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How ‘Dr. Phil’ Executive Producer Carla Pennington Got Her Job

2020-03-10 | 🔗

Carla Pennington says she gave “probably the worst interview of my career” when being considered for the position of Executive Producer at Dr. Phil, nearly two decades ago. Hear more about the television executive’s life and career when she sits down with Dr. Phil on this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast. http://www.drphilintheblanks.com

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I wanted to learn how to bright stories and go out in the field, so I would wait after hours and I would pull strips out of the garbage five approved. Every shot of that show every shot. Question. No forty four fifty here here to give outside, shall you be of use new nineteen years ago. What you know now, would you have taken this job? ok well you're on fill in the blanks, and this is a very special weak for me, because I'm getting the interview a very special person that people always wonder really what goes on behind the scenes? What makes the doktor feel show the doktor feel show what makes it tick. What goes into putting the show together and have always said only half jokingly, that I have this neck, forgetting these gigs, where some it has all the work and I get all the credit and
I'm really not joking. When I say that and my guest today is going to be proof of that, because for the first time ever on fill in the blanks I'm talking to Carla Pennington. Now, if you don't know, let me tell you who Carla Pennington is Carla. Is the executive producer of Dr Phil? That means she. The boss of the show everybody works for her, including me all this. It ass everybody liked to three hundred people she's, also the executive producer of the doctors she's done other shows is exactly producer of daily mail tv she's involved in all of this shows the issues involved and bore she's involved and shows that we have right now, one going on CBS. All access has to do with animal risk Do that we're working on she's working on a show that doing for the network right now. This all kinds of things she has
many balls in the air as I do and she is a sin the mother of twins we'll talk about that in a minute, but she is the executive producer of all these shows and we'll talk about her background who she is and what's going on. So that's Karla Pennington Suffice for sit down and do this, of course, I was shocked that you wanted to talk to me since you talk to me everyday, but nobody else does and I get all these questions about. You know how does the show come together in what goes on to make it happen. At all, and so I want To really answer that, in a substantive way, because most new shows start with one executive producer that doesn't survive the first year. I think I've seen a statistic like its eighty. Seven percent of the time ever show survives which usually doesn't right, but if it does the exact
producer doesn't survive because they either say I've had all this. I want and go away or changes are made. Though they bring in a second flight of people and because he producer this doesn't survive but I've. One executive producer and that you were in our eighteen season. You ve been here for nineteen years, because you are the first person brought on board and you built the entire staff for the doktor feel show right. That's true. So we want to know how the story about how I was hired. Yes, I think you sure it was painful. Ladies and gentlemen, Probably painful though I was there was a law the process, so I was, dear entertainment tonight at the time. And one of the executive came to me and say: would you be interested in working on the doktor fell, showing we were able to get doktor folks? Apparently, people were after you
They were yes and I said who just kidding just kids. Yes- and you know I haven't interviewed for a job in many many years- Getting- would have a fresh water. Man. So I quickly do that and I blue to Chicago right and walked in. Very intimidating room. It was Oprah procedure and about three paramount executives. You, which intimidating in and of itself against the terrible. I was terrible. I gave a public, worst interview of my career, really why you say that while I was Frahm laying in Babylon, I remember- I was said we ve always But I remember- There was a woman coming down the stairs that I was coming up the stairs and she was the one after my job and, of course, to Wood made a mistake, a single she just gave a really good interview, which was really you want to tell me. You want to tell me that, so that way,
in our view, and then then I think I made the first obvious had made the first cut and then I was flown to two Dallas route and I met Robin and I got a tour of CSI which has now they your show ball rolling box around their manner. I think said I was down to the second round and then I didn't hear anything for ages. Really Helen was: oh, my God months really yeah. I forgot about it. I went about my business, I was you know, raising my chance and they were like eighteen months at the time or something like that. And I got a call I was at the park was like six p m. I gonna early for entertainment tonight so, I was already done for the day and Terry would called and said so, one
talk to you again. I see what what else does that man need me? My god, I said really he said he s come on down. He wants to do a video conference with you and has some more questions, and I said, oh all right so then remember. I came into the conference. Room is paramount and that's when you told me that I had the job Oh, my god. He wants to interview me again that it was six months process, further good process, and would you the Dallas and we met there. That was a time that we really talked about some steps into things and you toward CSI courtroom sciences, which was important for me, because I wanted you to have some insight into my world, the world that I came from the litigation to Reno, which was one if precision in creation research. I think you would agree here. Eighteen years later, it really defines how I approach things absolutely end, What was your reaction to going through?
Rarely showed me how meticulous you were about everything to see that you took people through the process of a trial and would do it over and over and over again, until you completely understood how somebody react to an argument and to do not basics of a trial without it was fascinating, we're pretty impressive country room for an anti ass. He read and the graphics and everything so I knew that you were going to be somebody dude. Just, as I say, found it in, and I that that you say that you do an executive producer whose lasted so long. I think it's a testament more to you
or do you and I together as a team. That's why we ve lasted so long, because I've always said this about you. You are seriously the hardest working person. I've ever had the pleasure of putting a show together with because, if it weren't for how much you care and how much I care about the quality of the show, why don't we have been here? This long will no doubt were merged on for sure. I've told you this before, but we got them to three candidates for the show. At that point, an opera said: listen it's up to you as Isabel you're, gonna live with every day and you're gonna be shoulder to shoulder and she said it Do you only thing I'll say is. I would not pick Carlo pending you pick who you are and I'll, tell you why? Because she's got infant twins,
and she is already worn out anybody that has ever twins. They ve got to be exhausted and you can just tell that she's gonna be just worn out. You absent We really do not want her pick either to not her it's up to you. So I said: ok, gotcha, I'm Pickin, Carlo Pennington, said five. I said it is up to you. She was here the first day that we shot our first. What was supposed to be a test show we use them all of Gore right and we did to shows that day and she came that control room, she came and found me, and she said: oh, my God was I wrong. That is the most. Energetic, focused buttoned up in control person. I've ever seen in my life. That is absolutely the person you should have told you are completely right. I was a hundred percent wrong. That's your ip! That's who you should have chosen
sell, tells me every time you don't we I see her. She always say I was wrong, It was near the end of the day she answered. Oh, my god. I have never seen such energy and focusing control in control we know, I said even when I was at entertainment tonight at them. The best people that we hired were single mothers because they know how to focus. Get it done and may quick decisions cannot what they are supposed to do. Without also, We want something done, give it to a busy person to do exactly and your kids Elizabeth. Jackson were eighteen months old and other in their second year of colleagues. Yes, is that hard to believe that shocking and then they were running around our way of building that offices settle toddlers mean really long hours and they were aware we were actually put new platform down at the stage. But we'll talk more about the short
but for all the women that are listening. What's been your philosophy and what's been your secret across time, because seriously people may not know, in fact my own mother asked me one time if she lived in Dallas and she passed away when she was elderly. She was eighty and plus, and she asked me one day she said: Philip. What do you do? The other twenty three hours? She honestly had the idea that I pulled up to the studio like one minute before airtime did the show for sixty minutes minutes and Emma Buckle. What do you do the other twenty three hours a day and I think sometimes people, Don't realize that it takes three hundred people to put this show on all supervised and managed by you and so you're up at four thirty,
for fifteen for thirty in the morning s screening tapes. So you can give notes to the night crew The polish those tapes for the show, the Bio packages, the pieces they were shot into people's homes. Things like that, so Europe for fifteen, then over the there is Eve: gotta have the kids ready for school and all that stuff then you're here you do all of this. Then you screen time for the next day than your back home here at their games for all the women mothers had home. What's been your strategy and philosophy to pull it off her coffee Quad shot Grundy. Now I just stand. I really think it boils down to a lot of instinct alot of focus and a lot of attention to detail and really not not getting a distracted, not getting distracted just having a
trick schedule and when you're doing something you are one hundred percent focus on what you're doing grown man that's been with the children as well. So I would I dig it up before fifteen I like to have a quiet time. I would get everything done. I wouldn't give clean clear notes: send those off then focus on the kids, get them ready for school. Get to work, focus on that, but I wonder something had to do with the children. I was one of the recent focused on on them. Then your kids have said that years by because you don't know about you- kill everyone very yes, as they have made it very clear. They have never felt deprived of their mother They have always said when she's here she's a hundred percent present an at the beginning of this year. I talked about how to increase your efficiency in your programme.
Tivity during twenty twenty and one of the things I said is multitasking is amiss you gotta do. One thing efficiently clear. It does then move on to the next thing. You can't do five different things at once: it disclosure. You don't do anything well, you do everything poorly you're, not efficient, and you don't do that. You get up. You focus on this. That's done! You move on the next think. That's done! You move on next thing. You don't try to five things at once: cracks it's a right at multitasking is a net completely. Does your mechanics? If you do right, things are going to fall to the ground. And I M also sent to humor I have got to have a sense of humor, that's Keith. For me. I have got to fun with what I do and I've gotta keep it light with my staff. Well, people around here across eighteen years will say one thing. The signature of the Mae West Building is many times the day you will hear Carlo laughing the top of her lungs throughout the buildings
four times during the day. You do. Yes, you find humor and some really weird things. I really doubt that you have to generally with what we do. You got a gallows humor, sometimes to release the pressure. I really do yes. Absolutely what some people don't know for sure. Most people don't know Don't know that early on your son was diagnosed with diabetes, oh yes, early odds are not only did you have twins that were young She had to deal with than one of them came down with a disease that was very demanding in you. But that call one day, while you were here s a season, there was season one. It was January and I was I was at work I thought you know he was just dehydrated. Does it doesnt random my family, so I had said to
the nanny than die before I said you know, what's the second to the pediatrician, it seems you just seems lethargic and dehydrated, and so I was at the office already it was. We are about to start taking the per show and I got a call from the pediatrician. He says you ve gotta meet them at children's hospital. Your son has diabetes ethical. I don't even know what you're talking about this blood sugar was through the roof and I was panicking I came in to your office and I said I don't know, what's going on you're telling me to meet in the children's Osborne, and I was very upset and you stopped me almost like that, seen from moonstruck this share of a dish, flaps Nicholas Cage and dynamic. Step out of it, because when you get to that hospital, you need to be completely com, because he's gonna take his cue from you
and if you show him that nothing's wrong is that's, how he's gonna look at his disease for the rest of his life? If, if mobs, ok he's ok- and that was the best advice- I mean thing- good for you, and you also gave advice about less than I thought. That was genius because you said don't let her stand on the sidelines. She's gotta be as important and spend all of your attention on him. Do special things with her too, and that was that was key advice as well. You when you get a disease like that with a child, you never get a second chance at first impression and he Does it he's been told you come in and of your hair on fire for the rest of his life he will remember that moment and become you say we work the problem, man, it's ok and know him well today, as you know, a play tennis within just recently and his is whole life iii manner
in the same way in these on the ten esteem and his college gotta, in thirty mile and our serve. It just takes its strategy. Not even an issue with now is not an issue is never been an issue. We just did a follow up on the doctors because he came he was on when he was eight years old. I needed Travis to convince and to get a pump. You know So he was on the show, and then I had him come on and do a little follow up and leave. A great deal is great. You don't really well may tells people ask him about his eyes now. You will say nothing so easy Nor no no drama does want to teach drawn to now exactly exactly when great watching those kids grow up near the show. People know you actually prepared for this career because you went to services, the State University and got your degree in broadcasting. Communication are tried. Yes, you ve gone back and spoken unit
today, you are varied hearing in the Hall of Fame. Next, at the beginning, picture yes, you graduated come? Are there any as they really we our priority. We have students than come through here every year. We juveniles talk with them and we in terms of that work here When I was in high school, I saw a show after plan to do when you went to school when I was high school eyes saw a show after school and was called evening magazine, and it was these. There go out in the field and they will interview local to bring and people doing wacky where jobs- and I thought That'S- that's a fund job I want to go. I want to do that and that's what I did. I literally figured out a way to find some kind of some kind of a way to to. At evening magazine, and so I couldn't go to you birth legs. That was journalism which was boring to me.
So I found out the same Francisco state had a broadcasting department, so that was that was my goal: They went to school there and I sure enough. I got a job and even at evening magazine I got a job at the national offices, which was p a magazine Roy, although it did have to do some internships. Firstly, do I get it term ships when I was at school and you were you out before you went to hard copy, Oh I work at a magazine for a couple of years. Were. You went to a requirement to hard copy. I convince some actually when I was there you want here. I learned how to write scraps. Ok, so I was an associate producer which is like a book or to get on the phone, and I would books. Praise I bet I would send Matt Lauer out on stories us along got worse. You again and I wanted to learn how to do tat right story got the field, so I would wait after hours and I would pull scripts out of the garbage have figured out
how they wrote them and then I would hang around the added base that the editors and I would ask them sit and watch them cut a package from the scrubbs, and then I will. Make friends with some of the field producers and then they would teach me how to do it, but you know all working for free after hours in Bulgaria. To do it and I would books stuff. I would book stories in Ireland. I would convey some that I should go out in the field with the veal producers as the Booker. And then I'd. I convinced the boss that I should Oh down, move down to allay and run the l, a bureau cohesion have a bureau chief, but why not Why not? So I moved down to allay and I ran the L. A bureau of Pierre magazine from there I met Linda Bell, Blue who started working appear Maxie in San Francisco and adapt
when I was going out in the field- and I was writing package's about celebrities- and I was faxing number the scraps and she would call me up and she would like wacky very boisterous per reality and she reaches the surprise you that's all she would say you never gave me notes, but she loved me, and so gee then got a job at a new show, on the paramount lot call hard copy and she said I want you to come interview and elsewhere. I went to the paramount lot largely interview. They told me it was a thirty minute version of like sixty minutes I'll know it hard copy? Really? What I hope is nothing like that, but they want me to do the celebrity pieces and they hired me that was it pulled out of pure about lot. August of nineteen eighty nine and I Nevertheless, left you been here since her same extinguishing want same telephone. Fanchon- really that's see that's fascinating
We want people to hear that you didn't wait around for somebody to train you or give you a promotion or whatever you state after got scripts out, o the trash to fix Ok, they do a throw here and in our own here they live or I let me I put exact I reach over here. They do this and he figured out the format yet nice oh the editors and I watched what they did and how they. Sound know that didn't work. Because of this and then change yeah I just I just stay out your own. I d, my oh yes. By getting these people you are today exactly so then you said I know how to do the same. Now. Let me I will do it yeah would say, let me do it can I can I try it on my own. You know the the hired the segment producer would do it nice it can. I do my own version, no on the side and then they
look at him, give me notes and so I had a mentor there and he basically taught me how to do it for you the paramount lot for thirty one years. You start here, eighty nine, eighty, nine, ninety nine o nine. Ninety you been here a long time. Yes, I've been here long time earlier. So you're was hard copy for six years. Then he went entertainment tonight since six years that I was here during the whole Michael Jackson, thing man We were on hiatus summer hiatus that I was here when O J when the OJ thing happen. I remember we came in that day because we were doing updates. We would do updates and the show like segment, why? and it was just because I was a supervisor had been promoted to supervisor. At that time I was very young and we're looking through the news and aunt em. My car.
Said. O looks like something happening. Nicole Brown, Simpsons a single wedding. We want something happened, nickel will she's dead now go and I didn't. I didn't positive oh gee did it, and how do you know that? Don't you read the tabloids while he was very hoity toity, he agreed the tabloids, because no, I go he's always being called to her house for domestic violence. I go where is he and that was it? That was the day, so I would say during the big stories and that's what put hard copy on the map right now and when I went to I went there and. Whose July nineteen ninety five and listen. A bell was hired to boost the ratings cause at him. Become sort of lack lustre because they weren't, they cover it at the time it he had become sort of, like just behind the scenes, sort of a public stream of like boring movies
We kind of thing, and so she was hired to come in and shake things up, and she said I am not going to do it if I can bring Carla and so we came. I was her number two. Day we walked in the door. We looked at the run down. It was in mourning. That Few grant had been arrested the night before on Sunset Boulevard, road, with Divine Brown wasn't on random was not on the run down. They didn't cover celebrity news, so we blew. The show blue everything up completely change the run down? I completely change the open, they didn't stand urgency or celebrity news? And so we went in there like hurricanes, they didn't know what hit them. I just talk to an old coworkers but you said you put that show back together again
and some people should know what to do- love people left. Could they didn't know how to handle us completely redefined? We redefine the former, absolutely you were there for six years: seven even verifies you when you came along yeah yeah, but I have something say to me at which we have never had a senior producer. To sit down in another bay. He said you weren't you your attention to detail was uncanny, like I've approved every shot of that show every shot now dislike. You do yeah, oh Christ, do you like forty four fifty here to give that cites? Tell you hear what made you decide to make the move when left. Eighty two come do this. It was chance to really run my own show. But you have to understand, How many shows had launched in failed because you have long term array or match show there is still on here today, eighteen,
You knew you had long jeopardy there and he was the show that I mean what the thirty there have been large previously had failed dry and I'd never done a talk. Show right with this. Really but the elder. Yes, I turned it into something else. Then just a regular talk show: you don't know my secret, you know what's the secret, a contingency in my contract. That said, if it didn't work out my old job back, so you had an extra quarter. Yes, that smart yeah, because when you could have not liked me, the other throne much as I get that bitch out of here How long was your trap door a year? Oh well as much for trap door? Well, people make decision Within a year, though, flamed up pretty quick, witted flame out pretty quick than here they will bill taking you back there I mean you did set me up, didn't we need it.
I'm talking to freedom enough. This Billy Billy Bleak guy right here. He hired as my number two member the vote come coming down the stairs they interview her as my number two now imagine. If you got a job, up in your number two was the woman who wander your job work for you nice in my back. Friendly now, but she wanted my job. You know you're psychologist, you know what you're doing I want people right in and comment about that Hey waited a little bit tougher when she say freedom say see motivation, Laverne did you know I got my side. Is this this measure will restore. Yes, I want to be sure I just want people to understand. You seem really miss. You seem really must treat her. You know,
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they were with the product that they were working with, and we put together like coming this season kind of carnival highlight and we were getting sorted shells with all everything that we had to work with. I knew then you do this, Gonna work here there and you were right now because his work from the beginning it people ask me when we started. If I thought it was gonna work and I said well, yeah I think is going work was done and there was good work and the next where should I would get? Is do you think the absence of opera is going to be felt I was like well, let's see we're going to subtract probably the most Clarion voice in the history of television. Will that be miss yeah yeah, I think that'll be missed. And the reason they were asking because they thought she was the buffer that I,
very harsh, very direct, voodoo its words with anybody and that she was the above. But it may that ok without her there was that gonna be too much for people to handle what they didn't realise is that I didn't have to buffer anything when she was there. Could she was there to do that? that I do have a sense of humour, and I am there are so many sides, a view that they had an african exactly. Does she do? Yes, you know I can live with me. Oh yes, I have a good time and I think when people saw that they were well. Ok, yes, he's not always hammering society. The people, said what what are you gonna do five days, you're, only Tuesdays, say with opera, and I thought to myself not everyone there. So many problems in this world by basis,
start even enough and thus will Oprah said when she said you need to do your own show. She said it were does day a week and five days a week is not gonna, be enough. You there so many issues, so many problem so many things that people can relate to you're, never gonna run out of content, and was she ever? I have we ever run around here now and we, just to you know the problems of the world. Every trend that we really do. You always hated somebody asked me: did you have a favorite gastro, favorite the answer is no. I dont have favoured yes, your favorite show, but is there something that we do or some characteristic of the show that your most proud of? Because I know you are proud of the show, I know you better watch very proud of the show I selfishly have gotten so much out of the show I can
see how I relate to my children. How I relate to my friends, I mean. Thank you for my divorce. Sorry, are you say things sometimes during the show- and I go. Oh my god. That's that's me and you know you'd think that you would become jaded of the hearing everything but you really don't. It makes you almost more compassionate because there, but before the grace of God, go I so do I have a favorite show. No, but too I have compassion for humans. Offering? Yes, it does make you so very proud when you get these letters and we do. These followup shows that you ve never become jaded no. I guess I get excited about stories when I hear
details. John Perry always says I can't believe you remember all these stories I'll say: oh you mean the one where the the woman had. Red, shoe and the the details to me it's all about. Storytelling when I was at entertainments night, when I was at hard copy, it's all about story telling us never changed. Have you ever myth? The celebrity storytelling. No? Not really because a lot of times you couldn't tell the whole story, There is a lot of publicists involved and in all of that, and you know it Even when I was when I was a hard copy, I will not say Who then celebrity was that I was not exactly the favourite, because I went to do the interview I pay too much attention to detail that I was so annoyed, because the
We had to be a certain temperature. She couldn't have just regular juice, it had to be apple juice, but I couldn't be to call that had to be literally had to be sixty, Five degrees. The aperture there was that I've never in my life, so instead, doing a story on the product that she was parking. I do, my story, and about the apple juice, and thus to Steve however, they were so mad at me, but I didn't care because it was ridiculous. Sixty five degree up. Two server heard such a thing, so I did not like doing celebrity stories. They didn't like me there. When I was around Oprah Harpo Studios and they did celebrities. It came very clear to me that I did not want that to be a significant part of doktor, because I watched him come and go and shell an hour late again of all of these demands is a thought.
I will never last we address. This will never work with me and it's been such a delay to work with real people who really want to be here yes and really want her and really want help, and we get some deal. Even among people there, say they want help. India is here and it's funny how fast they crossed the the limits of Hollywood and all of a sudden. They become stars and they lose themselves and it funny how maybe one out of fifty or one out of a hundred. It goes to there had the minute they get in. The limo is not that the airport manhandling getting to that because we treat them so well right. That date, making demands goes through their here right away in the second round with a star, but it becomes part of the story. So we do story do like you did with the apple juice right height, I had to have, but I will tell you that the bigger the star nice or the person didn't it. The truth
tat. The only arises man swallow the entourage corral follow the as the bigger the still yes. What really gets me is when you have some one it does that they they get to town in decide. Hollywood goes through head within an hour and laid aside. There's some big get there. Some big story, and they start say unwell- You just wanted me for the ratings. Are you serious? There is nothing you could say or nothing you can do. That would change the rating of this show. What ten thousand of a point for the year. They just don't get it right right. I always shake my head. When I hear people say that all this is all about ratings for you
really they just don't understand there. It was just us, is all about money in Africa Billy all the as were sold a year ago. You just making a fool out yourself when you say that I have to say ninety nine point: nine percent of our people are very appreciative very grateful, very gracious about the help that they get. And really grab on to the advice and the help. Yes, and appreciated that they really do there. S makes it ok, your people ask me a lot How do I keep them from waiting me down? They say you deal with such heavy things all day and we ve seen you do shows.
With children and are abused or murdered or horrible things that happen sometimes day after day after day? How do you keep that from really dragging you down in getting you depressed in. This ruining your life. How do you Handle that because you do too, this all I'm over. You do care about these people as the gas through here. How do you manage it at a really good question? Thank you. I shall have my own shown Because, at the end of the day, I know that there is more good in the world than there is evil and that sometimes we're just unfortunately looking up at the bad part but I know that I am glad to have so much good. If my life there are days, but I will say,
that I want to get up from here and go home and hug. My children impecunious Pierre, like you for not. Getting into drugs and ass becoming criminals and not hating. Me or your mother. What are you gonna do for being such great kids, and I know Jackson unless your children- and they are just You're too good to be true. I now there are so many people only their amazing citizens, thereby raising citizens of theirs but when they were here they're great at the universities that they are make me laugh then I'll be there just such can people delightful advantages. Yes, there glad to see you you glad to see them compared to what we deal with here, sometimes fire. He appears at wake up at night near kid, standing it into the bed with butcher knife stare.
To me like, oh my god, right, you sure, to go home and tell you exactly our days. Did it is such a contrast that I'd I do feel that way, but as cliche as it sounds. I really do think I think of it. As spending all day dealing with solutions to the problems, and that sounds like semantics antics. I fail think about as they deal with problems all day. I deal with solutions all day, but that really is a mindset. You can focus on everything, that's wrong or you can focus on what you introduced. That helps make it right and therefore you have hope and optimism for the future and That's what I think about the keys to forget those like you remember. The heroin twins, yes, I'm talking about is the set of twin girls that would have been in high school, but they
dropped out at all, but they were young in their teens and they were both on heroin and Horrible lies. We we looked at a day in the life of these, these young women, and it was this so tragic, but we got some out of them right and we we got some help and then they came back on follow up again another, follow up and their clean and sober and supporting each other. So I focus on the solution and not the problem that keep me from getting down and I think that's what you do with everyone, There is the problem that we now. What are we gonna do about it here to the said people ask me why I think problems or simple islamic amounts be said just the other day talking to someone on stage. I don't think problems or simple at all. I think they're very complex. There often multi cited
the solutions are often pretty simple. Yes, stop doing their start doing this change your environment programme yourself differently. There very manageable is this the people Sometimes don't find their way to that. That's what we do. That's what we do, and I think that or will we started. We said we're gonna talk about silent epidemics, we're gonna talk about things that matter to people who care and deliver common sense, useful information to pay. Films, everyday for free and eight years? I think we're still doing yes, business, the of change right, smart phones, cyber boy. In Twitter on all the things that kid's we're dealing with before I now completely. Therefore, media has really turn it around. Not so good way. Do you think we ve changed the narrative in America? Oh, yes, I have
was very inspired by what turn what Tyler Perry said the other day when he was sir honouring you at all, walk of fame, remembering all of your isms. You know because We really have changed the narrative in this country. You ve changed the way people handle their problems. You really have. It took a long time for you to get TAT star, but you sure deserved it well, I was glad for that to happen it some it carefully on the one hand, and on the other me like what really what it meant but on the other hand, it's nice to have that acknowledgement. Of course, I thought. I thought my prisoners did a really nice job there Ronnie was fun
yes, it all- and I thought Tyler had some really profound things to say as well, but I really do think what we do here and what you, edit crank out, fashion and shape out of what happens in real time, is the highest and best use the television. I can't think about something that happens on television. That's a better use than what we do with it sure there are things just good and some days were better than others, but I think it's really one I assume Beth uses of air time that you could possibly do. I think so why'd glad you invited me along for the ride. Good right and we ve got a lotta ride left to do Let me tell you what women care about you
I was reading an interview that the other day I tat there were you're telling people that I haven't analytical mind and look at things from a man's perspective in doubt plug in to what the women's perspective would be, your what women would think. Is the interesting- and you have to remind me of that occasionally I would you have to remind me of that reel off exactly right, cause you're the demo right Tat is true, you're, the demo, I'm not the demo n. I might know what to say about it once once identified. Yes, but you're good at identifying. What it is that we should talk about. Because I might we're look something: does it doesn't enter them here,
but the it doesn't resonate with me the same way it would a woman. Where a mother or something but once you put it on my radar screen. Then I know how to problem solve, but it would necessarily get on the centre of my radar screen s I've been to you and have it put it there, and so you said you occasionally have to do that, when I read that. Well, it's more than that, but that's why it's a great balance, analyzer great mix here- and you have to admit I list Yes, you do. I am a grass, but I let s do it crosses word about it, I'm sure the time I do. Yes, you do I appreciate that everyone parameter mining down than you do little bitch involving the one percent of the time. I don't you have to admit it.
Usually a clinical reason that offsets that one time the ass shouldn't do? That is not that it. Your instinct was rightly says that that particular story. The sum clinically says we need the different example here. Yes, ok good mix, the Yes Farrington Rick's. Is there anything we have done that you think we should do it. You- think we will do over the next two or three years that we haven't really dug into yet, or is this something that we have to wait and see what evolves this technology and things that are coming up with kids. Like thing you're here from Jackson, Elizabeth or whatever way you stuff. We need to get a tick tock pride, he needs a tick, do have a text. Why would it? Oh, my god, he has a text you're. Kidding me: when did this happen Oh, my god he's
a tick tock. I have to talk I don't know what to do about the air. Will you gotta pose videos now? Will everyone's warning them? Semi Joe was tellin me. I got an email from her about this. Just this week say in Jordan. Add me download that, but I got this from Sammy Joe. She said we'd love to sit down and talk to you about the possibility of launching a doctor filter. Saying our proposed strategy should come like a really hot. Platform and had a there's already demand for your presence on the platform. Hashtag doktor fail has over a hundred million views and I too feel related searches have over two hundred million views so apparently you gotta dealer lookin for looking for onest. So
I've got to talk to you today. Ok, ok, I'll, take your that's curve so your top of everything we have to do more parenting. Up to a kind of gotten away from up there. I think you're right because these kids, being bombarded with more and more staff. There always go back my core values when I say you're, not To be the only voice in your child's here, so you better make damn sure you're the best voice in your tire, more and more competition, for whom listen I assure all these influences or shall I need to make sure that where do you ass, I remember they had to show we did the other week about what they are. The ring cameras and talking to the little kids. Oh my god, I was creepy you kid in the Caribbean and the crown of my little girl. That's the guy is pretending to be Santa Claus. It was over the summer,
Although the rumours that yeah yeah yeah that's really creeping here, we ve gotta be more apparent. We learn more about the ok. Well last question: yes, if you knew nineteen years What you know now, would you ve taken his job? Don't for sure definitely I would have asked for some more money to calculate. Hit the edit button on that part will take that out. Well, I have to say I'm really glad you did I really don't know that we would be here we had ten years later. We got that down on tape. Directly to the latter. I wanted people to really hear from you. Get to know you and see: what's the behind the scenes force,
a dog you and Robin have been yes, absolutely critical. I couldn't agenda without her to this experiment than she loves you and we have a right back. I stand. No change. When you to her to go out plans for share, noted Thank you, hey you guys know more. Wife. Robin Mcgraw has Robin Mcgraw Revelation, which is a great skin care products, and what of hers is called. Let there be bright. This is a triple action: brightening serum it brightens a complexion and even skin tone with seriously fast acting serum that combines Loomis skin like the gas it and vitamin C its Robin Mcgraw revelation dot com. It's the only place, you can get it and
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