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Silent Infectors: What You Need To Know

2020-04-07 | 🔗

Dr. Phil has an unbiased discussion about the coronavirus -- numbers, “covidiots,” and more. Plus, hear why he says the mental and emotional impact of the disease may have a bigger impact and take more lives than the disease itself.

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Suffices for health for strangers, as well as our loved ones. We're shutting down the entire country life. Number one is you either get it or you don't use it will what waving it? What is it well, it is but you need to understand for your life to work. If you have a job and you did not getting along very well at the job figure it out. Well hello, everybody in isolation and start to feel so. Your listening to fill in the blanks, I am doing this from home and I am doing it Monday night. We are not quite is ahead of schedule. Is we normally are my own crew because I am You're nice elation, like all of you, are, I want to talk
about carogne of Irish. I know you are hearing about it all the time every are you turn every channel? U turn on, but what I want talk about is different. I've really been for straight it by the fact that so much of what we're doing so Much of what we are hearing is either spun politicized, or in some way has an agenda to it. That really bothers me. It doesn't matter what channel I'm listening to they'll ask a few questions, and I don't know if you notice, but before two very long thirty fourth question is: what do you think the poor? it is doing the right thing. Do you think Congress is doing the right thing? Do you think the Democrats are blocking this? Do you think the Republicans are doing that, and I tell you what when I'm looking at a disease that is ravaging the world, and I hear people
talking about that in a way that, in my opinion, there using it for political leverage, political gain that this really turns me off, I'm sorry you want to talk about what the Obama administration should have done to prepare for this. You wanna talk about what the occurred Administration should have done to prepare for this you know, could a wood a shudder? What could then done what should have been done? Listen, that's over naughty God can change what has happened. Let's talk about what We can do today, This is serious as of this minute and right now, it's seven thirty Pacific daylight Time in California. The key, that is three hundred and seventy four thousand five hundred and sixteen cases tenth
some three hundred and fifty eight das in and United States alone, There's a million three hundred and forty six thousand five hundred sixty six reported cases worldwide, with seventy four thousand six hundred and ninety seven des they dont report. We have heard this number very often, but there are two hundred and seventy eight thousand six hundred ninety five documented cases of recovery they dont talked much about. That, because it doesn't get headlines very much The news is biased because they ve got to sell tickets, and that means they have to report something that's newsworthy Drama, nobody ever tunes in to see what didn't happen today they tune into. What did happen? And what did happen? Is people got sick people died? We have new hot spots.
In the: U S in Pennsylvania, Colorado Dc Louisiana. The truth is We really dont know where the hut but are we really don't know what's going on because it tends to kind of parallel testing? How much testing is being done? the states, with the fewest number of cases, are Nebraska Hawaii Montana, so the North Dakota Wyoming Alaska. They all have less than five hundred cases and they all have less than ten deaths in the entire state. Now also. Those are states that have low numbers in terms of population, so you have to take that into account in Then you have also ask yourself how much there testing people you this really dont know. Listen! Esben time in statistics when I was in undergraduate graduate school, because statistics scared me! So I just be
Bull headed really leaned into it, and I know enough about it to know that you can count the numbers. Look like anything. You want him to look like, for example, three hundred and thirty, some odd million people in the United States we ve tested one- nine million people the three hundred and thirty, some odd million we ve tested one point: nine million people, overall, that's five, in seven hundred and eighty four per million. That's not much In New York it sixteen thousand per million in California, it's about three thousand per million huge, weighing right. So it's just a matter of how many your testing and trust me trust. Me you're, gonna, hear me talk in a minute about what We know about this corona virus that we didn't know even a month ago and what I'll bet Dont know until I
talk about it here in a few minutes, but we don't, have a clue how many cases are out there right now, because most of them, I'll bet you more, are unreported, then are reported. So. We really know what the numbers are based already or did numbers. It looks like this, sir flattening out in New York. They're saying that it won't peak for ten days. However, models are just that their models, It does look like that things may be flattening that the curve may be flattening in New York. You know, I don't know but the numbers are spiking the way they were predicted, the spike right now they say the peak will be eleven days, and maybe this is a law before the storm who knows but this pray to God that it is flattening out, and why would it it would flat now because
we are doing. What they ve been asked to do. Your we're, not helpless. We can have an impact on this? If we do what we ve been asked to do, which is to socially isolate too so Billy distance. When we do have to leave homes. You know we were asked to shelter at home, stay home. We were disk, as to not even go the grocery store or the pharmacy for the next two weeks. If we don't have to why, because They believe that we're coming into peak times and right now, if we really put our foot down on a gas of ice I think that we can really turned the corner here and take the peak off of this curve. So there s stay home as much as we can and look a strong believer in it.
I don't know about you, but you ve heard me talk about convenience idiots when it comes to the coveted nineteen Disease Cove idiots. These are the p. Will they just want to pretend it's not there. Some of it is reckless young people Let this they gonna take must bring regulate. For me, I'm going gonna hear what you say and some of them ever more serious mentality. It's a spiritual thing. They say: listen, it's a matter of church matter, a guy You're not gonna. Tell me governments now not tell me, I can't worship, so they go to urge with eleven hundred other people other a pack in the pews, and you know the blood of Jesus Christ is going to protect me. I'm a Christian accepted Jesus Christ. Personal Serbia, when I was thirteen years old, took it very seriously then take it very seriously. Now.
But I am also one of those it believes, pray to God, but role for the shore, gave us the arms God gave us oars. I often think do you sit out in the middle of the lake and pray for God to save you? I just wonder if you sit there, sometimes they save you. I gave you arms the straw back in order when you offer me do something for yourself he gave us free will. I won, If that means that we should exercise its will to make right decisions and protect ourselves worse, over the internet? Do it virtually for a change, something different for a brief period of time? its exercising with an abundance of caution, service are you things that are not widely known right now in these probably come out and like you giving disclaimers and say that because I don't want anybody to be misled. I'm not an immunology list.
I'm not a molecular microbiologist, which is relevant to understanding this disorder. I'm not an infectious disease doctor. What I do have is access to the best in the world. If you're out their living your life, whatever job you? Do you play we don't have the same access to those people that I do after having been on television for twenty five years, I do have the ability to bring these people onto doctor. Bill and talk to them. I do have the ability to pick up the phone and they take my call because they want to get the message out and they know that I have the number one platform in My arena syndicated daytime TEL Aviv and so they won't talk to me because they know I will responsibly report the science they know. I'm April
the call and never talk politics, and they know I will report to science. I had Doktor Maggie on today from Duke University she's, an infectious disease doctor. I taped to show with her today very exciting conversation with her about some of the things that she's doing some of the trials. If they're running, to help us get ahead of the game with ways to fight this. But some of the things you may not know you elites your distancing they tell us that we need to say apart six feet. But there's a steady, that's just been released in the Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA, which is free. The Premier medical Journal that says a sneeze will actually, the travel? Eight metres
That's twenty six feet: nine inches, not six feet. Twenty six feet: nine inches, they say a cough. Will project droplets? Six meters, that's nineteen feet inches. So while we said social distancing should be six feet after the matter is of what was being projected the droplets. The infectious droplets of corona virus were purple, you could actually see them in the air and some one would sneeze of violent. Sneeze noticed a big hot too you could see this as paint it? Could Land on a white wall, twenty six feet nine inches away. Now, then getting bad information. When we ve been told six feet.
Our knowledge is evolving. We're learning more about this as we go along and it is still true. That the majority of droplets necessary to. In fact, you with a disease will drop out. Round six to eight feet. However,. There will still be droplets that paint the wall at over twenty fate for his knees and nineteen feet for a cough, most will drop out and you're, probably ok at six to eight feet, but to be one hundred percent, sure the Arctic, in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that two projection is all on twenty seven feet: first knees and twenty feet for off, so when they
You really want to stay away from people. You really wanted not be congregated in the park or whatever. Then, That's the reason why now there's a conversation about whether this is airborne or not. Do you hear something will say yes and some people say no again The expert I'm reporting what they say in the reason that there is a debate about this is because technically it's prob, We know what a lot of people would define as airborne, but does hanging in the air for it If you're in a patient's room that has tested positive for corona virus a closed in space forward, often it is not a negative pressure. Rome and negative pressure room by the way is a hospital room where the air is pumped through an exhaust fan is pumped out room into the outside environment, a negative pressure room, so they're always exchanging its pumped out of the room
If they're not a negative pressure room, and so they ve been breathing in two that air for the entire, they ve been hospitalized, then It can hang in the air for up to three hours so that patient could leave could walk into that room. Three hours after they had been there and there could still be Corona virus particles hanging in the air that would, There be enough for you due to inhale and become infected. That's where the debate comes in, that's where the debate comes in because getting aerosol, version of this in Europe, direction you have to. Enough of a concentration for it too reach and factual levels. If you're not around him, you don't have to worry about it, but If you are, then it to be enough for you to become infected. So
but if you ve been around someone, it does test policy that doesn't mean you're going to death test paused. If you have to have been exposed to them, they have to have raised on you enough. They have to have coughed or sneezed and deposited droplets on you enough that It got on your hands or a surface such you touched on in you touched mucous membrane, which is your mouth or inside of your nose or your eyes, so there is a debate, is it airborne or not? I just answered for you what we do know and that it has. In the air for up to three hours, is that enough of a concentration to infection, Maybe maybe not it does VON cardboard for twenty four hours. It does live on plastic for up to seventy two hours again. Is that concentration enough to infect you well. If you touch, though, surfaces
delivery? Guy, a girl, the site you get young college students or high school student that are delivering food to your house and they ve become infected. That around some one, it has been a knave touch that box or they touch that plastic bag. That's why it's best to unpack your food outside with gloves on, you bring it inside and of its in plastic. You immediately wash. It was open water before you unpack the food and then you wash your hands with hots open water, and then you unpack the food. When you do you have reduced your chance of getting any type of contamination Hugh. Finally, we talk and ninety plus percent you ve, heard the content. Her she about whether you should wear masks or not. Some people say yes, some people say no did he see as move their position and said you probably should wear mask of your out. The only real reason they ever said, not to wear a mask. Will there were two really
I didn't want you using mass, it might be needed by healthcare and they were afraid that you mean get lax in other areas of you had the mask on? It gave you a false sense of security, but, if you do where mass is, don't think that that's your golden ticket continue to wash your hands continue to clean services, continue to do all the other things that you do. No good China Mask and help you can help you from spreading it. It can help you from getting. It is perfect, no can come around the sides. Yes can you contaminated hands when you put it on that, you wouldn't ordinarily be touching your face. Yes, but does it help You over old course does it keeps things from common in your mouth, keeps you from spewing out on someone else. Of course it helps, but it's not your golden ticket. Now people have wondered. Why now why, Well, there's a study in the Journal of Science that says eighty six percent of the people that get this virus.
Are going to have zero. Or mild symptoms, zero or mile symptoms them what percentage you're gonna have zero symptoms. We really dont know because those people don't present they dont presented for treatment or testing. But even though they have zero symptoms, they do what called shedding the virus. That's what's made this virus so dangerous. Because there are silent. Spreader is theirs we're spatters out there. These are people that they don't mean to be infecting any one. You think, will they look? Fine This like me, but yet you walk up to him and their shedding the virus they're putting out. In fact she droplets, if you're so talking to them in we'll when people talk. Sometimes
moisture comes out their around they sped or something, and it may land on your face It may land on your hand that you then put to your face. So a significant portion, people have zero symptoms. Sir, their silent in factors in we don't know how many there are. We don't know so they're out. That's why you can't know who to avoid if everybody that was sick, headed. Scarlet letter on their chest, big as for sick there, It would be easy to avoid those people right, but that's not the case we don't know who has it and who doesn't? Which means it's hard to avoid them. There's been a real, debate about whether this can in fact young people or not. I think you're. By knows now it can you chances
hospitalized in your twenties is one percent, four percent in your forties, eight percent- in your fifties, nineteen percent, if you're in your eighties and what happened is your immune system sometimes can have aside a kind storm which is an overreaction of your immune system? That can be fatal, so you have to be concerned. If you get this, you know we just saw Prime Minister of England. Was this rushed into? I see you this afternoon with his interesting there's a d at the University College of London, Doktor fry to woman. Very active researcher did a study and twenty eighteen and she simulated a pandemic and harassed research, shows that if you wash your hands five to ten times a day. In the middle of a highly infectious pandemic. She was
able to show that you can reduce those infected from Fort two million to twenty one million just by washing your hands five to ten times a day. Think about that. Forty two million would be infected. If you don't, you can redeem To twenty one million, reduce it by fifty percent, Just by washing your hands five to ten times a day, twenty seconds, five to ten times a day, now you add to that social isolation. You add to that, social distancing when you are out bad that all the other things you do cleaning the area around you avoiding area where you know people have been that are sick, etc. All these things began to add up. We are not helpless here. That's why I keep saying we are going to get through
and all the while, as of today, the CDC started rolling out test for anybody's they're, going to find those people that either have it with no symptoms or have had it and gotten over it and they're going to come out with antibodies if they can put into what's called a convalescent serum that they can use to treat people that are having the disease and really struggling with it. So there's a lot going on here and look now. I want to talk about the area that I'm in, and I really want you to listen to what I have to say here.
So important to me that you hear this. I have said that mental emotional impact of every thing is happening to us. Right now can have as big or bigger an impact then covered. Nineteen itself now think about what I just said: the disease, the virus you can catch, it's going to take some lives very small percent. Eighty five, eighty six percent of the people that have an are going to have no or mild moderate symptoms. Fourteen fifteen percent are gonna, go into the hospital,
treatment, a small percentage. Maybe three four percent would tragically lose their lives. I'm saying that the middle and emotional fall out from this is going to create more destruction in lives, and actually take as many or more lives as the virus itself. If we don't do things to change that, and that is already happening, we give you the little example today, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Goody, era's said that there has a global surge in domestic violence, a glow well surge a horrifying global surges, actually what he said and he said several examples and I'll give you a few that I found on my own in stage the national domestic violence hotline. They
about an average of two thousand calls a day between March tenth and the twenty fourth nine hundred Fifty one calls cited covert nineteen as playing a role in the problems they were having How much is this affected things around the world? Well, reports of domestic violence in France up thirty, two percent in Paris up thirty six percent, Cattle on Spain up twenty percent. Is this in the first few days when they had locked down Cyrus by thirty percent. Failure, searches on the internet, about domestic by I went and domestic violence resources up. Seventy five percent in Lebanon and Malaysia demand Violence activity that's been reported, and this is the most under reported crime. I believe there is
doubled Lebanon in Malaysia doubled There's a british charity call refuge there inquiry activities up twenty five percent. Now. This is evidence that we had problem before corona virus. About it a lot of words that are in our vocabulary, hourly now, We're not in our vocabulary, four to six weeks ago, code Nineteen was not in our vocabulary corona virus wasn't in our vocabulary of the corona virus. Family has been around for decades, but it wasn't anything that affected us the way this is so. We didn't talk about much unless you were an infectious disease doctor I wasn't in our vocabulary, social distance, saying that wasn't in our vocabulary come on social isolation.
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I live in California in Robert and I had to actually go out run an errand yesterday and we live in bed hills and we drove out here and down sunset Boulevard and over towards amount, studios and seriously like the zombie apocalypse, mynors no cars Boulevard on Sunday is usually does Bompard a bumper mean tourists traffic honestly there was no human life. Is nobody around you go down rodeo drive in areas where very popular destinations. People to come and visit and see goes down, not a creature Stirring, not even a mouse, nobody around and if you ask any of us two months ago. If ninety percent of the Citizen Ree in America would be on locked down sheltering at home,
who would have thought you were crazy? But yet here we are so what happens now? What do we do? I've said that middle emotional impact- this is, going to have as much or more impact, then the disease itself. Let me talk to you about what I mean about that in particular, there are a couple of things that have a profound effect, stress and loneliness. Let me talk about loneliness, because there are a lot of people that I'm getting So many messages on all my social media platforms about people really feeling lonely. Well, when we're lonely, our body reacts differently. Then, when we're not
We actually have an anti viral response that is suppressed twin, where lonely. Now, why is there will? Apparently, our body thinks that we don't need to worry about via this is or infection because we're not around other people. That's her. Sensitively balanced our body is it does we're not around other people that could infect us a sore antiviral response is suppressed and so We go into a really actually a stress reaction, much like fight or flight, so we pray snore, open Efron. She's, a hormone that is generated when you are in a fighter flight, circumstance and again, This is something that suppresses the immune system.
We want our immune system to be strong week. There was a study by hold and lunch tat, which found the loneliness least people in a state of constant unhealthy unease or blood pressure is elevated. Blood sugar levels go high and if the state just for too long. It contributes to chronic health conditions. People who are lonely are thirty, two percent more likely to die over a given period. People who were boarded feeling lonely were twenty six percent more likely to die people who various social isolation defined as few or in frequent contacts with other people were twenty nine percent more likely to die. And now we have mandated social isolation. That means likelihood of dying for people that would in some way be at risk, goes up almost a third, and if you have family men
that you consider to be it somehow at risk in that group. You need to think about it. What do you do about this? Well, it's also and found that even looking at a picture of a loved one can make pain, feel less intense. Let's say you have back pain net pay you have some kind of real Panem about imagined pain. I'm talking about organically based pain, where you have nerve damage, or you suffered an injury just looking at a pic you're of a family member. A loved one can make that pain be experienced as less intense. How is that possibly the case will because it triggers different chemicals in your body and that's why I've been saying that we need to do pro social behaviors, such as Alan tearing it curbs fist,
go symptoms of stress who give away that which you need the most. You feel like. You need somebody to care about you, you need somebody to do something for you need somebody to actually notice that you're alive the best way Fill that void is to go. Do that for some one else. That's have said. If your lonely contact your neighbour. Maybe there's an elderly person on the corner. Maybe there's someone that you know is incapacity eight in some way their lead. Equipped than you are to get by, and so you reach out to them. Maybe you call your church and say: pastor: do we have where's of our church, better homebound or bedridden, or they just don't, have the ability to get to
the store or to do for themselves, and I want to maintain social distancing, but is there something I can do for them virtually? Maybe they just now some want to listen to them? Can you the net me. So I can talk to them. They probably die I want to give a stranger their phone number, but here give their mind. Would you Sam to just call me dismay contact, maybe they just need Here a voice, maybe You need to hear you say: hey look we're all in this together and I know that you live alone down a corner and abet those four walls to close in it. I thought I'd reach out, I'm glad all, I want to say hello. How are you doing how's it going for you? I'm going to the store: is there something I can pick up for you? I notice newspapers piled up in your driveway. Do you mind if I pick those up for you and put them on the front? Porch cannot bring you something. If you start
doing for others, I promise you. It fills you up in that reduces your stress, which curbs the physical symptoms of stress, because you're The current system is fortified which makes you less likely to be infected. We don't know how to stop corona, arrests, but we do know how to fortify our immune system. Look grown virus. Quarantine itself is a collective act of altruism we're making sacrifices is for health for strangers. As well as our loved ones wish cutting down the entire country for fourteen or fifteen percent of our popular And most of those are elderly people that probably can't do anything for you. You know that
seventy eighty year old people that may be a lot of them live in nursing homes or maybe they're retired and living on social security, fixed incomes there's nothing. They can do to help your family you're not going to encounter them in your career or in Europe best in life? Should we shall our country down for those fourteen or fifteen percent, should the other eighty five, just stop their lives for that fourteen or fifteen percent. You damn right. We should. Because that's who we are. We're Americans. We take care of each other. We don't leave anybody behind because there a little bit older wittily via behind, because her a little bit infirm- listen if I need,
shut down doktor fill in the studio and do things from home or stay home cancel trips, her travel, so people that I dont know can get better. Absolutely not a problem. I would like our government to get a little busy or helping them out, but if what I can do is take myself off the field, go sit down on the sidelines, then. Ok, that's what they told me CBS, they said. Listen, we go shut down here. We had already our shooting, with no audience and we had already said to our staff, want you guys work from home only just the very Most skeleton grew come in, but then they come along a paramount CBS say we shall down altogether. Was this call this a season and maybe back in two weeks, LE shut out for a couple of weeks.
Well, they said that I knew we weren't going back in two weeks. Cuz I knew was going to be worse in two weeks, not better, but I came home and said. Look. I believe this is the toughest time mentally and emotionally that our country has gone through since nine eleven. Now this is not the time for me to disappear up posted leave, spending my whole career, helping people- with middle and emotional challenges, and so we get in biggest challenge since nine eleven and I'm gonna take the summer offer you kidding me. How crazy is that so I started talking to my crew and there, great crew working from home and were using these new technologies like zoom in face time, family type- things where you can talk to multiple
people on the screen at one time, and so I think we shot, I don't know, maybe eighteen different episodes, all of them from my kitchen. Until today, when I moved the other end of the house cuz, she wanted a kitchen back to do some baking and things like that and by the My crew has been robbing your Robbins been to every show. I've done three thousand one hundred shows she's been to everyone, and all these are shot at home. She's been there for one of these, because she, wardrobe makeup, hair and yes, I have people. Do my hair when you have as few as I do. You got to be sure, they're all in the right place, she's camera light? She say on she's everything she's learn more about how to but cameras together in focusing all this stuff. While I'm doing all these kind of things she's run around in the background doing all this stuff to help out so she's been every show, including the ones that I'm doing here
from home, so we ve actually been very busy, we been shooting since ten. Thirty, This morning, when I started shooting with Kevin Frazier from eighty he's, a good friend of mine, and we did an interview about what people can do at home, so it's just important that we focus on not just the physical, but our mental and emotional they're, just so many studies, Nicole, thou towards a phd Newcastle universally and twenty. Sixteen, so If your lonely there's a thirty percent increase in the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, define loneliness is lacking encouragement from family or friends. That was one of the elements so do her family members call up and encourage them blow. This raises your stress levels that impede sleep and that in turn harms the body. Loneliness, augments, depression and anxiety increases the dementia, forty percent hell, they do
study here it you see allay after coal over there. He did some Jean Study and the way they eggs. Resting Luke asides, white blood cells at play, a key role in the immune systems, response to infection and Luke type of lonely participants showed an increased expression. Of genes involved in inflammation, which is bad for infections and decrease expression of genes involved in the air. Viral response, which is bad for infections, so throw in a lot of things that you are, I don't which one is going to get through because Some of you may be are anxious. Some of you feel depress. Some of you feel just cut. Close. The UN claustrophobic, I dont know but I do know this
fear level that we are experiencing, is hugely disproportionate to the risk. We are needlessly compromising our immune system. It's not this bad. Say eighty five, eighty six percent are gonna, have no or mild a moderate symptoms and I've got people can, Tittering killing themselves and their writing me in sending the e mails- there heaviness internal dialogue where the gone- oh, my god I can't take it- is the whole world gonna come apart. What no it's not gonna come apart, they say, will it stock markets crash and it will come back. All these restaurants are gone out of business. Although with look this will end and is. Going to end soon. We are going to get through this. I'm not one to give blind encouragement. We're not going to get through this just because we're lucky we're going to get through this, because we do what we need to do.
You need to take care of your immune system and you can start, did your immune system, but not smoking and eating fruits, vegetables and exercise in keeping your white right you drink and moderation lots of sleep wash your hands ten times a day. Take I see and be six and e drinking things were those rich in those vitamins. The research says this Bush Europe immune system and don't fall for these scams out the other promising these miracle cures, because there aren't any miracle cures. We don't have a vaccine, we don't have a cure. Only thing you can do is strengthen your immune system. And hang on until we come up with some,
kind of a vaccine, some kind of a treatment, something to diffuse what we're going through either shorten it or erase it, and we hope we do that before this comes back next season, because they think it's going to be seized and listen up. I wrote a book a long time ago called life strategies and it's doing what works doing what matters you all have heard me ass people, probably a thousand times, that workin for you cause I'll. Have somebody come on and they'll tell me what I've been doing this and I've been doing that I've been doing this and their entire lives voluntary around her ears and so, you does seem like a logical question to me. They tell me or thing they're doing I can see. Is that wording but ask them as their work, and for you they just don't ever seem to ask themselves that that this seems to be a question. We ought to ask ourselves all the time, and so you're in isolation. Right now you do
with your made a certain way. Has it workin for you you're dealing with your kids a certain way house at working for you, then, if the answer is pretty good, we're getting along pretty well, the kids are airline things pretty well, then embrace it and run with it, but your children are not doing what they need to be doing require more of them. They need to claim their own rooms, help fix meals, getting further that computer to do their home school. Lessons. Attendance has drowned. Sixty percent in some school districts since they started doing their lessons home school was now part of that's because.
A lot of the families can't afford a computer, and so they just simply can't do their lessons, but some of it is because the kids are just like nobody's here to make me do it, so I'm not going to do it. Ask yourself your approach. To life in isolation, life in quarantine, how's it working for you and it's not working, get out a piece of paper and write down. What's not working for you, I'm gonna be very prescriptive here, right down. What's not working for you? Are you in your spouse, arguing about the it's not working for you. If it there's chaos in your home, yellin screamin kids run wild. Not do in their school work whatever, then? That's not working for you.
If you're sitting around Preston obsessing watching the media all the time reading, all time about this virus and your feet more and more depressed. Then that's not working for you ask yourself what am I doing? That's not working for me and write it down that goes on to do list. Look lifelong number two: is we create our own experience, you're, not a victim here. You know victim lifelong number, one by the way, is you either get it or you don't why phone number one? Is you either get it or you don't? I think about that either get hurry, though you said we'll put what you mean is it? What is it? Will it.
Is what you need to understand for your life to work if you the job and you did not getting it. I'm very well at the job figure it out. If you're trying to lose weight and you ve lost the same ten pounds, ten times figure it out. If you ve got a mother in law, the Judas can't get along with figure it out. What is yet that I'm doing or not doing that, creates hostility there, all the time you either get it or you don't figure it out. If isolation quarantine is not working for you figure out, why.
And write down: what's not working for you and then create an alternative. What could I do instead, because we create our own experience and people tend to do what works. But you can't change what you don't acknowledge. If you dont acknowledged that what you're doing isn't working it won't go on you to do list so recognise you're, not a victim. You create your own experience. If, if you're, if your home is filled with tension and stress on it, you create your own experience, don't sit there and say well, I'm married to a horrible human being. I am tabling an episode tomorrow, and one of the questions I have got is I hate me
Has been even more than I did before, quarantine started. What should I do? Well, I you know: that's a tough one to answer me hate your, when I got a figure that went out and give an answer, but I promise you she's creating that experience. What why would you focus on that now? This is at the time to solve relationship problems, this is the time to get through a difficult patch make changes when you're back to normal make changes. When you have more opportunities, more alternatives, don't make changes when you're in lock down figure out what you have to do to survive this and get through life is managed, is not cured, and that's why I say this too will pass we're, not gonna courier life. Here you you're going to manage this quarantine time
you're going to manage it and get through it, and I want us to come out the other end better than we came in. Do I wish this on anyone? Is this a growing experience? I don't know, I tell you what I do know and then I'm going to let you get back to doing what you got to do, but I'm one of those people that believes that crises do not heroes, make hurricane flood, whatever does not create a hero. If somebody turns out to be a hero during a crisis they were hero before the crisis happened, they just hadn't shown it yet. Crises reveal, who you really are. If you get
to a crisis and you see people looting, stores and stealing from homes. Those guys were jerks buff for the crisis. The crisis didn't turn him into jerks. They were jerks before the crisis. They were criminals before the crisis. They had no moral compass before them ices people that are on the door, steps of elderly scamming them out of their money by telling them they ve got the cure for the cove at nineteen or Their insurance has been cancelled and if they don't. Play them five hundred dollars right there on the front, porch they're not going to be able to go to the hospital if they get sick, which is happening all over the country right now. Scammers, word jerks, but for the crisis crises this
reveals, who you are, what revealing about you. Are you folding under the pressure, or are you stay Bring up and leading yourself in your family through this maize, are you panicking under the press? or are you doing your homework and finding out what the truth is? If you listening to me, you're, getting straight science, I told you, I'm not the scientist. I'm not the immunology, I'm not infectious disease doctor, but I have access to the people who are, and I'm telling you precisely what they're telling me. So I'm giving you the science. You are doing your homework. If you ve stayed with this and listened.
If you having a huge fear response is disproportionate to the threat here, and I don't mean to trivialize this in any way. It is very serious. We need to take it very serious. We may be Platt Towing. I dont know there are some positive signs out there, but that's not the time to show how well ok, I can start loosening apple, but no less time to really push that accelerator. Let's really get tough right now and kill this thing where it is, as I said, Doktor FRY said, wash your hands five or ten times a day, cut that pandemic model in half from forty two may and twenty one million. So let's just create your own experience here. I don't want you to come out
this depressed, I don't want you to come out of this with PTSD. I don't want you to come out of this with a lack of confidence. I want you to come out of this look back and say I did that. I got through that, a proud away. I handle that. I led my family and I am proud of what I did and if I can help in any way with that, then I've done my job and I'm going to continue to do this and we can talk about some other things. Such corona virus. You need some balance in your life, but right now I want to be sure you're getting the straight scoop nobody's talking about the middle emotional part to this. So I'm going to because, like I said, lifelong number, for you can't change what you don't acknowledge. You can't change if you're getting mentally ill right now, if you dont acknowledge it,
I want to put it on your list, put it on your radar, so we can talk about it because next week and want to give some more coping skills of how to handle this. We are gonna get through this. An adult say that is just blind encouragement. Oh you'll, be ok, we're gonna get through it because we make ourselves get through it because we make the right choices and do the right things. It was not. I really appreciate your listening and where shows every day on thrown a virus? I told you I'm talkin to the top experts world, I'm bringing them on doktor fail, so you can hear from them yourself this week. I'll have doktor nagging from Duke University. Why? How impressive is and she really blows up some of the scams at her out there I mean there are some scams going on the jubilee. George mirror
he's head of the Insurance Commission Fraud division here in California. I believe he is a number one scam expert in the United States going to tell you how to stay safe, protect your money, text, you information. When you go, take some things you don't he told me some things. I don't know if it's bringing you some top experts, science and in life, things the highest at best use of my platform lightly on so that's what I'm doing so tune in to the show. You'll hear some things you need to know, and I appreciate you- share this time with me on fill in the blanks, I'm gonna keep doing these through ice, long as I got a microphone in battery, I'm gonna. Do it thanks for listening I'll talk to you next Tuesday be well be safe, follow the guidelines salon
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