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Scott Van Pelt, NFL 100 - Wide Receivers, Mt Flushmore Of TV Characters

2020-04-08 | 🔗
People are trying to bring sports back and we're excited. Dana White is living the dream and a biodome might happen (2:12 - 12:42). We discuss the NFL 100 Wide Receiver list (12:42 - 24:49). Hot Seat/ Cool Throne (24:49 - 36:22). Scott Van Pelt joins the show to talk about life with no sports, how far Maryland would have gone in the tourney, no longer fighting with twitter trolls, and the upcoming NFL Draft (36:22 - 70:58). Mt Flushmore of TV Characters, shoe roast for the Bucs new uniform and guys on chicks.
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on today's part of my take we have scotman pelt old friend recurring guest on the show talk about world without sports donwell when sports back talk about how far maryland were gone and he's totally not mad about the fact that it is sheer title with wisconsin this year and big ten basketball we have sports may be coming back to actually know wisconsin one the asiatic title according to ie is correct as according to scots boss espn bp i we have sports may be coming back we have nfl one hundred wide receiver list hot seat cool thrown mouth flush more of tv characters and some guys on checks or pack show for everyone before we do that part my takes brought you by the cash out now is the easiest way send money to your friends it's the safest because you know what we face to face you can do it you could send money to your friends to your family to your dog walker two year the bartender you miss so dearly maybe want to donate to someone you can use the cash app and you don't have to be holding money passing it back and foreseeing people face to face do it with the cash app and here's a little extra bonus when you put in code bars till you get ten dollars for free and ten dollars go to ass pc a when
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yeah pardon my take to welcome to pardon my take is anybody the cash app go downloaded right now use code barstool you get ten dollars in free ten dollars to aspca today is wednesday april eighth and i feel great boys we're going to have a positive show because they're trying to bring sports back it's a big debate we have to have his that light at the end of the tunnel or is it rain we don't know because everytime they say
major league baseball we're coming back by owner like six days or six hours later they have to clarify the reporting be like actually the person who said that is not talk to anybody they're just hoping but i think that they're it sounds more like there will be sports at some point this summer we don't know what that formats going to look like we don't have to be fans in london's golfers schedule manders and be drones flying behind each golfing up gulf is scheduled dana why purchased an island is new and fight island dana white and i know people like him put to death guys out there he is jus in what we like what i would dream of doing like hey how can i find sports having to figure out a way to keep my lee going on i have focused island like tat is the the stupid hypothetically through a round with your friends when you're like fourteen years or they would you do if your millionaire thinking million dollars like a lot of money but like i wouldn't i have for you i would have people fight uneasy fight island i would you out
heal the idea for mortal combat who stole it from blood sport who stole from crowded kid who stole from gillikins island and i would just have people engaged in combat on my island to them the ocean somewhere hell yeah yeah i mean data whites entire life is kind of like an eight year old who thinks that they have a million dollars in women have a tournament people going to fight each other and in the winter is going to get a big cool gold bill so here's what's happening when i see this stuff there are people who are saying oh my god this is ridiculous how could you ever think about this in this global pandemic ok god but let atlas actually think about it because i would imagine that getting sports back will bring the normalcy that we need in the world to have ever feel like oh my god worlds coming back you know a little bit even if it is baseball in front of no fan so all those people shop the other group of people who are like well we're basely treating the play
there's like pieces of meat i kind of see that but i would also imagine players want to get paid right because eventually if all the league's cancel they're not going to pay everyone will there the cat go down eventually instead of going up and then that creates a whole other materials i daresay do it it sounds like itself bad to be like kay i we're gonna do the j willing idea no i love the players are undergoing i love it sounds bad out of the top your head i live at the same time we have morale problem in america and one easy way to distract us from all the bad stuff it's happening is give a sports to watch on tv here's what i think we need to propose fifty because people who like what we can't force these players to play and i agree you shouldn't have to force anyone to do anything here if they can figure out a way to make it as safe as possible and everyone can go play and get paid and bring back a little norma
c2 life i think the whole entire world i'm talking everyone we got the census right now and you know in your in your in your mailbox we should resend the census and it should be a just chill out dude if things might go bad like if mlb comes back and someone gets really really sick we need to all sign a waiver being like we're not gonna hold that against them yeah yet because they are a little bit afraid right and they should be asian legal issue razor handling i love it's a legal document that you says like kobay why do we won't like we won't fuckin roast you have you opt in and so if you elect to watch a major league baseball game on television by doing so your absolve the league of providing a reality corona vidal yeah i was we all of this is this is a huge indictment of the modern billinger
i'm not gonna do the thing where i donation shames bill gates asked yes applebee's but this is a huge indictment like old school billionaires would have had something prepared in like to back their minds in case world goes to shit i they would still have liked her own private island that they could go to to hunt people for sport like carnegie would have vaunted perfect in in steel trap on an island ready to release him for just such an occasion when they're no sports and so far the only billionaire that stepped up to do crazy shit and give a sports for their own person game is dana what is even a billion areas i've been a billion or saint just really really rich billion ellison ay i am a hundred percent in favour of taking away all the money in the world from a billion years if they're going to demonstrate to us that they don't even have the foresight to create an alternative sports league if worldwide virus is dana wider billinger because i could have actually imagine him like a world where everyone is like the blue checks are shooting on him ass being like how could you
you get a island and me things not a billionaire is the only thing you response to that fuck you brow the idea i don't have an island so high school gymnastics championships who can be played a little saint james yeah there we go five hundred ml five animal lily for half a billion ok to commas he's on his way eights harder its harder to make your first five hundred million second five hundred mail etc the other as i've i've heard at the second five hundred now money makes money dude people we took a beating in the stock market recently i got down back up its back up so i feel optimistic cautiously optimistic the gulf putting things honest calendar made me feel and also what it did was out of you guys notice but the her like the masters can be played november nineteen fourteen to whatever dates are and then everyone immediately said holy shit that's alabama georgia weaken
i was like holy shit out georgia is a sick i was i was just going through twitter i think it was hoary carter loma nominee posted a clip of some alice you fall back ling somebody out it was a clip from serbia sports it was verne announcing the game and it had a c b s ass you see music yeah and it got me go and like i sat up and and i'm like you know what i'm i'm ready to re engage myself in this fight with whatever feelings of anxiety or depression that were creeping in from staying in my house with no sports those are out the window because i heard you know it just put just give me some serious channel that plays the plays the nfl on fox music the cbs in a film music yes paean music just remind me of why i'm staying inside the cbs as he see music i dont want to be a bummer here but you guys realize it that's ending soon like their contracts end but they can give that whoever buys you don't even know
i mean why then omby amby embassy an mba like we didn't get that music back we didn't get around our round ball rock on twenty year yeah we just got it for fox gus johnson calling like big escapes i think they should do for this for the sake of the country i am an old man and i agree with you i don't think i think he experienced can do their own music and it's gonna ruin i don't like that will be something debt when a few old we want to hear you say that this is why were fighting everyone america old this is why we're staying inside right now so we can have this gonna stop now
he's gonna galileo carries the boys dabble swimming nother need saving in the boys take down to the swamp again florida the first time since two thousand eight because the s schedule so fucking stupid we must adapt please the boy to athens and your damn right he's swept through his polo sir i let's do it can be weird i just thought that the other day like as he sees going to be on a european it's going to be weird when we don't have that i soon we will be on abc as well it will be we're really don't have it means yet we ve reached the breaking point in this crisis when my green bird is forgetting what day the weak it was yes probably already saw this way ahead of me on it on once you get up this morning we were watching work but relatively we haven't turned cable on my like my cable news
then why are you so watching that i just thought clip i'll know our watch get up during this mess but i the cliff young you might have i've tuna couple yes by acts and work agreements by the rainy withdrew the entire episode today and then at the very end when he was doing a sign off he's like i'd like to apologize to america for the first time in my career i went through this entire show saying that it was wednesday morning when it was tuesday the whole damn way through that's the canary in the coal mine where you should watch s we're fucked up the i should watch as happy greece's green his wife he got the vitamins defence environments are the wrong plastic tat he sets out for every morning should we do and fell hundred and if one hundred wide receivers let's get mad about where we get hussy goes wrong i actually looking at it when we waited all the whole thing has started
yet this was the whole thing started so again eta filth one hundred they did the teams and like most of the time i think all the positions they ve done this where they basely separated old guys modern her so i don't think it's fair to take away from the old guys because they just drawing them in their whatever in less than a model or earls yet so it's the old guys r l roy hirsch lance all worth paul warfare don hudson raymond bury now the new guy those are all players have played pre nineteen april call that the grit era the new guys our jerry rice rainy moss larry fitzgerald steve large it marvin harrison so this all started because i was like houseless fitzgerald on there and not to yo and calvin writ jerry rice and ready marsh you agree
or just on the outer italy there one that's not even a debate has not up for debate i would say probably steve large and to peace because he's he's also like he played a little bit earlier where they didn't throw the ball is much so he probably stays in there we ve already got like for people on the list that are on the list because they played an era with it and through them i know but we can't i mean you can't do that you can't take away though the pre nineteen eighties guys larger was a system receiver you only work with gems or ok society steve large and i don't know i don't want to lose divergent i surely em not as mad about larry fitzgerald as i was when we first when we first brought this really disappointed that you're not as mad because i came prepared with some stats yet nor the honest man i was thinking you were very bad no i'm not i'm not mad cows actually more mad about marvin harrison being on the ok agreed yeah i grew that because marvin harrison he was essentially he was very
good route runner good hands overall very good receiver outside but he also has played many who through the fuck out of ball every single gained so here here's how i i broke down my list i would do they also killed somebody he also killed someone this this might be where you can find contention i actually means keeping them sure though my list i am now taking off marvin harrison and as much she's tee o she doing the real journalists thing whereof sank tee o what he took away from the tea he was too means amelia amounts they kept saying now i mean you called way than calling always quarterback gay but that also probably has to do with it i've been calvin johnson just even oversee and down of yet even though calvin johnson played less and all those guys i think he is the better better of a wide receiver the tee o and larry fitzgerald and marble
harrison an chris carter supporting calvin on my list instead of marvin harrison keeping larry fitzgerald calvin if you look it has a higher yards perception than everyone else that i just look did he also has the the greatest receiving season in a hundred twenty two receptions nineteen sixty or yards and that he was playing on the lions he was playing on the lie in remote does that's all mad and love he was playing on the lions and its yes he had matthew stafford but he had a young matthew stafford he also had to have john kintner dinner lofty don t call pepper sean hill was was therefore season i think calvin johnson and i know that he didn't play very long and cut it sure but i think he's a better receiver and his peak then tee o and margaret i agree with that i think that he is number three i think it's randy moss jerry rice and then calvin johnson racks then i'm gonna go to you
i'm not gonna let you taking larry off i'm not now i'm not gonna let the way that i'm not gonna let way that he treated the media cloud my judgment like you are big cat i think that i'm only judging this on the field when she was on the field whose unstoppable no i'm not i'm not sorry about the media and talk about like he immediately known please believe your believing the lies at the media told you know i am not talking about the media i'm talking about like what he did was teammates i i'm gonna choose to leave as no problem is really just catches pretend that you said some bachelor butler for children has given how as planned the field exactly strictly field like like peterkin armies he's at unbeliever series right off annabel top hundred players if i can do is large and if i can take steve large and often takes these large enough i basely went for the top for wide receive first in the modern modern era and i'm going with jerry rice rainy moss cal
johnson learn if it's just telling eggs he owes number five of this much of a snake about yo and you didn't really say that much barodia so what would wish list ok well let me too pretend that you said no larry fitzgerald but because you ve hamlet but you ve been teasing it but i looked at for weeks i wait now hold on while these have urged on it at once more on the word i said i have on got number one he has more tackles the drop passes and his entire career that's fucking while does it yeah stat number two horses play off statistics to that here's a game breakdown one hundred and one yards one touchdown one hundred and sixty six yards a touchdown one hundred and fifty two yards three touchdowns seven receptions four hundred and twenty seven yards and two touchdowns in the super bowl then after that and i'm gonna jump to the end and just say he's got he average
about ninety four yards per game in the playoffs and over touchdown in every touch in every pussies game is a replacement and here's a full list of the quarterbacks he's caught touched on as from obviously this kurt warner there is carson homer average louder and for yards and play after that josh recount john skeleton johnny i great cavern cobb matt liner kyler murray dirk anderson dressed in plain gabert max hall whose whose max all as you he's a creative poor richard cartel on king brian saint pierre and that's it though those are the vessel list of of quarterbacks if don't touch on passes lured fits he's absolutely lest he deserves to be on this list so i heard you i will stand larry fits where it's a who'd you take off drop in raymond berry
no you can't do this because we we did this last time you can't take any the old guys austerity wrapped him neuro you had to keep see large onto should give us we want our people eavesdropping devices eighty nine either this is again this is you're like a rice we're gonna make it hard first when he overlapped gironde jimmy's ninety eight it is not a yo yo r gimme your for like giving your top poor get hard on yourself when i made it harder myself i didn't take steve large out i didn't take it guys out steve origin isn't steve largest non oda i'm saying do it just gimme four steve like make a hard on you some very confused which are asking i'm saying gimme your top for ok my jerry rice i already moss number one jerry rice number two calvin johnson number three and then number four where if it's ok we have the exact same wrecking seed on respecting the same way
nor i kept steed large in order to make it difficult for of course still of course theo's better than steve largest what a make it almost as we re one hundred percent for i am still too you you ve been teasing me to get pre mad about learn fitzgerald put i only get it then you pulled the okey doke no shadow to me for being able to look at me like hey you know what when we're when we talked about this originally i was wrong false build up from you i can admit when i'm wrong false built up from you cash or can i mountain do spit bottle no i apologize to hang ramrod edge it admitted on air hank put the oh i don't know china are so we have the exact same rankings we do now but you also said that i'm disagree with former begat put i wish we pull back to tape i businesslike i need i think you're a flip flop or do i need to look at it and i looked at it and i agreed they learn fitzgerald should before stick your guns in tee o should be five best but on the list
to learn if it's true i so yeah that's all that's unless we have the exact same us i think calvin johnson should beyond their it's crazy agri it's not i don't know who who vote on mrs collins worth bela check elsa's on the pole it just sucks that they do the old five guys because it's like of course i don't think any of these five guys but like you have to keep them on i don't know it's stupid you heard your talk at about two oh but you remain island on randy mossy always when he got mad about the barbecue catering trade in the vikings i always went on the exact same ranking that you have yes okay so we have exactly what you have any comment about ready moss getting mad at raining losses that is the best receiver in the history of the ineffective gentlemen i don t i don't i don't care what he did what he did to caterer the barbecue wasn't it do you remember that thousand is the most salaries dumb fake like new cycle that was it
like two thousand and thirteen thousand forging towards the end of his career they had some catered lunch in the vikings a room and then afterwards all these reports came out saying that rennie moss insulted the brisket or the barbara care and it was it was like a mom and pop that had been serving the team for the last twenty ready moss had his issue like he wasn't the best he may but he was also the grid why does she rolled up already moss is awesome mantelish yes he is so i'd never seeing someone so mad to agree your man i'm married for your big right but because you can get me i've been in a cage this autumn and even parade ok we're going i'm gonna talk about learn fitzgerald a couple weeks and then you opened up the cage and you gave me birthday cake so now like yeah well i agree thank you for the birthday like its awesome you know i love when we're pieces but i'm still i going to need a second to calm down from the last two weeks of stewing about their future
won't we first talked about i'd even know marvin harrison was on i'm pretty sure we just knew that calvin johnson in tee o worked on it and i was like houses fucking possible now i understand and yeah i think calvin johnson should be on it ahead of marvin harrison and then to if you want sixty large enough if we are allowed to take steve largent off it's a no brainer jerry rice randy moss jersey shore i too am off just because he did overlap out you're trying to make it hard on us like as its easy to like that's a sheet no brainer five for me so like let's make it as difficult as possible and have to make a decision between calvin larry anti you know we should do we should just acknowledge the old people on the list instead of doing like have these arbitrary year cut off just list are top five no matter what the amateur top five would put your top five thank you have a tough jewels welcome also mighta yes a pity i have seen how do i will randy moss rainy moss jerry rice troy brown i'm
the one you i might even have a johnson i might even have nourishing caldwell i might even have chris carter over over marvin harrison i don't know about that i'd have to look but i d i might i don't know i haven't decided yet maybe so we can get mad about those guys chris gutter marvin harrison margaret harrison nice career but a really good career fur awesome career but man having paid manic definitely makes it a little easier i remember when marvin harrison when he when he stepped away and then right behind him they had who peer garcon appeal garcon son became a really good player as again how much of this was marvin and how much has a girl there are a few years back to back to back back where they had pain was like drone touchdowns to dallas clerk been utrecht all these random guys
so he was able to make a lot of players look great made his first year in in denver yeah he made all those guys look at my air decker was like a top three why receiving league so yeah there is definitely a peyton manning factor they have to take into account here so i thank you for him it was how many easy choice for me move him out of that i'm i'm looking at a right now and chris carter marvin harrison basely have the exact same stats it's just the chris carter played like forty five more games marvin harrison yes i guess i would give it to marvin harrison also people don't talk by the fact that marvin harrison assaulted at jets ball boy before
and killed a guy i were alleged allegedly allegedly assaulted jets ball and allegedly kill men killed a guy that downport really gets lost we're done about tee o do in some some set ups in his driveway put man cages bleep out mervyn harrison's name warmed come after me here he's pretty scary i let's get to our hussy cool thrown before we get to s vp hussy cool throne is brought you buy bud light seltzer but myself to remind you that the cool thrown until further notice sustained safe and staying at home order but light seltzer direct your door through drizzly and get five dollars off for the first time users by using code p empty a check out some restrictions apply hots equal drone brought you buy bud light seltzer you can still order by light seltzer which really do it right now hank on the hot seat is my gandhi yeah so he was our
haven't called reporters earlier today on tuesday and he is obviously the coach cultural players i don't get paid any money true he said in my opinion we need to bring our players back their eighteen nineteen ninety only twenty one and twenty two years old they are healthy and they have the ability to fight this virus off if that is true then we sequester them and continue because we need to run money through the state of oklahoma gets so he sang or not abbe i think that's i think the situation may be progress and people involved that lay ass if use at the school there had been the kid don't say this but this delegation from this house and it s like kind of let loose this is work airport yeah suit this why gandhi definite needs a filter to run these things because there's nothing that he said that was a lie about how a lot of major college coaches think he just said the queen
part really really loudly and was like hey we need these players who are all eighty two nineteen that don't get paid to make money for other people based off their labour which is not a great way to phrase things admittedly if you're my he should just said if we can't whip of viruses ass how we're going to go on the road or how he was gonna happen in bedlam he it's different when its college kids you definitely he'd miss that he probably read the bio dome stuff and dana white being like oh tides are changing here we're ready get back to work we get a pump money into this state is not is not a great thing to say we need to generate revenue off the labour of these unpaid players yes my cool thrown last week quarter was lists this week the cool throne is groups yes how so
so every major media company is doing whether it's like tv shows or groups of athletes like while he went to his continents like hears eight groups of four wisconsin athletes which group would you want to be in quarantine with like hears eight groups of like three different tv shows like which which group would you want to be quarantined with that that's the new hotness in the streets yeah we're so bored yeah we're so we're so bored as a we were born and instagram lashes everyone's i want to go and live living on life were living where living life through life life is content right now it's either times like an episode of black mere yeah fifty year hudsucker my hot seat is tigers because the type of cats actually cats have been cats in general because big cats are now capable of catching the virus to one of the bronx zoo is sick thoughts and prayers to it and i hope it pulls through just fine by me
they cannot said they inject themselves maginot with the virus i still would love to have it just to get it over with at this point and i really would just like to say i hate the growth of ours is such a fucking ass yet i hated to i don't respected i hit haiti get out of my face virus literally so my other hot seat is podcast because pot casting numbers or down again the board i read a study that says it's like six percent down what i said last week no but i read and others are another study got pike ass her daughter down and i decided to do something to raise awareness for this occurs whereas for pod cas i am going to do that bike ride around manhattan those waiting to find out like some sort charity i could do i'm doing it to raise awareness fur pod casting number
being down so if you want a sponsor me in this by cried rob had i'm gonna try to do it in under i put up the google maps on it kay the perimeter of manhattan it's about a three hour bike right kane other some places i don't know which streets take exactly song when i am you myself three hours fifteen minutes to get around the island of manhood if you want sponsor me download one podcast preferably part of my tank but it could be your choice and our response sponsor me for a minute of my ride in order to raise awareness for progress and tag tat ten friends to also do it again the hot ass download challenges and then tag erika nardini a spots holy shit i can't believe kiev tease putting the weight of the pie casting rode on his shoulders to accomplish this fantastic feats oh i don't know what i do i do have to wear like a gold a gold jacket is that what they were in the toward friend i think you're good will
everywhere guy just where whatever where we do not wish to tell you that i go out i'll go out you live on that yet friday seven i dont think days matter anymore so yeah saturday we think but i think pryderi friday ok fry join and for some of it some my my working where at home yes if people were but that's why we're gonna go live yeah but i'm am i to run saturn programme more people watch khazars sitting at home too now i think saturday more people be out the guy you're not supposed to so do that yeah that's what i'm gonna be doing on like a shitty bike took as i don't wanna buy a city by and i did say that worry not react city baikonur riyadh your shit he added i know a lot of gear sad bike three of you to get gear now i only issued actually i know what i ve learned to say pod cash you do with the break with no brakes i'm not gonna use my break of day all gas no brakes i'm not gonna break on this by casting excursion hears it
on question wasn't atomic bikes because like white places great bikes yeah that's like lay a bike place yet we like the whole point is that you don't have to have a point most modern technology copies eventually go back in time after they ve been around for a while like goobers going eventually make buses but like they have they make bikes are the anti bike but you'd think that if you have a palatine bike then you might surely biker daily clearly propagating and outdoor bike they should make it so you can take it tom bike off its state yes sinews that's actually good idea bite that monitors how much output you're putting out while yonah trail actually outside asylum not a bad idea aright so biking for charity on friday
sure friar high noon high noon we ride together my cool throne is the corona virus because marched grill is asking to get out of jail to fight the disease so i'd make the pale the fight to actually know what michael throne more and scroll exist or save the world yang yeah dies we get the alps are banned is on the cool thrown because rallies a prisoner in writing lot of songs so i hear he's gonna figure out a cure for this whole thing charges but fair price yes my my hot seat is i think we'd we might not to talk about a moderate the name karen because there's this is the we're very board segment of twitter when julie bit bilbil said anyone else think the karen slur is woman hating a basin class prejudice wishes julie thing to do but yeah so kind and his karen a slice of the cake
new media is the key word is a lot of hard hard hours i called steve's life carom shook about it what about it my i get cancer now like becky actual effects on the cool thrown wait nora put julie saying is care and a slur but not saying is becky a slur first is actually though most woman hating you could do cause she's aiding against pretty well ladies so she is team on your homework on care no becky undertake side looking girl right yeah record right yet no to actually make a good point rise where was she when all the becky harassed going on she was bag she was she was glad that young attractive and we're getting made fun she's the most woman hating in class prejudice person i've ever seen i agree with that which is so k how would it we're word are we going to use for that has it occurred
kay word you can i say the catered if it's in the lyrics to my hopes yes so i can set i don't have to say like keywords got me share and i i like just in jackson said dive being called careless laura think you'll be ok good point its fair share some of my best friends recurrent i can set i should a lot of carrots whoops wow i can't say it is pandas because they had sex and i actually really billy shut up billy who i think is exact quote was this actually really sick for the panda species cuz they low key suck at sex
it is a great billy fact and then also asking girls for nudes is on the cool throw because out of it i saw this guy chris rained down i don't know who he is i said if you're asking for news during this pandemic you still haven't learned that she has played out have a girl send you a picture of her reading a book out loud or listening to a podcast so you know they're not dumb it's not about physical connect with them mentally dig deep are you can ask them to send you a picture reading a book will make it yet i would be cool listen you're podcast we'll make it like everyone listen so that by the way this guy's very clearly just running ecosystem nudes yeah by saying i only white ninety or even want nugent got a shitload of becky's and karen's hidden them up for sure i let's get who are interview was one which would cause the manager over karen ok becky whose oxfam managers dick what about a barbecue who called the cops into barbecue karen i
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come on our good friend recurrent guessed it is s we peace governed penalty is still doing sportscenter every single night you should watch it on he s been and he has a pod cas s vp is s rp odd or s we pod but whatever you call it is fine if we were worn out up there on the ranking rum meagre meagre podcast try to figure out who the hell are we i i forget i have it and then it like i've podcast sb odd is what we call s leave it how did you do you think we're debuted when it was like number one of the charts and he took the screen shot legitimate villeroy you ever saw explain how you gotta cooked i gotta know why it is easy to understand the ratings of all that i like i guess it sort of fake when you debut after that it's like you either way you guys always in other words it does not want but after that and you're not at all i saw was all
sort of fake but i didn't i dont know the are you guys were up there so i will say you were number one who cares what you say you were number one i don't think we were whereby with it with whatever it was it is it now but i get that troubled bite at all i'm more trouble by many other things right now about a world where we are rank so let's let's do that was let's start with that where you add mentally mental health and also just when do you think sports are gonna be back because we ve done with a dark
days you had my days i had a day where i canceled everything until twenty twenty two now i'm thinking like who june's gonna be pop and where are you out with that i'm like you it's a roller coaster third i always say that i'm optimistic has caused the same but i thought i told your path together day that's true but i cant find the money to pay for optimism right now like whatever cause i'll have the money work is it just feels like i mean that the whole testing and we gotta get tested and we need a vaccine but the vaccine will be here until like god knows when they will kill we cast about you do tat hooty tasked with more people their sick need the tasks we should await the bunch athletes true i agree with that but then like the new baseball thing that they broke on tuesday night or whatever the monday night i guess it was would pass on our show the idea of games cool but like think about dispel it honestly is exciting as will be to say we're back sports back war
like two days in the baseball in stadiums you don't know where they are with no fair to this day the guy sitting like eight seek to partner bleachers people are going to allow like this every one eighth everything that no one's gonna like damage can be re for fallible guy the right to clean up in terms of the horizontal swarm but at least we can complain about it we need something the complaint about i was actually just looking through your twitter you're not even going out of which rolls anymore near his big maybe it gee i don't have the energy that i could yet you're right we need really what we need is the ability to pitch about stuff like tat but they put out new uniforms are choosing and people to people like i actually likes it or not we believe it we're about to tape the recital after you done and i just wrote down that i wanted to get fake mad about two bucks uniforms and because i do need something like mad about i think it was the onion it was like a month or two after nine eleven and that the headline was
nation longs to care about stupid shit yes that's what i want i want to get mad at at at like a compare strike so yeah we discard we ve been doing the best like the thing i look forward to the most with this shall right now is everyone day we're going back in looking through the nfl one hundred list and going position by position getting pissed off about it like that's that's what i feel a lot you gotta you got a manufacturer the hate and the anger somewhere i just again the fact that people didn't go nuts and the buccaneer uniforms are it makes maybe eight are pretty good although i think everybody wanted the cream sickles we didn't get em but nevertheless the pretty good it would not be indicated hated like everybody hates the ribs europe do logo but i beat whereby day to day i am i i'm so pissed at the israeli turban didn't get played on never get over that young even
we face was do you guys in some bullshit made up being were you guys been a buzz repeat we and you know you know what he has been here i are you are you not accompany man you ve used here saying like a she'll somewhere and call me property matters which you call me when you know that the worst thing in the world we accomplish i but i mean i obviously that some kind of a flawed metric it although maybe it isn't davis beat up your place man became cameroon as we know was with one america disney does he go let it flow ed it's me i feel i break you this is really cathartic i'm mad about a thing that didn't actually happened like the fact that didn't happen is awful i ain't no everybody's big you know that the sacred cow is before you like a we are we gonna play in
i go back and forth at me i can't imagine a world does include football there clearly going full steam ahead like they're gonna we're gonna play but i just i don't know i dont know what it looks like a when things start to have summer vacation i'm afraid of you to tell me i gotta do games i'm supposed to be away like i i'd be the things they did occupy my thoughts but at least if something is otherwise every day some version but the it was yesterday right yeah you're the false could be so weird if there's no football is just gonna be a bunch of weddings that you have to go to they don't have excuses to get out of the wedding feast huge awful scummy terrible now what would if they do bring back i'll say like the nba and they'll be comes back or the gulf from serving played like early on
what is going to be another hours in the day to cover every single sport its outer no no but it but who care because just as did the orgy of sports will be such that people just like just let me just grabbing for whatever you care about it like that no we'll stop get ignored like an amazing things will happen and no only but though because though be obsessed about the thing with their most interested in but i like i don't even want that's gonna happen and i mean the thing about doing sports in urban days is and i keep pushing back against this this fear that i'm gonna be having on guests asking some version of hate you pass in hay wotes hey out of chapter like when are we going to have sports fatal fucking know you'd only so i dont want to put people at a position to ask questions they don't have a clue about and yet we all carry out what it always there anybody giving you any indication of what
gonna have to happen for for us to play with things like its everything comes back to what we have to have all these tests will when that happened did anyone know well ok so here's why you should keep asking that and that's why i ask you when you think sports we back it's it's like the old fashioned when you're a kid in mom says knows any go asked dad if you ask enough people when in sports coming back rise someone will say like tomorrow and fuck yes let's go we're out man but i guess what that guy went like delegate we're gonna go played a biotech or whatever you haven't got a baseball on mars like ok i mean look at least on monday that with that and it will go puddings some events or disguise or even better way down the line of the cowardly like at least that something because other than the nfl going hey we're gonna do virtual draft which by the way that that's a recipe for disaster oh you people people are a thousand percent get a hat
and you're gonna be like eddie reef could it be on an ipad try to figure out what's going on it's not what you to send him a porn link or something like that how we can know it's gonna show hotmail the vikings are going to draft would in all seven rounds being looked at the guy i sitting in the parking lot he has been looking up at the satellite bore more i sat in a bad looked up and there was an orange towards jeremy the eyes of my fellow girl what a good time to allow it to happen during the draft it's gonna be crazy and of course like a thing that i keep separating and people there is theirs a group of people out there now who like sports aren't that important you know i agree there's a lot bigger things going on we're not trying to say that sport should be the priority but
there is an element of sports coming back would help us get to normalcy and people feel like things are back on track i i'm not saying sports are the most important thing clearly the health of americans is paramount but the idea at least to try to find a way to get this back to normal it's comforting even if it doesn't happen the fact that their thinking about it and the like hey what do we do this what if we do that that at least kill some time until maybe we can get back to normal you know what you you don't you just did and i do it every time on the show that i talk about the fact that i like sports just like you do we do this mandatory yes where you have to say has look i know sports are the most important thing like if you don't say it you you can anticipate that the mobs gonna be like how can you say things can be true at what we can all obviously care about new york city and the surrounding areas in all the various hot wherever people are sick and care more about that than we do about anything else at the same time say and we really like
what's the cutback disqualify because if you doubt then you're a monster who's going to helen gum the attitude of the waste that energy it should just be an understood if they like its statement of course we care about this is the most important thing but why were added were also going to pitch about no not having sports because not having sports ruined everything i kicked it totally takes away from our ability to function like a lot of wednesday wisconsin play so herself and saturday we play so it's your were sadly we have a big football game like if you dont have those a lot of life a lot of the structure of our lives is coming out of work it is a search is exactly why nobody knows what day the weakest anymore because like our days were based around with conferences reply yeah doesn't matter does they feels the same because i'm watching the pact twelve late at night like that's what it feels like on a thursday in february i'm sitting in front of my couch watching bill
i'll call in arizona organ game and it feels normal an end having that it sucks so scott you did mention the tournament i obviously was just as heartbroken as you that we had no turn me felt very weird i'm actually finally over it now that we ve passed when the turner what happened but every time they were supposed to be a game i woke up that morning being like manna wish there were how far do you think maryland was going to go in so congratulations on sharing that big ten title which actually technically was constant one can say with a one seat in the turn right i can't believe i honestly believe that team want to share that that by then you are you really cares you hated you hate it i do like that you know what i thought i told tightest is the thing about this year there was really great for me as a plan is this was the year i found my hate this review i found my hey produced
a real and i'm just like you know what after all these people wanted like like u n you over there like you get to tell us when we're in the leg you don't get yeah yeah i do actually you gonna do yellow paul you like the strike that you do
an maryland locked arrives day they would have got aid if they won that overtime game and it's always been abad because you're right you get to say that but no one else does accept you and this year we could cause i found i found my hate and marilyn shared it with you in michigan state and i think i know this that there's some can palms dad about like this then i admitted i shouldn't started as i can remember but it's like top fifteen offensive efficiency and popped in defence of efficiency or something and milk the number teams it made it to a final for like all of them are in that category in maryland was one of those teams now does that mean they we're gonna go to file for i have no friggin clue i do honestly believe that they were one of those fifteen twenty teams that could have made a fine of whereon i mean you gotta went for gaps in which sucks for my team for your team for dayton for anybody that had a team that had some guys is europe
you're always gonna wonder and you probably always gonna think the most positive outcome was what would have happened because who sits radicals you know we private was to happen in the future no one's gonna do that yeah epistle yourself in at least for the elite aid would about bob huggins idea which is just to play the twenty twenty terms at the start of the next seas i love i woke does that can maryland get smith who just declared for the drop in catalan like you we get do we get those guys we get
we would like your people at work i think bob huggins just decides what were placing it i think is just as only a sky scotland happens not losing anyone what am i gonna hit all and again how you bear got to the environment like a fitter jim vehement in wrote down all the rules of inadequate so you don't have to find that particular arby's and writer precisely what he saw anybody to take the hollow the hawk you know track suit jim jim track suit life like he it's not a month for him you know if it's a twelve month year proposition exclusively he goes
but the comfort fit which you got to appreciate now slowly i also was watching old games i watched actually the maryland national champions game which you were at right you were there in the house i was i was i saw was washing the old game d think billy packer was a little harsh on you guys it's funny that you say that i'm pretty sure stabber steve told you to god i hear it i was better back i know he did i hear with efforts these after the silent aim is that the beauty of maryland friends is we will get you about anything could this day fairly grant the bag they felt that billy packer wasn't very complimentary about verily that dame literally i got checks for my guide gary williams post after the after here like talking about the way packer talked about the key but i'd like i love that about maryland because if you know it will quite simply because the about no matter what
and dumb but ass it is i don't care what he said i ll never now because i wasn't i didn't watch it i was in the building and marijuana title in there's crystal ball in the bureau and the entry where the building and so what i don't care what anybody said but that's a great at a great damage the plant i'll go tell him yes it's it's so classic maryland to be like the fans be like we won but billy packer didn't didn't give us our just do what i can do it the worthing created you and i will a highly all that we are right there at the top of the list the worst offenders what about our washington are words scott we get a big draft coming up i'm actually of them after them but there is actually nothing that happened last year we dwayne haskins that made me think this guy's gonna be awesome one day i'm saying so it feels kind of wasteful to take i think i like it i like dwayne haskins when drafting them but there is absolutely nothing that happened last year with dwayne schemes that made me think this guy
could it be awesome one day i'm saying so it feels kind of wasteful to take back in the first round than just gonna burn that bridge by you're too i guess the car was added josh rosy gathered it with him but i am started talk myself into a because i think that he has a better chance of being a great great back then dwayne does that said she
young is a monster and will make any difference and those on better but if you want if you need a quarterback which you do i think you're gonna have to bite the bullet and take too i mean that's that's what both male and mixture have said they are like work through the guy who's the guy and administered part of it i get it before he got hurt you know he watched him play i dont know how much of him doing what he did was because you play like twelve five dark eyes and video games dumb i dont know that and they did just take they did you take asking i think he's young is an absolute space alien so i think you just take him in the second most important guy you can get besides quarterback someone who can tackle the quarterback so i want to take young and then you figured out the quarterback position but then you could
the next fifteen years going to steer this new phase we didn't take it i just i don't want you do will have in though i don't it all can you move on the way they move the way the cardinals move that allow yes or cheese young i think no one gonna look back and ten years of your choice young was a shitty traffic you might just look back can say we could have had to but i've fallen in love with the idea of having a franchise quarterback is it's been a while i was all on the orgy three thing is no and that that can really work outside and i've been chasing that high of arduous rees rookie year for the last eight years he had been a while i did it we're being older actually helps is welcome because it was a least i remember when they were good which is a real long time ago but it was fine because they were really good at so scott you mentioned we mention golf what is i would imagine you bend your gusto in the fall how's it going to be different areas can be adjusted cool i think it'll be i think it'll be cooler in this way lulu with
and so like any anything with different the shiny new thing is i mean no azaleas but like the trees if her ways law would be willing to time out nosey areas i am not saying that i look i bear bob against national prefers the term resources to money they have unlimited resources so i've i would think if their origin
he's on earth did you find in the ship and the reason why some day after noon israelis are all dead listen that they have they have magic magic down there the other grounds but maybe maybe there will be some sort of his nose order war but the trees will turn colors nominal caricature playing and it'll be new indifference of people be like you're all the things that are different anti north obviously browser was cause was on the show this this week it explained it it'll play much longer and this gives real gulfy in your list you don't give a shit so i won't get into while they care what apparently will put up it's a bit about the grass growing and they have to grow it out the false and it will be ready for the spring yes how that one impact the other so i mean i won't care just his it'll be idea the masters is something that is such a if ingrained in your head that is part of every sports year and just not having to turn him not only incidentally term it i'll never get over like cannot have that
not had the matthews would just be growth yell at least it's happening in also pipe in the noises though even if the birds fly back no stood out like a dog in which there was the going to do to the price of green spray paint net they use on the fair ways and the greens but that that i doubt that that that grass again i don't know what they do what they could source but that grass is greek is its great you're smart man you know little kill you if you saving of absolute there you go why so what so we whereas windsor moved dc or you are is everything still go on logically this summer we we we have got the house in maryland there were we'd like that i'm a pot committed at this boy but we like i don't know what
and if you know like we were talk about early they start playing if it's just the melee a free for all with baseball and aki in the nba plant in july and august wars posed to move out of the what that's gonna mean but am it some point i'm an aptitude tap out and they were gotta move arched yeah upshot but will be will be down there by the end of the summer procure listen they're gonna start playing sports at the exact moment its most inconvenient for you probably i thought about the electorate that i'll have that i'll have several things to complain about oh like that you're coming back at the least convenient time for me andrew just all the stuff tat we complain about about sport so a logic so what away i'll win is then i'll have more complain about than anybody else you'll be
going off on twitter speaking to which this or we mention it you'd art fighting which rolls right now what can people do better like working people tweet you right now to really make you man just or listeners no i mean it's a cowardly my show such telling my show sex to them on late at night and whenever it fine middle amidst the easiest kindly i could just le broad eu and just ask what time you should always tell you tomorrow when you get up and don't have a job and have a job did i have a cool job like i could do that but i'm not gonna get the known what no one likes that guy ok i'll be back i so showtime well i'll be a bad that'd be a backdrop i don't know you never know what the button i liked i don't know what the buttons to push like i think we're like you always stood up in this war
the other moment maybe yeah but not on twitter on twitter that's that's where we can can go at each other and have fun wouldn't whipped hobbes are you getting into debt people can make funding for this break look man i mean i'm walking target you don't pick pick up any good in it that forty eight there's anything today any number of options that you had to make products but i dont believe it i'm not troubled i'm not troubled by it i know but a peaceful spate of other people's basic hypothetically if somebody word to beginning into game thrones and there ok you remind me of the union that works for the lancer court that works round saint weird stuff and transcribing history with that get understand now
nor can i watch game trot gave a broad like the field but by till i started the attic i work my way back as i was happy that you still i was dark and at the why walker showed up in all hell broke loose and then they put the law the brand of brand began to whatever his name is indiana discharge set it yes sounds pretty much lie between laid it makes people got so pissed because i was talking about all stop it happen you just there's people were curious that i had to call dakota you'd help poke fun at the thing that they invest ordered all their time in there national energy in this dragon movie i'd so last question you gotta go to work out what do you do what you do every night i done shining like everyone else i beg your pardon i just talk to people i mean what do you do i don't know we run out of
things to show like we don't have any old tournaments duck left to show we just want to get a bunch of interviews i'm actually gonna get i'm russia could have billy i draw billy on the street i suspect miracle hysteric you should start having like shall we do we do we do that fake true true real effect through tv shows we do during the tournament every year and one of the ones that they had was billy other street like let's obviously a real shock eyes very funny and then he somebody told him about it and so you know how this works it oh he tweeted out did something about us about us it was our billy he doesn't have any idea who the hell i have it so what i just want to ask him about his his what he does tat funny you get distantly hard to be consistently forty you guys always argue is too short list of people what use free idea you should just have like an open tryouts people just show up to wrestle
efforts teeth he's a big do i know he's like mountain could you imagine what game it brought about that year came across robots bound as a really good why couldn't you could basically just create like a rustling league where stammered steve always wins and it would be a maid get five minutes culture the end of the show every day that i like it i remember when we the first time you guys happy on it up yet he said is a good question ever told me like i could do that will you say your house and we have always before you ask it always which i've gotta try to employ that is both again yeah then you guys you said here is a good idea so i got free idea tommy i'll go and get ready to go it i'll ask eve what he thinks about cleared were free commerce and if he says no honour has that work could you know you're not allowed to be within six beat i go we just use the bucket let him recipe longer you started bio dome any sort testing p also you showed the law the way obviously not got this through your arguments put like gas mask
on both of them here and so that you know that you're safe or the police no that do we got to get home heads with council and men rattle yes you help if you really want seems to be all in on this haven't be like was the show watch what happens live on bravo and haven't been partner that just in the back of your shot the entire time that you do show you just get hammered back there soon wrestling with his own liver oh like you said the and its end if stanford doesn't seventeen doesn't puke before the un's show is fire or save receive could just do the crossword games like alive onset every night which you just need to use existing to basically use steve's body at your will hear and just entertain us with him like a crash dhabi but let me tell you that i don't know if you aren't argued has cocktails with our our roads every not is not about the impact of an hour will do nothing like it won't what he won't wobble after not i like that not enough to put a dent in his
yes he is unlike any one i've ever seen in my life member i once went too he was i think it was we're at wrigley and he had to keep his i let him keep his bag he was leaving right after at my buddy's bar my buddy open up his bar at ten a dot m early and we sat down and i finished my first beer and he was on number four and i was like how is this how is this possible and he just he's not fake he's a mythological creature i think it was about five thirty in the morning down the french court after the national champions of game and i totally forgotten but i would further tackle steve and the boy and he was like stone cold sober he told me about it maybe a week later this year bring me down there i my balance was too good he's so yes we need to start doing science experiments on steve listen i think we can get through the masters week of broadcast without having to use them as attack with common work rafters dubbing were
did you expect better up just booze and whatever else but on the backside of that anything is fair game on await will have the initial draft drab if there's nothing on the horizon for may then we'll just turn stephen do a thing yadda and they'll be like and it will be a never ending science experiment yelling what you just like what's up with steeds body and then every i do some different are ye pierce is a different part of his body every night and you have to guess what it is shows up in like a skintight polo andrew cuomo and he's just got little nipple ring poking through russia guesswork our back that is that i think he's just got unusual nipples
far be it from this podcast to castigate somebody for having we're nipples i've got forum big casket pepperoni so you know what it is though it's the big crests so this the state crest that you have on the polo that robs up against peoples and i think that that's done its damage when you wear that polo multiple days in a row i started it and i thought i could it be just an odd sort of hair pattern you know a lot of you and a lot of people gotta that weird hair growth round europe which do i gotta keep herself tidy tidying up and i thought maybe that was it you know like new demands do his best you get far bigger issues to concern ourselves with obviously it catches doesn't want a circle back is the most important thing i visions george it's about the pandemic in up anything we can see this diet experiment visit second all our yes the are concerned about the health of of everyone was yet in the
it's an that's how will end how how palm tree you that you're a father three right now listen anybody out there and you're you're obviously audience is is skewed young so pop i don't even know what the percentages are but most of em up guessing don't have a kid let alone three and what you can grasp is what every day in your house with no games to look forward to no school for them to go to and all we like that the period of time from breakfast lunch want to a nap nap the dinner bath back to bed you're trying to have a gate that's the big out your thing like eyes you don't i'll have one and not but obviously the naps the naps or like the navigation naps are so funny you ever look ass a great leap written years put it still is like he's got is also got
point now words like might my entire life as a father is just a just putting things just a little bit farther out of his reach because that's all he wants to do just get everything that's good time actually yeah but yeah i was what i'm saying here is is if you're one of those per nor their parents in you you can count on having your social circles that are you know don't try to kind of do this thing would i see do you watch like oh dear dear you're you can watch tv or how much screen time and to those people that want to do that judge metal thing and i said this consistently like if you doubt turnover patrol or if you dont give your kid an ipad and they only eat organic stuff good for fucking you your kids polly gonna be the king of
the world and mike it's probably gonna be unemployed because they watch bob patrol but you know what we're least gonna have a half an hour in our house words not abject chaos and so my approach an ominous thinks it that's the way to do it and you can be over there would you musics or whatever the hell it's called and you're no screen time because right now you better be able to have at least in our will you can put press play on certain if you doubt then i don't know what you're doing i've been other she thought about this way too much no outcome two to say but like what would the cultural long term in like fifteen years there will be so many kids that will have the same cultural touch like tone here from
this corona virus where they're like oh i remember this because we watched it every day for three months straight and everyone can reference that i think it's actually can be great we're gonna we're gonna get to a point where every kid can like call back something in the podcast either
hosting in like eighteen years and it'll be hilarious it eight but here at and i were rarely theories but you guys you guys do serious glowing unique you i i do seriously wonder this question like if you're a student i don't know what's gonna happen to know what's gonna go back to school and that apparently just graduate but maybe you're gonna graduate or you're gonna go to the next great you get all the figures pose the word right whatever it is your bed to learn at first on it or eight greater whatever great you don't finnish and in securing nitrate use post novitiate greatly but you didn't learn it would you skip it i dont know what i do know what the toll is of this stuff that isn't gonna get learned during this chunk of time or if it even matters maybe it turns out the school was all just a hoax gives frankly a lot of stuff you learn schools apply anyway but i honestly wonder about the stuff it's not gonna get learned in and how that impact one
how you get in a college if you like waiting a great view things it i tried i like you'd be up at night they thought but if you really cut through the exercise of i don't know what the answer to these questions i know you're right that's it s a really good point because this self becomes compounding after a while i give you don't finnish third grade you don't know what the mystery powders were and then you get a fourth grade any the difference between baking powder baking powder baking soda and then you don't know what you're drugs are mixed with when you turn twenty two and that actually couldn't impacts on people's lives down the road negatively we're positively me i don't you don't ever way ever know why don't you think it's exactly as it did the butterfly flouts its wings wherever i actually love that idea though of a kid like graduating college in we're talking twenty years from our like you know me fifteen years no graduates college goes in for an interview
and they're like how do you draw cursive f and there like ours was the corona month shit now i know what you wrote billion dollar iraqi kurds i swear to god i think my youngest capable i think you'll live is entirely not knowing how to write anything awaited gladsome chalk today but the problem is he tried to eat it but that's what i want to assure my little guy i set out our by get not as highly rendered you're my kids like he's if you if you had a mother and a cigarette he's like every guy and in caught the gets arrested everyone likes either be like smoke and go my lady he's out back that he's too any needs i need to keep him to smoke darts right now i think that our k well here's ears are one thing i ll leave you with whenever you wake up in the morning in there's your kids run around you're gone crazy just remember hank is still getting some beautiful shot i saw a decision
join those alaska you out i did it i did it i didn't think for early johnson where i was it was like a like twitter deal and people asking questions in the everyone asks questions about about you guys about research yellow and then there was one guided just said just one word hunk like fifty consecutive time finally i just said i guess they were up what i pack i love you i could speak on it was it you got ready if god had made them really i'm proud to hack although emit an open shot or something i did mister guide it was open up i haven't after wars on but we're we're getting better every day nothing but time to get better yeah i've got to say the good news that you should be great by thursday diarrhea where can i get we're going to leave this whole thing and hank have a purple star in video games so it's going to be great it's going to be great scott thank you as always we appreciate it ever sports at every single night still go on and the esp v s sweet pea eyes spot the spot
but we can also do every wish and although in swedish as market scott is is very very great being humble when he's like out even though we can have on i think is last you guess we're just and thomas and bill self so he's doing ok with the with the gas or doing ok here's your boys is always a pleasure i mean this is clearly you guys at everybody out their stay stay bigger wash your hands why she bought in pussy alyosha skyscraper that interviewed s bp was brought to you by our great friends at shady raise every
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just be based on an aim yeah ok yeah wouldn't you it's better name in central interesting so what smarties what are smarties in canada smarter our rockets what are the actual jyar they look like more like round fruity not sugar the sugar random but the kind of like fruity chewy things i think interstellar guess circular starboard ok ok i sorry to canada so let's do mouth flush more of tv characters pfc it's wednesday so your starting and then it's me than his hank you get too in a row let's go p empty right my first pick worse tv characters i'm going to go no it's mouth flush more amounts he wants europe to be characters janus soprano o tony sister ok
with that at the rolling stones tattoo on boob interesting i actually have to surrender characters on my list she was one of them think i know what your other my number one i was wrestling yeah ages is the worst character of all time i fucking hate oh actually wasn't on my list oh really who's your wireless you know i mean i'll take it i had i didn't have the ice age is rose the worse luscious across the board the mob soprano yeah livia she's back but she also liked was so quick and also it's weird warsaw season to where the real person died yeah and they end real they didn't i the greater the actress died in real life thus shame yes so than they did hologram for her maybe it'll i hated she probably is as you we're to think how long she would have been in the scriptures method acting yet like how long she being described as fast as you can pass away but if it yeah i'll be weird if she was like in season six i your secondary ramsay bolton
the scene when he made status killed davos and adds up killing many i come on what all fog oc will do to split up a really long they haven't been now that long h i honestly i've we do this psyche can hardly heard you and i were i would never do actually he's ok only in that single standards is one of the worst worse character literally when i was washed ashore retie became onawandah fast for me up now greatest boiler cause i don't even know who he is ok my second pic is going to be i feel good i got my first you picks scholar white could pick you up good package she ain t j and scholar wider my two i fuckin paypal them marie white awful to orient armoury white maria henry schroeder shatrak sure schroeder sure marie schroeder the awful character and purple that she world
those are the only thing that her character hatches i work purple and i steal my second pic is gonna be jaffrey hedge offer absolutely hate them every time he's on the screen i want to throw something at it i don't think anybody would blame me if i broke a television from seeing joffrey walk across the fucking screen try to suck on his mom's tit murder somebody's in its i hate beckett i mean raising actually sucks on amongst its way were given offers like jealous that second as yet it like that you accept jimmy except for like even a worse person fuck joffrey hate joffrey my third pic is going to be franny from homeland the baby claire danes baby awful kid they wrote it off after one season and they were just like so baby let's pretend that claire danes doesn't have a daughter because this is going nowhere and we ok her i shall go with tom robber california therefore
so i've been relaunched the office in its i can actually i actually think the angel vicars pretty funny it's all right free episodes but then robber california jesus it's like art this show is completely open this is also where we say that if ryan resources was in his pockets of us right now you to pick pan beazley one two three and four i had an ordinance though guys zog e from the wire like zig zag funny now here as you supercool engine the soup it may be french and i had a robber california solid go with two sheldon from the book bank very i'd never watched that show but he's the man character of it and i just hate like that shows existence and popularity sometimes thrown away
that's one of those ones were like you just get mad whenever somebody reminds you big bang number one show on television yes what and he is the person i directly associated with that treasure i just might be reasons as i and put the whole castle friends by till noon light maybe regency biased but i fucking hate charlotte from mozart i fucking hate her i don't know what happened this season if you haven't seen i'm not going to give any spoilers for the fact that she just became like a full adult who's drinking wine and like part of the fucking drug business she's so annoying and she tried to divorce her fucking family when they were in the middle fighting against the drug lord like she's the worst i hate her she's she's not great i thought they were going to go with the mom mozart because she is actually very similar to scholar white demand for mozart yes yes yellow innocent fur yes sides ass a husband then she tries to take over the business and flexor muscles yes are my last pick i'm gonna go with ross from france i don't watch friends but rasa he just hate him process ok
i had one they wanted throughout you guys i'm actually surprise no one bran from from roma came thrones he's i don't like him his alpha hugh normally writers though like writers the writers like he was he was interesting but when they made him like the main guys when people paid him but i didn't hate like interested in him and he saw his part of the most interesting parts up until the very a couple things about brand one is cool shit that he was a good climber like when eleven is all that's the best thing that yes you try to he saw people having such sex which has great also of eleven years old he didn't have to walk anywhere he got carried around all the time a brand is bren pretty much hacked life back in the west age when does that by the way is that like what does it take place i don't know no idea it was made up yap shouts and ate up that's aroused
ok whatever age took place in brand there is a time you can have it all figured out yeah i so art so the only one that you asking in terms that it's like four hundred years ace a sea after the first target area so four hundred years in the target areas rule gotcha right eye one guy i was going to throw on there tell me where you guys think i think vincent chase is a fucking two character vinnie chase i him but he's the strives treasury chase what would have been each what has been achieved through this memorable besides make stupid decision fox smoke show that's all he does paying out less mobile we know that oil so hang around most means as boys he fucking save turtle save turtle idea watch i didn't want like glass for citizens of whatever i it's always hey that's the worst i mean would answer i have been better if it was just them hanging out in new york all the time maybe
there are there might have been like economy yet it could maybe maybe like us soprano saying they would have had to hustle yeah he all cared about his art more than you know like the popular then why you are comment because it he's why did you are here to take our zack i was too didn't always care about is now he did that so that he could make marrying i understand and project he clearly he did it they care of his hand in his luck that guy ice and put him on yeah but as you will remember what a mamma shortly i've we're gonna go with reality show about till it killer on always your own reality chauvelin ok that letter about flush out still till activity kills until i posted nausea now i now the licence while the show is on how we should wait wait for that do that without last forever might carry his prey knowing when he is on tv rough who got everything wrong the up tonic organizer sucked it money for but these are not television
characters joe thighs men was bad at one football now we're just doing worse announcers the all the other announces a good marie why i would put her on my list if if was a little bit more of a character ah you still like to move on marine energy ashore at year ah yes she sought to she sought big time aren't list your last year segments piety got one more ad and then we'll do guys on chicks and we also have to roast for the box uniform yeah so before we get into guys on checks all that stuff when talk you guys but simply safe they made it easy to finally get comprehend protection for your home with all the uncertainty in the world feeling safe at home has never been more important so i want to talk to you guys about simply safe home security actually somebody try to break into part my apartment last night carefully write and tell you guys bout shit so what how to break into leroy stood up in the middle the night is blind just stared at the door and bark and then the the door stops jiggling the person
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ok let's you some segments cobbled couple seconds you guys on chicks come up box uniform release we are all waiting for the cream schools and then they release these uniforms there and in the video they have chris godwin wearing number twelve which is so box to be i k we just got tom brady do you think we could maybe throw a minute it in a uniform real quick for this fuckin hype video we think thomas pay chris for number twelve that's where my favorite idols isn't storyline i don't like you paid him anything just gave it it already happened godwin took number forty i dont i never saw the store i know that they were officially switch i do not know if they actually like breaking their aid has to be some sort of charity aspect that's that is the way that yeah yeah i was upset that there were no principles that maybe those will be the color rushed to the show the cholera now it oh they might have the gray color rush yeah the gray color rush so
are they all pewter sorry sorry all pewter look i do not i dont actually know what's different i'll tell you what different they ve got rid of the alarm clock ok tom versus time tongue ends nice what else is there that's about it besides that the kind of look like georgia uniforms diversity of georgia yeah yeah i don't really know what else to what says the buccaneers you new uniforms pay homage to the glories of the franchise the glory or soon they want to see more suitable yeah they want a suitable that's cool the alarm clock numbers are gone but they say that they add a twist to these items seizing futuristic at all no i don't either actually in fact it will it was futuristic what hat yes and now they ve taken away the future was ahead of it or not i mean that's where it is the future is now who got it yeah that's a nice nice subtle way of telling us box
job they don't have those little like vampire cuffs that the saints have no the ones at the collar yup that have the points it looks like dracula little bit so do i i thought maybe they go with those but yet just solid color power numbers praising alex so weird in this hank brazen looked so weird i put a video and erode article on the players should be in and i haven't been able to watch either already there yet but you should i won't i let's do it do it lets you guys on checks happy empty eyes of men are only now starting to wash their hands after use in the bathroom because of kroner virus does this mean that we previous i ve been unknowingly secondhand touching an inordinate amount of dicks love you yeah but that yes
but even if we did wash our hands after we use the restroom guys just our hands find our way to our growing so many times per day a gift to make adjustments also ask i found pelt said you should washer before you touch your penis because i would assume that my penises cleaner than my hand right at any given moment during the day right yes absolutely my penises provokingly clean mostly clean while you have to work out for two not vienna worker hey small hawk ginger joe exotic in big cat king if you swallowed by someone who has recovered from covered do you think you will get immunity yes it's absolutely how science works another lot of pseudoscience going around but that science that's the lazarus effect believe doktor oz said that yes yes hello my favorite podcast as that health is that a vaccine the lazarus effect no vaccine
veronica just just come cross why right now breaking moose relating somebody who has had the growth a virus or does it podcast will cure the court of auditors and prevent all further symptoms so we ve got that figured out crisis averted regos i am they get to work hell yeah not a suggestion or ethic you but you ever wonder if the cure for corona viruses something while that no one has tried before like human shit like what if the cure was poop and everyone's had to start eating shit i think people try that pressure is eighty airship before that what if the cure for kroner viruses out there and we haven't thought i yet and it requires something read somewhere vitamin c i've been fuckin loading up on clementines also wait what the theory behind this is maybe it
something that no human has ever done yes in that thing will end up curing the virus caress what haven't humans done if you like you is just about done at all pretty good our lines running insuperable if the lines when superbowl gas the cure for current virus damage they gotta play football yup hello my finger podcast adds hawken bubba either question about how you go about losing a low you guys are the debts i think it's my favorite podcast add coma oh come on whether you said it sound like yours dad's we yes i mean you can are the actual sours gonna say fairylike we act like teenagers the question about how you go about choosing which interviewed run when you have a bunch stacked up i started thinking about this during the week is based if they have something relevant happening sooner to just fuck it less one whatever can we as individuals will always listen was so that's a question for you you just ask yourself coercion
however that that leads me asking you ask what you no no no no you have to see we ve buried yourself then we'll drop your neck choose you re answer yet you just sex the group tax you say what are we running to ireland and it's pretty much whoever just answers first mere pfc yen they will say also just remind you guys we have and then who list like ten other interviews right out of although we're getting costa me we're here right now in the studio refreshing so some good ones coming up what's up big dog p of tea and frank what's your approach when stellar leroy run into current dogs in the street during the daily allotment of outside time does the current crisis cos quick pull away or they still allowed to the occasional button if assuming you're not dealing with a mask wearing dog owner stoa can't botz enough she she sees the dog she was gonna fucking town she barks every doc wooden town is unlike by their town as you would never paid she just all bark no bite but like yet if she
she if ever sees a dog in the dog park awfully she's all friendly and everything but yeah she sees dog on the street she's like holy shit fuck this guy where'd you come from she surprised every she sees and other dogs were i think when they're on the least she feels like she's protect corrects currency so would lire i now he just i just let him get smelled he doesn't do much sniffing anymore cuz you can't see the dog smelling but he'll just stand there and allow the other dogs sniffing like a gentleman still also does a thing words if a dog doesn't look at her she won't mind but if it all blocks eyes like fuck this guy let's go you want to go pretty much like constantly like you want to go you wanna fuck taken outside so we are outside the business dogs yeah exact just a hockey player you wanna go let's go again with we raise developed a new fund habit of taking ships and cry walks also does it all she stopped rough it's not bad or because there's no traffic rights which is good but he's been can really into the crap on the white line i lost
on he boys especially hawk i've been quarantine my boyfriend for two weeks now we ve already a few months but i pretty much moved the news placed this point because i didn't want to be stuck with my roommates anyways today i gotta go to my bathroom and he said where you going and i said to the bathroom and he replied again i was mortified how can we recover from this us stop eating so much fibre eat more cheese that's it that's intimately really let's order fund do that's happening everywhere though like listen man or woman everyone's going through this right now where it's like people are judging each other's bowel movements because we're all lockstep just watching each other the whole day it just happened so just got to go to the no judge own don't say it don't talk about it sometimes orders disappear let him leave let him come back that's it i sort pooping
they're gonna get is owed maybe single turn maybe i'll swing the other way with your pendulum a big relationship save a right now is gonna be very loud bathroom fans specially you ve got a small apartment yeah like if you have allowed bathroom fan he's not gonna be questioning which do their cause you can hear it right but after splashing if it sounds like a rustling an alligator then yeah he's gonna visually be like hey maybe maybe limits like flushes there yes matches get matches nice iraqi yeah lights a match reveries for breeze baby for breeze are that's our show will see everyone on friday o watch de what's called watch the scheme on hbo that's that's right next friday watches came this friday garbage care gonna watch the garbage pickin feel go kicker you have on youtube so we can upload it to you to ensure that the link we got to get the lengths of people can watch it we'll put it in though will put on the block will put it in a link on the blog with part
asked a mark and will tweeted i also cooperated on us and will carry out also the watch on we're for friday yes take notes levy guess king what to become involved kay either way
we say it's pardon my take presented by bar stool sports
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