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Zach Harper + Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams Reads Our Horoscopes

2018-05-14 | 🔗

Lebron got smoked by the Celtics but he has a photographic memory so it's all good (2:20 - 8:44). Hockey talk and the Caps are an absolute wagon (8:44 - 12:10). Shout out all the moms and all the Instagram/Twitter posts shouting out all the moms on Mothers Day (12:10 - 13:05). Who's Back of the Week including Brooklyn 99, PFT keeping his promises, and Big Cat triggering himself with his own troll website MJvsLebron.net (13:05 - 24:56). Zach Harper (@TalkHoops) joins the show to talk about the NBA playoffs, what can the Cavs do to adjust, and what will the Western Conference Finals look like (24:56 - 42:03). Former Heisman Trophy Winner Ricky Williams joins the show to read us our horoscopes and tell us if we should buy BitCoin (42:03 - 57:02). Segments include PR 101 for Jordan Spieth and Webb Simpson, Talking Soccer Big Cat's soccer team got relegated. Hmmm Kawhi went to a Dodgers game. Well that Makes Sense Dwyane Casey was fired by the Raptors and Hank Hot In The StreetsĀ 

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