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Trey Wingo, Gronk Is A Buc, Leroy Retires And Mt Flushmore Of Our Dumbest Fears

2020-04-22 | 🔗
Rob Gronkowski is a Tampa Bay Buc and Leroy Insider called it 2 weeks ago. We talk about the trade, Leroy's retirement and how Hank's feeling after all of this (3:08 - 20:50). Hot Seat/ Cool Throne including every team doing new jerseys (20:50 - 37:49). Trey Wingo joins the show to talk about hosting the draft Thursday night, the logistical nightmare of a remote draft, why Tua is slipping, his Bear escapades, and we give him some tips from classic movies for draft 1 liners (37:49 - 62:24). Segments include This League and our Mt Flushmore of dumbest fears + the debut of PFTs new song "We Interviewed Condoleeza"
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On today's party. My take, we have the man who's going to be at the centre of everything on Thursday night tray window is hosting the mega draft, yes piano from network together, we talk draft. We given some tips. We talk the bare incident. You know the bare incident we have robbed grown, Caskey, traded Attempt Bay, buccaneers. We have hearts cool throne, and then we have a mount flush. More of dumbest fears, no mount flush more of fierce But it's my Rushmore dumbest female flush. More of fears that we have meeting able to a meeting with our fears that we have that sound, weird someday, their own rash. Irrational fears that xenophobia like death, it's gonna, be a spurious. Civic waited die, so it's the Mount flush, more of fears, but also the Mount Rushmore of irrational fear of yeah, very stupid fears. I'm sure, Hank will pry pick pizza or something like eating too much pizza, something something that everyone universally loves and he's
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I might add, is set to part of my brother cash ample GMO right now, use code forcefully ten dollars or free hand dollars the S peace yea today, Wednesday April twenty seconds and raw Bertold grown Caskey is officially a tap a bay buccaneer, All your nightmares have come true Hank, but first poop for Leroy the scope for Leroy MOVES group really right ATLAS in this was once group that I was pretty confident. Early rose, pretty confident from the start, did get his credit.
So I guess how we boy the credit not of light not on the bottom scoreboard, though well here's the thing I feel like he got enough credit chapter credit em, mostly just to get back at rapture. It will actually credit him after much. Starvation, unwrapped sheets part after going out of his way to not credit, and I Finally, did I think what would in the most petty way, part well, I believe, really hated. If you read the idea, it was through nasty too. As I read it read in the rapporteur, s here will pull up and I put up, I think, would put him over the edge was each. We did something about the deal and I just treated Ratan He's emerges Adam or no yeah, but before he did that I'd any texted me right after I did what I did the full rat twitter and then I think, Leroy tweed. I kept beheld response for Leroy tweets but he took it out. Credit me bitch, so any caught him rat. She rapport well, he could have easily just played along. I there's a part very small part of me. That's like a kind of get it, because this is one of his biggest scoops and he
like, I nailed, it sure got an early, and then I was gonna fucking bullied online by everyone should have put the scoop out two weeks previous. It really was too like we kept it a secret, so you're here is a moment there too, and we're taxing in an area like shifter chapter did the right thing by playing long and then it Donna Music wait. Shaft adjusted. That because he didn't have the scoop any better. Equally was four minutes past rapport suicide Can I credit? Oh yeah fifties dog yeah so here for me and wrap it was great play period on your game. Coma, as usual period,
so not not a lot of motion come translation. I can't believe I'm tweeting at a fucking dog. I do this for a living. This assistance should be a huge moment for me. I'm so goddamn demand. You know whenever he sees any lira twenty roses eyes only says as usual that such that's obvious here not to know that was very directly and she Deathly Roy is not as usual while nobody was about. I did the math on his account he's about sixty percent retired. That's twice as girl, pretty good as our daily lives by regulation that postal each I was wanting to LOS Angeles. Ok, There's one deletions will bumped that down to fifty nine percent, which is still pretty yes, better than a lot of people's tax rates, so Hank, I'm sorry. First, most about being right about the scoop, It's not one that we re wanted to nail but Leroy would like to make the announced that he is indeed retiring from the scoop game. I've got bone. I brought his bone in and who bag I can raises boned the rafters out. Ok overall, doing gonna turn alliance per year, although it ass the raft,
these are we yeah, but then that gets in the way, my squat, what some wouldn't you or it will be. If I ever wanted to do squads it would hypothetically get in the way you do. I M very good point, so Leroy retiring. What is the man behind Leroy? Who has an insatiable desire to actually being insider gonna? Do I dont want to be an insider? I just want my dog to be right. Every now and again, the fire you gonna, know he's a thing up. I see. Leroy is up you're out. Some would say that he is more popular than me. I would agree with people of dogs yeah what I'd languish. What I'd like to do with? We rose account and you guess he was some feedback and let me know if you think this is appropriate. I'd like to pivot him out of the breaking news game, put him out to study, but not to retire to just now his days and in snack and and fall asleep in drool. All the live long day, and then you see account to grade the scoops of actual insiders. Ok in terms of like, if there's a moment like what happened today,
Let's just say: Leroy had not put the news out there completely accurately to expire and rapid for me beat chef, or by about four minutes after they both we got the news. Leroy, serves as the judge and say this group was to lay rightward. So I like grand Master of yes, the Oracle Grin Wizard of scoop law. We don't ok the I like that. Here's another idea just throw it out like that. It's like a player retiring going into media. Exactly that's exactly how to sort out there. What if we change, Leroy Twitter account too or or change to Leroy part of my takes guest books and we just use a twitter account to harass people that we want to come on. The shelf, Emily do both. Yet we could do about just wait him all the time and just maybe even change tarento, go on part of my take so like literally, the first response to blue checkmark is go part of my take a kind ever like do go on part of my two years that we can do as we can. You take him at his dog. All direct replies will be for the
purposes of booking Gaston Pardon my say, tell us who we should just send leeway after yeah Leroy. Can he can be Retriever S? Interest fucking go after people? Yes, oh he is, he is retired from the school came. I feel, like you got enough credit. This was a big enough scoop. Guess. Websites like this is a good one to go out on top. Absolutely so, but I mean it's great: we direction on on Hanks parts during this conversation towards Leroy, because we need to talk about Robert K, actual trade is too heroes going down to Florida, Robert Caskey traded from the patriots, forty fourth round pick and patriots and send a seventh round pick with rob, gonna Caskey. That brings up a good point: is Leroy ever gonna come out of retirement now that he's retard? If you don't think that Lee rising Commodity Retirement when piety gets at each person, news breaking that's
I'm actually get a report that right now and he will come out of that report will be definitively cat. Where will you write? A report is being disputed by sources who know file that to the desk my only a year, but he will come on. We re circles are telling me that that is not in fact the case that an appeal of tea could start another account for different now and then use then build that will not have a whole like fuckin zoo of animals, making shitty scoops all around me, but you there was an actual trade in is go now. No Hank told me that he gonna, be it would break his heart, I think, is what he said. This means of coming true, but dad you do fairly protect. Stop trying to ban. All logged raving are good at what are you talking to do so, a hangover care? How you're not here. I never said that once again, fake news from pay of saudi sorrows would real, because now you can just be a book span like you can have annulment, go down there and Billy K, Embruting pages random wanting, but our for the box, you think tampering rock will retire as buccaneers when they go into kin
I think, might if they way we re went to Superboss ITALY's yeah if I can be real with you with my with my for sale, it's his past prowls talking soggy sorrows definitely like a once out of me. It makes complete sense. Like Chrome, was retired bright, they all its Alec there in the prime of their career and they left the patriots. It's like a one last who writes Florida nice, whether there I understand that there is another part of me, especially with the last day. Their part of me, especially with the last dance, whereas watching the last dance, the whole pounders like? How can you this team and how are they not playing for the bulls and theirs part of it words like how was Tom Brady in Robin Kuski playing Annetta fell and not on the patriots, its it's tough, and when I heard like in my house. My girl played the video with the we ain't going nowhere song and, like my heart sank, I got my David video call time, and now I'm not only to let you know she was just like scrolling on twitter, either out it's hard radiantly popped up, interesting,
and that's so that I knew right right. That played out like this is this is going to say that dirty water right out really extremely greater sweet. It's very, very sad, randomly came on and I will be a box family also like. It's, not I'm not gonna be like. I just can't do it. I can't be but the biggest boxing hears it Emmy is not its varied that, obviously am also happy that we all wrong. I am very happy that I knew was coming otherwise, our way more. Like the other shoe Party, Vigo, zero D, like if you do, if you dont know Leroy, you don't listen to show, you would have been like what the fuck, this we all saw like oh yeah. We knew that coming in also. It tells us yet again don't ever believe a coach. Or player when they say there retired forget or at all, That's why you're not my dad snowballing thrust dogs and therefore my dad Scyldings bury centres come back like this. Is the
there's, always a little bit open, yeah, and so so grog actually put out a non denial. Denial of of this report would, like three days ago, up I'm actually trying to get rob to be the one who breaks the news about leeway, retiring so we'll see if he'd beastly or to that punched more power, we're not ok, bite but yeah. It is gonna, be weird to see him down to have a bay where those uniforms it's gonna, look unusual. I do think this is it's gonna get very interesting if they make the playoffs and it looks like they might get on a collision course, If it was New England Tamper bans in Tampa Bay in Temper Bay, you know it also is going to be very fast and watch like will grog how many like excessive celebration penalties will grant get like all these. You know how many weird interviews will he do during the year he's already booked on how it's like you got everything? Probably the main reason has to go down there and the most important story that I got my eye on Robert.
Ascii is still the twenty four seven champion and W W W W E has released. The statement saying Congratulations, Robert Caskey, the current W w e, for seven champ on his return for per the rules of the town for seven title grant must defend championship at all times in any location, he could be solved. A touchstone pass from tee Brady, anytime, anywhere Dat's come on, if I know Vince they're, gonna fuckin. Just they all come out of the tunnel right after touchdown, probably all get arrested, but he'll have to defend it. Probably all live down there. Anyway, don't you run out of the pirate ship? Yes, like a giant urinate smile a thousand years? They are now it's you. You said your peace now, you're just done I feel like soggy source of actually help you processes now. Deaf knock. Z was even on the patriots, the page,
gotten ass. No, he wine have early lack. I really want and hung over centuries, like that's, not a spins own problems. He was not going to play for the patriots again pages haven't got a fourth round pick out. It basically thin incorrect that I actually so we had jig laser on the other day using it a check. What do this? I think Belgium is the most likely Korea. What is it all? I get. A free ass in most other than most other coaches would be like no, I'm gonna, let my personal beef. Standing between me and making the right choice. Bella so cold, blooded he'll just be like. Yes, I will get something for nothing. So the biggest question now that we have remaining is: will the NFL season happen? Probably not so it doesn't really matter Julian annulment. What is jewels? Do that's to. He really is the Spongebob meme come to life? he just standing at the window I can watch can play in the yard to take it back to a previous generation. He could be like to say anything mean worries, junkie, Second, you just goes down to tap any holds up a speaker, for it has been like notice me please give me take alien,
part did like Tom Brady might just done this because he keeps getting kicked out of Temper Bay Parks and he was like. I need someone to throw do in my back yard. I need a buddy yeah yeah. I'm sorry Hank Sorry, that's all. If you were me in your position, I would feel just off, I think would happen right now, you're in denial, face, which is what you should be in. If the season happens, which all and grog does first grog smash, that's gonna that's gonna, be your heart smashing into a million pieces yeah I mean honestly and like this is going to be crazy, but the uniforms thing like where I was going to save it for the uniforms thing doesn't help like the patriots downgraded that uniforms to look like a high school team that was so weird Like this is one of the things where you'd like Oh wow, I really like the past, the past. Can I give you one we're in a new era of like stem in these shitty jerseys? Unlike hoping outer now here's one more spends,
this is the good times can last forever. Is he selfish to act like it's going to be no complete dominance every year for, like it has been for last fifteen? This is the last thing that you can hang on to that if this is not what there's that and then there is also the chance, this was a mega mega tampering situation, tamper bay, so grog occur to some reports out there has been an touch with all these parties over the last couple weeks. That would hypothetically make it a tampering case, which in turn would actually solidify The case was making earlier that the only reason the Patriots let Tom go to. The bay was there, they could entrapped them into a tampering. Charge like this could be bellowed checks, master plan, you get Tampa docked. All the draft pace are said to have both time and rock turns New England with like three extra third rounders, it's all just this just I hold on it's all. Just this is the
their spends on the bank is like nothing makes sense anymore. So it's kind of perfect. It has been That's pretty right, you, but you would you. If we had said to you a year ago, were Tom Brady and Robert costs gonna be temporary box you, unlike what but were also don't have what's wrong, locked in our own homes and how and in the bin- sports and story. The last month has been a fake coach that big Catmeat, yeah Doug's air dogs baby and your dad breaking them in my dogs. Others is ambitious. I consider that there are no sports. This has been a pretty decent sports weak for part. My yeah we're just living in an alternate reality. I like this reality, created the example of the fact that I can't go out to bar or answers aunt Jane, limiting the Buffalo. That's nice ready. We, like our own bubble, knowledge of just huge news, fake What I'm really mad, because I had it, I had a scoop. Did I could have broken the rebellion having, but somebody email me that the Jonathan Taylor had was getting was buying a talkers franchising.
Madison! You had that one on I four hundred and eighty, they send me the email and I was like oh, who cares yeah you got a nice song tweet I was like god damn it. I could have What have I got you out of here? We all probably haven't. We don't even think about it. You gotta making very dogged. Put. That is not. What is all reveal has right now is fucking great well, that's all he ever has just breaking pr, I am also giving Leroy smartest severance pay, but a pension, so he's going, receiving a pensioners, retirements night, taking care of Comp NY or so that all you Medicare for all yeah, exactly ok, I'm gonna put arose in Leroy display name on twitter so now be plenty of every became like political pundit. Action season. He could clear. I could. It is apparent and outrage like get outer sports entirely, should pours me you dominate Chris Elizabeth. We re actually pound four pounds: smarter individual than chrysalis idle chrysalis good. He is the revival of politics, algae you'd, hate him already have one or Rome
more than enough for everybody, but so it's also be interesting to see how they use grog down temper Bay because it got too good I didn't yeah oj. May I was kind of Mallory he's been under use you here's what they probably will do they? terrible orphans want to apprise use. Chrome is attacking disagree. I think you're gonna do the opposite. I think Bruce areas sees MIKE Evans and he's like Robert ask is lost twenty five pounds, thirty pounds if we can one, big white receiver, that's awesome! Let's just use grew as a wide receive, but he grog is definitely the debt. That's got to be such an awesome feeling. I only see back in football he's like yes, I'm back, but he's also has to gain like fifteen pounds into, and I know he was in here being like, I feel healthier than I've ever felt them reading and I'm doing all the stuff to come. You can also now eat like a meal. Cheeseburgers and put on weight. Yeah great feeling. Is corrosion house was on european today saying that robs already back up to two hundred sixty five pounds- bull shit,
you gotta say that is like two hundred thirty five, but I don't think he's gonna put on how much weight. I think that areas it will be like I like thrown the bodies. Gob lie like throwing it ass, bad That's the one thing. If you're, if you're saying I call my God, timber box are gonna, be incredible out old up they're gonna Yes, yes, go draft somebody! I don't think that they're gonna use ground to blow he's Randy Mass utter. He just can be like a big tall. One point, some bad Randy Mass? Isn't it also works because Randy means horny in rank? True loves, get it up. True, I so we got draft come up Thursday night tuna and we have a huge draft show bar so draft show will be part of it. We had to everyone else. We part of it J part of it who's. Thank Stephen Show. No one has ever had a better quarantine and Stephen shaved Zizi only bucks Span in America He now has breeding grog we're doing a new music video during the draft to analyze the song will be features. We put a song I now yell by the end of a shop.
India shall we give them something they have to keep listening yeah and then we also have of it yet we interviewed Congolese there we go and then we also have to make each unit and the show we also have a wedding tomorrow night. We do. I was gonna get to that in my heart's content arts it unless you are article drawn boot, our hussy cooled throne is brought to you by our friends at pod light Sweet schools, road is blowing the commissioner but Light sensors donating one dollar, two, the NFL draft, a thorn benefiting covered relief efforts forever. Use of hashtag boo. The commission through April twenty fifth the broad light social channels for more info and make sure stock up makes you stuck up the Unifil draft by getting What light seltzer delivered on drizzly so use that hashtag boo, the commission, and they will donate one dollar, two relief efforts for cover. Eighteen, that's pretty awesome. So do that and also make sure you drink symbolic.
Sensors hunters in acres we got kind of sports back, hey cots equal to on my hot seat is your goat, Joe yeah battle It's no one! I learn in Joker I'm kind of the antibiotics guy. Even I don't believe in it and think those people are fucking psycho You also disagree with hag actually know you agree with Hanks. New policy have never taken shots, narrating shots here, that's her! Never change! So we still confirmed your go. Yeah we'll get through this we'll get through this, something that was just your people are just Kansas, which opting left and right whatever. I, I for honesty. I've watched joke of each play like three tennis matches, don't anything, a bottom Katy pronounces name, but he still Michael by the haughty. Was you pfc speaking a tennis table tennis player again on third share six o clock. Let's find good, I'm actually looking forward to this. I would actually do a forest seven, this time up development when it doesn't count sweep because our
told that it was gonna, be best. Seven. You want Five! I'm really Russia will not play pool which stir them. No, no technicalities even get off on this time, either through, but Ghip, Ghisizzle Tipp. The paddle is the bat and ping pong just learned. Thou me don't tell me how to do it. I'm just saying: if you're going to be talked about the expensive paddles that were proves a point in the last broadcast, where I started just googling it, and I I would on saying things off the strangest using them totally incorrectly cause you a weird you, a weird handle just on my serve yeah yeah and I couldn't figure out what to call it. What you're thou these six lock on Thursday at noon. Nine o clock to Morrow Michael throne is love. Oh ok, conniston- and here I am- I mean results. I had had a written down, I steal a bit, and you said you didn't do it. I was like already had a renowned whatever medical the uniforms. What we are about to
patriot release, there's kind of trash disappointing, which is my general outlook on the franchise as a whole. Right now in the charter these there's there miss DE chargers proved I actually loved Sherlock Deliriums, won't ye haughty were rams, but the chargers, We needed a uniform drop to keep the internet asked whereas, like these are objectively, amazing no one should bash him because I said that reduces like I love these. But I know how the internet works, someone's gonna bathroom and then we'll just be the cynical assholes that we are, but it feels like everyone, The only the only thing I got numbers house known. I love love. Those reminds relay college football. Yes, it Would I dont like about these uniform says that there might be too much of San Diego They may be just wish that they were located in an hour south old man would have loved. You would have absolutely he's crying a single tear right knee have damn boat man. I love boat man, Hemet City Council, still, one of the all time greatest sports picture
I've ever seen in my life is at mascot still up his whole uniform I don't know. Who's asking whether we like to sixty thousand bucks were son. Little amid comes with mystique. Does My heart c is oil oils on unhappy big time. It's actually oil com, negative money. Well, let me correctly here body, not don't I heard my gentle people kept on, be, unlike you, can. Get into the stock market on Twitter. With you don't know anything like myself, so only ship people go, I my understanding is that oil is trading for negative dollars was well an earlier today. Ok, it was because you have by these futures contracts on oil, and so, if you purchase them and you have does sometimes put them in? storage, there's no story space for oil. People have all the storage space filled another. All these people that are second gown. In barrels of oil out of the ground and don't anywhere to send him, so they have to pay people to take it off their hands for I wouldn't. I would like it to broadcast. Why was
contract with use in time when they had to pay the Cleveland Browns, I think forty million dollars. Yes, it take Brok, eyes, Weiler author hands that simply what's happening with oil right. Yes, so we need we need nor from store. Has AIDS is always sunny plot, making a pile for oil I don't we we should do it. I don't know why someone's like this doesn't take it. If you have a shitload of land, I guess it's probably at a hazard lights, a match. We have to fly this office building new ones working right now, it's true, just store, some small appears, keep it all and put in everyone's gonna bathtub. I usually name rounds of your having now that you know that ends up now. Why just put him up but a Starbucks cups and leaving ran at her feet when other would get blown up out of you. Have too much oil yeah was on fire people don't invade places, because oil. Nobody takes like it just takes like one. You know, fire arrow from across the bow shy about boom. Oh dragging glass, no season to you,
was the ship. It goes into the boat they Turkey, I wildfire, got it twelve hours Michael throne is been summoned shot because, she's been working with a strain or I don't. If you saw the court from his trainer earlier today, He said when a shot is fixed. It's not even going to be just three pointers. I have also been some is gonna unlocked and only for a very big harry or Rock and jack. We are NBA Gm term. In addition, these got hit a shot, promote from hot spot on the court. He's got a been summoned is good. I, how did this fact. The whole NBA showing done how that affect the futures bets on him, making like three and have report leaving its no if they never plague- and here I don't think anything sooner. So I don't think you're gonna play again ever ever, heard of nasty? Rumour too, then, I repeat, I mean I've cancels force for twenty. You guys got mad at me for that I've heard This her nasty river today say it now they re say it Phd counterproposal on happening.
Yeah! No, I don't think it is until tell the spring ITALY's yeah, I don't like it it's. How can I also heard that Notre Dame is putting like for the city of South Bend is going to go out of their way to ban football game It doesn't make sense that they can play like I catering to say this, but it's the truth, How can you make kids were Getting paid go in play, there's a pandemic down agri. Without Rosa where we rose is a different ballgame, because now I want to make money in it's like they could figure out a way to do the quarantine bub. When all that shit, I also make a vaccine in ideal yeoman times of just bought about like you'd, just fucking, make a vaccine. We thought about just going full sent on a vaccine, not be legends about it, you're, really you, then, how can we ever then ass produce for three hundred million people a hold up? but I M old. All sports people give it
hers o, given all the sports. I don't give a fuck no stay in my house. If you play sports, would have we tested it on sport, great great, give the vaccine progress sports into the athletes of the world. Them play and I'll, mine in fucking, twenty twenty two, I don't care, here's a daily it, because we can't be hypocritical here. We can expect a pledge to take a vaccine that we'd also get ourselves without knowing it say. First time will show exactly so to get it to be able to watch the games on tv I get into them. You also have to take the experimental backs who says on spoil all you nerds out their stay in your house. Oliver all the sports guys you would everyone into my heart. Now here? What did you know? I don't think I just don't I think, we're all just hoping and praying that, like it just gonna all magically disease here, but yeah. How do u have cultural? I don't think that you can Good news is dogs is at least
ten years away from his third heart attack, so dogs. Also ending you can't. Every attired of beating piercing pingpong? Well, and also up, I just realized I'll. Take you be me three times one of which was lucky because I served into my face. He had never happened. I just realized. What are we gonna do now? I just want to give it to Jake Marsh, because my plan was to keep playing down. Until eventually, when a national championship with as a head coach and then kill em off with a heart attack haven't be reported seconds. Jig Marshal s report. I would actually there eating there's a kill screen unenviable outwardly. You guys got a kerosene over here. I'm gonna kill rain. We gotta kill screen. I think I think one company the donkey hunting kills green, like the twentieth season. It just ends not yes, that actually does happen. Kosovo's guy, I saw some type of sea this. Is it and it said it literally- the menu said like coach, your alleging now time to hang about behind it you can also get em and involved in some sort of like really really bad scandal, jolly
scandal. All time I mean he's been doing, scandals left and right paint whose our from Alabama. They could serve like two months was a price that there is a bigger. What sports illustrated came out? the Albania or coach- and he was like fuckin hookers- And tell him to scream role tied Adam fro. I got this year. Amateur. Do all dogs people talk about that guy, not note as a fucking legend. That's the ducks has a has a poster him in his office My heart seats is Ryan Pace, so We got a lot of stories about wifi and, however ones drafting this. One comes from calling Kane. She said, bears Gm Ryan Pay said today he will draft an is dining room. Has seven monitors in a cord running from his router down. Stairs to is set up to make sure internet is running smoothly, noted cut the other day when his wife, vacuumed and accidently unplugged his mind.
Why even admit this just say I got it. I say I got the fuckin internet. Don't worry about it. This is He's he's he's go is fucking like fifty age, Lord going from his dining room to his basement. I'm I'm really enjoying all these different NFL James are doing homer innovation projects that the GM of the Seahawks just towards Some walls and his house relate install new cables. I freaking out there screw up their own homes and can a work and can be glorious to watch. I'm actually. I haven't been this excited for a draft and in part of that is because they are words are picking second, but I haven't been excited like this. Drafting in years and years because of the potential four Jazeera, ok, yeah reared yes and be crazy turn it on a nice can be fucking awesome. We also true window coming up in a second. My cool throne is coffee, coffee, drinkers, I treat this earlier just pop pop in my head, Mcveigh actual yes, I
coffee drinkers. What like a drink? coffee at this point in my life with two fourteen everything's going on is easy, the highlight of my day. I don't love you agree, but, like you, too if a coffee dad looking into the like waking up being, let who, when I make an amicable grabbing the mug yeah, there's nothing else. There's nothing else will afford to. You know that twitter account coffee, dad it just like little. Every tweet is like can have some coffee we're doing I gotta. Are you guys not do not look for your coffee. I have coffee, Alec forded. My death wish coffee, but twitter lobby every morning, tat language. He like that's all I have it Did the ten minutes like going up to the coffee, then drinking coffee, in the ten minutes after we like that, was good cause? I look forward to my first beer the day before drop in a war zone really gets the bloodshed so how our game thrown too we all have our thinks. We go home and watch episodes I actually puke before every Doug's games. I dont really look forward to get so fuckin nervous about the teenagers bowling. That's good though it when you stop using nets,
Prompt, that's true! The coffee, though I don't know of his age. Just that's all! I have left homemade iced, no french press it will allow its image. What I mean when youth- when you say I get sounds great issue within tides literally. The easiest thing is boiling water and then use put like the grounds and the thing and then use push the thing down, and then you have coffee. That's it that's pretty sweet what about the way that the due from breaking bad made it where he had like a whole setup woody here like a percolate, her son, yes, yes, I can become a coffee geiger. Then here's a douche bag. I like coffee, know he's a call. I really get coffee. I like your dad, not a coffee guy, there's a different Europe acting I now one is like an ominous our bruin. I gazed at my tab. No, no I'm not doing that. I just like to drink coffee. I had five cups today. I would have another death. When I arrive cops today, I feel good totally normal. I think it's just because it really is the active like getting up be unlike our time for another cup of coffee. I tell you what it is. Instead, it makes your brain feel different gas, something so
I don't care what it is. If I'm like, if I'm going to bed and have a super Nyc will knock me out, if I may, it's early in the afternoon, maybe have an extra gummy than that somethin. I look forward to its my fur. Beer. I look forward to that. If it's a stimulant like coffee I'll just in, thing that makes me feel different over the course of the day. Only nine and destroy I'm, not a drug guy. That's one misconception about oh speaking, to which fill metals injures responded that tweet a mighty what is filled doing online copies for wellness, physical, physically and mentally who even knew some people don't drink it. That's so said here where's. My really Roy needs to come over the top and be like fail. Come on the shelf yeah jail. You are ill, your media hidden within pilgrim on the show I feel come on the show, and now I've been listening to this needs to go in Jersey, eyes. Yes cup, I don't Of digging physic physical until will wellness from Phil Mickelson. Why, I absolutely heavy seas. Cabs, yes sure from
and what is I do it all similar capsize, the idea of physical specimen, both in coffee and brass, where he's lost some of the mandate, which is very disappointing. I'm on a diet, I'm on the way. As I go meet you there feel pretty good to strengthen com It took so hot stuff, you're out I've. Five have Hive Cubs Coffee day. That's the big tat! I do Nick cost us whose, whose good fall on twitter gambling twitter. He said that he started having a cigarette with this coffee there or dino like I might do like its can inside. I would do I considered starting just smoke momentary when started quarantine, and having so. We were having a cigarette insiders fuck similarly on there's been watching people understand that is rhythm, twenty force evidence I what what? What? What where, where were we and the eighteen hundred to six in size, where my favorite things in that our work out in Nashville, we found that random trailer bar yeah thing was called Santa's. I just went back There are two nights in a row,
to see just like that smoke, not and I'm not even a cigarette smuggling yeah. I let's get true ingo trailing got. If these writing Phil come on Parma, take bark see we change the avatar due to guess Booker from kiss book, report. Mutation, melted down, make head Booker interests, you, yes, the along that tax sailor things were attacks. The government did you get a picture of, you are looking at a calendar and make them avatar Billy Road, but with banks and like or no Bob erika? Yes, yes, I was straight at it like. What do we got me? Put a sharp in his hand, a hate. Fifty you got it add before we get to our man ray window yeah before gets a trade war. Very excited to announce a brand new partner to ever a new partner noise. I can only new segment noise. Now. News new partner, though Hugo does pretty impressive,
we haven't brandy partners pose you guys know both poses come in for a twenty twenty and twenty a draft coverage as the official audio partner. They hooked us all up with. Awesome Boeing, seven hundred headphones, the boughs head, seven hundred are perfect for when it's time to enjoy your music work from home unless fear pod cassock part of my take. I used my the gym all the time. They are the perfect headphone for working They have eleven levels of noise cancellation, a signature, actively q and impressive based response, whether you listening at low volumes are really want. Turn up. Your music sounds just like it. It's very rare that we come across a product that will actually change your life. My If we change when I got my first pair of bows wireless headphones, not not exaggeration, actually really help me out. I love both headphones, especially for flying somewhere, very, very convenient. The eye
points of headphones for communication during the draft and selection process is at a premium. So that's why they have teamed up with many. Many team is whether teaming up with a twenty twenty in a foul draft. Tell everybody out see, can shop for headphones the head, seven hundred at both dot com- slash bars, You can learn more with these. Headphones can do at both dot com. That's bout, Dat COM, slash parcel thirteen up with Joe Borough Org. I too, a Cd Lamb, Justin Herbert bunch of other guys in the Unifil draft code, at my right now are big new partner. Both now Sri Lanka k we now welcome on recurring guests in front of them program he's going to be an every single television in May. In your living room on Thursday night because he's hosting the draft in hosting everyone for the draft is tray window tray. Thank you joining us first off.
Want to say a belated happy holidays on Monday, sorry about not having on then quite all right go catch! All your boy, though all ok, what we're doing good, let's, let's, let's start with! Logistically you do you have you had the moment where you realize, like This is insane what we're about to do in Europe. Basically hosted draft across two different networks. Everyone's gonna be remote on Thursday night here not really sure where we're going right were huge test Wednesday ever maybe it'll thinking that but like the draft is insane to begin like right before you guys came on, we were just put. The channels are right or you gotta call. We are pushing through the channels on the twenty seventh. He dropped from Philadelphia sought by the way I have bad The first would have on that. One is sound, but that when I saw it's, ok just pick mixture behalf powder, rogue candle on the board, only twice the army, the trap. The trap sell this insane.
Right- I mean it's crazy, so like it's just from them, looking at it like everything going up to the draft? For me, it is the same and wow play out, how it's gonna play out, but I can't worry about that right up. Just gonna have to do this. Do the thing figure out as we go along the Us Senate from around the inner fell, because I've read some pretty crazy stories about. In a fellow James Front offices, tearing rooms and our house to put in new, lay high bandwidth cables things that, would put this way what Have you learned from conducting your show remotely that youth the fell could could learn before the draft starts. What I mean like there's, it's gonna, be right, there's no way around that, and I think that it's not gonna go smoothly, but rather they had their tasks, the other day and there was a tune athletic which, with the bankers, try to make the first bacon the joke, ha ha tobacco. There was actually alma ATA leaks rights. Are there they had to figure that out but after that it went. Ok, Diana Receipt, was all with us this morning.
He was hilarious, you're talking to one GM and apparently he could get his wife. I d go because all the kids were watching defeat for us deeply. He'll be up all the bed with the house? Don't look, be weird Emmy, like normal, you, what you re seeing situations in the past work he didn't get it on time. The Vikings no three, the ravens at twenty eleven and they were job. That's not gonna happen this year. I there's gonna be a a little more leeway out of chapter at the story that the lions guy the eye Guy's gonna, be in a widow, bagel right stance. The fires that boy area in a number one. If you're gonna win a beggar, that's a chevy right! You work for the lions. You should be in a Ford. That's like nothing! This is this. Is why your next level- I had not even put that together, but you were a hundred percent right or they could be it of any, would have you also? That's? U yours! Here's a crazy thought! Why not just let him in the house he
I think he has won the driveway right disagree. Waiting like you right, yeah ducking ice. There basically think one person in the house at a time when we get up a likely set out alive white email to go, tried game the fiscal like some GM or coaches downstairs, some odor downstairs and it's like GM free, he's, hiding it his master bathroom up there still what that they like, if you do that, we're going to find out about it that you're the hammer woke down no Ernie items in the air definitely going to be like underbelly checks. Bed with Gatt crazy tat is crazy, sweet, it's all! So logistically Sweden you're going to be the only person in studio, correct, yeah, Be me, the camera operator, and maybe one other person that, oh, my god and then what is The plan for spreading the ball around between ESPN Nfl network talent, because we had done you'll Jeremiah on Monday and we're
are you gonna get called on? Are you gonna? Do you have a list that you're gonna basically give proof to your guys and then and then maybe sprinkle at the end of l network eyes. No look. I think the ideas look like when you didn't used to work for a workable Nepal network, Michael Urban, used to work with you obviously rich, been here, occur. It old sort of been around can get everybody in and the way of looking at it is yours. Is it a lot more people sure, but it just that many more resources at our disposal, so you know it. This is you guys know this. Is such an incestuous, businesslike, canopy Oh, I thought you read that worker ESPN all worked at one place, one another, so it could actually cool that we get a chance to do this, Likewise, you remember, we had a big thing on sports and it was me Richard read that we all sort of veal tell a story leading up to the draftsman and how it went that we all want our separate ways but world.
Or been this together this year, which is kind of cool, because I think that the message the Erika wants to get out there is, like you know, beat up the draft there's always about like ok, we can suck forever, but the draft this year to go Erratic gives hope will look getting an obviously that's something that a lot of us are looking for right now and are in our daily lives, and hopefully give us a little injection of some semblance of normalcy when sports has just gone off the chair here, footballs family, is what they're gonna die like that. How bundle you from a personal standpoint, that you don't get to go to LAS Vegas yeah? You know I watch that rapid it fully, and I was the first one. Orbital marijuana, Lord, yes, the first two years, with a day three was outdoors, but the first that year and filled the whole thing was outdoors and it was not MID Friday night. It round We had a hundred twenty five thousand people screaming fly eagles fly at the
their lungs one. We made them when the Eagles made a third round pick any It was ass if we just shut up for like four minutes and finish the saw, you know that your peers to get up there and yelled at the crowd a yelp back, we There's no way to replicate that right. I think we were planning on having closer a quarter of a million people, LAS Vegas. We had six hundred fifty thousand in fell last year. That's just not gonna, be there. It's in there's no way to the replicate that so that that's get that gonna, be. I think the biggest challenge is to keep that energy going with you bed of the crowd. You guys have been there. You, though, yeah yeah absolutely has to have you had the moment yet, where your this is actually an opportunity of a lifetime for you personally, given the cap, if audience year, and there's no other, usually draft running against the NBA, the Stanley CUP with you. Are basically like a man.
Cause dad democracy, step that America's dad I'll drop the death penalty and in conjunction with this show, that would be appropriate. That's just for me because my green Berg, I always looked at as my morning, showed dad and rather than you came in you. Ok, I'm cool to new turned a chair around you like. Let me rapid, you kids for a little bit but no in this situation, but you are definitely your man yes, you're you're gonna, be there always got you're gonna be trending, you're gonna trend on twitter. Everyone could be like tray window great job unless you screwed up obviously put up as long as we're sitting here. Right now, on Tuesday night Evans, you Billy Tray wing a holy shit man we did not get out of the park. What will the way? I look at it in the way? I've always thought it, no matter what I was doing like like what I was doing, the women's intuitively tournaments. If I'm doing it is the most important thing I then, or the way I've I've up I've gone about it, so that that change. It all for me and made. It really has an and maybe some point over the next the court of forty eight hours it'll hit me, but I don't think so because it's just doing
thing and then we're just put them out there that article I know that myself stupid, but that that has thought that that thought has really been crossed. My mind about preparation. And get ready and then executed sold just think about it for us once you get Legion, surrounded me again. I want to get the ships, but, like literally everyone's gonna, be watching you curiously like what's the worst thing that could happen, I mean modestly one, the worst thing that could happen like Roger GUILT Base reason, or your having interview with Ryan Pace and the feed cuts down, I mean it's it's gonna. Be must be that the draft on its best knight never fully smooth mean my god. Speaking of a national holiday on Monday, Laramie Council showed up spoken. We did a chat mass through trade. Well hurry, Joneses offerings modifying background without aloes. It's a moot point. It's a good point. It is its chaotic.
And now it might even be better. It might even be less chaotic. Now, with with a little more structure, will be It's weird you guys know this is when you sit next to someone doing this joint non verbal communication. The thing: ok, they wait, you wanna get an. I got that and others the pauses, because there's gotta be Louis and this guy there's going to be Mal. That's going to be tired! That's going to be Michael! There's going to be Daniel! There's going to be current! That's going to be rich! I mean that part of it in the way. We also sixty guys with sixty player, set up with remote, none with it workers are not there but remote setups to be able to deal with them and Susie with the interview, so what is it going to be a little weird that then the thing that I would take up its everybody's now, not always on the same? If not always in sync, your you could tell when there's a little pause, sometimes it does a half second or second delay in a feels like forever yeah that'll, be they make sure we don't step on each other's toast, but it's gonna happen:
there's no way around so way around it sets will deal with it. What's your professional trick for for dealing with that pause, because I always due notice on tv and I always get like secondhand embarrassment The anchors that are having to deal with when we say ok, kick it over to stone so and then there's other nodding there. Looking at the camera their nodding at what point Do you jump in and say Well, let's grab some technical difficulties. How long do you give them? Why it's funny when you, when you start early on and you hear that you, like you, think a second is like a day. You know, and you want to jump in right away, so I'm I'm on account of my head, like ok, three four, and if nobody say anything and I'm not hearing anything from anybody. Unlike the control room or the truck, then I'm afraid were clearly that's not happening, so we're gonna try go to somewhere else, so you just have to it. It's like
like flying over the Rockies right. You know, there's gotta be some turbulent, so you just want to where you see up yes and so less off a little like actual draft what what's going on with the two a sly: do you buy it or do you think this is maybe someone trying to sneak into those top three or four picks and pick up a franchise quarterback. I caught a buy it because of the way the draft is this you're right I meet, you can't bring him into your building. You can't you can't check him out and ill blow. He put it back and second video what about a month ago and people freaking out about it and my thought process yea look great, but how do we know like a suited? The camera stop rolling you if I thought of up yeah right If you have no idea of anyone. The nine minute. Twenty two second thing that I think that that calm, Woloda people's fears, but the really weird part about this guy's is its ma- am right because it also
Miami, refused, refuse to clear, drew brief, because they didn't think his shoulder was strong, it up, so they passed and they settled on signing dog call peppers the agency wearily that was not a girl and if they do pass on to what, if he is healthy they might be going down that road again, and guess who to his car coach was the former coats of dolphins who passed Andrew Breeze. So as is saving weighing on us, a saving like hey, don't fuck this up again, the statement had been like who was everything you gonna be fine, but no one knows me like the waiting who is this not just the hip injury right? It's the two ankle sprayed which, by the way, what a doctor say that exactly would be much more stable bite having that wire surgery, it both angles. Buddy why the lingering NEA jury so like put them century, whatever happened, it's a great thing, but in
three years. He said the two surgeries on both angle, a lingering issue at the hip, and then you think in all right. Ok, so He was really good and college, but there were two things about HU, a college will really good and he really get through season healthy result when you get, the actual level when its bigger, faster stronger. Is that going to be a problem? And I think that's what I think that part of the poor says that my name is waiting here, look cool! Nobody knows that Thursday. Nobody's gonna, be right. That's the beauty of the draft, noble wrong and nobody's right now go back to the twenty fifteen draft, the top ten nets, the soon we ve only one of those guys is still with a team that site let's bread, assuredly up at the climate for Washington, everybody out putting the two quarterback move dot, desks, arousing nets, grace who do you think it's gonna be the first. Why receiver taken? You know, I think a lot of people are locked in on Jerry Duty, but Henry rugs. I mean here he has ninety catches at Alabama. Twenty four
four touched? It put another way like one of every four catches he took the house now. Obviously I can do do that the pros, but not just a wandered party like normally streets, great light, speed, like, John Ross, to that end, he came at what they do, but you have a heap yet runs the route. You only had one drop. It really interesting because it just rug, Phoebe, lamb and jury duty, those three guys if he thought the five different player personnel guys, don't give you five different answers on the order of them. Three guys. Have you got a sense from around the league of a team that might be a little more aggressive, given the circumstances, a team that you can hear you for more than a few people like hey they're, gonna, move up, they're gonna be like, trading wheeling and dealing in strap! Well it until I don't because of what we're deal with here. I am wondering if it's gonna be less aggressive. Like GINO he came up said. Yesterday we had six straight in the purser out last year. I dont forget how that money, unless they're prepackaged trades like Youtube
figured out ahead of time, because if you are concerned about the technology at Europe, when a beggar or your Vanni, what had guy isn't? Isn't? How did your drop it boy, you know? Are you to be able to figure that out. So I usually means that have multiple pigs are very aggressive right. The dolphins have three, the raiders have to the Niners have to put their already looking straight back. The vikings have to. I think the jaguars have you so normal seems that are most aggressive. Our teams with multiple pick normally and most situations those teams with multiple, Julie, trader per quarterback, although the saints that a few years going traded a first round for market Davenport but Offensive and out of you I say said authority on these, but ok, but he has been exactly what they thought: your spending that kind of draft capital you're, probably looking at a quarter,
it just dawned on me. How awesome is it to have covered all these drafts and be able to just say where guys went to college, because that's like the baseline of having someone think you're a super smart sports guy to be like a Marquis Davenport Davenport, you De I say never liked him, you know you're shit. What it's funny they can't be good like the draft is like. I know like all this stuff about guys, but over the next three months, it'll fall out of my head. You know and forget now go into the season now see that guided. Oh, yes, the guy that was the juggler or whatever right and that its short, it comes back it oh, but if you like cranny cornick them, you know, I don't have to know everything, also much longer I can mail at over three days before the tat that I'm getting a great. I mean that's perfect. Gee speaking that juggler guy. What is the one fun fact that you just can't wait to unleash on American the first round about somebody come off the board, while a lot of these guys go be. First rounders alot of those great stories are like in the second round, but there is a potential for
run running back. Who is a would have been a philosophy, you're at Harvard and be his favorite philosophers a manual caught. The Georgian, the German We have to be careful how you pronounce, sadly good one, might have you might get befriending if you, if you fumble over that name there just dead right, careful gotta, pronounced the very well yeah say ass. He read your caught without returned, for the wrong radio. Yes, we have offered sublime and also played snare drum in the house. Who ban realize he had had to do something else. There's a guy who swims with sharks and cliff jumps. That's also good red predicted departure point stuff. You know that the greatest up my joy because everybody looked at the draft of the like, but we're just getting a product. Now you getting a person, Some of these people are twenty one, twenty two years old and they have a really cool stuff in their background and I'll tell him that part of it. So I I think they can wants to get to this. Eventually belgian jumpin and say it so Chicago doesn't have any checks. On the first day.
Their picking out in the second round forty three x, it ever thicker The bears to show up unexpectedly convent, backdoor move and get a surprise bears appearance on Thursday. In the first round, yeah surprise barons not show that port yeah oh you mean like the kind that would be my back Porto by leaning over and think about that, but that too, like peeking, to see what we're doing yes, but it's beautiful night out every day out in the picture, I mainly for example, like affairs came back last week, do they better here. Every night were alike. Every night, you did it, you did you alive street like a nature, live stream in your backyard. Yes set up. I can't go problem it it's! No! It's not! I mean they're they're here like all the time and we we actually have like over the last three months. We we notice that there's a couple of bobcats out there as well.
It's like crazy up your rural Connecticut, the great place to ride out a pandemic, but you are in leaping nature hurry. I do want to discuss the bare picture, real, quick and will get back to the draft stuff. So Lastly, I heard the party line on the bare picture was you had the same. Bear that showed up couple years ago, but then you didn't get a picture of it. This time, not despair. It's been me like he's been here. I am assuming that the same barriers we ve been in the same house for five years. It shows up all the time came through of like a Friday night at eleven o clock and he was on the deck eating the bird flu. And then we turned on the light, as we heard the fact that the birth rate is falling down and so got, scared and ran away till? I couldn't get a picture this is an eleven o clock at night. So I just looked for a picture of a bear on the deck and I said So a bare was on my deck and I auditing anything about it. Does I figured it was a daytime photo people think I think that was the bear. I was using that,
As an analogy I went to bed in the next morning, I woke up and it was. How the hell are you writing it was. It was interesting trade because a meal like a lot of other people in America, I think we thought pulling a fast one on us and saying that this is the are and that bear a gun previously antiviral the big picture, How many bear videos have? I said you you, he actually has sent me like three forbear. Videos of just bear just hang out and is backyard. I believe that where there are bears what you need to start putting those videos online so that everyone else can can understand that this is an act of bare situation that you have. I mean it is be they're all over Connecticut right there. It is with those kind of body something somebody put Photoshop of white sharks. In my back up, which I thought was very funny, I thought I thought that was pretty good show. You look like when I ate the chip. You know that hot you, if I did it twice, then one day and people simply by the chips are healthy people going to believe what they believe is true. It's true
the other big thing I wanted to discuss with you draft crap. I wrote some quotes that you could possibly use. If you won't take out a patent paper, this fire him off. So chase Young, from Maryland, I'm think, grab cakes in football what Maryland yeah it's that one would be good, and this will be the second straight here- that the Redskins did that right, Yang Wayne Haskins what high school and marital with their betters cleared up. Oh yes, what about like just doing the lock it up. Like you, don't know you lock it up when you want someone to stop talking on the zoom. Look it up. I will work for you. I will work at it. Ok, winter, you MIKE what yeah yeah appeared. My question for you: how concerned? Are you about the true on Jonathan tailors tyres. Well rolling back he's, always nine hundred twenty care college. I know he is, Special Darwin he's he's
the size and the speed like you, don't see that combo very often, but yeah I mean he's an awesome. Awesome plenary I feel like his career, like not getting invited to New York, was a travesty cause. He was that good for fur that many years but yeah. I would not be a little worried about the tread on his tire. Now, don't don't get me. My old school acre man and crash quotes. Okay, I see what you did dark. I interrupted you They now this one, you take it or leave it put. I was thinkin, given that the time with the pandemic and everything you could just open up the broadcast with death. You are my bitch lover. That's from wedding crushers, maybe not we gonna think that wouldn't set the tone off. Ok, what about if we get a big trading, just give the old classical at escalated quickly? Yes, that we're, ok and then my lad. I also use edifice if a bunch of players in the same position get taken like right after each. Yes, yes is spectacular, yet with a working paper there,
be a run of those that, like from ten to twenty yards ancient, that's your browser to rob. If the ravens do anything crazy, you can give him with all the great Odin Raven from Anchor man, yet absolutely that we are ready, although MEL will probably be upset. If I take that as he does ok and then the last one I had was from old school Maybe when the vague, when the Vegas Raiders pick their first player, you do a little America can the ear muff. Ah, for me, we're here yeah about yet this guys gonna get so much ass here, it's gonna be sick. I'm talking crazy boy band ass say that Henshaw. Ok, because not enough must not allow that. What is it probably workin on just think about- have this one ready to just in case of emergency, if that, if there's a guy GM or somebody that you're talking to and there a little kid that runs behind him in the background naked
to say we're going. Streaking, that's. Why do I order you think that in ITALY, the camera, but it goes with a job right in which children are gonna, actually keep a video zoom on? What do I mean higher legitimate castrate setting more Davis on my conducted from the toilet, just get up, listen, bigger, Peter, where times these are at the days, what sort of dealing with readier well ah, were room for you we appreciate come on. This has been fun. I know that you you do, let's give tray alot of credit, because we do make jokes at your expense and you always take them very well. So you're you! U role with the punches. The old school, the wedding crashes, the acre man quote jokes, so we initiate. This, though, and good luck, dont, think about the fact that everyone in America can be watching you on tourism, don't think about it. But you know lesson we. If we come close to the days
numbers for the last dance will all be very happy, and I promise you don't think I'm not getting too much in this entire process is think Ass everybody lie. I want to give you a guarantee on behalf of Phd. If you nail this draft, I think we have to ask the tweet. Great job, America's dad I'll do that Let no one knows what I'd do if you, if you now, if you know which I fully expect you to outwit out, did just become best friends how or do karate in the garage you can count on me to wine. Will trade? Take you so much man. We're appreciated! Bessel luck on Thursday night! Everyone- I don't have to say yes, Pierre, is gonna, be broadcasting emeralds and be watching because we have Did you want to get one last Disney, plus plugin? I notice that you slid that an earlier it the lesson that I would guess reporting what Diana receding your friend yet confirmed. Yet the what your friend
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take ok, let's get some segments and also clean up hanks cool thrown that he just said, love and then just left as high and dry snow it from people like things, because we all agree that love is always on the core throne of his always uncle to love. You I do love you. I said all tat. I do I what I like your shirt. What is its brand new macro shortness boxer part, my two dude totally or gale was ass, represent organic yeah it's over. It's like in your put a popular shorten. It is this: It's like dude. I got an extra pocket. What are you going to do will tip if you put a hair tie thing in there, if your special just one has been loose for a while looks like you gotTa Magnum. Yes, there is a low protest for what it is. It's like he had such a flexible. Like hey, asked me: three pockets. Oh yeah. I do, but love is on the core thrown because the very first part of my Egg wedding is happening tonight, that's right Wednesday! Tonight
it where it's gone beyond the twitched dream on the Parma ticked, which account two listeners of the show Drake a good Drake and We are getting hitched, so funny, the I think, their first eight everyone honour whether first dates there are real We feel back into doesn't sixteen and big cats song and You said to them. You guys are perfect for each. I only remember, but that's I wasn't gonna bet on that yeah, and so I would like to start the relationship they hit about a week and a half ago to see if I would marry them and then I tweeted out like a few days ago. Hey if anyone wants to get married on board I'll marry you on a zoom meeting. They reach out. The guy was a k I already job, but this will gives good point. Report owed so tonight. We're gonna, have a wedding, it's gonna, be it at night pm eastern time, eight central and gonna feature big cat scan feature. Joey scholar, feature Hank, scan future law,
of Luggage feature Matt Caesar take up. And so reduce, it might be. The first wedding ever conducted on twitch do so here. To itself as a stream while we're doing the vows. Oh, yes, do not do that. Their family will be watching, what's all be positive to it and then coach dogs gonna be coaching, read after yup, so it's a nice, the you! You got your ah your entire attainment, ready of Wales. Yes, absolutely I Next segment, we have this week. This action crazy, yeah, and got way once get traded. So he took it twitter Tony conned corner of the Jaguars Sharrkan son our guns and outdated, coordinated GM. Vice president president, he's some one big, so they basically just had an hour on twitter. Already,
Actually you you read Yannick and I'll. Read Tony continent onerous, less football analytics at the jack. You have it One opportunity I'll send you it ok, bank stall. Forest. Please stop stop! Stop I am also going to be going after dubbed number. Four. Ok, don't answer! I don't ask me, God: are you biotic. Stop hiding MO It is ironic on I'm, not I'm not in hiding, Sir quick with sir I mean isolation getting ready for the draft. I've been pretty active on social media in isolation, but you wouldn't know that since you and followed me again. This league dad is big time bigtime nicely since you're feeling might today. Let's go let the world and on the truth, we ve been had a discussion that the charges game was my last game. Yet you tried a back door. The situation without answering any of my camps cause ESA make use. Boiled bra, holding up
before no reason clown emerging just to just to reiterate, this is star defensive player for the jaguars tweeting at the G8, or vice president corner of the jaguars. You a clown and basically like use the clown emerging, which I think is worse airing. Everything out, ok, He wrote back turned a corner by its a new regime. Here, sir, a heavy on the sir. I can't like that style. I beg you, in the bottom of my heart, for all the contributions you made here that said, tweeting insults at me won't get you treated any faster, only trade compensation will do that Please redirect your efforts into a more productive out with them it's a little like that's a big like gold, stopping trigger dude go, do something with your life gay I get a light. Yeah get a life nerd just trade me. I don't need to speech chequered flag, emerging wow,
only common response actually its eyes a tough to come back from the chair lag motive of because he just said that he one year, eighty learn himself in the right. Yes, I said show me the compensation, I'm sure you're, really driving up the price today by the way- and you know what kind good point by Tony con. Like hey man, you what are we? We want trade, you you know: what's you shouldn't do? Is its super agro on Twitter in for play world so that everyone now is gonna call me and be like came in chance. You can bring this guy back, we'll give you six rounder. Also I mean, if you just and respond to that, tweet that probably going to help the value to all around us is a mess. Yes, I feel, like there's been a lot of exports we're done wrong he's doing everything can easily adult in the building his day and linen for net he's also like out outwardly. Come campaigning Four cam noon to come and all now very beginning tree out there trying to training nothing
Chiefs has what I saw. This never happened. Pleurisy, the chief surrogate play off Damien their path baby, Regular Leonard Fournette. Alright, let's finish up with our mouths flush more I'm excited about this. When I think it would be, fun is very open, ended and it ended and Hank can't ruin it. The heel of mouth more season, the greatest. Giving you quite have laws but you're you're, making up titles like I'm, not I'm not told why you're here yeah, I hate him. All opinions are bad pizza here they are personal big. I know it is a bad Peter TAT, because it bad top tat is your brain, which is focused on a sensitive time. But did gummy values it here's the thing. What what heck has done, is with his appetizer draft he's real the conversations are now all his other drafts will be viewed in light of that that with such a bad liquor,
a monument to bad draft. I would just like to say that everyone to everyone out there who up in private penalty eyes now we're like, Amy and I've always felt the same way as you, but I never want to publicly no say it. Thank you for being the voice of the voices you're welcome and don't let these boys like began. Fifteen. Only people online tell you that your taste has tried in a we're way. Hank. You are winning mouthwash more season because you are so bad at it. That is the true essence of Mount push. Won't. You are on the mouth, plus more of Mount Rushmore right, you're, doing like in a meadow way no idea did. Mouthwash must come up with the worst answers in your doing that I just don't pander sorry, cable you can't are because your pandering to like the true real, true he'll as neutral the power and even pander to your own brain. No that's exactly that. The only person I pander to
in our daily work may sell your mouth flush more affairs, its ear, so it's the war, it's stupid his fears. We have that everyone knows this should be a fear, but you haven't any think about it and it's just dumb. Ok, this was an easy one for me. First overall, taking a shower and a thunderstorm hey do it. Somewhere long lies. I was told that you'll get electrocuted. If you do it, I don't think that's true at all, as they are probably no safer place to be during a thought. Storm or a tornado than your bathroom. Okay. So don't take my word for that by the way. So I can't beheld legally responsible if you get electrocuted but yeah, that's easy. Number one from your well. Ok, that's a good one. Mine is similar in the bathroom sense. I am always afraid, did I will get robbed or there will be some type of emergency while taking a ship and just like having a robber come into my house with Josh everywhere. What do you do
die, does no good option. There's three just imagine ass. Imagine like mid shit in and someone comes in is like Gimme all your money. What do you do this? I don't even think about it. I hate you first to my first one is being a viral video of his coming like musicians on the subway where they're like you know, we took our classically train musicians and we hadn't planned the subway and then it's all it's the videos are people walking by so every time I see like a musician, the subway to stand there for at least like thirty seconds just so I am not one of the people in the video words. I look at you. Do like this guy Arrow Beethoven and you just where I bought. You just walked by Paul Macartney playing on his piano right now you are wearing like some sort of weird mass yeah lay like that's gonna lie down there. If I can be like Prescott only stop, that's really go my pixies at paying all my pigs are good thought about that. To you don't wanna, be the guidance in the mean words like
look at our generation and then, as you walking past, like an artist and look, their generation in its everyone stormy happy to Normandy. Yes, my second one is getting past. Good, one good was not as an old school pat there There were no ass the iron thou, so it's like I it's like. I feel your prime tub, target Europeans or wind could pull down into getting pants and having be your pants and your me, undies go down all time. Funniest thing, measures such as dear his flock half Dixon gave a throne. So no one told me that the area, just what a shame episode time- big time, Oh, you cause you text. As a while ago, I wondered Sarcey cut her hair. I knew was governor. I might next one is very rational but ice bit a lot I spent on. Street I did I'd spit always afraid- and I always free- but I am having in the back of my head
it's some one will be able to use my spit in framing for murder. Spitting my dna everywhere- someone's would you like paisley catch me like, we got him now bull, yes, Herr follicles blood Seamen seem all about him, a big one from a dude someone's gonna frame. You at some point gotta be careful God. I care I gotta, stop spitting, stop shaking hands young and stop not obvious. I know that that stupid, but it's I'm always afraid. Like that's gonna, have I actually used to think that the government collected Oliver Shit every time we flushed it, so they always had that. You are the infer away. Do probably actually know what I'm gonna Back on that now that I set it out loud and clear, events yeah which it s my next one to two Fraid of tripping over and open dishwasher liking, gun state, yeah, yeah, that's other models here she dies the whole movies based around a mom falling over dishwasher, hitting your head Anderson. Her moves to doubling great great movie,
her great soundtrack, like you I like a ship, Like an ironic it I know, I know I did they had the bow yea ends and I try to disguise awkward. I don't know actually gives your coffee drinking music, our yeah, but I'm on of operated. It's good one and then why It's it's it's one. It is Fear. Yes, my next one, it was us, I'm you wash dishes every night, are you. In the morning I piling up in an economic results are when they weren't, let's plus dive in these dishes. You strike me as China, guy What that means is the thick paper. A real good, actually really class now actually have an amazing dishwasher, which is like the most dancing era. But it's my favorite like applying to my house where you go higher loading up, my dear, I guess we pump coffee and dishwasher. Now, let's get near the coffee, knowing together were adjusted a team.
Next one is gonna, be biting down on Luman Foil, wherever havoc nestled crunch bars of light adsum. They comes wrapped in woman, foil yeah. I'm convinced that when I'm eating, I can't even look at illumine foil, while, chewing something yeah, that's a good one doubt that is a good one. I my next one I dont this is gonna, be bad, even say out loud, but if for doing it, we might as well say it you know how, when you see police officer in line at Like Starbucks. Someone would very grabbed the garden, always that some day, I'm just gonna, grab the gun not do anything with it. Those who grabbed the God and they ve got a guy. Your God is because it's the impulse effect in your body, at some point is like what's gonna happen Mothers do. It says one kids, we ve been told like ever touch a gun gets my adrenalin going just having a Patrick S office right and it's a combination. You see it there even told all your life not to do something it.
It always makes you want to do a more. I support you just scared like fight. Let's do it and I again, I would literally just drop it right away, but just to do it and it's gonna did it that, The fear of mine is old, saying that people aren't. Of heights, they're, just afraid that we're gonna jump right like when you see supply like it. It's the last thing. They go oh yeah, but you are afraid of like these weird impulse. Yet the impulse I go on job and I get on thanks, hey my next one will be getting crushed by an elevator door. Here, I don't trust those eggs at all, and although it my great grandfather, died in earlier really Phelan S head was well. As you know better our priority, again, it's one of those things out, there's really helps people go into elevator door holdings with no fear, yeah it'll be closing and they'll just stick their arm right in their human that it's gonna odor him, and if doesn't like your arm, is off your French its I never that actually like Hake is one hundred percent debt guy, because our you do do the like, really quick,
where'd you get really scared. I've seen you do it. Where you get a super scared about an elevator I just man it up. Yeah, like I treated as an alpha situation like its motto. We motto here: door, you ever live in an apartment. Building where you know you ve got a heavy elevator door. Yeah, that's tough! I'm in one of those right now humans put a lot of faith into those weird little sensors tat right, you zoom every letter has yes. Yes, we did. Those begin win. Win was like the first time that the installed those and then how long after that date, humans, have you like? Oh I can. I can open any door with just by putting my pinky in there. It is, we ve got a little bit cavalier with it Aren't you last picking, there's been a good mouthwash, more everyone. All my voice. Boys are good. I mean out of fear, losing should. Getting kicked by subway dancer. That's a good. What do I do? Viral video, the kid
Why not? I don't. I used to live in Brooklyn and, unlike I lived in between like a stock from it. Hadn't in between broken we're, like subway dancers, will basically Rikers. It's like a long Manhattan broken there's like along ten minute ride where they get on and then get often go the other way. Oh, you know where I was always every single day. I would see the dancers and every day I'd be like these guys are really like burnt sitting here and I'm sorry, I'm not gonna move and then like they get so close words like why, when kitty up or something of the kind of already aware permanently. Madam, I business get smoked for people who don't know like New York, city Subway dancers day, basically are combo of like a gymnast and stripper. They do like the whole thing, and then they do the fucking high beam and there goin back and forth like weeping around going upside down. All kinds of in does not have its crowded either. Did there's no there's another guy. Get that anti others. No space is those guys in the half guys. Yeah can get really good dancing with a hand. There are one and the same yes
My last pic is a little confusing, but aid, something I do think about where fairly. Often I'm afraid that, like this entire world, like us sitting here right now, is entire, is just an imagination of like one huge species that just like sitting on a spaceship major floating away yet coordinator, I've already much every now and then am, I were definitely in the matrix, and none of this is real. None of it. That's pretty I'd, say: the last year has been very strong, evident right, but that's a scare, that's a scary thing to think about what we just wake up. My own were not real. That would suck sucks so bad philanthropy Lucky I don't know. Maybe I do. Maybe, a matrix moving the matrix Rome, it's all bookie, maybe the creators just a bookie and he's a he just made the world do so that everybody wants that reform.
Do I would when Genji was knocked under your last won T have my last one is this? Is going to really stupid to put getting fingernail caught on a piece of foam. What you mean if you do, if you drag your finger now proffered knowledge of peace, a foam. Like if it's a phone ball or if it's a gift z, part of velcro germs, yea and new drag like your finger across? It may be of an uneven nail and you get fingernail caught on that for justice. I just thinking about that. Makes me electricity. May I add that sound that feeling Hank, you are great. It f. What was an F open fear is very, very severe, do we have a hastily has been too good to be soon. Do you have any do any others, any others driving the Carlyle on yeah.
I have vines did our planes. I have the jet way collapsing as soon as you step off like a just fucking, falling I always think that's gonna happen? Do you guys ever get every year the urban legislators black spiders and grapes. No, I didn't tell him spiders calling my mouth when I am that one's a big one, I dont a basement, but if I did the basement. I one hundred percent would be this more like a real fear. Then like an irrational fear of catching him, you as you got the stairs and the lights are off like just go some big glass yeah yeah, I mean spiders a real big invasive, so yeah spinner ghosts more than anything quicksand. Quick servicemen glorified. Yeah, I'm just afraid of it. Like her to say the sand on stepping on isn't quicksand. That's another thing: where people have cartoon brain right, there are taught to hate quicksand anchovies. Europe must see what else could I have that? Was it you gotta, vanilla, overtime play off hockey.
It is good. Even when I love it, I hated yeah yeah balance good now, what's good evening. I think you're, a great less. I always do is almost too Godot, because these risks be really bad fears. I think tank did a great job. Actually I would say that Hank one this mouthwash thanks guys dago, you walk let's see, will see everyone Friday night. Friday morning, Thursday night Friday morning that draft recap- coming on Friday. Also, maybe a special Sutton different interview, come in, for you on Friday, will see everyone that The guys in here is also about the Cleveland Browns We view Gun
Dorothy said, as we know, is easy, soberly songs, two thousand a cat, everybody's melancholy tat. Everybody had an open gasket, we Don T really know. There's always happened, pass Gregg form a badge of honor of being adjusted trigger. Hang, you doubt was a mile scared hands using our rhetoric of God handed catches dislike the size. A tendency to see in this question really is always ready.
Its pardon. My take presented by bar stool sports
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