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Point, Set, Match! President Of Tennis Channel Ken Solomon

2020-01-14 | 🔗

On this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast, Dr. Phil sits down with his good friend Ken Solomon, President of the Tennis Channel. They talk careers, television then vs. now, politics – and tennis! See omnystudio.com/policies/listener for privacy information.

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when you are at Wimbledon. You don't give one point away or memory. Ask anybody. Is gaming gonna take a bigger role in the future, a tennis I'm sitting down with my long time, friend, King Solomon Kane, is the head of tennis channel knows, I didn't say, lieutenant channel- because that's not right, it's tennis, chant right thanks, dad always get that right. Do get that right, I'll know about their number one family up, certainly on the short list. We appreciate the support, always try and support to this channel because they do a great job brought tennis into more homes in a more dynamic, an interactive way of any sport it has come on the air, the way you guys have in a period of time, you ve moved this along. How long have you been ahead of the tennis channel? Well, it feels weird to say: it's been fifteen
here's it. It was just a little thing that we were gonna, give a try to rise here. We are and where just keep and going so many homes where you and when you started, I think yours and about five other friends. Was real small. It was in lesson of just a few million homes really yeah and how many are you? And now we have sixty five million tee. Households right there who get it with their cable or satellite, the normal. You know what you think of his tv and then we ve got. You know many more with over the top. And all the other ways that we come to the audience. So what do you figure? The total reach is for tv channel with over the top, all cord cutters premium, app everything. What are you your max reaches this board, probably heading about seventy two. Seventy five percent of the audience you know have the potential to reach that much of the United States audience you know and just put the sport in front of them right here I mean that
Much of their lives are also growth on growth, on growth, right yeah below its exciting is we're doing it, while the business is obviously changing a lot. So a lot of other people are shrinking and it's a testament to the sport, but we'll talk about to this general again in a minute, but I want to talk about you for a while, because listen clearly full disclosure Here again, as one of my best friends will long time friend, we spend a lot of time together, a woman Together we spent a long time communicating that's right here at around the world. I call in one time and said I'm gonna be. I've never been to Wimbledon I know you're wired up over there. Can you put me up with a broker. A some of em are not real legitimate. Can you help me with a broker over there, where I can get some tickets to women then he said now. I don't think I could do that, but I do think I can put you front row Sinner court right at the net. If it's all right with you and you set up absolutely the best experience
you could ever have at Wimbledon? I think I showed up went to the Wimbledon Club, chant where we had large the pressure they all England, tennis club, it was there tat right, that's right! At winner there had lunch Robin and I and bill and Pattern Dawson had lunch in there that went sat on the centre court. I mean there was me Robin the photographers. And grass. Yes, that was it. You could see the first on the ball. Ev saw great matches headed basing time so that's a good friend. Well, you know it. Fun to do it and to be able to do something that makes you excited is fun and that's kind of in a way what we tried to do for everybody in some way there was a little bit more special well that was Bucket Leah, solitary for sure I'll, never forget it. So I thank you for that. But now talk about tennis, someone a bit, but I've known you for a long time and I'm not
having you on, because you are a good friend having you on, because you are one of the most unique personalities in television in vision, sales and television. Broadcasting of anybody. I've met- and I've been in this now for almost twenty five years with a time span on Oprah now the eighteen seasons that are here, you actually We started out your career on this lot, we're on a pyramid lot right now. The doktor Phil yes fill in the blanks podcast studio tobacco twenty nine you started out on this lot right did in fact the way that became in which is the side is the right that I used to come in. I used after park on the street cause. I was an intern and I was you Do you know why I did not. I had to earn about the seven million dollars in revenue before the Gimme a parking space seriously, but it literally was right here you could throw the tennis ball over to Lucy Park, and that is my first office ever was so what we do your job? Well, I was
in turn in the research department of the tea syndication business and it was a time when television was exploding. You know they put new tv stations on people, don't remember now, but they weren't cable networks that were in any of those things. So I got a first class front row seat to this. Studio owned. Probably aid of the top ten primetime shows a week in week out, and it really was the place where everything was happening in the movie business. They had done godfather and flashed ants in the STAR Trek franchises, and so I got to sell all those two individual tv stay and you know the godfather office, see was shot right here on stage. Forty nine, where my said is now There's a lot, a history on it's all here and Lucille Ball. This was Lucy Park and you know it. A business has grown up on it. Very very spots or it's good to be back so held. Were you when you came on a lot
I was nineteen when I first actually came here and dressed up in borrowed hand me down, Brooks Brother Suit and my cousins gucci loafers I bought every trade and newspaper put it under my So I look like I knew it. I had no idea what its dazzling you know. I think you take it for granted when you're in the business You walk under those arches and special well used to store becoming there so much here. They confirm tell me about these gucci loafers, because it is seriously This is a legend on Paramount that this nineteen year old entering has rocketed, he's decked out, like he's an executive here I mean people still talk about that today, I didn't know really what was expected and so I have a cousin, Alfie D, Ancona
his his Brooks brother suit and and ties and ensured, and then he had these gucci loafers. He happened to be the same size as I was in size, ten and dumb. He loan me the shoes and I got the job Have you own underwear, any idea? What is about that's about all and I was real nervous, I'm not sure what I said, but I do remember my dad saying look just tell him that you ve tasted carrier and you'll like it and you're gonna work real heart. You know I really wanted it and I'm not sure what they thought of me, but they said we gotta gives, can try and at one point taking rating stall, the executives which, at the time where the berry Diller Michael Eisner, Jeffrey Katzenberg? It was the golden age highly those guys all went to run. All the big gives studios and change the business, and I got called out by the head a research at one point: it at yelled out Solomon right in the bullpen up there in just a couple steps from here I thought: he's in trouble. I was getting fired. I don't know what I did wrong and he said you are the best
in turn we were there doesn't just you. You know, and I didn't get it. I thought it was a real job. It was less than real job, but it turned out. Ok. So who gave me your first job job? Well a vision I have to credit a mutual friend of ours Gregg. My Dell right, who became the sales manager here and said? Look, you should go in there and do that interview and from that it led to becoming an account examined this indication force and Paramount really defined the business. As you well know, of house Tv Syn station worked and I was really what built the lot studio. So those guy it was a gentleman they MEL, Harrison, Rich, Frank and Randy. Recently in a faint famous folks in the tv business, Germany Bob Jacobin was a general sales manager here, and they took a chance. We it's funny how this work because you say mutual
Ben Gregg model, he gave you your first job job and television, yes, you're right. The three of us are really good friends, you Greg been friends now for about twenty years and when I was leaving. Oprah knew she had said here. What do you mean showed is tell me in that area. Then, one day she call me. I wasn't Fourth here, as walking past her office up in Chicago at Harpo Studios- and she said a dummy come in here. A minute me are you talking to me? Surely I should its time it's time neither do your own show that when bird else transcripts. You would order. A draft reserves show your shit. Eighty percent of our orders for transcripts or for your shows, huge amount of our male Israel too. I'm too to do your own us an ok. Let's do it here. We started to do it at Harpo, that was gonna become a to show studio. Isn't it is heard up there? We got looking at thought,
gonna strain this one studio too much. We need a production partner, so we reached out and started talking to. Your Warner brothers in different people in Paramount who Gregg was whether the time came in and that's when I met Gregg and within ten minutes he had I bonded does you know I've always Greg should either be the head of a huge sales. Organization or the door man at the Paul. I wanted that in because he's never be an outrage. Your makes everybody feel comfortable. It makes you feel, like you know, aim within five minutes He was instrumental in getting the doctrine show out here the paramount we been at this same studio for all this time and he's been of huge factor element in the success. The doktor feel show, in fact that's how I met you. Yet that's right through Gregg up, though he gave you your first,
he was instrumental in getting the doktor feel show, out here and now the three of us together several times a week, Freedom actually who sit over here, recording all this epoch, one of our other tennis buddies and when you started with You were selling television, our want people, don't really understand it how that work then how it still works now in terms of send occasion. I think people her on the television and they look at issue. Well shows it shows a show tat, but there's a dick. Between a network show in this indication Show- and you came out through- send acacia correct talk about what that me and then went to network rise, the opposite. Well, you know, I think that they
not necessarily have to know, but it's fascinating, because when you turn on your television station, you know whatever channel it happens to be in your local market. You just assume it's gonna be there and you don't realize that there is both the network. There were the ABC Nbc, CBS, isn't fox the big broadcasts network and by the way, when Gregg and I started there was no fox network and we help, but that together as well after leaving here and but you also have the locals, nations with their local news is, and obviously the time periods around the news and sanitation used to be thought of only as reruns right, whether it was the old chose going all the way back to the integrated in the eye level, Lucy's right up to you, no friends and Seinfeld and all the shows that have been the staples, but the idea of, first runs indication of making a new show every day was born at Paramount right here and One was entertainment tonight because they said, let's do a news show about the entertainment business
but they had to have satellites to get it to the tv stations instead of the tapes, and so sinned was literally a team of people going out. Every single one of the two hundred markets in the United States that its divided up into and selling that show individually to a particular station in that market, so you'd role in the Dallas Euro into spoken role into New York City or whatever and call on the day. For an affiliates theory ABC Nbc Cbs Independent Trillions data were Monterrey and say: ok, I got this television show an hour I send it to you for it. So what kind of time slot would you have four the kind of money. Would you pay me for it each week and you take, usually the highest bidder, but not always been on the street the station gonna advertising dollars. They get that sort of thing and a lot of people is fine edition I've had so many people ask me about that, because I'll be on
like in DC, I'm on Fox. Other city I'll, be on ABC and in like a lot of the top twenty Marcus, I'm on C B. Ask that's my launch group chair so you're on different since they go. How is that you, your last CBS stages within your own NBC, then you're on we see that your own boxes, because its whoever buys it in a given market ass right and if you really think about it, it's just your network right all a network really means and the television businesses one station per market. The largest market in the United States is New York allay Chicago all the way on down the Zanesville Ohio number two hundred and ten or whatever it is, and that hasn't changed. Since I got here what has is all these other ways of getting tv as well but sinned occasion is still far and away the biggest audiences in the audience. Is that you get with the Doktor Phil Show, with the doctors all of the other twelve. Teen shows that you have on the air dwarf.
All of the new media that is very important and that we pay a lot of attention to and happy to talk about. But I think no one should forget that this is the staple that more people are watching on a daily basis. The doktor fell. Show in sinned occasion on individual stations, you know than all of the sort of internet stuff all added up combined. We don't we you're so much and because you ve come up through you, ve watched it change, because when you started there really were like three the word from you. That was it. There were only three, in fact the idea facts. When we went over the fox it was still it was just starting. It was kind of a punch line to a joke. They had. You know this crude animated show called the Simpsons and it was even before that and a show called cops which everyone said gosh. How do you know what I can't do that does the ideally show the idea of a fourth network was John Langley, whose also our friend railway, very close friend?
tar do now fill this was not that long ago that the idea that they literally said there will never be a fourth broadcast network and I ended up becoming had a distribution for fox the network, not Fox NEWS, which is what people think of foxes. Now and we will not let rocks, which does the movie exactly the studio and first bury dealer, and then Rupert Murdoch, Rwanda, company and ultimately mister dill or laugh, and Mr Murdoch made the Fox network not only competitive, but also may we beat when we took the NFL from CBS. We took a bunch of the CBS television stations affiliations. You talk about these local markets and indication, but those affiliation agreements are not forever right there, sir, every done in Evian. I'm sure some of your listeners of had case were way and it didn't, I used to be ABC and now it's NBC, because it can change He said you know we're gonna come in with a new idea. Come join Fox and weak.
In the light of the major markets. We got the CBS stations or one of the other affiliates to switch, and lo and behold boom it's hard to imagine a time when there weren't for broadcasts networks. But that was a fanciful dream and I think from launching syndicates action here at paramount and and changing the paradigm with entertainment tonight, which was again. The first first run Syndic Shower STAR Trek its generation, which was a crazy idea right up through all that's been done. It does change quickly and if you have something exciting and a great product or some or something that people love like you and the things that you do there's, always new ways to get to them. You know, and it's fun, because you're Pardon this talk about it because there's all this talk about cord cutting your people that are saying, I'm not gonna, have a say, television packages that have had before and it's like. There are so many homes in America now that don't
have landline. That's right turn up think about how many people do you know, don't have a regular tell if we don't use a home phone number. I think we have an emergency, but nobody called you don't want to pick that phone up. Our eyes, exactly people live, really moved from Heaven. Landlines is just always cell phone, and now that you can I call so you don't have to have necessarily good cellphone bright service which, as you know, up on a hill with me, you should be like a third world country up there for self. Until you start roll over actually like that, allow let's go to private to hide, but while this court We can all other is great, but people forget that all of these platforms at her out there have to have content, that's right and they get content from broad that's right. If I don't make doktor feel shows, then you to death everything to put on Youtube. If friends don't make friends yet been, they don't
we think the re run of the put up there and you have got a doctor feel channel on you too, and last year? We had over two billion with a b views on Youtube and which is great. I may I love it because it gets my message out there to a lot of people yeah. But if I wasn't the broadcast side. I'm gonna, like Mark TWAIN with regard to broadcast, tell vision? The rowers of my death or Gregg radially I graduated abacha has arrived, as has to be there now they're starting to have their own county. Yes, you ve got people like Apple and Amazon and others that are beginning to start generation, our own continent, but is still thereby allow, because These internet platforms are twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They are content, eating Monti adders, absolutely true, so you just gotta keep feeding the Monti. I I think that your exactly right and You know we live in an interesting world if you think, if I could do this, two seconds is fascinating. If you think about how technology
changes? The way the people get their content all the way back to the beginning and the kind of used or tell stories around the camp fire. And then Gutenberg came along with the movable type what did he make for his first book? He may the best selling last handwritten book, which was the Bible right and and they always take the old content and then try grafted onto the new rights then along came you know, Morrison and ultimately, the beginning of radio and when they were able to to actually do a radio telecast, they didn't know what to do so. What did they do? They read books into a microphone right. So they took the old and they put it on the new and then later came the idea of news or the play right, the soap opera then along comes television and What are they do? They ve got this thing where they got moving, pictures and sound. What do they do? They take all the radio stars and they put him on tv and then when cable,
comes along, which was supposed to be a way to better reception. What are they do they take this television shows, put it on cable, but then they create the new right. Then they say: hey wait. What else can we do with this? That's different? But, interestingly, all those old mediums we just talked about for a movable type right up through radio, television and and and now all the other things we can talk about, haven't extinct will did not go away when tv came out, and nor did they go away when the Betamax and do you know the VHF came out right, and so it's more people want more and it's. How do you use the new platform which is you're saying it's not a replacement in my mind, it could be, but it really isn't for broad cast, which is the broadest, which does something for That's right! It's a big grounding mechanism. You
and being invited into people's homes on television just like it always has been. That's not going away. What's going ways all the cool other things you can do personalized. The numbers are staggering, were a number crazy society right when, yes, somebody of movies good they're, going to tell you how many millions of dollars it did, this weaken, not if they like it or not, and yet with all of the talk about all this streaming in over the top and the billions. Billions of dollars at their spending on it. You are hard, is to find a number of how many people lessened or watch something because they're still fractional compared to broadcast on television in IRAN. About it being the underlying content, because you think about music at first when I was in high school, we were listening to our Yet we put him on the stereo and listen to him. Then we had four track
Then we had a try, then we had Cosette. Then we had desk. But what was constant? Is you always had to have the music? You bet you could change the media but you had to have the music. It doesn't matter how you listen to what you had to have the county absolutely and that really, if you think about it, was only a question of the density of the bits and bites not to get technical and so that that ancient right, I mean at the end of the day you gotta tell stories and the art of what you do really hasn't changed. You know this very well. I was started I guess it was probably twenty. Two years ago I was doing tonight show with J Leno, and he comes back to the dressing room for you go on and says high and for some reason we always spent like forty five minutes. Talking back there in Tracy, fierce live produce would come in Would you guys polio shut up her having the show back here? Let us
the cameras in here or stop talking and go out there. Who is doing what those conversations recent I'll give you a piece of advice. Don't ever for yet the vision part television. He said tell you what I mean. He said we were one. King in my monologue, we were starting to see the numbers flip and we analyzed it and the other people we're doing other things. While they were listening, they were working on something put, the kids too bad dad was in there had a clean and help it mom clean up, put the kids down, do in back whatever it would be an they were distracted, so they what realistic. We started putting site eggs in the monologue where they would like show the president the podium did. They would cut away and show it from behind with some actors I am sure your show the proud that goofing somebody in any way or something and thereby laugh and they go well
what was I was that to go in there and look they. Should we put site eggs and a monologue numbers shot right back up in stage three, because people had to why, so they didn't miss them, what you really don't. They should don't ever forget, division part. This is not radio at together. This is television, and he gave me some good advice that I think it's very heartening right. I think people feel I know. Sometimes I do. I know executives do, but I know real people feel nervous and overwhelmed by a kind of this, crazy media environment? I think it's x, the two things that make me feel very good. Our number one what you started by saying, which, as this is a people, business right that matters, people at our vision comes from. Will you know and and interact human interaction and trust in friendship just like anything and that hasn't changed its tough. It's a business bits show business, but you know it is about
bull and and work in real hard and trying to do something good together and relationships that doesn't gone away and the fact that you have to be entertaining- and you have to tell a story and at the end of the day it it isn't that different than sitting around the camp fire. You know you just have different tools to do it and that's exciting for people cause. You could just make it better but the fundamentally, the art of it is not going away and Italian just make it better for people this, energy and I've seen this across time, because when you thought about talk television, twenty five years ago it was people sitting on couches, talking gap. There was it notional, video packages wishes people sitting on couches and talking and now today I just got back. From doing to interviews on death row in taxes and Livingston actually,
going into death row talking to people that habits, in the sky and twenty five years, and so the This tortuous is sitting on couches out half way across the country talking to well, then, are scheduled to die and we have video packages about their life talking to their families. Talking to the victims, families all of those thanks yeah? Nobody was doing that so many years ago I haven't class. As you know, I was in the trial science business back. When I had a real job- and it was interesting- we were looking at What George needed here to understand a case to be persuaded towards your side in a case and when turner- really started blowing up with twenty for our news
have an airline crash. But turn on cnn- and there would be a simulation on their- that would show that reject, three of the airline. It would react a clear and have either a simulation, or certainly some kind of a model of what happened and began to see juries expecting red things instead of a flip chart, enlisting out what you thought happened is like if you really want me to understand? Why aren't you showing me what happened? Why but you re creating this accident. Why aren't you showing me what happened? We sophisticated the viewing public to the point that they expected a whole different. Level of clarity, a whole different level of vision, presentation to help them understand end. If you fail to present that they thought you were hiding the ball interesting. So we
had to start trying cases completely different after an the tribute it back to see an end when they, darted this twenty four hour news coverage where is a thirty minute new cycle and they kept put new stuff up and up and up and people began to expect that sort of sophistication yeah it's change. It is a great example is so yes yet you're still trying to get to what I find fascinating is that you have always said that you always wanted to know why people do what they do and don't do what they do, do, but they dont and at the end, the day were figure and people out. We have better ways of doing it. What made he or she you think of that you have magnificent tool at our disposal from Sea July, and I mean do you know it's on and on, and I just fabulous what we can do, but, worse still
to get inside the heads of people and figure it out and its endlessly fascinating its engaging, and sometimes you just sit on the couch talkum. Somebody is just as good as the fireworks right. It's amazing, if you will listen, they will tell you what they want, still the best tool or your ears, If you will just listen to people, they will tell you what they're interested in and what's important to them, and it's interesting because every once in a while I'll see these old clips of standard death in tennis or even in full, oh, you can't even read the numbers. How did we watch It's amazing, isn't it in our forces? I think you re a third and fourth season. We went from standard after high death and I thought this is My friend has let Clara looked like an old catchers me on my birthday. All of a sudden loses great clarity, doesn't pixel eyes. I was like
early in submitting the lives. The strata hide. It hasn't heard you less damaging the ratings, but it's amazing how it has changed, and I watched tennis and The angles: do you have it the French Open yeah, it's fastening, that you say that. First of all, the answer is almost unlimited. You know, and we are at a point where we can literally manipulate the view. Due to wherever you want to be, and there is a technology, it's not mass available. Yet, of course, where we can act, he let you decide where you want to be within the court. It is fascinating because our expectation, ocean level to your point, changes I think about watching. Modern animation right, which is so sophisticated toy story for pick your favorite right. I just watch you no secret life of pets to just just to see what they can do and
yet we were so entertained by the peanut specials right and there's a point where the medium is triggering your own imagination and its fastened at the same time, that we see these amazing visuals and tools, I think that podcasting is one of the most incredible mediums you have, because it allows you to create the own. Your own visual pictures into my just as radio always did, and that works to real. What intrigues me about this kind conversation when we're having now on fill in the blanks podcast is it gives me the freedom. To sit down and have a free form conversation with somebody, whereas when I'm on Doktor Phil,
Obviously I love doing I've spent big for my life doing it is. I have a fact pattern in front of me. I have people there, they have a specific set of facts. They have a problem that they have come to deal with and I need to stay focused on need to stay on task, and I need to get these people to a certain point of resolution in order for them to get satisfaction all on a clock. That is perfect so that everything fits forty two minutes at eighty ethic of their content. People take that for granted and that's why you're the master, but here I can talk, I don't have to worry too much about the clock in you can let the conversation go where it wants to go and to me that's very free, Yes, I get to sit down, have a conversation and I don't have to stamp out disease and suffering. I can just have a conversation and talk about stuff and it's like we're talkin about all this cord cutting in the technology and tennis, and, as I said, I looked at this standard. If television,
and I was looking at some old matches with gay obvious and sellers beware was really stand or death. You couldn't the ball now you can't and now with shot spot they get downward they can show this ball in reference to the line within, because the thirty seconds of an age, how many frames a second does it have to be to get that per cent pretty much in whatever you want is the answer. I chased high definition, you know, even when we before we had sort of the the resources to do it when we knew she was coming. I said we ve got to do this because for some it will be pretty pictures for us. It will be trends, rational, and I get- and I think this goes to the point of our discussion. Some of this is just nice and, and it just makes it better it just like a new flavour for summits, transformational and tennis had to be free form because that doesn't because, as you well Know- and I don't know but fear audiences Earl is in it is we are, but in a way it
add a very unusual format in that it's always on twenty four slash: seven, three hundred and sixty five somewhere in the world, usually simultaneously in multiple places, who aren't really talking to each other so covering it was hard and be able to see. The ball was hard and so the NGO. Each level. I knew that we would be able to create by having high definition would be transformational for a couple reasons: one Apparently seeing the rotation of the ball gives you information. You start understanding. What's going on right in advance, They are otherwise, but it's a contest between two people again at the the day to or walk and on the court or four of its doubles, but usually too and one's going home in a body bag metaphorically. Of course right there is, someone is going to lose. Someone is fighting for their life, its single elimination and so the emotions that you go through on a tennis court. Are so analogous to real life to all of us in some way. Ways. I think that's why we loved watching it,
playing it and hd He allowed you to see the x freshens on the faces, the joy, the anguish, the split second decision, making that that just couldn't you couldn't, like you said, can even see the bar whether ball was in her out, and I don't know if people really think about it. This way, because we analyze it and maybe getting too inside baseball here, and people are going to switch off and go listen to something else. But, as you said, I miss you and why people do what they do and don't do what they don't do, which includes why they watch and listen to what they watch and listen to and don't watch and listen to what they don't want. You listened to in my announced since this, maybe all you listening, can make a decision as to whether or not this applies to you. But I think people choose what they watch and listen to based in large part on how high the state
or if you watch, a television show, whether it re Donovan Ball In summary, I ass the godfather the Australian Open, which is coming up whatever. If the stakes are high, and you know that somebody is train for this- it that's why the Olympic s- none of us, swim competitively, but where one all these women correlations whether somebody touches the wall a quarter of a second, because they ve done oh, did their life to it at stake. Our this is America gets a government bell. Everybody is living vicariously through that struggle, yes or victory, and I think that one of the reasons that Doctor Phil there's an audience because people realise this woman has brought her son here who's going,
A die of heroin addiction if something doesn't happen, this families daughter, is anorexic, Sixty eight pales into organs are shutting down. If something doesn't happen, she is going to die, the stakes could not be higher than life or death. When what you do, so well, and I guess I'm not saying just cause. I'm here and I think what what separates is: there's a lot of life and going on in the world, but its being able to reflect that in a way that peat can relate to inherently without working at and you do that because that can sound like an obvious story like hey, look, lotta people or have trouble, but it's not it becomes purse or they become real. If you can punch through that set and reach down the people and say this is a real person. This was like when we were at Fox and we had cops and we were going to send to Kate it and the whole audience. Hadn't scenic, as box was still nascent and it was on network, and we said this is not about.
Guys who were in blue shielded suits. This. Is your brother, your uncle, your father, your mother, your wife, your daughter who is a police or who straps on Ghana shield every day and they can die their real people. They are your life heroes, they're not impervious to this, and you know in tennis it's interesting cause. I have big thing that we try to do where people just assume that the good guys we're gonna win. They say Oh you know it's not how could they lose? You have to win the last point under accuracy. I says: there's no knock out punch, there's no guarantee you have to go out there. Someone is trying to take you out and they might and the margins are so close that our job, it is to simply hold up the mirror and make it fun. Interest an easy to see, what's going on there to reflect the important parts that man, not be obvious, if you did
grow up doing it in your parents. Didn't teach you about the game, but little thing any given Sunday I mean the patriots just go last week in a they were heavy favorite. Unbelievable! That's why you play the game and that's why you don't disfigure out on paper. They win. Let's not risk getting hurt. Let's just go and play the game. Yes, let's not play the game, we play it because anything can happen. The dog can get beat and people they assumptions that they forget that they think it's it's preordained that this too mystics mean that this is who's. Gonna win and it's just not true Better may have twenty grand slams. He can go out and lose in the first round against buddy who has been studying, who has a great day by the way it might be the Euro, cup and you didn't feel great or something happened, or your somebody called file room lit it
there are a million variables and so how we show people that these are real people like you and me, they have a particular talent, but. The challenge, and so you hit the nail on the head. What are the stakes? The stakes are real for them. There's takes real for everybody on your show and the real for everybody walks and that court think people take that for granted right. Getting into a major tournament for some people is, is the result the dream of their family of their families family. You know it takes hundreds of people to get one person out there into a tournament to be able to compete at that level. Someone says the Algarve they're losing their probably just gonna quit cause they don't you don't give up, When you are at Wimbledon, you don't give one point away because you dont know if you're ever gonna be back there, again and somehow we have to be able tell that story, and when you do it's pretty exciting ride They worked so hard and I've had so many of the pros come in here
my house. You know they like that corner, what's not alike, but new tv jars and comes over. M queries been there you ve done. Cocoa. I mean you know, you know, I'm all sure Marty a shell. Cocoa is over by last week in here, she's had at anchor Problem in your she had to go when a welcome, tournaments to add in did not and so she's now in the US, of entering cocoa anyway. She worked so hard to get it done in I mean it's their life. You won't take it for granted that it's just she's gonna, be there in her parents were great athletes and therefore she's just end and boy she's gotta. You know there are oh guarantees. I think people really live vicariously Uno. I do I mean I watch a man in I get into it and learn about who they are, and it makes a difference, what are you know what you said. It was really back fifteen years ago, and you know the best ideas seem probably pretty crazy at the time right, the ones that are them
revolutionary, and in this case the idea I mean the idea of an all news network was well. How is there are enough? The idea of an of a single show that would gonna, be entertainment, news, entertainment tonight much less. We're going to have more than one talk show on the air it seemed crazy at the time the idea of a twenty four hour. Seventy a week, tennis channel to most people, seemed like it Actually, I will be honest even to me at first, I wasn't sure and then sort of the light bulb started going on of all the things were talking about the fact that there is a story happening. There are multiple stories happening or the time around the world about people like this because of timezone changes, and so we have stakes every minute of every second of the year to reflect, and that seem pretty special how we did it that took a long time.
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of the tournaments, and some of the blame around in some of the tournaments will out, perform s p. For example, when they have the additional runs of tournaments. So you have a re, run up and they'll the primary and you'll outperform them not by a couple of people dramatically war are you guys doing that? Are making people wait until you have it before they watch it. They will turn off their phones. They will tell people not to tell em and why till they can watch it on tv channel. What are you doing it's making that happen? Well, thank you for taking that up and look we most of the time we we we do it but alone, and then, but there are a couple things that we share a couple: a tournaments, the biggest ones and and so we will say, do the encore, telecast there's probably two answers to that.
Question, and they work together very well has taken us a long time to get that that point. So I certainly appreciate your pointing it out and it is true. The first answer is the relentless pursuit of the best talent we can get to do it. And that means cameramen, that means producers. That means sleep on air talent, and when you have a gym courier, Martina, never to level and examine Porta Tracy Austin James Blake, I mean I could get Pollyanna County or marketing bill Maggotty John Worth, I'm, whose executors port cells. For you know we we we look to do what you do, which is just go for the best people write and because we do at twenty four, seventy three thousand six hundred and five. Even when we were small, we were able to attract way above what we would normally be able to get in the world of that kind of broadcasting is not that those are just great players or great announcers. It's that there really good at storytelling at
relating to you. What they see, that's compelling! So that's the first pardon and we just try to do it better. It's a little, and we have an unfair advantage. We do this twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year and prior to tenants channel. Ninety five percent of the tennis in the world was on tv because it didn't fed so you'd have said, Yes do the? U S open, and that was about it, maybe one or two others, and they do the same thing they ve been doing for twenty years they weren't innovating we're trying to innovate. The second answer is proof. Probably in our modern world, filled the real answer, which is its hard to know where to go to find anything. These days I mean it's one thing: if it's one football game right, you everybody knows where the Patriots game is because it's gonna be. Possible not to know but those sport to operate on the notion of a format that is forced scarcity. The only want a few games so that every one of them is a many super bowl, and that is brilliant for television
ours is the exact opposite. Its turned let's head where we say: look the greatest man what's going on in the world at any given time. Ninety five per another time it's gonna be live on our air as defined. I see there on our air and are over the top streaming so that you can pick if you dont like what we picked or gonna bounce around and show you all of them. And then you can go pick online antennas channel, plus what you want to see but you know where to go, and so, if been watching the australian, open or rolling How else is a perfect example where we have all, but the finals live and then pretty much and then do you know we share one or two matches with NBC broadcast in than they do the first airing of the men's and women's finals, and we do an immediate, our own talent. It's just following. If you ve been watching, for two weeks, you know it's part of there's, just making it easy for you. It's not your job to have to know it's our job to
day whenever you show up here. We're gonna have it for you and when when you get here, we make sure it's good. You know there are highlights in all the time that you been it to I, but I'm sure you would agree that me helping to call the Dell patrol. Better match it to? U S open that had to be on your short list of highlights. History of tuna and Roger fetters still hold that against, because I believe that the fifth sat where you are in the both in the motor oil deals. One Martino poltroon gave quite a speech yeah and he beat it because federal tried, sluggish out with him yet There is a shot maker Del patrols, slugger and federal. Try dislike about whether that was my analysis. You can't ride like that with a guy wrong. It said incredibly here better start making for their shots and travel but you can like any other guys to beings too strong a great that's my two cents worth five
That's right! You have shorter memory, ask everybody that we can get a you know what do the bad guys that all divisions are making talk, produced a minute or two It is not new to you, your parents, you have big antennas. Hell owes your Mama bear their well my dad's eighty six and my mom is well it somewhere in her seventies, I'm sure that's appropriate, to say exactly what she's mature by and I can't First of all on the court. Her forehead to this day is harder than just about anybody. I know and she's running up mountains and giving in their incredible athletes amateur athletes. My dad and now the southern California tennis all of feminine and is a great where and was a great athlete, it was a basketball player and- and in college and and and the army, came to tell us a little bit late, but what's remarkable and that sort of- stop. The story is that I was
clearly not going to be a new kind of test. It is the best player in our family by any beans- and you know as a kid if it's the ego go where you want to go, find her own thing here, and I didn't really have the right temperament to stick to it in a just and didn't learn the lessons of tennis until later, still not sure I have, but I forsook the game a bit and while tennis was our breath, table at home, we go out and hidden and we'd have Bremen, literally it it permeated our life. My dad founded clubs and found it a lot of my mom and dad what senior tennis has become today in the country. I was not that and then our dearly departed, mutual friend, Frank Bianti. Who was also my boss, a universal in the world of relationships, mattering called and said. I got an idea for you, this tennis gentle thing and I first of all, That's a dumbest idea come on. I visited, I mean they had sort of been petri dish that it wasn't working very well and I just laughed and said Dick. That's it that's your idea, but I hung
the phone and called my dad and said. You're not gonna, believe this, but enough because he follows obviously my career and I was leaving scripts and fine living which had done, and I said if I think I got somethin. I woke up the next day with the epiphany that kind of what we become oddly enough and heat He said what is it nice attends channel and they just started laughing hysterically, because I had for all these years kind of pushed back, and he said I told you, tennis would be good for your career, and here we are today. It's it's a great irony in it's been a great help, obvious and european modest cause, you're good test where you ve got a great forehand, a really good service. Beforehand and religious freedom is, is choking right now. Is it that's all all relative ve got good for him, serving beforehand of earth and does not leave out something
but I got all boy and in doing all that stuff in this world we asked the valleys were in their. The back end is a little less volleys right back. You're around everything. Don't now and then, when you know, I did grow up in it. Oddly enough at ball, Boyd Davis CUP and Eyeball Boyd at what what became the indian wiles now and again, two, no players, and so almost in it, certainly I had just the back and of dna of what the sport is. All about that, you see tennis player just stay at our, how it actually pro players would stay at our house, so I did grow up in there. World and some of its seeped in- and it's been helpful needless to say, will tell us about these trillion opened its coming up, and I want to change the topic away from ten. You got it. Let it
always exciting. They wanna things it so great about this sport is that there's a guaranteed for blockbuster movies. If we were a studio every year and that's the icy open and that's the first one of the year down in melbourne- and we talk a little bit about what's going on down there and then obviously it's the French than the USA then Wimbledon and then the U S Open, but lots of stuff in between and so right now: we're in we're in Australia. January, is somewhere down under for us, we are actually doing a lot of overtime work. Obviously, with the Bush fires, it's just honourable and living in southern California, we have a particular place her heart and understand. I had to evacuate my house couple, not Bob couple, Once again, I write an end as you were not out of harm's way either, but it is exciting and it's the book, end of the year the year has really already but gun were in both key deputy. I turn
right now down in Australia as well as this new men's ATP Cup, which is an international competition, one of three that there are now Davis CUP. Eighty pick up and Roger Fetters Labour CUP, the rod labour, and you know, there's a lot to figure out. We are in the middle of a changing of the guard moment where we are still in the Watson Possible to say, isn't the them, maybe the golden era of tennis with Russia Roger no, act serenely. You know so tremendous on both sides of the equation, Venus still playing, and yet all of these fantastic players, and, and there really are giving them a run for their money. There were five new play: there is in the ATP finals. This year was split new in old and young and old we're seeing great players at the top end of the age spectrum, and now we're seeing fifteen year olds thy cocoa golf come in and and capture the
so the world she's, really something. Isn't she she's summit all the way around I mean you know when we shall see. I hate to put that you know too much pressure on the on a fifteen year old, but I I know her we've known her since she was thirteen her family Fantastic she's, an amazing person, apparently her poor father a couple days ago, Corey use Vent, I stick and mom, and there I was with them right after she won her third match at Wimbledon witches. This is a ninth greater unseen, record at Wimbledon, I'm sitting court in the same seats you were sitting in one of the few times. I got to actually sit and watch cuz. That's the unfortunate, never get to do it and she wins a match that she was down the first dad and down one for in the second and she came back and wanted, and I'm looking at her parents and her parents are ninth grade parents. She was a wild. She won the qualifiers. There was,
being on centre court at Wimbledon, beating Venus Williams getting to the third round was was remarkable. Yes, two days ago her father came on court to coach and he said the word dam and she said TAT. You should not and he said what do you mean I didn't sore- and she said you said the DE word: We couldn't get an interview with her after one of her matches and they said we said well. Why not? I mean cuz she's very in a very respectful of it, and she is a fifteen year old, but she's very, very good right and very media savvy, obviously- and they said well cause it will be passed. Her bedtime. Really so you ve got that contrasted with you know, Roger and serene in you know, on the on the eve and the brain brothers, I might add in there you know thirty, seven thirty, eight years old and all competition to see who is the best in the world without so great here, though, about
cocoa because he's a real thing, an american and and very much a modern person and of which we have there's lots of great young players on both sides of the of the gender equation, but will say well let me ask you this question and this is a complete jump cut here. I want to ask you a couple of political question because you're one of the most politically woke people that I know I'm not going ask you any partisan questions are not even going to. Say whether you have a Political leaning, one way or the other, not gonna. Ask you to go there, sure at all. You can we want to but I'm just gonna ask you, because you are so politically active because you do if so much of yourself and so much of your time to political activism on more issues, then party politics. Yes, I'm curious about what you think about all of the vote
reality rhetoric and all that's going on on. Both sides of the Isle. Now because it seems like there was a time most of the time when people see issues and things differently. They could respond fully disagree, even on things of real gravity, yeah but still treat each other with dignity and respect compartment. As those things and then maybe go work on something together or put it aside and go treaty other as human beings- and that seems to be the operating or having evaporated. Drill adequately. At this point like it's either, hate. This person, it's almost like Mccarthyism when
people disagree about some things, and I hear both sides saying the same thing. The stakes are too high. Add no. I don't want to go to lunch with them. After we talk about this, the stakes are too high, which we talked about. But what do you think about and how are we gonna get back to any kind of problem solving if everything is so vitriolic in inflammatory Well, I think it is the number one issue we face period and it is both sides. There's no doubt about it and it's not and the whole notion of sides is kind of the problem we live in a democracy or even a republic and The idea is that you force compromise that, of course, they're gonna be there and points of view and
the initial idea was great: let's get everybody in the room, let's hear all the different ideas and come up with something that everyone can live with it. Just gotta be that way there's no. If, if is forcing their will from either side completely it's just going to swing too far, one way or the other and you're going to have what we do have now, which is just the pendulum going completely the wrong way from too far to the left too far to the right, and the reality is that I don't they I myself, as an activist at all, I think of myself, as is what you gotta be, which is a sin The sun and the job of citizen has some responsibility. The democracies not self activating and it doesn't work if people don't put so pay. What does get me angry, even or than people being as vitriolic as they are because I'm angry about, but I dont know what the solution is is when people complain without doing anything about it.
The reality is that a lot of people have fought really hard to get us to this point in the world. People have given their lives on principle and the principle was freedom. The principle was freedom of choice. The principle was civility and peaceful exchange the power all the things that we think are divided separation of powers right and every thing that you just talked about flies in the face of that nobody has the right to do it, and I don't know what you can do, except for lead by example, cause the prob MS compounded by the changes in communication that we see every day that If you want to hear people talking about the way that you like to hear it, because it makes you feel good, instead of listening to the other side. You can hear that all day, long
you can hear it is loud as you want and what scares me is free for younger people, write and- and you can take it to the ultimate extreme of or an insurgents of extremism in out that will flip a kid cuz, you'd least used to have to be able to get face to face with them. But if you can get online with a kid and flip them, because teenagers, Briggs are extra, and course we all are and it dangerous and and somebody's gotta be the adult in the room and say enough, and I'm not sure what the answer is one of the things it worries me, I guess as much as anything is I dont know that there is any where or if there is I dont know where it is to go and get a factual report. Gm of events, this point you can tune in to news outlet. One and you're gonna get a span, lose out the two you're gonna get a difference. Bad news outlets three is
or anywhere left where they do say. Here's what happened make up your own ma where that is any more for twelve. You can't find it because no, but he knows how to do. Research on the planet, like you do and your teams, but you alone, that that's that's a scary thought I mean. I think there are people that make an honest effort to do it, whether or not their successful. In doing that on a time we base, I'm not sure, but that there is a real differ between television and media, which is ultimately ratings and impressions driven, and we know that the more inflammatory the more extreme the more people were respond. That's just cause we respond to negative, more positive, because you know we had the major we weren't eat my neighbour to Tiger fall into a crevassed. But you know, I think it's watch the PBS dues, our some conservative
might say hey, that's too liberal, but I I really do believe they is one example and I'm not. I just come to the comes to my make, an effort to simply tell you what they think and to think of all sides, I will say this by death. Mission. The fifth state could be accused of being they say the liberal media, because the media's job is to question on behalf of all people I mean that is order. Reporters done mean they're, right or wrong, but to question and questioning shouldn't be an offensive act and shouldn't wage defensively either. You know, and I think it's something we have to put a lot of attention behind and I have I've as people in multiple administrations. I've talked to pass president's There is an uneasy answer. I think you know that, but what we have to do, not give up. I don't think we can attack the media right and
I think we need to put some boundaries and it would be nice to have a separation. To say look here is up ace where an authentic attempt to have factual discourse is you can go here and certified as they're trying to be fair versus which is obviously extremely partisan. You know, I do believe in one of the things that I am concerned about is that I do think that when you start getting into the kind of rhetoric that we're off and hearing now, whether it's about the media or it's about the other side. I think it is actually getting to the point of inciting people Violence, yes, and feel violence in the worst case of are not bomb throwing or whatever, but I think it's certainly getting to the point that its inciting people to become aggressive too.
Wards, someone that they consider to be yet on the other tired of an issue with them, as opposed to saying we disagree, it's almost as I feel like, they have licence to or are not wearing the Jersey. Well, if there. Being loud and their not being in your face. Aggressive, yes, and that to me is a formula for disaster Agree I mean you have families around the dinner table. Who can't talk to other we members, because of who they support and that just that just can't Be fundamentally, you have, to embrace a diversity of opinion There are no right answers to any other stuff. It very well, Not that I know- and so someone having a bona fide thoughtful difference of opinion. It has morphed into an insult or
who you identify with and look I mean they point, do the moment wherein with the current administration, but the current administration is a reflection of us when people say the government. We are the government its end thing that's happening is entirely our fault. Because we have the right to vote right its, it doesn't mean you're gonna get everything you want, and so I agree with you I. What do you think would be steps if we could take look anytime. I sit down with somebody that neither negotiating with or on the other side of an issue with the first thing I try to do is say: let's begin this conversation by talking about what we can agree on, because oftentime by down and starts. Japan right into what they disagree on, but if you'll see by saying, let's first
about what we agree on and sometime what you find out. If you decide, three about less than you thought you did. Yes, if you can say what the things that they never really most of the time most of the time, the UK? Don't we all want much the same example. If you look at both sides, the our right now, what can they both agree? they both agree that they value freedom. They both agree that they want their families and your future to grow up in a safe and the cure free society. Yes, they both agree that they want to prosper you can start to list out. We say: ok and sold out, comes down to what we disagree, about is not what we want, but just how We're gonna do exactly what is the solution that we want the same things, but when you see frustration there or more. Mass killings in twenty nineteen, the
any year dating back, at least to the nineteen seventies and that's defined is four or more people killed, not counting the perpetrator. In all. There were forty one mass killings of those thirty three. We're mass shootings, so in twenty nineteen, two hundred and two people died in forty one. Mass killings now think about that. Two hundred and ten people in the United States died in mass killings. If you look at the number of school shootings and you look at the number of these mass killing. It has become to the point that it's almost not headline news, but I was gonna say you become desensitize to it and we can't- and I dont know what all that means to you, but I think it means if nothing else
but I'm Albert Einstein said about insanity, which is if we expect a different result from doing the same thing than we're, not gonna get it. So I think that when people get stuck ideology in choosing sides in identifying with a side, and then saying my side says this, so I have to agree with everything they say causes, What my side says that's where we run into trouble and I'll look I'll. Take that example. I think that There has to be some sensible adjustment to gun ownership, for example. I think people should have the right, and I am not against that's a completely separate issue than are there things we could do. That could take a big chunk out of that beyond.
Putting more guns out there and at a Mamma talking about I'm saying it most people seem to agree in every statistic. Icy says says that eighty per percent of the country, including in our members, say shore. It price probably make sense that you could have some kind of clip size, limit, ride or gunshot loophole whatever it is whatever it is. Do we agree on that? Yes, but the idea that wait a minute. My side and I wish I was arguing something on the other side right, because I'm not trying to pick one. That's for one or the other, but it to me it's it's an apocryphal issue, because People- do seem to agree and yet movement is looked at as weakness. The funding no thing Phil is that if democracy is based on the notion of wreaking compromise but of compromises, looked at his weakness, which it is today right, we have people on the right and people on the left, saying: don't you give an inch you're supposed to give an inch? You have two info
If you- and I were in charge in it were company we gave you don't find a way to compromise you're going to be fired, cassettes which you were hired to do not to build a wall and say I'm not gonna move in inch because war, we're gonna get anywhere we're just gonna ping pong back and forth between extreme blow. Watch him arguing so much and I'm wondering whose doing their job well. That's getting done the amount of legislation that is being passed, we're not solving the problems and that's why they're getting deeper and look. I am actually have an optimist. You know this and I think the answer is well. Let's all get involved, every single person listening here can do stuff. You know whatever you believe, I would say, is be educated about it right. If you have a supposition, is to what's right and wrong. I do think have an obligation to try to, as you said, find the real facts. Worry about people to say, you'll get out there and vote is because, when people that champions in life.
Your people say we want to be a champion. You need to be passionate about something but you know the real truth is that we want to be a champion unit to be passionate, and you need to have everyone around you passion need to have a way for them to be involved and passionate it's not a matter of this type. Your make a change, get out there and vote if you want to make a change, you need to get it started about voting and get every one. You know that voting is not enough. Just did you go care about this, like Jackson, bettered open, you need to do that, but you should get p we'll excited around you, everybody around you, I've never seen alone ranger. That was a great success. People Let her great successes survey. Themselves with people that we want them to win yeah. They share their passion. A real champion in future. As everybody around them with passion and yes, the man,
instead of just looking back and criticising, I mean we, at a school shooting per week in twenty nineteen I give few examples, November fifteenth Pleasantville, New Jersey November, fourteen thirty Four Santa Clarissa California November eleventh Baltimore November fifth, lice in Oklahoma November. Fourth warns Burg, Missouri November third Waco October. Two. Seventh Clarksville Tennessee October, twenty seventh Laurel Marilyn, the twenty second Santa Rosa California, Eighteens, Louisiana, Thirteenth Nashville. You can't go more than a few days it there's, not somebody discharging a firearm among our children at school. There's frustration with, to stop, arguing and look around on and say we have problems that we can fix. And people ask me a lot of times. They say well, why don't you we
Psychological tests eating devices. The truth is we don't have that technology? We can predict by psychology. Protesting who's gonna, take a gun and go misuse right. In fact, it's the opposite. The mass shooter doesn't show up in that way, and I dont know how there's what led to that but then there are litter the examples where you have people having DIS information campaigns afterwards saying will that now happen. Those parents made it up, that's a real thing and I I know how you legislate, that, because we do live in a free country need- and I do believe in freedom of speech, but if you're actively trying to paints and untrue picture, saying that parents may a mass shooting that it's a conspiracy theory. And you're allowed to propagate that, because do you believe you're out
believe that, ultimately, the ends justify the means, because you think there should be no limitations, for whatever reason you may have to do that. I'm- not sure how you solve for that, you know I because people want to believe it. You know, and one thing that I will save for the average person out there. That is difficult is. It's gotten a lot harder to know where those resources are, in fact, these sources, but very credible, and increasingly they can be nefarious places outside country as we know, and that's not a conspiracy theory, that's a fact, because it's just good business to be able to move our population, in different directions and listen. This is now as big a mystery as it seems. If you go back to nineteen sixty six, there are four things in common with: every mass shooting has happened since one thousand nine hundred and sixty six.
Every shooter number one childhood trauma number two there's a personal crisis at a time. Maybe they feel margin eyes. Maybe they suffered loss, something like that there, are examples that validate their feelings. They ve. Somebody do something that says: ok, I'm right, righteous and what I'm doing a number for they have access to a firearm way that fifty percent solution to any problem lies in defining it. Those are. Fourthly,
things that are common to the shooter since nineteen sixty six we're talk in fifty years here, that's pretty good, an area about childhood trauma, a personal crisis examples at validate their feelings and access to a gun. So how can we can't get it done and what s interesting I just one proviso of for internet is at an end, I'm not in it to debate it. But I I hear that you're not gonna prevent people from having personal crises or feelings of marginalized, you need to work on that, but that's a never ending challenge, but when you have people who say: oh no, that's not the problem and you look at the fact. I think the thing even more disturbing fell, is, unless I have not heard of a single other country in the world that has this issue. It's an app is an epidemic idle.
It gets alarmist to say that and when you try to offer solutions and people who are ideological on a slippery, low basis. That say next thing you know: you're gonna wanna, take all my guns away and you say: wait. They point other reasons that are not true and you go well. They have violent video games in northern european countries, and they have that all these things exist in other places. They have disenfranchise teenagers all over the world, and yet you know they do. I don't think that a solution is walking into their school bank or wherever and killing everyone when Billy's lie, and then people go away. They saw like them did that here you not do we do about it will. Let me ask you a rhetorical question, even maybe lean into yes, therefore,
things. Sheldon drama personal crisis summit validates her feelings and access to a firearm. Who knows that about Billy Please don't know that about Billy Justice Department doesn't know that Billy who knows that about Billy who knows about Billy. Are the people in Billy's? Lie and then people go away to a minute. We talked a big brother society here you're not informing on some right, your reaching out to get them help, because what happens when they go pull the trigger, they ruin the lives of the people they shoot and they run their own life. If you can keep some one from doing that you have given him the greatest gift late would ever have, but the people that have access said: information are the people in those people's lives yep? who has access to this information, the people that work with them
they have in their neighborhoods, live in the house with them. Yet and one of the most troubling statistics that I've seen is. Over eighty percent of school shooters somebody. What they're gonna do right when they're gonna do it and why, before they do it, Almost seventy percent tell two or more people what they're gonna. Before they do it. Nobody, nobody knows anything about it right loosely. How do we solve this puzzle? It's not really a puzzle, we know who does it We know why they do it and they often tell somebody when it's gonna happen YAP, but oh buddy acts on it, your people save you see something say something. I have a third part of that statement. If you see something say something and do something right. I think that's right now. Look it's tough! If your parent,
don't get goes lacks himself in the room. Doesn't want talked it tricky enough without guns in the equation, so I think you're exactly right, I think, acting on its right, I think everything you said is right and you just don't want lethality to enter into a either a teenager thanks picture or somebody who's been been distant. Friends in this fight. Marginalized and the only way out is to do this. Will I hope this conversation that we're having will emulate. People have this conversation around the dinner table. I hope it will cause people to talk about this at work tomorrow. Talk about it, it's Sunday school this weekend I hope people will hear this and say yeah furnishing conversation today about violence, about vitriolic rhetoric about these things and about what we can and need to do about. So maybe Us Jaw
about? It will cause other people to talk about it so well, your stuff is all about empowerment, empowering people showing them how and if we can fix any of these problems that we talked about it. Making people feel empowered to do something we can Do something, but you gotta do something in order for it to happen, so its good work, love from being between the lines on the tennis court. That's for sure that's the Good NEWS as they say they always say that its boxing or war without the blood or bullets right well, I've kept you lost now, when I got this one or two vital questions, who's, gonna, win the australian open. That's a good one! Look I think, Men side and on the demand side, the question is Will it be one of the new young guns like a city passers wherever Dominic team or maybe even enough ay or who knows Nicky Yes, you know who has the talent to do it among the three top guys and by
the way Andy Murray is back in the world right, so you ve got the fourth in their the feeling, amongst our smart folks, ripe, talkin, Jim Courier and and Linzer Downport last couple of days and politics a bunch of em, and there is a feeling that Novak is just inside. Tremendous position to continue what he's done, and so it's hard not to, No back on the men side, if you're trying to predict but the magic is, you know we both know that He has to win seven great matches and that's all over two weeks in that's what makes it so exciting on the way, inside very interesting, the sea and rescue and an ash party whose obviously local down their Naomi Osaka, who had to in a row coming out of nowhere in her teens, is back and looking strong. There's a lot of good young women by them No one says the cocoa golf couldn't or Sophia Cannon, but there's
also a feeling that serene and maybe back now and that look it's it's it's a. She is one away from tying Margaret courts greatest of all time record of twenty four and the interesting thing is when Margaret Court did it not to take anything away from Margaret Court. Eleven of those were australian opens in the australian open. In her day, with a little harder to get. Does our away when it was a lot less. The top players didn't play. It is often again, she's got the number, but this is something that Serena is living for? and she's gotten real, close the question the human nature. I that you would always ask is: does she have the drive to continue to do that and we're just gonna have to wait and see what you thought was gonna win. You gave it intelligent answer. Let me ask you final question: is gay ain't gonna take a much bigger role in the future. A tennis yes, gambling gaming. Yes it
as and hopefully for the folks out here. Hearing that for the first time and get nervous understand a couple of things number one tennis I called upon in every other country in the world as advocate here and actually the truth is that the more that it is done officially then the king? it is, you know the safest city in America, they always say was LAS Vegas wrecked nobody's going to commit a crime there, because it's not in the best interests of the business, and so it's in the best interests of the people who were in the gaming and bedding businesses to make sure that, there's that it's clean the most conservative estimate you'll get from the worldwide experts. Is that the current amount money that is spent by the american public on sports betting before it became legal. So. The illegal is about a hundred and
sixty billion dollars billion with a b billion, as opposed to the entire movie business, which is about thirteen to fifteen sellers ten to twelve times as much and that's illegal right? And so that's a behaviour that people like I mean, there's a lot of people say, load it wouldn't be in and it fell off if it weren't for the ability to I await a rude along and most of those bats are small small bets. When you turn on the set to watch our whole job is to help you try to figure out who you think is going to win at any given moment and that's why it's fun about it. So having a little skin and the game makes it more fun arts, a vast majority of people that bet on this type thing doing just that Putting a little skin in the game actually always have gambling attics. We have people that will bear the farm was the house, but aren't The vast majority of people bedding
just enough to TAT, lies and tease one another without trying to get rich over thirty is putting a little submarines argument in the proper bad. It's you it's I say around on the court watching and saying: hey you note, is he gonna go out down the line or why'd? You know, I think of it this way, so that people don't think we're of interested in saying this. It's a form of engagement that just makes it fun, if you think about that, Type of gambling in sports that most people in this country participate in its probably either the Super Bowl or March Madness Office Box, score brave and there's about zero skill in that, because you just get numbers and by and boxes, but it makes you wanna watch and that is the widest and arrest and it makes it fun, and it's really about Joe,
having a little bit of fun if it gets to be more than that, you know. That's a completely different situation, which your theory about is that keeps it clean, keeps it above board. It's not back alley. No question they brought in now go to buy up front. Most people aren't even betting on the outcome of a match. Right, it's hey! How many cases it is she gonna and the how change and so it's fun and it forces engagement. You pay attention and you get smarter and that's funny. That's exciting. You know and convinced that if we sit down and have this discussion in three five or ten years from now we're gonna look back, it's gotta be hard to imagine that it was that big, a deal right now fantasies a big part of what we do on the air. During the. U S open. We have one of the new draft kings, there's been a partner of ours and it's really fun. Our talent gets excited about kind of bedding,
hence it each other, and it's a couple, a shackles here there, nothing more use more than that and that's a whole whether issue they need to come. See me at a great. Yes, all that aims for targeted aid doc, it's great been with the USA. Canada appreciate can't wait. Let's go.
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