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Von Miller, Super Bowl Storylines And Lebron Blames

2020-01-21 | 🔗

It's time for Super Bowl storylines. Andy Reid vs Kyle Shanahan for the biggest choker? Fullbacks and the Big ten. Will this be the last Super Bowl in Miami because of global warming? And much more. (2:41-23:13) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including NFL Draft in Vegas and Iguanas are dying at an alarming rate. (23:14-35:00) Super Bowl MVP Von Miller joins the show to talk about Chickens, offseason, and how he will pay us if we can force the Broncos to let him start running the ball. (36:23-1:02:19) Segments include bachelor talk for guys that don't watch the bachelor, (1:04:25-1:07:44) embrace debate who is the real hot boi, (1:07:45-1:09:48) Lebron Blames, (1:09:49-1:11:32) and guys on chicks.(1:112:33-1:19:04) 

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Today is part of my take. We have Superbowl envy p many time, probable or VON Miller. In studio, recurring gas. We ve had a on a few times he's always great beyond. We also have a new deal with him where we're going to get paid, and maybe the listeners get paid. If we give on Miller too
the ball next year in VIC Fanciers office, which is really an often wherever, but if it involves running the football, yet it is, and it is we have several storylines we have haughty cool thrown. We have bachelor talk, guys on chicks, a pact show for you. The pipes are going to keep our common clock in a p. You motherfucker everyone, tweed, all business p. Right now. Tell me fuck off he's ass, all it so easy to clean these pipes, so goddamn meets Israel has throbbing has to be cleaning pipes. You would know the pipes if I were brought to you by the cash app we're in the cash out studio. Parmiter is brought to you by the cash up. Not only is the easiest place to send money to your friends, but it's also a place where you can buy fractional shares of stock with as little as one dollar I'll. Take it this time homage to invest in clean pipes.
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violence none And then you can, How are they welcome? The part of my
by the cash out, go put in code bars to get ten dollars for free ten dollars. Tat S. Peace yea today is Wednesday January twenty second and we're gonna do some Superbowl storylines store line city storylines before you even know that the story lines is actually gun print predictable last couple years, yet whether going we usually get at thirty, three percent of what we're gonna toss out here is put in your face by big national football media right So let's do it this way. Let's knock out the low hanging fruit, let's knock out the ones that we know everyone's going to talk about and then we'll get some, maybe the more detailed ones that no one will be talking about except us. So, first one gotta get out the way. It's the redemption, the revenge, whatever you want to call it for cow, Shanahan, Andy Red, yes, big time, fuck ups in big time moments insuperable. History can they get over the hump? Can they get that big? When in I'm actually more excited for
never loses this because now there choke art sat narrative is going to continue its gonna, be the Lamar suffocation of what's gonna have cow Shanahan, for whatever reason decides have Jimmy G through the ball thirty times. That's organ I think, luckily, the way this office is built he's made it impossible for him to forget to run for correct Please. I can't he's taken that out of his own hands and also any read the other way in red could throw it like. You know ninety five percent in time and do the same thing to himself yet that can happen. And to find out I mean the hiding is gonna, be great. Also, then he read, I dont think anyone's gonna blame him if he s Patrick Rome Soderball at all, true true, if they ve kind of both gotten away of our narrative, which had on appreciate but good for them. For both doing,
I think of a no brainer. This programme have real earlier in the week Peter kings. Gonna talk about the cuban coffee. Peterkins can be right in about three quarters of the different sorts of Miami Rebecca beans or wherever there called so that's gonna be frightened centre. The first thing he notices that and then probably cigar city microbrewery are everywhere who nice wait under redemption. We also to throw Anti fort. That's gonna, be a big conversation. Yellow fucked up them go into the super last year. People forget somebody would have had an interception on that play for not off site. Before it is now in this game going against his former team right. That's redemption now, likewise with any red, if he wins the Superbowl legacy or talk. Legacy. Questions come along without one whole famer ass, young ass, your affair. If you lose yes, I think he is to let us know doubter. If you Yes, only every only three, because in the Hall of Fame, without a suitable, if bill powers in the Fuckin Hall of Fame, any reach mean that's a good point. Eighty.
Got a railway better of a coach and build power. I hope I may be so. Our one ring I understand our has lowered zero for the holy cow Where is basically like a few games over five hundred lifetime rice, I dunno jellyfish being often agree to winds way. From top ten of all time, They should make any reads hall of Fame bust out of butter, like you do at a state, fair young minister, to save their also with any red. If he does, when are we talk in retirement? No, not with natural homes. He'll be Navy. One thing if it was like the end of the road, but this is any rican coast with a pattern homes for boy great though, to seem go out on top no chance. I go out with him on one hand. It won't break my heart now, on the other. I get it Andy. You know it's gonna reinvigorate him. He's gonna be looking for more how bout this one Hank best tight and new weak yep or, like the most gregarious most eccentric, tighter than a big party animals like meat head. But
lovable best current item ravished calcite George it'll kill granted Nordic heavily its deadly Gregg Kiddo, but that will be a discussion that will be happy. Then another obvious one is the quarterback connection between San Francisco Kansas City. Looking back throughout history, you get Alex Smith, you ve got Joe Montana, you ve got bono, you ve got a girl back so for awhile, Steve Burke. It was what John Zadig was said it was what a hundred and forty nine wins, with the Ex forty, nine or so of forty nine or that was drafted. Forty nine or one hundred forty nine games for the Chiefs, while the drafting chief one zero for their three decades span that so impressive, it's crazy! There were some things like two hundred I wrote down. It was like to honour and sixty one starts by two hundred thirty one starts by San Francisco. Forty nine are drafted quarterback for the cap,
So that's incredible like that. All the pipeline do asked rate from San Francisco to two Gacy Steve De Bourgh had fifty two starts and three posts season starts Joe Montana. Twenty five starts for policies and starts. I arrive, I mean I was too young. Put like Joe Montana go into the empty championship. Come forgot that Steve Bono had thirty. One starts one play off Start Elvis girl back forty seven one play. I start out Smith's seventy six five Plavsic's so literally for three decades straight. The chiefs only had quarterbacks that were drafted by the forty honours and the best part about that's that, though Brodie broil. Ten starts for the chiefs drafted by the Chiefs own Tam o now get out. Oh, he ruined our. So you could have had one is combo breaker, we're gonna. How was it here I don't know who exactly wait. No knows pajama hoses combo break. He was the first one to get here started for Alexander theorizing? They had their chance to get it right. India, writer,
yeah, that's gonna, be funny, and also because the court back connection we gotTA mentioned Joe Montana, Joe Montana, doing a million interviews this week and saying we're health. My teams gonna, win Dar God. That's gonna be good. I'm excited for that Frontier Montana Ball. He already tweeted that so you were good. Can we walked around like a NASCAR driver this week, just with all the different sponsors doing any interview, anyone that wants to take a microphone in Jos phase? Yes on the street, he will give you in and what why, if you're forty nine years fan and Joe Montana doesn't say, rooting for forty niner stout piss me off? Maybe it's one of the situations where it ended poorly any swindled I ass. I would piss me off if Joe Montana shows up to the Superbowl wearing anything brought a forty, nine or shirt out. Piss me off. He should do the countries do unequivocal. I'm sure you'll be evolved. Ok, other stories. Ah, sir role by the Hague Maginnis, several l, ivy and LIVE is one of the hottest night clubs in money, so they're gonna get a ton of free promotion.
Someone for like sports, illustrated or maybe Wall Street Journal we'll do the real live is, is here like interview, people interview people at three m drunk. We need to find out Jake you for listening, how much free advertising or live getting this week expected free advertising, let's get on that before other national sports media journalists. On that note, I think it should be a super bowl story, but it won't be that it's bullshit that the Superbowl logo socks and has sought for last fifteen years. Can they don't change? Is awesome now it's just the numerals enslaved steel and it looks terrible yeah. It's like Roderick Adele found a fought for the Superbowl and he's not changing if Europe, if you're under the age of
twenty four go: look at what the Sioux logos look like in the nineties. It was cool their sweet and it was new and by a hat higher because elect awesome. You now ass. It was cool and used to be able to put the patches under Jack. I loved the guy's by the way the walk around the bath with Like Letterman jackets and have the patches from every Superbowl their teams. One someone's allocated for, I think, there's two guys. I've gone every Superbowl they'll be a story about them, but yeah there's it it sucks. Now the indulge real complex of the super bowl is taking over and it's just these huge fucking numerals wengine. I hate that part to just give me the numbers right. Cuz they always screws me up, should be a story. What else we
here we ve got battle. The full backs, yeah big battle in only three. Yet that's big people are talking about. No, they already are beginning to check and they always say he's gonna be story about himself, because they're gonna find out he went to Harvard anytime. You can write a story about a football player that somehow went to Harvard they're gonna, be able to write that so it's gonna be its. We Sherman Jussac our full backs, officially back as for support by pardon my take last. Yes, they are officially back about this fund stat for you ready for this first time in seven years, the December or will not have logger plant or see Jan Andersson. That is very fond enough on that's wrong rights. E G Anderson last year with the Rams logger blocked with the eagles in two thousand eighteen again in two done. Seventeen with the patriots then see J Anderson with Broncos in sixteen blunt with the fifth patriots and fifteen and then see J Anderson
two dozen fork him at the progress of fun. One crazy never played in the same were bright. That's just a random one. I wish they do. The chief should sign Siege Anderson right now I mean they can do it just coming to go and pillage accused to cut a guy the night before the Superbowl just for fun yup. That could happen this, never know. O sports illustrated having a party on Saturday night, even only off half their staff. The others can. I will be a big, restoring line and see how many people from sports illustrated actually show up and say that I think enough of their bosses to go to their own party there and reveal rating quality of females are different. Suitable party sets erected happen at play boy, it's all tableware, Playboy use good models and Playboy use be good. Looking according to their own avail, got his invited Playboy mansion. Although awesome report up it's it's an all time all time. Oh here it is playboy. Now Having gorgeous women hold on Playboy, not having gorgeous playmates added Superbowl Party does affect a brand that is already faltering.
Ash tag reality use reality, bigger reality brow. This is fucking that that's reality when you have a few was alive now know had all this was actually two thousand twelve hashtag reality. You can do that really drives at home, and I think this yeah you're right turn your right playboy back. When used to hide, I guarantee you dare never hit a playboy. His house, he probably like, walked up to a playmate was I can you could spin for me and like took a quick nose like up. Not up does not great great for the demon yeah. Let me see those heels. Ok, Robert Sala, his birthday is this week hose in birthday week, so he's he was born on January. Thirty, first ever was talking about his birthday, while
it's gonna be a really can be Robert, Salah and then Eric be enemy going up against each other to coordinators that we're not offered head coaching gigs this off season. Ok, here's what I found CBS forced posted this one. This one is very stupid, but I kind of like it. If any red wins the Superbowl, it will be his two hundred and twenty second career win his second Superbowl title, because one with the Packers is as an assistant coach and it will come on two to twenty twenty mile two's, while also it dovetails off that the Superbowl is gonna, be played on a pallid Rome this year. So it's o to owe to two zero two zero same for it as it is backward way. But it's not two. Zero too we yeah
oh so, to owe to two zero two zero. But if you go backwards it where the others euros come from. Oh two, o till I see what you wrote to zero. I still missing the if you go backwards. Okay, so if you'd right down right, the sun, Edward Dual, there's local ready, I got here or two zero too zero to Yasser Euro two zero gal S, because I doubt desirous in there all these years at the front. I was yet yesterday, whereas the oh yeah, it might finally Windows euros, and I just go to also its being a royal got on Groundhog stay speaking of Groundhog stay the last time. The Niners ways been played on grounds of speaking of round.
The day. The last time the Niners played a super bowl in this stadium. They one whose o is history going to repeat itself. That's interesting. Ninety. Ninety four: ninety five: ninety five knife- I suitable ninety four season chargers, monkey off the back Steve Young now on means business, that's right and in that time the Niners have not one a game in Miami Stadium. The hard rocks, whatever was called before. If not one game since ninety. Ninety five, so it's been twenty five years, on the other hand, or even three in that same, which is a fun fat, is a foreigner Marlins man just him in general, yet Cheater Dodge Eater, Moroz, bans, cats, cocaine, somewhat restored, ok yeah Jimmy Grapple is dad is named Tony, like Tony Montana, Tony, everything will be thrown back. My anyplace text font yoga everything we I'll be cool. Jimmy G is now in Miami which is the home of browsers, so has come.
I got any store tat its home game, for some people are talking about this. I dont know if a lot of people are, but some people are saying this is the big ten Superbowl, because I've been seems that have the most players represented. I was for players Pensee, that's five. By far the most right, although that's another bull victory for the big tat. Also the bears gave best players the for minors and who they took the worst play collar from Kansas City. Yes, now can't cities in their bad guys got. Yes and the bears Ex players also played for big ten schools, Purdue and Penn state could point and the Chiefs would it be in the Superbowl. If the Bears
round Mitch, Travis Gratitude of passion will bring it had the a hot take. I tag on a tweet. Did he said that if Mr Risky get drafted by the chiefs and petrol homes got trapped by the bears mischievously, we better than patch mobs that that is quite an institutional failure is which, actually agree with their yeah. I like that, doesn't get that's a very vague. Every quarterback best taken the weak so far, Stephen Smith gotta take your hat off to him, he's the best in the Dalia reason. I said this morning that if the Chiefs had Alex Smith, they would be in the soup rules. While, yes, oh is Patrick Mahomet System quarterback. Yes, he said he's great put its really the skill players it make him great. There but they they make him great you're fast another one we ve got Texas Tex own Patrick Mahometans. Superbowl Miami is the closest city to wear Michael each lives. That is definitely historic. Last one hundred percent historian, someone will right. That's the torture it devilish,
Also, congratulations to the municipality of Miami. The city would ever skate County dig county. This is your eleven Superbowl. This puts you number one why, in the history of the universe number one in the universe, superbowl lotta people, given our number one in the universe these days, I will you think anyone will write the enjoy this, I am a super bowl because with global warming, there may not be another one. Yes, yes, what is it
we'll get out of it and we'll get the yard the Chiefs need to change. Your name take yeah like what is what is what has changed since, alas, I Miami had assumed ah well, the water has risen, and now you know all these houses are gonna be submerged. Next time we haven't did they should actually give like they should not. The NFL should announce the Superbowl is going back to Miami. In my twenty sixty so that we can then right all the stories we like, probably not going to happen, I liked achieved one that went for sure. We ve talked about that before me and if you get in to a championship game for the Indians, Redskins the Braves Chiefs, you will get the score. I actually think that there's only one way that those teams will change our names and that's if there's a sea words are words Superbowl they play against each other. I think at that point the NFL be like hey guys.
It's fine to have one of you here now it's like having used wrongly too much too much of a good thing. Mr Snyder they'll, be that the zag of everyone saying well. This is the first of many super wars for patch from homes, and then some will say what are we sure that it's, the chief said are gonna, go on IRAN or is it the Niners and are gonna go on IRAN cause they might be set up better? You're gonna get some damn Marino. Never one is ha ha. I, dare I say, you're thinking about going there. Don't Dan is a good plenary is even better per is so even Nile mild mannered, this happy go lucky. This is not on him, the heir of the mayor of Miami. Everyone thought he was gonna go to multiple superimposed on shore for financial and our own mercury Morrissey up speaking, cocaine might be in here some time this. We all that his own super, ok, you're, getting others. Have you any diverse and evil? Patriots are in a while. Now, let's I mean it is what it is
what are we talking about? The aim of reducing the patriots, and yet, I assure you, do get a little bit of run off by having both coaches have their biggest loss, be against the pay, as you can have Richard Sherman, the picture of him staring out onto you'll have to Russia Wilson, through that I and Ii Young Bridge Sherman, bet on himself story. O region Sherman is going up against a quarter back. No, I was gonna try to work in a rustle Wilson angle, but that's not working the other thing with the pattern in the homes and the like this will be. The first of many is that you get that and a new get people mealy saying well, this is about an riders Mccarthy, and I never got back true good point. That's Richard Sherman, teaming up with Jimmy Grab low, who beat him in insuperable is yeah. I like that. There's some good storyline can be great weak mixed. I don't watch all other ball slip up on Gregg cattle on reg cattle rearing, underwater kiddo, Gregg Kittle. It's happened a couple times now interior grounds,
work is way in their some man. No he's gonna be item. I got a wrestling too that yeah, ok, so are he's about to get arrested, as was sure yeah. You could say point Europe is currently age here run its only around is about to be arrested on Israel. Life now makes sense, makes perfect sense. The Gregg Kettle thing, though we are killing that, like it, is slowly seeping into.
World? I saw it. I guess I saw my goal exciting all day as I yet in this morning, like editors, there's an it's one of the things that I've actually start to question myself. Sometimes when I say his name and likely, is it oh yeah? If chilled walk, you think we can get your back to say. Yes, we're going to we're gonna. Basically, just do the me our game, which Yo Bach will have him on this week and we'll just say: Gregg Kittle, so many times that he doesn't know up from down. I before we get to our hussy cool, thrown parcel dotcom such p M t bicycle dotcom such be empty, were also brought you by our friends at Hawthorne. Go check him out right now. Listen guy, smelly, good as important hawthorne smells really good. You can get Cologne, you can get body wash you can get shampoo, you can get it all. We actually just got it. We got a boxes DC, the boxes regatta did they are smell, so so good. I work alone. Yesterday you did yeah people like european
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with everybody that play fast and loose with rules. Roy Williams, is it so bad gone so by the war Williams thinks he's might die before they ever get good again. May I add a quota dreary. Everyone says what you got help coming and he said that I hope I'm gonna live long enough to get there while wow tough Times chapel real time. Much out of those occasions keeps german along give up policies, and we now their numbers have Le Debbie great. If Roy Worms faked his own death would be fantastic and then came back to life is truly sorry good getting good again. Also, I don't think you can be accused of like an enviable infraction if you're dead, dad's a key grew a blow your trouser. There are many hours, they re Oswy. Yes, it's reality it when it was then called orbit, not arbitration abatement. It's heavy
and yet, if you get it gives, but I bet you that's instability has like death goons that go after even after that yeah they deaf they just the other day. They remove all sorts of banners and they they take the rings that you take with you in the casket away. Great hot seek gang. Thank you I will go through Andre is getting the Gatt get getting, that is to could be heard in the streets, but as the New Hoddan Street Dance Elysees Football team is kinda, no made famous, but they are, the ones are doing in that they had that video in the White House, the random. Like I love her. She was honours. Nay, we can say no to surrender, is either random. Whitehouse shoes, assistant aid, roar, football, Random White, lady lady. She was somewhat gestures smoke, but it was I who was what she was a smoke also that helps a program like plight. Ah so thy bidding went viral on issues like now. All the teams are doing it. The new dance get you
you'll be seeing it probably the last summer, twenty twenty? What does it mean when they go get again and they put their fingers out like that? What is this began to get me to get the gun and then the guaranteed get showed a month. You get all that you first immediately tat. Then you get the gnat, I got it. That's all it is regner. Then you get the money. Then you get the power yet. Then you get the sat, cause you're, tired from getting the gap and I'll just hang out exactly that's right. You're gonna get bridegroom, aren't cook. I could you hot overthrown. Hank course owes a great hussy good courtroom nobles, who create the what is a good cause. A second was good. So yeah right, great good. My heart seed is iguanas ones, began, because it's gonna dipped below, What do you do when there was a lot of gauze was earlier? Those were go, Alonzo do you wanna said was up to the door was open
I think so. This is due to what they were doing here. I thought we either arose out of the combined a meteor yeah you're, forgetting no the witch. Headline goes along with wherever they occur. Buying them all, and as you know that there are a lot of animals that drink beer in these bud lies. Ok, so awareness, so the iguanas are falling out of trees in Miami now, because a so called. So, what's temperature dropped below forty degrees iguanas since their warm blooded they just stop being able to move so they get paralyzed and it just pass out and false or wait. It's gonna be crawled there right now. It is. Tonight it is so if you're walking under a tree in Miami. I love that's where sweatshirt ring your umbrella, because in a goin my phone, your head, yet the iguanas did some was used
that's a good site. They busily combined a Mozilla, dissolve work, and yet so once there is a while, there is like a ten year period were Budweiser could do no wrong with any other adds, no matter how bad the words like? That's a word for word resides mechanism. These are the people that just get fucked up all the time. I was growing up your answer. Best. Motherhood seed is Chad. Johnson, oh Johnson because he and show up for his excess all trial. Unlike me, he had a book for Monday no showed because he knew that there was a superior alpha that already gone down there. A kick the shell ball, so he's a coward. Is it easy cowards? What is so? Twenty sink go over otiose Anko, Mr Thirty five to Chad and then my cool throne,
is sex because some people had sex. Finally are long actual nightmares over ten people got married, put his penis inside of his wife and then they had sexually orgasm. That sounds like a lot. Do you think that You are a lot of money made it inside before that. Have that's true. I was I was go around telling people like, I think, I'm better at Sexton Timetable until he has sex the second time, yea prose better for suddenly like right. Now it be great if you just like a star efficient, uzis, good it just bad debts does one thing: the TIM Tebow's bad, how you gonna baseball, yet true fastball up here. We ve, got the trouble ahead in Jordan, noise, not known Jonah based boy, I was not on the states, will bear me out now debating Jordan. Did it in the middle of his career, Tebow's, already Tebow's stride to start as owners as actual career Jordan got suspended and had to go plan
against his will. Tebow's Everson. I heard that champagne won t go to Betake somehow and he turned it down of change my view. That is a big tyres through. So we know that you could now that allow and be playing. As till I am better utilised Cincinnati locus, you won't which position it is crazy. He just wouldn't do anything but be accorded back like dude, you stink it being a quarterback before you could be quarter. Backslash athletic right could react slash. Eighty eight should have been a fucking time to hear you would have been a beasts. What a shame were shame one always having sex yeah he's just like us he's confirm. Not a virgin anymore. I'm married my hot seat is any reads diet. So anybody, going on a diet and then, like within thirty minutes, said that his celebration was gonna, get a big cheeseburger on Sunday night. Oh god I oh no! That's just dinner gap with that idea. So some happy that it didn't last. Are you expecting out of all the choices you can make in the Kansas City, stadium and arrogant, stadium, concourse cheeseburgers, pretty good yeah.
It's true, but it's just you wanted a chilly milkshake. He bitterly I want interviewers like I'm, gonna die it and then someone like what are you gonna do after this he's like cheeseburger? Well, Maybe he's busy rise, spend zone. That's KEDO, guide the bond no fries, he didn't say I just ate a cheeseburger with Bonn. Yeah yeah. I know you're right, he didn't say: cheeseburger fries she's were with Bonnie just a cheeseburger, Brianna yeah, absolutely his. I can you imagine the visual of Andy Reed taking liked upon in throwing it out on she's per no. I can the only way I can picture as if its whole wheat, oh man, or something It is even a sesame like pigs, every sesame offices of vegetable tunnel, the hundred vegetables em about my other hot seat is books. Did you see the guy who rips his books and half of the dumbest thing ever
we'll extracted know this guy was like hey. Does anyone else do this, but I read my books in half to the along the seem so that their easier to transport through reads: half and then when is and what the first half he takes. The second half and reads that He takes both halves with him at the same time he leaves one half at home would have you get have we done. I wouldn't I do not really brought both. I thought it was like a pound of joy and of iron ore power. Feather situate, I mean there's. Only your computer is only one specific point time. We'd need both right. I guess I give you can get home it on yet, where you'd time that out Let me just watching reels on a thermometer right, yeah, that's too much cause for me. If you give me any but a daylight to stop reading, I'm not gonna pay No, he was a hilarious, I think it it did fall under the category of one of those fake viral things were someone's like anyone else put. Man is on their on their don't I'll. Fill me in
your toilet water. Anyone else white with manages as a lubricant, yet I would like to leave a thin layer may allow the sun till dries up and use it to wipe your dairy are right in that goes viral, so there's a part of that, but he also was kind of a weirdo. So maybe it was real, but it was very funny thing. You just had always books written hatches, tearing the shed a books, although that is pretty bad ass. If you walk around books that are torn up yeah carrying the have your hands, that does local. So if you like you hate books, thing called the Kindle of you, ve heard of it is, has every book ever it just looks like you're frustrated. Trying to read my cool throne is the NFL draft is cool again. It has. I is this real yeah, Honneur percent real, I think so. The envy and if our drafts gonna have a stage in the block, GEO Pool and players are gonna, be transported in a boat which
You should have a row bring great Odell. Becum has just reentered. The initial draft examine whether should definitely be problem which players gone in the water. Yeah guru, this Fred Smooth, walked, so the NFL could run that's re. Little love boat action gonna be able to get Iraq's off on that boat. Yes, I see who who are gonna, be the topic ten pics, whose most likely to your brother Jordan, love Ass, Johannes Dry, violence, hands. Do she has ten five eight problem? Those are huge monster: hands he's going to transport. That's pretty sweet talk about right up to visit, Godot yeah. I hope someone pushes get down to the water is Darksome, gives him Hague whirling literally just one day, Eliza Guy you gets, I saw hangs over shows it. Did you see what I'm worried about you,
we're only of what could be a national nightmare here with this, and I fell draft because in the past we ve had Chicago we ve had Philly, we ve had New York, we ve had Dallas every single one of these cities has gone out of their way to blue Roderick. Adele We might not get a good boo in Vegas. I also to people in Vegas showing Roger has he just gave in and around seem too because you're to fuck, you too happy in Vegas to want to do anything counter. Point Pierre growing numbers of that pop up next roulette we'll last weekend, was an event in Vegas who received the biggest pop in the crowd Tom Brady. What does that tell you? He's gonna, be the raiders quarterback? No, oh they're, gonna, poor, Roger Godot, oh god! Oh ok, we're not! The real aid must be equal, see their car. They magruin. I hope my living next to each other out marked aims should come up marked Avis. Should
be driving the boat Pisa video TAT does it were w? I should give the body which is like a conversion van that he drives into what has been retrofitted wardens lay motor yours. If you as you, don't want to get me, though- and I said so if Brady like, I want you to be mad. If you went to the readers and if you want to the readers like everyone would be rooting for the biggest review which, on Burma and Tom Brady tumblr. You can do whatever you want. If Tom Brady is like, I thought about it, I made my decision and what I want to do was being bought and agree. There is like you can't. I would never be like Tom what the fuck fuck you, whatever Tom ready ones. You can do and if you decide to go the raiders, what would be shocking? That team would be a watch out we would be very well liked absolute. They need to do. They need have marked Davis as like one of those gondola guys in ITALY has ensured
the patenting of a super long with stripes sure the striped surety Didn t smoking cigarettes he's out of a bottle of wine ages? Takes you buy gondola Roger need? It needed no marked Avis, somehow involved. I list guitar interview with VON Miller. Before do that. Are you hurt me These I'm wearing right now, I'm where my me on the USA were all yes and we see we're all word army undies, because Rosa Red, violets or blue, your body is cute. Rhyming is dumb happy Valentine's day, everyone. We say that my basket.
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so get fifteen percent off your first pair free shipping in a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, go to me, undies dot com slashed ache. That's me, undies dotcom, such take me unease. Dotcom, slash! Take ok. Here is VON Miller, French. After our cities, Sargassum Programme, nice idea valid only be lifted. Did you go? I will that this VON Miller he had started off, sees a programmer give run in hot. What's up with that, I actually have started more sees a programme, but I haven't got into the way were here. Oh, it's a mental thing. First, ITALY, as we like I, again, the San Francisco you do like we do like stairs and July Stairs, unlike way by training and push outside
hello, I'm a guy really got on awaits you. Do I like that that that's, like my arm off season, train before again await Remissness putting on Jim clothes and, like sitting in my car, outside the gym? and then going wholly enumerates the mind Lamar a month, and then you go in the joints like a three step process, as I would beg can't describe getting mentally prepared to be an Jim seeing yourself and Jim Close first. The second step take a bunch of pre workout, go to the gym, and then just sit on the toilet for an hour s gate, let your body acclimate, all the caffeine without ANA Boutros Ghali it, but I got a bug. The Provo in a super bowl, the economy into rose so right I really go like to her before him, because I am I to take time off to go to the Proba suitable. Then, after that I take another, we got off again. Aggravating are you gonna? Are you gonna go all out in the probable this year? Always do everybody else's. Chillun means is that you,
every be, if I ever wider public a check to write a parcel of cars that I've got a car already, because you are with horror, Did he by saying to you when you're goin heart of the problem? There are carrying a gun lobby, and I apologise to a couple of guys were already told him before, like our own, like gonna play, I don't know anything else. I would love to like you got here in half ass. It was what I tell the guy's a beforehand and MRS, like Muss dislike must cease proposal. It is like my eighth propose everybody already know. He t forget how we propose say right: whatever I just got a phone courtly sudden, he got he's going to promote a just announced them today or yesterday. This is not some yesterday and he asked me was a divisive ages. Chill are weak in we gain comes hard hard. I feel you everybody. That's a valid point, though, because if you don't play hard, aren't you more likely to get injured, not in his game, because they cannot they blow the whistle kind of quick.
You don't gotta think about. You got a lot of stores out there. You don't really really want to see anybody get hurt, but you're like sometimes in a real game. If you, if you like half as it out there like you, got a higher chance to get hurt, but with the pro bowl everybody's half assing it. So local. Seventy million people were awhile and shall note of those seventy million people. Twenty seven percent of us. We will go blind in one eye within a ten years. Man can we get my God. Commodore calmed, may put a link to the pod cast on their sights of. Seventy million people go how many people have luck on. Seventy million people were awhile and shall note of those seventy million people. Twenty seven percent of those people go blind in one eye within a ten years. Man can we get my God. Commodore calmed may put a link to the pod cast on their site, so seventy million people go and then also some rob the very low made we lack. We scratch Georgia, we gotta talk to book. Glaucoma comas is
the real real, like crazy, serious disease. It makes doing like like everyday stuff, everyday lifestyle stuff like cook in or driving like really really too, as a tradable it is it is. It is treatable industry to what I said before twenty seven percent of these we will get the go blind in one or, and others is researchers. I gotta Michael como dot com right now learn more about it. Okay, so Vaughn you've been on the show many times I actually was going back in and doing some research on what we talked about the last few times. I want to tell you I want to read a quote for you. Maybe it's not direct quote but something you said March, two thousand and eighteen, you said Mitch: Trubisky is going to be great. Do you still think that
great Armenia Agus words or yes? They are ours. Arena like on our own thinking. I wouldn't think he would tell you that he's a finnish prodigy gap, but he has a lot of potential of a ball young and he's done a lot of great stuff for boats cargo. Various I just gotta you go. I like your attitude, so you also Nagorno Karabakh, young quarterback software drew. I know quarterbacks unlike assume, like a second and I assume and annoyed the goons from the balance, which is definitely not bear, but our guy we gotta rocks are wrong at. Are we got a rock star like all out for world your blacklist, ass his birthday today about China. Would you like to say a final uses? Birthdays downright happy birthday, Joe everywhere they big dope drew out you're about we're acts? We were earlier that voluntary lock. We just thought he had. He had moxie right, ok, right off the Gekko, When you see what it was when you said,
He throws a hell of an incomplete pass after like one practice, I was like. Ok, that's how you know if somebody looks good turning completion. He liked me like scrambled out like run around, should one due to the sombre he threw in the receiver just barely miss and only brought us ill of good that a library craziness. I got sometimes it's better to throw up a good looking incompletion than about I'm looking completion near there would be a major got for like moving the football not anywhere, but in prayer. Everything like a dog innocent completion is like. Ok, it's a maritime. How do you do so? I figured out if you don't like a really nice passes. Incomplete wildcatters, Gogoffs needs is missed. Okay, so he's a rock star she gets or set there. We did you first know they can be good man. To be honest,
like three honest, like wind and when he came in, I saw my throat a ball and just ass. His assize demeanor with the other rickeys, because a rigorous come in merrily kick you would like. The vets of toddy got like they all like local, like you were in a like tail jokes and they like they all act together by themselves stuff and I like watch them and like he was like a leader rookies like off top from day one and Everybody just gonna gravitate towards them out asylum. In practice. People- people not mine, I see me, but I see everybody on football team and, like I just I just saw him and I just know it I'll talk like he was gonna, locking whereby loved him and ass. The number was on after you gotta you gonna be like. Will you be like when he was deafening likeable? He was talented and we got a mosque. A thing he was going crazy out their own. Will you just go then being been able to single out two young? Was it young GM somebody's? What he was doing it before we're like he uttered a rock of just that day? Maybe like really really be that at being tall to China way what like some real time,
daddy hers was all he's not tall and evaluate six one airport like six more generously given that shows the age of six three. Ok, Sir John, I wait as you walk, buys a good job on your six three. He likes can I give eyes like. Ok, birds are using. I agree as as as as my career has progressed in the more Thomas. The spoon dimmer Broncos like John, is like super cool like he has he supercool noses players like? If you talk to him They go talk back to your first. You know you like a young player. You like I don't want to is John Elway, the Legend Hall of Fame like I want to stay out his way. Hope you don't see me and then like over Tom's Like brother, like humans, like everybody else, like how we say it is super cool and you guys have a good end of the season. You come turn it around at the end of season, which I mean does that you've been in a lot of teams now, do you does it carry over from year to year, like are you gonna, go into otiose being like hey, we had some cook and at the end of the season,
think nothing carries over except experience and we definitely a lot experience. We definitely how about as whatever city- and I feel like that adversity is really bill character. Nineteen, we gotta lotta young gauze and there's no way to know how to do a right unless we went through what we went through right, I feel like next year everybody has everybody has confidence, everybody excited everyone beside everybody knows what we can do when we're on and we got a great offensive line on Garrett Bowl was played out of his mind towards the end of the end of the season. We have Dajuan James back with her Bradley Chubb at Phillip. Lindsay is coming back. That was what is crazy, like oh yeah, yeah, craziness, Rosa he's gonna be here to nature, and we got Cortlandt son, of course, in our defence you're we gotta clean Jackson. How will we get Chris Bag Justice and then draw? coming up it. No, we don't get our table got, wouldn't get our type of those whom we radio stations
division. You ve had a rival refer a few years now with Philip Rivers even get after him a lot Are you gonna miss it at all? If he's not in the division dominant he's he's a he's: a he's, a hall of fame quarterback of mines, he's a great quarterback and not just it'll, just be weird. To look at the San Diego chargers, Ellie Chargers without Philip River rises, he's so intertwined with the with the franchise and organisers. So that clip went viral of him talking some trash with the jet in the Jaguars game. Has he ever talk? Trashed EU has ever setting you know like yeah? I guess he as young as he has his wing game and a colleague yanked him up like a you know, but woody sake he hasn't swear not really more annoying us about what it was you just like. He had me late. Secondly, I would like to be only a heavenly yeah, but
revenue call it where he was like in a rough face. A first interrupting, listen, he's like directed towards me, and I will just like your rage splinters like other names like Mercosur me, like my freshman Meriti seasoning. We, like you, never get executive you just grab ago and righteous like just grab rise. I would mother freer gonna dang it which of you and what you do in Bonn, you son of a gun hurry chickens, doing adore, pretty good, oh and other more hero, chickens, clean green pastures, chicken began to check it out. We gotta humanely raise product. We got organic product pasteurized non GMO, you know it. In today's in today's world, everybody wants to know where the food is coming from and down a greener passes. We gotta go. We now John said: Ticker Chickens Ray you like a bright like out your site. I do ask a lot of like economic, amended yeah by your own. He said not gonna make a mean to make me yeah enemy, take your mental Zanu Chicken in every good to his right job. In the judge of that, and we will draw your twitter, isn't it
Instagram did you do do. Yearn for Naga grew Bergamo, Bulgaria. Here Oh here it is Marseilles you'll take here than chickens VON Miller and there you are in the back of a pickup truck with a chicken they are pretty game, every cruel, that's pretty good name. They tell me that they wish to people like people- oh my so community may was telling me not to post it like gnaws, although crazy- and I oppose it anyway crazy. So I got the I got the vote or now. Yes, absolutely. Do you when, when VIC Fan GEO has a keystone passes across the house then, coaches at night that pop up the team I'd never realized. Really. Why he's hastily such any such a rider he's such a rider, he didn't show any facial emotion. He didn't say thanks to the team, like EAST Asia, so gangster about it like coached and then winter. India's huge there, like northern heavenly cheese, dissolved the eventually past. Nothing. Yet
I think you do. I set it. I know that it was. I was night before the Hall of Fame Game right, and so we just coach that entire game to deal with pain just think about it won't eat. You know: hey coaches, don't sydow for three and a half hours right, so he just so stolen and gangsters walk around here against. Do you like plan for a guy like VIC, using old school defence passing kidney stone, tat kind of shit I love, I love coach and I really don't like the way that we've MOTA coaching staff we picked up at Schumer. We got MIKE Munchak, really got three head coaches on the roster and we got John Elway leaving the ship. So I'm pretty excited we're going with. Yeah we're at the National Championship game. On Monday night Odell Beckham got in the news he was handing out castor. If Texas am ever wins national championship, you going to be the locker room and not some cash. I personally am in favor of it I mean yeah, probably,
I wrap up just look over the camp. I must tell you that I have. The impression that we must put. It was phrase differently was how much cash have you given out to the good players on tax saint? Am I haven't given on aim would be sure we're trying to get another headline we're trying to get that had a pump again. We ought I mean like, but it was vague money now we're was fake plan. We now know is vague money. Let me say finally that guy Joe borrow on and we any serious real nobody's yeah! We fuck that up yeah I was it was our fault, so that's really. Actually, the only lesson is that if you give away money just make sure we don't do an interview with anyone on TAT path that diameter and you'll be fine, I mean but we all know this. Every room I acknowledge renominated like nor, like no unlike Odette like personally, like products, is wanted, just like us not like he knew the camera was right. There, yes, is very, very observant, EVA he probably Polly did John Purvis. I gained affect many like major when you're crazy agreed agreed himself act as a party line.
Taken to buy the without rates of don't worry about it. Move law actually think is horseshit ASEAN suitably actually investigate this. This should be a great example of one scandal. They should choose to overlook just close your eyes deals, a movement is probably max. Seventy seven hundred vague dollar dear lose. I heard it was three hundred feet dollars. They dollars back He also learned, I see everywhere in these men purses now? Is that, like the new, cannot either accurate one, but it is a fanny pack around you're. This is saddlebag o saddlebag, so is like a gun hoster so who is way more manly nor I but Odell had that here. The faint pack around the head of the Greenwood Yeah Odor swag did this by often takes us. I want. I want one of those illusion I gotta this like I've got a pistol set of chinese anyone's firearms. Are you? Are you care? Farmer is New York? Is not
gun, you're gonna have every year I get home guns O erika, Damn flaxen ass? We have been working out so that wasn't everyone is not really no real weight room working right, but if you wanted to right now you could bench a shitload, I'm not really a big ventured on lies. I would say that no aptly bench anymore. You are all bade us all know what it is at this level I get under way like expressing what people I watch made aware only like broiling violent, like I've only this morning when you get on. The football league is totally different. Zabulon band, would you say your country straw? I would now sound kurdish. Our think, like in the moment like I can pull it out. I can like put it out there, but I just feel like an away. Rome is just so much going on now: music free work, I'll gauze, yemen- I just really can give to you
gonna practice. Having like a loudspeaker system set up and producing too I do, but which was venture. We don't have any of the rest is quite practice the hotel, where we play music like when we when we stretched out at the beginning, but when practice starts, is no music. Have you been watching the place? You watch football when you're not planet? I washed playful. Ok, you watch where Football Derek Henry. Do you think that you could Derek Henry? If you just you know, some things have gone a little different as you guys are actually kind of the same size. You old front for four four five, forty and you're both piece. You just plan the outside the ball. Maybe you should be running back. I don't wanna, take anything away from what their areas done and magazine like as easy to do, because what he's doin is really special. Someone say like I could be daring Henry like that. I would be crazy, but I feel I would be the vote. Color of running bags. If I wasn't running, is always start like him. I hardly I'll play running back. Only quarterback willingly.
It's funny, because we were having a discussion like a month ago how, at some point some coach wanted Derek Henry to switch positions, and he just didn't, like you probably That is a spot words like hey, be a linebacker, but you guys kind of are the same size, speed strength all that you just this year, linebacker then he coming back with growth and ran back to the really will like russian capacity to see less probable accede in here Marla gas, going crazy, like russian parents or so Argosy Derek Henry really been successful. Written Maybe you need to become. Maybe I need to get a couple play packages in their view on the goal line. I don't write. I should I should come over, so we should wait till the Titans win the Superbowl and then I'm going
I'm, going to really like Z, like we have the same thing with the same size. We gotta you actually and also you have you have zero, carries on your on those needs. No zero! Somebody getting ready to go you you change your twitter bio, so it says linebacker, slash our be right. Then next contract comes up; they have to pay like run about it. You have to have you get that money double dip on that and then here's how to make the transition see coach lemme get some. Let me get some rupture full back right, you easier way in there. They let you play fullback and then one time they give you the ball on a fullback dive. You get you one opportunity, and then you break that off how to clean yards and twenty yards or more then they're going to give you the ball more often, you know what I've had this pitch for about. Since we won the Superbowl and I got it, new contract like I went in and I was like a like, I should replace office and go on impact I shouldn't be like, if you put me in Munich, automatically hunting in the bar, then you just go play to go to opposite way and it be crazy. Like mine, the offers accorded atomic. I looked, I mean thought about it and aims like now.
Why it's great every year they should meet every the creator that, even if the market is crazy, like if you went through the roster, I'm sure there's many times in your career, where you are the best ass, all around athlete on the roster. Why wouldn't you won't you on the field more I'm with these goes on with these guys on the few uprightness, with these guys, uprightness wit, Alexander Johnson, and in practice we witness- Davis, and I just don't feel like they can cover me like they can cover. The title is what does not like it's? Well? Surely they could cover me time said it. I guess it doesn't look like. I did not feel like they can cover So in those guys are really go on back, we saw north, they put me in a package. I would kill other team right too bad linebacker, Judy Alive Outcome VON Miller to be running back that year make that headline on. I want some offensive place, we'll get it out for actively tied into like now. How much you your contract? Will we get? If you do, I mean I'm sure we decided last Sunday in a future. Like he's gonna be like, I scored certain matters now
like I consider today like on their bags under no bag. Indo it like me- and I can come back to the door, stood open about this about this azure agent. I'm gonna give you permission to negotiate your own contract liquid, determined it based on sedatives, but then I get ten percent of all those in since some your agent, I told you do that. The log you owe me and whose yet at seven rise up and gradual right here, is ready if you score touchdown on offers gauzy morning war, no, no just every single touch on you score. You give each was thousand dollars. Hello, you time out of some nerve for its it's, it's a form of those four thousand. So when do I get if I took it must go to them, I got an email in friendship is like give. We, like giving you a very tall about it on the show where, like VON in everyone's rooting for now is like all of our listeners, every follows us will give on the ball. Given the bark, as you know, the wing get money, and so now we'll get you bought a laser younger,
TED, because when we put it on your always you're going out with you assured of a picture of you scorn, the touch tat will let you know you're a thousand dollars for like marketing of yes, easier you you're now, given the buzz, I was so I shall done more fuck I met five thousand. I was just looking for some to say deal because I feel like five five would have been a little much I mean you know we, designed to deal with the aid we did ever saw handshake they'll legal tender legal. If you score touch office now we gotta figure out a way to get into the offensive coordinators head. Who's, your router off his coat and hat Shermer passion he had shown. How do we get into have been a very nice and other things have set about pasture Maria? I love Patrick Angina, when he passes yeah, I know it too rights we gotta figure out some or getting John always head will just reminded advanced ha yeah. Yes, vanish
sort of publicity campaign, reminding Jonah way that you're. The only thing that advances taller than I really don't think like are really no like any of us ever bother like he's like so light. He just like gangs, daylight holiday miss yes, you're right around or to gazed. Is these a special really think like unionist of really while you are still talked Peyton at all I shall give on the parliament. We now have you no pain. No, he doesn't have any social media so whenever they see among Instagram Twitter, like those punks graze, those balls go rising, hashtag, do a little viral video. That's what I'm saying like everyone says old man, Vaughan's looking explosive. I should go. Style again, do like a whole instagram lass.
The ground was Instagram TV like video, making like seven or eight minute, yes VON training, to be running back you get on the bus past I give on the policy we can get. Have you no pain? No, he doesn't have any social media so whenever they see among Instagram Twitter, like those punks raise those files rise, hashtag give on the ball I'll do the Arctic, I gotta pay off to another day that are you get our brain, giving back to ITALY. Marketing campaigns were not coming here. How you're going out going over to contracting Chauncey those in Vienna to how much can you get in there? Now I go about books and fires on why those such a lie. Not now such a lie, our external satellite. Until morning he said the court about his Merce. I got his man purse a hundred and thirty two also you right. I was living.
As for the rest, I VON, I think I allows all my questions now, we're getting paid yells it and also they should be able to draft you fancy football next year to Alura. Since you stayed your intention of current haven't Durham, I go out and it is on the line. I have one last question seeking question promo code. Take put it any get ten dollars off. What's the new fashion trend? That's coming up because I feel like you're always ahead of the curve. I've noticed you she stopped. The glasses are little bit smaller, now, not the clear once you're always kind of ahead of it. Where you got this next fashion? So what? What should we be? Looking for cargo pants? Honestly, you know I appreciate all that stuff was about fashion and me being fashionable stuff. I really just buy what I like and cargo pants. Which I bring, but I do have our I'd. Like ammo cargo pan Will you got it? You gotta go to Baltimore for that year, just the huge in Baltimore Ravens flaw,
you have your hatless now is hatless thing. Not just was goin on immediate over. Here I will usually were, have been travelling around the San Francisco and I went to New York. Orlando next week in Miami, and character. I like behaves like ass. We are invited to a suitable party. I've written was a donor words habit Kennedys if you could get behind booth, you'll, be other booth. Let me do like documents twins, no one. I want to fuck. You know razor me, like VON Miller, suitable sure and we ve form as it were in VP at the bar stew, you're gonna wanna be ran whether Ukraine we have roughen rowdy. So we have the fights we have about fifteen of us, and that is an order. So it's great zeal Girija answers. Yet not only. I I'm sorry you like, I will be our elder nigger you get Iraq Beach behind the boost for at least fifteen says this. I got a fitting minister easily done done and you're gonna be an often supplier, lecture allies. Event.
Very productive and have we got a lot of what we always it always was moved yeah we're just scheme in plan and in doing all this stuff we should get alive chicken here. Could you help us that army? the New York, I'm not sure like where it logical but if we re Miami do chickens, eat mice who wins a fight, my I'm a New York rat or chicken it means is one where we have a lot Rather, the over there might be other might be just in an office. Environment is far worse. Doesn't rats cigarettes, lagree, hawk arts or might not be the best of our knowledge rat though it could be a mouse I feel like it you can beat mouse beer rapidly to check is, is if it's a mouse. Is this all right like expressly to New York ready? So what about a cat that we will have our cats and chickens can they be friends how running time overruns when anybody Vienna sure here
you're crazy on every devil, yeah I'd. So I too, we need a fine like a bouncer for the chicken to save him against of ass now fostered ether, but the cheerily run away from the far right Sonny, most Nikita Chicken? Yes, iniquity, chicken you're snake again a chicken egg, I'm not sure. If I go like a whole, I shouldn't I haven't seen you might just have to move into the bar still headquarters to protect. I am here yeah. I am I'm sure I can't I'm shocking brought a contract, for that, too, would be funny. If we just had like a bad a royal, what can what can survive? I have a New York City rat and just leave different animals and are often ratified it, and you see how long they can survive. I will VON thank you so my first days ago appreciate it excited for those thousand bucks, that's gonna, be graduated,
about to get you don't go is going up me. I guess maybe a big moment like people be gone crazy. If you actually scored office of touch allowed, we get paid, I gotta be going north of Europe, for we were to start a campaign, give on the ball every single we argued presented, I e they. Thank you in theory VON Miller's, by moving watches now it's time to move on to her all time. Favorite underdog success story, movement again the empty watches, founded on the belief that style should not break the bank. They ve soul, almost two million watches worldwide by bringing quality designs at fair prices. I love my move and watches. I've got like three or four pairs
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Let us use them segments Hank. You got some bachelor talk for the show. You definite watch sure do not. Now I share the Eid. I do have bachelor talk for the doll. I should correct till the twenty percent, of course, PETE took the girl. So there's a lot at a lotta drama in the house after champagne, gale always talk much anti. All at odd. We didn't talk. Much pain girl had set up champagne for day and then another girl came in and took that champion in and took the guy to date as a huge huge amount of drama? So when she stole her drinks, yeah girl, like had champagne out. It was going to email, go on a date with PETE assault and drink it with him and another girl. Talk to her basically took the champagne, took feet and took her idea. What did the first girl do? Did she swing on it I mean verbally. She verbally swung this law to get our money laundering on how to that end. So the show start with lot attention I heard so. Pete took the girls and
day to an underground, pillow fight Club Eliah, who doesn't go there. Why a one the tournament and get the peat kiss from PETE? That's the winner of the German gets a kiss from p. Since thanks Sidney than snatched on Eliah untold PETE that she shows on one side of her in the rest of the girls and other house, another side were so to fish collar toothpaste. This causes all the other girls in the House have to stitch in Eliah, saying she's fake. One of the Ladys off protest to match who's the one with burner Count Mattie Natty, Matisse delighted with her. I heard you, the man Schiphol Avenue, show enough ass one. She I mean she had the best aid on the show. I heard PETE doesn't give a liar rose the row ceremony, but Telescopes Hansen right after that he regrets decision in might bring her back. Despite all the other girls calling her fake, Little has a difference between professional pillow fight in an underground pillar fight, I'm not sure you actually, where
one hundred ninety ones, not so what's about situation like there is the UK unified of its on if an underground, you need to be in a sanction, pillow fight, ah, but yeah if I was wanting to charge a pizza and like a mobile little bitch, what are whose is beginning pilot he just easily. Like anyone impede he's, I can. Crying? Oh, that these are it's like he's like he can handle. The drama does want any the smoke, but he also sign of TB bachelor. I don't like him he's not cut out for the bright. Nope, also the girl that I I haven't seen her since the first up, so tolerant, she's she's lane Aubrey Dash the accident. Kick it found by the similar, true, so yeah. That's it coach for what the
Earl heard, so I thought it was. I thought her down the coach of the women's vast while team, but her dad is actually an assistant coat on the man's passport, whose pearl assisting coaches and on the means that we have been calling for a reserve did really curly pearl did Bruce Pearl, maybe kill this girl. He snatched a stitch on. Whoever did that's what I'm saying yes or she hasn't it. He's been gone, she doesn't do the crime, he just niches on PETE, right all and then in the yard. The preview for the next episode P takes a girl to chase rice concert and then at the date the girls like Mean chaser, Just today, Falk Yandah, we added a nice little nice little and ended on according allayed coarsely did. Are we gonna embrace debate? Piety you have is embraced to be your turn figure who the real hot boys are older. Us we'll get to that guy. But there's a legal dispute going on in the NFL right now to Marcus Lawrence said that he had trademark the phrase hot boys for his defence of limits, in Dallas, with one see now the night
Are you gonna Superbowl? Their defensive line is selling March. That says hot boys The Tutsis, oh no, oh Denmark is lords is actually he said. I gave them consistent warning, to stop using the name according to Jane later, all I can say is thank the impostors. Now your work for the real hot boys to clarify he's telling me that he is working. Attorneys to prevent the use of it by anyone other than the cowboys hot boys. We doesn't z thing. Is this all those different, also at all originates from Lille Win in the hot boys which I'm looking Wikipedia now HIV Tb or why money sign bizarre
Where the inspiration comes round ass money, that's an order and ninety ninety seven in New Orleans over for the ninety nine two thousand the up were, was King MIDAS when they split in half for the baby in half what is solomons Little almonds riddle very early that where it's like, if you actually want to be called hop boys you're, not the real hop boys, because a true hop boy knows that our loyal hope with all my lawyers there? Also remarks lords he's already drawn out right. A real hot boy would settle this and be like YO real help. I would get to get the Gatt guys, don't promote, gun violence, police, but that's a hop one. It is a half hour week it we should just take over apples, we're not boys with forces. Yup foresees in three months. The riddle of Solomon Thomas is what to call her Yazzi on the nerves. Yet he is job here. It is not easy. We re all these have avoided how women are just fantastic. The block is hot chocolate.
Today in the ghetto back that as up oh yeah. All time album covers from from Cashman records back then so, where the real hop, however, everyone shall, for us the broad blames, Leubronn blames his son. So the Brown blamed his son, a new o, a new low, even furlough, bra, he has gone as low as possible. He is blamed his son on his poor performance on what they re actually says. He said that he was a little out of rhythm because he went and watched his son play basketball in the tournament. Springfield Massachusetts then came back to the play the Celtics that night, They sent him not to say no they're, like did you go into your son came fact that your play at all and he could have been like nobody's again he's good poor yeah, exactly he got dont John to any cause. You can't arrest the footage, usually when the Bronx dunked on he gives every delete it right. You can't arrest funded, so it said he just blames the sun, so he'd get a doctor himself with ASEAN Wait when you say, though, that he sang my choice to go visit. My site
Well, he did the maybe play where he did the family over everything, resolution on five three, which is bullshit also I saw his son- is Son- got hit with a star burst. Yeah is an aim which was assault, but also that kid's gotta be site to eat something inside dirt like charcoal and rocks that Leubronn always feeds into it. Can tasted flavors in wine better know you're thinking of the Brons three year old daughter, that's who use during all I've done rocks Dave, I'm out o Brien. Did you learn how to use his daughter make food for herself and she's like three that that's good thing. I learned some time right it was an all time, low Bromley, every kid every child has to learn how to microwave sultans with American.
He's my son and all he had already really OPEC identity. That was me I about anymore Beata, bad Emily, ETA. Blank wall, yeah you're right, you are thus creating a father- was more important than not getting Duncan, so this is rather to impose going down. If you keep having sex body, Leubronn blames aright guys on checks from shut up some guys. What's the aid were singing in the shower needs to stop like home alone, as worker set. I wonder going to know when the two old, for that still be unacceptable, ever Felix singing in the shower starts later on in life. I didn't singing in the shower to us, but twenty never ever ever now. If you know someone else in the apartment, maybe you know don't go hand put. If you know, you're alone, you can sing the shower. Go for some boys, especially Earl Wid commenter parentheses. Draw guy Erwin was an old message.
What do people log on indescribable drug use, you didn't know about another would say like hey I I know this guy wrote, writing is actually loss of its actually only increase. It's actually very very common thing. Oh yeah told era where the guy air, which is super- you don't know what I'm so finding out about the dark, whether our more educated utopian like. You're, right, you're right. Where was this one? Is one dude had a colony of fire ants all this won't do yeah Once you have run, Europe had a colony liar Angie. I built a nest. Insiders, Mr Costa, and he actually made coffee with fire and poison drank in his face were nummies like you're. The first thing I want to do is to log on to arrogate to describe how high I got of accidently drinking firing motion yeah totally this guy, whoever wrote the sin thou smart, I like to sit down in the shower and makes it easier to shape my legs. My husband says:
can do that. I might sit on his load and get pregnant. Is this possible good, lookin out candy he for the drain. At least it's better to do it in the shower than it is to do on the carpet right beside the better. Yes, your definitely give some swimmers their use in his load. Also porcelain, porcelain. This it's too slick nothin sticks to his true, your. I think now decide what that fuckin. Just huge joint you read now I just drawing on having some superfluity styling one run down the wrong. I'm still on the run hole you can't get pregnant if you're pissing right, so you can just p while you're saving your legs to birds, one stone we can't get pregnant while you're pissing woody me you'd, have you ever like you can't get actually that at the moment, european you cannot be pregnant, get pregnant, what's it like blowing on it on a dandelion, that's in the seed mode, you just you get all the other stuff away from rights if you're pissing you're,
guys, you're running along the sperm can't swim operate, not here anymore. Ia sub dad CAT uncle p of Tea and Henry my boy for now chairing the now today in the topic of bonus came up, he goes on to tell me that when he was in high school and would get a boner, he just slipped into his waistband. He then goes tell me every guy Highschool did this trick. Is this actually some guys do? Thank you love you, absolute one thousand percent. In fact, I did it the other week. I've got a real problem in trouble, Bobo Undergo, which is remarkable. Yeah. I usually overran of high tee. I only get these ran. A boner set in this might be illuminating of female listers. Borders are always sexual. Sometimes it just happened, he used to just happen. More often, we monitor light. Will now just want middle school in high school, I've got a problem. I usually get her uncle. I used to get boner easily unconscious riding at the airport. Yeah I'm getting caught,
when I get out of your way, rather than airport the items again take when we got out of the car. I do the waistband talk now. No, not the one Houston We got a movie here. Irish together, I was too tired, but yeah. I don't know what that says about me. Just I enjoy planes excited about point. I like air travel K. What's up Bay cat honk in Pierre Wean, Bialik HAWK without Mean Pier, when I got a Venus sobbing day, my boyfriend, for almost two years now we get along great and turning to get pretty serious. A few months ago I moved out, friend from high school, who are considered a close friend last weekend when my boy, from drunk. He told me he looked up with my roommate, such friend like seven years ago, when we were all in high school. He says it's not a big deal because he hooked up a tons of checks in high school. But I can't get out of my head as the three of us hang out at our apartment, all the time and my over, acting or this a grape to have I
AIDS? Seven. I listened to what is a number and high schools. Man well yeah sounds like you're with, like we'll Chamberlain. So just deal with it was your number in high school, I'm out of ten one out of ten one out of ten people that you see on the street. Your boyfriend, probably fucked like that, sounds like what that's going on right now. You need here's. What you need to do ask her if she wants to have a threesome as a trap if she says yes, you like get out of my house right now, check out the. If she says no Then he said no, no, no! No it s. So the girl she ought as, yes, you kicker out if she says no play this part of part. My take for to prove that you didn't actually want to have the three e s got up. He guys especially hawk dating a guy for ten months now, unless we can, after we got back from a dinner with his friends. Well pitiful sleep after we can. You got back from a dinner with IRAN's ranger. We started to fuller they told me he prefers it when there little bit of fun when he goes down on me.
Now will never happen. As I am very clean, I was taken aback. Obviously how concerned should I be? Should I m things with them? Thanks Jenna, like a little bit of forget that just one thing to say, maybe go to the gym right beforehand. I don't know, I don't want to tell you a horse back. A couple hours First of all, there is certainly no taking your time. We got the funk. Gonna have the balls in the air. Do that. I don't know where we're the gas coming from them. Maybe maybe it knows it's a big. Why world out there a lot of people have weird shit there, a lot of fetishist. Maybe you should try to be polite. Maybe he's Lascaux had some folk and he was like he miss S in case you are self conscious, but your funk I'd be in no. He got he's Lascaux hats and for he got addicted to the funk, tough to quit, funk like yeah proof last one sub girls, again email from Amazon or today and notice? My sister's friend is using my prime to order Avonlea
of lingerie baby doll body suit. What is my best met? Method of attack on this woman, who is ten years old and blackmail This is prime black mobility, while fight who is she dating right, printed out and file it or what was this hurt, her sister or her sister and like sisters friend? for now it allowed away for later. She might run for president, in which all that would at his jack plan, in which case that will not affect her presidential campaign whatsoever, is sodium member, when that was a thing yeah just like. Well, if that person did, if that presented, drugs in college? I'm never will run for president. Did you name has changed Bernie Sanders marijuana the european air pollutants on ever knew a kid in college who is like trying to be president and like you, I won't drink this canker as acute. You had no idea what the future was holding were now anyone can be provided for in the definitely like cleaned up his facebook after every single night
you'd untapped himself from striking, not bribery, trying to try and make a run for office got a pristine record. Gotta have hind Everything Oak Skelton through the clone out can night it's a great me off that flight luggage every upstate there's not air. I will see everyone on Friday. We gotta recurrent guest on Friday. See that, let me guess to say, became
became a bathing suit becoming.
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