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Live from Super Bowl Week in Houston the boys are ready to celebrate their birthdays and say goodbye to the 2016-17 NFL Season. Football Guy of the week(10:02-16:45). Tiger Woods Who's Back Of The Week(16:50-22:30). Gambling legend Stu Feiner joins the show to talk football, the Wild West of gambling, and how he lives life(25:05-50:21). Segments include People Forget That, PR 101, Kings Stay Kings, Thoughts and Prayers to Uber, And Drunk Ideas
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i have an idea check i welcome the part of my take it is monday january thirtieth the probable just getting we're not even the problem now we're not going to large no developing played on the field it is money general thirtieth rearing houston texas happy birthday by the way thank you hank have i regret that i am obviously saying appreciate
so it is more a weekly one apologize to me for not which may happen i do not are you not i wish you had virtually on your birthday today is the part of my take episode when i am technically older than pdf tee and everyone can tell big but because a more mature than you and your balls hang lower in their droop here in your skins ugly yeah exactly so we're here we are live in houston we actually taping this in the back of the army on set for comedy central the parcel renouncement bianca resentful on monday night tune and i'm not gonna be on the show you'll be out of albion you'll be on the shall we have some stuff portes tune into my parts but welcome to pardon my take cause that's what this shows and we're off houston what a beautiful city great city if you're a big strip off and this is the city to be in theirs there's a shit load of nail salons yes there are a lot of the whole city of
is and must be filled a people that have perfectly manicured toes and a shitload of mattresses yes in their houses and automatic restores it's it's weird because like everywhere you go it's a big city you drive a long way and everything looks the same my my grandfather would love the city he loved to drive through go like ten miles an hour drive out through strip malls getting lost in strip mall strip yeah what have been great was the big advance otto ports gags are lot of those years there's a lot of those there's a lot of the same store same big box stores it's beautiful city lotta culture i think that houston is actually just a front you know how when you see a store that it's never busy but it stays in business like twenty year gets a mafia from you i think the entire city fusion is just a front for some sort drug operation that's failing because i don't know what i mean we know these stores
i don't have operation itself as well as everything you never hear of like big drugs coming from houston you'd think that they would hit the map sometimes that's right so the probable everybody loves it was blake portal sorting answer i dont know but the doubling of fourth year in a row that borders with provo over under was eighty points at the time of this taping it is seventeen to seven with men twenty nine left in the third quarter a defensive struggle what everyone loves to see in there all star games so jason gear was challenging fumbles out there squatters take it very seriously you practice like you play and jason gear we all know has no offs which the us is intense man he's in a coach the same way where's the probable earth it's the second quarter of a game against green bay that he is calling poorly hats exactly where where when green bay is daring him to run the ball refuses to do yes the probable also shut out most little birthday present to myself i took the over at eighty ok
then at half time when it was fourteen seventy said hey you know what i'll take the second half over too there's been three points you know what we should start doing that hilarious than operating budget fox worthy about you might be a redneck yeah you might be a degenerate gambler back if you bet thou over on the probable here by the way is pretty good impression by me by the way the beeping you may hear in this broadcast is the carbon monoxide detector that is malfunctioning life if you have to hopefully its melody ass if we had if you have to oxygen items you don't have one so i'm fine with monoxide right so what else we have on the show we have to find a common up an interview before we get to our regular meant monday stuff let's do little thing because it is birthday weak today i have turned thirty two tomorrow you turn thirty two that we did a quick poll and two thirds three of this podcast is turning thirty two sits very reliable for everyone listening thirty two this week all of you out there celestial little thirty two goals
girls for this year you go first age before butte ok my first goal go on national television this year when i'm thirty to check not yet but we're gonna we're gonna hopefully get that the other big hank what you're thirty years war i want ok i hoped to get the thirty two other guy you're actually reverse twenty three kind of cool woven woke mine is fossil file a lawsuit ok and they also don't have your voice crack i'd like to go to court as a plaintive that so i stay young he has that he goes to live in my pupil life here's another one for me i'm gonna try not to gain any more weight so macatawa lose weight that's a little ambitious he's gonna try to stay the same we like that you're saying try try
well don't don't put to thirty two all you can do is try my second one is learned to draw i'd like to be able to like i've always envy people that can do self portrait i grew that i might actually join you in that similar to drawing at none at all i'm gonna try to increase my hand strength ok you're gonna get a grip monsieur mercier crippen where are your work over china's might as well even it out you don't get it bottom have is ready to start clicking on more links online job that finger yes i don't think what else yet article in our play guitar when i get ready to not now like a nine year right turn thirty two zero now hank you're not a guitar guy who maybe not now the nine years tat thirty tanks together will learn the the rift dammit by blink one natives oasis no just the one rifted amity just that
and that's all that's gonna others rituals now i'm trying to keep it in our attainable ok so i have one more that we can actually do together in its very attainable trick more water just two hundred more water general district water pierced yeah yeah i know it's true the like i'm oftentimes forget to drink one i'd like to get better wiping that is true europe headway but we all know that embryos amounts look souls thankee let's two by the way we have all business peat in the house he is listening to us hope i guess he's sitting with us associated associate producing for hanks asking to boston around his it's kind of awkward having just a fourth guy just sitting in this room not saying anything don't know they have never makes again ages try disabling but again let's do football guy the weak yes we have again this gonna end in a week we have one more week we push so let's do this penultimate forbearance that's right football
as a lifestyle through its twenty four seven three sixty five except for that is ever that one hour than urban meyer goes envisages family that's right when the when the mine calendar flips over and again an extra like tenth of a second yeah that's for the family that's family time in football the first point of my daughter's five august first first up we actually have football gao sarah thomas the rough than any fell refugees that isn't the hamburger guys daughter that's good point they thomas day went on us yes it's actually the ginger with pigtails sir thomas the ginger with the pigtails slash nfl rough broke her wrist during the green bay packers atlanta falcons energy chairmanship game now i know what you're saying she was lovin alone no women are weakened the bonds of bristol i will see a paralysis all that jazz but no we're not going to say that democracy area that she finished the game that football guy absolutely
also if i knew that one of the officials had a bad wrist during the game you better believe i'm taking the over that game just like let fewer please god yes you're just your arguments and the flag are going to reach for that flag if if you know they get a risk problem that's a great point we also odd wish you disclose on the interim report interesting we should have at least gotten some with it happened the first half we should again shortly made aware we shouldn't previous had i'm roderick though maybe you need to take away a draft pick from earn andrews do your job while ah we mix up have somebody ways on this list jim harbour who it came out that he broke his hand punching jim kelly in the face in nights ninety eight because of why because jim kelly was calling a game is jim kelly's like first
now to the inner fell and during the game you know you you still again is his feet were trying to figure out how to be a broadcaster and rule number one broadcasting is you always call people out on being babies if there be a baby say you have been a baby i believe is a well jim harbour we play like a baby out there for us half way up and so harbour madame gave in business came to blows punched him kelly few times and broke his hand i love that's why he was out for like a games that's very jim harbaugh story although we are now finding out the gmo iraqis breaking bones when he says that he drinks all this milk so i'm gonna throw out there in full wars hank just think about that an impulse for major whore ball is globalist we next up have cocoa who at the races senior bull sponsor viruses by
oh recently these realities receives peanut butter races rethought like the modest goods is better at her bad radio segment everyone's erases at the same time rep ray he's right recess i saw cultural at the recedes senior ball was asked how many researchers are you eating this week and he said i'm eating too much recruiting huddle that's cultural that's great just take the fur that's that's dealing with lower j journalists one a one you take the first part of your question you put down the first part of my answer and then you just adjured whatever the hell are you all right we're unlucky yeah he ended its also great because that's this is koko's brain like flips over
flip over right after the ballgame game he just can answer everything recruiting until seven days before week one and then it can be that upon a maiden i'm eaten
three star recruits grandmothers of the living room little cages salt or that awoke and focused on recruitment gunboat we pulled up there with the crowd were crowded ubuntu mushroom we gave total fashioner next up we have another frequent football guy bilbil check the story came out from peter king that bilbil check basely intimidates all agents into getting their clients a sign with him by saying does your guy want to want to bore not that is the like essence of football guy and bilbil expertly only pursue can do that hats off to him only wanted to end quote and i wanted to bring to your attention fifty they let you know that they said like these are the guys that they sign they signed the malcontents randy moscow type they sign like the old veteran type in other chris long china chris long first ever guest on pragmatic
the last group is the exclusive group is made up of players from the patriots end up paying market value they are stand out players rob during caskey government corti aaron hernandez who are believed to buy into these so called patriot way when it what is the patriot wagon so the picture ways at is that when it goes and firearms winning superbowl jane discreetly is slash not
so discreetly that you put cameras all over your house that manipulating security footage that is as follows on field the product on the field unwilling championships next last actually we have a football guy who is pretend to be a basketball guy for a little bit shock smart university a texas green in past household he has in assisting coach during time out hold it can a paint to remind is players to stay in the paint and to drive to the pain to get to the paint lover i could think of no worse so like no we're surface to play on then a hardwood basketball court to be just lugging a gown of paint over that's that's gonna leave more yes and say that i hope that during the incidentally term at this year that becomes a mishap and they just spilett all over the court you know we make fun of a lot of things and we cannot have a good time on this part casper
i actually by this move forward on that is like a literal you know get into the paint while guys flashing a canopy in your face you remember to get in the pit i disagree paints kind of flash now right yeah paint is too colorful if you want to be real football guide have price he should have one eimer benjamin more hats on lay that lay down the base coat and then you can build off that something the borders those painting suits the hallway like hazmat so soon wit what if he's got a guy like a french parade and where those colourless all about brought on yap react because i paid the trees yes takes on board of maybe play physical it takes all colors you not yet have yet of one two three four and five right exactly by numbers gus ok so now let's go too are whose back of the weak tiger woods whose back the weak shut up sire what's tiger woods not back it turns out what do you do
we are back we actually change locations so last we left you yeah that's good noise so we are now at the tow tito's house in houston elbows forget i will said phoenix you're alive those two years is a very long day that alone couple you in along couple years so we are now back home after taping are rehearsal for country central let's get to whose back in a week the tiger woods memorial tire woods unfortunately we have to wait we added at ease back by us coming back in the future but as we always say tiger woods porters their great moving the measuring sticks on us the goalposts they move the goalposts so tiger woods is back and then well he missed the cut what do you get injured spins own you can't come back if you don't go y yeah you went away this
other spends on your play two rounds because he missed the cut so that's two less rounds you could injure himself less winter europe move getting ready for the mass will save yourself i hank who you got for whose back miles back the weakest hand measurements oh yeah yeah you're bored senior bottled arrives and in their picture donald trump was a real wasn't fake lotta people internet well ok how silly do you think out psmith feels that every single time somebody talks about small hands you might goes directly alex smith less brand i'm so lupi right now has been such a long day that when used that i thought you might like people actually measuring distances with their hands that doesn't make sense twelve million roma alex smith should sort of business where he is like a contractor forecasting dick picks out i'll hold your day
yet a picture yes alex smith dick hold a quarter that actually make sense or yeah we should do that i think i do i came up with a junior said you re all right there nobody still that's that's my idea of what happens if it's a black women then we like the fatty demand ever hear michael jackson swimwear oh yeah gloves got love every single time i would ask all that's my dick hit holding glove in that way also alex smith its little less weird for no skin on skin had not waited all we just we tell you what you came up lady and i just which each perfected it don't power parliament take it does i come up with great ideas bicker artisanal frosty on target that i think alex smith does more retouching selves sell the still this is not the stake yet there you go i just fix f we're woody we're hoosier whose back my whose back the week is superbowl babies people talking
superbowl babies so nine months from now there than biotic let's get real nine months another don't be a lot of kids born in both boston and atlanta no matter what people just fuckin all around that really fucked the superbowl ass i complete we disagree yep it's you propose the last day that you have sex because everyone eat eat a million pigs in a blanket you drink beer you sit on that you're far and if you're having sought yet if you win getting drunk i'm so you know i'm agreeing with uk if you when you get drunk or there's no chance of success rate souci i think separable babies might be metal really put their back because people talk about right what about the real you know what the real suitable babies is were jesse you idiots oh and thirty first meaning we are the memorial day babies yes so our water park baby
as with watermarks open people deduced are flown as you say the shit you take it in the suitable that's a good one of those in the real superbly out and actual that she's on locked up in everything my whose back i have to have a one is being thirty two years old is the new young you young nausea bertha stranded in turkey a floating on his part gets very relate being thirty two is now new twenty one are not as you rightly so and then my official whose back any reed we're robe ok and not only that close game in the fourth he actually have time out left no shit yeah andy pulled off fix google gotta first down well it turns out andy coaches a lot better in orlando than he does in hawaii reason a beach stricken my ties hours before the game right fit in with the locals cassettes only this entire off season wardrobe any red is it gathers born
live in hawaii did you see any reads it is walking adam sandler movie did you see his his cargo source on making mighty at her great what size shorting anyway with forty forty eight yet have pockets for all this time archer around with re actually you know what i think it was like fifty five degrees in orlando for the problem which means like the homeless people in florida probably gonna freeze to death and enriches take office shorts and give it to them as a tent as a blanket ozga say like any red when he enters the state of florida he's like i don't care what temperatures i'm worried cargo shorts sack which is recording the probable by the way is he like eight no if you like you know just every bullets offered by weak yeah because he's never because he's never in chip shook exactly we have actually factually incorrect but you know what it's too late the issue at all
he went to launch let's get out of this thing those things losing jimmy a hum i let's kick it now to our great interview with our friends do finer it was in a word electric maybe turn on your volume i want to talk to you guys above the big game on sunday and how awesome fun great day of football you're gonna experience no matter whom your rooting for whether your sports fan or not when it comes to the big game on sunday there is one universal consensus no one wants to go to work the next day for all of us the monday after the big game is one of the worst work days of the year over one point five million people are expected to call in sick after the big game in other words hundreds of thousands of people we'll play hockey that monday economically speaking there is one billion dollars lost due to low productivity the day after the big game
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is the source do finer hello sir an honour and a pleasure to be on i'm in the with greatness and i m a living legend in you guys are trying to be living legend joy legends but you're not a living legendary little young but you do a great job and it's an honour to be here so let's start from the top for anyone who is maybe not a gambler who doesn't know stew finer give us maybe a quick background of what got you into the gambling game and at what point did you start becoming kind of like a personality for the gambling ok well i mean probably since i was about nine years old my father who was never a gambler never bet was an added oakland raiders minnesota viking said so in the seventies when the raiders in the vikings were on tv my parents would watch the game in the debt and if the game lost if the vikings or it is lost my father would like trash the house hit my mom
the hit me and my brother so we watch football per se a little bit differently than the kid down the street you heard him say it like was a cowboy dan or joint annual my life what'll i do not use all my asking them to father i mean are you serious it's scary xo anyway i became a viking i became a rate of in my brother became a viking thin in nineteen eighty this guy named ed horowitz he worked out a hicks for long island and he was an account to teak invented a short form taxes
that made a million dollars he invest the money and sports gambling he said he had a system that pick winter so friday before the superbowl nineteen eighty before the raiders played the eagles ranch was he's team take four meals team and oakland oakdale glimmers team are going for the second superbowl so this guy comes on tv on channel four and tells everyone that the eagles who could be greatest suitable eagles at timer four point favorite i said there's no way it's impossible i already bet a gain for five hundred at the time i was young and i waited because this guy came on and broke down soup do not tell the eagles are gonna win blah blah blah blah blah blah will like this no way ps3 just kill the eagles i said to my pop dad i know what i want to do for a living if this loser can be so inaccurate and portrayed as an expert in a business and i'm some pon kid in high school and i know it was gonna lose
it took a basis ps that's how i got into the business and i've been the represents so at what point did you discover that when you were in front of a camera you were electric that people wanted to watch you when he first started did you already have this dynamic energy about you or something that you can unpacked as it shows when on no i always hear me hated all sports announces my whole life those imitated comedians my life i always made people laugh you know you know it five for a hundred and seventy and i can really be a problem
fleets ahead he get people's attention could showed yeah right how do you get the women you may laugh that's the allies nothin else you make up a laugh at you own them forever and that's pretty much what i did i was always funny and i always made people land got into this incident in an industry where energy was everything and i want to feel inspired doing what i want to do for a living which is pick winners very hard to do so i had a lot of energy finally got my own tv show we flew out off from a plane from a public airport on long island are too in atlantic city we gonna show every single week in atlantic city for merv griffin resorts and i was the first show ever on tv and we run in nineteen eighty eight eighty nine ninety ninety one all sports channels michael j
would come on become right at him in chicago kobe bryant would come on check we come right after them in los angeles whereupon ticket was a hundred thousand dollar weak budget and people love me and i was drawing between two and five thousand calls per day every saturday and sunday we're on thursday night friday night saturday and sunday and showed this rocked what was your best gambling here and how much money do best gambling it was probably the year the dallas cowboys one their first superbowl with troy aikman the superbowl was on my birthday was that the rose ball wait windsor bertha january thirty first alzheimer's oh i'm january thirty a birthday worse day week stupid
birthday why there's someone tat we had to go up january thirty january thirty four political clout that's on believe all the redskins on one december border birth they want i state they crush demographic has never done ten nothing yet with thirty might want to convey to you i was dug williams unbelievable skippers wild so in that year that the cowboys won the superbowl how much did you net while he was my progression ninety ninety four i need one point two million ninety ninety five enabling point three anti nine now's is winning or its loss now that you ve appearances this is everything soup to not so kind of one point three one point six and it pity that at night ninety ninety seven and eight are two point four million while
since ninety three four five six seven and then went out and after that i bought a business which i own two hundred score phones in two hundred different cities avoided for four point eight million and you didn't see the internet common correct so what have we really were getting forty million cool it's on my scorpions and paid four point eight million for the business had had a four million dollar noted putting another thousand hours now finance four million of four years i pay the business what we did ten billion in four years i made five million nineteen idea already take my company public four hundred and seventy million and arm cbs sportsmen opened their website we went from forty million course to two million calls in twelve months and we relevance jeez because my my six bitter recorded message gave squaws odds lines injuries whether reports t motivational fact is inundated with adds the website when sylvia sports like put it up you know imitated me verbatim with high quality information with no ads that really put me out of this is plus in nineteen ninety seven eighteen t lost forty billion billion billion dollars because nine hundred numbers in all facets whether it was sex whether his horoscopes with a response
information like the internet is now used to pay on a nine hundred biggest charge you phone bill we thought and industry stand it was about eleven percent chargebacks will pay ass they were eighty percent so one day i gotta check in the mail where i thought she'd been likes lodge a thousand my way i owed eighteen t five million and as we have a nineteen eighty eight along with the internet happening really put me in a business who was your biggest whale out there did you keep track of airline hundredths at how much what was the person they took the most money from how much was that total the individual we we had about seven people pay us over a million dollars it submitted as seven people pace over a million dollars those high profile
was truly sheena paid half million dollars charging gach all machine eric robertson emilio arrested as ninety ninety paid my company colorado colorado sports advisers tat was the name of the company we advertising the gym facebook nevada sport schedule he called us off of it paid us a half a million dollars him amelia westerners and eric rob a chill your offices brother used to rent a plane and get like a kilo of co carriages plugin just start all night and they would bet the games they would fly in this point wherever linked simply set the pittsburgh steelers
they would strike they would fly right to pittsburgh they'd watched again so he was like our biggest client and in that year did you make him any money yet we met we listen this would happen we killed it for him we scored out in the sports and then we had a connection to get him into the ages and he looks like eight million dollars on the tables and stop gamblin his absolute lee hammered hammered what's your favorite sport to back up its immediately baseball's the easiest sports when really yet no issue about it because again think about it the longevity of the cycle of the season gives you the advantage my college and profitable or the to harness threat right then it goes college and prohibitions cabal and then it goes baseball major diesel to easiest then its cultural football i mean couch pro basketball and incorrigible pupils impossible to have you ever either been privy or
like been in a conversation about point shaving no never by the time you with a layman would hear information it's already out there and in other words like six or seven games would give it to me as fixed games in the early eighties and inner let's say early night when i was only was fixed caves in college basketball are they all lost that they like always six she's because by the time you get it it's no longer real information anyway you never had any inkling about the nba in the whole controversy there now never i never knew that refaced shaven nobody knew that nobody knew that he would it would it nobody knew that only after the fact and on the flip side what was the worst season you ever had both money why and percentage was left to stick to a fellow yes this year more favorites and when i we consider sucker bats one sheer than ever seen before going on or soccer absolutely he's a son i'd like axiom cleaner
i guess i mean larry was our soccer that absolutely heavies word like sixty ran for what are you gonna get lloyds of london media back but you don't know what i'd just put the fishermen in my not that you allowed so so so this year alot of suckers although the sun went vegas vegas lust seven weeks in a row nfl they must nine of eleven weeks this never happened
there are you gonna change what you do or not now never never absolutely not because here people do not need me to give them the knowing when patriots people do not need me to bet against to cleveland brown some people need me for an edge and it ended in a bet the favorites on their own they gonna bet public teams on their own digging to study the games and i think the way to make money gambling is to make sense this teams better than this team this team schemes gonna work against the scheme and that should work well if that worked if knowledge worked it experienced worked if money paid for information that you can of hundreds of people work they worked then people would win no one wins this year it was a normally this year was really tough game for professional gambles professional games lost vegas lost bookmakers lost all suckers in public one and one big what are the biggest things you you used to handicap with so what what what what for anna felt less antiphon what about your biggest things you look at the like i need these things too took to be on my sheet for me to make this peck most of the time i would like i would like a home to work or i would like an undue
doc so i'm always really looking for the underdog could go into ways you can lose the game the coveted spreading could win the game outright first of all i also like against the public i would always want to be against the grain against the public if a hundred people in a room eighty people like once i twenty like another i want to be with the twenty i always like in various teams against superior teams anytime you betting a superior team or a public team routine that's good you the getting any value your only getting value and dog shit teams team that is terrible teams that
our perception weis are terrible have no prep winning have no shot of winning i want to be on that game i also like the roof first line move a reverse line was probably my main move meaning for example when the atlanta falcons destroyed the green bay packers in the championship game in atlanta open for and then went to six so that would show you that most people have been in atlanta but that's not what happened most people that green bay seventy percent of the country bed green bay green bay complicate in a row they just beat easily dallas and easily the giants and they thought they would be the atlanta to gain weight from four to six so the line went up but the public and the money was on green bay city
reverse line move it goes against the money against what should happen i think that's my best system to make money reverse line moves and in the near future do see sports gamely being legalised how's the country hundred was i impact gonna be on a business like yours if that happened oh my god i'll be multimillion overnight because i can advertise everywhere then i can have any station it'll be legal i can advertise anywhere
any time i can make a billion box so right now you're not allowed to advertise in certain places hundred percent because you can have it has gambling is gambling as it is the only place should have been on sports nevada but what if you just say like i for entertainment purposes yes and that runes the really the they want no they won't can take that type of it they want the gps panniers me into another sports shoes will take they will not take it right now but once it becomes legal they'll taken at well though what do you do now how have you adapted your business in the internet age while we have we have to go only where were allowed which is very limited its very limited its brutal so in other words its very very difficult because most people in this day and age as we know is cell phones and people can see who's calling them so the only way to make money now suspend big money you
you need to create the client yourself that client has to see you hear you on radio outlets that allow you to advertise and on internet sites that allow you to advertise and they have to call you but most people don't want to talk to you right now they just want the information they want to get it via website via text they don't want any conversation cuz they've been taught the right thing to do if someone speaks to you they could sell you if they sell you you were going to be in a vulnerable position you're not going to be positive position show what the world is tore right now by a beware by your smart its suppliers market and it'll be like that for ever and a lot of times to remember when i was in the business i created this business you know i wrote in eighteen eighty two my whole business everybody in the world we did about thirteen million dollars i did four million of the thirteen worldwide in nineteen eighty to think about that i created this business so when i create the business i didn't have a lot of competition and and another once i could take a customer thrown in the corner trudge whenever
what like anybody can you don't have a monopoly i was i was the industry but now you know for the consumer i would say its positive because you can get the best information money could buy and you could shop around and you can name your price so it's a good time to be summa tell us the story about that dog bit you well it what happened is this in nineteen ninety seven hbo did i like that
did like they were they went unto cover rosa he'll sportswriter real sports o brien doubling jim limply they paid like twenty sport services i was one or two support services and because i had allowed mouth and i was boisterous and at the terms number one in the industry i did i in nineteen december when they came after did eight million lie thy two hundred twenty full impact on people work for me and i did eight million on eight hundred on nine hundred of us we did about sixty million bucks if they knew i was large and they came to my own zone to building inform adele and they told me that they paid me and i hit fifty six percent it over a two month period and a dog had fifty seven percent did they just lying to poles where everyone to eat and a girl hit fifty eight percent so i get be by talking to girl would i like to comment i said no and how can a comment you gonna shred me and p s that's how went and then they did their real sports entreated me pretty good and then also sports illustrated in nineteen ninety did
and expose eye on me where i met with mike i met with i think his name was rick riley the the right at me and soya and models restaurant in amityville and he did an interview for me was to be very kind and he should it be our journey and yet if you listen sports illustrated it was the is the issue that magic johnson has aids is odd that covers so everybody there by the sword that like and i think the audit was beach to find a he will pass on your book like his face i like a gun had tagline hey spends on for you that dogs probably dead yet no two ways about it as you want jobs are still alive the o true hurt so so do you prefer to be called a town ers are different that doesn't matter itself
the sports adviser you know whatever it is you know i mean for people who don't know what we do with similar our pain weber marylin she upon advice klein some of the stocks arise before we advise gambles on the outcome of sporting events and the gamblers normally they pay me are people with big money people of inherited money through death accident luck whom he built did bill businesses up for nothing and our thousands of dollars hundreds thousands those millions of those people who don't take no for an answer you got people who just lose every week every week every week to like i'd conquered the world i would thirty billion box i up twenty car lights i am five thousand people for me it should be pretty easy for me to be a sporting game teammates plain team made by both the court of deadly beset well that's actually true so they just costly loose consular use cussing loose than they reach out to a guy like me that says hey listen slow down limited games limited action forget about my height than a yell on tv about let's talk how to make money one game awake let's load up like all my customers that's right some do you bet one gain weak load up that's the only way to make money again
it cannot make money gambling bidding every single day non never has now happened rights are in this business of your tough for me to hear you're gonna win you're gonna lose i'd imagine that probably had some pretty pissed off customers in the past on occasion o knowledge has its as anybody ever like come ass you like taken like a bat and should about your door no no now because you know anything because really somebody get a reaches out and in somebody you know come sees me say go see my partner and ended luck and story squash its ended you know what i'm saying unprotected and pull it proved no that's about him i didn't want to go home and apply box i tell people that i took it ass you go home and applied box you ever have you had any like rivalries with other touts that have gun escalate to a point where we know hey what are you stand on the streets of rome i say yes i saw you guessing zones otherwise either guys i'm a legit where movie the matthew mcconnell movie without but you know
well one for the money you know it you for that our true for them on yahoo but chino played me and whose every nay russo played my wife matthew kind he put his salesmen work for me that's right nineteen i ran right i'm a ninety seven two thousand five story they is amazing skate comes to work for me and the way it mike warren who used to be a big tat in the seventies in the early eighties and he created the psychic friends net which is oh yeah loyalty on warwick and he made almost a billion dollars on nine hundred numbers which psychic friends network even had these scams and he told me blatantly he would be in the audience and like the psychic would be talking
he would stand up and the questions would all be pre rehearsed see made almost a billion box heading thousands of people call and the psychic within his opposite psychic their job at two dollars a minute would be to keep the person on the hop phone for two hours in two thousand and that's how they did it well he opened a nationwide score phone and they weren't getting any calls and i was promoting it i gave the money i gave like fifty thousand down again to my office and i met this kid who is the skilful announcer and he said to me do you get and robbed you u dont send any more money i did in a closed kid got fired came towards me here for me for ninety ninety ninety five he leaves me goes california becomes a caddy at the river
country club and i'm trying to get a hold of him to see that all my nine hundred not this he was very good he wasn't a good panda kappa leaves a great salesmen he sells his story dustin hoffman and danny gil robles renee rousseau's husband carried them gallagher romania fifty foot porthos and having him twenty grand on the spot sat on doesn't happens debts for three years but how i found out that the movies being made his doesn't happen and renee rousseau or in arizona might he also security for my body is following them supports he's an autograph seek as will stay away from them he hears them saying this because your plane is jewish guy on long island to find you in the movie too for the money the guy meetly calls me i think he's fucking around me and like there's no way that's true ps it was i called you any good i said listen you scumbag you make a movie about me i'm the threat you're fucking life right now i don't know who you are you are welcome to sue you motherfucker someone on you your white of whites gonna be blown me i'm fuckin tv that's what's gonna happen orbs unbranded immediately calls me back i've been trying to get a hollow
of two years are immediate cause you back with intensive forty eight hour week had frightened daddy gilroy what the fuck is going on he tells me the whole story sets on happens s for three as it goes to renee rousseau back to how she gets out between oh she gets matthew carnation gets a modern scientific its jeremy paden they do they have my sports obliges tv show in the movie where we have opportune anathema cunning germany pivotal and we did really well we owned brandon lying dot com and it was the name of the person so every foot sought will be cleared up and went to the website we wrote like probably over we as europe but six million box and i was partners would for people on that while so at least eight oh i survived within it made a little money on it and anna you know it was it was a really it was it in school told employees standpoint on him working for me that wisdom will be to put the money i vetoes me and him and it was pretty enter how did you feel about how you were portrayed in memory well again it was i just got an employee standpoint so you know they made me they slanted me in a really bad light
but at the same token a lot if it was true lotta the craziness was true mounted the restaurant scenes with true ladder the money was true and then we have a lot of money going down in those days and you know it was i would say sixty percent to forty percent hollywood so this do finer story it continue even though you didn't see the internet coming you now do have the internet you ve got it all figured out i hear this year next year where's winners winners listen right now we're ready to roll into basketball i do not think that this will really hold up like i don't think it's gonna hold up i think that the public is going to get killed it's just a matter of weeks
and you got to see it all you got to have staying power you know people when you said to me do you change what you do know because i know what i've done is work for forty years i've never had a losing season ever ever ever had loses wigs at losing months but i've never had a losing twelve month cycle so a football wasn't my forte that i get hot and basketball get hot enough baseball whatever it is people stay with me and then when you have a losing streak the key to gambling is this you have to not be in a rush you have to slow things down if they're not going good you cut back your bank you cut back your bets and it keeps going dead you keep them back when you get on a role than you press you press your press so that simply what we do what about taking over unders i notice a mostly stay towards just game lines itself d ever mess around with the over only tom i use over and is this when i have the weather in my favour like certain crimes in october there was some really bad weather and i quote like seven under in college football with it and take em off the board with overrun
like fifty six it was twenty point you have like a weather guy are you absolutely have well what we have what we have websites that that we pay that give us you know the top of the line nation began as a theory on over understanding oj my christmas day christen actually to this year was the first time it didn't hit and like a decade christmas day anders so mba christmas day under because the guys are playing early they usually play at night so they're playing like you know the first games at noon they have to wake up there with their kids they get the presence they probably had a big meal the night before them cooked em there's some there where we're jerseys they always have we're jerseys in them a games you see i'm saying yes ever this was the first year but it was i think it was ten years in a row it was something crazy like forty five in like guenaud sixteen or something while i was unbelievable i'll check it out
next year array i'll always little gay absolutely christmas day that's the only thing i ever went on no to his like ever ok stew this is the last word in here this homage to say this i remember watching your videos back in the day you are more electric in person somehow it's i don't know how you do it because your electric on care but in person you were shot of again when you came to this office god bless i love that i love energy i love making people laugh how can it flows through my body into everyone i'm with because when you win a living legend think about that i am a living legend that is a hard thing to walk around paying a living legend now if you're dead and your alleging your dad but other living room so you have to hit the superbowl every day i just gonna bring the energy will bring the momentum i want you to feel good about yourself because we're all children of god i want you to have the best that light test or for every day everybody go
was for a whole but every day don't evelyn anybody tell you not the best could you all the best you believe it it happens that the bottom line so i love energy about gray we are largely in a room with pga flag as would actually really help minnesota head coach mercer universal service cairo similar mentality i would i think yes we just amp each other up like you just your heads with both explode i like it i like scanners i like exactly art stew finer thank you so much having legend stew finer dotcom out thank you there's a lot of change and uncertainty the country right now when it comes to retirement portfolio in life seems you don't want it all sitting in the stock market you want to diversify do what i did and look into ridge uncles dotcom rich uncles is read a real estate investment trusts they own commercial property collect rent from the best creditworthy tenants and then pay you monthly cash dividend currently a seven percent analyze dividend rich uncles is
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lay down some money score big join me and thousands of other players and our petty my bookie that agee my book easy the three leading online sports book and to end the the banks are offering a fifty percent bonus up to three thousand dollars when you deposit today its players enjoy the fastest pay in the business when they win out only wrecked in a service has been good to me in my lesters that's why i urge you to make your way to my bookie you and they pay without any hassle you're wasting it i'm betting anywhere else join now in my book you will match your first deposit with fifty percent bonus that's right if you join with a hundred bucks you get a hundred fifty bankrolled play with use promo code p m t to activate the offer visit my bookie today i must use some segments first up we have a people forget that for jed york yes so judge your keys in the news he john lynch to be the gm feed you did that after sleep over a jet house john came over the hung up the night intrastate up late petty watch
of course some tidily links yeah so i had to buy the bacon people's people forget the judge yorks name is actually john edward and he just combined the first syllables and he goes by jed that's power move cause jed is a great name jet york hard disagree for me on jed being a great knowledge and a good name and jed york anytime you can get that live that few number of letters in your name a three year i'm with you like one syllable names are generally pretty strong jed is like jeb with now with the associates great harder jet it's a harder jeb its job with the six pack so oh i saw lynch is the gm other niners now hasn't he had like seven hundred concussions he's had a lot of them yet but when it that make him more able to judge for popular probably like done that i will be we put together team that's just hard tackling strongly
the nice thing is you always when you're an owner of a football team you always want to find the guy that failed to broadcasting and hire him to be the gm yeah matt no one exactly pebble ever failed burial rose was another one of those guys gray coffee a great called by the lightning but that that met gm who were oh actually grass that was being in the pierre added the bloodthirsty philips t yes we're gonna holistic israel is really take off bs so people forget that its jed john edward ok or would have john edwards had just run as jed exclamation point president yet and we were not from you i don't know that is what you bet he's a cock because we have deca obama also i learn something new a cook in spanish cameroon tell broad coverage that means cobb rodya so we assert while bilingual hey pete you
a cobbler beat as that it doesn't have a microphone some arose rule or is it a star or is it s words that's because he's always to s own clubroom drunk show all drunk punch shrunk real drunk a story a story cut brown and we drunk as logo we have next up appear when one yes aubrey half journeymen baseball journeymen he would between so he treated at the protesters at the airport get a job those imagine if all these protesters had a job and said that we can protest sunday so should watch football instead ragouts we should set a in order needs to be a real american you stay in southern sunday you watch the problem you wash approach you bet on the probable gnats what american does europe maybe in american he
we have though i would say that most journeymen baseball players or let us say we're tired baseball players they don't know what data is at any time that really is not matters that's true also like coming from a guy who whose job for on time was to work leg six months of the year and it was like required for you to use chewing tobacco well you java and possibly steroids viable deafened the heavenly possibly search i would say a journeyman baseball player like our behalf every day is just sit in their pickup truck and cottages i wonder what curtailing would think about this because we know kurtz got into on twitter with some old not good baseball players we theirs we like journeymen utility player fake accounts that started with a shilling out new happier but agreeing with korea like good call current conquered discussion been at their jobs actually like that allow one your ebay juan uribe is more than a journeyman ominous stop you right there ok both mccann brothers
yeah we'll get the mccain brothers under gives getting can brothers again and mckenna llc about david to hasten you'd be great that's a good outcome we next up we have a king stay kings is one of my favorite stories d urville our front i for your friend not my friend i do not speak for me on our dear unravel gave out this little tip is useless all up in the twitter controversy cuz he was talking about writers it should work for free at some point we're going to leave that aside because his big journalist we don't really care but i'll be struggling during his we've made it as your own i don't work for free but he did give this step if you're trying to get a job somewhere put all of your resume your highlights everything you got in a box because people never just draw a box there was opened up who also a great way to start dating like a celebrity starlet just tinder box with oh you're here inside of it she got open up
she'll fall in love with you marry you know who else and boxes oh the guy and seven that cut off bread when i was at a unabomber but yellow yeah but this is such a german vel move because he so annoying and probably works it's like his old move where he said that he would put anchovies honest pizza college even though it is like an showbiz just so people wouldn't a slice it's like he just so unnecessarily goes out of his way to be such a little past and he gets paid a lot of money for so things they king dern reveal sending boxes all over the place because he knows people going to open a stupid fucking box this the advice that your grandfather would give to you about like applying for your first job in a mailroom somewhere right like some so are you are you got such nice drawings on the fridge put a minimal and send them to i gotta go i love you i gotta go on for you damn well equality this casually boxes growth ever touch
yeah pretty cut right has not just came over the camera got wrote that when they write that down i did not look at my sheet there's nothin written down thought prayers for goober yes so who brought itself weekend a lot of people are saying there done with rubber band over the last number ahmad hashtag do we goober october i don't understand why but if people enough people tell me i should do something i guess i was finding a number one yeah there as a user social media i'm on board with it rare loss for libertarian billionaires so thoughts and prayers to those no certain price us during natural disaster aerial audacious do they should someone's invent an app that connects people with somebody else that has bristol installed on their phone and so you can use their ober still support in the car we're not having on your phone by the way shuttle to our producer hank early adopted
mike i believe you did that italy is moreover deleted him that's how would that ill that's advertise goober early that's how ahead of the curve i didn't write in protest megan kicked off so that many people holding the hake was banned from mover cosy gun like a fistfight with super driver once you so legend you actually are heading four times you haven't standing up for immigrants per year in protest because he was workin any already did yard urinate protests and who were here he said his stand when he drunkenly fought a random guy for no reason yes all these johnny come latelies do gooders is heavy trying to hop on the protest over bandwagon it has already been in that line drunk why why or where pat hatred and passed out an outline for years it's kind of related all the twitter hubbub going out with all the protests people were hash giving rise up yes
and so i turns out if you hashtag rise up it's also the falcon saying so little falcons lobo gets attached to it although there were likes you know we will drop will not keep us down rise up now move hans van low stay work on this in a fell stirring up controversy through bad channels to get people to tweet the rise up hashtag i actually completely agree with you because what's one of the storylines the suitable atlanta sports town now on falcons fair yes what now we are all falcons vs america amount homeric his own and guess what cowboys sorry numeric is to rise up matt ryan rise up past tag falcon bert finally we have drunk ideas by the way this is it is almost redundant because the alex smith cock holders is the best does he also try did you ever had so drunk ideas but he got all we have special guess pete our prayers were
give him a mike for this drunk idea put first pfc he's got his i guess so mine is let's bring back cloning oh of owning was all the rage and like ninety ninety seven where we cloned then he was she pulling eight of our people got really upside whom died and then they finally get the ninth one right and then that died after like ear let's bring back cloning let's get some human clones out there actually like this because were warm in first off right now i cant use uber anymore i'm gonna need some are driving around we call yourself as it will europe not backward for drivers are women who would want to be alone like egg maybe i don't trust him put pot quota driver to drive around let me ask this if you were to clone one person it was limited to the last twenty five years who would be would be me i think i'll comus dog yes go on us we asked montgomery tom brothers did michael jordan but i'd go talk well let's give i so i'm all in on cloning
we back pete all business pete he's may his they be part might take this is a very big moment turnouts fuck this up hello pointed upward here clearly more from the start from plough just shall have a care there be ip give us you're drunk idea sauce real idea it i mean it's real ideas agree shirt its ties into your tiger woods memorial whose bang we minutes it it's a t shirt ok right which we begin to hear what you invented a teach i won't help invented a sleeves its design that goes on a t shirt their short actually so they don't go down to your wrist they go like a bit above the elbow oh also softball surer thirty three quarters link i would even go
i'm already out on the uk good you can use me with your sleeves i agree sir are you ve got the eight like iconic tiger woods logo yeah and then he and then he's back right it's great explain again except around the aim is the two squares that you get on the double bogey on your television yeah walking around like that it's actually fantastic is pretty good also you they're really come up again i do you you put a square around a letter asking tat mine are you ok so others i was you wanna play that game alex miss probably who held his own death before the citizens but he's printed dick older long time so you didn't invite alex i was the one that saw greatness lieutenant i when even the holding of acts round the ay revolutionary two boxes to his story marsalis worse search so drunk idea eight two boxes and their revolt oversee very good now i've made
make up that i five dollars the birthday we ve been working for fourteen hours today lupi episode not actually drunk but we we might as well we largely up assault on half speed we tapes we drove all the way down to houston today we woke up we worked all day we taped a really financing brag yo canadian boys common at you either on commerce central or partial sports undecided the video will becoming this week and we get a bunch of rehearsals for calmly central make sure you in comedy central midnight eastern midnight eastern eleven central we'll get mike rapporteur tell us what that is out and passivity hopefully really funny sketch that hank pfc and i wrote and hank basically produced himself and put it all together hope we will see that as well make sure you tune in and we have a big super weaker have some fun guess and we will see you on wednesday as usual lovey
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