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The Secret to Going with Your Gut! (with Laura Day)

2021-10-20 | 🔗

Did you know that there is scientific evidence that says you should "go with your gut" more often? Intuition Coach and Consultant, Laura Day, has coached celebrities like Brad Pitt and Demi Moore on becoming masters of their intuition, and now she's giving the Secret Squad a crash course! Laura explains how our intuition statistically leads us to the correct answer more often than not, and explains why so many people feel uncomfortable following their gut. Robin and Laura discuss the difference between anxiety and intuition, and how you can start separating the two to make more sound decisions. Laura gives invaluable at-home exercises to strengthen your intuition and block out the noise that often hinders it. After this conversation, you'll start trusting yourself that much more! 

Episode Resources:

Laura's Website: www.lauraday.com

Laura on IG: www.instagram.com/lauradayintuit

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