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The 2017 Takies With Special Guests Rachel Nichols, Mark Titus, Chris Long And More

2017-07-20 | 🔗
Ladies (sup) and gentlemen, we present to you the 2017 takie awards, the only award show by guys for dudes that love takes. Warm up for the takies includes OJ talk (2:32 -7:15) and the Mt Rushmore of old takes/dumb things we thought when we were kids (7:15 - 21:25). The Takies include awards for Take of the year, snowflake of the year, journalist press box complaint of the year, podcast listeners of the year, the Nyquist award for biggest fraud of the year, special guest appearances from Rachel Nichols, Mark Titus, Chris Long, Michael Rapaport and much much much much much more

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