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WWE Superstar Nikki Bella, Tony Scheffler and The Mt Rushmore Of Farm Animals

2019-07-30 | 🔗

We're stuck in the last day of July with the only news being Lebron James AAU celebrations (2:27 - 6:20). Jon Gruden is trying to make Nate Peterman happen and Jerry Jones vs Ezekiel Elliot is the hold out of 2019 (6:20 - 14:15). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the Mets incompetence and USWNT salaries (14:15 - 26:26). Old time friend, recurring guest and former NFL TE Tony Scheffler joins the show to talk about the famous 2 on 1 video and the Mt Rushmore of farm animals (26:26 - 47:06). WWE Superstar Nikki Bella joins the show to talk about her career in wrestling, twin kissing theories, and is wrestling real (47:06 - 88:03). Segments include Bachelorette talk for guys that dont watch the Bachelorette, Respect the Biz Stephen A Smith, PMT Sports Biz Minute, and Guys on Chicks. 

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i today's part of my take we have not rushmore farm animals with our good friend tony scheffler old time recurring gassed good friend of the program and also one of the most famous videos i in barstow history tony scheffler and we also have nikki bella w w e superstar former w w superstar really really fun interview it was one of those ones we went into were like we don't know a lot about nikki bella but we had we walked out of it being like i think we're best friends because this was a ton of fun hot we have hot we cool bachelorette we have guys that talk for guys bachelorette haven't if the bachelorette and if you actually have not way it by the way have spoilers and we've got some get before we get part of my take is brought to you by the cash at the number one finance app in the app store cash app is most powerful way to send spend and save it's connected to free cash card the only debit card with boost just select a boost in your cash up then instantly saved some of your favorite
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lover download the cash out today enter code bar still get some money and save some animals okay let's go
pardon my well one of my case presented by the cash apple down the cash right now marshall you get five dollars for free and five dollars as pca today is wednesday july thirty first and i realize their thirty one days in july i thought it was third it's one of those months that sneaks up on you a little bit for sure it's like thirty days have july it should be in there is in the middle of summer noble needs another ninety five degree day wait is it is it is tomorrow august first no it's not ok right yeah so today july 31st i'm ready for august just get done with july already but
there's nothing better than a late july news story in the sports world that is completely inconsequential totaly exhausting and yet here they are it's lebron james a you watch day three we now have enter into the coliseum a worthy foe and that is jason whitlock saying that lebron james is addicted to being a celebrity it's more dangerous than being addicted to cope pain is very true i agree a hundred percent with mister what lock on this one i would actually say that the the worst thing that lebron james is doing to prove that he doesn't actually love this kids is after playing basketball not football like lebron james should have been a football player to begin with he's always kind of taking carriage way out of the the fact that his son is at aau basketball yeah that's a pretty big indictment right there yeah this this is always such a classic case of our you know a few people made some jokes we had some fun and then because of the time of year and
down cycle in news sports stories everyone's in training camp but we haven't played any training camp games or preseason games we get essentia lee everyone has to weigh in literally every single person has to weigh in on lebron james at aau games and you just look back like wait we just people were just kind of making a couple jokes like we don't really have to be this serious about it we don't have to talk about whether you know his merit as a father and how people are going out and for that's like we just kind of thought it was a little awkward that he was dunking in a layup line an that technically is a technical foul if we want to go by the letter of the rules so we've heard his son's team by assessing a technical foul before the game even starts and you can also break the goal which is an issue as per safety issue it's all yeah you could knit we we can we can say you're not pick all day about the sort of thing but i think you know if you really want to know the correct take you just go back and listen to monday's part of my take because i think we said every
they need to be set at the time yeah but this doesn't it doesn't mean people aren't going to make it for a couple more days we're technically doing it right now but it also shows where we're at because if there were football games going on this actually roger goodell's fault if we had more football games we had a twenty game season we already would have started all the preseason games would be able to talk about that instead we're stuck talking about this stupid fucking story that were also so let's agree to move on to hank has one last thing i have a quick side now goodbye never guarding this story it's more about the fox sports anchors and people we talks about nick writes her being real but the fact that coward so ridiculous and now with large hair is so ridiculous it does not help nick rights case at all now like the three of them together is just a it's a preposterous looking cast of of weird hair hey i make you make a very a good point and that's like when you put him side to side with those other two guys it's tough it's a tough sell still stand firmly in the camp that are that nick right
as genuine her right now he's just never grown it out until he went on vacation but yeah it it's like if you're looking at like a group of often sulaimon and two out of the three of them look like they've been jamming steroids up there but for the last six and then one guys just like really big you go to point out that guy and say like this too is on steroids to crawl right enough about tennessee titans let's talk about some football news so we have add the best news that happened in the house itself that was a nice little double burn right there not just not only the fact of the steroids with the titans would also saying ok let's stop talking about that amazing titles instead talk about football yeah let's talk about football the biggest news that has come out from training camp so far there's two big news stories too but the number one news story jon gruden on backup quarterback battle nate peterman guy is growing on me
the greatest one eleven checked i have ever seen this is this gave me goose bumps in late july end just a little like art nice trick the jon gruden played they're not nathan peterman nate peterman that's a different guy he knows if you change your its name like that he is ready to go we try to do it with john mandel didn't really work nate peterman probably still won't work a lot of what we call this a while ago because when when he was coming out of college you recall the jon gruden fell in love with the fact that he was operate a huddle efficiently he had come and presence in the huddle which is like that's the number one thing that jon gruden looks for ultimate looks good tord sky you remember back in tampa bay just every single offseason he bring in like six over the hill backs that knew how to how to get in and out of the huddle less than ten seconds as long as you can do that
be like yeah jake alone bring a in jake plummer he loved jake plummer and that guy could get it i don't know what he did after he got out of the huddle wasn't so great but yeah gruden added he went on about nathan i would actually say excuse me nate i would say he went on and he gushed about nate peterman he said he's smart he's done a good job he's been consistent and i think he and get his confidence back so we world we yeah a confident nate peterman is a great world to be and if we get to see nate peterman this year i will just be the happiest boy in the world all i want all i wanted to once you need to get out there and just chucked the ball around maybe even break his own record could you imagine how great of a moment that would be if he threw six interceptions in the first quote first half with a five is the right is it
peter five i think you through five and i think he did it twice so yeah he is very consistent it's so bad that you almost don't believe fax when it comes to meet peterman thank you you say five interception the first half and you you said no it that can't that can't be right like my memory is obviously going here but now it is exactly right all the other news we had is jerry jones verse is eq all it is fully on is a girl it is has gone down to kabul he's gonna hang out there and train and jerry joe and said you don't have to have a russian champions to win a superbowl everyone on the internet dunked on jerry jones because when the cowboys won the three super bowls yes that's right they had the russian champion emmitt smith bought i'm here to defend jerry jones we make fun of them first for being stuck in the nineties he's right you do not need a rushing champion to win a superbowl in today's nfl so as much re make fun of him for being like i did i
a touch and holding on to the glory of the 90s he actually is right here and i think he's actually kind of like evolved enough to realize you should not pay easy keel elliott way too much money yeah no we do make fun of jerry jones notably for coming inside of shoes masturbating into shoes off talking about glory hole we need the glory hole could be some glory hole for talking about all sorts of of like circumcising the mosquito jerry jones is a pretty big pretty big part of the nfl in a pretty big part of the nfl comedic community and i will never let that go but i think he probably is right about ezekiel elliott even though i do think you should pay him i think that he's right in the grand scheme of things like you don't need to have the best running back in the nfl to win a super bowl that's definitely true but i think ezekiel elliott is really really good and they should pay him i'm team zeke on this one i say go hang out go hang out in cabo with sammy hagar dead guy fury drink your tequila get a nice little suntan hang out down
for a while i i think they're going to end up paying him actually because jerry jones is the kind of guy that needs a splash on his team and right now it seems pretty boring even dhak dhak is a boring quarterback amari cooper is an awesome wide receiver but he's also kind of boring like i guarantee jones would like mark cooper better if he flew into training camp on a hot air balloon but here's ok so here's the alternate sides i'll say that i they're going to sign him sign up but i don't think they should i think they should hold firm because as it stands right now as we call it has your left on his deal and then he can obviously be franchised was going to sit out two years that won't happen like he can't sit out two years of football and expect to make up that money so i would just be like hey dude come to camp play next year and then maybe deal with it after that be
'cause this is one of those situations where the teams that are successful in the nfl have a plan and they stick to that plan an what you just said is exactly correct that jerry jones loves a splash but you just have to think like could you imagine bill bella check being like well you know what like let's pay him because the fans like him and we need a splash like if you have a plan you stick to the plan and you don't deviate from it and paying a running back an insane amount of money pay him pay him a good salary that's fine but if you basically pay him so much money that other parts of your team can't be aid and the line can't be paid both defense and offense of then you're just hurting yourself in the future just to confirm what we're talking about like it whether or not jerry jones has a plan i think jerry not and he don't know i think he does have a plan it's just get drunk before noon every day and then at that point everyone's plan until your liver gets punched in the face and he will just in his mind he'll go he'll out at some point during the early
i jerry jones would get drunk enough that he'll say fuckit let's just sign him bring that kid up here yeah given the football yeah his plan is to just fuck it let's have some fun and so he really what is this this contract hold off out is essentially just waiting for jerry jones to get in a good mood because as soon as he's in his next good mood he'll be like fuck it let's do it let's do it let's get all the boys together ezekiel elliott's got he's getting some great advice wait jerry jones gets blackout drunk at some point he's going to make a decision and that's that's what's going to get the gang back together slide a contract right under jerry jones knows the minute before he comes in is a shoe sign that's that's one great option another good one would be so you're down in cabo right that's a baja california i think right i don't know i don't know anything about geography but so you're down but you're just s of oxnard ca chug a bot half a bottle of johnnie walker blue put a sign
tracked in there that says three years ninety five million dollars throw it in the ocean wait till it gets oxford chair you'll find it eventually went silent again letting this get up here and go bring me three more glory holes i don't think that's how tides work i think they go the other way would i mean they go out also no i think that i think if you look at the title currents like i think it's going the opposite way isn't it also oxnard is liz inland right it'll get up to the la area okay and then someone jerry jones will sniff out a bottle of johnny walker blue pot oh yes all right who's who's back and then we'll get mount rushmore with tony scheffler which was a very fun mount rushmore consequences of farm animals yes and there's
new legend that will be borne out of this a certain animal that tony owns by the way hank remind me i have pictures of that animal we will treat that out let's do who's back though hank once you start or no sorry hot sequel drone yes my hot seat is people would think u s soccer sexist and doesn't pay the you know the women enough because our for good friend dr came out with a tweet today where he showed that the woman so us soccer responded for the first time
ever with us with what shows that they're independently audited finances that show that their women players actually earn more than the men okay so they came with the receipts they dropped it on the world and you know that it really like they could have done this in real time i guess but they waited they got their together and then they came out with like a very organized structure to show that in fact the women are getting paid more than men and i still am confused whether that's the case because they like muddy the water with the n s w l and all these things this is we have now reached the peak internet argument where both sides have enough like pseudo facts to arm themselves to say that they are right and i still feel like anyone with a brain is sitting here saying why don't they just release all the fucking money like all the and let us decide because it's so many so many weird things that have been released like well it's the the world cup pool and it's bigger but the u s men's didn't make it and then the us men's don't have guarantee con
just tell us exactly how much money everyone makes and then tell us the intellistar percentage at each side makes and let's just do that you just described was the internet in a nutshell in two thousand and nineteen which is i don't believe what you already believe before hand and come hell or high water you're going to go out there and you're going to find in the fact that you could possibly come across to back up your argument and you ignore anything on the other side from what i read and i could be really way off on this because i'm not a financial expert i like mark brunell what i've seen is that with the women's contract there paid by their major league team as well as the national team usa the usl or whatever covers all that money out of pocket when it comes to the men they get a paycheck from the usa national team and then the m ls team separately pays their paycheck and then you get a they both get a share of world cup appear
it is but then the men didn't make the world cup one year so the women get more total money from the world cup 'cause they have another an entire year that they were in it that the guys weren't in it and it it's very very confusing i don't know what's going on congratulations internet you've defeated my brain doesn't understand what should be a very simple equation because i can't trust any of you yes it's just the i i have no idea what the actual numbers are heard so many of them and it feels like one of those situations where no one has a straight answer so just give us the books that's one to say instead of the what what what's the chant they were doing
i believe that we will no no not one the other one you will win the other one the paying less your pay or we pay them more something pay them equal something whatever i just want to say we just need to raise the doc usa release the doc release all released i've got to talk to dr i've been poor room nice nice so i i don't even know if that would make a difference because then the documents will get out and then the first like three people that would speed read through them would write about them and proving their own point so then it would just be like an even bigger mess i say just take away the united states active federation tire lee ann just having both going or or here's here's here's a an alternate one we could have pick someone who thinks it's unfair someone who thinks it's fair have them read the documents have them both just write a headline because let's be honest that's all we're going to read when not going to read the article and then best
find wins and then whatever happens from that if the pay them more wins headline or it's already equal headline which ever wins will then just go from there i'll headline yeah i agree that yeah hank what's your cool throne throne is will not sex yeah so he is officially the has the longest running number one single ever in countries in wrong no period billboard charts all time but the country doesn't let him on him right that was dallas so that was the beginning of this whole thing that was like the country things will let him and then he did the remix with billy billy i know you do remix with a bunch of indexes mason ramsey dolly parton uh so he passed mariah carey and boyz to men with a song that was called one sweet day which i don't even know are you serious song that was called one sweet day yet there was a song called one sweet day
a lot of us a good song lost her hands are virginia that's on hank you boys amanda was the best all right so that so he's he's got the record got the record i mean not that equal dollar figures a what i mean how much are we talking boatload seven figs rock load i mean definitely seven hundred and seven things i mean i would hope seven figs maybe eight here's the thing it's all i care about streaming economy what a spotify pay like point zero zero five cents a song something like that stream c b probably hasn't made like a a load of money off of yeah but the best thing that ever happened to me was when well off like my centaur and stuff like that but the best thing that happened was when the country charts didn't let him on at the start got a lot of buzz going so for our next single that we put out like let's say on two or whatever we'll just make a big announcement that start like they won't include sonny digital and our collab
creation on the country music charts and it's fuckedup and we'll see if we can get like a little extra buzz off that cut some articles written yeah will be like yeah it's not even a country song just wearing cowboy hats exactly and drinking jim beam so it should count is that i think that's it ok pft would he got well first of all i got some breaking news real quick i'm going to speak a little bit quietly breaking news did because bubba is asleep right now he's in the room i heard you snoring baba i heard bubba snoring hang on wait bubble would like to respond sleep bob i heard i heard a snore i'm looking right at pft right now listening to order with your with your eyes open what he wants so if your eyes are open the whole time yes i i heard a store i i heard a sort of it's always been off work so i i i'm on the road right now i'm in the michigan for the debates interview
john hickenlooper were interviewing tim ryan tomorrow has been working very hard and he's not so i want it to be known for the record that he was not a what are the poor also is weird why troy because holding on and there's a sing take me for for so i'm sitting on pt's bat okay he's sitting on very comfortable place so yeah my hot seat i'll get into that is blushes clippers are my hot see okay because because steve said that he would change the name he would consider changing the name of the team if a good one popped up so he he's looking at this time and through the los angeles clippers being like the big watershed moment the big trend transformative season because they finally have some good players besides when they were lob city
blake griffin but yeah he's saying he'd be open to changing it if he came up with some good names or somebody hit him with one so i say let's do it what better time than now yeah i'm in i'm in i'm in here she just called the los angeles bostic do you think there will ever be a team or they just after the owner that would be set the governor i don't know probably not the governor's i don't think so los angeles redskins the los angeles governors i like that who los angeles owners and then we can have a whole debate whether we're allowed to say their name or not yeah the old words the last are they could do what the the raptors did back in nineteen ninety four or whatever and just name your team after whatever pop culture the los angeles will not as axis perfect perfect los angeles the los angeles vapors los angeles old town road los angeles faint santos los angeles clouds not that los angeles con los angeles diverse the la
i was still be sick yeah the cloud la bacula smog what about the they smog that would be a great and that's going to be the defense is going to be all over you yeah that would be good or the earthquake how are you that's that'll be one of those good names until the quake actually happens and it's like well it probably should yeah there we go we should have named the team after video game yeah that was stupid alright what's your cool from my cool prone is ryan fitzpatrick so ryan fitzpatrick is in the catbird seat he is been named by miami head coach brian flores as being the presumptive order so he it's his job to lose the starting job in miami after six weeks which he will but he is leap frog josh rosen on the depth chart and i'm just
i for one hundred am very excited that we are definitely going to have magic at least in september yes yes that's going to be not good for their tanking they want to an we've talked about it but ryan fitzpatrick is always good for a few wins out of nowhere so if you want to tank don't have ryan fitzpatrick beer quarterback but brian flores is going for it alright my hot seat is madden codes so mad and the new madden is coming out and everyone wants their code i guess there give it to like influencers so everyone basically it goes around the internet for the next week saying yo can i get a madden code yo can i get a madden code so we love our else and i have two madden codes to give out so the first one is six thousand two hundred and fifty nine bg eighty six so plug that in i just got x one is thirty nine thousand six hundred and fifty eight g
j as in janine q i am just got love are too bad and coats we just gave out to the to the pardon my take listeners you guys can go have fun dominate madden on us use that code and give us a shout out when you put that code in and it works okay i'm a cool throne is the mets because the mets or being very mets like and i love it when a team does exactly what you expect from them and by that i mean having no plan whatsoever so everyone rightfully so the mets fans are saying why are we treating for marcus stroman and then treating noah syndergaard are we going for but not going for it and why don't we do this last year and all these things and they all are fair questions but i love when the mets have no plan but pretend they have a plan because that's what you can rely on so and when you look at it from root of far
their plan is working perfectly there no plan plan is a perfect plan for the max right there their plan is like a hungover jerry jones as opposed to a one at that moment in the morning when you wake it up you're still kind of foggy not making any correct decisions nothing that you're saying is informed irrational are you just are hoping to get from that point until bedtime later on that night still alive that's what that's already it's rather team so that is the plan yes the no plan plan so i love what the mets are doing ok let's get who are mount rushmore we were out in michigan on monday and we had our good old friend tony scheffler on the show mount rushmore a farm animals he's actually one of the most was the date hank that he first appeared on the show april twenty
i can twenty sixty so that means it's only shuffle was probably one of the first fifteen gas ever on on our part of my take so shout out tony he's the best before we get to tony scheffler if you want to watch our interview with tony scheffler and our interview with nikki bella go download partial goal dot com slash p empty right now bars to goal dot com slash pm too you can watch all of our interviews all of our shows check it out barstool dot com slash pmt okay here's mount rushmore okay time for mount rushmore and we have a very special guest we looted to it one of the first probably ten part of my take guests of all time tony scheffler former detroit lion former denver bronco former loser of the great dave and at first tony two on one basketball game the original bro show regional original show how that dave
skinny cat yes times where we are okay let's before we do the more mount rushmore how many times in a month does that get mentioned to that video whole scene ruin my life actually so if you youtube and put my name in that's what you see first off what seven years four hundred thousand views eight years in the us here's the i only have to do we have to get rid of we have to have like it an award winning lester put together a tony scheffler actual enough i'll highlight tape yes just to try to get that as your regular on it in the middle then in the middle the highlight tape cut to you getting dumped on by dave and big gathers some highlight come compile asians on their of me those have about three four thousand views the two one high low death slow death four hundred thousand views so now wendy's i'm coaching youth softball that sort of thing these youngsters you know they they find out their coach played their role coach play
nfl and they go to the youtube and that's what they see so in a problem and i've alluded to before that yeah i'm pretty sure my career when the lions saw that video it pretty much ended me i hurt my thumb in that game yeah and what people don't know is i training camp is like two days later started training don't know it was no it was the start of the season was two days ago the ca it was like right before labor day so i went into the season with a taped up thumb a banged up thumb from that game i jammed my thumb are you guys cheated me there's it's so deep the so many things you can you can peel fact that i don't even in that game storing in the comments we found out later on we chat later that theories award winning listener is found out that i got cheated on the score listen i don't know dave is going to call forty six timeouts he's going into it got out of breath he got it yet to catch his breath offensive player safety issue he called a timeout
i i was the mid late he's ten feet off the play house you had fallen off he called a time out as the ball was in the air safety hazard yeah exactly is load manager we know i was up ten six in that game and all that that one bucket wins me the game yes good coach has a great time i'll call it so now the real shame if you will get your kicked in the mount rushmore by us again like that to be your second biggest video i don't plan on yeah not done today this is your mother on my turf we're in the backyard i mean play the hoop game right here right across the pond here at my house and we you know we we obviously are are good friends and we talk pretty much daily but every now and then like once a month you'll tax me and be like i was going to a sports authority or i was getting coffee and the like should had seventeen year old behind the counter was like hey what happened against big cat dave
it's never about the ball anymore it's never about ever built footballs there but the other problem spots at hilo people how could you get high load by those boys i mean they've got hot he was he was hitting jumpers he was he was getting really that two handed push shot the whole thing is over it's not okay that sound like the best is when you went to right when you're about to retire you went to i think it was like a red skins me work out and the kid to pick you up from the airport you told me like the thirty minute drive that's all he talked about his out to run yeah i like that's what i'm coming in you know that's what they're there seem to me like you guys ended my career i want you to know that and it hey every time you guys yourself every time you guys have an interview and then something goes bad you know i'm the first one to jump on the barstool kurt yeah yeah i think i was one of the original are still curses yes yeah what you're doing well
view you strive to try to call it way back yeah yeah you guys well dug a hole for me yeah video your coaching you have a cattle ranch you live in a good life in michigan little slow yeah yeah so let's let's do mount rushmore of farm animals in honor of your cattle ranch and your form we don't know what we literally were just googling farm animals yeah it's a big city burning yeah well i mean what are we going to do you guys do this for a living so you're familiar with improvising thinking on the fly so i've got set list coming from my farm that i'm real comfortable with but you know now see here i screwed one of those upper to then then what you're with your truck but here's the thing like a lot of times what hank likes to do is not necessarily use the picks that he likes the most but he picks picks that he knows the audience will like he panders to the audience so just just letting you know that
because you like a certain animal you might want to take into account like what would thanks idea were listener so i think we're in a tough spot right now in our mount rushmore sleep all scriptures last weekend and wiz khalifa and is taking it triggers colorful picking on me no i'm completely mount rushmore show i can look myself in the eye at the end of every mount rushmore yeah he's been triggered for a week no i'm not sure at all not true there isn't kirk cousins know which group in the car really great pic and then accused everyone else will bring it up do you think he's like a perfectly average quarterback in the nfl uh i'd say step below that okay well you know there are certain songs is around average all right so it evens out jabber farm animals okay you ready go i am i mean i feel like if i'm the first pic i feel like i should state the obvious right away ok
which is which we don't know what the offices which would be the go ok oh yeah alright so first thing you can say rabbit no i mean a lot of i'm thinking logically how much they eat you know the duction the price per pound coming from the farm there's a lot of variables but the first domestic headed for animal on earth and it is though is the goal one one i mean you know who decided to go with the goat the goat is it's quite obvious i'm probably going to get some burns and found in the comments for picking the goal right now he's already one that worries everyone read the comments i mean come on it is yeah he's really wanna work you're fine alright i got it so i totally don't as long as you're comfortable doing so matters don't worry yeah i figured it was going to get picked it it's most obvious right out the gate it's an easy you know easy
it also doesn't go for you guys yeah i plan on i like the one in this thing but i gotta go at the farm the thing is a great swimmer did you guys know what goes our grades when i have no idea this is the song even better on this i mean you you walk on to the form you know i got i got to put in ground pool in the back right you walk around not a big deal a big number yes i am et you are on the corner there and there's a go swimming pool what what's what do you think that's pretty cool please ocean the pool right yeah did you know goes could swim no they had no idea there you go so that's the really smart that's good they've got good eyes too smart to the shape of go size need a whole lot of daily interlocking whole areas yeah yeah it's a very fun when the that will bring up when the baby goes just jump straight up in there that's cool yeah so i'm going to go list all right hank you're out barring i mean the cow cows could pick alright is it though
oh what do you mean talking star no no no provides food for your family like is not one of the most important parts of a farm is providing for your family my kids are lactose intolerant so think about that all right i'll school with a growth picks i go with picks you go to a farm here the pigs or making also everyone loves pork or almost bacon well what so you'll be in a minority of the food will not come religion owns the whole thing works together it's kinda religiously intolerant have a you can't in the middle of the cow doesn't do anything if it's not milk and meat we have it it says milk you can have a you have a cow not cable stuff yeah but vegans dude don't even that alright pick alright pig actually don't mind the kids choice let's go first choice my first pick i'm going to go with horses ok at the horses in the back you can ride around on him you're just cool sure yeah you yeah their the first car okay noble horse for my
i'm going to go with i'm going to chickens love love the cluck cluck cluck cluck look i like the sound of the wings rustling love eating chicken wings love eating chicken and a rooster crow is kind of cool sound tool chickens different in a rooster it's the same as i'm over here on pins and needles wondering the same thing i think it's a male it's a male chicken cock a rooster is a male i defer to tony a roosters a male chicken uh what time farm animals here there you go that's or the roosters are that's where the chickens are they both exist on the rooster may have been next on my list so we need to get a official ruling here okay i do not situation let's split 'em up let's put him up so white more pics you have chickens don't you eat i mean yeah you're going to have to seriously pft it's not a big deal very upset we know right very different things though i'll go with
it's it is it does the same as a sheep nods and i'll serious question fuckin' know you guys have been in new york are too long wait is it go let it go does a male sheep though right but i think the general ram isn't a yeah she points out a cheap i don't know what else they do that is by hurt him you can hurt yeah they have opinions about lions yeah okay i had sheep to up i'll go if a llama that's going very solid farm animal yeah it's cool just cool to see that's fine they're spitters though that is fun ok there's a quitter so i'm going to go to have two picks ok two pics i'm going to go with rooster ok that was high on my list pic for a lot of reasons you know
first thing moving yeah alarm clock cock a doodle doo alarm clock hands no flashy yeah big bold beautiful did you know cock of the walk cock of the walk his rooster and hen house yeah closest living relative to the t rex oh yes i did not read we know that yes the rooster yeah i did no need is it your t rex had feathers i do there icons for saying that my son is six and he's hardcore dino dino guy he he is of the opinion that they did have some feathers but scientists good fact checking here like this can prove it i like to i just imagine by t rex is just no feathers just bawled it's concerning to me to imagine like at rex with like a little hang if it isn't it's crazy to think about dinosaurs not to get too like whoa but how we envision dinosaurs what we see on the movies when it's like they could be
right right we're just in chicago they have the the biggest t rex yes found there pretty impressive yet dinosaurs could me like cats that's too weird ok yeah that is too weird alright you have another another this is number three huh i'm going go with the moscova duck whoa yes resting looking creature large oversized quack quackless yeah so you know living on a far there's noises everywhere so any animal you can get that's quiet it is a good thing i've got cows that are bowls that are pretty loud yeah goats that you know so list goes on they're tasty too yeah tasty lot of reasons they eat mice dean of arabic muscovy ducks and they have like thirty
you know if you if you let the hens hatch out there exits like thirty at a time that's pretty cool thing you see a hand walk up with thirty babies that's crazy thing that is ducklings go muskogee duck specific have you ever been around for the hatch the doc and and they have imprinted on you no i haven't i've heard of that type of thing is it went all the animals die its life on the farm is pretty morbid yeah but it kind of prepares you for how tough life is i get ok good things die after sure on the farm yeah i just thought of that like all these animals mean all these animals have to die at what point does a pig become a hog and you have to slaughter it i'm not a big okay okay shots fired because of their breeder pigs or their their rates to go to market under a year okay most of that stuff yeah ten summer of ten months somewhere on there was something
i was too much right well he's not hanging i'll go with charlotte from charlotte's web earn a good one greatest for men of all time yeah later back yeah spiders all right how about you tell me if this is wrong tony but a working dog working dog needed on the bus needed on a farm that must i have not had one yet but i've seen him in action herding dogs oh my god herding dogs organs will not just like it i like that is they are getting a good shot for farm you're getting a deluded yeah working dog world why i like some of the labs are good dogs reivers yes like austria cattle dog one hundred percent healer trevors good for hunting cows are really dumb yeah and those dogs can with him right around border collie dog super important i had i had border collies my next pick so good pick big cat hey thanks so i'm going to call an audible on this one i'm going to go with from an ex wanna mule and i see you
there are good working animals their tremendous water tremendous sleepers i don't know if you know that but yeah my aunt owns not very cute vinny yes there's there's mule jumping competitions in west virginia that you can go to which is basically an excuse to drink moonshine ok then forget about your mule and then my last one this might be controversial i'm going to bees they are actually the most important animal that you can have an they are dying at an alarming rate than all the other plants an ecosystem they face those like a rapid decline in population once bees are going okay my last pic i'm going to go with an ox strong like an ox strongest animal there is never seen through the world never seen alana farm well they are farm animal i googled it i said google farm animals and there were somewhere on that list and ox like in a different country no do there ochsner they're stronger horses
dear horse you know not turned like house zero no but they're strong that's the pull carts and they do the same work as a whole slew the poll the you're not related like a horse so yeah they pull the slide yeah yeah it is more common i think over and like china there's a lot of oxen and show where ever it may be zero farm right now that oxes like what not not in america yet well no theirs ox farms in america is there i'm sure you could google it i don't fucking know this is this is hard mode box is just a good name i think for an ox i had a roommate knowledge here's a d lineman that nickname ox that's a cool nickname for sure he walks is live google real quick maybe he's an old i mean i don't know he didn't play a lot with him like i feel like you have to rush and that's pretty sick there's no access in oxygen cleanse weight
for their call oregon trail you had an axe right yeah dude and they all died fording rent river they pull the wagon they're going to pull the wagon the details are just will ultimately with older rocks and we it really is in the office was a central part of it all right hank i'll go with the rabbit you just said early rabbits morning farming but you said that then all of my lists went away and there's not really much else to take yeah i mean rabbits are cool rabbits are cool they just fuck all the time to okay does something really don't mind do rabbits lay eggs yeah asking my questions thanks do you think the universe in idiot they don't write
one wonders should live birth live birth without how many bunnies do they squirt out at once a bunch i think yeah sixty seven something so weird to think that like inside of a furry rabbit they're like six other furry slimy rabbits at any given time guys need to get out of this last bit concrete jungle for last barn cat good pic i know that just yeah that's good but they do it cat skauti shout out out of the barn cats gowdy wherever you are big orange barn cat in the bar he's just a panther and he's always kill he's a killer so we're always hunting let's look out the window up scotty's on something got a pigeon in his mouth you know mice rats you name it he's always on the hunt and then house is only three hundred feet away from the barn so the storms roll scout he's at the door he's looking at inside you lay it down for a day or so i can get inside beat the heat if you want he's got the best of all
girls gone does he now does he respect the main house like does he when he comes in the main house is he stay maybe like in the kitchen yeah you kind of lays low he goes and lays it down doesn't bother with the people he knows he's not housecat nice so there's a difference between house kind of barn cat i kind of like how scary cats barn cat to scotty ever bring you offerings like if he kills a mouse or presenting leaves on the front porch he's real proud of his killings sometimes i'll send these guys will be a walk out it'll be just ahead of a mouse just drop the head right front porch just to let you know he's still there are still killing is doing his job does anyone patent yeah getting oh yeah he's not one of those like demanding cats that needs to be we actually had we started off with two cats they were in their house cats they got pushed outside
and scott he drove the other one off he's a he's an alpha you know you at all yeah jo ellen it was a really it was our time and our house for my daughter's wondered what's got to do with the other and the other guy's name i don't remember at this point that's the concussion so that was always a cat's anticipated cat getting lost in the woods of history are by the hand out of his sister in the later half he's got he's a thug but he's always there you know you'll be out there you'll feed feed and stuff you turn around scotty on your on your on your shoulder i like that he's like a eyes of the bar yeah he had a road show out there yeah for sure i liked as a good luck okay we're gonna put in the mount rushmore specific will say part cat specifically scouting near the end you'll probably win just discount tickets out is it so much and all right hello yeah id my kids will be really pumped again yeah yes no i just got to have a tag or he does not i like images free range
we are moving soon and it's a big discussion at the house if you will the it's koudys try and re home that's a concern they can run back yeah back to his range and i look at that did that so back to my old house damn this when we sold our house that people have moved into the house with what the fox how far back is waiting at work concerns how far away was it so we might lock him in the house for a little bit and get a week or so right now we're googling more concerned maybe release a bunch of mice so he's like oh all the mice are here and when the first people came to look at our house one of the comments the last was that they love the giant this cat that greeted them when they went to the barn bucket so i believe scotty had a hand in it somehow picture so we can put it in the show scouting in his natural habitat scheffler thank you and that's it
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to get romaine dot com slash take you get your first month the swipe for just five dollars when you choose a monthly plan if you can use the link go to get roman dot com slash take that's get roman dot com slash take your right boys get it right get roman dot com slash take okay here she is nikki bella okay we now welcome on former champion of the world yeah now retired w w e superstars nikki bella what's at how does it feel to be retired let's start there gosh you know actually i would say like the typical like it doesn't feel any different but it's not true because wb having tag titles my sister and i really wanted to go back and just you know start chaos with the girls that hold on and i can't do that
so it's been tough that way of knowing like when you can't like it's not like i was able to just say hey i want to right my body retired me yeah so yeah do you have to file like official paperwork 'cause i know in my facebook we have to submit things you know i've actually been pretty bummed because i haven't had like a huge retirement party i kind of was like bringing my twin sister like i get it you are having babies but i feel like i need it to be official i need like a party about me for server to have all those kids right yeah one hundred percent gold audition mom yeah yes so i will i wanted to start at the beginning though your path to becoming a w w e superstar are you started soccer right which are like first love oh my gosh yes so would you played in college so
well i did eleven years competitive and then when it came a week before i was going to sign with arizona state university's not my leg in half cheese and so it kind of just took me out of the game and will literally took me out of the game and then took out my mindset i was like i just don't want to heal and come back to soccer but it was my whole life and so a few years later i end up playing for grossmont college the coach knew who i was and knew my background and so he let me walk on and then we went to state and so that's over in san diego and then i'm going to go play in italy so the women's league in the united states had already folded an i was also going to do that while being in college that i had like my whole future set up right and i just went in a different direction but the the women's league in italy was like blooming right anne i'm italian so they were like we would love for you to come play over there
and then all of a sudden ww came to my door ok sweet so one last question about soccer are you messy or ronaldo oh you know i guess i would be a mess okay okay good answer yeah about to kick you out out in like all right thanks bye bad opinions on soccer yeah so you you got glossed over that little bit so you were done with soccer and then you're like i'll give wwe shot that's not the path that most people go through when they done playing soccer right i would imagine so what was that process like so is my twin sister brie uhm they i didn't grow up to be fan like my brother started watching it like when i was in high school is when he got into it but no one that i was i was really like die hard wb fans and i remember when i worked at hooters night never fit never in yeah when i had my own leagues i did end where did you work there no
but those are the florida winter i did that's crazy trouble that's fish would die every guys dream twin we do like what was our tuesday we do something on tuesday though double lunch punch tuesday so you come in for lunch we give you two little punches nice yeah it was fun but i remember when i'd see the paper views of wwe and i just wasn't there in that attitude era and kind of how they work with women it just it didn't attract me but i was always always loved entertain history since i've been a little girl all i ever wanted to do is act i really loved the old hollywood side of it like marilyn monroe and all this type of women and so when bree ended up bringing wwe and she was like nicole you have to sit there and i immediately went to my hooter days like wait they were doing bra and panty matches like no thanks right she's like no they're really like kicking butt in the ring like you need to check it out so i like saw it and what really turned me
the wb is not only were these women like showcasing athletic ability but they got to be these characters and like you were either the super hero the villain and you would either be in a love story and i was like this is actually really cool and we went and auditioned and tried out and then the rest history see it so you're auditioning how much of your own background did you have to write into a character as you're going to the audition process so you know they is everyone for so long would immediately look at my sister and i'm like ok they're twins like that's it so dogs are dogs are dumb self got word we are idiots we literally look at you like twins two everhart nice fantasy that loves his sisters it's a weird thing is acting that right i mean like guys were you a game of thrones fan yeah
i felt weird right about cersei and jaime yeah so i felt like that my whole life when i hear bout fantasy whatever was like hey you guys are twins it is very gross when you break it down it's like let's you know what my fantasy is like a little bit of insight yes yes watching right and won't even fighting for throne so it's messed up oh coors light those students were cool yeah i was like actually that's awesome and i guess it turns like well there's two guys are really just guys were idiots at yesterday morning two girls are better than one yes we're we're done so yeah so you were you were going to have addition process and like we only see twins yes so they need and they liked that they're like okay twins in everything that beginning stage was just identical like we dressed up like they wanted us to talk at the same time and really when like fearless nikki took off which is my character name was when i finally put myself into my character fully
i was like you know what i am now going to like my character and up looking like my soccer character and like i did the jersey in the shorts and that kicks with the socks and the snap back in or snap back on the field but when i like finally put myself in size when like i feel like embry was her own it be self is when superstars like really blossom yeah but just the twins i mean they still took us because they were looking for twin right but tennis for years it was like i look at her and i'm like you're my clone yeah i was not so how much i always injures is i i was a big wrestling fan in the late nineties how much do you do like the superstars have a say in the character writing like what happens to your character or is it just like you have to do this you lose this match you win this one it's sarah was so when it comes like as far as kerr
thurs i'm especially back when i started you you would come up with your own ideas and you just keep pitching add and you would show them outfits you would make and they'd be like yes no now they have kind of their own character development so they may have an idea for you or you bring your own ideas but as far as like your gear and everything what you wear like you decide that unless there's something specific vince once i'm your entrance yeah like the things you do you come up with so i could wear a t shirt i'd never have today off my shirt if you're like i'm the t shirt guy yeah that's that i'm the guy who wears a sweatshirt that means the t shirt great wrestles with a t shirt right exactly but as far as finishes
well i mean i wish i can write yeah my finishes right unfortunately that's this is the man that does that you ever think about leaking a script number yeah because they'll be big trouble my big trouble i know people have done that yeah but like for me i really fell in love with the wrestling industry and like i have so much respect for it and i was like those kids like i would my imagination may get lost in it and creativity and i we get excited to not only be a part of the shows but see them because i can't wait to see like what my fellow coworkers are people that are fans of what what they were going to create that night and then when i knew something was really good i couldn't wait to see the fans reaction like right they're not even there in for a treat like really fun for me has there ever been a point where you at as a wrestler maybe you're a little bit in character whatever we see somebody else who so far into their character and they're just being a heel that you actually find yourself getting pissed off of that person real life oh my gosh yeah who is lake is special
like when they're in with someone you love you like don't do that to him like sister or her so even though you're like part of the show you're also like you taking in the show like like we are yeah becomes real life yeah so what about when you kissed your sister's husband before she did oh that was like i know your life yeah it real life but they weren't together yet but it was like they would flirt a lot and they knew they liked it was oh no ok i think as we're all weird i don't know maybe it's like when that was so quick like it would be weird i think there was a really big passionate kiss right but i remember i did they weren't even together as like well that's nothing like it was like such a quick peck right yeah they were flirting for a long time i mean i knew they had a crush on each other it was an i could considering me was like real quick and like whatever like if i was his mom and then him and bri like packed really long like twice and i was like
i'm interested in yeah i was a better is when is it more fun to be booed or jeered how you know your question it's a very good question discussion she said i have always loved getting booed love it like there's something to make people feel that is like someone power it's ripley awesome but when i did turn a really good and i because i broke my neck and i had this comeback story and i was like people were like the living day wonder woman and because my character turn so inspiring that when people were chanting and for me it like it was like a different she going away like right 'cause they were so inspired an that felt good it wasn't like oh let's just cheer fergus she's the good guy but they were so happy that i overcame something and you felt that love and support in the chair so i mean other than that i'd always i love died embrace getting booed it was best when you were injured i always do this with wrestlers like they get real injuries but i always think it's fake
like when you had your neck brace i laugh when i see that picture but you actually but it's like doctors orders that sucks that like people are like ha she's just doing it work yeah right uhm i mean i guess it depends the payoff like you at the end of the day like even the doctors tell me know you won't ever get back in the ring i knew i was going to get back in the ring so because showing my neck brace so much and people thinking real or fake it ended up making it such a great superhero story like i was like when i debuted at summer slam which they called me a week before when i was like my neck brace it's been off for a month and i we had only trained for like i'd actually like a week at that point or two weeks but when my music head i was like the adrenaline yeah you're given it back in the ring after all that totally it was
like i would try not to think about it but i will admit what would get me in trouble is when i'd be out there i'd forget like i thought it was in touchable an then i do too much and i come back and i'm like oh my gosh like go like your going through this and i would just get all the time your adrenaline could do anything right can cars yeah so would you say is wrestling real yeah i would say you know what i always real we have predetermined finishes and i like to say that we doing in the nba the warriors always one hundred percent yeah right boxing should i hear rumors about that yeah we're like abroad broad with body slams
we're a form of entertainment that you can't get anywhere else true you know we're kind of like yeah probably like you know like ten thousand backyards in america but other than that yeah right exactly yes but i think why people get so upset when you say it's fake it's because what we're really put in our bodies through yeah and the stories we're telling you know a lot of people stories have a lot of their own emotions or what they're going through in am and so i mean imagines like someone coming up i mean like everything about you is fake your life so i mean i've been hit hard right there's nothing fake about it you ever cut yourself no no they don't i would not ours to the the real old timers i'm yeah yeah you never get bit by a snake who do i get no yeah i wish that there are five he got bit by a well you can actually use of he put on a work for tended to give yeah right snakes that he gets don't budget yeah i think he actually brought a snake on it everybody on the arm yeah i was scared i don't do that i would i don't like being around people a pet snakes
and there were thank you because it's like yeah i'm like you can't control this wild animal yes and if it wants a stringless it's just going to do it correct you know dwight howard the basketball player yeah he's in town he's got a lot of snakes so just steer clear him no one keeps them on his person i may have that part up but just he does have snakes yeah yeah yeah he does he does i don't know where he may or may not yet unconfirmed as of presstime nuts so i have a bone to pick with you because you share a twitter account with your sister oh yeah it's kind of weird people hate it's really true who has this thing when so lame really nasty in doing it was my sister yeah actually a good point yeah so when they were starting home twitter one twitter was like brand new when they came to david to be wanted us all to sign up again they look to this is one person like the twenty in the justice at bella twins and then twitter certed come really cool and over and there was already
such a following that we had talked to them out like should we get our own number like well i mean you guys have your own instagrams you're fine o briain i've always like breeze i do more in twitter 'cause there's like whatever you just like she doesn't she doesn't even have twitter app on her phone ok so we've even talked about times of changing it just to my name but were like you know what it's a brand it's branded and i'll see people always say it and it does suck which is weird like cordy twins they play for the patriots they do the same thing but it big cats right it's like you can always blame the other person like truth day tweet something problematic and be like hey it wasn't maine nobody knows who to point their finger out eventually so it's smart from pr i agree actually i didn't think of it that way but i'm definitely going to start blaming her all the bad guys are reading absolutely have you ever sneezed robin superman sneeze yeah no because he
like germ yeah you have heard about that with your knees round of yahoo is now who don't have control it's not the germs if they don't control of their journey of their my body call bob dole reaction he gets so mad at himself when he sneezes yeah he just like stews and braises blood pressure i don't even so obviously dropping goodness i have not sneeze around him but i number one time we're overseas in was in iraq where are you we're not going to stand and we're doing a thing for the troops tree to true thank you yeah you're welcome and i was eating a corn dog in front of them and he goes you're eating a corn dog and i was like yeah i mean i'm on a military base so i mean it was like that in french fries i didn't really have choices i mean maybe deli meat i don't know he was so grossed out and he's like do you know what those are made of and i mean at the time i didn't really care how is like just hungry i mean i'm in uh in a i mean like
when in rome yeah right did you ever get called into his office now thank goodness but i've never had a corndog sentence ok no never so it's a it's a hot dog presumably to i just i don't know what it is about a corn dog but all i know is i've been so grossed out of myself that i had a corn who made you buy into his the the staff i want to say is that the corn dogs that are always rumors about the coverages courage legs or is that snickers bars i hope it's not pictures are in snickers for me no i haven't been stickers to goddamnit their cockroach legs in corn dogs and there were some you may have to do but that's like a new thing that's like a new hippie thing is putting your head flower into stuff and making no baking bread out of bugs or yeah they eat crickets yeah i literally was in yoga class the other day i'm trying to get this red hot yoga for power it's amazing i'm sweating getting my zen on and then there's a cricket in this hot
whether or not whether but the hot room the room yeah i was so grossed out and people eat him now yes we grind them up into flower to another cookies so you never know if you're good looking out on the street i just straight cooking again how about that that works so you have started podcasting i love podcasting ok any tips now we're kind of a big deal yeah ask uh so number one sports popular interviews brag i know and i serious dot com all the time your guises interviews are articles go viral all the time in
the wrestling world yeah when you guys have talked about about me i we have personally haven't that's our that's robbie fox yeah can be thanks robbie bach usually arise from their guy anyways about will sell amount for my use one yeah ease i'll get him right yeah yeah yeah amber a rockin yeah every so what was so what is the pocket what what how often is it so every wednesday we drop a new episode and we're kind of like a variety show like a happy hour like we didn't there's so many amazing inspirational talks and there's i mean we can't do what you guys do with definitely nothing like that no one could just you know no of course you guys are two of a kind of go on i sent a problem you guys are too good looking to be podcasters
yeah you gotta you gotta you should get fat junk you should get short yeah junk yourself up a little bit because nobody likes to drink on our podcast that's were like a drinking show and we talk about a drink you will drink we usually pop open a bottle of something code oh no we usually do wine champagne we actually did mocktails last week which was weird but we had a nineteen year old on so we felt weird we just started we've only if you guess what we usually just bring i and i don't know if you guys heard of like we used we had this game show it started on you too and it kind of oil of i robot called bella brains which is kind of the kinds of the are you smarter than one slash five grader ok i'll be smarter than i already know well let's go so it's bree's husband daniel bryan yeah he will make one of us leave the room and then he asked will ask me three questions any ask brianna we keep score and i'll be like name the planets or for some reason
three botch a lot of stuff on that okay you wanna play all brands right now yeah yeah you've got yeah why don't yeah i'll leave the room and then you know we just actually when you need it will lasers yeah one of the you've gotten name in the planets uranus that's my very i'm learning along just served us nine pizzas saturn who that's the that's across the thing you can just remember oh really mercury venus earth mars jupiter earth like planet ocean it's a star she's right bella brains yourself i was going to say i don't think earth is most definitely apply mars saying i was like a few weeks ago under percent of planet so here you go this is our issue so this is bella brains are we gonna podcasts ok we also re night debate about something so like first debate we had and i want to bore no know
anti abortion so we just said no i don't speak at all about politics but gun rights or religion is one night stand back sober or drunk i would think so i prefer drunk what do you prefer oh i would say drunks 'cause then you can last more than like twenty seconds really but if you're too drunk whiskey yeah whiskey we told her that i would say i like sober yeah q five i like i like to be well troll my body i mean i can operate at maximum the vision that had a number you might as well know if you're gonna like it or not yeah i got a luxury god gave me a pleasure making body and if i be disrespecting him if i deluded that with the devils liquor
drunk and then she doesn't remember that much wine is jesus juice to me yeah that's just keep your shower near the t shirt guy who should i should wear brand yeah you try at the pool actually no i'm not but i actually funny when people were white t shirts at the pizzeria simulator people we see it ok alright so i actually have to take my t shirt off a little bit here and we have to ask one question that's maybe a little uncomfortable quickly move on from it you obviously want relationship with john cena he came on our podcast oh yeah right before you guys broke up oh no i showed him my belly button and he looked at it like he wanted to suck it and i think it might have had something to do it's a deep belly button he looked at it like oh my god i'm about to risk it all for this belly button that is and then you guys broke up like a week later do you blame me it was your belly button
it's too bad i actually wrote it's not deep enough ok i wrote a poem your help have you do poetry too right i love poetry ok here we go i wrote a poem for you lossed in your depths i find my of yearning for more how why horni your belly button can i fuck it oh i wrote in johnson's mind by the way that was really good thank you you're welcome i appreciate it may be created this write a poem about how you wanted to fuck your only binding a walk by bill yeah but through masturbating to whole new level yeah it's like so i apologize i probably had something to do with it there's obviously the real question is why did it suck having it be so public oh yeah it's you know i think like
in a reality star i i know what comes with that and i'm an open book and i put everything out there i never expected it to be that public like and just how every like your headline almost every day but it's stuff that's so untrue an you just get so sick of fighting for yourself 'cause then it makes you look defensive or then people take those words of you trying to protect yourself or stick up for yourself and then that turns it into another headline and what people don't realize is like two people hurting really bad grain and i know it was i was very sad and yeah i made me sad yeah he's a great guy yeah really good man he loves you he looks really bland as back for that some you love my for yeah to get into how you were never yeah team so he kind of wanted to you wanted to your strap you know not give the roster so i got this one right here and he wanted to deflect that one yeah and then this was all after the
though this one wasn't impressed at sea mar should so turned on he was he was or how is my body ready for w w e totally do great work good to know i'll have a serious question actually not that stirs but what hurts more taking a folding chair to the back or watching your twin sister get one how gosh you know wanted being watching break at one yeah that hurt more can you feel her pain i like twins fan i could feel her nerves like it's really where can filler saddness anything emotionally i could feel have you ever had that where you like woke up one day like oh breeze in trouble their step dad it's summertime gsp and yeah it's like not that we monitor the twin like inception can she feel that you're like having a great time right now i'm laughing probably should right like so what we were you know hang out we will give yeah it's crazy had a good job yeah i
it's i don't know it's it's it's a weird weird thing all that ones out there you know what i mean you have to be twenty to get it i got one more question i have had a lot of people come at me and say i'm wrong for this but at any point i have a theory that every twin they kiss at some point because they're like you look like me i look like you like we're all like on a narcissistic like if i saw myself i'd like give myself a little smooch really do that now relying watching too much game of thrones ok no i've never kissed my sister ever one stop snowpack no pack no no not the same my sister and i have to admit like i could definitely see other ones out there doing it yeah okay well or female and bites breen i
we even have a hard time hugging like we're like one person but we're very different but we're we've always just been very tomboyish gm so like we're not my mom used to laugh because like we're such huggers in pda with like everyone except another interesting she's like you guys are so weird about that so i know so probably in my childhood i have to figure it out and thank you yeah yeah we've never ever kissed ever ok i don't believe you but ok now i swear i don't know why i know you swear don't we love you but it's ok you're italian though right yeah you kiss every time you say hello yeah when were you monges customary to just like my sister and i don't do it before the seven feet weird established fish six streamer
all the italian minister to they're not alone as always and i make on hand so i could tell you mix they both do it okay there you go yeah not not us let's appointing twins matter no matter what you say big cats not gonna believe no i will have this as a yeah for the last if court will israel's perfect there is because every twins with the diet yeah and then you're always on the hunt for it i don't know i think some twins would actually be honest and i think there's some also myself right now i'd kiss myself and you guys would like yeah i lay by your lips look at sixty nine belly buttons with each other yeah exactly i don't think it's ever been done before
yeah this invented a new sex position yeah you actually have like a dill doe and like actually do the other belly button yeah i mean i would like a chinese finger tree opposite be blown out yeah the double sided double sided oh yeah it's not crazy i don't hate the idea new invention you can make a lot of money what's the key to cutting an awesome promo heart heavy well no i don't mean of course hard having something truthful there like of course you could always tell a story but everyone that i've seen cut a really amazing promo they have truth in it so the the don't like the other person and when they're hitting them below the belt like there is truth to it or they bring it or you know it not true that should say personal they make it personal that is been that is how i've done some of my best and anyone i've seen that i've enjoyed i know that it was it was personal and the other person ever saw some of those words coming
yeah they were part of the script is it like is the wwe behind the scenes very clicky out assume it's yeah we're together a lot so you definitely like smack down you know they have their group the travel time they'll be clicks within there and then rise because i mean word together when you're on it full time like you're with people more than your family your friends your kids mean five days at four days a week and then when you go overseas your fourteen days straight i know it's no brakes new offseason that's it you know if you ever got a script and just been like i don't want to do this shit oh my god can you ever can you ever just not have you have so i in the big in my career the one thing that i regretted wise i play by the rules so much because i i just i do you have so much respect for my bosses but i think because being a competitive soccer player for so long like you listen to your coaches that's what made you better
so i took that mentality into the w w e but what i realize that actually held me back like i came off so vanilla at times like like it what it's like not that interesting because i didn't break those rules are when i cut those promos i didn't make it personal and until i started like my diva's championship brand i start making it personal and the best thing i ever heard was like apologize later and i really like i would never know something so bad about someone put that out on live tv bites i would definitely start to go up to didn't sometimes you get yelled at like one time i made a cinco de mayo joke about trump and i got a lot of trouble but i thought it was really funny so and the crowd thought it was hilarious but and i don't ever get political but i was mexican and it was there was like so leah
it was a layout he was like getting his head shaved in the center of the ring at the time too so it's ok we can take from this guy anymore it was i thought it was so funny but at night that's when i was like ok i'm never going to do anything like that again like nothing with politics but i thought 'cause i in such a playful way 'cause i hate i don't ever talk about politics or religion because i thought he did it playfully that was the only thing i would never touch you right how scary is the undertaker please say scary i am very okay good yeah i would like all he's such a teddy bear now he is yeah very intimidating us me like that is that right right he you know what it is is people have so much respect for him backstage so he just i mean he's and he's iconic and he's a legend and he's treated like that when he's backstage like you wait in line to undertakers gun yeah good i'm happy to hear that yeah that makes you feel good so you're not into politics but like there've been wrestlers that have gotten into politics yeah cain
jesse the body is the body probably going to be president one day you ever going to get into politics yourself oh hell no no no no what if you could be a senator no view president no you would want be president no way and i wouldn't want that job will present a wv well you know oh maybe that no actually i don't know if i want that to be calling for vinces job no yeah i don't know very much sorry i don't know if i want that job i am it's you know be not that position i would enjoy being a leader but something where no one is ever going to ground and it's going to bring hate i don't want to be a part of that like you're in such a bad like around bad enerji all the time and i like being around good energy yeah i just i don't around people who make me feel bad or they bring bad juju in my life i'm like no i'm out like you're out of here so i couldn't do it i wouldn't want to do it are you the most famous pair twins i mean
i had the olsen twins last wins the who the facebook founder sophia yeah well they weren't for legend lee if they feel facebook they would have found it face with their daughters eight a on a yacht i'm mera that oh yeah tiki and ronde barber the guys that they used to be on the suns writer ones in the suns and ones on the morris twins yeah alright denmark yeah that's crazy it also fight you if you try to fuck their mom yeah definitely no i didn't but someone else did they tried to fight him yeah being among his women yeah yeah who i mean there's i think you're up there i think you're right i mean i do think there will just be the mule that just 'cause of how long they've been around right but if you guys keep going you might be
take out the i've tried to ask to compete with them in the ring for wrestlemania that would be awesome that would be it would so we all come in like their big road yeah did the wwe into enough ask them but probably not or like when yeah he's like hey are you serious right i got one last question it's eseke question you put in promo code take you get ten dollars off seek purchase go to www dot match seek ten dollars off how hard is dancing with the stars the hardest thing i've ever done in my life harder than harder than wrestling yes no yeah but you just get out there and do the cha cha shots yeah i wish it was that easy i thought so being an athlete like my whole life i have trained like in soccer you train a certain way what i learned in soccer helped me a lot in the ring with like my footing and stuff dancing is way different like how we
hold our bodies like we're ready to fight and get hit and they're always out so they were trying to like retrain my muscles which my muscles were like no but not only are trying to learn a dance and you're trying to be graceful like i thought i had some grace to me now i'm so far off but it was like so you're learning you think ninety seconds or minute like or it was like a fifteen is like not a lot it is so many steps right then you're all night tv then you know you're going to be judged and before what you guys don't here is like when we're on set there's three clicks that play to the whole house so you know your music is about to start so you better be ready i sort of have nightmares about those three clearly it was like crazy even my sister because you come and watch me much she had neighbors hunter three clicks because she gets so nervous for me but it was the hardest thing i've ever done would you have it and was hard on my body i made it to the seven i think i feel like i got jipped i should've kept
i should add another week carefulness problematic we have gypsy listeners yeah so we don't want another trump or at least out here see yeah i thought i got it right here with them at the fair and then there like he stole your mouth called jeff yeah you have no soul like that kind of shift well this is the type of stuff you don't necessarily know get into podcast game you can't really careful cg we know everything wait seriously you guys been on it says i never know if you're being so yeah we usually are joking i got in trouble for saying what bums one son bombs again yes yeah and i didn't know i was those problematic yeah i know that the word my god there is no one's i was like why can receive bonds as a note no no chips no no i i just said it yeah yeah yeah you know you say you see i got jude oh my
i got ripped off just let me open there that joke that was fun i got ripped of yeah yeah you got ripped off it sucks yeah tell me a list of what you're saying yeah i put my foot in my mouth constantly yeah that's ok such as other way i think as long as you're not doing it maliciously yeah right you can see right now this world oh yeah washington r words washington our the our words not the redskins will do it will give you so you don't get it she yeah we'll get your should we have a religious at all or work either what's that we are about do you were in a bad spot this is old also joked that i made last night that i wrote down a big cats pad that he scratched out you can't see that either yeah we're not gonna tell you would know what i will last question who would you like to body slam just like an outside of wrestling name one person gosh they
question that's really good anywhere in the world there's a few people have done business with that i'd like to buy some spill it i can't do to lawyer stuff but skip that team the day the paperworks official they probably have a few bodies and in their future i would not cross you know which account that i have a side that i get yeah see it's time to fireball like when you cross out and it takes a little bit which is kind of surprising but when you cross that talian temperatures go bang on the drum and anna anna i'm scorpio like i have seen there november twenty first we're we're buyers i do a lover who else i mean we actually right now a lot of people who are speaking in alabama i liked about
there we go there we go we don't get it we don't know but i agree with his master asked if you could you kick her ass it mean big attack you i mean this is the one thing i will say is i'm fat man no man do you eyes do you have a string that like when i go to wrestle guy all of a sudden you guys yeah you just there's something that you're like ok well it's a different kind of yeah it's all that sperm i know i don't know but some might not have it this stuff might not feel really straight strong but then there's but i have ways where i could kick us yeah yeah sam and i would be i would be i yeah and i could kick really hard yes i bet but yeah and then i
so it kick someone in the nuts so hard and then i hit him with wrestling move yeah yeah ok i probably shove my foot up there by ok that's nice now it's people are into that though like people but i would like to not enjoyable and as i was doing it probably rip their hair and like yeah he's cool my hair comb my hair choke me daddy you wanna hear a funny things so i was at a party this was years ago i'm at a party in the sky like wouldn't stop saying like you can't take me down whatever i don't like his dude won't shut up i literally walked up to man i grabbed his head and flipped him over his face and everyone's like she does like all my gosh and i was like so what yeah i know how to i know how to do that yeah i was broke a guy's wrists in a club to one time he grabbed my friends by and literally my first reaction i grabbed it you know when you do you like but the yeah so when it's coming from breaking it i don't want to stop you should've just like
alright well we won't talk with you i was going to the last question was going to defend yourself and then we're going to attack me but here i think you're proving that you would do that right yeah everyone go listen to the bella twins podcast every wednesday yeah they never say the word ship we don't say bad words but we drink a lot yes so and you're smarter than us yes thank you nikki this is awesome this is finding thanks again that interview with nikki bella was brought to you by quip we're not the first to say it but person i've heard say it shut up chris broussard sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation hank will tell you all about it if you've got delayed flights you got hotel snafus chatty travel companions well you can get away for two minutes twice a day with quip that's right brushing your teeth feels like a vacation today when you're using quip their wireless electric toothbrush is lightweight it's compact so it packs away easily in your tote or your carry on when you overstuff your luggage it happens to all of us
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because i wear them every single day i never get tired of them good a bird dogs dot com enter promo code pmt and they're gonna throw on a pair nun chucks that's right bird dogs dot com promo code p m t get yourself some shorts tom pft censure and boom you're gonna get a free pair of non shocks with your pair of bird dogs okay let's get to some segments first up we have bachelorette talk for guys it don't watch the bachelorette but hey if ti i have some news for you you're not gonna like this hank spoiled the bachelorette for me how dare you hank he told me the winner on our plane and i said what the dude i love this show i watch it religiously i don't watch it religiously and now my whole nights road i actually other thing i got to tell you i don't remember who he told me one so he spoiled me but my brain unspoiled itself because i don't know any of the
they can't keep stretches your brain operating at a very high level of self preservation you you rent you deflected despoiling heck we spoiled it did you whisper it or did you say it out loud because he might spoil it for other people on the plane i said a lot of big cat reacted very loudly so that that's definitely true so at the mount rushmore of annoying travel travelers people that spoil endings to the bachelorette wow eating chick fil a on the flight that's what he did at least he didn't masturbate like that guy who put a cloth over him and and when you pft you should so i got i got chick fil a the line is wicked long and then by the time i got it like our plane was boarding and big cat and his pride he was like give me some chicken nuggets and i gave it to him and we could have boarded and he was like i'm not getting on there with this and fuqing schuft shoved eat chicken nuggets into face in like a minute yep yeah in order to reduce the amount of time that he was eating hot food on a plane eat it all at once correct an yes hate zero hot food on the plane
art are we confirm that you didn't pound off while you're eating the check for yes can confirm okay have a blank it up by your mouth for a long portion of your life check full aid customer you said you i got touching guy parts of the contract hey can i will hey can i we're doing the right city jacks on the plane from detroit to new york city alright well it's a two part bachelor it up so tonight there yesterday was the season finale this is recording for hand i'll give you the recap from last night and i'll tell you what i know whose tennessee jed that's two one yeah i got two weeks will be with what the fuck big data rose ceremony that out at no no it's fine no no well that without today yeah but some people don't watch right away so we're going to talk we're doing spoilers in case people have their dvr set yeah what you talk about this fucking point in this show
at the rose ceremony hannah sends pete pete pilot home leaving tyler and jet is the final two she also mentioned that pete the pilot and her had sex four times not two wo so aggressive now that just means that he nutted real quick yeah so actually that's i thought he must have been holding it in for like the whole time until that is that is that when we determine that sex has occured by the way like once the guide nuts that's one time that if so that's very sexist yeah that's true the woman has to orgasm for it to be sex yeah or lactate i've never had sex jenn maintain his parents and their skeptical of his career as a singer songwriter their word it won't be able to provide for her financially jed tells him he will be able to support her because he recently made a jingle for a dog food commercial okay i hope they're you lose it up so the winter made a dog food commercial so it's tonight or last night tuesday nights tyler verse jed
jed wins jed wins we don't know what happens though because i guess if you're listening to the show and you watch last night you do but after the show and they reveal that jed wins but then they they show like what happens in the months following and whether or not they're still together are you guys can choose what you think if her in hand and jenner still going strong are you a hundred percent sure that they will show who wins tonight yes is there a chance that we now will the world now okay now all right now even throwing the focke dammit so what do you guys think you think they stay together keep in mind that jed was one of the people had a girlfriend the whole time and hand didn't know well they were gathered in what the hell is that these couples always stay together for life right i mean jed sounds like a catch level the puppy chow that you'll need for life says yeah i think these two are going to make it i think they stay together until it's always they do like a people magazine story about the couple but nine months later
they're usually living in some really nice nashville house and they're like we love our new life and everything's been so great it's like to slow down a little are partying days are over it's right when that comes out they'll break up within a month agreed yeah that's when you find out that she's like sucking the safety on the titans uh huh alright that's that's the last one for awhile okay that's too bad yeah that is too bad i'm gonna miss not watching yeah all right let's to respect the biz for stephen a smith let's play this clip real quick this was be bona fides grove how are you
your roles because lebron is the best players are right all right this time i do don't you ever call up to my show again and open up disrespected me you don't have a right to do that you know you don't have a right to do that my jet damn manners regardless of what you think about me you still called up to my show so you will address me as steven may mister smith you he called me about a bona fide scrub and it continued to talk on my damn show do we understand one another yeah i got you see the last week with spectrally before you told insult and then then then you might have a chance to get your point across now go ahead all time clip stephen a smith you can say whatever you want on his radio show but you better address him as steven a or mr smith before doing that well so credit to him he left the door open he's like now if we get into an argument and you beat me in the argument then you can call me a chump i'll take my love
if you defeat me an argument knowing full well that nobody on earth is physically capable of defeating stephen a smith in an argument but i'd like to i'd like to make the same request of our listeners and when you call in please refer to me as either stephen a or stephen a smith no cut yes did refer to pft is steven a in me as mr smith please whenever you call in our why is he in a sling we don't know i i think i don't know if he knows i think he's like a dog somebody took him to a doctor one day because he was limping around they put a sling on him just ignoring it he's just
in him in an arm sling i don't know what i mean i assume it's probably like an eating experience gone wrong knowing stephen a smith but it's very funny just like popping open the the twitter and seeing a clip of him in arms i think i love those type injuries we also doing that by the way we need to just randomly just picked times where it's like boom i just have a i have a cast on my arm like boom p if he's got a neck brace just spice the visual of our show and never give an explanation for what went wrong desi i we did that at the at the superbowl i did i did a show in a neck brace when i was down there but i agree like just an unexplained injury yeah that's a little bit of spice to it i it's also possible to stephen a smith injured his arm in a tragic cranking off action because so all the time at all hours of the day true sure yes you guys lookout for that we're gonna
we're going to we're going to big ben ourselves and just slide on a walking boot or a sling or a narrow neck brace at any point in the next like six months we're going to do one of those shows when back damn what happened we should do it today there too because then like why did they get in a car accident or something you should see the other guy i bet you actually that stephen a smith is just wearing the sling to learn like lomax max kellerman into a false sense of security like but maximum a little bit of blood and then he'll take this layoff be like i'm fine you dummy yeah is is like antonio banderas with his guitar case full of shock guns he just whips a swat slang out and he's got all these facts about lebron the no one ever thought of just and he's got an even bigger pair of pants hidden inside of his sling they takes out and puts on that dominates him in a conversation oh alright site we got our pmt sports biz update from jake who's
killing it all summer let's do that real quick good morning this is jake morris with a pmt sports biz minutes tomorrow night you'll be getting a live slide in from a certain football color commentator on nbc that's right we're just one sleep away from the beginning of the nfl preseason if the broncos in the falcons and the twenty nineteen hall of fame game from canton with alan chris on the call the chief sculptor for the hall of fame bust is a man by the name of blair buswell since one thousand nine hundred and eighty three ds made around one hundred busts ranging from players coaches owners and even broadcasters we do know that bus well was not the man responsible for that wacky ronaldo bust a few years back i mean who knows what the heck that guy is up to right now the mlb trade deadline is at four hundred pm today something that's always fascinated me with some of these deadlines is the player to be named later i'd love to see what goes on behind the scenes of these gems like who has the final say on what players get involved
big hot boys is a loop cocoa that's your pnc sports biz minute mr cat mr conocer back to you the last stop we have guys on ships let's finish off the show by the way just a reminder friday we have joe harris on the show and then monday look out for it training camp week we've already done half of our interviews were going to get back out on the road next week so look out for where we might be next week for a couple days but we got some we got a good video that's going to be dropping a couple good videos to get you hyped for football finally being back and we've already done a few really good interview so get excited for training camp week next week okay i'm a relatively new listener as of the last few months and in that time i've noticed my boyfriend of six years doing something strange he brings up topics that are simply pmt takes regurgitated as if they were his own thing the thing is he doesn't know i listen to the podcast he never mentioned empty by name and i started
i started listening on my own accord which is why i found it so odd when his conversations are matching up with each new p m t episode for example over the last two weeks he's talked about how prolific nasa's tee shirts are how we haven't been to dave and busters in over a year and how blake griffin is the goat my boyfriend is also been pointing out toward toyota camrys and commenting on how many he sees he even started a slug bug punch war but with cameras and called it the camry crush i think he's probably doing this because he find your content relatable and doesn't think just the pm references but i have no idea how long it's been going on since i only recently started listening what if the last six years i thought i was talking to my funny relatable boyfriend when i'm actually just an intellectual in an intellectual relationship with big cat pft and hank all at once yeah anyways my question is this should i tell my up and pmt and i know where he's getting all these takes do i keep pretending that his own thoughts just given the ego boost or should i start bringing up pmt topics before he does just to fuck with them ok thanks for the advice guys
okay i've got that's a lot i've got a theory here this is it this is a tough situation that you're in and even more tough is right now there are probably like a couple one hundred thousand guys that are listening thinking that their girlfriends talking about them and so i think we have to do you have to tell if you're if you're the girl friend that wrote to send you have to tell your boyfriend that way all the other listers can keep regurgitating and stealing our takes and and being in a happy relationship and being very very for that because right now there are lot of people sweating it out yes there are our egos on the line here so you specifically need to tell him
would you everyone else just be cool play it cool don't do anything crazy because this has the possibility of breaking up many many relationships so yeah just just be cool like like don't say anything just let him think that he's smart and will are you know what we should do we should give you something to maybe bring up to him that's how you can tell him so tell him we think tell him hey honey i've been thinking an i i think nate peterman is going to have a breakout season for the raiders this year so say that exact line to him and he'll know when he gets to this point boom bust that exactly who you got yeah this is actually in a weird the twenty nineteen plot of if you like pina coladas just two people now that the other person is doing the exact same thing you meet like ships in
it crashing into each other things will be great that song as well caught in the rain yep alright hank next one alright there's a lot of dog questions i'm going to rifle through a few of these sub dilf cat rocking pft and hank my new boyfriend doesn't like dogs when should i end it with them the yesterday what he might be really into saudi he just might be huge got a friend and if that's the case it's cool man but yeah if it's how do you know scott is not a cat carries a dog a dog cat hybrid the it's it's cat dog was will not show on nickelodeon like that's you can't consider scout he to be a full cat because you just too cool for scott like a lion that got shrank by rick moranis in some weird movie yeah agree like scotty scotty is not a house cat but i agree with big cat
you just hate dogs that is the biggest red flag areas i would rather date a serial killer than somebody that didn't like my dog uhhuh support is my friend met a guy on tender in the group chat things she shouldn't do a second date conversation started with him sending dog memes totally normal and chill on their first show on their first date they went to a place you can bring dogs and he would drift out of the conversation to point out dogs around them he continued to only text about dogs since then and uses a puppy talk boys in his messages at one point he sent her listings for a puppies up for adoption then he asked her for a second date if she wanted to go to a dog park this man does not have a dog this is too weird right i think he is a dog i think it's one of those freaky friday things 'cause if he just keeps looking at every other dog that comes in the dog bar and
like we need to go to a dog park i got a lot of energy gotta gotta get out this guy is a dog throw tennis balls somewhere yeah somewhere is a dog walking around with this guys brain in it because they got electrocuted while holding hands use a dog and see if you reacts if he covers up his ears yeah or just get a dog and become goals on instagram this all sounds like one gram so sounds like one of the things that the try to fool us on from time to time where they send something that's just a plot of a movie or a tv show that we haven't seen yet and they frame it as in question some of the welcome this one i'm not sure if dog boy the douglas dog boys real here's an id if you are a female listener and you think you're going to break up with your boyfriend soon get him to get a puppy so that you get at least a few good gram pictures from it don't get attached to the puppy then break up with both of them
but if you're the guy then you can do you this is your only opportunity you'll ever have to do a fake pregnancy scare just tell your girlfriend that your dogs pregnant and they'll be more puppies coming but that's better for the yeah better for the gram social stick around okay for puppies can't get pregnant can they i don't know the ag overlooks gas questions that i don't want to think about that alan dershowitz probably things now he's written several up as well i mean in dog years and yeah alan dershowitz thinks that you should be able to have sex with a dog once it's two years in one month old constant alright yeah constitutionally when our forefathers when tom jefferson sat down quill in hand he was like i should to make no law abridging the right of a man to copulate with a k9 or to the age of two years alan dershowitz ask the very important question is are bc laws a little outdated in today's society well he he wasn't the question he was saying that many people have
ask the question and not that he's advocating for including his friend who's a who's currently arrested for pedophile ring many people have been asked was so funny the way you framed it because he was like i'm not necessarily advocating for this but i couldn't help but notice constitution allows you to have sex with a fifteen year old if you he literally help notice that if one wanted to that you got it should be in there allen do so it's literally did the asking for a friend thing except it was a whole article seeing if you should be able to have sex with minors just asking for a friend name jeffrey epstein scumbag piece of ship alright go ahead hey guys especially dad cat hope last week in my boyfriend and i came back to my apartment after a night out when you're both pretty drunk and started doing what drunk couples do i started asking his d
while doing so my journalism fuckin' hot right now while doing so my drunk i was hot that was hot all keep keep ok oh no we read the first part again so i can remember that hey guys especially dad cat yeah last week my boyfriend and i came back to my apartment after a night out we were both pretty drunk and started doing what trunk up watch netflix or us on his dick yes but while doing so my drunkenness got the best me and i threw up all over and stomach no i laughed hysterically while he freaked out days later he is still upset about it i don't think it's that serious how do i make it up to this kind the deal with the devil that you make when you're getting your when the acid
is going on anything can happen at that point because that's like you're at the top of the line right now so you know if you get stabbed if you get thrown up on at that point it just like you know what i was getting my ds at the time so it's not that bad i think he just has to your regina and then call you know when i for i kind of thing like i for an i doesn't really work but it does in this situation talk about how your boyfriend should react to your past sex life when they ask what do you think matters or doesn't are they really answers don't ever ask you idiots both sides yeah that's the that is the quickest way to get into a fight that no one will ever win and that will just keep give like a heavy feel
resentment in the relationship you if you say what's your number or hey that guy did used to comb or hey that girl with the you have but you fucked her you're an idiot don't ever do that yeah i would say the correct when you're hearing about your partner's sexual past is just putting your here's inside of your ears and just say la la la la la la la la la over over either that sex positive we are very sorry because of you that are just like right in the opinion piece in the wall street journal about how you feel yeah we're sex positive so no sex shaming but it are those things where every relate every conversation that has started along that path like no no go ahead and tell me i won't be upset and it's always upset so just know you're not different than anyone else don't fucking ask and just pretend it didn't exist and move on with your life or just say something like like give him a number astronomically high and then back
down to what the real number well for i think women usually like fifty percent of what is so like start out at five thousand and then say okay gotcha you're not that worried now so because it's it's much less it's like fifty yeah all right that's our show we'll see everyone on friday joe harris very good interview with him coming up and they training camp week football is back love you guys today
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