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Super Bowl Champion Chris Long

2017-02-09 | 🔗
College basketball season is back and we miss Dickie V calling the big UNC/Duke game (2:57 -12:00). Charles Oakley vs James Dolan and a power rankings of ex-athletes you would least want to fight (12:00 - 18:40). Super Bowl Champion Chris Long joins the show to talk about Bill Belichick smiling, what the halftime locker room was like in the Super Bowl, and the first 15 minutes after winning the big game (18:40 - 40:22). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Sabermetrics, Perspective, Respect the Biz, As A White Guy, Emergency Who's Back, PR 101 for Sean Spice on how to deal with big J Journalists and Jimbos of the week.

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