James Hard, is in the league hierarchy, whatever the fuck. That means I love like that is just that is the most of this league thing ever like yeah. I don't like how other people think James Harden is good. It's so funny what happens in the NBA, because these two guys are very very outstanding. Basketball players are like two, the best basketball players in the last thirty. Years of the NBA. You could put them top fifteen top twenty, probably right both of 'em Chris Paul right somewhere at fifteen, but I don't know bout topped one somewhere in that range yeah somewhere that range in there. But these guys are such outstanding athletes in there. So fucking good, but they do help these little like nitpicky things
they have to go at each other by because they're, just not good enough to beat the warriors. Yes, now all of a sudden, they fucking hate each other, because the warriors have just driven them insane. This is what we've talked about before dynasties that lay waste to other franchises. The golden state warriors have just laid waste to the Houston Rockets, where every It looked like it was going well, they get to seven games last year. It was like this is the team that can finally beat him, know they're all hating each other, an now that now Daryl Morey's kind of stuck because Chris Paul does have the worst contract, basically in the NBA, and they don't speak. So going to be a tough one, you around the room together. I just love it because Chris Paul like this, is what you like. You said this. What we all saw this coming James Harden, has had things in the past where his teammates now was Dwight Howard. So, who knows like the Howard also does a thing he got traded from Oklahoma City, which everyone says a terrible trade, but it's also like. Maybe there was something to it. Chris Paul,
where he goes. It feels like it was just the clippers, but it feels like teammates. Don't always love him any as drama, and then you put them together and then they lose every year to the warriors, and you have exactly this he's a messy who loves drama, yeah yeah. So he is like the he's, a sword, your girl. It's transferred four times and for some for whatever reason he's the one that leaves all the passive aggressive notes around the house. Correct he's got a problem. Some of us put away your dishes after we'd be to late at night. I noticed that last night you didn't. I had to put away your pizza box. Yes, a burn book with the top ten players in the NBA in James Harden is not and not on the aisle at all yeah. I know it's. I I We also coming in it begs the question at this point. I would say that the Rockets are there, definitely a reverse dynasty.
What are the other like big, reverse diocese in sport, sport team bills, the bills are the other one that comes to mind. Yes, just Dan Marino, the Braves won that one in the 90s, but they were for a while. There I mean you could say they should have one more yeah Dan Marino in itself, yeah Dan Marino and Charles Barkley, as as a tag team do on their own. The caps got that one, but they were young reverse. Thank you. Ever take a look at all the presidents trophy banners. We have hanging up the reverse tons of actually yeah tons of 'em, the pacers with Reggie Miller Smith's they were verse. The Knicks yeah 90s big time, reverse dynasty, Duke Duke they haven't, won that much since Roy Williams been the coach at Unc not they now Roy Williams, one more since he's been at Unc over coach K. So I don't know what they do: they're kind of sucked, because I don't know if you can trade. I think this is also a Chris Paul trying to just get
on the Lakers, because I don't know if you guys saw but Carmelo Anthony is back and he's shooting a bunch of three pointers with no one on him an lightly walking to each spot and draining them they go over and over? That's the European Pre Draft Workout Carmel Anthony Zick selling it just muscle memory is stand there and get the past directly in the perfect pocket and then put it up and shoot boom he's wet, and it was so I mean listen, I feel bad just it is kinda being mean to Carmel, but that was a really thirsty thing to do. Right after right after the Davis Street gets an ounce and they're like Howard, the Lakers going to fill out this roster yeah, okay, here's Carmelo in his luxury apartment in Manhattan draining threes with no one on the court. He looked like a like mark price going to the. Why? Right now, just like these tiny shorts, just wet, wet, wet wet, it is sick like knowing how good these guys are.
The fact that Carmelo, even though everyone's like oh he's, washed up, he's a bum and then he just shoots. You know whatever it was twenty nine out of thirty. Yeah he's he's? Probably he probably should ninety percent from three in practice? That's why I would just if I were to come, just go, find a run and just dominate and and just enjoy life, so your millions and millions and millions of dollars. Somebody said that he would fill out the mid level what's a mid level. I I can't keep track of all this NBA contracts. Yeah, you have to pay a certain got a guy who's been in the league for certain amount of time. You can't just PAM, like one dollar or his meds yeah he's kind but made five fix so mellows back car. Hank, curry has fully boosted, Danny Ainge. What are your thoughts on that as to be expected as to be expected? I just love the visual of Kyree, wherever he may be right now. I assume already in his Williamsburg apartment, ready to play for the Brooklyn Nets, getting a phone call from Danny Age and being like nope, screened
hey cake. I read Danny's on the phone again: what's the development tell mom busy time taking a ship Hank? What's the difference between ghosting somebody in curving somebody ghost things we don't answer curving is when you're like. I don't like you see a so he should be a man about it in Kerrville, yeah curve him yeah well hosting, is petty. Carry doesn't believe in curve made on site flat earth. Cafe him on site. No, no the FED in one's own fate months? I now got it but just curve, okay for I mean, come back, I re. What do you wow. That was that, doesn't you sound like you just curve carry right there. That would be the ultimate kyree to do this whole song and dance comeback, Irving or ghosting, and not curving, Danny Ainge, and not answering any questions and being like yeah. Actually, I'm signing A5 year MAX with the Celtics would be great would you would you would love him back. Of course he would have a real what would be more more of an awkward conversation, hi re sitting down with the entire Celtics roster right now after sign and out of nowhere or a max deal or
Daryl, Morey, saying Chris Paul and James Hardie. You guys have to sit in this room and figure it out Chris Paul and James harden Okay, yeah hold very awkward to Chris Paul e he's gonna entering that carry level of weird. This was just a strange guy. Well, it is long as Lebron. He wants to be on the brown senior buddy. So if it was Chris Paul Carmelo, it's a bit of a Lebron into when we can come back. Yes, wait, wait, wait, Lebron and then at the Davis and then you see Bernie Sanders Bracers. What he's got that set pump, fake, onsite, don't forget about call who's. My that's starting five yep! Do you think they can win the west? 'cause, you said the window who said the w was tracked. It would run record. So I didn't say the Western W is a big stinky, pile of garbage credit, Hawaii stays in Toronto and the pictures, figure out a way to sign Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, I would say the just stronger than the west, that my fourteen
arts are stronger than the West's top fourteen Sweden Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson out, obviously so that line up could not win. If you win the west, but they would come close Bernie Sanders. I don't know if you can give you like for Minutes he probably can I don't think so we definitely camp and I'm so I'm saying a pump fake was sick yeah, he does he's, got the old man game. So speaking of the raptors, I think I like one in my heart of to think the choirs going to stay just because it would be cool to defend the title but boy doing a raid, which looked awesome shout out to Toronto lot of people and then continually. Answering questions when people say like what does this mean to Toronto and he's like? Well, they it's something they can build on an What does this mean to Toronto? Wanted you as someone who's lived in Toronto for more than four months. Doesn't
like he stay he's, not really. He hasn't ingratiate himself into what he can. He has because he'll always be known as the lead that brought the machine. Does it matter what but dry any day, yeah that's right! I will never pay for a Labatt in that town again ever the rest of his life, but he's not yeah he's not stick around he had on and like I don't want to stay. I think he I I really do think. Well, he said maybe one year at one and one that maybe one year the option and the caller is like what about five more years: music ha, although he did he he he laughed when he said that was the way that he liked signed off after his speech when he was like. Thank you to Toronto cuz I got. One more thing seems like ha ha ha. So like me: that's as close as quiet Leonard Joe will ever come to dunking on somebody in public decide joke with two million people yeah, it's pretty cool, ha ha ha. The parade was cool, Marcus all got. She stop chugged a whole bottle of wine. I don't know why was it's always does a Cisco,
look classy bomb, one now look for Thunderbird and he was like a nine. Ninety nine rose. That's the the bottle, barefoot that your aunt leaves over at the house in here which, what's the what's, the one the Australian will entail: yeah, probably yellow to fourteen ninety nine bottle. Yellow town are so Strela arts that weird spanish white, sangria yeah, that's just like a bunch of old fruit that somebody leaves in a bottle of vinegar for a day and then the last story we have from this league doors cut themselves. They wrote a newspaper are took out an ad congratulating to the Toronto raptors. Where do you lead on this on the full page ad yeah them, Let's try hard move my mind, it's very weird, just looking for a morning to do yeah you're looking for I want to be like man, so classy yeah, it's like when a journalist for tires and a team gives them a golden pen, yeah and like and and retires their seat in the press box right like a little on the suspects, actually just as it like there's so many mustard stains and still farts in the chairs are like you can just keep us nobody.
Access. It there anymore, yes, yeah, we don't want to see sit in the seat yeah, so this league is in full effect in the draft. Hasn't even started so Thursday night draft, then a week and a half later free agency. Who knows this week. Is there a better than the actual basketball team plays there any more anticlimactic tv show than the NBA draft? No it it also the NBA draft so funny, because you basically do like the first six. Seven pics and then it's random guys at. I remember that guy from bins, I then it's just bunch of guys from Europe that you've never heard of working out, like you said, in a gym like crossing share, and you hope that one of those european guys gets big, don't like, as if your roof you're rooting for the wizards and you're picking at number nine right now, don't don't
pick anybody you've ever heard of Bulbul either yet either picked a guy like taco for the novelty of it or you just draft just throw a dart at a board of a bunch of european names at the end, hope you get the next Dirk out of it right, but yeah. It's like it's like the reverse of watching an actual NBA game is will only have to tune in for the first five minutes of the NBA draft and then you're good to go yeah, but you do get the random guy in the second round. Who is, I remember, it was probably two or three years ago, the guy from India who was seven five and he was after by the mavericks and route he couldn't even run, but he they showed his highlights and he just be be slowly ran to under the hoop their past him dunk, then slowly run back and it was just that was his whole highlights he he actually. I remember this specific because I tweet it in start of his highlights. It was the warm up any missed
shop, and that was the start of his highlights? Not so you get those you get those unintentional comedy moments from the second round: the dry, not great yeah, what two thousand fifteen one thousand and fifteen: did you remember he missed the shot. This is like here's, a seventh grade travel league taking his elbow jumper and he bricked it. That guys are recall was an all time. T shirt, guy, yeah sure under the Jersey gave you that big you have to what's going on yeah, it's weird stuff. You got probably got the same. No tacos, tacos a lean mean Doug he's got t shirt, I'm saying once you once you get to that size either your sloppy. So you have to wear a t, shirt or you're, so skinny that you have to wear a t shirt to make yourself look better like taco, I think sometimes guys echo, have to wear teacher because actually keeps their jersey on their shoulders right right. Just slowly comes yeah, yeah, okay, so let's do our mount. Rushmore gonna pack show gets Commerce, Brett Farr of just both
Instagram that he is coming out of retirement and coming back to the NFL, all boy there's no way. This is true this- is a marketing. It does some sort of publicity stunt yeah. He don't. I think he deleted it within the show starting in right now. If there is a guy, though yeah it's pref I'm not going to believe it until I see Edward or parked at the end of his driveway in the hot, Mississippi son, getting bitten by force flies and puking into his own mustache, confirming that Arvest coming back he's back of the week, James Bus Cook, yeah, it's gets mentioned with farmers, agent yeah the helicopters bus cook, the only helicopter in flight in the state of Mississippi is landing at the pharmacy state, which is just basically a giant front lawn. That's always perfectly mode, because farmers out there on his tractor all that yep, I would love to see him come back. I I mean who wouldn't like to see Brett Farb come back. It will be one of those things where, if you actually did come back, his arm would look good and and he would get sacked in week. One in his whole body would fall apart, yeah
his art. His arm probably fall off. Yes, the old dead body member member in the game, Minnesota Route and ended his career. He would look like a sketch out, like you know, drawing the chalk, chalk, chalk outline yet in the bar, when he was just laying there dead on the frozen field in Minnesota, I mean he's probably more durable than SAM Bradford is at this point. Ok, take it I'm just saying so I would like to see him come back. I would actually make you the rules of the of the game of changed were Brett, Farve would probably be a better quarterback right now. Yeah, then it wasn't. Quarterback drew throw the out the ball down field, get pastor for now. Might not my in a fountain, I was brought to you by talking look for real cover. That is real good, great, hey thanks! Thank you. You nailed that before we get to our Mount Rushmore thanks. If you want to watch Scott Borse,
I want to watch are extra bonus episode that we've been thrown out there, barstool gold dot com, Slash pmt, which out of hot. I would highly recommend that, because Scott Forces office is intimidating, looking around he's, just as like plaques and pictures and holograms of all the players that he represents and they're all like, the top father right, even a casual baseball player. Look round big! I know all these people all the awards, everything so check it out parcel goal. Dot, com, slash, pmt, okay, can see me at some point in the interview. I guarantee you I shuffled around in my chair, because I need to take a and just know that I don't end up. Shooting okay can point if you, if you can pinpoint the spot where I want to, I will say two five dollars. I will paypal you cash hours, you cash a lot after you, five dollars. If you can spot that point shop, Mount Rushmore, so it is. Mount Rushmore season. If you miss Monday, show we hit it off with a bang. All time dad moves today, we'd.
By the way, if you have an idea for a Mount Rushmore tweet us, because we knew we need new ideas, we've done it for this. Our third summer fourth summer for summer. So we've done a lot. Yeah I don't want to play the hits, but they'll be some. You know maybe will plague someone actually wrote us an idea. Do but Rushmore cereals put this time, don't pick shity cereals, which was very offensive. I was offended by it because our cereal draft was great. Yes, so let's do Mount Rushmore of that guy. So you. Everyone knows that guy. You don't want to be that guy. So it's basically the Mount Rushmore, the guys. You don't want to be yeah that guy once you start at this time, because of what we do we should we should figure out a way to do like a interactive odds are even also Hank, we'll we'll just rotates or Hank when first last time. So now you go for this time next time I'll go first. Okay, that's fine! Okay, always go, we go clockwise. Yes, yes,
that guy, yes, yeah guys, you don't want to be, Well, I'll start with an easy one, the well actually guy on Twitter that guy every time. There's an argument. Well, actually I got something different basically Revell, if Revell didn't, have two million followers. He just correct everyone at any point in time, if you misspell something if you have a year wrong, well, actually and a little bonus that guy on Twitter, if you also that guy, who is
twitter troll. And then, when you lose the argument like I'm just a twitter troll is my burner account. I was trolling yeah so that guy on to a guy, usually just lives to correct people in troll and then gets called out be like will do this. Is my partner account? I don't care about this and I critiquing like athletic. You post like a golf swing or bass, yeah they're like yeah, so bad, he does it. Does it now? Is this the same species or is it like a distant cousin of the travel guy? What do you like? The guy? spot to travel. That's me! I know you do what I'm saying: yeah yeah the people that do that yeah yeah. I know it's a what that's. I think that falls under the well actually, okay, like just basically looking for anything to pick apart, be like this is different. This is wrong for this real harm and their lives are miserable back to the fence there just miserable all the time well, actually Guy Twitter, Troll guy who who, when he loses, says I'm just rolling this. My burner account which you're describing right now is when you get
and splaine too yeah yeah. Okay, I got I don't like it. Okay, that's my first pick tank that guy, who takes in a mural or coed sports too seriously yep, okay, yep that guy he usually he is guy who his batting gloves and softball yep, our baseball pants, so he can slide in baseball. Pants is a big one, also just launched, like soccer socks, yep Mouth Guard in basketball, yeah, if you, if you see a guy who has a mouth guard in basketball, he's going to throw his elbows around to funny, as he knows he can defaults guy calls to any files and pick up basketball, yeah dude, I actually get Very I never call file. I get so mad when someone calls never unless it's blatant, like they're, trying to foul. You know when someone gets like point you're playing the end of the game and you're getting to eleven and like we're just going to follow any open shot to the rim, then you can do it, but otherwise don't
that takes away my whole game, which is just wrong charges and calling out that's a thousand people good one hand, which is always great. You know there that guy always has like a girl friend that he brings with him to enter Moshe warts. And then you can see the ruler, the relationship starting to end as she witnesses his actions during like at a Rec league game for the first time. He also brings way too much gatorade and water. I'm like hey, you want to know, do not lower plan. It's a special mix yeah! It's three quarters water, one quarter gatorade! So you get some of the electrolytes, but it doesn't dry out that guy yeah. Okay, that's a good one. Thank all right. If you got to okay hey I got to my first one. This is an easy one. All timer, the guy that D boards an airplane incorrectly off the war, see guy that doesn't know how to get a airplane. The simplest thing of all time. You stay in your seat and then zipper system, but you know what I actually love watching that guy, because they try to get they try to jump the line and they always get. Maybe
there's two rows ahead and then they awkwardly have to stand there and we all have to be like you're, that guy yep you're that Guy Buddy yeah. This is a side note. A little aside, if you will, I was, with that. Guy today, 'cause I was walking. I was on the way to work on the train in the train station and I drop my coffee on the ground and I didn't know what to do so. I just kept walking. I think If it's rush hour, yeah just gotta go pick up just like prison rules, yeah yeah, I had my headphones in, so I couldn't hear. If I don't say anything, I just like put my head down and ran downstairs. It's Russia and I felt like I was being that you play it as it lies. That's also a New York thing. I was on the train a couple weeks ago and there was a guy eating a sandwich and he just dropped it on the seat and just stood up and walked away I think no one could sit on the seat. Everybody's been there at some point in their life, so they're like we get it that sucks for you. I have a real problem. Actually I'd like to take this opportunity to confess something then maybe you guys can help me out 'cause. I don't know what it is about me, but I find myself more frequently than other people. I think
running into the situation where you're walking at somebody on the street, and you to the side and they take the set the step to the same side and then I will go back to their side and I get in that little gas that we're you're in no me don't have a good first step. I don't have a good first step. I don't know what it is. I've and got hit the whole heart, but also you knock middle. No, sometimes here's! What I'll do I'll put my foot on the ground? and I'll be like going downhill. Like could zone blocking scheme like I'm in MIKE Shanahan system and they always like a linebacker tracking me, I don't know what it is. I don't want to bring height into this. Don't then don't I won't okay, I don't have the next suggest. I don't have this problem, because if you are certain height and weight, you don't have to move the one. No, but I'm people move for you. Don't you forget, I walk tall, correct and I'm thick, but this happens to me, but I do. I will just keep going straight forward and people are like this guy's not going to be it's tough for him to change directions. I will it's like it's like a a kind,
Jack in a cruise ship. The contact has to get out of the way Ray does right, yeah right, but it's not just people that are bigger, hi, I'm a clue. I run into this. If I'm a kayak, I run into the same circumstance with like a little a remote control boat yeah. The We go one way when you get small enough. You know what I think yours votes get confused here. I think it is. I think it's just like people want to be around me. They won't be near me so, like I, I want to knock out this guy got away. Definitely I see him. Okay. If you have suggestions, please let me know because it's it's been bother me the last like year and I haven't said anything- you get blinkers on your backpack. I do you know what I need. I just need a horn just like on my chest or other okay. My other pick is going. To be the I who wears sunglasses inside? Yes, the worse that guy? That guy is the old quote. There are two kinds of people that wear sunglasses indoors: blind people and people that haven't seen, curb your enthusiasm yet and they are the absolute they can't see where they're going to bars the trip on things yup, the
like what are they hiding? Is you making eye contact with me? I don't know yeah unrelated, but kind of related. I don't understand how anyone does a championship parade without sunglasses on on yeah, must. Must Microsoft didn't have sunglasses on? How do you do that when you know ' going to be absolutely smashed in public? You need to have your sunglasses? Yes, yes, it helps a lot a lot, especially if you're on alternative drugs right in foreign country yeah, a lot. No, when we were in Atlanta and we went out to like four hundred am and we left the bar and you were a little drunk I was like. I don't even know you, because you have as an anywhere drunk I was like. Who is this guy with a watery red taking this random dude huh? Ok, sapping before ok go ahead! That guy, who makes too much small talk in the office? Oh yeah, ok, guy! You know it's coming every time you see him you're like! Oh, no is he going to have a small talk conversation and then he does and it's like not once a week it's like seven days a week, yep you dread. Seeing that person just don't be that person yup. Just don't do it
Unless someone talks to you, don't talk to them, yeah! Ok, that's good! That's real I have mentioned this either out on your department, I guess I'll say yeah. We don't work with them directly. You should be striking up conversations with people every single day yeah, because those people probably eaten yeah. I've mentioned this on other shows, and actually I think it's going to be mentioned in the evergreen show when my child arrives, but I'm gonna say it here, because I hate this guy. It's the over Planning Bachelor T shirt guy that guy sucks yep always got here it's so now we're going to go to mini golf, then we're going to go check out this restaurant, this food truck and it's like dude. I just want to get drunk and talk to my friends. We don't need t shirts, we don't need hats, don't be that guy. I'm planning a bachelor party for next year, don't be that guy, I'm thinking full track suits matching tracks. Yet, no don't be that guy he's also. He also is you can spot that guy before you go to the Bachelor Party 'cause he's over email, comma yeah, the guy that sets up the listserv right, yeah, hey everyone download this fucking app, so we can all chat. No, why don't we just on our phones that we have whatsapp? We can all just
in the group together or we can just do that with our phones. They they set up like a a secure drop link yeah, so the wives can't catch us. Yes, though, those back, I that guy okay, my other that guy here my other pick here, I'm gonna go with guy who takes drinking games too seriously and makes girls cry at the party guy that guy sucks. He is is like the older brother of the guy that tries too hard and reckless? Yes yeah. I actually outside younger brother yeah, yeah younger brother yeah, he's you, everyone knows them. Everyone went to college with this guy. He always is just taking it way too seriously flick on the best foot cut. If you he also say I'm the best foot CUP guy here, that's
that guy right away, you don't have to watch him play he'll, usually yell it like. If you go guys and girls beer pong yell at his partner until she cries call it elbows elbows won't, let won't let women play that he is everything going. One hundred pound shots a game. Let's see! Oh yes, well and then swaps, one of 'em, like breaks everything in the house like dude you're, not to Kim Bamma Tambo, chill out we just trying to get drunk in a social setting. Two ladies want to get on the table, so we gotta tournament going yeah, so we're going to have to wait till after looking at beer pong thing after they got point, though, actually does too low, yeah yeah right sore, loser right too competitive. You know blowing you're not allowed to blow yeah next next right after they lose I've got next. Give me list the guy there who want to pack the guy the remembers his stats in beer pong his all time, stats page we sort of leak yeah. We should always early. I met a making a packet. Let's do a quick break, I'm making a built out of him walk he's best case. Man is appear that come up yes,
America, guy that drinking game over over yeah, it's very good sucks that guy who filmed himself in the gym. Yeah or asks you to film them. Yes, worse yet this year, like you, have to be a body builder. For that to be justified. I'm working on yourself for working on your gains are yes, no need to really like take your phone out. Put down like it's so weird. When you see someone doing it, just like what like, what could you possibly be using this for I'm so scared to be in that guy? I don't even really take my phone out at the gym if I'm at like a station 'cause, I don't want somebody to look at me pointing my phone at the meal. Like is this guy, taking a picture of me right, yeah, right yeah that guys that guy is the worst good call hankered Are you got two more pfd? Okay, my next one is going to be that guy who can't pee in normal, places the guy that makes everybody changed their plans because he can't either p in a pool. He can't
p I've been with somebody that can't I can't pee in a river as or floating down it. So we have to pull over to the side on an inner tube and they have to run up and pee in the forest. The guy they poop in the agency help can't pee. I think it's just the number one weird bath, no just be just can't. Ok, the trying to help if your goal that we're not doing if you're golfing, but it should be camping if you're golfing, that's another guy and then the road trip guy that can't be in a bottle torrent. So you have to pull over right. That's I'm great at all those things, except for the poop I can poop anywhere, I'm. Actually I've received a lot complaints about how freely I pooped before, and so I'm trying to turn a new leaf over here, ok and be a better human being your last. My last one is that guy that assassinates, the archduke of Austria that starts World WAR one and that leads to millions and millions and millions of deaths actually source the next forty years. So I did were just trying to enjoy the parade grab a Turkey
like chill out. Don't you think that guy would have been like something else would have started it besides that, guy that guy wasn't there? No, that guided at all. He was everything and then Do you have a city band named after you one hundred years later? True true hi, guys the worst Hank your last that all just went over my head, my last world war, one here I will ok, who don't be that guy that blows up the spot the guy like who puts up too many instagram or snapped out or is like, if you you know, I mean, like you know, if you're with someone, a group of guys like Guy's night out at like thirty five story outside is only one thing: it's like here's, an entire to communication of the entire night and like everything that's going on so then we're just trying to see but yeah chill on
get the tax, and it's more like you had a fun night in hey that guy. That's such a like you, you, you, who knows what you told other people you're trying to keep your place is also like. Everyone knows exactly what you did, because that guy put yeah like d and documented the entire night. That's not good! Okay, we're coming into the office on on a Sunday and big cats been like you had good time last yeah yeah, because the House karaoke the people with you work that out yeah exactly it's hard when we because it's hard to not say something when you see like twenty five Instagram stories from someone you like well, that was about and bike night cuz they that that guy I have see a cousin to that Guy Hank. That guy, who can't hang out unless there's chicks around and always is like. What's the ratio like YO
Girls gonna be common trickle strip, club yeah like and then, if you go to a bar with, you know for your good friends like this. This night socks was get out of here. This sucks is no chicks here that guy sucks you can't like hang out with just guys for even an hour they're always trying to there also because straight yeah they're also cousin yeah. I don't even make eye contact with men because I'm afraid that I'll just try to cousin to that guy who hits on everything and anyone who will any Gleich woman walks by like all look at her looking at like two to stop. This is awkward, don't be that guy Uhhuh and with that guy gets a little bit older. Then he starts telling a lot of stores like all in my day ban. It would be over five minutes right right right. Anyone that says like in my day it would been on me in her opened fire on a lot of single. If I yeah, if I was still single when we mess look at a lot, I have a lot more than I have the guy who over uses that guy yeah, that's possible too sure did you being that guy right now, yeah sick? Why? Because it's four o'clock in morning, when I go home yeah, I don't wanna, go to strip clubs for the six million right being that guy at that guy, I have the traveling as a personality guy. The guy was
I've been there. I've been there and he just has been like you got he's actually enjoying it in the travel just doing it for the Gramm and first Passport, so that my personality is to travel yeah. I've been everywhere a close relative to the guy that study abroad. Yeah once always remind you about that, comes back with an accent yeah, but he's like you do. You were. You were in Madrid for two months and the emails that say: cheers yeah nutrition, FAQ guy always always to and you what you should be shouldn't shouldn't be eating. Sugar is poison. Don't do that shut out! John Buccigross he's that
He did that to me on Twitter, when I had when my have servers, yeah hi, Aki I've pulled, I mean say what you want about booty, but he's he's got a body looks great, but he definitely is that guy, where he walks around. Like you know, you can eat those carbs now his his abs are Gucci grass. They are. They are eight six back. What else we got the guy who gives too many deaths are handshakes yep. So it's like not just book coming or going it's like every time. They say something to you. It's like do. Did you see this or like they build that you up like five or six times, usually get that this guy also very drunk over touching guy yeah yeah, though yeah the guy, who touches too much when drunk, is the worst in that guy sucks, fun. Fact, guy fun can I'm. I'm often that guy I find myself in that it is yeah with that. Yeah movie quote guy
yeah his only all his jokes are just movie. That's actually a species of funny guy that thinks he's funnier than he is right. This guy. That just knows a lot of quotes for movies in his references. Are timed perfect? Yes, yes, guy any guy who's too drunk at the party who just ruins the party 'cause he's too drunk, Oh here's, a very specific one. I wonder if you guys have ever dealt with this. The too quick to send like now, it's not porn, but it's gross humor tax guy. Do you know when you meet someone anime barf! No, but it's like you, know, videos that you'll see were you be pulled up and it's it's just. It looks like a regular video for the first five seconds and there's some chick scoring or something, and that's in the Senate you're like that. We're not at that point man we're never going to be at that point, don't send. That is a guy who sends porn or weird text the guy open.
Everywhere around that in a public setting the guy who's who's home page was set to Ebaum's world right. He still thinks the sending meet spin is funny, which is a twenty nineteen which is going to be fair. It's very funny! Well, that's the pinnacle of humor. I feel like that. Guy is starting to grow because it wasn't he. He didn't exist back in college, because we've been out of college for so long, but now in the age of like just so many gifs and videos and weird the guy who sends too much stuff on text message. He sucks what about the guy that about four years late to memes yeah a well. What no we're like we're about two and a half years yeah, but a guy that purposely. Let's say it just figured out how to send gifts over the phone. I just figured out how to use a mod using over. Does it to make up for lost time. I like phone yeah that guy that God does suck yeah sure, yeah Hank! Anybody do you have a fantasy football guy, but I think we're at work.
Looking at shots, gusted shock, I know that's so good- was that the guy who always yeah hey? Do you guys wanna get some shots? I got a some tequila is always to kill. We do we. Drinking for ten hours. We don't need tequila. Now that guy sucks- glass guy that I had was when everybody's making a big, simple order for food, the guy that slides in with the customization that you know is going to suck up the entire work like you guys fit in here for, like hey, we're going to get four cheese pizzas in two pepperonis he's like. Can we get one with peppers on it, yeah well, yeah that one is not going to come out right cousin to the that guy? Also always ruins the order, because he's like yeah, I want this specialized pizza and no one eats it, and then he eats all the pepperoni. Somebody that we know very few that very well. Ok, let's get a cheese, no ones going to eat the cheese, no ones going to eat the cheese. Don't do it, let's get an anchovy, yeah and then I'll have it all to myself all to myself. Isn't that cool! Ok! Now is good
yeah. That was very good. A lot of guys really good Mount Rushmore. I'm sure we missed a lot. There's going to be a lot of debate, send us that, guy that we missed that guy at the water cooler who had the over last night and guy sucks? Imagine being the guy at the water cooler that isn't making small talk to everybody man before we get to Hotsy cool throne, it's summertime it's hot outside, and that means it's a bad bad day to be a bud light. It's time to break out your favorite hawaiian shirt and stock, the coolers with some crisp refreshing bud lights. Not only is it summertime, it's also Mount Rushmore season. We just did our Mount Rushmore of that guy, don't be that guy who's, not drinking a bud light because bud light has bud light, bud, light lime and orange, both brewed with real citrus deals and new for this summer bud light lemon tea, brewed It's real lemon peels and tea leaves, but it's only here for a limited time, so get it before it's gone. Also, little coming for award winning listeners Bud light is giving you a chance you and a friend
it's one to get a wave a lifetime. This summer you can win two tickets aboard a v. I p cruise to the Bahamas, featuring a live performance by cheek bone and, of course, plenty of bud light for a chance to win simply post your bud light summertime photos using hash tags, real enough to get away and hash tag, but like contest on Facebook and Instagram, see blood like dot com, slash real enough to get away for more details. Okay, hot sequel, thrown Hank Wash Start Ashura. My hot seat is, people who illegally stream NBA Games off Reddit it so Reddit kindly shut down, wait when for cable, guys truly asking got the package due to cost like three hundred bucks. But I got the package a hot seat, cord cutters, but yeah. They shut down there, two major sites that people would stream games off of so I feel I mean socket yeah suck it
My items builds way too much money but socket, but even the cable bills do, but you pay for the full NBA all of it yeah I- and I, and I do the thing- I'm convinced I'm paying I'm be sure you can just buy like the MLB package on your computer and then use it on your apple tv. But that would be too so. I have the MLB package on my computer, but I also have the cable package on my tv. I have a theory I'm a theory that the NBA streams on Reddit was like an incubator for NBA memes because whenever a new NBA me would pop up on twitter, people were way too early to just be like all in on it be like. Yes, this is a good meme. Let's advance it yeah, it felt like there was some prep work in some leg work done beforehand. I'm thinking that's where it was. It's also going to be like when Pablo Escobar died and it was like you know, there's a lot of crime going on, but there were some order to it because it was all under the people Escobar umbrella yeah. This is just going to turn everything to straight chaos, where you are using the Ray Lewis like now that this league isn't here anymore, it's going to be violence everywhere, know which is like now,
there's no central place to illegally stream games. It's going to be like it's going to be a shitshow everyone's, going to be stopping on their cocaine right. Oh gotcha, ok, violence, sound right exactly there's no order. Ten email, that analogy now, that's good and then my cool throne is comedy heroes of my youth on Netflix, oh Adam Sandler has a new movie on Flicks murder, mystery actually funny with Jennifer Aniston with Jennifer, and once you have to do that, created work hawks. Is the director actually pretty funny watch some of his other movies have been a little disappointing, but he's what I mean. Some other Netflix movies I mean I'm not going to lie. They were. I was a huge I mean not surprisingly huge, Adam Sandler fan so yeah, it's a when a muscle in his recent movies, but he's back. Did you own any of his comedy albums? I do not. Those are house before my time. Yeah there's a really good. What the hell happened to me does piece of shit car good, I'm glad
it's back. I mean he always he liked it's funny like I. He plays kind of grown ups. Girls actually funny, but like his he's like a dad like Dat humor, but it's funny also every hit that he has we're one step closer docks. I feel like we're, gonna be the down swing. You know he has one good movie, one bad movie we're the bad movie, and so we need him to make good movies. Two equals out. Yeah lonely Island also dropped is a thirty minute call the visual poem. It's called the unauthorized bash brothers. Experience has Mark Mcgwire and all that and say go actually very funny and very well done very well edited. Ok, so comedy heroes of my youth are back now. Ok, other cool throne is entering ST cred, so he this the album- and these are some of the features Eminem fifty cent a boogie with a hoodie young thug B Trav Scott with head, serene. I I just I just found out about young thug last week and I like him a lot. No I did I did. I did with a about little hoodie with a buddy that guy a Boogie
the hoodie a book. You would hope that he is my guy yeah young thug fan yeah. Well, I'm speaking here the rocket man song. That's how I got into anger, yeah! Well that sucks for me. Why? Because the Carty be, is she just lost re credit by hanging out with edge no, but that no? No? No did you hear the list of people that entering? yeah, but I just know that, like Ed Sheeran, he can't pee at a urinal. I peed next to him one time and he wasn't able to urinate next to that guy he's that guy that does not like you. Moment. No, I'm just saying I dominated at the urinal and now Cardi B is lowering herself to hook up and be featured with somebody that can't even pee next daddy big Dick over here. If he, if he had to shake it off, for I did I probably got some spray on when I was shaking it. He was just standing quivering his little tiny elf boots he's got a small pig. I didn't look pp
but I mean just by taking a look at Landon bro- a gander at the guys, like five four looks like a muppet mobile- have penises height, shaming yeah. What do you got left? My hot seat is Steven Segal, because Facebook just came out with their own cryptocurrency dude. It's called Lena word, so Mark Zuckerberg. He only eats when he kills. That's Alphas Fox Steven Segal is never done. That listen what was even called Bitcoin to Jenn. I think I think we've moved onto it. I think we're under three gym, so we're fine. So but you're not touching hey bro, though no well yeah, because Steven Segal will put out a new bitcoin, that's not a pyramid scheme, even though there was a pyramid in the docs that I went through when I was trying to invest he'll figure out a way to come over the top
so hillside out alone? So Steven Seagal? He knows he knows what works for he puts out sequels to is currently getting the trilogy. So this is like the it was at the under siege, three right of crypto currency will Facebook has been coming out and it mark Zuckerberg said that he is creating Collibra which is a subsidiary that will oversee Facebook's interest in their digital wallet in crypto currency. So wait. Let me get this right, the guy you just stole like the world's privacy yep and helped rig elections is now going to control our money. Yeah he's just going to own the rule. I just got on the World Trust, so it's at this point that I'm going to start bootlicking to shift out of Mark Zuckerberg 'cause he's like it or not, he's going to run the world, so you might as well get on his side early he's so Mark Zuckerberg, you're, so cool you'd eat what you kill Can you smoke meats and you don't have emotions? I love you. Okay, what else you got my Other hot seat is Matthew, berry, Fantasy Football ESPN
at the because Oj Simpson is now giving out fancy fantasy picks going into, here so he's still on Jason. You have moved past. No, no, I'm not because I I thought about what you said about like the cottage industry of to reply to its happen. It is happening. I kind of look at us is like the internet. Is our territory and we have to defend it from OJ right so like I'm, not doing it for the cloud, I'm just mark, I'm just letting OJ, know very conclusions oj. If I step on a football field with you, you're probably going to. Let me up if you step on my football field right the internet the world, you are, you gonna have lied to you're gonna you're, not what clout you're gonna get replied to not for the fight on the bad you're gonna see those you're gonna see those lakes from somebody else's tweet got it taken up in your interactions, call no way he looks as much as notifications arm. So yeah he's going to fancy voice. He has Patrick Mahomes going first, but maybe not because he also surprise surprise likes Terry Kill, who okay big shock there. My cool throne is
Julie, Ertz is husbands, wife, Julie, Ertz because, Internet got very mad at. I think it was CBS sports for saying that Zach Ertz was taking time away from training camp to watch his wife play in the women's. World CUP and scored a goal on Sunday, because Juliet it's colour Julio got, but I'm going one step further and I will only be referring to her as Julie. Ertz is husbands, wife, Julie, Ertz got it ok and then the Philadelphia, Eagles tweet it out today that Julie, Rich's husband, is here nice plane into it. We're getting were leaning in nice. I, like that. Ok, my hot seat is us as a collective unit, because there was a story that was written. I think it was by quartz what the fund is quartz. That sounds fake, very fake. But anyway the story is titled. Social media deserves blame for Kevin Durant's injury. So essentially
the story is that we all on our alpha male this Julie, called Kevin Durant, soft and made him come back and use the couple tweets which come funny some random guy said: hey Kd Trey, I love when they used tweets in articles to prove their point, and no one has retweeted it or, like he's got like to like just some random dude, he said he If you treat you wanna suck it up and get another rank thanks bud and someone Dc Champs G C said: toughen up the NBA finals, not what interaction Dc Champs D G, though I feel like that, was the one that made him play. We hashtag wimp, though sick yeah he's probably cruising that's brutal, brutal, brutal hashtag in the whip yeah. So we are somewhat to blame for that, because I guess we had bullied Kevin Durant into coming back and playing injured. It had nothing to do with the fact that he's a competitor and wanted to play with his teammates and wanted to win NBA finals, Tg Champ,
it was all us, and then my cool throne is Lebron's here from tears back to see that he's got a full head of hair now faked it. But he's back in. You know what I'm happy for Lebron, because there's a certain level of wealth, fame that if you can't figure out your hair, no, one else, has a shot in line. So Lebron is the perfect case where I don't like Lebron all Lebron fan, but I don't want to see Lebron go bald because I'm watching it saying, if, God forbid, someday I'm going bald. You have to know the ball. This has been cured by some level of wealth right, so you, Steve Jobs, you know even terminal illness affects him. Well, actually, that's a bad example, but if yeah it has a lot of rain, we like Lebron, you have so much money. How do you not have here? This is what the whole reason why people like aspire to have wealth is so that they don't go bald. They don't
get fat either. All these things they can fix. What's with money up, and you can't fix it with money, it's a bummer, I mean another one, Brett Farr, yeah he's got you know. All the passing records, even the bad ones, it still has a tiny little dick. Yes, so so there's hope for everyone talks. Other cool throne is dad bod 'cause. They did that fucking story. They do every year where they're like dad bought his back. I'm so sick of that story. Dad bods been back dad. That is such a lie because, like oh girls, love the dead, but no you don't you love the like Jason Segel, in forgetting Sarah Marshall, the guy who's in artist, who's, a genius, who's really funny and he's got a little bit of a tumtum and you love that dad Bod guess what the real dad bod. The reason why I'm fat is 'cause, I'm lazy
an I'm, usually moody, because I'm lazy and I'm hungry and when I eat too much, I fart too much you don't love that dad bod, that's the reality. I also think that guys in general, probably look better to women if they're wearing the more clothes they are so like, if you're wearing a suit. Girls love looking not at all trying to shoot a man in uniform. Maybe one percent of the male population looks good shirtless. Don't let I think I'd be a generous with that. So it's not like. I don't think it's that women hate a good looking guy with his shirt off with the bushy grass. Six pack. I think it's mostly that they just realize the fact that most who is Adobe looking at Shirtless, yes, aren't going to look like that, so take what you can it's bulshit the dad bod like like, that has been thrown out there. It's bullshit, you love, you know Rogan because he's so funny and it gets high and he makes funny movies. That's not what every other every other dad bod were dad bods, because we're lazy and were grumpy and suck.
Which we suck at everything, and we have these same pairs of shoes in two pairs. Do you think the dad bods of the world are like sitting around their house? Just cracking jokes all the time? That's not the reality. That's not true at all. No, it's just basically conversations in between diarrhea. That's the dad bod, that's life yeah! Once you get over the age of forty okay, let's get to our interview with Scott Boris, huge interview, very interesting little different than our normal interviews, because Scott is a little more serious but very, very interesting to get you know. Come in the mind of someone who so damn successful before we do that simply safe, Think Gallup Survey shows Americans worry more about Berkeley than almost any other crime, more than mugging, more than terrorism, more than car theft and murder. According to Studer studies, just over ten percent of break ins are planned beforehand. The rest are spur of the moment. Crimes of opportunity, in other words or random, did you know most break ins happen between six hundred am and six hundred pm in the middle of the day, according to
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do to act for them, and then you just carry out what they would like you to do. So I also should have said before hand that we are mastered ago. She ate are czar self. We just have been reading the art of the deal, so be ready we're going to probably negotiate during this conversation, we're probably going to figure out a way to maybe get some money out of this, but you be ready. Okay, you never met two guys like us. There there a little bit intimidated by I ill and air of consequences that's, probably what it is like that, let's unpack that a little yeah, so you don't do a lot of interviews. Do you not many so. What why are you sitting down with two jerks like us? Well, the certainly the prominence of your broad base has
necessity? Okay, there we go the a message, it's a new message. Yes, it's a broad message to current message: yeah and it's a message that my clients felt I needed to purchase Yeah? Absolutely so I want to start at the beginning because you know like I said you don't do a ton of interviews. Your beginning was very fast name because you played bass. Well you're in the minor leagues, and you start by basically representing a couple of your teammates right and basically knocked it out of the park for them. What was that getting you know, trying to figure out what you wanted to do and that light bulb like hey this, I'm really good at this well. I studied medicine and I had a lot of green, so I work for a medical law company that represented drug corporation. So I had no intentions of. Ever getting into the baseball? History is just that my teammates kept calling me about their performance and
because we would have conversations when I play with them. That would aid them and comfort them and help them, and they wanted to continue that and through that process, my hometown friend name MIKE Fish Loan and my teammate Bill Kartel and Keith Hernandez all the players that I knew from the card and organizations they kept communicating with me and basically encourage me that you should really represent because the people we have don't understand the game at this level they never played, and they don't. You know they say things like, I'll get him tomorrow, and you know you get text and right and and doing the common vernacular that the nice people say to players who don't play the game rather than approaching them and and giving them something that I think they truly believe.
Most athletes most things. They hear they they're not going to believe them, because it's not a truth to them. To make it their truth and when you deal with them and understand the menu you you've got to know how to talk about the game in a way that a player knows you know the inside and and from that became the the idea of the all of a sudden. I also looked at the draft and I know notice that players that I played with they came in. They were extremely gifted. Yet they got the same bonus that the players got twenty years before at the revenues of the game. There were eight to ten times more, so obviously the draft picks were worth more. Uh Anna more value to the franchise is yet they kept the bonuses and the common theme was you get with the guy got,
last year at if you don't accept it you're, greedy you're. You are something that you don't want to be labeled, so you better! take this 'cause we're not going to offer anything different, so it basically turned into a servitude an I really felt. That was not good for the game. I thought we're going to lose the great athletes other sports, so we had to become more current and no method of representation for the drafted player, and so I went out and watched about twenty players play and pick two players. They going to be the first and second player chosen in the draft TIM Belcher and Kurt Stillwell, and then we began from there to Increase the bonuses, and then we ended up getting the first five hundred thousand million two million five million, ten million fifteen million bonuses. So you mentioned the draft. I want to go back to that because the draft is something you basically been fighting since day
on up until like two days ago, when the Carter Stewart stuff comes out, that he's going go be playing Japan. So the thing always that me with the with the professional sports traps is we've got no point. I think a lot of people are very player first and say: hey the players deserve money. The players have money, but the draft still exists and you have guys like in the NBA where Zion Williamson doesn't get to decide where he goes. What is it like? Your fight with the draft change rules. You keep going after it. What is the perfect situation. The end goal for Scott Boris. Look when it comes to like how players go from amateurs to professional. You know when you, when you sign a pro baseball contract and your mother and father there and they're giving you money to go play it is. It is, is the thing right it's like this is this is the closest to Heaven. It could be that you get to go play and people
paying you to do this because you love to play and then all of a sudden you get to spring training and that day comes where you have to go. Look at a board and you look for your name to make sure you made a roster and then you go to the parking lot and you see fifty people crying rusted out cars, number, one draft picks: no education didn't go to college signed out of high school. You see this undercard. That is in my first thought. Is this cannot happen in our game? Our game is glorious it is wonderful. It is. It is the spine of entertainment for our country, and it is so beautiful. There should not be this ugliness. Yet we all know there's only so much room at the top for the best. We know
This process has to take place. The thing we want is the detriment. The fact that people in the game ends up hurting people- it's not they can't continue. That's the problem is that their lives are affected. They didn't go to College, they didn't get an education. They didn't get a scholarship so my belief. Is I want the game operate in this form, but I wanted to operate, where the risk of the game is not on the athlete that it would cost him his future is that he doesn't get the rewards of the big leagues and all the the because he does deserve it 'cause. It proved out that his talent was not of that measure. Fine, but the already have it is we don't want him having a lesser life because he took that risk in baseball, so the college scholarship plan they warranted, be the scholarship. No scholarships are taxable. You know that the under
baseball is its revenue, but when you get a scholarship from university, it's not they don't, so they don't give you more. They don't take care of that so how many athletes use the college scholarship program. The answer is a small number and so therefore, it's not beneficial to him. So what did they do? They have wives, they have kids they've been playing in the minor leagues for six seven years and by the way, This is the ninety eight percentile right. This is the problem that you have this and then you have those the other. That's one problem with the draft that I have. The other major problem is that we have a leak talents. There are few players in a in a in a decade- probably not many, maybe twenty twenty five thirty of those play that are worth millions of dollars to a franchise, maybe as much as fifty to one hundred million dollars on inception. You know because Bryce for with the Washington nationals there worth five hundred million dollars,
He leaves there six years later. You know after playing a year two in the better lakes, and that franchise is worth over two billion I mean is that yeah. Is it a? Is it all rice, Harper One and so the re out? No, but it does that franchise player had a lot to do with other players. Coming right. Free agents captures or it had a lot to do with other players signing, and so you get to get sure as you go, you guys to come in and then they do win their division a number of times, so we converted the losing franchise into a winning franchise. A successful one increase the franchise value and increase the attendance from one point: eight million to two point: seven in the process so they're, making money they're doing this in the fact is: what are they paying the player they're paying the player under a system that has no methodology of reward to the benefit? And my point is we a system whereby scouts are very good at their job, they're, very, very good. They know what players are worth
time. We've got asked for more than five million for a player. It's always worked out. Why? Because we know talent to and we don't go around asking for money for players that don't deserve it, and so you have It's very nice filter that allows teams to be treated fairly when you have an open corridor for that happen. So what happens when we sign Bryce Harper, and we sign Stephen Strasburg to record contracts was there are both very worth it. They then institute a draft cap Ryan and then, when they put that cap in what did it do for the game? It did had a horrible impact, because what it created is, Draft values went way up for the teams because they now get draft picks that are way undervalued and and teams, say wait a minute. I don't want to be competitive at the big level 'cause. I want these draft picks, so one slash three of the league says why, when the atgames, when I would, I want a really only one hundred and sixty five guitar picks so cuz, I'm not going to win the division winning eighty game, so I have no reason to compete. So, therefore, the Prada
the game is no longer pride extension. Mission to the next level being a winning franchise. Having a general manager be responsible of that 'cause. Now the general managers get to say, look We want to lose. We don't want to sign bet, you don't want to sign veteran free agents, so the entry level draft dynamic, which I recognized as being a pivotal point and frankly, we built a business on it. Because we were the first ones to ever represent draft players and create a caveat where they don't have a union. They don't have representation because their minor league players right, created a representation model for them that actually turned out to be the most coveted one of the most coveted writes an entry that a major league team has it's interesting because you kind of suggested without suggesting that a players value should be tide in some form of his car back to the value of the franchise as a whole, like you have a guy like Bryce Heart
I think you hit that spot on. I mean that's fine, that's why big cat was giving me a bunch of crap at the movies in one day, yeah thanks for not talking to go back to that spot where it's at yeah. But you have a guy like that who you could prove like? Yes, he added a ton of French are taught about you to the franchise by being there by playing washing DC Do you see a world in the future where there is some sort of incentive, whether like percentage of revenue, not probably not revenue percentage of growth profit or when it would have you for these franchises to be tied in to the player's contract. I think you're ever going to see a bridge between an ownership, capitalized purchas versus an athletes performance. Adding two uh the entity, in other words you're not going to when you go to buy gas you're not going to give somebody part of your car that I understand that was bad.
Ago. She ate in your part. You should have said yes in the future. That way that way. The thoughts out there in the back of their head. You just gave that up a good reason. The reason is, you don't want things like that in a players contract is the reality of it? Is the operators of the business dictate how that franchise may riser or drop in value and most of the operators are going to be in this business very long because they're not competent overtime. As the good owners will defeat the bad and if the majority of the players are with bad owners so they will in fact get less than they would have had otherwise by asking for evaluation system. That's completely different! So that's why 'cause? I would not want to take that risk of ownership operation because we want the player to be paid for talent there's no risk to his talent other than injury and his evaluation. You want that to be the valuation point, and if you know that, then you don't want to take on the risk of ownership, quality, to dilute the value of player
okay as good as yours could put the thumb on the scale a little bit. Yeah yeah, well you're! So your so. I was smart by you because, when Pft just explained that I was like in like there's upside on them, but it up so I'm in I'm always the unlimited upside guys living in a little bit farther ahead there. So I've had time think about yeah. He has a chart for you, so I once I we we use brought up Bryce Harper. You got blamed a little bit. Or throwing out three years ago, Bryce Harper four hundred million, and then You know the negotiations last all the way into February, where it's like is so we're going to sign. Is it going to sign? Do you think that was uh criticism that you anchor the negotiation to such a high level that it lasted for so much longer than it should have well. The first of all is that we never ever put a value on a player in advance of the market, but maybe a little,
media. Does the media is in the abyss of what we do, can they do that so they're they're, saying well. Bryce Harper is worth this and the reality of it is we know that free agency is a timing mechanism. You know when your sitting There- and you say I have a big engine The reality of it is that Engin, a lot can happen to it before you get to the race, and so when the race begins is what you have to look at, and so, when you go Then talk about these markets and timing. Your expectancy of when a player signs is based upon tradition. It is not based upon the currency of how teams work, Ok, and what they've done is they spent millions of dollars internally on these analytics staffs? They have to show value. But they show value the casting an owner wants to hear here. As we have a whole, we don't have a young player. We can't
good trade, so we have to go to what market free agency this free agency is the highest and most costly acquisition of talent model of the three draft trade free agency. So the analytic staff comes into an owner and says, hire me higher my staff we're going to and show you this unique valuation system that allows do never to have to play in the high free agent market and you will play in the trademark 'cause we're going to be able to determine through our analytic methodology, that we know more about their player than they do, and we know more about our players valuation than they do? Therefore, we a trade we're going to get higher valuations for the player were giving versus a player were receiving
all of these things take place. So when I've got that operation in place, where is the first place? I'm going once the season ends? The draft is already been had so now. Where is the next place? I go the trade market and the trade market is where they're at they want to participate in that and if they can't get what they want done in the trade market after sixty to ninety days, then in February, They are now coming to the free agent market. Okay, because you see we're sitting here, we're supplicants to the process of the major league owners who employed players we weed, we cannot determine when they choose to employ or seek an athlete. It used to be that we had immediately when the season ended
it would come and say we want these free agent yeah when it happened right away- and I feel like that was good for baseball that it was almost instant because now it it really is. It feels like a process to get strong out and people lose interest in the whole. Hot stove thing is the is no longer, it doesn't exist. The owner is sitting in his chair. You bring up this point, it's good for the game for us to move quickly. The analytic people are saying: wait a min you're paying me millions of dollars to walk through the trade market. You won't need a free agent. Why spend millions when I can get this done for you and trade and get you equivalent to a free agent or don't you want to see that happen and you go I'm not really interested in what the people about the hot stove. Whatever I want to go in my particular franchise. Listen to the analytic people, and see whether or not now they're determining their now determining that this
valuation system has a bit of a fraud to it that it's not exactly quite real 'cause. We have all these evaluations that they're making that are turning out to be probably about a forty percent success rate to them, which, and just general scouting. The success rate may have been sixty percent so all of a sudden there's being a an equilibrium being defined as to whether the old way or the new way or there is there some copulation between the two that may work to optimize, how we position the off season and what we do when you're making an argument for a player over the course of the last. Years. I have to assume that the data that you're presenting has changed is that, because you know a lot of front offices are adopting more and more, you know to advance, were sabermetrics guy yeah. So is that? Because there is, I have see that you're saying yeah, not stats, guys statement right like
come with your dad or your sister here, yadda snorkel, don't we yeah right? I just live we're worried about it. I got it yeah yeah, I got. I got my binder yeah a bit, but if you found that the data that you've presented to the team's has forced them like they look at what you have and what you're evaluating with and then they change their own methods or was a kind of a thing where you saw more and more front offices were doing, I hate to say Moneyball, but that sort of thing and you change what you put in front of them because of what you thought they wanted to see. The first rule of negotiation is always speak. Their language eat their food honor, it respect it an really acknowledge their work. First rule! Listen! Now you did that to us. You like
congratulations on where you guys have gotten. That was a smart play. You did that to us damn. I think I think I think that exactly, but I think it's pretty amazing, where you guys have gotten it yet no you're doing against. So I'm just not right. Now really is you literally walked in before we started there a lot and I have I have. I have twenty four people with microphones in the garbage men over there who just didn't get in here there there waiting- I don't remember one was just show up and play golf with them. Yeah yeah, yeah good point break their hand. Yes, never politically put yourself in a position with someone who's never been an athlete, Oh yeah, you want to show him up. That's smart! That's nice! That's a flex by you like you, don't want to go and absolutely dominate someone wait. Were you saying that because we're clearly now
athletes, so we think we could tune it up and play catch. I'm sure you guys would do well. You know, let's you know I got the glove in the balls, will go I'll, go get warmed up, torn labrum sweet. So what's in the binders, it depends on the It depends on the time and it depends on the purpose. Is there any like fun? like this guy likes cats or dogs, or he is yes, hi food guy yeah there there are. There are things, for example, that we would go. And then say that you know when Bryce Harper came to DC. We certainly said that
They need to model the entire secret service. Look after rice are the men olympics. Even mental illness, all man, I'm telling you yeah, that's real! That's most of you can't scout you can't with no make up of a guy that moxie, that's it. The question is, it is all about the tone. Do you have that in your binder, like a this? Is the type of guy he is that doesn't show up on the statutes? Absolutely because you know what it is: it's it's what's going on without anyone ever playing the game yeah They know before they get there what's going on, they feel they feel the pressure of it right. They know that there's a problem. They know so that they're going to have to do something more because they are facing something that they don't normally face. They face power there pacing someone that can you can actually jam him break it back and he'll still at it out of the ballpark yeah, and that will cost you three
yeah and it's in the first inning too, and so consequently, when you go there, you have that perception, you're, walking him and now we're going to lead the league in walks and you know what, without even swinging the bat he's on base a hundred and thirty times that I didn't get a hit yeah, while many power, as you know, is my hats. The powers different page one of David X, teens sprints to First space after a walk yeah. Would you ever never something like that yeah? How do you? How do you quantify grit in one of your binders great, is a personal thing, but the first thing it has to be: you can be manufactured if you're out there trying you're trying to make everybody look bad, as you know, when you're trying to do something, it's not natural, but if it is you rose, was PETE Rose, he'd had his style, but if you had another player. Who was not PETE rose, try to adopt that style be forced, so you always have to. Herman within the athlete there are those at
I represent an athlete like Garret Anderson Garret Anderson was cool. He was smooth, I mean he was. He was a man on ice when he was in the outfield and everybody says why don't you run harder and he goes because I run looking slower and the idea of it is you got to be able to prove that documented, and then all of a sudden when they understand that they're going he's, fastest he's the coolest and because you see that's a unique skill, is now there's a stress on his joints, tendons ligaments, he has a gate, he keeps it and yet it as good or better as those who try to do something faster. So is more durable and I'll probably end up with twenty seven hundred hits, which only less than you know. Twenty people I've ever done, yeah how far and ended yes, you're, looking into everyone of these scenarios, you're like yeah ten years down the line he's not going to be on the dl in late August when your team
is ten games behind you need to go on. A miracle stretch run like you're thinking that far advanced you're making me feel emotional, might not existing franchise and their success. Ten years in the future, I imagine that's power. Remember sports. Franchises are always thought of in the moment, but greatness is always over a term right. That is, I want, got it out, yeah right! That's what do you do for a player who gets a huge contract and then doesn't live up to the contract 'cause it? The thing that always fascinates me is when you have a big contract you're, mostly paying for what happened, not always the future and all these long term contracts like you see it all the time major. Baseball guy signed, A7 year contract and it was like well years. Five, six and seven probably won't be great, but it's worth it. So what do you tell your If he isn't living up to any feels that pressure
everyone saying well you're getting paid so much you're, not producing. I think you tell them. The truth is that long term contracts are portals for the true value of the player in the short term, being a deferment port portal for those values that you didn't pay up front in the future years, for example, a player is worth eighty million dollars a year. You have the luxury tax. You have all these things. You have a current annual payroll budget you don't want to pay him. Eighty million dollars up front so to do and he's worth eighty million dollars over four years, or am I going to pay him? That's right over that three hundred and twenty million I'm going. Pay him thirty two million over ten, and then we have the public complaining. The last four years. He didn't earn the thirty two when they forgot that he was worth eighty, the first four right.
My point is when I hear this all the time I was listening this morning about Joey Votto is a tremendous player. Oh, we can't be paying him that money, that is a deferment portal, will take the money at eighty million, front, the true value 'cause, that's really what those players are worth when they're providing such a dominant performance. That is way above major league standard. That means so much economically to a franchise and so all of a sudden when they're paying him. Basically, the deferred amount The fact that matter is everyone looks at that and says he's not worth that money, but they forgot that he was worth double before had some measure So as any player ever been like hey, I really don't want to get hammered by the media. Can you maybe just give me a little less I know I what I do is I front load the contract. Ok, so I put more up front as much as we can and then we put minimal in the back load so
may have a guy making forty five man, forty man for the first three or four years, and then he may make fifteen May in the last two or and the average annual value on the contract is thirty right in that is I mean I would imagine that's partly because of the media in the narrative because, like you said it makes sense how it all works out long term, but when you get to the end of the contract and people are like hammering on a guy, it can't be all like, like our pools, with an extraordinary gift to the numbers he puts up, and he has historic numbers, and all I hear about is that Albert I'm going no You have to understand the science what was done and that it's just a deferment portal. It's not really what he's being paid for that, because that was anticipated. It only says that seems like, like the nationals that say, ok will pay Bryce a lot of money, but it's going to be one thousand five hundred and twenty years it seems, like you know, two thousand five hundred and thirty years from now it will still be getting paid. I promise you
good for it? How much of that do you take to the bank and how much are you like money right now? Is a lot better? Well we're into three initials. We have our three initials Npv net present value, so we took and we get a deferral contract. We put the Npv value, which is based on the complete, similar price index. This is what this contract is truly worth. You can say it has this grand value, but this is what it's worth using this calculation or if you get another one that doesn't have deferral in it. You say this is worth this calculation, then you know the truth about what the difference is, whether they're actually just deferring money or they're, actually trying to reduce the value of the player artificially by giving a big number that doesn't really represent his true value. Today I had about arbitration arbitration is like you know, it gets very ugly teams, try to diminish the value of a player. Do you let your players sit in the arbitration
is over players actually sit in it and they're not happen me on. The knee was growing on because they they hear things is a fashion right I mean I'm not bashing, but they obviously yeah role is to diminish the value they want to pay. They said a few things about your and he grabbed my knee cap. I kept What I kept writing yeah. What's the meanest thing, you don't to name names really, what's the meanest thing that someone a club is set about a player, I would I'm nasty, do they get have to get well? Sometimes the the the clubs themselves are. Frankly, these are their employees so that they really are there and do a very poor job, I think of because they know the players going to be in their life has become unlocked and and they they say, give more of a of a less of an advocacy tone to it. The commissioner's office brings in their lawyer and he's the one that does the rebuttal and he doesn't really care about the player, and so they
say a lot of things and put a lot of tones on the things that I find an unnecessary. I don't particularly like it and and Cobb, is to make sure that that those process, this is remain professional and I don't Time what they talk about performance when they come in and put tones on things that relate to anything about player personally. He's got bad music. He really clubhouse by there. The guy who is we had one time say the player was a quitter. You know that's, you know he went Howard ever he went queue and okay, he went Q on you that I would be upset yeah and in our retort was rather simple. Is that you know that you sitting here going on? If you think that's, because
it in then. I must admit you that ninety nine percent of the league quits and don't they wish they could quit at that level, because I'm telling you, if that's quitting, that's winning. Yes, how you win with those guys and respond with with data. For that, I would have just said: yeah yeah. That's what I would assume we should be part of the art. Well, the the goal of advocacy is to be like players. Mmhm, you got you you you've got to know how to get your talent on the field. Without emotion. Then, with many a couple pit bulls yeah, no I'm saying we should be on the weak side, because we can get very personal on our tax of professional. That's a good point! Yeah yeah! We would probably do a really good job. He has too much pine, tar and yeah and yeah. It's not going to miss you. The more personal someone's gets. Remember, that's an opinion, yeah and when the minute you give an opinion to a judge, that's unsupported. By fact. They know you're being emotional,
and professional rather than being an advocate. What, if you say the opinion so confidently that it becomes fact. Or the reality of it is your statement of how you present something there has to be a foundation for your roof and if you believe your roof looks very pretty But you don't have the foundation. It'll come right back on you because they're always looking for the found it a train judge always looks for the foundation. So he understands it's not emotional. It is absolutely supported by fact. Bryce Harper's are pretty boy. That's a fact. It is effect. That's why every secret service mentioned look like see. I'm telling you we should. We should look into being part of the Arbec. You don't want to see us across the Kris Bryant's eyes or too late yeah they actually yeah people get lost in them. So much, it's very distracting stated as a fact. It is of
my understanding, that Kris Bryant's eyes are too good. Looking to be a good baseball player Jerry will stay if you're on a recurring roles right yeah. That was a good tone I like to just say it is my understanding before anything that sounds way professional but feel free to take that one for me, yeah, five percent. Objection sustained an truth. However. Remember that those deep eyes mezmur nice pictures who they get lost in the look and they lose the location. Okay, all I'm going to date that one Lawson look is location. You seem like a guy, that's still very competitive. And I'm wondering if you have more fun go: shooting deals with general managers that you don't like or general managers that you have a good relationship with the best negotiations are the people that are most prepared. We is in a negotiation: you're not there to win anything you're there to understand something 'cause, all you want
Do is go to your client and say the basis of fairness of your valuation is the following, and you know what we thought of ninety eight percent. We got some really good facts that think help us. What do you think of these facts? We think that they're relevant and they're, accurate, and therefore, in our demand, we should adjust. It or in some instances we learn things about what they find most important and in some instances go back and say we should increase this because what they, what they find most important you never at higher rates than anyone else in the game. So there's always this equilibrium. When you go in and say you're not here to be anything other than a great listener and you hope to come out with an understanding you're not when win. If you want to win put on a uniform play, the game cuz, you can beat the game, but when you negotiate, you want to come out with a quality understanding.
Both sides- that's interesting. You just said that. So you have gone to negotiations with teams and they have presented facts, and you said light pole. You actually should pass more, that's what I I'm going in negotiations and say we should reduce our demand is really when you say. Oh, that's a good point. I hadn't thought about that. I don't think you make quite mission forgot to do that page. You go back. You go back to your client and you study it to make sure that it's factual you'll look at it and then you go back and you talk to your client about it and say in our demand. We should lower it. They've raised it. For these reasons we should lower ours. For these reasons, and then the player gives you the consent to forward in the negotiation as he feels. How much do you use exit velocity? So I think it's bullshit, I think stack casts totally made up. Well remember that exit velocity represents something that is usually
a it has no relationship to an effect. It has to do with the swing velocity and such, but it has no relationship. Are the ball. Go right has no relation to twenty two, whether or not that's effective, as if I have an exit velocity of one hundred and four and all I do is hit pop ups those are hard pop up. So yes, doubts. There are down us with a look at our own selves. The reality of it is. There is another component that goes with exit exit, the lost city and that is the result from the exit velocity. Ok, so you agree with me: it's troubleshooting you want not totally not total incomplete yeah. You want eight wild card teams. I love that idea by the way yeah. I I my my feeling is: we have to make the game more competitive. We have to bring the fans into the game. We already know on inception that there are going to
the almost in any leg. You know that there are going to be four teams in each division, There are definitely going to be well above the bottom. Probably six or seven teams so of those when you look fifteen teams in each division, four going to be four or five we're going to be where well above and then you're going to have five or six that are going to be well below. So you have this equilibrium of right around four teams that could or couldn't be in my idea. This is that we go in and create a route. We we love, we're gonna, create a baseball march madness so that you have the the bottom three teams. So you have five six and seven. So seven, if you have the the seventh best record in your division, your fish dean. Team division of the National League say the seven. Then you place six one but game the winner of that will play team five and the winner of that will taint
team for and then you get into divisional playoffs, so you're going to have three days of of sudden death major league, all playoffs. I like it and all those fans are sitting there for a month to Germany or we gonna get to the seventh slot yeah we to get to the fifth slot. What are we going to do? If you get the eight you could be in the know, so the reality of it is we've got a percentage like the NBA's been very smart. I think Adams done a wonderful job with that lady. He really has where they've got a a large component were there every region can be. In the league in in the thing really until the very last twenty percent of competition. Only four or five teams fall off and you have roughly right around sixty Seventy percent of the league being in the hunt for something in a playoff modality and the great thing about baseball is: we've seen wow card teams in the World Series yeah, so everyone knows getting into the hunt is not just a
it's not like. Really the NBA a matter of the fact thing in baseball getting into it's very important 'cause! You can turn it around and become very hot during the playoffs. Yet we've seen great teams lose in the first round hockey. Is that way with gold tends to yeah yeah yeah? I want to quickly do a couple. Last things 'cause. I know you gotta rap here quickly, but Chris Bryant, we talk about Kris, Bryant, real, quick I've been told by Theo. Then I can negotiate. Kris Bryant's contract here and now. So I'm you go. Are you ready to go? Also? I want to let you know that on April 16th, two thousand and fifteen, which is right around the Bryant Bryant, coming up to the major leagues. I But I treated Hey Scott Boris. You just got field bro and you did you got field, but seven years, two hundred and twenty five. Well, you didn't. Let me finish his dad is also the hitting coach will hire him. Remember that being an attorney and
using real names in real time and real things, I'm prohibited from even entering into anything discussion, but I will discuss the valuation of Johnny, CUB Johnny Johnny up Johnny Cubs seven years two hundred and twenty five and his dad? Is you almost made it cup of coffee in the major leagues and he would be a great hitting coach? Well. First of all, we have to understand who Johnny CUB is he's great. Okay. Now wait. No, he stinks. So I guess my question is: if you're in the stink yeah and you want to pay players, two hundred million dollars who stay I'm have I I have. I got a laundry list of amateurs that I can give. You are aren't worthy of signing contracts at all, so so
Obviously we know when it whenever, whenever a general manager is in a marketplace where he is offering an elite value, what top ten value for a player and they come the first thing you say is thank you for wanting to have an interest in Someone that we believe is a very important part of your future at and what we do and this player has worked for since he's ten years old to get to this point and what we want to do is sit down and talk about. What's the basis of your Offer please tell me where you grab these numbers from it would be cheaper than than Bryce Harper. Well, that would be true. That would be true of frankly every player in the league. Yes one, but I know you because you're going to just keep climbing up climbing up and breaking every record. Well, we wanted to
she fairly, we want you to know that let's try to talk about not the existence of a financial market, but let's talk about a performance market, so we know that you can explain to everyone involved because you future players and they're going to want to be paid above and below this evaluation. So you want to be able to say that when you talk to your fellow employees and your ownership, that you have got a firm understanding of what you value most as to why you think these this performance is unique, or why you think this performances not of the highest standard and the reason we want to do this is because not only are we dealing with the negotiation of today in today's player, we're going to be dealing with negotiations for a long time and going forward. So if I understand your basis of evaluation for this player,
others, then I'll have a firm understanding how to approach you with a consideration for how your peers do it and how we've done it historically, so we can have a good basis of information to begin the process. I'm not ready to do that at this time, just say yes or no well the answer that would be TBC: oh, okay, okay, three initials against yeah yeah. It's actually really good for dumb brains like mine, just make everything three initials. Well, you know what you know, what does the biggest disconnect between what you're doing, and what we do is that I can't think into the future. I can't think more than a day into the future. Where is your like? kind of time travel other past. I don't know what you're talking about seven years, I'm going to be alive in seven years. The world is not going to be here in seven years. You gotta plan for today, yeah just want the deal today has any owner ever said. What about climate change?
we might not even have a Lee yes, seven years yeah. Why do you want these this tenth year like well? That's too bad. I've always told him that you know, baseball can be played in the dome underground you have an answer for everything: you're, not as bad of a as people make you out. It's nice yeah care what people say about you: Scott Force, you're. Okay, you have to understand something. I talked to my clients, ninety five percent of the time- and I only heard I think so. Yes, we were. How do you know if you do in baseball, because you have one tweet ever yes, my mind if you went to college play division, one baseball and now is, is out working in the world and doing great so confirm that your twitter account that that would be pretty much it yeah
He wrote congradulations nephew, Jimmy Borst, first varsity high school, a bat. Well done! That's his only next week. I like that is only water yeah. I I do have one last question because in in the binder that we were given before we met with you, it said that you were roommates with PETE Carroll yeah. Yes, how? How is he as a roommate was clean? What's what we're here is the ultimate competitor. He come back to the room and he would have his forehead would be swollen from hitting head. First, he was defensive back. He was an ultimate ultimate competitors on a gun and we'd, sit there and talk about how you get better in our respective sports all the time and still do today. That's awesome, did you know your shoes contract for no? I just came in
number well, it's got forced. Thank you so much. We appreciate it really been a pleasure guys, yeah again, graduation. Thank you. No, they don't stop doing that to you on that seven year to twenty five. If you were a Johnny CUP we got. We know where to go that interview. Scott forces brought you guys by roman swipes. We love talk about roman swipes. Most guys have tried different ways to last longer, but thinking about base Paul doesn't always work. Doesn't matter how many binders you have Scott. The folks are roman in online men's health company are changing the game with roman swipes, the secret to longer lasting sex, roman swipe medically proven way to last longer in bed their effective they're easy to use their fast acting, but they don't require prescription roaming. Can ship swipes to you in discrete unmarked packaging, in each swipe, Packet is small enough to hide in your wallet for whenever you need it. Swipes are great they're not going to transfer to your partners, who can last longer without worrying,
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should be equal to watchable equal pay for equal performance. Why? Why don't? They just think? All these, I think, is Hannah, be like it's not it's, not necessarily that it's girls with boys. I just think the actual bachelorette like she doesn't want to be there like. She cries every episode. She like it's like all these so. You need them to fight each other. You just give everyone steroids and let him fight yeah Garrett Fault with Luke for the whole family go hour, Hannah told the has to stay in their freaking lane, freaking so classic classics, I'd see, driving by check and then Second, our was just a recap of the first five weeks of the show, basically just an interview with Hannah that they filmed after this season was over for filler they're running out. It sounds like there's not a lot going on, and so it's really reaching for it. Can you bring up a good point to big cat? You know how like on reality tv shows you're not allowed to have televisions in the house. You can't have board games and things like that, because you want to get interaction between the guys
Why not just set up like a rough and rowdy ring or just a boxing ring to the bathhouse? The best season of the challenge ever was when W came an had put on like fifty pounds of muscle because of steroids, and they all just write it out on each other. That's it that's the key that's it! That's it all right, so I'll call and and just a synthetic testosterone in the fridge so we've all people are very upset, though, at the fact that they just we played like a best of but I telling you okay, so we stood. This segment serves its purpose, though, because the whole point of it is that you can now talk about the bachelor or bachelorette in your office with your girlfriend with your boyfriend, your boyfriend watches, and you don't, but now you can just say this season, soccer seasons, trash Hanabi is very low energy right sad next up, we have respect the biz for the umpires, so major league baseball umpires are very upset. Manny Machado, he threw his bat and his hit his helmet and made a little bit of contact and they,
suspended him for one game, but the umpires are mad because there's only one game and they have a I guess the Umpire Union has a twitter account or you better believe that is definitely run by Joe W and they over Hash tagged. So they went so after seeing that, maybe she was only suspended for one game. Hashtag Dennis disappointed tag lead by example: hashtag not appreciated hashtag violence, hashtag temper, tantrum hashtag, action hashtag not tolerated hashtag make an example of hashtag one game, suspension, hashtag, repeat offender, hashtag nonsense, Hashtag, MLB Ua! Is that it that's it my fave, but I think it's a hashtag not appreciated
Okay and hashtag make an example of make an example of a very nice. That's a I'm actually looking right now to see what's buzzing on, the hashtag make an example of good take a little while because it was just it everyone just talking about that. But you know there was some some person who topped on Twitter like five years ago. It's like I'm make an example. Out of about my other favorite part of the tweet was have a snitch tag buster only in it. At the end, all you could do that they were just like a buster. This is our press release, so yeah, please do the rest will work for her show west you're tweeting. Please signal boost your buddy, Joe yeah. I actually I would like, If the umpires, they should do a diss track to Manny Machado, just have Joe we get into like a rap or yeah get into a rap battle yeah. That would be pretty good like they should reply to this tweet, which did numbers with a link to their Soundcloud. It's just Joe What was the name of Joe West in about
yes, sing and stand by your many easy either way. It's a good time to remind everyone that last year, Joe West tried to wear a white arm band to speak out against violence against empires, and that was the dumbest thing yeah turns out the thin white line. Isn't the greatest thing to talk about okay. So we have our sports business minute. With p m t D sports, Biz Jake MAR she's been killing it. He was The Xfl combine. He got exclusive footage of ravel complaining about his hamstring and saying this is not your content and
crushing it looked. You are PMT sports biz minute good morning. This is Jake Morris with the PMC sports is a minute. The NBA draft is tomorrow most players in attendance. What a handmade suit that can cost anywhere from nineteen hundred dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. Now fifteen grand buys you about fifty seven thousand six hundred and ninety two diapers after all, big cat does become dad Pat any day. Now. Meanwhile, the NFL has, until the beginning of September, they decided to opt out of its Sunday ticket deal with direct tv. The current eight year deal which ends after this season, the what the average of one point five billion dollars in order for all right, let's be real throughout the numbers, just get the damn deal done. This is the greatest idea in sports television history and it should not be changed. One bit we shall see. Finally, Forbes has released a top ten list for the fastest airlines in the: U S: number one hawaiian air, with Southwest allegiant Delta right behind American Alaska CARE, stand at nine and ten respectively Doctor PMC sports Biz Minute, Mr Top, MR commenter back to you. This is not
your content isn't isn't all timeline by all time, and you know he was so upset so dead serious. This is my content. I want the retweets. You can't do this. For the guy who likes steals everyone else's. Is not your content, We have a locker. Talk which is actually kind of just a sad talk. Lenny Dykstra lost his teeth. Not only did he lose his teeth, but should be just read a headline: Lenny Dykstra losses, Tijan I'll. Actually, let's change it. Let's change it to. A read a headline, because that's probably better, we can just move on haha is include the entirety of the headline. Yes, I got it xml he star. Lenny Dykstra spent nine hours, dumpster diving outside of Jersey, MIKE's. Here's why he lost his teeth. It did leave
one of the best parts X, MLB Star Lenny Dykstra spent nine hours, dumpster diving with professional wrestler sprinkles the clown. Oh, he was to recover eighty thousand dollars worth of fake teeth to the gut bacteria appropriately. I see the sprinkles the clown yeah. He said yeah regular, clown. Half days that you want me to come help. We want to come help me in Lenny, Dykstra, look for his dentures tonight or does anyone. This is a serious question. I would sprinkle Clown only answers serious questions so yeah he dug through the mister for nine hours. Did you ever find him? I think he did ok, so good good All in all is well that ends well great great, ending to a story there. Alright last stop before we get to guys on chicks. We have a know, you think Pft. What was it? The the president of FIFA was arrested because it turns out, the awarding of the World CUP to Qatar or cutter may not have been above
you think, no doi, so you're saying that awarding it to a country where they have to build what ten soccer stadiums with all air condition, using slave labor. Probably wasn't good, I'm sorry his job, creation of crime now or is that we're doing? Are they going to lock him up? 'cause he's an entrepreneur and, like people don't get mad at Georgia O'Keeffe when she painted flowers that look like vaginas. I think we should let this guy build a dozen stadiums in the desert that look like labias. This is going to be some serious, serious, deserted stadium porn in like ten years. Oh yeah, none of these going to be there. The only thing that could save him is. If the only thing could save FIFA from this disaster is, if Roger Goodell's like we're putting an NFL team in Qatar, which wouldn't surprise me like an entire division right in Qatar. Right I mean kind of it. I'm in I'm in, if we're being honest yeah,
You want to do the spring League of well, I'm assuming the game, which is beyond the middle of the night. What time is this world cup going to be played. Will be played in the middle. I'm going to guess. Games would be at like two hundred am: oh, my god fuck that yeah. Why all right now, I'm at I love yoga lesson. Guitar is seven hours ahead of oh, that's not bad, it's not too bad. No, it's like late night! No, that's not true. No all the games will be early morning seven hours ahead of us. It's one hundred and four am right now in guitar, so seven hours ahead? Yeah? So it's great, we don't know where Qatar is on him wait, so some of the games are going to be starting in like an hour, so the latest games girl. What are you talking about when we watch the game time zones, man, like middle of the day here, 'cause we're going to play the games at night there, ok, so it will be like if a game starts at eight there will start at one: ok and that's great boss, buttons, that's great
they're going to play the actually don't have to play the games. I don't want it because they're not going to be able to the AIR Conditioner stadium, so that's fine. That would be six hundred o'clock yeah, but yeah Roger Goodell put the division over there. Do it all right, Hank, let's rap up guys on chicks, Sup, Changkat perfectly normal height Pft, my husband and I recently returned from our honeymoon, and things have been a tad rocky. While on our honeymoon, I bought us a sunset, horseback riding trip. My husband is add chunk and I may or may not have lied about his weight to meet the guidelines to horseback ride. I did not tell about a weight limit cut too and four other couples about to horseback ride, and he was essentially told he was too fat to ride now? Wanting to waste the money he already spent, he went to the bar while I enjoy the sunset horseback ride with some random strangers. Shoot me straight. How bad is this? Is this salvageable
yeah. I think it probably is. It is better that ended up having this way than the guy killed a horse by just like riding it to exhaustion for being too fat yeah. So he probably appreciated the couple hours just get loaded at the bar by himself also as someone who's lived, his whole life on or near the weight limit for these things. He knows like this. The news to him: whitewater rafting, segues, zip, lining zip, lining bungee, jumping jumping out of an airplane. All these things. You know, there's the possibility there like you or way too heavy for this, and you know what you just kind of deal with it. This. Why activities on vacations are overrated in general greed? Really all guys perfect honey. On our vacation is just go somewhere, hang out at a beach or pool and then get hammered yeah you can just
He only does the activities 'cause, you wanna, do the activities eat a lot, yeah eat a lot and then maybe have sex with a few times. Yeah he big cat and Pft? My husband has been gaining a little weight and I found out is because every night he goes to walk the dog he stopped at the. A good heater, get candy or get a slice of pizza yep. He then returns home and has dinner with me, never gone, shooting his snacking. I don't want to call me out, but could. I be offended that he is pre gaming dinner with his wife PS, the behind the counter of the bodega snitched on him no that stuff No, but he was paying in cash and being real slick about it, probably probably kicked one of the cats or something bodega cats, that sucks. How could that guy do that he's definitely trying to suck you by the way the bodega guy 'cause that like? Why would he say? Why would you snitch on a customer
as loyal as the late night? Snack? That's probably your best guys. I mean this is the the midnight like yeah, I mean days may be a snack. I do it. I hide I hired by stacks my house. That's that's the adult thing to wear. Are you kidding laws? It's, I guess. Yeah keep candian drawers your drawers, yeah hi places like you, it just title in the back, bathroom being adult about it and hide all your shame. Yeah, instead of going out to the bodega 'cause, then guess what you can't get snitched on, take it like a prescription bottle, fill it up with skittles or MM's, and just take a few of those every night hopple sub boys. My boyfriend keeps asking me to pierce my nips, but I- but I know from a friend that his ex has peers Nitong this. You want to get back together with his axe, or does he just love? Nipple piercings? I think that's like you, if you're a pitcher that gets used to throw in the same ballpark our daily a better example, be a center fielder. Has used the dimensions of a ballpark by the team they get drafted on then you'd get
headed to the Astros and all of sudden there's like a hill and a out in centerfield you'd, rather be playing in the in the place that you're familiar with. He just knows what to do with pierced nipple. That's socks. I think you, I think the compromise. Here's you just tell him. Instead of piercing your nipples, you sh, he can just call you his ex girlfriend's name. Do that are just press one yeah yeah, here's what our say I'll pierce. My nipples, if you pierce ears, if you Prince Albert yeah, very girls cock. I was thinking about getting a dick piercing. Yeah you are, I knew you were alright last one. Hey boys, especially dad bod cat. So I don't do that. Don't don't dad bods the big dad bod thing where people thing
it's hot. It's not so. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago with produced Raju, it's and as a wedding gift for the groom. The bride had the Purdue PETE Mascot come hello. Drum too, I had a little too much to drink and ended up suggested. We dancing parentheses grinding with Purdue PETE for a long time my boyfriend didn't know. To do besides watching the sidelines and horror in embarrassment and now won't stop making fun of me. How do I ever live this down? I think you got to let you get to buy him a Purdue, PETE Costume, let him fuck, you man, that's so we just gotta, get him drunk and have him embarrass himself. So that way, when he brings up Purdue PETE, you can bring up like him pissing his pants or something yeah Maybe I like higher MRS met to show up to one of your like a night, What are some other good female mascots, the blue hen, the Delaware Blue Hand is technically a female that stuff man. You can't especially like now, I'm going to get into the range of bashing Purdue but like come on we're not
you know at least do it with steely Mcbean Purdue move to even have the Massachusetts right. Now it's a big college. I've been to I've been to weddings with Bucky Badger at it, it's very fun. He shows up and he's fucking. So it definitely happens. I'm not shaming that part. It's just Purdue p. That too. It's kind of weird, but I'm going to Google, pretty I don't know sandy looks like here. I think, if you're going to do it, you're you're gonna want to do it with like a mascot that everyone loves but she's what she's getting shame for it now after the fact, also by the way, I'm definitely came in that mascot suit. He was like what is known He looks like no one. He can just do whatever he wants. Yeah He you know he's not good. Looking. No, he looks like if steely mcbeam got had MEG Ryan's doctor plastic surgery on it's, not good, it's not good. If you're good do if you're going to like be going after mascot, there's better ones out there, mascots out there there like. Okay, that one I could see how
Things could get away from you and boom the Oregon duck. Puddles. You could see how the Oregon duck would start. You know what I mean like if you start grinding your ass on the Oregon duck I think anyone can say anything because that's a good looking mask, I would say the Stanford tree nah, that's weird! Now, let's check for tree, I think I think that, but no, you think a Berkeley. No I'm thinking of the Stanford tree. It's weird, I don't know hippie band, they have all the Stanford Band, you know they all like run out there and they don't. They wear different clothes.
I'm just I'm not I'm not endorsing grinding up against the trombone player from Stanford. Now I know I am. I am endorsing as a form of Christmas tree salesman. I always have kind of a special place in my heart for nice. Fraser FIR, maybe will do that MEL Rushmore of mascots that you'd Phuc, also before the show, ends to quick note that Chris Paul and Deron more have both come out and said. That's fake news about the report. Oh I'm sure, yeah, totally totally definitely fake, totally fake. There's no in James Harden still hasn't returned his text not trying to save face for a potential trade or anything like that also is a classic. They texted James Harden number like hey we're about to release joint statement. Un will not going to join Instagram. But this battle, nothing back. 'cause he's not responding. Ok, that's show see everyone on Friday love you guys
It's pardon my take
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