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Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran, Deep Dive With Billy Football, ARod saved Sports + Mt Flushmore

2020-03-29 | 🔗
ARod probably saved sports and the world but Big Cat isn't bragging about it (2:38 - 8:59). James Dolan has the 'Rona and Knicks fan still have that hate (8:59 - 14:57). Roger Goodell is trying to save sports and who's back of the week (14:57 - 30:34). Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran joins the show to hear dumb ideas, talk business, and how Shark Tank works (30:34 - 59:41). PFT invents a billion dollar corporation, Mt Flushmore of worst websites, and Monday Deep Dives with Billy Football. This week's topic, Bears.
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On today's part of my take, we have Barbara Corcoran Shark tanks, Barbara Corcoran, who actually For the interview like this so much, she got our personal email addresses, citizen, email saying that she loved us and wants us to come work for Barber Corcoran incorporated. This probably about two months ago. So I don't know that still stands. We went back and forth awesome interview with her, We have built for Paul. A new instead of Monday reading we're doing Monday, deep dives with Billy for power. I'll quarantine last. So the sweet we're gonna, do a deep dive on bears. We learned a lot of bare facts. Zeal Please you're gonna learn a lot of bare facts on a Monday sports pod. We was just for a piper nation, but we ve found out and you'll come along. This journey with us. Billy took us to more interesting place overall yeah. Wait here, he we got all deepened bears we found out about everything about pairs,
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the file for sets? No, it's not Does it not be against that? Rarely heard me I'm actually find during the week, because I keep myself busy and their staff. Going on it's the weekends. I told you guys there is no difference between economic think gets doing. Nothing is dead, because all I do is nothing so I it's so bomb down on the weekends. I wish we cannot in ok, let's let's restart this, because we want path right now. I will do my altered I want to. I want, I hope, you're broke with I was going to buy it just going to the IRAN Corpus solve corrode of our so we're fine, ask your lunch will be back in a minute because we're like some probably back before, even know because present from COS. Up IRAN on Friday, night and arrow to you. Is busy minds the world's getting together that will allow
master of never ever testing positive for anything himself era. Bullock, it up fact that's a fascist! Yes, he understands tribes. Is that he's an area can captain fact a rod. I think we can all learn a lot from IRAN in these trying times and asked slight go about. For business project, success you'll be fine. We may projects which just the first success. Not I'm saying wait when you re right as winners of all time, a rod. Great at alienating is t made so much tat. He was actual so so, if you want a Phd little story about sports here era, people I'm relying on I'm giving you need real. I want to go to a rod every year would, by every new player on the team, every bookie who is coming up three new custom made suits. He would do that. He taken news Taylor, he by three loot and said this is how you have to dress you're, the pig leagues. Now kid and guess what that is,
publicity, because that is the type of guy right is obviously the cat a residency guy. You like fifteen twenty. It was really a guy a right to do that for all the doctors and nurses get them brand new personal per cent Look we're not sure he well, I'm sure he. How do people find out about in buying suits where everybody is it didn't get out there? I just told the story was breaking the news re now. Ok, that's huge! Just let me guess you broke work because you are. I know that unite both had rough weakens, and I want you guys to be okay, so like fibres. Ferocious just wrote down some things. I love about you guys, ready sure, ok I love the cat caved in no way will this be a child? It? It's not Cocky Ivan watch it, but I love paragraphs aired in a lot of guys. But I love it brings you joy love. They do it tonight. I was not happy. By actually would happen- I'm just bombed
Sundays, balmy out is I all I can think about. The fact is not wish beginning the file poor right now, I'm telling you the weekends regular cats living in his turn into the new Santer Anita race track. You just like throwing horses all over the place. Hank I actually realise this day. I, Mr Hans, I really do miss miss the sound of my miss. How weird they are is like. And goodwill hunting when Robin Williams is like. You know, my sport status even than in this. I miss Hanks honest Bob is Johns. Amidst a MRS fits, my wife is literally a dried series of yours now so his face on me one day Nor can the afternoon I feel like I'm sick, but I'm not sick, because you when you have when you actually or second you stay home. Cause you're sick for like a week, and you have them feeling of I've been outside. I haven't really done a thing. I have that without being sick.
And it is weird like cotton, no man's land that we're all just living in it if one firm for me there's a part of like the natural procrastinator in me like likes to push things off, but if it's like too long of a break right then nothing till I pushed off till it's like are pushed off a week and do it We are good pushes off a month Things have been going on in the month. I'm happy brought that are paid because I've been thinking a lot about this. I like this, this whole two weeks we had often it's gonna go for. Another four weeks has made me realize it I may never be able to retire because I'm like a worker, be that needs to be working. Except do you think I I would if I had the ability to still gamble on sports at night with that. Keep me working enough, because now your partners, you have to be here, you have to pay a gambler That's not now need to know you are someone saying I'm saying Geek like right now,
I would not. I kid maintain this life like I need to be busy. I need to be doing something. It's driving me crazy friend, my brain crazy, but would if sports existed right now and I wasn't working, would I be able to survive by? Just gambling at night. I think the answer is yes, but I dont yes, nor. I definitely think that it would make all the difference in the entire world for or two forget about even just force but like any sort of live events happening anywhere just like it, life to be happening room. It's a god, has put us all on punishment, like God, has grounded America. Are just the world he's grounded the world because probably We then take like three thousand years. If Thou shalt not kill seriously, is put his foot down Where does what it feels like if you're just like were back in? school when you are allowed to leave your room and you have tv in there. That's what this feels like just an extended period time. Yes, it sucks it sucks, haven't thought about reading. But now well
So I thought about readings I picked up a book. Camera that I was about to tweet out It's come to this I'm reading a book and there are no pictures, but then I realized that I had done was picked up my book and there I should tweet that I'm reading a book and immediately put my book down Sweden has acquitted. Might what am I doing right now? I'm tweeting that I'm reading a book that I have started yet so yeah, is what happens in between cloud chasing it sucks its but here we are the oil, stores, yet that sports adjacent besides rod, saving America, which, I'm sure will happen very soon. No, I got the big see the Roma and next day and everywhere now we're obviously not ruding against anyone who has the Rona. We want everyone to be healthy button expands, they do have like three minutes: there were our guy shams tweet, Then he had the Rona and then
three minutes later was like he is not suffering, are experiencing any symptoms at this moment and is fine in his goober match, somewhere on Long Island, the Hamptons, whatever the fuck he lives, that was like expands. You could feel collected, the New York City could at lower and then it got lower because they were raised for a minute I'll say this about James DAWN in the Rona Scare. It was a good test of everybody. Just to see like how cold hearted and cold blooded we really are, and I think that as Americans report, the one as their more tat been jokes about James Zone. All got nothin, I sign up out of mixed spans. Then why do they prevent? The prevailing sentiment was I really hope that he's ok and I hope that he does everything I can to pass simply focus on his health looting, helping way from the GMO just taking time getting the best put him on a ship now to Antarctica. Keep him too.
We in isolation? He can't hurt us anymore. No, I think I think this is those times that your twitter feed, my to NFL Centric, because there was a lot of people who are wishing for him not to get better off of it. Alot of expands or like hollow like Hallelujah, were free, the whole anymore. They pass it's as there is like. I would I would actually be worried for next didn't have that reaction. It means that they still have sports age in their blood. They can still feel passion about The man has given them. Absolutely nothing relapsed couple Beckett I saw more people reacting to the tweet that said, but he has no symptom, yeah yeah angrily. Then I heard anyone else say anything more slowly. Back there alone with amendment no symptoms, tweak comes up. That's when its everyone's there, okay, we can joke about a subtle, but instead we're good to go Unita. That, like all clear from gems and yeah. I don't. Maybe I do follow chimney. Nfl accounts because most of things I saw we're just people being like I'm not gonna to
Yes, but you know what I would say if I wanted to comment on. Early came Newton really should be signed by now. As Britain is fighting around but yeah. No. I was happy that makes vans. Had the reaction like us, a good, you guys still feel the passion, because I've said this before, but it does are there we get away its way in this weird spot where, life is so weird, but every day that it's weird, it becomes normal because, like today was weird it's the same as yesterday. So now it's not right is a new normal right and I'm going to go back to what we talked about last week, how we're not getting any medals or anything like that for sheltering in place and that sort of thing for well, I feel like we should create a part. My take pandemic response team and we can give out the words or t shirts wherever people who is in place because we do need to pat on the back and is not our fault guess. I blame I blame boomers for giving us participation trophies so
we are used to getting rewarded for doing stuff. We we Participation trophy for not part, separating in anything like a non participation trophy. We need to be rewarded with something like that: yeah, I mean I agree. I been I've been seven mad about it for two weeks now. I want people to start telling us good job is my. We need simple, like that. I can't I can't kill, and you to do nothing and and stay in my house? If, if to combat, doesn't get for everyone in his it is gone. Low shirt and tell me hey you're, doing a good job, keep doing to keep it up right needs. I mean I need something: I need the outer in the form of his powerpoints core again, I need Andrew Cuomo to open up our point Let come out and clearly be. Ok. Looks like you're. Confronting global pandemic Would you like some help, figured out how to give a pat on the back to hit the Millennia That's what I need to happen right now. I feel better about myself and I don't know I have been
noticed we're places. I got into sleep podcast. Yesterday, Have you listen any sleep? I guess it's a half just a person that that talks until you fall asleep. The matter was not a one. One hour is essentially the J Marianne Show, but intentionally he's, but that was a wreck riley, let their he'd entrepreneurs. Will you let me up for that? One But if you listen to this, it's actually like bizarre stuff, you keep listen. Don't you like! Is this guy? its eyes me and all it does. Is you just rambles on these. I don't feel any pressure fall asleep in your problem. Circumcision before I do. I was at that's what I'm gonna end up doing it just like computer. Guess I sought to see how long I could stay awake listening to put you to sleep, I guess No I've been doing the opposite. We're right. Before I go to sleep, I hop on twitter and click, the trends about kroner virus and then judge fill my entire body with like crippling anxiety. So then I don't sleep.
Well, that's why I need to go to sleep. Supernal really acts in a ruling on the more like, hey, hey. Did you see that is already about the infant dying in Illinois? That was, I had no sleep tat night that was walking cool, accept spaces What I do every single night, so maybe I will sleep, I guess, and the other story. It was tat. You know adjacent to sports what its words Roger Gardelle. Thank God you who were with food thought we would be in this spot where even the most adamant, Fidel haters have to say thank you, Roderick Adele, for being the draft in in, in spite of a global pandemic Hague, you have new, went to jail, gets Rodger Goodell and even you have to say thank you for giving us something. These next in this next month, yes but the way that he acts like he's above reproach and says that if anyone
comments on it or allowing rooms at him, they're going to face harsh fines of penalties, How can you appreciate that because he's a wartime, commissioner, do TAT were at war against invisible enemy, and to have a unified front, so you can't there's no for dissent amongst you never like you Jerry Jones is already going insane right now their negotiating long term deal attack right after they franchise tag them You like these owners are going nuts. They need a strong leader to keep them on the path to the draft and we need We did have some sense of almost so give me the draft yet, I'm on pro the draft, I'm just antiochus Del being like no one say anything to me, or else that's fucked up, that's exactly what it should be doing, because guess what and little piss ants like you start being like hey. Rather, we should be doing this little drafting during a pandemic we have to throw out you away and be like hey. You know what people need. They need something it's not cripple. Anxiety about writers.
I would by the way. How is it going to wars going to the great it's gonna? Look! Wonderful on television still greater sports is gonna, look really cool, and as a sort of United States senator through something that he hates its draft budget like you had so straight, not fly right, respect the shield, please! Thank you Paul Hank art up did you see the video that old guy talking about at war and sharp tweeted? It yes annual gravel more guy this century, what how like the NFL she'll be basically like risk going to jail for the shield. So in our view that that spired meter respect the any sir. He said when he dies. You wants to be NFL shields on his heart there, I'm sorry after that, it's hard for me not to have a little bit more respect for shield, not because of Adele, but because the back, I think Do you really not want the draft to happen on schedule? No definite! pro the draft. I want the draft
thing about that is good. I'm on offer is just the way they could tell then had to be like, and if you will, anything negative to say about it. Like don't bother the best part of one details like if you're going to have anything if you got it the same thing in the press that goes against what I want to find the shit out of me the advantage of adult rates rate Hank, anything that's close to what normal life which looks like I like round Grenelle, saying you better, not say one bad thing about me that I am all for all that We need an enemy, We need an enemy normal life to return there are two Del being a dictator? Is normal life I make Adele to like deliver pizzas to every single general manager in the end I fell for draft night and they are not allowed to take us slice until he has a bite of his that's what I want I want. Yes, I want fewer Godot back in charge. And by the way I think every general imagine the league is freaking out right now, because we're being honest, its
terrible idea from a town evaluation side of things till I have this draft, You can't go see him as impacting like protests and shit Would it what's gonna happen? Is it's gonna be the teams that have been added. Should together such a huge leg up on every other team that might not have it like in very or scouts all that stuff. So telling me pay of tee. The teams might screw up the draft I'm telling you that I will be true more screw up the draft this year than usual, in all these no team other doing there's. No, no! team has like great drafts year in and year out, GINO he's gonna try to draft Jake from twice it says it obvious good, a man, it's actually, if anything, it's actually good because they have an excuse for why do they screwed up their job which they were gonna screw up anyway. So it is actually going to be very funny to watch all these football guys We want an area of excuse bikers zoom, meeting from across the country lived or indirectly. If you the Minnesota Vikings couldn't turn in their draft guards on time before it was
done via, which a meeting dot com or whatever Imagine my Zimmer trying to figure that out. You know that he's gonna be the greatest use ever because guess what they always screwed up. Anyway, I mean everyone screws up draft all the time people I mean to do so. It's that that was it's a little different because CAM Newton, obviously, while he might be a started but it was seven quarterbacks taken in the first five picks from two thousand to two thousand feet in none have a starting job right now yet, but put the pandemic price grew up. Their evaluation. Dennis. The pandemic is going to be a very good they're. Gonna, try to be reciting drew breeze. Acts like a fifteen years is why be a time for my boy, SAM Bradford get back in the max. What is it? gonna team right now I am, he was he was the best quarterback in the Unifil two years ago. Completion percentage I sense a three year like. I think. Yes, yes Stu whose back before we get to Barbara work, whenever I do about flush, more air Billy Football,
The other side, a bags requires you start. I move that we give the ozarks yes Yes, I don't watch the show. Yet. I'm sorry, I think, as everyone wants, as a good job I see a lot at people talking about it. I also the same way where I couldn't like Starlight brain from calling him exotic Joe. I can't stop calling it the ozarks yeah. I was wrong, it very frustrated, it's a good show, the show is mostly comprised of just Jason Bateman leaving places and then his wife leaving a place and then them arriving and other place in them, driving away from a place emotionally high Getty. Yeah getting answers are and then driving down the street is most ashore and then, when that's not happening someone's going killed. So it's a pretty good job here some, it is one shows that its Their training I'm going to give any spoilers, but it's I don't. I don't like him. I don't feel for any kid. I got my task to any character like when you
I suppose you get attached to care during wars, the wire you attach to characters. I don't give a fuck about eighty people put you watch it and it's like there's drama. So it's good. I, like the old man, the lives of him. Yes, the generals. Ok, that's it was we're watching hunters, if you, if you curious, always again, There are two thousand pretty super licence watch. I gotta watch its good if you hate Nazis like us, we are the number one Here too, we called it like the offenders which I still have made no sense Miasm watching it, but I I enjoyed that comparison. What refer to me, I haven't seen the eventual like the adventures, but they fight Nazis. From what I lean online from means about the adventures yeah That means the same shop. It's like guy, it's it's inglorious passers, if they're all superheroes
but the of almost like bastards. If they were all bets, basically does inglorious bastards a tv show fuck I appeal to you: what's yours, ok, my whose back o the week is Britney spears. She ran. She said a world record in the hundred metre dash. She ran a hundred meters in five point, nine seven seconds on a treadmill witches forest, it's faster than you say Bob, I think ever did it so congratulation, to our queen. We don't need the Olympics right now. Britney spears is one of them, probably for the rest of forever cuz. No one's going to break that record. That's incredible! That's very! Very fast! I mean she's she's always been pretty athletic and their allotted haters out there that are like will know that can't be right to use you just posted a screen shot of stocks. Watch out on riference aghast at its is five point: nine seven seconds on it and then she put a picture. We're running on the treadmill So I don't know what the problem is. You're yeah, I fear I fear
to see the issue so who wins race, you're, our Britney spears. I think I think he could beat me this way the raiders are probably gonna draft her first overall, this gallant, receiver, that by when you see, I think it's, I think, Malcolm, percent Jordan loved the raiders, which would be awesome get your love is like the perfect, huge hands, bigger guy the raiders, like still still don't change, much, keep doing your readers love. It. I'll get my reason of Cameroon but yeah. And they got out- I mean, I guess I guess you might ask the am. I have some due to the fact that his bad now Have you seen is Instagram videos, always physical, fuck yeah is so physical. I actually did I what doesn't exist anymore, but I did read an article, whereas they can't Newton shoulder is not the problem. It was actually his foot entry last year care. Member, if I mention that on this show its proper
combination, though it was actually like someone smarter than any of us did like the mapped out his throws an is always rose to the right were his inaccurate throws, Into the middle of a left were accurate, If his shoulder was hurt, you wouldn't you a throat and left it. You know accurately. It was basically his plant foot and the right road- that were screwing him up, which was the least frank injury. So am I right Berlin so you have known. The problem was afoot if you're drunk ruin I think I've injunctions actually just gunshot about hiring any single NFL pillar that has an instagram count after what happened last year with Antonio Brown, true, if he hears the term social media around a player that he's evaluating I'm out that social mediates, it's it's! The devil's work. I've been recalled against. My will once again have this again, which one the course hide video of all time, but I
my whose back is my health, I'm getting back boys, I'm always back, I'm upstart, undone feeling bad for myself. I got I got. I get the best, told you guys that look like a cop, the best or like a brings truck driver. You know what I right. There. Ok, so you I will. It looks like a bullet professed last week. Ok, sweet, how many positive in that sector and sixty right now when they can actually get up and get up to a hundred, Why don't you have a hundred pounds, the more human their rights and get the best. I got the tactical. Asses for my eyesight and then got my arm altitude training mascot yesterday and its objectives the minister on Wednesday. It's the oxygen you can get it.
A basically just limits all the auction to your brain seekers suffocate yourself, but you also feel like you're training in a really high. Also so getting I wrote, eighteen thousand eight right now my eighteen thousand feet and thinner began addition. I, like it s, cool I'd, just ordered a sun lamp today of Amazon. Is I'm sick of being inside all the time? If you like probably gonna help a lot with with the depression that we're going to write to say only able to business one story about son lives. When arm the worst locked professional luck that's very what history, because I got into the casino business January, twenty twenty and then this happened, but my bad luck was. I got into the real estate business August of two thousand and seven and then old came down but when everything was gone bad and I was working in real estate- my I've got a sun lamp and he was like use a godfather.
Any. Would you sit from somewhere buzzing? I feel like you're, not that fine, so these are your guy the gap. Fine of this you know just wanna, give lectures on my right ear, aspirin at Strasbourg. I M grasping at straws unjust. Ok, the job virus just to give all actions by Randy Gear, Aspirin Strasser. Ok, I'm grasping at straws, unless I thought but the sun LAMP was gonna, be here to all my problems like no sports. That's fine just go stand in front suddenly for sixty minutes. Don't say a word yeah so, yes, history repeats itself or back here on this best, is really Maybe I'm and you my ad in the vast, though I can already feel my heart it goes up so fast and I put his vest on its blocking awesome and I got my fifth it too. I forgot. I'm back in the fifth became sorrels. It's like all these things are just adding up. I'm going to end up being Superman and look at this check this bad boy out see this
terrible jobs when it added bad. What is at its head, massage ok yeah, you told us about had massage or that looks like rain go and you're gonna, gatling gonna kill me. We should get Electra, shock thing that Trevor Bower uses to learn stuck fast on down. I'm down, I mean this one doubt one I should have it's like you know the old saying, like never buy cheap suit. Because it s you buy cheap soon as cheap suit, Eskimos gonna fall apart, Never by like a cheap electronic thing that you have to attach to your brain, because you're probably die I think I guess I don't know yet invest in you get what you put into here has exactly. I Let's do Barbara Corcoran before we do that couple couple sponsors, real, quick New Amsterdam via New Hampshire by Could believes that when you have an uncompromising passion and a competitive You can achieve great things. This spirit has inspired New Amsterdam to produce a bite,
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castor business unusual, one reply, gas, eighty, eight, eight, eight Barbara, her other? Ah, what So so you I've got into podcasting you just display empty, which was I just as your question. It was business. They are the real you neg somebody right off the bat. Now you you feel like you're, you have control over the such. We are not at all it's how what it is. What are you a shrink? Assemble like mine he's right now. I spent a lot of money and shrinks. They didn't help s art, so so you so your podcast tell us what what made you ever got podcast now. Why is running encroach we're not going and selling houses we're not going to do in real terms? Why are you doing this to become better at it than you are, and that's the truth yeah I've got this sweet spot. You know a good at certain things were better certain things, my sweet spot, as I give great advice I always have. I think for that is I've walking a lot issues, so you pay, your local sharing for advice. It's all theoretical I've walked it eaten it done
gotten over it and I give advice such a scheme, damn good advice, another with much harder to do is make a million dollar real estate deal or record one podcast, all got. A million dollar deal is so much harder. You have to put in long term effort to get a whole team of people cooperating when you have upon care. She taught one person, you say whatever you want. It's easy ok. So I get this question so the putting in doing like a million dollar deal. When you have it all set up and a false through at the end, are you able to get over quickly? Is that part of why you been successful or do those kind of things linger on you honestly! It's not just me. I've manage sales for my whole life in a thousand salespeople. I could tell you the top ten sold and out earned tend to one when everybody else was doing and when I really analyzed over the years. What the secret ingredient is was the connections. It wasn't a personality, wasn't anything it was exactly what you just said. How long they take to feel sorry for themselves will do I mean we're? Not
blood my veins, but it's how long it takes some sale. Pour me get right back up. It's like my best people quoting myself had average I cues or maybe even on the stupid side, because you're too stupid to lay low and get smashed and that takes a certain personality type, and that is what everybody over all failure, not just real estate deals had some magic. Some magic of people whose sexy, I really believe that, actually is very that works for what our favorite sport football. We talk about it all the time that you want to have that perfect amount of intelligence, where you're just dumb enough to think when you throw up ad interception that you can get back out there and will be completely different. Very well like two to set about. I'm is lay and be like are you know what I can just forget about this, not over analyze it sometimes there's quarterbacks or players that are too smart for their own good, where they actually think over. Think it.
Paralysis by analysis. Of course, you're Rosen's, like alighted football player yeah, you everything, I think, you're not lacking in confidence, is anyone's you're, lucky incompetence. Nobody, I think, I'm not. I don't think I'm gonna be good. Football player out to see I've always thought. That's why I had a backroom sales. Are so pretty much anything or the map you name it. I signed it. I was the best salesperson. I could be right after I sold something else. Why this as you have bouncing off a high you son, I'm a mighty man. Having a check, I can do anything, you can do not work work really well before toodles, maybe no nor I sold. I sold. Cats are sold, use dogs. I saw Christmas trees. I sold portable air conditioners software you cars, and you know what we are going to hunt orange light into your house things from Europe, not a single one. Let me ask if you were such a good cells. Will let me tell you if you're so
good sales and launch a hop from product product product which says people don't do that because it draws a cap on my commissions when I was soon cats answer that it moves up, dies some weird and then Christmas, the higher the ticket item and more money get paid. Also, I found that the higher the ticket- the higher the dollar son, on whatever it is your sale selling a lot of time, easier. So the expensive thing in his cell, the cheap that and echoes the customers that try to buy a cheap thing. Their focus the price and notice walkway at any, given second customers at one by an expensive thing to focus on the other stuff. They in highlight four. You gotTa Valley, something I'm curious about you, telling me that you went and so high price shit to people with that hair cut our no he looked back as a good point, because Ireland, by anything right now, my own us rule would be kid rock. If he needed like a legacy software upgrade than I can hook, Elio Corsica. Does it work when you do like the ones I sell? Something like this is a million and one dollars- or this is nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and Ninetys it works on me.
Oh, not necessarily real estate, but when you selling products it works is magic points. Forty nine. Ninety nine is of is a perfect price. You and you are right, but I'm gonna sell real estate. Nine. Eighty verses aid. Eighty, no, when you go over a million dollars, it's a different category. People search differently online sets a problem, so I guess brackets and everything, to figure will be easier to so an apartment for a million in five dollars, as opposed to sewing when four nine hundred ninety thousand and five dollars, I will tell you want their negotiating many deals in my life and I would be advising the buyer and I never let them go in with a nine ninety or Freya. We said putting a nine hundred and ninety thousand and forty five dollars a substitute like that. Why but What do you think the seller owes it? Why that prices have given it so much careful thought they really arrived at exactly the value they want to really come in the sweet spot. This is what they have to offer in they mean it lets. Take me seriously, while forty five dollars, but a maiden credible made it seemed thoughtful at offers. So you not far off her what you're asking
to really be creative in what you off, because I like, I would assume that at some poor walked out. Given examples, so I worked in a bar at one point and in spar they had margarita, they had probably five different types. Marguerite. Is that range from seven dollars to fifteen dollars, and then they had one. Now hundred dollars while- and I dont tell me they this, although I those suckers while I was talking to the owner- and he was told me like what we needed, it was all the most expensive ingredients the most expensive to kill it. And in reality, if they, if they had the same margin on that cocktail, as it did on the fifteen dollar one, they should only been charging about seventy dollars as the market went on it, but they would sell more of them if they charge a hundred than if they had seventy cause. People like fire yeah hundred dollar area, let's go bragging rights for the guy who paid the bill. Man there's like there's an omen of you wanna. If you
pay more money for something you feel better about your purchase and our absolute. If you can afford it luxury. I owe you feel bad. The next day, when you charge you can't afford you know what the fuck was. No, you call the credit card company. Like my card, restore your father ever. Did you really that easily idling? I argued the charger. Absolutely. When is the next real state recession gonna happen to get ahead of that one in others already real, say recession. New York is called the billionaire recession. Anything that's multi million dollars right now, sitting still price. A negotiate, a lot more than developers will let you know, because every afraid of the market right now? But the interesting thing is always somebody's willing to buy in my part of the real estate market here in New York City. Clearly, right now is, under three million dollars and the more under three it is it's a middle class marking of your middle class in Manhattan. You buy, between nine
fifty and three million, and that market is hopping being over bid, it steaming up wrestler. Let us pass judgement on my journey. I add that gets you one bedroom by the way. Now, sometimes a two regiments failure world can busily sleep with your head next year of Europe, no longer say: recessions. Nobody sees them coming. I was wrong in the last one. I said everything is great. I was my shirt I was won by a mile. I was wrong by mild course. I was here, but you know what nobody knows a recession to you. Looking back and thinking. Oh my god. Look that nobody knows an uptake either. Why should a fortune of what they did? No one was up to exert Christian, bail and big short, the angel well he's a gene that everything was area now. Did you so when that happened, though, did you any? You had no inkling that kind of well two thousand eight.
Surprise me honestly, embarrassing me, because I am an optimist. I always thought the future was bright. Oh just this, just this so did I give the best advice to people know. Did I hold onto real estate because I really say holdings I had yes, I did because I thought. Oh thank God. You know it's only. Then we worth more to Morrow to lose money. No, because I held out for another five years, and now it's worth much much more so now I was pretty stupid about that cause. Love is blind, I'm in love with real estate. I trust him more than anything else in the world if you could hold onto a long term so it is you hold onto long term. You come out a winner. If you forced to sell at different points in the market, you can really lose. What was called real estate, it's real It's real: what would you trust what you put your hands on a good step on you can live on. You could sleep on it, video. Because I warn you not a bit corner you, I'm not sure I don't trust sign. Why they mine for you. I want you to know. I do
usually scary. To me: don't shutters drugs, redress, o Connor just got the blockchain condo and whenever you Edward Blockchain on something whom that extra million dollars la easy. You know that I would not worthy of a star real sick. I feel like with with uncovered a lot of different ways at you, and I would not work so proud of you. I'm gonna find when eventually find common run dynasty your eyes staring at this guide for some trying to sales. Guys are you also we have of history, and we know what happens when you stare me. You fall in love, so good, looking guy, no gas It's a sale are about your new much you did this last. I know, but it's true you haven't gotten. Always please What is your best investment and shouting the one that you look back and that was the one I would I have to say I m money wisely. When I made the most money. We are giving money and also give me the one. It was most of the one I made the most money on already in just a few short years. Millions of dollars is comfy. It's a sweat shirt that everybody should have its oversize hoodie sweatshirt named comfy,
and it sells for thirty nine. Ninety five, so maybe they sell a hundred of them honest to God. When these two clams came on the site say I got this idea. I don't know how I make it or what will close on the wool by buds and ideas I took just up. Eighty percent of their interests, just because I like the guys if sold over seventy million dollars. I never had one of those areas that you have one. Thank you have a minor. Let's see what what's my marginal now from my thirty percent about four bucks. Thank you for my for our lives. This might be a stupid question, but the looking at a right now, what Stop people from it. Can you patent a sweat, you're, really tat design is patented, but a real question. I think you're gonna ask as what's gonna stop people from knocking off everybody's knocked off one thousand imitators, but this is the original coffee and, despite all that, making internal money, big swear, it does look very comforting and that's a great worry. You put it in your in your equation when you see a product you're like ok, that product works, but perversion rip it off,
No, I didn't think of that. You knows on my mind, when those two brothers came in pitch pitch that will these guys drink we too much of the making sense. I don't get this product in Atlanta, however, by it, but they looked like they'd be fun to have a beer with, I say what the Hell four hundred thousand dollars. I take thirty percent, more wisdom. You could do or comfort to poor no Yet since its as like, there's Muriel created personal Party, guys in so you you so in little pockets on the inside to put flasks casually signal that idea, there's an entire marketplace out there for kids that are trying to sneak flasks and beers into shrouded. Events wow beer pants you can, I invented here- can link our going through. The radar really know, no accuses that guy that just goes tap tap and then you just lucky, and so, if it's a metal, detector, flask and tricky one, but I didn't even beer, pants and college, which is maybe something that we really can act on good for you so little pockets into just the call for the passage
put our final hurried in resolving the beer. No, no, not the bound with apparent, as you know, a few, but he walked like a dyke OECD afterwards egos yeah, we're gonna, look ridiculous, but a worms alike to come a store. My life really to comfy. Also could do a? U like a chilled hood as you know, when you're like really hung over, and you want to put your face, on the on the tile in your bathroom. Y- all extension, yes, a little in certain free said. I feel that I guess you will use it. I never even watch that particular short tank, but I drink a lot and they made what looks like a hawk. Over sweatshirt and they sing a song. Yet that is, they basically sit around dying on their couch on the weekend. There, like you know really need, is something to die inside of Al Mike. I like that good potential, both idea I'll give you no credit, even stronger than I did so in front of you ever invested in something just so that someone else that you didn't like couldn't, invest in it on the ship.
All the time. It's ridiculous. I did it for three years like I'll, be damned if Mars. Gonna take this for me and they compete with that Billina. What an ass I was. I didn't do that long. He could have than any of us under the table three times over what about What other reverse, when like is because Kevin O'Leary Leary doesn't really get into a lotta deals when he does get interested, first of all when he gets interested. It's always bullshit he's like I'm a licence and I'll pay you this and then I'll just make all the money have witnessed here. Do you get interested when someone who, passes on so many deals is now all of a sudden like who I see something Lena have taken a couple Kevin Steel simply because I thought he was taken huge advantage of a nice entrepreneur had no interest in the deal, but I was like watching him slaughter somewhat right, but I only did that for two years and unless a few hundred thousand dollars at all should shut my mouth and the future interesting interesting. What is the worst one product you ve invested in that you wish you could take back as a lot of them a it states that makes you lose weight
we're. Not gonna sounds a great idea, but guess what it doesn't make you lose. We wouldn't even those burns a crappy ellipse seem to want to eat a hot dog thinks time with terrible, that's real, who is what's a real that sounds like a high or they do the war. The dentist of uses, toothpaste, it's gonna, put you to sleep at night. I tried it. I was having a hard time see. Random went to sleep after use, is no tat s like no, not melanoma, Trojans Route, Asia, or that we may be that there was no melatonin. There was a knock. Your own had rose and make us lister. Quill nightly Listerine regarded at last his idea. This is great and then try both these formulations made. My money is not lost. Your list, of course, been a long time idea wholly, should hang down proven that you're right, we are you and I don't know I don't know. I don't know what to take serious note. He Lister Quill is a long time. I d of heads invader. It sounds like you invested in Lister Quill, but it wasn't
it was. We want all inhalation yeah, it didn't play to sleep in tasted, like crash the only said Porthos others after her saying her least favoured investment, was my favorite guy wasn't success formula. Was your formula work? She likes the idea. Barbara loves it she's in love with the idea that people behind who I think I come here to day and make money yeah. I never saw that come what correct has ever been a product that you thought was a no brainer and still think to this day is no brainer, but the people that were leading it were all wrong for it didn't work out and lots of products. I won't name the products with us. It would put everybody to hall of shame, but somebody products like the guy who invented a bicycle that was the most stunning bicycle I've ever seen in my life had to have it. I should have just ordered a bicycle instead mark and I each invest five hundred thousand dollars into a lost all their money. Guy was an artist. He had to have the exact right little this
the right little Betty had fifty thousand skews on the cap on the on the tyre. Ok, a guy like that. Never makes money he's an artist. Ok have learned those lessons are right mark as an he still invested artists interests enough, but I like look and I go to bed on him. Ok. So what about the reverse? What about someone that you invested in in there dear ended up socking, but you were like this person is so good. I want to keep them around for something else. Going Farina cousins main lobster their ideas. I just want to sell lobster roles off one track again. They were happy. It was aside business aside kick, but when I heard how much money they're, making a news, a franchise empire they have seventy trucks, one thousand six hundred and seventeen restaurants, I think now making a ton of money. Okay, I invested in those guys are so smart. I knew they could figure. Any they just so sharp and lovely people. Are you they're gonna, be winners? Will hardon doesn't happen, winder out what you say: you're buying products are your add, a story about a shopping mall. You biased something and you like you know what I like this so much. I
two on the entire company and then never happens, you're drew, I buy a product, I say, thank God. I have to invest in such as payment for ninety nine and get a get a pack of commerce. Will you now? You know I'm never jealous of that. I'm thinking of the things I see on the shelves at all of the shelves at I northern be returned to the manufacturer that good I'm gonna have to get the money back. That's the stuff! I don't go shopping harlings! I don't want to see and the worst part, although to a store and Elsie lorries, great product she's. The best merchant on the show I'll see her stupid little nickel dime shit that she's made millions of dollars and hater. While on a shopping for my food, it is terrible. Yet no, no. I try to keep out of the stores I've given up on stores, Donald liked them at all how butcher vous, how much of lorries products, though, like I've watched, Cuvier, see late at night there's something about watching it. Like past midnight, we, like, I gotta, have that knife. The cuts through shoe YA gonna, how that yet the extended? The latter that goes up three stories, even though I live in a one bedroom apartment I gotta have that thing
How much is that? How much that plays into that part of it, but honestly she's got a great knows who picking product she and when those that I can remember the name I am x out of my head. When I guy came peddling sponge with a smiley face, I thought to myself. But it s product, ok, lorry made, like seven million dollars, was in three months. I like why the hell would by people want a sponge. What's the name of the other? Is the dollar? Does I as the most useful product, though? Surely they don't even mention measure that I notice it all I'm saying arbour, you should have been the land and invest her hours. Is India woman gorgeous here with curlers in, and I think I'll work who even uses curlers any more doubt make money. May yet are you sure there are a million dollars on that one I'm with you, though I wouldn't want to invest in their rinkitink shit. I don't know I don't like the idea of buying translated cheap stuff. I want to sell one big ourselves like already in the business of selling Football Stadium, so one of those yourself for life.
Will you? Let me know enough: football stadium comes on shark tat. We haven't seen deals like that other could be worn in New York. How much do you think like for as far as real estate market goes, the jets worth thinking about building a stadium, in Manhattan like ten years ago. I think out I'd, Chelsea peers and that that Tibet didn't come to pass. We need it. How much we are too great for traffic great, how much money here and which way they would cost to buy enough real met in like west. Ottoman had to build a football stadium, CAT gotcha so land alone? I dont know how what the footprint is. I would say, ten of billions of dollars just for the land, and you couldn't do it anyway. We're gonna get rural land. The only thing you could do is fill in the Hudson River or the Trevor. We voted on a studio yeah who stadium island like last eyes what happened Randalls Island, I would ve been perfect. Yeah I've got another idea. What's the one thing that were missing in New York that all
other places. All these other great cities in the world have that we don't manners and besides yeah that and a beach, oh, not a beach in Manhattan. What, if you just? How much the cost to get a shitload of sand and just dump it on the South shore. Manhattan does have that beer. Each party that's in rivers pretty clean, your idea sounds wacky cause you're coming from wacky guy, but I tell you it's not a bad idea. I know of the city in the world. If a mile away before you tell me I'm smart, you just say that the smaller the appeal to a smart idea of Yellow Mccormick, just a haze, sworn idea, but it's a smart ideology. People would welcome it. I've. What my point was going to be what and then you interrupted me blown keep talking to interrupt me again, using only Elinor, each city go to mourn you're on the water, where the water. This is the only city you not even aware of the water when you're on the one you're on the island. It would be phenomenal on the Hudson River to have a lengthy, beautiful beach, because the waters even cling to swim, and now it is, of course it is EAST River
thanks. I don't have to check that are going on in that you are. A bundle of ideas is actually Hanks idea. Yeah, ok, he's real. Your idea hang up off right. We build a top off This is why this my spin on it you put Although all the balls a hidden to the water you hidden directly into the EAST River, and they disintegrate over time and on the inside of the balls, its algae, so the river nicer as time goes on so you're, making green and your keeping the environment Green Ill a matter now on our unethical. Our people are like the trash horror and that I know is helping the water. It is over about top golf you're saving the planet. What about time involving in the Gulf balls, es cubes and we lower the temperature the ocean on that score Google and noble problem was millions on our global warming. Had actually would work,
this is starting to solve. Some of the wacky pitches we heard on certain. I do abstruse question about real see. Women had because it in my neighborhood I'm walking down the street neighborhood in the West village. Yet- and I see all around me- probably three quarters of the store fronts, absolutely empty right. There they ve been empty for that. For the last, like two years year and a half hour. The p all that own? How are people making money if they own that building were then again money come in for the storefront you're, not making money, but you have to look at a different way. Does a great opportunity by those buildings. Cheap people only hold out losing money for so long and allow these smaller progress on by small landlords. Ok, I have the same problem to buildings. I on the EAST village right trade, Fifth avenue. I lost my ground tenant. They had two floors. Suddenly, I'm losing money on those believes each of them. What am I do when a term into apartments. Sometimes you could do that, make the money and Saviour S but most time
can't that's a great opportunity, solicit those people and get a great deal on real estate, because whenever this trouble it's always a time to make a killing, but when trouble people focus on the trouble, but there's always a flip side, the underbelly of road. So you can become giant land owner. If you would just approach all those owners- and you know it- I didn't even think of it myself, I'm going to do it the minute we leave here and I'm going to beat you to the punch in as I have the wherewithal to get out there faster. So great a number. Let me make an idle words to nice way of just like dressing up the old saying when there's blood in the streets by land yeah I got was eyes, would if you're funny Thank you. You he's got current euchre occur when you think so. Quick have you come up with a guaranteed our I got breast but directly mother. Another girl. I had one last question. A real question seeking question promo code. Take put it in your ten dollars off work, life balance. You invest in people. Do you ask them to like me
the balance that you expect them to have where they're just try kill themselves for their job or do you do you ever step in and be like hey, you need to take a vacation or you need to chill out he's a funny thing about The more you say the people that work on your team. Don't work hard, take a week off there's no vacation schedule here go home noon. It's a rainy day. Go enjoy yourself, take a personal day. The more you do that the harder people work. I mean I do that, because I really want people to have a great life, but the fact of the matter is: do I really get something from it? Yeah I get a real dedicated people that work from their own volition and you get as a team that can't be beat it's a stupid thing in the world, have vacation schedule and any business in my book to have ours. Let people make their own hours and this strength comes to the front you,
have phenomenal people? Because I do exactly that. I really want them to have a great life and you know what they take care of you. What comes around goes around. You love him. They love you back. That's out, go you! They people over to your manager of the fact that not all one I mean when I hired a clunker and I've hired a few clunkers in my day, but I get rid of them fast. I love fry is to get rid of a clock good. Can you see me eleven o clock, I'm letting your outlook angel but take the clunkers out of the equation, which is a rare exception, really some careful letting people in but I'm telling you no one takes advantage. People give you extra in every way they can from the heart and soul to the hours to their intelligence, brought to the fore, and you know what happens they grow. They grow because they're giving one hundred and fifty percent all the time you can't help it to grow. If you push yourself out, push yourself get bigger and bigger and better- and that's the way life through people around here that that take advantage of a victim,
in part the seller? To me summarize? Sometimes you haven't vacation policy. It's a problem. We don't know the figures. We actually don't have a vacation policy in some people in this room, but I like a bit if you had a vacation time him, it's him I got shamed, I tell it one day off one time and I get shame and I did a lot of bad what you just said where its iron about Madame give people love, nurture them tell them. Take as many David armies you want is the exact opposite culture here, and it s just hurts as very little. You look like you could take it now. You look like the kind of Guy bitch. In about a big you kind of enjoy. That's my router! You know I like you, I won't vacations. Yet we do my he's mine and I worked hard. So I can take days off one of our taken. My good shame on my next occasion: you'd be a blast. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. I wouldn't have to say anything. You just taken the end of the night use down your lister colon and bull sleep like a baby
I didn't know it, I've got one one of the real say: you're gonna per mollify casually finnish. Yes, it is business unusual. Ninety eight, eight Barbara, I declare adjourned. It now got a question. You can call eight eight eight Barbara Observers Hall in Call me: what do you think the name is aiming at a Bible. I'm an eight hundred Barbara was taken by a porn star would have taken. Now is certainly one story. What was borders oh, I don't know, her name is, but it was eight hundred Barbara try, hundreds like all do it yeah and if, for some reason, should not do any more, let me know I've I'll grab that number to withdraw its call her. So I got a german russian as one I'm enjoying picture you so much on privileges. Gonna call into your podcast all the time with you stupid ideas, but final one. What if I were to tell you that there is a business there. The models been proven. It can be a five billion dollar business yeah. It's proven already, but it's never been executed? What would you say to that? How say who's running it
I may have brought me, I know you're just say no. If it's me I'd have you read who's running. Give me five minutes with the person rang out, tell you if it's gonna, worse or drastic pork model has been proven. The science exists to make dinosaurs, we buy Staten Island and we just fill with rapt. No, that's we get to the stadium different there to Ireland idea to separate, but equal, maybe get out, maybe combined. We could maybe you're going out now you're talking about a stadium with dinosaurs and do you draw the kids off at dinosaur island and then you go to the game, have a couple cold. Picked on at life has ass. We have like velociraptor yeah earlier, even if one or two technology existed for Jurassic Arcadia saying? Are you saying it does it does? But anything if you were confident in the technology behind it
Would you would you not invest in addressing park now? Not if it was on by you- and I don't want my again, not on bus. Unlike let's picture for many, you don't wanna put. Some fabulous sky was really smart. Who knows business or a hustler good look. Charming could raise. Additional funds is always there was an orange light on our greatest argument me I get owes me, I you know it's exciting because its new, but do I believe you could really bring dinosaurs back. I don't think I could write a czech sorry about that, even if at a great on cloning humans, would you do that? Oh yeah, clone myself my next five husbands and they all be under thirty. They be rock solid and I don't know what's wrong with that. You would yourself and then higher yourself to work for you, so you have more use. I wish I could do that Now, that would be a good waiver vacation. That's actually a funny movie. Actually good idea for mobilizing, that's not all, run, show Now it's already taken to bear here we can, you steal it ass. He passed the first real business, just steel, someone else's idea. That's it is
I you go Hank YO asking did didn't of here We want that has, as you say, you re make it not steal it. As a real, an attorney in the room. Yes, I Barbara corporate check it out unusual business. I knew you'd, get it right a date. Eight Barbara is the new pod gas call in with questions. If you want get yourself a head the in your way, and you don't know how to get past your own self. Give me a kiss. Sure I'll show you the way out. Ok, perfidy recall per it. Hooliganism launch Sweden called Barbara. I wanted Barbara, no, no liable under Barton recover. TAT interviewed Barbara Coroners Proxy by simply safe with all this uncertainty in the world. Feeling safe at home has never been more important, so I went you guys, but simply safe home security. Their law time for its part, much aid given advertising with us, for, I think, like three years and for good reason, simply safest.
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Simply save dot com, Slash p m to Ok, let's get some segments real, quick, an emerald you on Monday, deep dive with Billy Football Paul pity you have a higher gear but another guy, Roger Guy Madrigal at all, but I did. I enjoyed as I said last week, local small business reached out and they said: hey we're, taking extra precautions, make sure that you gadgets, small businesses. I wanted to them out so yeah, I dabbled last night and I came up with it billion idea, maybe quadrillion or trillion idea its water for dogs. Ok, humans are freaks about their dogs. They want to make sure that their getting the best food like within it, in free. They want to treat their dogs to all the best nutrition. Why static past began, but dogs, are drinking the exact same thing. Every single day they gotta be poured water right so not a little flavoured water for you dog
You can either go with the savory option, haven't be like a he can flavoured water are a bone broth, water, I dont brothers, but when you say it's unhealthy, Spock, so bone water, and you say that has got course mean at all these specific nutrients at your dog needs, plus it tastes better. And your dog will love it. You, dogs, gonna, drank the shit out of it are. You can even go something more refreshing. You can say meant water cucumber, flavoured water, and He walked by the hell out of this stuff because they want their dogs have the best and dear papa. We think of themselves. Yeah I've been a bad I've been seen. My dog plain water like a chump for the last twenty years, so feel like this is no doubt smash it force. I mean I already see a hole in it, I'm googly deceive it exists and I dont know if it so I think we're good dying there, as you can. We call like paleo water. You can be like it's good, singular dog back to the data. Well God, she said nothing but just just blow
when they were wolves. All you do is says it. It's tests have been proven to show that the p m T dog water dogs living up to twelve to eighteen months longer than the average dog and then in fine print, say tests. I have not been conclusive by science, but this just how we feel, but also been it's not just the amount of years as the quality of yours. You want your dog to be altered making normal water like, like some sort of pussy, know you dog to be drinking like me. John strong water. That's putting it warrant, when his ancestors. If one fact about dogs Similarly been domesticated fur, I don't like a thousand fifteen hundred years and what is Dogs were drinking before that sure we're line filter water. They were drinking the blood of their kills. You're drinking whatever they could find out a nature. So we ve coddled, there's stuff really are equipped to handle tap water in Evian or Perrier. Whatever everyone out,
feeding their dogs out like a bottle. They want to be just so in that Rostov yeah. I don't see I feel like we should put it- put it get like right now We got expense. What's the Trump Come in spirit, one thousand two and dog water If we made an extra special deal to we're like we make people think they were put on discount who gave him a twelve pact. Our dog water, If you use your regular dollars, it's gonna be forty five dollars views your tromp box. It's thirty go about this. You spend all twelve hundred of your truck box on D. Water words we're gonna, give you. One thousand hundred dollars worth of dog water. So you get the actual hundred dollars on the house, no ash, ok, Here's! What really do pfc? Okay, we should create some kind of patent patented nozzle that you can put on
your sync, your sync, your so you hook it up and then its water for life and we charge p like seven thousand dollars, but it really does nothing. I just goes through a contraption right, but we're like hey. This is the special dog water contraption, so we're like. We will give you unlimited dog water for seven thousand dollars so you have cash if they pay it's for herself after, like fifteen years, correct correct. If we can figure, I led developed the technology to inject whistles into water, so that went down, here. The water sound they I'm running to it like a dog whistle way will win while opens knowing the fog when the false it runs in also whistles. Yes, yes, our owners will be like holy shit, my dog is like fuckin coming, sighing because people can hear, and they re out there, like all my God, this dog,
They love water. Now they really need This water- oh my god,. Gunnar usually, is an idea that I think we could scam millions of people out of their money Absolute dog, water armor, we the picture to her now grand we had her on. It was more like three or four months ago. Well, piety There is no doubt in my brain like this. Is our this? Our meal ticket out of this porchless l that we're living in renewing here's the thing with the nozzle you can, let you said you: can you can patent it so like if we just created dog water, Anyone else could rip off. There's designing, there's, Fiji there's all these other water we actually make an instrument that you can put on your Fawcett No one can rip off if we get the correct patent, I'm sure we know, there's gotta be like a patent dude. Listen list, a shop, when I worked for us, don't we Don't we ve done studies already and dogs give
The choice of having dog water are. Thing at all, live fifteen years longer. If they drink dog water If you don't it, you don't buy are false, it on your dog will die And if you do by it, maybe they won't, We know we actually happened. Almost studies Sanofi if it's actually talk, everlastingly live forever side barter would if we include something in the makes it came out of the forces that made the dogs addicted to it. Tat worsening, so they just wouldn't drink water. After trying dog water for the first time, yeah yeah dog heroin, that aside brand a little bit. The others like it's like the everlasting gob stopper, but it just meet any and erode the water runs over it look ahead. We worth adding that part out right. Ok, yeah. I think this is an absolute, no brainer. Let's make some money here. In the end, this is legally we
decided that we have just said this. Entire idea out loud. So have you steal it? You will be sued actually when we ever do these things? I caught of hope that someone does the legwork and then we can do suit right wording. I will like they're, always people always like all the poor, Winkle Boss, twins dude. Love to be a work of art. Just have the idea put no execution than sue the guy. Who did the execution? it has even dream- is the best at its sitting. Back and gouging come up with ideas, and then someone else actually puts work into. Yeoman is fucked up. I thought about that emerges and then, in waiting till there is such a big company that they're like I will just give you two hundred million dollars to leave us Olaf's. Like do you know Kara basking did strangers matter. Joe exotic reflects an honor socially suit, the shit out of them we didn't I memory by the way we gotta figure that out Sir We're not gonna watch king Kong. Again,
oh yeah. Let's do that was every Friday, but you're. We, you gonna. Let you watch on Youtube. Still need the feel go kicker movie. Ass, the outlets- let's do with you. That's tat, thou one people can't walk, that's them once we have us. We put it on. We can we lets you can't colleagues, I just got me so excited. Com is one of the great documentaries Malta. Your call. You can find the whole thing on Youtube. You just type in king of calm, fistful of quarters The whole thing is not yet knows: the fight was fixed So would I do that review on Friday, we're gonna do wide receivers on Wednesday Nellis on a matter that I already know reach. We smiling about thing, that's your running back since you running back. So what do I do? She was next week, you're running backs Would you running backs on Wednesday weren't you, King Kong, fiscal quarters, on Friday. Make the greatest villain
the character of all time in any documentary, Billy Mitchell, everyone watch it tweeted out, what's weed out clips, I'm so excited ass. You did fifty you me back back I'd show these things to look forward to diving back into this. I remember the first time I watched this documentary, his pride, two thousand for housing. I believe these people exist incredible isn't credible. It's incredible. So fell ball. Guy makes an appearance. That's right and the guy. Sorry, let's see what a came out came up. Two thousand seven, so little seven that yet I use a crouching college, so I didn't remember what what year was I assume now flush more of websites Hague, your first, and first are my first one is Bookstall sports one point: zero, the website so bad that it made. To delete thing that was on it for the past six years.
It was agreed that we have a good website now have good tat people now, but basically we have different text him from today, sixteen and prior and basically finding anything that was on the website before that. Even if I like remember exactly like the blog title exactly those in the blog. I just can't find it there was deafening Lee a level of This site is so poorly done that you like have to keep going back to her because there's something about it like win, win the web revolution came and adjust skipper. Over partial sports. We had that website where people like. Oh this is set up areas is the constant scroll to different pages. Just like all keep reading operating bitches IRA haven't go into infinity. What now there was a comment, I think, like two thousand thirteen or fourteen we're like hey, maybe we should make it change. So it's not like. Forty blogs on one page. Maybe they cut it upsets like eight and then you have to get it keep reading and our page views like quadrupled.
That smart, because you get that extra lacheneur. It also used to be that you have to click on the on the actual story. It would just be thou screw up. So you don't go to the court of auditors is every like this. Every we're just there and then everything I lost at last. I could good call Hank for your first big. I pity Ok for my first pick right at the gate, I'm gonna go with bleacher report thousand seven until two thousand fourteen and that it the landing zone, for every single slide show on internet, it was like. Ninety percent of bleacher ports website was look at the fifty hot wives and girlfriends of this english soccer player, and then it make you just all way through quickly. And then they went legit kind like the mob They go legit and pretend that their bootlegging passed in exist at that point, but from there
It was. It was an awful for website bs. And an end game start times that throughout always like search for like what chain all games you down, and it was always leads report. So indeed didn't pay anybody to write for the website, so anyone could submit their writing to it and like their draft. Aids are always hilarious to go back and read because has just done by some some person with a high speed, internet access like they gave Russia Wilson, that and I think was a cliff April that Seahawks greatly given f and they rejected me from writing there. When I tried to write the world worst article. Two seafood, pastor, quality filter they actually caught our that's funny, because nobody there. Good good to know that they were able to stop there. That was it. Does a pig stop for them? they then some random do just giving his draft grades doubt they That's good! That's a good one. I chose I mean it
so funny when you think about all those websites and unlike what these pointed it out and then just trying to pretend, like you said, leg, Actually, my my first big would be the original Buzzfeed, which was kind of the same. Where pause we added early just took everything from everyone, unapologetically did even add their own, like thought on it so regional, Busby and deep. There is huge leg. It was you today they are able to. Basically they weren't. I think the first true we're gator on the internet, where they not yet they made less than it was like the ten. Forty is tweets of thousand eleven or two thousand twelve where- and it would just be, screen grabs like no links or anything. Hardly, I would feel all the content homage fine. This real, quick, there is went, Buzz, came on the map Dave got nervous that they were gonna like not nervous, but use like we gotta keep up with the Jones. And he would he like senator.
Emma, be, unlike we gotta start doing less like, let's start doing less, we made a week calendar where everyone how to do a different list every day, and I think we made it likes forward, these before we all just gave up yeah I remember how stupid as well food was coming out common coward. He did a segment, he was to tell you the secret to business after this break, and then Well, I guess day in my car, during my lunch break, to figure this out because I need to know what the secret businesses passion he goes guys love, lists, every guy will read. Lest I can't do that, but thank you for saying that up yet Yes, he is here that the lists are what guys want to see ya. Look at two thousand twelve: less blogs he racism, xenophobia and like the list by the way to go gotta have. Top ten list. Ten gives ten hottest little sisters of professional athletes that are just barely eighteen,
and then just like the more arbiter of the universe about five years later? This was this was before the separate pages so days I did. It makes sense because it will have just all been one giant scroll through active gay sets, a clear openness, lads we laughed like and what we lost like one week doing these. It was just easy people eat this shit up. It's also a great way to build a falling with our writers. Bottom line. Is we're doing these lists just to add more work? I think passing these assignments afterpart, I'm guys a major mistake. So he d It was like we got to have our best and brightest minds on the list. Just got off the phone with the boys. I got my top mint on in the back. My other one. I don't know if this one counts. Well, no it should its sneakers app lash website. I hated so markets the bane my existence, it's a fucking worse than ever, never win anything so that, as one of my worst websites out there, that's good. When I'm gonna go with anything
any online education portal, socially blackboard, that does off lay out, and you know that whenever you go in there, you go in there because we're doing schoolwork by the way. Did you guys neither the Ivy League is given away like free courses. We take a course I'd rather just I'd rather just go to college, where you can buy a degree for ten dollars. Ok, I believe we should think about taking course not an ivy course, but maybe a course somewhere. I ip. If these ideas jumping in a random courses and inspiring debate, I dunno know about actually taking course yeah. Crash and some zoom meeting just out of boredom this week. That's pretty fun egg. If you took one course at Harvard, when people ass like where'd, you go to college very wide and gradually, but I went to Harvard I can only do that would be you, though. I got to say that I would college somewhere in Massachusetts.
No my went to the programme and when she was a one year programme at the Boss University Centre for Digital Imaging arts, so I can just take off the white. The last for words to say about you ok, but for you should get out a degree from Hartford Interstate really quickly, I might take your class and Harvard usually just so. I can say that I regard as actually one of us should do a class at Harvard the other should go to Yale so give like a rivalry. Go yet for now we can just we could just like all day, just do cocaine and make homophobic jokes against each other Dhabi fun. I take your topics? yeah the Yahoo search bar. Whenever, whenever you type something anything it's Google and then the yacht, yet the Yahoo search results come up like that are just somehow like the shit is gated results of all time. I'd never makes sense to me.
And it's always websites that have light its. They start with W W W to one five c. Three: four. And then dot and then the address it s, not even a real website how houses working right now yeah, and then Have you ever been to I mean I've. I've I was outsource generally have a lot, but fifty kilometre dot com isn't isn't great. It's not Now it's that there's no, not like going on their purity what about pro football talk? Tat come one where you sites Larry was an inside job. Wake up. People acted, that's guy; they cast. Connect the dots guy. I understand this website. It all goes to parcel big cat tat com. It also says Larry was an inside our predicament picnic, Who created, I am It has been made like Three years ago, media shit. Ok, there sit on a gold mine there, Your next pick, fifty next one.
I'm gonna. Go with storm front NEO nazi message. I guess I'm the only one that I don't even know about that. Yeah yeah, how'd you find me. That's fine, Then the news of which I read a lot so and so on. How, however, as you guys, haven't put it on your list, Can you go there ever been. Oh really, We know because your mad, How would you know it's bad? Yes, damn cats, the admin unsavoury, confronts dot com How would you how many times you been there for ill, never been Nevertheless, as a bad place gathered, I find it interesting that you're attacking me for pluralism from on motor the worst websites. I didn't see that one coming out in low income exotic even know existed. I might next one. I got my last too
spend our com clarion, get meet spent back in the day I dont even over still exist, but there, the old. Major change, your home screen to it so funding The original Would yes, I was therefore has the original would and then this one's more of a current one, it's Yes, Vienna, scoreboard which is nothing on it, because I've been doing that just out a reflex, chugging cooking different, like sports and ever when cancelled. So it's the worst websites out there right now. That's pretty bad, well, you never ESPN dot sports net dot com, original website that he has just been held back and ninety ninety six or whatever I have vaguely dapple is really bad arise. So my final pig is going to be twitter dot. Com DE are ye and are of key l, L, a good one, parasite you're very bad.
Noticing that has not been treating a lot. I don't know what's going on with them when there was a spy, visit supported, is not short business going on which I believe back it's true. It's true. Smile ass one. Yes, you have about turbo tax dark on tat. The dead over five years of on they're gonna have a miserable experience. Am I screwed up Well, I is act is probably owed thousands of dollars by the federal government. Yes, I've Siam Hague, did didn't I largesse axis two years ago, but there was that either like two years. Why not making a lot of money correct how does your option where the most money got taken out of my taxes that I'm so to get back. I never did you. I never did you pick the worst years, do not to your tax by far I also think I'm gonna have to do my taxes during quarantine. Is there's gonna, be a point where nothing else to do know the extended it though I know, but like it actually proactive. Come ass,
That's crazy! Things can can't take back light. Tat. Was the dumbest exert on the show today by far you're, going to start a new taxes, maybe, we get the may Hey, listen, somebody and investors going to listen to this And they're gonna hear you say that and they're gonna back out of investing in dog water because they heard that coming from This is not a kind of person I want to be involved in these crazy is As the before we get to Billy Football Monday, deep dive reminder we're gonna, do King Kong, fiscal quarters on Friday we're going to do and it fell one hundred run backs on Wednesday and tomorrow, night Monday, night or tonight, Monday night shows news on a Monday were gone. To go, live with an old NFL game. We do not. No, the result of and we know spoilers should even we should probably not even announced what the game is. Until we like get into it,
but we're gonna go live from part. My take right on from pragmatic twitter. If you, go to part my takes. What are you ll be able to see where we live from it'll, probably from a different account ok we're pm ATM Monday nights to an end, going to go live? It will probably only about a forty five minute. We ve condensed the game. It's a game, we don't know where, amber or anything like that. Going to watch it talk about it live stream. It will feel like sports or back get ready for that. Eight o clock Monday night, ah Pfc, before its belief, a boy you got one last at yes, I went on You guys, but Mccain Potatoes or new sponsor of ours. I love my competence. I love anything potato related great forbid. They snacks, and now that we all have access to kitchen since we're working from home, you can enjoy potatoes at any time. The easy cup cook up for your family says were somewhat confined to cooking at home. It's a meal that you don't have to think about. Preparing became potatoes, breakfast lunch and dinner.
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bring back. Are in turn, maybe someday our colleague, William Football. Son? You are somewhat reducing deep dives with Billy, Paul on Monday is in place of Monday reading, so this ship fond we're gonna get our learn on which Billy whatever you wanna what everyone dive into will dive into his well Billy. What are we starting with this? week. You mentioned the other day. If we put everyone into hibernation state for two weeks. That would be able to stop the spread of corona and end the pandemic so you reference in article that also the same take by- Donald Jeanne. What I just want on the record. He stole my take Somebody actually wrote that, after I said it, I just wanted on the record that he actually store all or take from after football seas, and every year we just want to hibernate until now, madness
so the crews quote was if it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for fourteen days, while sitting six feet apart, a say the whole epidemic. Would sputter too out anyway I looked into this up First things: first, there's no known cases of natural human hibernation. You ve been working on this for a space travel for years. Because they want to. I crash nazi hibernation, so they can like now, use any resources and just like business fall asleep in wake up at another planet like a? U interstellar, ok, budgetary Chivo, though you see she she what will driving that later. But what about when you black out, if you just get really really drunk for a long time How long have you like that I dont know cause I was black out, so
Scully Hibernation States. You had to slow your metabolism to a fourth of the rate in your heart, beat just beat a couple times per minute: so there's a lot of cases of mammals in polar climates, hibernating, over the winter, so hibernation is only in a state of cold they start hibernating. So animals in zoos do not Highbury so bears induce, don't hibernate worsens use, don't hurry, they have plenty of food and water and warmth. They dont hybrid that's gonna be exhausting, though like it as a bare. It's gotta, be in your natural clock that you get to spend like three months of the year, just nappy. Well, Billy saying it's, it's the other way around, that it's not the hibernate out of necessity, not out of like what they are built, yeah. I agree, but it's also like I shit out of necessity, like sometimes is it feels good to go? Take a big shit, let's put but a beard.
Not like the like. Why am I not hibernating cuz eating in warm the whole time? recital their food in while they hybrid. What are you? made recycle, we don't poop and they turned its and more carbohydrate carbohydrates, improving while the holy. So does that mean that for some just operates at a more efficient level are do they actually Christian and their body? It is one of the ship they take. It goes to the digestive tract, but then somehow it goes back around circle was snake eating its own tail. Yes, credible, and This too system they just piss their pants all which they dont, because, like the signs isn't going to their caves in fine? No, nothing your pants but the thing is only Sheemale bears with clubs. Hibernate bears are actually the best hibernate offers. Everyone thinks there the best, but
there is actually other animals there's other forms of inactivity, not confined to cold weather months. This is called starvation, which is done by lot of reptiles and frogs? in some lemurs in Madagascar. So if we were to do it being the warm weather monthly, technically estimation hastily weight who's the best hibernate her think on certain go back from the nose. I got sidetracked on bare facts, because once I heard the wheels I let's do- thou Seest Gonzalvo, that's. Why would you get back polar bear. Skin is really black underneath the white fur. I knew then yeah but let me get over the well known good facts. Grizzly bears as fast as a resource color of regular bear skin. I don't I think it's I'm not sure, also black, I think, daddy called when it began of instead of horse races. Issues had bear raises, put so a question for you. Billy is very cool, but how long can do. Can they run as fast as a resource?
I got imagine they can run is fastened. Race was for a hundred meters. So they can reach speeds at forty miles per hour in strength, so these spears level. Can they can they go for I entirely share guy. Look that their problems winters ion another war take a lot of noise get big, but you get off their house and black. Let's go body blackberries there. Whenever you see like so yeah. Right Say it again That's very back Brownlee down why they goodnight so it's all a barrier fact you're, actually fat, a black Panthers pitch You black, where you actually want to fight back, we'll woolly Make a lot of noise get big. They arose and black, let's go body, whereas there, whenever you see like direction, videos that says dogs bride is like a little pekinese the chases is way a barren summaries backyard. It's always a blackberry
Brown. You just saw Grizzly bear you just go I'll, lay down a pretend you're dead wall. Within polar bears. There also scavengers shall eat dead. Things too so near screwed it makes sense, then? So? Yes, oh, that's actually really good. So if you see so Porter years, progress more run? I see this. I have no idea noticeable. We're Hauser eyesight. Could you Could you get dressed in all white and blended with snow. On the scene. Color, I'm too sure, maybe use, dig this now, ok Pearl Moura, Hybrid hibernate just take right in ok, look. It is doing a bottle Coca COLA and then no smiling wink at you. Another fun fact polar bears have never met a penguin in the wild. All different is different. Head, go ahead: Hoppin Hank happened when everyone now Oh yes, I see you I see you nor had
No doubt whereupon waging a war get in their animals ones. Himself or which was which. Penguins are in south correct. Here fuck yeah. They love the sun. That kind of ruins, like a lot of I feel like children's books in and Cartoons like polar bears and penguins just kicking it together. Yeah. I remember there was a far side cartoon. Did you ever read that one where there was a polar bear on an iceberg wearing a beak like with a string around it? And he was eating or the penguins one by one and I remember, like two people wrote letters to the cartoonist was actually this can happen. People guarantees that was one of them. It was absolutely down revolt, yeah, yeah,. A male bears are called bores wall. Females are called sounds, which is like pig terminology, so I thought that was reason that is interesting
This is another. This is kind of been circulating the internet, but a hundred seventy five lb black bear once eight hundred and eighty eight lb of cocaine and died hell yeah, we two hundred and seventy five pound black, where that's a small bear yeah on matter this crazy, they made better. The craziest part of that story is a hundred some five compare, not eighty pounds, cocaine mime was it like you. He had like a hundred grand cocaine, those idiots, Graham that killed him, or yeah, it's gonna Martian, will take me eighty pounds, so there is turns out there like a lot more like there's some drug run. Your droppings stuff into the woods and then the day when the whites try to find a drop jobs and found a dead bear with eighty pounds calculated. So what we know is that a bear I can handle hundred seventy five pound bear can handle at least eighty seven point five pounds a cooking yet black? where's? Can party.
Well, if a polar bears, how they handle is now what about the water, good does great get a flake going. What about? I fucking love. Cocaine, bear we're. Gonna bears that. Probably this bear you. What well haggard learned underwear ex nude. We just saw his balls. I hate just put his balls and lives through. So there was a bear that fought for the polish work against the Nazis. I remember seeing the roadstead even parties here that, there's bad ass. We should we should write a movie or we should write votes tech into a boner dogs Billy, how old bears lived to think again about twenty three five ass, pretty cool your dogs.
Dogs or will be in our inner. Yes, we we ass, we all hope the dogs of twenty or twenty five now can you can you put like a saddle on a barren write? It I saw her once a golden Compass Movie Republic. I put We want the HBO show that gone comes is about is pretty good What do you mean you compass, this book airlines? Will, ex post me next Harry Potter within the guy, the author. Can I went nuts in the next book, so they can really make a children's, nay, but they paid it. They got they made it into a HBO series called his dark materials is pretty good. Like that, that that are tube kids Youtube STAR Blip. He who did the bouquet Not me cocky did you sit in October. Is shit notion? Is friends, face organs, others, jelly salads, Harlem shake, show me drags on pay. Ok, My mistake:
we're down little rabbit, holder Billy when it comes to these bears, are they are they in the dog family? No beers, are close, bears, clause like dogs, they can't retract them but their their own separate lake, their ancestors british from dives a long time ago. There is actually a cave bear from North America. That was when the largest land credit land, Frazier mammals on earth? Tat was like huge, like. I think you like six five standing up. We know that appallingly shit, the cave bear. Look I re now. Billy! This thing is no joke, Do the they said that it was the only thing their ancestors feared like whether anything on the plains? there were three: were they got to thirteen hundred pounds? Oh my god. Order to twenty two hundred pounds is the biggest one thing cocaine that bear to do too. That's a lot. Like a Keith Richards. Bear God,
I come was movie that either Well, then we had the whenever the that movie the remnant, but was not another one where it was like a huge enormous, bear fruit, store excise. Maybe knighted museum. Ten thousand b c, using that now, He was needed, museum steamroller. I just found. Awesome Ten sign that you can hang up your living, which is welcome to the man cave and its. The giant grizzly bear it, and it says it says: no responsibilities or empty glasses women allowed only to replenish food and drink. That's pretty bad ass, I might go with us. Moscow. A train bears to serve a vodka. Another famous bear it has pretty cool, didn't road sector, the bear and Polish Army the one they like carry the artillery shells. Didn't he smoke cigarettes. He knew I salute and all that. Pressure, pretty sure, maybe just eight cigarettes,
hey what else we got. polar bears meeting last longer than panda bears by an hour. Still more bears the EU back along the panda bears, but we don't. Panic bears only go likest a minute warm very skilful like ours, ok, but it wasn't like it's pretty easy to last longer than a pan to bear, that. Those are the two sides: inspection got. It got a guy How would you like a black bear tonight, not I can assure you that we are just thousand one fact they saw her you're gonna get the data you think as they do the cord leg it takes longer to to bust, because it's like so Chile outside, ass. The bears. There is a polar bear, Grizzly Bear Hybrid or a couple people, so I got shot and Canada National of critical. A paisley Later a ruler,
chrome polar bear. Can the council awhile a panel yeah we're late Its huge This things very cool, it's like its arms. It looks like he's gotta farmers ten. So democracy is why and then the arms and legs are brown we always tired, you guys know. Ligers yeah, yeah The message you had a bigger yeah yeah we will grow appears on the same thing, So there were bankers. I'd love, crawler breakers, although yeah. I guess if you're going for, like what's more intimidating, name growers deadly more intimidating than then a peisly right, yeah, next time we buy across team? We should aim at the gorilla bears, yes the bears only pressure on earth? The only thing I hunts bears is tigers in Asia on humans. True, but natural brows got it? TIGERS in Asia beat bears Now I can't bears
a pair Pussies war like walk theirs. Panda bears would be like the would be like the Brooklyn POD castors of the world like they live in doors there. There only to be got tat. They don't know what I call our day's work is anymore. That's the lazy all the time it's here, basically impossible to get them to meet with any one more just for four, are listening, enjoyment or visual enjoyment, that's gonna polar bears. Would what about Kuala bears? Are they bears massacres. Members may not valid very just got out of learning dismissive you like yours, you will no doubt be fucking idiot. Fifty quality is that you can at least agree that that's a little bit misleading, Hola bears are Chad's, Anders virgin either, since would
what else you got this good there are black bears with a genetic variation that they appear. Why the new Americans called these bears acre Modi and there like a like the goes spares. If you like see when it's good luck, there's someone you're like in the stern peninsula in Washington State We're kinda, look it Oh, that's close enough to around the same area What have you got one? What is the are the regional distribution of bears in the United States? Where are you least, likely to find a bear. Are you least likely to find a beer and will black bears are also, she told me she near new agreements. As I know, you're just like life is not always been kinetic. Torrents are products there everywhere. Probably member that episode egg. It was after the ducks left him and then he got really depress me. I D go see a psychiatrist because the ducks leaving reminded him of like his dad and everyone else who do you really want to fuck the psychiatry mail?
the falconer and then eventually he actually members of dies. Part. I remember the bear they followed. Then I thought only deftly thought nobody's village, but it was a dream, is very vivid dream Finally, my ownership she had the dream daddy out and then she woke up and she had to tell her psychiatrist and then Observer psychiatry had a dream about melting fucking him that, whilst I just think about here. Obviously valley yeah, whose bears on long. There are bears on my wound. Ok, including. Yeah how they get out there only we did Bears are everywhere, except linear, say: okay, so they can't get out on islands. What are you? Gonna do now can swim Polar bears can swim postal like a hundred miles well made
So we should feel that bad about global warming, because at that point it's like polar bear. You had a chance to get off at icebergs from back to land yeah culture and Poland. Swimmers died. What. All the bad swimmers that work thousands of alleges that they melted, and also because it like a lot of fat. People go out on January first and jump in the water like Pooh Bear yeah, it's true Billy. You know You ve grown a lot like in the last. Couple years any pyre curious and why. One thing I appreciate- I just knows this right now when ass. You ve been swimming, you said yet barbarous. They can swim like a hundred miles. If this was from three years ago, I would have, that you thought that polar bears can swim really well and so you're, like instinct, for measuring and been like getting off like a hundred miles, but now I think that you actually know that Their range is about a hundred miles and it wasn't a guess, we'll
look at that summit. Thirty miles, really, that's called doesn't like a higher yeah yeah, that's close in one case as far as children twenty miles right, that's tides! If they get a figure good tied, like they're, fine currents, That's probably one you if it weren't you The current and just let it take you lazy, river body surf. Miles. We anything else. Billy yes, very much on the bare facts: become ones a word is exciting. Well, I want to say thank you, because you somehow did this without making a mixture biscuit joke, so that was good. Beckett, something their use. Draw. Be careful right. I don't think there's any you didn't actually miss Catherine left. He control Right that's why we actually did the
came Newton, like Camp Catch, all right, it's interesting, because errors usually disappear for awhile right around January red. We'll get another Africa to ashes last night, but how matter you that came is known. The bears like those videos on Wednesday, then there's been more videos and have come out since then? We're cambyses looks like an absolute monster. Yes, I think, he's going to have a good bounced back year and people are gonna be like way. Why do we not pick him up I got an absolute forgot that mean pitcher target together, but I hope you now, I believe you have gear that hot take about. What about actual delay on us before we let you go. What be a good quarterback Indiana value can be asking you know. How can I who who guys burner. You can't be cool. That's I think the thousand psyche with behind getting Daniel Jones for the giant was like they don't want. Someone was like, like cool guys, don't worry you guys you they like. Carson Wentz reaches car like
This guy, like does Think about all the noise like someone chain process, the noise you why you like. Where is bigger? Mayfield is taken on the noise level careful real swag is no swag careful treasure there. What do you think think patchwork home wasted ethical. Currently, I mean yeah Yeah, really cool guy, like you, want, live that single guy wife's tumor homes never really done that. Yeah big bed was kind of cool. Everyone what some people is also weird like movies beard nowadays, true, that is weird. He's, but weird yeah. Him Newton weird, would he is if pay Manning, although we are aware
causing a normal. You are the cause of the end of his career. Let's not us on change has run. If you look at the order quarterbacks, I feel like some of those guys we're cool and good. At the same time, I Joe Montana, his name was Joe cool. Damn arranged on our way? John? Oh, it was Reno guided the era when the coolest guys Only one one super bowl and the baby was it his did. He carried the team, I'm a like. I'm even wait for Ho Jon. We can, but he did when a symbol oh yeah, you're right, ok, want to go through what is called. Maybe we'll do that list maybe next week. When we do a deep dive list. The court of acts it wants. War would decide, could not cool multiples of wars because you have because like you could make the argument that Tom Brady might have been called the beginning of his career, but then he got kind of weird,
whose cool, during the years after the first three. Before the second three years. Time Maybe you could also say that winning multiple superboss makes you weird and coal. We're gonna have to dive in we're, have to set aside a that's lot idea we'll come back to that are where'd you earlier. For he. Let you go, we're supposed to talk about hibernation. Was there anything else about hibernation wanted to share? We got kind of sidetracked on Paris as we tend to do, and it's not going to work. I'd like to explore that elaborate further, so they hibernation in a coma hibernation you're, actually, like rain, is operating like in a coma. I hear you internal systems or operate too fast. We did so when you're hibernating your dreaming, the whole time Well, it's actually different sleep alone of animals. I wake up from hibernation. Actually don't
they actually deprived like they haven't slept well that too much? You can be sleep, yeah interest, All so Billy can people. Can we have people sending ideas for what you should do for deep dives who have em sweet us? well she's, cinnabar, deep that water, You might want to Lebanon kind of like Wikipedia Club Twitter. Energy Company kind of slide down near your twitter account the swag he swam, George, you, we don't the topic of Cheese twitter account. We do have to ask why I think we are born of the no. We don't. I might have a passport for Tommy Gucci. We'll get book, it Billy set up with a deep dive, twitter and we'll just have a cause. That's really where you always like thrive. Was backs that was gonna be the beginning of the Wikipedia. What do we want to call this? A Billy's corner, some with that Billy's deprives chalked up jobs?
I, like that, are ok Thank you will see you next Monday. He's your army goes and you feel better, everyone should know. Billy feels better still stay inside, though stay inside is looking up. Faxed all
stay healthy out there, everybody ass Asia on. Don't let me guess: it's pardon my tape. Proceeds by bar stool sports.
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