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Super Bowl 55 Preview With Kurt Warner, Jose Canseco & Rough and Rowdy 13

2021-02-05 | 🔗
Super Bowl 55 is finally here. We preview our favorite props and bets ( 2:59 - 20:56) and welcome on Hall of Famer Kurt Warner to talk about his career, the spider bite that kept him off the Bears, and who will win Super Bowl 55 (20:56 - 51:43). Jose Canseco joins the show ahead of his Rough and Rowdy fight with Billy Football and things got very weird/contentious (51:43 - 90:46). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week and a final pump up for Billy
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Are these part of my take Billy Football verse Jose can Seiko roughen rowdy thirteen were Charlestown West Virginia right and also there's a big game on Sunday? What you're gonna talk about? Give you some props talk to haul Famer Kurt Warner about, and then we have hopes it can take up Michel how they could say go on the show it was wild it- was wild, we're ready go. We're here with Billy were actually in the arena right now, taping the show or about what sixty feet away from where it's all gonna go down tonight. We should take it in the rain, wish in the ring, that's ok, but we have an awesome, awesome, must listen. Show pack show great show as brought you our friends at cores like cores, light. In course, light seltzer are the absolute best coldest drinks out there to wash in the big game. You need a course light, or course light seltzer and guess what d
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its parent mighty presented by students wasn't part of my take presented by George White and course Light Sesar go check them alcohol, drinkin for the big game and also go to court. Big gain dream dot com to check out course, awesome commercial for the big game, Today is fry Yea February fifth roughen rowdy, thirteen superbowl fifty five holy shit, we're here, Charles Thomas Virginia, the best sports weaken the year. It is because we have the biggest fight coming up a matter of hours with Jose can say: go
coming up on this show with Billy Football sitting with us right now. We have Kurt Warner Hall Famer talking about big game. put this up there right now is to be one of our best shows ever. But let's start with talking, I don't know why. I keep saying the big game. You can say why take everything super? This puts its super Superbowl we get so suitable. Suitable We will start to that rigour. You roderick it. Oh yeah, Superbowl a rod, rich fuck, you do! Is you so he gave the stated league addressed to get to know. One would usually it's like Roger email, saying we ve got concussions under control, yet again for the fifth season, a row we ve solved, but this year accuracy that the Unifil is really not had to even say the word concussion for last year. I was told it was nice guys enough to show our yes and an basely put concussions in the back. Yeah, but I guess he just said hey: we did it. We got through the season without a death, yeah, hey here's! The here
It has gone up there like Cuomo and add a powerpoint been interested concussions and then Asia already says, haven't heard a lot about these recently involved yeah granted to me it's gonna, be we fund we can I'm still on the chiefs. I've thought about Tom Brady I've. I've given consideration that, because I saw that this was a debate going if Tom Brady winds Superbowl is he then the greatest scope of all time? the Atlantic was debating whose to go to school, soared into it to what exactly secretary it's gotta be american Pharaoh. It has to be sought. Her did three Williams, Sir Henry Williams. also yeah yeah by saying like that, would put him over Jordan and I do think that counts like if, if patrimony loses two Brady, then he will have to win then tumors more to supersede Brady eventually, but yeah I'm staying on the
he's, not take my off, but I am also saying the chiefs. I I've looked at this game, a million different ways. I had my momentary Tuesday. I was like Lou, I kind of like the box going through The chiefs often line issues in the box, how good their defences and like if you actually look at it, TV away, which you I'm sorry to get nerdy on everyone. The box have higher bull their sides office in defence. I think the offices in his eyes achieves but there's even sniffily better than the chief defence. I don't care, I dont want to feel dumb. This is the dumb do feel dumb supervised by the way big. If the bucks win you're going to feel really stupid. Being like oh crap, I bet against Tom Brady and if the Chiefs Win- and you bet on the box- you like oh crap, why the hell that I bet it gets back from home. So, no matter what someone's coming out stupid, I would just rather not continually be stupid with Patrick Mahomes, and this
crazy run that he's been on in the last couple years. Three years and wasn't it wasn't, wasn't against the box earlier the season where Terry Kill had two hundred yards and one quarter Yes, yes, I feel so dumb. If I completely forgot about that the the Chiefs killed them. It was only three point game. I know it sounds crazy, but it really was like the member that game the first half they absolutely crush them and the chief did the thing for the last two months where they let everyone come back and games agent cover spreads that one was a push. Ah agri. Ok, I'm nervous by you spend smoking lotta. We just in general, I'm service by you, and what should I do. I'm not worried about your cough, but you have had a call yeah me that you're negative this morning right it's about the negative all week. It's kind of one of the things were cold still exist in the world and is comin world. You have a cold, I don't feel a hundred percent,
where you are negative. I haven't ass a negative, let us negative this morning signposts so where were o the chiefs, not over thinking that you, the chiefs. If, if the chiefs win this game, patrimony homes we'll have to shoot, were walls before having his tent lost. goddamn it? How stupid is that stuff? That's why she dupe. I can't bet against the when they are at their peak there better than the box at their peak. Yes sets its peak off and ok. So here's my strategy we're unstoppable process. Here's my stretch, I think I'm in a comment about the over, but this is definitely Game. Most superboss like this, where the first quarters a little bit slow. This is a live hammer. The live over game It also is, I have the chiefs, but if that, if the box go up or the cheese corporally, I think it's gonna be somewhat of a close came at the end, like I dont really see a blow out. So it's also hammer the alive
underdog gate, ok, so Europe, your calling your shower right now, which is the first like five ten into the game low, pouring and then you when you're gonna, wait Tibet. The of correct, will nominate better anyway, but I'm saying there might be an opportunity with how Superbowl usually go Villikins Britain, so heavy breathe away from Michael. If it really is like right, I don't know what your Billy all seems like we're doing: a podcast of Billy just hanging out on his phone You were even though we ve always start again. You have to understand. Billy's get a lot of traction on social media. Right now. He's got this girl, I'm gonna buy, aren't our dot com by aren't. I nice, my art, I cannot back the idea, we will start a little bit slow and then we hammered live over. You know a break out again. I don't think I've done this at all this year. I'm taking the over fuel goes over three enough. You'll go! Oh, you want a fuel problem to some property atlas.
Some props, ok, so these are all in the bar straw sports book. If you're in Pennsylvania or Michigan, all the other states will be there soon. Don't you worry Illinois, I'm looking at you, but. if Europe has been your Michigan make sure you bet these. Let me with this, I have a very special. Not do we can't lose parlay, because is boy, I don't want to ruin super, not suppose not about killers paralysed by the simple. So this is simply the prompts. The big cat is is playing poor, laid that will attempt to not lose Where has it e p, p, p c ip does a in in this is gonna, be I don't have the final odds on it's gonna be somewhere like plus six hundred dish, Travis see. Touchdown. That's happened right. We all agree a memory, every troves culture Kelsey that one can Tom Brady over a half of an interception, she's gonna, throw one. Ok, I think,
I think some reasonably well, but I also think he's We take the shots and, like you, I don't even worse Mr Savary, by oil begging, he's gonna throw dinners, honey, badges can get one. Yet second half highest scoring, which to what I was saying about a start and then This is my favorite prop in the Brussels worse will gap. This is much like betting corner kicks in inside in case or runs, hits and errors in case there are points over seven. And ninety nine and a half net offensive yards you just open for your your archaeology supervision arrive or your heart is then like. If there's a ten year, completion boom jars yard yards ten yards yeah no other ones that I have in that it will go. Do yours redevelop touched our problem. Belied omnipotent bet that that might be the trick. Play, feel Gore extra points here,
an upright Harrison bunkers done it. I tried to get to know there you're you're, trying to just reclaim neutral you're, trying to make it so that every I'm a few go. It's not bright. You get a rush ecstasy, instead of one of agony. Well, it's plus three. Seventy five and wood ruin just start. Treating me going out like fuck you this catch, exact revenge, radio on Georgia. What's that one? Is I'm betting that time? a kill. Longest play from scrimmage will be alive. I lie I dont, know what it is, but I take it that is another one works like a rush of excitement is never over it. It can be IRAN or passing swans Goby live either quarterback to throw five or more touchdowns. That's gonna be fond surges. While right. Does we good odds, opening kick off touch back discharge? Any count
Well, I do actually have this I'm going to bed over. These are Europe. These are your bats bf, to ease the ones that you should love over two and a half total players to complete a pass yap plus two fifteen, ok and here's democracy that we can't lose. If you have a gaming, promoting nimble, moccasin were killers, but these are correlated because I like this is well. Ah, this is this: is the p empty special? It is where the fuck is it. I fuckin word down up any quarterback to throw a forward pass after lateral. Ok, us tooth twenty five is way a quarter back to throw afford pass after lateral. Just leave liquor right, it could lay. It could be fully flickered right, it could be like some sort of reversed with a toss back to Tom Brady
I know what I want anybody if I want to be overrun Tom Brady, half reception, I did so Bruce areas is a guy who arms but here surprisingly has a very long memory. We have come to some things and you know Tom Brady has been like. I really wish I could have had that play backwards like I can't fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. The drop that he had, When he got cut later on in that game, binding force that one's been hiding him, I think to go through a press, Tom Brady. So. I'm taking the play of Lenny bet ya. Play off. Lenny discord touch sound yup, our guy that's his family? Now he is family. We, I can't not better after he's, come on the show like that and then there's another really interesting one looking. Right now it is. Are the Jersey number of the first touchdown score? Yes, over twenty five and have under twenty five, have I wouldn't you know what I want to give this better Jake, yet Jake Fire Force Jake. Now
I just want you tell me I'll, put up a two hundred fifty dollar bed in for you, it's yours. If you win it but are you gonna take over under twenty five and a half ok Her solitary killed, that's a good one and we go Aristotle Dinosaur, yeah, seven, we also Jake, in honor Jake. We have scored Ami back up, so you can bet. Will there be a score gummy, which is electric? My you ever bet, I think, is the outcome of the coin. Toss. Yes, have we ve gotta boosted where its power a hundred on tales and plus a hundred on heads. Yes, so I guess you win. If you at both of whom I know you don't lose. What I wanted. Who I'm betting. I guess I usually go tales, never fails
tales. Never know me, I'm a writer. I got for bit so I guarantee you that I've got it. I've got a coin if the, if its heads to beat the corner to think like going if its heads, then I'm gonna but tales if its tails it tells me somebody has flippers tales. You have no, no, I'm lend the coin Tommy landfills. If its heads I'm betting tales over heels. Embedding heads details still fails. Its sails and mental Eureka tales. Never fails it lit! Listen! If here, if you want a bit heads yeah, you could say it's a fifty fifty progress. But when its tales- and I tweet tales- never fails, we're one retreats it you're going to feel like a big fat dummy value tales never fails, rhymes, it firing rhymes, it's a sign But how could if you bet heads yeah, you might win occasionally, but you feel like real shithead. It's not it's fun to be oh heads great, puts
a bad guy does no good rhyme. It sucks it sucks, you rather than heads, No that others ass over do better. The regatta deadline had I rode head tat kind of funds to other quick props that I love just for once any ruling on the field overturned by coaches challenge. Yeah, I'm overtake yes, plus one fifteen, just creatures, hoping the rest fuck you up and then upon to be down inside the five yard line. Yes, is plus three thirty, that's all the Chiefs potter doesn't get a lot of practice, though I dont really I was just that's what right ones they you just forget. You even have until the fourth quarter, like all fuck, I forgot to hand I am also going to be overrun. Scotty Miller touched or nuts scudding villages yards yeah he'll get one for. Like forty five, you out,
Imagine Tom Brady is sliding Scotty Miller, like tape of of Julian annulment from the Superbowl said he was in being like. This is what I want you to be yeah, I'm so fuckin excited, so we such as solar site, so I've got hot hot Tipp on Gator. It read, during orange- oh my sources have told me or not read was not a hot it. Bread was just the Tipp that everyone is talking about, so it's actually the anti. A red is overvalued writer out? Ok, I think I'm hammered orange tanker, you just sort pencil pack and cigarettes, so the filter other yoga. the bog life isn't forever. Here. Let me hear from you rockwork about this game: you're going biggest Betty life on the box responsibly attractive That's all you need to know why all really men of vessels in the buildings manifest destiny. The up up up up enter, invest
always investments. That's a good! Invariably girl, invest Billy, crushing it really. Let's talk about you record You also want to fight held. I was fine. How are you feeling mental real amazing? I feel actually dangerous? Actually lethal. I ain't yourself There's everyone around you that not myself others we afraid of you right now? Yes, I did it. Business. That's one! Last time you came a days ago what? If, what, if you had a wet dream, it would be. It is one derail the progress. What we like, that's your body kind of between I would be very nervous if I were you, I put in all this time, and you might just I see my just stick up your bed tonight. The past eight days. Just thinking about how they can say, go negates as any yet slightly about baseball. Eight days and you ve got it. Yes, your counter I'd want
to participate with the eye in solidarity. I did know not Groundhog day so February. Second happens again for support. I did not come. Let's we're gonna talk, look Woodstock, we'll get high at the end of the show it with our five ok December accepted this to buy our in order. Come those dangers, Billy Staves, any other thoughts. Was your war before we go to your interviews with Kurt want? We talk so well with him suitable prop play in this. Ro Awesome interview and then we have close economic or any other thoughts. Anyone else I I'm saying I, like I always said I was wearing the box there. We also known as torture me. We can talk about the national anthem too. I'm betting you over and that he has you Betty under then that's very into drought and more vital when you return stay you Betty under the national anthem. Why would you not wanted last longer veal, The thing is that you get.
so they go faster, but we ve had a shriek of wonders, innocent duet, the shadow I dont think no, I'm with you. I don't happen. Nerves, though, because There is usually like a backing tracked. Its pre recorded in the temple of that is set unless the guy that's pushing play also has nerves year, which is a possibility that the strokes stage or the only other thing I had was. I dont know why European did this birthday, I guess essentially they had. See gee I for Al Davis and PETE result for the thirty four thirty it was tonight, so they had a seizure out there like hologram to box Ok, that's pretty cool as varied as you know. What they're doing there just their testing that out, because they have at least three shows They are right now that don't feature my green bird and so they like. Indeed, we need to get a hollow
I'm technologies that we can put em on every channel at every hour. Yes, yes, I, let's get your interview. We got Kurt Warner. Also talk to Kurt before we do that. The quick word from our friends at three: she, if you're, trying to relax this weekend three. She is the way to do it. Three she is the three leader in Delta, each th see products. All products are formulated by biochemists made the? U S with? U S, a groan, hemp, three cheese, Delta, eight is a federally legal version of TAC and is a more functional alternative to marijuana gives an amazing buzz and a great body feel with a clear head and less anxiety paranoia it's available online at three cheat com. That's the number three c h, I dot com and it retailers around the country must be twenty one to purchase
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on that work. You can see him game they morning at nine. A m Eastern he's also launching quarterback confidential video base membership only website that will delve into the various aspects of learning viewing encroaching the game of football and feature video tutorials now Kirk, I'm reading this is this for guys like us to or do we have to be quarterbacks? Can we can we go on this site and become better knowledgeable, more knowledgeable football guys with without a doubt now you know everything I do kind. It comes from a quarterback perspective because to me, that's how I see the game in and I think every part of the game ties into the quarterback. So a lot of stuff will come from a quarter back perspective. But yes, this is gonna, be for fans for coaches, for players, they'll be basically I've component, so it'll be building your football, I q, and so anybody that wants to learn the game. From that perspective, when I go,
I feel that what we more from a core back perspective I'll go inside a play, but it does show people what what what makes a good play and how do you peace? That together, I don't love you ve, yet, follow me on social media, but I've been doing some of these things that I call study ball, which is kind of going into the film Roman. breaking down and it fell in play concepts in players. That'll, be a part of it and then I'll have a component work out of sheer my journey a little bit in kind of the mental the mindset that goes in to be in aids at anything, and so we will have all kinds of components no matter where you're at in this that you know the pendulum of need on fan. Guy hard fan, you know an average fan or a guided just started out the play. The position
learn the game or coach the game to somebody to supplanted eyes level. I think you'll have something forever by that's awesome, so ever go check it out. I q be confidential on Twitter Instagram, so Kurt V I want to support, will talk about everything, but I want to start with suitable week we ve been. We ve been discussing how there's report the Tom Brady is locked himself in his home. No family he's got twelve days. A film studies gonna find things that you ve never thought you could find a film study how how like, as are diminishing, returns, point of film study, especially Superbowl week, you went to three soup rose you one one. What's the prep like, and is there a point words like hey? I know what I know. I got walk away from this. It's a great question and I would just say you really have to know who you are as a player, and so you know four from one standpoint like paid Manning Peyton Manning was the best I've ever seen at playing the game before the Ball
never, step like understanding all these nuances of what the other team did, and you know their give away something. So I'm in a check to the right place at the right time. A tear you apart, because I'm really good before the snap me personally. I was much better after the snap by I want to see what you do and then on great reacting in going to the right guy in doing the right thing after I see what you're doing so, I'm gonna go back to my first year. In the end, fella, and so you come into the NFL and you like? Ok, how do I prepare? I? I don't know, I just got here you don't really what I'm supposed to do to get ready for a game and say you have to learn what works for you. And so early on Europe. watch a lot of film like where everybody talks about watching a lot of film. So I'm going to watch a lot of film and I would watch the other team right. I would watch the players and what they do when. But that t do try to get a little tell from from this guy or that guy or the scheme that they run I remember watching you
some of the New Orleans say to implement and I watched a specific corner, a team ran slant against them and that corner shop, the slack in intercepted. so am I gonna. Ok got it sought on feel put it. back in my mind, so we go the game. We call a slap bang, where's over there in the same position, so I draw back and I go you're not gonna get me and I hesitate, doesn't jumped the slant mice Lance open. I miss the sun. Because I'm late bro in this latter- an irony we're thinking to myself. Ok, never again, never again! am. I gonna watch so much film that now I start thinking they're going to do something that they may not do, and that to me becomes as you talk not that kind of the log diminishing returns where oh, my gosh I've watched it so much that now it almost paralysed three to think all their showing me. This they're gonna definitely do what they did on film. and now I do something else now there are sometimes
It will show you something you'll get a tell on film and they always do that. There are other teams gonna, like I just talked about where you don't know they might show you one thing, and it looks exactly like what you saw on film now. All of a sudden. you want something different and you're caught off guard you're still focused on what you saw on film, so that becomes to meet Fine balance of our watch enough, where I really know what's going on and what I'm seeing, but I dont want to watch. so much that our next part to have preconceived ideas of what I'm seeing again. That was for a guy Like me, that played the game very much after this tat. I think Tom Brady. more like me, then manning. Where he's not always, I did check into the right play he's trying to see
what you doing then react positively to it so yeah it is it it's going to be fascinating to watch, because the chiefs do a lot of things defensively. They gave him lots of problems in the first game, especially early with all these different looks. So maybe you know maybe he is stable. Pick something up or a couple things up that help. Him react better early in the game, but that to me was my experts. it's that I always have to be careful of not doing too much because, that would change the way that I perceived the situation, and I really wanted to just trust my eyes when I play the game resting. So we talk a lot about the office is obvious because we have Tom Brady Patrick HOMES through the best quarterbacks for most talented, I've ever seen play, but I am sorry to hear more talk about defences, but it's all in the vein of the box defences. Underrated are the cheese defences graded, so I guess now the question is which defence? most underrated, which defends. Do you think
as the edge in this matter, I want to say the chiefs, defects and it's kind of twofold, because you have to look at the defence it enough themselves, but you also have to look at the office that they're playing. yes and so the hardest thing about this Chiefs office is how fast they are like. You can be really good, but very few deep answers are gonna, be as fast as this chiefs off it. Yet we have facile backers. You know we got good secondary guys that we'd, like they're, not as fast as the chiefs are, and so that to me, is where you get a distinct advantage in this game, because, with the chief, they do so many great things by throwing the ball quick, so you have to come up and get in their face because otherwise they'll just pick you a parting, hit the ball out of their hands, but we saw in the first gave you come up and pressed Tiree, kill and he you got for two hundred yards in a quarter against you, and so I, like the chief,
because they are more. Multiple, though, give you more looks and more blitz looks there more flexible with their say, teasing guy like guys like tyrant, Matthew, but I also believe when you look at the box wide receivers they're not as explosive as the chiefs receivers, and so I think the cheese defensive backs match up better from an athletic standpoint against these box receivers. They can get up and challenge them more because they don't feel like tiree kill is going to? U no catch for two hundred yards against them MIKE Evans. Is it going to necessarily run by you over and over again, Antonio Brown is not going to do that, even though they can make big plays its different. So I give me the slight advantage to the chiefs because of complexity and because of who they are facing and how they match up interesting. So we do we,
Why do you know what we're pretty smart football guys we often talk about the most important player on a team might not be the best player on the team. So my question for you is on the greatest show on turf offence that rams officer who was the most important player who's, the guy who, if he went out, everything would fall apart, very quickly, and maybe you know, is the guided the straw that stir the drink so to speak.
I mean. If the few picture we wait, we were very talented, so we were able to kind of overcome. You know most guys because we had enough talent, but if there is one guy that that change the complexion of everything that we data was Marcia fought. Ok because you'd, especially at that time, he was such a distinct mismatch and in a kind of feeling in today's game, it's it's more of a tight end, but even if you have a good receiving back, those positions are them unit. The biggest match up problems for another team and back in that day. Yet we did so many things with marshal and he was so versatile. He could run round like a wide. Cyber you know he could be corners. If you put a corner on him, he was just a mismatch problem anyway, so smart that we moved him all over the place so as talent, as we were, we could win
aims without it, but without a doubt he was a very best player on our team, so it he was the best player, but he was also the most important, for us. It worked out really well that he was both of those things, but he is what stirred that that drink back with the greatest challenger. Ok, not an epic, you cause you ever seen a football, but that's. Incorrectly answer the most important player with Orlando Pace, the best plan- There was no doubt fuck. That's easy on smart! Well, I almost said that was, but because Marcia was so good here, I won't say that we did meet Orlando because Orlando was made. It was the euro is a godsend for quarterback. Is he locked up
everybody over there, but we would get the ball out so quickly because we could do so much offensively that that's, why said Marshall, but you're exactly right, you're right Marshall Phocas, it's weird, because he would people named the best running back small time. It's usually Walter Peyton, very Sanders. Emmett Psmith Marshall Falk, like he might not have the numbers of them put. If you watched him in his prime, he was every good as those guys any was more versatile than than those guys, and that's me What makes you so great like he? He was a three down back right. If you were in fourth in one and you were gonna run between the tackles, you didn't take him off the field right. If you were in a third down situation, you want to throw the football you weren't taken him out after
if you need it, somebody to block a linebacker, you weren't taken him off the field. You never took this guy off the field because he was the best player at his position in every facet like you might see guys like what we see different guys it in the leading down. Alvin camera a great player, but there are certain things they take him off the field, for and put in somebody else, because the other guys better it those situations. There was no guy. That was better than Marshall, fought at every situation on the football field, and that's why I say You know he belongs in that category with the greatest, even though we may not have had the rushing yards that some of those guys deity was just such a complete football player. That is what made him so it's also special. So in terms of of the skill positions out there, would you say that that the chiefs are the closest to the greatest showman turf that we have
right now and the end of the year. I would probably the closest thing that we ve seen since the greatest show on turf and the reason I say that is just because the ability to attack down the field, the ability to stretch the field. That is what we did so well, that we, we scared every defence, because we had multiple guys that could score touchdown on every single play, and that is how the chiefs play you know, and on top of it it's how they play right. They got over the jugular on every play. There is something desire in every past play that they have. To score? A touchdown doesn't always work out that way, but they're looking to score a touchdown on every play and bake push that envelope and they scare defenses they make defenses play on their heels and that's exactly how we played and so yeah. I don't think, there's any question just the way that they play in the nature of how they're built very, very sim
to do what we did back in the back of a danish aim of dislike beget alluded to. We are very smart football guys were we we We try to be me heads more than we really are sometimes, but is something that we have. Fire to our biggest criticism of the chiefs is that they get to cute. Sometimes, do you think they get acute yet? I always think that that's kind of a catch twenty two, because you know any time they They get cute and it doesn't work our natural responses? Are you got to you, but if you watch them specifically down inside the reds, only inside the ten yards line They are so great at doing special, unique different things at your same big it really cute down, but that killed. This is so tough to start right now. You have no idea, what's going to happen down there, so I ultimately think the two q works in
benefit way. More then it's a negative, but yet there are definitely times You know I remember time of the year. I think it was on a fort down where they did that, well spent in the back field, and then they they handed it offer they tried to throw back to my homes in your life. come on. It was worse than why I'm really stand the ball off it. So yeah there's times they get to you, but I think it's it's in that that the beauty of a you, never know what they're going to do in any given situation that keeps teams on their heels and they usually successful with those things. Yet. The first time they pull Bout, the everybody's, like, oh my god, what are they doing? They get you something and then maybe They pull it out a second or third time. We say when you went to the well do many times, but I do think that creativity is is a bigger better if it that it is a negative right. So in you,
the three Superbowl, how many tat how many trick plays or something different like coming wrinkles. Do we ensure we expect on Sunday it were. We would dick for male throwing us up in special like hey. This is what we're gonna hit him with. How did that work? That's a good question. I'm trying to think back now. I know what I was with the Arizona we had a bunch a trick plays leading up to the Superbowl. We ran a flea, Flickr Vienna, they toss and they threw it back to me and it worked for touchdowns. I dont remember doing anything in the Superbowl. And I'm really. I don't remember anything really in any of my Superbowl that you would say we're trick he's, even though both teams- I was on would run a lotta trick plays and in the course of you, no kind of normal play.
we didn't pull out a whole lot. You know, I think back Superber forty, when the Steelers ran the reverse, pass with eyes, ward. It yeah that's a great question and I expect the chief to do stuff and I wouldn't be surprised if, if TAT were pulled out were to trick, plays a flea, Flickr or something but yeah. I dont think I ever remember running any trick plays in our superbowl holes, which seems odd now that you bring it up the gsm, should I teams used to do that? Might marsh use a deal up all kinds of those things but I don't recall, do in any of them in the Superbowl. That's it six hours. Maybe it's! Maybe it's like the bill. Cower Superbowl delays to behave like there's gonna, be a gadget playwright after they get Patty out. If the airline it always felt like an offensive coach would be like I'd. Here's my breaking case of getting to superbowl trick. Why they like the one that they always hold back there. You know the eager
Those in their soup organs, patriots, something that will deal right stories about forever. So that's interesting that you guys in haven't you guys we're probably just good enough you didn't have to. I would be such a bad habit. We probably had em, I was you say we pray. Probably had em. You know Tibet, but, like you said baby, it just didn't play out where they got that one scenario to call it but yeah you're right it would have been called to have one of those one plays that you know everybody remembers foreign set about hundred one yard interception return by, but a whose I would have been the unity and I've been so bad. His head coach, because, if I had a play that I knew was could be like my break glass in case of Superbowl play out he's like week to like you, if you like, a third insects are big o crap. We really have to get this. and then I do not waste all my stuff then so play for dick from you have to ask what the smallest thing that you ve ever seen him cry over could question. That is a good question. I was crying about everything, but I always tell the story
He ripped when I really kind of figured out who did for me was and that this might be in every week occurrence was we were in training camp one year and he brought us up into you know into the group puddle after a practice, and he started talking about you know our fourth string tight and that he had to cut, and you know it in the I'm sinner guy eddies deal with tears, dark common. As he's talking about this guy in the middle of the group huddle basic, there was a guy that hardly anybody new and it wasn't it you're very long, and everyone He knew what he was going to make the team, yet just the fact that he had to cut anybody here, even knowing that that was part of his job. You started to get the sense that ok I get who this guy is. Is that he's more?
then just a football coach, these individual. That truly cares about all those little things, and so that was kind of my first glimpse at okay. This is what I need to expect in, and nothing surprised you after that. You nothing surprise as you that you and I we will cry when it's all them a story about your kids. You know we would cried situations where he had to release obviously when he was happy, you know when track got hurt. You know, that's the classic he's up on the podium cry and you know it in, and so it's just what endears everybody to him is that you realise that his biggest concern as you. You dont not winning a super bowl and not winning games, but you your well being, and what's best for you and your family in South, justified, how about a human being, but yes, we we saw a lotta tier shed, yet there were times the back of the room that we just gotta look at each other like ok, where they come from
Why is he cry you right now, but but it's what makes him so special were ended this day, I'm any just unbelievable one of the most unbelievable human beings. I've ever met. Ah here some of them, maybe we'll make me cry. Is this a true story that you were ready to try out for the bears and ninety ninety seven, but God Pip by a spider on your elbow and couldn't do it true story a true story. Well, that's Andrea! What what but that's not the whole of it That is how the story. I will tell you the story, so I'm playing arena football and obviously I'm waiting for for my chance right. I'm you know just what one NFL team to call me and give me an opportunity, so that bears called then said if we want to bring you in for work out, and I M like any time any place. I'm I'm coming. So we set up a time for the work out and
soon as I get off the phone, I go running into my wife and my eye. The bears the bring me and for work out this Friday I mean I'm fine, I'm going right now and my wife. Just China gave me this look like what's the problem here. Why are you not excited for me? We ve been working for this forever and she goes dude. We get married on Saturday blew off my whole wedding did. Don't even think about it. I just want to work out for the bears, so I had to call the bare rs back and say: ok, die. I know it sounds stupid. But forgot all about my wedding. I can't work out this Friday, but any other time. So we worked out for the next week that I would go to Chicago and do it. So I went back and tell my wife- and I had all good- have our wedding I'm going next week. Again she gives me the luck and I'm like now. we're gonna honeymoon next week. Yes, our going around anymore next week at a call. The bears back a second time. It's ok, sorry screwed up but any other time. I promise you. I am in to work out when our honeymoon honor
the moon is when they are. They called to set up the work out. So to come back or like a Sunday night or a Monday in going to work out for them on Tuesday, Wednesday of that weak the night before we left it we're in Jamaica the night before we left our honeymoon I'll. Yet I woke up the next morning and my throwing. Elbow. Was swollen about the size of a great route and to this day, We still don't know what it was that bit me. They said, maybe a centimeter spider, they really don't know, but it swelled up the size of a great you in. I had fever all this stuff. So of course I had to call the bears back and got ok you're, not gonna, believe that she s the first time it was my wedding. The second time it was my honeymoon- and now I got bit almost throwing elbow by something in Jamaica. and you can only imagine what was going on in the other and align Goin. Who is this? Do you try to give them a chance to make it in the end about, and this is what it
comes up with three times, and so basically you know after that, They hung up and they never called back, and I never got the work out and then about two weeks later is when I got the call from the rams We waited. Did the work out in that it upside in me, so I dont Blake, I dont buying Chicago, because you mean you can't make that stuff. Like it sounds like just just a horrible. You know sequence of events that some do they just trying to get out of the work out for some but that is how it played out and ultimately lead to maybe part of the great assurance orphan when in a super bowl Saint Louis, I can understand, saying like I'm getting married this weekend. I would have done the honeymoon, because then, if you make the bears, you ve got more money to spend on. Maybe if you get a presidential suite when you go to Jamaica, Honeymoon, see push that. I told my my: why should waited five years we dated five years before I propose to, or so I don't think she was
Stoning it for anything at that point, even even more money, even for a better honeymoon, she is likely are doing this thing now, but you right, maybe I should try work, you're right began. Don't worry, I wouldn't even know if you had been on the bears, you would have you would probably gun bidpai, even bigger spider would have ensured. fire career, so yeah don't out yet. We know what a backup neukluk. How did you forget that you're getting married next weaken? That seems like a pretty important it might have that on your refrigerator you're right, I mean it seems stupid like how could I forget that? But when you been, I mean workin for I'm basically that time, Basically, three years plainer arena football workin in a grocery store, try, They get another opportunity, an almost out of the blue, the general manager for the bears cause. You were you get a call from your agent saying: Hey Annabel team wants to work. You out
everything else, just guided when the window, and it was kind of just like ok I will do whatever they may mean a duke. Is I've been waiting for this opportunity for so long, but yeah you're, you're, you're thinking, exactly what my wife we sticking like. I was this possible, like you're, more worried about a stupid work out then getting married to me you. How do you forget that but I don't know, I'd like you to answer that question for you. It was just one of those black out moments. Where only thing could see was Chicago, where's yeah. You mentioned emission the grocery store and that that story that gets talked about a lot with you. I've always wondered if that's like an overall, own story. How long you're working there like how much you saw that may be being your career? How much time you spent on the job just think, like one day. I I'll be in the NFL. I know I can do it. So what was,
appeared in you, lifelike you're right I mean if it wasn't like. I had taken a career in the supermarket business. It was like in a most of us. I'm sure you guys have had your periods is where things are lining up exactly like you want them to and there's a period. where you have to take a job to make ends meet My goal was so take my wife at the time and she has two kids from a previous merits, a sheet it's going to school all day, so I would once again during the day, and then I wanted to make sure I got my work out in to stay ready. So Did you get a job at night, and so that's why and work in a grocery store in it was probably just five or six months. While I was you know, I've gotten released by the Green Bay backers and was just really try to find another place to play us trying to play in Europe. I was hoping another NFL team would call and nobody called, and so it was, one of those things were eight I've gotta do something. Bring some money and I gotta make ends meet, but it wasn't like. It was a three years:
a grocery store. Where I was moved the ladder and becoming a man and a german thought. This was my career. I remember telling people I was working with when we would have break time. Eight. One day, you're gonna see me player the out of hell. You know it and of course, these guys you dislike commanded like what he saw you're never going to do that, you're working in a grocery store, but but no my mind was still sat on playing football and just kind of looking for an opportunity, so
It is over blown a little bit, but what made it makes a great story on death yeah you, where the gloves were your work in there now those came. Those came much later much less so speaking of that story and how the NFL kind of was with quarterbacks, where guys may be, got a longer leash or they got extra chances and you're obviously doing your stuff now quarterback confidential. What what is it with the league today that it feels like there are both in abundance of quarterbacks out there? It feels that we have a ton of good quarterbacks put also, it feels like guys, don't have three years to prove it. They have a year and maybe a little bit more like they have twenty games hot. Why is the interface switch so much him and in, like you, think, that's good or bad for quarterbacks comment, first and foremost, the game in the room
does have changed to the point where you can have more quarterbacks and your. I don't not the right term that that play the position better or have better stats than ever, but I still don't believe that the league is full of great quarterback play. And so you have to be able to delineate the two is that I mean yeah the writing. It was yet at some point this past year, where, midway through the season, there was a teen or nineteen quarterbacks that we're completing the ball at a rate higher than than I did the years that I led the league incompletion presented, and so the game is played so differently, throwing about liner scrimmage an overseas
such an ten balls, a game and all these wide receiver screens and so numbers get inflated and it looks like teams are playing better or quarterbacks are playing better because of the rules. But when you really break down the quarterback play its, not necessarily as good as we have seen at times in the past. Yeah I do. The second part of your question is that yeah me too, I think you're, one hundred percent right, whether its coaches or players that for whatever reason a the league is just become such a win. Now, what have you done for me this year? and so many decisions are made based on you know one bad year or you know as a session. You are part of the season where you don't play up to what a team seen you play it before and I think it's really
I mean, I think it's why there's lack of stability with so many of our organizations that can't really compete is because they never have the patience, to bring along a quarterback or allow a coach to develop his own system in bringing the right players that fit what he wants to do, and so it seems like we ve got every year. You know what seven or eight teams that you think I'll. They might win the championship, and then you have twenty some teams that you got up when I do consider them there never gonna be there, because there's so much instability, it those two positions and I think it's unfortunate that things are given up on guys and coaches. way too quickly in deciding how they're not going to be any good, instead of letting them kind of build what they want to build we're gonna? Let you go here as I got before you go, we need to get your stone cold, lock your prediction for suitable, yes, we're in IRAN this and are making some really dumb approached repeated on Monday, when you're totally in the correct about what you pick. But what is
because your guaranteed pixel suitable, so just winning pick. is that all you Yahoo, Google, I will give you screw. Ok, I am going with the chiefs in this one dead in it. I know it's hard. The guardians, Tom Brady and all the stuff that he's done. I just think that she saw a better team and, I think, they're more explosive, so I am going with the cheese and I will say that it will be a double digit win for the chiefs. hypothetically wholly how total points do you think you scored? How many total points I will put the chiefs as MID thirties, okay and box probably got a mid twenty. It may push high thirty's die twenties. Ok with that double digits, but I'm up, I think, will be a number of points scored in this game. Yet I would put it up there in this.
sixty look. I like I'd, go and also see some six here. I've waits Rynch. Yes, I will Kurt. Thank you. So much has been fun. You gotta come back. We have a year. We have a Billy, more Quartier, so I love it. I love just talking ball and golden the weeds a little bit, so you. Let me know when I love come back awesome. Take so much appreciated. I gotta figure seamen One was brought to you by our great friends over liquid ivy. If you're looking to get hydrated and ability is first big fight, I highly recommend action using liquid ivy the whole time. and it worked right in violation of cramping. It's amazing. It's delicious it's very. It it's very simple to use you just take one stick of liquid ivy mixing Water idea one bottle water, you swishing around for a little bit and you get two to three times the amount of migration. As you do plain water, liquid ivy has in credit, migration, flavors watermelon, lemon lime, passion fruit they recently launched.
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by are in our dot com. Jose can take overs are in turn, Billy Football is fighting our intern Billy Football Jose, is fighting for thee. What's in it was about the name of the builders whose aching Seiko is a rat snitch, and no one really like some championship of the World Bank, That's just name is about immediate. I had nothing to do with the actual coincidence that you're in this five year we do this. Every single time is always are suitable fight. That's the belt. It's always up for grabs, so Jose I guess I ll start with how you feel you think that you are going to beat Billy Football are entered. Do you think he s chance, yeah yeah, he's gonna be really utilizing with a sigh, but on the very willingly half a million dollars has right now, but I'm not came out in dollars. That was actually. My second question is how bad you need this money. I don't ok, but if you would I would say right now, if big cat would like,
bet. A half a million dollars have tv. What do you got? Fifty thousand are not being fifty thousand dollars you see. So talk is cheap. Twenty thousand you're either have to you twenty thousand dollars fire. We Gulf five grand that I'd be too easily? Ok, I'm telling you it's not about whether we want someone to beat him easily while it we have now than you have here round, I'm like about a catch him obvious way, but that you have just said you would beat him easing that I sailed to knock him. Are you speaking list? What does easily may do? Speak English see a blowing glaze. Now you know yet again with our spanish problem. You tell me why not try to get into a vocabulary. Conversation with me, you're, not only area, you're, good vocabulary, absolutely don't even get that you don't owe me. You don't owe me. Nobody knows me. Ok, so I started to meet those I respond. We wager I dont wager beyond my means. Please I've found, I will tell you, please do lying out and I'm gonna beat of easily. So you have not come out. The problem now do not amount to give you five. Nine, not ok! You can give me five thousand years a key.
If we run for me, I'm going to chase, can you explain what it is ongoing need? I think I'm willing to do this bad, but I need to understand: when will you based on money knocked out here? We will use our hands. You were slain scale, what an unwieldy size than we can talk if I'm gonna be have almost ease or one hundred gambler dear arrival Gamble: ok, fine, Did you ever you literally Jennifer. I tonight, as I dont see results. I argued against negative against irresponsible because you backed out of a fight. Ok, so let's talk about it. I said that I would quite free rots honour two years ago, I was in December now: let's not drugs. Yadda yadda way knows not yet is what we did. Why would I fight you? I don't know I why nobody hindsight bigamy is you're there. You can find me. No! No! I don't want it for you and you call me pushing I'm fine. You can't do this, as you may have a better chance and Billy maybe at least you're, my heavy, or at least thank you. I appreciate that
designing to fifteen optimal tumblr? Nobody Billy Billy has wanted to fight reparata for last year. He is fighting a guy who's way bigger than him who's been sterile. This entire life? talking about you know what I've been. I what I've been doing. Why Reagan? You have no idea what I regret that the word you in your you can read. Yeah I looked thrillers in your reachable talk about an hour. I wrote my book. Did you react? I wrote my book, I noted in question: are you really are my book diagonally them all question notice? Reed I wrote it. You looked exactly pages a pig of agenda and a little of the world. With this guy, I would first of all its ground rules. How do we know that? You really? You know you're right? It's not that growth or young punk I am yawns only twenty eight, your varied Lahore young care. I knew I said to you. I know that without a fight,
It was a matter of fact literary less, do they not, but if I thought or three to my we're doing an interview right now that we're not laugh and I'm wrangling over time and then you're going to answer your question at the same time, we do Mme ok, Yeah, you scare. No, I don't know what you're talking about you of my ready to go to Morrow you like you're, gonna, fight, Billy fullest, gives this region you backed out. I eat you, keep saying that I admit you're asking about steroids so Where are you going to say you didn't do steroids off course I did so. Can I actually s look? What do you think I will look like an automatic freak? If I didn't kill, we call for a second. I am being cool you got in the way that attack. I endorse the call for help. oh sure, did you actually feel when he asserts, because, like I've always wanted to like feel for control, you kept measuring, really know how many years did you just do it? want a little after her You still did, of course. Ok.
They said that your daughter and where they are going to start there are big. I really don't see myself. Are you writing? Would you think what I mean by doctors with up with a prescription does so we should be using it we are not here now. Would you recommend I should use them as everyone who use it at our age Fisher, our age, there has been no new year. You're you're young eminently obviously Donald thinks there wasn't anything for night body. My balls are too big like if I'd its actual relegated just a shrink, my balls to like an accelerated Santo Domingo. There you're doesn't shrinking balls. You just a kid the king, you don't, let's talk paid, listen the adult or talking to other coms warriors last coin. Without those corn. What about Georgia? Are you in on it know? Why? Because I don't like any type of I don't like starting Margaret. I don't like anything like that. How do you know that you're? Actually, you and you're not crazy, adult have a conversation factor
so. You do not see me. Take my Schroeder night engineer you my tattoo. I didn't look that everyone and check it out, you're out of those coin car washes up. We can talk about the. bite or car wash is why I would like to know, and I'm trying to figure out why you worse, IRAN, I That's probably Miami me. You vouch for the guy love the guy. You fight me for the guy worries guides I'll, show you how about nine so is another review its own fight. I too regret back. I don't want to fight for he six three, six, four he's about to forty two, fifty he's ten years, younger and I'll. Why why, and if I would wager be start with IRAN, He knows you know. When I talk about IRAN, you know what I'm talking about. You is beef, swift. now, Billy actually like Billy, but it's sad that I'm gonna have to take care of it. Our strategy. We're just say it actually seconding other that building you. If you were left in a room together, you probably become Esperance. That's true. I like Billy, You guys just put him in a really bad position. When I well know he wanted to fight
yeah burn the way you guys promoted this the way you're frank, the tank, whatever that there was a problem with your pet ball and what he's going personally discuss getting personal. Ok, I don't remember. Our people to launch rose you back for them. Ok, so frankly, Just so you know is like a fan favour, so I dont. if you haven't, I'm not a family were so yeah, but I'm telling you, like Joe Frank, take off limits we certainly will reach. I agree ill chapel and know what you're asking for there was a high I tweeted at yours night, and I said that it smells like monster energy, drink, scented body spray and turning a little, so Jose must be close by said you're able to tear down on her face and want to three and bad baby owner saying you're off? I was wrong. I was wrong you smell more like if, if like the Irish Spring Factory, blew up, that's divide that I'm getting right here.
I never use our lingering in armour all scented candle, never in your life, no incorrect. If you never knew life users, not once things as well, but I did read your book. That's that's totally true actually thought it was very interesting. Reed I read about ten years ago. My favorite part was the part about Madonna, you talk about how Madonna wanted to fuck you and then you, no you're not had enough. It was it about fuck anybody's about having children she wanted to have you know my daughter, supermodel vibrate supermarkets. Obviously right of sixty four two hundred fifty pounds superfluous. so I'm a genetic freak, so I have had plenty of women want to be with me just for the kids Okra trust, What really Medina absolutely didn't finer attractive? Did you read the book? I did yet it's just an alpha move the vinegar. What's what's not attractive for my personal taste, I didn't want sensational you you
you're, a nice guy. Like me, he has just given because they were now my guys you're, not gonna legs, and I do you see that beautiful growth through the Ringer Casey is like I'm, in love with her ok, just chill out was so yeah sure make Eleven Ringo prosperity merrier. When my favorite well I'd like to title of your book, your book was Joost. Wild times rampant roads smash, hits and how baseball got big? That's it. That's it s all right, they're based off the title of it. If you do, let's say like fuck, Mary kill, rampant royds wild times and smash hits which one would you fuck what fuck Mary kill, rampant, Royds smash hits and wild time. I wouldn't touch anything like that. I would fuck, I think, wild times, while times you admire the steroids, the rabbit roars
no dealership, ailing about pities. I do yeah, please explain railway Henrietta breakdown, useful created it is where I live around would be best friends interesting. You really loves him no I'll Billy music in using these a fan of them, like he's a fan of studying peace. So there are chemicals by the wind, ok simple chemicals, or would you recommend, like a person in their mid thirties? That's just looking to get really good shape. What is minister or that you'd recognise like it's better. Now you go. You doctor right away their prescription, goggles your loki specialists and then the canal. Just you have to see those talking just giving. You should be in the whole thing. Why don't have the stance of several million times
the bonds of course, but also all the stairway guy should be an offer, I think, is what you lack to understand is that there are probably ten in the Hall of Fame right now that use pities, a couple I injected myself. I will mention who they are. Give us one name. We got a fucking, so names are over, My name's are aims. Are over that part of it. Over so it. But if you had thirty, ex more home runs out. Put your five hundred right at that point, Could you give yourself a whole family? No, but the numbers there at that point not for that area, Do you feel like you did a good thing in retrospect, ordered you feel guilty about writing that broken in what specifically you talk about a good thing, naming names that you did in the books. Angling isolated women are good things everywhere. In doing it really, no reason why.
They are my friends or my teammates, like my whole family, got threatened mega put in jail because of it. I got put Joe for telling the truth. It was a good thing. I lost millions because of it and detached from major league baseball completely. So wasn't anything interesting. So I notice that in the book you said that you were, you fell at your blackboard and they set you up for a pause of drug test right, like two thousand suitable. Three do think. Do they really do they set you up for that? You think that somebody that's a whole another story. When I want of time from all we have as much amish needs. No, we don't give us one day. No one would, if we just said names might be seen a zero of them easy. My bet you just get a doctor I yet he might do. Is I don't know dinner Wakefield very, has definitely not I'm not gonna? U nameless movement! Ok, let's
talk about something. Then I think we can bond over. Are you still actively searching for squash flooding, I believe everything you a lot of what is, in those aiming says, now. This actually hurts my feelings, because I I was like at the end of this whole thing. You know you're fighting Billy, we ve had the beef a walk away and be like hey? Now? school. We saw the bunch of fights, let's go for confine SAS watch. Are you saying that you're not down to funds as well. Nobody sit up. You can save specifically. What you were talking to my is assessed but aliens isn't there than this? I don't know so: which one are you gonna hot? Are you down for any? Yes? Ok, SAS watch sure, that's nothing! You in billiard bond overs Billy actually wants to go. Find these big crypto zoologist guy, so I really do think that you will be best.
since you like fight punch each other in the face and then you'll just hang I've done that with people before me. I agree, as a matter of fact, I'm old enough to be his grandfather, so I was talking to day. I saw my actual dinner. I went up this hope so entire family and when I got close tat were staring like. Only shit was considerable. Do here, everyone literacy,
talk no staring at me and then came to my head. I say hi to Billy was very special. Got up shook my hand on the way. I said no hard feelings. Runner burst out laughing, but if you think about it, this way his parents group watch me play baseball about the fight. Is twenty one you're? Ok, yeah, that's Gabby products available to them, not just one moment. Not. If I heard the kid you don't work, anything can happen in boxing ring was less I'm going to fight? What do you mean a fight, punch people pointy? Turning the face, there's a lot of yelling, usually known training. Fist yeah, barring, was like an actual fight where you're trying to hurt the other Guy Street fight here now who have not well for yoga guy. What your strategy morning, I can't give it away.
nor are we will cut this part, but we will say first of all its pretty simple man over power. Might he's gonna be faster, silly, faster and he's gonna move around the ring a lot. I hope you knows how to cover up the whole, but only to harm, whereas last time you got hidden face, probably in my last vital hung men Choi ten years ago? Ok, it's been a while So you don't know what could happen when he the universities could occur. It is fighting. After all, but I don't think he has that the right torque of power to knock me out. He is pretty quick, though he's got he's got a lot of foot speed. You can move around pretty well, not as fast as you. Obviously I did remember that you claim that you're in a three nine forty back in the day or two nine hundred and forty four to nine- that's
ass. The story usual human, even born by thirty. You write a letter to stroke Linda fathers I now borne MIKE. I was Here's what, when you went! Forty four you didn't really know the forty forty was a record right. I didn't think it was a big deal, I was put cut that was actually lemme, give you credit, Jose, doubtless cool when you called you shot on forty forty. I didn't think it was a big do it. I thought it was done before I said for six would for twenty forty five pounds and professor that I can possibly do it. I'm gonna do it. I did it. Do you have a favoured home run I think. The one I hit over the lights on Fenway never been done. There remember when the ball, whatever had an over the does my twin brother,
fine I'll kill people say could be for some time. I didn't want to laughter. I told them to play that game. I was feeling bad and he wouldn't have played for me and for all time what happens when you went back into the dugout ass well, when I wasn't right feel myself feel that was laughing, so bad David holds because I slammed the big well. I didn't really to win over the fence, and I took my eyes off the above one second, but determined to pick it up. It was on top of me slammed off my head offended. The one never felt it to look for the ball in the ground, and I looked at my right and the reason why I knew the boy here from ahead because David, What was on Monday laughing literary laughing so then that whole any we're looking into the laughing, but I knew it was bad because when I got back to a dug up the place, we're not gonna. Let me
forget about it. We we had a series of New York, the next series, and I knew Yankee Stadium, the bleachers and right in the right side to the cheap seats they're going to. Let me have it forever. So till today I can say is the most stop talking blueprint history. It is the funniest blue breathtaking. By forms, I don't know anyone can ever replicator not now. I was actually asking us no hurt because it would mean I've never felt it such a hard hit ball. It has to be to get that far out there, but you just in fuel anything. It happened so fast. She had a call from a don afterwards, like eight pregnancy, back over Nazi another funny story. I had met my second wife Jessica. The day before that, I invite her to the game. She went to the game and saw that happened. The first time
Sammy play. She know much about baseball bat Papa. She asked me the players to let all time ago you I do that time is a part of the game to store equated off here. Do you? What do you think you're playing southward translate better into today's gay? Yes, because today's game is more Sweden. Miss strike out telegrams, basically homewards in a kind of predatory, predicate eighty percent, the actual games you look at what's going on today. Do you think your misunderstood depends? on what you think a bombing like give people a people would say I am nonsense, but people sailing scumbag one way. Some some big thing is going through. We would say like scumbag jerk off dildo, a weirdo jerk I shall pass a horn or some
like it allowed her coffee dickhead. Do you think that's slag Eric Slab, Dick? I I think that that would be misunderstood. I think it depends on the person yeah, of course, individual. What type of time they spent with me under what circumstances depends? How would you describe yourself put this way if you regarding the whole thing and somebody's making in induction speech, we are introducing. How do you think that person who described as popular as person completely misunderstood the ok? Ok, you heard about their misunderstood. You misunderstood. How would you like to be understood? I dont want to be understood. I dont need to promise if anybody, my close friends of my family know who I am
what time do you treat your tweets? No, okay, so who tweets sore mine and some are not yet Africa which are mine and which are not the huntings aspect that you that's, ok, without really upset that you don't want to hunt sounded a large. What about when you show your finger off? I can't help but notice you have all your fingers. Also that was oh, oh, please, give us a failure on the up shut. This had happened, pleading for guns. Once all very quickly. While that was smart, it was I therefore think we should now you should be careful. Whatever happens, turtles. How do you know what they're called tortoises ok. What have you heard? Orders them asked what ails they went. probably tortoises servant. I think I gave Muslim away all them away. How? How could you do that?
I've had them for a long time. Moving from place to place, you still have the environment to handle them, they need a specific environment, so I got to come way that they loved you They told me that they might have hated. You cause you on the other stood me complete. It might have only those guys, a fucking jerk off do now. They love love me ass, what are they slept? It's what you say it's provided are even noticed slept like. I think it's like pornography, like you know, when you see it like that, so they can say, go slander, slap. Your other people would say that again to celebrity, no! I haven't diktat, while others slept like the mean readily slept at dinner time. You saw me, who is your favorite, seen that you ve ever had what why shore stuff for the awfulness you guys go on real or greater, was act as he was like really good at injecting it. Now we never touch any stuff, just a very nice guy, respectful great family and introduce him to his first wife. Is my irish general
Ah, we his wife zero. Secondly, when we were on a double date and believe it or not, he ended marrying the grow. Our stating that my ah you got caught by well. Why snorting light the grocer won't want you take her, you go out with her and he liked them. Demerit. Ok, in the stomach, I think so life is a strange way to put the restricted. That implies a sun guessing that he hasn t, remember them. Ok, Rouge least favor. To me. I didn't have least ferreting really liked ammonia, which guy, if you could pick any guy who you haven't been haven't, talked to and fifteen years, because you ve been outcasts of major basement. What guide you wish you could rekindle French. What reward but it's been over twenty years now and you haven't spoken to him once and if use were in the same room with him, what do you think? How do you think I will go with you guys, just ass, the others no known before now being dubbing good thing? You see, I don't know,
I'm sure he may be pissed off, or maybe they talked a bottom to stare at issue, but one got one guy would love to have you can arrange, it will be our watchword. yes in the ring you, I don't think I can't leave if you're going to raise that pay, you everything I make them. I need that east and it is that the boy lesson you know what's bought Alex you and I need to go in a ring sobbing it is. I am more and went away. I work more, that you keep saying that you know what it's about more. I want to know about what I do not know what it's about. Tell us. Are you if you might say that here I thought you were watching my twitter account. Have you guys not see me tweet the issue about my Ex wife Jessica? I don't have the alerts living. You know. That's. It is about idle talk much on one another, man's Ex wife forever, two scumbag? I don't want to hear you cheating on general, oh, no, that's not now Don't tell me what he wasn't wasn't. Do you don't tell me dealt
what are you going to? U dont tell me please I was there when I have You were hanging out with him. No, I just got was right there. Ok, don't you don't tell me? Oh please, oh, oh you please will you protection how much are not really like protecting liars. he's a liar soldier. Shot. If you were lying, would you protect them? He would never lie so obviously, doesn't boy you're demented me you're asking for questions unanswered. I've always wondered why. Why do you inject steroids in the ass, contractually, like anywhere else, the glue the largest muslim by some of you, may not have an ass among our going away. Ass, Missus, Vickers, sick, likeable Bilbil Are you a flat ass?
yeah he's got a flat ass, its red. It isn't right away. Sales may have every time you get a needle, and that is a once about. Are you going to argue that it takes years before the fight for moral know how often easy the tests ostrom? How often you take a thing that the doctrine just wouldn't want to be? Fourteen is ok, that's other wonders. Last summer we could go. Maybe you feel like big, strong man from it, not for the same kind of snow we're doing. It's not like. I like a drug like a liquor or marijuana that kind of stuff that issue instantly. That's the way workers.
How does it work? I'm actually curious. We don't have enough time for the show so to explain to the chemical build up of treaties. Do you actually have to work out or can use, take stores and strong think if the work on a diet yeah like that which our diet, like I'm a genetic frigate whatever want anything? Absolutely so? Why don't you tomorrow before the fight you would I go out to dinner? All you can eat pizza, perfect. I can do that was fuckin do as a marked by a light the car, but before I yet so you would see who can be more pizza very well. I don't want to throb intermodal ring. I mean You're a couple slut yeah you're all doesn't mean I'm all written, probably a slob. I don't like Frank,
hi has our eyes law frankly, on their hands off any past. Hope you're. Now we're on our way to five hundred feet. Mozart want everything there, let's bullshit Jose, want anything. There way raise wrought iron he's not even in their own right of em guide. Also nipples pretty did you. May you would be great friends for, for exporting he's seen had he's a jig. He loves me, his boss see Madame gee? That's what it when you put away I couldn't see he's a phased out: fashion, guys I don't see meds just here and what has not seen it Adelaide based moment. I really why, unlike sport, to do more work, why just like you fall out of love with them. You now you add one point low sports LA baseball. These yeah, but I mean I don't. I don't follow it and I don't sit at home.
wasting away like couch, but it'll. Just watching sport jets feels directed towards me and my looking to get your heart. Well, you know you can t tell you got to you and now you know why you're here I mean how do I'm? Twenty you're, forty Asia be away, but to shape a network of Asia. As you say, it's a large companies like every. If your blogger, like me, that's actually harder on your body than being athlete. I do I guess you know I guess he was your job. Is how do you know what they're like I've considered taking steroids because our mobility said in your book? don't do or your blog you just citizen, there's not going to warrant over. You said that there is like a mental aspect to it and it gives you the confidence of knowing that you're. Like a super here,
superman when you're on the juice, but at the people understand you can't just inject stuff, become a professional athletes like a bodybuilder takes hours upon hours of work. Ok, but he's a nice org, sixty eight hours data between track and we're gonna get us more workers will eventually I dont lived. Yes, you pussy, I dont want genetic forgot to ever need to actively. What could you bid on Acta nothin? Will you can't venturing? Three hundred are really don't move to fifty nine antibiotics and there are instead of ten or twenty five pounds really forty times, but you're right, you aren't hall, Famer, that's a fact. I anything else in this, but a great many questions. I've enjoyed this. I want to know. If you can, you can get it right. I don't think I can help power and authority to you have very. be very little to none actually had sing I thought you were the man here, Georgia,
about now IRAN Corp, which is a subsidiary of my life, and I am basically an intern there. So you go so. What do you mean you and you can talk a right into into their tell em off fighting with one arm Tybee him about which won my right, I'm never hidden. What more do you ve a lamp careers at my dick, my third well, you have multiple around. I tried to set you up Jose make you look good and you made yourself look bad here any questions for us. He wants right era. What I can do now to want to fight you guys yeah yeah, because equal retorted, Are you listen? I want the point you guys we might well have very strong. You wouldn't be a fight You might we like, but I don't you like- a nice guy writer, Sloan Pussy. How would you know thirty six, because a babies
really I got those later, although you guys we're not highly worrying eleven, you guys it's embarrassing, for you say that you have that outdated furniture Davy might so eight hey! Let's do this self real Jose forever, because we how did the pot guessing? you with a bet: let's do this thousand all you mean you straight up, Barston Fund, a thousand dollar donation, I gotta. If Billy wins you don't you, thousand. If I'm gonna win, you know them but I will do my thoughts. Hurry four thousand are endeavouring to be honest. I like him and his family here. I don't want to hurt them thus on skills, so don't take a dive, That's a good idea, a guy who's! You know, I'm happy, you don't walk and self respect. Gonna beat a week dive, it just depends on what he doesn't. How much you want to hurt us if you take a dive, usually do for you. Gonna get me era a view.
Hold on. If you guarantee me now, I had a fight arrive here anymore, so I will take a diagram, ok, thus about anyone. Then what age I will have back on the show and will make now awesome note by one IRAN? I think you're gonna look awesome! this. I want to look ok yeah, you know, pretty good our pretty hot. I want era how much gold coin would it take for you to know. I want, Don't you get it? How many car wash idle I'd know like his use a little bitch? What's the ass usual you can't use bordering on the show really can use fuck yeah yeah and you can use bitch. you cannot, abortion show you she's bullshit dry, because we have fucking sponsors, dude put you or because some irresponsible nah in Khartoum and Sub saying that word. What honour slow, but you can see that we're gonna use fuck what you get The more I could say like hey, Jose, you're, a Fox Dick dildo, we're not a better job. Now, stop we're weep all these out,
these guys, you're serious you fuck. It would make no sense, have you ever larger areas, dead series its literally only worldwide third rail it sponsorship issue because of the female, demographic ever. Do we weeds we heard of these dog toys? There were made for female dogs and we sponsor Ok, whatever Tutsi wondering. What can I call you ride? You daddy Call him your love, you famer great business, man, Father, Well, he shouldn't warp. Yes, we'll be there. We go ok. Now we answer my till: it's right leg it as he should be. Ok, I need. You really know how the numbers I achievable through your numbers.
We're gonna, get serious now he's on what is almost five hundred, which is what I was asking legacy. Listen, I don't have the numbers, because I didn't plan of oats injured too much. I am twelve in the world with hormones. Prep bat racial, the set of the point. The point is, I was on the deal much. I was hurt too much had eleven, certainly just plain baseball. That's too much I still four hundred suitable ones, but I will only play fifteen years that it does not apply to abide by the widely twenty three twenty four. So now, if you would have done my homewards pride that racial over a twenty four year period, I would have had seven hundred sixty comments which, if I would to state healthy what made you two hundred king he's so so do the numbering, so they can all ass to the number. Don't go back to the numbers to the Homeless programme, the racial thanking me twenty three years, six on a plate approach, because we about seven hundred fifty omens. Call feta whose against national affair now, because we hope everything it hurts, we made them
Very good, very good, her Jose can second geodata, don't qualify suddenly honest guy, you're gonna, be I dont qualify. I dont have the steps I didn't plan of. I was too injured there you go due to steroids, made you injured. Now I think six foot for twenty forty five pounds running forty nine forty did that urgently laying out I don't get hurry for direct for you. Stick a pounding you still take account you, you try sliding and playing out, feel the way. I did you stick. A pounding is too hard on your body. Do they still have the green coffee whereby in the beginning, yes, whose outlay avenues awesome did at one time and I'll, tell you what I tried at one time,
I think, a triple when I was on their base, my muff so dry. I could barely breathe, never touched it again, but after the greening period came out, the stare at ever came in member stare at era, replaced the cocaine that drinking and the greening era stare whatever replaced that you. Some might say that the syrian era is actually safer. If you do it properly, but with the right supervision used to write chemicals to right combination, and the right diet. Yes, any regrets we'll have regret. I wish I would never use their words. I wish you wouldn't really got married. The first time for some would have never written a book I which we all have regrets. Might I've Lotto Gretchen? Ok, anything that you're really glad that you did at a beautiful daughter which I'm gonna fight her boyfriend. Next who's that organ paw. Oh yeah. This is kind of the qualifying, but I
rumours, so I think this is why you dont like Frank tank was: it is adjourned it if you lose. Billy than for millions to learn more about it. But frankly I think it is, violence to Billy Frank about my daughter for night, while, What happens if I beat Billy, you can at Frankfurt night Are you guys doing really easily you're learning and use the boss he's your boss right now, What on the internet, IRAN Corp when a man who's the boss here there is no loss. How can that be possible? we don't have has to be about. We have something. Creators are boss, he's not here. Captain Davies, Nano Davies are about to be about new. Sir. That's producer were also hear them yesterday in Gaza, the boss, people Jake is towards low interim Paeon gallon target these guys and Jake's about Jake. What do the interview
when, as we tonight, mixer J O this one I use this won't know tank is the bar. Is the producer Jake also in you're, both Hank Andrea, produces together, where their little eyes it weakens Edward? These guys are Yedo Hosanna. I don't I never really just like you. I mean, I think you just like IRAN too much you like liars, not again I dont know how to when you say you like liars and I like IRAN, how those two things go together, they were person does not tell the truth. Liar, but why would you say if I read somewhere, he always some people, even though he always so we live in a dream. I live, I'm the dream, the right world I'm living the drink world. I'm dream will do this all fuckin. There was a certain, I haven't got it. I do want to find similar squash with you. Your mother, like all the shame why'd you and I
they got you gotta, make we publish your listen. I thought I'd be Billy the fight for you guys you bring anybody. You want a term I actually wanted to bring a ride. Morgan, you guys. You know that yeah, my I you know, I guess enforcer yeah. You know you do. Do you mean, like me, yeah tells the truth. All the time shit, you know how it is all the time it's Billy I can fight. Everybody knew if a boy, if you know a lot more about steroids and that's kind of the only reason we are no more of us, there was a most. Doctors must enter canal. Just bleed monetary will worst of luck tomorrow. Night bill is gonna. Kick your ass down, Sir exposing kick your ass. You know what to say: when Billy kick your ass, don't worry I'll, say nice things about. We all can dream so it's two thousand dollars to one thousand to the March two thousand and one by one no wonder they don't eat you. Thousands we're gonna, drive cars and got I pervert and the frank part of the ban on yeah. We'll talk about that later.
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working out edge been do ya. Think we'd have a great podcast drove. I thought you'd this meat. If we act should be greatly. Cyber Pepsi per second pillar would move to Vegas. So we oh yeah bill. You should totally do Margaret. He should do. I believe, Yeah you guys would actually get along swimming you do is you must go, find bigfoot of He thinks that you're sweet he'd like either in a cool way I don't know draw guys guys like Susie, like I've been playing like choir boy around him and I'd be lonely highly nice me don't give up here. You have a visiting an errand time. the enormous skull, fuck em they re used. I won't errand he's not gonna fuck, unless I don't think he can't read or less no joy do absolutely skull, fuck, no
He's tiny, I mean, like yeah, invoked big changes only now it's just a care about. So for me, I don't care about the frame. He has a smaller frame that I thought I was really less recently came. We did the way in Billy was like came back ear to ear or just like I feel so confidently wouldn't would or changes like he's, not ass tall ass. I thought you were so we're back to if you're told He want fight and if your short use yeah I mean I was nay Robson respect my guy see masked by think it's mostly non functional, ok was to Firefox anymore, no wrap up with your heart in words about the fight. I hate you. I do you fire fast, besides, this second gonna die. That's it that's a very valid one. Bronchitis switch to three achievement. First, ballplayer arsenal,
our com. If you want a bell and Billy reinvention, then one second Ok, so I just gotta get up here. I had was circle back two year circle back my father got it. I got it. I gotta wait piglet circle back to Hell. I'm not a meal. The watch suitable. What is our budget because Directv activity carried to deal fraternal, some Seattle, I've been to forty five, balls missing. My first nineteen eighty three low cast is: has problems connecting I'm in the Hall of Fame indirectly views being a sour. actually my firefox, because, I am unable to help John Clayton any just actually between from John Clean for those he'll just actually through in I'm a hall of Fame just in the middle of that we'd. Unbelievable, if you gave you have to pick a time to use this time. He he's been toward forty five superboss. This is, Sean Salzburg. You guys,
actually best friends? If this has been like, like lifelong commitment that you guys pad to each your brothers from another mother. I expect Sean to step in and to try to discuss, just drawing and I'm a hall famer I mean that, is it wasn't you're all famer, there's a lot of perks coming come. Your way, you know you could sign autographs forever people want talk about you, The boy always introduce you as all famer, but really when it comes down to it. The the number one perky is when you are complaining about your cable provider. You casually slip in I'm a hall famer, in that we enjoy claims old enough. Where he's not there's. No joking, there's no well go you just actually treated ten minutes ago, saying tried to the site, but it doesn't have a log in John Clayton John. We can locus with your streaming visit, help centre, dot, locus dot, Org, enter your login address. We have technician standing by tonight, so thank you just cause the impasse in email. You got ha
He has lost its problem, John there's a thing called the internet and it's got certain websites that you can go to and watch tv under computer juggling would not illegally stream the Superbowl. I think he respects the institution too much yeah yeah. This is I wouldn't John Clay needs a fork. Unsuitable guys dissolve. Amer is inside. I want a freak out if you're drunk lanes neighbour, you know it Conklin Neighbour, first of all that that's not like some guy that you don't recognize, he's got its blasting. Slayers gets a sweet, ponytail invite. Him over to your house. Just give him your house actually gonna work. Get sick and want to be at, like a group party with a bunch of people invite him over give him your house take one for the team is the super bowl is clean a great he's, a hollow famer. Please hold him dominion in your house ghosts. or else and watch it. We need to solve this immediate he's hall Famer, fifty your firefox. By far the rest of the week. Is I just found out that OJ got the vaccine before I did work only
Ojo Simpson got vaccinated, I know technically, he falls into it. Risk category, everyone around OJ laws into a high risk category Hank. but that should be one of those things. Where's likely eyeball task. Where, if you ministering, potentially saving medicine and then OJ walks in There should be a doctor in room, that's like next. Yes, we're, not Guineas skipper. Dummy vaccine yeah now would have OJ was just like I'm afraid. Needles actually look away let me start doing going nowhere. Do I not get abandoning the lollipop anyway, so good for Roger I'm glad that he's going to survive this post I've been worried about that growth has taken, way too many scumbags from one of the good ones made it through LISA Billy All they go J did it?
really we're trying to get it on you. I think it was his son. Now we re talking about such a perfect torture teach these poor was out my pipe. My real Firefox was gonna. Be. Did I own appreciate, football enough do a whole like pump album rooting for you, like. I really you genuinely love you all this up and then he just fuckin drops out like that. How do you like it? It would have been caused me that was so bad. You don't ice. I didn't know who does not know what thou know: you're, not re, already J, no, our fellow you're, our Kelly. What did you do? That was so that I believe that my fire messages you have just not said that you look really goes. Is ITALY's returned for life high wire fences. You me a headache I wake up with inside because only drink a thousand course lights. Have this right Why are you so? You can have a headache when,
like it also come from getting knocked out those like the joke. You would allow this out. I started off my back China. Also. What do you got? One gets a year is the cleanest, pure Spirit, America. You never got a headache, I know a guy. I can't we greatly gb there can responsibly drinking yeah personality. Hunters Billy fulfilled my firefox. Is I do not appreciate you enough? I love you. I want you to win for me for Phd every Liam for Hank for Jake and forever the aid we all out, there were all rooting for you. I think you're going truly think you're gonna win. Ok, I do the hard parts I've done. The harp you ve done the hard part just go in there, and I say one thing you zirconium bizarre promote. I think you should just. I think you might have to go back promote on his ass? I well yeah, it's gonna have. Are you guaranteeing either promote I'm guaranteeing the foliage
When are you gonna get into preserved about? What's it's a stage of being I tell you how you already he's into early. Of course, what we talked about this you know like we with her Craig kettle. We talked about how he gets this level of psychosis, replace it sort of you know being where you take? use your mind to get your body into a total high elements of operation, yes, and when we hit that after you know scheme, big meditation you take Ivan concentrate I'm really studying this whole training camp. How to get myself in the zone and get in preserved remote, here, you see it tomorrow night and I cannot wait. I tonight tonight what what are you on the internet? There are you gonna do this like before you walk out our african? when I entered the state. The trance, the focus I to enter before I walk out to the re. It's all about envisioning greatness
envisioning? You know triumph it's it's very its deep, its deep It was hard to explain. I now resilience preserve mode, four use arrest, that's how it's it's gonna be insane and ya. See I just like to thank everybody who has now been set kind of garden, room for it in lorries are yeah. I may regards, would you say many, many wasn't sure guy but returned. Six draft arise yes at school by road, for I know a guy, I let everybody to Ireland. I went away. We will wait a minute alone with your already look come on. If it loses, he let me go MIKE. I will be let I've we won't come back, but I don't want no joy,
we I mean you little time, don't go out. Last week, every girl Abilene earlier value only like before you go back out. I got some spots, you can all work disappear. Do I really do think you're gonna win a mixed, I did for you, you want to play. in the road of yellow eyes. The I like you and I left. I merely- shall I want that on the record so that if he does get knocked out, people don't blame me Well, you know those who defend your honor. I really did want to fight me. Talking about for years I was, but this is the perfect opportunity for years. I think you can talk about a pretty much easier. yeah, so this zone were right, but if I get knocked out and egregiously masquerade, big cats, Olympic TAT Song
Yes, well, I didn't. While he hears the beers spins aye, aye absolve. I urge all of you to ask his Billy. It would actually be not worse thing, because then you would stop talking about weren't final report. True, I mean our tat kind of a greater rivers, but If you win this fight, if I went to fight a video or all of them were those going window, Joey's box, inquirers dose going our Billy, we love you, for the two, a random numbers: Jake, oh yeah, Jake, heartache, He had a mighty forget about her good son. Roger. we are dealing with a bag. Fire first is Niccolo inside they consider doing it. Whoa broadcast what they backed out, but we heard this during the interview you guys have a thousand each year.
This may also on Billy has wholesale during two thousand, so I'm is again thousand alteration boy, you're, gonna, fuck, em up I'll. Do that? that will be the? U periscopes away from your personal account on twitter, equal back me. I think this is a real team outbreak about. Yes, my apology, look out gather cloud baby I numbers, big horns, eighty came with ninety Diane's car accidents to their brain. Eighty, nine Every time they hate each other worlds are actually a giant colt. Thirty wine birds are real forty seven Chris worry, seven bridge. I really love. Yes, let's go Billy!
saw him all tat very morning. He's gonna break is, I think, in Panama, Could you put out of work? You stood up, I'm gonna put you back like to purchase and put it quite simply. Psychology under looked parties looking for pebbly, he must be tackled at the age of building a bloated players. Take you in your head between road through your life, but don't was tearing.
however, your wife right now, you're gonna get really bring you now you're gonna give me your PA was born out of her head upon its part,
my take presented by bar stool sports.
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