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America on Fire 0:49:42 2020-06-09
subscriber only Behind The Scenes: Human Trafficking and Sober Living Fraud 0:48:41 2020-06-02
Behind The Scenes: Fraud, Felons and Empowerment 1:01:33 2020-05-26
Science, Censorship And The Pandemic 1:13:51 2020-05-19
subscriber only Peak Performance: Showing Strength Under Pressure 0:48:12 2020-05-12
Velocity of Life 0:55:14 2020-05-05
Moving Forward By Being Adaptive, Agile and Creative 0:54:41 2020-04-28
subscriber only The Turning Point - Stress, Health and Healing 0:51:54 2020-04-21
subscriber only Impact Of Distance Learning, Lost Social Interactions and Help For Parents 1:01:40 2020-04-14
Silent Infectors: What You Need To Know 0:58:53 2020-04-07
Strategies for Success: Living in the Age of COVID-19 0:52:57 2020-03-31
subscriber only I Knew In My Heart That I Wasn’t A Killer - Joseph Lucero, Father, Mentor, Actor 1:05:56 2020-03-24
Coronavirus: A Deep-Dive Into The Pandemic 1:31:28 2020-03-17
How ‘Dr. Phil’ Executive Producer Carla Pennington Got Her Job 0:54:58 2020-03-10
Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy Sits Down With Dr. Phil 1:02:22 2020-03-03
subscriber only The Human Reaction Business with Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue 1:02:10 2020-02-25
subscriber only Music Exec And Innocence Project Co-Founder Jason Flom 1:26:07 2020-02-18
subscriber only How Cheryl Hunter Found A Way To Transcend Trauma And Help Others 0:53:17 2020-02-11
subscriber only Singer-Songwriter And Award-Winning Pop Star Meghan Trainor 1:08:03 2020-02-04
subscriber only Mourning Kobe Bryant - Veteran Sports Broadcaster Jim Hill 1:04:56 2020-01-28
Dr. Phil's Living By Design: Move From Being Right to Being Happy 0:48:23 2020-01-21
Point, Set, Match! President Of Tennis Channel Ken Solomon 1:27:18 2020-01-14
subscriber only How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick - Part 2 0:51:12 2020-01-07
How To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick - Part 1 0:42:53 2019-12-31
subscriber only Holiday Traditions with Dr. Phil, Robin and Friends 0:59:54 2019-12-24
Relationship Expert Tracy McMillan Offers Dating Advice 0:59:44 2019-12-17
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? EP8 0:48:56 2019-12-10
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? EP7 1:03:45 2019-12-03
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You to LIve With? EP 6 0:47:17 2019-11-26
subscriber only Episode 4 - Should You Have Children? 0:39:29 2019-11-20
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? 0:54:50 2019-11-19
subscriber only Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? - Dr. Justin Lehmiller, Leading Human Sexuality Expert 0:55:44 2019-11-12
Tuesday People - Ep. 2 - You Are Who You Eat With Dr. Phil McGraw 0:31:45 2019-11-06
subscriber only Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? 0:51:27 2019-11-05
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? 1:01:39 2019-10-29
Relationship Reality Check: How Much Fun Are You To Live With? 0:54:19 2019-10-22
subscriber only Living By Design 10 - Never Too Late 0:50:17 2019-10-15
Living By Design 9 - Pick Your Battles 0:53:20 2019-10-08
subscriber only Living By Design Episode 8: Working On Your Playbook For Life 0:52:28 2019-10-01
subscriber only Living By Design 7 - The Master Plan 1:07:39 2019-09-24
I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw: The Secret to the Perfect Girls Night with Jennifer Meyer 0:47:09 2019-09-17
subscriber only Living By Design 6 - Learn To Claim And Accept Praise! 0:50:28 2019-09-17
subscriber only Living By Design 5 - How To Be A Winner And Come Out On Top 0:55:24 2019-09-10
subscriber only A Cautionary Tale For Parents and Teens 0:47:51 2019-09-03
Dr. Phil and Sergeant Adam Plantinga: '400 Things Cops Know' 1:03:09 2019-08-27
subscriber only Grammy-Nominated Singer/Songwriter Mary Lambert On Overcoming Childhood Abuse And Trauma 0:55:48 2019-08-20
When Robin McGraw Knew Dr. Phil Was ‘The One’ 1:22:58 2019-08-13
subscriber only Body Language Expert Susan Constantine Decodes The Truth Behind Lies 1:15:19 2019-08-06
subscriber only NBA Champion Metta World Peace: No Malice 1:03:47 2019-07-30
subscriber only Empowering Children Back To School: Dr. J. Patrick Johnson and Tracie Arlington 1:10:57 2019-07-23
Cedric The Entertainer: Comedy, Life and Being Bold 1:03:44 2019-07-16
subscriber only CoCo Vandeweghe: U.S. Olympian and Tennis Champion 1:06:46 2019-07-09
Mitch Albom: Your Pebble on the Pond Matters 0:53:59 2019-07-02
Amanda Cerny: The Power of Influence 0:53:18 2019-06-25
subscriber only Jay Leno - A Crash Course in Comedy and Money 0:46:19 2019-06-18
subscriber only The Jonas Brothers Opens Up To Dr. Phil 1:26:23 2019-06-11
subscriber only Chief David Brown: Bodycams, School Shootings and the Deadly Force Fight 1:12:21 2019-06-04
subscriber only Ron White: Unfiltered and Off the Cuff Funny 1:39:33 2019-05-28
Jimmy Kimmel: 'Mockery of the Podcast Industry' 0:58:54 2019-05-21
subscriber only Gayle King: Press Pass to Life 1:02:23 2019-05-14
subscriber only The Killer Thorn of Gypsy Rose 0:00:45 2019-05-10
Dr. Phil Gets Real About Suicide, the Opioid Crisis and Cyber Bullying 1:17:17 2019-05-07
subscriber only The Killer Thorn of Gypsy Rose: Analysis of Murder by Dr. Phil 1:11:08 2019-05-02
subscriber only Dr. Phil on Tracks of Life 1:05:43 2019-04-30
subscriber only Emmitt Smith On The NFL, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ And More 1:22:52 2019-04-30
subscriber only Justin Paperny: College Admissions Scam and Federal Sentencing 1:32:57 2019-04-23
subscriber only 'Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner Reigns Supreme 1:00:22 2019-04-16
Oprah Winfrey - "The Path Made Clear" 1:13:36 2019-04-09
subscriber only Living By Design Part 4 0:55:54 2019-04-02
Charlamagne Tha God: The Man Behind— ‘Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me’ 1:07:56 2019-03-26
Piers Morgan - An Appetite For Conflict And Controversy 1:16:10 2019-03-19
Charles Barkley Rebounds Off The Court 1:11:20 2019-03-12
Living By Design Part III 0:54:12 2019-03-05
subscriber only Pamela Meyer - Lies and Liars 1:11:15 2019-02-26
Tony Romo - A Drive To Win 1:06:44 2019-02-19
subscriber only Living By Design Series Part II 1:01:28 2019-02-12
Living By Design Series Part 1 0:48:53 2019-02-05
subscriber only Kathy Bates Shares Her Life 0:45:18 2019-01-29
Steve Harvey Campaigns for More 1:33:45 2019-01-22
subscriber only TMI with Dax Shepard 1:12:57 2019-01-15
Shaquille O'Neal In Full Force 1:21:32 2019-01-08
subscriber only Dr. Phil’s New Podcast - Coming Jan. 8th 0:04:26 2018-12-07