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Vince Young And They Ruined Selection Sunday

2018-03-11 | 🔗

They robbed us of the Selection Show and we're mad and red and nude about it (2:21 - 7:39). Who got screwed in the bracket plus March Madness story lines (7:39 - 18:01). Who's Back of the Week featuring Tiger Woods off his huge tournament win (18:01 - 26:58). Former National Champion Vince Young joins the show to talk about life after football, what the National Title game was about, how much he's spent on Cheesecake factory, and why things didn't work out exactly how he wanted in the NFL (26:58 - 63:25). Segments include PR 101 for Odell Beckham, Embrace Debate what's your favorite beer in honor of Baker Mayfield being asked that at the Combine. Tampering update. And the debut of the newest segment "What offseason" where we talk about everything that went on with the NFL over the weekend. 

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