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I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw: The Secret to the Perfect Girls Night with Jennifer Meyer

2019-09-17 | 🔗

Bonus Episode: Robin swaps secrets about the perfect Girls Night with jewelry designer and entrepreneur JENNIFER MEYER! Robin and Jennifer discuss Girls Night do's and dont's (does Robin bring Dr. Phil to Girls Night?!), favorite activities, and some juicy Girls Night Out stories! Robin also surprises Jennifer with a few of her FAVORITE things to do on Girls Night: we're talking karaoke, cocktails, and a special psychic reading from acclaimed psychic/medium BILL PHILIPPS! Change into something comfy, because we're having a GIRLS NIGHT IN tonight! For more information: https://www.ivegotasecretwithrobinmcgraw.com/ See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information.

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Well, I hope you are enjoying fill in the blanks I've enjoyed doing it. Almost a year now- and I taught my wife and doing her own podcast and she just lost it. It's called I've got a secret, and she says that with both hands up to her mouth and shouting, because she doesn't keep any secrets, she tells everything she knows. It's all about girls getting together and talking about the secrets they know to make their lives better. I made sure she's telling any secrets on me, but I'm gonna be listening just to make sure so you can I've got a secret by rob, Mcgraw Apple Part pitcher in any or else podcast or fail you're really gonna find this entertaining and fun. I've listened a one broadcast already and it was a lot of fun. That's I've got a sacred.
Hosted by my wife, Robin Mcgraw, Tunisia, you're gonna love, it flow everyone. This is Robin You are listening to my very first Hod cast. I've got a secret I am super super. Sighted because my first gas is Jennifer Meyer Jennifer was born and raised in LOS Angeles and her passion for jewelry began at age. Six, when her grandmother taught her the art of enamel jewelry, she opened her first Jennifer, my retaken, the ball of two thousand eighteen and her jury is the perfect balance of understated, elegance and unparalleled quality. I actually have quite a few of her pieces and I just love them. You can see them all at Jennifer, mired dot com, welcome, Jennifer, here are some congratulations so exciting. Thank you. I just wish you really how excited got when the girls told me that you were gonna, be
my very first guest. I wish you knew how excited I got when I heard I was going to be your first year, so we're going to have a lot of fun today, and I want all the listeners out there to know that I've got a secret is a podcast. That is gonna, be something that really fun and really positive, because I say I've got a sacred just a I urge all of you out there that when I say that I've got my hands capped around my mouth and I'm I'm like screaming, I've got a secret because that's what I really mean We're going to share secrets, we gonna share with each other to day. The name of this pod cast today is the sacred to create It is the perfect girls night and I just
I plan to tell all of you. I know Jennifer and she is always smiling she's, very positive and she's, just a lot of fun and so Jennifer tell me what you ve been. How do you feel? What do you think about? Having a girl's night, I mean, I think, they're girls nights actually imperative to your well being I mean I think. Yes, we can talk about a million things when it comes to girls night, but I think that girls night for me they range from you're, just breakin it down and getting advice and going through everything that you need to go through. Ill, a lot of Marguerite as in good mexican food. Yet, oh, yes, you don't want. I'm really glad that you said just now. I was waiting for you to bring that up. You said Marguerite S. I personally think that when you get the girls together, you can't really a chill and celebrate anything without a drink.
It's not like. It has to be like an all out hell raising you don't like party drunk fast, but I do think tell me if you agree that having one drink or a few. And something that we ve learned. Listen. I will tell you this. I have a few girlfriends who don't drink and they are so fine and he lay there are amazing, but I will tell you personally: I really appreciate a good Marguerite, our guy glass, a y know our itself when you said that, because again we worked really hard for it are going to maybe three there for you, because I actually agree with you. You know I married to a man who doesn't drink at all. Yeah he's
we ve been together forty seven years, thou and just celebrated our anniversary of our resolve that board in a row airs and when I met him. Actually it was something I wanted to hear him say I said: do you drink alcohol and he said I think, I'm allergic to nice, take I'm in love with you, because when I was a child, my father was now colleagues think I was maybe ten or eleven years old. I was bed one night and I made a life decision. I will never marry a man who drinks alcohol and I will never raise my children in a home with an alcoholic and so really when I met Phillip, he he was a dream come true, because I was certain that I made the right decision in that bed that bite, however, when I say I think it's fun to be out with the girls and have a drink. I do believe that, but I completely agree and he's not apply his entire. We only whenever we only to designate a driver to me. I know that's exactly like so
When you say you have girlfriends it don't drink. I totally support anyone who does not take a drink because Philip, so much fun. Listen, I'm lost our fund with the drink I'll be on. You know. So, since we're talking about that, I'm gonna share with you, What am I dreamed that I've created at home? nah. It's and if any one you sad, margarita and wine, those are the only two things I really enjoy o, which a good drinking because a really nice glass of wine, with a really great mail, is one of my favorite ways to spend evening or to celebrate thing and also to killer, is a really great, yeah, great way to to relax in and have fun. So I created to drink and have the spring those out, because when I knew you were coming, I knew that you enjoy tequila, and so are you kidding me you actually able to get a drink right now? I have one for all.
I super ready. I do know that is two thirty may afternoon start with you like, but we can edit there. Kind of like I've been explained. I one of the reasons I did this is, I think, one great way to have girls night if your hosting you create your favorite drink may be dedicated to the girl. It can be a brand new drinking created that day or are you just create your favorite drink? So what I've created is something I call em to kill a martini. I dont know why. Maybe that but it's two key la I pull in orange off the tree in my back yard. I couldn't happen, squeeze olive juice from that, and then I scrip all the Pope back then I slicer lime and I put just a little bit of that. I shake it up Baker with ice, and then I pour it
a glass and then I run the rim of that glass in pink himalayan salt, so they're gonna bring that up. We're gonna enjoy this podcast. When did you start designing your jewelry there's are there? Is our drink? I started designing jewellery about thirteen years ago a case. I will stop right passion she, their voices on your first. You think by its exert. Yes sticks them about it. That's what you really good, also you're like a strong drink girl after my own heart. Do that's why we have to sip it. So what was it a friend by chance that encourage you to do this? Her, who put encouraged you actually I have to be honest. My ex husband encourage me to do that's wonderful yeah. He he at the time was like what do you want to do? I was sort of trying to figure it out and he said to me just say it: we all have a dream. We
Do something doesn't matter whether you do it or not? You gotta put it out in the universe and I said I want to design jewelry now and he's like so design it ice. I had gone to school for child family psychology. I had no idea what I was doing, and so I decided to really teach myself and to see if it could work. And let me tell you I'll, tell you right out. It worked! Thank you. Beijing, you have you, you you're, very creative. Obviously you and you have an eye for detail and an eye for design. Your joy is is truly beautiful. Thank you and I love it. How you create an entire collection and then you move on to another stone or another law,
I love doing it and it's become like my third child and I love working and I love designing and I love the whole process and I love seeing the ideas in the designs come to life and that's a wonderful when you say you're excess. Everyone. I'm sure already knows that you were married to Tubby Maguire. I was, and I love that he was so support it s. So, Gunnar topic of today and by the way still is very supportive happens to me. My best friend I love tat. I looked out. I was going to ask you when you were married. Did he support girls night? Oh yeah, it's not wonder, and of course I love that. I think he would it maybe just a happy person. You know, because my husband has always supported girls. Night, girls, trim and in on the sing same vein he's the one that encourage me to do this. Podcast great yo,
I love that yeah we'll need cheerleaders in our life. Yes, we do, and I think my girls, by the way are my biggest cheerleaders. Isn't wonderland. Girlfriends are my everything. Can I think it's very important that we all have girlfriends in our life. When I say girlfriends, it's not like you have to have a big grew note it just having one is important hundred percent. I voice thought. Sadly, I lost my sister. They re just over a year ago. Anna I always referred to here is my girlfriend. I mean, I always said you're my person, so even if even if their related there still your girlfriend there still absolutely I'm so sorry to hear that we ve talked about that She sounded just incredible and their relationship with her and I have two sisters. So I don't know you know there. Definitely, my my
my everything yet, oh, I get it. So I just have a female that very important female in your life have its alone or six or a dozen issues, in my opinion, very important to have that kind of relationship in your life in the valet, my girl, when Sarah Foster, who you know he got off her she's ito, I beg my first called the morning- a bilateral holiday. You know psyche just like a constant checkers. It's like yours. It's like your stone. Your corners does, like your purse edge it. Like your person yeah. I always say that been having a female frightened to me. As having that person in your life that you know would rather be laughing, then cry, but but they'll cry with you. Oh yeah Therefore it all you can say everything and anything, and they won't you just don't you can't you dont, have to be afraid to say you're or do anything with them.
They always have your back, not the Andrea down, not that your husband's or yours, significant, other or or your brother, whatever man in your life wound, but there is a difference. I think that is that everyone, I'm lucky I have some incredible men in my life so has, I have to tell. I was very close to my father twin brother, and I raised boys, Indonesia to grown men. There now grown man, and so I have a soft spot in my heart for man, you're bad built voices when you say but forget what Just say that I really feel, however, have in Earl, friends and haven't girls night, I believe is, is very very important. So let me ask you this then you have a girl's night. Yes, what's your favorite You're staying in an are going out. I mean I think that just depend on a mood. You know I really do. I think I've had amazing night then, and I've had amazing night thou. You know there's nothing like going out to really fun dinner and going out after an
drinking dancing just so you liked it or the letting lose you like to dance. I do after in particular the you early. Don't want to see me tequila without tequila, or I really don't see myself dance about two killer, but I d love to dance. How love. What about singing you? I I love to sing, I'm pretty tone deaf. I have an absolutely awful voice. Do you and your friends ever did karaoke having we ve done karaoke, but we're not big Carry Oki nurse. In fact, we should do it like right now, Are you really springing Korea, as I hope for anyone listening? I swear on my life, the two kilos. It was a surprise another curio gives us have, because if you can have a girlfriend surprise you then who can you oh god, I'm not in trouble, and I only for you ve got it so by them. I want you to go o king of the ocean
sending me waves, but have to speak into motion. We need that louder occur with single got, get out let me give any yeah where we that bad worry that bad looked out of go over there everyone's over their laughing. I thought we were actually Maison out just getting gotta go over there everyone's over their laughing. I thought we were actually amazing. I'm just getting started, just getting snap. You gotta go karaoke. Yes, we do yes reality, but that was so fine and I think that we really because others like right on top of the lake and then are you moved back. I was on top of that. You don't have to add at me the fifth day I, if you can. I think I think when we hear that
I'd like a NATO ready in there all laughing over, they are buying their impressed. The thumbs up, ok, coarsely I'll get a salary paid, my baby Oh. How? But thank you for doing that. You are welcome tell me some of the things that you insist on doing when you get together with the girls. What do you think is really important to do? I have to just say in general, I am a firm believer that you need a surround herself with people, that you really trust and that you really love and that you really care about. So I think when you get girls together, I think that there it's important. Of course you want a good environment. You wanted to feel great. You want food, you one, you know drinks, you won one everything to make. People feel good, but you also want to create an environment where you can be yourself. Yes, and you can say anything and do anything and it doesnt matter who's in the room, and you just feel a hundred per cent yourself,
Yes, so I think that creating environments where people just feel amazing is all that matters. Angry did not tell me, is there an unwritten rule or is there a conversation? You haven't your friends. If someone wants to bring someone new, a stranger, to your audience when you get when you all get together? Is that, like an open policy, anyone can bring someone new. So I was sort of always taught in my family. There is always an extra seat the table? Love that I now hear like. If someone if somebody wants to come somewhere, somebody needs a place to be, or somebody once have dinner with you or lunch, like course, bring that you don't exclude people good with. That said, I think, listen! Certain people are just understandably more private than others, and I think that you have to be able to read a room and no, your friends and I think it
then me, even if I was bringing some of my best friends house, I would still call right and say: hey I've got my girlfriend she's in town or so, and so are you ve met her before. Could I bring her? Could I invite her? I just think that that sort of just you know The right thing to do. I agree at that's what I was just going to say. I think it's just its head an hour. He had good man should have managed to say I know it's. You we just us, but I have a few. Visiting or a have family, and can she come along and of course, again, good Irish will speak then and say of course, because I agree with you we're talkin having fun. So you don't want that person it says. No, absolutely no! You can't break someone new it's just. I was but again, if yours such good friends You can be honest and say you others, and really personal. I wanted to talk about tonight. If it's ok with you, so of course there are
invitations to who gets to come at times, because you want to talk about something personal or or youth. Now that you have done my man. You want to discuss it with just your closest Ria. That friend is going to understand others share and all adults exactly. I think one important aspect of the girls night too, is when you have a friend, that's really struggling with something like I just touched on: I think it's so nice win. If your struggling, if you ab something in your life, that's just really upset. You are you're hurting. Your heart is just really hurting debris. We'll call your friends and say I want to get together, but can we just get? together tonight in it. Be so much about having fun, but it's more about helping so and so, and the group this initiative that there's countless nights where there has been a seven o clock, I'm coming, I'm coming your house and sweats is a sweatshirt
and sitting on your couch for the next three hours. Anyhow, yes in Albania, clinics is because this is something I can't on my own anymore. I need my girlfriends and I need to unload and talk This, in my get your advice, of course, how untie think that just another really good reason to have a girl's? Now, it's not always about having fun it's not always about laws can say eating the Durban that is always required. I believe always important our. I grew up. You didn't lose all your food round, but yeah I mean, I think, listen of course, a great fun night. We all want a great fun knight who doesn't want to grace a night and in any capacity you know whether it with your you know: your boyfriend on a day you with your girl friend like what ever you just everybody wants a great fun night, but I think, like the the foundation of a girlfriend, is really just to have an conditional that person understands you your
art and will be there for you? No matter what on a night that's fun or a night? It's nothing! I agree. Gray. I love hearing that when we were preparing This podcast today, the girls Staff here and I can say girls, we got a new higher here in the offices, just wonderful man. We got a man on the same night to lose his soul, talented, so he was apart. I say the girls. He was a part of this conversations. Well, and they were all saying. Oh, you must ask how Jennifer anyway, feels about one of their shown up with. There are significant other, thereby friend or their husband now it. Oh asked that because it's no longer a girl's night, so I don't think that ever happens has that ever happened with your friends. Listen! I'm lucky like my friends of great People are like insignificant other than their lives you now, so there is not.
Only one I can think of that, unlike our water bomber, that he having heard coming Homeric unthinkable Why does my law? I get a lot like I honestly? Don't they give you? My overruns would want me shown up with Philip only. I only say that I doubt I'd be sitting him down. We like and advice you ready to work exactly right now. Nobody. I say that because I think the other girls, my think, she's gettin My advice that I really need, but then this turns into at their recession. So that's it rigid eyes, I mean who doesn't one he's a fee from your husband? Let's be honest, I think every girls night could use them to like. I would invite Eddie Girlfriend over by her Of that I would say Cindy out and ask you really think you want, because he's that Sweetwater can I really had gas. I'll, be there in a written question, serve the Marguerite as I've got some guys, and although I have a feeling you have big, I can tell you use He wasn't very rarely given even better
I have a feeling rallies secrets ass? I said that forty seven years that nobody would say exactly well great I've got some question, when they get turned off, I don't know. I think that again, that just goes back to your question of do as somebody any day hey can I bring so, and so I think that if you are designating something as a girl's night right and let me tell you something- we ve had some great men and are invited to girls night Jimmy be crew men, my great friend yeah. So you know they just there like their one of the girls and that's a huge compliment. True, so I think that if you're saying a I've got girls night at my house tonight, here's hook, who's coming and, somebody says hey. Do you mind if I bring my husband again what you're saying I don't ever like saying? No, I'm more the merrier, I one we will say it, but then I feel like you would want to open it up to you to call him.
Couples night. There are or are not everybody. The couple so you're just saying you know what a couple people are bringing their husbands. If you want to know pressure, you don't have to it's just whatever, so I think every night you gotta again read the room and but I think it's all about just creating an environment where people are happy and excited and want to be together underfoot. It's different if it's a big group or its different of three of we're getting together. I know I agree, and I was really think too because when, when you become mine and Philips Age Group, what's nice it's not about really age getting? I dont want to say getting older, but when you become a part of our age group, our best friends are couples. So it's like almost kind of odd to just invite the the wife of our some of our very best friends, but I do think that
the husband start shown up. It becomes a couples night, it's no longer girls night. So that is still a great idea, but I have to say: I'm really love just the girl. I really love just the girls, its it to me. It's a different act, atmosphere, it's it's just to me. It's come. Play different atmosphere when it's just the girls, I will tend to say things that I would not say in front of my house, but obviously I am not liked best things there not things about him, but suppose men just don't get it, so I once had This might be going off now? Go all other thing. I once had a therapist say to me as you, you put a group of women in a room, and you put a group of men in a room and you give them each a problem to solve like an issue right. Not that complicated, easy something solve and you tell them both rooms. You have one hour to solve it. Men will do
Thus, it will come up with a solution. They'll be out of the room. Women will take that full hour does to break it down. Filled it back up, discuss it, go through come up with another scenario, every possible scenario and then will come out of the room and our be like. Ok, we got the answer nearly together, like without the answer for fifty five minute. You know us, I think that ours is always better, though don't you think I mean listen. You know funding honest. I think so you, in my opinion, I dont think any decision can be made without a woman involved. You know it. I think that I could I could agree with that, and I think that listen, men and women together, though you know, when you find that balance and you can figure it out together and the yen and the Yang thank. You may be right, but I really believe that I'm talking from as small as you know, should we should we
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Europe now where's. My guess. I got that you have my value because we have two different bell. Ok, they sounded so listeners can now that's my birthday as desirable and sole topic. The door was okay. So why you're gonna do is ring the bell. If you ve John, what I'm gonna write off. If you ve done it, you ring the bell, Ok, mom! Never have I ever had a hare. Wonder, oh you! Until your hair blunder here blunder, I mean every day of my life, I don't who hasn't really. Ok, minds are really long story, but truly, who hasn't yet all the time I'll quickly tell mom, because it's really bad, because I loved change- and I just got restless they all sounds were closed and I just not going change my hair site. We lived in
less cross the street, the four seasons I run over to the salon. I said much has changed my hair it because what you are I have always get really highlights industry go alone darker. He die permanent herder he died. My her back, it was so black. I was like oh wow, you gonna little dark and I've got home and of a girlfriend I use prevail, shampoo or prowled dish. Dish. Soap, oh and I got in the shower- I washed it like eighteen, twenty times a I've and my skin was just so drives pure and often not it age and the hair color, because its permanent die. It was now. I look like the be all, and I just couldn't leave it sighed out. Well I'll just have to wait till tomorrow when my girl comes in and she could. Maybe you can help me and I'm in kitchen. We lived on the golf course in Dallas and I look out it was Monday. Our friend is the very problem he plays with celebrities, an athlete. I look out. I see that he's.
And he looked really cancer, which is democratic and on a black shirt, and then I see our friend pro pointing to our home in their walk off. Of course, there come around that came to the front door. I'm like hang on a black shirt, and then I see our friend the pro pointing to a home in their walk enough of course, there come around there that came to the front door and, unlike so starstruck. I forgot about my here and I opened the door in their wealth hysteria me up stared at him. And Paul differences here, look at your I'm not telling well built it and he's built in homer. I said come. I am oh wait, a minute, my hair as it. This is the way I wear my here. This is a mistake. This is a mistake that really went batted he justice in a moment it had a major here change as well as it looks really great. Jordan was about eight years old. He came to the cow, walk up ass it toward it,
guess who is surely better than you think it looked about really the bad part about it. As a month later we were in Chicago, approves havin some event and Michael Button comes up and I would add you here: look he did my here. Let go. Ok guided vexed. He didn't recognize me. Oh god, and I kept saying you river, you were not at once So I need it was our really bad bad man hereby. Ok, so never have I ever skinny. Get rid of them. Sorry doing our work has just done. That is less folk. I never have. I ever been trapped in an elevator I've never been trapped on its original, but thank God. Okay, so oh never have I ever fallen in love at first sight, both at first sight, I believe in their employment. It totally totally. I wouldn't
add I've done it, but what white man here about a snoop through my partners, phone, I didn't gently- did up I'm not now. You know why I shouldn't worry about now. If forty seven years, if he's gonna, be upset about Diane's seriously, he knows it. Ok show there's a lot here, but let me get this would never have. I ever had a paranormal. Variants I mean I don't know even know really how to answer that question. Not really, but I mean I think, there's moments where I feel certain energy, air using nines in your, like, oh my god, yachts aside, just all of a sudden, you yeah, you ask for a sign and you get it there, but I've never had anything scary. Nor have I
I do believe in asylum above yeah. I dont want to run a scan up, leaving prayer or not believing he answered prayer. I dont want to ghost want anyone coming to me please now, but that leads me to the next topic for girls night. Another experience, because I love to do this- I love to bring in psychics mediums, I dont. Let me I buy them. I don't I never even record or take nodes when I bring someone else, but I just love for love to do it as a group for entertainment- and I hear my bury favorite. He. I really consider him morbid best friend, so yes, there are girls nights. I have where a man comes in here and I having here see, I heard a lot about so hold their second ok. I love this all in all. I am sure they, but what, if I have a couple questions for him after the fact oh prior stature Swede.
But though eggs jobs, lard he's a liar, he so good at what he does. Oh my god, we are merely men as entertainment and pan, but its bodies El deal he's a real bail, oh my god. Okay well we're. So this is like to know him on and off camera. Yes, we're so Jennifer. Let me introduce you to feel Philips he's a psychic and medium, and also an author and I have just read his last book. It in fact, already of quite a few times bill says that for as long as you can remember, he has scenes earth and actually from the very beginning, didn't I know what to make of it
He loves doing ratings and especially when he can bring through loved ones who have passed close to him. He gives him a sense of peace and and knows that it brings peace to those who have lost their loved ones. So bills agreed to come here today and sit with us in Dore reading, for you fear open open to that. This, Please consider me with a channel Vietnam. The word psychic in medium is use a lot in mainstream today, but I consider myself which a channel for information flow through When I make that connection, I'm never sure if it's going to be the past or the present or the future that I'm that I'm turning into that's the only caveat to this, so you might have, my friends things now that will have more significant slake in a few weeks. From now on a few months from now, I can't have. First of all, may I tell you first that even coming out of the past,
The sheer for showing me April are so that you have come into a new phase of your life, in which your attracting people too, You that are giving back to what you have always given to them safer, guided to tell you first that that her touring, loving energy that you I feel like. It wasn't always recognised, but its being more recognise now- and I feel, like spirit wants me to tell you, keep doing this right now, a case a lot of expansion happening around you as well, and I also for sale sign and whenever I see a foresail sign it usually indicate something to do with moving buying or selling in the not too distant future a case. I do feel few people outswell around you and Spare Canada of up their helping you right now, there's supporting you on your journey very strong, maternal grandmother, energy and I also feel a father figure is and the kind of coming in saying that she's been through
the gamma answer keep on going right now. Ok, so would you those very significant. Transformational for you attempt shifting for you and they want me to say that started really significantly in the spring- the keep showing me April for some reason, so that falls very significant, a camp on the expansion level. They are calling you a visionary as well, so I know that right now, you're in this process of expansion, and growth and I keep seeing two different spaces or two friend, realistic something along those lines. So do you have to spaces right now like us, unlike an office, space are two different spaces and are you were talking recently about signing a leaf or something or extending to another location yeah
happening very soon. Actually, Spokeo Stimuli gets before the end of the year, but more so like October issue area, I feel very drawn to say, feel like a lot of movement happening right now in The keep single wedding around you to the coupon. You bring up a wedding for you, sir. I don't know that in attending a wedding being in the wedding, but there's something very significant thing spoken about a wedding I pick up on that strongly as well very strict, clear energy, very loving energy, and they want to encourage you to write down your thoughts on the paper you're about to be doing something more with writing right now. K has happened recently. Not yet are you thinking about a possibly thought in your Not yet coming soon is supposed to be you basically, having a voice and sharing it with the world, and so there encouraging you to do that and to basically I know that you are in
you are in your power now now past is in the past to keep that flow going into a kind of its ETA. It's a healing of letting go the past really. So I feel like they're, really want one in the press that with you right now, the layman they keep bringing up April So what what happened in? What happened? My birthday- I remember my birthright, my blog, but maybe there's something I saw a whole new year for you then, starting in April. We which makes sense to me and then so my resolution or some type of birthday though you soon awake sort of cutting off the fat or a sort of letting a people that were no longer serving you made some really good wishes of that's what I about parcels really go to me, and I know that their their pushing like healing the heart centre healing that part of you and it started. Its heart of your birthday of the sheer. Actually, I'm sure
I'm sure it's been a work in progress for some time at the wanted to recognize this for you and talked about the fact that this is your here so yeah I heard this earlier cheer, certainly so many keep expressing to you. This is your year. This area am, I also keep seeing a lot of painting construction like that. Going on as well and a window put an something along. Those lines. Are you re doing a space right now are about to be doing mass, not yet they may be. That has to do with a newly say something bizarre learning about how things are tanks, some definite pick up on that there's a two reference. So do you have children? Yes and their show me and the putting it like a dash and a three there. So some have connection with like a third child or being responsible for a third child as well bring that up. So do have two kids for him to you right now,
I want to say that I do feel ache with in the course of things. There will be another child and they're talking. Some of recycling of of spare. Energy bringing through someone else that was sort of timing. Wasn't right on the other side, so Philip, there is a lot of potential for that as well around you tat. I feel it gets love for some reason, so does not make any sense here I mean I let all this as they got nothing crazy. So it's too I'm going to be. I feel a bright year as especially going towards to some. Urging anymore. I see a lot of very meaningful moments coming into a world away. The growing took her. He said there is less well is in her wedding. Well, I'm not about that, but I just saw wedding around you, so I so when I see these things you
oppression. That other me I'm getting married, but my view whether those are you helping at all with any of us. Are you gonna, be like coping with anyone? maybe one another or I said mountains are Andrew as well as some have of trip right. The? U immersed in nature in the mountains, you see in the water ass well ass. I see, I see travelling alot terms a lot of it's almost like they're they're, talking about being unleashed unchained and feeling feeling like a fool one and that supposed to be important for you to hear today came up here, you mean she's going on my travel, but I love your question there, maybe, but that sort of Botswana. What I'm picking Open right now, so great so. I think I'm gonna put an end to this podcast today, because I think that Jennifer has
Some private companies in the back with a still you re now bill, I think Jennifer could use a little private top like it I'll get those core did they answered. I know you want to be there whose waiting is. I know you want to be. There ought to be their area, be there. It was very I'm just gonna tell the listeners. Now is very hard for me to be quiet all that time, but I was so rise by it, though. At the same time, I got a lot of questions I'll, take it a great year. I mean you know who doesn't want here that singly and I feel like your birthday party- must have been a here which celebration very happy time, though the reply have to be honest. We had a really good. We always so find the cops came. All care of that's illegal goodnight frames were due to Sarajevo, exact and when one little thing I have to tell you before we in this today, Philip
I and our very best friends I mentioned earlier. The Dawsons vellum paradox in. We had taken a trap together and we in Paris, and we are at hotel out today and we were sitting in the hall which is their gallery hallway and it was part of their restaurant and we are sitting there and swish switched to children. Beautiful, and I looked at the moment. While there shall beautiful queued, they left have the biggest smiles on their faces it, but I knew I recognized them, but they went by pretty fast and then just a matter of a few seconds you went by and but I had just looked up and I thought There was no each other's out. Well, we really bad together. Much about I thought was a channel for my dad. I did, but I just kind of look that you- and the only way I knew it was you big, was because Europe
Earth had your initials on, and I believe that there is a great pursuit, travel and beautiful. Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine, whereby we never got to see each other again. We had the bad men to be summer. My kids and I took them. I just I decided to take them to you, for a month. Basically, in one go well to Paris, they had never been. I mean, I know that some sort of over the top and super fancy, but once I, while I sing all ok, we're a little document and we did Paris, they love didn't. I do remember one story with my kids in in Paris, I took them to leave em if you have to see the Mona LISA and there were five hundred people- try to get to the Mona LISA. I mean literally it's like who yes and I'm like. I don't care We are getting to the Mona LISA that air you're gonna happier age to remember it and people. Aren't they don't care if you're with kids are pushing this. EL horrible, theatres, screaming everyone is just ear in like a stampede.
I guess you like mom. Let us show a picture what's going to hand in it, so we get to the Mona LISA. I take the picture. We take all the pictures, they're like so over it. My son has one of those moments. He falls on the ground of the Lou hysterically, like I'm, a moving, although guy anywhere dissolve have killed me, I'm gonna we're going, but we had the best time ran around. I looked ass. He called out their energy, they were so leave us files on their faces and we talked earlier about signs. I felt like that was a sign that we were supplied a maid and be frank: yes, well, thank you. So much for being here argue gradually send. This is gonna. Be amazing. Thank you for having is your first gad. You are so welcome
they start to feel I don't mean to interrupt here? Well, I guess I do since I am, but I want you. Here clip of Robins next broadcast the secret its episode to the secret of love. Your v word and that's vulnerability. Now she's got to guess, your career Odin me she's, an artist model and creator of this really fun game where not really strangers. Gone viral and you're gonna hear Robin answering some questions about it. Also. Jackie Robinson? Is there she's a stand up, comedian rider, an actress and she's just more fun and the law should allow. I can guarantee you so, will let you hear this little clip and then, when you finish, you can continue thing to robins. First episode and in subscribe to I've got a secret was Robin Mcgraw, which you condemn Odin Apple, podcast teacher or your favorite podcast. At so finish, this
the strangers were described me as blink. Only I am like strangers would describe. As all put together, but I I'm really a mess. No, I am as IBM like. I make a man you do, I make the bigger mass. Oh, I leave behind the biggest mass and not all but together, because at home, I'm like now I'll stay month, jobs for the week in March this year, so yeah I'm not offered. I love that. Do you think that kind of messy organizer like how is that contributed to you finding your success and like becoming a successful business woman? Does I'm really- oh, I'm so organised, and I'm such a detailed person that I other side by messy right, inside at home when everything allows me to be like lace,
focusing when I need to be found- and I don't put any pressure on Myself- robin is discussing the important vulnerability in this episode and she also opens up and is really vulnerable about part of her life that you might not know about her and you gonna really have fun with this. I certainly do, but travel over and subscribe to? I've got a secret. Ok, I'm gonna quit interrupting. Let you get back to this first episode of Robin snooping guest.
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