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Tom Crean And Jon Taffer

2018-05-29 | 🔗

Lebron owns the East (again) and the Warriors tried for 15 minutes and beat the Rockets (2:20 - 7:55). Recapping the Conference Finals and what we were doing when Lebron last missed the NBA Finals (7:55 - 13:40). The Stanley Cup Final started and we're still not worried but a little concerned with the Vegas EDM concert they held on the ice before the game (13:40 - 18:59). Who's Back of the week including Bam Margera and Kobe Bryant (18:59 - 32:47). Georgia Head Coach Tom Crean joins the show to talk about Grit, his past year in media, his decision to Coach in Athens, and how he would recruit us if we were 5 star prospects (32:47 - 68:49). Segments include Jon Taffer calling in to set the Mayors Bet for the SCF, Talking Soccer, Trouble in Paradise for Kyrie Irving not going to Game 7 and a Stay Classy for Joel Embiid.

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