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Tony Hawk + Week 15 NFL Preview

2018-12-14 | 🔗

Phil Rivers did the damn thing and the Chargers are officially dangerous (2:27 - 9:50). Week 15 NFL preview, loser leaves town, are we sure they're good and game of the week and gambling picks (9:50 - 26:01). Fantasy Fuccbois (26:01 - 34:36). Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk joins the show to talk about his new video game, what it was like growing up in California as a skater, his favorite moments from his career, filming with the Jackass crew and much more (34:36 - 62:04). Segments include Kings stay Kings for Nick Saban, PR 101 Patrick Reed, Just chill out man for Ed Hochuli, Hank hot in the streets Kanye and a Grab Bag. 

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