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America on Fire

2020-06-09 | 🔗

As the country continues to navigate its way through an unprecedented global pandemic and widespread civil unrest following the May 25 death of George Floyd, the unarmed Minneapolis man who lost his life while in police custody, Dr. Phil leads a discussion with prominent members of the Black community analyzing the events of the past week and what may have sparked them. Guests include national civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt, Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass representing California’s 37th district, author and activist Marc Lamont Hill, and activist and one of “Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People” of 2017, Tamika Mallory. And as the focus shifts to the future, what happens now? And how can you help? See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information.

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you think more police haven't done what you have done. Well, I can tell you that I sometimes police city drop in your swords and beans the ball is a sign of weakness. Our community has been hurt. It would be so accountability, and there should be- and it should be that way for every single American if this country is to be fair for all people, wonder why America is outraged at this point, and it has to
that's why we're doing this show today. That's why we're having this conversation, George Floyd was killed in broad daylight in the streets of media. No policeman came to his aid. In fact, it was a police, but who has been charged with his word today. We are speaking the Black Americans, whose voices must be heard. Enough, is enough,
making my platform available as a catalyst for long overdue change. George Floyd was treated as sub human by a police officer who employ proceed It is known to be dangerous and some its deadly when he pressed his knee into the helpless man's neck for over eight minutes, as man beg for his life and cried out for his mother standing by were three fellow police officer. Who ignored the outrage screams of onlookers. Floyd himself pleading that he couldn't breathe. As he addressed him respectfully as officer Floyd Senseless, further ignited fuse that has long been burning in our country. Leading the nation wide outrage and demand for racial equality across
America. There have been examples of police officers who do understand what needs to be done: police officers who have knelt and solidarity with the protesters, dropping their weapons and standing with the people. It should be our go right now to make everyone who swears the ode to serve and protect, follows that exist. And embraces that mentality, because right now is on fire both literally and figuratively. Protesters have taken to the streets across Amerika out ranged over the death of George Floyd in police custody.
The protests were in response to the death of George Floyd, the unarmed black man who died in police custody Monday S term river, fitting out posted a facebook overnight shows Minneapolis Police officers holding down a mass. What officer users is made a pin the man's necktie several times during the arrest, a man tells officers that are struggling to breathe and begs for some relief. Black in America should not be a death sentence. Former Minneapolis police officer there,
Java and has been taken into custody. Your travel has been charged by the head of a county turnings office with murder and with manslaughter a sheriff is gaining attention for what he did at a protest in went. Michigan. Take a look at this. We want to be with your real song I took out, but I want to lay the pretence down. I want to make this a parade in Louisiana, Katy, Ale, tv caught this police officer consoling and hugging the young man. This played out yesterday a black lives matter March in Shreveport. Why do we do we want civil rights activist say the unrest is years of pent up prostration with city leaders and police. This is the legacy of civil rights in America. This is chaos, and we're buying in We have not got up.
Are we. For years I have worked with attorney S. Lee merit covering the stories of innocent. Our black men and women some murdered in cold blood many times without immediate consequences. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of booking him on the show over and over to talk about the same story with just fr it names and different scenarios, but all involving victims with the same color of skin This is a man that I have come to respect greatly because of his power, Sharon and his sincerity and it time to join him in taking action, I'm standing up and speaking out, and I encourage all of you to do the same Thank you so much for joining us once again. It's so sad that we have to do this, but I'm gone
the join you in this such an important fight back Thank you for having me again. I really appreciate your willingness to take this on as it on a broader level. As a pole, to like you said a case by case scenario area. You know I've been to go to guy, I mean you're, the one that steps into the breach and helps these people, but now you have essentially become the national spokesperson. You take these families and you give them through this maize and run Now there are black people in America they ve been at war since you were born leave. This is something you ve just absolutely grown up with true yeah This time is really reminded me of a where was well in South Central LOS Angeles during the Ellie Riots that preceded it, a brutal beating of rotten king and the murder of a young girl named Latasha Harlin was added back of the head by liquor, store honour because she suspected her of shoplifting Orange are introduced,
neither the men who started Mister King or the woman whose killed Natasha Harlan. There spent a day in jail and alive That is impacting home, reacting to the em they re industries. Today, Why is this continuing to happen, and what is your involvement in George Floyd's case? I believe it is. And its role in a system of racial ass control. That is enough, the news this country said The advent of slavery people want America have always been subject to dehumanization to forced Labour to control its system away, supremacy is Jane, reforms in those countries. Move from slavery. Jim crawled in our system of mass incarceration, criminalization of blackness itself. Until we deal with a heart, of the matter. I think this will continue to happen and I think The nation is ready for reckoning, yet you and I
we have a mutual friend had been. Crumple has been a mentor to me. We ve worked a lot of these cases together here the other matter very case and he asked me to come and help him out on this case involving Mister George. New and been, and I have worked together before him and we were together just sadly, not very long ago, on a modern case, and when you got involved in this case made. It was so tragic, too What's that video, and then We see that this first autopsy that came out about George Floyd. What the latest autopsy. What does it say and how does it contradicts the first report? Let us out ass, he tells us what really in one's eyes would have told them tat the cause of death for Mr Floyd was a fixture, a circulation of air and blood to the brain as a result of a deep impression of the neck. Into the lungs
depriving them of oxygen and causing the death of the first stop. The report didn't say that, but again I too feel you know this, those that have to report on that highly reliable and they often have conclusions that support the state, even when the limit, the physical, Evidence in the facts don't bear that are well. You talked about the dehumanization of this as it is as I watch this tape and saw the you, of of the knee to the net, could you- and I both know is just absolutely not approve and during that time, George is not even regarded as a human being is not listen to there's no eye contact is completely disregarded, as he's pleading where his life and by standards are pleading for his life. That is indicative of a culture where officers know that that is ok, how that happening in Minneapolis Minnesota what's happening, because
as you stated, there's a culture of lack of accountability and is not only a Minnesota all across the country. The american police They kill up to eleven hundred people a year on average and less one per cent of those cases ever result an indictment so police off this. Can go about their job, a brutalizing, more people than any other nation in the modern world, with competence that they will likely not face consequences. I believe that, as long as it remains true, we will continue to see this guy happen over and over again, certainly been the case in the example we're talking about here. Next, as a civil unrest continues, what can we do? Moving forward? Plus Lee is going to answer that question because he The plan is talking about action, not just words You watch that video of her brothers arrest. Ass. The video
the boy, but I had watched the video and watch the video, though, for offices. They executed my brother, the paramedics they drug him. Across the girl. What I'll, amidst CPR issue no empathy compassion. Nobody outer! Could it nobody today, as protests continue to erupt across Amerika and nightly curfews and tensions at an all time. High we're here discuss what we can do to stay by black Americans and make a change and words. And again by my friend Attorney Lee, Merit Lee What do you think about what's happening in the streets right now? The protest them?
is everything has been happening over the last five or six days, negatively my sound a little strange, but this past week is the only I think that is made sense to me we lived in a country for a long time that has been very impressive, systematic the oppressive to the african american community and the legal system that has offered families and communities no remedy and saw the sea people take to the streets in response to that seems right to me However, I would You see those same people be able to direct that right. This indignation towards actual solutions, and you this launched a very, very important programme, tell what it is and describe your three step process. We believe, that the solution to this he made that we find ourselves in it is gonna, come both at a grass. Its level locally
but also at a federal level when you talk about a three part plan, one of the first major ports, going back to capital here and talk long term, legislative solutions to the issue of police brutality, the issue incarceration in reality. These should be humanism his love of the black population when I value american society at all and compare to itself, but I compared to our neighbours the United Nations as a platform than when nations are in violation of the human Rights of a certain sector of its population, there is a Human Rights council I can hear those grievances and when a problem, will apply sanctions to the to the nations that are in violation in so we believe that the family of George Ploy a model arbitrary. In brief, I tell you should go before the United Nations with their grievances as well, and then, lastly,
Yes, a community on a local level after they have to take steps to punish people, who repeatedly violate the human rights of our citizens and in those people right now, is law enforcement we need to encourage, for example, a business, today. Best for law enforcement. Wendy continue to be abuse of toy citizens rights. We saw there an example of that. Your Minnesota, whether University of Minnesota, has decided It would no longer employ Minneapolis Police Department to police its cats that kind of divestment. That kind of economic impact should be repeated all throughout the country. Until law enforcement officers show a greater commitment to upholding the protecting the rights of all,
such an important plan and in programme that you ve got and let me again commit to you my platform. I've got millions of viewers, I've got millions of followers and As I have said before my platform, is your platform, my friend, and tell us the name of the website where people can go to learn more about this. We launching a new website tomorrow earlier? we lost a website called stop excessive force that was really in reaction to the kind of abuses that we see directed at protestors, who our protests in this system that already exist. We have great mechanism to respond directly to that stop excessive force that come in then agree. The plan, the grassroots law project that will there would help us implement its report. Planet attacked early so to be clear. Liese new website is grass roots law, DOT, Org Lee Thank you so much for talking to me and will make sure that we sound
long and hard in seriously my friend, I'm right by your side, I really bridges. Open all this, and I guess this is the sign up. I saw the unrest Friday night in it bothered me. I wondered what was going on back home and we have again give it please. Rene ha, whose new the first african American email Police chief of the Dallas Fort Worth area I caught her Saturday morning. I said you know well why don't we be an example to the rest of the country, because we had a pretty good relationship or have a pretty good relationship. I said why don't you try the escalation? Why don't you try to get you officers, to come out in March with the people in here the grievances in DE escalate, the situation, a strategy that retail police officers, the Duke Street. She absolutely scoffed at that and refused to do it serious It blew my she agreed fundamentally with the idea of the escalation, but she said now isn't the appropriate or someone through a brick. They're on Friday night in this
is bringing in the National Guard in this you would a bed, she would stop it Maybe she was still shaken up from having that break thrown at her, and I wonder she'll talk to me about it. I think it would be worth reaching Outswell because, instead of having a beautiful protests, more businesses works and alive as more people were injured and was in she had the opportunity at a time, and so I mean really bothered me and I M Like I said, I have supported her up until now, and I think it was not a coffer resignation, maybe for I do there. Maybe you can talk to, but one try. What am I going to reach out to her in and talk to her maybe she'll I don't know, maybe she'll reconsider her position by coming up we'll stay To an activist from black lives matter, her speech went viral after she demanded Americans do better, that's nets. I did reach The chief all personally and my producer reached out to her office, who said that the chief was
Yes to busy and just didn't have, I'm to respond or participate. I'd do plan to continue efforts to bring these two together in hope, of a resolution besides the cats. Do your job do what you say this country is supposed to be about the land of the free for all. It has not been free for black people, and we are time. Don't talk to us about looting, ya. The looters today is broken continue to erupt across Amerika and nightly curfews being said in major cities. Racial tensions are at an all time high. I want to do more, by using my platform to hear from black Americans too, Let them know that their pain is our pain, area. Injustice is our, and just as we are here to listen to what
I have to say, joy. This now activist Mallory her speech about these protests, viral she is a leader and organiser of the women's Marge and black lives matter, we're all joy by Arthur activists and hope that the eighteen news Mark Lamont Hill, I am a fan of both of these folks. Thank you both for sharing your perspective today. To make a. Let me start with you, you we are very much a voice of what's happening right now in, and thank God for that. Tell me what think about where we are five or six days in to the the pros, asked and the marches after George Floyd's death. I think there is incredible resistance movement that is happening across this country and its no law just a black march or a black issue. I think we have
ass. The point where is isolated to just one incident or to just one community or suggest just one inoperative, the issue. We are now seeing a resistance coming from this country. That is not just about the. Asked the judge Floyd. But it's really about the humanity of black folks. In America we have come to appoint a blue. The point where people are no longer willing to ask for to beg for change. We are demanding change and it is evident and what you see on the street, save America again from all different types of people, I've been marching next and ran mothers and children. People tired and enough is enough. Well, there's no question it. It's good going to take demand, and then it's going to take account ability once peoples saying that changes is going to happen mark. Let me
the year perspective on this right now, to make it it's never been about one thing: particular always say if black people were to March or doing, civil, disobedience or rebellion, the time there was a bad shoot. Every time there was an old, unlawful killing weekly rebelling, in fighting illustrates all day, but there are more history, where we have to respond to systems of injustice and from March, Until now, our community has been hurt. I'm watching people Why not just to the bullets of police officers and matches the guns? us of civilians in places like Georgia with a monarchy. I'm also watching people feel unprotected underfunded by the state when it comes to call the nineteen. For months. You have people who feel vulnerable illegal, subjected to premature death,
and what you sing in the street right now is a response to that, and so people certainly want justice in this case people. What are all the officers to be held accountable, not just one about people and when they want a sense of possibility that this current it can be different, but let me ask you both in our shared my platform for years with Ben Crampton and Lee Merit, and I see things then with a mob and George Floyd the most to recent? If action took place when the authorities saw the Emma Ape ends when You saw the about the type of action too. Place immediately when George Floyd was killed in the streets instead of after everybody has to raise hell about it. Would that make a difference? You guys would feel how black
Erica would feel right. Now, one hundred percent There has to be accountability, because we know that if there was the other way around and one of us a shadow of a person of college, shot and killed an officer, there would be swift accountability and they should be, and it should be that way for every single American if this country is to be fair for all people, mark, you say: there's an ethical responsibility for white people to get involved and help with this yeah yeah. You know too often We see race work is black people work and we see gender work is women's work with its actually quite the opposite right doctor for you, and I been a male privileges in whitefoot benefit from why privilege and these unjust systems in is their job to dismantle it. Why they shot we're taking shoes in in leadership as allies from those were touching the most hell.
I want all of my white friends. Alma went allies, always will gladly metaphor to be committed to this work, not just with a hashtag matches running a marathon we're doing the law, long term workings of how they vote in terms of their hiring practices in terms of how they interact with people into personally, who they call the cops warlords. Thankfully, hopefully don't wanna capsule in these times a day we have big impact on how we change the fabric of american power. It is important to say that one white folks do join us in protest and in our movement. You have to be careful That's your allies. Ship does not overshadow them. All were actually impacted by the issue and we want the ally ship. We appreciate it and we need people, white faults and every other person to show up for us, but show up for us, don't show up and send to yourself. This was a great boy to meet her let me say I certainly offered
partnership with you, and I offer my platform to both of you. My platform is yours I hope to continue to work with you going forward. I thank both of you for being here today. I coming for congresswoman calls for police accountability, plus the officer who made headlines for taking off his helmet and standing in solidarity with protestors. Hey, you know we're coming in spring time. It looks like we're. Gonna have a lot of time sitting around home, so shopping online is the smart play you can give yourself a springtime, spruce up and enjoy brighter healthier skin. Thanks to my wife, Robin regrows revelations, brightening trio, this unique triple x, Skin brightening kit will help you shine bright all day every day by eliminating sunspots, rejuvenating dull, skin and restoring you're youthful glow. The
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and you ll see lighter brighter skin twenty six times faster, its Robin Mcgraw revelation dot com. That's the only place you can get it Robin Mcgraw revelation DOT com in the wake of George Floyd's horrific death protest across the country, spread and irresponsible. We seem to only further tensions between black Americans and law enforcement, but it Michigan one share of stood out here Otis Helmet and stood with people sheriff crystal. That's. It joins us now from Michigan where so joined by my good friend, Congresswoman Karen Bass, who is calling for police departments to be here. Accountable
begin with you, Congresswoman Bass. How do you feel about what's happening in America after this tragic loss of George Floyd? We really an immoral. In our country, and so at some point we have to say why These things keep happening what type of policy needs to change. On the one hand, I have been inspired to see Absolute Rainbow in some cities. You actually see very few African Americans protest in most of the protesters. Are why? And I the debt is wonderful. The other hand, the tragedy of the violence and the looting, and in my opinion. There's like an or element of political opportunism and aid. A criminal opportunist element that takes the focus away from the policy. Changes then need to take place so that this does
keep occurring. I couldn't agree with you more and it comes from the hard to change has to come from the heart and there has to be accountability and sheriff Swanton. Why don't you think more police haven't done what you have done well, I can say that die, sometimes police city drop in your swords and being our goal is a sign of weakness in the bar. This thing from weakness: Mr Voice, changed american policing, because now, what we see that by response finding a way of just listening it d escalating you can make, three: it that's what happened and what MR you well I could not agree more, and one of the things that I have to say sitting here as a white male in America is I learned many years ago I have to acknowledge as as a white male that their. Why
privilege is a real thing. It really exist, and I have to acknowledge that I can Ok, the store and we followed dry, the nice car through any neighbourhood and not be stopped because I'm driving a nice car I can be put over by the police and not fear that is the most danger Five minutes of my life, We are not willing to acknowledge that then there's no way, I could become a catalyst for change, and I want to use my platform give a voice and representative vast. We We have two in the white community. We have to walk with all people of color to precipitate this change. And make it out a policy level. How do we do it on the hill? How we do it is, as former President Obama just wrote about a few days, years ago at the low, level as well. How did we precipitate the change? I do have to tell you that you do. Dont know how meaningful it is due
your words about recognising the difference and then for the sheriff it's just. I mean it's quite emotional, the idea that he would do what he did, because Parliament has to be a cultural change within the police department. So when it comes to the inner city communities, the police came in with a warrior metallic. When it comes to while fluent communities, and in my district I represent very fluid communities, and I reckon and the inner city and policing is completely different on both sides. My district legislatively the police, especially police unions, have been very powerful over the years passing legislation that makes it virtually impossible to hold to hold them accountable, and so those are some of the policy issues than we are on a roll out in the next week congressional I am with my colleagues elected officials who are afraid to take on board.
That is gonna, make them look weak on quota. And saw we're. Gonna have to really push No, we Democrats and Republicans to say this is a moral moment and we need Take a stand. This really makes us look bad around. You have protests all around the world against what is happening in the United States and as we fight for human rights on the international stage, we absolutely have to fight for human rights and a protest. Right protest is a righteous thing to do and we fought to have that right in America. There is no question that we have to use that energy to bring about change representative, ass. This thank you so much for your words today and sheriffs wants and thank you so much not only for what you did, but for your words of wisdom here today in towns, other officer,
to do the same thing. So thank you. Both you coming up American, is a boiling point, as people are turning years of grief, frustration and inequality and action and taking to the streets. The fires across our country, a representative of the turmoil that has been brewing for decades, we'll talk the protesters who were there the protest at having nodded across the country are a result of year this upon years of anger, frustration in paying these pro. There were happening right outside our door. We spoke to people who, taken to the streets, desperate to have their voices be heard. They do let us now Cynthia high and Genesis our family, who were at the protests
as we're brothers Molokai a keen also joining as Erika now they are all from LOS Angeles. House go. Let me start with the two of you. Tell me what your reaction has been and what cause you guys as a family to want to be part of protest about the death of George Floyd Africa. Thank you so much for having us today were extremely honour to be here. I approached my husband on Friday evening before the Saturday protest than I had been extremely vulnerable within a lotta bar social media platforms. About I'm Joe wait. I'm seeing a murder of another black man and I had already been very vocal about my our very and Brianna Taylor and I my husband and I said babe. I want to go to my first protest and I didn't know what he's gonna say, because I know he likes to protect genesis, and I bet he said. I want a partner which
you weren't, going. And so we, definitely wanted to go to support and hope that the message wooden be hijacked because in the media is kind of being hijacked more about violence, ended destruction of property, and the message is continuing to being lost, that brown, men and women all over the country are not being protected by the very ones that we find with our tax dollars. We have personal experiences with my beautiful husband, where he just go now to run an errand and has gone for hours because he's buildings by the police, and harassed in an arm embarrassed, and so it became a message for all our friends and family I'd. I believe you can have all the passion in the world, but if you don't match with action, what are you doing this? tell me what made you decide, this was the time took part
with Cynthia and an put genesis out there as well, when you knew things that could get I went and dangerous what made this the time to take action at the light because a personal experiences that I've had when I was in college multitasking. What ridge- and I am please You'Re- experiences dean and to sit on curbs during the summer. It's against heart of cars and be in. Identify. Someone did it make thought I was available My daughter is, and you see, oases in college. I want, experience, because I know our passion, where you proud to be out there with your mother and father, I was extremely proud. I felt like I was given the opportunity how my voice in my pupils waste to be heard. All the time I for life. Our voices are silenced and the stereotype has
perpetrated law, social media, and I wanted that to me to be broken this was a very peaceful protests are, as I said, Black lives matter in if I'm next or light, just different things like I just really really wanted farmers should be heard it George Floyd receiving had the justice that he deserved worldwide that's why I wanted you to be on this platform and make my platform available to you, for your voices to be heard I came in Malaga growing up. Did your parents have to teach you how to behave around police groups, watching, a whole lot of police brutality. And I know what it said. A black man like me to walk while being black or drive lobby in black or even I'll get a job lobby in black. I know how it is in the society that we live in, which one
he was the eldest between the two of you again. You ve been out there with your brother. Are you are you worry that you d? Look after him when you're out there and are you concerned about two things that he's talking about? I am concerned, and so We look after each other during the protests we win. We wouldn't have problems there. A release turn up from the high tensions. You know as we rallied up with the people, we're not sums at also. Nobody had any problems to be fearful words when the police hastily That's one that's I can't tell you what it means that you care enough to take action to be out there and and and actually March, and in protest in May
people pay attention to this people of all walks of life pay attention to this and Erika. You have a messages. Well, what? What is your message to white people? It's not necessarily to wipe the allowances to american general. There needs to be a change because, like we're on if reason we're out there from her late, because when, as you know, there is Six hundred and one plus debts by the police and there's only one one. Prosecution and eyes were like tired of asking for freedom were tied, it asking for justice and we're just titles asked. Our accountability in general, because we are pleased that you turn off their body will be giving we, where people that people do not really want under the law and the like. That's ok law protects them when reality were the ones being the police. Whenever
They should be protecting. It certainly has slightly promised you act like that. Haven't been happening for Americans and also within us. Erica. You were shot with a rubber bullets and you were tear gas. Tell me exactly what you were doing when you shot anterior guest. Ah I really without their just to help as much as I paid for the movement is going on right now and I was basically trying to leave people from like two weeks away in principle and that a park and I was getting mail guy was others like what every two drought please grabbing. What this way towards the front lines. People I'll tell you need help I'm going to go out the water in the mouth. When They came up closer. I tried to grab it moved back they. They come this coming here to grab the American wanted. I had bought by undue scram that three of them
shoot me. Even I wouldn't do anything tourism. I wouldn't hurt them by Simon AGRICOLA Water as running back the other direction, but they don't care we saw it didn't hear? What would I there? deciding the violence towards us. I am so sorry that happen to you. I can't even begin to to say that this year out, they are helping and that's just such a great thing for you to do. You didn't have to be out there. You didn't have to be helping, but you were and that such a great thing to the whole process this very year to everyone from all races all classes. There the other is wine, and it was amazing. I've. Never seen something so amazing in my life the message that I want to get out. That's why I wanted you to be here today and enjoy me on this platform. So thank you for doing that. I want Erica Genesis, Cynthia Haskins Molokai: the key.
I want to examine what happened, leading up to the death of George Floyd. Any or behaviour of the police over the eight minutes and forty six seconds, George Floyd had a knee on his neck. There, are very clear signals of his brain. Shutting down is three others stand by and watch him is. He pleads for his mother and for them to lead him Bree, that's right, I said just let him Bree. There has been an eye one one call and joy: Floyd is sitting in his car, the police com they eventually dry. Here out of his car shovin as is needed, is back and has seventeen complaints against him, including one fatal shooting and tell who has six complaints against him, whose holding the bystanders back clear What you ve heard is him pleading I can't breathe.
I can't breathe now this technique. Putting your knee in someone's neck highly dangerous. It felt in serious injury or death but it was done here and it was done for over a minute. This is a forty six year old man and he is please for his mother. Man's brain. In my opinion is beginning to shut down foreseeing regression he is actually dying at this point, his life, as two statements you're killing me, and I can't breathe, no movement on the part of the police officers. Here by stand, yelling screaming, please get off of him. You're killing him these come over. They check his pals. People are yelling get off of him. You're killing him they officer continues to keep.
Knee on his neck for several more minutes after this point and then, when the m t show up with the stretcher is completely lifeless at that point. You, wonder why America is outraged at this point, and it has to stop That's why we're doing this show today. That's why we're having this conversation,
I want to thank all of my guess for appearing today. If your black at America want you to know that your voices are being heard and that we must stand together against racial inequality, and that is what I ask all my viewers to do as well. It is not enough to say I'm colorblind, no you're, not You need to be more than that. Anyone you know to be color sensitive
it's not enough to just say I don't make a distinction. You need to be sensitive to the fact that people of color walk a different walk and we do in this. We need to be sensitive to the fact that they have a different experience when they walk in a store or drive down the street, and we need to do something about it and that begins by acknowledging that its true, because trust me it in for more information on how to become color sensitive, doktor filled dot com. I want to leave you today with images of George, Lloyd ones, a loving son rather free goblins.
I remember him saying that he wanted to crush the world. We want our money back, you gonna, truly miss Stackpole guy. That DA was friendly to everybody. Discriminating, see, worries, biomedical black or white each in every respect, and thus what I love about him. He was not only my employer, he was my best friend he stood out for people. He was deaf people when they were down. He loves people that we found a way. You can't fight fire with fire. You know everything just barons and I have seen in our day to day people hate their hating, their hiding their hating there, man and he wouldn't want that. He wanted.
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