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How To Reverse Brain Trauma And Disorders

2022-01-11 | 🔗

Approximately half of the people in the United States experience some mental health issue. “If your brain is not right, you’re going to get nowhere,” Dr. Phil says.

New breakthroughs in neuroscience are helping to identify different brain types, helping to prevent and reverse many disorders and are ending the common practice of symptom-based diagnosis. In this episode, Dr. Phil talks to world-renowned mental health expert Dr. Daniel Amen about the work that’s changing the way we think about mental health, and his book “The End Of Mental Illness”. The term “mental illness” itself is no longer considered accurate. Listen in and learn the latest and best science and give you and your loved ones the very best chance at a long and happy life! http://drphilintheblanks.com/

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Doktor, Daniel ABLE has helped millions of people change their brains and there's a product change. Their lives through clinics, whose best selling books and pub television programme your aim is one of America's leading psychiatrist and brain health experts. Peace, he's busy. He has authored or co authored nine professional book chapters, eighty five scientific articles and more than forty books, including New York Times Mega best sellers change. Your brain change, your life. He is. peered on numerous television shows, including mine, Doktor OZ, the doctors, They show good morning America into view his bright through public a vision. Programmes on brain and mental health have erred more than one hundred and thirty thousand times across North America.
made him well by millions of Euro seeking guidance on memory. Attention mood, nutrition and everything else it has to do with the brain. Now. The Washington Post has called doktor dna end quote the most popular Interested America because of his books, media appearances and clinics. which have, over eight thousand five hundred patient visits a month, a lot of its politics also have the world's largest database of functional brain scan, here. What I just said, the largest database of functional brains gains in the entire world. These guys relate to behaviour totalling nearly a hundred. Eighty thousand patients from a hundred and fifty five countries
he's probably seen a lot of this research quoted by other experts, because he is the go to guy when figuring out a lot of brain function. Now he's appeared in movies, including club, explosions after the last round and the crash real and consulted consultant for the movie concussion starring will smear he's all appeared on the Emmy winning show the truth about drinking his workmen featured in Newsweek time. Having imposed ABC world is twenty twenty BBC London Telegraph Parade Magazine New York Times York Times. Maggie the washing posed delay times. If this goes on and on you ve heard talk so much about being who you are on purpose and Doktor Ayman talks about doing that at the brain level. So I stop talking about who he is and talk to him so Doktor Raymond, our you today unreal
wonderful per pandemic. How are you my friend well doing? Well- and I am so intrigued by your book and, as I have said, before it has a very provocative idle. The name of his book is the end of mental illness How neuroscience is transforming psychiatry and helping prevent or reverse mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, addictions, PTSD psychosis, personnel the disorders and more. But the main title is the end of mental illness is a provocative title: you're, not mincing words there. What do you mean by the end of mental illness? I hate the term mental illness. psychiatrists. Forty years now and I bought, his hated it because it shames people its stigma
eyes when you call someone mental, that's not a good thing and it's wrong based on our database of now. A hundred and sixty thousand scans on people from a hundred and fifty countries, we really come to believe that most psychiatric problems are not mental All issues at all round They are brain health issues. that steal your mind. One idea really changes everything get your brain like get the physical function. of your brain rise and then your mind is better because the brain creates the mind and very few people are talking about. The impact of traumatic brain injury on mental health challenges on a bad diet on high. attention, diabetes, mould exposure and winning
to stop working doing, because it's not working Tom in Seoul director of the National Institute of Mental Health, said outcomes in psychiatrists are no better than they were in the nineteen fifties, and that should horrify us and, I believe, what we need to do is change the paradigm that doesn't Psychology and psychotherapy is not important. Of course it is, but I think of it is optimize the hardware of your soul, your brain and then programme, but to off people try to program it and when the hardware is not working right, they become demoralized become depressed and they stop seeking help. So we need a new paradigm. That's the idea behind The end of mental illness should be clear what people to understand this fully incomplete,
in some play. Devils advocate for a minute I am play and Devils advocate, because you know because come station you arrive had both on and off camera that I agree with what you are saying but to play devils advocate and ask a few questions you're, not saying that if some buddy is showing what we now call the schizophrenia EC behaviour patterns or depression, or panic disorders or Anxiety or whatever, that that It's not real, that those herb. not real disorders that people? are really having disrupted lives from schizophrenia, or depression or whatever you're not saying that those
are not real disorders, correct, cracked, there, completely real but being skates, franc or be, in depressed. Doesn't tell you one thing about why you're ceramic or wire depressed think about it Lincoln and I'm a huge, Lincoln Fan I had severe depression during his life. He was actually suicidal in the winter of eighteen, forty and how it is after diagnoses, so his doctor was Anson Henry. He talked to him. He looked at him. He looked first symptom pastures and then diagnosed entreated him. That's it actually how depression is beginning. Nosed today depend It is a symptom like chest, pain with many different causes, we don't understand, what's causing it. That's why it Ayman clinics. We look at the.
How do I know? Does your brain work too hard or not hard enough? Is it toxic or traumatic? Did we really need to change how we approach these things? It's not that bipolar disorder is not real totally real and I ruin your life. If you don't treat it properly, but we're not talk. about? Why do you have it and oh, by the way, if we get your brain right, your medication, is gonna work, so much better, well, two things that have always stuck out to me, one. is that when we? U psycho metrics people think we're measuring depression or anxiety or whatever, and that's absolutely not true, with psycho matrix
What we are doing is we ve, given these chest items to lots and lots of people and when you take a task- and you come back in school hive depression. We can't really say you depressed. What we are saying is you haven't awful lot in common with people that we have observed to be depressed, we gave these test items to a big power,
population of people that we observed to be depressed and you answered the questions the way those people answered the questions. So when you take a psycho metric task, where basically, comparing your answers to people that we ve clinically observed to behave in a way that we ve labelled as depressed- and so I think people misunderstand how psychological test work and in secondly, these drugs that we give people to treat schizophrenia, depression bipolar. If you go, look these drugs up and look in this section where it says agent of action, how it works most of em. It says unknown. It says we ve, given these people and some people get better, but we don't know which means they don't.
their stay on the relationship between the brain or the biochemistry and this symptom pattern. They just gave them these and some p got better, so they licence the dragon, gave it to them without real understanding how the brain or the body actually responded to them. That scary to me, and that's right, that's how most people are diagnosed and treated without any biological information, and I am being a psychiatrist, but I belong to the only medical specialty, then virtually never looks at the organ they treat and they call me crazy online. Now. More
information. You know like in Cameroon, the kid you and I did together. He was drawn up Like ten feet onto his hat and guess he has mental health problems, but he's failed. All these doctors nobody is asking. Why is he depressed why's he addicted, and If you don't look you don't now, and then you come up with all sorts of crazy ideas on you know. Well, this is why people are depressed. It's because adversary, serotonin deficiency, it's like now, you broke his funnel over his temporal lobe. Let's work on fixing that and then he's likely to
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Stacy says it: while there are some things in life, she was ready for nothing. No one prepared her formidable somewhat to play you a clear appeal to seek with Robin Raw while your listing be sure to subscribe, follow unloosen on Apple pie, gas, Spotify or how ever your listing. Now you can't run from your penal reproductive organs. That is fifty two percent of the population. You will go through menopause and what a lot of people don't understand about an approach is that it's an actual panic spectra right. There are different some of it and the idea that were so uneducated that we don't really know. What's going to happen to us that we have no way of connecting the doubts that we have no education, there's not a lot of clinical research or data about this like a joke round about the fact that we will never let a child's go through puberty without explaining what's happening to them, and this is not puberty, but it is another phase. Are the lifespan of our hormonal help and the idea
that we ignore it, because we ignore this population. This woman, who is I'd, say forty five in over, is ludicrous. but you know I have so many gas that come on the show and they say well, I've brought my grown Sutter, daughter here, or my teenage son or daughter here, they're bipolar or adhd or opposition. The fire disorder or whatever and they're all this struggle that drug or this drug and always say, ok, wait a minute who gave you this diagnosis, who proscribed these? drugs, because I know that the merger, already of psycho. Tropic medications are not prescribed by psychiatrist after careful diagnosis and work ups are most
these drugs proscribed by either positions that are trained in psychiatrists or proscribed by physicians, assistance or nurse practitioners or whoever? And if you look in the file there, of diagnosis, even written down. Who really is prescribing these drugs and what kind of work up are they doing if any before they prescribe the drugs? So eighty five percent of psychiatric medication, and are prescribed by non psychiatric. Physicians position: assistance, nurse practitioners, ten minute office visits who do standard of care treatment. Twelve percent of the time that is so and the big winner further for the pandemic is pharmaceutical companies depression
triple just since March, it went from eight percent, which was already up historically too. Twenty seven point: eight percent of its work horrifying. people go to their doktor now on video conference and their prescribe these indications on a wholesale basis without any when talking to them about brain health, about things like diet and exercise and sleep and supplementing nation and it's just a mass, so you know I am so grateful. You give me the opportunity to talk about it, because people trust you We just need a different paradise and that when I argue in the end of mental illness, You want to keep your brain, healthy or right. Screw it. If its headed to the dark place, we have to prevent or treat the eleven major risk factors that Steel Europe,
and we know what they are. So why not go after? This is a rain health issue than as a mental health issue. Ok, well, let's talk about that. for a minute- and I want to get into how you do this. But what we are saying here is that first off when you say somebody has a mental illness and I try to fight the stigma. I try to make this something that we can talk about, trying to push it to the front of the narrative conversation in american society and these stigmatize it maybe of May a little bit more acceptable or contributed to making a little more acceptable in some small way. But We all know that still nobody well, maybe in Hollywood different, but other than there. Nobody.
she is proud of going to a therapist. Nobody is proud to say they have a mental illness, and there is a stigma. If you have a bad knee, that's the same as saying your bipolar or haven't anxiety disorder. There is a stigma associated with saying you have a mental illness, and that causes people to be slowed get help is ever and so They suffer with something their entire life because they don't want to be judged or labelled for having a mental illness and You're saying is that's been. Issue all along, because that wasn't a problem to begin with and being a psychiatrist for forty years now, nobody really wants to see a psychiatrist no one wants to be labelled, is defective or abnormal, but everybody wants a better.
so rather than we're gonna go see the doctor because you're depressed it Now we're gonna go see the doctor so that we're going to optimize your brow and so everybody's em, on give better, bring, but very few people or an on give me a mental illness and Lemme get excited about that so why are neurologist mean we ve got this whole specialty of neurology and I'm not. about neurosurgeons wet neurologist. Why, is the field of neurology, not more proactive in dealing with the very things that you are dealing with. Right here as a specialty, wire neurologists, not more active in this- Well, there's a sub specialty, Neurology, behavioral, neurology that I like why, and I actually think of myself
is a clinical neuroscientist, where I do a lot of brain, optimization, and neurologist typically or dealing with strokes and seizures and had eggs and pain, and they often I just remember, mineralogy rotation at the Walter Reed Army medical center. Why did my residency? It's like? Oh! No, I don't really want to talk to people have to just sort of The problem in and move on that a hundred years ago. Six a tree and neurology got divorced, so they used to be the same special. They were. fried- was a neurologist and when they got divorced, neurologists got the brain. and psychiatrists, got the mind, and it was a bad the border residents cigar the law, because one
we're dealing with our brain health issues, that doesn't mean the minds not important when value, which you would Ayman clinics, why we think that these four big circles? So what's the biology out the actual visit, the function of your brain, but also your body, because if your guts not write your brains, not right, if you're levers write your brains, not right. If you're gonna write your brains, so there's biology, but there's also as psychology, how you think we live in a society of undisciplined thinkers, people believe every stupid thing, they think they should learn how to challenge those. The hut there's a social circle who you hang out with your much more likely to be violent. If your father model that, for you and there's a spiritual circle which vary view Sanderson psychologists touch, but its ultimately Viktor Frankl,
and search for meaning. It's like. Why do you care what your deeper sense of meaning and purpose and so get in all four of those circles. Healthy really helps you to be your best seller list about the automated, because you talk about this thing, I'd the of mental illness and you're, saying You need a re frame. Mental health as brain held that that changes everything, because it can take away the stigma where nobody's ashamed to say: I've gotta go see the neurologist, but they do he'll, shame guilt, fear, judgment of I'm gonna go see the psychiatrist and what Europe saying here is an I've said this. so many times that if you don't get the brain ride, all that
King therapy in the world is like building a house on sand, you can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and if your brains, not right you're, going to get nowhere said that within the last week to someone with PTSD and predictably PTSD with the eye, if you don't get your brain right, all the anger management in the world, all the impulse control, changing the internal dialogue, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That's not. going to have a lasting effect. If you don't get the brain right in your saying that you ve got to start with the brain because that's the foundation, that does it mean that you then don't need to change your internal dialogue, it doesn't mean you don't need to change your behaviour patterns. The people you hang out with it doesn't mean you might,
need marital therapy. It doesn't mean you might not need help. It just means now: you can optimize those things, because your brain is healthy and optimized, and so you can get the most out of these other resources, correct crap, to think of it like hardware and software and if the hardware of your computer is not working, it doesn't matter. If you have good software pro first thing is get the hardware right, the physical functioning of your brain, and then you can program heads I think, of psychotherapy that way and network connections do think. Network connections will work like being married or being goodbye, serbian and good play or being a good friend, if the hardware is not working, of course, nine and yet. If you never luck you,
never now, and you know, I think that's been one of my big innovations it. Of course, you should look if you dont work, flying Blind, What other medical doctor flies blind you know. The first thing you learn is: depression is like chest: pain, and nobody gets the diagnosis of chess bank. As a dozen tell you what causes it or what to do forehead and because we don't look at the brain, We think how depression- zero tonne inefficiency take lacks a prozac resolve, lock and, When you start looking at the brain, you realize just how ridiculous that is there are many roads to depression like their many roads to chest, pain
and you know other reasons I love imaging. So much is it immediately decreases stigma. It increases compliance because people want better brains and my favorite thing is: it increases forgiveness and come action from families when they realise the person that is, taken them. Strasbourg is not because they want to, but because something is the matter with their brain fever. You talk about the imaging and you do something calls bet single photon emission computed, Ta Mok Free talk about what that he is and what you look it gives you look at three things in particular, so describe what patient experience when they go through this imaging and its nuclear medicine study, but talk about what a patient goes through when they do this. So, looks it blood flow in activity it
It's really simple procedure. The hardest part of the procedure is getting a tiny needle into abandon their arm. We usually twice once it rest, when they do a concentration task, and so once we just have them sit in a room resting and then the second time will have them do occur there's continuous performance tests so were getting their brain when they're trying to use it and then after during the injection wrong now lay on a camera table and takes about twenty minutes will take a picture of where the medicine has gone in their brain and it gives ass, an image of living brain tissue, so we also do quantitative e, where we look at the electrical activity in the brain, but I like spect because it gives us is
beautiful three d image of every air, their brain and is it healthy? Is it underactive or is it oh, active and you'd mention Peter. Stay in tv I published. Study on twenty one thousand people showing We could separate those two disorders with very high levels of accuracy. Now why that important, because the treatment actually opposite of each other with TB, Ire traumatic, brain injury, we see, areas that are low in Tbilisi and with piteous we see their emotional brain works too hard. So one you want to calm the brain, the other. You want to stimulate the brain, how do you really know unless You look ahead it and so there, ro and medication that these people, without knowing whether their brain needs to be
calmed in an area or stimuli. it in an area, and so if it needs to be calmed and they give em a brain stimulant is like throw gas on fire and they send them back out there and their frenetic. They can't understand why they have a bad outcome and how long is this take for patient when they come in? How long does it take get the worker. Well, when we work up a patient, we do a lot we take really long. History is to understand the story of your life, the sky, themselves start to finish? Is about an hour, so it's pretty people, and then we do Neuro Cyprus, s assessments as well So we never make a diagnosis just on a scam but We don't want to make a diagnosis without it cuz. It's like we're gonna to miss a whole important piece of information right
when you do this. You and I've looked at brains that have been damaged from trauma. They ve been damaged from toxicity, they ve been certainly loved across time, but the truth is if somebody does come in and find out you well. My brain is not well that's not a static situation because in many or more situations the brain can get better. The brain can heal the brain can improve by taking proper steps correct by putting the brain and healing environment cited. The big Anna fell study had enough
We talked about this, I so when the NFL was having trouble with the true about traumatic, brain drain football. I got to Anthony Davis, the Hall of Fame running back from? U S see he's called the Notre Dame Keller, because in nineteen seventy to escort six touchdowns against it diversity of Notre Dame, but he was having trouble with his memory with his hamper, and then he had periods of confusion. and when I scanned and fifty for his brain clearly was a traumatic brain injury and look like he was eighty five, but five months later as brain, what room? markedly better, and then he and I went to the retired Players Association gave report Sensation and so, squint lady I've scanned and traded three hundred NFL players. High levels of damage stop lying about it plain for
all his brain, damaging sport, brow, soft skull. His hard skull has sharp bony ridges. You cannot have those level of intent over and over impact without damaging the brain, but the excited part of my work with the NFL players, eighty percent of them get them. When I put him on a rehabilitation programme which is so simple. We basically teach them about brain help, multiple vitamin with I doses, basics be twelve and always cause that helps boast brain function, hi those fish oil and then Ngos that works in six different ways and I published That study the excited, knows it still very few. People now is even if you have been back to your breath, you you can make it back and I can prove it and
That's what I get so excited. You remember. We did the show with dairy busy. I love Gary, and not only did he play football of where he tried to bright people start. You know the big spam right, but he had substance, abuse problem and they had a Motorcycle accident- and then he had, Tumor and his scientists they radiated so his brain was terrible, but doing the right things here. Now about to show a network soon. You know he is able to work. Where before people just sort of think of him as a joke. Even now he's an Oscar nominated actor for the body, Holly story and justice message over and over again your brain the better, if you put it in a healing environment- and these
you're. Not radical things. You're saying be six be twelve, was folic acid and fish right yeah in some other nutrients, I'm a fond of gang cow in hospital no serious and seals the sting I always think when I use supplements, I use them in combinations. Is the brain doesn't get sick in one way, and so it's not going to get better. In one way. That's why is never going to be the medicine for Alzheimer's disease, because it's not one thing, there's eleven Levin Alzheimer's Disease wept have to get on top of all of the right this seems to me that if people really worrying. If there worrying that their experience same depression, if their worrying that they're losing time with reality if there-
serving themselves to be exhibiting what they would consider psychiatric. Simply metalogy of there Being a radically new relationships, if they're just doing things that are in fearing with the pursuit of their healthy goals, so they're, starting to get worried like em I starting to melt down here. Am I starting to really be unhealthy mentally, but they don't want to EL anybody, their suffering this silently they No one led on for fear of judgment from family or rejection from him I met her. Whatever I've talked to sell, police officers that have said I don't want to to the employer assistance programme, because hey that's confidential, but the fact that you
even have a file there can cause you to not be promoted or not advance in your career in some way, but if they wish to have their brain studied, their brain looked at, they could get answers that could save their life and their career and their happiness. And this is what I've been so anxious to talk to you about, because I've had so many men and women. Tell me yeah doktor, feel I hear you about this But my career is on the line here, I'm in a position where I could be declared an impaired, professional or I've. Just looked at the culture, and if I do get the help your talking about it, will absolutely torpedo my career,
and this is why you're saying the end of mental illness increases, compassion, gets rid of judgment, takes away the stigma and it's a completely different paradigm. Then what we now live with sow at the risk of being politically incorrect. I trained us child psychiatrists needed my childs kite retraining in Hawaii and when many people don't know is that Hawaii is an asian culture. Two thirds of the population is either chinese or japanese and asian cultures are shame. cultures and solve someone's having a mental health problem they dont want bring shame to their family.
And so our experience was families wooden come ass for help until the children were like floored lay psychotic that they waited until the last possible incident but at the same time those families would do anything to give their child in advance and so changing that discussion from and saw illness to brain hell leads people to go out with a better bring they're gonna do better in school, with a better bring they're gonna have more friends with the better brain they're going to be happier, and so, it helps decrease. This idea of shame I shouldn't feel this way. I shouldn act. This way, too, one of my brains, not firing right
and what I can the kids, because we see little kids and old people. It's like you a great brine. It's just not to write, Sort of like you have a ferrari and the engines like Workin way to heart. So we just need to tell so you can be the best and kids love that they like Oh make me better as opposed to fix me, yet they just don't want any part of you have a in your book. You say since ninety. Ninety nine suicide has increased thirty three percent so that is decreasing overall life expectancy, and In the same period of time, cancer has decreased twenty seven percent. To me. That speaks to the fact that the stigmas their people are not asking for help with
their actual quality of life, has eroded to the point that they can endure it anymore, but cancer they get help cause, there's no stigma so ones up a third, the others. The third and since the pandemic. I think suicide is up way more. I've just never seen anything like it, an immense because we're working on the wrong paradigm, Why are we making such progress in cancer and heart disease in virtually every other aspect of medicine, but we're not making progress in psychiatrist, and I think it's because the paradigm is wrong. Making diagnoses based on symptoms with no biological data and the end of mental illness is trying to. Like go, there is another way to do this, and we study are outcomes. Raymond,
relax, so we ve been doing since two thousand eleven. If you come to see us, we actually enter you into a formal outcome study and on average, patients have four point, two diagnoses are complicated. They have failed three point: three providers and five men patients and at the end of six months, if we treat them eighty four percent or better no one's got those outcomes that publishes the and it's because we get more information and were increasing stigma, though I love, we increase compliance. People want better and so like with my fellow group, that there like being coached and so they'll do that things knowing that in four months or six months later unlikely to re, scam them and go we do in battle, and I it's so excited about that night,
mention too, when we were not on camera about This kid Jose who came to see me because of your shall, like ten years ago, you are doing a show on compulsive cheers and he cheated on his wife eight times in four years, his wife had a gun. She was gonna, kill him. as part of the I got to scam yet damaged brain from football mix. Martial arts had terrible habits and when we fixed his brain and seven months later, I scan of so much better he's making better decisions. Now, if you agree with me but Ultimately, a person. Success in life is a song all the decisions they made and, as you make better decisions, your wife doesn't want to kill you any more. Careful are likely to not have to visit your children on the weekend
and he just graduated from nurse invested to school. I just said proud of him with a better browser. Come about her life. Absolutely you improve problem recognition skills, you improve problem solving skills the year less likely to get shot by your wife, sheer less likely to get fired by your employer for impulsive behaviour. Poor decision making. All of these things you this is not an
which sort of thing- and I want to talk about this before we go because approximately half of the people in the United States are experienced some mental health issue at some point in their lives and so you're, not over here you're dealing with some little niche of society, we're talkin about half the people in the United States are going to become symptomatic to the point that it interferes with their life. So you're talkin about a major major issue here and then, when we're talking about dealing with people's brains, we talk about football. For example you- and I were talking about the fact that I played football in Grade School junior, high high school college and then have raced motocross and have ruined more than one helmet
that my head was in and they weren't, probably the greatest helmets in the world, so really curious. What you're gonna find when you work my brain up, which will probably explain a lot to a lot of people that or wondered what the hell's he's thinking. But let's talk about what can cause p to have an unhealthy brain. It's not just going through the wind shield of a car. It's not just here, having a motorcycle accident, you said before that the brains, a soft we'll get inside a really hard skull, but first off there, hard skull. Has some very sharp bone ridges on the inside of the skull, correct, yeah garden. I've had this chat, then she should have put bamberger.
cards on some of these sharp bony rages. Mild, traumatic, brain injury is actually a major cause of mental health problems that nobody knows because nobody's law but in the book I have this mnemonic bright mines that just helps us know. What are the things that hurt? The brain in the bees for blood loud applause, the number one brain imaging predictor of Alzheimer's disease. So if you have any form of vascular disease or heart disease, it's bad for your brain. My grandfather had a heart, hark at that sweet as nice, as most loving person on the planet became depressed after sixty percent of people have a heart attack, develop major depression within the next eighteen months, so any blood flow problems. If you dont exercise, if you have hyper
pension gavel, rectal dysfunction, likely means your brain dysfunction because of your blood flow problems anywhere there everywhere the arts, retirement and aging the elder. We get the less active, our brain, is in the more vulnerable we are so older! We are the more serious we need to be about brain help, You talk in air about stop learning, that's part of retirement. An aging is aware: if you stop learning where you stop exercising your brain, that's bad people sometimes retire and they stop using their brain. They get lazy with their brain and that's a bad factor. You need keep mentally active if you retire and do new, indifferent things like I read brain scans and that's complicated, but I know to do that. So I need to do
Something else play the guitar learn a language travel garden. I need to keep my brain always using different think so. People who, like teacher you're, very language bay. they have a lot of connections in the front part of their brain people, who your mechanics. They have lots of connections in the back part of their brain. If you We want your brain to be healthy, doing all of those kinds of things is important the new learning is a major strategy to keep looking good. I didn't want to gloss over the if somebody, even if their maybe they have bad knees or ankles or something so that can't be exactly as they want. They can keep their brain active. They can learn new things. Take up piano, do something
where they have to challenge their brain in different ways. Then you say I am sorry to interrupt you Juba eyes for inflammation major cause of depression and dimension. often due to a number of factors like having low make it through fatty acids in your blood ninety seven percent of the population. There omega three indexes, not optimal, so eating grilled or baked fish at least once a week taken fish oil is important having an unhealthy got and this whole discussion about you know the brain got connection. You have a hundred trillion bugs in Europe and if they are not healthy because you eat mostly fast food, your mind will never be healthy or you don't take care of your gums guy Disease is a major cause of inflammation and pressure. So flaw soon,
seeing the dentist on a regular basis, absolutely critical and their simple task like or make it index or see reactive protein to know about the inflammation in your body, jeez genetics, ages, things run in families, but what I always say is Johnny History is not your destiny. Genes love the guy It's what happens to us, the polls, the train that use me. Who can have a problem not who will have a problem with dismay? You need to be more aware yeah, LISA Givens, you probably know my friendly's, yes, mother and grandmother died with Alzheimer's disease. And she came to see me wenches fifty one and her brain was headed there, but Knowing having the strategies to prevent at last. my scandal, again ten years later for brains, foller fatter, healthier,
so. I often say if you knew a train was going to hit. You Would you want to get out of the way his lot? Look. I don't wanna know this. I now you want to know so that you can get out of the way that it all possible this ages head trauma, and you know, and with all the football you played in the other accidents. We should look at some point, but the exciting thing like with my NFL players is you can make it better. If you do the right things, tears talk and I dont of yours as concerned as I am with Marijuana- is innocuous. But it's not an Hockley with when it comes to the brain and am very concerned. You know the idea that alcohol is a health. Food now decreases blood flow, the brain marijuana, but then
Other things surprised me like. I had no idea that general anaesthesia can actually damage the brain. And there's right literature. If you go on popular dad got. Children who have general anaesthesia have a higher incidence of learning problems adult general anesthesia higher incidence of dementia. It's like I'm in you need a? U need, but at this in time, then we should be rehabilitating these brains And then you write a police officers on actually doing a programme with the Newport Beach Police Department chain, your brain ginger police department, one. Decrease stigma, but also its Police officer were fire fighters decision making it saves us and I want their brain,
to be as healthy as possible so that they can help us and with firefighters talk since they break the man all the time. You know we have this fire, Orange County had the bad fires and caliph about you and I are breathing in this toxic air, his terrible for brain function. Well, this head trauma and toxins. These are things people, letter, listen and watching by now. I want you to think about because the head trial is not just me major trauma of like going through a windshield or falling ten feet onto a concrete floor. It can be small, repetitive, traumas, like Do kids, heading soccer balls this over?
and over you do that a hundred times a week and these things can accumulate and it can be any. number of things and we think back at the times in our lives, where we find on the ice and hit our head or your. We slipped and fell back in Bangalore head just as we hit the ground. These things have an effect in. If you check them and see that there was an impact, this can be helped it. can be changed and marijuana is a toxin shocked to see people passing laws in legalizing this and, of course, don't understand the people, our age, that are passing these laws, the mare wanna they were smoking. Thirty, forty five years ago because of agriculture dances.
The marijuana today is so much more potent than it was a generation ago, and particularly smoked bye, bye, means that are still forming. until their twenty five. Thirty, thirty five years old, it is particularly problematic. So it is a toxin and I hate that that's getting swept under the rug and ignored fan. You probably your show. You know kid start smoking when their teenagers novel, their psychotic. It increases the risk of psychosis, four hundred and fifty percent. Now true, that's probably for people who are genetically vulnerable, but
you know bathing the brain and toxins when it's trying to develop in a dozen finnish, developing till twenty five six seven, we just have to do a better job. We have a high school course Paul Brain fry by twenty five. That's enough fifty states, seven countries where we teach kids to love and care for their brain. I invariably there's all lesson on what to avoid that. junior. Oh boy raises his hand and he goes, but how can you have any fun Anyway, we play a game with them called who has more fun the kid with good brain or the kid with the bad brain who has more dependence, because their parents trust them who gets in the colleagues they want to get into who gets the girl and gets to keep the girl, because he doesn't act like an idiot, it's the poorest. with a good when we have to change our minds, said that a firm, healthy, oh that means on boring psych. Now you get
You cool things with a better brain, absolutely. We'll take us through mines, right quick, so my the Amman Mines is mine, storm sissies, abnormal electrical activity. There just read at these storms beings. I do the storms of depression, temporal lobe, abnormalities of all things helped with the key to genetic die. the eye is immunity and infections who knew how prophetic? That would be bad I'll covered affects your brain line: Disease Epstein, bar Herpes, toxic blast, parricide from cats his nor hormone disorders- and I have never seen this rash epidemic of teenage boys with low testosterone,
it's the toxins their parents are putting on their body as they louder them with lotions that have parents and phthalates he is the one I'm worried about most its diabetes city as blood sugar and wait go up. The function of people's brain goes down. I published these studies, the last one on thirty five thousand scanned there was literally a linear correlation as you, wait when the blood flow activity of your brain went down across virtually the whole brain, horrifying, I call it the dinosaur syndrome, big body, little brain you're gonna become extinct. We have to get this obesity crisis under control, and then the asses sleep you get less. in seven hours of sleep at night, you have lower overall blood flow to your brain, more bad decisions
and so I want to see psychiatry turn into a brain health, specialty often you go to a drug treatment program or psychiatric hospital and they feed you in the morning donor. sincerely all in orange juice, and they just have no clue. Oh, I should maybe feed the brain for it to be healthy, rather than continued to poison it and perpetuate elements that we could talk for hours about this, and I want to tell everybody that the things that we been through here. Like referred. Mental illness as brain health changes. Everything is well. We ve been in about here with how to create or eliminate mental illness. A bright mines approach we went through the eleven factors? I'm gonna put those on the website so you can look at them because we ve been talking about him and we ve covered
obviously an awful lot in As I say, we could go on for ever this year, and then you would have brain damage because we would be talking so much. You would go into brain, lock, but doc. We ve gotta, do this again and because our sections we haven't even talked about here, particularly what parts of them rain are associated with what the Saviers and function, so people can understand Why they're doing some of the things that they may be doing? That's a whole other discussion we can have, but the book is the end of mental illness? How narrow is transforming psychiatry and helping prevent or reverse? a number of what we consider to be psychological or psychiatric. orders, and read it. I have studied it and you absolutely have to get the book. It's not some.
that you read wants it something that will become a manual for you. you living your life and loving your brain, an uproar miss you change the quality. Of your life and its already change, some of the things Robin and I are doing- and she said I have to go and get my brain exam. And Anna. She said: ok, that's it you're go in a cell cave in the earth and come into the Ayman clinic and get no work up. So you can figure out what I need to do that I'm not doing enough to come love, doing couples, love doing couples. Definitely want you to do. Is both Scylla. We can do This will you they see. I told you, I told you now we'll do in great spirit, but this has been so informative- its everything I expected it to be more.
I hope we can do this again. I would love to be grateful to you for all the good you do in the world and anything I can do to be helpful I would be honoured. Well, you always are helpful in you. Ve helped so many out our show, and whenever you're on doktor fill the message board, just light up with people talk about how clear and concise you are and how much you stimulate them. So we'll do this again. Doktor. Thank you again. The book is the end of mental illness, get it find it it study it, it's not a paper way. You have to read it, you can't put it under your pillow and get it by osmosis, but it will change your life the end of mental illness doktor thank We'll do this again, so thank you. So long
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