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Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy Sits Down With Dr. Phil

2020-03-03 | 🔗

Psychiatrist and Medical Director for the County of Los Angeles DCFS Dr. Charles Sophy speaks out about the most significant problem he sees among youth, offers thoughts on a solution to the opioid crisis, and more on this week’s “Phil in the Blanks” podcast.

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Beauty. Sleep is real alertness for my wife, Robin she's. The creator of Robin Mcgraw revelation in some of robins. Most effective products are designed for night time use only that's why you're going to love your beauty, sleep even more, with Robins Retinal night serum called Welcome back youth, retinal bushes, fresh new skin self up to the surface and vitamin c right and you up get your welcome back youth for your beautiful best at Robin regret. A revelation dot com. That's just not true. You sighed problems with children being in harm's way that cuts across all its necessity and across all socio economic strategy,
True, absolutely doesn't matter what zip code you live in. What you're income as people are people they have the same issues and do you use family resources? First the relative caregivers our first option, but if they're not fingerprinted or they're, not you know, live scanned or whatever we don't know well says in the home we can't put a child and a home you know, grandma is there if you need help it's out there, it's available. Okay. This is Dr Phil, which means this is fill in the blanks, and I have a very special guest today. You guys have heard me say that I really like it when I get to do these with really good. Personal friends, and there is no better personal friend and Doktor Charles Sophie and let me brag awning for a minute. So, dear
You tell when the corner and at last for a minute doktor Sophie is a psychiatrist. He's board certified child in adult psychiatrists works with populations in general, Madison psychiatrists he's the medical director of the La County Department of Child and family services, which is the largest agency of its kind in the United States, and I point that out because when you have an agency, this big with this much coverage in in ten if you don't see it here, you're not gonna, see it. That's all seen here and Robin accuses me of being a work. Colleagues, she tells me there's no price for the busiest perceived in the world, there's just no award for that, so she tells me to quit trying to win it, but if somebody works more than I do certainly crazier hours than I do, it's Doktor Charles Sophie
has given more of his life more of his passion, more of his soul, to the Department of Child and family services, then anybody I have ever seen an unknown appreciate it, but this is a guy that he'll be in a home at two: a dot m, get three hours sleep and then be on the witness stand down in the family court. The next morning, at eight hundred and thirty, then he's got practice. He does all the different things doktor selfie received as medical degree from the Philadelphia college Vasil passing medicine he's been in practice for way be more than twenty years she's. A frequent contributor on my shoulder today show, but on the view, who CNN Msnbc Dateline these an author eroded great book called side, but I, the revolutionary Mother Daughter Programme for conflict free communication he's got another book in the works,
right now, which I'm going to call him into letting me launch on Dr Phil, when it's done he's just really prolific in the field of psychiatry. So that's who he is welcome Thank you very much. We have to add to that list of Robins Pon cast over the four. That's right he's been on. I've got a secret. My wife Podcast Robin Podcasting, that was really good at your job, on their by Michael, Well, I'm sure she will have you any time. Thank you. The reason I wanted to have you here now is because I want to talk about a particular Subject matter you know, I've done a lot, a jury work and I would always say there are thirteen purse
nowadays in the jury box there are twelve individuals and then there the the personality, which is the collective personality, personality, jury and I believe in collecting personalities right now. I'm really wondering about several of the collective personalities in our society. Right now I was watching the debate in Charleston the democratic debate, and I watched it turn into just a yelling screaming mash among candidates. All with the same party may I watch all of the victory, all that's going on in politics. Right now. Between Republicans and Democrats, I see the fracture that's going on
our society of people that just don't seem to be able to have civil conversations right now. What's happened to the discourse in America where's our psyche right now. I think it's a really great question and some very sad situation. I mean, I think, there's a couple variables that have brought themselves in that have taken everyone. Actually sideways is really kind of scary, We see that at the department, because the numbers of cars, the hotline are increasing because people are just their lost, their tinker, their kids with is marijuana or whatever variable has come in, but some several new things have really twisted things to the point where people have lost sight of what is. Really the path they should be on and kids are suffering in
big numbers- well, I think so as well. There was a time where people could disagree. I would see politicians on Capitol Hill state politicians, people could disagree and they would find a passionate fight. They would have a passionate discourse on the floor of the Senate and the house, and then it would be time to take a break and they would go to lunch together and treat each other with dignity and respect, even though they had passionate differences on important matters. And now that doesn't seem to be possible is like they have their passionate discourse, but then there seems to be real hatred and bitterness where they don't seem to be held.
Maintain a separate relationship on a personal level anymore, my what's goin on here I mean: do we see any rural modeling of that anymore? We don't often see that of respect and integrity. Accountability, so we see politicians are alone. If you want to just look at that, that you have total dismal tweeting. Whatever you want saying what everyone social media, allowing you the venue to be able to do all that kind of stuff and within all that there's a lot ass of the self respect, others respect all that kind of stuff. There would keep people on track that you could have it healthy argument with somebody debate and go have lunch with them. It sad, etc. It's very sad when I hear people say well. I just never seen such a divided country ever in our history did you forget about the civil war right right right, yeah, it's been a little worse than this before I were shooting each exactly, but it can get to that point yeah. I really wonder if, when we have the political conventions that are coming up in the summer,
if we're going to have riots in the street. I wouldn't worry about that too, because I mean the the potential is all right there. People are really cute and they're geared up. Gotta go at each other theirs. Seemingly any boundaries in place, no respect now that stuff psychiatrically. What do you think people need to say to themselves because I think it all starts with us individually now? What do we need to do to restore some dignity to our dialogue, some dignity to our discourse, with what people need to say to themselves so they don't contribute to the meltdown. I think the only thing they can say is what I'm about to say or what I'm about to do of self respecting prophecy. Am I doing something that I would respect and is going to make me respect myself and then there for others who see it or deal with it if you're not in a self respect of kind of place, and that's not your kind of way that you dress ever
and that's that brought the model. You come from you're just gonna, be say whatever you want. It's like no holds barred say what you want: curse premium racial say whatever you want now there has to be boundaries and if the star with yourself and if you don't there and you don't have it with your children the leading on your house all over the place. I think it starts with the leaders you know develop, always Sayer fish stinks from the head right. I think the leaders have to do this, whether its trump on the republican side or Sanders or Biden or whoever on the democratic side. I think they need to give. Message to their supporters and followers that pay? I don't want to hear that. My out a you know, I don't want to hear that. Add our rallies
wanna hear it at the convention. I dont want is demonizing the other side. I don't want to hear this language where we're having these chance. In all of these things, it's Vitry all. That's gonna. Aid to some kind of reaffirm to inciting violence against other people. I represent. Yes, their leaders, Should be showing us the way to go and put in parameters Andrews on drop seems to really pool for that instead of quiet and down, and then we ve seen it at Sanders events there have been people that have been doing cotton growing out of their way to start trouble, and they, of course, I we don't endorsed. That is not enough today we don't endorsement. I think the need to step up and say look gonna have their radio. That's not supporting me beckoned me look bad not who we are right. I don't want that and you're not welcome here you're gonna do that by saying,
nothing they're saying it's. Ok, yeah absolutely same thing, goes in anyone's home. The parents have to be the leaders who have that same right, responsibility unfortunate, though I do think social media is a value that has allowed people this this freedom that they think they have to. They can do whatever they want Europe. To my mind, because the next question I was gonna ask you is about social media and its impact, and I got several things that I want to ask you about that, because you work with this population, so much The young people- and I worry sometimes that parents are using laptops video games, computers as electronic babysitters. Further children is like hey, did they go over in a corner and sat there with a video game fanatics hours I'll have to do any thing? That's easy! Might that when we
we're growin up. It was just the tv my end. There were three channels and never that watch him and never had it, but now they want to five hundred channels, and then you ve got you to all this continent. People can watch, but I'm really wondering has social media truly changed, this generation does it has become so much more prolific in the last ten years, and certainly in the last twenty years, but really in the last ten years, when our eighteen season and when I started doktor fill the first tweet had not been sent. I don't think the first text had been sent me Emails were really in their infancy. There weren't any smart phones. Ever million, have a camera in their hand. The internet just wasn't near as prolific ass. It was now so I'm dealing with a whole different set of challenges and problems with people
the general and certainly the younger generation than I was eighteen years ago. Do you think it's change this generation? I think it's changed. A hundred percent not offer the ban, but some some has been ok it has given people a unspoken licence, sieges do whatever they want whenever they want record wherever they want posted, get people in trouble all kind of stuff, it is, then a weapon more than has been helpful. To be honest with you, and at least in the population I say: well that's what I'm concerned about, because I wonder. Certainly we have a little bit of a narcissistic, Generation not as the young people, all people, yes like everybody thinks they need to have an audience when they're brushing their teeth. Exactly like we'll get opposed them
They get to grips with this Youtube. This on brushing mighty them paid. If I dont want you turn on the camera, are you kidding me crazy, and so many particularly young people measure their self worth as a function of how many likes they get Fernando I'm saying: depression among young people because they are put something up it had only got have actually lacks. Is it did yesterday right even like me anymore? These strangers? They don't know who these people are, but they seem to get really upset and their measuring their self worth as a function of their social media. Platform in popularity absolutely and then there's this other side where I have you know you're these vehicles of technology and media are in the hands of young kids that don't have brains that are fully formed with their judgment. There insight their impulse control intact, their frontal lobe, they're, taking pictures they're, sending nude pitchers back and forth. I can't tell you it. I've been pulled into a case where a
the boy or younger, was forwarded, pictures that had been sent to them and their effects criminal at that point and they have to register and their parents or out get lawyers in these kids are twelve and fifteen years old. That's the other part of this talk about the cyber bullying aspect of it as well, because we didn't, bowling in his generation has gone on for ever and ever and ever, but I was growing up. Bullying took place at school if around a bus, stop waiting for your bus through a bully out there in the cafeteria or not a room when you're taken Jim Class her out behind that or whatever But when you went home you were away from the bully. You at least had a safe haven in your home. But now with Cyber Boeing, where people are good
messages. We hate you, why don't you just kill yourself, your ugly? Nobody cares about you, etc, etc. You go home, that cyber bullying follows you home. Yet you can even as apparent say well is just been a really bad idea. When it is school, so I'm gonna take my child out of school and put him in a new school. The cyber Bali has no boundary so can move on to a new school and cyber bullying discontinued there, because it had nothing to do with the boundaries of the school. So It cannot escape because the cyber bullies everywhere Can follow them wherever they go in a changed states in confinement, and I just really wonder if the Boeing has become more prolific or if we just see it more because internet. I think, there's a whole new category, a bully with Cyber Boeing that didn't exist before so I do think there.
Boy, I think, there's a lot more and here's the other issue. Yes, what happen. When we were younger was the kid at lunch or whatever we gonna get away from it, and we do have to deal with it. But when this guy goes home nowadays for they even get home. Two million people could now and it's like a virus that has spread that they feel this intense anxiety, a spotlight, no wondered have been hurt, so there is no way to get away from it either. It's not just two or three cadet had heard it now: two million people here and there a pitcher could be up there is it's it's a nightmare and then these kids wanna hurt themselves and they do they actually do. They felt their panicked and of course, I call him keyboard bullies, because people will say things on the internet that they would never say, standing next to you in an elevator. That's right. They would never say sitting next to you in the cafeteria if they had to leave
given the eye, but because they have the anonymity of being on a keyboard where they don't have to deal with the interpersonal aspect of it. They don't have to look you in the eye. They dont have to stand there and deal with the interpersonal pressure of saying what they said or doing what they do. They have a whole boldness about them. With the keyboard that they say hurtful mean things that they just wouldn't do in percentage. The keyboard allows them not to have to bypass feeling guilt bypass, feeling that they have an obligation to some any those feelings you would get one hundred one in looking at somebody's. I say that they don't ever they get to avoid all that. That's what it has allowed that kind of stuff for like super ego development and to feel bad and-
then, but they about what you're doing you're saying I wonder to if, because of so much interaction with texting and the short hand of texting and all of that, if our interpersonal skills are eroding as well. Hundred percent again because we don't have to interact when I was growing up, there was a progression that we went through in relationships. We first would talk to a girl and then you would can't hold hands with a girl, and then you would maybe go steady with a girl there.
You would try to get to, but we're okay, now you're going to start making out and then you're going to start. Maybe you get to what, where you date some, and so you would have the chance to kind of get experience at each little step as you matured, so you would mature, as you got experience in relation, Now it seems, like you, go from zero to a hundred in one step, yet your in bed on the first tweet, it seems to get very intimate really fast. Yet, as you said, we had three channels when we,
growing up what was allowed as stimulus material back then was very conservative. In what kid saw, this didn't see anything provocative on television. They don't even see a kiss. They didn't see anything that was sexually provocative or suggestive their work. Provocative lines said in sit com or whatever I saw a study recently and I'm gonna be very bag because I don't remember the exact statistic, but it was something like every twenty three seconds or something there was a sexually provocative line said The other sitka, yet what was shown in terms of semi
nudity or sexually suggestive situations or circumstances on network television compared to what was shown in the sixties? Even the seventies was dramatically different. Sure yeah, of course, so kids are getting suggested. Material thrown out at a very young age stimulate at a very young age, its abuse on some level. It's it's abusive because, like somebody apparent, has poor. On television, the kids always within earshot minutes. That's that kind of stuff words, possibly stimulating its, drifting when I have an adult patient whose like a mother divorced and she's gonna, throw relationship for the first time dating and its online It's different she's, like Florence of all foreign to her in have a texting relationship with somebody. She met and shall be texting for two three months, for she ever even spoke to the person and she's floored by that, were there
child is dating and they don't expect to ever speak to the person until the rhythm have sex with them or never speak to, and so the russian! Just look at all that in there ex was to so many different things and it has so far turn to an older generation, listen I'm not trying to be period. Medical about it, and I don't think we can change it. No television is what it is. I have scripted programming. I have your reality program. We deal with stuff here that is not fit for children on Dr Phil and we put a disclaimer at the front desk suitable for kids today, cuz we're talking about maybe sexual abuse or ray for someone on. That's got me into drugs and prostitution or whatever, and we a practice is not suitable for family viewing or whatever. What I am getting at is this this is reality deafness put
burden a challenge on the parents to get more involved and have a conversation with their kids, knowing that they are being pushed along much faster than there being stimulated much earlier and that they They find themselves in a relationship at a much more intimate level. Both emotionally and physically, before their mature enough to handle it. Doesn't this tale parents that they need to prepare the child, because the reality is what it is? Yes, that they need to sit down with a child? And so, if you look, we need to have a talk here, because year, going from zero to a hundred really asked. Let's talk about what that means, because it's a long way to fall when that relationship falls apart. Lula, yes, and they need to talk to about how to handle that what to expect and they need to talk to them about sex
probably do an earlier and maybe in more detail and more intently than they would a generation ago, because the disconnected. These kids are having these relationships much quicker their foreign apart quicker, but the pair Don't even have a chance to really get into the details that they need to early enough and so there at all equipped and it's a whole world that that's really what the new look at parroting should be how to balance of today, parent their children in this kind of You know environment because they're not at all preparing them. It certainly timely. If they are in trustingly enough, in the face of all this, the teen pregnancy rate is going down in the midst of all this. Why do you think That is because, at the same point with all that awareness, kids are having access to things they wouldn't typically easily have had access to it in the past, so they can get a plan
and when they get pregnancy tests they can take morning after pill, they can get on birth control. They can use a condom there very well educated about all that stuff, which is the positive end of all this, so they are being proactive. So there is not all and is not all good, but we really have to take a look at where we are short falling so that these kids have the talks in the tools they need to be much more successful. If you look in ninety ninety, the birth rate per thousand with females from fifteen thousand two hundred and nineteen. What's forty two point: five now in twenty, seventeen was the last year that they had full data for its thirteen point, four, a month, whites and if you look at the hispanic black white all combined, it was fifty nine point. Nine in ninety minutes. Down to eighteen point, eight,
in twenty seventeen, so like a fur yeah of what it was in ninety. Ninety and say it's whatever. The reason is kindergarten I think that a want kids are kids, have access the tools or the ability to prevent it, whatever its work and its great, because then kids aren't into bad situations that are very positive trim, whether it set their taking more protections or there.
Having less sex now, I can get some sex at least once I see what are you saying in terms of parenting right now and I'm curious, I think sometimes people think that the Department of Child and family services is an agency that deals with minorities and low socioeconomic status populations, and they may be overrepresented, but the fact of the matter is that's just not true. You find problems with children being in harm's way, neglected abused. What. That cuts across all in this and across all socio economic strata. True, absolutely doesn't matter what zip code you live in. What your income is. People are people, they had the same issues. They become more apparent, sometimes if
lower socio economic, they become more apparent people and their reported more, but eventually other people have it to get report it. So it's across the board. What is the biggest problem you see that children are experiencing today that causes the department child family services to have to get involved. Are we talking negligence abuse? What kind of abuse? What gets you and your team involve? More than anything, look for ad free episodes? My podcast, you can listen to every new episode ad free. Only on stature premium for a free must trial of stick. Your brain museum go to stick your premium dot com and use promo code; Phil, stick your premium dot com and use promo code b. Each eye ill, ok, mom brag! Oh my wife again, you know Robin has Robin Mcgraw Revelation, which is a company that takes care of your skin and, like I said,
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can lacked a castle and vitamin c two naturally light and scan and defended against further discoloration damage and here's the deal they actually have Patten's on this. They have a multi patented, dynamic confusion, technology that delivers this Anti Occident rich active ingredients such as so for a white and cocoanut fruit extract and it does it twenty six times faster, which means you ll see lighter brighter skin twenty six times faster, its Robin Mcgraw revelation dot com. That's the only place you can get it Robin Mcgraw revelation dot com. Usually negligence on some level, there's an emotional negligence or there's a physical, because most of the mandate of reporters calling in our teachers or people who are in contact with kids long and their seeing them not being fed or cared for bathed or clothes or protected in the ways that they should, and so that triggers a call and usually it starts off with a neglect, and sometimes it leads
to their physical abusers, unveils got in the house, but oftentimes, It starts with a neglect situation. A lot domestic violence That leads us to that. But it's a neglect is the core: either neglect dad lost his job or mom lost their job, somebody's on drugs in the house, and it just brought the whole house down, but usually it's it's a neglect that triggers it are most of the referrals from mandatory reporters. Yeah, most of them I'd, say seventy to eighty percent real here, and I assume that mostly teachers people there, Can contacts pictures policemen.
Clergy, that kind of stuff right therapists or a big one of what happens. When you get a report from mandated reporter someone calls them and says I have a child in my third grade class. This child doesn't seem to have had a shower within the last two weeks and you can see the ribs her really malnourished and I saw bruises they call that report in to the hotline. What happens will? Wouldn't we don't always take everything that comes in cars was sometimes will give a council patient back to them and say no checks and this and and if you need to come back, but if we do take it referral we met, down to where geographically it will go, and we also map it out to see if it's something we need to do immediately, can wait three is her, can't wait up to five days dependent What were that laser lies or falls? Then we we Mobilise our teams in some. If they go out tonight, then it's a detained, myths,
what really want to look out and see? Are they safe tonight or do we have move them from this situation. If they're going away three I've days or whatever they end up doing. We know it's out in immediate danger situation for a kid, sometimes will just go to school the next day and see them or through more day I will go to the house, but you know it's a slower process that leaves, but we have thirty days from the call. Decide whether we're gonna close it out after wherever they need or we're gonna move into a situation. Where becomes a case by case now for us that if you have an emergency removal, they say there's a drug attic father in this home and there are guns in the home- and we think there is an immediate real danger and you feel like you- have to go- remove the child from the home. Where do they go, we'll go with police? So we go with the joint effort and will take the kids, and then we have a a dream services and places Tony on what they have and what their needs are. Most of the kids will, if they're gonna be detained, will go through
a process at our medical hubs. Where are they the men I set up about ten years ago where, the entering the system gets the same eyeball same exam by the same export of a friend. Pediatrician who will look at them for abuse neglect equally and then a mental health experts will look at them for abuse and neglect from a mental health perspective. Based on those findings, then they get funneled and the system for their need. Now probably stay living in the area that they were taken from. If we can do it and we try to keep sibling groups together, but sometimes we can, but if possible, you keep rose the sisters together and do you use family? Resources first there's an aunt an uncle, they travel will yet relative caregivers our first option, but if they're not fingerprinted or they're, not you know have scanned or whatever we don't know well says in the home. We can't put a child all we have no grandma's. Their views were over. Those their cousin and all that so we go to it,
place where we know we have it all worked out and we know who is in the house and it safe, and then we work backwards to get them back to their relative. What percentage of these are drug driven now with the soap, your crisis and heroin whatever drugs? What percentage of the cases that come to deceive us have the complication of involved, I would say about sixty five percent really, so it is my very violent yoga. Absolutely it did. Because from a social thing to addiction towards already coping skill for that family. There are many families making math That you would never know they're doing in their trunks of their cars at night there doing it in on the field somewhere up there in the far out like Valencia Torres Palmdale, there's a lot of that go unanswered. Drugs are very prevalent, shoulder actually making the drugs Yang diffusion, but making when distributing. Absolutely, we had a couple a call
couple months ago were an elderly person had been found dead in their apartment and when the fire, men, now, after whoever they found that there was a math lab wondered eat in the fields as well are what killed the person and in that home, where the math lab was where children are. We were never found out. Well, that's pretty hard to imagine. Yes, it is his very painful watch and go through but go through it now? It Hollywood out here witches
You know la la land glamour with a lot of these very well to do families high economic, high profile, kind of glamour, sort of situations you find some children in very dire straits in these situations as well. True, absolutely the fact of the matter is: there are some very high profile, people that just aren't very attentive to children they're, not even there their absence, they have housekeepers, they ve nannies. They have caregivers that great views. Your kid is out there on its own, but they're not being raised by them and a little bit that they, do get rays and interact with their parents, if not enough at all, and it really that it does allow a child to grow the whether they should emotionally and it creates a problem. Cute problem, and these children, rightfully so angry as they grow up,
that anger is what's used and they use it against themselves get on drugs or they get pregnant or somehow they derail their life at the cost of not having a parent and a sad. They find a way to blame themselves and they turned it on your in vertical ray and that's. Why She cutting right things like the alarming eating disorders, self harm all kind of stuff like that. He will then, of course, not dealing with the child population, we're seeing an awful lot of anxiety and depression in society right now. Two things moving like really really fast right. Are we over medicating our society right now? I think at Times yes, because we're not allowing people to know here. You do have a depressed Yes, you have a link and anxiety issue. There are non medicinal issues and tools to be able to use that will help you so much better and give you a toolbox full of things to eat to access
when you needed, because the pill reliance is not a good thing. As medicine truly become a high volume business, I mean an order for a physician to make the kind of living they wanna make were used to make. Has it got into the point that they ve gotta turn him in Burnham. They got a really move em through volumes, the key absolutely yeah. That's the only way to make money. You gotta see the numbers of people are, what's gonna bring the money, and so with that, yet that's not therapy for an hour and that's that's medication. Prescription prescription pretty and that's a sad situation. Could you really don't get to know the people and really is that the best solution for them? Could they be do another therapies? Could they be doing other self,
movement things that will give them what they needed to carry them to their life, not a pill with a prescription for a month. How did we get in a soapy or crashes amene? Obviously the composition of the pills were marketed originally. Is these are no problem? They're not gonna, be highly addictive, etc, etc. That how they were originally marketed and we're seeing now these multibillion dollar settlements from the originators, so that's being acknowledged, but this is epidemic proportions. Now what the hell ass it went on there given out my candy, you can get your wisdom teeth done at the age of fifteen year, given a full months worth of of of an opium.
Like, and parents don't know they were given to their Kate. Before you know the kids addicted. I mean they're coming out us from every angle. Pediatricians Dennis you name it they're, just written crazy, but what's the solution? How do we start to curtail the US? Because what I'm seeing then you know we deal with it a lot on Doktor Phil is I'm seeing a lot of people that start taking the pills for what they considered legitimate reason right. They had a surgery, they had an injury or something where the head organic pain. They actually needed something good idea with the pain. So they start taking it for what would be considered a legitimate reason, but the testing save their still taking in seven days their chance
being addicted, one year's twelve and a half percent are still taking thirty days. Their chance of being addicted at one year is a little over thirty percent until its youth, then what I'm saying is it gets very expensive and heroin is much cheaper. Yes, so I'm saying a whole new generation of heroin attics in suburban mom, yet I column soccer mom mathematics that can't afford the opium age anymore. So there now turning to heroin, because it's cheaper. These are people that would never have considered themselves vulnerable to getting on heroin, but they can afford the other now they're going to heroin and they have no idea what they're taking they have no idea what is cut with. Sometimes it's got fit now in it. They overdose so
What do we do? How do we reign in the physicians from over prescribing this? Well, I am currently on the educational border, the d and that's what we're focused on educate doctors and put the parameters in the place to make physicians habit that point in the system to be able to be educated but also to be checked as far as their writing of these kinds of substances, so that red flags and be raised were always gonna have that on the street you know, people on the streets on it or the doktor who is in a corner of a Strip mall whose is right in all day long for people. Those it will be easy to find when we have everyone else's regulated as we cannot. So that's the key public information in it occasion. Doktor education and monitoring will help if they know, though We don't have a system where a doctor in Bakersfield is able to put something up and know what a doktor just across the state line in
Arizona, proscribed or somebody and allay proscribed. Doesn't there have to be a database where you can't doctor up yes right now that data bases kept within the pharmacies. So I write a prescription for you and you take CBS there call me and say: do you know this guy he's got this about two weeks ago in Florida. I'll know that so that's the database there, but it has to be a doctor one as well and that are working, but right now it's just a drugstore some from sales of farmers right and we count on that because they can all connect with each other and they can tell us. But is it the same? If you go to ride aid Pavia, yet they communicate between them. So yeah there's a global network that tells us who got what when and what happens. Do they not give it J? I don't they won't, give it and then, if you're pushing as the doktor for them to get it, then they thereafter widdle another pharmacy. Pharmacists comes schedule after the two work, that's more.
Comfortable doing it or you go to another pharmacy, that will open, do it and that's oftentimes, where people are moving towards a private pharmacy because they can get things fill their they're, not gonna, necessarily come up in the database so quickly. Oh really, here, But there is always a loop there's, always a blatant, exactly always a loop and someone find as always but educate is the key and educating people and parents take out, though, when your kid gets their teeth out their wisdom. Did they don't need to have an opioid? It's crazy those job that they're going to get when they probably shouldn't get it anyway. They don't need to know if you like it looks like somebody is a recovering attic and they get into an accident. They have to have a significant surgery and pain is going to be a major issue. How are they dealing with that? You don't want to give a recovering at.
A drug of choice? But what do you do and it's a tough situation, but if you can get away with non narcotic stuff, that's great. There is a lot of good stuff out there, and if that doesn't work, then it is in small doses and well controlled and watch it as closely as a cannon The patient been aware that that would go on. Why did you choose psychiatry? You really want to know. I didn't someone I liked it if stuck with the US, like these people are making the stuff. They really do your voices. So what appeal to you about it? When you say it stuck but he would appeal to you. I just saw the suffering that these people are doing it was real suffering and they really didn't understand it and dumb, but I will do my residency I was in the EU are one night: there was a guy that was down there and he was brought because he was paralyzed from the waist down and David Emma I have it. Nobody could find anything was wrong with them, so they psychiatry come down, I went down, I talked to the guy it after forty five minutes. He walked out of the ear, and it really stuck with me that I had them
ability to touch somebody and get them to think differently and get up and get on a plane and walk, so that was really powerful from. Is that still what light you up in working with these people? Yes, and especially with kids, and families to get them organised and get them thinking differently quickly on a path in their happier when you work with people, obviously their suffering there. Looking for answers, whether its individually as a couple or as a family, do you have a sense of why there is such a stigma still, even today, with mental illness day? Why I'm asking I was involved yesterday with an organization called blue help which deals with suicide with police officers,
and you know my commitment to law enforcement and how much I'm interested in supporting the men and women that stand in the gap for the rest of us. There were two and twenty three suicides. Last year among police officers, there were more people asked, the suicide then were killed in the line of duty and where, sixty days in two twin, twenty and there have already been thirty suicides,
among men, women in uniform in law enforcement. There have already been thirty in the first sixty days of this year, so we're tracking ahead of what things have been and what I did yesterday is. I was talking this organization blue help, dot org, and I had women here whose husbands had committed suicide, some of whom were on the job as little as five months, some of their own job for twenty eight years and one. Woman that had been on the job for twenty eight years that had taken her life and we listen to an interesting, not one one call where an officer had. Gotten suicidal ideation was very upset, fired his gun off, but didn't fired at himself. He just was frustrated and shot gun into the ground.
His wife called. There was an hour longer when one call we display loaded of it, but my still the call was: oh, my god. What have I done? I've ruined his career. He will never forgive me. That I've called in nine one one: I've ruined his career, you suicidal I've done this he's gonna really be suicidal now, and he was ready to be promoted to the next level immediately and me was imminent within the next week, and that was put on hold sure enough for three years now, although he did eventually get promoted, but he was frozen
for three years and every one of these people said: there's no way that their spouse would have asked for help because of the stigma yeah. It seen his weakness yet seen as your broken. They would never do it. So the stigma is really profound in law enforcement community, but it's still so strong in society in general? It is why do you think that is like some of the reasons you said it is, you know, it's embarrassing, weaken this, but I think it's a big when you can't measure something and so like you can't see a bruise, you can't see a cut. You can't see him a crutch, you're an x ray can't prove and so I think that adds to the fact that people think won't. Maybe they think I'm faking and I'm not for real, and so you know what's the point I might as well not say anything cuz. It's about us
to not be able to show what you're complaining about it's a big part of it, and I think we might be afraid they don't think they're Fagin think they're, crazy, yet and crazy in quotes being a very generic term, where we look at it recognize. There are the category of personality disorders. Neuroses psycho seized neurologically base disorders, You don't everything together, but generally society just says guys wearing quote crazy and there never seen the same again. No, but it's also, you can't prove if they are not. You can't measure anything right as the other thing and that's a foster care. We did a lot. I mean there are so many
hidden bruises that we can convince people of. I think people label themselves as well. That's why the term I at regional level so meaningful me in what I mean by that if listers are familiar with the term and I at Genk Label is when the label creates more problems than what it describes. Night Q give somebody a label of being psychotic or having a personality disorder and just the fact that they have been given. That label creates more problems in their lives. Then the disorder would you
they're right with its symptom ology right. So if you write in their record at work at a corporation or something you write down that diagnosis, just the fact that its in their record will create more problems forum, then the actual symptoms traits are characteristics would hold them back in doing it. Job and you think back to the longitudinal studies was Bailey and Bailey or it with some one in the generation that- and you couldn't do this today. Fortunately I guess, but they had a group of
students that were matched in every way and they divided them into two groups. They were mashed on IQ age grades and in one half of the group they wrote that they were- and I don't remember the exact words they use, but they wrote that they were slow, that they were just not quite normal and the other group They wrote that they were really bright but matched in every way. They had the same iq. They had the great. There is no difference between them, but they labelled, one is really being slow and the other is being really bright, and then they followed them for twenty years, all the way through school and then actually and alive.
As I recall, and the power of the label was unbelievable, because the teachers expectations were less for those that were labelled as being less capable and more for those that were labelled is more capable, and so they challenge these students more challenges, these students that less and so their achievement levels, less crazy, but I am sure the way that's exactly what happens with the label and while I always say I want to get rid of the stigma, I can't in good faith say that there's not some basis flanked right. There is some price to be paid. When I say listen, I look yet having an anxiety neurosis or a phobia the same as having a kidney infection or something that may be true. I look at it that way, but I can't tell you that your employer down that's right exact. I can't tell you that co workers do they should, but they don't like
and they're, not me too, and I don't know how we're gonna get rid of that. Why? Just the more more and more We must step up its own it and are not ashamed. That's the only way to do it. You are, I think we really work hard to push this to the forefront of the narrative in America. Who definitely do we have millions of viewers, but it's a small percentage of America. I mean where the number one show, but it still an insignificant percentage of his three and thirty six million people in America, and you know we may have five may and people a day
that was the sharp. What's that to perceive one preservatives still does something is great and yet at sea only way to do it, pushed the agenda and pushing push in budget break the stereotype and all of them with the feelings that come from it, because people get scared when they see that they think there's their know how they make it up. Are they gonna, kill me a psychotic amidst all kind of stuff, all across the board, but breaking that statement, educating people pushing and pushing away do and you do well, you dont greater well part of it. Is people labeling themselves here someone is yes. The thing I want people to do is whether it's a family, member or themselves. I think they have to recognise when Sir thing has reached the level of needing professional intervention versus just been conic working right. That's the thing we all have peace and our families that have certain traits are correct.
Resting said or a little eccentric yes and weaken, decide that there charming right, where you did decide that the other factor realises peace up in a row the day before he had tired. He doesn't like is food to touch each other or that person has to do things a certain way or maybe is just you know a little odd. We weaken this decide, that's eccentric or its charming, but there's a point at which its above the average persons pay. Great. Yes, is a boy with they say this is dysfunctional to the point that it needs intervention. It needs help. How do you define that people? How do you tell somebody
just crossed the threshold. You need to get professional help for this. I tell them that they might teach them how to look at their life in general and some tieryas there's like five areas. I look at it, then it's call I'd call it sweep so because it looks like you know, people to remember that they look at their sleep. They look at their know, they're eating the way they deal with their emotions. What they do for in a Hobbes in play and all that kind of stuff and sleep, work, eating emotion and play right, those five areas if any things come up in those areas, I would draw it on some level of three of those five areas are not functioning. That's when you need some help, because you're not work in sync with yourself. Even so, that's what kind of a general way to look at it, because people won't come for help if they dont need to their afraid the stigma all that stuff and family members need to push sometimes in the problem: is we don't have a very good definition of normal right? You go.
Library and you go over to, the abnormal psychology section, reams. I mean stacks and stacks book and book american book on abnormal behaviour, abnormal psychology abnormal interactions relationships. All that you go, the normal section is one a there exists a yellow dinner sleigh by itself. We don't really have idea of what's the normal, because it solely oh said Craddock, but the way I'll look at this is something has gotten to the point of being abnormal or change worthy if its interfering with the healthy pursuit of your goals, my like, let's if, for example, you have a temper, you have a tendency to get into rage and that's interfere.
With your job. It's interfering with a peaceful, tranquil home. It's interfering with your relationship with friends. Ok, now that becomes change. The right. If you just occasionally get upset, get irritated. Ok, everybody does make Does that interfere with your job? Are they not promoting you, because you get into rages net that's change where the Unita see somebody out there. You gonna look at that its causing your marriage to go on the rocks, the its interfering with your going. But if you just irritable, occasionally
Ok, then, work on area to bill it right, but I say it's interfering with pursuit of your goals. Now you need to do something about. I agree, I think that's when people need to say. Ok, I need help weathers for mayor somebody else. A hundred per cent using l, a county as an example. Where can people go if they don't have money they can afford a therapist. Does the county offer resources? Guess many many resources and very good resources at that, so with a million hotlines to call in theirs hotlines to call even if you're looking for a place to get lit to live and to apply for housing there's a number, to one one actually and they'll directly to anything you're. Looking for whether its food stamps also housing or a school for your kid or mental health treatment or medical treatment, they'll send which of these places, and then you get on assistance or whatever you need, but you can be in the help immediately, so there are
out of resources in the sky. But that's what I want people to know, because I think sometimes people feel like ok, docks. I hear you, I get it. I have changed worthy behaviour here. I hear you: U preaching the choir. My spouses tell me my kids have told me of law my job, I get it. But sorry, I just don't, have the money to go. My c a therapist, I know- because I did this when I was in graduate school, we had to go volunteer at the county, Mental Health Association and there you saw people based on their ability to pay my everybody paid, something it the word of invested in the exactly. I think I recall at the time our lowest was to dollar eighty dollars. Moustaches any still works that way in different places, and if you were there and you had a good job would be as well
Jesus, maybe eighteen dollars. I thought she was still very that's really to be. I was too a very cheap, but it was a sliding scale. I want people to know that if you feel like you're alone, and you don't have helped. That's not true. Call the county and they're going to have resources our out of research as it may not be fancy, but these are competent and carrying people, absolutely airport groupie, and you might encounter somebody that you would see the silk stockings practice this down your volunteer, absolutely love. People do that, and there are help lines that you can call and when you call these help lines, a link no import real understand, they don't make you give your name, they dont pressure. You to do anything, you don't wanna, do they listen? They talk. They answer your questions, they dont press. You're, not gonna, start some ball rolling, then
go to trace your number and come to your house, and then here or I'll. Let you know where did for you and support you? We run into that all the time in LA county. People are fearful of getting deported that so they won't go, get help if we have a child of ten are under our jurisdiction. Family needs help. We can get them help. They won't give us their name where they are afraid of being deported, so we actually a winning just do the treatment given ask so that we can heal them and they can get together again. There is a great clinic in Detroit that Mitchell. Album has started, and I am a supporter of that- is open twenty four hours a day and you go to this clinic and everything is done. There you get treated If you need medicine, they give it to you there. They don't take your name, they don't call social services. If your homeless and you come in with your child, they treat your child. They give you that
Antibiotics. They give you everything there. You don't go anywhere else and places pact every night has people won't go to the hospital, but as soon as you. Through the door. They call social services like a manner taking giant exactly So you gotta meet people where they are. If you want to help of I'm and we go down a homo shelters on skid row and oftentimes people are looking for adults that have kids sleeping outside with them or whatever, and it's amazing the extent people will go to hide their children in these boxes and under blankets cause I want them stolen. So the only way That is, make it safe for them and saved. Where are your kids will help you not take them, and so we the shift that a lot too, I think you're so important yeah. It is the thing you and I are agreeing on- is it need help. It's out there. It's available and the way to determine, if you need help is if you
thoughts or year behaviors. Your actions have gotten to the point that their interfering with your life and life is defined as sleep work, eating emotions, fun ability to play, and I too find it is pursuing your goals. If its interfering with your functioning, then you need to act For help cuz, it's not gonna get better on its own; it won't get better, get worse and defeat, not getting help is what's gonna, stop people dont be fearful I have of your name half the time. So I don't think this because you don't have money that does not help their various. You just need to reach out to the cap, You call the hotline, you don't have to call nine one one you here, it's too under one right. What is too one one multiple resource line that will guide you to any resource you need in the area you live in it, so it could be much more comedy
No one will get no names ass. Nothing that's a great resource to, though so, listen if you feel like you re over your head, you're, not alone. My areas help you there's a place to go. You dont have to have money just now, with its interfering get help. It's out there it's available, you can afford it. It will change your life as opposed to just suffering through Doktor Sophie is sir. I can't tell you how much I appreciate doing that. I appreciate you asking me
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