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The Undertaker, Mt Flushmore Of Business Decisions And What Makes A Cool Hat Guy

2020-05-19 | 🔗
There are no sports but we break down what makes a cool hat guy a cool hat guy (2:24 - 14:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Big Cat is reading a book and PFT has discovered the best new sports debate (14:50 - 27:30). The Undertaker joins the show to talk about his new documentary "The Last Ride" his career in the WWE, behind the scenes of wresting, inferno matches, and being buried alive (27:30 - 61:13). Segments include not to brag but we called it, Mt Flushmore of business decisions, and Guys on Chicks.
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On today's pardon my take. We have the undertaker taker awesome interview. Hero, mine, great time too can with Mr Taker more Callaway under go watch his new documentary out on We D network, now seas are episode. Threes coming out on Sunday We have hot see cool, thrown guys on ships in the mouth flush, more of worst business decisions. That's a totally random topic. We just came up with Mount Flush, more business, Mount Rushmore Business decisions before we get to all that pardon my take is brought to you by the cash app. Not always the easiest place, to send money to your friends. It's a if this and we won't ever to go to cash. Apps twitch, page twitch, dot tv, slash cash app and go for, their channel because cash streams everything a week and they give out free money. All you have to do it your cash take in the chat when they go, live so they're. Giving
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Why not? Its party mighty sets stools supported my case by the cash go since cried Hash have switched channel, which dot tv slash cash up. If you drop your cash tagging comments there, giving away free money they're giving away free money today. Wednesday may twentieth. And I actually have nothing I have nothing all my path, because guess what nothing is going on, except, I feel a little glimmer of hope. I feel
were were Pill Murray and whatever Bob baby steps You say that taxes, tech, snow, woe we break that news, not just going to say that I was just trying to see if I was trying to get it out of you. I don't I don't know what I'm here I'll he's keeping olives options. Do some soul searching Hank ever heard of it? Gotta talk to you know tat. You know it sounds like you're out of town. Now I don't know depends I mean I think. If we win the combo might be. You know too great dogs out, there's an yeah so nothing going on, except sports do feel like their slowly coming back, I have a prediction that we will have baseball and basque. All in the month of July. Let's go. I'm I'm going to confirm that prediction love. There is like the first Robin of Spring of Football coming back and that's been wrong. Asperger shaved spirit, daddy shaved, so the beard is gone, which no one knew because he blocked everyone Well, no one knew also, I think the governor is Madame.
The governors, like ok you're, not supposed to be going to barbershop right now, Ben It's never been one to really followed the letter of the law, no the spirit of it through the law for Ben. Is it your holding right guideline right, exactly it simply something that can be said out loud, but does not to be followed. Yes, over big Ben said that he would shave his beard when he could throw it into full football again. So I guess big band is making pass, it's gonna be grand, and Tom Brady had the first practice. They were the boxes and unofficial practice he's getting a little less than like games together. As long as are no coaches involves there and Tom Brady can do his like little backyard work out to people, but a few we ve gone at least two weeks without Tom Brady getting arrested down in Florida, so that's best progress for the box. The big bang thing now, like iron I'm so excited for big ban to be back because we we talked about a boar losing all of the house.
Rose of ours from from yesteryear. Vill Rivers is now with the colts, which is weird Eliza gone it just we need. We he began to come back and have a couple more years to FF. The laws of aging as a bad body person. It would be great to see. I also think that our friend duck Colleges has Canada's set of Luke Career path in place for himself where he could be the backup behind big Ben, and then he could sign a lucrative backup, quarterback contract elsewhere He could be like a David card type quarterback that you can like hangs out for twelve is good locker room guy people like em. What is so Mason rode off? I go. We actually just wait we're waiting for life. Three years for maize rough to sue the NFL yeah, yeah, someone anyone involved in litigation doesn't like us are founded on Monday show the whole microphones? No crowd noise is not going to bode well formation now for yet duck. Hodges could be the perfect backup. Guy could be old school like
Jim Sgi, was to back up for the court's yup. You helped me could be that guy. He could be like a child's White Hearst Do you have you, watching Charlie letters, Instagram stories. I have not he has been. I ease driving around on an atv around his property, along with his hat on women's rights on an errand he's got various forecasts. Yeah So you just where's hats like people Oh man, one fuck! That guy you won't! You keep that had on when you fought right. Measures agreed also leads to FUCK Indiana Jones, rang a kingdom of the cliff out. He's he's Finding like snakes on his property is a big job. Timber rad roused snakes and it made me realize I would absolutely watch Charlie white horse nature. Yes, there's something about guys. In where cool hats, it's just its not an goal for regular deuce, like the John Mayer, hats, Charlie writers have hat farewell not so much but just made Maybe I'll Jason Whitlock, the the guy
you can wear and of secure has had to sit all or every year by the purchase, something it's eight YO can be a scowl cap, it could be a production could be one of those in the Jones Hats. Theirs, something about due to can rock. Like cool hats and have feel normal. It's just there. Their upper on got zone. It is it's the same thing as I go in earring guy, so If you're a hat guy, you could pull off an airing like Bruce areas He just showed up would like a Harrison Ford hoop by the way Harrison forgery. He is not an airing guy. Now we all did on. If that. That's always really bothered me about him. Morgan Freeman, I dont think easier and guy either, but it always rocks more more bothersome bought Harrison Forest keeps crashing. His airplane set is tough, as you are actually forthwith, to crash like that he's, the world's worst pilot keeps going up there, ready with him fearless be a hack eyes out for some it here, cool hack. I treat me a picture of your cool hack, I'll know, right away and I'll tell you
whether you should decide how to keep it, because when a cool I shows up commands route. Yes, and it's really easy itself. Somebody is not a cool hack. I trying to pull off a hat instantly, been Roth Asperger Boom very go and he showed up wearing the fedora yeah wearing your look when it back herring of in the like Pugsy Malone shoe wearing the Jason Whitlocke hat, and you looked at big big bending you're, like Ben like talk to his wife and was like, I think, I'm gonna be hacked you don't just decide to be a hack. No one day people can see through well that look that specific look from big Ben. He just watch watch Dick Tracy that week eleven we will look at me. Yeah looked like the untouchable right right, Eminem Iraq, this look and no one's gonna have a problem with it creates the cool hack eyes met Cameroon. Gazing lacquer. Because he is a cool out. His ridiculous hats are usually like the fourth mode ridiculous thing. That he's wearing at any given moment. Yes, yes, men, we like it may well do those amount Rushmore of cool hack ice?
I'd love to see Eli Manning try to pull off now he care tat. He would never be able to do it, but you can do it he got rose for one of his hat. I guess he can't because it goes to. He said He does it in the very Brady fashion. He wills it by, like. Every time you see him in public? Is the Kentucky Derby are big boxing match in those are big time hat place, had events, so he he has like he's simply taken on wearing cool guy hats, like the six round picky is being like. I will find a way who hacking, let's run through some other quarterbacks, determine their hack, guys, Russia, Wilson, not a hack guy, easy. Aaron Rodgers, no Jimmy drop below maybe now on his. He no he's attractive enough that he could probably do anything. Yeah
and thou dude you wouldn't he wouldn't, but if he wanted to that's, Bore now telling us that had it, I was working time yet allow you haven't high mechanically o is united, Hanta, hypothetically being good hack eyes. He could good how he could you don't know that? No, if he were the answer's, no, you know the answers. Yadda hang I until proven Gimme its enemy gee. You are not a hack. I until proven that you are one of the ceiling that Jimmy jeez hack, kindness reaches is like a tennis player police, tangled friendly. Although we would that Google who decides like where his white cap bachelor, certainly that she'd be grapple cool, it's not gonna find nothing. Our guy Baker Mayfield, unfortunately not member. He wanted a bit boxing. Whatever boxing actually went to realise garrets phoned, yeah, yeah, how's, Garret put bigger, does a lot of great miles gear. It should be the guy that determines whether now you're a hacker use ripped off, if not Jimmy Jeez hair. Might be too good for being a collective?
do that remain because his hair, so good tidings, attractive cardiac. Yet you know there's a hat. I think anyone who lives in Nashville can be a hacker that kind of is you can just I gave you say: fuck it. If you tired. You can be happy to homes, no cousins classic guy tries to vehicle hack I'd ever Rossa. Yes, probably Oh sneaky one her. Cousins is allowed to wear a hat of his alma mater yeah. That's about it sneaky. One asked Think Deck Prescott is cool hacker Think he could. What right like even a cowboy like he something that's not a normal hat. I think you're lookin jerk off I think so. I he's our active in its own right. He's such a handsome man eater hand be a hack. I until you prove that you are one we're going down. Hypotheticals chair, God has not gone out there. He hasn't taken that Renault, that's what we're and unless we did, we would look good, but on the record, he's not hacker were backing up our assertion that we can tell of somebody's at cool hand guy before they, even where hat so, for example, with Jerry,
I would say, he's probably a hack guy, but he's headed by another quarter back in that room, Blake bottles. Who is very very well, he needs. I have very much a hat. He needs a had to stay awhile. Yes, very much ACCA is like an old like it was that old tail like to the woman who had the necklace, their head on multimedia. No not yet got the idea that one Blake and his hat Kyler Murray, guy just so you can get up the six feet, his farewell hot. Drew breeze, not a hack guy, Robert Griffin, third pocket hack. I yes Oh yeah rocks that rule. Equally when their contest that now? We are on the show. No, we didn't. Eight hundred dollars will take its. I wasn't a straight up action at my dismay, cause I was gonna bet everything I was gonna spend but I, but there was a raffle weaken like takes. We're friends and go train with Robber Griffin done in Florida at his house for like a week, I think
we're gonna get out of that, but I would have endowed with awkward awkward cargoes know you guys are going to come because I was gonna say looking at all, I was gonna say we're going through some footballs trees with Robert written down in Florida best whose our friend Stanford Stephen texted me. The link like earlier afternoon of that raffles I who the hell would ever bid on this nice replied piety and then four hours later he Texaco Group was like Joe bid on yeah like yeah. Well, I gotta tell you, I know my guy don't know my guy, I gotta tax from Rossini, saying, hey you're, the only person who will, I could think of that which then he S. So yes, I'm glad that somehow stake my my brand as being a guy that To hang out with rubber Griffin others how very cool Brad, very, very, very cool one to one more hack guy, Joe Burrow, his just now there's two good now, here's to good and it just doesn't yeah now
not as deserve a slight. It's only Joe Barroso is a lunch hour, a hard hat ones. Pale guy, guided you're, gonna, get swag point. Here's a horrid like his swag comes on the field. He doesn't care about having sweats only it's only a slight the exertion attempts to wear rain hadn't right does in Poland. I can write off not be equal, like I'm, not cool hack. I'd know like duchess, something you just know your beer. You just grow. I mean like can never wear a hat like them. I think I be cool how the long haired does a lot to distraction, and I could be a cool head guy in in a still picture, but If you see me moving like walking around a real life with a cool hat I immediately get sniffed out is not being are things. I think the hare gives you a lot of leeway, yeah, but cowboy hat. Maybe, but like cool hat, I don't think so. I think you'd look we're Nicole. Cowboy out. Yes, there's only one way to find out there, we an exclusive cool, had episode regarding the yellow and when the yes we'll get him yet. He just makes that's you d, never, sulphur!
obvious area I was kits hussy cool thrown who says we don't have anything type on sports. I was accurate what do we get to the other ineffective starting quarterback? They do at a warm did at the third tribes Jellia DNA to shut entire bud load seltzer wow. We we have wow. I read the hot seat. Throw nad. I did last time I hear it up. I need a weight I'll get your lips off lives off it's cool drawn is brought you by friends, a polite seltzer, try for yourself and see why great facing public seltzer is putting every other hard seltzer on the hot seat. This war close oh you have just gave up straight up a game or even better when it's warm, but maybe not curly,
gave likely Jason full gave up it's delicious. I Got armor Hobbs, it is colombian natives Quichua, so Papa bar you got hurt him? He is a drug. Lord, back in the day was that colombian guy, he had Private zoo were brought in all these exotic animal get a hippo still live there Hippos are now killing people, oh yeah, so The hot seat is the colombian people, yeah, ok, they're, very the hippos have breached it, and now they're, like is turning into an uncontrollable situation in other hippos, have started. It's like this is the first. Ass, though something people were oh concern over, but this is the first hippo death, those caused by public, or can you imagine if there was if the murder hippos in the United States, like the murder hornet trend?
I'd, say raw pale in comparison. I wouldn't let that fear gear Mercosur, tough, because they are, I think, the most deadly animal in Africa. Yet they are, they are what does hippo mode. That's when Yes chill in the water ass when you're seems in the water God that's. When you go, you golly pastry up your eyeballs Buddhist shown, ok they now there's a lot of water, for they oppose it. Show one must present planners out there. There is not a lot of water for them, like cable mode can Cohiba Mona Water, they don't have a modern mud because there's no others there, just all. It is sad sitting in that very same Chris loans. Waterborne should do something about that for the addition to the wells just make big ass pools for the hippos. The children on my cool throne is just you know, old school, dvd beauty. We got, Take her coming up. Great interview and this clip This is one of the things I kind of with your your old sports clubs, like is re air, this whole game, but there was clip that re air just erodes hidden a throughout, erodes why three legs Luger I've won crash in the paint
It's just one of cuts out you watch over and over and over again you you analyze. Every single player I watch they're doing. They were going so hard Yannick. All these celebrity games and feeling nowadays, it's more like sponsors and stuff filling these celebrity games. Even like Michael Jordan, like there was out of line with Kenny Rogers get anywhere on come on just like that, those celebrity games is more, like you know a black Scotty Pippins like hey guys, can you guess complained my celebrity game, but they would all common played dead series right. This game looks like it was absolutely elbows fly in people crash in the board's just about So there's a longer clip of that on Youtube. They can, while it's like five or ten minutes long and I want I went- and I watched because equality should dusty roads had a stroke to and it turns out tat he was went on that one shot and then it was feel himself and just are shocking. Then I am here to watch the interpreters answers. I shouted amazing shoot yourself. Do you get hot gotta, keep shoot them two years. My hot seat is my eyeballs
so. My eyeballs are firmly on the hussy, because I added a new development will yeah, but it now because, like the sunglasses, everything which yes, my eyes, do suck because it we're sunglasses over time, but I thought it was like you put a not what God go this is Hank trolling sideways! Are we trolling us IRA got Clerval, get a bad I test. No, I got I have this new tv and I don't know how to describe it. A sick, braggin pioneer lie. I don't have that. I read way, but it is so big It's one of those very recent equity jobs reminds one of those tvs that, like to frame rate, I think, is too, for I went too long in between buying televisions that I must have skipped like, generation yet Crystal clear, and the framework is weird like if you watch like, courted show it seems like they're moving too quickly across
screening doesn't look like tv anymore yeah and I don't know how described was not actually broken beside saying is what I know, because I live in a picture, so I've seen a man at my friends it places before those broke into am always like. Oh it's one of those tvs I never want to hang out at the house of those teeth and negative is a curved. No, argument not broken. You think yeah you got your settings. The real test is gonna, be when football starts I'll know if it's fucked up when football, yes, but yeah. If anybody knows how to me, your tv, not one of those tv in its also. I? U can download a bunch of acts from the internet which great, now. Every summit turn my tv. It's like five. Ten minutes after like update every app yeah, I can't watch tv anymore MIT, the smart you working with Poland, Twog Apple boy, come to court on Tibet. Of course, my my cool throne is evolution. Arms of the evolution of sports takes because
we're seeing what happened before eyes. We saw one today were lucky enough in history to witness it today. Lebron James has been quoted as saying that he would like to have play with M J. Not against him show he won't. You won't entertain the hypothetical of la broader and J. He say I think I said I would have complemented his because he passer and he could such or not so because Leubronn gave that one inch on the IMF, jokers labelling take We have debates right now from none other than Stephen a Smith. Now. The debate has shifted to would Lebron James, be a better Robin then Scotty, Pippin, so now or comparing that now facing would Leubronn be a better number two then Scottie was to George so ages ago. So now I M J, GOAT Athletics last shot. I think we're ready to move on from there yet still show you could himself. He do to himself I my hot seat is empty. Related course grant is on the hot seat, so hot
grant who's on the show a couple weeks ago, adamantly deny that he was a snitch four SAM Smith's book. Jordan rules he is still upset about this. And he went on. He austrian one thousand today and said, as I say to everybody that is downright outright. Complete lie lie lie and, as I stated, if MJ has a grudge with me, let's talk about, or we can settle in another way now he's, I would wars grid think that boys always groundless, but why would he think watching after watching ten hours of a guy who's, the most grudge holding like vengeful person on planet earth, Why would you them like? Let me pick a fight with that guy. I actually think we're gonna get another last stance. Of M J, just oh racing horse grand from history. Well, I mean no one's name horse anymore, that's another name that is naturally utter. Yeah horse. He said on our show to that he wasn't a snitch right, correct, so also hussy us yeah for not doing not getting the publicity
that yeah, but it's also like it's very well known that he's, but he's Matt yeah. Not ignored a good decision to pick a fight with him she, but what what's Michael Jonah due to hoard? Do they run the same circles? Now I don't think so. Yeah, they see each other fade answer I I would actually take horse grit in a fight. You forget the Charles locally goes everywhere. M J goes located point, so I think that that price settle that I just snap his finger and Charles, oh good colleges, bitch slap horse. Now be it yes, tough. I think one on one, though, if you see horse grant he's like six nine to fifty. He still extract as hell Although embryo trifling dirty as you will lose That's right, you refuse to fidget has refused to lose I and my cool throne, is my brain. I have an announcement. That's our announced for music. I started reading a book Joan rules, no
at that point yet, but I saw reading a book would book it's a cameraman title: silk road is pretty good. It's about doesn't like the one with dread pipe Scott, the guy who set up that it's the silver website yeah, so not delay mania, silk road nor of the real, the new. So, ok, so now now your brains cooking on different ways, because there is one rings, cooking, either or new work on pretty sure we can find the time same. But there is a point and begin if, if covert out like how long is going to take you guys read a book, then it is main may teeth. I also have a tweet out there saying I think about five ago? Did I treated, I just started a book and everyone thought I was writing a book and I was like no no. I started reading a book that was a different that I never finished, but I'm finish this once all replied the tweet. When I do Finnish, why me there's a big hole in them? your place right now for an illegal online drug play see reading a book about the internet. Yeah. Yeah, but I also see this ready for this summoned a bum trying to get into Bio hacking,
since Joe Rogan, what Spotify knowledge to rule the apple charts? I'm trying to not read my phone before going to bed a let's go to Hell. Is that Bio hacking, such as a best practice, four snow bile hacking on bio hacking. I also take what constitutes a twenty minute cat acts in the middle of the afternoon by lack ok, that's like whether this do yeah what constitutes as before bet. What I mean I get into bed ah now called the white next to me, I didn't even know existed until last night and then I opened the book. And I saw reading until I get tired of falsely. So you read your. I look. Instead, your phone with rallies, fucking crazy, that is you're insane yeah, you basically like living in the seventeenth century I'll, because no, how goes and tried again tonight we'll see how coast I saw arena book to hear the game the secret society. Pickup artists,
yes, I'm learning the mystery met lies basically just have to be really mean to women, and then the like you, nice, I also. Ah, I immediately became that annoying book, I would have to stop because I like, when I drew we are drove with thrown and I was like: hey I've got this book. I think you'd, like Isaac, wait. What do I do? I don't do that don't be there. Guy spilling passing record. Ragout recommended hey you wanna bar this book. Yes, Sir just sounds ass. If I say it's, anyone stop me if I say the book, is better than movie that place that is the hurried under rule book so you can say that with short, are you reading books by reading this book because it can be a silk road? I think I know where we are moving and when it comes not already foreign read the book of yes so actually made. That will be what I do. I just read the book before book of movies, so I can just go around saying that. Ok, I like that, like AIDS, fastening story, though, about the silk road, yes, a dude went from just being a nerd in his apartment. How he's making like
hundreds of millions of dollars, yes and he wins out those most well. His job you know I haven't finished. Ok, I just started. Hundred page is also great book but tried to kill it's also great book, because each chapters, like four pages- that's it was like you made an elaborate eyes. We asked button bright and biting. I can't hold attention longer than that? And by reading the game I mean, I went to the glossary and I just read the terms its networks address, like even smaller chapters at the back that works to artless, get your interview with the undertaker awesome: Awesome interview come up before we do that. A quick word from our friends at C B, D, M D. If the amount of people triggered by the I'm snacking, video are anything to go by, most people have been fighting quarantine, boredom with food, which means reentering societies gonna take a little work, but don't want the fear Work out, soreness keep you, finally walking farther than a hundred feet. It takes to get from
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again, that is c b d m d: dot com, promo code, take for twenty five percent off your purchase, of superior c b d oil products from sea b d m d dot com C b, the M d Doc competent Bronco take get that's we D, p m. It will help you sleep, I'm a big, big believer in that one c b M D, dotcom promo code, take for twenty five percent off and now the undertake maybe k? We now welcome on a very special guests. I listen I kick you mark Callaway. It is more Callaway, but he is the undertaker. So if it Ok, we can just say the taker or the underdog. For the rest. His this interview, all right with you How about you about you? Take your even the takers will form or solicitous to take her about that. Mr taker. Okay, so tat here we are, you are joining us. You have a documentary out. That is phenomenal
W w e network. It's called the last ride episode three, is gonna be airing on Sunday. You could start streaming it at ten. A m we watched, I was the first to I guess I'll start there, because the second episode which again you gotta watch, accounts, awesome. The scene of you, go into the hospital. And all the different surgeries you ve had has ever been a moment that you been like this worth it. No, I love There you go again, take a one. You know it is so one those deals. You know what you're gettin until you know what the businesses it's it's, you know its physical and do. I wish I had a surgeon No, but do I regret, I don't have any regrets in. So far. They all turned out pretty good so until some screw something about his key problem. The dice. What's
What's the number, how many surgeries total so far like at this point they gets seventeen eighteen, probably many while I've always heard that sometimes the the hardest bumps take the most pain they urine are necessarily like the worst long term injuries. What's the hardest bumped you ve ever had and the ring the EU ago I was working with that yoke is and that I give him up about flying DDT, not yoke, Oh, it's time probably was closing in on six hundred pounds his body weight hit. He hurt like a half second before I did on the mat and it drove up a piece of wood they caught me in the ribs and snap to my ribs, that was the year. I was pretty that's pretty people in.
Obviously, I've had a few recently you Don T the the that I hadn't Saudi was working with with golden over there I think that one was a problem it was a cup ledges from being probably can strategic. And you know, that just I think there was just a lot of The way I hear that one I mean does like kind of sent out nerve impulses to all my injuries at once. It is like an electrical charge. Went through my body, birds, the about about some good ones. I'd, love. Weird things happened men and the ring it, sir. Yes, sir, I'm leaving. I did thirty years. I hope that I have to go through them, though the rolodex of memories to find out all in all a bad pots, if you
When was the last time you were surprised by something happened in the ring, like you saw something for the first time, skirt question I I gotta, I don't even know I answered, I mean if you like, you ve, seen everything. Finally, what I've done straight at all this boy, you know Joe, worse there, not you now you you're used to seeing jumpers your used up. You know, breaking years. This mean it's all kind of happened at one time or another. So really I don't get, too surprised me more, What about? What about one year, most famous matches, I'm sure people ass, you bought it all the time, but the Helen, the cell match, with with mic fully mankind that match ah, is prime I favour match of all time there any moment during that where you're like, oh, my god, like he, is so so hurt any still going.
Yeah. That was so. You don't wanna going off me that alone until people s night, they figure bullshit, but you you're kind of had like an outer body experience when I threw him off onto the table is like. I could see myself standing up there and I could see met falling in it seem like it took an eternity him be hit that table and again another. You know what seemed like forever before. He actually moved, but the one through the cell, when we, all on top and chokes landed through the sale that thing man I was I was legit. I was legit worried that you wouldn't. Get up from that want to see the toughest person in the double eight have to be met, Do what you don't make me whereas we ll House was again and that's the way he he designed is matches and
like some of the bombs he's taken his dislike Pooh their they're off the chart and damp. He is he's gotta be if he's definitely is definitely top five. That's for sure, What, when you're in a match like tat, her or any match words very, very physical? How much walking in dialogue, goes on with your completes, the person you're you're wrestling with just checking in making sure there okay depends like the other. A lot of it has to do with yeah what you're camaraderie loveliness with that that particular talent, something happens where it looks. Kind of faulty like that it did. Norma me, you just gotta check in make sure You know you still there. You still cognisant and then there's a lot of times were You know it hurt, but they're, ok, and then you just me
talks on yeah the arm bring up the streak, destroy It was the most impressive streak in all of sports history. I think it's the one street it you could. You know like Jody MACHO streak or something like that. But I think you're streak is the one that will never be touched. The rustle mania street twenty want to know I was there the night that you lost I was shocked we you when you did lose was there's like that Obviously everyone knows rustling in theirs. You know the show must go on, but was there a feeling after that, like man, this really does caught a sock that this streak is is over on a personal level. Of course, I mean it's, your selfishly. Firstly what I have liked to have gone the twentieth. Twenty six an hour. Of course I mean that would have been
That would be the greatest, probably the greatest record and all of you wrestling but Business is business and an mean: are you gotta go with you now I'm dropped. Sometimes you down and kill the most. Were there, but that one out of you now afterwards can cost so right. Even remember it, so it was I was were concerned afterwards about my head. My head to stop hurting and be able to come out of the dark for couple weeks that either stricken is what it is like you know. Double checked with grants, must ensure that's what you want to do. And you know you like Mars, it's not him. Who's gonna who's, gonna lose ever gonna beat you right. Where I am I as a it's, your call and that's what you want, then that's what will do
how many days before did? Did you have that conversation with them cuz the most curious like? Can you say like hey how bout like about? I keep winning come on like lets. You know maybe just keep the skull gone back and forth showed that day and I was going over change the day of wow, so you really doesn't leave you that much time to argue with him into be okay. Let me change mindsets well, I guess that we had gone back and forth and then you're, not which others talk about an August said. Once again, I just had the other one. Make sure is like he was that he thought her all through, because by that point the street was you know it was whoever the main event, and then there was the. Then there was the street. You know that was fails to things were the two God most important things, arrest mania. If you want, if you are in the main about you, deathly, wanted
yeah against the undertaker trying to break street yeah so ugly. When you broke it You lose that aspect Romania, so I was his brow- does want to make sure that he was confident and now the decision that he felt comfortable burden. There. He is history, I guess well. I want to say that I'm partially to blame, because I'm I'm somewhat of a jinx when it comes to sports, and that was the one and only Russell Mania Ben too. So I have the reaction. Shots were filling ourselves in like I was shocked. I was heartbroken show our own like at least one percent of. No ginseng you in that spot. What manner appreciate the after did you ever get in touch with a guy we're in the just say: yes you're, the guy. That was so. Credibly surprised to see lose because that's what they all time reaction gifts you know that never I've seen it I've never met him, but Europe that's a ruler.
Fan shot is just the look on his face. It set it off yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah I mean I have a similar not to that expression, but a similar like how did this just happen? The so speaking, of gifts. I don't know how active you are on social media, Do you realize that Your career is so intertwined with how people use social media, especially watching sports, and, like cross over that like when a team comes back, you know, I'll be your hand coming out of the dirt or coming out of the casket like you, you are your rest and careers crossed over where the gifts people who Are even bands of rustling can use that in all types of situations when their sports team makes a comeback right yeah, it's you now. Never. In a million years what I had guessed The career that I was gonna have a honestly been very blasting and rape should have that, but the argued
I can imagine that drivers Dawson You know a got a lot of family and friends it just where me out droppin, yeah java them to me. Yeah, some good, some bad, some finding some night, but the gotta cause. I know that you have that that impact across so many different genres of entertainment. Ah, what about the eye. I think it is the match against listener. Where you just look at em, you staring at the iron used are laughing when you guys are both sitting on the ground. What we having about that moment, so that happened in the things that happened this summer slammed. That was after the that was asked. The rustle mania? I don't. We did something where we both with tweet. We, both too Bob's, and then I did my near the signature set up. Yeah he was up, there asked did my set up and he started He started laughing so much what kind of age
all sarcastic laugh back at home and I was shocked at the way people with the euro. Little bit that they were so light and threats are all about it. That fact it were laughing at each other yeah yeah, it's a great video. It is a really is always curious with this because you ve been part of so many iconic matches and also matches that are like push the boundaries, you know an inferno match a Helen, the cell, a buried alive, was there any match that was proposed to you in your like. That's too far like we can't. We can't do that. No, you we are young and take your invincible? Really, and so anything they throw at you you look ok, what are we gonna? Do it? And then you know that Debbie doesn't leave anything to chance right, I mean it's. Well thought out. That's the one? I guess I lifted eyebrows
a little bit. Was the infernal match? Yes, yes, fair! I was just like wait a minute, How are we gonna work and do our stuff with the row on fire. Another cause for concern? this isn't. What are you saying that matter gay hold on a second, yeah so so about what are you not lifted a brown? But you know that show me how they we're gonna. Do it and, of course, I was in there with k, which I have the utmost confidence in, so it turned out to be, it turned out to be the good and are fortunately he got No, I didn't yeah so to speak in a cane. We had him on the show, and you know we told him but I'll tell you as well. I think the DE story line of of you and cane in Paul bearer, is the greatest storyline that that has ever been written in the Debbie when you
when you have that all like told you like this is what we're gonna do did you have feeling like? Oh my god, this is gonna, be incredible, yeah just but just mean as soon as it was presented to me that Brother Kane was gonna show up. I made my my dear it all clicked immediately, because when I first started, my first couple of matches. I was Kane the Undertaker right right We dropped the cane part of it, so I just So there was this already back story to it. Why did it take your take his brothers name. Are you? Are you now and then it just? It just grew: and grew, and then you know Albert being the ink and it was just looking- half brothers it was. It was so many layers to it. And you know it was. Like. I was like a really good
episode of the jury, Springer yeah, so Poppea pallbearers rights are frightening. You'd, like I'm gonna, reveal your deepest dark secret like what is this? What is this were right and then the fact that you guys are butchers mammoth human beings it's I mean I would assume you been through so many here's a wrestling. Would you say The attitude error and like the late middleweight nineties, was the kind of hay day of of what you ve, seen as a wrestler yeah do the job. They also want one. I first started in ninety business was really good. Then you know, we had a bunch of bad. You know. These go I mean, you know we were resonance, I gotta go. And rocks and thrown it not hit anybody. Look the therein were so empty there for a while and then we'd better go back and then you have been then the day. The deputy w started coming in
you know right checks to everybody. So all the top gas started going down south and then they were they were chicken or ass, no ratings again but the main one attitude error and that that took off for the Monday night wars there, I was. There was the first time ever really was good yeah. What is the secret to selling a stone cold? Stunner, the sick, were to sell some call center. Is make sure that you slam on the brakes about a half back it before He does so you don't get your teeth broken their leaders, ADA Adidas Bouts, bound up in an bounced back in theirs. Some really classic Stunner cells through the through the the rock always had a great yes, stone. Cold standards sell. Hence this was horrible. Is bass hours, bad ass, they had no longer a spinal injury. Every time he got stunt.
You is all bodies basil. He would end upside down with a speed up on the robes in here yeah start honesty must do this added some extra juice or nails because they were they. Those were always pretty entertaining to watch speaking of work. How? How awesome is it to know that you have a finishing move that has been grandfather in that other people can't dude pile driver As you know, medical, I'm sure, I'm sure somewhere down the land Somebody'Ll. You know I've already guys got infringing our infringing on my my rope, walk so yeah yeah it's, it's a different. It's a different era. Now, man, by the day back in the day, You know I would have a better had show up, and you know bite, somebody in the shower or for tat matter this is not around enough. These that Easter sweated so settle this debate that I've always had in my own head debate with myself
when you're coming inferior entrance, music, which is iconic have you ever had a moment. We like, how long can how slow can I actually walk see how long I can make this last. Because you bad times where it's like a field, Twenty five minutes go by and you're, not in the ring. Yet a lot of times that we just depend on my opponent. Ok, like I was working with somebody that that was pretty I'm a dead or I you know I thought I was gonna- have just really sharing. Where does like man I gotta get and we'll get my money is out of this entrance, so so the other there were times that. Two! I would I would take a little butter exports extra because I knew the match is gonna, be horrible, so their modest, will, give it to him on the entrance. Goes I gotta, you know, you're gonna be done Why did once just thing most
bell rings. Yeah yeah exert as ever been a time when you ve been poured in the ring during an actual match. Now, not not in a match, not be I've watched, you want a boring matches, and but it later, go on bare legged if I'm gonna, especially if I'm in a tiger or are we Is this really different things will make overseas and have six man tags discredit to preserve everybody, so you know about not just completely beat up every night, it can still exist, low but easier workload. I'd be standing on the apron, just just cutting. Some people yeah carcinoma for doing stupid things in a ring in Europe and the coachman tell him. You know what to do on what they were doing in court. That never helps during the course of a match I found out. I was your thereby. Ass, an already puckered, so yeah
but you live and you Brenda You just have to figure out ways to entertain yourself. Yes, yes, I so a most curious with this, the you are Universally acclaimed is one of the best recipes of all time, but you also talked about is one of the greatest. Locker room guise of all time. There's no one who says anything bad about taker, so What was your approach and how is it different when it comes to being in a locker room with a bunch of guys who, you might have competitive with who you are competitive with but be more of a t may in and less of alike I mine more than not, you can get yours, so I never like when I came up What I thought I was green in the business guys didn't help you all right, they did say something on a times. Completely wrong and they were just trying to screw up Is everybody was so protective you know of their spots,
you know? What's once I got deputy in you now. I got into the character and everything was rolling, there's alike, Mamma said. My my set was. Gay. I gotta make I'm gonna make people better and I gotta get people I have to be able to help create people so that we have- new talent coming in and new fresh people do so I was always trying to if, if you show just a little bit of you know of more innovation and and and inspired worked out would help guys and then it out so. I think both sides, both sides- would see that, like the office, all ok, you know trying to help these guys and ended in other boys and men in all takes due in the yard. The guy on the spot. The card is willing to help me, so I gonna be the trust on both sides- and
You know it was. It was strange because just when against what our. Business was like you know. There were the boys and then there was management right always never trust in the management and the mass rat was always like our men, always gonna screw something up I gotta ended up enough. Somewhere in the middle? So I was trust on both sides. The guy who I was always won. The boys. But they also knew with. Maybe as always come first. You know I mean it's, it's no secret that you know. We had a pretty serious nightlife back in the day, but it was it was never allowed as an excuse for you company and be an sloppy here, getting trouble. All that I didn't you know I would put up with that kind of stuff, but yeah? It was weird dynamic in another.
Yeah. That's that's how it happened. It was a slight gum whatever's, whatever is good and hat whatever gonna make the business better. That's how I took the approach to banks so speaking of either party back the days, who is the best drinker that you would. The legendary drinker that you'd go out with other than me yeah other than you we had we had, we had a pretty strong, True there I'd have to say yoga, was up there. Godfather was up there. Browser where he could He put him away, yeah. What we had some. We had some absurd he's got brown water and how many years can take her put away in one night a lot I never get you know I never never counted. It was always about having a good time and unwinding in
who's never like set out like about the actual thirty eight beers in Tunisia, jack? Any news is like I've got to get as my role as you know, I had I headed nice spot and If you showed up wherever we were at, you know, I felt now a lot of times. It was my obligation to I share the wealth in Bali drank and make sure, but he had a good time, the guy level, go back to your entrances, real quick rank, your favorite inferences, I think, as you ve had some of the best songs of all time in american history. A company you on the way to the ring american bad aspects, Rock Roland, violent biscuit, The list goes on yeah I'd have to say, because I just when I, when I did the switch my undertaking to America and bad ass? using you don't get it song. I made it so good for what we were trying to do
that that had a lotta juice and then we lost the rights. To that you know let biscuit was. The other, let work to, but the other they ve for the differences. Other those school undertaker energy interests with. Yeah the smoke in the fire, One of my favorite ones is when I came, from underneath. Order. You know all the shadows and it looked like all the souls from hell we're trying to grab me in That was one of my favorites, but we ve done so many that their data production crew, so talented, and here they are They can't wait that deal those couple days before mania for me to come in for rehearsal. Just show me what they come up with them. An idea which we get mentors, there's been, there's been a lot
I don't know if you are religious man, but I assume you ve been in a church at least a few times in the last twenty thirty years to people. Give you a weird look there like to Germany. Darkness, like where's viscera, unlike what are you doing here?. No, you don't funnier does that they don't I would like what's going on here. My wife, you know she got me to stay, going to charge again- and I was down like Ebay, I'm telling you when I walk deals, doors there's gonna be thunder Roland, and I myself convinced I, like you, know the or going to think that the devil has walked in here. But it was. It was all fire, but you get to get your own head, sometimes about stuff like that, because people, because I've been so protective,
for so many years right, light out people. I got to see what I let him see. Her ear you have so much about thinking. While the Euro Maybe maybe they'll be okay. If I'm not my hat in yes, Bring up an interesting point, because you know you, you have been protective about your personal life. You haven't been doing too many interviews until just recently has that in a positive thing. I have you felt that has been therapeutic to be able to open up a little bit about things. Here I mean it was it you, started doing those dark. It honestly that the them I'm sick of it. I just wanted to so the rustle, mainly with Roman, I thought, was gonna. Be it for me I was so beat up in I needed you not needed, must hurt my hip fixed in. I was pretty determined that the
was gonna, be it so all of this thing started out by me just wanting to panic document. Those last couple days. And the other, and then it next thing you know with three or four years down the road and and then we have all this footage, and now we have this. Does this doc, you series, but Take me a while to to feel comfortable Talking like this, you know I'm like that. I'm a dinosaur as far as our business. It goes on the line, I probably did try to protect a fabian. You know I cringe You know I'm getting it over now, but I mean I would cringe when I would hear people. You know just talk about the ins and outs of the business now. Is this like you know, but it's it's where we're at it's a sign of the times and that's where we are so it is Do you know any it's gonna cool? I think you know people.
Wanting for years for to you know kind of peel back. There partner, let it not see so that's kind of what this What we ended up with in Vienna, the more the more time to talk about it, the easier it gets him in it. Yeah, I guess it has become a cathartic to be able talk about certain things that that I've just completely not ever. I to bring up or talk about yea in a weird twist. It's like the fact that you didn't break k favours along the fact that you were so secret. For so long is helping. This project that you're working on right, now, like it, it actually has become, huge benefit too because we think that you saves like a brand new stuff from taker and it gets press, what timezone been great for promotion. I would think. You're in every house, because Europe Theirs satellite, whose what he's doing what these no
hope of because years I just had to turn all that stuff down the arrow I turned down other outside projects because to me What my mindset on this whole process was is like. I can't go and do can I go into a movie were on you know, I'm a different care. Sure and then come back. And then try and be undertaker right yeah it was, is too big disconnect. So everything put on the shelf and then you're just here within the last couple years ever even began to attend you're doing social media. Now. Obviously, here we are with this with its doc. You series, butter yeah, I'm a working
progress. I guess all right so I'll cross off the question. I was going to ask what happens when you get buried alive cuz. I was convinced as a kid that you actually were buried alive. So if you want to keep that off the record, that's fine! We don't have to ask him not to talk about that. But what I will go into the details of how it's done, but I was buried alive, yes, ok, Got your eyes, you your eyes. You know you there's always so much that we can do yes, yes Ok, you were buried alive. I was dirt eyes on Yanza, yes area. There was dirt on my person, your gas happy, I asset and I'd. So I have one last question. Everyone go watch last ride It is on Tubby W e network. It started episode, threes, coming out Sunday, this kind of morbid question and I take I want you you're you're, one of my favorite wrestlers. While time I want you two hundred and twenty, but our party, you that thinks it. Cool that, like when do some day die people just
I believe that your dead, like I walked out he's gonna, come back he'll, be back. I'll, be we're I'll, be waiting for you walk down, down wrestle mania in like forty year, Here he comes out of a coffin dissolves him yeah, You never know you leave your arrival, your immortal. Well, there Was it a rumour couple years ago, ass euro is harder. There's a rumour that you did die right right, oh yeah, you're, more than happens all the time is right and you just I will forever. Until Guy oboloi, like here comes undertaker like he will here, come music, they always use hit the music- and I would like here is yeah Where was the hopefully not lose that use again for a while, yet again take the rights by yes rolled on about music, but I think it's just cool because you're, just you it's either It's obvious: exert grew up in the attitude era, but there's something about character and everything all the work you ve done. It's like.
This guy is immortal and it's fucking, so bad ass appreciate that man really do. Thank you yeah one last last question that will let you go, we ask all the rest is a the this. Have you ever sneeze in front of us? Have I ever sneeze I think. Actually, I leave the room yeah makes even you're afraid tonight is way get away with all the more than than than a lot probably do. Yeah I also read: what's this about you're scared of cucumbers? Ok, let's get this straight. Now we ve got it. We ve got a good conversation and I'm scared you guys, I just don't like you got. Ok, it's not like here when those videos with cats where he put a cucumber underground, exude cat in a jumps because it thinks the snake I just like the idea of undertaker, the black biggest bad ass. Ever. If you just review brain cucumber into the room, you can make him a little kid now oh I'll, probably leave the room. I'm gonna, go run. You walk
briskly out of the room, our others and if their there, Oh, that's, that's one thing, but with their cut up, not a man just like the cucumber man is wrestler. That can basically be used that I issued a loss in Romania, Combermere has come out slinging cucumbers interface people would be that lot more the slipped on a cucumber ass jack over. You bear the hair when I started this offer I. Why am I apologise to the last question, but this been awesome. Thank you! So watch everyone go check out the last ride on W W network. I can't recommended watch the first two episodes great episode. Three coming out on Sunday, gas outbreak dramatic. Let me show you grab me on thanks I might hear and pursue it. That interview with taker was brought to you by me on these are good good friends at me, Andy's it's time for some summertime dream in these
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stalls being put in the stands so there I believe it was. It was a soccer league, though, is forced to apologize for using sex stalls. In place of the empty seats which If you're gonna have a surplus of sex stalls, why not put them CS. I don't have a problem with that, I'm actually more funding that they apologize to us about putting sexting. Ganz stands and they are. They actually did it. I agree stalls, although now that I'm thinking about it sex dolls, six thousand high demand, probably right now in quarantine times, so maybe there we shouldn't have them go to James is a waste of sex, all gas in them to more needy concern. We're in involves it also brings up an interesting point which is windows? Is sex stall become a sex doll? after you have sex with it, I don't think it. I don't think it's a sex star urges all suffer
yeah it's a doll until you have sex with true. But you were these already sixth sex stalls There might be one guy on liquid. Control at the sex doll place just one pop on every dollar, make sure it works, and then you ship amount, in which case than yes, there are sex. Dolls are they like retrievers like a golden retriever which, even before retrieves anything it still retrieve right by its very nature. Yes, the dog. That's an interesting debate that I think we need to need to explore limit further here, but I feel like it he'll penetration occurs is just it's a measure. Stop at all, just like it different. Unlike any doll, these dolls really just be it becomes a sex Darwin. Somebody else finds out that you had sex with right right Let's do our mouth flush more MT, flush, more of business decisions. Now this is Who is random that we picked this topic as nothing
with anything? It's happened this week, theirs to talk of negotiations going on right now, right people just turning down the joke style should get out of it. Now the giant insomnia jargon stuff, but I saw this is mouthwash more of business decision, so basically the worst business decisions ever made pfc goes, First and then Hank or than me, ok yeah, I go first rocket. Ok right off the bat, this an easy one, blockbuster not buying looks for fifty million dollars. Yup they had that offer back in nothing too early. Two thousands blockbusters, like people like coming into our physical retail locations for the smell. Yes, to be fair. The blockbuster smell is a great smell. Yes, I will give that them. But much like subway, where the smell inside of subway is due Don't I get the sandwich? Restaurant, not the not the train place, What did the product behind the smell does not live up to the smell,
so they had the opportunity, squash Netflix in it, and there was an easy number one for me. Ok, I got an easy number. One is well it's Ronald Wayne. The famous for this man who sold ten percent of apple. In nineteen seventy six, four eight hundred dollars. In today's money, that's hundred Abiola in dollars, but I'm doing the math well, yet it's a little short as you like thousand dollars in today's money yeah so that once tough, he would have been part of the. He was part of the like coal founding apple team and wandered out and yeah. That's that's of honourable mention- goes to Bill Gates bailing out apple. And bring them back in to compete against himself ass, Steve Jobs was his friend ire sharpens iron, ah Hank. Your first pick. Gosh took to mine. I'll go. I guess what the Red Sox trading, the Babe Ruth best put baseball player of all time for the right to apply. Ok,
That's does God seem like the right idea at the time. Probably probably huge mistake was the play. No, no Nanette. Have you seen it Have I seen it now? I have my t shirt at one thousand, nine hundred and eighteen, it might be a jam Also a hake knew the fact it You didn't have to deal with any of the heartbreak from that you didn't have to deal with Babe Ruth Curse added. For how many twelve years old, all my guy, I was eleven two thousand three was- was terrible for me: good good first pick. My second one I will go with european cancelling parcel van talk in making an entire demographic of young male adult sports fans, hate them forever, good pick who could pay Why only male would demographic demographic? We have. We have a large young male demographic Africa, I'm not saying we only have under saying that demographic weight, as well as females. Ok,
I'll go with those, so sick, fuck that he has been in the care about the male demo how bout my my suggesting is leads to set its discussing my secretary, Sir I'll? Go with you go with the record company decker records. It turn down the Beatles. Around the Beatles and yet in and I mean that's the worst businesses it decision ever turned. The Beatles they went in addition form and they like not. We don't want you That sucks was. It isn't there? Another beetle that also requires vetoes p back with the Beatles fast yeah. I think he got kicked out In favour of Ringo Deerlike noise, you better drama that I've man who was five main focus pretty sure. But our yeah dancing. Imagine being the regular record executive who turn on bills, which I'm pretty sure they are the number one telling ourselves Volta Garrick fifties boy.
Transit are. He is most number once his most number once he asked the modify a platform that nobody else narrowly whatever that, whatever record the Beatles have like the most number one records are no gold. Whatever the fuck, you got Drake recently passed them in streams. Now the beaten hours now beetles were around right down. There are streaming dead like think twenty number one hits yet they would have hit after hit after hit after hit second, most billboard hot top one hundred tonnes Hey limb is coming to the fence of Drake. Oh, but I guess Madonna's archery in first, so it goes Donna, Drake Beetles people will kick out of bed. He was the drama. He's kick out a bit. That's tough! That is tough luck, but he was kicked out. So that was good visit business decision for the Beatles. My next one, I'm gonna go with
with the Mets Bobby beneath contract, not because its unheard of in sport, because there are a lot of contracts that are set up in that spirit these days, but the fact that it was first in and most visible or those contracts, and we get Bobby beneath day every single day. There's an hour every single year I mean it was the first of July yardsticks like that. You and everyone brings it up all the time when ever happens like holy shit. I can't believe that the method is still doing still due to its gonna happen in about a month and a half from now junk rate. My third pic is and we can do in a suitable. Bad business decision did not jump on the jumble everyone talks about this day and then even talk to people s go after the game and answer for himself, so he doubled down his mistake. Yup ah came. I'll go my next pick I'll go with Mark Cuban up on ten percent of my brain he's an idiot. I was a dumb business decision, I'm going to make
I want to make that money back use four million doubt he regrets and one million dollars, and he got all my lifetime earning from that date for the house. To now some may say: if you give me a million dollars, I would have just basically quit everything. And thought I was set for life and done a thing with my wife you would arrest you gonna take. You would have taken the over. You wouldn't put a million dollar five million another million dollars in order to give him think about that. Come on one idiot, your picture I will go with a deed, is not like putting a good pitch together from Michael Jordan, young actor, who has said that he wanted to go. There are those who want to take the Nike meaning, but his mom convention to probably a huge mistake concerning these old, like a hundred million dollars worth of shoes, his first year, and then my last one I don't have one so I think really quick. Others gonna go. We go the draft pick. What what's that council mean Bit armed opposition? I still believe in dark over.
Lil bit more time to learn the american game you want. Do you want a of sure Crystal Pepsi thousand bad, decision. I enjoyed crystal pups, you didn't you liked it because it was oh, but it wasn't. It wasn't special. I back on it with fond memories? What about the the Berger that with the black? But did they do that in can do that or all, but God so that we can say it Well now we can chicken for us. Love. Never, they came back. They carried out about about MR wonderful passing on Lister quill immediately when I saw you sure Go that ok, a good one. My last point is Frederick. Ah Weiss, getting out away events corner, where's businesses. Various fisheries ever make up Europe. It would most vicious not dragging dunk in here
basketball, sometimes the worse business decisions are the ones that you don't make right, so he just got post rise forever. Literally, there have been better donks thereof dunk there may be more memorable put there have, ever been? There's never been done quite like a fool ball, sack to the face in live competition Europe, those bad one as Babylon. My last one I'm gonna go with, I think Newscorp. They bought Myspace for five eighty million dollars of, and then they sold it later for thirty five, took a little bit of bath on that. There were thinking there was to be the next facebook, or they thought it was, can be the first facebook when they bought it they're wrong, but shut up. Myspace Tom for him. Myspace Tom got paid. You know here about him anymore. You know, he's not like influencing elections and get called before the house. Representatives he's not being met because he's grilling meets in front of his big green egg like a robe, Myspace Tom is its children would probably too
fifty million dollars and banks. We I shot him yeah, that's big show him any other ones are we must I had the the dude swell pets, dot, com, I don't even know who knows made money off that right or someone did no one. Any money off the internet in the early two thousands well marked cuban IX site the search engine could have bought well for seven over fifty thousand dollars- ninety nine nine that stuff that they pass on that That's really about was Google worth Rona. The entire world Umbria number Google OWN Shrilled, a gazillion rom, also Steve Jobs when they Creating computers wanted to just work for Atari That was his life's dream is to grant videogame these values like we're, using your instruments to build this computer, like we'll just work for you and attires like now, Oh thank you. Steve jobs, yeah that was tough too
I also had more cuban investing begets brain. Am I think I got taken thousand dumb move by idea. Exo fell not signing me that was also had a very bad business. This is the reason I fell apart. Absolutism say yes, I and the other one solitary figure, I'm in soft bank in rested in. We work, they give ten billion dollars at a forty seven billion dollar about evaluation and then really do any checking by they just met the leader that runs, we work in their alike this guy's hypnotize me so here's ten billion now, let's see oh Billy, for by going to college as stupid. Changing toward wide receiver YAP change of scenery up as a dumb Tom businesses. I can't think of other bad business choices, reason now and either like bar, store, live, oh
That one is pretty bad. You fuck you We are that's it. Ok, Malcolm up watchword businesses. It means nothing. The news all, let's finish up guys on chicks, Hank, taken away hey Daddy's Sup, I recently got involved with sugar. Daddy has been paying my bills now the pandemic going on him for me that he couldn't afford to keep this up because he was out of work. He off for me to move in, I'm attracted to it but he also does no. I have a long distance boyfriend and he will definitely I now if we live together, what should I do I may move in the whole sugar daddy relationship. I mean, if he's a sugar daddy need spoken out of work like how we got a lot. If, unlike among money like a diet, coke yeah right Akron daddy
fourteen down very well yeah yeah this? This is flying in the face of what a sugar daddy relationship should be, and I like how is like he's trying to make up for the fact that he can't buy you anything right now, by saying well, maybe we can just spend our time together. Yeah, so do you hear me take a dump. Yeah sounds like this is a bad deal for you. This is a bad business decision. If you do not do it to go with the second at yes, would you guys rather have as many kids as Philip Rivers or have one kid who hate sport and won't talk? Such watch slush attend sports game one kid Philip Rivers one kid, because this is more sports for me. I'll have to spend money on on, take us against out socked, but that second, it's it's kind of. I dont think that works as ours. I still have to take. My kid. It doesn't like sports? No young, rather today outweigh the kid you want to buy it. I should like I'm going to the gay cat related. We're going to the game model. Is nine kids, yeah Gimme nine kids do house full love,
Michael Scott. You never have to worry about having a front. One of those kids is gonna, make it the Abuja exactly that's bull, not your kids eyes. Up is a weird I mean I I eventually Merrick s as a weird forgot, to call you mommy during sex, Orford who twin brothers for both called you mommy and separate sexual encounters was a sway. You fucked, two twin was assuming they got breastfed too long, but maybe it sounds. Where does I think? Ok, this is one of those ones where you think you're, telling us about someone doing in some weird, and you forgot that actually telling on yourself for fucking up. Twin separately, is every girls dream Am I right daddy? Is it like jukes? Then we love twenty spilled, the tea or not. One. Look at these weirdo twins that I keep fucking saying mommy other. Would it be pretty cool if you just? Do you mean up a twin for yourself you think anybody's done that they tell a girl like hey I've, an identical twin
and then you nothing illegal. You get to go over later and you ok, I'm my twin brother, kept. I like I dont I'm that interests and data you like my twin, is just like: haven't find keeping spicy yeah man, the fake twin faked, went. It's an interesting concept. He's not a deed berry. Boys last year from my boyfriend's Bert, their running out an entire box for him and his friends at a game from my boyfriend's favorite hockey team here supporting this and insulting his whole life, and their centre is his current favorite player problem is. I was able to get the box at a friendly rate because I used to hook up with said player worst. Cordial and he has new girlfriend. So there's nothing bad going on? but I still have never told my boyfriend because I worry it will make him unhappy but recently my boyfriend drone Instagram and saw that this player follows me in his curious as to why? What do you
the right move is here: fiasco ducks GOA tugs, Garth Eyes, she said. Go docks knows your fuckin, symbol, Thort Jumbo Thornton, an icy sinner yeah. Don't you The deficit shores oh yeah, shark summit sharks. I only go to move as you. I do not know. I think it's going. Real test of how big of a fan. He is she's right over annulled: dump your ass with ease Your fan of the team, no you'll have to walk home. Hope you, like hey. Let's get him over yeah these are real face, a real enabling I'd rather support the team and support you and have to worry about you. Like he is what better way to support the team. Then sharing love. The issue I have with this is I feel. Like saying like we haven't hooked up in a while, but I just hit him up for a box that doesn't
it doesn't really Jai. That's true! That's ass nautilus, Nels little stinky! That's not! We used to have a thing. We will, though I don't care how rich people are. They don't give away free boxes. I guess it's not simply go unheeded, carnival rice discount, frightened, ok, I maybe I would just not tell him not tell him What what did she say for? Why does the guy follow? I'm hot? Aren't you, are in this autumn. Your fair player thinks I'm hot. Do you think if you're a massive fan of this team- and you find out that, like your girlfriend used to date, one of your heroes at about eight is loose. Does it doesn't matter if it does not make you feel better? You ok to her tops flings. Well time are my hero. In me, it makes you feel like you're. The same league is that guy, Maybe wait till we get traded fuck that guy he's like fuck she's like I have and then just hope that that entails and then he says what, in your like, what
and then whenever, if he does ever find out like no, I told you that time what that guy said. I have so that the biggest key in this is to make sure if you decide to tell him that you used to hook up with sky you to make sure that his friends don't find out because he's gonna get roasted in every group. Yet that is ever on for the rest of his life. I wonder what this one hey guys just want to know. This was no normal occurrence, or not so my boy dad bought a boat, they keeping Dewey Beach Delaware. In this weekend his parents won't be in town, so we were to go boding, we ve done it many times before this time. He asked if I would take my top off while we're on the boat Obviously he see me naked. I know grass on sex, but he said A fantasy of top was girls on boats. Is this normal payment? Asean? What's the worst? That can happen. If other people see me topless riding around the bet, this is, wait a really we're really get romantic dude to ashes
often like days in advance, can you take your top off for me on the boat? Do just hat a little since the moment just wait till you're on the boat in there edit and sweet talker pick try to play around a little been seeking an app wild things like I send her how to put this weekend dish howitzer invite for one p m on Saturday you'd taken you're taking this taught us out, well wait, or at least five miles out to sea and big cats actually raise just because he watched the pays. Gonna try to hogging Hocker with a boat horn with his dick needs. That can be big enough. Tell me something: I know what you're trying to do and guess what you're not Tommy, let it be funny. If he is like suddenly recreating all his favorite points of his watch growing up look he's a I'm gonna take a break from out by the pool, can you come in my bedroom and just like, be wearing a bikini top and then say hey what you doing. Can you to turn these lights off? Roquat casual, come on your back.
And then you can you have your own reality. Show hey. Can you act like you own, this hotel that were in right now, act like em up a prostitute. Coming in. Yeah I do the parasol hey. I got this too. I got this taxi. Can we just talking about the book I like there's this guy. Yeah, but he just kill the romance, so I would say maybe next time tragedy or more romantic about it. That's what you do That's our show member dude, perfect Documentary review Friday. And we have our couple interviews coming up on Friday, so get ready, sir,
Let me guess now using Google as guardian of the treaties, to be made of the environmental problems. We must be appropriate you're, beginning to limit either in pursuit of its part, might take presented by schools sports
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