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UFC Champion Daniel Cormier + Football Friday

2018-11-02 | 🔗

Nick Mullens is the greatest quarterback of all time and this is not an overreaction. (2:40-9:08) Jon Gruden has hit rock bottom and the Browns are hilarious. Week 9 Preview plus picks.(9:09-26:53) Fantasy Fuccbois.(26:54-31:07) Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight UFC Champion Daniel Cormier joins the show to talk UFC 230 Saturday Night, why he dominates people even with a bad body, how much he hates Jon Jones, and what his weaknesses are as a fighter. (33:31-1:03:30) Segments include Sabermetrics (1:05:02-1:06:35) Well Actually (1:06:36-1:09:29), the debut of "Hue Boy" where Hue Jackson says dumb shit (1:09:30-1:14:11), and Hanks Grab Bag (1:14:12-1:22:12).

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