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The 2018 Takie Awards (Feat. Blake Bortles, Mr Portnoy And Paul Bissonnette) + We Started A Beef Between CJ McCollum And Kevin Durant

2018-07-27 | 🔗

The 2018 Takies are here but first we discuss starting a twitter beef between our friend CJ McCollum and Kevin Durant (3:45-13:16). NFL training camps open and Ryan Tannehill has a knee brace letting us know he's about to take the next step(13:17-18:15). Mt Rushmore of things you love that you lose your mancard over (18:16-29:05).

The 2018 Takies. Our Year End (Middle of the year award ceremony). 

19 Total Awards given out. Categories include

-Rick Reilly Tweet of the year

-Burner account of the year

-Blake of the year

-Lib of the year

-Song of the year

-Bad Take of the year

-Stephen A Smith Take of the year

-Podcast listeners of the year

And much much more. 

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