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Trevor Bauer, Patrick Mahomes Got PAID And Tik Tok Drama

2020-07-07 | 🔗
Tik Tok drama has never made us feel so old but it's so fucking funny (2:16 - 6:47). Patrick Mahomes got PAID. We discuss the contract and the future of the Chiefs and how much Mitch Trubisky will get paid (6:47 - 29:12). Hot Seat/Cool Throne include Jake Marsh breaking down wild Mahomes stats and PFT thinks he can be an NFL kicker (29:12 - 46:11). Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer joins the show to talk about baseball coming back. how the testing is going, and his feud with Scott Boras (46:11 - 73:55). Segments include PR 101 for DeSean Jackson, Mt Rushmore of offensive trademarks Dan Snyder tried to claim were worse than the Redskins and Guys on Chicks.
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On today's pardon my take. We have a pact pact, show we have Trevor Bower talking about baseball, coming back from a players perspective. What is experiencing, will baseball be played. We have patch of homes getting absolutely paid paid paid. Aid, we have hot seat cool thrown. We have a great Mount Rushmore. We guys on Chicks PR wanna one for De Jackson, tons of stuff still no sports. But tons of stuff to talk about doing it all because of our friends, the cash app, My take is always brought you by the cash up, we're in the cash out studio, not always the These points in mind your friends, it's the safest, do not go hand in cash to people. Do not go face to face with people. Money is dirty. Cash app is clear, it's a number one social distancing up in the world? Its also the number one up in my heart. I love the cash up in the cash app is giving way. Money left and right on.
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I welcome the heart of my by the cash downloaded right now used cars. Will we get ten dollars a free ten dollars to the S p c a today is Wednesday July, a and since all my drama has been put out on the internet for the worse to judge me lay out everyone else's. And he got was Cynthia a week after week we broke up on tour. Jade, actively trying to hook up with Dixie at our house on the fourth of July in front of me. While she dating Griffin. Had
Riffian cheated on Dixie, with tailors Ex Kalen and prices. Ex l caught jaded in Josh cheated endless amounts of times on mad and NASA for the past few months, nestled in key cheated on Libya. The only person, who has a right to be upset with me is Charlie I'm sorry. I heard her. We broke up and I must, by kissing NASA I'm not sorry, Josh, we're not boys and we I've been boys since he lied to Charlie, saying STD six months ago. Try get her to stop seeing me, I'm not going let these hypocrites tryin ruined my life drop without their lives. Being out on the internet too, I've never felt so old. When I saw Tik Tok trending on Tuesday Monday night- and this was the message regatta, this is what happens any time that one social media platform trends on another social media platform- I'm just always lost about it in
It's it's shakespearian drama. It's crazy! We're gonna, get to patch; robes, don't worry, but this is clearly the biggest news of the day I take. My heart is falling apart. Tik Tok stars are falling apart. I just want to through these names again cause it's fucking, hilarious, Anthony and Cynthia souls are normal. Taking taking ominous yet city of you know, many really brought a letter. Armies were gases that I know it orally their heart horse now winning nineteen year old here and they just lashed out. I like that. There is a sin with Anthony and Cynthia like there was there were seventy and Cynthia's nineteen. Fifty then we jaded, Dixie Griffin Tale Kalen Kipling, Dixie hasn't ginger, namely price l, jade in again Josh, mad Inessa Keogh, key away. Her no fly spoke here K. I oh, of course I don't! I've never felt all we're gonna get you know. What's he gonna throw, but that is the funniest statement. That's ever been really you alluded to it Patrick MA homes gets paid half a billion dollars all of a sudden the platform that his brother
is on and all his competition gets cancelled immediately yeah. You don't think that money paid for a little while little detective work. Point good point, fifty eight, some, yet that I wait. I wish I could hear fast forward. Button from like fifteen years from now who, who wrote this Chase Hudson Honey, how'd. He is all Honeywell Holati. I want him. I want a Flash Ford to win little honeys like forty years old and put that slide it right in front of his face and feeling you tweet this man listened the second, you stop don't worry, is no yoyo shadows, apt. Second, that you start typing anything's and know tat. You know that's some shit about to Papa S, your death, thus turning the key on the submarine to launch a nuclear miss. I hope I never get to any place. My life where half on, ironically, posted notes at because at that point, I'm dying think there's any coming back from that. I just I'm pissed that little haughty messed up by kissing NASA whereas the ultimate portray fair, they were on a break. When all these people exist, oh
miss basically, as I Romeo and Juliet liking gets out of sight of what that, like the capulet, send the Monti large whatever had in other there's, like others, sway house, there's the sway house and there's the hype house and all these people are divided between those two houses there. You know. I don't really know, would you know he's out there in California there's? That's all it's all! Just like all your fear of California teens there all organised in these two houses on that's what it all goes faintly there you could take each other part. What we need is knowing like just hearing the name, sway and hype and like knowing that ten years ago, all these people who Tik Tok would have been like ex gamers. Are we? sell mascara to to get in here and intervene, and let us not even honours now probably would have been. You would add what you'd only they Malaysia's you'd else. There also wondering in ripping rail grinds ten years ago, just dancing How old are these people too?
the girl Charlie's sixteen years old. No, this is exactly shakespearian. I'm pretty sure that everybody Shakespeare was like ten years younger than you think they are. When you read the place, yeah was after to years or holy shit right. So that's Tik, Tok drama, I might my did. He saw tat. It was one of the fundamental laws of red. Unintentionally, where the funniest things that have been put on the enormous also- and I obviously like- don't- really understand it either, but it's a classic situation. It like this kid got called out and instead of just you know owning up to it, he decided to just throw off the gas on the fiery added blow up everything, although level kissing each other. How does he? How does this time to dog coin? That's seminal nutrition! About this! The outgoing gather pump zones where their pumping and dump indulge coin in some people are saying that this note, Sap got notes apt, just as a distraction
I'm pissed it I'm not in Andorra going online like along on those calling for disclaimer. I've been long on. Those coin is sliding door moment, though it's like, I picked Bitcoin to Jan I trusted Stephen Cigar and is pyramid scheme that was literally pyramid scheme. I fucked up. I should don't don't going to mean Hocker zero names were way stronger, underscoring socks, speaking of money. Let's talk about the real story. Patchwork homes got fucking paid and your extension, five hundred and three million dollars, this is the ultimate contract tweet porn that still don't even understand his contract. Guaranteed mechanisms were trending, because that was part of it and it's you, It's a rolling contract that they get to keep. Paying him and then he can get out at any time but either way he made a shitload of money at the bottom line. Is he's riches fuck and he's gonna? Be even richer living,
Kansas City, where he doesn't he's a twenty four year old that never has to pay for a beer in his home town right there that's worth at least two million a year, plus getting about. Five hundred million is like them guaranteed mechanisms for the contract. Doesn't extends to me, but they also said that is not can be rolling with a c with the with the cap is right. The capping jumps out like sixty million dollars in five or six years, and that point probably have renegotiated right. United keep renegotiating, he does get guaranteed, sixty three million dollars, a guy signing and a guaranteed total guarantees up. Two hundred and forty one million dollars by March to thousand twenty? Two now you say the cat because this is the ultimate from a homes is worth it because these! It's almost like he's worth because you already want to warn you pay a lot of money for. The wall, any franchise would but the to my question now is what
oh paying patch Rome's this much hurt the team course. It will because he's gonna paid a lot of money, and is it going to be worth it in the long run. When you how to figure out a way to cobble together a team by paying Patrick Mahomes this. But I think the way that this summer is gone, your kind of banking on the fact that the earth might not exist in ten years, so you might as well give somebody a massive contract and yeah three four years down the line is the earth so around then yeah, we'll figure out that problem rural, that ball downhill, but anybody that plays a Patrick Rooms actually gonna be elevated to much harass girl like you can you can afford to kind of recycle I get new wide receivers and rookie deals. You can get guy. That are free agents that might not be that expensive and is putting him in proximity of that arm, they're gonna be worth a lot more, but depth and margin for error gets a lot slimmer and saying that they should have paid, they clearly should have paid him now Obviously I never like
Do you imagine rooting for the same quarterback for like fifteen years? That's lane! be that as it may it like someone, I only and then someone else, someone else and Mitch he hasn't had his deal yet so we don't know what it's going to be with this test the market right now, if there's there's actually a nonzero chance of the Chicago bears season and they're like you know what we pick Mitch A Patrick nor homes. So technically think we should probably pay him. Five hundred and sixty I wait. I want to talk about a big Halleck timber. It has been a constant in my way since I was like ten years old Superbowl six Superbowl, like the loss of him, leaving, is as something it's really been right and I to hand or emotional you anyway. You don't have to worry about yet in and out. So I want to get back to the Mitch aspect, but homes. So he is part of a leak company. There are thirteen guys who One Superbowl and BP and League Vp nine of them now to thirteen or in the hall of Fame, the other three
Aaron, Rodgers pay me Tom Brady than the thirteenth dispatch. My hopes so central you're, saying he's Majority Hall of Fame. Yes, he is already in the upper upper upper echelons of Anna all players when you, when you actually break it down as like, there's only been thirteen. You have done this and they're all fuck special. So how many Superbowl does he have to win in the next ten years? Make this contract? Well, I would say, if he wins six superbowl, on top of the one that he already has, then it's absolutely were all I'd, say it's way less I'd say if he wants to more to my wins: three Superbowl total. I think it's worth it he's probably worth it no actually live here. Are the instruments are not listen? You know what I just thought myself right there. I told myself into actual Skip Bayliss debate on like at what point is that who gives a fuck? How much money, the chief spinner patrimony he's awesome, he's gonna get paid.
Can be offered to watch for me as an outside of the next, and I wish to pay more. If you, though, said over undersea rules for patchwork homes- and you said it lets- say three and a half I would hammer the under it- that's nothing against petrol homes, actress the NFL, look it to the big As for can you keep aroused intact? We you pay a quarterback that much is Russell Wilson Russell. Well, first. Four years in a week, the sea talks were dominant. They win its role. They go to another one, ah thee last four years, they're still good, so they went from Fort they want. Forty six games in the first four years. Regular season games. They want, forty games the last four years and you might think Six games isn't a lot, but they may the play off by a game. They missed the boat, I buy a game twice and so out of those four years you may, totally eliminated a chance. You don't getting a buys. Greatly increases your chances, so Is Russia Wilson worth it? Yes but it makes it a hell of a lot harder when you don't have the same depth. In March,
for when you Put together arrest you, this really sucks for more than anybody, is the meeting as regards bears has just got mad and and there are trying to set up their dynasty mode and Patrick Ma Homes, is to be a very affordable quarterback. And now the live update their getting absolutely hampered in their abilities created to fuck fuck that I would be out actually get a refund of our them. How much of a difference shooting any and red makes the situation verse P Carol, Sir, oh and Erie. It's a good question! Hank! I think you absolutely well. No. I think he cares very good coach and reads a better offensive coach. Obviously, but any red now that he has a super he's, not gonna coat forever he's now, going be there patch. When all you gotta do, I don't, I don't think Annie. I think any reads: Prodigal five more, There may be many ways said today, I'm a happy guy, I'm wearing my best Tommy Bahama so he wore. That is like that. His formal hawaiian shirt is what he worked it. I shuddered
think what Andy reads, Retirement Tommy, Bahama shirt looks like can be great cause him. Having like a really nice. One implies that he has like mood rings of wine church that it puts on if he wakes up curious wakes up angry. If he wakes up just a great mood, he got get a quarter back the next and yours, but I dont think that Andy's sticking around sixty two sixty two, so eddies any feels guy that might start off in the sun. Swollen if you get the also re. If you re that changes everything gets another survival, we might retire. At that point right, I just I you can't expect in I need to be there for the length of. I don't expect that from Holmes contract to be there for the length of the time he's like we said it's going to renegotiate, who knows. What's gonna happen, I you it's one of those weird spots and sports, where you have to pay him. Blank cheque five hundred million dollars, but you also have to acknowledge that it can be a hell of a lot harder going forward it when he takes up thirteen fourteen percent of the cap and putting together roster,
but I guess that's why you also pay any reading. You hope the bathrooms, like you, said, elevates everyone else when I first saw this contract as our five hundred million. My my initial thought is that If I had, if I had done what's more guaranteed, when I was twenty, four I'd be fuckin dead, a meal I brought, I dont think I would survive longer than two years. If you paid me hundred twenty seven million are always the check that he got. He got six million on signing and on Sunday. If you gave me well, that's really only like thirty five, not really it's not really worth it after tax, but yeah Get me thirty. Five million dollars like cold hard cash. In my bank account when I'm twenty four years old, I'm dead by on twenty five may of intensity. That's true here that debt finally gives you a little a little more leeway on your life. Expect. Because you move over to the Missouri side down these yellow money is popular wondering so I gotta takes exposed for you guys on April, twenty seven, two thousand seventeenth
someone in the media treated didn't trade up to take patch me homes in the top ten, that's a huge when those big I bet knew that we use that sucks so minute. I was you also. Might everything about bad about quarterback contract twitter is watching people just ok. Ok, who's! Next, in line What does this mean for deck Prescott? And you know that a large acts era lavished risky they're allowed people saying like Jack he's gonna get a similar contract out would be hilarity. Yes, I really hope that happens. I mean that would actually make my day as Washington to be determines fan if Dac Prescott get paid. Fifty how's, your hell, yeah do adjure it's an honor, I mean that's the thing to with Mahomet Z, its unprecedentedly I dont know if anyone's ever want a super wool and bp and and envy paeonies third sees really second sees like ie. Eight. Big then, once you were one second season, Tom Brady, but they did when envy peace until later on in their career and out. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that this is the first contract in the
fell where a player will be getting paid more money than Roger Godot. Roger gonna be heeded yet what was his salary, I think, was thirty Four million dollars. Rotten might have, might have beaten that but real literally a gas like thirty single something, no player has everyone Superbowl making more money to Roger DE facto? It's I don't know. This is a trend, gonna continued Patrick Mahomet. Many say might so. If you listen to show for a long time, you know that I'm down to lose pieces of my body for whatever stupid things I think now that, like Patrick HOMES has blue, first three years of played out first rears emission played out. I think give up a leg, tat patrimony on the bears. A full like me now, where left leg law Let me down: You don't really. I can imagine what I was aiming gonna last. What if I can now he began. Journeymen, unlike six years and
upon the bears. Does you anywhere there? Every day we hear another arena suitable? You dont want new yeah. You need your legs near forty stewed, I just could imagine, haven't you will be able to walk at your sons, graduation, pickup truck. Rotch everyone's like maybe gives me a little bit of applause. Europe like Lieutenant Dan yeah, yeah, thousand. I just lorry line, Adam Sandler Romp comedy of this week. The week of the guy without legs, and everyone said that he was a world war. Two Ventnor wasn't he had diabetes. So a lot of people dry areas where a lot of people are robbed Schneider, know some old guided allowed people just assume that you were a veteran yet on the streets. I have a friend, I lost a leg when using fifth grade and people just come up to and thank him for a service. He just stop correcting them. Yeah espresso, So I would I just don't. Is is, and I like Mitch trying to pile on him part of the conversation here disease is
one of the worst aspects, its eyes full, but as one of the worst tropics internal rating up, not united having a guy like patrimony homes, who you know then means valued ever you know it. You do Mitchell needs to change his jersey number two number- nine, because that's these teams passed on Patrick? I just wish. Been drafted lower because then it's not Right Ryan pay should be fire just for this just for a minute. The pattern home signs that contract, like ok, I think you should actually give you make that offer free for you to give up a leg. It's not Deal for you. You don't use your legs are much anyway. Now you probably get better at video games, you would lose some weight. Immediately up boom? You you're under to haunt you know why, you're being my would be slightly overweight near the obese leg which one you left one your leg. You got skinny legs like no ass, so I would say thanks,
I didn't ask about my your leg as well. To ask that's quite like I know in Asia. Is the acid ended leg ass? Is, Is your ass part of your leg? no I said knee down. Neo need down. I would go look at higher than that. Why would you need? Why would you want to leave? You didn't have a lower leg. Ask Pretoria at the pact you gotta go. Do you gotta go right above the knee? If anything, ok, I think tat Probably cost you about twenty four. I just can't. I just need to move on. We need to move on plus your other acknowledge Jack O. Do your three awesome bears goat? find someone else like I said. Who would we to have them. Salary cap ruined by pat and I got me- I think what you bring up about being bored with one quarterback. It's absolutely the truth. Right. I've watched, probably twenty five quarterbacks unless twenty years in Washington, its exists
yeah like that, every new guy could be the guy. The three years I had with her cousins were the most boring years. My life, I was an o who, once again, is gonna, go eight an end, be consistent. Dude I saw myself on my planet. I could so myself on anyone that that thrill will be like this. Is the guy chiefs you don't have that anymore. You know what your guys have fun with that. Not for me, ah, that's rather Rome's I will be released or schedule so we're getting closer. I dig there's no day games, There's some weird time. So, nobody day there's one day they know their stay games on opening data is only one of the Cubs heads a bunch digging through they always do, but there were some like weird times airplane, like five o clock or something I think it's time to have an honest conversation about these plan for reopening there's, no chance that, when I walked off trombone and in about what's arguing that it why it will get desire thoughts. Want to be optimistic. I have reached a point where I'm just like I've given up. No. I think I do all of our home.
Dreams actually rest on hockey. He's hockey's playing in Canada and, as you said, hottest is like not testing people for covert and they're coming back like it seems like it seems like slaughters just gonna, yes for our part quickly soon to Canada, pleased for for once, pull through four college football feels like it's gonna, be a spring season college football, just go, say: fuck it. No one Thanks, you don't think turn in fuck mode. No, I think down C is always in fact mode. As you see may be, but the fact that their now colleges that are like we're not can ever kids come back on campus. I think it becomes harder and harder cell anxious college is enough Obviously the differences there. Paying their national players There is also a captured. This the commissioner. This is the league. This is mandated college. You have. All different states rules. You have all different conference rules. The incident they try to get in there like a hundred and fuckin fifty teams- and I
don't know how to do it. I honestly don't I've I've been talking to business about this. Is we were discussing the shells, ideas about coming back and having your determination? fr in cities and all that I'm trying to get busy to get tested for the for the antibodies, because, if he's got them, their bodies, then he can just be a. For hire me. Like a million. Talks if you're good. If Tom Wilson breaks his wrist on. Sidney Crosbie face accidently by skating interim reform, ready to God. Then he is ready to step in and he will be confirmed covered for it. We need that we need. We need biz back in a way I can and want to get a test to just so I could mark and myself as the covert free, kicker yeah they like. Can you imagine the night get outta the day I did, but that was a couple months ago. You think about it. I think that please yourself bombed out when you didn't have really footballist talk me into the idea that in a body tests are screwed up and you can get like differs ears. Gonna keep getting a term until you get getting its ass. The early accidently reuse test on urban
My ideas- and this is Actually, like fifty percent series, If the jets are the giants lose a kicker than night before a home game and they have to put him in quarantine. And I'm available and I've got the antibodies at present serious fifty that's the way? I you you don't think there's We know in our thinking we argued concubine. Nobody, I'm gonna have my phone on ready go. I will just market must do better job than all you're, not gonna. Go on saturdays. What about the punter about? I just can't about what a banquet lamp outside value on the team. I could camp outside that rightly kit better than you every Saturday night. In the hall, the colleges in the area of our private greedy, someone in wide receiver running be so much easier on their way into this daily, in better shape to discuss this further teams. Coach could just pick me up on his way into the log into budget going for it would
We want foreground year, not even give women. That's one thing that would happen beforehand. Fifty percent, more like a point line in the stocking parking lot, actually sky, actually in their Hager mental test within their culture just tested paused that you actually are fifty percent there's literally everyone on the team, the kick yeah, but I'm better than everybody. I don't know about. That's ever maybe the powdered open Thick SAM, don't I think I'm react bleed on the team. You are better than we fifty percent of the team, I'm way better than a who do we Lane John C, we ever she leaned Johnson, probably has more power and his leg now pay if taken care of, doing better, kicking and lend Johnson I don't know none of the other players of taking earning he's deftly Berlin. Fifty percent of the way better, you'd better than every player, except for maybe the bat quarterback that a lot of time on his dick round and upon her when all these guys, like heal the polar bear layer you'll die in the video twelve declares kicked in fucking high school,
like all these guys were the best players in high school and they probably kicked everything eyes. I don't think that's true at all. I think. There is room for side and I think that the plans that were great athletes and kicked in high school for the most part become like Johnny Hacker, nigh like a guy who just place every position, it will always have a guy Billy you're, forgetting that allow Lyman in POP Warner used have the biggest lay great adventure. I hate the king autism sends alike in payment order. They took any toast out what they can kick, but there are also on the field like a million hours. They don't wanting around. Probably kicking, lay down ideal Odell doing right now. Definitely can kick your delicately. So that's. Why I'm not that's! Why they treated him away from the giants? I believe in you, If there are fifty percent a lot, if the I'm better than we are you fifty percent, you got the chance, you wouldn't you make the most of it. Thank you. That's all I want it just chess, ok, you got to stand ready. You want a chance, so you gonna live in New Jersey
I will drive to my life stadium every Sunday morning. If there's a player the test positive for over it, there's a kick in the test boss Bilbil, I take it now. You, together with outside the Patriot, ACT and wanted to figure out a way to take out. The hunters is really what I was thinking. I was going to hide in the bushes, wait for the special teams coach, but then, if upon her got there first about the hunting knife just haven't and then also am Donald every week economy, the list of everyone in like the greater New York area that kicked at any level and yet baby, you're half on our values year. The planes right it can't be. Our people, our red, they could just send their arrive. Point point rub: oh geez is Are all decided picking a soccer ball is much different, kicking football. I think you do. You're better than fifty percent of the players on the rebels from thirty five yards yes from any distance. Thirty five yards, yes, the Fifty percent of Emma less yes, ok, we'll confidences, have
I don't think I'm being rashly overconfident this? I think I think, maybe by saying there's a few additives in extra zero yeah. I did you write by math was wrong in that that's a common theme for me, so I fucked up with it with zero to five percent chance that it actually happens. But- get a better than fifty percent of New York red bulls, soccer players at kicking feel goals in football. I told you we all could only make like a thirty five yonder when he tried out for the genocide that people get us gullies do. Did you go kicks actually better at kicking the most pillars? Will you say Billy Bergen counties of football hotbed they definitely a tonic. Can ages not Keith eligibility? Don't you the word hotbed. How many pickers in America? Do you think better than you right now. I'd say prior to. Five hundred thousand people are better than ok that that that seems, like that's, gonna take under is the programme I would like to.
Oh now you gotta talk in me. Ok, you're right! I'm not! I don't you just nine fifty listed and has already you started with. If there's a fifty fifty chance, the giants will sign me, so I had to find a way to work in the back I or where we had some map it meets its fifty percent. If their kick your test, pausing for corona the morning of a game- and I just happened to be in the parking lot with a sign that says not to bring up bad things in the passport- What about all the exit fell? Kicker, they're not going to be the party. I will be they probably some live around here, but they're not can we in the parking lot that usually Barney one aspect? Listen, I'm gonna, be I'm giving myself as like the most convenient solution, not right best right. Ok, right, like other most convenient progress over two on the gas station condom right, you'll, take if it's the only you want a trojan. You want a d x, you want to hear any more you just don't you think over to reunite whimsical yeah raise a fucking I'll pull out at sea. We see a rough writhing. Most people do to hang on hang on enhanced.
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Billy Billy gets nominee for liberty, your once and immediately books of one way train ticket to South Dakota go hang out about Russia, yes, the ok I was. I was there to see reptile gardens, you're wearing two, how rowboats you are the nucleus back from Europe with a fucking accident. They were a gamer there for three days there. Ok, you got those aren't. We realize he's wearing cowardly drive in those very give. They were given to you out of your fucking, bow knife and shit to do the opposite. Billy you weren't car heart. I know there's target Billy there since the different scenarios through cool company, that they really cool over. Yes, so yeah cool thrown people who get it first. Hussy haughty for hot seat football, because a bunch He threw colleges sorry to cancel, their seasons, including mine. So, in a couple of their bad tweets did not just the seasons just
because of carogne everything that having people back their camps is so like. Restoring a sea like definite do their great and liked. I feel like that's a precursor to division, want, what I think the power, five. As long as there's money involved, there can apply, they might play at what I heard, which actually be so fucking perfect for debate is that every conferences plays or conference schedule. And now we have to just decide who's, got the best coffins so like every teen lay in the fact that it will be cross over and everyone's like now, fourteen from the SSC get into the yard and turn you see if he's gonna declare another national time welders when they wanted imply that yeah. They one point: what what would the indefensible? What am I don't? I'm gonna play, I don't know they would probably the plane, ACC schedule
We don't know Notre Dame would actually just get into the play all right for going on. I feed it not yet not beating anybody. I'm hearing rumours that dabble is purposely making sure all players catch covets. They had the antibodies were the singers from her rumours from your brain have you been in the rain to pardon my take. I've been listening because I think we floated that dairy academically in London has heard immunity as seen on common coward on fast. One anyway cool thrown people scared by headlines great idea for similar, but we heard me yet in them, so this law, of headlines like scaring people, like others, new virus. I can kill us all again and then there's like the bubonic plagues back and the thing is like a lot of those things like the black death. The periodic plague has a cure, but bull tweeting out the link that says the beauty I play is popped up in one word is ignored our own label on parliament here and we ve literally, I canceled fear like a month.
I said I will go on being afraid. Is lobbying ring up another Wednesday or there? It is the key tweet industrial complex. I should like to note that headline was absolutely linen just so that people are quoted on CNN and then dunk on actually like this bill. You're just gonna like four. If people don't listen to every show, they can just listen to you and catch up to what they missed. I did that the tick disease I did I'm just cancelling the fear Thank you for cancelling fights. Sarah Maud a couple of hours, murder, horrid season, bubonic plague. If you don't fall long, there's a story about two bubonic plague, every single. Yes, it's always like New Mexico, like New Mexico, Arizona, Sancho scaring. I pick your article two. My hot seat, attacked by the the show, is Tik Tok. Yes, so apparently toleration was talking about it, but apparently government is talking about shutting down like India, I shut down, like thirty nine could develop a Chinese developed app they, India shut down. Like thirty nine chinese, absent, there's, talks, Pompey,
secretary of state that they mounted anything MIKE Pump, Hale very nice. That's fucked up, because if you see that precedent that you're going to shut down every single chinese app Then, where am I gonna go see pictures of, like my guy friends, looking like chicks, I wanna fuck, that's an issue for me. The air it feels like Tik Tok is not long. Fur senator besides seeing the tick talker censorship when that olive oil lately spying. Now I'm saying whatever like I'm not even time adapted, I'm saying the reaction from the tick talkers would be unduly. Watching what they would do bring about. Why the well honeys now it would be just be chaos. Gas illustrates what is vine been up to vines, been notably silent during all this. You think that I we do to bring back the is a better version of Turkey. S was because we could understand true, We were young seconds. Yes, it was when I was in my who systematically good all day. There was a six second video that you could record and then put music under and then put online, and I would repeat S odd:
go down, you say Bolt the? U S, unity named his daughter now late. Is it now now take that take a gasp. Amazingly, my boy light legible Olympia, lightning bolt nigh, maybe the grace they have all tat. Yes, that's good, sick Olympia, lightning, bolt, she's gonna be fast, very fast, I appeal to what you're hot sequel to my hot seat is. Be well, I had little haughty on there, but we obviously I think we draw our hats. My hussy is Joe West, Joe West, said today that, even though he's been labelled as being in like a target population, are a very dangerous population in terms of catching carogne. Viral purse believe it or not. Joe West might have some underlying health issues, but yes, artists, but I feel like corona virus, and I I I understand corona virus and many people do, but I feel a crowd of ours wouldn't be able to get past, is now
I think, as a huge roadblock right is like he's wearing a mask overs tricky all day. I agree so, as he's got like a natural protective layer, that's in there he's wearing a mascot alta. Yes, he has been an plus you just where's, that's what umpires dune does like. All you have to do is put some netting on there, but he said that he does. And care he's gonna go ahead and be a martyr and go down to Florida and say and say I'm going to be doing this job as is not scared of a little virus, you can't keep him out of the stadiums. So Joe West is is putting the entire. Mainly baseball is back This also might be. Another scare tactic by the imo be because I still They just want to have the playoffs so they're, like it. We put Joe West on these games and we're gonna get more play. That don't wanna play into later right. So that's another bargaining chip that we can use at the last echo. Yet I wanna play games. Okay, we have to play with Joe stay saved your west. Please do
and my core throne is going to be describing things in his boring terms possible. It's another quote: tweeting, that's going to the internet. Now? It's just like name, your name, your favorite sport event. In the history of your favorite athlete tat bird, describing it as boring we as possible. I just did when I did. One panty describe the shepherds, portfolios born as possible set of Blake answer. The phone that's pretty good! That's nice, video, oh by the way, was one of the greatest. Ever and there are some stay works, but he honestly he after he wanted. He text me said that he was doing a red Ball promo like they. Following the round that week. So just worked out seamlessly incredible he's our body, the urban describe you're least favorite sporting event of all time as boring these possible through moving no moving moving up one.
Spot to take. The far inferior player, that's pretty good! Are you Jesse, Azure risky, I'm so every day since two thousand and seventeen, and I felt sure yeah ever days been a living health a hum like the officers every day is worse than a area your ears is, I wish I didn't have a leg. Yes, I, my hot seat is two of whom one is future me. I and now the coach Doug's. Now the coach Ellis you so what happened was content? They get fucked up Waller all my friends, Hey Joshua, its dork Joshua Waller gotta extension. Home of the video game. Video guy, I was very, I think, it's Gary Anderson, which makes it even more annoying because he was such a I'm better kick him yeah. Yes, The song playing this more at eight a m doing a morning, Wednesday morning, Wednesday morning,
a morning ass stream, it's actually very fond because it's like only maybe couple thousand people the chat moved a little slower people just kind of we talk. We chat now the same everyone trolling. Maybe I'm at EL assume excited and then my other hot seat is therein were because we totally to do this, but are Jake Marsh has impassioned we're home stats that no other podcast or twitter feed has Jake. Please tell us first line, to address, yesterday, I did a tweet about, say how many balls catch up. Combines? He loves catch up, but I've had it under Heinz deal. A gallon, HANS, I had to evaluate addresses, were cancelled, yeah magic. I canceled reason: IRAN catch around awareness came trotting out of the rats with violence and three million dollars. You can buy. Ninety million three hundred fifty three thousand five hundred ninety seven point: five Kermit, the frog puppets on Amazon COM, and hopefully she ex Gang ninety five. Ninety nine! Each
Ok, if you like dad should come with a bomb inside the creative. You order that only she s like a mealy drone, double tap, ok, ok, MA homes is born and Tyler's access in two years ago, on March twenty fourth, the Broadway Square Mile entire tax has had a map, it baby steamed plated event, including criminal frock, o solar connect that's ok, I have a lot of fun. As a may, twenty twenty there were five hundred and three million active internet users in India, from they million dollar contract Why are they not those funds? And finally, we have a lot of people. That's how many ended people listen to pardon my take. We should cricket segments Ouida, we gotta get you gotta, listen, we ve tapped in to the game, market. We need rig it. We ve already strongly disavowed the chinese market after the seventh outlying, going round the South China something Leubronn whenever the applause for us. Thank you, Billy. We need to find a way to get into indian Itunes. Today have Itunes,
I mean cricket- is basically like you thought. Baseball was boring, no quick work, cricket us down like really hazel how no I've! I watched a ten minute video on cricket. Recently David doubted the game where now they have like a like a one day. Lead version. Can that's exactly that's the point if you have to adapt the game, that means your pride pretty poor yeah through into sixty degrees, though Korea? Yes, I read Jonah Cricket over and only eighteen hours, so cricket crack. And finally, a chain reaction. Little thing so far as they might dollars is what the contract and go up to five or threes Eric Area Code of Portland, Oregon, ok to Portland is one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight miles away from Kansas City in the year seventeen ninety eight was won the first bank robbery in the United States happen. Is that the Bank of Pennsylvania, carpenters, in Philadelphia. They stole one hundred and sixty. Two thousand dollars and eight hundred and twenty one hole? yes, Socrates, among the other could only, and that equals five hundred three million dollars today
not that I am also proud of how it is like the Catholic in Secretary was Kennedy in all that bullshit magic been a bank robber in the seventeen like late, seventeen, hundreds, the goat, sick, you and even had, but had bitches Leon even have, like president masks to put on his disguise that you, just where George Washington wrought, do need ways Robin your horse. Like there's, no there's, no cameras. Why don't you always think about going to the next to go to the next one's, no going to find out what like a viewer criminal like will win? What at what point we like Foch DNA evidence, yeah that change the game. Estralla, like probably the biggest I not only Simpson trial. Yet when it has socks, you had to be like a world class sucker before electronic. To walk into a building and we like Here's my money, please look after and then walked out of that build the certainly when they used a bank back into seven hundreds deserve to get what also caught a more probably a little bit more dangerous back then to rob banks, because everyone had gone.
So I could just been like stuff. That man, instead of someone just chasing you to tackle you, they just shoot, but if they dont hit you on the first shot? They say I've had like five minutes and if you walk into a bank, if you have, if you walk into a bank with a loaded gun, you have a five minute headstart everybody. I just just make sure you exact yes, exact on the way out, walk at a brisk pace. We will find I owe my cool throne is: can you ass can be president, maybe not but of surely he probably welby- one of those ones where that can be this year, but, like you don't think there were on the way for a car, dashi and being in the White House you're, not paying attention that's gonna Hap. I actually do think that I don't think it's gonna be Kenya. I would actually think they Kim has a better chance of being per absolutely in Canada. Like five ten years. One four percent, which I better go ahead. I guess. Ok, Asian Cosette, is something we said last month: nope. Ok, here,
I see serial killers or people committed crimes in nineteen hundred seizing ancestry dot com to get a previous dna from like that, to go and stay killer recently just got convicted on dna evidence, so in the same vein of were saying: don't patent laws was wife track him down? I'm an idea. Ok yeah did crazy but yeah. So, ok, hot see. Thank you for that interjection. Those good thank your job. Third courting over dinner. Sweet in yours What are you you got a covert test dvd. I owe you David inside your brain, where they did. You know rynch Referenda repression be around as we please leave. Ah I, let's get you Trevor Bower before we do that pity you gotta get yes before we get to our friend Trevor Bower want to talk to you about a great friends at shady rays. We love or shady raised. We ve had a bunch people. Their tweeting pictures of their new part might take sunglasses that they ve ordered their limited
I'm sunglass. I don't actually note there sold out or not yet, if they're, not so they're, probably very, very close to being sold out Shady raise, makes an awesome, awesome, pair sunglasses, noble he's been disappoint so far. I love my shade. Raise they make high quality shades for are far less than the most expensive brands out there. They have them. Asked warranty sunglasses industry its summer time there, in its sunglasses. Loosened season could drop in lake drop him in a river you get his leave. Matters. In this house sunglass fall off in the summer time? That's a fact. It's also when you need some glasses, the most but shady raised has, he covered, they will send you replacements if their lost or broken, then get a lifetime. Craftsmanship, warranty, P, ass. They dont at ten meals to fight hunger in America with every order they are the exclusive sunglasses partner of part, my take that shady raise an Casey and hear me before shady raise locked, the official sunglasses. Four p m t fans the pardon my tea. Limited edition shades, I'm just gonna com, the Re Baker set as the rebate,
collection, that's what they like to say about sunglasses. They re Baker. Action. The response has been incredible since the first so the release they ve been flying off. Of so much so they might be completely soda. By the time that you hear this. If there pairs remaining gotta shady raised at com such p, empty. It might be your last chance to grab we're not just saying that their awesome sunglasses they been flying off the shelves. I probably had like forty fifty people, just in the last day, tweet pictures other sunglasses arrive awesome shades. They ve got these like it's gotta lieutenant tint comes in a sweet collectors? Carrying case comes an awesome? packaging, You're, gonna love. These sunglasses trust me, and if there are any issues at all with their shades, they throw profit out the window. They do. It takes to make right. So try shady raise risk free, we know that one day we might be able to bring the shady raise limited edition. Part of my take re Baker collection back, but for now what
their sold out. You can't get him anymore, but they will still have awesome pairs of other shades. We can use our exclusive deal the raised at com and use promo code, p m t fifty as fifty four and off two or more pears and shady raise that's p m t fifty. For by one get one free get to Paris for forty eight box also. I dont think that code works on the part of my take re Baker collection. I could be me. Taken, but I believe that was in the Monday read that we did for these sunglasses, but it works every single other pair that they have their shady raised at com. P m t fifty and get your fifty percent off Now here's strive about me okay. We now welcome on recurring guests. Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher, Trevor Bower he's got his momentum media company. You should go check it out, watch momentum, dot, com at watch, underscore momentum on twitter
they're doing some awesome new stuff with different players is teamed up with Congress. Junior We want to have Trevor on, because baseball is trying to come back and you are always a very vocal person who says whatever they think and we want to get to the bottom of it. So, let's start there, How has the first week or so of being back gone and are you confident that this is going to work yeah Before we get into that LSD shared. I see there is such a girl yeah, that's our boy. My video game come we're. We're Alice! You fancy, but also my video game on coaching Alice, you now so yeah. I got your love, yes the world since nodded Bangles roadside Hansen's now to have him? Yes, Hopefully baseball is still going on there and they're coming back and so I think it will be. First, we back has been pretty crazy with all the regulations, the testing, the procedures and stuff like that. When we're getting tested every Every other day now?
spit test? Would you Do you know anything about spit ass now? No explaining they give you. The package, an inside the vile, got a little light. Falander like you'd like a protein folly for protein or water shakers on the southern spit into it and for its publication five minutes to spur to fill this thing up later the top off, Can you put a new top on some liquid and you screw it on mix liquid and then deliver it to him? The problem is when spit their life. The bubbles, spit is, but a graphic right, you don't know that the bubbles there's too many bubbles it gets like up into the little funnel and yet, the funnel off, unlike scrape the spitballs off and then put it back on and continue spilling last. Besides, live up to the line, the lines gets caught him ass. He sometimes So anyway, that's every other day. Every morning sought a survey.
Have you had really symptoms Have you been in contact with someone essentially might have had none of the other sounds like twenty questions. We have our own thermometers that we haven't at home, so we take our temperature twice. Input, those numbers certain job like yeah. In the mouth. You can put it wherever it of the modern guess ticket somewhere now something much you smiled, but Do that and I wake up like a loving zombies. You take my readings about eleven thirty and I'm pretty much go straight to the ballpark you get the ballpark enter unless they take a temperature. Their sub basement take my temperature four times in spite of an hour and a half. Then, you gotta wear masks at all times indoors, not where one outdoors, if you're in the train room get em size, locker eating he generally, where reading the incurs rectitude room can write the chefs-
so they have like pre packaged meals. We have to order meals in the morning and they like pre packaged they cook in Pre, packaged. The launch dinner snack stuff like that, this crazy. How long does it take? You to find out after you submit one of those spit test how long until you find out whether now your positive I don't know, I haven't heard anymore results back I'm assuming if I dont you think I'm negative, yeah and, if I do here something of I'll, probably here fairly quickly, turning round, but I've heard some stuff about the testing facility being like overrun with tests, and then not being able to test guys like not be able to run the results in so sometimes still been able to complete their intake testing as we are not even able to write, right now sit in this house. How so speaking, practice? How overall, do you think the team is looking in talking guys around the league? How they feeling about
the season, starting in like three weeks, our guys ready to go or they feeling like they are in shape to point start the season It's such a mixed bag it's You guys, like myself, ready to go now started. You now define you guys were unable to do anything. We ve lived in the worker, Jersey Year, California, this area, like you couldn't get to a genuine left, you welcome. The outside throws the aggressor I heard you guys are behind Here's my pitching and they said what are we gonna hafta gains and training so that peace basically since eleven September, if you make the flask doesn't seem like doing so. Some guys head. Some guys teaism doesn't swung it off at such a mixed bag. I have no idea team, specifically with a lot of guys care a lot, it came in ready and were able work out its role and all that it up a sunny in ways Castillo.
Ready to go. My blood runs right, go I'm here inside just the opposite to be built up. I fifty yesterday south is brilliant. Yeah. I saw that video that you put up on Twitter. It was I cut in and out with George W Bush sand. We won't get full again thing. Did you make that video yourself is? I could actually see you sitting down at funnel cut pro like making your own means your own live action means you nailed it to a t. I mean the programme. The look, I'm my said everything. Yes, Mamma made it myself at the meeting in my eyes and my company momentum, less than three and a half hours allows us everything going on out there making a video multitask in his finest as Ozma. So you talk about the spit test before I also read the baseball is banning spitting entirely either trying to take bidding the game like day, you can't take spinning a baseball. You, you played fur Franconia for years. Like you know, people
spit, dewdrops spitten scraps themselves. When there are, His ball diamond? I don't think there's any rule that can really stop that. See how they try to enforce the rule. Is gonna, be a fine. We can be a warning. Who's, the guy. It's can be sitting there. Washington video trend like spirits, right, yeah, right, sky, judge right, maybe Gough lie in his mouth yeah right. What Have you talked to your teammates, I'm sure about the fact not me playing in front of anyone as of right? Now we might change. There might be more people that are allowed in the stadium. How do you think That's gonna have backed the game, and like for a pitching from a batting standpoint, going affect everything I think he's gonna minimize the value upon field- generally like you get a lot of adrenaline in my bedroom when you're coming back in the game or when you're in a big situation. You're home crowds going crazy our level that out, I think it's gonna be out the people who were.
Not read out the way, but people who are driven by the moment and people were drawn by the competition itself, the competition is gonna, be there are still here in the box games. Don't matter people were driven by that ending the Basque you're gonna, see them their normal level appear. The boy up loaded the season, because The overall level of a game might be a little bit less in some ways, but The guy's it aren't driven by the competition, is much. There are either the moment or the Mai I do not have as much motivation the sheer embarrassing some guys opting out for various reasons. I'm sure some of you might inside so It's gonna be interesting to see which fires cup right, which ones TAT Father, wouldn't what about the duties will be easier to hear someone being on a trash? Can this year would know fans in the crowd you spent so I don't know that
old or new technology. I think there's new stuff. Now I buzzing going on a matter that not I saw your shirt when you took a picture you're still a year, I like it, because the world is obviously changed drastically since spring training. There's a lot of import things going on, but you you're the torch bare of on, not forgetting about the Astro summit, aware this sure and troll them, every single chance I get. I appreciate the I don't taking picture. Had the baseball back up Yet when we talk about the blacks are scandalous at a hundred hundred years ago, a rapture, because what is Nick Gastro next one. I agree. I think people do need to be reminded of it from time to time, because, like I miss, I mean caring about slightly inconsequence, oh shit, you know like there's so much serious. Stop the sky. In the grand scheme of things like first shooting yet socks if you're Yankees fainter Dodgers Banner
play baseball against the ass rose, but in the Pictures, not that huge with you good to get mad about that small stuff. You know honest yeah, how ridiculous Twenty has been? We got a pandemic. Election year, Kogi now asked. Wait. I just got a lot of stuff. Floyd. Obviously there is so much Serious heavy stuff, the country at the tick, Tock stuff, I'm sure your carrier haughty little honey. It's a little hut, he gate, yeah making making some fun of some things as much needed a thing for everybody, and at this point, like I mean it is what it is. It happened everyone's aware, its part. The culture now you're making means is, I crying Jordan at this point like make asked for me every Norman, it's funny. If you making too often it gets all yes smaller, but yet so on,
Was there a part of you that, even though you know you lost a lot of games, you lost out on on a good amount of money this year by not playing games the first couple of months. This season the kind of cool just being like yeah. You know this is an awesome time off that we're getting right. Now I got I'll take a couple months to relax. Rejuvenate he's my way into the season. I want the that way, I looked at it like an absence. I basically just killed my body for three months. But I want stronger. Now therefore, at the a mile hour or so my fast, or do my man we haven't thou, also down like there's, no way we play baseball before I mean maybe you did that absolutely, as the problems lie at three months later, believe me, I get better such ideas of improvement and some guys I looked at it like now, humming oldish, I'm going home show me go time. Family, I'm gonna go get em about whatever it is
my hobby is getting better going in and researching stuff on earth, so I was in the jammer or or researching so the in the attempt to bring baseball back? It was obviously very much publicized the fight between the players, the Imo BP and the owners you're very vocal about it. Do you think there can be any residual? I mean There's gonna be contracts in the new CBS next year, but is there a residual? Can you feel it anger about how the owners handled everything and how they tried to put it on the players when in reality, they just we're trying to get it It is still possible, like it's hard. It's hard to blame either side and is very easy to blame. Both sides, like you, look out a couple different ways. On the other side, you look at it like. If anyone has any business, they will want to find a way to me. If not lose money. They lose money, they have a business that can employ their employees that can operate stuff like that. So save the bottom line. Makes us
as we do that and not making much money is to cut costs. I understand from the business side, on the player side like we don't sign a power game amount. We don't sign the appropriate contract besides. If I play this year are ones. I signed the contract and making ex not this year so high It's been training outlays your games. I stomach that not right or wrong. That's what that's! What contracts are so on the clear signs like you, I can see all players be upset about not getting there. The earliest pro rata like you, shouldn't make less per game and you what of normally, I know I can see from the fire. I can see from the other side, were they where do I messed up? Is it that the first thing, if you that was made a public fight I don't know any other business intentionally at their their custom? various which is against their product, which is the players on the field, That seems to be the decision that was made enough when negotiating standpoint and pressure and in trying to get the best deal and all that, It makes sense in a way the public.
Very short sighted smuggling, still this year and doing irreparable damage to sport? there's gonna be a lot of people are just won't. Watch based off the next exe Yes, there are some sport for arguing about money in a tent forty five million Americans, I found out that the current number is, but of forty million Americans are unemployed, asked him the I'm going out on time. Racial unwrast behind other countries have one ran. Like others, serious topic we talk earlier is going on. And then you have millionaires diners volume of work about who's, gonna, get more money and less money. Our labourers all these things have been done behind Stores, anyway, that's relation remained a man from the very jump I just got, but the public sphere, which is the wrong there. Just occurred to me that with no fans in the stands this year nobody's going to be there too boo when a pitcher tries to throw to first base like more than once in a row. You know that then always cracks me up and fans do that disease ever get into your head. If you like Throwed for space may be twice and they
to do and you like, I should have better. Do it again, the really gonna. Let me have it not mine, but I do know some pictures who get the Europe's on throwing the first, though, don't come said, and they can they freak out of a takeover. Like thinking about. Why did me the pickle registered that want to do that and they do it again and again and I've seen guys pick up like six or seven times in a row, not because they want to do they have to get, on the picture, just a cop on out and come out there. I thought you'd like to break the to break it up. He asked what will see how that happens? It doesn't bother me. I I don't mind. Making people mad to guess. Yes, now that is absolutely actually kind of why we like the young so everyone talking about how the games or can be played. Terms of managers pop, probably having a shorter leash on their starting pitching because of sea the games bigger rosters. Have you had that conversation adieu? You fully expected because, knowing you Trevor, you, like
being pulled out a games is fair to say so. What's What's Trevor Bower gonna be thinking He gets Paul after five innings cause because it's a do or die game game. Thirty, five annual I shouldn't be pooled, I still got stuff left, yeah. I mean the competitor in me in the moment is mad. I'm here have all man. I feel like I'm the best option to win thirteen when I think, read everything agrifuels. I live now So at the moment that it, how did you see him before going on to be upset about it, bad remove me about half an hour for he vandalism again and probably be in there. I threw some This is an issue of hydrogen today type mounted and I'm gonna get back at the edge, so I think sixty games are every game is two point. Seven times is important. I think that's a math works out to him, so higher stakes. Every time I take the mountains were basically three games or what would be three games, which of course will, invitations is two weeks society
start. Thinking about like that, and it's so much more important, we're blessed with the rest, have a lot of really good talent, a really deep bullpen, a really cheap starting staff. Lot of guys that can Get him out of the very high club, so basically anyone out there is still be able to get the job done ultimately our plan policies and whatever getting the best chance to hand out whether it be or not me, that's what I want. We had a conversation with Dave Bell, we're like hey man like if you come out or Europe in coach, like you come out like a problem be an asshole like give me a minute. We give a safe word or is it like hey? If turn a little bit to centre for I just know to leave me alone cause I'm about to launch one. If you go even further, yeah think there should be no safe word as if there's a safe word. He's too close he's gonna happen. Now, I guess no fancied yeah yeah is therefore like it's clean, Thank you know about time. You carry out now he's taking off, so maybe it.
I come now to turn my back to go back to. Let me be I love. I love one pitchers, have it hasn't happened? You were you VE yelled at a measure and he's gone back, no, because Tito realized really early on that as soon as he stepped out of the dugout. He like made the move to the empire's. So no matter how much I bitched Monday couldn't smart! It s really smart! Now. That is a good moment, though, without when the manager says, ok and for some reason, whenever it happens, I feel a pitcher always gets a guy out. Yak is just like I'm on the boss. Here, let me have this issue is one of those like alpha more mode, so Tito knew that here he couldn't do that. A bells gotta be ready for that yeah. I'm the one time that I can think of it. It didn't work was not Harvey, but it wasn't during an ending right is, after after the eighth any ass, the night but anyway, that's it, that's a hollow story, but yeah above all that comes. I shall talk today quite a bit about along different things. During the stocks we hasn't come up, I do know that
great American is more that shorter to send our field in coffins. Readiness in the bar flies over better some restaurant out. There is definitely a striking range calling your name but that about put one on top the steamboat out there. I love the idea of you just sitting down with your manager being like aright first of all, be kind of a dick can, I just say: ok, let's get off their usually doesn't take a meeting to figure that true. I do like the idea of the naming like a little part of the restaurant out there after you like to deal with big MAC Land and say I was like the dead sinner. If true, reckon hit cholera like that, the Bower Alley, or something like that, and just public will name but tat. Me there's been all sorts ones in baseball history. Other kings, court in Seattle, not coy ridding on she likes to get the flotilla Padilla, what'll, I don't remember, which went away with it and also to different names. Get there
the role of what they call the Yankees Iraq is the bleacher creatures, maybe no that work were Mickey mental gonna blow job yeah No, yet the Bronx burning their you boom got it. The bleacher Baja Wrigley Breach of creatures- maybe Please remember creatures. Ok, yes, you're right! Have you been doing anymore, the brain stimulation stuff, Yes, a word actually yesterday at yesterday I work first, I haven't worn it in my three months settled I was a rusty button. The machine handed using while put it on and the first like to say, I was wearing it. I got this bright white. Flash the pain of a mile above my head, like that's, probably not get at function. These young pain in my brain, I forgot Do you know what was wrong and everything was moved? How did you figure out what was wrong with your electronic brain? Simulating device
Well, it came back to mighty education is an engineer Michael there's, only one thing that could be wrong, that is flexible and that of the court in all the way to check that might have had the court plug in all the way Any other problem would be within a short while machine rubbing. I wouldn't blame you did so at all. He was my stupidity and it was your your day. Usually close to being like to see just how like having the entire corner of dumb baseball injuries. You got the drone. Injury. If you like, go on the De L. Could you electrocuted yourself with a fucking? I don't know a head scratch her You realize that you would be the go right. I you know I gotta, be they got it! Something about that. That's not calling on final that I got for evil done things I could do so. Have you been droning? I've not droned. Actually are I've been so busy with business and in the gems I haven't drowned much by
I've been enjoying the media stuff. In spite me to John Nights night, very good, very it. I have you noticed like after having these couple months to work on some things. It maybe you would have had time to work on before is spin rate changing. Have you increase what pitcher improve the most for you of the last two months, man I was getting faster alma. Your spinning, alas, astern out again explain it must be a contract. Your thing your further south. I could be for maybe it's more humid closer to certain city, maybe Mr Houston, Jani up up up I don't know, was- will see what it was he muttered ass was going faster a bit taxi gotten, I'm excited to see other places. So my last question we had Scott Boris on last week or two weeks ago you went out on Twitter and we asked him about it, he
responded that he didn't even know that you'd gone Adam for a couple days. He kind of plead ignorance. Do you believe that or do you think he knew right away? is interesting how all the sun now about five- minutes after I got calls from multiple bores clients I know you're multiple boys plans on twitter trying to come after me in browser different reasons I was getting random burner accounts that were located in Monica those conveniently in Santa Monica Treating at me, council were made the literally the day like that day like this it's You complete ignorance. I once ultimately, no one's gonna know for sure, but that we can all have our opinions. Like every hour or Scott Boris feud. Let's get a gallon, we'll get you guys on the same sure. Would you talk to him? I wouldn't you mention is bathroom.
Would you talk to him like guys, if we who, I guess you can't, he couldn't write because he's not apply your united client oh he's broken our opening he's been. Recruiting all sorts of clients in line to him, Pang paying supposedly Zol. Supposedly the up about now making all sorts of ridiculous claims about now. All the agencies are gonna fail with Tobin, and I'm the only one left him- it doesn't matter which agency reaction with around the union and wasting that deal with me and rumours about your pain, which is illegal. I think there's potentially some My mom, it's coming out of my region. Ways like yeah, we build a bridge here, only had a volume material. I came here to do a Pike S report yard. You think who would say no first, you think he would you would say. Yes, you think I'm scared,
Oh? I mean Gaza is gonna like Darth Vader challenging Singapore's. Have you a debate of opinions, and I also don't know if you know, but he he runs a union yeah, I'm not I'm not above getting my hand chopped off the lights and renewal of Alexander dumb things. Sure hindered applies that that or the internet, so A lot is true. There is one of the few that you ve been into recently. I think it's went back like July first or the end of June. You can go back and forth with Kurt showing a take ease, award prisoner, occurred shillings, you belong him but Kurt and I didn't know if you knew this, but like girt shilling was right there and curt shitting was right there, but you would but how can you walk through the decision to go but Kurt but curse? he was his little bit butter. Online is coming up? and
for the same old assaulted in I don't know. That's why I didn't go after him. I ain't goin to his little corner. The internet take him out of his ordered from. Unlike what you know, I'm pretty well known. In the internet circles for defending my my area. I turned out of laughter. Anybody necessarily very rarely do I pick a fight. I will fire backs, become a start the same stuff about my stats, my character about not caring about winning and others ridiculous ass I was, I was finding always or baseball players. It can have a back their careers done it's not their time anymore. What with butter and anyone thought what number so I figured you dogmas only five million two hundred and fifteen million in her wherever there Do you remember that laughed in his account? Haven't you and once I you can't have an opinion. Cuz first is not so much better picture than you are, and all these different stuff and
thing about no shitting on advanced, that's so I thought I was about his funded position him in a way where I am better than him with certain regular stats at this point in my career through twenty eight years old easily make case that he's. Major twenty eight, as he is a bad start So I find it really fun to just position. Opposition like your either worse than me, or you have to admit that advanced that matters thousand. That you you'll enjoy. We ve had him on the show. A few years ago we just put one fake hold for like ten minutes.
We don't have a holds its podcast, so we just on balancing them around being like up sorry, you got the wrong number. Let me transfer you upstairs, and it's like we're. Just sitting raises gone back and forth across the table. People I argued on the internet, have anything against them. It's like it. It's a chess NASH reads like a battle wet, you know who can get the better mean we can get the better it s in it. It's yet out of the castle. Third or our dupe like we could talk about, I mean I agree with everything is, as it may not agree with every half or stop worse on everything like I can answer the conversation. We can talk about the issues, yet they got iced tea. Tweet worries like you, I go. I log onto Twitter. I talk some shit and I log off that's it is imperfect. Well on the way to do it when I'm not competing when I'm not on the field. I can't talk shit, I'm not packaging, my parents, my friends, you definitely talk shit, your dad, assets fair, but not the boy,
see them run one then the club austrian season there stood a little guys around. Like me, I could pick I can pick on someone you every day. I give it What money do, but no, I will not let it sometimes. I ask them to control it, said something stupid. I fire back I will travel. Thank you so much. We appreciate you are joining us. Everyone fall on twitter and, like I said, he's got movement media which stood Awesome stuff. You check him out, he's partnering with Congress Junior and they're doing you have you ever? Is it just for the EU two page where people could say watchman us, I'm momentum. I screwed up momentum as momentum on Youtube as watched ass. Well, Madame almost socialists watch underscore momentum as well. You can find power outage. Also socialism, it's all into my buyers, that's easier to guess. Ok,
some will. Thank you. Man appreciate, I would say, best luck, but I'm ok, fan. So I hope that you suck this year, really bad, I hope- and this really get against the cap as we can talk after the season yeah. Oh I get time that you call your finger off in the drone right for the World Series, I think we do that have a good what I see as they sent. Trevor Bowers brought to you guys by our good good friends over me. Andy's. Have you ever seriously considered the underwear that graces join other regions you ve got some porn stuff down. There are, thankfully me Andy's has, which is why, they're changing the game with softer than soft sustainable Andy's. They ve got fun prince like unicorns lot. Of colors. You can be totally comfy being you inside and out said Last week. Ring. So true, I've got Nothing! But me- and these are my underwear draw right now, and it is a luxury I don't even I dont have the bad pair of underwear that you only toss on at the last. Second,
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So are like everybody is runs entire span of part of my take part gas as mean because actually virtual in right. Now, we always has a great offer for my listeners for any first time purchasers you get fifteen percent off and free shipping it's no brainer, especially cause. They have that hundred percent satisfaction guarantee gotta Monday's dot com- slash, take get fifteen percent off, first order free shipping and your hundred percent. Satisfaction guarantee at me: Andy's dot com, slash, take ok, let's get some segments pursed up. We have a pr one, a one for De Sean Jackson, who Ah ominously, this gently on having more yeah just as a rule, if you're ever gonna post something it starts with Hitler, said not a great idea
Usually it really easy way to bail out of posting whatever. That is just click the exploited on internet explorer, maybe I'll go Hitler said where's passed me my cyanide, even that yeah yeah, probably privileges avoid the h, H man altogether, and then he went on to apologize for and say. I didn't realize that what tat quote from Adolf Hitler yes just like it just I think you don't have to get into really. The new wants this to understand that you should not be posting anything by Adolf Hitler on socially Yes, that's just great rule of thumb. I know think he also went with a little defence like I'm. Not anti semitic actually was trying to quote Louis Zverkov. Oh ok, nother notable he's hygiene- am I putting down that shovel just yet the world the world just really went down hill in general, when we started letting wide receivers were numbers in the teens I like it. I this all out each here's the deal that it is about very confusing, acting like his is a goal that guy's fat like for you do
the numbers going to tease next thing: you know you got Riley Cooper The Jackson Julian battlements, probably good, just ass to be able to play, shortlist during games. Next, it's a very slippery slope. That's all I'm saying I know there s, no Pierre one, one for change out, Becum counterfeited money and I ended it out two players and LS through charges- Nothing really great comes from having teens, yes, oh yeah, dish on Jackson. You come out on your own. There did what's whoops what Ah, I just tweet The unslackened girl. Very good now to bury it. I did that today when some was pushing picture. My breasts. Sparing with I'm started, work yeah, oh yeah, The conversation ineffectual, your breast is off the internet, now correct as we had it. Ok gets warm out Rushmore. This one is going to be a doozy. Very exciting, this one, so the reds name change- has been in the news and-
was brought to the attention that Dino Snyder in his infinite wisdom at one We tried to argue that the trade mark, the? U S, trademark use patented trademark office was using arbitrary terms on what was offensive or non, so they filed legal brief that here's what it was it was. The washing NFL team is once again appealing the cancellation of their Washington Redskins trademark. This time using the defence of the. U S, patent and trademark office has fostered arbitrary enforcement, since it has granted trade marks to other names. The team believe- these are racist or massage. Drastic, vulgar or otherwise offensive They didn't listed a bunch of trade marks of offensive names of companies and this was Lindsey gives tree this out. This list We're gonna do amount rush more of these cuts. These because they're fucking, ridiculous and hilarious Anyone would actually come up with a company like this
so we're gonna. Do that not rush morning is Snyder end up not being wrong about that. But, They agreed with him that yeah we can't weak and say that the red lines is to have no right to be trademark. If we have, we have hot octopus, anti provisional oyster going, don't go, don't ruin my Rushmore Erica. I'm. So let's do Where did not Rushmore of Offensive Gerardo Affair Mount Rushmore of offence. Of trade marks the dance that you try to use to defend the Redskins Phillies, also going to do a Mount Rushmore of cutest animal, so you're going to be in the draft bill, you're going to be picking. Fourth, thank you want to go far. Than Pfc than myself sure My number one pic, I just basin, in terms of the ones I made me laugh the hardest. The first amendment correct boys stupid. Throw rocks at them wallets spray. Yet I like that. I like that that was that was on my list as well. This is an easy number one for me, Dick balls apparel? Why why?
So that's what like, where what someone was really mad? Someone clearing up broken up. What there's some bad happened. I can restart accompany despite men yeah. What's, let's get him. We're accounts wallets, Z, s, ok I'll, do which ones you pick fifty. I pick dick balls. I live the ones that are Herald the adriatic powers that are very just like hey here's. What we are would not hiding it. So my first point: we'll be party was sluts apparel pretty much straight to the point: hey your dude you. Party, Sockets yeah, here's some fucking closely, how much equity to rob bronchitis, Turkey, two brothers came under. That idea. Would sluts apparel flock man? carefully. Someone came up with that. Ok, Billy, your first and second cutest animals. First one up tea cup pigs, her eyes. Have you ever seen like a picture of a teacup pig licking ice cream com? Is the best
Good, ok, my second pic is pygmy african pig me huh, chocks those who want to join C. I add eyes if there had yet in ok that's good. That's gives us good will come. Ok, we'll come back to you. Ah I So sticking with I'm gonna go heavy on apparel lotta apparel companies on this, but another one that just straight into the point, exactly what you want I'll go with you love vagina, apparel, so just really let you know this is what this is. What we do here, where is it I'll vagina Genie apparel. Is it I love and its apparel for you, Ve John Notes. I love vagina up here. Oh, it's not like. I love merkin, zeroing or Imre. It's it's apparel! For us. We love child guy. Who fought for Yes, exactly were really hammer this on your door likes to fuck. I got both apparel cup company,
three, they must have sold so many bumper sticker subdued that drove on Civic s eyes. I welcome China, ok apparel I'm for my second I'm gonna go with retorted media retard a I can't believe they were. I can't believe that that's an actual company how why acts. I literally carefully that that's so it's a website. It's it's a website. I knock off on Wikipedia I'm gonna acknowledge I'm gonna go there right now what rageous o er just like how high or yeah, how hire you when you came up with that guys, like imagine that's like, so it has nothing to do with people. Who are mentally challenge whatsoever. Besides the outlandish name, it's just its looks like a collar of people that have done stupid thing, so my own
now that's a hell of a hell of an idea, but it's very nice you. This is how they probably got that approved. It says what right start a pity is not it's not associated with Wikipedia DOT Org its associated anyway, so dissimulation right there in case you were wondering ITALY? I hear you're in the wrong place, not a sister site. Yes, I thank your next to. There's a lot of good ones. Editor, crash last gummy, panties, lingerie, lingerie, ok, and milk we'd bags in those regions where it's like the guys, we're like myself, we'd bags is so good at what is it again the same question is it milk weed and its bags I was really we'd bags with various mills from yet have on them. Yet I'll know an let's like a collection like Pokemon gotta collect them all, you want to go, all the material bags. I was thinking it was like a something that can they fit a quarter pound
or an out of something whatever product that you wanted? and it was just labelled as milk- it It's such a genius marketing like what can we corner? How about the guys who smoke too much? It get really horny milk we'd bags What do you think about when you're, when you're super high mills? did a google search of milk. We'd bags ended images and there's a shirt on Etsy. That's hi myths matter? I love it. I need to interview- is Hank is correct. Almost matter. Listen, I'm I'm shocked at Spencer gifts and by all those serves the second they hit at mills. Ok, I'll! go ahead. All right, my next pic is gone to be they're just so many really good ones on here I'm go with
what seeker? Ok, let's eager dating services, so you can imagine probably what that various point fuck: why does everyone have little student onward? which one do you like you'll do use, which, when you want to do God you said ass. I know you're gonna. Take I won't let you go Ok, my next one, I'm gonna go into the underwear department, very simple, jeez underwear, dammit Jews, jeez underwear. How do you like using in your underwear where we got the underwear for you she is under? What do you think that that that Spirit product, Going after like dude, you have what dreams like late into their forty see. I think it's just like its milky white colored underwear so that you can't get caught. If you none, it's got a little basket, ready, go, you don't even have to wake up and change your underwear. I you don't hear underwater bulges underwear. Ok, I wasn't going to know no
no bill. Your last to queue. Animals kudos animals live pig me Mamma sets. Ok, though, the little monkeys that you see always wrapped around zones figure like how their low q could call in then last but not least, a classic puppy. Poppy nine everywhere. If you didn't do poppies joy, I was gonna be mad. If you do puppies picked up ok. My last pick pick me more research are so cute so cute. I probably a little bit of a theme here, but earth convert theme on all these go with big titty blend coffee, Just like hey, I mean you're gonna promise me big tidies with my coffee in an in an I would definitely what about robotic plague! You think I should abandon. Our increasing again said: have a call, far combat you're, smart, dim, Hank, that's really smart, big Titty Kramer.
Teddy Kramer the other side Brand entirely, but maybe a subset of Jews underwear. I also appreciate, I dont think any of you guys. Gonna pick this one but dumb blonde peer. I appreciate the big titty blend. Coffee doesn't tell us why you could be any hair. Color is just all that matters is the big tits. I think they have different flavors of the coffee. It really let you really let you explore your last pick, my last one's going to be naughty girl. Cartoons why the girl Twod is an underrated word. I think in terms of what we think of we think British people cussing all the time we just think of the drop in the hard see bomb yeah. They love saint tat and yes, flat slaps different. Yes, I've met. There's one, that's really good! That's out there still thought born. No, that's my last one. Ok, that's your last one. I am thinking of that being a category on porno date is excellent. News like this
tat? They know the cause is not a thing, we're all men with a kind of he found a fuckin glitch in the system. Here I was thinking of a reformed, whores musical bans that a man is a band. I think it's gotta be abandoned, reform, ok and horse. Okay. What about crippled biker bastards? Does it doesn't actually say what that is: white girl with booty apparel duchess juicy right, like the race that today by our baby Ebay, is wanted and labour this these actually god. I just imagine some dude whom I met. A dense that'd be like yes, fine are yet go like we're good, and not only that worry, like don't worry, they problematic people worry about the name. You guys can stop working like not only that we're good put think about the like. The the man or woman who graduated top of their class Harvard law and, like just came across your desk, so I'm going to have to have you go and find the most offencive brands out there. It's like this is what I went to law school for to go find
you know slut seeker dating services. Ok. I actually think that would happen. Was danced items I can't believe they rejected the name. Redskins Venice, Gerardo off the top of your head. Can you think of some other names and Veni was just like haha Pussy, anti, premature, ejaculation claims or Gazer wants ghetto booty bound gangbanger thanked the bitch boardgame crack ass skateboards anal, fantasy collection, clitoris sex tourists, visibility thanks thanks, buddy there'll, be no hot octopus aunt, I premature jaculation, didn't know one pick that right That was a good one. Also I There is a list. There fencing except for milk? porn dot com is not offensive. That is a great website. I'm sure it's also, never that it's just a fact. Impregnates did you? Do I debts are about rushworths, go, look so for conformity with Billy's cute animals text its make your own dildo
I will make sure that we get the phrasing right there published so that people know that we weren't just coming up. We as I don't. I actually don't like this when take your panties off clothing kind of like that at all united. So why would you buy the pants terrible is telling you not to buy. These close will not be for guys wearing that in a girls. I, like your shirt, Oh yeah yeah dude walks up here, but it seemed like a Letterman jacket that says: take your panties off. And the girl just immediately up well he's a mass at eight or cause she's, just sprain olive and let's go now, do it booty call sex aids. What the fuck, oh, my God, I right just never sell anything called called sex AIDS has had that's true sexual assistance. I will you do guys on check before. Do that? Pity. Add one more add: yes, we have a special had read. It is from C b d him d and they want bill. I need to get practice to Mount Rushmore so that one day he can get caught up the big leagues
and do an actual my rushmore. Instead of sitting at the kids tables a Billy, what is the rush for they watch it They would like me to do about Rushmore of Daily BS. So I made a list. My first Mount Rushmore Daily BS is waking up sore from Sir let me get in the day before, where you just can't get out of bed cuz your legs are just destroyed. So my legs every day. Why? I do a lot of lakes later, the Wolf squat over Scotty So you don't even know that's what you're not really likes you. During all sweaty range, the store for big cat and Pft snacks and beverages, that's another daily grind amend this tiny studio, just sweaty gets real smell. What are your actually also? The only one that works out in here that is true, you get smell in here I can tell in boys, been workin out like what fertility stuff,
with acts Axa making Superbowl. Fifty Syriac is rhesus pieces and big catches, sour patch watermelon, My third, my Rushmore is having trouble low king adult male Afghan bullfrog, which is becoming way hardly thought untried, create the world's largest frog. And my last mile Rushmore Daily BS is welcome we'll costly. Tell you speak into the MIKE natural lip on twitter variable, Well, no matter what you're dealing with I think we can all agree that it is always good to have some support. Luckily, for that c b d m d have you covered with an amazing do of topical products. They give you support, need to conquer the day. See: VD, freeze with men, an award winning product that offers instant cooling relief for muscles and joint and convenient and easy to use roller or Cheryl squeezed to see me
recover combined c with inflammation funny compounds like arnica environment, be six to give you the sport need where it matters most. I love Do you see raggedy Andy on my back, especially the acidity freezes? Mental, because my back tightens up from Can out- and you know, you haven't sore lower back, really can ruin a day, and to make it even easier to try all that seem c, b, d and e has to offer their giving way all our listeners twenty five percent off your next order when he used the promo code, take a check up. Take tea, a k, e a check out Once again, that c, b d m d, dot com- promo code, take for twenty five percent off your purchase of superior cv, the oil products from C b d: empty; ok, let's go shut? The show thank you, Billy was finished. The show with guys on checks. How can I get my there's? A vacation themed summer, themed guys on checks. First, one.
How can I get my boyfriend stop links pipe all the entire time we go to the beach year, reform spite ball, attics freedom and spiteful. It's very easy. That's probably the cut the net very simple way to get a massage. Yes, your pact, despite born, forget one leg So sorry, ok, that's good! That's good hygiene! We're gonna have a fucking Elam ending or whatever the fuck in this game, hi war zone a war zone, honk stash cat and care and loving Phd I've been dead this guy on and off for over a year now we are planning a peach trip together. In last minute I found out he was going with just the boys, find out until Toulouse already on the trip. He told me because his family beach house and you can bring a girl still hasn't follow through on our trip to a different place. So mad about it. It's been two weeks show go or goers he being shady.
I don't think he's being shady. I think what happened was the plan was to have it be couples and then, like one guy was like I'm not bringing mine. The movie guy was like yeah, I'm not bringing my girlfriend and then it just fall. He's left being like well yeah boisterous lead times tradition to like. If you go to the same beach house with the boys for Three summers around than all of a sudden. It's a thing works like this is our boys week where we can finally just be dude. Here's what you get ghetto you can guilt. Into a weekend trip at some point leader on the summer, so get that that is, you have full upperhand. On that. I just a big sigh like miss me. Sure you don't go outside while he's gone so get? It is possible and be like yeah Would really love to go somewhere the summer? You can do that or you can just go ahead and- and you can tell him that you had your own girls weaken while he was gone on his guys weekend and I make tee
it's for yourself and stuff. It's a clam GM ten thousand and twenty put then he'll like he's off the hook. No, but then it gets back he's a fuck. I feel bad because my girlfriend win, awesome time without me. I should have done that. I don't think I would feel if you came back? If you came back, your girlfriend was rocking a clam jam. Twenty twenty shirt by the way out of law are not entirely to Madrid Coranto Relic Louis. You'll Elliot like braids on the Madrid going round the back and she was sunburn everywhere, but you had an awesome Thomas boys, the beach all week, yeah like sick now and I'll. Take you anywhere, I suppose John CAT. Why does salt water maker, nipple shave, especially hard under our bikinis. I don't know the answer that that's dehydration yeah. It sucks all the water out of him in the milk that happen. Do nipples get hurt under bikini at socks, Damn osmosis yeah they're gonna hurt is Billy. Also,
Try using a appealed, cocoanut yeah for the bronze Gorgeous French, No top! I get a piss on it anything else you, while you're at the beach, do better where to get rid of the sting just take legal up. Ah, so this is a quick one, but Sunt sunscreen sent move or no You think you're, tougher than son now Values on onscreen, why wouldn't you do too sunscreen slower tan hey boys last one: hey boys, specially vacation hunk, my bit, My boyfriend is this weird obsession with pooping in the ocean and one of his favorite parts of Asia. The awkward up, he'll be first version notion and specifically holds until we get there from our condo How should I go about getting him to stop sure those letters urges goes into enjoys it so much at the end of the day fish in the ocean all day. That's exactly what I saw fit fish in the ocean. You don't have to wipe afterwards if you're gettin waves- it in you, it's actually wonderful. So it's a wonderful sensation. I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time, because then you become the ice in the ocean, Guy Maria,
he's still he's already. There maybe just feel about a cheese before you leave for just like load him up. String, cheese on the drive to the beach and then hopefully, plugs himself right on ice Hobbes, good swimmer, because the other are produced is great, but if you're not a good swimmer, your basically just dumping on yourself, You can't get away fast enough. And he also I mean there's there- things can happen, it is make sure that yeah it's it's, risky move, but it's also a very good move when you can pull it off seamless, extremely rewarding. Yet, but again, I dont think that you should. It is like one of those honour amongst thieves, things that guy's that take awkward arms, don't tell other people would ruin it right. You just go out there. You handle your business and then you just kind of working document on the back in take a peak behind this one. Measures no stains, no harm, no foul I'm alright, that's our show. We will see everyone on front. We washing document now
our. Yes, we asked. Does one on Netflix called home game? What you're gonna lottery recalling ain't episodes are really yeah. Now I've watched you cover what a pretty good. I thought it was like the last words at eight sport and when we could watch two of em so watch to the healthiest analyses were Kalkhi historical yeah. That one is good and then I watched the scottish games, one which is pretty sick. So, as do those two will treat that out, I like twenty five minutes, each Beata Colesyria. So we'll do that for Friday,
we'll see everyone on Friday. Let me guess, especially you indian genially days.
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