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Super Bowl 51 Recap and Jim Rome

2017-02-05 | 🔗
Super Bowl 51 recap. Was it the greatest game ever? Is Matt Ryan elite? Did Kyle Shanahan care too much about his new job? Did the Patriots win it or did the Falcons lose it? Embrace Debate and much more. Who's back of the week. Football guy of the week. Jim Rome joins the show to talk about controversies, smack offs, and our favorite game Rome vs Rome (PFT does a mean impression of him in his face). Segments include Kings stay Kings. Thoughts and Prayers, Put one in his earhole. Stay Classy, PR 101, Is Pat Riley Dead Yet and Respect The Biz - stories from our day on Radio Row.
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violence none it's part of making our work on the part my take it is monday february sixth and the patriots arson we're bowl champions the greatest superbowl game of all time who saw just gunshot ok so i actually wrote this down because there are some debates that are coming let's go right into a number one right that is this the best superbowl of all time ok well people forget there ever been in overtime that's good point i want to wait until skip bayliss ways in on it
warning that we all need to give him his do you i feel kind of set the tone for what that debates like i also think that in this game was like the most polarizing game in the world it was basically either your patriots fan or your patriots haider yesterday and its it was strange because it got broken down almost according to politics because they left the whole brady belgic trump thing in and now the entire doing when patriots i guess just stood for trump a lot of people's minds yes it was it was a hell of a game it was when the falcons went up that early i figure you know what this is like no way the pages come back as vavasor keeps going well their offices clicking but the weird thing that happened was you get two half time the falcons orphans home but on the field for like an hour fifteen minutes he ran roasted they ran like like thirty five plays toll on the game or something like something ridiculous like that and their deep
just started aghast tom brace are to have time he's the army a million passes it was a four hundred and fifty yards southern we're not stats guys everyone knows that but james quite unbelievable kyle him what the hell he doing we're just run the ball couple things here number one was the falcons often too we're going to talk about that and maybe the biggest thing that we're going to talk about is did the patriots win this game or did the falcons lose who i think they lost it i think the falcons lost all they had to do there's two key points in the game when the falcons win ryan fumbled with pressure a blitz rightness face it was thirty one d vaunted freeman was running all over the field why run their why they did a unified step drop there to get that fumble or white met rind in just eat the ball and take the sack yet no one will ever know and then the other moment was the falcons with four minutes left their up eight
and their driving there on the twenty yard line they run the first downplay they get no yards they passed twice in a row get a couple penalties get out a feeble rage if you just run the ball straight up the middle don't even gain yard which they women they probably we gain yards yeah you're also failed all like a loser right now but europe saying again instead of trying to well damn quit of all people should know that you gotta get to feel good and if they kick to feel gone that moment now to score game with four minutes left as a lot harder for the pages to come back i understand in retrospect yes but also talking like louisiana what it was it is actually a real debate because the falcons i do think that they have no animal for themselves in that second it the second half started in the patriots knew they had to basically play perfect so yet the falcons wraps lily dominating i feel like i got roof it by the end of those somewhere in the third quarter i woke up half way through the earth it was a game now yes and its edge of possibility i could seek adele doing that like roofing people to drive up ratings and will change the channel
the only thing i really remember from that third was basically mr clean cooking america yes did world day or i'll cox now yes specially dan quinn because you know that picture look at it misery ladys like that's my kind of guy s bald head yeah strong he's actually more din when the dan quintus yes gus bradley undamned quaintly mp karel has a thing for white guys who were bold and common look like mr clean or what's name for bringing back oh yeah i don't remember his name while the rights why can't i why the number one character of all time allocated remembers nitrate i've more white guys how bout the white guy from the patriots that had the best gave not even been a white gash aims white james we had a great deal in the far he should have been envy he had three touchdowns he was all reveal the gloomy and no answer for there we go there's another debate let's get it cookin member would he say showed how do i have been in vp yes well here's the thing tom lady did the old brett farm where
lay it was a participation no if tom bring gave a lifetime achievers onward breath i've used always have those fourth quarter comebacks and it was because he played like shit the first three quarter so his team needed him to come back yet tom brady was not good in the first three first half first records i came he was missing receivers he looked panic he had a bad feet he was getting pressured and then he just turn the only became tom brady again and that's why he's the greatest quarterback walton all time another debate actually debate as now really does not refer solely to meet as you know we can say he is the greatest quarterback of all time ass rich so yeah the greatest yes not only we do we need to buy a goat instead of like a goldfish next time of gambling goat and his name the goat asterisks i like that i like that another debate for you call shanahan was he too focused on his new job absolutely yes
mine was unless costa no doubt they should uphold the ensure pull the next save him and fired lane given just fought hired kitty snarled and fired him ass you know now the child by mr la so postal osberg it would be fun by way just a that has now who's who wrote this can be an all superbowl show but shot out to link if in whose already in bugger tom cocking of the student body not after you unlike our at the club with my twenty two year old yes links takings so on the other side of the ball the falcons about julia jones com julia and asia have julio jones playing through that terrible terrible turf and turn no injury i actually think that serve to it for plain hurt or injured turf toes absolutely how to proceed injured its like the most brutal injury volta bigger bigger thing to overcome the turf
oh or matt ryan playing through nerves and if you saw that graphic before the game it had the injury less whose alex mac julio jones and a mat ryan simple nurse and so at all absolutely no yeah is matt ryan elite series still have the jury is still out it was quite the game though i mean there's nothing really can say that was the last greatest super bowl game ever was probably the seahawks and now this one surpasses that here's another one is end of sea south new buffalo bills big losers seek leg losers in the south yes they dont once in a while the retina saints one one but yeah you know what came newton could learn a lot about how to handle lost
ryan tonight true we see that the aerial order edward who stood in his face and said you must be absolutely crushed have devastated and your kids are probably gonna make fun of you if you have em and wife just left you for mr clean and he was like yeah you know it's a tough law all class i got you like you kind of were joking but i dont think people realize it's not joke and water actually walker marine said how crushing was this loss and that is a big change journal rise very conscious savage savage question to ask a guy who just blew a twenty five point led in the superbowl it was great i mean like it that's why we have those posts game interviews yes so you can get that face to face content we also shot out to the first ever part of my take guest chris long now super chance wright chris i know you're out there listening we're going to we're going to guilt trip him into coming on this week that's the one silver lining for all the patriots haters out there you're going to get a super bowl champion
show in a funny wanted that so i'm going to i'm going to text him when you think it's appropriate i was going to text him congrats did you talk it s not our metabolism him of the eight hour day at the same time will say congrats what do you want to show you thrown a ha ha so i guess we're joking but now also join gentlemen gather the show yes says we're gonna get him onto that right now i don't know if it's her no more you are a patriots van obviously you want to give us some thoughts i almost let's get to whose back the week would we have here is also going to go down the imo legal work i just want to say that as a patriots van so sorry we got it was through whose back the weak because onawandah with that whose back of the week we re at first sight fifty one the first speaker will number one tigers back oh yeah tigers back his back if you
listen to the show on friday we actually discussed that right roy said that tiger is closer back than people think and maybe thirty minutes later he withdrew from the do by often causes back after we recorded the shower lot he made a clear it's not it's not the old back what he's reclose you want new answers at yes are totally different an unrelated piano and it's like one dark rose hurts his other needs like toward guys it's the other me that's right but when a man years her all right it's right arts like when i try green gets another concussion right it's different partners bring ranks so antelope yes i've got tigers back is back and i so have spuds mckinsey oh fuck you splendid equals movie on commercial yeah you is it he was ghosts but i miss like all the commercials the shipwreck anytime we can get an animal drinking beer i am therefore yeah i agree and that's an awesome don t think its original spots yes yes i definitely hysteria is like that twenty five like the life of a dog movies legally spots good to see that some
it is twenty five instil kick it oh i tweet about this earlier but i think it merits more discussion like would if michael vick was watching and he realized that dogs can come back from the dead and become ghosts good like michael vick probably watch the rest of the world and street emu is sold his house was gonna say if he thinks of dogs and come back he probably gonna then come back cause needs to get a paycheck so he can fund the house to have them fight each other again right if he thinks had dogs can come back from the dead and have nine lives good law sacrifice lavish every do that just multiplied his potential lifetime earnings times nine rate mill were you got i have patrick mcgillicuddy the kid that the outbreak yes as a sign that says i think now he's gonna be fifteen years old with tat yes others there's are so for anyone who doesn't know what no more talking about a brief explanation off this obviously dave partner me i'll started this company is a die hard pet patriots van he's been rubbing in all of our faces nonstop
kevin glance use diehard jets fan has had to live through all this torture and there as one kid he goes to every single port and he has a sign any is updated and he says on this old and i've seen this many parades and kevin has made his name's not patrick miguel de carbon is decided is davis and he's adding another sticker on there end it's just to see all its kerala before i can never sees kevin is a mess jets islanders next fan he's never once seen a parade in this kid everything here is just like on fifteen i've seen fifteen periods or whatever the hell it is the obvious also seem like twenty marquis mark movies and three internet is yes i'll say marcie mark left here we are again that you will get they wish them on the we were all witnesses we're all witnesses their hernandez crimes we also all be dead by now yes chirrup that's how it works i have for my whose back i've tool one is whiskey
running ducks so they always or bus the up on it mundane michael bennett multi ball every davis brain calhoun the list goes on and on but no no no not nay more james white he is restored revision of wisconsin running turns out their weight it three restored it nerdy just made it we made it good in the nfl ok he made what is this is never comes running back usages run behind huge white deeds really awesome all college why didn't they really racist and then they come to the unofficial and dumb they're not good anymore so but james white unbelievable several i think he should be simple envy pay which can say it again must get that grown and then mother whose back week roderick adele yeah what a class who move by roger has just handed the trophy over just taken his medicine that a good guy that an unbelievable moment the booze that were rain down on roger get down those gary batman moment they boot jesus to and they that is the turning point though because
it was always obviously an entire you know vendetta from from the patriots fans and tom brady in the crass verse roderick adele roger good took all his medicine tonight he stood there he overdose times may overdoses medicine yeah i think he's back i think it's now fares fair it's all cares what they do that make a funny little laugh at myself commercial roderick does like like saying hey i got screwed you looks like they really do where did my ego like so funny i write by way he i think he's he was in his car before tat branch i even got the mike if you noticed he got booed for about ten trade cycle
said congrats through the patriots ruinous rouble and then proof he was gone he handed the trophy any stepped out of tat you did see this on tv but there was a helicopter on feel that he just got internet took off he actually you jumped into that that death all that lady gaga when i was your say he was he was attached to the wires from the drones and just repelled allowed some out of here so radically goes back he also animals you notice he gave brady little trump handshake oh he didn't pull them he didn't pull surgeon at handshake odious outlays block it is so radically to hold back i last time of the year until whatever i donno summertime we have football guy the week this is set for ball is done we didn't aw grandpa craft o shocker so bob grafted turned over all the profits in america by wearing a blue shirt with white collar yes nobody saw that come to issue at the gate rate was by the way i do not see with greater it was so
in purple we nails never nailed semi run over time we but we know that the start of the guinean saw bob craft he can it looks like it goes to the they all voters locally go do they get a little goes fielding if if arthur blank is that waiter in the restaurant than bob craft his lower classy than are the paragraph is like the manager i tax schemes the tips from our lengthy future serve if if you're rich white guy you get to a certain point where you have so much money where you just slowly get the sole sucked out a union become a living goes in tat is ruled out that's a hot day hid his odd but i think i mailed it that's capitalism for spooky i'd superbowl guy the weak first up i'm happy were ending forebore guy the weak with one of my favorites this is cocoa yet is big sunday was last week so he was on the recruiting and someone asked power at owes runs in home visits with recruits and he said eight nineteen gunboats in one week is that the correct nomenclature for that like nineteen
those nineteen parts gumbo i don't know how mating balls again but i dont think cocoa doesn't like a serving size guy he's not looking at the back of the box me am i gonna get you know a half a cup a cheery us forget whatever vessel its end he just he's like a husky like a dog that you would you thankfully eat until there's no more food you know those balls that are they look like amazed to make your dog eat a little slower coach only that for his gumbo does cuba i am almost out not all my oh my argument our gumbo my boy your son you're fast our crew you don't get after the ball will play time football them is welcome but go doug next up we have alex mac who paid in the superbowl with a broken leg out mac whether that was also nickelodeon charette gallic smack hit fun fact about alex first names actually gave oh yeah its natural no harbour censure while
front for i told you you have absolutely floored by as for similar events in less wikipedia playing tricks on which it has never done but yet play in a broken leg that's an injury that they will kill a horse for an he struck put on there and then play the super bowl just thought of this connecting couple dots alex mack played on a broken foot in a suit in a super bowl loss means that he's not going to go to the hall of fame it's basically seals that that was actually that was the same injury that serbia has a broken my fibula but i'll have you yeah with his bag dog bite is worse than dogged by and i talked about two if i had a super bowl to playwright after brook honour what i've done it next up we bilbil a check this is more just day lifetime achievement award for four fall guy i have a more specific reason put him under ok the fact that he benched laggard blunt for pretty much the wrestling
after a funnel and i had over fifty yards from a girl point because every one hour i read twitter numbers like bilbao chuck he's gonna run is go round here but i actually think that he bilbil checked by red twitter was like fuck these guys they think they know what i'm gonna do james white you're going the ball seventy five times yet but it is the most football guy move of all time to see like a running back have an unlucky fumbled i can't have running back fumbles yes if i don't trust you again he did that with that dude the witches aim he had three touchdowns in a game two years ago our from notre dame and then he got all too big for his pretty and fumbled that's round chauvinist great yeah i was grey area around his grey who as you have said is gleason to a form of state and had met with a shocked on gonna go see about j john is just keep walking jotting aisha just reduces like a pauper where would you put it is worth jonas i love jonas he's he's always been he's been looked after by experts
did the old robert neuron good fellows kibaki jaruzelski pocket sarah down there he addressed down there alone i love it so much like it it saying that you are totally in control of whether now you can follow but based on how much you want to not from and he just in one enough so get pinched our third alone merrill streep who is now a football gao because guess what if you watch that football game you have three a football fan actually a law welcome aboard yeah guess what you just got forced into being mafia gharib again about twenty pounds between september in february and then we're gonna start i swear it yet i search me up and then started i re after several welcome aboard our second last this one this is also a lifetime achievement well yes electronic even war i war i that phrase that wrong ahead i so hunter s top in his suicide note was called football season is over so so he's
he's a foot that's a falling by and for policies resume our seas are now we're we're obviously not advocating sooner say other but what i what i am advocating is the fact that we should be able to hibernate as humans yeah like why that's kind of a big fuck up by god no offense to god shut our god but like the fact that i'm not allowed to just lay down after eating huge meal and then nap until the what is better right made moreover sat on his part i can understand why people are atheists out there right i i hope to die from natural causes and about ten to fifteen years and i hope that when that happens it's in a recline or the monday actress super yet tell dont giving off season maybe maybe that sunday night one watching edward or ass someone if fought the superbowl is gonna put him in a depression cosette across
last year our last football guy the week goes to are regular producer hank who is not here he decided to go to the superbowl nice reducing the shoah were slaving away in the hot studio with no more shouting no more for companies a patriot fanny still came in other words hanged incoming casino patriots van ryan pinon word it upon here eat now now here's a good thing that we because hank was at the game we can call him up and get a recap alive in person recap of what it was like to watch the patriots when suitable second ass was do thou hast call hank football guy the weak so yes when bilbil checks at do your job doubt in reply to hang now ok it's the guys from parliament i want you suck out there i suck my dick eric sarka suck my dick socket those things which were part of my take what o clock
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something that's just doesn't roll off you think he'd be where we are today do that a really hard question why why start me off like i know it's just that i'm gonna say probably that enable obviously it's not about my takes it's not about my point of view i can't you an inner with a damn right don't look tat good right never play the game right don't have voice you other groups unit i average goatee away i have to go to and i now don't don't you it's it's a aids its one hundred percent the name it's arbour seven aim certainly though like german shockey he's that he wasn't but if it's i don't use pretty good an aim the name was some special to kick ass name mattie mock missouri you have a dynamic according to these are all good names jim rooms not that great and i think it's a good man i think you're saying about always my real name too well we didn't imagine i examined sells a gale of debates about already guy would take that lacks is next week we had a subscription
its honour beside areas for my success by way here comes a helicopter that's bothering us every single day that's good those black helicopter that's been following us around which you know you guys can move right now have to be right here which which commissioner do you think has done a worse job roderick adele or david stern when he got that before the asking itself called david stern dearest in its turn was not happy with me that day was not happy with me asking him something there are probably asked him twenty times before frozen envelope yeah i mean grows with something that was obviously planted the balls getting the number one that year i just asked the question that a lot of people think and hey is there any way that all patrick ewing thing that maybe the fixed was in i'm not mckinney when i say that i have not got that question ten or fifteen times over the years never even blinked and then that day he just snapped cell
i don't do it was having a bad there's nobody was was your take on that might take is i don't know for certain which is why asked the question ok but what would it look like a conspiracy theory much of the next guy connected artists about this everything the history the world's fixed during their rearing game is vague loca everything's vexed level allegedly judges were shaven point nine and set up its own your man going well you said the whole world's oh jesus pardonable words everybody i get your ass ever i am almost games i get a good question for you know we clear about that store and if you ask me which ones worse it storm ok you actually write it down you know i believe that really yes idle riderhood eleazer you guys get i know you guys get aboard to people and he's right here on the sidewalk no replied you as western i what did david stern do that was so bad as commissioner that interview with me for one way besides that though that's about it
is there no one i'm on your ass i knew if i value the motorcycle okay so unusual helicopter again to use its right here's the thing about your career you been a lone wolf you hosting to show by so for a long time are you afraid to do debate shows are afraid that someone else's takes her better than yours i'm sure someone else's takes our bearing in mind where i've done debate yo actually we're back in the day when i was a fox sports net they actually set me up on a debate you out and if it has no this last very long so i'm a careful in this euro unifying your partner i'm waiting i'm waiting and then they say to me one day found your partner i said who is it this wallace matthews s great love a guy guy we covered boxing together i notice about so they say you mean a studio in new york they stopped ministry in california and we debated every single day for about an hour no six weeks nine weeks twelve weeks and so i did that thing in all this and one day he went away and i was still there so i have actually done it before
so you didn't really answer the question you frisk bayliss no man i in fact i saw skip it was the other day so i'm in that you workin out and their skip and skip and i i'm talking to number years but he used to host my show when i needed a guest owes you come on my tv show so i know said no no i m not afraid escape stay up i chop it for about twenty minutes they are afraid of honor i narrow down the gauntlet no not afraid no revenge is more what who benches more your skippy problem where you probably loves though in the gem right i think you do gloves on everything but he was yes a big keyword movie sticks ease takes the bench press machine is in these four y y you get the kids stabilizer muscles in their eyes so there's a real question because we have a lot of questions with israel one so you you're alone wolf how much prep work goes into every single show because it seems like that must be very tough because you're out there i've got a regular true you guys know my former producer kyle bryant yes we did not believe what job the one thing is and i figured
how pretty early on you can only do so much you guys in you guys been you guys called bullshit on this area reduce round myself with really good people avoid snakes really well produced flares by me in big right now so you feel now i've been surrounded by roy people i mean look i'd love to say that you just sit down a crack open and i could talk low jargon interview halfway its daddy's i'm not good but i'm just i'm not an aside himself deprecating bs i've been really well produced in two heavy and radio and always have you guys rami in terms of how much prep i mean did stand or days this among here at nine a m i guess my opposite six am we perhaps sixty nine
do the sharp and ninety noon and then we prep after the show and i go home work out here with the family that is more prep at night and then every works may seem schedule ok that's there so you obviously or no stranger to controversy you ve been involved in a few when a controversy hits do you know it like instantly you know like ok i just said something that's gonna get me in trouble said something that is going to reach outside of my usual audience i had a pretty good idea when the quarterback came over the table that that was not a good thing yes and that that ws nato with a few people stay woke that was all stage it was deaf range grab i can also tell you that that's now without was people if we think that but now that you know that water i knew it i knew the second tat went down there probably was not to be a great thing there is no controversy recently that i could have never seen comic the banned the band exactly i stand with you on that those banks in the world explain what opposite to the people that might not be familiar no i think the one night i was just
if your lesson like i'm trying to think about what i say before i say it when i do that's your first mistake yeah takes flow through why did i did it for a long time you know it's probably won't you guys but so my twitter when i turn again i'm going to go on you you guys know this if you tweet in games ass usual pretty good waited to build that brand and i'm just go and i'm just go and i'm just go in and dirty big ball game i said there are the door in the band didn't think anything of it just a throwaway line i wake up the next morning in trending on twitter is march on wrong while man this does not feel good and i start click on them since in people really unhappy really really angry because i quote took around at the band and what the take was is he's boiling them is a boy and if you look at it jim rome five nine a buck sixty emma reintegrating a lot of people at all and that was not my intent but they mobilized quickly that's any went sideways omby quickly so that was when i did not see economic reforms of the area to their doors
yah ok drummers drummers earned banditry like keith moon is an earth has arisen a big udo documents greater discussed by dropping now he knows bad angered the bounding me now you re right i thought i want now do you think that one has more is obviously your career is gone through you know all the years in terms of social media is now becoming huge thing you know twenty years ago wasn't do you think that controversy was specifically unique since social media and people being our all its i'd like you to say on air and eighteen ninety eight do they get any backlash no yeah i don't think so but it look i am i take very seriously the people talk tat very badly and that was not my ten it all obviously but this in the world is so different there are certain things there were not a tv show every single day in a radio show every single day there are some things i could see on radio that i couldn't see on tv it would come off the same way rather certain things that you cannot we did you see on the right
the around your show didn't come off differently giving a good example of some that you can't tweet a laughing stock yet we dark thought you have that you have been able to meet you i get off my chest i mean nothing good secondly we must say what i want i'm just saying you could say that you could say the same thing in different platforms and its more dangerous to sit at same thing on twitter yet it robs i've got radio because his accomplice there's a multiplier effect action tone all that's there's no contact on twitter and gets pushed out so well yeah yeah that's gather momentum and you sit on radio or on you'll maybe this show or something else maybe it's kind of floats out there in the ether but if it's on twitter man look out it's what's wrong downhill and there's no way to reverse it so does that made you kind of gunshot on twitter not gunshot a careful ok something you're going to do you saw what happened where i had a throwaway line about the bad you know in stocking ourselves you know you make enough those mistakes in opposition why not have a gig anymore right way yet it's tough to smack talk on twitter
is it come across a where you're right so you are as for the smack talk competitions what vice mac off mac off we advise you have for me as an aside i pride myself on being a pretty good smack talker right what advice would you have me if i want to get in the bracket next year and dominate succumbing to talk lock rap talk a lot of shit toxin sports do that do that because what happened on that shows these guys now so talking they take runs out each other where you tat each other which is so good sport they did they liked outcome non clone crime at the same time we gotta mixed up low but having get some actual sports taken their doubt help well to clones worry about the violence in their own communities first yeah i was out at home right right at home you arrive at the right moment coming autumn sandstorm the hour look you're what i think i like em right zalm it rather so you are
sounds like you just said that's cool not cannot guys not a quote knocking on shy careful on twitter or career what you're pushing on twitter you sell your words not mine fell baby that's why not what is a take that you are lots probably better that's hearing when working on like a hot take you thinking about i don't know how to get our hearts your name was literally rome is burning the key area wasn't rome is heartbreaking am i know what's heartache heartache somebody's just want some crap up against the wall then believe me there sit around like what can i say what can i say what's gonna get the greatest effect with the greatest reaction i don't believe this about this but honest a man straight fire it's a handshake don't do that literally blue see what i mean i mean what i say
you know that i'm not looking for that effect or taken shouted stability so that was now let's get that back i want to get back on their zeal run down the volume of waste and so many have driven back because now i call for the record i have no problem with eupalium except for the global energy no no that's your issue within it do not reject honor me about you languages if you ve never had a debate chow against himself all these are often y y know the answer no i agree with you that somebody receiving you want bade him we have a lot of money i might do oak also your open the possibility for how much would take aren't you we can do our hours void may well not honourable put put it down there on the sidewalk and we say oh i got to get related question how much money will it take for you to shave you go to do i do it for free oh maybe not the honest answer on the guilty i try to take that thing down a long time ago the wife why
the goat s legs nautical sheila whenever she gets out of its value our wife happy lie on our do there's a little made into the goatee i would have taken that thing down a long time ago i know if i recognize you go to the bathroom san rivalries hunger better looking aches would be better yet and i want and i got the name and the clean girl you actually should you know what when you feel like you're getting a little stale get out of here audience your site yet i know you oughta bleach blonde the go to do my kinsman taken make up our guy fury just like people on the outside i don't know that could put a blonde let us or the blonde face letters jim romans ribby out abound steer i'm telling you man if kiss took the make up off to change you open it back on a word one eye i wanna talk to you quickly i love horse racing you are a horse owner i actually bumped into you at the breeders cup three years ago it's ok you didnt pay
that should make us i was just a piano i think i know from my own that we do not know how to do that is getting worse as the author is not about all i forced batter that's actually there is a bad habits are sometimes i believe all use to us per se any meat you but now i saw you in the winter circle three years ago was it this direction misdirection either mama so to questions about the horse racing one your horse owner he loved horse racing put you're not degenerate game how does that work in a way i'm not the kind of degenerate gambler you guys are great when i'm degenerate gambler and then i'll buy a horse that i know nothing about i have not seen there was advised i was advised by something i haven't even met ray that's a degenerate gambling i took a mail order horse like except it costs a helluva lot more and they don't talk and again asking quest alimony they're not gonna play raise exotics i'll bet then i made my point about the horse right
then and only then gamble when you i do i do i do but i mind but i'm not crazy i've liking and eleven year old kid who knows more about gambling then i d re let kids plan the exotic already know muggy son what did you do that kid sounded like me i would like it so i always just assume that people who are because its myself if your horse gambler you probably gamble on all sports and you have a problem my honest no no i'll keep those dear that derive from whatever is now more than ever i probably know more about football then then i know about other things don't play a man who's gonna win the superbowl areas as you will see better we re exactly right let's go let's you two different versions thereby era we got you and i want to say that i badly want to to the falcons i badly want falcons but i can't go against patriots i think i'd on others noise yeah foggy supports bigtime on many points six written
what knows is or is not really a shit what might want reconsider that's why you're taken since i had wondered if you'd get six gotta get sex i had one other horse question do you get into like the horse breeding stuff itself we have one horse they were breeding gassway so i go back to kentucky and there you're taking me through the process the poorest and we did this and the like that's what goes down right there that breeding we got one common in you to do this on my own well no i want to see that now not in their land about how that goes down it s job every man right many lawyers great but at night and neither the glove on lodged and put the glove london wash mechanism as you might imagine no stallions they know their the alpha gathered on a hundred times a year the better ones do it a hundred fifty times my more may when you met me nodded and nodded watch graver track delmore oh go somewhere iraqi began anita been came i love it
ok lab keen luxurious cutting out two years ago they naga now it was unbelievable like it love came about in your tracks i have no authority to new york i have not been certain i'm gonna go this year since you liked ponies going to gamble i like to gamble i like to lose money one of my favorite general moments was the blink when aid to which my age again very so you're sending your studio and three guys run by but naked who had the biggest hog you know what did when they ran by and all hanging out like that i'd is blocked out on a related married out yes dude so these guys i play you know back in the day i have engineer that found these guys there is gonna come up and i start upon their music and remember that they like it and when they start to sell wreckage like that that guy had our back we'll put him in that oh yeah so the way they laid out that thing much like you guys do this after like we're here now some guys passed through the said one shot we weren't gonna skin suits they did not tell me these due were hanging out we are normal work day women everywhere and these due to run across the stage hanging
women were screaming i think i blocked out and i was that i remember it and answer questions sounds like you open itself up to real lawsuit i did i hear you ve been grace you do you could do stop back then you cannot do now the ants trooped showgirl your dick candidate market that make one a nurse neither one those laws are no flakes ever treasure girl you take on twitter doesn't and well they taken a context we roy yes not duenna we're for final questions we ask everyone with an eye to the first one is a game we play with every single one of our guess it's gone room on rome and phd does really good right jack eric wacky everyone here gas now the game you should see money singles earlier reminded a pregnant woman pressure now i saw were its its debate show even though you dont debate because you're scared scared bayliss
i cannot deny it again if a lot i actually say ten times ass large mariah reno lady duff testimony are wearing sunglasses so we can see your eyes roman roads i'm gonna do let's say leubronn verse m j d made at rome on rome now come again pray question hot coercion take for the vine clothes goaded asking to have better leubronn michael jordan the price is a fraud is a hot fraud luggage warn all that all that guy thirty two eleven six pack it more poorly clutching i'd say what did i've seen a lot of roman prussians because pretty much everyone has one i'm gonna give you maybe a tool for that but you gotta come on man did without doubt about it
maybe it out the jungle with that crap put i find could as one can you not actually coming to later do we do we don't cut vines we run guys but the rack maybe a one racket only go to law and order you go the word gets man come on it'll come onto our impression that he did actually debating on me like hearing meaning i want the debate you can encounter my our support way about amazing impression i why do i gotta get are you're good sport for plant robot sorry that you know that aim to every corner of the room a mother s good man hey don't shoot me off your test what the big give me a little taste where the big conquer i third one nine dude have you one nine headline grab ever thought about going back there has been no
there are a lot of money i know my greener like six million dollar signing bona fide goodbye i brought you some money around man during their work i'm alex cbs you better regulation is what is being gives you twenty million dollars tomorrow what he's doing they gave me twenty million dollars to mark the area yeah right jerome can sit i'm going back lives no no no no no no i have not the answer the question you know i have not thought about my backing until just now i am how you said you do you have to stop hypothetical bullshit he's offer me twenty billion dollars you know that is it that attitude is what you out right now man so you idiots money the sudden added to most of the person who suffer most famous person i myself yes we think for a second
or another about you do tat i have trouble getting digits from people for whatever reason about this guy i know a good aim was that you have game number close euro like me ma am a pickup artists i learned like terms is right now you didn't like me so i sat here all now than you we ve actually been little bit harder on you than i think a lot of our views you ve taken all yes and i actually to give you one point nine to not let the cat man when i actually i've been three broad lard it's hard to when we get in this modern restart bouncing back and forth and you ve held your own and then some solemn and to do it i respect where are you guys are coming from irish what you're doing and although a knock i say i was you guys before use was your eyes when i was coming up and i had a plan and i work my plan and you gotta get after it now this a long time not taken lots runs it lots of people so i am the law sky ever to cry or bp
somebody taken unwanted plus we could say it is hard to see why not say plug plug your pike s o you know your little all branched through a big you guys you aren't allowed us yet monolith there you can handle asked words where you guys writing i'll let you know that i never plants and put a mark sloth a month ago he ran to the product goma well i put it's not your leg over my head shooting up about myself now we haven't got your nine eleven would what are we start was the original thing or their own game person if he's got so here we are where we are the superbowl you guys kind of like you in the outside world i know a guy who won for rings it should have five who who's in my phone lu lu do you know about sports when i talk about he's got for you should have five is it my phone than a jerry your montana to your guess is both incorrect
crazy people roman ascii let's give roca all roma homework all wrong all roma yes all roma as war have roma guess forever com on speaker for up to the mike and what does yellow see logarithms oil durban rounded up first of all is you big logarithm talk i do wrong area disguise indeed the scraps penance preventing each other and grabbing much earlier amount loved ok you know any data great guy he's ask us at the guy you like and now here we call we print comments do then is why today's world here my tv show our second up while i can give you the upon that he dropped on me paper would you remember having our boss on a tv show sure do he had famous line last gun in the bullet rose up on tv like it's the last grown in the bullet so to speak first
just water off the ituri on the back i wonder why he was self one hears grady came on not likely we came oddities i came out i gotta every time i go in some ways tb showed they never invite me by little media interest momentum towards his you i like you don't see radio mcguinness speak of roma chaz battery their charlie charlie charlie back charlotte's referring to the best lobby man ok just headroom top recurrent guess charles batch my romo pick up man ah ok we don't i oh i know a lot of don't even coffee you get credit for they were not aware of you just saw but we just said trot you showed up on tat we just had chaz batch on the show for electricity
well i guess you proceeded he's happy you gotta talk by charles babbage he's origin that'll happen to talk that'll happen to know your voice was last quest ass the you don't answer romanesque anyway you know what our market ass one because we we went hard we will hardon the paint with jim rome here for the last twenty minutes we brought it damn twenty minutes how now when you asked if you held your own the whole time ominous you you not only held your own we tried to call bill roman asking so almost say three crushing the job and incidentally they sent not lab rat says not branding madame lebrun around copyright the most talented he's one was able to do so no the abrogation unlike empower album easily not that were big calibre gaseous good for we had twenty correct answers on his twenty quarterback over you guys get only a little thing where they also recommended you has got him that did not break
yea berlioz is an unpleasant you actually probably will he has been a protocol compelling now twenty going about romania but a project she's never to give any questions for us and like how to do a good package no no not at all my work and applause we gleaned from you guys got albino maybe i'll pay longfellow what's the secret to a cure podcast it's always tell people that bout asking a really good question before asking a question here's really can wash williams that in them in their idea that was a good question but what if it's not worth the questionnaire donors aid people are so dont get i mind rectum valuers odometer like there was great question here is the second second tipp always tell your guest they did a great job and they held their own even if they didn't who also more hitler reference life and i get people people love it when you mentioned miller i've known world we really appreciate it
you bet i wish i said that i can appreciate as much by foreign and i've heard that five all had glower not inside i liked being under the sun is do you know what these podcast so that keep us all sharp the three of us we were sharp guys review stationary its iron sharpens iron yeah you're recognises game iron sharpens i outflows back recognizes smack do don't fuck me with me right here i wish that i had known what you said before i sat down because i would have said you guys i would have been some interview data comes it also made her view without your mind right now only actually now yet thousand awesome interviewed shadows i've been around the world time you pick the five best minutes don't pick five ministerial make me look bad no heed to five best managed we're gonna get part where are your word right car where he caught schiphol suppose you were gonna never ever set at his gloves in care about the gloves
no other problems where i am dominic i go back to your speeches and base with i said we are going to accept as elegant our nice i still can't i'm still starstruck from chaz batch but do not only offers a great gas that was pretty i talk about a good andrea look him credit i do not just i guess hank does a great job i saw it was our goes out and i was real number user readier god i generally agreed on yasmine on that interview was brought you buy me andy's has valentines got u stumped forget the cliches and give a gift that looks great feels great make everyone happy me undies i wear me undies every single day i'm not joking when every single day they gave us a bunch last summer and they're all my only rotation of underwear mandates the perfect gift for you and your valentines this holiday their unbelievably soft and come in limited edition prince they actually sent me the ones with roses did you get those fifty you get your roses ass they really nice the hey we actually pity
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off by us nor will we have a hot with the talk here we go but he took it rome took it he was in the hot seat and use a good guy also shuttle to now occurring guess charlie batch oh yeah showing up in the middle rate yeah creator of you in the room the little double interview therefore oh here's a fun fact i dont know if we're going to use this part we might put it in our view oh that's got will okay so andrews women from tat ok yeah network or whatever the guy who he does nothing but like eads goat intestines he walked by in the background i was like hey andrew hey andrew and you looked at us ago hey do you wash your apples and he goes of course i wash my apps and that was like a night for how is a guy that just like the hilt shoved shit into his mouth he little each shit but if you watch live out sophia and i saw the wood is so haggard eyed bolted like i think you made up of technologies a pretty famous do while my famous enough to get myself
i don't know if you know i'm a tv sterner serbia not that business kings stay kings first up skipper ass this was treated at four forty six p m on a what timezone that is is somewhere is like into segment of the quarter he said well that's it the atlanta falcons are super bowl champion so he wanted to be the first on the breaking news always tough when you're when you get that wrong and he also was treating like it too i am on saturday still not mason crosbie kick in his kit dallas cowboys being in the soup what it what did he say about it he said something like the witchcraft amazing you're getting like further and further up the diva getting deep he's getting close to alex jones stalls class to all caps and always outcasts speaking val jones we have a pr wanna one for him he said
he knelt before this rule that to watch you should watch closely lady gaga half time performance which was stellar by the way it was i anyone who hated that get out of my face stop lesson the shop but also keep listening and tell your friend got until you say surrounding makes you download an app is absent but anyway alex shown said before he said lady gaga to conduct satanic ritual at half time globalists will push dark agenda so there was a he got really an in depth about how she can be standing over us in a stadium to exchange annex sadder ed a lady gaga as fans are called the monster so yeah monsters early monster little monsters very little wants so and they do a little hand thing that's very severity is it like it trident thank a pitch for anything like we said lady gaga tonight zone where she has got eyes arcs i think you jump right down into hell after jam pleaded the catch well i
see i can see a couple elements of satan in after you can you can find satan if you'll a cardinal yet i got my energy lady exactly have hoped that lady is probably the most workers on the plan to things i saw number one the drones yeah so drone circling overhead mine control things but oh bomber like i want to work on your barometers that was our resources a lot more who yeah he's book he was using seven eleven by unlike who knows while the use of all its about asia just jerking off watching them on tv so yeah the drone part was never won and their number two right after she was done there was a comeback by the goat wa so can i just connect and some doubts at their connect scale pretty hot pretty hot my head you have also i think that tom brady might be in alex jones product user the lawyers over seven his erection juice which have tried yup
the info wars viagra people tried it it doesn't it doesn't really work people forget a semi all days like nine contact demolition yeah type thing people forget tom brady was the first quarterback with a trainer to create concussion water he was the originator of concussion water he had arrived at rest also a lot of shit for but tom brady's like wonky whatever duty has that works him out all year he thinks he can cure concussion yahoo i have no reason to doubt em i mean kick it when the first place we don't have the real yet right so i saw the movie concussion by the on the way over to the truth to the bottle i am also working on alex jones impression i'm not ready dave ok we must use it have take your shirt off another i'm a man boys were heaped up let's keep that in its weight to unveil that we have a thoughts and prayers this one goes out to our fellow journalists
all want a deadline they had a lot of stories written at half time may we're ready to hit send the falcons winning their first wall tom brady's run the brain is about checks run coming to a close turns out there rip that puppy up right a whole new story by mr deadlights allotted dynasty talk they got thrown out the window alot of are the falcon is met rhine elite takes this will go unanswered yeah but there was a saving grace after we send our thoughts and prayers them because dante high tower stepped up to the mark and he gave the headline writers all the emission than eat ready for this yeah he said willing element that catch that's why we com julian incredible oh wow dern rogan azeri for that
should that he did i wasn't humbly will catch i actually for because the game was so good i forgot about the catch and who is amazing not only was i catch so great but it also damn quinn fuckin moron used his final time out to review that when on the first review first replay summons and boot some of the booth i see it this is where there is a huge gap in football it's like they the coach is really know what they're doing corn excess knows all that but a really good fan of football knows whether not to challenge a turnover i always like way been i'm actually undefeated on my challenge from mike i'm really good at it yeah not exactly not either i'm sure that if you watch if you watch red zone sixteen weeks a year you you're more qualified than your right because we just watch like borderline plays till her eyes please that's right so if you're in unifil coach out there maybe your measures are dig you liar s part might take us that it will
we need is axis three buffeted the journalist free buffeted and i just need to watch football in seventeen dip cups up in that little booth involving the fifteenth arguable nineteen fifty one of sellers ashtrays yeah worry and harass women and not get in trouble i assume basically set of madmen the avalanche exactly how pretty but by the way thoughts and pursue journalists on the deadline but they so gonna win this weekend they kept noted bad boy trans out of the hall of fame that's how you fucked your muscles and let everyone know hey the media still runs this legal tee o thinks he's right irradiated sharply in his pocket appropriating this culture gets right eating the free buffeted thrown popcorn down ass absolute that's right here you can't get away that shit ok showed up by wizened he'll wasn't somewhat higher tee o to do an ad in his bah driveway doing the crunch dial up yet time not only about not being in the hall nestled crunch what do i
this is why it is right also the avocado geometry commercial when they're like word a secret society and i kyle stop recurrent wizen that antonio brown according to this secret society on his face vaclav that's pretty like you although i have to come up with all the ideas or what's his name from the earth from the warriors dream on green right like his dick just shows up in backroom whoops bulwarked snapchat serve recorded that but scarcity oh nothing in the whole thing is probably the biggest joke while time maybe should win the superbowl what is it what is the second most in in reception hurts the number two is are we is that we're done or listen to strip to strive for a member to put a trail davis got what he had to good use yet he can have more than one trill at a time the abbess running back persons
seen since one thousand nine hundred and seventy three at least we got to kick her in there to you don't we haven't discussed this yet over the falcons good oh let's actually talk about that it's is the pat riley dead yet segments are the falcons good i don't know what's it what's restless let's adverse first say it was a walkie here and they want a couple they beat the pakistan as each championship game right that's a big went but also had some bad losses that he lost your leaves the charges to arrive at home there's a two point conversion of version that one yet so i don't know the falcons monopoly that actually they they had if you look at the first officer ball they were good yeah second half not so good kind of e either or game for right the headline either or playing like herself war they play like the second half of the year but the other good but ok falcons the two thousand in any jean valjean are gonna be losing their correlate or to its like i don't know what
which are upcoming schedule your yahoo they have in the preceding first came here we know i m not alone whatever will check it out probably i'm gonna go with the jets yeah they should win that issue in that event we not gay mamma said are not neither of you know i'm doing i'm cross mov molest let you can on crossing points next up we have speaking of the intimacy south little stay classy for the city of new orleans
they fired off fireworks after the falcons loss to celebrate the falcons last year we also shouted j p p yeah true a k we have hands a can fire fireworks stealth but on the other hand does not on tension sgi bp on the other hand if you're in new orleans you should be allowed to shoot a fireworks whenever you want we have gathered all that's who wants a city gets to appoint with everyone is drunk all the time i think adding fireworks is only the safest thing you can do neural and should be the purge once you step within these walls just put a big bullet proof wall around neurons right and whatever you do on the inside of the wall is ok by a hurricane and get a roman candle free gas should be the rules and organs make neurons great again i love it just a thought next up we have
put one it is your whole this is for our friend marcie mark miami heat fan slash new england patriot van left in what like with ten minutes left in the fourth quarter yea left really early how do we re might have even been the third quarter that he get really are so how much you respect you're a favor player i assume tom brady and his ability to come back in a game it's a bad luck what's also kind of metaphor for marquis marks queer like he started a sock and then he laughed and then things can i looked out formed seated steroids so pretty much the same thing happened yet pretty much the exact same thing not next up what else we got left wilkins marquis work enough and say if you listen no offense but certainly not was fucked up move free to leave the superbowl yeah you will bear the best come back you in your old tat your big brother which was
danny danny danny you go you want wahlberg lot while bugger man mac and danny had body had body had body not you back three have anything else besides respect the business refinish with respect the bits of close it up as a strong show great super i wish every day with superman respect the biz to us snuck in two superbowl radio row honour not a rag let's arising out of that year and not to brag but also o actually know i did actually for respect the best we had not bread but we party zero party that we had on friday highly it's my highlight was i went up to twenty romo asked him to take a picture of his hat he said no muttering progressive bertone em i learn who just want a picture of your hat any just said no and then a secure elliot's big security guard came over my basic slap me out was it was as a euro it we're in a full shirt as equal elliot was what you say he wasn't
do we really want to hang out with anyone anyone legislate seller yet he was he just had a security guard that would basically if you like if you are just tech checking your like textiles junior phone skirted garbage cans slapped a foreigner your hands i also understand cranky unless need and said they broke my heart when they fired a fisher and they both car like nervously laughed and then timmins later less need was like what what do you like your fisher and i showed him my jeff fisher chart as our colleague like how body is how long he stayed around like the long shared cities like ok he's gonna have like analysis you're talking him like that the reason you like jeff fisher is because less need was so bad jerry and fire rights as all only put shooter shoot there you're my favorite part of the party was meeting guy fury so guy here's the thing about him he is probably the most recognisable person everywhere he gave her it doesn't matter ever so every step that he takes he's got like eight people grabbing
yet to take selfies with them and i just i saw towards the front when he was getting like a second of alone time so went up to him real quick i hague i note that you get that aside all the time and saying that as my opener is a bad idea you up because it gives them a gift guys like you to go yet or illegal out bullshit is a scam don't ask me effort a million times but then i hit him with this right best opening ever guy i want to say i see i snuck into your five hundred dollar head party last year pretending to be a bartender aid all your food drink all your free time shall flickr and then took a crap so big broke your toilet guy looks of ngos that is ah snap yes i would the part of this year and its seven hundred fifty dollars and it was a long time and addressed make it even more sodium exactly those like the donkey sauce was flavour town
sounds like we were living her best life you got to be at you got to meet guy and tell him they took a big shit his party i got to meet stan kroenke and elsa's told stan which this actually is a good thing to lead with because i bet he gets everything opposite i went up to my said hey stan i just want to say thank you for moving your franchise out of that shit saint louis any was like ok that's pilot first i'm really what's the matter no that was not to brag enough but we parted with famous people for a little bit women really like us i think they just came because everything for a year and then i went outside and just drank beers on a porch again then i went how can i ate like seventy five thirteen owes fell asleep and had diarrhoea the next morning so hey listen guys stars are just like you i last one spect biz we stuck on a media row on re
ro sorry on friday thanks to mill more's great photoshop i guess we're we're incriminate yourselves here precisely this no more is alleged photoshop milt be a member in photoshop but if he did not a photo shop he would have photoshop using what are you so there was a captain crunch our code of conduct so patsy's have catherine groat thing where the barcode was and your name was told only time sula really under the radar mine was an aim that i'm not gonna say because it might actually be a real pizzeria pressing his report as i do that democracy my book but we were we were going in and my prediction is that next year there's gonna be a major upgrade insecurity says we're
would you get around way to wage we want around made a scene we were lying shirts like total ass i was starting a lot yet could smell people were coming up further italy holding as our credentials are up to the light because they knew that we were supposed to be there and like other people that new us and they were looking at it like laughing and patting sunbright littlepage people got coming up to us on radio roby unlike holy shit you guys got any airline very loudly so it was not exactly like we were really that under the radar the great moment was we walked before you walk through like three different levels of security and we did on the barcode catch programme that would have been awkward if we got skin so we walk through one these passes make attitude making greater for your mouth and they most likely be like pause for a second we thought they're going to scan it and we were walking like all men those clothes like you know they almost scanner barcode and pft was like i said to him if they if they ask let's just say that we put our passes in the wash in the dryer like
it really screwed up our he's like all that's a good idea i'm just gonna say that i put my pass in the microwave so let's go then we can talk this what are you going you reached that stage were you a little bit of panic you go to the front line it's like oh shit if they actually scant i gotta have a while ago and a quick and that the microwave idea was number one in retrospect i should have said like i put it on and on a magnet capacity close to my my magna collection you know the guy stuff yeah i know it's after it was a great it was great experience walking around dragging our balls across radically bells forehead but he's back so it's fine for these fires by his laughter but we do have a funny video where we basically walked up to people and gentleman
ro journalism interviews have a lot of our current yes now recurring guess j j wot terrell owens guess too hard recurring s cordell stuart lotta recurring gas lot anew recurring dvd smith stephen s mad a hot hot enemy have not happy then the not happy with us we were wrong why is it not getting sick upsetting a cat against to tell you is that he was out fast but it was a great super weak great superbowl that's the shell we have some left over suitable interviews that will be coming up we did like my goin tray wings all those got with mike singletary lamp break so we're going to have those the next couple weeks will roll those out and like we said we're going to try our best we can try to get chris long possibly julian edelman we'll see who else and that's our show and we will see you wednesday shout to no more thank you again so i'm still more
feel bad form even though he's like pretending like oh man so it's always humbling would ohio you're right out and no more you dana i'm so humbled tat my dear fiftieth championship line is another insuperable fuck yourself and they're gonna win again next year at the worst part lovey guess who's ever patriots fence but the channel of he guessed
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