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Thanksgiving Special With Blake Bortles, Martin Truex Jr, Julian Edelman, and Billy Football

2017-11-21 | 🔗

Special bonus double episode for Thanksgiving Week. We start with the NFL games on Thursday and coach firing season(2:05-12:31). Hot Seat/Cool Throne(13:25-26:10). Blake Bortles joins the show for a Wikipedia meeting on Thanksgiving and we talk about his 7-3 Jacksonville Jaguars(26:15-41:02). Special Mt Rushmore of Thanksgiving Activities/Food42:30-53:15)). Segments include PR 101 for Ray Allen getting catfished and the Braves losing all their prospects(53:17-59:58). Trump vs Lavar update and Shoe Roast(59:59-1:06:04). 

  Billy Football joins the show to explain Net Neutrality to us as well as Higher Education/Guys on Chicks. 2017(1:06:52-1:15:33) Nascar Champion Martin Truex Jr joins us in studio after his Championship race on Sunday to talk NASCAR, what he would be doing if he wasn't a driver, and whether or not he should be able to wreck cars in high speed chases(1:15:35-1:30:43). New England Patriot Julian Edelman joins us to finish Part 1 of his interview last Wednesday. We talk more Brady and Belichick and other stories on his career in the NFL(1:31:30-1:53:34).

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