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Super Bowl 54 Is Set, Chiefs vs Niners + Trevor Bauer On Astros Cheating Scandal And More

2020-01-20 | 🔗

Fastest 2 minutes from Championship Sunday (2:27 - 6:12). Chiefs offense was too much for the Titans and Andy Reid is going on a diet (6:17 - 24:28). The Packers got smoked by the Niners, Jimmy G threw 8 passes and running the football is back (24:28 - 39:48). Who's back of the week including Conor McGregor and his 40 second knockout as well as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (39:41 - 52:21). PR 101 for Baker Mayfield. Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer joins us in studio to talk about the Astros cheating scandal, whether or not he's a dick on twitter, experimenting on himself, and drones (52:21. - 92:50). 

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On today's pardon my take championship Sunday, we recap who's going to the Superbowl. We got it Superbowl. Fifty four is booked chiefs, verse. Forty nine hours recap both games forget a low whose back Connemara Gregor, and we have an interview with Trevor Bower in studio, talk, Astro, cheating and also Tremor Bower, basically being he's like strange, got very shades guy, but interesting gap does a lot of research on himself. He definitely has several rendered accounts, yeah he's he's like Elan Mosque. If he was a pitcher, that's good description, some interesting did there were Jerome.
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Welcome to pardon my take is headed by the cash app goat, which were bad beats to at cash app at pardon. My take used that hashtag bad beats Monday. You also can use code barstool you get ten dollars for free ten dollars to Aspca. Today is Monday January 20th Championship Weekend, he's not get up. We start in Kansas City, where the chiefs operates. Looked clueless in the first quarter, dropping another Paul done falling behind ten. Did nothing, but it all change when Pats homes found tired kill and said. I love you, man, Derek Clapton, Henry didn't look wonderful tonight and there will be tears Heaven for Cryin Daniell, as God gained a team but lost a penis Andy Patrick Greed Master.
Office of Football and as everyone a believer as each of the boys to Outback Stake, House first celebratory dinner and the lightning and that chocolate thunder and the thunder and the lightning and our chocolate honor we finished the pageant homes on the sidelines, Patrick Blob, shortly poop after that contest? who wrote the let her be viable model up crack bore, though taking these live for NATO, to warn ain't that NATO to Miami for SB elevator, trap door, baseball player, you address Brigitte, I will see in Miami chafed thirty five titans twenty four Burma well well we'll go to the big ball bottom, where they to DORA Franchises like four ticket Superbowl, hot spicy chinese bolster was on a real role, Russia dollar twenty yards, important, stout and love bands.
Want on board general. So what Aaron Rodgers disengaged ignoring the five second rule, refusing to all for a second quarter bubble, gum day, items loving had more like jogger, but hackers learned the hard way you can't always get what you want as homeless, Aaron Rodgers, globally pay Diana gotta, give him stouter after this. Supporting loss boarding owners of someone diverse admirable since dreary over neutral maids business when Stephen got a monkey offers back only a sovereign as twenty five years later for making for a job. Where drinking alcohol go Thirty seven, but growing very Packard play right championships Sunday in the books wasn't
super exciting with games that he gave her a super tight device game had its moment, it has both at first sight when the chiefs only spotted the Titans ten. I asked at spotting them what twenty one twenty four twenty for the other week. It's like I can see how these games you gonna go here, so it was so love Championship Sunday. Everyone should love Championship Sunday, it's great to watch it Getting to the super always feels like a big deal like the celebration is always a big deal and in the home her out and everyone behind it. So will start with the game in Kansas City, the Fc Championship Game very cold, even but for the game started. My biological clock was off ball Sunday clothes. It was a tiny clock stars, so law, so I'd not regularly to the gym work out. Come back. My biological clock tells me, as a football guy beyond your couch by one p m. At the very latest, so I sit on the couch turn on the tv like we go. We two more hours arise for ever forever so
the game starts and the Chiefs I don't know what it is, but they just can't start a game without being in a whole like that's when they wake up its basely Julian Ottoman, getting caution and getting Reno starting up well yeah. They need to be in a big hole if they're down by double digit, that's their smelling salts and it felt like four minute there that the Titans had like everything going perfectly for them, they're up ten, nothing, they can run the ball, they can play their game, but they forgot about patrimony homes and they forgot about what this chiefs often has done the last two weeks, so it last week they go down the titans around twenty four, nothing after their down twenty four, nothing. They scored touchdowns on seven out of nine drives today. They go down ten, nothing. They scored touchdowns on five of the next seven drunken, it's insane what they can do. You cannot guard all of them. The titans defence, which had played well against Lamar, had played well against the patriots, looked completely
Overmatch or even if you do guard their off into weapons, you know what's gonna happen is Mahomet Jaeger he's my take off and run like you did on then like minority, are skaters, Graham tackling this bad, so that housing game is not exactly an he's so good at playing quarterback that he doesn't even need to do a head and shoulders fake here. And I think he uses eyes and he'll make a defender. That's pursuing stop to try to back down a pass. He takes off around round that corner. There was nobody near him and thing is what He runs about He's older workers here- and they just saw MRS He'S- had two injuries like the two leg injuries this year, like the dislocated knee. We forget about that, but he still he's like deceptively fast as a quarterback, so he turns the corner and he's gone.
Guy that tried to talk about the Golan in throwing him into the ins and our three ways from the other guy that was about to knock. It should all thirty seven just mailed it in. I actually think that the little hot take, but the new rules with hitting quarterbacks makes it harder for defence of players to fully go at a quarter like it felt like guys were wanted to tackle. Name is bad tackling, but it also felt like if they went to are they would get a penalty yeah because it no one went like it was crazy. It was crazy about you everywhere you can get. You very rarely get him to a shot on a quarter back in the open field and they miss Did not only did they Miss data, just throwing him into the and so when, once the Chiefs often got cooking, it was, but the game is all basically when, at the end of the first half the Titans had the ball back with like two and one slash two minutes: they go three and out and the Chiefs score again and that that was the touchdown to end the half and they get the ball back. They didn't score on the on the first edition of the second half, but as soon as the Titans had to play from behind Ryan Tannehill
great run they ve been incredible. It was an awesome likes. No one thought the titans would be in the average average of game, but that's not a team that Europe can match points cheats when the Chiefs offices cook. It was funny because the Titans had what looked like a back breaking drive. That back breaking drive against. Most teams, who was a tear they want to do, is ethically annihilated nine minute yeah I've they just Marston. Field, Systematic Lyman. It looked like it was a lot of work to get down a field because it took four. It took so long but as a diamond drive this score, then they give the both the chiefs, who proceed to scorn about like ninety five. Second, it was ass. It is, I guess it's almost seemed not fair from attains perspectives. We worked so hard to prettier this some drive and we give you the ball and then you immediately score. So's fifteen plays seventy five yards, nine minute drive and then the chiefs turned around and scored in two and a half minutes. It was so called a watch, the two different styles now, because all the Titans were going to have to score they're going to have to just grind it out and use. That was when they scored that two hundred and fifteen play
Seventy five hour drive you like. Ok, the titans can win this game. Is Europe's seventeen seven basically just grinding clock, but then patch biomes does patch me homes, things and again they start the game out ten knocked down ten, nothing and somehow get and half time up for, It follows that we act like that. I am it was. It was a severe as the Texans game, but kind of the same script where you have achieved on the ropes in the first quarter and then by half time the game is completely free, that she feel great you. Let him get tired and my grable did. He did run a fake point when everybody knew that it was going to happen later on the game here earlier the game. This was around mid field, a look like they were gonna run a fake point. It was a classic bill, o Brien thing were lined up. Looked like they're gonna faked upon they had the chiefs brought one of the gun, and the punter checked out of it and you can tell because it cut to my grable right after he was pissed off. I didn't
diarrhea, and at that point I made a little mental note in the pay of tea mental note book they'll be on the lookout is variables, gonna call thick pointless. Big point, though it was likely. I never know Bob everyone who is going to happen and it was better leave able saying? I think that my partner can throw a better pass than I'd like to know. Is this moment now? One thing that we're not doing enough in this post season is crediting Jeff Fischer for the Titan success through it, because here groundwork. He laid the groundwork because he made a trade with the titans when he was a coach of the rams and he gave the Titans draft picks that ended up becoming Derek Henry Jack, Conklin, Austin, Johnson, Corey, Davis and generous.
The building blocks. Are we go this team right here is, so we should be giving fish a little bit of credit for that the chiefs run. Defense was phenomenal and the question of like can the Chiefs play defense in a big time moment was answered today because they were soft last year in that exact moment against the patriots in the AFC Championship Game, but they were awesome and I obviously the game flipped a little bit where the titans have to play catch up, but they were, I mean Derrick Henry was not able to get like times dare. Can we got yards was just really good. Blocking wasn't Derek Henry just like running over guys so Frank Clark, you're off the hook. That was an all time stupid thing save before the games. I want it to be correct. Like the chiefs run, defense was phenomenal and they deserve credit and guess what they're going to have to be even better in the super bowl against the 49ers rushing attack, but they need the credit, because that was kind of the question. Everyone knows. Patrick Mahomes can do it and the offense has all the weapon
in the deep and step up and they did it. The honey, badgers, ass, much values or play like is having on the field you have to like. As as a fan watching him, I feel like a quarter backed it ways needs no areas like I'm looking for honey badger before the play. Yet I'm calling about just to myself and Leroy on the couch and like there's a honey, better there's only about health care and he had a couple nice his day, somebody up. It feels like he's going to make them fumble the ball like his. He finds a way to wiggle his limbs into these weird places and just punch at the ball from impossible angles. He's so much to watch, play any red tape. I want a real where I hold lag. I hope they let him cogent shorts and surveys. You see the flag toss, yes, devotion, kit, casual wattle to a flag toss of ever seen in my life. He needed the wine sure shirts are gonna, be honest eyes, a drop it was it well Try people listening whose toss you want is how you gonna drop their energy. Can you get me out there just go
the flag across the field. You need that your time out hand yet in any reed, I'm very happy for any read his post game when he picked up the trophy one handed and was it look? It looked like the smallest trophy in the world next to any ring. Also, the I think was the owner of the chiefs. Where I didn't pilot wearing. He earplugs yeah see that yet my legs are you unless he had some kind of issue that I dont know about. That's ridiculous a cartoon during the game. You can find a high five in his own box and we know that add happens by I I'm serious note for Kansas City TAT. Looked like an all time. Funding to be at, and I love long suffering fan base them in a suitable in fifty years they lose last, Dear when they thought it was their year, they the one, seen everything so the redemption arc of that game and winning it in front of your crime
was so Funchal that one shot would patrimony homes had his arms up and everyone was going crazy after touchdown. They had that long touchstone was so fucking cool and got me so up some happy for Kansas City. I truly em, like that's a fan base that you can feel happy for. I don't have it done. I am extremely exciting for them and Casey Wolf to yeah he's through his own shit, display off the ups and downs that mass got alone he's been basically bipolar. Now is really happy, I'm happy for you! fanbase one that's long suffering. They get scared as a rule to their lives in India. Streamline called Environment Europe that gets to go South Miami for a little bird. Take a sun break up, hang out down there with the guys. I'm concerned little bit about any real said that he's going to go on a diet this week. So we can fit and eyes are is Miami Emmi he's going South Beach diet, which is just don't eat anything until you get my am, I think I think the diet than Andy Red is going to go on is he he will probably skip lunch tomorrow,
now be it he'll do branch and set a bracket like super hungry by dinner time and Blackwell Diet Please here's here's anyone's died this. We just one type of pork under breakfast: choose between sausage and begging. I got it in any red is also one of classic he's in the classic situation, where his legacy, if he wins a suitable, will change so dramatically, which shouldn't be, but you shouldn't be that any reads: legacies all determined on one suitable win because he's been such good coach for so long one. You know with the eagles with the chief spin, basically in the play off every single year, changes is often says like evolved better than any coach but that one Superbowl win we'll take him from war, a great coach to like one of the best in your I mean like. That's all it needs. That's all he needs. Is this we're going to do all of our superbowl storylines on Wednesday. But this is a legacy game for France.
Yeah was that's. That's our job is to the kind of ill open that gate allow him up to the top of her pantheon yeah if he does, when a super really deserve. What is it he has, regardless of whether or not he wants a suitable he's, been a great coach forget what like twenty five years, forever, but yet have the ring baby gotta have that had that ring, otherwise, no joke you're beneath them. You're buried underneath the panel you just while the losses not the winds and then just changes you, our brains, are so stupid that way where you where, if he doesn't win the Superbowl while he lost in the big game yet not all often say over two zero votes would about what about over that I'm saying oh get one boy! So you think everything different about him now be great chip, yoke and right I'll. Give you that, when tabling defensive there I was as you're right, you're right, you're right. I stand up for over when I hear when you're slander upon it was later used. Making good point was great point, but yeah, so that the one nice thing about the Superbowl lost that anyway does have in terms of his legacy. Is that we
think about anti red choking away that suitable as much because we thought more about Donovan Mc Nabbs leg through hang up on the field and hearing that drive that any read this man, yells, there's that would she's got go, inform also Can I just can I say a big thank you to my Bloomberg. Running all these adds during my football Sunday. Ok I have no idea what is platform is, but I do know that now answer trigger. I only think about my Bloomberg as being the guy. That's not football, because his We are all my screen during in Sunday like it MIKE, yes, I'd like a trick. Very true economic hammocks, exceptionally triggered it out like Limburg. Yes, I don't. I don't really potentially adds anymore. So he's got two hundred million dollars. I read this that that he spent on ads and these pulling out like four percent that's all Matthew I wouldn't about. I would be more likely to vote for him if he does look. Two hundred million dollars on fire. In one add: yes, I am a young girl and look what I can do,
We can now be allowed in interrupting milder raw Sunday, MIKE Hamburger cheer you up I guess you know what I'm scratching his name my my personal records for candidates that I'm even considering? I will actually seen that not Tom Stayer guy he's always The sailor guy same got yea here's the thing walkin around, like a patio new vast. It further talk to me, walk down like a nice country, If you're buying adds political adds, ring a football game. You ve already lost. That's number one number two usages have like Dennis: Leary narrate, you're commercial, like it's a truck Murphy air. The rock Yang just call you pussy here, like your play: If you don't have it actually just be like hey, I'm I'm running for president, but, more importantly, here too trucks, Tirana tell each other yeah and an envoy for me yeah. They could actually the republican truck and Democrats welcome has tune in, don't have a finnish keep it keep it. I
by the way I went down a tick tock rabbit hole the other day, trying to figure out what it was, and I got actually very. Being by the way I went down to tick. Tock rabbit hold the other day, trying to figure out what it was, and I got actually very upset at this one kid who put eighteen leaders of coke into a big tub and had three hundred men It's a go to my internet page to watch the video and their, which was interim page any like on that. Releasing it till I get this money followers and I got fuck and they went uses rampage any like I'm not. Sing. It till I get this money followers and I got a fucking that good twitter tell my watch the end of it. So that's what they got to do for the truck the truck off just build go to it all my golden abroad and to vote for and then I will really. If I get enough votes be president, I will release the truck video. I like it it's below better than having to deal with that bullshit during I was a fog EU, this fucking douche bag. Kid from California had me just running
on the internet. Looking for this mental video, and I want to kill him not actually, I don't want to be like he might be a tiktok like you why you certainly are getting mad about not the accuracy. Teenage boy bathe yeah. Well, I want to see the mental just. The map do the mental would have Fatima. And he also was very like a hotel lobby which we do this, do you like bodies because, as it is already ends, yeah crazy weakens crazy weekends, political ads and Tiktok. Ok last thing you have to? We need to get Patrick HOMES, brother, the teacher salaries, yet he's really big on that platform. Yes, I don't how to use it. I logged in I started in the count. I think we have a port might take account that we haven't put anything on. As far as I know, I'm so happy there. We all in an age where, like I've, said this before, but if Tik Tok was big like six or seven years ago, I would have already gotten hit by a car on Tik Tok. Try to get my clodagh.
Ass? You would have been banned by email. Be able to cites ya out have been put in my my elbow videos on Tik Tok than having them take everything down lastly, on the chiefs were, be a subway to the next game. Should we talk quickly about the jerseys pantalones there very close every when talking about it have ruined everyone's red pantalone, one. Eighty six c Niners red is pantalone, one. Eighty seven see Juan Tipp Jake Marsh at PM. For all these one? One digit off closest pan tones I've ever had a Superbowl match up against each other and the church so the home team, so they will most likely whereby I would we read. Am I right study of fifteen years ago. It's probably outdated and de bunk puts the last thing that sticks in my mind that teams that, where the collar red or dominant, if you look across all sports professionally, there's like a small bit of
I don't know what would sort of darwinian are evolutionary trade being bright. Red gives you as it as a show of downright read. You like a red robust, read, does not cancel each other out focused. They're, both can be read. Only one team can wear only read, yeah, solid red, the other thing about getting a ruin. Alabama, maroon, that's a red it s, not a there's something: you're crazy, re, actually criticism rooms in the crimson to read the YAP like not that of the greater crimson yeah, but it's so. I think it's just any reds. So when you read the study, if it Are you running you read it? You read it during like the big red machines. I read it seventy fifteen years ago. I dont know what teams were actually know. What I remember I ready and balls. I allowed myself like they're, no good teams that we're red right now. This stories bullshit, but then overtime, depends
If this all, you know it's, it's given take so logic, marched, break that down force. He's gotta get Jake you're losing this right now I want a full breakdown of all the colors that have one all the major championships improve sports and then for bombast bonkers so give it to us. Give us all that bright advertised on red one eighth teams away read in the east. They don't wanna play off. I know that yeah for the NBA, it's just general some I was but only a year, even though the whole nineties, even I'd, disregarded, throw that Guard as road users in the normal, erroneous, okay. So the next day, by the way, can watches parcel gold dotcom such p empty. We have Trevor Bower in studio, Parseval Dotcom such be empty for nine years course. I don't wanna. I don't want to talk about Pakistan rod, so guesswork back is running football. Raw US rods,
Mozart had what two hundred now working on, while the nurses I was, I was packers for so go so Greater Rogers LISA. Isn't I'm worried about Aaron Rodgers, I'm officially worried about his mental health? Look disinterested, disengage is there a gauge and made evident in not jump on the ball. He made a maid came Newton, look like he was hungry and that super was Superbowl. Fifty listen, I'm not gonna, be there. On Packer fans right now cause I know, look like you know. The bears didn't make the play offs, that's fine! I would personally preferred and not make the playoffs then get my dick kicked in the Annex II championship game. That is my personal preference, but we can do agree. Disagree. The packers, roster, here's, nice spins own free, backer fans, packers roster, is a average quarterback away from being a super contender. I was saying this endangers alighted quarterback and it would be good, I think, if they had been Sharon Rogers at half time. That was where to go, get a spark in there with Timmy De Doyle. In the second half earn look, you look pretty bad
bow around here. A couple nice passes in the second half, but the first refugees he looked like somebody that has been fucking breath far for while just like completely blank look on his face was just not impress not happy. Even be there four dollars. Events was awesome in their their past. Russia's awesome yeah, it was, it was, their nerves did not look good and he's getting older and that business decision was a little while I mean he didn't, even he backed away empt to try to get that. But he didn't, even in those of big, does a big football. They will go Inter School, he didn't stop where he was. He just kept back battle. Yeah he's a signal, No I'm not! I don't want anything there. So regime Mozart was awesome, I'll, just throw this out there. All point scored by foreigners were by experts, so
the bears kind of one guy most bears legend. He was on the wires Ver couple games there for life, Robbie gold for life, so just gonna throw that out there, but yeah Rahim officer was incredible to earn twenty yards for touchdowns and Jimmy G with the finesse God stat line of six four eight for seventy seven yards along incredible, but guess what it doesn't matter because they knew did. They could run on the Packers and that's what they did get wet thirty excellent hand off. So thirty excellent handouts and Mozart had two hundred and twenty yards. It felt like it was five hundred yards. They just ripping off yards whenever they want, and it wasn't like. There were a bunch of really long runs a most ripped off it was. Finally, just like eleven yards, eleven yards, eleven yard systematic now the field- and there is nothing they can do to stop it. I'm going to defer my football analysis to recurring guest a part of my take Cato Kalen he's huge packers fan oil melt, the he says, packers have worst o line, they have no
as an owner. I want complete new coaching staff. Get me Shanahan floors, wrong choice is guilty and whiskers are not for a with constant sports team. It's two per MIKE Shanahan, get back to coaching, so he's don't like a little reverse, never ism deal where he sang like all these good young coaches, instead of hiring their kids go higher. Their dad still ghetto come back. Find is any rate over the phone. If Mr Reed is still some points still with us, bring him back, a coach might fables Dag probably I wanted my chain further bears job Bob for the Hard John Fox. Essentially, I very much did I very much was on the higher my chin and I need a panther and check on on MIKE Shanahan Neck, he value it. Now I see one away from the forty nine thousand awkward my chin and gone for the high five than like they hugged Would Kyle and MIKE when he was presenting. The trophies, like you guys, are family right. Yeah didn't Billy realise that precaution, em
He is the new Shaw Mcveigh, hottest, generally league his logo keeps getting smaller. We rightly reminded me this time. Courts. I remind me this time of the the dvd save, green logo that bouncing around he should have a gift hat where bounces around on, as it was unbelievable game, though by the forty nine years, and they then somehow, I guess I get it because the chiefs have been so dominant. Possibly bit the opening line for the Super Bowl Chiefs, one one hundred and fifty three Imma take you over no matter what for everything yeah, I don't care. I really don't run for the point in this one. Have to put so the forty nine like going from last year, where what would they went to Games Embassy Jimmy's? You got hurt to this where they were, they were the dominant theme in the end of sea. All year like this was I I beat up on the packers and call them free
But you know you are what you know. You play the team in front of you. They want thirteen games, didn't beat really anyone put that's kind of the recipient of sea because yet see besides a forty Niners, just didn't really have any like strong dominant and in the forty nine hours were basically wired wire winners in terms the enough see they were dominant all year and they finish the job and the kick the show the Packers twice in: hey, listen, packer fans, I'm sorry, but you'll be watched. The super with me can on the couch, just imagine it which is actually the best place to get such a great. It's great houses are about amaze anything. Yet ass. These measures dress lever of nice and love. Can we just imagine for a second how good the forty nine hours run game would be if they had a tight in the dog got leave. Thought could be like how much more at how many or yards could Dave put up to now like ours. I, where I saw a few people like where's Gregg Kittle today as like. Well he's blocking, is fucking at all
You know what dominating levels Dick on the field: hackers who blocked it off, he blocked for everyone and day. That's their running attack is insane I believe they just one inadequacy championship game by seventeen points and they threw the ball eight times. That's gotta, make That's gonna make a lot of the analytics. Nerds really upset with that's the penniless. One back where you just need to run the ball or they were met. They were analytics. Nerds got a victory, in the first game yet because dire guys are equally its wings. They were so mad. But when you see how mad people were about, that's that that every time Dirk Henry runs four hundred yards, the titans win, yeah sick of of course, we know that there are some like that. Those two don't quarrel, someone said it there dumb and then they just use that to basically Evelyn analytics, not listen, football guy thing they just go. At each other all the time and they both are, does yelling to know what what we ve truly learned from the sample size. Eight, I think, is big enough that in the area of sea running for
doesn't work right enough see you need to be able to run football, it doesn't matter. If you're able to pass. I cried in what are you nuts championship games? Here's a stat running back! that run for over two hundred yards with four touchdowns. Their team wins under pursue the time. So if you figure out a way to do that in the enough see your goal. You're gonna walk to the supermarkets almost like you should just play to your team strikes. Maybe That's really wanted opponents. We raise the opponents weaknesses that it really another run. Pass split, doesn't really matter if you're able run the ball really well, and if you're able to lead the Titans not be able to pass in itself, Skyrim shout out to solve the defensive coordinator for the forty, nine or yes, he I dont know. If anybody picked up on this, he puked on the sidelines today because I'm pretty sure barely a dip in or something but the the camera khartoum, and he was I coughing for us. And then he just blows chalk rather than get a job. It is our job this in the skies such a football guy, his hold back guy had a hold back guy,
it was a chain of held back. No walk is what we call crazy was awesome to watch that defence ground play in raw blah blah blah lot of food, the internet by storm with the shield hat she'll tat looked ass, yeah obliges so have you got to the bottom of it right? You got actual away. From raw blows camp, which rebels cameras being his son. Ah, yes, Rob was camps that, given the hat by the Fox executive right before the game, huge, brig, ah reckoned you're, so no one else, as it were forgotten that low for those of you that you don't know it was just the NFL shield on its head. He looked like umpire room for bolting yeah ruin for both seem just written for Roger. You doubt me: money have fun, you tat guy. We have robbed low on one side of the delightful, and then we have Paul Rudd on the other. The up, so it's gonna be, can be a big hit for people who grew up in the nineties. Watch a movie, it's gonna be great, so its official we got the Superbowl I'm excited. This can be a great to rule.
Yeah. I did error. I could get you care really complaint. I was, I was happy I was. I was gonna, be the titans because my rebels, a friend of the programme and everything but any super bowl with passion homes gonna be exciting because of the type of players any so young and it feels like, oh by the way Another thing I saw that was not, I wasn't irritated, but it was just one of those things we have to make a clean up. Who I follow on Twitter MBA Twitter was trying to figure out who patch me. Homes is like, as he Leubronn and Brady's Jordan, stopping her and then Peyton is Kogi. During the whole fuckin thing as they come on guys weak, I can't do it right now. He stepped unison like three months. His dad was actively his other is higher than it was so stupid. It was so stupid, but yes, so this is gonna, be exciting soup, I'm ready for I'm ready, for. We are two weeks to kill time will do the storylines on Wednesday. That's part of the time killing Andy Reid's going to be on a diet. We got to be on a diet
without in certain solitary who yet just to look at itself. I mean I'm on a diet. They have to be equally night to salaries in the last. We can have imagined that know about. The state of mind I added I end, cannot amend the salad, Rome also our March, for to achieve spoils games where I just chinks them by them going down and say: thanks are common out chiefs and patrimony liking that two after he, when I'm excited to have Travis Kelsey and and Gregg Kittle going had two heads we can find out which tied in yeahs more better than Robert Caskey Hank. In no way you gotta bring forward players into their sputtered outwardly excitement it isn't that we're in time you just yet embrace debate when it comes to where we are going to tear them rolled over that'll be good for them. Get Aachen. Oh you ruined for the chief of the four Niners officially as a journalist, you're you're, actually gonna route for team enough, restoring artificially
I'm still, I'm still up in the air. Hank is unofficially rooting for I'm definitely for Kittle, okay, you're rooting for kiddo to have a great game, but don't know who you want. Correct, but when you say that Jimmy G win the Superbowl that is almost another ring for Belgic fact, yeah it's going to be one of those things we're just at the it's already started, with the Boston media being like. Did the patriots actually win the was it the right move to trade Jimmy Garoppolo two years, like so, he goes out and has an unbelievable gay. Eighty eight I hoped Jimmy Arena. I'll, say my I'll say my thoughts for our. Yet we have enough time to get ready for all that. Ok before we do are whose back we do, whose back in a couple quick segments before we get to our interview, whichever bar, which was fantastic by the way,
a very interesting guy, and he also has a lot to say about the fact that he called the Ashraf cheating way before the after us were found to cheat you can you can like or dislike Trevor Bauer and I'd like sometimes I agree with what he says. Sometimes I don't, but at the very least you have to admit that he
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There are no war showed a night. They add a little moment backs days, are holding hands. I don't get excited. What is Brad pits wife. Think about that. I dont think I think their divorce weep. Brad Pitney, although devoid of benefit pennifer. That's my bad warehouse. Ok, now there was a roller coaster. We met. I first been applicant Lopez, Brad Pitt in General it has been raised and brandished and be a brain system, since backing of the north as a guest shittiest thrones cared. The eye is wrong. I got my own government celebrity couple names so brand, especially as there done ok but grandson We must ensure that their done yet financially nor are broken up. Yet, Where does he so after looking of yours are really Yes- and I now censure have been dead, goes back what the fuck's he's after deal, those kids, Prob
Billy, legally, legally, here and now to gay. I did see that I didn't wearing that already news to me. Please rocket Kansas City Chief sat tonight who pit Brad Pitt rob yet eyebrows I've got one grace. I told you I'm not that bad the October not does not regulate that's football. These are my photos. Finalize was not while others backwardness, curb curb enthusiasm. Is it backtrack TAT back like back now back get it came out today, tat right now, all of them know Let's see, I can't page you that you're gonna do any more. I may my my like I live. I prefer tv shows ago we by weak legs it can emphatically Verena Ross Self Control, smaller one s, I'm always right over to yeah now either. I, like my tv, shows where I can sit down, watch em all in one night and then just never remember. What exactly happened now is gonna be in episode? Is season like they had in the past, where there's a story line that can a runs through all of it or is it
today and on an awkward yeah, I have no idea where he finds himself in an awkward jewish Larry. How does he sighed out very does something to us that seems reasonable, but to the people is acting, we write is unreal, he's very said something to a woman in line and then he finds out the woman is actually his neighbor crazy. I do love to show No, I mocking I'm using very shots is very, very shell, but we did gonna nail like at least one of the episodes and that's it. Mother was caught her eye. Ok, so we'll save that when for became my whose back and weakest technology technology Jack, I'm big tat guy. Did you hear about this article in the New York Times cannot a couple days ago about clear view to Morrow GM free. Who can rewrite We are, of course I actually I subscribe to read this article- can exert some value ass, yet think wait for every. If you listen to me big time
Algeria, there, no no gimme. May now it's! U hazard right now, you are so triggered, rub Limburg. You made the account and then found article sense yeah. No, no. This is before I got triggered by Bloomberg. Popping up on my tv ruining for put. It was good that you You can get it only time. Article subscription, once you got triggered, could find out more about is. If I wanted to write yes, so there's app called clear view, artificial intelligence and where, is it can take a picture of your face from any surveillance video and it can run it through their database. Pictures anywhere online that will pop up with your pictures and links to all pictures. It concerns like billions, and billions of photos is like ten times bigger database and the FBI is and it hooked up to Google glass technology, so you could be riding on a subway and you could be looking at somebody just looking at their face. Skein their face and final
everything about, so basically what its army or technology right now thoroughly song to law enforcement agencies- aces yes, bad, so really, but as somebody who welcomes the robots, on your side, clear view. For the rest of our four right. Now you find out I'm on your side, so there was there and then that so I was looking all the stuff up and then something popped up into one. My cookies, when I was on a website that was it, it was an ad fool around I'll. Try not act. No, not not tell. The truth is that for a product that I'd heard? Listening to my blue to speaker, like thirty minutes earlier, someone is due in experiment. I do an experiment, I dont know what Funchal pops are I think I've heard people discuss them. I assume there some sort of dessert toy funk, go pops, so go to repeat the word Funchal pops
this, for you guys go how a zoo, dont, Google, it don't, Google, it do not google Funchal pops, but if Funchal pops pop up in your cookies for the for the advertising for native advertisements on website, you let us now because it was us it was us and were very walked to the fact that they go back listening to all your shit and then adding in adds that pop up on your shit funk go pops double shit. New focal puffs Funchal uptake say, wants them talk about Sancho pops on go pops, ok, my whose back is kind of a greater he's back. He so fuckin back forty seconds cowboys. Forty seconds. Peace he's back the shoulder strike invented. Yet I love it. I I bought the paper view, which I am ashamed for. I dont think as a cultural thing. I think
We're a little bit older and we were members like the days of Tyson in like who we getting the big pay per view. This is awesome. Everyone gets together to watch a big pay per view, even Mayweather De La Hoya. For some reason this is now like, if I get so many of you have been like we, go away to buy a paper view for forty seconds shut up. I enjoyed it. It was entertainment. I gotta see new move, convert Gregory back and see the under card just shut up Macgregor back now. The question is: does he have a date with shadow Rome? I think it does. They gotta do mascot I don't know exactly, I think who babies who leave is going in April and then I think maybe Mazur dolls gotta Habibi, but maybe I don't know either way caught unawares back its great he is still is number one draw in terms of paper views. I don't want to see another Macgregor Habib fight them knowing, as we know how that's gonna go, we're gonna be like five rounds of wrestling in baby. Just go down
how come out. I want to see what happens when you put most, but all in the octagon regret. Muslim, probably Baptisers and shut. It would be my guess, shot around Shadow Rome, but then he comes back better. Or ds. Macgregor, again, thou be called Abbe awesome out. We either way it's good for you have seen the button and I think that the people that are shaming- you are probably younger. I think their younger people that are like we how to get this fight for free. You re our hacking technology dialogue that you don't know is your and all I want to watch the fight where I can actually watch it on my tv and I want to watch periscope of it and then see someone's likes like candles and end the weird pictures there. Emily in their living. That's always the best. I'm sorry, like somebody walks in the Roman and turns a light on the occasion of the laotian periscopes, not shaming me for my friend I just why I liked I, like the feel of hitting purchase on a big paper view fight it's something:
bout, it yours like let's go we needed in aiming for the night when you get into the fire and everything's clean and run smoothly. You feel like a boss, also not live in house one hour fighter fit and our fight. You feel good right. You contribute to the economy. I go out of drink I'll, do anything I buy fights when I want to suck it. We also need to acquit Pierre when a one off this fight for our guy Baker. Me Tough luck! Yes, you sitting next to MILES Garret wearing your hat right, a hat and our guy John Annex, said here's miles. Garret number one pick: number one pick? Well, former number one pick recycling rate exercise number one pick right here, stands. Yeah I. So this is and then call coward and they cut then it went The next slide was NFL quarterback Tom break yeah they had that building in the I am your unmonitored Niven shoehorning pigeon of that No, I know yes, yes, it showed bigger me for them:
excited was a quarter Hank. Are you a little nervous? A Tom Brady got as they say in the bears, a great pop in the arena known what you mean that really deserves the best We got a big pop in LAS Vegas LAS Vegas, and then he was talking to Mark Dave, Caesar team. That's going to LAS Vegas a pop got. It seems like LAS Vegas is of Tom Brady Town, PC, Phil Rivers moves movement, Florida yeah, he moved, he moved out of San. Diego can never moved out of San Diego. Imagine that flight imagine that flight with his whole family. I hope he has a private planted a he probably doesn't just does not suggest fuckin like put all his kids on a leash through the airport. He's he's like one of those dogs is basically going all we're living shirts. Yes, yes, led team of children that he's holding onto the reins and firm evaporate Vince young thing just bought entire southwest flight yeah just for him in his huge family, ass and brands, Twitter thinks they can. We felt that branch, Vance lights fat ass, a thing going around,
think he's always been been tough time. Racism is not acre. Podcast book, through your wanna one. He should want a bigger hat yeah How isn't big enough it needed to be like a thrill, the Arby's Hath Eddie. Or that one's eyes, as are other big boy, big cat. Would you feel like doing fat tipped ass? Hats are bad, so if you're a bigger guy, you need to have your hair, have as much volume as possible to hide the fact that you have a fat face when you put on a hat, it always makes your face. Look fatter, as is its own Rule you put on a hat unless I big had no, it's still cause because, like you, don't have any it dont show your hair. So your head, just all the focus, goes to your fat, fuckin cheeks. So need to have hair, just crazy hair to take away hair and beard or are a fact eyes best friend, if one hundred percent, if he had worn a bigger hat or
just his own jersey, yet outward I owe it would have it. Maybe China would have mentioned a few gathering. That's furs! That's why and how it is. You need to get recognise if you go in for kit Baker. Me then pads Helen Keller can't talk shit about you the obvious, like you're, always ready to play its also kind awkward. The pig Mayfield so has all these commercials running yet there are. There should be some sort of clause range contract, where you can back out of you. Commerce easily go so well. Maybe, let's not run the ham sleeping. I'm living in the brown stadium in the Middle EAST championship in National, Dear Rogers, wanted still go into yeah Patrick Dayton losses. Irish, I dont understand those commercial is by the way. It's ok. Earns mad at his agent causalities. Worse douche can like yeah, he's looking for non the. While he is looking from hats which need an agent I, let's get to term Bower pity. That a quick add before we do every power in the world to travel Bower than will take out. We have on Miller on Wednesday and
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The universe is also brought by the parcel store. The weather's getting quarter winter is officially here from the perfect game de outfits. The only sweatshirt you're ever going to want to wear this winter. The partial sport store. Has your wintering gear covered gotta stored up parcel sports that come shot now we ve got all sorts of new party might take stuff. We got hoodies a tight, I hoodie in the store we ve got a brand new displaying pardon my take away. The Hank said is the best hooded, sweatshirt sweatshirt that we ve ever put out as podcast tax facts very comfortable soft check. It out, store Dodd, parcel sports that come now travel about. Ok, we now well come on. Trevor Bower he's a pitcher for these Cincinnati Reds, which is that weird doubts having you be you in announcing his dear Pitcherful Cincinnati, Reds, yes, several different. Yet so you see here in Cleveland, Indians for six or seven years it I dreamt up everytime right and I feel
yet even play enough for the red. Yet for it to be like that will be one of those opening days. Oh yeah he's on the reds now yeah so you joining us you're here in studio. It's actually perfect timing, because, ah you are basically the guy who has been vindicated the most in the who snatched rose situation. However, the last, like forty eight hours been for you watching all this stuff come up? It was a fan of just the internet and general sing, all the funny videos and means, and stuff than has been really fine. For me, just for the sport of it all. You know J showing laughing about it, but it's been. It's been interesting sing. All the things that come out and things it now we ve heard about as players for awhile has been issuing couple days for based Y gotta, get mixed feelings on both ways: yeah you're,
I guess the first person really point out the spin rate stuff going over there pitchers. It hasn't been focused too much on that more on, like that, we saw the bandages in the vibrations on whose the outer movies back or whatever the allegations are, of course, all the other stuff, like being in the trash cans which so you had heard about the the vibrating bandage stuff that came out yesterday of I've heard that rumour and I have no first hand knowledge of it. I shall say that, but I've heard that rule from three independent people that don't know each other. Just around baseball and, generally speaking, when you hear from multiple sources that are young so I turned the same facility or the same team or something like that. You know, there's might trial. No one air and at the most
as far as is the weight. So here's what I don't understand. How is how are you have you heard about this for so long and current knew about it for so long, it seems like a lot of people knew about it. For so long is an open secret and know what did anything about it. First off the main players are your private organisation, but the awesome, you train with people from all sorts, different organizations, minor, leaguers, big leaguers people, the front offices talk and like baseball, has a lot of things that get around that the public doesn't a cylinder well, but everyone kind of inside the game knows about so. I just rumours like the spread and people hear things an, but I've been using the backlash from it on the table beside they. They don't want and right.
So as a balance, a black eye for baseball right that you didn't want that coming out. If they can handle it internally, if they can handle it kind of quietly royal and so until something gets into Lydia's blown off it publicly like nothing, nothing comes out publicly stuff gets done, but nothing comes out when you pitch in Houston. Would you know that something was up? Would you try to change whatever you did, because you're like day thereon me somehow that no I, when I pick I get so locked in on just the header, that's up there. I try to make it as much of a one on one like personal competition as possible that I just don't think he could be yellin whatever me from the stands. I don't hear anything right, so I didn't notice it, but it needs to be said that that was our very, very good at all. All of different things. They do legally, like their scattered reports in the information they have going into a game in their approach to the plate is extremely advanced. So I know that going in. I know that their hitters, no my tendencies,
very well. They hit that way like. So I prepare for that game a little differently knowing how to go about doing things, so it didn't bother me, like I didn't think about competition was for me. It's just the effect that it has on other players around the league that men, men are. You played against the dry glee, for example, so that their stealing signs and their hitters know what's coming and once they have a position. Like speaker, ran up the rightful position, and why right feel for the Austrians knows what's coming all year and puts up some orphans stats, but Failure in the national League that doesn't completely asters doesn't know. What's coming. Might not put up the same stats; they both go to the free agency market, the guy from Houston Better stats is gonna, get more money or get the job if there's limited jobs and the guy that played a nationally isn't right
There is definitely a domino effect at a career when anything like tat goes down now so far for us we're tyrant, when the scandal first came our like, where is the line cross between gamesmanship eating and for us it was I once you get a battery involved once you have something that you need to plug into a wall tell whether it's a video monitor or whether it's you have some sort of. I don't know like a transmitting device that has a battery in it. That's when it becomes YO little bit over the line for you as a picture. Where would that line before you? I think? That's probably assessment that look coming people in doing this for a long time. You'll look at replay veto right, like the game the game or whatever else. Ok, here's the pitcher tipping pitches. That seems to be fair. Turn right. So then, if you keep that, for, you do that in game because we otherwise feed were watching in the in the club has like. Is that now cheating because you're watching the game on tv hard to say that's cheating, crackers, everybody's, watching the game on tv. Ok, let's creep that for like it's very
very fine line their allotted horribly. I've, been looking at video in game to look? It tells like that, for a long time, everyone's fine with that? I don't have a problem of stealing signs in that way. If you're looking at signs It will be Actually, this is one of the things that didn't really talk about. They came out a couple years, I think two years ago. Maybe it's just this year, but they put their games on a fifteen second delay so that you can't do it in real time for to pitch so and that one didn't. You talked about a lot, but that is one of the ways they tried to like fixer remedy the problem right, but I think it If you have a transmitters only like that, that's probably good line, also just the rate at which you can do it. I get nine second bays and he picks up catcher signs. That's perfectly legal rights but if you have some one that sitting there like able to analyze in real time, like I don't know, computer algorithm re, has some sort of code cracking system or what not that a nerd gets involved,
achieving agreement. In other words, I am a nerd, so yeah boy. It is interesting because baseball, unlike any other sport, it feels like baseball, has always had a culture of cheating, whether you use go back in the like passive based polluted as grey area, where everyone's conic trying to do it and it's the unwritten rules and all this stuff, so I'm not surprised by it, and it almost feels inevitable that every twenty years baseball will have something like this. I guess the transmitter like the band aid transmitter, that's crazy, like it, I would be in. Do you believe, It's true! I don't it's hard for me to say one way or the other. Tentatively, all. I know is I've heard from three different people: independent sources that it's true I also I know how advancing asters are in a lot of their systems. So it certainly not our the roman possibility right so yeah, I don't
like a firm opinion on it, but it's a shady did you. When I got video, where you or say your play poker that night and you had. Did you guys meeting That was, I think, does not. I was lost on earth. Does this off season, but twenty year, twenty eight November November thing now is that it look at the Astraea. So you made that job before any. This came out all year. Not now I feel Mario Monti area in MID November, but still that was the joke, you're making you and yet, if you didn't see, the video Trevor had a little bandied on his chest. He's gonna play poker night hope I can now reads my opponents pretty well or like read my cards pretty well and he shows the band see if they were smart. Absolutely we're just put the bandit directly overs. Bull and yesterday I get so you just protecting me. Guess my nipples bleed that's a real yet it is a very serious issue in America. Has this morning, buster only was saying that he thinks that pitchers organs-
throwing it asked, rose betters next year. Have you have you thought about that or a person will play the Ashraf nicer unless we face from the policies, and so I won't be doing that. I also don't think that that's the right way to handle things like men didn't hidden, or just hidden generals. Dangerous. I got hit with a ninety two mile line drive and twenty eighteen embrocation mithraism I'll to encode, though on Fourchan lean on it, you should I was the first policemen and Chicago White Socks and Blake and his name Oh, ah, my grace, I breathe a brave yeah some indulgence, ninety to hit me in new in the very long leg and miss six weeks as dangerous. I never I never want to see people get thrown out. Unfortunately, I think that's going to happen just given all the different personalities and Lincoln how strongly players feel about this issue. I've talked to probably a to him
are more players yesterday in getting their thoughts and feelings on meal. All different aspects of it and people are not too happy right because geyser primarily cave were plainly straight up in their cheating, it's bullshit. Ah so last question I have about the ash frozen, whatever things going on here so going for, do you think they're humbly teams, you think, are like going to be caught up in all this stuff? How many times you think? How widespread is this thing la think that goes back to the question earlier about what is the line right rights like first? I think we have to decide what the line is and then we can talk about who is whose crime
sudden who hasn't Madame and three, maybe maybe my at its it so hard to say right. I don't think it's just the asters, I think there's other teams doing something similar or the same. The ashes we're just that seem to every one kind of new about. I think, that's it, and also like dig it a little bit of a bad reputation for how they people. Now and again I have to preface all this by saying: I'm not an asterisk employee. I've never played from. I dont know firsthand right right. You hear things have talked about. You know people talking about how to treat their employees other just different feelings and stuff. So when that's the case, if something goes down, You become a target now so that an oh it's it's a black eye for based, although for sure I'm lives getting cleaned up. Hopefully they get it all cleaned up and we can just move pass it
I don't know very using the baseball he had written, hey, homelands comments are fired. One loves home, runs right, Therefore, this merited right bring doctor Superbowl back, don't she in baseball, but baseball's choosing baseball's. So people are. You ve talked to run like what is where's the general sentiment in terms of the punishment that people would like to see her That's so have that very so much. You know some people I come and they really got hammered some people like. Oh that's, just a slap on the wrist. I think it kind of depends on the person personal level of involvement with the right. Like Clinkers Shaw, you no one hears what will do for inertia I wore move. One strike, one tally mark from the Clayton Herschel can't pitch in the post season charge that I keep my yes. Yes, that's fair man,
We're Clayton, I know just such a bad, so authoritative, serpent in you is, it really is. Do you have any the guys you got into the twitter beef with on the issues have ever have any of them reached out then, like it looks like you're right? No, of course not ok. Now they should Do it be possible to be a player on the asters like any player on the team and not know that this is gonna? Oh man question. I think I think it would be possible really, unlikely and guy on unlikely, also breath. I do think it's possible. I don't think that everybody. There is cheater or Blake was complicit in. And also something that needs to be said about. This, too, is one of the guys there, like, let's hit as a player on the team that doesn't agree with what's going on. What is he supposed to do right in reality? Can he come out and blow the whistle on his own team? He'll, never play again right. Blackball!
Can he tell us your new organization? You might not know who's a safe person to to raise that flag with right. I mean it this organism wide and everybody is doing it. Then you don't have an outlet to get in going on in the state of media, maybe but then like it. Just that. Your risking so much risking millions of dollars. Your job, I for the family being able support them like I've. I've seen some, It's about fires didn't come out early enough. He should come out when it was happening. It's like what do you expect the guy to do right? He you can't do that right, he's not yet he would. He would definitely be blackballed all right. So moving on from the Astros, you are very active on Twitter. Yes, would you say it's safe to say, you're, a dick on Twitter. I think I get a bad reputation because my sense of humor doesn't come across the people that don't know me finally got. It suggests a prank like I do things a lot for the last like I'm, not I'm very. Very, very rarely serious, ok.
I mean in in life on Twitter adjust base. Because one thing that makes me serious like when I pitch after my post game interviews and stuff, I'm still like in that locked in mode. Brother that I joke around Non stop, so I just like making people laugh. I like keeping it Lite. I think for people that don't know me, it comes across that I'm upset or being a dick or what There were not the case in oak already, post that you would. You would take back that you regret others, one there's one which, on that we are getting into it when you pulled the girl you remember. Do regret had laid up ass, it was I it was. I I don't think that you are trying to attack her personally, but I think what it up happening was, since you kept engaging whether other people saw it. And she's not here, she doesn't know that you're joking around its Turley she's inside your head, and so there were people that were tweeting at her for the weak and it made her uncle
for those that kind of played out. No you, of course, I see our played out like a That was never my intention to like make someone miserable Never have that intention right, like I responded a couple times directly to her. And in my eyes I just like a playful banter, ok you're, my least favoured player. Welcome to the fan club, the gift and why have seven hundred seventy four thousand people on Twitter that say differently? I judge us his back and forth Caroline Banter right and then the way Twitter works. Other people start commenting on and you get tagged in theirs. Fifteen people tagged in a tree. Something like that. It's hard to tell who's talking who, when, what's being said, which reply and associate We both and obtain a lot of tweets of people were talking about, and so I would respond other people, but she would be tagged in it, and so I just kept kept on going it was never my intention to go at her directly. I had no ill will towards her or anybody honestly on Twitter, like I said it's just for the jokes. Just for the last said, you
the ice team at again to talk a little shit log off So I got a log of quick enough, yet Was it at your war between the Eurogroup now What we want. We regret. There's a business agriculture is back where people are I'm back delegation quit twitter? He should do this, like I hope among its cancer general, like BS, twitter, I write and One said something to me in. I responded like in a way trying to eliminate basically like how ridiculous the person sounded and I said you know, I feel free to delete yourself or something like that right I meant nothing by it in all, but of course it comes off as like em Ray urging a writer I like and yeah Balin. Yeah. I will happily cross line. I do feel bad about thou. I deleted it. Ok, so there's an efficient book
don't tell me you're bleeding yourself, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ok, I want to say thank you, I'm a cubs fan, so thank you. You're! Welcome for being an idiot yeah drawn the right hold on. I am not just in ITALY with the German, I'm always honest in zone here. Our guy Hake is a producer. He has also cut his finger on a drone oh baby and was out on the deal for awhile how long war was I was really a playing a sport. I get some stitches in my hand as our per week. I'm going to get I'd like to wasn't too bad ass at the top of my middle thing. Well, I've been what what what exactly happened with you. That when that one man so accustomed design, all my own drowns right, really I design among CAD, I get the parts either cut by and these are the racing drones are not like. I was using allows like filming. I gotta do when oh yeah Imre like this is your time. I like that.
Racing yea. It is the one that I built like talked out about eighty miles an hour. Ok but I custom design everything right. So then I have to assemble all that over three printer I pray my own parts. I'd get electronics wired up all the different stuff, so I just finishes. Brennan design, I went out the earlier that Dan I fluid and Donwell than in the middle, the flight a tumbled out of the air and usually happens a motorway bad right. So but you she's areas I did not do so The way you tested issued normally would take the props off and you would motors on and see which went and spin, but these motors are tricky, sometimes because, if there's no load on em, there's no prob they'll spin but you put a load on it, it won't spend so I set it on my bed and the plan is to flick it on your stand. Back like fifteen ft in the room floating on sea which motor doesn't spin
turn it off and they're, not gonna fix. So as soon as I touch the battery leads there, like a short in the Flight Control Board touch, battery leads and one the the motor that wasn't working spun full throttle had the prop on it and it cut me three times before I could get my hand out of there. So I ok so the way you just described it say: you're, not an idiot I thought you just grab it out of the way signal. Thrones like before game on the field and you're like here comes Ladrone. Just snagged pull my account We are not really we broadly permanence. What is perpetuated that myth, the match and drones assume that you hurt your handy. Exactly that super nervous anytime, I saddle I won't go near when the blades of spanish yeah, I'm gonna everytime. I turn it on. I put my feet on top of the propellers, so they can't like they can't spin. I plug it into your foot that, yes,
guess shoes on so they say that yeah, here's another! Here's the other nice part about this. There is a long list of dumb baseball injuries. So, It is part of that, like TAT, is actually a pride full thing like one who is it? the Qatar here, one re eggs, our hero. I know, say: resources sneezing throughout his back and John Small tried iron assured that he was wearing their red. Albania was one man is all, but I wrote a risk washing their car yeah. Sale broke his ankle, getting up like walking off his truck suspicious the wild boar broken, I was born a shower users in the area of on that list. I'm on the dumb near throwing them the stadium Lizzy. I a lot of tat was kind reflects by you. But you do that all idle right. I don't want you. I do that lot, just not in game. Russia that I will support the rear. Like look at me strongly
I was actually yeah those action or close to my max distance, like from behind the mountains for things ten and Kaufmann. Some us been like a three hundred forty four throw or some like that threatened thirty, four throw. But I've been out two four hundred before so. Damn that's crazy, four hundred sweet. When you do that, you do you think that part that have played a part you getting tired. Studiously how much? How much can I, sorry, I was late ass. It might have. Obviously any any information have going into the deadline like plays a part right and decisions are being made and emotions or had right right right, ok, so maybe that had a park as it was two days later. He never does your start the way my eye was my last hour. I made an indian yet, but the red probably saw then there are like that was cool shit I was at the time that it was going on. I'm not like at that time. The specific them like that Sunday, but
when I got traded plague was in that same trade and Who was involved in that a mere garret pirates brow yes, which is awesome yeah. So we have I'm getting traded to the reds plague has been turned into the Indians, but as currently brawling with the pirates and leave the rest. Where came out and said, the tree was a lot's going on right. Now, yes, and then didn't you go back to the Indians games. After he had been traded- oh yeah, guess, okay, so for people I don't know about Canada how trade works over my momentum into a video format, media company of Canada behind of it, but the last up you have to do and you get traded. You gotta clean your locker out. We you gotta talk, The media usually there's get a lot of things, go on to the club, easy say by everybody out the stuff stuff right. So
I thought that I get traded like eleven o clock at night. I got a pack, my entire apartment up, get my staff get onto the Red soon as possible during the team. So I was asked that night not stuck to the media because it wasn't technically officially at until all the physicals, clear and stuff like that, so I decided I can talk to me to the next day. So I am bother pack of my locker anything. I went home packed up my apartment and I was going to come back the next day to pack up my locker, so dead came back in the morning packed up my locker, but when I came back in the rush they I I forgot my checkbook have. I couldn't at the club is to continue the people that were no it's all right, that's doesn't nineteen right here. I still want to maybe a little with checks That's always what I do accept that shot. You seem like a bit coined Minero, open arrow all coins as ever, and I ve heard of becoming too Jen. I have not tabled it after the interview When I bring you ve gone yes, so I go back in.
Morning, dynamic checkbook, clear, my entire locker, by what amid should get there before anyone was theirs I didn't have to like. I was in the way of the new guys coming in or whatever the case is so go back home and I stopped and talked to the media cuz they weren't there when I got there, so I was supposed to come back. Let me do director asked me to come back closer to gain time when all the media was there to talk to media. So I come back and stand in the hallway outside the club house. There are actually went in and give the head club Tony checks to distribute everybody and thanked him and stuff like that, and then once talked of media did their whole. Media, Graham, is digging what's going on, and so after that I was like you know: I've never actually seen a game in progressive I've never been in third DEC. I've never like walked round the stadium, while I'm here before I leave. I might as well just go see what it's like the fan cause. I've never done that before you know, and so
so I do not want one or two. The third deck walked round went out to the the bridge and homerun porch and just gonna check out like an ending in a half of the game, just for novelty, say great, and I got blown up in someone's that picture man. I gotta went viral on twitter and people had other different opinions by others. Does start by asking quiet yeah I mean you never really think. Like a guy doesn't know, pitcher player doesn't get to watch the game from the stands were not check it out. Yeah I'd, never, actually I've never been to a game right. Nemo became like live in a player. As we know we were in the dug up. By anything to you by no actually, I hereby Trevor Bower, Jersey, more than a couple from my locker that we get to keep, but I had some extra bottle heads can, I borrow had I was two weeks earlier. Something tat is at a couple yeah
about a couple sitting around in my locker sigh. She handed out those out some fans and when I made of the people I too you have. I was reading good night. You have nineteen pitches at tat over the course of my career I have thrown in different. Very. As you never know, some can't be set honor, while I believe, amount, not write it down, and we also have you ever its eagerness? I'm working on it has. Actually I want to thrown ethos. Ass do its summit, videos like the fifty miles an hour like slope, it softball followed pitches as I and provide a man be so great pull out of the game. L Duca did you think you could either get at it would screw hid her up? If you, if you just boss in our neath us, I think it would the fur time, but I mean, as IRAN showed us we to row they get drunk. Is that why you got that one time it's like an now, it's just one other thing for them to think about right, delivers
the dervish Rinki game, which one they were going back and forth with atheists. Cuervo, yes, I remember that year that has kept getting slower and slower they get down. Unlike the MID fifties hat and like darbyshire through seventy green tea, you like nope, I'm thrown sixty nine, and I should like I got sixty five and then drink he's like I can go sixty as the game went along they derive throwing these like big looping ethos is great. You need the ether sweet. Can you dont tell us what the Uno named pitches do just tell us the name of the pitch kid you that no one here mystery pitches Q tells them No, that's Ranald angle. I can't says like yes, why does because their dirty birds, potentially dirty words and Scott Gadgets Internal named after people internal either, though my bathers yeah there's some theirs. Gal defensive, milking Eliza there we're about a desirable occurs
You know what a gyroball is: no gyroscopic spinners, absolutely not a football football spiral. Gyroscopic spin, the axis of rotation is pointed in the direction of travel of the ball. So a lot of people throw a gyroball is actually in the big leagues are just sliders that don't religious or a gyros bidding slider. I hear the term jar of all right and I think back this disgrace pitch he's the only one on planet earth no sore throat, yeah, I'm gonna break semester. Okay, so called o noble, Sir I actually throw three knuckle balls at the end of every throwing session. Could I figure when I'm like forty and throw eighty two am idyllic stomach? a couple years ass. If I would, if I work on it, sets slow build, but it's working. I'd say it works like every like once every two weeks interest, which is up
from never proving through its improving, very slow about the time. You're forty two you'll be able to idling like a hundred bucks. I think I'm on pay city make the joke of all speed. Pitched common. Where's the words here and there a trash cans, air the play out or takes. Are me what about scruple? After, rouble. Actually, in the past the color of her slider backing college, my idea was to create like a slider spin, but the opposite way said, and thus biscuit scruple The work is fine, but, as I drop arm angle, I couldn't get to the inside the ball as easily and side cannot next it you like. Mad site. You you like to tinker with things. I do you like to breaking bad of pictures. I read that you melted down like Coca COLA and pine tar and mix them together. Is that true? He I heard about this x, Detroit Pitcher, who use this mixture inside aside
tested out and see what happened in my spirit when that four hundred are how how relax like science bitch yet for pretty much exam words for national spinnerets, baby check out a lot of different stuff. Like I test of stuff in the offseason from foreign substance to aerodynamic effects to right, I'm throwing with special swimming goggles with duct tape autumn for testing, I cite stuff, so I tinker with a lot of stuff you so dearly. I got some Rex banks that are tentative, yeah where's will try amount will see so, do you guys? I've watched watch your videos where your tinkering with everything do you and mind. Are you like, if I can, just tinker long enough. I'm an eventually just never give up a hit again. I wish that the the goal right it feels like yours thinking that which I love. I love that idea like. I can perfect this right. Let's get as close to perfection is possible.
With the understanding that you'll never actually get their cows were, unfortunately, still human cyborgs having taken over yet but you're. Trying to make yourself a cyborg. Give ethical do welcome cyborgs, I actually that's how I want to die. I want to die either in the robot revolution or get killed by a deception now you saying that saying you want to die in the robot revolution to like poor friend the robots so like They have no problem there, probably to kill me anyway. I wasn't annoys you That's where you wrong see you're saying you want to die fighting against the cyborgs I want. I want the robot, and all artificial intelligence. No I'm on its side right now from the gecko, I'm selling out my p. Also when they eventually become sentient and can fight and wars. They know I'm a good guy right area, the province, lady, that's They might look at your twitter and be like hey this guy's jokes aren't funny. He must be a robot that they that's it
rate pointed it out of the great point you power rank. Things are most hilarious out of these three boy is ago. Sixty nine, yes for twenty, in both hope, both as I'll be at the top, and you still like both both is going to be at the shop for sure I just there's so many different applications for it actually have. I have a yeah power outage for America and just as both like a polite campaign eyes, support who's. Gonna be number one and then the Essex in Asia NICE, that's that's sick in second place for Torreon. Third, that contracting sounds pretty pretty sick What happened, what else nor behind so full of regrets? You know, I really. I want file, it s very certain specific number and didn't get too. But then, as I just like a cent,
I do it for the last year you have some fun yeah. I like that you are taking its users eggs. I think that that you are right when you were explaining, twitter earlier, I think a lot of people take Twitter very seriously. Everyone they read there like this is met literally, and they don't realize that half the things that we say on twitter, just joking, just fucking around a hundred percent value. If your sent out a bar with friends- and he says in the stuff, it comes off completely different than if you write the exact same thing in the exact same context on Twitter. It is true, that's it Twitter is dangerous. That way, have you tried skyline shall yet. I have not actually actually in the city Cincinnati for about a month, because we play have our times on the road right and so between trying to find a place to live. And then a place to stay for next season and figure out how to actually get to the field and how not to mess up With timing and routines and stuff, like that, I really try anything right. Ok, it's delicious!
Lavishes, I'm not yeah. I'm terrible. I've heard different. I've heard mixture of use a lot of people in Cincinnati swear by it They love it statistically. Anybody outsider Cincinnati has negative reviews ever so I am excited the try it I got. One last question is seeking question. Put him promo code take go to a reds game next year, promo code. Take your ten dollars, off the now that you're in the Uno, central, ah none of you have played in the walkie, have the bid the Indians ever go. Play moi can get we put their of time I'd so heads up the Fisher Hotel is haunted, I'm all about it. So go there. We actually had a ghost hunter, and we goes hunted in the fiscal so how did that turn out? Divided hang around a shitload of God in their equipment. They measured the frequency of the signals from the chaos in the poultry. There was the guys in IRAN actually was. It is Hanks from Rio. The whole thing sick. Yes, he has got take me next. That sounds ass. We go go something. Do go hunting aspect to Asia. You go sandy, what goes on
where you do in the article in the off days? Do you just hang out I run to businesses and train nonstop, so seizing the epidemic. My last question: I want to know more about the Trans Cranial D. Current, oh yeah, while you so when you Don T, apparently I read a single hour. Go and that research is so you you hook up electrodes to your head and you electrocute yourself. It helps you learn facts faster, basically works. What's wrong,
say they have some studies, the that the study that I read they did with sniper training and they had one group that would where the actual unit and one group that were where a placebo unit and their testing target acquisition. So they flash a target out there and see if it was, you know an enemy or friendlier whatever right and the group that use the actual unit vastly outperformed the group that didn't in a six week study and there so super accurate that a much higher accuracy and identifying the target and also heading the target so where they were, they getting electrocuted as they were turned a search for the targets are resists immediately after immediately after so you have this like our long window after you use it in which you can work on your skill and your brain is just hypersensitive to acquiring new information on. We should do that. We should electrocute ourselves to do route Rubik's. Cubes return, a figure that, yes, I become geniuses. Protest here, though, make sure that the leaders, although I plugged into the machine,
It's only halfway, gonna be a injury, free, Bower De L brain stimulation, so there Autozone in the first time I plugged it in. I thought it was all the way in I turned it on, and I like okay, I turn it up a little bit like very low just to test it out and I'm like. I don't really feel anything and all of a sudden I got this. Everything just went white just like I caution marrying powder What I became has gone for us, as I thought you're, obviously very intellectually curious guy, which I appreciate. The hell out of those people are always the most interesting people. What other things are you like? Tinkering with along those lines, running out of theories that you're going with were word were junk science guys to man I'll test anything in the ass. His nervously errors. The amount of like different substances, I've tested on on the ball would about firm. I have prayed hoard, I have prayed,
there are certain times were all mostly around. Do basketball games fan, I'm a big. Do I regret that is Trevor. It have you guys, aren't twits I'm actually going to the game tomorrow after lies Duke level, you need to hurry for coach case health whenever everything is he's always got the flu or back injury lays down man, a man does not sleep very often wise, too busy given cash away. That's going on about lowering about better. I write all fans on the way they may I, like you too, and then use dropped. The Duke Burma. On that occasion like me, so I'm glad we're if we ve come full circle, you light but see. This is where I think that your play my gave you like being, unlike, I think, there's a lot of fun to be had in that in that grey ground. But if you like being unlike defy unlike you, then you are really like.
That so I'm making you happy by? Yes, yes, either way, I went right. So if you like me, I when and if you dislike me, I'm like. Oh, yes, I went right. You're like a rule in real life, where, if somebody doesn't like you you're laughing at them cause they don't get the joke, but if they do like you- you like funny. You live on exotic got you have you the smartest murmur talk to damn it. I don't know probably that I will Trevor take very much appreciate, and I love you guess mom
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