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Dr. Phil and Sergeant Adam Plantinga: '400 Things Cops Know'

2019-08-27 | 🔗

Veteran police sergeant and author of 400 Things Cops Know and Police Craft, Adam Plantinga, is Dr. Phil’s guest on this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast. Ever wonder what a cop knows? How they think? What they feel? How they cope with the streets? How they do their jobs? Sgt. Adam Plantinga knows the answers to all these questions. That’s because he’s been a cop for almost twenty years and he’s smart. And funny. And honest. Thankfully for us he’s turned his life into best-selling books that share his sometimes shocking, breathtaking experiences and insights- books that screenwriters and crime novelists use to help them create believable characters and stories. Turns out being a cop is not at all like what we see on television and in the movies. What do cops think about the communities they serve? Racial profiling? Gun control? Interrogation? Diversity training? Fearing for one’s life? Dealing with the bad ten percent ninety percent of the time? Their mental health? What do they really need? If you care about how to understand and help the men and women who keep you safe then you need to get yourself settled in and listen to Dr. Phil’s conversation with San Francisco Police Officer and Author Adam Plantinga. For more information: https://www.drphilintheblanks.com/

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How bad or the inadequacies of police work on television. I simply find myself yelling. At my screen. You Tell me about the dumbest criminal you ve ever encountered so so then who is from one time it took me twice seven kicks together door,
Ok, you reduce listed up, there was sergeant Adam Planning and he read the book and I'll bet you haven't really serious or had with things cops now we also wrote the least I pick you spoke out because I work with large worse than a lot, and I saw the issue and I thought this is intriguing at four hundred things cops now, and you know what there is great stories in here and some things that are not common sense, so I had to track him there and yet here we are here to do this podcast, and we talk about some things that I have the picture. Kyoto really find interesting. We talk about body camps in what they really think about, that we talk about tat users and how they make the decision to use those or not. We talk about something that cops call that kills zone where to park your car we talk about the ninety ten rule. Then I asked the question we all want to know the answer to how do you really get out of a ticket once they pulled you over, and there is an answer. Gonna wanna hear this when you're gonna start forty seconds of sitting here with sergeant Adam planning it I have to tell you. There was a lot of my life if I'd ever thought that I would be sitting down talk into a cop on purpose that I would never believed a chequered patch of AIDS, the decisions earlier. So this is a good thing. You ve written a book,
a four hundred things cops know. What made you write this book? I was English major in college. I always had the writing bug and law enforcement just a profession where there's so much too do so many interesting angles, and if so about job that I just found just flat out fast. Headings over the years- I just I found something dressing I just screwed down in a note Booker later my how soon afterwards, but of a lot of bad stuff- and I thought they have something here. So but together in some and some order, and worked out reasonably well. Do you ever get a chance to watch Doktor Phil of- and I gotta tell ya, especially patrolman. I have kids at the time and I believe our two houses: were there be a family trouble there be apparent with them. Get us out of control and they call music. Can I come in and they look to me for answers, and I remember and what are your shows? You are talking about doing
kids? Who are Control and taking everything out of the room, but their bed panting and then making the kid run that back. That's all I'm going to hang on to that. Like a drowning man, that's going to be my go to advice, and I think it's It was very helpful going into those homes or receptive to that to tell you a doctor. Fear we bleed blue. We are all about supporting law enforcement fact. We ever program called behind a badge where we go all over. The country have been too New York all the way to skid row delay, because I don't What's all this bashing of police officers, so we started this programme com behind a badge where we really I have tried to introduce America To the men and women behind a badge, who they really are and that their people, mothers and fathers in some of the good
things they do in the community and it has been one of the most popular programmes. That's woven, throughout the year that we ve ever done. So we Can you do that? It's been a really great teachable moment in America People learn really whose, behind the badge yeah. I saw a part of a clip of your walking the beat with a couple of New York City cops. I like those guys had their act together they are really great. I enjoy doing that. Let's talk this book. Four hundred things cops. No, so teach me what cops note. When I read this book, I thought if I knew somebody that was getting re, do go on the street and be a cop. I would say that this book to keep amount trouble, keep them alive, because some of these things in here are absolutely about a cup goin home alive. At the end of a shift right, yeah I've heard of the fortune of the years of having a great future officers great supervisors by training training,
officers and in a lot of stuff in that book I did but a magically figure on my own. I wonder from watching other cops right and you know what to think Pretty good at has taken good notes when smart caps, too smart thing, so it was driven accumulation, other people's wisdom, and I was able to put together foe, when you wrote this. I guess the first publisher went to this snapped it up in public. It right away right. I had stunning success earlier and, like most fledgling writers, No, I it was tough flooding at first. I approach that ninety different litter agents and was turned down find me Julius. Fascinating, as I find myself here It is always a bummer and ninety: First, guy did due diligence, but we can't quite make a deal happened so I found a small, independent publisher that had previously put out another law enforcement title
called one hundred one roll patrol tales which is written by a former chippy and I thought what their interests in this book may be interested mine and got up with them in. We ve been pals ever since. Well they do good job. Let's talk about some of the four hundred things. What do you think the most important one in the whole book? I think that, Firstly, these days when there is a lot of attention to it, place in society that the passion The book about being polite, professional message in a book about you know. You come to your home Maybe some has committed a crime of your sensitive dysfunction, and you know that at first he's out of work. And he doesn't always gonna make it and there are some cops quickly. Younger cops who we'll talk down? That guy, you know, I think he has gone from his dignity and you're trying to take that away from home and and that's not right. You know,
We have an obligation to be decent people, and we don't always. But we're not always a hold up our part of the bargain. You said that oftentimes people who need you, the most are also the ones that hate you the most. Why is there? Were look at me look at please call for service allowed coming from lower, socio economic neighborhoods, housing projects. Places, but there's a lot of crime and there People there, who are silly receptive to the police. Sometimes you feel like you're a soul. Sort of enemy territory- and you know, I think, is very the reason for that Some of them may become. And then I want to see you because you don't let them have their way. They want to commit crimes. You understand from committing crimes Some of them may have generally been wrong by the place at some point, but I think there Is there a group of people that just sort see you as a uniformed.
Officer as per the system, and if you like the system is kind of today. That the deck stacked against them and as you said the most visible embodiment of that system, so you can back in combine the Basel bit or do you, the attitude is a monkey. Please days this carrot inside the station house because look there's a lot of controversy. We Fergus, we see all these different things that have gone on and captive. Taken a bad rap and there have been some bad cops but What's the attitude on the force What's it like inside the station house? What are you guys talk about how to, Feel about all of this in general. Well, I think that you know it talked about the Ferguson effects for donation. Why would soon be said of a slow down cops weren't, making as many proactive stance as they had because you know you're,
to recap, think so? Why do we need go to the tassel and I don't want to be sued. I don't want to get in trouble, I'm just go who said the bare minimum possible right get through the day and that's not, You know that's not the way it should be This officer has a job to do in a matter: what's happened in society and theirs people said: there's a war on police, and I think that you, if you were a nephew Captain Batten Rouge were officers were killed? If your cabin Dallas, where there is number of officers were trappers fascinated. You could very well feel that keenly but hope is that for most cops. Business as usual. Even if the public, criticising you You have a job to doing. You should do it do whereby became the simple caprice of permanent. Does it? the camps, we got them a little over a year ago, you think it's a good idea. I do anything
it idea. You know one year when your camera caps will tend to be under best behaviour and that's not what you want you like. In their best behaviour. It's not a that's not a cure, all their some limitations to the camera, doesn't it our story, but it's a good tool there's been diversity. Training in the police department. Has it been received well I would say that the typical police attitude towards diversity training is a little sceptical. I think It could probably summed up by something under an officer say once he said: why do we need this? Firstly, training just treat everyone respect. What else is there and I gonna get where you come from, but. Especially when you are now, please in a community of color, when
Especially in our neighbourhood, where the police have trouble relationship, No, the wrong word said at the wrong time can be like us, the spark in in a coal mine you can often explosion so is there some practical reasons for diversity training. Remember. I went to a training once where they talked about. Speakers? Were indonesian might refer to gender and both male female term serve that someone who, from Indonesia says the suspect my purse and she ran that way. Economic. But a female suspect, maybe a male susan, you need to know practical things from a life with their perspective. You break this down in terms of things, it cops note. You talk about some thing You know about shots fired one of them. You talk about. Is the spray and pray technique? Yes
what's that well and what to think you learn as a cap is, if it can be hard to hit something even that not very far away from you unless you practice sort of your sound, shooting fundamentals witches in our sights grip and stance? a lot of your streak criminals. They dont go to the range and they may have learned how to shoot a gun by watching movies. So the sideways Canton people just gone trigger happy. So spray and pray is what you get when you have people letter, untutored, And they shoot in the bullet can go anywhere, which is And it s not laughing matter, because you know instead of names on them as they say. So, if you have a person, that's just going about their business and they get hit a completely innocent and the senseless crime, I see video of a cop that, sides to shoot someone
an officer decides ok life's endanger someone as in so They use deadly force. I never see them shoot what's right. I see them empty. Their gun, where they shoot like six seven eight times, is that the two if you're gonna shoot shoot what's the rule, So there's no sort of hard cap and there were, what you fire you are trained to, but the very basic level shoot and tell your time, it is down- is incapacitated, start able to fight anymore. Subject matter expert in shootings, a toxin people our, but The conventional wisdom is. When you're in a shooting. It's about us I stress, of a situation as you can be in and there's all sorts of physiological effects going on. Your site is effected. Your hearing is effectively a call
Tori exclusion, your sense of time is distorted, or you may think something took twenty seconds and it took why Yes, most officers how many shops they fired after shooting and most of them have no earthly idea and everything they train you. As you know, in Hollywood someone get shot and they fall down in real life. Boss, don't knock you over. None aware both can immediately stop someone if it hits them in the brain or in the upper spinal column. People still threat. If someone arm you hit him in the leg, there still threat Thea. The older at the To Boston Marathon bombers Timberline he had yet and bullets in him and he was still fighting so you do what sort of shoot and then look to see what happened. And assess you make sure that the target is down before you. For you proceed so You shoot two criteria,
You till they're down whether its four bullets five or six bullets, eight bullets. Whatever right, you say the charges radicalism he had the you know The average criminal is used to sing hang around, but their sub but the shock and which is just a ferocious weapon. Something, but how it looks, but out sounds when you around you. Will and of how this happened to me? You point you hang it if someone given order and they won't that that impressed with you, would you take out the shot gun now young people's attention, So a lot of it is just you know: people responded at more people spend a longer you play he's good at somebody in they dont pay much attention. Yeah you have you get my attention. I would
then it would get any reasonable persons attention will get. Some of these people are gonna jacked up at the time right. Yet people who were what a mental health crisis people were too who have, cpu from flying through the system describe untrained but justified. So there's a couple of different categories of use of force theirs brain techniques, theirs which is when you do exactly as you train the academy, just like European. A simulation is a dynamic application of a train technique where you do This possibility academy, but maybe you put a little English on it in Shut it takes him down and they hit the back of the wall, he's pretty. Did it forcefully category of untrammelled justified is when you stood a guest. They go off menu. He knows someone strangling you and.
They're on top of you and you can't reach your site arm or you're Baton, and maybe radios broken in its distance away from you. You know that caps. Whoever does take a bite out other guys here have been capsules, the gadget guys. I there is, sir? It's not a fair fight. You do you have to do to to survive heavier afraid for your life on the job, I have I find it most. In most cases, things happened so quickly that does a lot of time to be afraid? But then afterwards you look. I can say while that was well, that was quite something her here. What is bizarre land. So bizarre last year is the fourth category of use of force. Ass when you are in a physical education and you do something that is just
in its own galaxy? No one trained to do. That is not a good idea. You Are you grossly overreacted to a threat and that's when caps get in trouble when you have a. Why would you do that moment? like what since you are poaching someone, and this is. Action. San Francisco are debate about whether the arm offices with teachers other, been some instances where an officer will approach, say then you're old girl and maybe She'S- being a little mouthy and I'll come to taste. And she gets zapped said is bizarre land. You're taking an eleven year old girl because she got mouthy. Let that happen we see it? It makes the news right yeah. And I'm not going. Did you say that eleven year old girl can be a threat, but when you're philosophy,
A cap is always used, a minimum amount of Montfort, necessarily control situation, the opposite of that. His Tsar Shetland. Is the most awkward situation that you have to deal with I'll tell you what would be for me in a minute, but it seems to me that if you are in a situation where you're big guy you're a cop, your arm, you got a baton, you got all this stuff and I've got a small person like an eleven year old girl. That is, Absolutely out of control. They're gonna hurt themselves. Are gonna hurt somebody else. What do you do? well your hands. All that's a problem right over there could be trouble. You could hurt them. What do you do It's probably anyone those situations, no matter what you do. You look like you're in the raw hung. Here, it's not going to be pretty but necessary. Like that, you try to get as many officers is passed. And then you each take a limb.
Some are controls are right arm some controls the left arm. Now you got for carbs gang it up on eleven year old girl, right it's bad, but in a situation like that, the more capture have the better now that you're know gonna have to use it. Force, and that is basically and you're. You know you're, just and a rapid him up to be restrained and be taken too. To a mental health centre or what have you bite wrote? You know sometimes We'll say you know there were some caps there. Why did take seven constitute one person, the custody, No, you should answer that his work as we didn't have eight. You know the more cops It is for this aspect and the better is for the officer cause. You don't want to get into some kind of one. Another protracted fight, that's where people get hurt. Do you like taser? Is that a good option? I think it is? We had a manner the Maki Police Department. I was a kid. Therefore many years- and there is They? They came out recently that
things from the Nationals National Institute of Justice, and it was something like ninety nine point, seven percent of TAT, deployments resulted only minor injuries to a suspect. The taser in and of itself doesn't cause injuries, but in our future, didn't you fight together, he banged up. That's a percentage m, very comfortable with I ve been some a high profile. Incidents were will have been taken and that have died in whether that's has the taser because they had a large heart because of cocaine. You said, oh no, you play the eyes and the percentages and it's a good tool. I think that Renaissance's, where of cops, had a taser, and maybe one add to user firearm. To non lethal way. To stop him right, Is it the if shoots these poor hungry, said incapacity, voltage and. Romania may adamant and walk you police department. These as for calves, to volunteer and be teased San Marino.
No it's like you get. Everyone gets pepper sprayed in the academy, so you know what it's like and then, if you're going to have a taser, you should know what it's like you should be able to What your out. However, there is one Ghana would never name, but when you get tased. You said if you lose control of your muscles and you said: have nine control of your own body for second and people say funny things when their taste. So in this guy was taste and he's in the room, perhaps you know so hard guys here. He called out for his mom here and there he went down and then and then no no and volunteered after that, his nobody wanted to be that guy, who will queuing up, fury, live that they'll rule quickly and as it gonna stay with. You argue also taught me thugs and liars So wonderful, about thugs at that point Take note of this.
What we call the the felony fur, the stony fur. Course I was more in Milwaukee. Were the weather? pretty bleak. It's a it's a winner, jacket with a fake fur collar and we just find it does seem to be in order number of criminals who wore that jacket sort of like there uniform also be lobbying person, seven where that jacket, but and just become part of the criminal uniform. Another thing It is about such is. When you were there, you would do a traffic stop and you'd see the driver before you approached laid up a cigarette. You call that the the felony smoke because he probably had a licence may be had for his arrest, maybe some drugs in the car he knew he was getting arrested. Sylvie thinking I'm going to get one good last dragon before the boy. Take me oh yeah, you her that
when they smoke felony smoke so how can you tell if somebody said again well. It was interesting. The gangs it's as simple as as a colors, where I place instead just go. You have the nor tenure gang and this right you're getting the strangers were blue, sometimes away dad your stuff and there No changes were red and that's you know that that is the only basis they use issued each other. You have your gang signs? You have your gang turf. You have again tattoos stop changes allowed to. After. If you really want to be a student of the game to keep up on it, If you're, in an area where you're on turf and a cop walks up to three or four gang members on the street. Are you safe? are they gonna not mess with carbon, bring held down on ethics? depends if they know the car
the future relationship with them. You know if you're a cop the pays attention to your sector you're really gonna nor ladys guys, you didn't know their names, you know what they drive you another street name and every time you approach must not going to be sort of friction you may just have casual conversations with him, did you trying to get a feel em out there, trying to kind of feel you out Oh it doesn't always have to be. They can be talking about sport, Should we talk about the weather, I always have to be a and arrest situation, but there wasn't. Situation in Iraq Let us send one cup in two to three suspect: does your bad adds. Is a code among the gangs that the last thing you do shoot up? Your general beating it's it's pretty Had business Could you know you're gonna have the whole force on you. I wouldn't The clearance rate for homicides when the cap is a victim is extraordinarily high notes, its spirit.
Oh resource note, I think, said Joe speaking the folks that are shooting at cops. People that are have now expectation go home people, orange and sort mental health crisis to have nothing to lose with about this? From the standpoint of the citizen, a mean working, tell people how to know when there be encased or if somebody get ready to harm in some way? What are the tip off for the four kid you gotta have your head on a swivel. You know you have to look up from your from your cell phone, but generally speaking, You know one of the ways you can was in pictures of. If someone that's up to no good is in almost to the normal folks. Lobbying people if there walking down the street, they do so with a sense of purpose. Right I mean they're gone from point, a to point b,
They go to the store to work or to the coffee shop criminals who just hang out and looking for marks. They move in completely different fashion? sort of this slow kind of. I don't have anywhere to be kind of straw, their cars they look around. You look into that. After the right and looking behind them, you know they're. Looking for the police, Looking for potential marks, its it's pretty noticeable and then no, it's as simple as, if someone's crossing the street. Towards you when there is really no particular reason to do so. Its people who We'll approach you and ask a couple precursor: questions to robberies, one of which frequently is. Do you have the time criminal act as people do have the time because you're one of you looked down, there might be other if you have an expensive watch at your address it in you're little after guard and they can kind of you?
if someone doesn't look at their watch to think maybe this person is gonna get me some trouble. Maybe this person is designed to me since they Let me move on to the next person from a psychological standpoint, I always tell people that the element of surprise. That they say. Oh how I got mug. I say is the element of surprise, because if you're walking down the street, you don't think about come up the Robin somebody. So that's not the first place. Your head goes right. You walk down the street. Somebody comes up, says: hey: what time is it. You're normal reaction is to be polite and say: well it's an engineer head right, So they use that to get the job. I you to get the element of surprise. We gonNa Kansas City a lot at giving cause, they turned the lights on the country Club Plaza there, everything, giving
Robin our out late one night and sure enough, like you say, there's a guy walking on the other side of the street and it's dark is just the two of us out there. And he comes walking across diagonally and he D been cut bump along over there. He comes across the street diagonally? Indeed, look pretty rough Yeah and he got about half way across the street, walk in right towards us m I just said: stop walk away Robin like what what what the hell's Goin on the guy is stopped in his tracks and looked at me. As I said, are you deaf, walk away, and the guy turn around and walked off. I guarantee you that guy was covered over there to rob us air, I got the almost prize, any walked away
wouldn't rob me or the street. You look like you could easily Brook no nonsense. Well, I wouldn't pick me yeah, you know, criminals are looking for Barney, five or sub tremors are looking for easy targets on this summer? That's a hard target, they think come the tribe someone else, Pittsburgh Workin on trial. So it jargon down by three rivers: Yo Yo. There you run along the river walk I'm jogger down there. I got a t, shirt and some bikers shorts and I'm running along the river and this guy jumps. However, the bridge gimme your wallet, I've got no pockets. Where would possibly be I got no park is was it? Are you an idiot? Look. Do I look like I've got pockets data three, six, no pockets They just stood there. Stared at me said: look you see that found there there
he looked ass. If I'm gonna run down around it fairly, when I come back, you better be gone. I like that. Ok. What is jogged on off My shoulder and you stand there staring at me like what just happened Maybe that was his first robber, maybe so I can run a bag. I was gonna, throw him into rivers. Somethin, he was gone, so I've had to potential muggings, but nobody's ever gotten closer to have to get their hands on me. I like to think that last guy may be realized. He wasn't very good at this and gave up his laugh crime and is now something semi productive than it is about the size of my wife and he didn't have a weapon out authorities figured I'd. Ask Mugger, can I have your wallet em? It wasn't even menacing like what would it trouble you too much? If you have your way out of your wallet high cholesterol, affects more than a hundred million Americans and is a major risk factor for heart disease. The number one cause of death in the? U S, while
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Good Tipp, though there not moving with purpose right because they want to take a while and let targets come by yeah and you know you are society, but you know you and any sort of self defense, expert or danish. You gotta, listen to your gut. If you got tells you this is wrong and probably is of some person is being really friendly offers to help you in your parliament building your groceries and some kinda nor the hairs in the back and not a up say no. It's ok you say there are Kinsey reasons for stopping people yeah early, and why do you do it you know the the motor you could code for more states is possibly long, and there are rules that even as a cap, I'm sure I am not aware of and a few but to fight reasonable a over you'll be able Maybe they're they're, like their license plate is out
I mean I won. Last time I checked minor could be all right now. Have the fuzzy dice thing it from their mirror, or they don't signal when they change lanes, and it is a million reasons and most cops when they are doing to traffic stop they but because, not because their particular passion about everything in the lead in the license plate, because they're using that, as was called a pretext up to see if this person, as warrants or maybe a weapon or drugs at their of interest to the police. So. Yeah. You pull someone over for something, it's really minor, but your and for a payer like maybe there are wanted, maybe for murder most your worst criminals. They don't come to you yet to go out and find him vision yet is but you're. You know you're such a selective. You know if you have a choice between poring over for young men in a car with you know
with neck Tattoos her station I can fully kids. It have no burger king. As long as it is came from a party you're, probably gonna, go with the former you play the ads. If someone looks like trouble, then you may like that you describe him of the gang, a four guys and radar rang with neck tattoos, so the king, video. I will talk about something You talk about a book called tactics and hazards. Whether you says why shouldn't. We have a locked door behind us, put a pair handcuffs there to keep the door open, because if you and your partner, you go to a resident or go to and upon a complex matter have the doors we have to be biased through or Orson. Open it for you. And you always have to put up here pick up there to keep the door open. Because if you and your partner in there and things go wrong and you're fighting to suspect
when suddenly the suspects friends come down the hallway and you're in a big throw down. You know on a lack door, standing between your backup and you. So You always leisure come in to help you write history, let Helpin icy so. If you get burst in you prop that door opening k somebody needs to come, you do. I say I never thought of that. If you ever see a set, a hacker, hangin author iron grip, Canada is probably cabins He'll do some good or other once in a while, you have worked out of love date have confronted, who knows, and once in a while, you have a copper, get his handkerchiefs and Maya that go back and get him. How do you Therefore, a gunfight You taught in the police academy that you always sort of This constant state of suspicious readiness, get people to benefit the doubt. If you think that someone's armed you are quick to do a pact on search make sure the troll safe there and find yourself
when you enter a room. Just sort of I'm just looking for cover or concealment. You know its shots ring out, whereas the closest car engine black hair, they cover, bind you'll, always be thinking tat like that, because some start. Shooting answer is open moment. Now you don't and have a blank slate. You and everybody sort of thought your way through that and be prepared when you go to a domestic call, but he calls domestic violence. You're going into a house or an apartment. It's used to be that's a highly dangerous situation. True, it is I think if you talk to most cops, did say that the hairy situation they ve been in have been dv calls you have you have passions that are running high and reasons reasons running low? with you in a house the kitchen there's probably half a dozen weapons there. You know people in
tvs have used your knife. Guess her partner against the officers. They have used the pot calling coffee. You really have to be on guard. As an off you're, going into a situation like that, because I've seen these situations where you go into a house, the lighter off there's a long haul way, there's different rooms, indifferent doors and you do go in- because there is a victim in there somewhere re. How do you text yourself in a situation like that, obviously is could step out of there with a shotgun somebody could step out there with the who know, do you? Have your gun drawn? What do you do? if there is any indication that a weapon was used in the car but you're going to then you have begun out. They too two in the cadmium began the call room, cloning techniques, so
he understood blunder and through a room? There's techniques you can use said enter an attack in attacks away and then you use you don't use many cops. You need to make. That the that scene safe and you a medically you not just because a car comes in that say that and his bearing the wife it to be. Kay said, the wife is the actual suspect to get arrested. So you don't pretend the whole thing figured out before you really sit down to investigating I've. Seen officers come in to a very dark restaurant or go deep back in to where there's trouble in the back. It is seems to me that a hundred different things could happen in that situation, I've always wondered why they don't white. The situation up. Big time before they go in it's funny. You say that I have been a situations myself. Robin
exact situation? You described and I've had my flash out in a couple caps over the flashlights out, and then someone will say: hey Genius Watcher, you know what you look. A light switch in some alternate. I'm good but you were gonna get. You said respond to let a homes where the light bulbs are burnt out, or they dont work that sometimes it's crazy sounds ass. At the first thing you think of, think I got my flashlight, I'm good. It is trying to be self sufficient right. There's a friend of mine that produces cops of. What's that show a lot in it's interesting to me that in all most every episode where they go in a house. There's a guy sitting on the bed in the back bedroom. There was no shirt on one of these scrap sure? It's on that
looks up and is not the least bit surprised to there in his bedroom. Where did they find these guys of any citizen there? barely Luther. I report goes. It is not surprising. There's two cops in his bedroom. She's. Have you noticed that just a Wednesday night for that guy? I know this is not surprised here, of course, you're here, while you were, you have a lot of frequent flyers as a cap there, I'm set, you go to in time again- and you know to the point where you look- The door has got all these gypsy grooves in it from other times a piece of knocked at heart there, but tat we ve been here before you go. You were there I guess it's just a select part of this society. I don't know it's like. Every time there is a. U F, o, citing there's a guy with the hell he's a one due in the interview is the way of things. Yes, the same guy the sitting on a bed. I guess you cite
There's a kills, though, for these domestic situation, where not to park your car. Where do you not park your car so you you never want to end this, even if the collars, utterly benign and said Recalling are their neighbors dogs bark into loud. She never want to park right in front of The address you ve been sent to because such becomes out you're gonna be we ran the kills on. You don't have time to take cover you're. Not go forward, a reverse, and you know when you're a patrol cap you, walk into the ultimate unknown. Just because a call seems like nothing, does it mean that might not turn out to be one of the most violent nice of your life, so he always park in an approach on foot. They consider drink the whole scene in the sort before Easter, knocking on doors, so Birdy Park.
Usually be at least a couple houses away from wherever you go into flame side of the street yeah in parallel, do you go into the yard, you D say on the sidewalk Canada pans, but usually on the sidewalk and lesters initiative information had been given. That would dictate otherwise album taxes. What think about the open, carry law. Where are you you, carry a gun in plain sight. This Help or hurt that is that's a good question and I and I think, a lot of caps gonna go back and forth. That in California used to have it later, not the books not long ago, You know the old size and society is applied society and I am thinking you somethin to that.
It'd be my guest. The most people that are walking around with hangings and holsters are probably not criminals, advertising the fact that they're about to rob somebody they're, probably sort of your law abiding phone, We want people to know. You know I'm armed highly recommend you not mess with me. Yeah. I think one of the things that. As a cop you are wary of, is if you have the situation you're going to and fro shooting at someone else You don't know who did a guy with a bag is frequently And there may be, a well meaning citizen who has taken his gun out to try to stop a violent crime, and there he is and there's nothing. You know people where scientists and the good guy, so you know my fear would always be. I do not this guy's a suspect, a feat towards me and abandoned
delivering rounds. Then you know that be thou be a nightmare. Sophie really have to be smart about that. They have to realise the cops aren't. Gonna know I mean you know You're, a good guy, but the cops but that we can't read minds if you're, that girl situation and the cops rolled upon the scene. Best thing to do is get your hands in the air, not The threat right do exactly what the off just tell you do and you even a few off duty cap who had to take action the cat may not know that you're a fear if they don't know, you're you're an indifferent town they made up immediately, recognise you is a law enforcement. After also so saying,. You do with the cap, so you do what's Many ten rule so the ninety ten ruin a camera who told me this, but I like it and I think it has legs. Ninety percent people are decent in the ways account for ten percent of people. Art
And as the cap, you do it at ten percent. Ninety percent of the time, The problem is that, as an officer is, it can be considered, you're your work, your worldview, because dealing with the worse the worst day in and day out, I to think that there are people like that. But I'll call the police when everything's going great, you know your call, Please, when you know get play soccer field in IRAN? fine it's a healthy, energetic time and someone just brought some some cupcakes didn't collar. Hey come on down the great you really enjoy. This people call The police and the worst there, the life so yeah, conscious of that, you can't let that sort of sway how you have you people. I the this is an important question, so I want you to think about this
dig deep. I want you to think about this hard. Tell dig deep this could be very, I've changing for a lot of people. If you pull over and traffic star What line a book will get you out of a ticket. There's gotta be something you get pulled over and they got. You dead derives ok, you're, speeding,. There is no question about it. They gotcha. Is there a silver bullet. Is there something you can say? Is there something you can do that gonna give you the best shouted get now the ticket this made disappoints. Folks. But the short answer is: is no nothin. You know you personally, I think people who were set up front about what you're, honest trends that are run a game on me. You know I I respect that. I take them into
as you right in the ticket? Well, so thoroughly. There are a lot, I can tell you this one thing that one person told me: I pull them over and I think it contrasts upset pretty clip, and he said I'm sorry officer, but I, really have to go to the bathroom and this I was, he was squirming, so visibly he seemed so obviously uncomfortable than I thought you know it. I'm not give this guy the benefit of the doubt and and let him go, because no one can act that well but one over on me- God sounds good at all. Our that's his whole row. That's good to retain, like you have to go to the bathroom, maybe actually put his pants with that hill white and think it would be civilised it too it until it actually soil himself. I let them go and see them.
Help for. I feel like I'm, delivering the wrong message here. How good you don't run a stop sign on purpose or you don't go out and speed. On purpose, and is it law supposed to be based on good public policy right absolutely and is, the speed limit supposed to be based on the natural flow of traffic. Yes, walk into a trap round. The natural flow of traffic in a stretch of road is fifty. And somebody comes out and sticks up a sign that says thirty: five in that, not the natural flow of traffic? There then so somebody comes by their due in forty five you give a ticket for ten over, but if everybody's go and forty five or fifty That'S- natural flow of traffic. Another you're right, I'm with you, sir, Times is pretty arbitrary, right, yeah, think most officers in other areas, too humble humbug people. Some is maybe going a little fastness be limit, but they have a good driving record and their up front about what happened
no less their sort of typically assigned a traffic enforcement. You know I gotta person, I get a break. It's probably not a good idea to say. Do you know who I am that now? her works right. Not once is that work. In fact, I think some cops people that say that, just so they can show him how it's not going to work there yeah. I know who you think you are, Sign right here What's your view on Rachel profiling it's been a lotta conversation about this law, for it's gotten beat up about? This alot, what's yours, Hey it's on this and stairs all race relations well We profiling is. His fled out wrong if you're, if you're a cop one of the Main flag states you operate from his nose, first in the law, If you don't have that. If your single select group then
The system does not work, it's it's fundamentally unfair. I think that One of the the issues it comes, is so have an interested neighbourhood and say it Emily Black. It has a lotta calls for service because the police and they want you to come there because domestic violence or there's a shooting or something's going on, and are you tend to. Flood. Those areas with cops so you tend to if you're, making arrests, eternal make an arrest of people of color because those people live in those neighborhoods in I've, been their been times where were arrested. Someone- and I said you ve only rescue because on black I thought to myself First of all show me a white guy around here. Second of all, I'm sorry, but I rested you because this person pointed to you and said this guy just hit me in the face with a pistol, and I'm sure that's the guy one of the problems with
race relations in this country. As you know, it's not like people are just making this up on a thin air that there's a racial prom night. You know you go back to share Bull Connor and Birmingham with the dogs in the hoses. There say please, chief somewhere in Florida, as recently as twenty fourteen who was a member of the cooks clan, my own department in San Francisco. At a texting scandal? Were officers were found to use text that talked about white power and burning crosses You know it's very real is very prevalent and if you Finally, there is racial profiling. You have to react to go after that. I'm just like you would go after a virus shifting laughter, grafter hard. Where the situation there, Walter Scott case in nor Charleston
The allegedly the officer shot Scott I'll Scott was running away right. Your position on that. Based on what you know you weren't there. I understand you're what we ve been told, why, as you might x, I am about, is pro cap as he gets, and I know that I am biased, comes to situations like this some far from Jackson? If I want the officers account to be true, I want to be a good shooting and I think it's really important to wait till the facts come in, but. You know that being said, there are things that you see on the news that are so Sarah of that it demands a response and when I looked at that shooting they looked, like a showed up assassination, I can think of what could. Possibly justify justified that and I think the start the same way
he was the officer was if I'm not mistaken, convicted, I believe is in prison, Wanna times I've heard of sir say I gave a command and they didn't follow it and I know there have been laws on the books where that can justify use of force. But if there is not a threat to The officer fleeing a scene is not a capital offence right, sir. Lay there's been no trial, there's been no conviction, but if somebody is fleeing a crime scene should an officer she deflating car So we have We have rules in place to talk to that. Most that speak to that most departments. Do I know you don't. Shoot at someone just because a fling there is a service, seminal court
Tennessee versus garner that out loud that decades ago that the the circumstances I wish you would shoot someone who is fleeing are so narrow, sauce Cific you would have to be something. For instance, like this suspected shot at you, you just shut your partner and now he's fleeing and you have a reason belief that if you don't stop and right now, he's gonna continue to kill people In the absence of that, that's by police work And, generally speaking, shooting at a car whether it's coming toward your away from you. It doesnt work you can shoot as a car as many times as you want and the eyes of you stopping their car are slim. Yet the driver I ve done, is made this very dangerous mythical. You pilotless, so princess and our department we do not. We are not allowed to shoot a cars which sensible to me. We talked about these neighborhoods that
you get into. Sometimes where is dangerous. Their high crime situations. If somebody gets lost in I still neighbourhood maybe they're on foot, maybe their driving or whatever. What do they do? What the first thing you tell him to do. Good, have safe, healthy fear of a place a little rough but Jenny speaking? If you are a law abiding person who In a criminal yourself, you know I'm a gang, not man, you know, He wandered into a tough neighbourhood I you gonna be able to extract yourself. Ok thanks, time is people have these images of say housing, in fact, as this hope this, whenever it is bad, there's nothing redeemable by this neighbourhood and ass I think of a traditional, please weakness. Sometimes we write off. Whole blacks is being bad, but generally speaking, the citizen you know
say if you can ask them for for directions just play the odds in it, as opposed to asking but folks it are proven. Dice on the corner ass, a sort of an older woman with kids. You know I'll, get you out of there. Will, if she's not handy, what do you do get a better upon your phone, that will solve get you GPS, but you destroyed but for a friendly face, yeah yeah how it severe common sense approach or a cop yeah. If your path in the car and they flashed their lights out, you will you stop yeah. Unless, unless him, you know, if I'm goin lights and soundness, Somethin high profile, sure I can't but yeah- and you have to do that- you're. The summit flagged down. If you not if you're, just crews, others, although flashes or lights at you, is that the site. To turn around and usually is yeah. They need something there. So you'll do that. Yes, ok! Well,
what people need to know if their lost, they see a cup flash out and when they do that, will you answer their questions. Your will. You ask a bunch of questions. Well, usually you should get a guy. Age of how the encourage gonna I mean capture particular reading. People. So if it This obviously loss in these directions. You know you gonna protoplasm in the right direction. You knock and immediately start That's it getting and shine your flashlight back and see if they have any. You know overdue library book shooting to try to help him and get unwilling indigo that this point do you. That the morale among law enforcement, Is good bad at the same as it's always been. What do you think good question? I think that. I wish you may vary from Department Department Hum, I think, apps, have sort of on a whole felt to some extent under siege of late
because some of the things that some, media coverage- and you know don't get me wrong- sometimes were our own worst enemy, but I think that morality helped if cops, had a sense that people are more willing to give The benefit of the doubt. If there are more willing to sort of here, our side of things, if there going to just wait ten and hear some of the facts that come, regarding, say a controversial shooting before just making a snap judgment that, if there were wrong. People we want to do things like a ten. Citizen Police Academy, Where they would go through, one of these shoot, don't shoot scenarios and a big computer screens. They can kind see what it's like see, how hard it is to tell the difference between a gun and a wallet, when you under stress and its dark and people artless, do your commands
are just trying to meet us halfway a bit more than I think. The sense is that they're doing now we're in Hollywood right now, we're on the paramount lot were live. Everything from annex to the godfather. Just how bad are the inadequacies of police work on television? I I find myself yelling at my screen, because. I see is. Not representative of any known, please universe, but. CS eyes, carrying guns right, frightened, interrogating suspects right, I mean it's all. You know it its debts for purposes is still purport to be, please documentaries, but run. The things I think of when I watch Hollywood is even the. Even the slightest of cop thro, his straw, is kicking down doors with the with the one kick and how does it look in fact, one time it took me a it took me twenty
seven kicks together door and I know that because my sergeant was right behind you count them out now, as I went, He is very encouraging the doors to be pretty hard to down twenty seven times, was this a metal door? it was a reinforced door plus. I was just coming off a lower back surgery, so I wasn't there. I wasn't. Am I PETE performance. Those was good of you sergeant the step up and help me out there. He was agonized supervising when you see some of these things they do on television like getting fingerprints, prints of things in getting dna reports. Back. During a commercial break hell, to actually take to get dna back. Well, I had a a burglary that I went out. Thus occasions had a burglary were I submit. The dna in, I think, is October, and I get results back in August and I was actually pretty quick. I know that
a lot of crime, lad, you're, sort of overwhelmed and overworked and in our less it's a homicide where they confessed Track dna might be one to three weeks you can be wait awhile Quite like they do on television now not is no big fancy computer with swirling graphic set spits out the S offenders information immediately before we finished you gotta tell me about the dumbest criminal you ve ever encountered, so someone who is from Peter I'm a big? the people there actually leave their drivers licence at the crime scene, that has happened me and more than one occasion, serious. Yes, it happens. There was a guy once who who bought crack, a crack house and then, I complain about the quality of the drugs he had obtained, so he he called the police. Complain about this to report. Yet more quality for poor crack. Here, I told him that he should
report his complaint to the better Business Bureau. It might be help him fulfilled well yeah. You know you. A lot of the criminals that you deal with. You know they're not live in the high life. These are folk too. Might be homeless too. Might be. Drug addicts didn't put a lot of planning into things, so they might commit a crime rate. Infinite crystal clear surveillance. Footage in front of six people who know em. You know they don't think beyond in the next five minutes.
I got a death threat from a guided Lana one time, several page letter hand, written margin, margin top to bottom about everything he was gonna. Do to me. He thought I was talking to him through the screen. He sent the letter and he had one of those pre printed return address labels that he stuck on their nicely put the postage or their senator resell gives to the FBI. They were buys house and sure enough. There was hackers. Have you, sadly, the cover of the latter kick. My idea is not quite the ass, the master criminal get no little plague. Her forehead sometimes will listen. We ve been talking to Adam planning it. We ve been talking about. Four hundred things cops, no three smart lessons from a veteran patrolman. Listen! This is a really good book to read. Not only is it or tainting until you think you dont know, but it'll tell you something that will keep you safe, keep your neighborhood safe and keep your kid safe as well. I wish we had more time because we have, as even covered fifty of the four hundred thing so pick up the book and get the rest of it and will be talking to add up again in the future. So thanks so much thanks and thank you doctor feeling or you can it, except for one for twelve years in my comment is an idea and intellectuals really appreciate. You say that and give a marble who appreciate you guys, standing in the gap, keep in the rest of us say: flower home sleep at night and appreciate it. If you would like to watch the video of this entire interview, please go to doktor, feels Youtube Channel and subscribe. It's free and you will find this interview and a whole lot more.
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