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Pardon My Take is getting a television show called "B******* V** T***", every Tuesday starting next week, 1 am eastern time on *****. The guys talk about the entire process of getting the show, what it means to them and Barstool and details on how it will all work. DONT WORRY NOTHING IS CHANGING WITH PARDON MY TAKE. We get serious though (Brazzers Music) (20:57 -43:01) 

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all today is part of my take we have no guests and a big announcement you're going to want to wait for that we also have some cubs nats recap game five and the fantasy experts and a bonus you're going to want to make sure you tune in because pft sings the electric yeah it's got to happen it's like literally two scrubbers telling you will make sure you keep trigger you tune in later in a minute for this but before we get to all of that i want to talk to you guys about big ten network tailgate btn hell gate there be live in maryland this weekend maryland in northwestern are playing i love big ten football football guys love big ten football and you got to be watching the big ten network tail gate pt entail gate you can watch it every saturday morning ten a m eastern make cartoon in and if you can't be there you can text in and they'll have a sign for you so you can text in assign you text into two
four four hundred and ten it's the fantic and sign so if you want to talk a little smack to a fellow big ten team texted in twenty four thousand four hundred and ten and you can have a fantic in sign just like all the big sign game you know you can you can hold it up you can see your sign it's cool in the game and the pre game are great so tune in big ten network btn tailgate gate you're going to want to watch a ten am eastern and eastern and they will preview all the big ten games that are waiting for us on saturday and with that let's go
six thousand a st there is knowledge and lots of work to be done through hang out i want things and i can't swim pool on the sun all snow we gonna rock down to other trick ave and then we'll take it higher us welcome to part of my take it is friday october 13th an pft is it the next year it's the here as i've always said this is our time i'm not sure if you're actually said it was in that year he did on our show it's unfortunate it's unfortunate being me i don't want to like waddle in my own sorrow but as a fan of the national and the capitals
get me to think like maybe somebody from dc sports like went back in time and stepped in our kardashian or something the worse yeah this is cursed yeah it's it's at this point we could say maybe maybe mark rip and got what's your name the the matriarch of the kardashian family got her pregnant and then had a divorce or some what about the like bobby brister was by brister who'd been knocked himself out no you have a gus for august right yeah there we go as for i'm not himself thanks alright wait before we talk about what we want to set the stage here we do not have a yesterday we have a big announcement and it's coming up after we do our regular business so make sure that you tune in it's a very big announcement all the award winners going to listen everyone is going to want to hear it it is about a big incoming yeah so very exciting i'm so excited for you guys so we should take note worthy also that let me just say this because it's tough to like say how
and i've been disappointed in sports in my life because it's like it's bad it's probably ninety five you're going to get some serious pft talk right now i'm gonna i'm gonna pull back the curtain true true true true true true true the worst part is saying gee you know two of it's a sound very those close okay you can say budget ju ju ju ju charm it's not it's not losing that's the worst part for now and the losing his bad jayson werth is worth jayson werth is off worthless fuck the losing isn't the worst part it is very very bad part but the worst part is like now there's no hope
and i get to watch you help caps nobilis and that's like that's like seven eight months from now i have to go eight months without hope well ok you have at least like yeah i got another week another week in the doctors are probably going to have to watch you having hope and having like this look in your eye like a kid christmas that an me it's i got nothing yeah the game five was a mess it was a train wreck it was basically dusty baker and joe maddon just seeing could be worse at managing a bullpen at both bullpens were terrible comes with is atrocious i will it was a very entertaining game for a lot of weird reasons dusty baker is too thick going who's a very upset does see i thought at one point had to to fix his mouth is gonna start a fire like a boy scout yeah right and we had a we had a terrible pop up rule we're you know guy comes off the bag i said it before it worked the cubs here but i think it's the worst rule in baseball when a guy comes off of a bag in the hole to slide for like a set
get longer and he's off by a centimeter and they watch a million replays like yeah you know what he was out you miss the human element don't yes the human element is meg human element guy i hated that and this is i said this is how skynet starts this is how the robots start to take over when you tell them so hard and fast rules like oh if the guys foot accidentally comes off for a second as momentums caring through then you have to call him out yes next thing you know they're launching nukes enters it was it was a weird series two because everything basically that we thought for the nationals came true like their pitching was unbelievable trosper an unbelievable game four to get its game five sure is obviously they lost that game but he was unbelievable structures on we will game one the cubs weren't that good and it just like it
basically to like drunk fact guys trying to get to the finish line for game five right and the cultures managed to get there before the nationals comes stumbled over the line and it's like they hate now we got to get on a flight out to la and john locke he's gonna put you guys yeah you guys won the dizzy bat race right congrats it was a weird like it it never felt like either team was playing well they kind of playing poorly what aid is like okay i guess yeah we ran out of time little little connect the dots for you guys out there the final four cities represented baseball new york la chicago houston those are the four biggest cities in america for biggest markets whoa so let's see look at it again let's see gathering yeah let's see like at avis yeah earn added again had to get her the cross creeping up on him yeah by the way so what does this mean the the a fc fc championships are going to be the rams the texans the doe the
errors yeah and the jets yeah no it's probably going to go the other way for that one it's going to be like the jaguars and kansas city ks city and like minnesota and i i don't know who else then it will stop there yeah who cares yeah i do to happen yeah okay i also have to hey we can't we can't let leave this ernie johnson ron darling maybe the least electric duo to call an elimination game in sports they it's not like they just like hanging out like earning sounded like he was in the booth with like chuck woodchuck was eating like shaq would just tripped over himself as the middle of february it sounds like dude we're in elimination game i was thinking this when i was listening sound like ernie johnson was like on the phone with his wife and the other hand and then he just like pop into the mic and be like that's a double and ron darling help pick up an extra thing of flowers on the way home with super
yeah and then ron darling like he just was consistently wrong all night and just kind of weird about it cuz he was very confident i don't like nash a cruise for baseball 'cause it's weird baseball is one thing you gotta know the teams i don't know they should give us an option and you know what i'm going to say it i miss joe buck joe buck great he's joe buck has a big game that's a fact yeah he could do you could say the exact same things that ernie johnson says but there's something about right bucky hear that voice you know what its pageantry so the cubs are on to their third street and lcs take it brats i think i'm gonna send my my season ticket email the might my buddy who his number came up for season tickets in two thousand twelve and there's like thirty people got email and i was the only one who applied like yeah i want season tickets with you and every now and then when the cubs do something big i just reply to all thirty and be like hey guys probably should've bought season tickets if people don't really like to get everybody like you got a winner here gracious all right we have a little nfl preview and we're
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well that's not entirely true okay he kind of stinks he likes it yeah i feel like when came when everyone's like camps put it all together is like hey guys watch that hey hold hold out a cada watch this is millennials to please get a just throw three interceptions look like traction he didn't disparage women this this us point they were on twitter bakul yeah but this receiver did wrong the wrong route so there is that part of it route route route yeah route route remembrance debate you yeah he he looked okay like he made a couple this place were like oh yeah that's came noon again yeah and then he had a few where it was like you knew that he was going through an intercept so we had the game on we have both games on the baseball and football sir kana glancing at football all i knew that i ever tell i looked up cameras you throwing a terrible pass or carson when
i'm just trying to truck like linebacker soon he just what he just runs any thinks that he's a full backing it's wild any seems like every other plays doing christian kaffir to that mccaffrey and kind of likes to lower shoulders a little bit and he consistently gets tackled very violently knocked back like two or three yards but he keeps doing god bless missile will try hard yeah and then we keep cally yeah that's that it is said i'm glad that they didn't have the camera and look like they did last year when he was crying when there yeah it was confused where he was yeah so i guess that that little like device he wears around his neck that's designed by woodpeckers to prevent concussions guess it doesn't really work so back to the drawing board i'm all right so let's do some pics are we have the p m t cup this weekend this is big yes so the two quarterbacks in the nfl that a recurring guest on the show makes up for any don't jerk off and blue
portals they are two of our favorite people in the nfl and they're squaring off in what's sure to be a barn burner yeah as we all had circled on the calendar at the start of the year the jaguars and the rams first place jaguars and the second place for first place ramps ok first place rams wow so primetime game three hundred and five and three hundred and five that's not going to type it should start at three or four or five yeah sure whatever it starts sometime in the afternoon on sunday so make sure you tune it going full time so yeah maybe three or five so we're going to make a trophy for it it's just going to be a cup of coffee cup so it's really going to miss in it for all sunday i'm going to josh on piston then we're going to wrap it up real tight and it's the what i'm gonna write job best nfl quarterback like it's like world's greatest dad yeah the world's greatest nfl quarterback week six two thousand seventeen and small right yeah are let's do your pics where you got what you got hank taken taken our boy mitchell mitchell
one and a half six and a half okay given he's going to the ravens the bears are to be sure there are bad with mitchell for risky says breakout one spread i'm not always a bad yet okay juries are scheduled if they're one oh against spread against the vikings right but they got the ravens this week and then after that we would be playing oh you know what ever thought about this let's see how this all plays out mitchell is playing against two purple team so he knows who not to throw to the stock well that's good yeah i love the saints is mitch color blind man is the hank okay good confirmed mission is risky not are we we denounce disavowed all accusations that mr misty was color blind men were brought up by pf know many people are just all right if you would you got let's get the rumors are that mitch is color blind yeah i like that my i'm gonna take you know what i learned my lesson i'm not gonna take any dc teams so i'm taking the forty niners to cover you locked up with their due so the
every week of forty niners a covering against the whatever they never cover they just like the play every game closely somehow yeah so there you go there like to attend a half point underdogs okay so this week so they're gonna keep a closer all right i'm gonna do a little do the the rat line of the week the walkie game of the week the rat line i'm the i'm taking the steelers plus four and a half there's no sense no makes no so they also says there in kansas city right should be like seven biggest what do about that so are we sure the ben roethlisberger's bad well his last he threw five interceptions that that was a walkie get out was a very strange game yeah big been might be hurt are even worse injured yeah all right and now we have so i what what what our record so far we have a look at some tell sir i can still tells a record forty niners you tell yeah whatever the forty niners against a spreader that's what i all right let's get to play makers up so three
everyone knows we're re watching the classic show playmakers that aired on espn the nfl i was too hot to handle we didn't so i keep a guarantee we gave guarantees that we did not keep up it's ridiculous that we literally made a book club where we just watch a show and we couldn't get through one one slash two weeks were in an elevator today we just look actually roche it we're not going to do it time to watch playmakers what we did do we're delegating yeah we had we had liam who's not really an intern anymore he's kind of just liam he watched playmakers episode three slash four oleum tell us what have a book report so they lost to the worst team in the league to trap game is trapped in it was close at the end quarterback threw a pick the one who does a bunch of bills yes okay that's gonna okay this time really been struggling around yeah the
the linebacker don't know his name dolce kay i'll tell what color that like scrapes the moon yeah you got a guy the store brand brian are yes yes watch it best quarter the episode told and don't think about it so i can kill you was that when he was doing his tapping his head to pick your see t yep crazy thinking kills you i like that more running back drama the trade deadline was coming up so the old guy who does steroids was about to get traded but record scratch yup wife doesn't want to move the family oh so he has an open chain no trade clause yes now is he banging that tv reporter yet this fantasy yeah but he's thinking about it okay
i actually just read i washes up so last week but you have he was but he was being an importer the wife knows basically call the most logical moving without reporter and i walked out there's a lot of drama the in the the quarterback the coach made him throw like a ball in front of the team had a strong practice he was so rattled but it was like if you're if you're the quarterback is make this throw he's got the yep it wasn't even close he's just stopping at the hips big time ok then it went to another game the other the other running back did the dishes jackson before desean jackson on the last play the game wait wait wait wait we found patient zero of the epidemic of dropping the ball in one yard line is from playmakers yes oh my god holy shiz show was a cultural it's a cultural tastemaker know we've
we've been trying to figure out like why players dropped the ball into one yeah no ones pointed back to this to this seminal the it's very similar nfl movie wild tv show that's unbelievable okay then they go to club after some guy yells you suck at him one of his friends takes mountain the alley shoots an episode wait what shooting who are player on the team shot another was friends no one ever star running back yeah he started running back with dust crap you also didn't mention his meeting with the team owner in the team owner was like he was hanging out with friends are bunch of hooligans and the team owners want to make you the face of the franchise and then pulled out his three friends as record and that one was like but you got arrested for like assault and battery we've got arrested stealing like you gotta hang change who you hang out with we didn't change and then it's shots in one shot a guy in his p word we don't say this is ron free word anymore prequel to pac man jones ok so is that going to be ok or is he dead i don't know he's probably will turn into episode four
right we will tunein later i'm not going to make the same mistake i'm not going to guarantee it will turn it up so i know i will one of us is going to watch episode four one of the four of us will watch episode four and then report back so that was the play book club we haven't even been able to get through more we watched i watched two episodes i watched washelli like halfway through devlin came in and he's seen it all like ten times so he might have to do it next week looking course he has a right about to get to the big announcements yes before we do that i want to talk to you about our friend michael rapaport he's got a new show it's called white famous want check it out it is premiering this sunday october 15th at ten p dot m only on showtime starz snl vet pharaoh as floyd mooney a comedian whose careers about to blow up he's not sure he's ready for all that he can
make it without losing his soul so it's actually based on jamie foxx real life experiences and like i said it premiere curse on sunday two episode premiere sunday night october 15th at ten pm only on showtime our friend michael rapaport paw is in it he's probably got some new york accent he probably does go head you know though you you solely you know the whole thing so white famous it's a new showtime original comedy series check it out this sunday october fifteenth ten pm all on showtime two episode series from your you have something as well for us i do yeah i want talk to you guys real quick about blue bluehost blue good website provider powering over two million websites whether you're a blogger or a small business owner bluehost has everything you need to build a website you've always wanted bluehost is best tool to build host and manage your personal or small business website it gives the freedom to design your website your way without being limited by templates blue
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how to get into some uncharted territory we i think indiana one thousand nine hundred and twenty months that we've been doing this show we have only done one episode where we haven't had a guest we were hungover i think after the masters like three weeks into doing the show that's right yeah so we just decided we're going to just go it on her own and it since then we scrambled every single week every single show to try to get some because we don't want you to listen are boring the entire time what this shows gonna be a little bit different big cat you wanna take it yeah i'll say it's three so i think a lot of cool ring a lot of people have heard the rumors the might of heard some hints at it when we're talking about it around it out last week but we it is official it is officially announced it is signed we are being a show to espn two so is called barstool van talk and it's going to air on
tonight's wednesday mornings one hundred am matter perspective matter perspective right so actually in denver it's eleven thousand one hundred pm it's here in the west coast it's how do time zones work is it's actually full rappaport sisters day if you're on the west coast the nice thing is the show is going to be filmed primarily in then he would head yes so we have i guess cameras are getting set up in their lights of skins added a whole i have no idea how they're doing it but then he's going to be
our primary studio it's going to be a lot of fun to be a lot of work yeah but the good news is for fans of the podcast we're not changing a thing with poor my tell so we're gonna keep going monday wednesday friday just like always yep if anything it might even make the puck as a little bit better i think we're going to be getting a new guests for interviews on the tv show yeah and they're going to in turn the gas on the podcast so how it's gonna work reaction hey come interview us and talk a sweet so ever can kind of know what we've been going through for the last like three four months because there's been something we're working on for a while haven't been able to talk about it that many times just going back and forth but like pft said the guest on he barstool van talk show which will be one hundred am on wednesday morning on east really tuesday night let's not it will be every week the guests that was on the tv show will also be on the podcast so we're going to if you want to get the best of the guess you gotta watch the tv show and listen to podcasts we got some great guests already
and like the if he said i think this make the podcast better because our best moments are when we are in the foxhole together yes and not to steal valor but grit week one of our great week i think everyone all the were doing this there's no that that is like when we're at our best and we do this show we've already been taping some stuff we're together all the time we have you know shared experiences and everything is strong our worst shows are when we're all one way because each other area four days that we show up or like our let's put together show we have literally just about left each other's side for like what feels like a month now right but it's going to be actually one of our best shows was last friday people were saying it was a layer show start finish we taped for twelve hours after yeah those are those are one of our longest days of work besides grit week days and yeah it turned out it turned out pretty good the nice thing is also hank it's obviously going to be coming along on this hank is going to be producing and so
three of us are creating content basically you don't twelve hours a day we'll be working together on anyone and the stuff out of it would had so i think you guys really like it and if i could get serious i'd i'd give my most since thanks to all the award winning listeners out there if wasn't for you guys and the responsive and the way that you've connected with us i feel like we connect with you guys obvious this never would have been a possibility if you told us eighteen months ago that we would have a television show i think after that first show that we did especially yeah we probably would have called him liars now we yeah but it's amazing as a test i'm into you guys and to without a doubt the ways that you guys have connect with us and made our show but aren't sharpens iron the award winning listeners we are basically everything they've they've prop this up they have given us everything that we have used to then get to the next level we're going to hank
to us interview us and we'll get some details ever get all their questions answered right now alright my first quest fifty kind of already answered but how is the tv show going to affect the part of my take podcast okay yeah we i think we answer that a little bit it's it were the guest is going to feed the podcast so yeah on the on the tv show it's going to air on you know tuesday night we're going to tape really like a forty minute interview that person inventing what had what we already to us about so tuesday night's the first show yes and we already taped scott van pelt we went up to bristol on wednesday that's part of the reason why we were absent the reason why some you know we weren't around for all the crazy stuff on a bar so we're up in bristol all day we basically were working for seven hours straight and we taped
help and that will be next wednesday's podcast but the good stuff is gonna be on this like we did some really funny things they can only live like you know visually think think like exit interviews things like that right so the idea is we tape you know fifty minute long interview with whoever the subject is inventing what had and then we we take the best eight or nine so work for television and that goes onto the tv show and the rest of it which is still going to be a good interview that goes directly to the podcast so they're they're to feed each other we're going to get some really good guess too that we wouldn't normally be able to get because of working with espn steam is it only going to be espn guests no no absolutely no in fact good question hank great
we chose scott on purpose for for sure because scott has been a friend of the program for a while scott is supported us and behind the scenes been kind of a mentor to us a lot of like advice a lot of being you know telling us you know this is this is the best way to do things and just giving us kind of our yoda so he was a no brainer first episode cast and he atlas and he did not disappoint if we taped it already so it's already being edited it and it's already ready to go and it's fucking hilarious is really squared but we swore ok that's that's more that's another good point hank i don't know if you did you have a question about like if we're going to tone stuff down or anything like that of course so do you want to ask that 'cause i was about to dovetail off with big cat said but will just jump to that question since you guys espn are you gonna have to tone down your content watching hank so for example was a cot we had a long don't reveal it yeah yeah we said some words but it is actually going to be it's going to be interesting because we're not gonna lie to you guys there are things that we can
say on espn hey i kids turn it up if you get a kid the car park it say that yeah i'm not santa ana but it's one am yes it's espn two and we did that specifically maybe that's the only thing they gave us an offer for we did that specific shows one am because we want to make sure that our for into tv is is as close to what we can do and and we have had the guarantee back to us that they're going to let us be us they're bringing us on todo barstool van talk they're not expecting us to be totally different people and that's why we did the van but we don't want to studio we don't want some we want to be in the van when appris down you know the holes in the van we probably won't show that but you know if you're watching the van we probably missed in the van right before we hit the camera that is true so they did offer us a big studio to use like they offered us they offered us know we can't say that they didn't offer anything else so
the studio was offered and we said you know i think it would be more us if you just put us invented it yet let us roll with it yeah so yeah we're not going to be able to say the words that we say necessarily all the time like fuc which is a great word but at the same time we're going to have to figure out ways to still be us in those parameters i think that we're going be able to do it next question is how did the name bar van talk come to be ok another good question right i walk through the process real quick so everyone kind of knows behind the scenes a little bit if you know had the comedy central run down in february on the super bowl after that erica kinda sat us down and and we we went back and forth coming central or co erica our c o erica nerd anyway i'll get to yeah we went back and forth coming central wasn't gonna be if barstool has always in this is something that dave has always thought that to find a way to get on tv and he's always said we're going to get on tv one way or another to get more eyeballs an and get what we do out there so
erica satis sounds like we're going to try to get uh tv show we're going to try to you know do everything we can espn came to the table it was a long negotiations erica our was a rockstar she went through a lot of stuff to try to back and forth to make sure that what we do is is protected also has had our back through and through and dave has always said he doesn't care if he's the first person to be on tv he wants barstool to be on tv we are the ones that were kind of the easiest fit which is how this show is always worked and so part tool van talk came to be and it's a testament to to erica it's a testament today for believing in us and knowing that we can you know be the be the tip of the spear to get into the television market
a tip that's kind of my trademark for many years now but seriously eric has been like it's behind the scenes stuff that people don't really see and we've been going back and forth this deal has been back and forth for a really long time and it's been up and down and there's been you couldn't say and i know some people sometimes like oh why aren't you tightly like for instance when things happened on wednesday it's like we had just lay low because we're dealing with this deal and we're trying to get everything still trying to raise all together and were happy the erica and dave have kinda chosen us to help lift all bar stool and all the good good people parcel supported us yeah and it's a shout out to all of them like every single blogger every single sales person every single tech person can have all been awesome and it feels like we're all kind of get on tv together are you guys gonna be working in bristol no no that's that's no wait no heart not your
cafeteria we are going to be visiting bristol i'm sure from time to time yeah but open iron with ryan but we are like we said we are bars employees that's not going to change we have contracts here we're not espn employees yes yes i've been producing the show they're not yeah we're producing it with michael davies at embassy row right so it we're really excited to work with him and his team are there all awesome people they've done it a million times they're great to work with but no we are i'm going to be staying here in new york going to be recording the shows maybe at every time but most shows are going to be recording from the barstool hq maybe on a sunday night when we're filming something at this at the other studio will do the podcast down there but no we're staying in new york we're not espn employees that is not
in the cards that's not what this is about if i had to guess if you wanted to time yourself to where we're going to be every single week i'd say the beginning of the week we will probably be with embassy row in the van taping for the tv show back end of the week will probably be at barstool headquarters doing regular stuff rundown stool scenes all that stuff hit mix it up with everyone so were the connection is there were not going to bristol we're not going anywhere we're just going to be filming stuff down in so ho out of the van is the first show going to be the same as the four show like is it just going to be the podcast brought to life well i think if you listen to our podcast you probably know that we will anything that sucks most part i don't know what this could suck right now we have this problem says we won't do this segment on the next show yeah we're not going to announce the tv show next monday that's a promise yeah but we're going to evolve definitely i don't know what i i we have an idea what the first was going to look like but is that
the same form as second show i don't know it might be might not be but we're going to figure that out as we go and we're going to listen to all kinds to feedback so if you if you watch the first show and you hate it please make it wait until like the fifth or sixth word in your tweet or email to us to start because it well well here's the thing we if you're a bit if you been along long time was really show you know like pft says we evolved our first show is the worst fucking show of all time it was so bad we did i'm interviews we just awful sound effects it was terrible we quickly realized that we needed to evolve and we have done that very quickly and i think what makes this show great is we always take the criticism we always take what people think like hey maybe this is something you should we always take that and we really really like take it to heart so a good way for the tv show to be the best tv show ever is to not say you guys are i'll also never watching it say here's what i think might be better and will listen to
'cause we like to we'd like to hear from fans and we or never set with how we're going to do anything we know that the first show and the fourth show in the 80s show are all going to be different we're just going to try to just fine tweak it a little bit here and there and make it the best late night tv show you could ever watch fifty since sunday monday and tuesday of the busiest days are you going to still be putting up your monday called take a while i think you have to take your calls there so comment so yeah i want to say no comment but i'll address it a little bit address the heater if anybody out there read the column i put about i don't usually eight nine hours worth of work into it a lot on monday mornings which is usually right after a sunday night that were up until like two hundred am doing the podcast so schedule with the shoot schedule this coming up and with everything that's going on on sunday we're going to be watching the nfl all day monday we're going to be shooting all day tuesday
we're going to be shooting so the show can come out late night on tuesday unfortunately i don't think it's going to be anywhere near possible for me to continue writing the monday morning call which is it's tough for me to say because i love doing it it's been something really really enjoy that people have enjoyed for the last few and it's sad but i'm going to keep writing i'm going to maybe break it up into smaller blogs later on in the week or maybe just move the m mb m until thursday or friday when i actually will have the physical time to do it i haven't decided how to handle it exactly that if anybody out there has suggestions i would be absolutely i would love to because i want to keep writing it's it's you know what got me in this place in the first place and i'm still something i'm very passionate about and just to say that you know we have a ton of talented writers so if you're looking to read you know it's pft is is the goat in terms of his monday column but who's the goat tom brady okay so
we have really i'm going to forget someone who don't get put all gee we have to have you know nate chaps k marko trent rigs all these guys are really i probably forgot someone so apologies if i did but all these guys are a francis there all for instance would like flip out if i'd with their all we really talented writers feitelberg they're all really really tiny writer so all that's what we're talk about when we say the support of the entire like organization going to lift us up they're going to be helping us be able to do the tv show how many other people are working on the show good question ok so the primary staff the primary staff it's going to be big cat myself and hank that we're going to be the three that are in charge of the creative stuff we've got a really talented show runner names zigs and so ziggs he's going to be kind of running point on things six if you listen is get back to work you get back you're not supposed to listen yeah casting the out of here our cities yeah tim
typical isn't you can listen to your question yeah yeah who is nagging or the people we work with there's a there's a ton of people we have a great video director of video software like we've got a bunch of people were adding people we have editor it's probably going to be about like ten to twelve people you're going knowing that we can see more like ten yeah 'cause the other thing is we're going to be filming behind the scenes an letting people see what it's like to create a show because i i feel like people haven't done that before and we're going to really try to let you into our world and see what the creative process is a lot of times it's me and pft and hank sitting in a room a pissing in jugs and making each other laugh but maybe that'll be funny out there so we're going to try to share with you as much as we can on this entire process i guess point to get across is that it's going to be a small team yes so we don't it's not a big budget show at all but you could probably figure because it's one hundred am on espn two yeah we turn down the big money guys so
or keeping it which is nice yes that's it's like when you have a small apartment and you say it's cozy it's very very cozy show very very because the show you can spell each other one in the bathroom yeah a little call back here what out what were your as favorite videos that we worked on in the last eighteen months okay i'll shoot i mean so some of the things that we're going to incorporate and it's going to be the structure the show i can say is going to evolve but it's going to be some of you know like the topical stuff where we kind of get into the bates and riff off things we're also going to be incorporating like the canada boys or when we did the bowl game and fun stuff like that we did like the fake commercials are larry's picks there's a ton of like really funny videos that we that we are going to start using in this show and let them evolve how long will the show be running so in the contract it says that it's running through the super bowl so
i don't know we could we could say something stupid it cancel second week and i'm sure they could cancel it should already be cancelled for all we know it's true i don't know but the idea is to run it through the super bowl it's going to be every tuesday they're going to be couple specials thrown in there too maybe with some live elements around big events like if it there's a bowl game that they want us to go to or if there's like a champ game or a or maybe probably super bowl ad imagine they'd want do something around that so the idea is to go weekly on tuesdays but add in a sprinkling of like specials yeah how far is the theme song i'm going to let people decide that yeah you decide you're going to want to listen theme song is fucking fire it's very fire so rap up real quick we're very excited barstool van talk is premiering on what's the date
what is the date we should know that we should probably notice you probably know that it's like four days from now will turn around tuesday tuesday so tuesday the tenth 17th it is premiering espn twenty one am i know it's late you could at least dvr it they'll be great tweety's pictures of you dvr and records here yeah and then it might say jonah jacoby yeah so just record whatever's there might not be there yet so yeah if it doesn't say parcel then talk don't record the series yet yeah we don't be boosting j wrestling's kobe's numbers just as a what does arsenal life yeah yeah watch the first one live so barstool van talk is premiering the seventeenth we are very excited we are still bars to employees we are still doing part of we this is point that we kind of the i mean i i don't know if it was conveyed exactly but pft hank and i love doing this podcast in it is the v best thing that has ever happened to the three of us and it is the thing that we look forward to the most like when we even take
one day off if it's labor day we all have the same reaction like we got to get back in the studio we want to we want to be recording and i think that's part of our i think that's why people like us because you can tell we're having fun so we're never going to we're not going to stop doing this because we love it so much that was never if if the deal said you can't do part of my take as is and you have to agent anyway we were said absolutely not but the deal was presented and like we said erica and dave barstools kind of all getting behind us and the deal was presented we get to put a tv show on we get to keep doing pardon my take we get to bring you more content we're probably never going to sleep we're really excited for it and we want you to come along for the ride we're going to embrace you we want you guys all to to come and watch barstool van talk enjoy it and we're really fucking pumped scribe unsubscribe resubscribe to dvr yes so
and will be on personal radio so if you're on sirius if gives your subscription will be on the radio today police are all the other follow up question yeah call in with questions because we we really do care about you guys and we will to do right by you also if you have any questions anything you want to know about the show happy to talk about it we see this as probably the biggest opportunity we've ever had right and we know its owner i like this is one of those things where we we got we know what's at stake for our entire company and for all the people that we work with and care about and we want to do a great job and we want to all we care about is is making sure we put on the best it's a bull show and we've been given the opportunity to do that with really no restrictions and be able to keep everything else as is and that's why we said we would have done it for any opportunity this was the perfect opportunity we have a great support staff people who believe in us at espn and we're really really funny
i guess what we're bringing back the deuce espn two the bad boys are back you should we start vaping leather jackets vape show as a joke will just do this joke yeah produces oh we promise we will do airport reviews freaking do play make no i promise you will do airport rather get on a plane and fly to a different city than like scheduled time for me to sit down and watch a dvd will do one airport review will do one airport view i'm alright laguardia let's let's finish the show we have a couple of a couple things you want to say before we yeah but first of all that interview with the part of my take boys was brought to you last to vent talk voice forced to be v t activity yeah it was brought to you by miller lite i'm on a diet not really but if hypothetically could die so we should probably of the camera how many inches of the does the camera add like height wise i looked at the camera the other day and i look fat okay well are you big cats
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offers odds on everything else too including all major sports politics reality tv if you want to do a parlay against all the washington sports teams that is money in your pocket you can go ahead and do that i put there myself i recommend that and best of all they're going to give you a twenty five dollars free wager just for registering just by using i'm a code take twenty five promo code take twenty five if you i do deposit you'll also get a two hundred percent bonus match on your money once again go to betdsi dot com use promo code take twenty five all right let's get to some segments it is okay so that means our favorite new segment is back fantasy experts who we got i call it the fantasy fuckboys oh facebook would hit the music hank hank you it up this is the
part where we do it without the music in the actual studio for let's do it all right this is joey luciano okay this is breaking roast beef all right what do you write all the full i'm sorry all right this is caroline it's a great yeah one of the box and finally another sleeper for the rest documentaries rebel all right does a lot of i'm startin big is to dumb to realize these things now that's why he's going to come out he's gonna throw all over the field he's fatter than any read now that's a win for my six apple tv remotes you guys lose a little you put him in your couch yeah listen you mother why the old to get on the same side elastic waist in the winter elastic waistband and there's little little growing to yourself avoid poly paul listerine in the morning and right before you go to bed get a nice little that's really for october you must give way you've been drinking with three yeah as far they jump the shark to trendy with those shoes all my sin number carl lewis green day and even better value i don't know i just searched on twitter thank you ricardo old man who the is that guy thank
who is going to lose so carl lewis who does he play for his big sleeper because nobody wow yeah okay a catchy little sleep that's good that's good fucking good researchers actually gave us some research bronze player oh ok yeah browns fans motors target ways do has the most targets on the team this year so it should work for you know sleeper yeah all right next up of protective shield this is a horse that roger i mean you drink listerine did i don't probably called ok alright that's ok that's that's a good clarification we have a protective shield roger goodell's wife is pulling a kevin durant and i should not because she got defending herself but she's defending roger goodell on twitter in a way she's defending yourself yeah so well it could also be roger goodell stay woke so we are here to protect the shield i love this move where it's it's basically come down to uh san roger goodell's wife's
the only two people that are willing to protect the shield now it's sad with the last ones on the battlefield i actually like it i think it's a very romantic thing of her to do well in an anyone who has spent any time on twitter knows that if you tweet angrily someone you were sure to change their mind so this is she's basically said she's task yourself with if i sit down and tweet long enough i can get the entire nation to like the nfl i really wish that her account was still around because i want to see what it likes are i won't say who she was following i want to see all that stuff i wanna see if she's tweeted at me before i've said some things that are actually all set so maybe she just maybe she likes me oh yeah we are the protective maybe she's been tossing me those flirt likes yeah maybe she should reach out to us yeah she could join our wolfpack open invite to yes goodell we could just attack anyone a taxi nfl altogether all right next up we have
brace debate this is for trevor bauer the headline out there is did trevor bauer lou is the series for the indians because he supports donald trump that is a hot take hot hot as a very i burned my hand on a hot stove i think it's because he started blocking people while the game was going on and it was his political in nature on twitter does not stick to sports but i don't know i mean maybe is there is there a donald trump curse on the indian on the city of cleveland overall yeah i mean go back the caps yeah it doesn't look like the browns are going to they've only won one championship since the rnc there no wait they've one zero zero championships zero zero and see now yeah very interesting and then in a big draw but they won one under obama never one for one and under obama so i at first i want to get on board this just because the take was so very strong yes but
i'm going to say no i don't i don't i don't think it has anything to do with it in fact i think it would be more likely to be a successful picture as a trump supporter because i'm going to go out on a limb and say that most umpires are probably trump supporters yeah blue lives matter yes especially yeah that's what they call empire yeah so i know joe west i'm just taking a shot in the dark here joe feel like country joe might be pulling the lever for trump let's not let's not let's not put him in a corner here ok well it's like joe west talk with his muzzle or russell whatever the hell yeah he's got all right is there that's the only so i yeah i'm not fine i think that i'm pyres would be more likely to be lenient with a trump supporter picture maybe trevor bauer should just chill out man maybe that's what they should be just
chill out man because remember trevor bauer is the one who like almost cut off his finger with his drone he had his drone hobby last year we'd fly a drone before every game around the field and then almost like hanks almost done that to cut off his finger and now he's blocking now he's blocking people on twitter mid game so maybe trevor bauer just like i don't know just focus on pitching yeah i think i think it's mostly just boils down to trevor being a weirdo yeah so just chill out man little centric it shouldn't be normal man be a cool guy come down alright last up before we get to our big roasts with uncle chaps we have a that's enough internet for today so we got yes so tim horton's our favorite restaurant northville timbits tim is now their unveiling their natural tim but tim is unveiling i'm guessing that he's a guy that makes all the decisions like jolly rosy red cheeked guy in a canadian tuxedo timmy timmy and his
but his blood is actually syrup yes he is unveiling a lot today that's buffalo wing sauce how the yes i mean that's makes no sense and that's enough internet no you know what though i i'm okay with it i'm a big buffalo wing fan i there's a there's a big problem with combining greasy spicy food with something that naturally speeds up your bowels like a latte ok so like those two together are gonna have some synergy where you're going to drink it on the toilet okay so here's why i'm okay with it because it's tim hortons remember it's canada buffalo sauce in canada is probably just like like like died like
red dyed water ours no way that has any flavor maybe they call it something else and in canada maybe like buffalo sought them true meaning buffalo sauce is like sir yeah it's actually a piece of buffalo jerky in your coffee like a bloody mary yeah yeah yeah i'm okay with the idea okay with blood yeah with the light bill i only yeah yeah okay tim good job just make me will drink it that's all i'm saying all right let's finish up our show with our best friend in the whole world let's look kind hank hey you want is our next guest yeah yeah next guest is a local chaps okay shaft your aug thirty also the biggest astors been that i know yeah so you dress astros fan so it drops your were your your national champ you're very well known as jaguars fan right and we talked about this the jaguars are back meter yes so i said david garrards shity fedora means jaguars are official back on the meter you said different i think
one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine tom coughlin in his very lovely windbreaker is the new back okay all so if we see somebody wearing a windbreaker that's that's it's like tony boselli david garrard should be at the wind breaker from tom coughlin did you a jackdaw reels of the jacket that's like that's a good one before that's like five hundred what about mark propeller that can be five hundred yeah that's five hundred because you only do it once a member there him and mike nolan were like let's wear suits 'cause our dad's did rep in peace true hartnell rolling out to his left and like taking really high knees steps and having just like two face bars on his face mask is actually a fun fact for most jaguars fans out there mark pronounced dead us oh yeah 'cause he cried
oh yeah yeah i agree but then he cried wolf also wanna still probably also think about his bank account yeah right so uncle chaps is here is a water burger is this filtered water burgers trash though it is first of all shut up water burger is trash two texas guys going honey butter chicken biscuits are you slandering the hungry but that's not the thing like whenever you talk about a burger joint you're talking about the burger talking you can't say you gotta try water burger but the chickens really good i know this great rib joint but you gotta try the salmon yeah let's go to let's go get wings where at the sushi bar and you guys are speaking it like somebody that's never had a honey butter to cascade alright search apps you are here to read a soros reminder we do faroeste you gotta subscribe to pardon my take on just leave a five star review that sack
i think a little warning listeners are confused about that 'cause i got a lot of dms on roast i'm like i don't think that's how it works yeah they don't get it understand speak slowly missions but you know what that's like the blind leading the blind 'cause we're dump so our fans are dumb and we just kind of walk in circles together i've been practicing my reading a lot yeah i'm ready is there an accident that felt like a little english along with the jaguars and look at the london jaguars ok so you are practicing your reading so we're not going to make fun of you please don't turn i don't necessarily agree to that but i didn't either i was just saying hey quit my son yeah ok thanks thanks all right here we go we gotta stick together for the first one bed pot
that's good though you guys ask the kicker he's already like twenty minutes ago jay got any different shooting the shit with pals and now you like ice the kicker is completely man best podcast in the world chaps looks like sean whites mongo lloyd step brother who they hide in the basement during family parties which fits honestly with pmt's duo a pint sized kirko empty and fatter dom who's big cat ok that's good i like that the flying tomato even got you in there yeah i actually think you're up there like flying tomatoes probably still number one ginger it's ed shareen right and she
no no no no st ed sure and is like i went to an ed sheeran concert was electric he now he's got a lot of talent but he's also kind of a weenie which doesn't help djinn ever so yeah now that wint you're you're confusing winning with romantic okay sorry that quits twitter when people are mean to him that's just from it took all my god yeah tell you that everything i wrote i dominate matter urinal yeah your life i've i pissed next to him and he couldn't pee and i just i want to live with i just alpha he's like five foot two are you intimidated now by that but changing and p by pfe will see maybe not excellent put your money where your mouth is fat ugly stupid fat ugly and stupid ok
that was right to the point i was just very mean we clevelanders don't need anymore misery hermione granger in haggard stunt doubles dragged by east coast version of dobby the elf and indulge him in bdsm pleasures with boston at ok so that was too many big words i don't know this guy read the last this guy read a lot of those books about mice that fight each other like martin the warrior i feel like that was just like i am but pentameter like those screw me up he was doing that to funk with you just don't like that we can make fun of shops you can try who don't big words right an acronyms acronyms are very hard for yes they are like bdsm yeah you didn't even say it right bsdm bdsm he said it right sal paolantonio b my thoughts and illiterate air to the taco bell empire is the lucky pierre beat
magnum pi and janis joplin as they discussed topical sports takes like it's peeing in your office sink is a form of workplace harassment and educated women and their changing bodies that i mean that's for janis joplin's it rock and roll legend and she choked on a sandwich and died and that that problem me yes same thing no longer to elvis fell almost out of the twelve is no he died a bathtub yeah even appear person which might be a person which also what they write i don't know i like legos and like those at all might people mixed up dale earnhardt junior sandwich since they learn heart he had aids and drove into the wall no did the junior then the junior then picked up that legacy and ate mayonnaise sandwiches yes banana man had been outrageous we've just taking a left turn roseman
on an enormous hot dog with a mustache and his tiny wife rose rose leslie gargle guttural sounds in the voice of a walking boot for an hour while the illiterate producer pretends to know how to read that's pretty good man that was a good one i like that sometimes the shortest ones really cut that yeah they really get you fast and they just cut you and then they just let you bleed out like a pig hanging upside down dripping on the ground right now when the whole squads kosher roast fire emoji fire emoji six hundred and ninety six thousand nine hundred and sixty nine fat dog attack survive the force feeds chicago's bears talk while face bald cohost they wish is a literate war hero which shave his balls and glue it to his face that was farting
ugly man producer is a face to move when that they called hank were here yeah so after i know so much about i think the thing was a direct shot at me hello sir yeah that was bad okay so many some in other purple heart please would you think about mr risky start we're not we're not faced under this will not force feeding people bears talking with you think chaps kind of short to me ok alright gas station burrito the gas station burrito was a person it would be big cat facial hair they can't has a mustache of an elite porn star but the body of a before model for their weight watchers p f t has of facial hair of a twelve year old hispanic kid but the heart of a line that's actually pretty nice thank you i knew a lot of hispanic kids when i was twelve years old they had pretty good facial hair and lips cool yeah yeah they were all seventeen so thank you especially the model we're not talking danny almonte mustache lowkey thick yeah we could all dunk basketballs at twelve is crazy i school takes if you're in the market for a
cast where a fat degenerate losing gambler and a hippie with glaucoma give wrong prediction on games kill goldfish in pace in the sink during at reeds this is a podcast for you five star audio quality that was where is the rose there was not a rose out when i was looking at is right yeah that sounds like really to really cool guy thank you can make a reddit post about that wow five star a transition woman with cataracts john goodman stunt devil a homeless illiterate child let a war hero who spends his day blogging about whether or not he'd have sex with household items shaped like vagina throughout his wife is out of town after reading the third grade level eight hey no ok hold up pumpkins now
also you know there's a tree you bought you blog about fucking fruit when your wife is in town as well well if it gives me that look yeah just trying to get that suck right between if it's giving me that look who am i to say no do you like to start fucking prude you like to start a blog with the word fellas comma i do 'cause this is a block for men fell asleep so i'm using this pumpkin give you this look wyd at the view my blog is like a membership at the masters i haven't ladies connelly says welcome the last one i left chaps fat tom sellick his girlfriend teach mulennium about the world is not bad yeah that's something called worse yeah chaps were appreciate those fun i always laugh with you that was good it's good to laugh with the boys the fellas and when it was chaps did you spend some time in the jaguars pool did it was how was it it was great so i went to the jags game whenever they play the titans which
i'm going to let you figure it out idiots i wanted to what to twenty different jags game life never seen one in person which tony kahn who does like their statistics yeah said this like status klay impossible i don't think that's true even if they win at like three hundred i like at that point three zero yeah they lose twenty games every year yeah i'd be very easy so you watch like the first half and their second half was in the pool and i felt like i was just like him who are is my old friend lost the kill destroy and they're actually good this year right every other game they've like dominated or just barely lost like they did to the jets did you get a rash from the pool i didn't when as far as i'm concerned if you can go into a pool in jacksonville and come out healthy than you my friend one i was expecting the chlorine level to be like insanely high you can open your eyes on their fine chaps last quest and who do you have in our what we call it on your face the team no the fit no the the bowl the cup the part of my take
yeah the part my take up best quarterback in the nfl in week six jaguars rams portals are golf cough oh wow wow again i mean because the jags only through one pass in the for the second half last week yeah so i feel as we can if your team if you're up no he was complete an interception not it wasn't any zero receptions a second half night take care yeah when the games on the line yeah the manager all right that's our show everyone go download your blog thirty because chops is one of the funniest guys we know yeah and he is our favorite person in the world you stopped recording getting no can we stop recording this so this is all just checking the ether but yes go download right now zero block thirty chaps has a podcast comes out every single friday it's awesome you gotta listen to it listen to a story about how to congressman moulton showed an entire city in iraq sherron stones
vagina goop that's actually so download that right now and i wish i lived in iraq yeah that sounds awesome so you can see it here it's on youtube it's like saying like you know you can eat cheese here now i'd rather eat in paris the hummus is better there too and we will see you on monday we have data white on the podcast we met him in person i think he hates us to still be the judge love you
yes love yes
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