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"The Last Dance" Review, NFL Draft With Daniel Jeremiah + Mt Flushmore Of Toppings

2020-04-20 | 🔗
The Last Dance is finally here and we review the first 2 episodes. Jerry Krause is America's new villain and the MJ clips were incredible. (2:30-24:54) Who's back of the week including Coach Duggs and beach bods. (24:55-40:58) NFL Draft preview with NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah, why is Tua slipping? What position is deepest, what war rooms look like, and what scouts get wrong in the NFL. (42:49-1:20:17) Segments include 2 take quakes, (1:22:20-1:28:30) Mt Flushmore of toppings, (1:28:45-1:43:50) and Deep Dive with Billy Football as he explains his Beserker Bunker that he built by himself. Plus he may now own a zoo? Kind of concerning (1:45:12-1:59:48)

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