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USA Rugby and John Costacos 08/03/16

2016-08-02 | 🔗
The guys discuss Big Cat's move to NYC and all the NFL training camp story lines they predicted. Mt. Rushmore of fears. USA Rugby players Danny Barrett and Madison Hughes join the show to talk about the upcoming Olympics. John Costacos, the man behind all the popular 80's/90's NFL posters joins the show to talk about his favorite poster projects as well as an all time Jim McMahon story. Segments include Spinzone for future Hall of Famer Trent Richardson, PR 101 for Rolando McClain, Lebron James Free Agency Update, Olympic Update, and Hot in the streets with Hank.
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Let's go right. You're welcome the part of my click. It is Wednesday argues third wait hold on, I thought speaker, the House, Paul Ryan was actually trying to call me there for a second I'm a dizzy insider now. So I just wanted.
Let you know I saw that so he was. Let me know that her omby was beating Jill Stein, the bulls red yeah, so Paul Ryan Speaker, the house ever heard of him tweeted at me, most likely in in turn treated me that forgot to sign out of Paul Ryan Twitter account. But let's just you know pretend first, second, the Paul Ryan actually did want tell me that around Bay is leading the poor, Joe Stein in all major poles for president. So you know I am for I'm basically hurrah bays campaign manager at this. oh congrats desire, Paul Ryan Folly. He doesn't devalue, no budget pushed us I will follow you. Ok, we're gonna, dig measuring conquering spun out, I mean to me. George Bush is not treated at me, protocols,
Just such a low energy guy. He can't figure out of use a keyboard. Why do you want to get? I want to get your Bush to to do a fantasy draft with us. I took out the great crises set up in one of the campaigns are and what the I'd. When the debates, this year's mom, you beat his mom fantasy yeah, Let us make sure that you had the in fantasy at the end of that. For a second, I was you're going down a dark path, they're not up against me yet chop it out. So yeah so job. If you listen, you probably are, I think, you're recurring listener, award, winning lesser open, invite or any other presidential candidate. Really, if you wanna do fancy dress, for this will make it happen yet hope you or any any former airy former presidents, any brothers of former presidents hit us up. We're ready for you to be our fantasy adviser. Are the low tee Thou JEB needs? You know like you.
Really when you listen to sports radio on the am dial you know when you're sitting on your dinosaur, you'll hear those ads for the low t medicine. I actually need that suggestion iron, so dislike? After all, you know what I want to do. One day I wanted, I would spend a day listening to aim sports radio, writing down everything. A person that advertising on the show and then spend the following day. Just consuming all those products like albuminous shrill gloves through Tax Attorneys Museum divorce attorneys, I'm gonna begin injections of high tee in every single vain. Its can be great okay, so this is actually a great subway cause. I moved to New York. Officially. Yesterday I was sitting,
driving in the EU. Also listening to sports radio, W Efta and in New York there pitching dislike bloated pill where, basically, they say that if you you're not fat, your bloated and they can solve it, I'm pretty sure I'm fat, but it just air that gets trapped. Energy rattlers skin, that's what it is, but we're gonna get that, but, more importantly, I'm in New York we are officially now two thirds of part of my take is officially new. Yorkers are officially New Yorkers and here's some thoughts, fur moving your you been in your for what two months now yeah, I'm basically like an old school New York, cannot be a less go eat some Muggah ghoul. Let's get us lies down at the store Joe we at anyway, so I bet in Brooklyn for a day. First thought I am a lot better than everyone else
yeah. Well, I'm dammit need the skinny ginger very slimming, so maybe she travels on. Do you know what it looks like it? You know when you walk storing you see the mannequin wearing a shirt and you're like damn that mannequin looks good. Everyone else looks like the mannequin and I'm the fat guy walking around and all the shirts and was wearing like t shirts, that probably cost two hundred dollars their designer t, shirts that make them look like they didn't they're, not trying, and then I'm actually not trying. You know what fat is coming back in in good news for you, the first place that is going to come back to place at the forefront of all these trends is Brooklyn. You know like back in the day, if you were fat, admit that you were well. and then you can take care of yourself and then you remember the upper class, so everybody in Brooklyn they're all skinny. They ramen all the time that if dad's trust fund check doesn't come through at the right I got it on the fifteenth exactly now they might
have to go without for a couple days. Maybe they go back to shooting heroin instead of taking pills. Slim Jim out a little bit, you you're strutting down that street you're you're you're a little bit bloated, but that's okay, as people gotta get out of your way, so your kind of alpha mail there I am the king of Brooklyn, the other thing I notice its loud New York is very loud. People allowed cars or allowed trains are loud law like, I might just say, it can be an old guy walk around with your blogs and here's something I realized over the weekend. People are like they're, very nice, but their aggressively nice they sound like you're being mean, but are actually being nice to you like I was. I was buying a hot dog, and I wanted a soda with it, and I realize only three Secondly, the hot dog: this sweaty shortly stewed tattoos all over runs up and he goes. Would you try to get if you like right am. I would you trying to get, and I would like to stress,
get a hot dog in a story that you don't have cast, as I know is I got you broke and also works. Use me is it I've got you put it on my tab and they bought all my food for me and they ran away I like us, have thanks man leave him say like you're welcome this runs away. Then he stops after, like fifty Peters articles, paperwork, somebody's been moilers man, you don't like it it can. It threw me off a little bit because we're I'm from people are being nice, no devil smile on your face here in New York. You can be nice and nuke equally screaming and frowning. At the same time, that's good! That's good does
distinction. I agree with that. I've noticed that as well from my twenty four hours, I feel like I've got it all my Stella. We were on our first walk. She just start taking shit the middle of the road. I stop traffic both ways. Tat was a nice. Welcome your people just screaming at me, but here's, the one benefit of being the york, especially in Brooklyn, was. my balls had today and I was like hipster cool because errors like, oh, I remember the balls they went in from the nineties right, like we haven't heard from them for a while, what that's pretty cool man, so that that was that felt mice, that's Canada. Did I get when I'm just wearing, like my normal clothes, which look like they're from the mid to late 90s, just because I don't buy clothes, so yeah. I know that every New York's okay, it's got its ups and downs. I would do nude beach by accident over the wicked There's a New York done in New Jersey, yeah, it's on an island called sandy hook and I get
others are walking towards a beach. First thing I see is obliged people playing volleyball are all make it except a wooden leg, kneebreeches in compression sleeves, better, all nude design. That's an rand everywhere and I'm like, while that's really naked game available. Maybe it won't be this naked when I get down the beach and it was like- probably ninety five percent were totally but ass. Naked is weird, and it's not what you think in its it's like. You know when you grew up watching the spice channel and airlines, and lesbian porn is awesome knowed. It wasn't like that at all. It was probably seventy fibres then do it over the age of fifty land before aroused the ensure that people are gross. Deregulation broke some like a group, a dozen Have you got a twenty five year old brows just hang out just nude with each other. I hosted a strong ignore and again for me. They start tossing the football practice happening
It's on the beach naked dues were laid out into the sand belly. First Nicky great experience welcomed in your people. People do forget the guy. a girl. Whatever you are, whenever race, you are whatever you, no religion, you are ninety five percent of us look absolutely horrendous. Naked yeah, I'm gonna put my up into that category, so I guess I got my pants on yeah. What else we shall we? nailing every training camp storylines. So far, I don't know if you saw we have we have the jets have a kicker there. They have a kicker competition going on heated, kicker competition, lot of guys catching everything, and I see Gronk has been dominating camp crazy that you know Rob Gronkowski. The best tight end in all of NFL is dominating. Some like poor v string corner
from Macneil State whose just trying to get on the practice of their their guys that are coming in and the best shaping their lives, but also that arise that are coming in and failing conditioning tests? So you ve got your checking on the box is here that we told you about by the way Tony Roma. We ve got to talk about him in the picture that he took it made him, look that he actually had his own pr Wanna one, because the the photographer- and this is a truly Dallas thing- jury Jones- probably put like a dead horse in this guy's bed. The photographer came out and apologize and said that he took a bad picture, Tony Roma, and then he released like the picture taken two seconds afterwards. Is I disapprove or tape that when you go back into the left, his stomach hangs out? We did miss one training camps, storyline the guy's. Getting just like some minor surgery to clear some stuff out: oh yeah, J J didn't just get money cleaned up.
get out of that scope it out if the matter sculptors cleaning, some debris, there's loud debris in many right now, you're gonna get that up quickly. Back termed you think Jerry Drones, probably called out photographer, was like you just started reciting his like home address, and is it like his wife's name and children's name in the end, then just hung up here. You go man I'll, let you know, I think Jerry Jones called that guy's boss and gestures. Presided. His bosses address his wife's name. All that and its understood a you gotta. Let your camera man no to release released the other frames in absolute, more frames upper giving up. I let's hit some Mount rush moors. Ah, today we have a special one fears.
every man Rushmore Especial my Rushmore, those it I mean we, this woman is using only comes, but for two months dear this one is like we're getting we're gonna get tee Pierre. So who wants to start? I think he knocked at the park last. Something geographers sober, Hank knocked out of the park there by the way that was that was apart, there was cut output. Lance on Monday Show Hank did is Mount Rushmore with surprise how well it and then said man. These multinationals relied easier when you not drunk you. Think, though, are you in some new ever. Shall I my first diverse fear snakes, terrified of snakes, always like Harry Potter, the bachelors Gaza scare. The things I come out of my closet pretend to know that there are two island, I'm I'm scared of scary movies
Don't like your movies at all, really like job. I've, never been scared by a scary movie, and I guess I really watching them much, because I don't get scared like not to brag and pretty tough but, like I don't get it What's the big deal hate, you know the moves, not real nice doll. I washroom. Ok boy is our real. Our thanks thanks thanks. Then, of course we cannot now and offer my rough doesn't count night crackheads up up up up up. What are you? Are you tell me when you are buying Gruber crackheads, you feel comfortable and safe. No, I died. I would say that the lap there was more, I don't think I've worked by a bunch of crack had very often when you that's a legitimate fear where you walking here they're everywhere, as travel authors falling nor even end up. I was on a day
there's a little funny, you're fun, as is incorrect, use, awe and the last one getting exposed as a fraud already mean like you did know. Just like. I'm scared, like I'm gonna, wake up when they go into Borselen Sea, like some private conversation of had or something that I dont want out there as a scottish show up having a business put out. Ok, there are eight, that's a pretty that's. A real fear. I had sounds like Hank is really doing some weird stuff that he's afraid of out there. That's worth that those made odds. People does not amiss if you listening out there. If we want to hack into somebody's emails, hanks now you're Terracina one, he Russia, it Putin, are you running or you ll see a go, there's a good. I also got those. a fierce. You want me to go. You want to go younger, I am very afraid of muddy rivers,
specifically in like Asia and South America. Why, while several edible super label them does not allow. You know: ok, first, question have you ever been to South America or Asia know, and that's part of the reason. Why don't I choose not to go the muddy rivers scared, the hell out of me, like you, don't know: what's underneath the water, all kinds of snakes, water, snakes, Hank, I'm with you on snakes, but water, snakes even more
foreseen a water snake, wider, yeah, ok up fear itself. That's all that is another one of my fears, the classic Yup witches bigtime fear which, as you know, there are real right. Yeah there there more real than Hague Scary movies circus. Some scary movies obeisance restores. Ok, that's where good point I have two more die, usually do five anyway take. This is actually kind of your supposed thing. The deep web, very scared of the deep web. When I go to like the. happy box that tv and that pop up comes up antics. It's in advertise reflect a british ports. Gambling website I feel, like the whole world, can see all my shit. You haven't way over my head at that and then my final fear is arm.
King, a total failure, letting down my family and friends living with regrets, unfulfilled talent and dying alone. This is little fear catch up with that was honestly like this is almost a let's get serious part of my take moment really put shit after my first one is claustrophobia, oh just like being especially firemen like a concert and I'm surrounded trap. Our people, and I can't move that freaked me out for second good thing: he moved to New York yeah its wide open spaces. It or I mean, or getting caught, jerking off, that's kind of like the same level of fear
one of those under an actual walk, not words that you can click which one of those two will mean when one number two heights, I'm that not a fan of heights was at heights, are heights heights, ok, exam afraid of hikes as well like as a short guy, especially, I think that's what makes me so afraid of heights like I was up in with it. Sears tower or they called something you noticed now using the wills towered. I was standing on that the like the look out box ever they call it there's a geek dancing on the next to me and my hand like around the corner, and I swear to God, and my balls were hurting my hands- were sweating, not not a big I'd get, oh god next, one The Yellowstone Super volcano looking at this but we are way overdue for Russia's. We overdue for that and way overdue for the big one out in San Francisco, yeah, which is why I don't want ever live in California.
And I dont want little Montana, but I guess they say that if the super volcano eruption like the world's gonna, die right, yeah per million, nuclear bombs or a hundred thousand years past due for it. So you know, live like yours. Remark is probably isn't dogma. Rushmore procrastinators the Yellowstone.
to burn. Okay. Now am I last one: is Hank dying, a virgin? I just I don't want to see that happen as a good. Thank you, gotta be limited, only limited fear for a long time. We also had someone offered up this small Rushmore. They want to do the Mount Rushmore of holes. So should we just do that? Real, quick just before three of us together, yeah, my first one is the mouth. The Yellowstone Park Super volcano. That's a good home, I was you say, just your generic Dick Hall, an asshole I like to put the books Hall, the book holes, but the book holes. What up you never forget you, never
book called holes. Oh ok, Hama holes, yeah, yeah, ok, I know I didn't hear. Is it just a book about holes, because if so I can see what they would put us on the lights in the states, an inspiring Taylor, you guys should definitely read up on and I'm shocked that you haven't. Yet when did you read this booking private their great? there is also a. There is also a book about all of them. Yes, adaptation of like yours and shares a movie honour to that appointment, appointment movie what this was all I'll check out Keeping your base for I'm gonna go with Courtney, love her, how good one I also have a holy water, ok kind of kind of little upon plenty, stop their regret at its debts. Very creative rally hold a rabbit or because of a full, had already know what yeah good one
ours is a black hole, is well that's. What would you think I got so my horse better come on out here. Think, like it's gonna, be word driven either halls. This is a really riveting about Rushmore Bonus by Russia. For the people, I think where I think we can move on from this one. Other candidates are big takeaway. You guys haven't, read holes most embroiled in the air and then asked Dick or an asshole in my mouth Rushmore, I that was more Rushmore horse, while without was some great radio. Let's go now move into some interviews. We have to back to back interviews coming to you today. We have the: U S, rugby team, who do we have from it? We ve got a matter. an Hughes and don't be followed by his accent. It might sound british to you, but he is the captain of the United States, rugby team in the Olympics, the seven steam and then we ve got Danny, bear it and he There is a problem on the same team so about thereabout kicks master
we're gonna talk to them about the competition zika and whether or not to freezing their supper, and we also then, how John cost, of course, who was the creator of the famous Eightys and Ninetys poster Series with all the NFL some MBA M l B stars. You probably member on the Chicago vice the mad MAC, the boss, he had them all. He took a toll, some really really cool stories and we pitched him some ideas for some new posters. Are joining us, God, Madison Hughes, captain of the United States, eagles seven's team, and we Danny, bear it a flag or eight man. What is it? What position do play for signs of a problem ok, you're, prop and sevens in Rugby Union. You play what eight men normally earth like six seven it ok,
Jack lotteries and end in the medicines pretty much the Danny. What had of rugby is five nine ways that it is fair to say, you know Danny what it is all we are not a big anywhere at fan, yeah, pretty pretty fair. In five. Nine is very generous, so they get depends on his measuring so deftly undersized. They say: ok, yeah, me too, you know just it's. It's all good! Sometimes good things come small packages. You're goin up in your group against Bruce bill, Argentina and Fiji right so like what his eyes at two in one three know what it s like in yonder. I think that's probably what what the bookmakers would have us out. I mean Fiji will not want team in the world. The sheer they'd have to be favorites, but we show me can be them, so they were optimistic and we're we're going for three
The other book is probably have us. Have us to one right, I'm so the big questions, let's not beat around the Bush anymore. You guys gonna freezer sperm, now and are not to worry about it. I got you here with us. This talk was eager, but from what I understand like it's, not a big deal. Unless you trying to get try to have a child in the next few months, I think it should be ok, there's a lot of people trafficking and maybe the hearing suffered are not the same as do the data mosquito did not exactly my gimme bring myself to deal
people are blown it where proportion. So you know what I think. I think that is just guys. You're like I want excuse to jerk off so they're like Yahoo, Zeke, I'm afraid of Zika. That's why I'm going to freeze my sperm but, like we know just like just be open and honest with it. I think what you you're, the guy visitor prisoners, firmer deaf, we're not getting any action now exactly to free. The fourth come on: let's, let's get honest here. I've haven't seen like the real way. I boil my sperm, like I he's the only to freeze that no, you guys I do and feel free to pass this along to your training staff. in San Diego right now, both of you write about where'd, you guys do so do each other practice. Do that I saw do not not too often now was immensely. Also do not add anything. I'm cool.
Does the decided anyone. I want yeah with the accident might be like you might get. Some weird looks like what you should do is you should tell your trainers to have you sleep at night, like with mosquito nets round you, except with all the new skeeters inside the netting, so that way you like actually is like training at elevation- it's not about it here. Maybe we could build up some kind of Torrents too I mean I am. You can walk right now and about time we get to. Brazil will just be like huge, like superhuman Zeke, aunties eager people you'll have. The anti body in your system, as I understand from like I watch the movie outbreak, probably like twenty times, if you have enough of a disease in your body. Your technically me into the idea that that's pretty much a phd at this point. exactly. Yes, you know them stand like talk to talk your train or about it. That's my! U can credit, if the idea, but let them know so one
cool thing that goes along with playing in the in the seventh world series. Is that you get to hang out with a bunch of different countries? What is the one country the Olympics that you do not want to be like room next door to like who are the biggest partners, fool. I mean? It really depends on where raw thing in some Tonia ever everyone goes pretty hard and that in some others you get particular team. Whose loose cans men are big rivalry and series is Canada's. We wouldn't be anywhere near that, but they didn't qualifies as they are. there is Canada really arrive other in color
get out against a fuck shit perfect. Now you got a lot better at that now, but though the very people we wouldn't want to be nexus killer cause I mean coming from me: I don't like fucking anyone on the team. Anyone on the circuit, I don't care what team they play for. I really don't fucking care they're, not an arduous ie, then fuck em dancing it attitude. I like that, but I mean I think. If there's one thing I would want to be next to it five b, the positions cause men, hometown pussy, you note there you know what's going on and then in the long run in the not that figure of a recommendation anyways? So I have a pretty good stands a beaten them. So why not they're gonna know like all the places that have the poop water they eat you stay away from
Oh there, you know all of those we shouldn't go into all of them down their money, as some of you probably at once. so seriously like have? Have your coaches sat down been like here's, the danger exists in Brazil are, as that, just something that you guys are just gonna ignoring and go down there and do your job I will probably get out of it close to the time of I mean. I know we haven't. We haven't discussed that yet, but yeah we'll see I'm Romania is, it sounds chaotic. Come in. My major news. It was an oasis, bossed officer, I'm getting a pray. You thought that pretty incentive what's going on in Rio, who doesn't sound good but yeah we'll see what happens. Okay, alright! Well, you know at the end of the day, if you get a gold medal and you come back with Zika, I can sit. That's a net win for you, guys
you ve. Just like a hundred. Would you trade that, like straight up like you, get Zika for six months, but you get gold Medal hundred percent Serbia, No tell me that trade. Where do we draw the line like a leg? Take a leg argue for a lovely. Tough glucose. Definitely give it here yeah I give a hand I give my left arm up to the shoulder forego. Most of you guys, don't feel strongly as I do that. Maybe I'm just a little bit more patriotic yeah. You want more yes, so it's a medicine! You went to Dartmouth right so you're outta, your big fancy, Ivy League guy. Is it true that the mask out there's a keg? Yes, I think it's an unofficial, mascots yeah sat there tagging the cat is the mask of dogmas these days,
you're, the dumbest big green, so I think we're kind of a bit mask, alas, and he will kind of looking around and saying what what is domino's really about and they came up with a keg. I guess I mean that's kind of cool, but why isn't it the official mask I don't know I mean I think there have been calls for unless the administration doesn't doesn't wanna put that out there. I mean it's here because another exercise in college administrators Sharia shutting down so far pacification. America, they won't even led binge drinking, be an official mascot. I know I do think. That's that's about So the one cover any time that you talk as somebody in Amerika about Rugby. I dont know if you know the official rules about this or not medicine, but you always have to ask like what, if players from other sports played rugby, that's like and let you leave this conversation without really getting into this with you. If you could pick one player from
other sport doesn't matter what sport is, it could be, it could be lacrosse thanks favours sport to join the USA. Seventeen at who would it be. I mean I think, if you are looking at a pure lattices em, it's hardly possible brought me he's. Just such a logical spam. I don't want that. So if you don't see images in pure, let us ism, they know how to be their identity. You got a much better idea saw about them the toy, the last there's. No one is the Braun, the last person. Why person, the United States I would want. They are strictly strictly because his dickhead, but yeah yeah, I'm an area that is, if I go then Tybee, AP, Adrian Petersen, he wouldn't have adopted. You got that right. This is a really good guide. Nodded Dick had like Leubronn nevertheless in Iraq, actually like Leubronn over AP, I think
Adrian peace will be much better teammate them than Lebron James. You probably writer, is anybody on the team that, like sub towards the rest of the locker room, like Leubronn, Now in where we haven't even got enough, maybe I'm just missing. I am not sure that if there is anyone that would be popular onto power to combat it, Fuck, you bad colleagues. I will ok, so you ve got Leubronn Madison you ve got you ve got a p. I say it should be rather Griffin because you're not allowed to throw afford them. the rugby so be perfect for you you're. Never you need your knees were agreed deadlines.
None of those bodies only got six teammates daily needs, so that's a big plus for like that's that's no one from the barn fora for four or five griffin. Hank always tells us that lacrosse it going to be the next big thing in America rose by one by one, What year is Hank resolve across gonna sell out like a fifty thousand six stadium at thirty years there within the next thirty years, so he's colonies shot explain to me why Rugby is gonna, be bigger than lacrosse or running rugby sought out I feel about a year and a half ago, sir, so that that's the Aberdeen decency State there dumb Ashikaga ruins it like it is. Sporting event that they can get drunk and show up. Do they will. But you got also
a job or fear on lacrosse, no one of the worst could cross yeah. It's true process not yet yet never going to adhere and athletes in your plan of sport in the spring, and you like, like to run around you wanna play across don't play baseball anymore, so they are running around the last year. We IP were play soccer and football like you play down the fall, and then you go to the spring and you're gonna wanna sit in baseball field. I wanna play cross. Had people Yeah, but I mean, if you hit people run around all winter or sprang them by the summer that you re the kind of just show our and go about every area. Rosa will say so because, as an athlete, you'd rather go play, lacrosse doesn't mean you're, gonna, walk going to watch it
eventually that's all the athlete throw me playing lacrosse, so no, no daily mail here! there is all the others. A blade of grass just because, like a really really really fat person wants to have sex doesn't mean that other people want to like watch him. Have sex. I think I think, to stifle. Bear me out on that one. So real quick! I want. I want out we in the show, with the same two questions who's the most famous person in your cell phones, I mean I don't know how many cool famous people so I'd go with Nay Abner pager safety, whose bit who's been planned or team for the last few months is most famous on my phone and european. I had got Jake previous phone number,
but when I was also a year ago in his programme, six other cell phones, do you want to call? You can call me when you make all yeah, you can one phone you can, I think, applauding something. How do I set up What happened? Why call him, and then I can hear you guys anymore. Sir, did you talk to? I said I How can you know anyone else news I mark, and you say you did you I was a famous person- is often was I didn't? I could have asked Tom Brady. This is how we get Tom Brady. This is not destroyed, has grown so much energy as pray doesn't devolves. That number I'm strictly asset question multiple times, and he said no one on the Patriots has Brady's number, but if you want,
get a hold of them. You contact is besides therapists, all I did the almost eighty one and you need to get a hold of them, yeah! Ok, what that was it Patrick Phone- call that we just had like probably one of our best. What will cut that together and make it sound, really good final question, the question I'm going to ask you guys have to answer, but a mask anyways. You guys we're the short short on the feed. Is there anybody on the team? That's got a Patrick Ewing situation where you had to duct tape it to the side of the leg and, if so, whose job is it to do that pre wrap suited for one of the other boys, but absurd power deftly. Tell you it's brat Brett Thomson has I'm in love to get to know. Pat is always talking about dicks anyways,
Every team's got a dick guy, like it keeps the locker room Louis to joke around a little bit I mean, but he's more than just talking about dicks like he'll, swallow banana every once in a while multiple times. Actually, He's all is definitely the one look at the package is trying to figure out. Who's got worse and his favorite by far is bread Thompson. Ok, so bread, the guy you watch at home on tv and the Olympics. Like he's the one? That's It was likely to be attacked by the junk, which is not a penalty rugby, because its real sport, yes exactly or I will thanks guys for joining us. If you want to watch, to play the seven's poor start on August. Sixth, I believe he has only the first game it before we point nine ten eleven of August. How can we got Argentina? First, the Pumas? Yes, ok watch them, so
all the White Stripes done South America against Argentina August, ninth, USA, Rugby we're going get a matter. I guess the supplant for ok well, just decide that had a like. It's worth it. If I leave my left arm down there, if it means I'm coming back with I'm strap around my neck and you got me on what definitely give you call for neither armor to ok. Well, we're gonna be watching good luck! Good luck! Your sperm have a greater men and I were ruined for yes, you wasn't enough or something
completely different. I we now welcome onto the show a John Pistachios. He is actually the all your eightys and ninetys posters, we're sports euros in your bedroom. Growing up John was the mastermind behind all them. John. Thank you for joining us. Let's start this all kind of bubbled up again, because Russell Wilson recently released a vintage like poster, and you you had something to do with that as well. You I did so what? What? What did you approached? Stammer? Are you going? I'm back more of these posters or was this just kind of a one time thing? I think it's going to be more than that. I hope it is the it's something I wanted to do since we sold the company and the reason we sold the company. Ninety six was because of the licensing issues got to be a point where we were having to do too many too too too. Many to
satisfy the licenses and it just wasn't fun anymore, when you're having to create, as opposed to loving and hoping to create server since we sold it I've that wanted to wait. I checked out for about ten years. over the years my brother, I receive around talker. We watch in a game and I'm talking to each other on a phone or something. What would we do it this guy. What would we do with that guy and in sweet talk about it for a long time, and then three years ago, in the Seahawks Mather Run towards a Superbowl, and we were watching it and and talking about and thinking about what would be fun to do. Some of Marshawn Lynch, Russell, Wilson and and the legion of boom and that's worth yeah when you guys we're doing the posters? I I don't know about the carpet. I personally had the shock camp rain. Man room grown up. I was even a supersonic spent by David. Just such a bad ass bus ride. To get it Helen,
of in the creative process, where the athletes, if at all or was it just you and your brother at the time it depended on it very, but a lot of the athletes back then were really involved. I would see the best posters, the ones at you. Probably know of, are you no going back to mad MAC and the land of bars and in those kinds of things, were the players really involved a lot of the time because we wanted? We all want to come up with a theme or nickname that the guiding like or that his agent alike, but the players and like all of them, but you get the players input he'll, tell you what is teammates column he'll, tell you what he likes and what he doesn't, and that was that those made the best posters. What was your personal favorite poster that you did back in the Eightys and Ninetys here, my brother? I talk about this a lot at a kind of goes between about five of them, but we we wheeling bag and go towards the can easily enforcer poster, because that was our first one and he'll look at it as a really good poster the collars good and he's such a great subject Kenny. That's that that's one of em, the other one, I would say mad MAC, Whirr, gimmick man, and I love that in a still call him mad MAC that kindest that cost us fund for us.
I, like dorani law designated hitter, give unwanted football in baseball. You know you're used to baseball team for football player, so simple what about the? What? What about the magic man poster not one other Mc Caskey, brat yeah, you look back on that one you're like Guph. He we didn't turn out that the way we thought he would back then yeah. I've got that back then, and the best part about it is. I can make fun of one of my guys for doing that. One because I had. I had absolutely nothing to do with that. One hundred nice witch witch of the posters. Is your favorite. I was kind of influenced by the direction the athlete wanted to take it.
with the best idea and then on the other side who had did anybody ever have a really terrible idea of repose renew we're like yet will put up in that when you're back around to get one of those was really current or sink? As you know, one of the greatest players in Seattle sports history was congruity, junior and yet another sound. I was a kid and before we had the Mariners out, catcher playing baseball enjoy bench was best catchword baseball, so I became Aurettes fan and the big red machine watched his dad play. So that was really excited. We really wanted to do stuff for them and we did, but at one point Tom who was our best production guy Tom Reese, who actually buy. We came up with the rain man. Tom called me up and he said he. I finally had a talk with junior and- and he gave me an idea at what I don't want to do or my why he said.
the idea that he wanted to do? Was the lone Wolf and- and I just now. At the same time, an error like y know what we were Hetty it. It's really hard to tell us superstar like that that that it sucks where it is needed, work anymore. You like with that post, you would look like they used to be king refugees you're like a wolf face howling at the moon. We can make this poster actually yeah like we send you a mock up, and maybe, if you like it, we can. We can work something out. I mean the things like its it. I know its individual when you're, the play, but it's a team sport uneasy at the lone Wolf does that there is nothing long off about him. You ve played on a team with his dad we're. What did he give himself? A nickname, No, he just it was one of the ideas that he told time on the phone. So I don't know
No, maybe he was just messing with him, but I don't think citing Tom did they use mess with now, and I can actually think of an idea that the actual player can really really influence than one the way it was usually idea, and they said he I like it or of the three idea, They would tell us which one we like and we took you when I went on a dress, shirt like this, and I guess it will. I like that. Can we do this other? What else can we do when we had to, and we work it out, or, like maybe I'll, stand with my arm with my right arm in the air. During a picture tat great exactly contribution. I like it. What were there any?
ideas that the player turned down that you're. Like you look back, and you say that would have been such a cool poster yeah. There was one we wanted to do with with CAN Griffin it was. We wanted a college kid dynamite in Louisville slugger had sent us the special made of Jimmy his signature, bat in red, and we are going to have him in like ammo boxes and with fuses on the end, you know like he hits explosions That sort of thing, and- and I forgot why, but they they change their mind. I think I think we are moving on it and to change your mind, decided they wanted something else, and we had a really good was did the kid dynamite poster eventually, when we add a licence with the league and and so we could use the and the Players Association, we could use the photo of any game photo. We the background, but
when it was. I think it was at a point. It was a couple three years and he was a little tired of being called the kid makes. I understand I don't blame him for that will grow up. You want to be lone. Wolf Do you have any athletes that were hard to work with So could you come back and think of any how many beers did Wade bogs drink on the set? I don't know I was in it that one, but we did take him a man out. We snuck him out of his hotel room when he was playing for that. Archers, while their curfews on Halloween weekend, and we took him out. We had lunch with them earlier in the day and he told us that they were really in the curfew. The curfew there recently was playing for the bears and winning is that they sustaining care. What
we did as long as we showed up on Sunday red. He said the charges are really hard Corbett. They had on the second floor and ass. We get a balcony on the wind on his sir for any said, yeah or in his room, and so because there is a big, huge Halloween party. Somebody ran out this, this four level shopping mall in downtown Seattle for huge party, and so we figured that after curvy said curfew in bed check. There was like midnight. He said these guys were hard going. They checked under the beds in the showers in everything, so I don't wait. Till bed checks over and sinner leave till your roommate bolted Doorn do not open a framing climb outside if they can't prove its you, they they can't find it so is it? Yet? What if they seem as have put a sheet over your head? It's Halloween, so I swear to God about ten tenant night ran. I pulled up underneath his head his room because we found out where was the siting, glass door,
opens an outcome someday this sheet. Overs had one leg goes over the railing. Another was rightly over him down job nanny Ghana, car and we we kind of two by there weren't very many masks. Yet so we we and they withdrew, straws in, and I had Flintstone Ray had Ernie from iranian burden, Jim had to cookie monster, so he took him out and got him drunk. Drivers must end and we didn't take him back to the hotel till seven, a m. It did. He play the next day and he played great hatch. Never Jim. I've got a couple ideas for posters. You can just tell me like thumbs up with thumbs down NEO, two men, but if you do make em, I expect like ninety nine percent rule
he's on the back and be hundred there you're. Ok, my my first one is Johnny Mental and he's in a prison cell, and it says locked and loaded a man. That's a winner. That's a big winner! Will you didn't? Let us finish: he's got a beer bong in one hand and shock losses in the other. That's that's better than Erika come on, that's perfect or get cocoa,
God. We are going to take a second one, Matthew Della the Dover and its crocodile Dundee in P, and it's him sitting on the bench not playing wearing like the cocky vest and like the ball. Hogan hat, oh that's just plain mean and fund. At the same time, the winter are good and last one I'll go is Lebron James, it's called Travellin Man, says Travelin Man underneath and he's got suitcases nation. Your pack for my any Patrick Cleveland and also Joy Crawford is calling for taken too many steps at Saint up Now, like the other, to better ok, I was like China's own flag. I gotta tell you one fund story. We had the guys the agent is
name is John Bogs, any worked with a guy named Dave Carl in their atta Sandia gonna Bunch, a baseball guys, never really really good good guys, and we liked him a lot and they represented Tony Gwyne, and we really wanted to do some one tony because he's a mahogany now I've Tony Granton right, but we were haven't tough time, come up with with the concept form because they really really good happy go lucky. Nice guys are just tougher to come up with. It was always tougher for me to come up with something then for the cleaner cut, guys right or that than the cleaner Ghak Azra, tougher than the nasty guys and hard hitting defensive, guys right and we could come up with anything they kept asking. She got some food
why you got some for coming out some for Tony, and so I felt so bad about it that it just had our artist chuck draw up a rendering and a game of contract and whole thing. We sent the contract down with the sketch and everything, and that is just black and white pencil sketches what we did with Tony Gwynn sitting and chucked a really really good images of the players. Just Tony Gwynn from the chest up and he's sitting at a table and maybe from the stomach I'm sitting at a table facing the camera and he's got a knife and fork. You know up on in one can there's a plate and there sir there's like something on the play within aroma coming up from it, and so we sent with a contract and a ladder and may real professional looking in the title on it with shit eating when an because We just did it for fun cuz. I just I think it was so frustrated. I needed a laugh, my sellers so frustrated cuz. We couldn't come up with any form of these guys called us up. They were laughing
How hard on those on the speaker, the for the conference from their countrymen talk. They had to call us back The latter, if they were told Tony but now going on ass, the guardsmen classic- maybe maybe you can make a poster for us all like just mean big cat and says something like the bad boys of the blogosphere or like yeah. What are the bloggers? Your mama warned you about something really like intimidating. I don't even have to come up with any of you guys got it I'll do that for you in two seconds, if you need like just somebody to write if you do end up like coming back and making like bodies posters, you wanna contract, something our businesses to booming for you, just Gimme shot I'll, be happier throw a few areas yet, for that sounds great, I remember when I was mass, did you specifically weight to do the rustle Wilson poster until after it had sex? Well.
yeah. Actually I really dont know because you don't get married into a shot at danger. Isn't the same. We hydrogen gas gap I met Sierra last Tuesday, winning at it the event to release the sure. However, pretty I you think Sierra is keys five times prettier when you meet her since she was the coolest cause, woman and ass, she was so great and so poison, nice and kind, and funny and again, with everybody the event and my favorite picture from the whole night as Russell ones here and my mom vessel then we did you. We were a little bit worried about Russell because our you know people said you stupid Russell was, I thought you know he might be too short in his car, little short to be on a poster in Ireland.
Like you know, he proved us right. Mcshane, hair reaches would prove this wrong. I final question: we ask everyone this, who is the most famous person in yours? oh. I see Charles Barkley, probably who one on your answer. He only tax. Now I had attacked him Let him know that part of my take really looking forward to his new show about raising America. Yes, to talk to him for a few years and then memory got had memory. He got that. Do you I down in wearing that do you lie down and in Phoenix my five years ago I saw a text with a mad day for the first time and like four years and then that night was the night that he got the do you I write an arm
awaited like five days for all the trouble to subside a little bit, and you remember what I told the police why he was in a way he was speeding so I am. I sent him attacks and I said so. I mention that. RO. Given that why did you wait- and I said I wrote back and said- Why am I having bad luck for you, because we don't talk for four years. We talked on on Wednesday and you get in trouble that night and he said yeah, it's your fault, you should kill yourself. So I wrote back and said. I only have one question. If the girl was that great, why did you wait a whole week to go back and see her and he wrote back to words good point. I think the point we learn is talking to. You makes people horny How did you know I can? I might
get into some trouble in our new respected they rose now. There are a good thing, for us are no prostitutes in New York City, so I think we're in the clear man. This has been an awesome conversation John. We really appreciate you come on man and good luck with. What's the next one, do you can you say it or now I don't know what it is, but I have some really good ideas for a couple of guys and I'm getting ready will approach and One of them is one step curry and the other one is Tom Brady in there I mean they're great players. I love launch in play and they an I it's been a long time yet thing about this over the years. All the time, I'm watching something in a watch in a play and wondering what would I do at him what what what kind of war is? Nick name be. What is supposed to be, and the one I am from four Brady is
I can't say what it is, but I it's a kind of man. I can't believe nobody is come up with. I think it's perfect form and I I have to good ones, for staff curry, but we'll see if you're them further interlocked. Third I'll give you a third, you get step curry and it says, I read that says, can't and then little letters mouth and then big letters guard this and its with huge mouth guard. He's it's actually suckers, not even in He's he's no wonders. Unmarried are just the mouth guard the earnestly and will put it in the arts, the Saint Louis. So that will be the mouth got that step curry, brutal or you know I do have one that you're from Chicago on you guys issued a man I gotta go in for the Cubs. I can't tell you what it is either, but I gotta get to them who any smiling. I knowledge a whole group.
it's: this is a team concept. They got to come the cheese this year. You could also do one Derrick rose and it just have it be a suit and that's just suspended, Gabriela. Perfect link has been working with me for years, Tom Brady and then there's a barometer with like a pressure falling and like a bunch of really flat. Balls are random, is item. That's what I was thinking and repression in Freddy Mercury. In the background, singular something like that. Listen if you want us on staff, were were bill. go for higher. So we had you guys in New York now right, yeah yeah. We used to put all our all our greek friends from New York in the background of our posters and our bodies from my from the Bronx,
distributing back on our planet, but my dad into posters, user referee Nicky Woods disposed to reaching. I won the dirty dancing. One guy have yeah just pulled out a second here and my dad's, a referee in that one and Todd Christian sons, in fact that the on the one hand the Todd signed for my dad's in his office, he rubbed the Jerry thanks. You, let me being your poster. Since vodka since then. Ok, so so wherever you want us to fly will be in whenever you need an extra will be in your poster. I think we'll get it we gotta figure. Went out, I'm counting on it? Would you do it for real, absolutely all presented were sent? People would go nuts for two no matter what we have you wear, yes, anything or not, You know I was at a nude beach earlier this week, so I got to rethink up don em. If you wanted to be stopped,
very well. We already have our own pair of Shep curries, so that just a little expense for the wardrobe that you don't have to throw honour, perfect saving money, saving money, archaeological John. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this or that The point has been asked here. Thank you. I we just now both those interviews, not pat ourselves on the back, is pretty good. I thought I mean the gestapo sky I feel like we have. We have a real future of this pact. Asking thing doesn't work out Europe being Otto authors, desire making author. If you write a poster, I think so that counts as being a publicity. I think we could be authors. Ok, we have a million
ideas. I think, if we even if he doesn't want to take us up on these ideas, we should start our own rogue poster business. There would kick everyone's ass. I like it. I dont know if we'll get any of the players actually agree to pose. Thus no, these would just say it for charity and then give like with troops yeah like assent or five cents per posters. Charity boom part of his bed first browser Marlins man
humble humble, hot, the humble be it'll, be him wearing like a bumblebee costume, an orange and black Pablo Picasso, like humble the humble, be, and then on the back. You put the kosovars, the first ever reversible, poster humble humble pie and he's just sitting in a big pie when one of those weird fetish bourns, where the people, just like babies, he's in a hyper sitting in a big apple pie. They call that sloshing phone factor watch the latter real sex as a kid. So I sat up. Let's get this of segments, we have to start. We have a spin zone for our boy, the Future Hall Famer Trent, Richard Syn. he didn't officially. The first cut of the entire NFL right is like the first Robin Spring. They you mustn't just like gotten out of his car and they just like the icy Newsome. The GM must just like.
At the front door of the region's distilling. What's this here's my spends arm, he I cut great news for Richardson now, declare You start on his five year eligibility until we can get into the hall of Fame, so he can get in twenty twenty one and said what a joy to I love that's been sound. He will be in that class. I also think the spends on here for him he's got save his health. He's gonna be able to bees. We all play some touch upon the back yard. With these kids, it's gonna be out, go go to his nephews. Graduation yeah he's got walk he's gonna, be able to walk Derek roses. Sons, graduation good for him and also, I think, to brands- are still probably bang up. So I think he's ok, yeah, I think you'll be ok. Does anyone give me another shot, may be sunk, so Belle Arena? Here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna have running gaming arena football. Don't you think that
This is now. The second happened maybe see I fell, but I don't think he knows how to speak. Canadian, like he's from Arab Amor, big language barrier grown up there. I would say: you're gonna see one scene in the precision whose it loses has started to like an ace It's gonna happen starting running back and then turn me. Some rumbles they're gonna be some murmurs. I is aided by drawing Richardson himself you're gonna, be some feelers put out, but he's not gonna get that ok. I do think that if an arena team the right to stand out. They run the eye formation. All year bleed the clock and pat power. I with trend Richardson that allow it tell me you, wouldn't tuna, did sign like all start or no John, Karin Junker, unjust guy got your Coon entrant Richardson and run belly every single play. Every single game have John that encourage it
yeah, you tell me that you wouldn't inside those arenas- oh yeah, you would. Then we have such good ideas on the show like why can't people listen to his ever given away for free, we have a Lebron James Regency update today is August third Lebron James still an mba region. Are you sure, because I saw on the ticker on the sba- and it said James signs as free aid, and on the Cavaliers yup he did James Jones. same one, that spent all the NBA fine was with Leubronn the one. That's carry the brand all the NBA Finals, lebruns, not air. We did have, though, all the bronze story. He came out and said that he's chasing ghosts,
he's chasing. It goes from Chicago. You knows: where does everyone just assumed you're? Sorry about Michael Jordan? I think he was sorry about Brad Miller, but that's just may dismal. Braun know that Michael Jordan is not dead. I think he thinks Michael Jordan Stead. I think he did does well someone break. That's a brown sauce, a ghost crying Jordan. The Braun also abroad also did a classical brown Hank you're gonna puke. When you hear this quote, he will answer about the mba funnels you're down three one, and nobody has ever come back from three one. You're too facing had team that one. Seventy three games and you're going back to their home floor where they just one fifty four in a row self doubt creeps in the branch of setting the stage for his biggest come back.
His description of his biggest come back like two months later. This is a great leubronn quote. Yeah also, I would say, come back from three to one down in a play off serious, that's gotta be the biggest come back in history, sportswriter yeah I mean I can look it up. I think so. Yeah three, two one I gotta go. I good thanks for assuring us that Hank we have appear Wanna, one Rolando Mclean. He didn't shops cowboys camp. No one knows where no, the sorry, that's Freemason, no northward, Shamefacedness Rolando Maclean people know where he is pretty hasn't shown up the cowboys camp. He has a ten games, suspension looming people thought it was for we'd turns out. It was actually for purple Drank yeah What was that was at purple drank drag. Ok, that's what I thought that the car about it's got lean yeah. I've got some Pierre Werner, one adviser. Ok, I like I'll, hang
is now saying that drank is like what the old people call it. Hank drink is like the coolest synonym at ever for ok here's must here's, my pr when one advice for Maclean put out a press release and just say that you were addicted decoding at the suspension was coding. Otherwise, we're gonna have my green bird saying the word drank tomorrow morning. Repeatedly mark my words. He going say it and I don't think anybody none of us are prepared to live in a world where, like calling coward is saying
or drank over and over again. I think he should Pierre wanna. One just say that he had whooping cough member whooping cough feel like whooping cough due for come back, a big part of purple drank or lean as the kid say is coughs Europe he was yourself medicating or maybe he had Zika or DE, was preventing himself from Zika, reckless preventative cody. Ah, I think the take away, though, is that part my take for science? our science should do at least one episode on Purple drank in the fall. I've got some promising serve him. I in my medicine can a right now. Ok, so that mark that down products that are not very upright a product of size, we're gonna do one episode on Purple Drank, I think, that's legal is that legal
if you have a prescription and you not abusing it, then yes, legal, Boca, well we're gonna, maybe we're gonna be so thought. Throwed, though, through charter is gonna, be part of my text chopped and screwed.
We should give our lawyer. We should invite our lawyer on give him some purple drank that way. It's not illegal. If your lawyer also doesn't loop offer, you have one out there. Lastly, we have Hank hot in the streets where you got worse, Hank I'd so as this new out and basically what it lets you do, or its actually indifferent to integrated border. What you do is like you can take pictures and it creates a story and saw a units take pictures throughout the day and then add filters and text to it. So it's cool yeah, it's exactly like every other social media product out there, but in surrender Mark Zuckerberg literally took snapshot and is added on answer him, but does the lead, but now people are confused because de snatch out or do you just do it snapshot on screen, but you does it can use in new donor. Does Jays dream on stick on Instagram snapped?
I felt there not not yet, when you turn your face into a dog's face now. Well, then said: I'm not I'm not moving from subject she ll ever leave. Can you make yourself a bumblebee with a really high weird creepy voice? No, no I'm out and for that reason alone weight. So Hake is ever like our people actually gonna be using it. It's gonna be a it's gonna, be like an interesting cover waste. It's gonna, be a bigger. It's gonna be a battle I mean originally snapchat own completely had had the market banality surrounds coming at heart. Ok, so this is technically the first ever had caught in the streets developing yes, so we don't know where this is gonna go put everything else you ve, given us, you ve said this is what it is. It's hot. This could not be hot you, your ear, hey caught in the streets. Reputation is now resting on the instant Graham snap. What we call in this by the way I don't know
they want to stay. One is to snap so hot. Ok, I we! Finally, I know I think I've said finally, four times today I bear with me: I've been moving all week. My brain is totally fried in Limerick, update the: U S, basketball team! Do you see this their staying in a super yacht in in like the ocean off the coast of Brazil? So little actually have to be in Rio? That is the balls. Yes, most opulent move possible. Try to get try to walk up to the? U S past, while team in puke on them rob everything. Try a basketball court on this yacht. I would assume so. Okay, you hear about sea legs. A lot right here, back like get your land legs back. Is that going to affect them? Once I get back like going to the mainland, are they going to feel like they were in a wave pool for the last two weeks and then they're going to be all messed up when they try to shoot free throws? I'm just worried that
Carmelo will not have ono criminals not even on the criminal pushed out of the banana about. So we hopefully there's a banana about and somewhat. Can I take as other gonna get ashore like from the yacht? he's gonna get unlike twelve banana boats, just paddle with her little feet, water until they reached the port and get the poop water, Oliver, so basically, USA, Basketball and America better than every other country. Not I'm not saying that just say it, I'm saying it because we have a yacht where a basketball team sleep, Through you say in the USA, basketball is better than other countries best welcomes, I'm gonna go there yup, you think it's a major! You think I've got an update. Yeah
They found a dead body floating in the bay where they're gonna be home. The ceiling competition that already tat it does happen like five times, and this is a new one, the others a new one. I think they should just leave it in their yeah. It's like like use it like a bug. Zapper, like all the other bacteria, is going to go to the dead body and if I can in fact alive even use it like a banana appeal, Mario Card, if your boat hits the dead body watch out, you might slip out, you lose a balloon man, I'm so excited. We were back. We have you ever come up. We actually have a great alembic gas, renounce it yeah sure I don't think you're flake next Wednesday saw a week from today. We're have landed, Donovan, huge usage.
and we're gonna talk a lot of soccer. We're just gonna ask questions and like halfway through his answer were just gonna Mutumbi like those that's no dominant those on his or her lobbies, tuning at so ask on Twitter. So hopefully he'll take me off that list. I dont need saving battle and I looked it up. I favoured a tweet that was critical of my think, Elena, ah real thin skin. Ok, we'll get to that next week. Unless he listens to the show now and then came to learn a view which could definitely happen, but that's ok. If that happens, then We just won't talk soccer and now is talking about. I wrote the game Donovan. That was a show. We will see everyone
on Friday