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2 Years Later: Have Views On Black Lives Changed?

2022-03-01 | 🔗

Dr. Phil devotes his platform to analyzing how life has changed for Black Americans in the almost two years since the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, and the subsequent widespread Black Lives Matter protests demanding racial equality. Dr. Phil meets professor Dr. Shaun Harper from USC, who says that while he remains an optimist, he claims to have not seen nearly enough effective change in society to start the process of creating equality and justice between Black and white Americans. Former BLM activist Rashad Turner says he quit the movement because, according to him, they did not prioritize education for Black children. Dr. Phil also meets the President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Lydia Pope, who says Black people still don’t have equity in lending or in many other areas that govern us. Then, anti-racist attorney Natasha Scruggs joins the conversation and says Black communities are fighting on a daily basis to achieve equality and a better life for their children. Plus, white ally Allison Mahaley joins the conversation with what she believes white people should understand. Listen in while Rashad and Natasha engage in a spirited conversation about what needs to change in the Black community for equity to be realized. And, Dr. Phil visits a Black-owned, Black-run restaurant in South Los Angeles, Alta Adams, to break bread with owner and chef Keith Corbin, who says being a Black business owner is as challenging as it is rewarding. For more information: http://drphilintheblanks.com/

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So what are we talking about here? Where Talking about. What's the fraud, there is no fraud I can't find the fraud they start to feel the new found your way to fill in the blanks again today we have an amazing, an unusual episode. I say unusual because I'm sharing with you an episode that was actually aired on doktor fill and it was so special that I'm breaking tradition and including it on the pod cast the episode was entitled two years later, have black lives changed, and what we were talking about is the fact that it's been two years almost since George Floyd's murder may twenty fifth twenty twenty
it was a catalyst for the black lives movement and it's all millions of citizens of all colors and backgrounds, taking to the streets demanding any and not just to police brutality against black people, but to the social inequalities between white and black in America. These are inequalities that have existed since the country's inception Some things have changed as a result. There is no question about it: June team has become a federal holiday. but critics have called this and other changes, performative and superficial, which brings us to this question. It is now two years later and exactly what has changed for the average black American, and so we spent the hour exploring that with some of the top experts in the country. One of my favorite experts, Doktor Sean Harper, he's a professor of diversity and export from U S he
Russia, Turner Ex, likewise matter organizer and director at ACL, you Minnesota, Lydia, Pope, Nay rare president in Ohio, really knows the real estate market, Alison behaving. Why Ally North Carolina come up with some great tool: kids for people to really help Natasha Scrubbs, antiracist attorney in Kansas City, passionate, smart understands struggles, keys Corbett chef, an owner of outer Adams, Alas Angelus restaurant? I made a visit to that restaurant. We do not feel shoot their talk to some of his employees and some of my black employs. We all sit around the table, had some great food and talked about what was really going on. From their point of view. I was here to learn and idea.
so allow me to repurpose this episode, because it was aired on the last day of black history month. I think it bears further. Listen enjoy a really to talk about where we are now verse where we were years ago and doktor were you told my staff that centuries systemic racism, certainly, beyond in the summer we know that, but his progress being made why that why noteworthy indicate our progress is that there is now more national and global consciousness about my blackness, and about structural and systemic racism by conscious alone, one now redress centuries,
of racial violence, negligence and harm. We need policy change Has there ever been a better time to be built? in America than now. Well, You know, honestly, I'm forty six and forty six years of my life, I've enjoyed being black in America. We say almost always is a three steps forward. Two steps back As it pertains to Rachel equity racial progress for black Americans, and other people of color, the think about for example, the vote three, if you want to call it that that we saw Andy, Derek Chauvelin trial, the of George Floyd right that belt, like progress, to be sure justice for me- means that George Floyd,
Brianna, Taylor, Ahmad, arbitrary and others would still be alive, but still write like some, Folks celebrated the outcome: in Derek Shoulders trial as victory, but then there's the. Come in the camp potter, trial, where she is centre two years in prison for killing a black man. That is what I mean by the three steps forward. Two steps back road Elsa. What events in your life have inspired you to speak up for the black community as a wide ally and eve you ve put shouldn't steps in in your, advocacy it hasn't been just in your heart. You put action steps in. having the courage to move from Understanding these things, and admitting that their problems too being
Crossing that line- and I personally can do something about this. So in terms of my personal life, what happened? I was a school teacher, I taught seventh grade and a rule county and North Carolina, and I my end of great scores at the end of the year and one black boy in my class past the rating test and. I had to look at that. I can look at those facts and become Are the kind of person that I am? I knew that I had to take responsibility for that and that set me that change the course of my life, and think it change the course of some of the students in my classroom, slides no doubt because if you say and do something about it, the first time is a controversial one and as voters suppression,
which has a long and ugly history in the? U S, but some say it has recently resurface. Do you think there is active voter suppression going on? I think back to fail. We do see again apples, a voter suppression happening around the country. The thing that I'll The point out, though, with voters suppression is that it's never really an issue when things are going well for the Democrats when the Democrats, feel some type of pressure to feel like losing their blackfoot back. continuously gets them elected. Then it becomes an issue. I will say that not be unable to People, water or food, as our stand in line, is as ridiculous as it. So you say, that's important, because. black voters will stand in line all day long, absolutely necessary, and if they can go to the bathroom. We can't get a drink, they can't get
some nourish murder or whatever, then that cuts at lie now absolutely riots, Think we all want the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Question that always comes up in my community is: do we see those votes translate to be lives actually improving. You say incarceration is the biggest barrier. I say incarceration It is barrier because there too, Point two million people in America that are incarcerated there said point eight million people on probation, Hamperll, all of those people I do not have the right to vote. Most people think that way. They become form We incarcerated the country causing felons. I don't use that term, but most people think that formerly a car, where the people cannot vote and they're afraid so vote because they don't want to be penalised for that, so that is that we have almost ten million Americans. Currently, that cannot go and be the most vulnerable.
A lot of critics say Sean that she's not about suppressing the boat, it's about suppressing fraud and there's been a lot of study this? If somebody wants to actually dig down and Look out, non traditional voting. male in votes prior to vote prior to actual election day, that sort of thing and our actually done down at the diver on that, and I can't find one shred of evidence that suggest that favours one party over the other or increases the level of fraud, one whit I can't find it from any independent evaluators, whether their left, right or centre So what are we talking about here where
talking about what's the fraud, there is no free That's why I can't find the fraud. I think that you barely scare tactics these boogeyman. If you will, This is one of them that you know black people and other people of color are stealing boats and that dead people are voting and so on and so forth. We We look at the evidence across the states YO. Often times there, one or two or maybe a dozen cases, out of millions of voters. This is not a thing. This is about Georgia turning blew, it is about other states and twenty twenty election that were flip So this is really about suppressing yelled, the influence of black most especially black women voters who turn out in historic numbers
in these elections is about. I'm doing the influence of a What today is the last day of black history month and were discussing the societal inequalities between black and white people in American, assessing whether there has been really any substantive change since the global protests that resulted from the death of George Floyd Brianna Taylor and Ahmad MOB Armoury in twenty twenty One area that my panel of experts all agree on the report did racial disparities in real estate practices and income tax
a major racial, well gas reserves. As the median wells wore white families is almost eight times out of black families. A new poor, sound nineteen percent of black families. In the U S, having negative network, many experts say that the root of the problem is real estate. Gas could be widening between black and white neighborhoods. One of the drivers of that wealth gap is red, lining the practice of mortgage lenders, denying loans to people face on the race or where they live. With those areas marked with red lines on maps. Although the practice was outlawed in nineteen, sixty eight, its effects are still being felt today. Did you see it in every city in America is where are the basis of several years? Neighborhoods remains to this day, despite the practice being illegal. Black moon applicants are still turned away by banks that are higher, raised them. Wait: applicants the widespread use of red learning, has allowed generations of White Americans to build well through equity in homes and businesses. Further widening a wealth gap. African Americans have yet to rebound from activists Kimberly jobs, one viral when she compare the economic inequality. Black people face so the game of monopoly of monopoly with you and I had to play and give you every time that I made for fifty years. Every time that I played, I ain't you didn't like. When I see you, ve got your bonnet like they didn't Tulsa. How can you win? You can't win. The game is thing when they say: why did you burn down the community powers? We do anything.
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are you ready- verified the next threat out now. Wherever you get your podcast? It's the equity, we don't own anything and when there is ownership in homes, it's not The same level as well: is the value of the home, the equity in the home. It's not the same so building wealth is, appeal battle when the guy is getting wider. When you go from forty four percent to forty three percent look why blacks are moving up been down in its because of the different, systematic racism that is in place today. That has to change and it has to stop, and it has a star, community, but it has to end on the top with they begin to a change in Amerika, the more that they can. to allow the elite the challenges in the law practicing and low level where blacks,
haven't higher interest rates will lacks if you have a seven hundred twenty credit score and you got seven thousand dollars in the bank, use I want to have a worse law than a wide american that has the same amount. That is true of experienced it. With my fans. Member and I took her to the bay and I made the big make, an adjustment or her love product and that exist today. people now with red lining we're talking about discriminatory lending practice dating to the nineteen thirty's, when lenders would draw red lines on maps around neighborhoods that a predominantly black as away to deny a more its claiming it was high risk. It was just just blight. Never there's no other way to describe it right. realigning the still there. Just because you don't see the realise on the map doesn't mean it does, because it includes children as
as a white person I was. I was actually explicitly told that if a black person moved into our neighbourhood, it would lower the value of our homes, and so these practices were put into place too to cause White flight out of neighborhood, so that real is realtors could come in and by the properties at lower prices and then flip them. I mean this has been going on, but the thing is that this is about bias. This is about unconscious bias, and it is so anti black by Ass is so predominate in our current, free, and no one wants to talk about that. I have experienced a story of steering when I buy My first house I went by my first home- they took me when neighbourhood that I didn't ask so when they did that I didn't bite property, guess what I did I decided to give my real estate licence a run. The national black organization, the talk about the issues steering and the importance of putting black folds were you,
wanting want them to go rather want they want to go to. It is accused of racial discrimination are according to reports, but to business as usual. So what happened there. After a twenty nineteen Newsday exposition revealed system. racial staring in which real estate agents direct homebuyers, specific localities based on their race. on Long Island, sixty seven agents and executives, we're subpoenaed as part of a state probe into the matter that ultimately resulted in new legislation. This kind of made people stay Up and take notice that there was really something To this end, they couldn't discontinue to do this without people, attention: overall ages provided white fifty percent more listings than blacks bout. Think about that. Fifty
fifty percent. More listings worship. two white buyers than white buyers, and You said something interesting about getting in to the law. You said we do need black lawyers, but we need people that understand the struggles. They don't seem to understand the law. They need to understand the struggles of the people functioning under the law. That's what really motivated you absolutely. I believe that, When you have that experience the way you have family members that our goal do these that are being discriminated against on every level. You can Stan best on how to treat them as far as real estate appraisals or even leaving discriminatory. Black family will try to get an appraisal on their home and a wife and that they will have their white friend get it and it'll be higher, so it all. like we said over and over and over racial.
Discrimination, a racial bias, is the biggest factor in all of this stuff is so Ah, yes, these these biases these paradigms that are not real, that if people could this question them in that just go along with it and say why do I think that is why do I think that this black family deserves guess what happened. black neighbourhood deserves? Last? Is black school deserves list or this black person? use of a crime deserves less the Folks, I know- and I I know, lots of them black people. to be poor, we dont the girl to underfunded. Schools. We choose to be an communities that lack resources and jobs. We don't shoot Do you live in communities where we have? what about access to high quality health care, weed choose to be and the lowest paid, less powerful roles and corporations and other places where we work. There are system that you know, thickly
place us in those positions such as absolutely must be real about. community. We know that we have challenges with schools. We know have challenges, even with the grocery store that doesn't have healthy foods challenges, not just all of those, but in the police force. We will have enough in the community to assist us. So what do we do about where the solutions? So again it goes back to the partnerships of everyone black asian hispanic. You have to to our community, feel what we feel see what we see I you know. I I encourage you to spend a week in a black community, come back to my own neighbourhood and see how feel. Tell me what you get when you leave my neighborhood after that date, when you can't even water storage the pay they lindore down the street, where you have to food that has expired in also just what these are, the things we have to bring education back. We have to come together as Nay. Anyone to bring it altogether.
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It's because you didn't have enough anxiety and then their filing for bankruptcy, or they had an affair and they're getting divorced and losing half their net worth and visiting their children. On the weekend I mean that those impulsive things because they had low levels of anxiety DR depression and anger and vigour and were grant grant. And so I want you to worry a little boy. right now. We just said: if you'll have Daily five, you have a fifty percent chance of getting diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Weren't war for the health of our brain, and I wrote a buck with Tana called the brain warriors way. We showed what ultimately informed the decision to leave the boy lives matter. Movement areas there is a lot at a big black lies
at the time believe was about twenty. Sixteen wear black this matter, along with the endeavour lay C p and the a confederation of teachers called for moratorium on charter schools and to me now An attack on black families believe eighty percent across the I states a black families and also other people of color. appreciate and support charter schools. So the c b Elam come out and say, hey Willie think there should be any more charter. Schools was completely absurd to me and did not show me that this organization truly believe their black lives man, one other thing: point out is that I think spent years. Decades, trying to change the hearts and minds of everyone in this country, except for our own people Miss Lydia mention that when she ran into difficulties trying to find,
housing Crimination she mentioned that she, went and got her real estate lies. she had their determination and I think that, What is missing from the boy narrative right now, not think we hear about how great we actually are as black people, I think we hear the message that we as a people have to step but think is much easier to sort disorder go with the flow of blaming white supremacy. Crimination all of these things, but should Looking at for black people up here out of many in this country who found a way to be successful, and I I tell you, I don't think any of us soon they're, just blaming why supremacy or blaming the system rights The thing I would say to our is like Alison and others. It knew how to stop helping us right stock. trying to help us, because
it has led to black people being able to stand on their own two feet in this country Whole heartedly disagree with that financial formula. I honestly believe that the problem is systemic races I'm just going to say I'm here because grandfather who grew up economically violent area mean that the state was economically violent. He went to, because you got a masters degree, he went to last but he couldn't finish. I can expect for black people who Pooh grandparents were denied access to education whose grant, were denied access to jobs. To have the same, opportunities that I have what what SAM is look at us, Beth, exceptionalism birthmark, where the math when we talk about allies, what we're talking that is why people talking to other white people and
inviting them into understanding that racism against white people is not a thing. The racism that exist in Amerika was built on slavery on, backs of black people, and it has evolved into mass incarceration and We need to understand that that making is better for people of color is not gonna, make it worse. For white people actually the concept called the dominoes of oppression and Billy that there are millions, the dominoes their fall, they at least to mass incarceration and leaders to police brutality, and I believe that all of them need their own. Individualised attention, of course, lies, tell our kids, everything we possibly can. My grandparents and my mother told me every but when I stepped into the school, tell me that I'm not smart, tell me that I'm down- and I can't read in detail- that I'm a criminal if asked, if I skipped school,
and they tell me- I can go to college. When I got the college, they told me, I could not be an attorney. They told me Let's see me as an attorney, so I can't say but we do. We have a is that message for you. I say it was my. It was my upbringing. Lester our focus to changes that need to happen with small businesses who were severely impacted by corona virus, shutdowns and social distancing, when you add an unequal wealth gap and make under funding to the mix black. Our businesses are especially at risk well. I want to learn more about this problem, so this did a popular, so food restaurant in South LOS Angeles Outer Adams. To meet the owner and chef Keith Carbon, and here terrific staff
as a lawyer. Many smells good in many of our member states will have a law is choosing this historic, West Adams. Neighbourhood important! Do you for once like not to fuck me another side of south central and I noticed movies run up and early, so he just they'll just like home. We were very intentional, unlike connecting with the community when we came here. How diverse applaud your customer base very good food plants, an audience me we attempt to cook in order to feed the so nervous system of state people about who you are black white asian. Everything I say coming out of here looks good leisure recipes. Yes, let's go do business find ways to tear down. Do you feel more comfortable working in a restaurant where you serve the community that you know no you allow MA am. I can be myself that, where I can never went somewhere, I can often do not have to change. I speak or, unlike high interacts with anyone sound like a hundred percent myself. I work, which I really appreciate that those who, like the Hallstatt vibrate cultivated environment, where everyone can be themselves and tell us that amazing what else has helped report and create more businesses like this? In the word from you to invest and in time- and I think I think, tanks and olive purchases and doing a due diligence and researching and putting your money toward black differences, not just pay tribute bursting into business, is an investment for an entrepreneur. You can invest and other companies and help them bill is awaited. Give back and then also continue your patronage outside of black history month June teens. Those holidays pick a random Sunday, the random Tuesday, for lunch. For me, it is all about opportunity in this way is very important that we provide opportunity alike to provide opportunities for people to us in this situation. I wasn't your former inmates. Yes, I'm a form room you give job to like when we openness which the road everybody Mannishness, Dublin in restaurants, were formerly incarcerated me my Susa from a general manager. Everybody does many people in these communities that if they had an opportunity
It can bring value to our society, so lumber internet question about what can allies door were White American do might provide opportunities lie more fully. Recognise that we have about. I was home was when I was a teenager. Tyler Perry is dear friend of mine. He was living in his car. I was home before it's that somebody always had held is not hand out it's here. The one thing I can do, of course, is talk about it, because I got a big megaphone leg with your supervisor. Astronauts didn't pick me doing this tropical tuna, but a lot of chosen the Spaceboat work. What was it like? Putting the show together? I think this is a very important topic and I also think that happening doktor felling amplified by play says, I think, there's a lot of stereotypes having into a black lives in what practical ten doing aspire to be, and I think that is really important to shelve high staff black people. You know on the stage and on this platform aerial you so you ve never been treated differently. I definitely like I've never been treated differently for what I do and I think especially where we work everyone's very accepting another thing that I love about ourselves. We also have an amazing american female at the top positions are an asset, and so it's really important. I'm sorry, you know doc. I like to be able to have us behind the scenes, making the decisions and to have a seat at the table to be able to bring forward an inopportune stories like yourself when I came on or doktor fail. I realized his voice. Has such a wide reach to reach people that are not in a diverse neighbourhood and do not know about
cultures, but he is able to help people expand their mine. I think that's so much of what we need right now times are changing nothing's changed as fast as we wanted to. its changing. So what are you gonna get me some of the macaroni trees on my bad requested for a really good food. Yet when you go the great staff, my needs all the trees, all you gotta do tears achieved is here now in the studio audience. So no you again buddy I wanted Thank you again for the amazing hospitality that you showed to me and my staff. There
you ve been watching all our long. What's your take away from this discussion here, what do you do? You think needs underlining more than anything else. I mean everybody migrate points just from my experience, because I've lived both, I lived in a gang ultra abandon two years in prison and now Mere must my fiance are homeowner and affluent area right now I have a business cycles from both sides and is, just about picking up yourself. Picking up your bootstrap r or like shoe the young lady was there. Exception being for everybody like I can expect like the pupil. I grew up with the have to be one that plan autonomy, someone I We gave me an opportunity right Is value only see value on me and I think that for the most part, My experience America just does not value black fascist. From my experience, our Phil,
at any you did so yesterday, when you were given that opportunity, you really seized it. I asked you what your biggest up. the girl, was an use. Discipline well, it certainly a smooth running operation. Now I can tell you certainly give it the thumbs up. I can tell you for sure if the food is great today, topic is an important one. we went longer than our allotted time. You can see more of our conversation on doktor failed com. I would really like to thank all of my guest here today and one of the things I would really like. To acknowledge, is everybody being will to have an open conversation about this, and here everybody else out. are they give. Everybody would have this approach it would be not about winning an argument, but about solving a problem
so really applaud you guys.
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