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Writer/Comedian Jensen Karp, Andy Dalton's Goodbye + Things We Think About When We're High

2020-05-01 | 🔗
See ya, April. We're on to May and Jameis had no depth perception until a month ago, literally, and Andy Dalton era in Cincinnati is over (2:53 - 14:17). Fyre Fest of the Week (14:17 - 31:31). Author/Comedian/Art Dealer Jensen Karp of "The No-Sports Report" joins the show to talk about his very interesting and unusual career, writing a book, John Mayer, Hollywood, and being married to Topanga (31:31 - 72:39). Segments include Embrace Debate is MJ a loser and Mt Rushmore of things we think about when we're high.
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On today's part of my take. We have comedian, wrapper writer, author art, dealer, Jensen, CARP, some a little different. I really enjoyed talker Jensen. It was good time with him. He knows a lot of famous people. He has the Hollywood, seen down, also very cool guy and merited to two pegre. That's probably the course that the arguments sensible, yet that reality is perhaps what number one, but we have that we have any Dalton James Winston. We have Firefox the weak and then we're going to finish the week with the Mouth Rushmore of things you think when your high school The tobacco is part of my take is brought to you by the cash app now. Don't do anything downward
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welcome to pardon my take presented by the cash app go download. It today get ten dollars for free ten dollars. The Aspca when you use code barstool, day is fry. Yea may. First, we fuck did guys. We kicked on two April happy May day a bit still feels to me, like its its march, sixty first April in the dust we're just shut Long here were chugging along were feeling good May is going to be easy. We had a lot of showers flowers, we got it. May I can't see them kick while inside and see him put their bare. What about this will thrown just in timber lake wives? gonna, be my yeah? I forgot about dies, hey somebody, wake up the guy from Green day. It does feel this is where we are acting now it's every day. Every time hit a new month. It's like! Oh ok. This happened one in the dust, would like to make a motion that we never speak of this April again deal. Can we forget
about a year like that that time, conspiracy, they said the years between, like seven hundred eighty in thirteen hundred never happened here, there's nothing! Nothing! I'm trying I know you're, not gonna, have aren't this April. Well, actually, one thing happened. I want to read a tweets you to start to show off James Swenson on Zoom call with saints Media about Lasik Surgery said he can now read license plates and street signs. Then he couldn't read as well before so is basically a Google self driving car helps with blurry ness depth perception clearer vision While that is now it's crazy to think that He couldn't reader license plates before our streets. Et Cetera, lions, probably always taking overs depth perception, like that's a big deal when your core back the
I know the well actually response here that use or not will get lay sick before the age of twenty five. That's a medical thing, you're not actually supposed to exaggerated, still growing. That's weird think their eyes are still growing, but that is just a shocking, shocking statement to say I have been playing quarterback in the NFL for last five years and I struggle with depth perception. He couldn't reads street signs. That's a very easy thing to red fruit, for most people are very I'm real fast. I am a little concerned what, if James, can see too good now may be part of the charm of James was the fact that sometimes he would miss cornerback and he'd say fuck it I'm gonna bomb and out any ways, and then he a good good, wide receiver That would bring down these chances that he was taking, and so that's what I'm so exciting unable to make these crazy throws like now. What, if he's able to see those corner backs, and he becomes captain check downeys like I can't believe you
make those through or he sees the rush coming. Any gets, Reno scared it in and holds out in an basely talks. The ball because, like all man, you know he's Yazzi been dealing with the situation where he hasn't seen the rush for five years. So he feels like he Superman. I can't believe what he gets, sacked he's his eyes or can be seen. Ghosts and it's gonna be affected, is personality like any wild way to go through playing quarterback Nineveh, the highest paid position in the in the most popular sport in the world, and you can it see. Maybe that's why they world is not yet whenever fuck you soccer, he took one million dollars a year churches, so he's not the highest paid hypothetical question. Would you rather have James Winston for thirty years or deck pressing for one year? Is our strategic economic? It's crazy? How little he's getting paid? I it's crazy that they're, not more teams in. I know he said that there were more teams with. No way there were more teams. You guys have also, though, fully Rapture brain around him, like really being
good cause he's raise residual I've I've, except that I had derangement he's Helen, had no, we it's crazy. I'm getting paid no derangement syndrome is the people who think that Jimmy Swenson is bad, You have a derangement syndrome. I see the truth. But we are offering jerk rendered by saying that he is paid. So little know your triggered by everything that he does your like blind man. Bad James is not good. Kay recommending look real real, quick Hank, its drawled one. It would be, but do the title of it is James Winston Derangement Syndrome, which you have how media biased causes to overlook the start of a healthy metaphor career. You guys. The media by us nowhere we're having auditing. We pump him up. We end up right now, I can't believe he's not getting paid as much, because you guys are bias of him being good, and so it shocked that getting paid so little No, it isn't the now. You re you're deranged arrangement and you action might have rabies irregardless. Thank you. Ve got talks.
Applause Moses been hang out with cats too much I'll? Do a nerd but Sidebar Roque, wiccan neurosurgeon. I hit me up whom was like yet this is a really dangerous thing for someone to happen there. Yes, don't get, don't intentionally kid talks which makes sense for how bill has been acting? Yes, it does. This is not a great quarterback, but it is still insane how how little is being paid he's getting paid one million dollars to Chase Daniels getting paid. What how much chasing ovine pit? How much fire fighters and schoolteachers couldn't do they pay a fee. Didn't have a neuron, lilies arms? Could higher off I had a thirty school teachers, that Harvard education at the quarterback position, egg chased anal, being paid to who policy always signed a three year deal for thirteen thirteen
million dollars. You getting paid two million dollars issue. Ok for the further the alliance! You don't think that the lions, if Matt Staffer, gets hurt. Do you think that Chase Daniel or James Winston would have achieved a better chance of possibly winning football Games, James Guess, ass instruments and more invaluable ACCA? He was the guy that, if, if your ship listen, if you get your back up in the end, a felt you're almost always pact, no matter what also it but you'd want at least the guy who has maybe the upside forget about winning and losing games. Just put yourself issues of an ineffective owner. If you want to sell tickets in case your backup debts and who do you want face Daniel are James Winston, whose no matter what happened, you're gonna put him out there in Europe, see something weird that you ve never seen before in a football field, JANUS gee I in Saint system, yet no it can be a genius he's. Gonna hovers easier, education, but he had other options, and so he
Other I hit him in Gregg Williams had several options to start their own football league together, they are just so many options you surrender down yet so we have that news was shocking hilarious. Thank you, James, for giving us laugh when we need one the most and then we ve another quarterback who is free to go. Every wants any don't got cut ending the era. A fourth Cincinnati Bangles, the greatest uniform hair color error of all I'm and I actually listen. I avatar was of an anti dumping. Anti dome is gonna, look real, weird and most any other uniform, though, because it had a lot to do with a jersey that here, and like imagine Andy DAWN wearing a Dolphins Jersey any dolen wearing a Panthers, jurors boxer, it seems weird yeah box. I can't picture good correct ever wearing a boxer, I offer James when I would take a lot. I would take issue a flyer on eighty dome. Any dont think is worth
he's the anti jameis he's like he's a good, solid quarterback he's not gonna, make too many mistakes, and if he does who make a tackle, who it has little guy- that that picks him off re seems like a guy that you he's not gonna screw up lock. Roman anyway, is your bride. Brigham and he's gonna be pretty normal, is leaving the pop up speech. It doesn't pump anyone up yeah, I think any golden I would take a chance on patriots might seem so good landing spot form him them, you think, is the best Andy of all time best. Andy Ass Lady Bernard Idiotic, an erotic, an erotic, Templar, any Murray, tennis pillar, probably Junior Jones in the abbot, he's And he, like D, are you w yeah? I don't really like that translates to an Andy best ever if it could be a drew, drew Jones and had it Independent hadn t steroids ensure more yeah, but he admitted that he did right away. So it's cool only for an injury yet, but yeah he's
is totally find. Andrew luck he's an Andy, You are now you right away ass it Andy. Andrew luck is not an anti, he would deftly goes any real. Andrew luck will change his name to Andy, for, like one weekend of a bachelor party is of course, still a wild with Gaza. Andy's common out, then, is to beers and dies. Andy lack any luck. I like maybe back his handiwork. Maybe why not, I think, is probably the best ginger athlete Volta bright gear whoa ginger athlete alters pursue Jim Courier, Boris Becker MAX Muncie, they don't even count belong was he was a gender balance. Definitely Sean white flying tomato. The nine insider. Remember every ginger athlete swift, ginger oh sure, mile swim. No, no! No! No thanks! I'm the following very I'm the guy Robert swear Robert Swift. He he like paisley without a league with, unlike for years, you have a three year. Look at that
this hair scallop rainy he's just he should get like he had yet look at him, oh Carson, whence technically ginger. Is you play Griffin Bulgarians? you know. He's agent is listed best red, headed athletes. You can make an organ. Is that interest Google Anti Don? If, if the season today for both their careers any dull, not a better career than Carson. Once Will you have excursion spoiling three p m? answer yes, I really can't put allows statement you camp Carson had Andy. On this issue will ye. I mean I hear still his highest his eyes were better than eighty dolphins. Maguire never got to build. The playoffs actually know what the bills to continue this whole tradition of Buffalo just like were making at ease. Donor? A fork erode the bill should sign em. They owe him yeah. We owe the bills before that
here. When they got yesterday was stacked quarter backroom bigtime stack was Jake from end. Our guy who's got a mustache by which I shall gonna. Mustache user can really good. People are definitely taken quarantine were there, like. I'm gonna, take some risk like facial, her, oh here I don't hate that aid. Should your fire fastening get to Jensen CARP before we do fire fast. We are brought to you by our friends. A pandora gimme go. Do support pandora. You can't you up here for that. I thank the got new sponsor Pandora We have all been getting creative things we ve been doing at home and Pandora thinks we deserve a great soundtrack to go along with it, whether you're putting on a station a puppy up before you Palatine ride Phd, whether you're getting ready for a big game with coach dogs or if you are trying to play college duty Pandora has it all all I actually I'm Nagoya script. First. Second, I've been listening to Pandora stations because
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worked. Is I mean it was a gentleman sweet for one or two general? It's a gentleman's game for what I let him have wanted. Keep their confidence go a little bit, but yes, cardiac. I didn't mean to take her our bag was my firefox. I was just in urban areas, but the Twitch chat was very active. They basically boy makes they convinced me like. I play on a tv with HDMI and they convinced me they like dude. You got to put them on again for the modern you got to play with play with monitor and make all the difference Finally, with regard to I'm spoken by, monitor and then oh well, We monitoring coupling on pc, then it's useless and I was like I is where I draw the line, I'm not gonna buy pc. I play video, The controller like I'll, never play video games are not play with controller Ruth and Drake turns out. You can have a pc and use a controller with a pc so I got mad at twitching and then I got dunked on. I don't got myself and I basically is realised
it's just a racket where there's always something else if you dont have, but it's true, we like it's. It's the tools, earth person work using the tools, not tools himself. Exposing yourself as a new in the video game community and that's tough, because I wouldn't I would fall into the exact same trap that you fallen into somebody. Like plant a pc. I wished. I wait. I have to be like on a keyboard ackland hitting like K and s instead of being a that's too much for me. So I thank you for making that mistakes. I don't have to yeah. That's you. You're right, o video games replay with control. Yes, I don't wanna, hear anything different and it's bullshit if there's really that much Doug Dude is ten times better on a pc how how could they create something better yeah, but there are I right now yet right, although these are the all these things at the computer, do that next box can alone. But what about so when they told you to get a monitor, you're just playing on a tv. I was playing I was playing like yeah violent events. Today
you bought a monitor to plug into like plug your video game system into in there. I do this is the exact same thing: a tv will. There are like Yahoo all its could. You have monitored, but if you, if it actually not a pc, then like the other benefits, don't matter as much sites like such, maybe just like nice things right, come on, we'll see what your Sefton Chaffer heck my fire. The week is some deal with this move. Moving in two weeks on the fifteenth of May just found out eighty two sorry, it is yours just found out. Yes, dad that I'm gonna have to deal with a brand new cables subscription service. So I have two real learn. Every fuckin channel after even worse than the channel in old age this, so I know that I'm getting Walketh Court- I can't do it. It's not real live sport, sank and live sports are coming back to cut their coming. Back Making the vaccine risible Reggie mirror the odds, ugh is working wonders. Doktor found she told me:
but not only do I have to learn the channels, but even worse than that at my age is master, a new remote control? That's gonna be like a four five month task right, yeah you're scared. So I don't know where the Red Zone Channel is out. The fighting is only use like three channels yeah what I have to re remember I gotta wear one of those quarterback respond. Playlists thinks like it is look at that no trouble you're not gonna, get in shape because not sports on right. Now. Well, you're not gonna, get into channel shape because you aren't you on the chain. Rightish we use exactly. I'm not good ass right, I'm gonna have no reps going into her. Well, when the ineffective starts is last skipping, the entire precinct literally have turned might like the only type of use. My tv with cable is on Sunday night like turn it off turn it back on Sunday and it was generally no you're millennial, no you're, not origins, Zuma, on whom ok Sumer no meet in the zoom chat,
by the fire, not millennium. I think the guy now winded and just Google or request you to say tomorrow morning move to Google. If somebody Zuma Euralia is half MILES star when winded millennials stop being entitled what you're reborn. Ninety three shit he's a morning. Ah you're not like us, though ninety snow, he he's actually more went on ass, probably for supremacy equals genetics. No eighty one to ninety six were based on the same end, Sancho like hard core, true blue millennials, like nineteen eighty, not I just divided over whether somebody remembers life without the internet. Yeah, that's that's when you're a true millennium! No, that's that's wrong, though we remember right, put belay as good night
six. So there was all those are late millennials, but I think it's the people who are before us, whatever the fuck that is they're the ones who fully remember life without the internet. That's true, genetics always remembers life about their movement. You forget it either by the far from just try to do that. What not? Let it run forget that you remember correct that Georgia, because I'm borderline Europe, your millennial, who shows genetics Tendency- and yes, yes, I'm on the spectrum of action. My other far fetched is I've got a shitload of dishes now, so I'm getting really bored I have made my twitch video games up yet because we're deal with some hardware issues so not gaming. All the time, unfortunately, you finished gave a thrones. I still watching gave a thrones skating good. Can we really seditious them, so the dishes, because I've got some time in the evenings. I'm getting back into cooking now cause Asia Cook. All the time legibly we mean, allegedly I've seen up systems conspiracies out there, that
They may not be you cook in those that I'm not actually clear interest. I'm cooking up put out. Videos on the old Instagram about it. Someone put videos yeah you're right. It's not! Actually me the second or in other words they were videos, but we don't know if you took them. Ok, I'm taking. Is it a window situate? Yes, this macaroni and she showed up at my back door to that? No, I am had macaroni cheese in the last two weeks. Yes, did, and I had all the time it's like. So I just google Polity and MAC and she's. Sorry, no I'm king and there's a shitload of dishes. That's the worst part about cooking is having a bad shore having it's terrible, now I understand where you're coming from as ITALY had there's nothing worse than eating and extremely satisfying meal, and then look at us. Kitchen and just immediately think an on going to say that tomorrow at any wake up tomorrow and is even worse tomorrow and it can work yet it's awful. If you're cooking innovation at dishes and strew leeway,
Sometimes you looks more v. Are my fire. I a too as well as through seven pick game. Whatever I suck at video games. Who cares other one though the real one is I'm addicted to snacking girl. Are you the nascent Peter Video Games but still it three Neuro, I to pick sixes, and seven total are they was foreign three sorting through five and a half. Yet as bad as it was really atheling. You spread model of an amended to snap girl. People are so mad about me. I don't know why. I think you should do what am I craving a guy love. I think our milk genesis I'm going to try to figure out. Why
main bars and sports account posted it like to escort, correct and then all of a sudden there was a groundswell of people being like to lead that video, it so cringe worthy in bad and then shock our great social media guy posted can and PETE? I guess what happened was posting I'm going to comment on my pig s. He he pose the two weeks ago and people on every single bourse, Instagram posts have been commenting, delete, snacking girl, and so then they posted again inches chaos. But I ll adjournment Lee
think it's a fire jammed by her, I kind of like it. I like the way she says nuggets and Rahman played again and we do be snacking where people be savvy stacking know. What am I created on progress with the pod gas tomorrow with this video? Just to see how many reply I can get. That's just engagement. People are so mad about it and I love it. I got one. I once grim delete the second girl YO. I posted the staff and grow on my Israel as well, and then issues I posted something else. I've always liked this doesn't make up for the stacking video like we what you did so I love it. I was actually a change dot org that seventeen forty signatures or create a legal act, but he was crazy. Is that for this video particular that's pose
by our new social media guy dare reveal so if you want us to delete the snacking girl video, you have to comment on his instagram and tell him to do, this now you speaking our values we have retired just reading raw. He Rick Riley because they reveal has the court was largely made up in post of all time, literally scouts S. Reading the thesis scout, I've always pray myself on being ahead of the curve trying to spot the next train. This ranges from investments to people I've to which for doing this. Same thing: yeah investment in people are money. Yes, we're corporations are people, I've told the story about scouting, Jeff bag well, rookie and ninety ninety nine to come to my book bar mitzvah, kids at the time, were confused. Why Metz vans having an ashtray player at his party well no one on the ninety ninety one. Ninety one met me. The whole thing tat well did
oh yes there, that is, that is the most daring Rivero thing of all time to invite arrive. Blair to your bar mitzvah, because you actually think he'll be better. Also like too I get. What he's I get. What he's trying to say is like I get to look back, it's a bag was my barmaids were put it the time. Everyone like who the fuck is this guy, like you, whose Japan so he did the same thing, long story short with Kate up then he said I've never really told the story of rain came up to the White House correspondents dinner. You shouldn't you, stop there I was reminded me. I want you to know that was happening. Nine years ago today, Kate, I met December to twenty ten year after at anchor deprived. It's just goes on But essentially he's taking credit for Kate Upturns career, he D, covered came up and when she was a lonely sports illustrated swimsuit model, the end everyone knew about. He could get into any the parties. The moment that will stick in my head from that night was the fight to get into Vanni Vanity Fair Party,
we obviously weren't on the who's who list, but we got some help from Kate S. Colleagues, Brooklyn Decker and Chrissy. Two and a half years later after leaving the S eye, swimsuit cover twice vein. The fair needed, a model for the hundredth anniversary his who did they pick Christie Brinkley You know. My waking up there, you know my favorite part of the story is by far that day here too, the Vanity Fair Party? Did get in. Dare reveal, thinks the reason they didn't get it get. It was because he was with came up right and it wasn't because of him is it was because you are probably say I will call my lawyer. If you don't let me in this. I have an invite right here. I paid money for it, Reenactment Ozark reenactment of the dormant at the party yeah misrule, We definitely have you on this list. You are scheduled for VIP with get you for table service who's. Who are you who are you with? Who does she know here, she's very track?
Dick, dare you can get in which take up in an almost me, I've never heard of her she's, the striking young lady, whose very very attractive, no sorry and then credits and attractive or woman never have not been able to get into a party, never dare and she could be homeless. He probably doesn't even realise that what he does realize that hockey always get into port. Yes, that's the rule, one of a party- yes, oh my god. Ok, let's kids, you imagine being turns wife and reinvented scram post, and thing is, I was out, were you planning on bringing it? No? I saw I sought earlier in the day and I was like holy shit. I can't believe he actually wrote this novel about being able scout human being. The funny thing is for most couples most married couples. This would be like a very tough posts for the wife to read, and the UK, where you flexing on going on a date with Kate Upton pot. I think as we all know that daring reveal posting this.
Literally has nothing to do with him wanting to have sexual Kate Upton it just him trying to flex and everybody and being like I. I recognise that this woman was going to be very attract and she was younger. I have a great I for talent, you think. If I like became President United States, he would do a posts and be like I realize he was going places. That's why let him beat me eleven and nothing in fin pickup That's why I created a twitter account, whereas unborne set on now you I let him wipe the floor with me and make me look like the most on athletic person in the war. He would post that picture of him from like six grid, wherein the tuxedo and Right Leubronn style young. De Rivera getting older and revenge for future, discovering Dan Cadis unreal. He is one of a kind actually think this is more like this is actually him get back. Yet this is what I need this revealed. Not the fucking loser reveal marking on people like this is action funny because it's kind of Corky yet a little endearing in a weirdo with the times
reveals the least cause when he's trying to be the majority and the times he's a most cool is when he's being the biggest nerd right.
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Sports merchandise in a years worth of death was coffee. That's death wish coffee dot com slash, take if you're looking for some coffee, a sap, you can also see fifteen percent off your entire purchase with promo code. Take check it out now. Are areas Jensen, CARP, okay. We now welcome on very special guessed. It is Jensen, car peace, a writer, comedian, comedian, Wrapper art dealer producer, pod, castor. I guess the first question is like how did you get so cool because that makes me sound like a true douche bag. I dislike the more multi high affinity, it's the truth is I just have done stuff I like doing so. It just Wikipedia just puts them altogether, but in truth that my core, I'm just sort of a writer, I think it's the art dealer that makes it yeah put you in a douche bag. Talk about our dealer. You, like a supervillain or where does act, has I've always putting a cat
I always thinking about killing your parents. You know I years ago I was I was signed in our scope as a kid when I was nineteen years old. Jimmy Ivan gave me a ton of money to wrap, even though I look like an account and I deal fell through it didn't work out it if I was a failure at having his record deal, but I had all this money from it, and I want to start a business not just by video games and comic books for the rest of my life, and so I opened in art gallery on Mailros here, in LOS Angeles, called gallery nineteen eighty eight and focused on art me, and you would like not like pompous thirty thousand dollar pictures of like a yellow dot like it was all pop culture related. We just suffered major league baseball. We ve done deals with like lost in breaking bad, like its pop culture art. So if anything, it's more of a teacher business than an art business. Ok like that, he I just got here
business except it it's on canvas. How glad I did like the easy like art that we would all like you don't. I was just the other, even say they get in others like bulldogs with like kings crown on it. There's a lot a lotta prepare breast yeah all my art, thou thyself as keep calm and carry on any sort of variation. On that slogan, I may live, laugh in long live our oars airline banks. You just put a gas mask on any cartoon character, boom million dollars. We we ve all dated someone who has like a Marilyn Monroe Picture, a break is that the most basic bitch? Oh yes, Marrable Oriental worse! It's that one in the arm to the fresh endorse starter pack of Bob Marley John Baluchi, and two women kissing and the pink Floyd with their backs that are already album waters. That's worth that's all: you're selling, ok,
guy got, it saves posters year. The got good good, fellows posters thing. Yes, I saw you mentioned the record deal, but let's go back a little, because you were a child actor to write a failed child actor. Yes, ok, see you. This is too now two things you failed that I like this were keeping score. So I'm gonna give you a final tally of your merit at the end of this podcast. Yes, I was a child actor here in LOS Angeles, and I was on a television show called kid songs, which was basically Barney without the dinosaur which takes away all the cool parts about Barney and we would just sing, like you know it's a day at the picnic girl. Like you know, my meatball has left my plate like dumb nursery rhyme songs, and that was basically the extent of Michael acting Career, which is ironic because I have married Daniel official who played Japan gone boy meets world, so we have sort of like the two dynamic, polar opposite of child actor. Damn it's like one who couldn't not take a job and me who, like couldn't find a job right. So we who, who now being a child actor, was that your parents wanted to get you into it or were you just like? I want to be a child actor. I wanna you don't get a crippling drug addiction in my maid, twenties and bottom out, like I want this I've so into the Corey Haim lifestyle. No, my parent, my dad was
car salesman and my mom was basically she will work to make. I say: advertising but swiftly was like the penny Saver magazine, but her own. She made from home, so we were very middle class, not a tunnel Joe and no connection zero, and so I did was a precocious kid who liked performing and convince them to act, and then, when I do want to act in morals, are gonna wonders anymore and they said good because we hate driving out to the city every day. So that was it. That's like the private child acting career like I did your toes in it, but you got up afford fuck your permanent. I like tat, I ve been thinking like so I have a son is ten months old and unlike if I could get him into one movie, when he's like four and then never act again, just so that, like it's a pickup lining,
I have at the bar when he's twenty five. That would be perfect. You did that I did, but my my wife clearly missing some dark stuff in her career of acting, like you know, was friends like Brad Renfro in like stories. He knows the Brittany Murphy story that are so sad and since she was an iva ten month old as well When we had a man was ripe, I'm sure they look exactly the same of your maybe looks like Marv Albert. And so we were looking at the ball. Gagging everything Similar part pages he just yells from downtown and over again the Harry S he so we were like, will never let him act. My wife was so against it and then every day we looked at him and we're like he should be in everything like we're. Gonna, try, environment like it's such a fake out that you think you're not gonna, try to get him in acting more than they do in your like he's
beautiful, he needs to be on the Sopranos tomorrow. How does that work? If you get into something when your ten months old and it does really well, you get rid residual checks on after the rest, your life, oh hell, yeah, but I think it goes under your like your trust name or something it you don't they don't like give it to your baby bank account. I think they make sure your parents get it and then it yet. But for the rest, your life, you would get a rather ample all. So if you're like a baby Jenny from Forest Gump when she's get on the bus issues like you can sit here, if you won't that line she's
getting checks are mailbox everyday. Yet it does not want. That's that also to earn money. Man Nielsen twins without like cut it out or some shit. They said, I think they still get paid off dvds and streaming sale. So if you have residuals, no kits uncles made a sign aware residual asked most slave labour thing. They could have done yeah yeah, which are so your mom grown up. You said that she ran her own penny saver issue, like did her own gene which, like she, she clipped the coupons and then sent those coupons out to her friends. No, that was group on your mind and you actually report does she know she D typically had ASEAN just wasn't talking about like black Sabbath. It was like where you can get cheaper italian food. I love that's great, and so you end up meringue to paying, I think, that's a lot of kids dreams to do actually watch women's role growing up to give a crush on. No, I never see I've lock. You know I swear. We went to high school together, so we knew each other growing up. We were acquaintances and pals, and I knew she was famous. I knew she was on a show, but our high school was, I don't know we were now. It's like. You know, calabash his high. You know it is like Draken Cardassians or whenever, but at the time it was just kind of like doesn't new money haven. I didn't live there. I lived in a city next door and we'd pretended we live there, so I can go to school to better school and I knew she was famous. I knew she missed school for months, but I had never seen the show. Instead, we started dating and she showed me to episodes. So did you data in high school
No we're just acquaintances, this crazy, so unit a brick reconnecting later on weight yeah after you had famous enough for her to be seen with she was here last year, this shot most likely. I would. I would go to a radio appearance or something for my book I released or whatever it is, and they would say, where'd you at high school. I take our basis, they go. Oh, you know who is just in here and now what happened over and over again. So I said we had each other's contacts or whatever. So I would writer, I see COMECON if she was doing in appearance or whatever just say hello, and we were always just powers and then, when you turn like thirty five you're like waiting, I detect cool arson and then that all happens Switzer. You watched your first to boy meets world that busloads after you guys have been dating. Yes You feel like a creep. No, no! No! I showed you episodes showed a I dont. Have you know the show ah, but you should know very well your grandchildren of the nineties, ok, so I'm I'm I'm forty
So I'm a little more say by the Bell. I missed it by months I think, and and so I had watched one- that's the Halloween episode, which is very scream based in its great. It's got general view it in a very funny, and then we watched one. Where will Fidel his character joins a court and that, once I wouldn't say its quota quote good, but it's good cause. It's ridiculous and those who were great- and I disorders like this- is ridiculous. Ninety sick, I'm not like that's my wife's Gatwick, you're, not watching you you look cute? I ass would be the right where did not meet her whole life is very funny like we. We have this thing. We do right now called scoring teen, where we give away things that we have in our house to people on Instagram live if they answer trivia questions right, and it has thus going into the garage looking for prizes every week. You know- and we found like I wish I had it here, but we found
play brides magazine which she was on the cover of in a in a in a bride's outfit at sixteen. Oh, my god, that's so weird, and we found this, which is called grinders and it's a roller blaming the age s it as we roller bleeding. It just with her and writer, and there the hosts of it, although it like you'll, go in the garage, fine, like these crazy nineties time capsules but to her she's? Just like I don't know, this is the stupid thing I've ever seen and I might put it on the bookcase, whether they don't put in a sixteen year old and wedding dress. The color of policies
they would wasn't design. I mean it's still ass, the items in the Dallas, then it was even crazier. Is it arm? I actually have like a long time running phobia of California teenagers. Do you think like what is the essence of a California teacher? I always just think that their cooler than the rest of the country and, like California, teenagers surf and do drugs and have sex before everyone else does. Do you think that that's a completely made up thing in my mind or there's some merit in that no other samaritan, I mean I was kind of a dweeb. I was very I'm still kind of square. My wife was square where both kind of like as much as you think she was like in a chilling at the Morrow Chateau Armada, twelve years old. She wasn't, but you know, like Otto, I remember going to like tripod questions and I was in late middle school hide areas in loading LEO Dicaprio, backstage like smoking, weed nose like oh yeah, I'm not like him at all. I like, I think they dislike, of the
different lifestyle. I was like making sure my mom din page me, so I was late, but at the same time you are also rack stage had attracted backlash. None have noted. I was a gender. I was general admission looking onto backstage. No, I never I'd. I didn't have any connections like that, but there's a lot of culture. I think american culture starts in California in this weird way that you guys are often times that mean even right now to feel like all the tick tock stars and vine stars or living in some weird mansion who were where I've been watching. You be like where the fucker your parents like. Why are you doing this
yeah? That's a question. I have a lot. I think you know I remember for a while when vine was hot day there was this apartment complex on vine. They all live that and I was like number one. That kind of irony should not be even use like it's too ironic. They should just burn the house down, but yeah I dont understand. I guess I guess we ve met them like Daniele and I have been in situations of charity event or something or she's friends. She was on this tv show called girl meets world which was like a reboot of boiling meets world, and so she was on a television show that had young kids on it, like Sabrina Carpenter and end sort of like the new Hollywood. Now they went
to be in bigger things, and we hang out with everyone Suam. I couldn't feel lesson. I feel like a narc right right, like I'm literally like hey cool kids, like I, like literally holding the skateboard everything I it's not for me, I'm scared of it as well. Have you see us in your like these guys are fuckin loser? So it's like me now. I feel I can put big cats onto something like yours so many times and we ve only been on California. A couple times as we saw the show but will be driving down the street and I think to myself five times the minute you should be in school. That it should be in school, why isn't that right wisely? Swift, wouldn't do that, just nine, because eight any smoking cigarettes, really awesome. I want smoke now too. He could I ask him in my my jewel over to you. Haven't you take your yeah deal from. I read that you're, a big Ellie clippers fan. Is that true I am sadly they while yet big come up for you in the last year, so congrats that who, who is the most famous out, refers in this way?
what's it like, knowing that you will always be the second most favoured our famous clippers. Fanned the kid for welcoming the Middle Frankie Muniz was a huge clipper stand, but I have been going to games before. Muniz was old enough to be a game, so I am used to obviously to Billy Crystal Comparison or Cadiz. Partisan, who was a very big clipper stand back in the day, but now you go and it's like J C and Little Wayne and I've seen Drake it games. I mean it's literally. It's almost become the ticket compared to Lakers games. So I don't act like it's like the ban that now place catch Ellen, I I was into them when they were. You know what I mean. I don't play that game, so I am happy that it exists. I'm happy that there are great team. I mean I just. I always wonder when they're talking shit about other genes on what you guys know. How is ends right right in here for thirty years, like we have did not gloat is this is going to come back to get even even just now, you say: you're happy. There are great team and it's like. Obviously we do. We don't know what would happen if this year, but Dave literally been a great team for like three months,
and you could even our kid ahead. Hitler that's up for grabs of inquiries on illegal. We hate the clippers for what they did to Blake Griffin. Our friend she saw my might by way of my friend is well. I've worked with him more than any any player he's my favorite clipper of all time. I did many things with him from the espies. We did a very weird live read of space jam here, in LOS Angeles, where he played Michael Jordan like we I've. I've done a lot of comedy with them in it hurt my feelings. That's almost why your hearing a little bit of that for me
is that I was such a big Blake. I India, Andre as well, and so this is a new look clippers. I will always feel a connection with the laundry obviously but Blake leaving was. It was a big deal for me. I say you are a little bit of eclipsed or which I would actually be if I win your position to relocate. I remember these old days when things were so great and I wish you all the time now we got quite we got peachy. Do you think that the idea is coming back? I will I do this pot gas now called the no sports bog cast most pulses wage ain't. You thank, you have been doing since kid songs. As you know, the no sports report, which is a package that I do where I interview athletes, while there and corn teen, trying to figure out what they're doing and I'll tell you that I have talked to people like Collins, extend? And you know basically the I talked to J Williams about his weird cruise ship idea, where he thinks everyone's gonna be playing on a cruise awesome. I know had idea awesome idea. You gets hurt a true improv class, remember that no, we
we want you to know that the idea were like what was he wrong about outputs crews are what's your efforts? There are things that he could. You could point out. A lot of public This is why why was wrong, but we don't want to say no to anything that there are no bad idea. As someone who comes up with a perfect idea, let's keep spitballs yeah, let's yes and everything I am not. I do not feel their coming back. I think that the ideas that are being thrown around sound, like they're just there, does pitches but hold on you're, saying that, because you have a podcast where you exclusively internet, who asked
There are in quarantine, so you have you have a vested interest in here. Are the money to be like a sports cancelled, forever tune into knows more podcast, so you're telling me hold on so you're telling me that you think you read that M l B story today about a hundred games or whatever all in conference, three homes, stadiums act. That sounds like the most fictitious. It sounds like what happens after bombing in twenty four here: here's where I met with it. I think we're fucked until the NFL season starts, because if there is one thing that we know is sports fans, the ETA felt doesn't really care about play. Safety, so I think he'll come back and then everyone will follow suit. I do like the idea that, no matter what happened in sports, though, at the end of the year or the end of our own existence, it will just be cockroaches in pro wrestling before we get back to the interview with Jensen Karp. I want to talk to you guys about a good friend of ours. The people over at roman most guys have tried different ways to last longer, but thinking about baseball dozen
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I have obtained to pick with you yeah. You had my dream job for six months and I was listening to an interview you did earlier when I walk my dog, and you said you didn't like it. So you were a writer for Monday night Raw for six months. Yeah you're like I'd, really like it, and I I want a punch, my phone. When I heard it was you that I did not know I like the job, I mean listen, I was in situations I would have died to do when I was twelve years old. I would have loved I'll Hacksaw, Jim Doug, into yell ho louder like that was like made by literally. If I had a right out what my job dream was a twelve, that's it, but about truthfully it's just traveling man. I don't think you guys, I feel like. I have something with you guys in a sense, a travelling to three cities a week and sleeping very little, and it's just, I felt less creative by the day, and I mean it's a circus man, it's it's! A truce are guided. Where do they make you travel to every city, though, if you're a writer of the show? Why was there in two thousand five I've heard it slightly different than now they have a home team and travelling team, but but back then we were. We were writing right to the last.
Men and on the plain in the arena like they would have us working in producing with the wrestlers Rachel to literally we went on air, so that was part of the writing. Job is also producing on the spot that I understand that aspect, because when you do travel, it does like sap, your creativity you're when you're sleeping, indifferent, hotels and getting on plans, you just don't feels creative. Do you did you ever sit in a room with Vincent Man? I was on the plane every day with him tv. We would go on the private plain. Oh shit, you ever sneeze in front of him no, but I saw people's needs in front of them, would happen, are dead. The honestly I wouldn't be shocked if they just came up into a river right now. As you said there name like your speaking, like the undertaker like just pop up. No, he just looks at them like that, This thing in the world in my sword light even like mimics like the like that, like there's not on him like lightning it
I mean it was just like a pantomime bit, but he also at stake. Sandwiches everyday. You know that story. Now he eats these pieces of stake in a tortilla with catch up every day, every day Every day I never saw mean anything out, oh my god. What a giant air just bear inside and towards EU we're not ask you and many sort of solidarity, intervention outside likes like skillet pieces. Did he ever look at you and be like you know? I really help is fuckin round of HIV Aids dude. I guarantee we looked me every time he just went what a Jew. He had to have looked at me. I he always kind of this, but I think he always respectively, because my my dad right before I left was a youtube I really nice outta get. I have no money he's like alone at you with my dad and everybody either, but for some reason we scraped together dough and I bought a very nice suit to go out there and since the first able
nice suit, and I think from Mary just like thought. I had a lot of money if you weren't every day how you see how to go. This is the key to suit. I have ever had haven't washed it. Yet here's the Jew in the sea, the half- that's that's gonna, be so intimidating, though flying on a private plane with Prince with men out freak yeah. I was crazy I've. I told the story recently at weirdly made a lot of press, but I was always scared to fall asleep on the plane, because Vince would throw almonds at people who fell asleep and I didn't like was kind of filling. It was bullying, but I also liked Vince all like ok with it, but I still network like yeah. What is stated could be like you in the morning in, unlike shaking with my eyes, wide open like like, like clockwork Orange scatter, Bezukhov almonds ready to go. Yeah, I like a red something about him doing that would Jericho at one point like you. Jericho would fall asleep on a plane and he would just like stack stuff on his body vision. Is he doesn't like it when somebody loses control of their own body? Random weathered sneezing yawning sleeve anus, you name, it is weakness,
you dont weakness. Yes, so is there a story Linda? You came up with when you are right for W B that day came back you, they said no, that's too outlandish yeah, I hadda. I bet you're, just gonna ask the ones I did which are stupid to, but but the one that I brought them. I like this kid who is in developmental at the time. You know we have a minor leagues. Now it's an ex t whenever it solely different, but back then we are like a aaa system any and we would go down every one swallow work with eminent come back and you like, we really like this guy, like see upon Kaluza, become become a friend out of that system that I would go there and you like. I love this dude, but there was another guy there and in Chechnya Oblonsky and I think, he's like a bouncer now I don't think he knows on wrestling anymore and he was like this polish kid and I had helped craft this idea within. Where he's a super fan, and so he would he would like no ep. He knew everything about progressing in real life. So if he was put up against someone you would know other stats want to take a picture with them like do all this stuff, but then a series, the Bell rang: he would he would beat the shit out of them and then, when the Bell rang again,
He would then take pictures with em down on the ground like it was. It seemed like a great place to start and they were like now and then I followed up with an idea for a character named Perry hotter, which was the very small rest for her, who would have thought it was anyway. You wanna hear that when both the light is all those ideas very bad shut. The jet
your mother it. Now I like your blockage, Oblonsky, that's just a good bouncer name. If that's what he is, that's like what he was born to do yet gach at the jet was his utter judge. Oblonsky. I like the idea of somebody being the shit out of an opponent because they know their history of matches and moves so well yeah. I know exactly how to feed so who's. Your favorite wrestler of all time, you can't say, see him punk. As you said, you were good friends if it yeah I've ever serve all time. That's a good question. I think I mean I don't know my answer so corny, but I I guess it's it's so hard for me to say I really don't love any one. I think they're all just kind of like you. I guess I'll, listen, Owen, hearts incredible! He was great. I mean. I know the saddest death of all time so it's hard to bring up, but I just always loved. No, when I thought he was funny and he was also just a good rest or any kind of tough
and can tell a joke. The in Iraq is the greatest. I mean obviously O Stockholm summit in this room with Iraq that both great doesn't it does seem like givens yeah, I really dont you don't took. I took your boy wrongdoer wrestling event yeah. Well, I wanted to bring that up. I don't care about going. You go into a wrestling event with road. You, your bachelor party had Cm Punk, Paul, sheer, the league and a million other things John Mare ever heard of him and Adam throne. Adam from how did he fit in tell us something embarrassing. Did he even though our own is like the cool sky ever so I'm sure you did fine put allowing embarrassing about rob. Well, we
We did go to wrestling event that that was what kind of like my my bachelor party was in Chicago and Rome was great. He had never really done anything like wrestling before and he was he was just jazzed in taking turns the social media photos and is having a great time and then we all we had rented like a bus to go to the events and we all walked back to the bus and we we didn't know where round was he was gone and we waited thirty minutes for round we had we were. Leave it out. We had no idea where he was and I, like you said it's like John Mayer being like where's, your friend Adam frown and we other Adam made friends at like a near by Jim. There was an elegant, Highschool Jim near by any smoked we'd with them, and then he got back on the rustle, but he made us wait for thirty minutes, that sounds exact you can you can drop thrown off in any sort environment whatsoever, he'll be just fine yeah he's the best way. So I to settle this debate for me because I I caused a radio show a throne and he has, after its after every bachelor party. If one has that, like group text message
fired up for the Bachelor Party than its the hey. Where are you wrote likewise smoking weed with ice analysed and then, after a Peters out couple days? Whatever do you think that have road tax John Mayer, out of the blue, with John Mayer respond? We have a text message. If so runs? Oh and anyone kick, anyone been kicked off, no one's been kicked off and I will tell you this. I will tell you this. It recently got renamed to the roan Appreciation group, ok because we were all very into, the storm chasers up and I posted having like this is really funny and everyone got really into it, and I and I believe, though I would have to find a screenshot incentives around you guys could see it. I believe John wrote. This is the greatest thing. I've ever watched incredible who interesting, because that idea actually was my boss- and I came over that idea like five or six years ago, saw me to say that on mayor complimented me
Technically, it's yours that yeah, even though I am ever Intranet and Ronan Kilburn Wave near than I am ominous say, that's a calf compliment from John Mayer to me. Take it Jake anyone gets into the bank. Do you that your friends more coppice? Yes, yes, so is mark feeling, like a really big idiot. Knowing that time too long got the United States military to release all these photographs and videos of of ufos. I will tell you this. I had a morning radio show until just four days in the pandemic, we were like kind of public. Fired it made a bit a mainstream here, in LOS Angeles, on a channel called K Rock, which is like a legendary rock station, and one of my last interviews was with was with Tom belong and we were it such a break quote. I wish she was on air was off air, but we're taking photos with him at the end and and and MIKE what my colleague said to him. Do you ever get tired of people telling you you're crazy, and he said they don't do it anymore?
and he's like, but they did for many years, and he goes, it's been a couple good years to be termed along yeah. Yeah really has yeah. I felt like it felt like a really nice, I mean I'm. I guess there is a team mark whatever it is, not really a t marking time, but at one point it was kind of like that right division in the band, but I think that this point everyone does has to say Tom. The long though it comes from a crazy medium clearly is onto something I've been indicate. I think that been meant so much to so many people, the YAP. Some people took sides during the whole divorce, but you know for the last five years everyone's just been like please get back together. We just went out back together for the I think that the end of it didn't didn't. We make army not make my mom. We turn mark onto roans pop punk band, pup bunker whenever we need a part of it and made him. Yes, we made him tweet there. You go sweet circle life all these circles good getting connected here. You also have a book but sublet out real quick, so the progress is called. What does cotton What was the name of the book? It's Conway shows got three hundred dollars, yeah conquest.
Made three hundred dollars. The story about how I had this record deal, That's just one story: the Cotonou S, things kind of a Click Bay title, that's a very title that maybe the greatest book title ever: I know I haven't read because our really read books, but I've, that's fine all about reading it. That's good enough for me, and yet in the book just tells a story about me being a you know. Teenage wrapper, who gets is recorded in scope and in having a bit of a mental breakdown in the midst, and it was a failure in my mind, for a long time to sort of like something I wouldn't want to address, and then I kind of sat down a road out this book
I felt I thought my own vindication mountain along UFO vindication about it and and felt really good, getting it down and end people of sort of connected with it. The sense it you know all about some sort of hit a dead end, and this is a tale of me not finishing, but instead making like the. U turn over. I like that, sir. So just a process of you sitting down in writing. It actually made you feel better and help you move on. From that point. A hundred percent, not even like a question I mean I I spent ten years in therapy talking about how I want to get rid of this thing, and then I wrote a book, and now I I enjoy talking about it. It's a completely different experiencing did Conny every you up, no, but three licences, podcast we'll tell him he's a big burn. My Jake, I'm sure I know, is a big Peter review. Guy, I'm shocked to hear parliamentary. No, he ok! So when I was getting ready to promote the book, I had an idea and these two companies offered me five thousand dollars each and we were going
Hey, if someone can get con you to give me, the three hundred dollars will give you ten grand, and that was like such a funny idea to me, like give me three hundred I'll, give you ten grand yeah and it was such a. Funny great you know like he's always around like you just don't seem to get the three hundred like. I thought it was just like a funny bit and the book company was like we'll call your lawyer and see if Ok. So I call my lord my lawyers like now that's a tear. Well, I d, like you, didn't, kill people get killed four way less than ten the knowledge that is so down to it so dumb, and so I didn't think of that, and so I told her how people that idea and one guy goes- you know you can do- is ask him- and I owe you know like laughing and it was cause he's just right in there and he and he just points to adorn I've. Only tumblr is that he's in there is taking a meeting, and I go he's in that room. Illegal yeah, I'm not going in there. It's element the goal, but don't we pick him up and we'll? Let you know what I think he's gonna want to do it and I will listen. I haven't seen him in ten years, but the colony I know would never do this. This is it
is is against everything that you don't think I think he's going to do it. I go all right. Well I'll, go home and you call me whatever. Let me know couple hours past. They don't call me, I email them. They don't call me back if you come, like eight p dot m and I got to call my phone, I go yeah he's not into it. I don't know I told you I wasn't gonna be into it and so Conyers said I'm happy to hear the gens doing well, but you know I don't. I feel like its manipulative and ass, a cat. No, it's totally exploitive amenable to that old joke and in any tweeted each. We did something along the lines of its apparel phrase, but that same day before where's before each. We dont use me for any of your marketing schemes and other get us deftly bout me some kind. U S! S worth more than three hundred Bolivia and most likely till it out. The book book was already printed Will we have Glennie balls put like pay him three hundred dollars into one of his bosom burgers reviews in Congo watches that then will in Santiago saying yes,
huge Frank you didn't. I I read that you lasted forty five days on a freestyle competition on the radio's utterances that forty five straight battles, yeah. That's how I got my debt. I got my record deal. I was on a radio show here and allay power, no sex, and it was just like a dumb regional radio contact. You guys had it in New York is wealth of the roll call like Andrei used to do, and it was just like dewdrop battling back and forth its just the stupidest regional radio, but I used to take it pretty serious interest. He'll be by giving their illegal eleven years old. I just would destroy. Am I didn't? I didn't care, I just thought it was funny and and then he added the most wins before me was like ten and then I one forty five and I left I was at USC go into a sea of time and I had to go to final sites was like edges anymore and Jimmy Ivan was. There are basically when I walked off.
Gimme the record, you let my Ronan I get along so well as we can to have similar origin stories. The eighty five days do you ever run out of words, yes here, and we shall have the only too happy times as you, rhyme, Bacardi, with party over the spending I ran it. There's a story in a book and it's totally true is that I was free darling and wrapping, because they would also make me rap after the battles they go can now you're gonna just did the guy. You know you have to do it again, and so I one day was like- and I know this next line is going to cause a bunch of beef and also to have anything happening there and that's like such a problem. It lets like such a promise. You know like does next Oh, my god, like they everyone's. I mean like they're, like unabated bated breath to hear this next line and I go. I would rather die than
Do a song retirees which, like which was just a stupid, just ride with beef, and I don't care about areas I think he's corny but like whatever and everyone laughed and one as I go, my god and then I did it again. The next day, I thought it was funny to just keep picking on salaries and then eventually called in the station and was what the hell's this guy doing. He wasn't happy yak, as I pretended I knew omens. Basically, there like what you, but they were like laughingly like when you have again siree says I kill low like I was solely joking around and any called any. Likewise, you hate me. Is there some story? He was like real into it, and now I like a bitch was, I know, there's nothing. I made it up just rhymes with peace. Yo me five hundred dollars tyres again, I have you battle wrapped against Rhone. Yes, we battled Why did she mediocre drop the MIKE Turner and I hired Rhone as a writer, because I thought he was just tremendous, and here I mean if you dont, hire him to do it Do you get right and your own yeah sure her skirts? Listen, I love Jerome
well, no european lives. Both base gets but you're Aigrettes Rodya for Adam Provence. My bachelor party, we know where right yeah, I will say box our own Elizabeth. Road runner comes out and he is riding with us and we hire Hailey Baldwin. What time is not famous at all she's unknown she's? Just I guess, he's Baldwin's kid and we thought you'd be great and three beaver all that stuff and she needed to do a test, and so we needed to put her out in front of the court in audience at the James Corden late late, show to see if she can handle being in front of an audience and so Rowan and I decided we would write battles against each other is to test and and Haley would introduce me than Rowan
however, and I took a very serious so I sat down and wrote all my stuff out. Rhone wrote his devout, but also I'm his boss, the like it makes for a terrible situation. So the first time I destroyed him. I got him great in the first test and then we had to do another test and he had rewritten stuff and he killed me. Ok, I kind of a serious question about that, like if your battle wrapping against one guy, the that works for you and is part of his job, to write these battle wraps and you just a visceral them and you treated like a donkey and you you just beat him down.
You worry that he's gonna like through you, obviously not with Rhone but like with another out I've had only we would tell contract. You have to get somebody sign for that. Well, I mean, if you wanted it really inside baseball about this. Do you yes area? After again, there was a lawsuit that Europe should should. Definitely research, if you wanna, have fun the friends writers room had massive lawsuit from a writers assistant. I believe, because of the things that they said back and forth, and it ended up that the writers assistant lost because the with the writers room is considered a place for like safe haven, creativity. Delays are contract if eyes, why everyone blasted us, because we had the friends clause in our contract, a parcel being lawyer, were in a creative spot like children made. If we say that Hank can't get an erection,
three years running totally as a gag. It's a joke. It's a Joe, it's a joke. Hank can't do anything about it, yeah, yeah, and so that I think that's pretty much how Hollywood redundancies at this time, so I dont get. But I had my wife on the show. My wife battled Jonathan Lip Nicky, the kid from Jerry Maguire you up and it was very cute because the writers room I was, I think it was the head writer. That's I'm and the writers from drop off lyrics and they go. I don't know man. We found these outside it a tree under a tree.
Are all about your wife man, just jokes: they wrote about my wife, but listen. I come from a place where a battering is all jokes. Man and same is, as you guys, breaking balls like it's just a minute. So you know you like someone right. It's true true this, but also man, the no sport podcast. U S, mother! No! It's called the no sports report. No supports four percent. Nickel. Tell me: do you guys stick to sports during the no sport support or do not talk about any sports? We talk about sports, but we also mostly focus on things like like we had Sugar Ray Leonard on and we talk a little bit about boxing, but also I talked him about what a meetings are like a quarantine, because these people can't meet up and talk about not drinking and stuff and to our Harrington about his weird we'd business. You know and jabbing lux we talk about what shoes these buying on stock acts inadequate. We don't have to talk about. What's on the field, we sought budgets, but we're
in this we are time- and you started this arrest whose corona virus started. So do you feel like you're exploding grown of ours yeah, all the money does not go. I was going to make a joke about money not going to charity, but it actually does not you eating a man a dot. Org is yeah really, I sold like ten percent atop, the Red one. Dealing. You got it's for your heart from its current, your money away now, ivy Docendum money does go an end and we just add partnered up with Iheart Radio, which were really excited about, and elements of all those posts, what you just did because, like you you're like area an area and a good guy- and it's you feel about where we were Boston, balls and you you just took it- you went over the top on us like actually do give it all to charity. Don't worry man we're in a creative contacts. I can't take it out on you. You also hastily Griffin, like we kind of similarly do, because I love
oh good, a sports and so funny into good actor. Just because, as you are funny so inadequate, yeah any salt Lake the ear, so he he wrote, we did the espies when Drake as the house that year I was the writer on and that year and Blake and Drake did a sketch together called Blake and Drake and no matter what we rode for Blake. He would just right, you say something funny or in the moment it was like it. He should be, writing comedy for a living, but yes, so it is very good at sports. He's a man yet will you write is built on a basket when you're writing for Drake? Was he like hey? This is perfect, as I don't write my own stuff. Normally at that time, I think we all thought eroded stuff who I am. I listen. I watched him write stuff, I I don't know he's another. What is it you physically wash em right it? Yes, ok, we are confirmation, while I saw him right wraps. Yes, ok at sea who, each with their own deal with my own two eyes. He wrote a dude. It's also another great Youtube dive. He did. A song called knows our side pieces for the speech that you're about about the songs, not further. Your number earns its for your number juice.
And he wrote the most that I wrote some of the jokes as well so did beshear in Diablo two great writers, but yeah break man he's at he was a musical genius with it. I I watch them. Do it You stand up when you gave him his best lies ahead it now. I dont think I gave him his best lines, but if that gives me the DJ air horn from you guys, I will take it. Papa I roused by scientific Jensen, has been awesome man. We really appreciate you joining us a lot. I back any time ever gonna check out the no sports report where he just gives all his money away. While we sit here just met, keeping all of our money, you're better person than us you're, giving away trinkets from your garage- and you have like seventeen adopted dog in all this stuff, so you're you're, just the best man, are you still pay your dog walker? Oh I'd, not know. Now, while we are royal well well, he's he's been felucca who dwelt yet
this one's own jobs. We are like the fuckin Sixers. No The microwave firm you followed was also upon just the record. No, I I do want to say that I think I think you guys is everyone still working for you guys is everyone's dominant, no one! no. We we literally are the only people to come in like twice a week, but no one I mean it's kind of amazing. You guys we're gonna. Media can be that hasn't done anything like while people are still making cuts. At their their guest from your house. Not at all. You need your german saying, I'm saying like it's incredible. People are still making content he's not like following people are not letting go be correctly. There are still doing great. There were very lucky right that story about us The hate now would write that story. Now. I know. Well, I appreciated for one I yet where we basically just find different ways to create like magical worlds. Nothing's real anymore. No fifties dog broke the Brok news.
The offers a coordinator for you. I see I Sahara, satellite nothing's real anymore, but we ve created. I, like a fabricated side life that now sustains have Scully weird coming back. To which we spent like an hour on on twitch the other day watching the dvd logo bounce around on screen, I didn't I watched a little Julia is watching any the baseball Stefano. What, with what baseball jellyfish? oh tournament. Oh god, our drive out the taiwanese stuff where they have their hard work cut out now, and you forgot our deep, you guys go home, I more service level, just watching you know Dennis Psmith Junior whoever play yet. I know whatever watch or Swatch whatever dumb. She don't worry. I saw your horse or south horse, isn't it of course was aiming at and it showed you how big my connollys Jim is what a joke yeah yeah. He should be a better shooter. You should be a better everything without it'll be a better dad. He should be a better
A rent is actually really good guy. We have on the show your guy he's just right, let alone riches. Her ok arise, hey play Griffin beloved my time and we will also love Blake, but there's all K. You know you always have to look sideways. A guy like that that zero much better than everybody had everything ass. True ass, I will Jensen. Thank you. So much man really appreciated. Thank you guys, big fan thanks man, CARP was brought you guys by stitch fix. I love my stitch fix. It is one of the things I look forward to every single month when they send me a box full of clothes that our hand picked by my own personal stylist. I open it up. I see what I want to keep. I see what I want to send back and it so easy to return the stuff I don't want, but usually I just end up hanging onto of it because they pick out great great stuff for me when it be great, if every clothing store they shot that had only your size, which tells you lichen and the price that you want well, there's accompany focus on making that happening, and it is to fix one of the biggest problems. For me.
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twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix that stitch fix dot com, Slash p m t twenty five percent off when you keep everything in your fix that stitch fix that calm, slash, p, empty! Ok, let's do quick segment before we get to our mouth Rushmore. First up we have embraced debate, is Michael Jordan, a loser Well, we play the audio. I so Hank sent us this ah and its. Oh, quite a point by my vulgar. I think that its those things you know in here way as they make money are not not an obvious reason, but I think that's the way he judges he's probably individually competitive. Still, I think Jordan turn into a loser is what I think the guy's a player on the floor alternate when our great competitor, I'm not take anything away from there as a man in this dangerous, you feel like a loser to me. I mean even absolute
disgraces an owner loser as an owner and what does personal liking? does gambling situations? You saw the gambling problem. You know that George, pretty awesome, Dumay looks into question now. So what does that mean Murray like based on watching this thing, it looks like you live in large look. Come offers a loser to me. Well, but nobody does have a gaming problem. I don't know Probably still I don't know that even ever shake that I just he might be one of the few guys, though, that that will never catch up with they were. I think it that I have no problem with it again. We have it if he can afford those kind of lost. Loses millions of dollars a year at a black jack table. I don't let's a winner. If you can't afford it, everyone should have a vice I get my own like. What's what's in your head, like that's cool, I know, but Once again we have it if he can afford those kind, Why isn't he enjoys it more power to you I'll get sick?
I think it's a disease sickness, I think it's rose is Michael. You're gonna lose embraced. This is quite right to take. Its aim is to take wake. Just does Michael Jordan being so rich tat. He can gamble millions of dollars and still be re. Make him a loser. I would say absolutely not I'd, say his track record with the wizards and and Charlotte would be more apropos to bring up and calling him a loser, but still I think it's safe to say that Michael Jordan is Norway. Way loser and hold on Pfc. What about the fact that his shoes are iconic and still like highly sought after twenty years after he played the NBA? Any has probably millions of millions prior billionaire in terms of his brand, that surely makes him a less well he's, also a winner when it comes to being a meme all the time
yes, I am furs become while easily relying well he cried, but then he got rid of the cry because he remained himself. And then, in the last episode of the last dance he became meme again looking down at his phone. Yes, so he can. Just can't stay out of me. My keys visa means wet dream is just such a great. Take that you you're, like hey. You know what this Jordan thing like every Sandy's awesome, let's just go the other way it sees fit lose. What's good to know. He doesn't have you know that trip the Red Sox or the brewing each other's right. Now it could do no. He still getting his work in when their sports are going on. The US he's he's keeping his fiery takes. Life. Is there anybody alive? That is less of a loser. The Michael Jordan, I don't think there is I really don't know it thinks there's nobody is. He is the definition of the word winner. Yes, yes, I would say so
like see synonymous with winner, more than probably any athlete, maybe besides Tiger Woods, it's like Tiger and in Jordan, Wilkes Type took away more. Bigger l, german join everyone who is now the true. That's Churchill chapters asses I also have a. I have embraced debate from less you Bubba. What's your honor Bubba yet is actually the update symptoms. Dude cancer whirling whose concern oh not yet. Can sterling he's my guy because he's he comes out with take wake every now and again, when he its board, I think he's a guy has a website that has a whole section called truth. That's how other guys firing some preposterous takes. As you see this one I did yeah, so he said: does it make sense for and if all players dealing with the potential for developing see tee and other critical injuries to care much about contracting corona? I love this take because it's one step closer to.
The eventual take that a lot of people going to adapt right, which is we're all gonna die anyways. So who cares macaroni via what? What's the point? Why why why like sit around- and we like old crone of our school, get us work, we're all headed for the same place also disguise definitely does not believe in city now, but he still dropping it as an argument. Writings we, which is which is great. This is it takes Psmith, it's very smart to then be like hey. This is actually hounds gonna work, it's you, appreciate the beauty in a perfect, take and not agree with person saying yes and then the guy like can sterling even those stocks in these dumber than a bag. Donkey shit he'd still do Listen takes an opportunist take to the maximum. Yes, shut your mouth Rushmore
MT, Rushmore of things we think when were high, not a flush, more, not a flush, more begat, your first well at my first first is not even my first. My first is trying to think of thing through eluded. When am I thought was actually Forcing ahead of my list will actually destiny. Others know that's my first one. We had never think of things like that's all, I'm thinking about right now. So what do I think about what I'm high, which is what do I think about what I'm high right? If you are, how you'd be thinking that right right now right this? Second, I'm thinking what do I think you got me, the abbot What do I civic situation you ever did, but when you're normally high you're not a bit his speech, we would like these are all too often indifferent mindset he's. What do I think about
well I'm high and I'm high right now so its inception. It's an idea eating. So the thing of like eight. What do I think about what I'm when I'm high? Well, I'm thinking about what do I think about what I hi right now through loves, do Jack. It's not general. Only think of my brain right now, Literally the only thing in my brain Hazelbridge, you know what gets spooked by it by that comment, doesn't now you want to come back now? I do I get it. I get overdrawn homage violated general is not a general thought that you have when you're usually high, but in this moment you are correct, had that thought so it counts. So I get it my first one and it's what I think by like all usually like replay, inconsequential conversations or like things
but under the guise of like I'm being interviewed by Jo Rogan or like on a waiting, I thought so Roby I oh, I know you nailed your your mouth flush more, that advertisers and, like you know, those guys don't get in and they got throw punchline Evan will laugh and like That's usually anything when I'm thinking back on what happened on I'll think about it like, through the guise of an I love, a lovely put yourself in your own little highlight real. Yes, us! Yes, that's a good road was cheerleader. I always think so weird that I have a wild animal that lives in my house that somehow loves me? but it's a wild animals. I could kill me at the moment and he's just my friend you does occur on its yeah. Is that crazy, though yeah sometimes think about that? Oh hey, you sparked somethin Hankses could be yeah, feel secure. You ve domesticated nature lovin, yet you you're
you ve tamed or its tamed you. There were all too yeah who feeds who every day who pays for the other person's rent, who picks up the other guy shit. You too, you have to add to my second one. This is pretty genuine by thinking or speak to our people. This is crazy. This is great just thinking this crazy, that's crazy! That was crazy. This, but this right now this is crazy. We're makes you blow this. Again that's another, as I get it disgraceful that you don't think about our craziness. This meaning like life for this current Joam, everything after me, there ever giving curls make about it too much. It's crazy! This crazy, crazy, that crazy.
We're here right now and like this date of New York, is shut down out of something we don't know about to three months ago. Everything that's crazy right, Henry! That's fucking crazy! For his time It's been. It's been two years there seers seven billion people on a year on this earth and somehow were the ones that ended up in this tiny room together the Scr This is only while eyes. What is one of us could afford got hit by a car when we're like thirteen? None of this would happen. Or lads worried like what like what were that's, creates, gets wild right. It is, while God you're very also presented any of our ancestors ever interact like our great grandparents are like some shit like downward other yeah. That's kind of weird! That's crazy! Think about you! Think about that No, I just thought that you are now by third of gold. Now, my second one is where's, my cell phone.
No, it's usually like, especially when I'm in a car, like that's, usually on my lap, and I can't find it and I step up and it falls off yes, good. One are like is that my cell phone, if you think that you feel a buzz yeah yeah that events and puts the phantom Ah, that's crazy. I am. I have one similar to that. Hake is when you really high, so made outweigh regular high. But, like a my wet like him, I went right now. My socks work Does it feel like they may become a don't wet my sweater yeah yeah like they did. I piss me of what I am wrong. I don't know I just get out of the shower. You can always is kind of a few. It's the gas yourself right now, I certainly hope that ever are yours. Whose Wendell. We feel inferior free, now really feel your toes are they went well,
if you just think about it, really what wiggle your toes, they know full well. What no, I am, I feel, look at it so tat. I want to do this. Look at it and say do do my fee. Your what and then give us ass if you actually start to think that right, just really wholly on the feet being well in their work. I feel like I'm walking in buckets every I step unlike a cartoonist bucket of water bucket of water bucket of water, just like your whole body are united. Travels, but the crazy thing out of your brain fields where,
That is a sweaty person things. I've never only think everyone, thus putting it all right now, you're dry, I have another one in my wet and my wits am I currently, when I jus often time I guess I'll, just in a bigger picture be like engineering is fucking, crazy man like it so crazy. And we just accepted our buildings bridge is: is we hot yeah? I think that's how it without oil, those whose minds are so advance in their job, is to just put stuff together till it gets huge tunnels yeah. Don't you guys think, though, that the people that did it before
technology were even smarter. All my haggle city using rose, the guy, had been dude sit on the steel, be there are better help the empire state building those guys problem weren't, the ones that like were behind it, I'm pretty sure, like a million people died, trying to build the Brooklyn Bridge yeah. That's like the old, comparing old school MBA to today's games. Like back in the nineteen hundreds are engineer, more physical brightening can actually get other Einstein you right now. The chinese merger to soft youth. I mean like thing the biggest build. Think of the building in Dubai. About. How do they do that? How we're about bridges, where the columns go like all the way to basically the bomb the ocean, yet hardly protection there However, the brig Florida that's like seven miles. Long. Yes, go on that
keep out at some point. A guy was I I can connect. You see things I did you. Can you see it right? That's crazy has not. Those are the big bridges where they go where their like so long that they did. You really go up and go down to its own mountain right. Yeah goes your mind ass. My limbs there are two bridges me to just thinking about bridges, impractical robber, a pretty good spot right now, with bridges like likewise but yeah. I could see. I can scare you up one rustling trick walking video in ruins I always think about like a really long tunnel, but what have you got stuck in a really long tunnel, this one's kind of up. Nuts away was Joseph Porridge sparks my mind, machination, but similar kind of I guess the first one, but sometimes I think, I'm in a final destination movie, like one eyed over bridge and like you just going up. Not only is this bridge gonna call what it's like a beam is gonna, come through like door and like you, gonna fall out and when I was going to die like don't, you think.
Imagine the worst, and then I like over, like I literally think, but why I was telling someone about this when I was six, I didn't hear about file destination and toast telling someone bought this. Like a like. I found this nation as I want you imagine the script, to find us three much like parallel mindsets. Us you so yet. Did you just think that there is something out to get you, those controlling all these things? When you mean like how did you think that you were? What did you think that you were living in just the unlucky is timeline. We're all the stuff could happen to you. Aren't you feel like you're somebody that was trying to kill? You know I'll, just be like high and like how I also have a pair of bridges and be like I'm highlight this bridge going down. But then I feel, like, I think, like you, imagine how the bridge is going to go down and wouldn't you like in the back in an hour.
Time line up, adjust the concept of milk in your rear view and just like going down step by step as you stay in front of it like Heinz Ward, running the kick back and dark night. Second, illegal block in the back of your script, egregious without using Does my third one? Third, ok, my third one is judges. You're, something I think I hear stuff sometimes unlike was I watch was something I heard. Not all the things to the birds in the bursting yeah I'll startled you hear it and then you don't hear minutes definitely was there. Yeah. I guess I'm so long now known no I'm with you now and I'm with you on that one does your somebody's. Definitely we was yeah yeah you! Now you see what I'm saying hey. Can I think
finding out as Hake is just no. I e more would help me. What are you you're better, like you're, better at being high? If you think your what I guess so I do they do that they hear things is fact, is so waits or every guy used. Taking that everything? We were going to try to remember all the here and now is to remember where Hank went. Without these there was one I was all get interview: Thou Mayst, I think that's a gray one was thoroughly that's over filed, thus Neva this Neeoka. He wrote the script final, desperate, yeah, I'm caught. My brain is constantly rising scope, the final destination. Ok, I'm like any sulphur yeah on and the other one way. What you are I one were the last one is everyone can tell them high, while if I'm out in public
are like Brotow how you up? I always I think that everyone that I'm talking to is like, while that guy's williston- yes, yes, I agree with that one these well. Ah, my fourth one, which is kind of sparked by p of tease dog one, is psych, basically just all animals and like evolution of like let you watch a planet earth and when they cover one like mammals, like big cats, and you like them like a one point, there was just like two cats yeah, yeah, ok and right now, there's like in like dogs yeah. You know like that way way way way there. They like there was like two dogs and others, and they didn't look like a guy that are here today at all at all. During like the friendliest wolves, right and then, when they show like wolves, are basically like dog. You know I mean like they'll, do something for was like. Actually, wolves are like they're, like loving creatures, and they really liked love their families or whatever, like in Hawaii. Like a wolf is basically a dog which is basically
I like the when I have a similar. So clearly we all think of animals, but I often times think what what if all the animals actually understood, what were saying but just just ignored us. It was understood between ovum, Yellow Granada with these people mouse can knows exactly what you're saying right now, but there like no the minute they figure out tat. We know she's getting a crazy and they can't talk back is it did not want to talk back or not? I doubt per annum figured out what I just wonder: leg or froze like what did you do understand movie where it's like the aliens. They came down activated it and then out that thou be like appreciative, provides a movie. Words are all the sunlight, the aliens common flips which are like art or your petty. You know all you can all talk like their organs.
Interacting or western head. Sir, are basically like the listening devices for the aliens now that there are other sent, spies the air haven't. You will find him until right now it was to lobbyists for almost two willingly put robots in our kitchen, so we had to do the old school away with pets. Right just calling them robots is like a heat check for Russia. There, like we aren't we ve worked. Can we get a movie real? If we want these? If you can just say, will you put this listen device, and that would be glad that crazy ass here, I don't know, maybe a media. Would I see, I think we all think about animals. I sometimes think. Obviously what would might what is my dog think right now? I know my dog would say to me: does my dog think I'm lazy right? I think about clothes like what happened in that sweatshirt and than usual.
The address like. Oh, I remember when I own that yeah your site, where did it go away on what that actually be really interesting by the twenty three in me for your old clothes yogi session like ice had his awesome sweatshirt fifteen years ago I don't know exactly. Do you think your name like your file like I want, and I will throw that away, but but where is it now? My shirts? I don't care about my shirt for, do you think like if you were to try to go back to like seventh grade and say these were by five feared fits. I was knocking off some great remember that I think up until like middle school for sure she's like going to the third great, I had some fits arouse like client, like cargo pants, align short like right, I'm gonna, bonds and third grade. I got I the sick, indeed, is t shirt like a big ass. Indeed, a slow going out to survey your size, one I wore that needs great like every day
pretty well. I do that. I play soccer whose, like this guy, has a watch european tell her lover. He Adidas was cuckoo like that. Would use of different, is only I dream about browns. Have you seen that sure yeah the cry also says deeds, but then says s: Browns would do any other things about women who I see what wins the next time that I have to I do like accountants and why not usually is like always it was actually I forgot. I suppose we working when I got high right shit. I hope they can't tell m. I gonna Palmer one. Do you guys ever think about, like friends or family you're like a morning and see them ex it's the Aziz thing he did. The is complete his stand up he's like I, my only see my boy,
it's fifty more times yeah yeah. I do like group actually like Moraine idea. I lay avatar even torture and forever, and it's like a man like I was pretty tight with it ray I like four years going again as a long time ago, and we are like together all time like where it's been awhile like fuck, I think about life- stats about somewhere, oh yeah, amateur there sure yeah somebody here they should be as statistical database. That can tell me the answers that things like how many times have. I tried my shoes and yes, I was thing about this, the other day, how many steps Do you think you ve taken? I would love to know that dad and I sometimes look at my son, I'm like dude. You have even use your feet. Yeah yeah, that's crazy should start counting form her thinking. One day, if you have a log, how will you say so, I was trying to think about it like all right, so you'd probably take you, take no steps to your. I don't know one, and then you probably take a limited amount of steps to your seven yeah
when you start Stepan, you step all the way through like when you graduate highly being a little kid there's a lot of steps in the day like playing What happens when you graduate high school? Well then, you get lazy, some people get jobs or again go to college. You get lazy here. If you get jobs, stabbing might work at a desk, you step less. I stepped up stepped more. Do you know last five years and I did the previous without hindrance to nice. Going call I have more know your camp is. If you have, you were a college, it s not going to class item mopeds four year. I just didn't: go: there's brokers left it, but if you're in high school, your expected to work long distances all the time, the second you enter the court. World not like what back when I walking frowned upon the corporate world, they wanna keep you alive as long as possible. Suck you fuckin dry Jane, you did a death we wanted and you're not
free react. We must oppose trap with we'd walk lasers. We work to like the fuckin like day, I'm gonna walk to the mall that's two hours in my day that I was committing to Wachter, hang out and then walked back once you get to college, if you're not going to class big cats right, you just chilling you're dorm room, because your of parents, yoyo you'd get your gear. We go this party, but we don't like we're on the car. We gonna walk a mile beyond drugging again yeah. I guess I we We realize we didn't get anywhere closer to figure out how special to love. You
I mean
do you remember?
its pardon, my teeth presented by bar stool sports.
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