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Coronavirus: A Deep-Dive Into The Pandemic

2020-03-17 | 🔗

COVID-19: What are the facts? Dr. Phil is joined by leading medical and health professionals for a deep dive into the complexities of the pandemic.

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absolutely not helpless there. Things we can do to win this battle. I think that speaks to the important Keeping our environments is sterile as possible. What we know about this virus is that it is very likely spread through something called droplet transmission. That's why people stay home with their set. The question is: are we willing to make the sacrifices to do it? Well, hello, everyone! You have found your way back to fill in the blanks and boy. Do I have a lot of blank to fill in today, and this is a very different version fulfil it thanks to day part of what you're going to get is part of a d to feel episode and
you're thinking. Well, I watch all the Doktor Phil episode, so I don't need listen this podcast battalion that's wrong. I'm good ray to add a lot of information. That's not it, the episode and we're talking about corona virus. We're talking- covered nineteen, the biggest issue in the world right now, I did an app so what about this that very important if you watched it, you'd probably want to watch it again, but I'm very limited in time on Doktor Phil and I M not limited in time. Here I had the top medical experts in the world involved, but I had that their we probably shot for two hours, and I had to cut that down to four two minutes, I'm not bring it down here. You're gonna get to hear everything we talked about, and these brilliant men and women
And some survivors of corona virus had been on cruise ships, real, you tell us how all of that where and what the experience was you're gonna get a lot more than I was able to give on the bridge but cast I've been very frustrated with, How this pandemic has been politicized both sides. If you know me, you know that I don't talk. Politics, I don't take part, They call positions on to on the podcast. I just don't do it. I don't think it's the right thing for me to do. I've been very frustrated that both sides report. Chickens and Democrats alike? politicized this pandemic and used it to try The gay and political advantage of that to me is just absolutely disgusting this
The time that you just need to put down your political differences and positions and. Come together and air buddy pull in the same direction and good ass to safe ground and I lose a lotta respect for people that try to exploit this situation. I have spent of the last several days combing through every scientific source, every source the purely looked at the science, gleaned what I could lead to share with you that I thought was buried, things that were lost in the rhetoric, things that were lost in the back and forth between the deaf news channels and the different entities bodies that had agendas to run in a war to share that stuff. With you
obviously I approach a lot of this from a psychological standpoint. I am not a crow biologist, I'm not an immunology list. I am not an infectious disease expert, so I dont pay and to be, but tell you some things that they have taught me shared with me that I've did through and pulled out in the shower, relief that I think will be of some value to you and I'm gonna share some psychological aspects of this. That, I think, are important I've seen a lot of panic out there yeah I'm away and saying people Strip, the grocery store shells, and I dont yet why everybody is hoarding toilet paper. What Is that all about nobody uses the same rate as people coming out with nothing but baskets of toilet paper? Did you not walk by a couple of things you needed, while you're in there?
as really odd to me My point is well, are panicking They're having anxiety and look, saying this, is it a serious concern. It evidently is a serious concern. I get that, but let's talk about this from a psychological standpoint for a moment. What I find them gives people. The most upset is there is a situation that threatening and they feel helpless about you, but that's when I really feel anxiety. If I know something is gonna, happen is nothing I can do about it. There is a national disaster, Hurricane tornado whatever, and there is nothing I can do about it. But let me Oh, you were are not helpless here. We're
absolutely not helpless. There are thing We can do to win this battle. The question is, are we willing to make the sacrifices to do? It are people there? Set policy and can enforce certain things willing the step up and do it and do it in a timely fashion, but whether they do or not. We as in Vigils as fair please. As communities, we have the ability to help ourselves and I've taught Do the infectious disease specialist I've talked to the immunology? Just I've talked to the Public health officials and every when it comes to a consensus. There are certain things that have to happen in order for us to defeat this pandemic. Pandemic means that there is a pathogen that really is infectious number to it.
Goes from one person to another. Meaning weakening at each other and three that its worldwide. Can we defeat this and they. Yes, and to do that, we need to do like five things number one. We need to aggressively find all the cases. So, if you re a certain community, you need to find the people that are infected. Common sense, tells you why? Because you, if you don't, then you can't take those people out of the mix, so they dont continue to in fact more people and to do there we have to have comprehensive testing or people need to recognize what the signs are anti, themselves out of the mix number one. We need to aggressively, find all of the cases step
we're to social distancing. We have to isolate those cases once we find them number one. We have two aggressively find all the cases number two. We have to isolate those cases number three: we have care for those people. Every way while their isolated, including emotionally You have a family member, for example, that the virus and their isolated take? of them, while their isolated. Emotionally check on them. Support them ask about them. Make sure they have food water, medicine, comfort and care. We have to take care of these people Isolation doesn't need to be lonely. Doesn't mainly are forgotten endeavour or we have to mobilise the public by
teaching them the symptom, so they can self police because you can I doubt you have the virus by being tested, but you might have it for three days before you get tested, but you can reckon as the symptoms early on spy can fever a headache but dry cause difficulty in breathing. Did you have things that suggests to you. You might have the virus then you should self isolate until you, can find out. That is a our full tool. If we mobilise the public by teach, what the symptoms are, so they can self police if they haven't for three days before they get a test or test results. They can in fact few people who can in fact fifty people each
that's how it spread so fast and then fifth, we have to make our hospitals ready. We have train our hospitals on how to handle the swift to train the staff, we have to get to supplies in there and we can do. The first four Then we're not gonna get into a situation of catastrophic medicine in The Tropic medicine is a situation where we over well the system because everybody shows up at once. That's where you have a hospital. It has six, spare writers. And sixteen people show up that NATO, and so you have ten people out in all that can't get on respirator that needs one we have to make very difficult choices about who gets what and who does it,
and maybe those people that don't they I from lack of care, not because it was the treatable disease, but because there was, such a spike in demand that something that ordinarily have been treatable they die. Neglect, so we just have to I recognise that we're not helpless here, Grass of we identify the cases I so Those cases take care of those people while their isolated mobilise the public, so they can self police and pull themselves out of the stream of social, discourse early on make sure that our hospitals are ready and they set up a way. So somebody just doesn't come stumbling into a waiting room say, and I think I have corona virus and interact with thirty people in a way that they need to have a way in. For these people where they can be
Gordon doth away from the rest of the possible population, and if recognize. You have the power to Do these things this kid absolutely be turned around in a relatively short period of time. Major baseball has been cancelled March madness. Has been cancelled. The NBA has been cancelled school systems are being shut down. All is major steps, will still the tide of this being spread, we have allowed other things in our favour. Right now, a core. To the medical experts, not the political people them cool experts, I'm telling you what they ve and telling me that we need to distress ourselves. I'm telling you that, because stress A promise is your immune system.
If your stressed you're not sleeping well your burning up your resources and your more susceptible to infection. So if you're walking around in panic mode. If you're walking around with anxiety, then your compromising your ability to fight off an infection So we have to deal mental health. I say you want to distress when we talk about how you do that, one limit, the sources, time that you spend obsessing about this look, you can run Lee, plug into this any time you want to it had married at seven, a m: seven p m three, a m. Whatever you can find a chair, where you can obsess about this. You the limit, the sources that you yet your information from and you need to limit the time you spend.
Obsessing about this. Maybe, check in twice a day you Jack, it in the morning you check out it again. It fine in the afternoon and during the rest of the day. You get back to as much of a routine life as you possibly can really got to be careful about social media, limited There are some real wacky things going on social media right now, and maybe people think it's funny? Maybe those people are deranged. I don't know There was a study floating around recently that was purportedly from Stanford University and it was signed. Things like if you can help your breath for ten seconds without stress, then you don't corrode a virus is a dream. Lots of water. Does your wash the virus down into your stomach in the stomach ass. It will kill it.
They're just made up things it somebody put together and put a big name on it, and it was. Being passed around like wildfire. It was spreading faster than the corona virus. It is play was true. You have to limit the sources too places. You trust, and then limit the time you spend obsessing about this and getting information, be very careful about social media and number two Monsters live in the dark, so if you're gonna play the what? If game, play it to the what if You do get corona virus. Well Eighty percent of the people. Have very mild symptoms. It is not a death sentence. Eighty since the people have aches and pains.
And even those that get some of pneumonia or Some kind of lung distress don't require hospitalization its transient. So your chance of getting it are statistically small then if you do get it there eighty percent, chance that you will have mile symptoms for few days, and then you will get over it in China, but we, Could they reported that they had had eighty thousand cases and proximately. Seventy thousand people had already recovered from it, so most people that get it recover. But just fine doesn't mean ten thousand died, dissuades ten thousand able already recovered the something like thirty. Three hundred people died from its some number, like that less than five percent and allow
those people were elderly people with underlying conditions like c o p, dear asthma, one can there are things of that nature view. Get it probably be sick for a short period of time and then you'll go back to work over half people in the world that have control, did. Corroded virus have already recovered from it and returned to their lives. Now more people are getting it's so that number changes all the time, but that's true, as I sit here right now, the point is: don't let them be a buggy man that like sphere in your heart, to the point that you are so distress at you compromise your immune system, a third, thing you can do if you're gonna be involved in this You have to others that maybe you're at higher risk than you are.
If there are elderly people in your neighborhood or in your life and their having to isolate fund, if you can deliver food to their doorstep, find out you can we call them in Chad. Them. For thirty minutes, a day his time with them do so something where you give back promise you the best way to fill a need in yourself is to give to others what you need the most if you really really struggling- and the need to get help to instead help very carefully dough, go to someone, that's dealing with it in this way than you are, where the two who have you get together and lather yourselves up to
first position than you were. Someone thinks about the same way you do if you get help be It really is help and not some that you just commiserate with next, it's real important to maintain order in your life, you really want a key. Is much routine in your life is possible. If right now. Maybe you have time off work because your work is shut down. Spending much time outside is you can fresh air this nodded airborne virus for you to get it you to come in contact with it gotta live on the surface, it you touch, and then you touch your face. How's your mouth, your nose, Someone has to stop your coffin send droplet into, your eyes knows mouth. It's not in the air outside. If you go garden work in your garden, walk
do whatever you want to do, but maintain as much order as you possibly can and- don't worry. It down on yourself. If you do worrisome, just try, control. This realize that As I said in the beginning, we're, not helpless and If you are, social distancing if you are isolating yourself, use technology check in time email face, time you contact some one that has quarantine themselves where they have the virus and leave isolated themselves, get in touch. Two of them show concern, share knowledge that you may have learned and very importantly listen to them. Listen to how their feeling, what their thinking
Allay their fears, their anxieties and maybe from life thanks to this very plain talk, podcast you can blow up some myths. They may have some misunderstandings that you can clear up for them, but use technology to stay connected. If your social distancing, it doesn't mean that you need to just completely drop out of the human race and be lonely we're not electronic age today. This is one of the good things we can do about it. So hopefully, we'll do that, so you don't feel so alone Our goals right now in our community, which you can support, is containment we restrict travel inner. Now we try to keep everything static. And in mitigation and mitigation. Is the social distancing, cancelling events
The creating yourself, so you can sell police all the things that I was talking about before We have so much that we can do and look world does have to go on. I work hey, that more lives are gonna, be destroyed from financial ruin, of shutting down businesses and economic impact than will ever be ruined by the virus. The goal who is to strike a balance between protecting health. Minimizing economic and social disruption, while Ray affecting human rights. We don't want to put People in jail, we don't want to put him in camps, so We want to strike a balance between protecting you, and your neighbors health. Create a problem with economic. Social disruption any more than we have two and we ve got to respect human rights so we'll those are very, very important goals and you can
support that and if every But he pulls in the same direction. It will really really help us, it will just really really help us in this What I mean when I say, you're, not helpless, you have something to contribute here, and hear what I said limit your sources you can control there too, make sure it's a trusted source take the power to accept this like I did and Don't worry about. I gotta run on a store with hand sanitizing every Immunology said: I've talked to is said the best hand, sanitizing sobered water, hotly. Earn soap in you don't need to make a hand sanitize her hot water and so would dilute each eyes, propyl alcohol, you have the things right there you need, you don't need to go, try to build something and make no stake.
Wearing a surgical. Mass does not protect you from getting the virus. That's a myth! It might protect some one else from getting it from you, because if you call for whatever it might protect. The body from getting sprayed by your cough. There's some research that suggests that people that, where mass tend to touch their face even more because their adjusting the mask so there's certainly no indication that it protects you from getting the vote. Ferris, so all These people that are hoarding mask and walking around wearing mask lesser wearing it to protect other people. There only not protecting themselves. These are just some of the mess and, as you listen to the rest of this podcast you're gonna hear some really smart doctors and scientists talk about
yes and we're gonna blow up some myths that you're gonna really be surprised about. Some of them are just ridiculous Corona beer sales are down for the first time ever seriously. Corona beer sales are down to speak It sounds like a virus but as you listen to this, I think you're gonna get a whole lot of information. In addition to what I shared with you here, let's pay a change to our mental health. Let's pay attention to our neighbours and ask what we can do to help someone else. It's the boy. As possible way to fill. The void. Robin Mcgraw revelation, which is by my wife Robin so you know its quality has a great news. Ah line for adult acne. Now there two products, one zap
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Corona virus also known, as coded nineteen two precaution shaping this episode. As well as several others, with an audience as I take this path. Like health issue very seriously. And I want to make that statement. I want to make that statement to all the viewers that are watching it's time that we make sacrifices concerning this outbreak, it's an outbreak again in China. And now has thousands worldwide falling ill, purely those states covered nineteen, is spreading rapidly and causing near panic as the. Tal rises Health organization says that corona virus can now be characterized as a pandemic. The first global info, dynamic with an over abundance of false claims and cures floating the social media, and it
makes it harder for the average person, define trustworthy sources with accurate information. So what happens? Well, of course, people not knowing what's going on, they tend to panic because they can't get information. We have hairdressers in China taking a very creative approach to styling clients tools attached to the end of long sticks, to protect themselves, and this rod share driver in New York was not taking any chances when he surrounded himself a cube made of clear plastic, which was to the roof of his car is secured by a pole to keep it implies. People are rushing the grocery stores empty shell, stockpiling, water, mass can't foods and toilet paper. Has become new mass hysteria. Eleven involved. Some of the leading experts in the medical world help dispelled amiss and bring the facts to the surface, so we can remain informed and, above all, save
I have separated our chairs so sweet apart, which is what has been recommended as social distancing One of the things that is highly recommended is one of the things that we can do to help control the transmission of this disease. So I put it together this way as a really good example of exactly what that means and how it may feel in your life jointly. We now is Doctor Patrick Johnson, in Professor Paul, a cannon doctrine. It is they re now, neurosurgeon and director of the Spine Practice Cedars Sinai Medical Center here, in LOS Angeles and Paul, what is a distinguished professor of law a killer, biology and immunology at? U s c so welcome to both of you. I really appreciate you be higher so this seems a bit that were separated in this way, but this is what experts are referring to a social distancing in people,
keeping themselves apart, which creates a problem in such things as classroom, and other sorts of gather is what you think about the doktor Johnson, I thank you. In keeping with the appropriate public health measures that we need to be doing and gather in places like this, which I ve been here before, and it is an interesting difference, is being what it is today with such an empty place. Just a few of us, and I think, we're a little more than six feet here. Actually, but that's ok, I think its entire we consistent bed until this is passing or whatever it is. That's going to manage this problem, that social gatherings like this, I think we're doing the right things with having Football events for the conferences that are happening in and the March madness knowledge that all of these things, I think, need to be put on hold just way there being done, and I am very happy with seeing, although says if we are in fact that war here we were fighting against this. What has now been declared a pandemic
reforms have to be made is just a simple true. They certainly do enmity hospital when you have surgical patients there. We all know hospital strive just in free way possible to fight, factual and that sort of thing in the hospitals does this create the challenge for you in the hospital environment, where I think the hospitals are have their own set of problems just because of the illnesses of this type. That way, cab with pulmonary disease, it's more than medical world. For me, as a surgeon, doesn't have the immediate impact, but it does. When I'm seeing patients in my office, I'm seeing many many patients a day. I see twenty five patients in a day and if any one of those are a carrier, or if I were, I mean that's a whole part of this epidemic problem. Said we have daily activities the individual, surgical patients weaken screen those we can make sure that we have those but hospitals are being overrun without a lot of these problems and how
can. We know, Whether or not someone has the disease, the US has a symptom free for how many days before it actually shows we can probably have anywhere from two to seven days. This virus is probably a little bit longer, as I've learned and understood is that most flew viruses from the influence and the bugs that we always have an We're still out there three four days this It's probably got a shorter one and shorter incubation period and potentially longer as welling last out to a weak, Frederick This is not the same as flew correct. There is a difference here. Cause people keep saying about, like sixty thousand people have died from the flu and three thousand have died from corona virus. They say that how to trivialize it. But the fact is, this is a deadly virus percentage, wise and in terms of being able,
who transmitter correct or not tell us the truth. I see now the training we don't really know yet. One of the things we do know about the flu is it's an awful virus. So when we compare this virus to the flu, I want first of all say that's actually, comparing it to something is pretty bad, what's different there. The flu is, is not something we are all terrified off as because, of course, we know that we can get a vaccine against it. I mean there are some drugs that can work against it. So it's a terrible virus, but we don't panic about because we know if it got bad. There are things we can do to protect ourselves. For this corona virus. I think you know is still so new weed know how to frame it in terms of how bad it. As you know, we still don't know how many people are getting infected. Showing absolutely no symptoms, and if that tens to be a lot of people. You know a big iceberg with a lot of people showing symptoms them. Maybe you know that
the gay will turn round site. It's actually not as bad as the flu Exactly is corona virus, define it for people, so they understand what it is medically we're talking about. Corona virus is San organism like the flu. It's very similar the influenza in a lot of ways it spread in different ways is not a bacteria. There's, there's no cure, for there is not an antibiotic that you can give for it, we don't know a lot about the corona viruses can was saying, but it probably has similarities to influenza, which we all know about, and we will through this every year and we have vaccinations, but it's it's. Some that has some new and concerning issues because the power, c of this and the non of deaths in relate, into the overall number of people, but habit maybe higher, and that's what the big concern is- and this is on top of the influenza- that we, I'll live amongst every year.
So this is a new and different disease. The on a bar viruses have been around an and discovered decades ago, but this a new outbreak in its having an effect on people that it didn't before. So this is a new virus is it's a different form of a virus. That's been around a long time, what causes it to do what is done now. Why now? Why and wounded this all of a sudden become a thing some going? technical doctor? No notice is now a year ago the corona viruses this whole family of them out. There are most of the time they hang out and animals especially bats. Some reason: a kind of in their animal host and they stay there and its those like a barrier between animal viruses in humans in a week or viruses labour viruses, but there, occasionally- and this happens with flew as well as this new corona virus. The vice
as we say, jumps species, so that could have happened one time a bad virus or some other animal into one unlucky person normal. That doesn't happen, but when that virus got into its first human host, Canada had a party in, It was an entirely new organism. We have known actual immunity against it, and so it just you know. This is why I can run rife in a body and then from that person. It then spread to other people something that people do need to take serious. Am I over reacting by not having an audience here, are basketball games overreacting. Is this an overreaction, just something that we do need to sacrifice and make the changes? I dont believe this is an over reaction. I think that we have to take it seriously, because we don't know a lot of answers. I think that This says a higher variants, meaning potency.
For people that are at risk, so everybody can go to the basketball game and if some people they're contracted it, but they take it home to other people who are at risk. That's where it is the biggest issue. The healthy people letter walkin around the streets are presumably would your show, but there may be some people there that can take it out to other people, so but how about over people that have an underlying condition, for example, in young children, without fully well immune systems any get onto the people that are the elder, the age, the ones that pulmonary disease have cardiac disease. They have diabetes their people on steroids, for lots of reasons in their people that are You know suppressed because how many people do we have in this country that have organised These plants that are only Minos, suppression, their risk Roy Industry, right now. A lot of the universities are saying. No more campus.
Classes. We're gonna do this. All online is reasonable and should our secondary elementary and secondary schools He going online and not having your children in classrooms. Rightly ok, so it so. It's two different things. I'd say for the universities and I'm I might you say some I own university is now I'm going online, at least for the next couple of weeks and one of them things is. We can do that. We have the technology, thank goodness its twenty twenty. So we can do that think with minimal disruption, and I always take the view if we can do so, think that may help we should do it with. A mantra. Schools that that's a harder call and one of the things that we are seeing about children is actually in. This is maybe a silver lining with this virus isn't children get in? Acted there, really not showing much in the way of symptoms. So that's thank goodness, because The idea of trying to keep your toddler or your preschooler, you know from not
touching their face or in telling them to wash their hands that ain't gonna work. So children- or are a vector to spread infectious diseases. I think it makes sense if their starts to be an outbreak in a specific area, Sane LOS Angeles, to have for limited period of time. In a closed down, some schools say if we can get things back on track. The trial as well, because schools absolutely could spread her. You ray point: it may come December and we look back and say well that was it nearly as bad? We thought it might be, and so we did some things it may. We do need to do but I would hope rather be in this situation, then not do it and then get it December and your berry and tens of thousands of bodies, because people didn't react. I'd rather air with an over abundance of caution than to fail to react when you should, as it seems to me. Ok, so are you one of those people who are stockpiling toilet paper in wearing faced mass twenty four seven
The scale these preventive measures are not only unnecessary but also wrong. For many reasons, joining. The conversation is limited pronounce your name instead of me butchery it for you after outdo shark, Hawaii bills recurring an internal medicine and infectious disease. Specialist two's Facebook Post exceeded one point: five million shares after he called the current hysteria. A pandemic and joining us via Skype, is social epidemiologists. Malaysia Jones, whose recent facebook post also went viral after she said that face Mass should not be worn by the healthy. Public right now. So thank you as well. People are paying attention to a lot of contaminants on or play. They said to out afore the tables. Have eco lie
the same as if there was feces on the tables and there looking at the arm rest in all these sorts of things. So we live with these things around us. Contaminants, alot, correct, correct and now This corona virus is this something that does live on surfaces from all understand. It certainly does exactly how long it lives on services is not entirely clear, but there is thought that it may live on surface is potentially for several days, and I think that speaks to the importance keeping our environments is sterile as possible and employing vigilant, had hygiene to prevent an enemy objects and any surfaces we're in regular contact with from becoming and sources of infection You said earlier that this was a pandemic, and you also said it was a panic dimming as well. What do you mean
What I mean is the pandemic refers to the actual number of cases that we are seeing worldwide and there certainly no shortage of information coming across news headlines or any social media feed that anybody would care to frequent too. The response, however, I dont think has necessarily been entirely adapted for or necessarily constructive by thousands of people. I want to say that I certainly support the idea of having a healthy fear and low love respect for I think that has gained a foothold all over the world and continues to accelerate and is not contained. By no means want to trivialize going on, but I think when Fear progress is to the point where it's become pure hysteria. That becomes a panic dammit.
When you see people buying face, mask and hoarding dumb denying healthcare institutions from having them in supply to actually look after sick patients and frontline. Health workers not having them. That's not a good thing when the same people avoiding every chinese restaurant imaginable and iranian rest ride in all communities. That's not a good thing. When you see people stockpiling everything possible from cars going home depot and holding themselves up in their homes, thinking that somehow that's going to protect them from everything else. That's not a good thing that panic? Damn we We need to see that what we really need to see more measured response in understanding that the problems arts in your own home it's It's with your own behaviour from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed at night. What
you're doing, to maintain a healthy environment in your own hands and in those around you, if you do that you have a much better chance of breaking the chain of transmission this virus and hope of, hopefully gotta get under control ever one can do that. We don't need the World Health Organization to do it. We don't know mass cancellation of every public event necessarily to do that, even though that may be helpful. Emily. You say that healthy people that are wearing these face mask. You should be ashamed of themselves that they're taking ass at others need They don't needed at all. What I said in my viral post was that about the CDC and W H our recommending that healthy people not wear a face mask and that's not because they are completely useless what we know about this virus is that it is very likely splat spread through something called droplet transmission, which means that
it doesnt float around in the air around us. It's coffers used out of her mouth and other This little droplets that come out of our mouth, flying through the air on a trajectory and then they could be breathed in by other people during that time that their floating or they could land on surfaces and then picked up by other people. So that's why we have this emphasis on hand hygiene Sir Leon Brittan to wash your hands and also call in the surfaces around you and avoid touch your face. The issue with the face masks is that there aren't enough in the world. We have a shortage of face mass worldwide in part because people have been hoarding equipment like face now, as well as all kinds of other things, toilet paper, enhanced, sanitized, just being a few examples, and I think that kind of individualism this on. My risks is very unhappy.
Fall and maybe even harmful to our efforts to contain the spread of this virus. The truth is that a face mask provides a very, very small amount of protection for healthy person. In a normal risk scenario like walking through your grocery store by the face nests, is absolutely necessary. First of a nurse who is tat, in care of a recovered nineteen patient. And so we really need to preserve those resources and be community minded our attempts to redress the epidemic Thank you. You say that this, aided travel restrictions, or an overreaction. If I understand correctly and Leah, you say that people should not fly despite the fact that the CDC is not implementing those order, restrictions so
They all come down on this. Do you believe that this an overreaction, wow restrict their? I think time will tell. I think that at this point in time it's differ to condemn those decisions. When we are seeing rapid rise and escalation of new cases, especially we we ve seen what happened here and there it, states were seen what happened in a new. Stayed and obviously in California and Washington State, I'm not going to and here- and you know say that I can be responsible suggesting that if we can do something to contain those and prevent unnecessary public gatherings. As a way of combating this that that's the raw, thing to do absolutely agree that you have to take some measure. I do re about where you draw the line at some point between. You know cautious judgment and overkill you start to lose some degree of assent, normalcy in society, and when do when do we walk into this
is of social isolation, severe depression. Mental. Health issues for people who work, fleetly paralyzed with fear and fear. Looked like angle, The Lakers or I can't go, you know to my sporting event. I can't go bill and appreciate My favorite musical artist, you know, since the end of the world should I be in my home. Should I never go outside and mine allowed to go to a restaurant. Will restaurants be closed? Will movie. Theater is close. I mean this. Questions that are difficult to answer, but I do wonder We are leaning towards that and I would caution against that sort. Mentality being one we have to take for granted. I think we have to take this in step, wise approach and so what's working and see what we might I need to do in the future. Would you go to a movie today I would go to a movie today. I personally, you know in employ
very strict hand. Hygiene are generally very cognizant of whose around me and my wife always ridicules me for being excessively cautious and I'm an infectious disease specialist, so I'm a germ of full by nature, so to speak, but I would go to a movie theater As a Dane, would you show your college whose around you, but by the time they ve Carter, sneezed on you it's too late, boy this, ok, I think I'll move either already been after sneezed on by their well being held. Her professional I'm sort of in a more unique situation. I mean it's far more likely that I'm going to encounter somebody who is sick with the respiratory illnesses in Michael wherein the emergency room frankly speaking then- movie theater. So this is where I sort of try and draw the distinction between common sense and just fear of everything else in the world to go on the world cannot be completely cripple
why what's happening here and my fear is we're leaning towards that right now to Doktor Johnson? Should people be wearing mass? Does it help to we're talking about those? We took a break, I don't they people need where masking the public environment. I think that somebody who actually has the disease, It is known to be infectious it whether they are known to have coded by Iris or whether to have the influenza or anything else. If they're active, it probably would help that if they were a man, now the rest, the general public it may protected loaded, but I think the practicality art ways in there is that that that's just not appropriate to have it nobody where it has sought I'm gonna bring in a different element, which is, I think, for people who are not healthcare. Professionals I am sure have to meet people half way There's a lot of people out there who very frightened- and I am not sure it's gonna- help to sort of sight of them- Euro, bad per for being frightened him for holding a mask, so
what I tried to say to people is left, let's think through why musk might help you and that such a think of Somalia, and it is so as we just heard, one of the values of wearing a mask if you're not infected. Quite honestly is just that by having a mask on your face. You are able to shut your mouth and x. Wait. You knows, shall we say, and so it stops this hand to face transmission winches over our eyes. You cancel the inviolable ties, your eyes and recognising our goals as well. I've seen a ok, so what I say to some of my friends and I have a lot of friends- I middle age, they craft, they coil the quite critical creative. I say, but let's make some little masks out of our favorite material. We have a whole bunch left over from baby shot was and they, to make these light little kind of mosques and nobody's pretend that's, not gonna. Stop every molecule coming through, but it's kind of, like it really it was my friends on its way to say this. This achieved just, makes us mindful about what we're doing the other thing I did
and I'm doing it right now is I were really stinky hand cream stuff. You got for Christmas, You don't need you guys, probably down as a woman. Believe me, Tea, tray oil proof, ok, miles really strong on it's. It's a good reminder. So, as I'm about to do this, I get this waft of tea tray or low lavender, and I go oh yeah. Hands away because these are the lethal weapons in this epidemic. We in fact our selves by the things we touch, and then we are the ones that introduced into our body. So this common sense ways. I think you can think about doing that without putting. The supply of real masks that are needed for healthcare workers. That the great ideas put some on your hands that remind you when it struck out of your face when you really that's nothing stuff, we're going to be a couple who work on a cruise and ended up. Quarantine on the ship with husband been eventually being hospitalized for virus
John and Melanie were on board the diamond princess cruise ship on what was supposed to be a six month, long dream vacation. Now the trip took an Spected turn after the ship was quarantine off the coast of Japan over the corona virus. Concerns last month a few days later, John tested positive. We'll Melanie John joining us via Skype. So thank you. For joining us. You had to be really surprised when you tested positive, John correct shocking economy? I thought for sure that I was ok and then, when they took the swamps and came back the next day was it was a huge our meal. I of how long did it take for you to get results of the test. Twenty four hours. Japanese jacket has backed Trimly quickly why
and so you guys say at this point, you are not afraid of the virus at all it would go on another crews, absolutely learn. Yes, I am we. We do practice arrogant hygiene with handwashing. I think this was a really unfortunate event for the criminal for Us- and it we'd love crews, and we won't change our life anyway, to I'm not gonna, be afraid. Job take us through this because you're the first person I talk to that actually contracted the virus. And it played out what we're your symptoms. When did you know something was wrong and what was the course hallowed at last? What did you experience exploration, warrant in ice cream.
Given us all thermometer, so, like a toy, we kept economic tar temperature enjoying to each other saying let announced on arm on normal, whereby the sixty I am too were the quarantine. I start to see. My temperature start arise and I also got a headache. So as it as it kept rising and rising, you can get it to slow down and it got up to about one hundred and four degrees and it stayed there. While in fact in the morning it was still we're not hundred war, and if it was often on for the next three days I have as yet, which I, I wasn't able to eat and down the headache, went away, but the fear was remain as it is today. The whole time, so that was scared suggested, is too high temperature and not be able to get to, come down a normal again but Hemi Day. Should you have the high temperature about three nowadays,
I believe that you man, I and then on them, on the last day of the fever in the morning- and I was in sweat- and I thought well, maybe the papers broke, and so I took my camera to ensure now it was. It was normal. Actually, in the morning nausea doorway was gone and I thought so You would have known you were sick without taking a temperature them, because even without the thermometer, clearly, you are ill, absolutely that that is something I have not experienced. My putting those are wifi as well on my head and then on my back. I would take shower to try to come down, but it just would come down
yeah I know I was there. The melody you'd never showed any symptoms, even though you were a very close proximity to him right. I I can. I I had my hot flash about was just for my age, but nothing else now get her a body aches I felt great I'm lucky because I could take care of him road, but both your you later. Boy that jobs experience is probably going to be too the call for the vast majority of people that contract this virus. Yes, yes and that's why I think Practicality here is that this is a respiratory illnesses, which I think oh stubborn, most of us are going to contract at some point the coming year or so
and you have a lot of very, very bright people here that have a lot of experience about these things. What I'm gonna say, I think as a practical approach to it. Is it that's why people stay home at their sick. He stayed in and he didn't go out and in fact other people is that this probably is going to be something we all experience just like that. Influenza virus, which we all have exposure to and we all live through. Unfortunately, our body Alex and immunity to us ensures us from Us- and I think that's where the like comes in and say how, We deal with this and keep it from spreading because it potentially is more serious the virus, You mentioned something a few minutes ago about will that over and there is a segment of the population that we usually refer to as Akhand reacts and its now illness. Anxiety disorders describes it more accurately and DSM. Five and
people that have the oldest anxiety disorder or those that have excessive concern and anxiety with her your catching a serious undiagnosed medical illness, although semantic symptoms are absent, so they don't have it, but they hear about it. In the news they read about it in the paper and they re all the sudden. They think they have every disease that they read about it. This is a part big storm for those people, because if highly susceptible to becoming Excessively focused on that and there's this wall to Wall media, in our thirty minute new cycle. Twenty four seven is just all over saturation. You can imagine. This is the perfect storm of hell for those people, because they're just absolutely certain and that's why you boy Doktor Johnson is this is not a death sentence You do get it for most people, they're going to experience it go through, not I quote John went through and then recover. I think,
People need to realise this is not a death sentence. If you catch it for most people, it's a very while percentage of people that are going to die from this, if they do get it yeah over half of the people who have been infected have already recovered, there's no media attention to that. There's no the attention or play for people who have survived this with me Malta no symptoms, because of course that doesn't grab headlines, but that's important too get back to the whole issue of how can really help reconcile. What's going on now, take the point of the global economy and the markets, plummeting, the markets, plummet because there was an absolute problem, but this point with you know so pies disappearing, that's a small part of it, the markets plant it because of the fear and the uncertainty and the volatility that potentially lies ahead. We have some measure of control over that. We have some measure of control over our response.
And stood out. So I think that the aid to get through, this is not to wait for a blanket to cover this fire or a wall to a barrier to everything else. That's not gonna solved, what's gonna solve this. Is our individual habits in our, home are everyday practices. It shouldn't taken a global pandemic to tell people that they need to wash their hands to come their call for their sneeze. But sadly, that's the cakes and We can employ those habits and share that with everybody we are much more likely to get through this and that's gonna do a much better job of this than any birthday, any other measure, that's taken by public the authorities or a government or anything else, show people feel helpless and fish that's what you were talking about it, you can do a lot to control this. It starts at home and start with you, the both
you're saying we're not helpless! You there's a lot. We can do to control this or sale again. I you know I want to speak to your audience and sort of not not sculled people for being frightened. That's the first thing I want to say, because unless they I'm a little frank, you know we're probably Allah. It's it's very unnerving sitting on a high just six feet away from people using my boy girl voice to kind of no talk to you. But I think if people understand more about what they can do. It gives them agency, as though so, let's tell people they can do. You know they are. Maybe the way to think This is a I say to my I said to my kids: think of it. Verona. Viruses is blue paint because somebody has infected is coughing. It's me, blue paint and those droplets of it all around. You probably can't go through life, not touching something in getting the blue paint on your hands now that Ok, we can't see this blue paint but our hand. The very tough nothing's gonna, get through our hands
but our hands are also the the vehicle through which the crowd of ours will get a nobody. So if we can be mindful about how we how we all with our hands and believe me- I've been trying it I'm sure you ve publicly. Young camera several times touching my face already, but if we can be mine, about where we place our hands and then this their of washing. You know, get rid of the blue paint. Ok, I'm good Maybe I can run my eyes now and I'm just New outdoors you outside the first thing I do when I come into my house, because you know my husband's older than me, I go straight same, can I wash my hands? I do the earth soliloquy from lady meant. As you know, the outcome spot- and I do that because I love him and I want to protect him and I think if we, if we think of it, like that, there, you know, as I do a saying there are things we can do in our behavior. I may the motivation of that is, is not fair, but it Actually it's we can do this.
We can do this to protect our family and other people back can change behaviour, and I agree with much of what you're saying where I might take. A little bit of issue is, while I dont want to be unsympathetic to people who are fearful. I think it's perfectly understandable when everywhere you look, you read its breaking news, something Disastrous has happened. It's natural for felt to be fearful when they see that, but I would say is everything. You go out of your home and you're in a public place because This is the message we are sending out to everybody else around you. If you're wearing an ninety five mask and your perfectly healthy, what's the message that you're sending to your children your colleagues at work to whoever is on the subway or the street car or in a restaurant with you? You think that as is one that says, I'm doing the right thing that I of a way to get through this or is it a message that is simply propelling more fear, propagate
more on. I stand anxiety. I might argue that you're probably doing a little more of the latter than than the former, and that's my concern so while I certainly want to be sympathetic to people's points of view, I want everybody to bear some responsibility and take some ownership for what we doing in their homes and outside of their homes. The horse and I'm going to push back. Okay. You know I got a phd in biology. Neuron infectious disease does so we can have these logical nuance conversations about it, but I'm not going to get off on somebody who is so worried about this is so anxious about this, but the only way they can get through this a go outside is to put a mask on what I want to do, instead of sight of them. The reason of my looks at all if it's simple, it's a bar, It stops you touching your face and your mouth and your nose, and so in again my little
I'm I'm I'm getting all your view is to go now to the sewing machines and start making. These must but really just having something on that gives you the day, no, the indication that you should not be touching your faces is going to work. I totally agree with you about people. It breaks my heart we now have a shortage of of mosques for healthcare workers. That's not the fault of people stockpiling at home. That's the faults of governmental, whatever that we ve not and placed the correct preparations for a pandemic dove George immutable. I want to give us our actual is afforded protective. Since you have four, us here. Asks aside, this is a public health education issue is that we talked about this earlier. These are the vectors. You can call off anything what's that you happen to touch, and you think about it. I Don't touch these part of a chair you
back in you open a door. Somebody else has been there. They cause, they touch the door, they touched the elevator button. They done all of these things, so you should the things. You have to realise its full answer, the phone. Everything that you'd funds are worse to use. Can last for several days, we really comes down to you, can't prevent tat you and prevent these things from getting on your hands. So when you go around and you touch all of these things that are potentially contaminants in this is real. Ok, these are really we already talked about. This is that you can watch those away and how you prevent the spread of them. Getting back you write or something you bring your hands. You put it in your nose and, as I said, the anti doktor said you touch her nose thirty times a day at least, ok, so those are some of the things that you can self contaminate yourself, and then you can give it to other people, so the education part of, washing your hands? After touching surfaces, and not necessarily even droplets, gay
don't have to be around somebody, you can walk through a door and touch door has almost been here before you melody Joe Thank you so much seriously. You're the first one I have had the privilege to talk. It. Do that's endured this, I'm so glad that you look so healthy and so happy right now and good luck to both of you. I hope you enjoy your next crews and I hope you continue to do well. You look great I thank you for sharing. With aside next, a mother who says she is putting her entire life on hold and isolating herself in her home for two months to avoid getting corona virus they are, joins us via Skype, from her home she is locked away. So Maria thank you for joining us and talking about, They are so you are self isolating at this point correct? Yes, I am an tell me: what's your biggest sphere is obviously you don't want to catch the virus, but had the flu before. Yes, I have
Ok, if you had other kind of diseases, respiratory diseases, and how did those go. I've handled in the past, and I recovered from them. But I have underlined medical conditions and I'm afraid of cutchen this deadly virus that could potentially kill me right. When you say it's a deadly virus, you are aware that most people don't die from it right. Yes, I'm ok. So what is it about this? It causes you to isolate yourself with something like an outbreak of the flu. For example, does it go? view to isolate yourself. Being how contagious is extremely contagious, the unknown about it. We're still learning things about this virus every day
so I'm not, I don't want it. A chance, I'm goin out, and two feet next to someone and not knowing that they have it, because there are not shop and its victims as this curious power is symptomatic what do you say to people who think that you're overreacting, I just have to trust my ass Things and I or something I think I'm all reacting, but I'm just trying to do whatever I can't keep myself as safe as I can. Do you think that she's being reasonable win, what she's doing locking herself away the way she is well? So I think that a couple of points here, one is that I do think that aren't Lenny backup, I'm not there in person,
either and that's not because I am personally living in fear that this virus is going to kill me right. But what I am Fraid of and what we know from having seen this play out global stage over the last few weeks is that the virus is very contagious. It spreads quickly and it quick they can overwhelm the health care system with acute cases. So, even though, it's completely true that most people are at extremely low risk of dying of covered nineteen. I still think that it is merited for people to social, isolate social distancing measures like avoiding crowded spaces and stay away from aeroplanes, and that's actually why I didn't come today. I am not afraid personally that I'm going to die of nineteen, but I think that a strong, swift, decisive public health risks That's really is merited at this point and that group events and things like travel should be cancelled.
You know. I also want to address this idea that I noticed that your guests, but she is deadly afraid of this deadly virus. So there are two parts there right. I don't think that living in tremendous fear is helpful and I think it is actually harmful. I wouldn't a shame anyone for being afraid, because we're being inundated with a very panicky media and a very uncertain situation I want to reassure people that I am very hopeful that, as I said, a swift cooperative response today could it mean worsening case counts go down in a couple weeks. This could all be over if we do a good job on public health of you know. If we don't if social distancing measures and we jump engage in these public height visa personal hygiene measures that everyone is talking about. We will see this.
Drag on for the rest of summer, and it will be really unpleasant extremely destructive to people's lives, and the healthcare system could be overwhelmed with acute cases, which means that people who need care are not getting the kind of care they need, so we do need to take disruptive action. Lives right now. I really do think that, and I also really think that that will help that will help us get out of the situation that were in and stop the epidemic and will start seeing case counts go down Yourself isolating now: how long have you been staying at home ice? weeks at a time unless it's stream emergency? I have to go, get somethin water or something from the star, which I start up quite a bit on aid. Well always wear my mask when I go to the store and fear there
someone standing next to me is going to have that virus and they don't even know it in and give it to me. How do you feel at home? Are you? after will at home. Are you at ease at home now that you're writing yourself asked actor fail safe at home, inside my house Are you normally at easygoing person or you someone? its anxious, generally speaking, I do have anxiety in the past, but this corona virus is got me in panic. More The reason I ask is: what are they? instead, we do know is that Many diseases are affected by it. This levels the higher your stress level goes Your ability to fight off disease is really
compromise because you essentially, where you're resources down to the point that you are more susceptible to disease. So if you are experiencing a lot of anxiety of your having poor sleep or sleep disturbance, things of that nature stress can really compromise european system in your ability to fight things off. So if you are in panic mode, if you are having high degree of stress, probably eighty eighty five percent of illnesses are affected by stress, and so, if you are going to be at home, it would be really valuable for you spend some of that time. Really reducing the stress levels in your life in your thinking. In your mind, too, they calm yourself, quiet yourself and get rid of some of the tension that your care in your body, because that does compromise your ability, there's an old saying what I fear I create. And sometimes you can become so fearful of something that you actually make yourselves susceptible to it, just because
the stress this associated with a panic that you are experiencing so this caution you to really try to take care of your mental health as well as your physical health. Yes, tactical angry. Let's take a look at Corona virus miss. In fact, I want to explore some of the videotape tapes, myths and facts about corona virus one, Sally garlic and sesame oil prevent corona virus infection. Have you gotta seen this one, it's distant been all over the place. I think we label, that is a mere three but really I mean us what they're pushing out there, there's no vaccine to cure covered nineteen. That is a fact, correct wreck the direct one being worked on that to a thriving what time two or three being worked out in what way too much power. We have quite a ways away. I don't think that we can look to the vaccine to to be the reason that we get out of this pandemic, some good news again,
twenty twenty, our ability to make vaccines and turn them around is so much faster than it was even with the last speaker, flu epidemic, two thousand and nine, certainly with Sars. So within like a month, people have actually created what we call vaccine candidates that's very different than having a vaccine. That's been proved, but we very quickly got candidates that have been tested and China is testing out some of these vaccines now, so what I think might happen if they work, which is a big if, if they work, will probably start to hear quite likely that these vaccines look promising and then the chair lunch is: how do we quickly scale them up and get them out to people? That's the peace that is still hard to do quickly, but I for one gosh would be very relieved to hear that we have some vaccine candidates that look promising, and now we just have the kind of product challenge which we know the world should be held,
at the timeline would still be what, but, yet here we are longer, at least at least Your point? Is that while this might be in the pipeline coming down, what gonna. Get us through this. Now are the things were done? king, about like our personal here, it's our personal hygiene in terms of hands and keeping our and why, in socially sensation in some of the things necessary to eliminate your carrier and spreading it or getting at is being careful in that regard. Number three face mask will protect from covert nineteen, that's a myth wrecked. Absolutely. Why is it a myth? wearing a mask, will not protect you from covered ninety we ve talked about it, threw out, but this sum it up as summing up in back it up and say that actually you're not lie unless you're a health worker real close with a covert patient. You are not going to get infected
by what's in the UK, so a mask protect you from that and instead you're gonna, get infected by what's on surfaces on your hands on what you do. So a mask can kind of help it in because it just stops- you actually touching part of your face, but so can I headscarf so it's it's me, false assurance to think that a mass can protect you. You know, for those reasons, that's one element of several and probably not the key element that causes you d be susceptible and like, for example, today before we came in here, and people may notice that we see the chairs here as an example of what people mean by social distancing. We don't have an audience in here today, because again penetration of people and of their someone that is infected? They could easily spread it, but before we can all, these services were wiped down with disinfectant everything, was clean and wipe down, we at least start fresh
we come in now, you guys were carriers and came in here. You put it on air there. That's on. You it was late. When you got me, it's not it's so for it the people have travelled enough to spread the outbreak globally. That's a fact rice, Let me ask you this, because I have seen video of this, and it seems accurate that we ve. People flying in the United States, now, students or whatever they are coming in from MILAN, ITALY has shut down. Italy. But had they really we get stuck Flying in from ITALY, the J F K understand without really being checked on either end and so their flying into the: U S getting up airplane, and this going out into wherever there going into the. U S out that that the horses
out of the stable by now, I kind of like it's, probably not helpful, to think that we can have any real effect by kind of focusing on the countries that have the highest number of cases, I think it's probably more effective to just accept. We ve lost, and one against this virus so now the face to its here. It's probably in massive amounts in many communities yet and by practising all the things that we be talking about be mindful, with your hands being in a considered staying a little bit away from people may be reducing in a social interactions. We can help slow it we're not gonna, say it's here. It's gonna continue to spread in this in all countries on, Really are girl at this stage should be too oh the spread, so that the people who do need help her services, Oscar services are not overwhelmed by a huge spike and that's really what we're talking about with all these people
this is where recommending people do? Let's do it. You know for our friends, our family, the rest of our community. By our behaviour we can't stop it now, but we can slow, it will dominate. For example, says that she and her fellow students were not screened. After landing, a J, F K, Tuesday, adding she said I was ask one question about: why was in MILAN? and then I was way through, so even if someone's coming from a hot you're saying. What's the point well so that everyone can bring practical. As there is a limit to what we can do so I was travelling in Asia last month and every airport I was then I I was a word that I was going past. These infrared cameras, so I had my temperature checked multiple times. I didn't know because you know they're, not ass, the monitor in my mouth, but they were definitely watching whether or not there was anybody with a spike, but you think that's also a little bit of a false, reassurance because we caught it. How do you screenplay
that's an airport somebody who's infected, but isn't yet showing symptoms not yet got a fever. We don't. I've know testing, kids, you can put on your Iphone and be like ok, you're free go so again. I think it's probably better to just recognise that this has now gone global. Does way way more people already infected in this country than we know. We haven't yet been able to test people, and now it's I to switch off behaviour to sort of thing ok it's here, how can I the gate. How can I help to reduce the speed of the spread, number five not everyone who contracts covert. Nineteen has symptoms. That's a fact correct. Some there were six getting over. Nineteen is a death sentence. We ve talked about that. That is a myth, and a lot of people actually is bold as it sounds. A lot of people believe that it yet it you're gone. China has slowed new cases, but the spread around the world is accelerating that seems to be effective. The reporting is correct from China
eating chinese food will make a person sick This absurd is like saws statue. Those thirty eight percent of the people question will drink corona buyer. We should have Chinese her out of the way up, and it says that this straight coronal, why are you prepared these symptoms of a covered by t, take five to seven days to appear true or false? that's usually true yet, and the vast majority of cases there are a small subset of patients who will manifest you're than that? But it's it's quite rare, so they think that's a reasonable time frame to expect and master merge with any ok. During that time that they're not showing symptoms a contagious, yes, their contagious, even if they're not showing symptom. So that's you.
Boy demand woody on your most contagious, probably the first couple of days that you are showing symptoms as well. So you know the first symptoms seems to be fever. Element that you know. That's the that's like. Eighty percent of people show that symptom, so I would say to anybody you now: ok, if you get a fever chances are it won't be covered, but we do get. We all fever, so if you wake up with a fever and a bit of a temperature spike, I would just villa Hey? Maybe I'm gonna call in sick. Today I'm going to see how this goes one or two days, not because I'm panicking thinking I've got covert Bobby as I can't really out, because I care about my fellow workers in my family, I'm gonna come self, isolate for a couple of days and then I'm gonna get the phone and talk to my daughter, my nurse and asked them for advice, someone get tested if they really think they may have it, and we have enough ass, they are for people to get tested at depends on the circumstances. Obviously- and part of this is just a matter of resources and
the United States. Here we have more than enough of conversation around the accessibility issue being one that has been fraught with difficulty. Certainly who can get tested in Canada, we have attesting protocol debts in place. You can't get tested, simply because you think you may have potentially acquired covered eighteen, the virus that causes it, there are circumstances within which it may be reasonable to test for, but the important thing is to call for yeah call your local family physician call you're, probably health unit. You can. Of an educated discussion with them and they can guide you through the likelihood of knowing whether You may have been exposed and then give you a proper recommendations with respect either self isolation for a period the time or to come in attested with them,
dance notice, do not show up at your emergency room or at any rate and then say hey. I might out both nineteen beyond anything see everybody scatter shirt, spraying your body with alcohol or chlorine or swallowing bleach will kill the virus, obviously a myth, but seriously it's been out there our own social media, corona viruses, Manmade, MIA but this was not weapon Ized in China in some way. That remember, I was I was saying. These are all in an animal is especially Batson, there's just a whole bunch of them that you know it just takes want a pop over into a human and then we a whole new virus, so this virus looks very similar to what's out there in the end, the bat population. So we know that's where it came from what are your top tips for anyone who feel sick right now? What would be the two or three things you would say to people that might feel sick right now? Well, I am not a medical doctor.
I can only answer that question from the perspective of public health, and from that perspective, it's really critical that you self isolate and don't spread whatever virus is making you feel ill to members of your community, whether its covered nineteen or some other viruses, and if I could also, return to a point that we heard earlier from Doktor Johnson, the site yeah that everyone's gonna get it eventually, and so why would we all panic about it may be true that we all eventually get the covered. Nineteen disease because we have a global population that has No one's ever had it before so everyone who hasn't had it is potentially susceptible. However, even if everyone that ultimately gets
cs. I won. I reiterate strongly that its very important that not everyone gets it this month right, it's very credit all that we slow down the epidemic by practising these measures that are very common sense things. You know in my viral Spock thing. I said I literally said: don't pick your nose wash your hands stay away from large crowds. An action on that today can make a difference in how this epidemic plays out over the next. So you don't overwhelm everything at one time pulled everybody about What to do if you do feel sick and the points seem to be pretty universal among all of your ones. Don't panic, stay home and drank lots of fluids, get lots of rest over the counter cold medications stay home. Twenty four hours after a fever of a hundred degrees is gone. Think it's Who are you in a high risk group?
Do you live near unknown outbreak area and, if so, self, isolate out of caution and call your doctor, as you say that you just don't show up in the emergency room and let him know you call it They will make a right it's for you, so they can isolate you when you come in, listen We ve delivered a lot of information today. I suspect a lot of folks are going to watch this over and over, because I think we ve taken all the politics out of this. You talked about it. Stone science in a rational sort away, and I cannot thank you guys enough forbade here doing this. I'd like like all my guest today, voting Doktor Patrick Johnson, Professor Pollack, handed doktor obtuse share car. We thank you so much for being here, Malea Jones, thank you and don't forget to visit my website not fulfilled our car will have lots of extra content there and all the list that we talked about today,
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